Happy Meal ? – A Report From Venus On The Dark Side Of MaccyMeat In Germany.

Dear Mark,
I recently got an undercover video from the well-known organization Soko, which do undercover investigators in Germany.
It’s about the OSI- slaughterhouse in Tauberbischofsheim that the McDonalds delivers with meat.

Especially those who still eat meat from this shop should watch the video.

But I think even of all meat eaters would turn their stomachs when they see the pictures!.
I have translated much of the documentation from German to English.

Maybe it makes sense to spread the video in the US

In the links that follows, you can see the undercover recording, as well as the interview with Friedrich Mülln, the head of the organisation, on television.

 SAV Comment – Unlike attempts in the USA, Europe does not have an ‘ag gag’ system where guys who obtain this kind of undercover footage get imprisoned rather than the animal abusers whop do the deeds in the first place !

A must see for all Happy Mc Americans






And here is the Translation

If we are already slaughtering animals for our food, then at least so that they do not suffer. Every meat eater would sign this sentence. And the laws also dictate how the animals should be treated in the slaughterhouse in order to spare them unnecessary suffering.

If cattle are hung on the hooks for insufficient numbness, this is not intended.

Also not that the animals are maltreated with electric drivers on sensitive parts of the body or exposed to special violence.

But such events have documented activists of Soko animal protection in an OSI slaughterhouse in Tauberbischofsheim.

OSI is an international meat supplier, from which McDonald’s exclusively sources the burger patties for German branches.

In order to get to the pictures, cameras were hidden and if possible Minijobber undercover in slaughterhouses introduced.

The photos of the animal rights activists show how employees of the slaughterhouse repeatedly violate the animal welfare slaughter ordinance and torture the cattle before the slaughter.

“Worse pictures can not be imagined. In my view, slaughtering should be stopped there immediately and staff should be exchanged, “states Dr. Kai Braunmiller, Chairman of the Federal Association of Meat Hygiene, Animal Welfare and Consumer Protection, the recordings.

Animal rights activist Friedrich Mülln denounces the conditions in German slaughterhouses as a whole:

“This is the fourth detection of Soko animal welfare within a year.” The conditions are catastrophic. “Slaughterhouses in Germany are a lawless area and a total failure of the entire system,” said the organisation founder from Soko Animal Protection. It is true that again and again violations of the Animal Welfare Battle Ordinance become known, most recently the animal rights activists uncovered abuses in a slaughterhouse in Düren, from which McDonald’s also took meat.

The operator of OSI, Erik Schöttl, did not want to say anything concrete about the recordings.

According to the veterinary office, the immediate closure of the abattoir Tauberbischofsheim has been ordered. Apart from animals already delivered at the slaughterhouse, no animals may be accepted and slaughtered there anymore, wrote the district office Main-Tauber-Kreis. This rule applies until the operator submits an appropriate catalog of measures and the implementation is checked by the veterinary office.

McDonald’s then announced to clarify the grievances actively and adjust the meat reference through the relevant slaughterhouse. “From our point of view, the slaughterhouse shots we have received contain serious miscarriages in the slaughterhouse, which is unacceptable to us, and we have had the meat from that slaughterhouse temporarily closed until further notice,” the company explained Company written.


To what extent this will bring about an improvement in the future, is questionable – the recordings with the serious violations of the animal welfare battle ordinance were also created under the supervision of officially appointed veterinarians. This is also shown by the pictures of the animal rights activists.

Anyway and until further notice the State Administration of Baden-Wuerttemberg and after the inspection of the Veterinary Office has closed the slaughterhouse.

The head of the organization SOKO and activist Friedrich Mülln gave an interview on February 14, on television: He said: “The McDonalds should not be really surprised!

After my many years of experience in undercover investigations in German slaughterhouses, I have to say one thing: “in Germany there is a total failure in the matter of ‘slaughterhouse’!!

Within five years, it’s the fourth scandal. No! that’s no exception, it’s the rule. If any people from Eastern Bloc are hauled here to work in the slaughterhouses and live below subsistence level, then one becomes dull from the first day. Those people are not to blame, the system and the consumers who power this system are to blame.

The tape is running, the tape never stops, you are controlled, and only counts what is cheap.

Basically, consumers make power this system to these crimes.

We can not wait for the agency or higher authorities to make any changes”, so Freidrich Mülln from Soko Organisation.


Best regards to you and all










Breaking ** – Has Dog And Cat Slaughter At The Yulin Festival Been Cancelled ? – It Currently Appears So.

