Peru: Petition – Dog and Bull to Be Tied Together and Killed in Horrific Annual Tradition!


dog and bull

Photo – Peta.

Dog and Bull to Be Tied Together and Killed in Horrific Annual Tradition!

Video link (Graphic) –

According to news sources, every August during la Fiesta de la Virgen de la Asunción in the village of Chalhuani, which is located in the Apurímac region of central Peru, villagers strap a local dog who they believe has “misbehaved” to the back of a bull.

The bull is then released into a bullfighting ring, where both animals are killed in a bullfight.

Not only would such a sadistic “tradition” arguably violate Peru’s animal welfare laws, it also is a stain on the country’s beauty and international reputation.

Please urge Peruvian officials to intervene, then forward this alert far and wide!

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Petition 2

Sign the petition at –



6 Responses

  1. This Peru tradition makes me sick. How can they do such a thing to these animals. It needs to be stopped. I know Peta will do their best. I have been extremely upset for days after watching the video

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  3. Plse plse stop them. How can a dog misbehave too such an extent that it needs to be tied to a bull’s back and speered to death?? This is a very sick event. Imagine that poor dog – must have been out of it’s mind so scared! Animals are not ours to use and abuse ……

  4. This is horrible how can these people be so cruel..this is not a tribute to the Virgin Mary it is animal cruelty at its worst .please stop this

  5. I pray civilized, decent people, spread this across the globe, and it impacts the tourism to Peru severely! Then maybe they will get what suffering is!

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