Serbia: Tik Is Also Very Seriously Ill, Just Like Tok. Thoughts For Them At This Time Please.

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Tik Badly ill

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix


Tik has been wasting away over the last couple of weeks even though he eats normally and I fear he won’t be able to hang in for much longer. He is just too small and too delicate, one of those angelic creatures who simply don’t belong in this world.

Something has obviously been very wrong with Tik and Tok since they were born.

Their mutual devotion is immense, they’re constantly snuggling together and it seems they’ll leave together when the time comes, maybe within days of each other.

The vet has already tried everything he possibly could and now we are waiting and hoping, but hope is rapidly fading away…



Our past links to Tok; who is also very seriously ill:

Our thoughts are with Danica at this time, and with both Tik and Tok.










EU (Belgium): Update on the Brussels Demonstration of 12/12/14.




Update on the Brussels demonstration of 12/12/14.

See our past post at     

Brussels Update/photos of massive demonstration against brutal dog killing in Romania

From: IFEEL International Hip-Hop Rapper for Animals….the Voice of the Voiceless!

Sent: Friday, December 19, 2014 1:47 PM 

Here are some photos from the event:








and here are the photos on Flickr: 

We stood up for the Romanian dogs in front of the EU parliament. Demonstrations + concert + speeches. This was a mass demonstration to oppose dog killing in Romania.





Event organizer AnimalsUnited


Happy New Year to you!


SAV Comment – A reminder of why it took place:


red romania 2

Rom 8 oct 1

Romania 8 oct 15


Romania 8 oct 12

romania 1 oct 1

Romania 8 oct 14

romania 1 oct 3

Romania 2013

Romania guilty

red card 1













Serbia: Can You Help Draga To Stay Safe With Her Puppies.

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Draga was found on field  with   her puppies .. All of them were scared, sad , hungry .. Now they are on safe , but they need help . costs  of pension for one month are 40e+ 20e for food.

Please help Draga to stay on safe !!!

SAFE Donation link –

Thank you.


Serbia: 19/12/14 – Little Tok Is Very Sick – A Matter Of Time.

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Tok 19 Dec 14


Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Little Tok is not doing well and sadly it seems we’re losing her.

She’s still eating and cuddling, she likes to be held, but she is getting weaker by the day. Her fur has become bristly, she is at least two times smaller than her healthy litter mates and knowing that FIP is a terminal diagnosis, all of us doubt there’s much hope left.

We’ve already tried everything we could possibly do to make her feel better, to no avail and now it’s just a matter of days, maybe even hours until she lets go.

We never gave up, she’s been trying so hard and the very best she could for weeks, but it looks like she simply lacks the strength to fight anymore.

At least she got to know how it feels to be pampered, fed and loved, if only for a short time.

So very sorry, little sweetie.



Serbia: 19/12/14 – New ‘Nani’ Photographs – We Want Her Freed Or The Campaign Moves Into The Next Phase Very Soon.

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Nani 19 Dec1

We are releasing a few pictures of Nani in her current ‘facility’.

We are not going to say where this is at present as negotiations to release her are continuing.

All we can say to those involved is look at the international support that has been obtained for the Sasha shelter petition:

Over 157,000 signatures obtained globally in less than 1 week !!

The eyes of the world are on Serbia and how it moves (or not) regarding animal welfare.

There could be a global follow up re Nani if things remain unchanged, just as we have seen with the Sasha shelter.

Despite a letter from the EU Enlargement Commission to the Serbian authorities suggesting very much that they enter into dialogue with NGO’s; there still appears to be very little movement on this front.

We have had NO correspondence from the Serbian authorities.

We have the latest information on Nani deer, and will be publishing more very soon if we have no release news or any further dialogue information.

Nani2 19 Dec

Serbia: 19/12/14 – Felix News – Early Catnip Pressies !!

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felix 18 dec3


Look what we have here ! 

We’ve just been pleasantly surprised with early Christmas gifts, a box full of awesome catnip toys!

felix 18 dec 1

The kitties are still a bit confused and don’t know exactly what they’re supposed to do with them, it’s been ages since the last time they smelled catnip, but they’re very interested and will soon find out how magnificent their gifts really are!

Thank you so much, Claire! These are probably the most wonderful gifts the Felix kitties will receive this Christmas!

felix 18 dec2

Purrs and wet nose kisses heading your way



Serbia: 18/12/14 – Nani Update – She Is Alive; Has Been Moved, But Negotiations To Release Her Are Still In Progress.