Breaking 17/6/17 – Mixed messages from Yulin dog meat festival.

Read more at https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2017/06/17/china-very-mixed-massages-as-to-what-exactly-is-happening-at-yulin/


If the news is true, which we believe IS TRUE judging all the current press, then this will stop the slaughter of thousands of dogs and cats at the festival which is due to commence on 21/6/17. 

We are so pleased that at long last, China now seems to be really getting it together for the better welfare of animals.  Is this action going to lead the way for a more major ban of the dog meat trade ? – what next – we desperately hope that bear bile farming is next in line for the ban.  China – moving forward with animals – President Trump’s actions for animals ? – we say no more !






We are getting early reports in that the consumption of dog and cat meat at this years Yulin festival, which takes place around June 21st on, has been BANNED

At this moment, information is still mixed, but there is a lot of positive media and publicity which says that a ban could be in place.


What we are told – The ban has been initiated by Mr. Mo Gong Ming, Yulin’s new Party Secretary, and will come into effect on June 15, one week prior to the festival that begins on June 21.


Several animal rights activist groups are saying that vendors and restaurants have been told no dog meat will be allowed to be sold during this year’s festival nor in the days running up to it.


California-based campaign group DuoDuo said they had heard this from “several reliable sources in Yulin”, calling it “a crucial domino on the road to topple the dog meat industry”.

The Humane Society International said that “if this news is true as we hope, it is a really big nail in the coffin for a gruesome event that has come to symbolise China’s crime-fuelled dog meat trade”.

Read lots more from the BBC here –



And read a lot more from international press about the issue – there appears to be a lot of press and media now announcing that a ban is to be imposed at the festival.

Other links:

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Some of our (SAV) past links to try and get the Yulin ban:




























Georgia: Big Multi Day Animal Events Planned in August. Spread The News !


Eurasian 2

Today, 14th July 2015 we have been contacted by our animal buddies in the Caucasus ! – they have a big ‘Eurasian Animal Rights Gathering 2015’ several day event planned in Georgia 0n the 23-25 August this year.

It looks as if will be a fantastic event, and you can see all the planning and events in the following information.

In the true tradition that animal welfare campaigners have no boundaries, we want to wish our friends all the very best with their gathering in August.  As they state below:

The following text is taken completely from the description of International Animal Rights Gathering, which inspired us to make this event in the Eastern part of the continent: «We will meet for a weekend of workshops, talks, discussions, films, information stalls, entertainment and networking. The aim of the Gathering is to promote and improve co-operation and co-ordination between activists from many different countries, with the aim of building a strong coherent global movement to fight animal exploitation and spread compassion. This is particularly important bearing in mind that most animal exploitation and abuse is an international business which operates across international borders, so it’s vital that we as a movement also learn to think and work globally too».

If that is not a reason to support this event, then what is ?

Wishing them the very best for what sounds like a great meet – we hope that post event we will be able to bring you more news on it as well as showing some photographs.


Georgia information




UN Member Country

Capital City:


Main Cities:

Sukhumi, Kutaisi, Rutsavi, Batumi




70,000 km2


1 lari = 100 tetri


Georgian, Armenian, Russian


Georgian Orthodox

Check out the following for some of the recent news:



 Eurasian 2

Welcome to EARG 2015! (It’s not in USA! It’s in Caucasus!)

The Eurasian Animal Rights Gathering 2015 (taking place in Georgia on 23-25 August) is a second annual international event, which aims at bringing together activists from all over the world — particularly from Eastern Europe and Asia, because in countries of that regions AR activism is not connected well to the international network and exists more or less in an isolated form. Plus the problems that unite AR movement in Eastern Europe and Asia differ from the problems, that our comrades in Central and Western Europe and Northern America have to face, which makes the discussion and the unifying of the efforts essential for our cause.\


The following text is taken completely from the description of International Animal Rights Gathering, which inspired us to make this event in the Eastern part of the continent: «We will meet for a weekend of workshops, talks, discussions, films, information stalls, entertainment and networking. The aim of the Gathering is to promote and improve co-operation and co-ordination between activists from many different countries, with the aim of building a strong coherent global movement to fight animal exploitation and spread compassion. This is particularly important bearing in mind that most animal exploitation and abuse is an international business which operates across international borders, so it’s vital that we as a movement also learn to think and work globally too».

