Petitions and More, May 27.

Petitions and More, May 27

 pet2 No to the China, Yulin-event, No to the slaughter of Dogs and Cats for consumption! Confirm please France, No to Horse Slaughter and long transports! Stop (Halal) Slaughter without sedation, stop the prolonged suffering! Stop the Dog-massacre in Romania! Urgent, Oppose the Roundup of Oregon’s Cold Springs Mustangs! ZIP=5 digits

France, no more total gestation caging for female pigs! US-info. Support our Troops and Brave Animals!;jsessionid=77485BEB0989830D78AF2D4C897EC3D5.app322b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=6917 US-info. Prevent a Whale-hunt in US waters, no to a Whaling-permit for the Makah tribe ! More No tax reduction on Bullfighting spectacles! NY-US-info only. Help pass TNR Legislation in the NY State Senate!;jsessionid=BBF6CBFB6ECD976454C449668B16BD75.app322b?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=1717 US-info. Protect our Ocean Fisheries No Arctic drilling! Int. Stop Oil Spills! ZIP=5 digits Italy, for a National Day of the Bear As well, Denmark Also US Fish Populations Climate Change

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Denmark: Petition – Rabbit Killed on Air by Radio Host Deserves Justice.



Rabbit Killed on Air by Radio Host Deserves Justice

Allan the rabbit was brutally killed by a radio host who bashed him in the head with a bicycle pump before wringing the animal’s neck and eating him. Demand that the host be removed from his position.

A radio host in Denmark killed a baby rabbit live on the air recently. The horrific stunt was done as a way to demonstrate how the people of Denmark have different standards for animals rights when it comes to animals raised on factory farms and those that are considered pets.

The small grey bunny, Allan, was killed by Asger Juhl who hit the rabbit three times on the head and then wrung his neck. He then cooked Allan and ate him with a glass of wine.

While the radio station was trying to make a point, killing an animal is not the way to do it. Demand the Asger Juhl be removed from his position at the radio station.


Petition Link –

Serbia: The Real Current Situation – Info and Video Links From Serbian Campaigners.

Serbian  Flag

The following messages have been left in our ‘contact’ box.  They say it all, and the videos show the situation.  Serbian government is out of control.  The EU is doing very little to solve this problem.  SAV.

Picture 029


I recently wrote to  Serbiananimalsvoice, regarding introducing new Animal “Welfare” Law.

Well, it’s getting worse and worse. No more meetings with animal welf org, all refused, 31 AW org signed a letter to Ministry of agriculture a few days ago, some citizens go for protest. In the meantime, killing goes on,  in spite of the fact that it’s still illegal.

There is an organisation called Avenija MB, avenue, what an irony. Description of their business in register is   ANĐELIJA STEVANOVIĆ PREDUZETNIK, RADNJA ZA ČIŠĆENJE OBJEKATA I OSTALE USLUGE U POLJOPRIVREDI AVENIJA MB, NOVO SELO , small business, Shop for cleaning objects and other services in agriculture.  ??????

However, they are employed by 26 councils to catch stray dogs (contract between Mayor of the council and Avenija), all published on tender list. Only criterion to get a job is – who is cheapest.

All is illegal, but we can’t do anything.  They have  opened ” shelter”, read ‘concentration camp’, access denied. They even haven’t a licence , but local government doesn’t care.

A few people managed to enter, 20 dogs in cages.  If they don’t die by hunger, by disease, they get infected, they get killed, or get thrown somewhere in the bush. Citizen noticed groups of sick dogs , skin and bones (link attached).

Point is that councils blessed by government turned blind eye, employed pure fascists,  who will get rid of stray dogs. Not only stray. They are payed per dog, so they try to catch as many as possible.

Local newspapers in Serbia don’t want to , or mustn’t write about it, there only two web sites zivotinje rs and petface who write the truth on this topic. Is it possible that foreign news or tv write something or make a short video, what can we do???

