Serbia: ‘Tularemia’ Disease Outbreaks in Southern Serbia – Possible Cause – Too Many Rats Feeding Off Dead (Shinter Killed) Strays Left on City Dumps ?

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Serbia – news has arrived which says that Southern Serbia has outbreaks / epidemic of ‘Tularemia’, which is a disease transmitted mainly by animals such as rodents.

Link to further information on ‘Tularemia’ –

We have been informed that this outbreak could be associated with:

  • Many of the dead bodies of dogs and cats killed by Shinters are thrown and left on city garbage dumps
  • This has created a situation where there are massive amounts of rats in these locations – these bodies being a substantial food source for the rats
  • Hunters in the regions have killed many of the foxes and wolves for their ‘sport’
  • Foxes and wolves are the main predators of the rats, and keep population levels lower
  • The natural chain of predation and food by animals such as foxes and wolves has been ruined (again) by man

The result ? – outbreaks / epidemic of ‘Tularemia’ disease, which can affect humans.

We envisage that once again it will be other animals who will now suffer.  Animals which may be rounded up and killed off – another ‘good’ excuse for the government and authorities to undertake mass animal kills; mammals and birds may also suffer as a result of pesticides now being deployed onto the ground.

Good ol’ man, you can always rely on him to intervene and destroy the natural process of animals in the process.



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