There will be also an action (http://www.end-of-speciesism.org) in Tbilisi centre before EARG, so we will be happy if you come beforehand and take part in it as well. And after the gathering everyone who want can go with us to Georgian sea coast to volunteer in animal shelter for about a week. So the schedule of events is:
• 22 August — Action in Tbilisi (Antispeciesist Day)
• 23 August — Going to EARG campsite and arriving there
• 24-25 August — EARG events
• 26 August — everyone who wants go to Batumi to volunteer in animal shelter; others go back to Tbilisi or any other place smile emoticon

EARG will locate in countryside, in the bosom of fabulous nature of Georgia. The events of the gathering will be held in the open air. Participants of the gathering are to stay in the tent camp; there will be also sleeping accommodations in a building (if by some reason the campsite doesn’t suite you, please inform organizers about that in advance, because the quantity of sleeping accommodations is limited). ATTENTION: participants take tents, sleeping bags and all other stuff for staying in tent camp with themselves!

On security grounds for the participation in the gathering one needs to obtain the personal invitation of the organizers OR any invited participant of the gathering. If you want to take part in the gathering but you do not know any participant, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the organizers: earg@riseup.net

We make the costs (for catering) of participants minimal. The costs for all three days for each participant are 20 lari (8 euro). The absence of financial possibilities won’t be an obstacle for participating in EARG, just let the organizers know in advance. On the same time if any participants would like to put more money in the box, the organizers would be happy, because there are already forecasts for the lack of money. Even if the expenses of EARG will be covered, the money will go for AR activism in Georgia.

Transportation from Tbilisi to EARG location will be managed by means of hitchhiking and public transport. Participants will get all the directions and tips from organizers and the maximum help with getting to the place easily.

Three vegan meals daily will be provided by the organizers. If you have any special medical requirements for food please inform the organizers about them in advance. Please take a table spoon, a soup plate and a cup with you!!!

Organizers take on responsibilities for the security of the gathering participants on the campsite.

Photo, video equipment and mobile phones
The use of any photo or video equipment and mobile phones is not allowed on the campsite. Organizers will provide a place for safekeeping of valuables.

Racists, nazi(onalist)s, sexists, homophobes and adherents of all other forms of discrimination/supremacism are not welcome at the gathering. EARG is a peaceful event for the people of different attitudes and lifestyles, so the absence of the persons with the discriminative views is caused by safety considerations, which is #1 in the list of organization priorities.

Organizers kindly ask the participants to refrain from holding any kind of spontaneous actions before, during and after EARG on the territory of Georgia. If you have any practical suggestions on activism during your stay, please discuss your ideas with organizers for the avoidance of causing problems as to organizers, so to other participants.

We highly welcome your initiative towards workshops, discussions, movie screenings and entertainment at EARG, so if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to take into account all the feedback and make the gathering useful, interesting, comfortable and memorable. If you want to make your workshop at EARG, please contact the organizers before 15 August.

After EARG
Once again, if you do not want to leave Georgia right after the gathering, organizers will provide interesting, useful and pleasant activities (volunteering in animal shelter in sea area of Georgia) for all comers during several days after EARG. If you feel interested in this kind of pastime, please write us in a good advance, so we could plan accommodations.

If you’d like to take part in EARG or have any questions/suggestions, please contact the organizers: earg@riseup.net

P.S.: Please share this information with your friends and comrades!

In cooperation with IATLG.

the soul is the same

 Eurasian 2

Further News:

felix cartoon 2

AR activists blocked all the exits of Tbilisi city hall

6 April one more action against the bloody draft law concerning stray dogs took place in front of Tbilisi city council


This day the council was discussing and voting for this law on the territory of the capital.

Eurasian 1

About 500 people groupped in front of all the Five exits from the building thus blocking for the officials the possibilities for leaving. The security called forces intense of policemen. They had to press back the activists and and organize the corridor for authorities representatives.

During four hours activists chanted “Freedom to animals!”, “Let’s Help the Helpless!”, “Killers!” etc. Despite the powerful protests the bloody law was passed, which means a new stage in confrontation to arbitrary rule. Tomorrow activists will bring legal proceedings against the city council.

4 April the march against the bloody law went along all Tbilisi center up to the president palace gathering several hundreds of people.

30 March few hundred activists held an action in front of the city hall as well, appliying to the nation by the means of TV news live broadcast.

love veggie


31 January activists of Vegan Base (facebook.com/veganbase) in Tbilisi, Georgia, took part in the protest action against the construction of the ‘Panorama’ complex, which is to be built on the place of the wild nature resort close to the capital’s downtown. The complex should include the aquarium with sharks and other fishes.