And now, with new law changes, killing will be LEGAL.  Government claims they must change The Law to follow EU Animal Welfare rules. Imagine cruel rules on primitive way. We, animal lovers, from Serbia and all over the world, are shocked.

two videos attached

photos published by ORPAK Krusevac, dogs found on the street in terrible condition, all infected, all had to be put down. They strongly  believe they were thrown by  Avenija there.

 And then we were sent further information by the same campaigner:

 Message: please ad this link to my previous message (as shown above – SAV), dogs found on the road krusevac, village kaonik, in the middle of the nowhere, 20 of them.

Have a look at the picture. They didn’t come there by themselves. No. They were all brought there and left. Avenija, dogcatchers scenario. They catch them on one place, get paid for that, throw or kill them on another. Not the first time.

Picture 007


Message: keep up the good work…my heart is with you guys….xooxoxox to our animals….


Thank you – we have been and will continue to try and wake up the EU Commissions about this – SAV

Please keep checking this site for any further news we may get on the situation – things are changing a lot and news is coming in at different times – being in the UK it is also an extrra problem as we are not on the ground in Serbia.

Here is a link to our recent post which gives news as of 26/5.

Here is a link to another tab on our site – ‘About Serbian Animals’ – which will give you info on the actual law in Serbia which the government and all the authorities are completely ignoring.

Serbia: ** URGENT Action by 27/5 – Please Act Before 27 May – Be a Voice for the Animals – URGENT **

Serbian  Flag

Picture 028

Update 2130hrs GMT 27/5/15

We have no official answer of the events of today, but the unofficial information is that there will be public hearings during the next two weeks, commencing at the start of next week.

The only way that this can be won is to continually keep up the pressure on the Serbian government and authorities.  As they (Serbia) are currently applying for EU membership; major pressure must come from within the EU onto the Commissions and the MEP’s who answer to the EU citizens across the EU.

Please contact your MEP’s using the following links and ask them to demand that the EU does NOT allow Serbia to become a new member state if it going to go back to animal legislation that was outlawed over 10 years ago.  The EU must be looking at progressive animal welfare regulations; not back tracking to the past as the Serbian government require.

Keep Serbia out of the EU until they adopt no kill policies for the stray animals of Serbia.  Demand sterilisation to reduce animal numbers – not  killing.

The Serbian government and the EU Enlargement Commission must take note of the citizens of the EU and do as they wish – not simply what Commissioner Hahn and his cohorts require.

Keep Serbia out of the EU until it adopts modern animal welfare standards – sterlilise – not killing.

** Find and contact your MEP’s using the following links:

Select your country on the map –;jsessionid=0593FBB44493B2B7D59C175DAC868445.node1


Here below are just a few of the comments which have been sent to the outdated Serbian government regarding the issue below.  There are more and we will include these later – SAV.

They enjoy their work because it is in their nature to be sadistically cruel ,they are thugs and bring shame to their country,Karma.


Stop and prevent this horror – please!!!!


Why… Why killing all these innocent animals !!!! What they do to you all !!! There are a lot of criminals, drug dealers, murderers and pedophiles on this bad world. Why not killing these criminals instead of innocents animals ??????


Please stop the torturing of these poor helpless animals please.


You will be so Black Listed for your heartlessness and cruelty that you will be relegated to the lowest of low murderers. Find your compassion for the innocent babies or the next time your country is ravaged you will be left to suffer the fate of heartless morons,.

Shame for the cruelty we can see you inflict on mans best friend. I say rot in hell to all of you. Shame..shame to you!!


I don’t understand why this world cant just leave alone animals…if we started spaying and neutering years ago we wouldn’t have this problem…if everyone would just listen to all the animal groups and peta and organizations to neuter and spay ….animal populations would be and get better with time…but this time depends on our world complying with rules and to stop abuse…these animals do not deserve this torment or torture…you don’t allow this on humans if it does happen you put them in prison…these are our pets and they serve a purpose just as you and I do…please stop this inhumane treatment…


Serbia you will never be considered with any respect if you cannot respect the lives of others. Get with the program.

This us the 21st Century. No place for animal cruelty


Cruel disgraceful .. you and your govermant should be ashamed of yourself s .. why for why reason?