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We do have very regular news and very recent photographs relating to Nani the deer.

All we can currently say is that Nani is alive, although is no longer being held at the hunters facility.

We know exactly where she is and have photographs of the conditions in which she is currently held; but all we can say at the moment is that the situation is very delicate and we are waiting on the actions of others to see if she will or will not be released back to the Mitic family.

We would hope that given the massive response to Sasha’s shelter appeal in just one week:

the government will think very carefully about the situation of Nani also.

The Sasha petition is a very clear message of the current situation for animals in Serbia from a worldwide, global supporter network.

We trust that the message of Sasha and his shelter is sending a clear message to the government and authorities.  The Nani situation is very similar – it is up to the government and authorities which way they will go; which will have implications from animal welfare NGO’s on future Serbian EU membership.

We will respond accordingly to the situation; regardless of the direction it takes.

Unfortunately this is all we can currently say – but we need to inform you that the situation is being watched and acted on constantly by Serbian campaigners.

We will give further news and actions (if necessary) when we know the outcome of current negotiations.





Serbia: Please Try And Give A Little Something At Christmas To Help Cover ‘Marko’s’ Veterinary Costs.

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alex 4


Thank you to everyone who has already donated to help pay for the veterinary treatment necessary for little Marko. But the target which is needed to cover his costs are still a long way off.

We have happily donated to help this little guy; and if everyone gave just a few dollars we would get there in no time at all.

The donation link is given below and although it is an expensive time of year; please try to give this little guy something special for Christmas by making a donation – even if it is just a few dollars – they all add up.

The donation site is completely secure and you can donate either via Paypal or just using a normal card route.


Marko – Young, alone and injured…left to die. This poor little guy has had a really rough start to his life. Barely 4 months old puppy was found on the side of the road in town of Subotica. He came in with multiple puncture wounds, Demodex mites, chemical burns and a painful body. Currently he is in medical boarding while we try to get him comfortable and treat his wounds and skin. Marko deserves so much and we are committed to him but we need your help!

We need everyone’s assistance to help this poor little dog. No donation is too small and it will all go towards his ongoing medical care. Please help us help this amazing baby!!

We Thank You from the bottom of Our Hearts Your help is appreciated! 

Volunteers from “Alex Subotica”, animal rescue organization & first no-kill shelter in Serbia.

Alex logo

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alex 3

Serbia: Young, alone and injured…left to die. Please Help This Little Fighter.

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alex 1

alex 2

Why are some people so cruel ???

Young, alone and injured…left to die. This poor little guy has had a really rough start to his life. Barely 4 months old puppy was found on the side of the road in town of Subotica. He came in with multiple puncture wounds, Demodex mites, chemical burns and a painful body. Currently he is in medical boarding while we try to get him comfortable and treat his wounds and skin. 

See our (SAV) recent post on shelter Alex at:

Danas smo pronasli malog, maleckog pincha. Jako je mlad. Tek menja zubice. Bio je u ranama koje su delovale strasno. Na svaki dodir bi bolno zacvileo. Odneli smo ga odmah nasoj veterinarki u Libero. Rane lice na opekotine. Ima ih nekoliko po telu. Na uhu ima ujede. Da to ne bude sve, prisutan je demodex u ranoj fazi. Na srecu nema lomova.

Ne mozemo zamisliti sta se desilo Marku i kakvu je nesrecu u svom bebecem zivotu preziveo do ovoga trenutka. Zasto bi ga neko zeleo zapaliti i ostaviti na ulici da umire polako u mukama i da ga napadaju drugi psi??? Oporavak ce teci polako ali je najvaznije da je Mark sada na sigurnom u privremenom smestaju. Nakon oporavka mu trazimo dom.

Dragi prijatelji, ako ste u mogucnosti pomoci oko troskova za malog Marka volonteri azila Alex ce vam biti zahvalni! Donacije mozete uplatiti putem kredit kartica. Hvala vam! I molimo vas dijelite ovaj post!


Alex logo
alex 3

Young, alone and injured…left to die.

This poor little guy has had a really rough start to his life. Barely 4 months old puppy was found on the side of the road in town of Subotica. He came in with multiple puncture wounds, Demodex mites, chemical burns and a painful body.


Currently he is in medical boarding while we try to get him comfortable and treat his wounds and skin. Marko deserves so much and we are committed to him but we need your help!

