EU: Live Farm Animal Transport – How Does 8hours Implement Its Political Objectives ?








As you will see in a few of our posts (3 links below) which go back to 2011; we have been involved with supporting the call for an EU wide change in legislation to just 8 hours for all animals in long distance transport.:

At the moment, transport legislation for animals is covered by Regulation 1/2005 of 22nd December 2004.  This regulation currently allows different species of farm animals to be transported for different amounts of time, well exceeding 8 hours !

A copy of the existing EU Regulation (1/2005) on the so-called ‘protection of animals during transport’; which includes the current existing journey times for different animal species can be viewed at:;ELX_SESSIONID=H9tGTlLNGXMCyKSJ6hcKj1mDhvRm2LblcY4zy6h2hTJt21kj3lhz!-1633023516?uri=CELEX:32005R0001

- to view in English, simply go to the ‘EN’ language header; or alternatively select your (EU) language from all others provided.

The following is a summary of the current EU 8 hours campaign from our friends ‘Animals Angels’ in Germany.  There are many EU welfare organisations who are working hard to get legislation passed to reduce the journey time for animals to a one off maximum of 8 hours.

Now that (August 2014) sees the new EU Parliament commencing business with new MEP’s elected earlier this year; we are going to start campaigning once again for the 8 hours max. through the European Parliament, but especially directly to the EU Commission responsible.  It is the European Parliament which, in addition to the Council, has the right to call on the EU Commission to propose new legislation, which in this case would involve drastically reducing the journey times for animals in transport to slaughter and further fattening.

In the near future we will be producing a sample letter which all EU citizens can send to their own regional / national members of the European Parliament or alternatively directly to the EU Commission; asking them to amend the journey times currently detailed in Regulation 1/2005 very, very soon.

The final statement below from AA gives us heart that we are gradually making progress on this very important issue for all farm animals in transport across the EU.

Please read on to find out more in this summary of events from Animals Angels;

Regards Mark – SAV.

sheep legs ramsgate



Photo – Jane Jackson.

How does 8hours implement its political objectives?

Provisions regulating the transport of ‘slaughter’ animals have existed in the EU since 1977. The EU’s currently valid version is the “Council Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005 of 22 December 2004 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations (…)” This regulation deals with the transport of live vertebrates within the EU and provides the respective statutory guidelines.

An amendment of the transport regulation as desired by 8hours can only be made if proposed by the European Commission since it has the sole right to initiate law-making actions within the EU. The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) stipulates that the EU Commission and the commissioners must do their jobs fully independently and for the general good of the communities. Therefore, 8hours cannot directly influence the Commission’s decision to introduce or modify a law. For this reason 8hours decided to go through the European Parliament which, in addition to the Council, has the right to call on the EU Commission to propose new legislation.

The European Parliament

EU Members of Parliament Esther de Lange, Pavel Poc, Carl Schlyter, Andrea Zanoni and Dan Jørgensen drafted Written Declaration 49/2011 for this purpose and introduced it in the EU Parliament in November 2011.

The results of the petition signature drive started by 8hours at the beginning of 2011 were included in the text of the declaration: More than 1 million signatures had been collected by the time voting took place on March 15, 2012. This result contributed considerably to the success of the Written Declaration. A total of 395 Members of Parliament voted in favour of the document and demanded a maximum transport time of eight hours.

Thus 8hours achieved one goal in the EU Parliament: The EU Commission has now been called upon to act accordingly. If it does not submit a legislative proposal it must notify Parliament of the reasons.

The EU-Commission

On June 7, 2012 representative of Animals’ Angels, 8hours and numerous European animal welfare organizations traveled to Brussels to reinforce the arguments of 8hours and Parliament’s request at a meeting with EU Commissioner John Dalli.

The signatures were officially presented to John Dalli’s cabinet. Finally the Commissioner stated on camera that “by 2014 the Commission will publish a legislative proposal.” A few days later, however, a representative for John Dalli retracted this statement without comment.

The revocation of the promise by John Dalli came as a complete surprise to everyone involved. Neither 8hours nor the EU parliamentarians behind the Written Declaration could move John Dalli to make a statement.

In response to these events 8hours offered the opportunity on its official website to write a pre-formulated letter of complaint to the Commissioner. The EU Commissioner received more than 30,000 complaints in the following days.

However, the indignation about simply ignoring the will of more than one million EU citizens remains unanswered.

The Petitions Committee

In June 2012 Animals’ Angels submitted the boxes of signatures to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels.