And why so cruel shame on you all disgusting cruel hidious stop stop.srop .. you are worse than any animal ..All they want is love all you want is money ..disgusting


Dear All,

This is a late but very important and desperate plea for the animals in Serbia.

****  The current government plans – by tomorrow Wednesday 27th of May – to revert the present animal welfare law into a barbaric law that would go against virtually all animal welfare regulations that are standard in the EU.  ****

Although Serbia is not yet a member of the EU we cannot allow this to happen.


Picture 001



Say NO to the CRUEL amendments to Serbia’s Animal Welfare Act

we’ve got 5,133 signatures, help us get to 6,000

Serbia currently has an Animal Welfare Act that is strongly worded, but rarely enforced. The government is trying to amend this act for monetary reasons, seeking financial gain in exchange for animal suffering. We are strongly opposed to these archaic and cruel amendments. They render the Animal Welfare Act worthless and put Serbia back into the dark ages in terms of compassion.

We are appealing to the government to consult with welfare organisations to find a viable and compassionate way forward that benefits Serbia, all its animals and, most importantly, its citizens.

The amendments to the act that have been proposed include (but are not limited to) the following;

1 – No shelter animal will have guaranteed safety. Over 80 000 dogs and cats are in danger of being euthanised because amendments are ambiguous and have left it open to interpretation.

2 – Repealing the fur farming prohibition that was due to come into force in 2019, thus assuring the horrific deaths and brutal torture of thousands of animals including rabbits, chinchillas, foxes and ferrets. The government hopes to compete with China in the cheap fur market.

3 – Removing the wording in welfare law that specifies slaughterhouses MUST stun farm animals before death allowing slaughterhouses to do as they see fit. More than likely slaugterhouses will choose to increase productivity rather than stun, guaranteeing farm animals a barbaric death of agonising pain and fear.

We love Serbia. We don’t want Serbia to look backwards compared to the rest of the European Union.

PLEASE support us in asking that the President reconsider these amendments and take a stance on animal welfare that is representative of its caring citizens.

Picture 009



  1. That the Animal Welfare Act is not changed without firstly liaising with voluntary animal welfare organisations that currently operate in Serbia.

  2. That the amendments to the Animal Welfare Act are not done in such a way that they WEAKEN existing welfare laws and thus endanger animals.

  3. That measures are put in place to enforce existing laws. So far this has not been the case and those abusing animals have gone unpunished. Animal welfare laws must be upheld in any decent society.

  4. That authorities start co-operating with voluntary animal welfare organisations in decision-making as well as during the implementation of regulations.

  5. That licencing and controlled breeding of pets be ntroduced to prevent the irresponsible breeding which is contributing to the alarmingly high stray population of dogs and cats.

  6. That under no circumstances may the prohibition of fur farms be overturned. This barbaric practice must remain illegal from 2019.

  7. That the law must be written clearly and not ambiguously. It must clearly state and explain that killing of healthy abandoned animals is prohibited and that euthanasia is only allowed if animal is deemed to be suffering, in pain and has no chance of recovery.

  8. That the city-run shelters immediately stop unlawful killing of dogs and cats in their care, and that they improve conditions in which these animals are kept as well as care they provide because at present, they all fall below the legal requirement. The cruelty within these shelters is internationally embarassing to Serbia and may jeopardize the possibility of being integrated further into the EU where animal welfare standards are far higher and, crucually, are enforced.

  9. That the change does not allow for the possibility of creating genetically modified animals.

  10. That the suffering of animals destined to be consumed for food be considered worthy of minimising through clear instructions to stun prior to slaughter.

Thank you for caring!!

@Forgotten_Paws  less

Picture 008


Picture 030

Picture 003

 Protest letters to be sent to :


Dear Sirs,

We are submitting a complaint regarding the procedure for the passing
of amendments to the Animal Welfare Act conducted by the Ministry of
Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Veterinary Directorate.

In the previous period, due to the same problem, we addressed the
Government of the Republic of Serbia but without any success.

