USA: Iris – Now Free After Years of Solitary Confinement.


Watch the video here –

Iris Was a Prisoner in Solitary Confinement for Years—Until Now

Imagine being confined in a dark, windowless cell that measures approximately 8 feet by 16 feet, roughly the size of a walk-in closet. Iris didn’t have to imagine it: That’s where the 32-year-old chimpanzee was found at Chestatee Wildlife Preserve & Zoo, a seedy roadside zoo in Georgia.

The cell was only cleaned about twice a week (contrary to instructions by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to clean it daily), so she often lived amid her own waste. Her meals were slid to her through a slot in the wall, as if she were an inmate at a high-security prison. The tiny cell had nothing for her to climb on, and she had no one to play with and essentially nothing to look at except four blank walls. The picture of abject despair, she was often found huddled under a filthy blanket in the unheated cell and smeared her own faeces on the cell walls.

Occasionally, Iris was allowed into a slightly larger concrete cell, but it was found scattered with feces and dead cockroaches, and spiders crawled among the cobwebs on the ceiling and walls.

After years of solitary confinement and deprivation, Iris was a sorry sight. She was pale and overweight, and her legs were underdeveloped, likely from a lack of opportunities to climb or exercise. She was missing her canine teeth, which likely had been pulled out to make her easier to handle.

But thanks to a generous PETA member, Iris has seen the last of this hell on Earth. Earlier this month, she was transported to the lush tropical Save the Chimps, an accredited sanctuary in Florida.

Just days after arriving at Save the Chimps, Iris was introduced to another rescued chimpanzee named Abdul, and they were immediately smitten with each other, panting and hooting with delight, exchanging kisses and hugs, and grooming each other like old friends. Normally, such introductions take months, but for Iris and Abdul, it was love at first sight. Iris continues to be introduced to more chimpanzees and will soon have the opportunity to live on a large island with plenty of trees and structures for climbing and playing.

PETA has filed legal complaints with several agencies and called on them to investigate Chestatee’s apparent violations of animal-protection and worker-safety laws.

What You Can Do

Boycott all zoos, even ones that misleadingly call themselves “preserves” or “parks.” Roadside zoos don’t have signs out front saying, “Caution: Abused Animals Within.” They are tourist traps that unwitting visitors keep open with their ticket purchases.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Petition – Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind! – Help the Dogs.

Bosnia and herzegovina


bos pet

Please give your support to the following important petition from Mirela for Bosnia and Herzegovina dogs.

Petition wording:

Why this is important

Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind!
people are worried, scared and mostly evil,
Dogs still roam the city hungry, sick, terrified, thousands of them ..this petition trying to get all the cantonal authorities to take in account of opening the new asylum, who will not only work through the system of donations, budget such a way is strictly parasitic. Asylum must be run by people who love animals, and who are willing to volunteer to look for new, fresh ideas, and thus involve all the media, public and private companies. Asylum would depend on its own income .it is difficult, but not impossible, if the authorities allow, the ideas, plan already exist, with the help of professional advice we can make it happen, on the end we can protect stray dogs, and also increase the number of jobssign the petition, and help rescue dogs BiH


Petition Link:

Message: Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind!

10 years in a cage – their rescue is today! – 26/3/15.

viet nam flag


UPDATE From AA on the road with the move – 27 March – Latest pictures from the rescue team on the road to freedom.

- en route to their new home.

AA 27 Mar 1

AA 27 Mar 2

Check out the latest news as it happens –

They’ve never been outside – now two bears, rescued from bear bile trade, will travel 2,000 kms to freedom.

As we know from vet Joost’s earlier message – the team are reading your incredible messages of support on the road. It’s been such a long day for them. Let’s hope they’re in their next hotel before too long and manage to get a good night’s sleep.

These bears have been shown more love and compassion in the last 24hrs than they’ve received their entire lives.

Yogi will be set for extensive dental treatment when he arrives at our sanctuary. In the meantime these marshmallows with anti inflammatories will help him cope with the pain.

The legend that is Bear Team Supervisor Tuan spots a jackfruit tree as the truck crawls down the motorway with their delicate cargo. The team has spotted and one forage later – there’s leaves for the bears to enjoy (pictures above) – picture below shows the leaves being cut.