We need everyone’s assistance to help this poor little dog. No donation is too small and it will all go towards his ongoing medical care. Please help us help this amazing baby!! 

We Thank You from the bottom of Our Hearts Your help is appreciated!

Volunteers from “Alex Subotica”, animal rescue organization & first no-kill shelter in Serbia.


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Alex logo




Introducing ‘Project Coyote’ – USA.




Hi all;

Despite being an Englishman in the UK, I have a massive love and devotion towards the protection of wildlife within the USA.

I have over the years had many great times in the United States; and am especially fond of the South West – Arizona, California, New Mexico, Colorado; Nevada and Utah to name some of my favorite states; much of it still wild and natural as it should be.

I have ventured the Wolf Creek Pass of Colorado – ;

walked amongst the dinosaur footprints near to Barringer crater (Meteor crater) in Arizona –

and been awestruck by the beauty (and climbing – a passion) of Yosemite national park –

I remember with very fond memories experiencing the natural wonders of Arizona when visiting the Sonora Desert Museum in Arizona –

I love anything Wolf, Coyote, Dog, and avidly follow the wonderful works of all the leading US campaign organisations who devote their time and efforts into protecting the wildlife of the United States.

So, despite this site being primarily aimed at helping animals in the European Balkans, I do try and give a little time to the odd post regarding US animal projects which especially aim to protect the wonderful wildlife that you have; very much should always keep for the future and without doubt, should give full respect to- were they not there first ? !

I have just signed up as a pack member of ‘Project Coyote’ which is based in California.  As their logo says, an organisation fostering Co Existence – Project Coyote works to change negative attitudes toward coyotes, wolves and other native carnivores by replacing ignorance and fear with understanding, respect and appreciation. All of our work — through education, science, and advocacy — strives to create fundamental and systemic changes in the ways wild carnivores are viewed and treated in North America.

coyote 1_NEW

coyote 2_NEW

Please visit their site – many links given below to learn so much more about this wonderful animal – still wrongly persecuted so much.  You can learn so much more; donate to help campaigning for this much understood animals, and sign up to take part in actions and campaigns organised by the project.

Please do and give what you can to help this organisation.  Only today on the BBC I see that we are now down to the last five (5) white rhinos in the world – they having been persecuted and killed for decades by poachers and hunters out for something to disgustingly hang on the wall, or to make some pathetic ivory carving from the horn.  These creatures will be extinct within a few years – this must not happen to the wildlife of the United States.

Please view the following links and give your utter support to Project Coyote.

There is an excellent shop which you can visit at –

Thanks, and Happy Howling !!



Netherlands: A Video Message From Our Friend Lesley At ‘Eyes On Animals'; Netherlands – Re Turkish Slaughterhouse Campaigning.




Hi all;

Before anything we must ask you please to ensure that you have signed the petition for Sasha and his dogs.

Full info at the petition which can be found at:


I have had the pleasure of working with Lesley on some live transport investigation work in the past.

She is a wonderful person.

The following is a video link which has been set up by Lesley who runs ‘Eyes on Animals’ based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The link to the video is:

Mark has worked with Lesley several times before regarding the transport of live animals within the EU.  You can read more about the investigation report which was produced in 2010 by visiting    – scroll down past the many photos of livestock transporters at Dover, England – the section starts:

“During 2010 – In addition to the daily running of SAV, Mark worked with the same Dutch investigator friends at ‘Eyes on Animals’   , as well as with Animals’ Angels,en_ORG.html  and PMAF  to produce a 125 page investigation report for the EU Legal Affairs team in Brussels, Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) and UK Parliamentarians, a report which investigated live animal (calves) transport between certain, specific (EU) member states”

Mark and Lesley have put a lot of effort into the improvement of conditions for animals in transport within the EU.  Clearer signage for emergency rescue and the fitment of much larger access doors on all livestock trailers has also been a very important issue which has been campaigned for.

Here are a few links from the past:

The importance of good access to animals during road transport – also here you can access a link to the EoA report on the importance of access during transport:

A report on chicken welfare at loading and during transportation: 

Horrific conditions in the EU export of farm animals to Turkey:

The message from Lesley to go with her new video re Turkish slaughterhouses is as follows:

Dear friends of Eyes on Animals

I have made a video-message that I would like to show you. The video is about our efforts in Turkey.

