Serbia: Please Ensure You Sign The Petition Now Asking the Mayor of Subotica City To Cancel The Memorandum Regarding Animal Treatment – Petition Link Given – Please Crosspost.


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Subotica petition


Dear all;

We ask you please to give your full support to the work being undertaken in Subotica by NGO’s to help solve the problem of un-sterilised owned and stray dogs.

As we always say, sterilization and identification marking of stray animals is the first step to long term numbers reduction.  Just as important is public education – that owned dogs need to be sterilized by their owners, and they should not turn unsterilized animals out onto the streets every day to reproduce with non sterilized stray / street animals.

It would take little to introduce a public education programme showing that owned animal sterilisation is so important to te long term reduction of stray animals on the streets – animals which suffer terribly.

Please give your support to the following campaign – the petition can be found below.

Thank you – SAV.


Hi! Could you please sign/share/forward this petition: 

On July 3,2014. a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed between the city of Subotica and NGO “Anima Subotica” about solving the problem of stray dogs on the streets of this city. On this occasion, the Association for the Protection of Animals “Pets Are Worth Saving”, “EPAR – OIPA SERBIA / Alliance for the Conservation of Nature, animal rights and the rights of the people, and the Society for the Protection of Animals, “Alex”, Asylum Alex sent an open letter to the mayor of Subotica, the Minister of agriculture RS, Director of veterinary directorate, veterinary inspection and the general public pointing out certain shortcomings and incompleteness of this Memorandum which only seemingly solves the problem of stray dogs, without concluding and providing concrete ways for the long-term solution and elimination of the real source of stray dogs and cats.

We hereby request the cancellation of this Memorandum making it an illegal act because it allows the continuance of irresponsible owners and keepers of pets and illegal treatment of animals and public money.



Our request for cancellation of the Memorandum was on the news today. July 14, 2014 – Radio Subotica –


SOCIETIES FOR THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS REQUEST CANCELLATION OF MEMORANDUM Association for the Protection of Animals “Pets Are Worth Saving”, EPAR Serbia, Alex and injured party citizens sent an open letter and the public request for the cancellation of the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the City of Subotica and the Association of Citizens “Anima Subotica”. The request states that the Memorandum is considered incomplete and they demand its cancellation, because it allows the survival of irresponsible pet owners.

“Anima Subotica” did not want to comment on the negative reactions of these associations, because they believe they work for the benefit of animals, they treat every animal taken off the streets, sterilize and manage to find a home for it and do not return it back to the street. They consider asylums or shelters are not a solution, but only sterilization, education, responsible ownership, punishing irresponsible owners, as well as mandatory micro-chipping.

———————————————————- ———————————————————-

If they consider asylums or shelters are not solutions then why did they sign the Memorandum whose Clause 5 states “building shelters and improving conditions in existing shelters”?
The same Clause states “killing dogs in a humane way in accordance with the law”. We all know how public shelters kill their dogs in Serbia. We’ve seen lots of horror photos and we definitely wouldn’t sign that Memorandum. Would you?

Also there is nowhere to be found in Memorandum any word of punishing the irresponsible owners. That is why we are calling this Memorandum incomplete. Some parts are missing and some Don’t Benefit Animals At All!!

We Are Requesting Its Cancellation Now!!

Please continue to Sign and Share this petition. Thank you!! ~ Pets Are Worth Saving

Petition link:

On July 13 EPAR asked the Mayor what he has done on this issue. July 17, 2014

Dear supporters,

Thank you all very much for signing this petition and giving your support to stray animals on the streets of Subotica.

On July 13 EPAR / Alliance for the Conservation of nature, animal rights and the rights of people sent a request to the Mayor asking him for a copy of the document to see what he has done on our request for the cancellation of the illegal Memorandum signed on July 3rd since we know there are no initial conditions for the fulfillment of this Act for the following reasons:

1. There is no legal asylum in the city Subotica which could shelter 900 animals abandoned on the streets EVERY YEAR by the irresponsible owners.

2. Euthanasia of the healthy pets as a measure to reduce the number of stray animal population is prohibited by Law and is punishable by up to three years in prison.

3. Without legal asylum in Subotica, transportation of captured dogs to other cities across Serbia is inconsistent with Law because other municipalities have the same problem with abandoned animals and irresponsible owners.