AA tree leaves




AA logo 1

26/3/15 – Fantastic news to start today.

10 years in a cage – their rescue is today!

By visiting the Animals Asia site you will be able to track the progress of the bears move over the next week or so.

Click here to see the journey to freedom –

Live updates from the Ben Tre Rescue Timeline – follow the news of the journey:

LIVE #BenTreRescue habit has Coco hoovering up the rice first – but just wait till she tries the fruit & veg.

 Coco eats rice

Above – Coco tucks into rice – fruit and veg waiting !

Follow 2 caged bears on their way to freedom

Dear Mark,

We wrote to you last Friday with some good news about the release of two moon bears trapped on a bile farm in southern Vietnam.

Their journey to freedom starts today. And you can join them every step of the way.

Our rescue crew, including a vet, vet nurse and a bear team supervisor are already at Ben Tre where the bears have been caged for over 10 years preparing for their transportation home to our Tam Dao sanctuary.

We expect the 2,000km journey by truck up the entire coast of Vietnam will take around six days. The rescue comes as Animals Asia battles to secure the release of the remaining bears in Halong City.

Despite the signatures of over 110,000 people urging Vietnam’s Prime Minister to allow Animals Asia to rescue the surviving 19 bears, decisive action has yet to be taken.

“Each individual deserves sanctuary – and we’re delighted to have been given permission by the authorities to provide care to these two bears for the rest of their lives. It’s a long journey, but not in the context of a life. The bears and team will spend the best part of a week on the road, but we hope the bears will have many happy years ahead of them.” Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE

We can’t wait to get these bears home. Join them on their journey to freedom on our   website, Facebook or Twitter.

And as you follow these lucky bears home, please consider giving a little to their rescue and recovery.

Thank you as always for your support.

Dr Tuan Bendixsen
Vietnam Director


Serbia: 16 Dogs In Shelter May Have To Be Turned Onto The Street and ? – Please Help If You Are Able – Thank You.

Serbian  Flag

16 dogs needing help


Please help with a donation of any size if you are able.

Donations are given to a completely safe site outside of Serbia – the money when paid is then sent through to Serbia.

7 days to go on this current appeal – Thank you.

Link -


Lina’s Animal Rescue is organisation for animal welfare from Serbia.

We have 19 dogs in small private unfinished shelter, 20 dogs in 2 boarding kennels and 14 kitties in one rescuer’s home.

Funds are desperately needed to pay the boarding kennel fees. We have debt for February for 16 dogs . The life of street dogs everywhere is difficult, but here in Serbia the dog catchers kill them rather than rescue them.

Finding homes is very difficult as the culture in Serbia is not to adopt dogs, but rather buy a puppy then turn it out in the streets later when it is grown.

Each dog’s boarding fees are 60€ per month ( 40 boarding kennel + 20 food ) . Please help us  , this is URGENT APPEAL !

Link -

16 dogs needing help

Serbia: 25/3/15 – New Proposals by Serbian Government To Try and Kill Stray Dogs After 15 Days – Please Sign the Petition.

Serbian  Flag

Due primarily to language issues we are currently leaving all contact (and opposition work) associated with this to our Serbian campaigner friends.  Change and opposition has to come from within Serbia, by the Serbian people; not by outside Europeans.  But you can give your support and opposition to the current proposals by signing the petition link below – Thanks – SAV.


Jelena Lj

After examining the working version of the Amendment of the Animal Welfare Act of the Republic of Serbia, it introduced the concept of “quarantine for a lost and abandoned animals,” which lasts 15 days, after which the animals can be “killed humanely.”

This mean that thousands and thousands of animals being killed and no one will be able to help it.


Petition wording

After examining the working version of the Amendment of the Animal Welfare Act of the Republic of Serbia, it introduced the concept of “quarantine for a lost and abandoned animals,” which lasts 15 days, after which the animals can be “killed humanely.”

We believe that the amendments to the Law which was never fully implemented are counter-productive and unacceptable to us, the citizens, and that in no way it will solve the problem of abandoned animals with killing thousands of healthy animals.

