South Korea: The Pre Election Promise That After An Election Win Became A ‘Not Interested’. Shame On President Moon.

Pre election promises that, once elected, become non reality. President Moon of South Korea was elected in 2017; one of his election promises was that he was going to tackle, and make ‘war’ with those involved in the live dog meat farming business.  We all remember him smiling while holding the little dogs – here […]

South Korea: Election On 9/5/17. Animal Welfare Supporter Mr Moon Jae In Currently Leads In Polls – Great News For Animals.

  With regard to our recent post on the South Korean election,   It appears by current polls that Mr Moon Jae In is currently the favourite for victory, with odds of a win currently showing at around 80%. This would be great news for animals, as you can see more in our post […]

South Korea: Impeachment Of Current President Brings New Hope For Mr. Moon and Animal Welfare / Dog Meat Trade.

  Click HERE to see this newsletter from our homepage.​ Korean President Park Geun-Hye Impeached!! South Korean President’s impeachment is finalized by their Constitutional Court’s decision on March 10. The Korea Herald reported that 86% of Korean public approves of Park’s impeachment and that among the presidential candidates, “The survey showed Moon to be the […]

South Korea: Dogs Left to Starve and Freeze to Death on Dog (Meat) Farms.

South Korean Meat Dogs. View the latest newsletter and actions to take via the following links.  \Please watch the video as it shows the reality of what a disgusting animal abuse situation this is. Dogs left to starve and freeze to death on dog farm in Yeoju, South Korea – Stop the Dog and Cat […]


  SIGN: PASS NEW BILL TO BAN S. KOREA’S BRUTAL DOG MEAT TRADE   Petition Link – Petition: New Bill Would Ban Slaughter and Sale of Cruel Dog Meat in South Korea ( PETITION TARGET: South Korean Ambassador Lee Soo-hyuck and South Korean President Moon Crammed into filthy metal crates and cages, more than 200 dogs cowered in […]

South Kores: Meat Trade Dogs – March News and Actions.

  Sister City Campaign – Daegu & Milwaukee Daegu became Sister city with Milwaukee on August 23, 2017. In Daegu, there are countless dog farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants where the dogs, who are tortured their entire lives, end up being slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging or beating; and then […]

South Korea – Dog Meat Trade – Lots of Very Positive News.

  South Korea – Dog Meat Trade – Lots of Very Positive News. Read on to learn more and to take actions as necessary.!____New_Call_for_Action&utm_medium=email Monumental changes are happening in Bucheon ​ to become the first “Dog Meat Free” city in South Korea ​Nami Kim and her organization shared the this story on […]