Beautiful ‘Golda’ – 08/12/13.

Sunday 8th December 2013

My best friend in the whole world crossed the ‘rainbow bridge’ in the early hours of this morning.

My darling, darling ‘Golda’ is not with me any more.  I hope that she has gone to a better place other than this so very cruel world; both for animals and also for so many humans.


I had the delight of knowing her and enjoying her company as my best friend for some 10 years.  For every single day of that time, we were always together; throughout each entire day; the only time of any day that we were not a pairing was when I have to visit the doctor or the hospital, which was a pretty infrequent event.  The rest of each and every day we shared together – a kind of ‘me and my shadow’ type pairing.  She was just like a beautiful shadow; never letting me out of her sight whenever possible, and always being within a very short radius of me.  She always listened to my frequent gripes about where the world was going wrong; and what the carefree politicians should be doing to try and sort things out.  She listened; she loved and above all, she gave the utmost affection.



Over the years together we regularly attended the live export demonstrations at Dover harbour, Kent, England; where she was a firm favorite with everyone that became her friend – and that was the most easy thing to do – she trusted the hand of affection from everyone; never showing any fear or malice.  She was such a kind and gentle friend, you could not fail to fall in love with her the moment you saw her – and being so intelligent, she always knew that she was in the company of ‘animal friends’ who simply loved her to bits.

I was fortunate to first know her when she was around one year old.  Introduced by a mutual friend; she was looking for a ‘forever home’ instead of (probably) being used as a breeding machine overseas.  I remember seeing her for the first time, and then taking her back home with me one lunchtime for a weeks ‘trial’ to see if we bonded.  Actually, the bonding only took about five minutes; before we even reached the car; destiny had dealt the pack and it was showing so many positive signs.  By the time I had driven the short distance back to my house, we had become an ‘item’; never to be separated again for the following ten years.  From the very first hour of our meet, I fell in love with her so kind and so gentle ways immediately; and from that moment, she showed me nothing but devoted love and attention which stayed with me right up to her departing for rainbow bridge early this morning.


That planned one week ‘bonding trial’ was actually completed in about the first five minutes, and I knew and experienced complete and utter devotion and love from my beautiful ‘Golda’ from the very first minute that we met.  She meant the entire world to me; and through her and her ‘oh so gentle’ ways; I continued to venture down the road of compassion to all animals; often by-passing the wish to meet with, or even communicate on a face to face basis with members of the so called human, intelligent  race.

She gave everything in the way of love and devotion, and expected very little in return; just like a true friend.  But I loved her more than anything, and she knew it.  I tried to return the love she gave me all the time.  I don’t think that I can say that about many members of the human species that I have encountered in my half century.

Her passing this morning is the first day of a future that will never ever be the same again, as she is not here to greet me each morning with that wander up and wag of the tail as she has for the past decade.  That is gonna be hard to accept, and even harder to encounter on a daily basis.


It is sad when you loose your own beloved animal; but things are made a little easier in the fact that over the past few weeks; I have helped share with other good folk in the re-homing of around 20 dogs here in England which were in the infamous ‘Pozega pound’ in Serbia.  Dogs which were all destined to die such a horrible, barbaric death – now saved and re-homed here in England for the remainder of their lives.  I have lost my beloved ‘Golda’ today; but in another way; we have helped to provide better life long homes for several animals from Serbia.  I know that despite today’s terrible personal loss; and believe me it is bad; there is a new life being enjoyed now by many dogs that have been shipped over here from Serbia to their new ‘forever homes’.  For the first time, they are experiencing love, affection and full bellies.  That is one small crumb of the goodness of human compassion in what has been such an otherwise terrible day for myself and family.

So goodbye my darling ‘Golda’; forever in my heart and forever missed for the rest of time that I am on this planet.  We will meet again someplace, sometime; and I cannot wait for that to happen and for us to just run, walk and play ball as we have done together over so many years.