We regularly send our teams to Turkey to try and help improve the conditions inside the slaughterhouses there. And we have had really promising success, particularly with a change of attitude among the slaughter workers and Ministry of Agriculture inspectors.

In my video, I explain further about our work there. My dear colleagues and I would really appreciate it if you watch it, so that you can see how urgent our efforts are there and what impact we have had so far.

The link to the video is:

I have to warn you, some of the footage is disturbing. But it shows what the animals have to go through, and what the inspectors from Eyes on Animals are trying to change.

When you have watched the video-message, please would you consider making a donation towards this project? We would so very much appreciate it, because we really need to continue working on this project for at least another 4 years in order to bring about long-lasting change. Together, we can really reduce the suffering of animals at Turkish slaughterhouses!

Eyes on Animals bank account information:
IBAN: NL73TRIO0212364219
Triodos Bank
Zeist, Nederland

On behalf of everyone at Eyes on Animals, I wish you peaceful and happy winter holidays,


Lesley Moffat

Directeur en inspecteur Eyes on Animals

Other ways to donate? Please see: Donate

Eyes on Animals website link:

Read more SAV posts in relation to EoA work in Turkey:

Regards Mark



Serbia: 14/12/14 – Felix Shelter News – Your First Tank Of Gas For The Cats Has Been Delivered.

Serbian  Flag




Hi all;

Before anything we must ask you please to ensure that you have signed the petition for Sasha and his dogs.

Full info at the petition which can be found at:  

Please crosspost to anyone and everyone that you know – we have very limited time on this.

Now, here is the main issue of this post; a message from Danica that the first gas has arrived at the shelter.

Gas 1

Danica writes:

The first tank of gas purchased this winter has arrived at last, thanks to the amazing Laura Simpson, The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund, and the simply outstanding support of our friends!

Although the days are dark and gloomy, with freezing rain and a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, there’s luckily no snow yet and the gas delivery truck pulled into the shelter with no problems at all.

Our gas tank has been filled up with 1500 liters of gas, and the central heating is finally on. All of the kitties are enjoying the warmth of their home and will continue doing so over the next two and a half months! :)

Thank you just doesn’t seem enough to express our gratitude to all of you who have all pulled together and generously contributed towards the costs of the heating fuel!


Gas 2

Gas 3

Tik tak tok 2

Serbia: URGENT PETITION to Prevent Sasha’s Shelter From Being Closed By Nis Authorities. Please Sign Now and CROSSPOST TO THE WORLD. Very Little Time.

Serbian  Flag


Hi all;

You can see from the SAV link below that Sasha has now been threatened by the municipality of Nis to remove over 450 dogs from his shelter within the next few weeks.

A petition has now been set up to try and prevent this;  this is urgent – please crosspost to all your contacts – we need to make this a big response, but we have little time.

The petition link is as follows:

Petition Target: Premijer Republike Srbije, Aleksandar Vučić (Prime Minister of Serbia), Predsednik Republike Srbije Tomislav Nikolić (President of Serbia), Prof.dr Zoran Perišić (Mayor of Niš)

The petition overview / wording is as follows:

Sasa Pesic runs an absolutely breathtaking cage-free dog sanctuary in Serbia. The dogs eat, play, run and sleep together peacefully. People come from far away countries just to visit this unique place. But today Saša is facing a major crisis and the peace here is about to be shattered as the municipality of Nis has ordered the dogs to leave the sanctuary by December 25th.

Suddenly officials have decided it is more profitable to use the land for other purposes.  We stand united in our request to:

  1. STOP THE EVICTION: Immediately reverse the decision for the sanctuary dogs to be brutally rounded up by dog catchers on Christmas. Relocation for so many animals would require many months and massive costs.

    2.ASSESS THE VALUE: This shelter has independently provided food, shelter, veterinary services and care for hundreds and hundreds of strays who formerly roamed the city. All of this was done through private donations and in keeping with best practices for animal welfare. The city has benefited immensely from this free service.

    3. MAKE IT BETTER: Rather than attack the very people who are trying to resolve the suffering of stray dogs in Nis, Serbia, we ask that the government take this opportunity to help improve operations at the shelter and to strive to make it one of the first in the country to meet standards set forth by the European Union.

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The SAV link with information is as follows:

The petition link is as follows:


Thank You.



The WORLD WILL BE INFORMED until Serbia changes its ways with animals !

SAV Links to past Nis city actions – dogs drowned and then hung from trees – (please see photographs below) – these are the people we are dealing with here.  Ask yourself – Serbia – EU candidate – do you want politicians who authorise this in the EU ????

Does the EU want to gain this kind of reputation ? – it will if it allows Serbia to join without implementing animal welfare legislation which does exist.  The government and authorities conveniently ignore it.

So instead, we will remind you (and them) of what they have done in Nis in recent years:


All the above information is being provided to EU Enlargement Commission first thing on 15/12/14, to show them the situation they are dealing with in Nis.

Best Wishes For The Season From All Animal Welfare Campaigners.


 The 3 stages of truth:

1  ridicule

2  violent opposition

3  acceptance

Well I am sitting here on the outskirts of Old London town in the first few weeks of December.  The last few weeks have been; well, very mild considering what a typical November day in England usually brings, namely lots of rain, snow and biting winds from the North; instead, I have been outside most days wearing just a T shirt and a very thin thermal top; watching and feeding the birds and looking at the plants and flowers, who still really don’t have a clue where they are in the year ! – I think many would point the finger at those causing massive climate change; and you can include me onto that list of names !

When I look back at this year and what has happened; I guess that there is nothing that really sticks out.  The only ‘good news’ that we can call, is the letter from the EU Enlargement Commission which arrived with us some time last week.

See the post at

After discussions with some other Serbian NGO groups campaigning for better animal welfare; I think it fair to say that we consider the letter from Myriam Ferran is a very positive one for ‘our’ side.  From the day some 10 years ago when I first founded SAV, I always worked on the policy that if Serbia (one day) wishes to become a member state of the EU; then it needs to work strongly to ensure that there is much better and longer lasing applications of Serbian animal welfare laws within Serbia than they have at the moment. (1)

Serbia already has some very good animal welfare legislation.  The main problem; and our problem as just one NGO of many campaigning for animals in Serbia, is that the laws are hardly ever enforced by the regional and national governments.  Have we not seen this clearly exposed to the world with the very recent case of Nani deer ? – legislation exists to protect her; by law, the Minister has a limited number of days in which to respond and make a decision; what do we get ? – nothing in over 2 months past the decision date ! – 2 months outside of Serbian law – is this the ‘application of the rule of law’ that new EU member states have to show is being enforced within their country before they join ?

Well now we have it clearly documented from the EU Enlargement Commission (to the Serbian government) letter that EPAR Serbia has filed a formal complaint regarding failures to apply Serbia’s own 2009 law on animal welfare.  In addition, the EU also points out that we, as NGO’s, have never received any formal responses to our written complaints from the government in the past; and that this is something which also includes our English MEP Mr. Keith Taylor who wrote to the government on our behalf also.

We were very pleased to witness that the EU also ‘encouraged’ the Serbian government to ‘engage in dialogue with NGO’s’ on the issue of improving Serbian animal welfare.  Slavica, myself and several others are happy for this to commence; after all; it is what we exist for; we now await action from the government who currently have the ‘action’ ball well and truly in their court when it comes to moving things on.  Obviously the government has a lot to go back over regarding its past failures to enforce legislation, and we do not expect immediate action.  But we do now expect action and some form of dialogue; and if this does not happen, then we will return directly to the EU to justify this.

As the letter also says, NGO’s are asking that Nani deer be returned to Mrs. Mitic for long term safekeeping.  We all hope that this will be given priority now and that very soon we can announce that Nani has been returned to the Mitic family; the very family who should never have had her taken from them in the first place !

Are we currently encountering Stage 2 with the Serbian government and authorities ? – Opposition ??

The most recent problem we have had; which was just yesterday; is additional retribution, or you could call them ‘threats’ by the authorities regarding Sasha and his dog shelter.  You can see more about this facility and this extraordinary animal friend at   Rather than go on repeating the story once again, I think it best to refer you to our recent post of 10/12/14 which covers lots of the latest news and events concerning Sasha and his shelter.  Please click on:

We have been in direct contact with the EU Enlargement Commission about this; and we have been working with Serbian animal people over the last day or so to give them a crash course on the requirements of joining up as a new member state of the EU; which Serbia wants to do.  One requirement which any aspiring new member state must show the EU is that back at home, they are enforcing all of their ‘rules of law’; or national laws and legislation.