On 16 September 2013 Animals’ Angels was invited to Brussels to speak to MEPs and members of the Petitions Committee about the 8hours demands. Animals’ Angels took this opportunity to ask why the EU Commission had so far done nothing to respond adequately to the will of EU citizens and the EU parliament. Animals’ Angels requested the Petitions Committee to examine the case and obtain a formal reply from the Commission regarding the 8hours petition. The mere fact that the Petitions Committee had been convened makes it absolutely clear that it is prepared to support our petition and seek answers to our questions.

In March 2014 Animals’ Angels received word from the Petitions Committee that at its behest  not only the European Commission had been told to consider our petition, but also the Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament.

The Petitions Committee takes our petition very seriously and has promised to keep us informed of future developments.

Nicola 2

Photo – V. Cameron.

Australia: Live Exports March – Russell Square, Northbridge – Saturday 30th August.



SLA Australia


demo2Dear Mark;

As Stop Live Exports Campaign Manager and representative for another animal advocacy group, I will be addressing the crowd at March Australia‘s March in August event this Saturday 30 August at Russell Square, Northbridge.

Speakers at the past events have condemned this government for its treatment of workers, students, the aged, the sick, the poor, the misplaced,the disadvantaged.

I will be speaking out for some other Australians those who have no voice AND no vote – the animals; they get a raw deal no matter which major party is in power, but this government’s attitude towards and support for the live export industry at any cost, is unconscionable.

We hope to have a HUGE Stop Live Exports contingent there, with t shirts, placards and banners. We have also been invited to have a stall there at which to sell merchandise and offer memberships.

Please arrive by 1 PM for first two speakers and march, followed by two more speakers (including myself) – we would love to hear some loud voices in large numbers for the animals!

Facebook event page is here with all details, or just turn up to Russell Square, Aberdeen, James, Shenton and Parker streets by 1 PM this Saturday 30 August. Parking will be a nightmare, so strongly suggest you use public transport or get dropped off.

For a full list of all march locations in WA (Geraldton, Denmark and Broome) in and across Australia, see the March Australia website.

Hope to see you there!

Katrina Love
Campaign Manager/Coordinator







England: 26/8/14 – After 35 Years, Kate Returns To The Stage – It Will Be Fantastic; Probably Even Better Than That !!




I had the wild and crazy pleasure of seeing Kate twice during her one and only ever tour 35 years ago. 

It was a couple of fantastic nights in Old London town.

The girl from (our) home county of Kent, so much loved by so many; is returning to the stage for another tour after 35 years; commencing this evening.  It will be something amazing !! – perfection from a true English Rose.

Go Kate – blow em away !!



kate bush 1

kate bush2

25/8/14 – Petitions and More !

Monday, August 25, 2014

Petitions and More, August 25  !  –   Please send a message in protest of animal sacrifices in Nepal! 

- Say NO to the evils of Ivory!;jsessionid=F75E4F5F743B0BB063CCD91E57AF8F98.app261b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=846  

Save the Vaquita  

 – Save our Parks from Fracking  ! 

Make a statement against animal suffering and opt against Gutfleisch! 


Needs more signatures, use another email address:

Full participation rights for animal welfare organizations! Confirm please 

Protect these animals by reducing the demand for animals in entertainment in the countries where you holiday  Tweetstorm coming up, Taiji, the Cove  

Convince the USDA to reject Dow’s “Agent Orange” crops  Only 326 more signatures   STOP hunting Jaguars for their beautiful FUR!  Needs more signatures! Help Secure a Future for Mexican Gray Wolves!  …  Officer Miller should be held accountable for his K9 partner’s death  Bolivia, dog pounds have no reason to exist as an institution of killing animals, Stop the violence  ..


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Thailand: SOI Dogs – Please Support – The Battle To End The Dog Meat Trade Continues.



SOI August logo

soi dogs 4

SOI August 1

SOI August 2


The Battle To End The Dog Meat Trade Continues…

Dear Mark,

Because of you great progress has been made in stopping the illegal trafficking of dogs from Thailand to Vietnam. You have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs!

For me, the story of Bob underscores the importance of what you are accomplishing…

Bob was rescued from dog thieves and taken to a shelter in NE Thailand funded by Soi Dog supporters. Bob suffered spinal injuries when the cage he was in was brutally loaded onto a truck.

After being freed from the cage he’d been crammed into alongside with ten other dogs, Bob’s back legs were no longer working.

