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Serbian Dogs are now SAVED – Negotin

The dogs held for the last 3 days plus without food or water at Negotin pound have now all been saved and are currently travelling to the No Kill shelter run by campaigners. 
Thanks to everyone who, e mailed, phoned, texted, and did whatever. – it has been a stressful weekend but the result has been what we were all hoping for; the dogs are all saved.
The photos shows the dogs at the city pound awaiting their original fate at the weekend; hungry, thirsty and exposed to extreme night time temperatures.
PS – This is another small victory, but many animals are being killed in serbia daily by the authorities. 

Paper for Neil Parish

Information provided by “Serbian Animals Voice” to the European Union / EU Parliament Eurogroup for Animals / all-party Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, about the current situation in the Republic of Serbia regarding stray dogs and cats can be viewed using the following link.

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A new law regarding ‘animal welfare’ is being presented to the Serbian parliament in the next few weeks. The Serbian Government is claiming that the new (proposed) legislation will be excellent because, animals (ie street strays) which have been rounded up by the Serbian authorities will be kept in pounds for 30 days before they are destroyed. They declare this is much better than many EU nations, who kill animals after 7-15 days. This is the ‘sweetner’ being used to push through the new legislation – ie. Serbia is better than much of Europe because it keeps animals alive for longer. The proposed legislation, which will be Article 73., states that after 30 days, stray dogs and cats can be euthanased if nobody adopts them. What this legislation will do is, stray animals the entire length of Serbia who have been rounded up will be killed after maximum 30 days in the local pound, and if they have not been adopted, of which there is a very slim chance. From data I have been provided with from inside Serbia, this could mean a potential 1,000 stray dogs and cats being destroyed. There are big concerns amongst Serbian welfare campaigners that animals captured could be destroyed within only a few days, and the necessary paperwork adopted to show animals have reached the end of their 30 day period. Instead of a time period of 30 days being defined as the maximum for keeping animals within the pound before commencing their destruction, we require that instead of this legislation defines that there is NO MAXIMUM period of time defined by law, and that whit the help and assistance of animal welfare organisations, animals can be kept within the pounds indefinitely,until the necessary sterilisation, vaccination, mark and fitting of ident tags to the animal(s) is undertaken.Then, and only then, can the animal(s) be released back onto the street – as a temporary solution ,if necessary and IF no other alternative such as adoption, can be achieved . Some Serbian welfare organisations, including EPAR, have written to the Serbian Veterinary Department many times in opposition to this newly proposed legislation. ORCA, Belgrade’s animal welfare organisation, has been one of the co-authors of this legislation. The approval of ritual slaughtering will also be approved if this legislation is sanctioned. ( Article 26., 43., 45. ).

 We require : every ritual slaughtering of animals to be banned – because that is the case of the extreme cruelty, and because no God asked for animals to be sacrificed..

Article 47. – write about permit of unnecessary experiments on Vertebrata .

We demand : EXPERIMENTS on Vertebrata to be banned, because their results are not significatnt for humans. We demand: HUNTING to be banned , as very cruel activity whitch no sports-man can call a sport..

Current Serbian national legislation already exists for the protection of stray and street animals. Unfortunately, implementation is being routinely ignored by authorities and politicians right across Serbia. Serbian National Legislation for animals includes: – from 1st January 2006, the Criminal Code of Serbia. Article 269, Paragraph 1: anyone who is cruel to, inflicts violence or kills an animal as defined by this law, must be punished by up to a 6 month prison sentence; Paragraph 2: if suffering or death is carried out on more than one animal, the person who inflicted this suffering can be sentenced with up to 3 years imprisonment. any person who is cruel, violent or inflicts death on any animal making up the ‘special protection’ group of animals (as for example, the wolf or the brown bear) can again be sentenced to up to 3 years imprisonment. In addition to Article 269, Article 46 of the Serbian Veterinary Law declares: that animals have a right to life. There is no law declaring euthanasia has to be undertaken as a means of stray / street animal control. each local community in Serbia has an obligation to provide care for abandoned dogs and cats each community has an obligation to finance stray animal care, including the building of shelters each community has an obligation to finance sterilisation, medical care and food for the (stray) animals volunteer prizes can be given as an alternative for payment to people who volunteer and are directly involved with jobs that include the care and protection of abandoned / stray dogs and cats. Since CURRENT Serbian Veterinary law does not allow the killing of stray animals, money which is currently being used by authorities for illegal animal killings in the communities should actually be re-directed into providing care for those same animals. This is exactly what Article 46 of the Serbian Veterinary Law declares. The real answer to the massive street animal population in Serbia is for all authorities to adopt a sterilisation programme. Some sterilisation is being done in certain regions but nowhere near enough. Even animals which have been sterilised and are then returned to the street with idents on them to show this, are still being rounded up again by the Shinters (round up / kill teams), put back into the compounds and eventually killed ! This newly proposed legislation will basically give carte blanche to the authorities to do exactly what they want to with animals lives. The 30 day retention period will not be adhered to and many animals will be killed or sold on to the labs before this. Serbia simply sees this new legislation as a way of ridding the streets of stray animals under alleged ‘vary good, better than the EU’ wording. IT IS NOT, but simply a Passport to the Serbian Government to kill, kill,kill. Once this legislation has possibly been approved, Serbia will then press on for Accession (membership) of the European Union. At a meeting with campaigners this very week,mrs Sanja Celebicanin-Chief of Veterinary Inspections of Serbia , declared that e mail correspondence is NOT counted as useful by the Serbian authorities/Government; only hard (written) mail.. Her address is: Sanja Celebicanin, Nacelnik Veterinarske Inspekcije, Uprava za veterinu Omladinskih brigada 1, 11070 Beograd, Serbia She asked that people do not to write her as much as they have done because she was very busy, clearing the way for street animals to go to the labs no doubt ! Following are : the Important contact addresses of persons within the Serbian Government / Authorities who can be contacted regarding the above issues are:  


please send Your letter by e-mail

1. President of the Republic of Serbia – Mr. Boris Tadic

Andricev venac 1, 11000 Beograd

Srbija kontakt@predsednik.yu

2. Prime Minister of the Serbian Government 

Mr.Vojislav Kostunica

Nemanjina 11, 11000 Beograd Srbija

E-Mail: lgvozden@sr.gov.yu mmarkovic@sr.gov.yu

3. Deputy Public Attorney General of the Republic of Serbia:

– Mrs.Gordana Stojanovic Milosevic


4. Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia:

– Mr.Slobodan Milosavljevic (a member of the Democracy Party of Mr. Boris Tadic) Nemanjina 22-26, 11000 Beograd,

Srbija E-Mail: kabinet@minpolj.sr.gov.yu  slobodan.milosavljevic@sr.gov.yu , slobodanmilosavljevic@sr.gov.yu

6. Minister of Justice of the Republic of Serbia

 Mr.Dusan Petrovic kabinet@mpravde.sr.gov.yu  (also a member of the Democracy Party of Mr. Boris Tadic)

7. Democracy Party -Mr.Dragin – Telephone ++381 11 344 3003 and e-mail address press@ds.org.yu  

Thank You!!

more info on Serbian situation:

www.C4SAIN.bravehost.com , www.epar.org.yu