England: Very Recent Video Footage of Live Animal Export Protests – Ramsgate, Kent, England UK.


Recent scenes of Live animal export protests at Ramsgate, Kent, England.

A Dutch livestock exporter / criminal (Onderwater) protected by the Kent police and paid for (with deep regrets – but they cannot stop it) by the Kent taxpayer who cannot get a copper when they need one – wonder why !!

Note all the transporters are Dutch (Name and plates), which contribute nothing to the UK economy; they just suck the Kent taxpayer dry with policing costs.  But the demonstrations will NEVER stop.

The Dutch trucks fuel up in Europe before they get to the UK; they go directly to pick up the sheep and then return to the port, where they are given full protection by Kent police; funded by Kent taxpayers who do not want to see the trade in their county or country.

This is what Mr Van Goethem and his EU mates are failing to take action on.  This is one of the reasons why the British voted to get out of Europe – and take back our own laws – so that we can ban the trade in the UK.

Onderwater, an Outright animal abuser; Court proven facts which Mr Van Goethem utterly ignores regarding information that is supplied to the EU as evidence showing that he is a convicted animal abuser in an English court.

See the old KAALE PR via the following link:


This PR was produced when Mark (SAV) was the EU Correspondent for KAALE; so we all know Onderwater and his tricks very well; he and they go back years!.


The facts and court case:

Onderwater Agneaux BV (Onderwaters company) pleaded guilty to no less than six
(6) offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 of causing the transport of sheep in
contravention of theWelfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006 and EU
Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 (Protection of animals during transport).


This is what the British Conservative government is allowing to happen.  The British public wait to see if Mrs. May (UK Prime Minister) now has the guts to ban the trade when she says ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

We are watching you all very closely Conservative Party.











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