Two sharks already died in the residence of Bidzina Ivanishvili, georgian millionaire, the main author of ‘Panorama’ project. The complex itself will ruin the unique wildlife piece of the nature situated just half an hour walking from Tbilisi center. That’s why activists of the coalition ‘Ertad’ (‘Together’), formed for the sake of demolishing the project, coined the “SOS” with their bodies on the place where the tree cutting already started.

30 December one of the activists of Vegan Base was detained together with three other green guerilleros in front of the entrance to the city council. Activists had passes for the session on the subject of taking the status of the sanctuary away from the place of the planned construction of ‘Panorama’, but the security didn’t let them in. So they blocked the entrance for the deputees as well and were arrested. They were charged according to three articles, including the one of the criminal code. As a result of the court hearings they got only verbal warnings.

Vegan Base is a social Center created in Tbilisi in November. It holds free lectures, movie screenings, workshops and different actions in the city – starting from the protest demos and ending with walking out the shelter dogs and picking up the garbage in parks.


Published on 23 Dec 2014

21 December animal rights activists held an action of protest against Tbilisi Zoo. It was conducted partly as an art project: activists were holding painted photos of the animals, taken in this very zoo. For the sake of educating people about the problems of this exact zoo and the misery of the phenomenon of animal

England: New EU / Serbian ‘Animal Welfare’ Petition Due To Be Launched In The Next Few Days.


Stand By – Over the next few days we hope to be launching a new petition which encompasses Serbia wishing to gain EU accession, whilst at the same time failing to meet the fundamental principle of EU Member States that they must enforce the ‘rule of law’ (in their own country) regarding many animal welfare issues.  We trust you have seen some of the photographs in other recent posts as well as non EU compliance statements made by EU farm animal welfare organisations who know the rules !



This all relates to the changes made in the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009 which is now renamed as the ‘Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

This includes new laws for animal welfare; including the statement that:

‘the Union and the Member States shall, since animals are sentient beings, pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals’

Unfortunately; and typically for the EU; certain topics of animal protection remain under the responsibility of the Member States (e.g. the use of animals in competitions, shows, cultural or sporting events and the management of stray dogs).

Stray dog management being a subject the EU is very aware of due to the excellent work of many campaign NGO’s over the years – and hence why there must be EU wide legislation relating to stray dog management introduced very soon.

Despite this failure of the EU to protect stray dogs, instead leaving ‘protection’ (so they call it – we call it ‘mass murder’) to individual nations !!!; we can still present a great deal to the EU Commission where we consider that Serbia is failing in meeting the EU accession requirements of the TFEU with regard to animals and their welfareThese other issues are what the petition will hinge around.


alex 1




Below is the reference to; and selective relevant sections of the TFEU relating to animal welfare; which we have shown in red bold type.

Stand by in the coming days to see the new petition link posted here on this site and in many other places – we hope it will be a big signature one !


Ref – http://ec.europa.eu/food/animal/welfare/policy/index_en.htm

Title II of TFEU lists some key principles the Union should respect. Here an Article 13 has been introduced with the Lisbon Treaty. It states that: “In formulating and implementing the Union’s agriculture, fisheries, transport, internal market, research and technological development and space policies, the Union and the Member States shall, since animals are sentient beings, pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals, while respecting the legislative or administrative provisions and customs of the Member States relating in particular to religious rites, cultural traditions and regional heritage.

The Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on the 1st of December 2009 amends the current founding treaties, i.e. the Treaty on European Union (EU Treaty), which will retain its name; and the Treaty Establishing the European Community (EC Treaty), which will be renamed as the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

This puts animal welfare on equal footing with other key principles mentioned in the same title i.e. promote gender equality, guarantee social protection, protect human health, combat discrimination, promote sustainable development, ensure consumer protection, protect personal data.

It needs, however, to be noted that the European Union operates under the principles of conferred competences and subsidiarity. So competences not conferred upon the Union in the Treaties remain with the Member States and under the principle of subsidiarity, in areas that do not fall within its exclusive competence, the Union shall act only if and in so far as the objectives cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States (Article 1, 4 and 5 of the EU Treaty). As a consequence certain topics of animal protection remain under the responsibility of the Member States (e.g. the use of animals in competitions, shows, cultural or sporting events and the management of stray dogs).


SAV Thinking Summary: