USA: Wildlife Killing Contests: An update on our film project- an exposѐ.



Dear Mark,

It is my great pleasure to thank you for your generous support of our forthcoming documentary on wildlife killing contests, and to update you on the film’s status.

We are in the final stages of post-production and hope to finish the documentary by the end of the year. We will show the film in states with active campaigns that challenge the practice of wildlife killing contests.

And we’ve completed some additional hard-hitting interviews including one with Lucy McKay, a Native American from Northern California who offers compelling words about killing animals for fun and prizes. You can watch Lucy here

The film also benefits from the powerful narration of celebrated actor, poet and Project Coyote Advisory Board member, Peter Coyote. You can see Peter in this short video appeal.

We are especially grateful to the Animal Welfare Institute, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Fund for Wild Nature, and Patagonia for their strong support of this film. We expect the film will do much to help raise public awareness (and indignation) about the targeting of coyotes, bobcats, foxes, and other species in killing contests. This brutal practice is legal in every state across the U.S. except California, where, in 2014, Project Coyote and allies convinced the California Fish and Game Commission to close loopholes allowing such heinous contests

We will make the film available to every activist and wildlife advocate who wants to raise awareness of killing contests in their community and state. Ultimately, each one of us must stand up for wild predators by publicly denouncing this bloodthirsty “sport” and demanding its end. Project Coyote carries the voices of all of our supporters as we make forays into political and public arenas to do just that. If you can, please consider donating to help support Project Coyote’s campaign to bring an end to killing contests. You can do so safely and securely here.

Again, thank you so much for your support. We’ll provide further updates on the film as we finalize venues for distribution.

With gratitude, 



P.S. This issue is gaining national exposure, as demonstrated by this recent New York Times Op-Ed written by best-selling author Dan Flores, entitled “Stop Killing Coyotes.”


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