4. Re-homing of animals can not reduce the No. of stray cats and dogs because the rhythm of new abandoned animals far outweighs the rhythm of re-homed ones. By signing this Memorandum Mayor gave support to the illegal treatment of abandoned pets in Subotica and to the public money which will be used to carry out the illegal process at the expense of citizens and animals, but for the benefit of a small group of people.

** So far, the Mayor has not responded  

Please continue to sign and share this petition far and wide, through all social networks you use (FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc).

Thank you!

Petition link:

- Thanks












Friday 18th July 2014 – A Bad Day for English Animals, But Does the UK Government Care ? – Seems Not. An Attitude of ‘Get Em Through at Whatever Cost’.


Friday 18th July 2014 was a bad day for animal welfare in England.

ValCameron180714_9140 ValCameron180714_9136

British Sheep Being Exported By the Dutch on 18/7/14 at Ramsgate, Kent.

Both Above Photos: Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

It was the hottest day of the year – extreme humidity with temperatures reaching around 33 degrees C in the South East. Unusual as it nearly always rains in England !!

So this was the day when once again, the UK government led by David Cameron bowed down, and did everything they possibly could to allow a Dutch livestock haulier named Onderwater to transport live British sheep from England to mainland Europe.

In July 2010 at a court here in Kent, England, Onderwater pleaded guilty to causing animal suffering on no less than 5 charges. Onderwater is a UK court guilty convicted criminal. The animals were due to be shipped by Onderwater from the port of Ramsgate, which is here in Kent and which lies on the English Channel. Onderwater uses all Dutch vehicles and hauliers and contributes very little to the UK economy. In return, he demands that his trucks are given protection by the Kent police (paid for by Kent taxpayers opposed to the trade !) and also protected by a weasel word UK government which posts lots on its website (Defra) about not transporting animals in hot conditions; but then allowing animals to be shipped on the hottest day of the year !!

Live animal exports and transport are a big issue here in the county. So when people had advance warning that the consignment was to go ahead, people / campaigners got together at Ramsgate port to do something about it. They did – taking over the port entrance and holding a mass sit down to prevent the Dutch (English sheep carrying) transporters from entering the harbour. They achieved a result with their efforts and all the Dutch transporters turned away rather than face the onslaught of determined and very angry, hot campaigners.

See the Dutch transporters arriving at the harbour; not having a clue what to do and then deciding to get out of town !!! – we hope the following links work: – angry people and a spineless UK government.


It was hoped that by turning away the trucks, and with severe storms forecast in the English Channel later that evening; the consignment would be forced to be cancelled. This was not to be the case – Onderwaters threats and a spineless UK government ensured that the shipment finally got through regardless.

The trucks later returned and the ex Russian battle tank carrier ship, the ‘Joline’, operated by Onderwater for his business, carried trucks and British animals to Europe in such terrible conditions.

VC Trans on Jol 22 May1

Above:  Ex Russian River Battle Tank Carrier As Operated by J. Onderwater – the MV ‘Joline’

Photo: Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer (taken at Dover harbour, Kent)

For sheep that did not die due to the extreme conditions during the shipment, they will instead meet their deaths in another EU member state being labeled as a foreign product for which foreign housewives will pay top prices. Is this not good for the UK farming sector ?, those who always talk about such high standard animals as part of its farming practices and yet also allow their live animals to be shipped to other parts of the EU where they are sold to unknowing carnivores as a French, German, whatever nationality product !!– One thing is for sure; they are not sold as British meat raised and cared for by British farmers !.

You would think that the UK David Cameron led government would see sense and promote British livestock production, which would include much shorter road trips for animals to local UK slaughterhouses where the carcasses (under EU law) must then be stamped as a ‘UK product’ rather than being killed overseas and sold off as a foreign product in another member state of the EU.  Seems like there are lots of people out of touch with the term ‘Good British produce’; who instead seem to ok Britsh animals being shipped to Europe , slaughtered and then sold off to unaware consumers on the continent.

Who is to blame ? – the government for sure; maybe farmers for accepting this and allowing it to happen.

Check out lots more on the events of 18/7/14 on the following Facebook page:

Under exissting EU regulations (1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport), all EU livestock drivers should show compassion as they are officially responsible for the care of ‘their’ animals whilst on the road. Every driver carrying livestock across the EU has officially to hold a ‘certificate of competence’ to make sure that they are fully aware of animals in transport, their needs and their suffering.