Also, we consider that in the beginning of work on the amendments to the Act must include representatives of civil society. This is enforced by the “Guidelines for the involvement of civil society in the process of adopting regulations” adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on 26 August 2014.

We want solution to the problem of abandoned animals in a humane and sustainable manner.


Petition Link:

England: Farmageddon and More – An Expose Into The Real World Of Intensive, Global Animal Farming.



transporter driver 18 July 14


Mark Johnson (SAV – this site) and Philip Lymbery (CEO at CIWF – ) have known each other and been campaigning (farm animal) friends for some 25+ years.  They originally got to know each other regarding their extensive campaigning regarding the live transport of farm animals from the Kent ports of SE England and other parts of the UK to mainland Europe back in the 80’s.

You can read more about Mark’s long term work with CIWF by reading ‘About Us’ –  – in 2003 Mark was awarded the ‘campaigner of the year’ in recognition of his work into the UK live export trade (calves, sheep, pigs) and also for his investigative work as part of the CIWF Investigations Unit into the export of live horses to Europe for the meat trade.

You can read more from Philip on his current regular CIWF blog page –

Philip’s recent book ‘Farmageddon’ – which lifts the lid on intensive farming around the world has been made into a film also.  You can see this by looking at the following links from either CIWF or directly on Youtube.  Links are given below – please take a look as this is worth seeing !!!

Described by Joanna Lumley as ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ for food and farming, a year and several reprints later, Bloomsbury is re-launching Farmageddon in a new-look paperback format. To celebrate, CIWF have pulled together this short film  showing some of the key moments of the three-year journey behind the closed doors of the factory farm industry.

‘Farmaggedon’ — The True Cost of Cheap Meat

Also, in the following link, see extensive undercover footage obtained by CIWF investigators who have been involved with Rabbit farming / production in several countries of the EU.

Watch their appalling expose of this disgusting business at:

Exposing the biggest secret of the Cage Age:

Check out all of London based CIWF’s work and campaigns at

Meat free week’, is a new initiative to encourage us to think about meat and where it comes from.

Its time to lift the entire lid on the abuse of millions of animals every day and the ill health suffering of humans caused by intensive farming.

Its time to decide:–0lqYYh8

To Our Tibetan Friends – We Support You ! – News and Contact Info For ‘Free Tibet’, London.

free tibet 3

D Lama Tibet

There is a White Lotus Wall of Remembrance on the ‘Free Tibet’ site on which people have said their feelings, and given their support to make Tibet free of Chinese domination once again – and it will happen.


You can read all the messages to the Tibetan people by clicking on the following:

The White Lotus Book starts with the following introduction:

“The following words are also written in the White Lotus Book of Remembrance, paying tribute to all those Tibetans who have lost their lives as a result of China’s occupation.

When Tibet is free we will deliver the Book to the people of Tibet in their homeland”.

Find out more about the White Lotus Book of Remembrance and how to contribute here.

Or visit the following:

Political Prisoners –

Interactive map of protests –

Self-immolation protests in Tibet

Since March 2011, more than 130 people are known to have set themselves on fire inside Tibet in protest against the repressive Chinese occupation of Tibet.

Self-immolation protests have become less frequent in 2013 and 2014 but these and other protests are taking place over a widening area of Tibet. Some Tibetans have also set themselves alight outside Tibet and China.

Although many monks and nuns have set themselves alight, most self-immolation protesters were not from religious institutions. They include teachers, students and herdsmen, as well as mothers and fathers.

The youngest was just 15 years old

Visit this Q&A to find out more about the self-immolations. More information about all protests in Tibet can be found here.

Details of each confirmed individual self-immolation in Tibet can be found below.

Donations –

Join ‘Free Tibet’ –

Shop –

Free Tibet – let Tibetan people be free from Chinese domination and let Tibet be a self governing nation once again !!

Tibet 2_NEW

Tibet 5_NEW

free tibet 3

Free Tibet
28 Charles Square
N1 6HT
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7324 4605
Fax: +44 (0)20 7324 4606

Office hours: 1000-1800 hrs (UK time), Monday-Friday


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