EU: Update List on MEPs who Have / Have Not Given Their Support To Written Declaration N° 26/2011 on Dog Population Management in the European Union.



All we ask is a signature to support our work and then move forward and try to take action to stop this for the future. 

For some MEP’s, it is still too much to ask !


Written declaration N° 26/2011 on dog population management in the European Union

Thanks to Paola, we now have a recent listing of MEP’s who have / have not supported this Written Declaration.

Access the MEP listing via the following link:


Under the column ‘Status’, you will see and entry of either ‘1’ or ‘0’.

A ‘1’ entry means that this WD HAS been signed and supported by the MEP detailed.

A ‘0’ means that the WD HAS NOT been supported by the MEP detailed.

Despite their personal views on their political positions, MEPs work for you – they are servants of the people – and you are the people.

We have attempted to get all MEP’s in our own area of SE England to sign up to this WD; and unfortunately, there has been little in the way of a positive response.  We have had some support, which we very much appreciate, but this lack of interest by others is a reflection that many MEP’sd do not work for you, they simply do what they want.  Some of the reasons (excuses) why the WD on dog population management in the EU cannot be supported have been astounding !

Please use the list link provided below to ascertain if your MEP’s have or have not supported this WD.  Please take action to ask them to support it if necessary.

A full list of non supportive MEP’s will be issued nearer the closing time of this WD.

Then you can reflect on the situation and use it to review your voting policy at the next Euro Elections.

Thanks – SAV.

The following below is a response to SAV from the office of Nigel Farage, MEP for South Eastern England; someone happy to take a salary from the Euro parliament and yet someone who is so opposed to its existence !
This is what UKIP is about – not representing EU citizens through their MEPs – but MEPs who at the same time take a salary from the EU.  We suggest that if UKIP wants Uk independence, then all its MEPs pack up working in Europe; give up their MEP salaries and return to work within the Uk.  SAV can operate from within the Uk covering global animal welfare issues; including lots from within the EU.  So why not UKIP MEPs pack it up we ask ? – maybe like so many things nowdays; they want the titles and the salary from the institution which they state they hate so very much.  Odd that !
We say – as for UKIP MEP’s, they are of no significance whatsoever.  Give us MEPs who represent the people; not live in some self opinionated dream world thinking they are lord god almighty.


Mr Farage, and 12 other UKIP-representatives, sit in the EU’s consultative assembly in order to keep watch, and report, on the acrivities of the EU’s institutions and to vote against all the EU’s so-called legislation.  They are electorally mandated to do this.

They have no mandate for recognising the legitimacy of the EU or for calling upon it to do anything other than to dissolve itself.

Some “legislation” appears to contain worthwhile elements, but whether it does or not, it all contributes to increasing the EU’s power, and its erosion of democracy. As for written-declarations, they are of no significance whatever, except as opportunites for EU-propaganda and for the self-aggrandisement of those who propose them.

Even if all the MEPs vote for this (unbinding) written declaration, all the legislative power is in the hands of the Commission who can simply ignore the request.  These Commissioners are not elected by anyone or accountable by the ballot box, but yet create 75% of laws in the UK – We do not recoginse this foreign government or support such a legislative process that is not accountable to the people of Britain.

Yours sincerely

Andrew S. Reed

Office of Nigel Farage






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