When it comes to Serbia and animal welfare legislation, we all know that the law is almost never enforced by the authorities.  So by adopting this attitude, you could say that the rule of law is not enforced and as a consequence, Serbia’s request to become a new EU member state must be put on hold until we witness ALL existing Serbian animal welfare legislation being rigorously enforced.

So you could say that at the moment it is a game of cat and mouse between the Serbian authorities and animal welfare NGO’s trying to help animals. The authorities are making threats at shelters such as Sasha’s; but we are keeping the EU Enlargement Commission (who decide who will join the EU in future) informed of things, especially the fact that the authorities are not enforcing the rule of law when it comes to adequate shelter facilities in all regions for animals.  By law, the killing of strays is forbidden, and yet the authorities refuse to accept the findings of the Constitutional Court – September 2012 – “The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Serbia – comprising 15 judges, made a verdict that the 3. Community document of Subotica (town in Serbia) regarding the matter of the treatment  stray dogs/cats is illegal; it is unlawful and it must be changed”.

Reference –

So, things just go on and on; we keep up our work with all the other excellent Serbian campaigners and groups; and we hope for a positive outcome regarding many issues; especially as the EU are continually being informed of situations and what is happening.  As stated in her recent letter to the Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Ms Ferran at the EU Enlargement Commission suggests the government actively engages in ‘dialogue’ with us and other animal welfare NGO’s.  At the moment, all we see is people like Sasha being told they have 2 weeks to get rid of 450 dogs at his shelter ! – to where we ask ? – there are no regional shelters, despite what the law and courts require !!

As an NGO; we, and all the others are very happy to engage into dialogue with the Serbian authorities; but since the EU letter of early November, we have not heard a single word from them.

Finally, I wish to thank you all for your visits to the site this year; for your very supportive comments on the site; and I hope that we have given you an overview of the struggle there is at the moment for animal welfare campaigners in Serbia.

I wish you all a good Christmas and great year in 2015; and look forward to seeing you all again at this site in 2015.

The work and the campaigning goes on as always !!

 xmas cat

I would be the worlds best liar if I said things were not often difficult; but as the late, great John Lennon said – “there are no problems; only solutions“;

Maybe we have some animal welfare solutions on the Serbian horizon !

Regards Mark.

Sometimes in life, you just have to stop it and get off;

- that ‘Long Dead Train’.

Catch the animal rights one instead !

The Viking ship you see 15 seconds into the above video is one which exists at Ramsgate in my home county of Kent, England.

viking ship

The Kent coast was a regular invasion patch for Viking raiders.

The ship celebrates their time and was originally rowed across the North Sea to Kent, England, from Scandinavia.

 Fly Straight With Perfection;

My friend he was the Raven.


Serbia: Introducing ‘Shelter Alex’.

Serbian  Flag

Alex logo

We want to ask you please to review the info here about Alex shelter; and if there is any way you can help.

Alex was originally founded as EPAR FRIEND shelter by SAV principal member Slavica – read more on her at:  – just scroll down quite a long way until you come to “Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić – Subotica, Serbian Republic”.


From 2010, Alex shelter was known as (EPAR) FRIEND shelter.

Here are a few SAV links from the past about this:

During this time the shelter was run by Slavica Mazak Beslic.

Now the shelter has been renamed as no kill shelter is ‘ALEX shelter’.  

Today it is run by a lady Mrs. Adriana Nadj; this has been the case since 2010. She acts alone with big help by her boyfriend – that is great, but very difficult.

It was the first ‘no kill’ dog shelter in Serbia, founded in 2003. So this shelter has a long history and was involved with the original formation of SAV in England.  As you can see from the above links, the shelter and SAV go back many years.

The shelter has a historical meaning for Serbia. There were up to 1000 stray dogs living there; some of which were re-homed and some which died at the shelter by natural death.

There are currently around 500 dogs at the shelter.

Past history – further reading:

The shelter was opened on 18.01.2003.

At the time, Subotica legally permitted euthanasia of dogs and on Fridays, people could bring their dogs to be euthanized for free. The shelter couldn’t allow this, so people from the shelter took those dogs and carried them to the shelter instead. This was the first no-kill shelter in Serbia. Its goal is protection of animals and the environment. The shelter covers the area of 12000m2 + an additional land of app. 3600m2 next to the shelter which Adrijana received as a gift to expend the shelter.

The shelter has 500 dogs, all spayed and neutered. Around 70% of the dogs are old (some have been in the shelter since 2003/2004). Old dogs often lose control of their legs or suffer from an illness of some internal organ.