You were one hell of a very special, beautiful dog; and I love you for the joy and happiness that you delivered to me over each and every day.

Cross the bridge; but wait for me my little special one – I will be along to meet up with you again sometime.  Then we can experience all the joy and fun of our past friendship and love once again.

Take care until then – my beautiful, beautiful Golda.


Rainbow bridge 3rainbow bridge 2

10 Responses

  1. Golda looks like a sweetheart. I had one dog much like her who had a pedigree, belonged to the “Lassie” puppies of the TV series. Her name was Lassie as well. She went on to have puppies herself, having been adopted by my family when she had not been wanted by a family who could no longer care for her. Lassie came into my life and between her and her grandsons, I would continue to have happy Lassie years because her grandson was also named Lassie after his grandma. So between the ages of about 9 and 35 years old the puppy and doggie tales of happiness and adventure stories got bigger and better. Now I have some stories to write about them to share with the world. Perhaps you have some stories to write about your beloved dog now in heaven. I never forget about my dogs that are no longer here, and I adore their memories and times we shared, but now I have two other dogs and one is a senior, the other a very big puppy.
    We thought our big puppy was much older than he was when we got him, but learned he was not so old after all. He is wonderful. Our senior dog is revived with the companionship of her young friend Skippy. Organic foods also gave each dog more energy and we believe new health benefits…giving us more years in store for shared happy times together on earth. Peace, I hope you feel better about losing your dog, perhaps writing a story about you and them will bridge the gap of healing within yourself.

  2. Mark, so, so sorry. This is so beautifully written, and you made Golda come alive. I never had the pleasure of meeting her, but she is still with you, and always will be. xxx

  3. Dear Mark, I know that you miss Golda terribly. Our animals bring into this world inexplicably happiness and serenity. They put whole soul into it. By their very nature, they remind us of how beautiful things really should be and lead us to act to make the world a gentler place. For that reason, Golda’s memory lives on in you and in all Serbian dogs lives you touched.

    What else I can say… Do what Golda will want: smile and love life, like she did it.

    Farewell, sweet angel Golda ♥

  4. Oh Mark. I have just got back from London and read this tragic news. How terribly sad for you. She was SUCH a beauty and from what you write, she had a wonderful temperament. The pain will ease but she will never be out of your thoughts or your heart. I so clearly remember the photos of her in the snow early this year. A big hug for you Mark. X

  5. Mark I am so sorry to read about your sad loss , you must be feeling thoroughly bereft . We have adopted quite a few stray dogs in our time – they all gave us an enormous amount of happiness. We always like to think that when we die they are all up there waiting for us to take them for walks. There they will be unharmed & happy .

  6. Oh Mark, I am so very, very sorry to hear such terrible news! I have been so wrapped up in my own doggy drama with Alfred being in the vet hospital since last Wednesday night with Pancreatitis, I have only just got round to reading your email…. I am in floods of tears over this, I know what a special bond you and Golda had…. but please try and take comfort from the fact that she had such a considerable amount of time with you, where she wanted for nothing…. it takes such a special person to give an animal that level of commitment. You are also a one in a million as Golda was…. I remember exactly how you are feeling now to when I lost Tessie, it brings it all back to you…. I don’t know what more I can say Mark, only that me and Alfred (who is back home and getting brighter by the hour, thankfully) are thinking of you, you’re in our thoughts and prayers, take care of yourself eh lovely, and shout me anytime…. God bless xx RIP Golda xx

  7. R.I.P. dear Golda …
    You will be in Mark`s heart forever.

  8. The impossible has happened. No words will do it justice. No one will know the depth of your grief for the kindred soul that has departed this life. We all here feel for you. My mum also sends her condolences.

    • Thank you Diana.
      Just the worst time ever – I have not updated SAV recently as I am doing live export work.
      Thank your mum also for her thoughts.
      Love Mark.

  9. I understand, and will pass on your thanks. Take care …

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