USA: URGENT Action Required By 24/11/14 – Help To Save America’s Wolves – URGENT !!



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Hi all;

For the first time in more than 40 years, nearly every gray wolf in the Lower 48 could be stripped of protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service could announce its final decision to delist wolves any day now.

If they do move forward with delisting, it will mean they’ve ignored the recommendations of their own scientific peer review panel and leave wolves at the mercy of extreme anti-wolf state politicians, putting the recovery of wolves everywhere at grave risk.

We cannot let that happen.

I know that you and I both share the dream of wolf recovery, that’s why I’m turning to you.

Any donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doing twice as much for wolves.

I donated.

I hope you do too!



 wyoming wolf

We can’t let that happen.

With your help, we’re launching an Emergency Protection Fund for Wolves. Will you be among the first supporters?

To get the fund off to the strongest possible start, generous donors have agreed to match your gift, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $150,000.

Your support will help give us the extra resources we need to protect wolves where and when they need it most.

Our legal team is already gearing up for a monumental legal battle to uphold the law and restore federal ESA protection to wolves;

We’re stepping up our presence in battleground states like Idaho, where extreme anti-wolf politicians have caused the deaths of more than 1,400 wolves since 2009 and made a mockery of wolf conservation;

We’re going to states like California and Oregon, where there’s plenty of suitable wolf habitat, and where pro-wolf voices ring loud and clear;

And we are tirelessly organizing – in neighborhoods, online, and through the media – to make it clear to our elected officials that most Americans want wolves in their world.

Please be among the first to donate generously to our Emergency Protection Fund for Wolves. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $150,000 until 11:59pm EST on November 21st.

I want to be clear on one thing: Whatever happens in the coming days, this fight is far from over.

Thanks to you, in 1967, Defenders of Wildlife was the first organization to propose reintroducing wolves. In 1995, we were there when a new generation of wolves first set foot in Yellowstone National Park and the central Idaho wilderness. Every day since, we have fought in court, in Congress, and in statehouses across the country to make sure wolves get a fighting chance to survive.

With people like you at my side, I remain steadfastly optimistic.

Please help us today.

For the wolves,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife


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England: Wheel Watching.



indoor dog

Felix kittens











Serbia: 22/11/14 – Little Tok is Seriously Ill.

Serbian  Flag

tok sunday




Little Tok is seriously ill.

She had been badly injured before she even arrived at the shelter, one of her eyes had leaked out and a part of her lip is missing. But now her abdomen is swollen, filling with fluid and the vet suspects she has FIP. :( A few days ago she had a high fever and has been receiving powerful drugs since, so right now her body temperature is normal, but she’s refusing to eat and seems to be giving up already.

We all know there is no known cure or effective treatment for FIP at this time, unfortunately, but there’s also no definitive diagnostic test to confirm it’s actually FIP we’re dealing with. Knowing that Tok’s brother Tik was born with a deformed leg which had to be amputated, the vet has come to the conclusion there was something horribly wrong with the entire litter from the very beginning.

Anyway, while there is life there is hope and even if this little sweetie is not much of a fighter, we’ll fight our hardest for her and do whatever it takes to save her if possible.

Please consider donating towards Tok’s vet care! Our vet bills are mounting but this precious little girl needs all the help she can get!

This tiny angel needs a miracle!

To help Felix with any support, please visit the web site and the blog at:





Serbia: 20/11/14 – Latest News And Photos From Shelter ‘Felix’.

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Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Taking everything into account, we came up with the brilliant idea to put up transparent window blinds (instead of those useless tarps we had) to protect the sheltered area beneath the roof eaves and also the newly made corridor below from the icy northerly winds so characteristic for Vojvodina – all the while nonchalantly ignoring the fact we have no money to turn our irrefutably good plans into reality.

The necessary materials have been purchased on debt and the work is more than half done already; once it’s finished, hopefully less fuel will be needed to keep the kitties’ rooms properly heated. Even if it doesn’t happen, all of the cats are obviously enjoying their new sheltered spaces and most of them are not just watchers, but they’re active participants and helpers while the work is still ongoing.

Read more on my blog:

 felix 20 Nov

The kittens which all recently arrived after having spent the first part of the lives living on a building site in Belgrade are all now safe and content at Felix shelter -  here are a few pictures of them.

felix kitties 20 Nov

felix kitties 20 Nov 2

felix kitties 20 Nov 3

Felix kittens

To help Felix with any support, please visit the web site and the blog at:



Thank You ! 



Australia: Shellharbour City Council – Keep Your Rodeo Out Of Town – This IS NOT Entertainment !





To :

Shellharbour City Council
) 4221 6111

Event organiser: Allan Cody

Quote: “The immorality of rodeos extends to the arrogance of the riders and their attitude to the animals, and to the way the audience is demeaned by watching such a tawdry spectacle.”

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I object to the rodeo being held in Shellharbour.
I am concerned about your involvement Changing community values regarding animal welfare.

Rodeos are an outdated and cruel ‘sport’ where animals including bulls and horses are provoked with spurs, electric prods and flank straps to display ‘wild’ behaviour!
There is a 1 in 4 chance that an animal will be seriously injured (including broken bones) and a 1 in 10 chance that there will be a fatality.

They are banned in the ACT, Britain and in parts of Europe and United States.
It is no longer acceptable to subject animals to considerable fear and stress in a rodeo environment for the purpose of ‘entertainment’

I respectfully urge you to end this rodeo.








Ireland: Fraudster shipped diseased cattle to Morocco.



SAV Comment

Criminals given police protection !!

Hunters have exported animals from the English port of Ramsgate for the last couple of years on the ‘Joline’ which is operated by Dutch exporter / haulier Mr. Onderwater.

