Serbia: PART 2 – Subotica City ‘Public Competition To Control Stray Animals’ Update – Corrupt and Authority Organised As Always – So Whats New ?

Following on from part 1 of this issue which was in a recent post;

The Constitutional Court of Serbia decided that the killings of once a week back in Subotica in 2003 were unlawful.  The Subotica authorities decided in 2008 that they could  still kill animals more than once a month.  Again the Constitutional Court of Serbia decided that these killings were unlawful.

Now, in a futile attempt to continue with their animal killings, the Subotica authorities have established this un-elected, un-democratic and very un-professional ‘Commission’ of four people who will decide the fate of animals (strays) in the city.

We argue that despite what the city Commission says, the activities and decisions which they are undertaking are illegal and unlawful under Serbian legislation.

If an animal has to be euthanised, then this decision should be taken by a vet, and in the welfare of the animal, it should be done as soon as possible; not within the next month as is the arrangement by this commission.  There are very many concerns that healthy animals will be euthanised by this fake, un-elected commission simply because one vet is involved and probably making lots of money from the process, and no doubt still is; simply because he is a vet, then his word is gospel; when in fact it means nothing.  He is just a cover for the authorities to continue killing stray animals because he, as a vet, says that they should be euthanised.  This approach will be supported by the other members of the ‘commission’; none of whom are either veterinarians or elected by the people.  This approach will ensure one thing only, that all decisions will be documented as ‘collective’ and that the responsibility of decision making will not be given to just one person.  A united ‘kill the animals’ collaboration for which nobody in the consortium can individually be held responsible.

At this present time, the Subotica authorities appear to have have the situation completely stitched up, with everything looking very ‘formal’ with regard stray animal control, when in fact the whole system is organised and run by an un-elected commission consisting of four people who simply wish to continue killing as many animals as they can, whilst making it look correct and proper to the Subotica public as the decisions have been made by a ‘commission’.

As far as we are concerned this is fraud aimed at the citizens of Subotica city.  We hope that we can make necessary changes to this system.

We understand that the vet who is part of this corrupt commission, one Grgo Tikvicki, has a wife who is a lawyer.  Everything seems to have been very well arranged to deceive the Subotica public as we say.  Tikvicki and his lawyer wife have made a very good job in the past in relation to getting animal killings to happen.  They wish to be protected from Serbian legislation, and so now they have established this un-elected, un-democratic commission of four people which is very closely associated with the chiefs of the Communal Department of Subotica city, which includes Matilda Seker and Suzana Dulic.

Everyone in the commission and the Subotica Communal Department appear to have very close ties and are all working together to undertake the continued killing of strays which goes against Serbian legislation.

We consider that Tikvicki will always be able to hide his unlawful killings under the blanket of a decision by the four members of the un-elected commission.

Animal welfare campaigners have made representations and charges on 12/07/10 to the Special Attorney Against Organised Crime who is located in Belgrade. 

Regarding Subotica, Slavica has also now requested financial support for the 1,000 dogs which she cares for at EPAR shelter.  This is because Slavica has always had to fund the care of the animals out of her own pocket, despite legislation which declares that strays care is to be financed from the city budget – an obligation of the city budget.

The Subotica city authorities are attempting to say that despite having around 1,000 dogs at EPAR shelter, which she has taken in from the streets and is providing care for out of her own money, which has included having the dogs microchipped; EPAR shelter is NOT relevant to the community legislation relating to stray animal care, and so the city should not finance the dogs care from the city budget !

Slavica from EPAR shelter has provided the authorities with all the answers to all the questions they have asked in their attempts to get out of financing the care for any of the 1,000 ex stray dogs which now live at EPAR shelter.  The Subotica city community budget cannot work its way out of paying towards the care of strays now living at EPAR shelter; be they dogs which are 3, 5, 7 years old, male or female, or microchipped when they arrived or not. 

It currently appears that Subotica city has established this un-elected, tight knit commission of four people; all who have self interests in continuing with the city policy as it always has been of killing as many strays animals from the city streets as they possibly can.

The illegal Commission killings currently go on, but we now have to wait for the review and decision of the charges and appeal made on 12/07/10 to the Special Attorney Against Organised Crime, located in Belgrade. 

Despite the commission vet being married to a lawyer, it would appear that the commission is not up to date with existing Serbian legislation relating to the care and protection of stray animals.  The commission has been established to decide simply which strays will be killed and which will be saved from death. No doubt the Subotica public will be bribed into thinking that some of the ‘spared’ strays kept alive will be cared for at this so called shelter which is run by the Commission ‘animal welfare representative’ (see Part 1), who has this small shelter of 70 to 100 animals and who always appears to have collaborated with the city authorities; by whom they have always been funded.

Meanwhile, the EPAR shelter is provided with no funding from the city authorities for the 1,000 dogs in its care – around ten times (x10) the animals at the ‘shelter’ which is run by a member of the close knit city commission.

All that can be done now is to wait for information and news from the Special Attorney Against Organised Crime which is located in Belgrade.

After all, we would consider that this un-elected commission made up of four people with a self interest in continuing to undertake the cities wishes of killing as many strays as possible is an ‘Organised Crime’.

Based on the information, what do you think ? – we would love to hear your opinions.

Please leave comments through the normal system on the site thank you.

We are certain that the Serbian government and authorities do visit this SAV site regularly – maybe it is their only way of getting to know Serbian legislation.

If the happenings in Subotica city are anything to go by, they certainly don’t know about existing legislation for stray animals !

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