Thanks to you, Bob is little by little, day by day slowly learning to walk again. Please take a moment and watch this inspiring video of Bob’s road to recovery…

 watch Bob’s video

Many battles have been won but the war to end the dog meat trade is far from over. Following success in all but stopping the trade to Vietnam, smugglers have now changed tactics and are smuggling live dogs to China through Thailand’s Northern provinces. Just last month the dogs you see below were rescued from a truck destined to China.

Thailand’s current military administration who are doing much to stamp out corruption in Thailand are giving strong support in bringing the trade to an end.

Last month locals in the Vietnam village where most dogs stolen from Thailand were taken prior to moving to Hanoi and elsewhere, confirmed that they are no longer seeing dogs arriving from Thailand. In the past several trucks a day, each carrying hundreds of dogs from Thailand would stop and the dogs would be force fed and graded. The Thai Veterinary Association estimated that around 500,000 Thai dogs per year were going to Vietnam!

But, stopping the dog meat trade and caring for the rescued dogs is expensive.

In Thailand alone over $700,000 per year is being spent caring for rescued dogs, on undercover investigations and on public awareness/education.

Only because of your support is the war being won and only with your continued support will the dog meat trade be brought to an end.

My thanks to those of you who have become regular monthly members of the Magic 1000 Club. It is only because of your continued support that the work to end the dog meat trade continues and the rescued dogs are cared for.

The costs involved in ending the trade are huge. If you have not already done so please join the Magic 1000 Club today and join us in bringing an end to the dog meat trade.

From Bob and the thousands of other rescued dogs, thank you.

Best Wishes,

John Dalley


P.S. Please be sure to watch Bob’s video to better understand the urgent need for your regular support in helping end the dog meat trade and care for the dogs rescued.

US Residents – Soi Dog is a registered charity in the USA and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by US law.

United Kingdom Residents – Soi Dog is a registered charity in the UK and your donation qualifies for HMRC gift aid.


Spay and Neuter:











Namibia: Put an End to Namibian Seal Clubbing – Petition To Sign – Please Act Now !




Namibia seal clubbing

Photo:John Giustina/Getty Images

Put an End to Namibian Seal Clubbing


Petition Link:


Earthrace Conservation hopes to bring about lasting change that will benefit marine life and the oceans.

About the PetitionEach year beginning July 1, a quota of 80,000 Cape fur seal pups are set to be beaten to death in Namibia. The pups are separated from their mothers. They are herded away from the safety of the sea, then beaten to death with pick handles. They are stabbed in the throat, often while still alive.We can beat this cruelty.A further quota of 6,000 adult bull seals will be set in Namibia. These are to be shot at point-blank range so that their genitals can be exported to the East, where they will be used to make ineffective sex potions for the Asian market.

You can help put an end to this! 

To: The Hon. Bernhard Esau, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, NamibiaWith Namibia facing mounting public outcry and increasing consumer boycotts, we the undersigned are urging the Hon. Minister Bernhard Esau to immediately end the annual bloodbath, protect the seals with effective new legislation, and allow all Namibians to benefit from this magnificent tourist draw card.Sincerely,[Your name here] 

Petition Link:

Further links:

Serbia: ‘Shadow’ Update – 24/8/14. No Longer The Tiny Little Kitten. Now A Strong And Healthy Little Lady.

Serbian  FlagF3



Above:  Shadow as a young and very fragile little kitten.


Everyone must remember little ‘Shadow’

Videos of young Shadow –


Update on ‘Shadow’ from Danica – 24 August 2014.

 SHADOW August 14

Above:  Shadow now – 4 months old.

Shadow is approximately four months old and not solid black anymore; her coat is scattered with white hairs but her sweet face, although more mature, is almost the same.

She’s still living in the house even though she seems eager to go outside, but the wide world she expects to find will be limited to the yard.

Extremely friendly towards other cats, she is having a great time playing with her protector and teacher Tinker Bell and both of them are incessantly poking their black little noses into everything.

But Shadow is not just a silly, playful kitty girl, she is a true fighter with an incredible and intense desire to live, she’s a precious little creature who’s been to hell and back and proven to be tough as steel when it mattered the most.

Maybe she remembers what she’s been through, maybe she doesn’t, but none of us here who have had the privilege to be by her side while she was fighting her way up to the light will ever forget her amazing inner strength.

Read more on my blog:





Our early SAV post showing Shadow video footage (same links as above):

We are still undertaking major new roof updates to the shelter     – if you can help with a donation of any size, please visit the blog – link given above.  Thank you.










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