England: Latest Senseless Badger Killings Finish – A Simple Mess Up Ploy For Farmers Votes From David cameron ?



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Link:  http://www.somersetcountygazette.co.uk/news/11554698.Question_mark_over_future_of_badger_cull/

Question mark over future of badger cull

First published Thursday 23 October 2014.

THE roll out of the controversial badger cull across the country remains uncertain after shooters failed to meet minimum targets in one of the cull zones.

The second year of the controversial badger culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset ended after six weeks at 12pm on Monday.

The culls were part of the Government’s plans to tackle bovine TB in England, which saw over 26,000 TB-infected cattle slaughtered last year.

Marksmen had targets of killing a minimum of 316 badgers in Somerset and 615 in Gloucestershire.

The Humane Society International/ UK said that figures were revealed to Team Badger by a source at Natural England, and show only 253 badgers were shot in Gloucestershire while in Somerset gunmen killed the minimum number.

Defra is yet to confirm the number of badgers killed but previously Environment Secretary Liz Truss said the outcome of this year’s culls would determine if they were rolled out nationwide.

Sources close to Defra are said to have told the BBC that plans to extend the cull will not be rolled out if targets had been missed.

It is also not yet known if there will be an extension to the culls like last year, which still failed to meet the 70% target set by Defra.

No application has yet been made to the licensing company Natural England to extend the culls.

There was added anger from those opposing the cull this year after the Government announced there would be no Independent Expert Panel.

Last year the IEP found the culls to be inhumane and ineffective, and the Badger Trust is waiting a Court of Appeal judgement which will rule whether or not the Government has acted unlawfully by not using an IEP.

A spokesperson for Defra said: “The minimum numbers for this year’s culls have been set using the best available evidence gathered by local experts and signedoff by Defra’s chief scientist.

“All aspects of the culls are being independently audited.

“The numbers of badgers removed during the culls will be analysed, quality assured and audited before release.

“The information on safety and humaneness will also be analysed, quality assured and signed off by the Chief Veterinary Officer.

”Opponents have been out day and night to try to distract shooters. A spokesperson for Somerset Against The Badger Cull said: “During the last six weeks our members have spent uncountable hours walking the walk along the footpaths and lanes of Somerset to register their opposition.

“There’s absolutely no way that this year’s cull can be deemed a success apart from the fact that no member of the public was killed or seriously injured and we hope that today marks the end of this senseless badger cull for good.

“So far, just under 1,300 badgers have been killed in Somerset during the official culls of 2013 and 2014 in a policy labelled crazy by one of the country’s leading animal disease experts.

“And we sincerely hope that 2015 doesn’t see the resumption of badger culling in Somerset or Gloucestershire but if it does we will be out and about campaigning against the badger cull once again.”

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England: EU Response To Our Letter and Evidence To Commissioner Borg Re Live Animal Transport.





Photo – Valerie Cameron.

Friday 24 October 2014

We have now had a response from the DG Health and Consumers to our evidence submitted to Commissioner Borg on 8/8/2014.

Original SAV references are as follows:



The EU response dated 16/10/2014 from Mr. Van Goethem, Animal Welfare Director at the DG for Health and Consumers (who have responsibility for animal welfare issues in the EU) can be seen below.

EU envelope letter Oct 14_NEW

EU letter 1 Oct 14_NEW

EU letter 2 Oct 14_NEW


In the past we have provided evidence to Mr. Van Goethem relating to live animal transport; and we thank him again for his most recent response to our submittal.

On page 2, last paragraph of his latest response, Mr. Van Goethem  refers to a report which we provided relating to the lack of visibility (signage) on livestock transporters carrying live animals for export through eh port of Ramsgate, Kent.  Our report was titled “Now you see it, now you don’t” and was clear proof that live animal transporters were using ‘deceptive behaviour’ (words of the EU DG) to get round the fact of identifying that they were carrying live animals in their vehicles.

Despite what Mr. Van Goethem declares in his final sentences regarding this issue being the responsibility of the UK member state; the UK being the location of the export vehicles; we have had no response or clarification from UK authorities (ie. Defra / Animal Health AHVLA) that they have taken ANY action against these same hauliers; despite the sealed ‘box trailers’ to which we provide evidence for in our report still being used for the export of live animals out of Ramsgate port.

The following is a copy link of the front page of our report.  For obvious reasons we are not publishing the content as this is an on going issue with the EU.

 Front Page

Finally, we question the statement made by Mr. Van Goethem (3rd para) that limiting animal transport to 8 hours for example would ‘improve animal welfare’.  We know that a reduction to 8 hours would vastly improve animal welfare; but the basic fact is that regarding enforcement of the regulations such as identified in our report of lack of signage, we CANNOT RELY on so-called ‘competent authorities’ such as Defra /AHVLA to ensure that all the requirements of Regulation 1/2005 are being adhered to by export hauliers.