The shelter currently does not have sponsors to cover medical costs. It is now looking for donations and / or sponsors to help with costs.

Small boxes at the shelter contain up to six dogs grouped by personality, to prevent fights. Dogs are also spread across six fields, also grouped by personality, around 10-20 dogs are on the fields. Each field also has a small pond. There are few covered boxes, which contain dogs known for attempting to jump over the box walls. The small boxes and the fields require repair of old covers and installation of new covers, to provide shade.

Since it was founded, the shelter has helped thousands of dogs, rescued, adopted and treated them. Dogs can only be adopted after a mandatory inspection of its potential new home. Adoption is not possible if the owner intends to keep the dog on a chain. Adoption also comes with a mandatory contract. In case the dog is found to be in inadequate conditions, the dog is taken back to the shelter. The owner is also allowed to return the dog to the shelter at any time.

The shelter is funded exclusively by donations, which are not regular or reliable. The City of Subotica currently only provides a free garbage dumpster.

Even though the shelter was officially registered in 2004, the state is requesting that the shelter re-registers to adjust to new regulations. 

The shelter also purchased a van to carry food three times a week from the nearby factory and the fuel costs vary between 8000 and 10000 RSD. Electricity costs are around 15000 RSD per month. 

The shelter requires building materials, cleaning supplies, food (granules and canned food, salami, bread, etc), blankets, fleas/ticks products and money to cover the vet costs, bills, etc.

For foreign donations:
“Alex Subotica”
Titogradska 53, Subotica, Serbia
IBAN : RS35160005400001012292
or via paypal/credit card:  

Alex logo

SAV commentPlease help the shelter in any way you can; thank you.

In the past the shelter has also been home to ‘Klementina’ the pig, who was given as a sick and injured animal to the shelter to be killed and given as meat to the dogs.  NO WAY was this going to happen; instead we pulled out all the stops to help get Klementina as good as she could be.

We recorded this at:

Once she had been given veterinary treatment she was a very happy pig as you can see from the following link:

Today there is a Facebook site for the shelter -  

Here you can get information and see lots of pictures of the dogs.

Please help in any way you can.  Things are currently difficult for shelters as we are constantly being forced to take action against the regional authorities who are NOT providing the facilities and shelters for animals that they should.

The events of today (10/12/14) are so very typical.  Read more about this at

Thank you all for your continued help and support for the animals in Serbia.  We are also doing what we can here at SAV in England, along with jean at SOS for Serbian Animals:

The fight is a very long and hard one for Serbian animals – but we never give up – WE WILL WIN for them !

Serbia: 10/12/14 – CRISIS – Authorities Now Seek Retribution To Animal Shelters For Past Exposure And Charges Of Criminal Veterinarian – Read On for More.



Serbian  Flag10/12/14 Breaking News.


Today in Serbia we are hearing some very disturbing news.

Obviously, being based in England we are not up to date by the minute as to the situation; but all the English / Serbian groups are keeping in close contact to inform each other of events.

The Serbian government and authorities are obviously very unhappy that their closed shop corrupt situation for many years is now being exposed.

They are attempting any form of retribution that they can in order to cover their failings of the past.  The shelter being run by Sasha and financially supported by the harmony Fund (see links below) is now the main target of the retribution.  They have threatened him that he must now move 450 dogs within the next 15 days.

sahsa 5

Or what we ask ? – the typical Serbian government / authority process of going in, rounding up the animals and simply killing them ! – the government answer to all the issues !!

Also, despite a letter from the EU Enlargement Commission being sent to to Serbian government asking them to enter into dialogue with us and other animal welfare NGO’s – see ,

we still have heard nothing but silence from the Serbian government.

Here is a copy of the EU letter to the Serbian authorities: (1)

The following is a copy of the info we have had.

We have included some SAV past post links so that you can hopefully see who / what we are talking about – Sasha for example.

When the UK / USA time difference is sorted and we can call the USA (Harmony Fund) early morning (USA time); we will give them the information.

We (SAV) have already informed the EU Enlargement Commission of events this morning, for which we have a formal written ‘read’ response already.

We suggest that the following past SAV posts are reviewed in order to get an overall account of the ‘vet’ that is spoken about in these mails. 

See them at:

“SAV are pleased to inform of a major new investigation which has been undertaken by Serbian campaigners.