This below is the attitude of a certified Dutch transporter drivers photographed at Ramsgate on 18/7:

transporter driver 18 July 14 ValCameron180714_0049

Ramsgate driver

Above: Dutch / EU Certified ‘Competent’ Dutch Hauliers – Responsible for Ensuring Animal Welfare During Transport; Show Their Opinion Of People Who Care About Animals and Their Welfare at Ramsgate !

Above Photo:  Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

Can you trust these to ensure the welfare of live animals ? – NO; they need to be certified all right; but most probably for reasons other than carrying live animals around the EU.

Sheep legs ValCameron180714_9179 ValCameron180714_0079 ValCameron180714_0109300z

Above Photos: Dutch Transporters Carrying Live British Sheep Arrive at Ramsgate. 

The White Cab Vehicle (Midle Photo) is Operated by J. Onderwater.

Last Photo – Boarding the ‘Joline’.

Above Photos:  Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

So this morning (19/7/14) it was time to write something and have a gripe at the ‘EU animal transport system’ and especially the gutless and spineless UK government and ministries associated with allowing British live animals to be shipped for many, many hours to other EU member states by convicted criminals in conditions above 30 degrees C.

The whole system of live animal exports from the UK is a complete and utter UK government led FARCE !!!; they would not know welfare if they tried, as we have proven so much on this site campaigning against the badger cull.  One great result here is that Owen Paterson has now been removed from his position – but it will probably be only a few weeks before he suddenly becomes ‘Lord Paterson’ for his government services to the environment and badger control, or something similar.  Another example of pacify him and keep him happy – and boy do we see a lot of that in UK government !!

Here below in the link to todays gripe for the animals – it is for others to decide their views and if what is said is correct or incorrect.  One thing is for sure, British folk are concerned about live animal transport and the vast majority of them are also voters.

By the way, the UK has a general Election for a new government around May 2015, Well done the people of Kent; regardless of what the end result was yesterday, you did good.  If it were not for good people acting against abuse, we would still be transporting live slaves in the holds of ships; just like we now do with live animals !



Ramsgate campaigner 18 July 2014

Ramsgate campaigners 2

Above Photos: Ramsgate Campaigners – Friday 18th July 2014.

Time now for an immediate and major update to animal transport legislation throughout the ENTIRE  EU.  We call on UK and Netherlands authorities to lead the way.


Visit the ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports’ (KAALE) site at   

Vita KAALE Logo 9 9 2011VITA Photo



We Animals / The Ghosts In Our Machine.


We Animals is an ambitious project which documents, through photography, animals in the human environment. Humans are as much animal as the sentient beings we use for food, clothing, research, experimentation, work, entertainment, slavery and companionship. With this as its premise, We Animals aims to break down the barriers that humans have built which allow us to treat non-human animals as objects and not as beings with moral significance. The objective is to photograph our interactions with animals in such a way that the viewer finds new significance in these ordinary, often unnoticed situations of use, abuse and sharing of spaces



I have made a number of films that have taken me around the globe to witness stark realities, injustice, hope, and to meet inspiring change-makers. I’ve focused primarily on human rights issues, and the environment.
Making THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE has profoundly tweaked my moral compass – differently.

THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE is a journey of discovery into what is a complex social dilemma. In essence, humans have cleverly categorized non-human animals into three parts: domesticated pets, wildlife, and the ones we don’t like to think about: the ghosts in our machine.

Why do we value wildlife and our companion animals but not the billions of animals bred and used annually by global industries? It is this core question that prompted me to delve deeply to explore this subject matter. The film follows animal photographer and activist Jo-Anne McArthur over the course of a year. I chose Jo-Anne as the protagonist because her mission is a sympathetic entry-point into the animal question, and her powerful photographs invite us to consider non-human animals as individuals.

As a filmmaker my heart is fully engaged but I am also critically removed, looking through glass – examining the angles, the light, and the meaning of the greater story. My greatest motivation is to create an eye-opening experience for audiences, one that can inspire consciousness. 

Through story, sound and picture I hope people will see animals differently – forever.

As consumers we can all make a difference for the ghosts, each and everyday.