In the UK, Defra / AHVLA are ignoring some of their responsibilities to ensure that issues such as clear signage are complied with on box type trailers.  If national ‘competent authorities’ are so incompetent; how can we rely on them to ensure that animal welfare standards re met in Europe given the current regulations ?

We will continue to push for an 8 hour maximum journey time despite what EU DG says; and we are forwarding this information to our friends and campaigners at Ramsgate port to ask that they pay particular attention to the signage; or rather the complete lack of; on the sealed box trailers as still seen using the port for the live export of UK animals on a weekly basis. 

We trust that Ramsgate campaigners will take particular note of ‘box trailer’ signage situation (or most probably the lack of signage) and that they will as a result report discrepancies to UK competent authorities; stating as necessary the evidence previously provided in our report “Now you see it, now you don’t”.

UK competent authorities need to take action on the issue of signage; something which it is clear they are NOT doing at this present time; or have ever done in the past.

Box trailers containing live animals, and with a clear lack of signage indicating such can be seen in the following very recent footage taken at the port of Ramsgate, Kent:


Note that the trailer shown in the following contains hundreds of live sheep. 

Where is the signage to indicate this ? – ask UK so called ‘competent authorities’ why they are ignoring the requirements of Regulation 1/2005 and the declarations made by Mr. Van Goethem at EU DG for Health and Consumers:








Lebanon: Europeans try to save storks, then this happens over Lebanon.



Lebanon 2Lebanon 1


Europeans try to save storks, then this happens over Lebanon.

There is no fighting chance for migratory birds when they fly over Lebanon: Hunting laws may be in place in the Middle East, but who’s enforcing them?

From storks and pelicans to hoopoers to eagles to migratory songbirds… see the images of the bloodbath in Lebanon during this year’s hunting season:

See more at: http://www.greenprophet.com/2014/10/europeans-try-to-save-storks-then-this-happens-over-lebanon-warning-graphic-images/#sthash.i2EYPKq6.dpuf  


All Pictures from Greenphrophet – click on links to go to site.

New migratory birds; another year of senseless slaughter.

A savage country in the migratory corridor of European birds!

Will anyone stop them?

Some species of birds that can be seen in the pictures are very rare and endangered.

Photos are disturbing:


Please sign the petition at:


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Lebanon 5

Lebanon 6

Lebanon 7

India: Breaking News – Supreme Court of India Intervenes to Save Thousands of Animals from Nepal’s Brutal Gadhimai Festival Sacrifice.



Link:  http://www.hsi.org/world/india/news/releases/2014/10/india-supreme-court-gadhimai-ruling-102014.html?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=posts&utm_campaign=India14


Supreme Court of India Intervenes to Save Thousands of Animals from Nepal’s Brutal Gadhimai Festival Sacrifice

The Supreme Court of India passed an interim order directing the Union of India to prevent the illegal movement of animals across the border from India to Nepal, to be sacrificed at the Gadhimai Festival, scheduled to be held on 28-29 November. Approximately 70 percent of the animals to be sacrificed at the festival will come from India, so the immediate implementation of this order could have a significant impact on the event, even leading to the entire sacrifice being abandoned.

The animal movements are in violation of the Export-Import Policy of India and the Foreign Trade Act (Development and Regulation) Act 1992, which categorically places live cattle and buffalo in the restricted export category, requiring a license to legally export them. This rule is being openly flouted as the majority of animals are transported illegally across the border without an export license. The Court’s order was passed in direct response to an urgent petition submitted by Smt. Gauri Maulekhi, consultant to Humane Society International/India and Trustee of People for Animals.


N.G. Jayasimha, managing director of Humane Society International/India, said: “The Gadhimai Festival’s massacre of innocent animals is an unholy bloodbath that has no place whatsoever in religion. This mass slaughter of animals is not part of Hinduism and has been thoroughly and rightly rejected by the Hindu Council of Britain. The Supreme Court of India’s order offers a vital lifeline to the hundreds of thousands of animals being illegally taken across the border to be killed, and there is every chance that with this action we can prevent the killing going ahead this year. In a modern, civilised society we cannot continue to sanction the death of animals in the name of religion.”

The Festival is held in Nepal every five years and involves the barbaric ritual sacrifice of 500,000 animals including water buffalo, sheep, pigs, rats, pigeons and chickens over a two day period. The animals are killed in front of each other, using blunt knives and swords to cut their throats.

Justice Kehar of the Supreme Court of India observed that the sacrifice of animals at the Gadhimai Festival was “demeaning and cruel” and that such brutal treatment must not be meted out on India’s animals, referring to the fact that 70 percent of the animals sacrificed at the festival come from India.