The reasons for our appeal and filing the complaint are as follows:

1.      Because we have the evidence that the Ministry of Agriculture
intends to proceed with the violation of the Aarhus Convention and the
Law on ratification of that Convention, because it formed a working
group which made draft amendments to the Animal Welfare Law without the participation of the concerned public, and only after we learned what they are doing, they have subsequently included part of the interested public. Behind the scene, they have a plan and that is to
either directly or through amendments arranged with certain members of the National Assembly of RS – whether with the deputies of the ruling coalition, or with some MPs of the opposition – who will, if
necessary, present the amendments in the form they agreed with the
Veterinary Directorate and Forest Administration, before the National
Assembly (people who work in both administrations of the Ministry of
Agriculture and Environmental Protection belong to the ruling
coalition as well), and then with the majority of votes, the ruling
coalition in the National Assembly will vote the amendments with no
problems. This way, the draft will certainly have the content and form
proposed by the Ministry, regardless of the suggestions of the
concerned public; and no matter if the proposals of interested public
(OCDs) are better or not, the suggestions of the concerned public will
definitely be disregarded, since this Ministry already decided to work
this way, and will only present a false image that everything is done
according to the Aarhus Convention.

2.      Because so far the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection of the Republic of Serbia has not enforced the following
Laws: Veterinary Act, the Animal Welfare Act, the Nature Protection
Act, the Law on Wildlife and Hunting, but instead has tolerated
dereliction or completely formal action or even inaction of the
Inspection Service of the Veterinary Directorate and Forest
Administration, which to date have not acted according to these laws,
but rather protected the following stakeholders: veterinarians and
hunters with whom the police cooperates. In many cases the president
of the Hunting Association is at the same time the Chief of police in
that area, and almost all police officers or majority, are hunters as
well, so the police protects the interests of hunters in every way,
even when they commit crimes. Inspections of the Forest Administration and Veterinary Directorate cooperate with hunters in everything, just like they cooperate with local governments in violation of the law, all under the excuse that towns are poor, that they have to,
primarily, solve the issues concerning the welfare of people, that the
welfare of animals is not a priority to them and that the republic
inspections do not have jurisdiction over the cities. In contrary, our
law precisely states that the Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection, through the Republic Inspections, must
supervise the applying of the aforementioned laws and all by-laws
stemming from them.

3.      This way, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection leads Serbia into a situation in which this country
violates the Copenhagen and Lisbon criteria, because it does not apply
its own laws and because the procedure for development and adoption of new laws and amendments to existing laws are being implemented in the interests of the ruling party, at the expense of general and public
interest. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection with all above mentioned actions violates the Serbian
Constitution and thereby human rights of Serbian citizens under the
guise of false democracy, and cherishes anarchy and corruption in the
area of life which is in the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture
and Environmental Protection. We strongly oppose all of this and our
opposition is in general and public interest of Serbia.

4.      We oppose the harmful draft amendments to the Animal Welfare
Act itself. The draft was secretly made by a working group of the
Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, without the
participation of OCDs, and the heads of Veterinary Directorate and
Forests Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection plan to counteract our subsequent involvement by the above-mentioned amendments, according to their initial plan, which brings back to our lives the regulation from 1991, which even then proved to be more backward and has led to the realization of a large number of failed investments and impoverishment of Serbia, all in the interest of the local rich people in Serbia, whose wealth is mostly created, not as a result of quality and quantity of their work, but as a result of bribery of government, and it exists in all levels of the horizontally and vertically networked corruption in the Serbian government, both in the area that is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, as well as in the areas of police, inspection and public prosecutor’s offices.






Romania: World Action For Romanian Dogs – 16th of May.



English and Deutsch versions

Just a very small part of images/ Ein kleiner Teil der Bilder:

München (Animals United):



Dear All,

One and a half years have gone by since Romania began to kill its dogs in massive numbers. Even during the time period when the methods of the application of the law were suspended, the dogs continued to be killed in some cities, especially Bucharest. The Service for the Management of Stray Dogs in Bucharest, ASPA, periodically organizes press conferences where they brag about the number of dogs that have been killed, as if this was some glorious action that brings great merit.  In some areas of Romania the municipalities mention the topic of stray dogs only in the context of the number of dogs killed.