For the Ghosts,

Liz Marshall
Director, Producer, Writer


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UK: Finally, Minister Owen Paterson Is Sacked – Climate Change, Badger; Live Export, Bee and Animal Welfare Campaigners Celebrate Big Time !!



owen paterson

The badgers have had their say !!

Yes! The government’s climate sceptic environment secretary,Owen Paterson has been sackedat last, after thousands of us put his incompetence in the spotlight.

Owen Paterson refused to accept climate change is happening because of the things humans do. He wouldn’t even meet with scientific advisors.

The badger cull which was started to investigate Bovine TB, but which did not even test killed badgers to see if they were carrying the disease; along with his ignorance of the evidence presented by many national welfare organizations re live animal exports / transport; also combined with the shambles seen earlier this year re massive flooding in parts of the UK, has now resulted in Owen Paterson being sacked from his position as government Minister in todays (15/7) Conservative Party reshuffle.

Owen Paterson’s replacement; new Environment Secretary Liz Truss might do a better job; although it cannot really be any worse than what has been experienced !

Will she turn out to be a climate denier like Owen Paterson? Or will she quickly announce she’s taking a better approach, and plans to meet with chief scientific advisors?

As the new head of Defra; which makes her responsible for most animal welfare issues; we greatly hope that Ms Truss will start to take the many actions that self opinionated Paterson has rejected during his time in government.

Today, 15th July 2014 is a day that many people will be celebrating. In an ironic way, the many badgers that were killed in the government led mass cock-up known as the badger cull trials have at last got something back – a kind of badger karma.

Goodbye Mr. Paterson; no thanks for nothing; you were a waste of space from the start and we are all now rejoicing that you are once again sent back to the ‘back benches’ of the UK political system.

A great day for common sense and to get rid of useless baggage.

Badg 3

Badger cull I Jan 16 2014


badgers animal

badger artwork

Onderwater Dover 2nd May 2013

Roche truck

Sheep Exports-Calais

VC Trans on Jol 22 May1





Serbia: Shelter Felix – Thank You For Your Donations To Date, But There Is Still A Long Way To Go To Cover All Costs !

Serbian  Flag


All photographs from shelter ‘Felix’.



Danica at shelter ‘Felix’ has had some very kind donations towards the vost of the roof repairs; and we thank anyone who has helped.

But the shelter is nowhere near being able to currently get the costs covered by what has been provided – additional donations are urgently required.

You can see our full post regarding the roof repairs at the following:

On the following links you can see all the work that is being undertaken to provide a safe and secure home for the cats – and it all costs lots of money. Please give anything you can – thank you.

Replacing the roof of the auxiliary cats’ rooms - 

Summer is here ! – 



More ‘Shadow’ – 

Videos – 

Gone but not forgotten – 

Timeline photos – 



You can donate directly onto the Felix shelter sites as per the following links:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96

 Thank you to everyone who has kindly given to help the shelter !






USA: Take Action for New York City Carriage Horses.





Periodic updates about issues and actions concerning New York City’s Carriage Horses +

Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

Horses Without Carriages International

PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES – CLICK HERE to get your own newsletter. In this issue: ** ETSY FOR ANIMALS – we are charity of the month ** Open Letter to the Mayor ** Contact the City Council ** Carriage Driver trial ** drivers – bogus accusations ** we continue to advertise ** bogus polls – don’t believe them

Because of the holiday last weekend, many of you did not get to see the last newsletter. Click here to see it.



Enough is enough. When will the ban happen?

I recently wrote this Open Letter to Mayor deBlasio imploring him to keep his promise and ban the horse-drawn carriage trade. These are some excerpts: “This has gone on too long. The horses are suffering in the heat and humidity and the public has not seen any sign of movement toward a ban. You were the first mayoral candidate ever to take animal cruelty seriously, or so it seemed–and many of us volunteered in your campaign office, showing up at every debate to cheer you on and proclaim our support for a humane mayor. So what happened? Why has this been put on the back burner? Bills, public hearings and more debates will take this into next year at least. This is not what any of us expected or supported.”

“By stalling and not owning this issue you have allowed the Daily News to control the dialogue and negatively influence public opinion, which resulted in unfavorable polling–literally turning the percentages around against us. Before the Daily News began this onslaught, every poll taken consistently showed 75 to 80% of respondents in favor of a ban. This is a consequence of a deliberate campaign of misinformation, all driven by an editorial board that is feeling the sting of political defeat. This newspaper is not your friend and is not the horses’ friend. It is using this issue as a metaphor for your progressive agenda. Please understand this. If the Daily News wins on this issue, they will look for others on which to defeat you. Please ban this inhumane and unsafe business now.”