The Court notice affects the Union of India and the four border States of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal, from where a majority of the animals are transported illegally.

nepal 1

See our past SAV posts on this issue –

Warning – posts contain some graphic images of animal killing.





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England: Each generation decides what cruelty they will tolerate.



Each generation decides what cruelty they will tolerate.

End the cage – its time to evolve !











Serbia: YOUR HELP NOW NEEDED To Write To International Serbian Embassies Global. Sample Letter and Contact Details Provided Below. Please Write and Be A Voice for Nani Today !

Serbian  Flag

 UPDATED 24/10/14 – New Photos and Letters

For other global articles and issues, please scroll down to ‘Latest Posts’ on the right side.

This post is going to remain as the first main post on the site at present; and will be updated as necessary.

We are still in the situation where the Serbian Minster (Photo below) is not making any decision regarding Nani

Serb Minister 1






So now we have to move on further with our campaign to free Nani deer and return Nani to Mrs. Mitic. 


The following links provide access to all Serbian embassies around the world.




To take action for Nani, please find your national Serbian embassy from the list provided above. 

Check out e mail contact details on how to write to them at the specific embassy.


Then copy the following sample letter and all the attachment links which follow it.

Please send the letter and the links to your own national Serbian embassy.

Every embassy has a legal requirement to return the issues that it has had correspondence about back to the government in Serbia.  We need to show the Serbian government that the ‘Nani campaign’ has now gone global and that Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic who originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to, and implementing Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare has still taken no action in double this period.

As the Serbian Minister cannot enforce existing Serbian law, Serbia should thus not be allowed to become an EU member state.


The sample letter can also be copied to the EU Enlargement Commission at:





– Also include the links given at the end.


Dear Sir / Madam;

I am writing with the wish that my views are immediately returned to the government of Serbia – please ensure that this information is passed on.

For many weeks now a young deer named ‘Nani’ has been illegally held within Serbia by hunters who are involved with corrupt Serbian state police officials.  Nani deer was being cared for by a lady called Mrs. Mitic after the mother of the deer was shot and killed by these hunters.

The Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to, and implementing Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare; to enforce action and return Nani to the care of Mrs. Mitic.  She has not done this and we are now around 70 days late in having action from the Serbian Minister.  Still she does nothing.

What has she got to hide ? – why is she so incompetent that she is not able to enforce existing Serbian animal welfare law ? – she is supposed to be qualified in laws associated with animals and animal science.

Any sensible person would know that Nani must immediately be returned for permanent residence with Mrs. Mitic.

Members of the European parliament (MEP’s) have already been informed of the ignorant attitude of Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic in this case regarding Nani.

Minister Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic IS NOT enforcing existing Serbian law on animal welfare; ie. Implementing Article 58; thus I consider that Serbia and the Serbian government are not enforcing implementation of the ‘rule of law’ (within Serbia); this enforcement being a fundamental requirement to be shown by any member state seeking EU accession (membership).

Thus I am left with no option now but to inform my political representatives that Serbia is not worthy of EU membership until Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic acts positively; makes an immediate decision that Nani deer must immediately be returned to Mrs. Mitic permanently.

The name of Serbia has already been tarnished by the inaction of Minister Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic. 

So now, until she acts the correct way and releases Nani permanently back to the care of Mrs. Mitic; I will campaign to ensure that Serbia, which is not enforcing its own legislation (the rule of law); is kept out of becoming an EU member state.

Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic – Act immediately – free Nani deer !


Name and nationality.








End of Sample Letter.


Serb Minister 1i want to go home



Scotland: Alyn Smith MEP and Others Will Take Action On 22/10 Against EU Bullfight Subsidies





As you are probably aware, my group in Parliament is calling on our European colleagues to back an amendment to the budget this week that will prevent any more EU funds being used to raise bulls for bullfighting.

I have been very clear in my opposition to bullfighting. The petition I submitted to the European Commission in 2013 reached 12000 signatures and I’m heartened to see that so many people agree that blood sports have no place in the 21st century.

As it stands, subsidies from the Common Agricultural Policy allow farmers to use the Single Farm Payment on hectares used to rear bulls used in the fights. My group in the European Parliament believes this is utterly wrong and is calling for our European colleagues to back our budget amendment this week that will end these subsidies.

Agricultural subsidies should be used to help farmers produce food, not to satisfy an outdated and abhorrent animal sacrifice.

As an honorary Vice President of the Scottish SPCA and an honorary associate member of the British Veterinary Association, I utterly condemn this barbaric practice.

There is no reason why European taxpayers should continue to subsidise activities that are in flagrant contradiction of our common animal welfare goals – even through such an indirect manner as Single Farm Payment.

Therefore I would like to assure you that I will be backing my group in voting for this amendment on Wednesday 22nd.

More information on my activities in opposition to bullfighting can be found here http://www.alynsmith.eu/bullfighting

Yours aye,






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