ALL photographs are by V. Cameron and were taken at Ramsgate harbour, Kent, England.

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Newspaper article link:

Fraudster shipped diseased cattle to Morocco

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

By Liam Heylin

Greed was behind a fraud by one of Ireland’s biggest cattle exporters which saw diseased cattle delivered to Morocco.

Paperwork indicating that the animals were healthy had caused potential reputational damage to the industry, a sentencing judge said yesterday.

Judge David Riordan warned he would impose a four-year jail sentence on David Hunter, aged 61, of Castlekeun, Mallow, Co Cork if a €50,000 fine was not paid by December 1, 2015, and a further €50,000 by December 1, 2016.

The judge said the potential reputational damage to the industry was “very serious”.

Defence barrister Donal O’Sullivan said he did not know if Hunter would be able to pay the fines which could put him out of business.

A co-accused Joan Stafford, aged 47, of 18 Nano Nagle Place, Killavullen, Co Cork, worked for 20 years for the Hunter family and it was claimed she was “brow-beaten” into taking part.

She was given a two-and-a-half-year suspended sentence and a 240-hour community service order on two charges.

Sgt Shane Davern said the Moroccan authorities discovered diseased animals exported by Hunter that had been certified as healthy according to the documentation in August 2011.

The sergeant said Hunter did co-operate with the subsequent investigation but he said there had been a dogged investigation by Department of Agriculture veterinary inspector Mary Cullinane.

The sergeant said that when Ireland’s total live exports stood at 400,000 cattle per year, Hunter was exporting 10% of that amount — 40,000 animals.

Sgt Davern said after 15 years without an Irish live cattle export to Morocco, serious efforts had been made by officers of the Departments of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs to establish the market.

The Moroccan authorities were particularly concerned about keeping out two bovine diseases, namely IBR and BVD.

A total of 120 cattle were exported to Morocco on June 30, 2011, by Hunter. Twelve of them tested positive in Morocco and had to be slaughtered.

Judge Riordan noted: “Mr Hunter, with the assistance of Ms Stafford to a greater or lesser degree, sought to circumvent the conditions attached to the importation of live cattle to the Moroccan market.

“In doing so they created a situation with the Moroccan authorities.

“It is hugely regrettable that after the efforts made by the Irish authorities to open up this market, that the likes of Mr Hunter would put those markets in jeopardy. They do create a difficulty and affect the national economy.

“These are crimes motivated primarily by greed. I see these offences as coming within the higher end of the scale in terms of deception.

“An aggravating factor is putting in jeopardy the live export market.

“Certification must have an integrity. The use of certificates in the manner described completely unwinds the system. It is hoped the Department of Agriculture has tightened up since 2011.”

Sgt Davern said there were three kinds of fraud involved:

Switching blood tests for healthy animals with those which had diseases;

Presenting documentation to give the impression some diseased animals were being kept out;

Changing a computerised form changing the word “positive” to “negative” in respect of animals for export.

The sergeant said that the system had depended on an element of trust.

Randall Hall BL said Ms Stafford lived in a council house and did not profit from what was done. He said she had felt brow-beaten into doing what she did.

But Sgt Davern said that she had a hands-on involvement and played a very important part in the process.

Both accused pleaded guilty at Cork Circuit Criminal Court to various charges.

Hunter admitted presenting cattle for export with false declarations on April 7 and June 30, 2011.

Ms Stafford pleaded guilty to a charge in 2011 in which nine animal tag numbers on a list were falsified to show they corresponded to disease free animals, and furthermore, on June 30, 2011, she used a list containing three altered cattle tag numbers.

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Oliver Bear – News From ‘Animals Asia’. Farewell Brave Oliver.

oliver AA

Farewell brave Oliver bear  

Dear Mark,

It’s the news we’ve all been dreading – Oliver, our beautiful broken bear has died.

This much-loved and inspirational bear, who survived 30 years in a bile cage before his dramatic rescue, has died at our Chengdu rescue centre.

After four and a half blissfully happy years with us, Oliver had reached the end of the road, his condition deteriorating over the past few days. On Wednesday, our vets made the decision to euthanise him – and offer him a peaceful, respectful end.

Oliver died surrounded by those who loved him dearly – and with the sweet taste of strawberry sauce in his mouth.

This brave bear’s incredible will to survive and the joy he showed in the simplest of pleasures inspired so many to join our campaign. I know how much Oliver meant to you too, so we’ve put together a special tribute page in his memory. Click on his image to view.

Bear hugs,
Jill Robinson MBE Dr med vet hc
Founder and CEO

Animal welfare charity Animals Asia has announced it will mark November 12 each year as Oliver’s Day – following the death of inspirational brown bear Oliver.

Oliver captured the hearts of people around the world having endured 30 years on Chinese bear bile farms. He was kept in a tiny cage and subject to daily bile extractions for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

When rescued by Animals Asia in 2010, Oliver’s life was saved by roadside surgery to remove his gall bladder. Vets were shocked to find a metal coil embedded deep inside the brown bear’s organ.

Following news of his death, Animals Asia has been inundated with messages of condolence with supporters, volunteers and staff past and present sharing their Oliver memories and what he meant to them.  Many came to the movement for the first time having heard his story.


SAV Comment

RIP Oliver – now free from the bile industry and the suffering you endured through it at the hands of the human species for 30 years.  Finally freed to spend over four years with other humans at AA who cared so much about you and your welfare.

Loved in the end !

Close down everything to do with the bile industry – free all the bears !

Check out the brilliant work of AA at:

UK –


Australia –

China –

Vietnam –

Germany –

Italy –

Hong Kong – EN –





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