Lebanon: STOP Hunting Crimes in Lebanon – Take Action To Support This Campaign on Facebook and Write To Embassies Worldwide.


Lebanon 6

Lebanon 7

Please take action – leave comments on this site below, and also write to the Lebanese embassies all over the world about this very disturbing massacre of beautiful birds by yet again, people who call themselves ‘hunters’ and have nothing better to spend their time doing.  They are pathetic.

Link:  https://www.facebook.com/stophuntinglebanon?ref=stream

IMPORTANT:  Note this site is trying to STOP hunting of birds, NOT SUPPORTING IT.

Site title:  STOP Hunting Crimes in Lebanon

To show the massacre of raptors, storks and songbirds, the rarest species of migratory birds, killed by brutal and criminal Lebanese hunters.

Link to Lebanese embassies all around the world:


Lebanon 1

Lebanon 2

Lebanon 3

Lebanon 4

Lebanon 5








5 Responses

  1. This is disgusting write to the Lebanese ambassadors with a copy to your appropriate bird charities , such as the RSPB in my case.

  2. Libanon, this is a country that knows the cruelty of war too well.
    War is weapons, blood, hatred.
    In the pictures of the web page http://www.sav.de we have seen a war of man against animals.
    A brutal and massive war have demonstrated the Lebanon hunters.
    The trophies, proudly displayed from expensive cars of sarcastic smiling executioner, were beings who can not defend themselves.
    We have understand what their lebanese executioners wanted to tell us: “As always, these are the weak, the first to die in the war.”
    Their children also presented with pride and joy the victims of crime!
    If we see tomorrow the same gallery of images but with shot Lebanese children in the hands of the enemy, we will say, “so it is always at war, who were the weaker ones who deserve to die”!!
    Have we learned the right, Libanon hunters?

    Venus, Germany
    I sent this mail to all embassies, that I could find on the link.

  3. poor birds :(

  4. Soooo true…..education is needed

  5. brutal morons, murderers

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