Serbia: Loznica Friday 24/2 – The Current Last Rescue – LOZNICA: ENTERING THE DOORS OF HELL AGAIN.

  LOZNICA: ENTERING THE DOORS OF HELL AGAIN A DOG… A HEART BEAT AT OUR FEET The hardest and most painful thing for any rescuer is to leave a dog pound with saved dogs and look into the eyes of the ones who are left behind. They know. They know their fate. Their end is coming…  […]

Serbia: Please Take Action For The Dogs At Loznica. Graphic Photos – Sample Letter – E Mail Addresses – Please Send !

All photographs shown following are just some from the SAV / Serbian campaigner archives and show the past situation at the Loznica ‘shelter’ and the surrounding area.     Please send this appeal by separate email to the Town and the Ministry as per all the e mail addresses below: Appeal to all officials regarding […]

Serbia / Germany: A Request For Help By German Campaigners Regarding Loznica (Serbia) ‘Shelter’ Facilities And A Mayor Who Does Not Want To Talk.

  Is there any organsiation/person out there in Loznica that can help Sina Fingerhut at the shelter or with communications with the City Mayor. We knwo corruption is a problem – everwhere. But someone present in Loznica or near would be a great help, as Sina is running a large company and can only come […]

Serbia: Loznica; A Lawless City Where the Government Canot Control the Animal Mafia ? – You Decide.

Loznica is a city which is out of control – a city run by the animal mafia.  Loznica is a Serbian city which appears to be run as a lawless town, where legislation is abused, unknown and simply downright ignored. Do you remember our recent post relating to Mrs Rada Zivanovic and the excellent private […]

Serbia: Constitutional Court Accepts Charges Against ‘Self Invented’ Legislation for Animal Killings by Loznica City Authorities

Campaigners have now been informed that charges made at the Constitutional Court have now been given an official number to allow investigations of formal complaints to be undertaken. The charges are made against Loznica city authority who produced a community type document allowing themselves to undertake animal killing.  But this is unlawful under current Serbian […]

Serbia: Activists letter to Government – Loznica – Urgencija na prijavu : Loznica, dokazi porasta brutalnosti prema ljudima i zivotinjama / crimes – brutality to animals and humans , in opposite to laws and Constitution.

                  Republicko javno tuzilastvo –molimo da prosledite , forwardujete  s dokazima , Osnovnom javnom tuzilastvu u Loznici Republicka veterinarska inspekcija Loznica Uprava za veterinu- Sektor veterinarske inspekcije – molimo prosledite , forwardujete  s dokazima , podrucno nadleznoj insp u Loznici MUP RS, Beograd- molimo da prosledite  , forwardujete  s dokazima ,mesno […]

Serbia: Loznica Again – Female Dog Saved From Being Buried Alive – Proof of the Killings Done by the City Shinters – Bodies Dumped Openly on the City Dump Adjacent to the Animal Pound

New pictures in from Loznica show the brutal killing of a dog which has been done by local shinters. The pictures are from the local animal protection group – ‘Lunja’. The first photo shows a little female dog which was wrapped up in a closed sack.  Shinters told the member of ‘Lunja’ animal welfare that […]