Mayor deBlasio and his administration have not handled this issue well. They have “fiddled while Rome burnt.” He did not own the issue. He never mentioned the horses who have made press during his first six months in office: Blondie, Spartacus, Ceasar and Pumpkin. We wanted him to address the many bogus criticisms the press threw at him but he ignored them until they got legs of their own. His comments have gone from “But we are going to quickly and aggressively move to make horse carriages no longer a part of the landscape … They are not humane, they are not appropriate for the year 2014. It’s over. So, just watch us do it.” said in December 2013 – TO – a statement said just last week: “Now we’re going to turn to a series of new priorities, and certainly I’ve said many times, and I’ll say it again: I think we need to ban horse carriages in New York City and we’re going to act accordingly,” We’re working on the details now with the City Council, but clearly there’s going to be a legislative process.” It’s over. So, just watch us do it.” VS. I think we need to ban horse carriages in NYC. Mayor deBlasio and his family will be out of the country on vacation for 10 days beginning on the 18th. (horse on hack line; no shade – by Mary



about banning the horse-drawn carriage trade

Here it is July and we are no closer to shutting down the inhumane and unsafe carriage trade than we were one year ago. All we have are empty promises. Please contact your council member and ask him or her to support a bill to ban horse-drawn carriages. CALL THEM. Do not e-mail or fax. These methods of communication are likely to be deleted. Calls have much more impact and are less likely to be forgotten.

NYC RESIDENTS: — Call your Council Member.

OUTSIDE NYC: Call Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito’s office. 212-828-9800

SEND THESE TWO LINKS: Ask them to support a bill to ban horse-drawn carriages — not a phase out – but an unconditional ban. Ask them for someone’s e-mail address in their office (legislative person or chief of staff — not the general office because that may be deleted) to send these two articles — the first disputes all the Liam Neeson lies and the second is about a carriage driver who ignored the law last week:

We need to move this campaign along because unfortunately the Mayor’s office – like Nero – is fiddling while Rome is burning. PLEASE TAKE THIS ACTION. IT SHOULD NOT TAKE LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES. WE ARE DEPENDING ON YOU TO TAKE THIS ACTION.

Thank you to those of you who have already done this. Please report back to us —



Drivers will stop at nothing with their lies; contrived Facebook pages

The NYC media, for the most part, supports the drivers and all their lies. NY1 is no different. The most recent lie is saying that activists are threatening Christina Hansen after she worked her horse for a long period of time past the heat suspension. NY 1′s Josh Robin gave Hansen screen time with his article Carriage Driver Accused of Working Horse in Hot Weather Says She’s Being Threatened With Violence. He included a Facebook or Tweet comment, which Hansen had provided to him. I sent Robin an e-mail asking him for verification that it was authentic. I did not hear from him. Robin did not even use the word “alleged” threat. He simply took Hansen’s word for it. Very unprofessional reporting.

A supporter of the carriage trade posted this screen print of comments on our Facebook page, No Walk in the Park. We saved and deleted it from the page. As it turns out, these same comments were provided to Josh Robin by the carriage supporters. We think that is very odd AND a set up. The comments are vile and we do not believe they are genuine. We know none of the people and we do not know the origin. I checked with some of other pro carriage ban pages and it did not originate with them either.

We believe these comments are photo shopped or in some way contrived to make us look bad. The drivers and their supporters have been known to make up fake names on Facebook in order to post on our pages since we have banned many of them. If anyone knows any of these people, let us know. We do not condone this kind of behavior. We prefer to fight this issue on its merits – not on gratuitous, nasty comments that have nothing to do with the horses.



please donate what you can for our advertising campaign

We will continue to run ads in Metro as long as we can. you may donate here. Please remember we are all volunteer and do not take salaries. Every penny you donate is put back into the organization. We are the organization that began the “ban” campaign in 2006 and we plan to continue our ad campaign until this inhumane, unsafe and abusive trade is stopped. We are hoping Mayor deBlasio takes positive action soon.

Thanks to all of you who have donated to our campaign. It is much appreciated.



