Serbia: Depraved, Moronic Kid Cuts Off Dogs Head.

Can it get any worse you ask yourself ?

After witnessing dogs in the past having their legs hacked off by depraved morons, we now have this; a dog beheaded by another moron who wants to boast how fantastic he is on Facebook.

What will the Serbian authorities do about it ? – their usual – very probably, absolutely nothing.


Story below – translated by Google translate.  Correct translation to be provided in the near future when our translator returns from holiday.


BELGRADE – Today, the dog, tomorrow …?

Na svoj Fejsbuk profil D.

On her Facebook profile D. Ž. Ž. (15) iz Zaječara postavio je juče svežu morbidnu fotografiju na kojoj se nalazi odsečena glava belog psa na panju, au pozadini krvav džak iz kojeg viri telo ubijene životinje. (15) from Zajecar set yesterday fresh morbid picture of a white dog’s severed head on a stump in the background of a bloody sack of flesh protruding from where the animals were killed.

Zaprepašćeni, zgroženi i šokirani ljudi koji su ovu fotografiju videli na Fejsu odmah su reagovali i obavestili našu redakciju.Shocked, appalled and shocked people who have seen this photo on Facebook immediately reacted and told our editorial board. Neki su ulazili u raspravu sa ovim „monstrumom“ i pitali se zašto je i kako mogao da uradi tako nešto. Some have entered the debate with this “monster” and wondered why and how could you do such a thing.

Dečko koji je završio osmi razred osnovne škole uz „smešak“ je objasnio da je ovog američkog staforda prvo samo bacio u reku Timok, a pošto je isplivao i hteo da ga ugrize, morao je da mu odseče glavu?!The kid who graduated from eighth grade with a “smile” explained that this was the first American staforda just thrown into the river Timok, and since he wanted to swim out and bites him, he had to cut off his head!

Njegovi roditelji, i sami šokirani, tvrde da ne znaju ništa o tome, a majka nam je čak rekla da su to tinejdžerska posla.His parents, shocked and alone, claim to know nothing about it, and my mother even told us that teenage work.

– Znate kakvi su u tim godinama i da ih ne možete baš uvek kontrolisati – rekla je dečakova majka u razgovoru za Kurir.Do you know what are in these years and you can not always control exactly – the boy’s mother said in an interview for Blic.
Otac je izjavio da je njegovog sina 2009.

The father said his son was the 2009th godine napao pas i da od tada verovatno ima traume. The dog attacked and since then has probably trauma.

– I called it because it is the birthday of another, and he claims to have a picture taken from the Internet because he wanted it to become important in society – said at the end of the boy’s father.

– Zvao sam ga jer je na rođendanu kod druga, i on tvrdi da je sliku preuzeo sa interneta jer je hteo da ispadne važan u društvu – rekao nam je na kraju dečakov otac.

14 Responses

  1. Ah non ! Ce n’est plus possible ! Les mots ne me viennent même plus tant, je reste anéantie devant tant de cruauté. Mais ils sont complètement dingues dans ce pays. Je ne veux pas de ce pays dans l’Union Européenne. Sachant que les autorités ne font rien pour que cette barbarie qui n’a plus de nom.

  2. Put that boy in a Mental hospital before it’s to late!!! He is sick and will
    do awful things again. How can he do this to an innocent dog?!
    I don’t believe a bit of what they are saying…that the dog bit him!?

    Awful people :-((

    If I could do the same with this boy? Yes!

    • Evil sick COWARD…………..can read you like an open book. You our not developed in your mind or soul. You probably have sexual problems , i stand corrected. YOU DO HAVE SEXUAL PROBLEMS, YOU ARE ABNORMAL INSIDE AND OUT.. This is not an excuse at what you do for kicks. It is merely my understanding that you act this way towards animals because you are scared that they have a much higher intelligence that you could only hope for. I PRAY NOW THAT YOU WILL END UP IN AN INSTITUTION.

  3. This person is seriously sick in the head and mentally disturbed. Next time it won’t be a dog, it will be a person. This needs to be stopped ASAP!

  4. hey kappen nu he vuile dieren beul zal ik bij jou doen ook eerst benen afhakken en lijden daarna nek afhakken moet nou keer ophouden hey regering pak nu hard aan die vuile dierenbeulen moet nou ophouden ik word misselijk van jullie

  5. Kill that kind off people before its to late.

  6. There is no hope for that twisted boy. At 15 he knows right from wrong, he will now develop into what I wonder? I don’t want to be the one to say I told you so when they are looking for a serial killer in 15 years. The family must have some deep rooted problems too! all sick sick sick!

  7. Poor beautiful dog ,it would be very frightening to know your child was responsible for this poor dogs hidious death,for a human to do this is so hard to contemplate ,what has happened to this boy that he wanted to kill and kill in such a monsterous way,I feel sorry for him ,as he will never know the love and devotion we ,who love and care for animals do,he has lost his soul.

    • Your best bet if you are wanting to keep this dog is to work one on one with a behoiarval trainer.They can come into your home and first hand see the situation and make tweeks and corrections that being so close to the problem you may not be seeing.If you have tired medications and those sre not working this may be a dog that is truely miserable. It may be in his best interest to put him down. Please do not place him is rescue or at a no kill shlter with out telling them the whole and plain truth about why you are placing the dog.I work with a rescue and it is heartbreaking to get a dog in that we have been told all sorts of lies about and then find out that the dogs has huge problems and has had and that it could be a danger to someone. We hate to have to make those decisions. It happens rarely but it does happen.If you can find someone who is willing to take him on knwing the problems he has you could try placing him and see if it works out.Good luck with your decision.I am a dog trainer

    • Yeah that could have been a child’s pet or a service animal for a veteran

  8. Totally sick, I wish that idiotic fucker will be beheaded just like the dog when he’s older. I wish he will die soon with his head beheaded and receive the same thing like the poor dog did in his next life. He don’t deserve to live but deserve to die.

  9. Aw, this was aan exceptionalkly good post. Taking tthe time and
    actual eeffort to generate a very good article… bbut what can I say… I hesitate a whole llot and never manage to get nearly anything

  10. What the fucking hell ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have people lost their fucking minds!!!!!!!!? First of all if a fucking dog has attacked you how the fuck do you get it to be still long enough to fucking decapitate it that’s what YOU CANT!!! That boy is just a fucking asshole you don’t go decapitating dogs to prove that your fantastic on Dumass Facebook you know if dogs were like people they would start killing humans over this. If a dog attacks you you don’t decapitate it you fucking shoot it so that it dies quickly decapitating can be sometimes very slow and painful. If I could I would shoot this dude in the ass and cut off one of his hands and feet for commuting such a crime that dog could have been a kids pet or a service dog for a veteran. This entire world has become bullshit

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