Today, May 4th, is international respect for chickens day.⁠


Chickens are the animals that are most commonly bred and killed for their meat in Germany and worldwide.

They live a short life of 42 days in slavery, they suffer from illnesses and brute force.

Every year, 48 million male chicks on their first day of life are sorted out and cruelly killed. They don’t make a profit.

All animals that are kept as pure farm animals have no value in the eyes of meat producers.

They equate these living beings with garbage.

In the so-called intensive animal husbandry, the modern meat mafia strives to produce a maximum amount of meat, milk and eggs as quickly and inexpensively as possible – and with a minimum space requirement.

Like all farm animals, chickens are kept in small cages or barren halls – extremely narrow, extremely full of ammonia and urine.

This is factory farming.

Eating these animals and their products is cooperation in an everyday crime.

We have to make the right decisions and stop eating sentient beings.


Best regards to all, Venus


2 Responses

  1. Well said. Keep up your hard and creative work. Thank you; you’re good!!! love, hugs, licks, sniffs, all

    • Thank you for your loyalty and motivation, dear Dawn Spencer

      best regards

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