The situation in Romania puts us under immense pressure and keeps piling up more and more problems. It’s a race against time, and it was almost impossible for me to provide you with updates. But a wonderful event happened: in many cities all over the world a huge action took place on 16th of May: the fourth international PROTEST against dog killing in Romania. Under the banner of “YES WE CARE”, in about 25 cities in  Germany, Austria, Italy, UK … (and of course, in some cities in  Romania as well) people gathered to voice their strong displeasure.

I want to thank all the wonderful people in many countries who organised and participated in protests against the animal cruelties from Romania, some having to drive hundreds of kilometres, and to all of you who tirelessly help the animals in Romania by all of your actions!

All the best




Ihr Lieben,

Die massenhafte Tötung der Hunde in Rumänien spielt sich jetzt schon seit anderthalb Jahren ab. Sogar während der Zeit, als die methodische Ausführungweise der Gesetze zeitweilig aufgeschoben wurde, werden die Hunde weiterhin ermordet, besonders in Bucharest. Das Amt für die Verwaltung der Streunerhunde  (ASPA) organisiert immer wieder Presse-Konferenzen, wo sie damit prahlen, wieviele Hunde schon getötet wurden, als ob das etwas wäre, worauf sie stolz sein könnten. In manchen Gegenden von Rumänien werden Streunerhunde nur im Zusammenhang mit der Anzahl von ermordeten Tieren erwähnt.

Die Situation in Rumänien übt einen intensiven Druck auf uns aus, und bombadiert uns mit mehr und mehr Problemen. Es gibt nie genug Zeit, und deswegen war es fast unmöglich für mich, euch auf dem Laufenden zu halten.  Und dann passierte ein ganz großartiges Ereignis: in vielen Städten auf der ganzen Welt fand eine Riesen-Aktion statt am 16. Mai: der 4. internationale PROTEST gegen die Tötung der Struenerhunde in Rumänien. Unter dem Motto von “YES WE CARE” (JA, WIR SORGEN UNS), kamen Menschen in über 25 Städten in Deutschland, Österreich, Italien, England… (und natürlich auch in einigen Städten in Rumänien) zusammen, um gegen die Tierquälerei zu protestieren.

Ich möchte all den wunderbaren Menschen in so vielen verschiedenen Ländern danken, die Demonstrationen gegen die Misshandlung von Tieren in Rumänien organisierten und daran teilnamen, manche mußten hunderte von Kilometern fahren, und euch allen, die ihr so unermüdlich mit all euren Aktionen den Tieren von Rumänien helft!

Alles Liebe!


Just a very small part of images/ Ein kleiner Teil der Bilder:

München (Animals United):




 Romania 4

Romania guilty

Romania 8 oct 19

Romania 8 oct 28




Australia: Australia will NOT introduce a ban on exports of live cattle to Vietnam, prime minister Tony Abbott said.


Australia will not introduce a ban on exports of live cattle to Vietnam,
prime minister Tony Abbott said, after a complaint by an animal rights
group that some slaughterhouses were killing cattle with sledgehammers…

abbott hat


UK: Just One Reason Why The British Public Hate Prime Minister Cameron So Much ….

U Flag

In a modern, civilised society, there is no place for this grotesque and cruel pastime. The previous government banned the practice, but the new government is planning to legalise hunting foxes using dogs. This is a barbaric and outdated activity that should stay where it belongs – in the past.

We have a choice in this life, we can be kind, or we can be cruel.

I think the choice is easy…

Petition Link – please sign:

cameron hunter

Just one reason below why the British public hate David Cameron – Prime Minister – so much.  The cretin who wants to return to this:


Keep the Ban ! – 10 years with a ban – why do we have to return to ripping animals apart now just on the wishes of David Cameron ?

Ricky hunt

BM save me 2

BM save me 3


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