Tuesday – July 15th – See you there

Carriage driver Saverio Colarusso was arrested on December 18, 2013and charged with working his horse lame for several days. He has been to court several times. His next court date is:

COURT DATE: Tuesday July 15th – 9:00 am

WHERE: NY Criminal Court Building – 100 Centre St., Manhattan

DEFENDANT: Saverio Colarusso

DOCKET #: 2013NY095399

The judge, at the last court date, indicated that the case had been dragging on and that this would be the trial. Please attend. Get to the building before 9Am since there will be a line. Do not use your phone or camera while in the court room.

After you go through the security check, I suggest you look for the lists mounted on the wall for the defendant’s name. It will indicate the location of the trial. See you there!



bogus polls tell differently – don’t believe them

BOGUS: polls showing 60% of people opposed to a carriage horse ban - Since 2006, every poll taken about a carriage horse ban has shown between 75 and 80% of respondents in favor of a ban. So what happened? In a nutshell – the Daily News has been allowed to control the dialogue with their half truths, specious omissions and outright lies. This is not the way a newspaper is supposed to behave. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth – Often attributed to the Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels, it has a lot of truth and should be fair warning to thinkers that the same thing is happening in NYC.

Mayor deBlasio won the mayoral primary in September but he was not endorsed by any of the local newspapers. The editorial boards in NYC are mostly right wing conservative and were not happy about this. The Daily News began a hatched job on the mayor – ripping into him almost every day – publishing the most bizarre yellow journalism articles filled with lies and exaggerations. Mort Zuckerman had enjoyed privileges at City Hall under Mayor Bloomberg that he expected to continue under a Quinn administration. When it seemed that Mayor deBlasio was serious about banning the horse-drawn carriages, The DN took the lead on this issue going so far as to launch a petition. The editor in chief of the DN is a transplant from Rupurt Murdoch’s failed UK paper. Other editorial boards, including the NY Times, NY Post, AM-NY and TV stations like Fox News, NY1, and Pix 11 followed. Many reporters have continued to promote the drivers’ lies as their opinions shift into supposedly fact driven articles. The carriage trade hired the infamous anti-animal Cavalry Group to fight this battle for them. This is the anti-animal lobby group that supports puppy mills, horse slaughter and a weakening of animal cruelty laws around the country. The Teamsters have also joined the fray, going against the first pro union mayor in decades – a very foolish action. There’s been no fact checking, no investigative journalism and gratuitous dishonesty. Unfortunately, people will often believe what they hear on TV or read in the newspapers without questioning. This is why the media is so powerful. We have been cut out of interviews and ignored. The truth about this inhumane and very unsafe industry is not getting out there.

The Daily News does not care about the horses or the drivers. Instead, they are being used as poster children – a metaphor for deBlasio’s progressive agenda. If the right wing media can get deBlasio to cry uncle on this issue, this will open the door to other things. And he will likely lose the next election because he flip flopped. So when you hear about the Quinnipiac poll showing 60% of respondents opposed to a ban – you must also realize that these polls were taken after an extended brainwashing period. Polls like this are meaningless to critical thinkers.

Will Mayor deBlasio be strong enough to stand up to this and keep his word — or will he cave? Only time will tell. Do you want Mort Zuckerman/disgruntled Daily News owner; the Teamsters; Liam Neeson; and the carriage drivers running NYC – or do you want the man you voted for – Mayor deBlasio?Please wake up to this. Nazi Germany happened because people were not paying attention.



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London: Free Tibet Campaign – China Forced To Come Clean On Jailed Singers. Petition to Sign.


free tibet


Free Tibet website link:


China forced to come clean on jailed singers

tibet musicians

Following a letter we sent to the UN’s Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights, the United Nations demanded that China accounts for their fates

In response, China has had to provide new information about their cases and has confirmed that most of the musicians have been jailed for “separatist” activities – because China believed their songs challenged its rule.

China revealed that Gongpo Tsezin had been released on bail because of “several illnesses he suffers”. Recently another singer, Gebe, was released within a month of his arrest.

Thank you for speaking up
The international spotlight falling on these cases may have led to their release.
More than 6,000 people have signed our petition for the singers’ release; please also add your voice if you have not already done so. You can also use the buttons below to share with friends. 

Please sign the jailed musicians petition at: 

free tibet 3

free tibet 4

free tibet 6








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