EPAR have now sent criminal charges to the Public Attorney of Nis city, to the police of Nis and also to the republic veterinary inspectors relating to the illegal activities of a city vet named ‘Davkovsi’ and also those of city garbage firm JKP`Medijana`.  Both the veterinarian Davkovsi’ and also JKP`Medijana’ have acted in direct opposition to the Constitutional laws of the Republic of Serbia.

They have been killing animals in Nis city in direct opposition to the veterinary laws of Serbia.

Now we have documented proof to support what we say, and this data is provided below”.


Rather than paying a veterinarian to undertake the killing of 1,148 dogs during 2009, we suggest that Nis city would have been much wiser if they had invested the same money into a program of animal sterilisation.  The current rate for male (dog) sterilisation is around 1,200 – 1,800 dinars.  Sterilisation of a female (bitch) is approximately 3,500 – 4,000 dinars.  Using the top rate figure in each case, if the same money paid to the vet for killing had been put into stray animal sterilisation, then approximately

945 MALES or 425 FEMALE dogs could have been sterilised.

The top end figures have been used here, but for mass numbers such as this, actual costs could have been reduced even more.  We suggest that around 1,000 male dogs or alternatively, 500 female dogs could have been sterilised for the same money paid to vet Davkovski for the killing of 1,148 dogs during 2009.

Click on above link to read FULL STORY !

NOTE the Above link Petition is now CLOSED.


The following are links to Sasha and his shelter caring for hundreds of dogs – with support given by ‘Harmony Fund’ also.  He was given support – see first link.  The second link is an earlier appeal before things progressed.


The message (1):

More frightening news from Serbia!  The public officials are throwing their toys out of the pram in recrimination against the criminal charges against the butcher vet. Sasha’s shelter is under threat, he has 450 dogs and they have threatened him and told him he must move all the 450 dogs in 15 days.


Message (2):

Dear all,

long sad hard day….

  • Our criminal charges against Davkovski REGECTED AGAIN!!!! But, now on ILLEGAL WAY with INCREDIBLE ILEGAL REASON in INCREDIBLE short period!

ORCA-main, the biggest animal welfare organization in Serbia (they made possible that we have Animal welfare law in Serbia) are VEY surprised with this decision and this rejection!!

They put ILLEGAL reason—-that this is NOT case that prosecutor should take….after first rejection and after all, they released him with this, that is not true.

SO, THEY made HUGE mistake, as now we have kind of proof that he is ‘protected’ mand that prosecutor did sooooo bad job!!!

We are shocked!

Now, even bigger struggle begins, as we are going to put even more efforts against all of them, we will require exemption of this persecutor, and will complain on higher institutions, to The Agency against corruption, now we have something!

ORCA will fight with us!

2) We finaly got final decision from the city. We must move the dogs from the shelter on some other location , in max 15 days.

If we do not do that Mediana and dog catchers come to take our dogs from us.

Mediana also got this command.



This is our chance !
So, only appeals, PLEASE!!!!!!! WE will make them!!!





Serbia: 7/12/14 – Enough Funds Now Raised To Buy First Tank Of Gas – But Keep Donating Please As More Are Needed Through Winter !!!

Serbian  Flag


hot cat

Dear friends, donors and supporters of Cat Shelter Felix, it’s with overpowering joy and sheer excitement that we gratefully announce we’ve succeeded in raising enough funds to purchase the first tank of gas for central heating!

Thanks to your big hearts, incredible kindness and overwhelming thoughtfulness, none of the Felix kitties will even notice the severe drops of outside temperatures, raw and biting northerly winds and the deep freeze we are told to expect.

We could’ve never reached our goal without the awesome and generous Laura Simpson, her startlingly impressive organization The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund, and all of you who have found a place in your hearts for furry little creatures from afar and lent us a helping hand in our times of dire need.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, you’re all the best!





England: 8/12/14. One Year On and Things Are Still Just As Raw.

Enjoy !

A sad day but music always makes things better;


Watch (English animal rights campaigner) Rick do his stuff !

Rick interviews Dr. Brian May (Founder of AR group ‘Save Me’) and Queen guitarist

save me header

Brian in concert:

… and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath

Tony and Sabbath play ‘Paranoid’:

Geezer Butler playing Bass is a Vegan !








Serbia: 6/12/14 – Morgan, Tik and Tok News.

Serbian  Flag



Watch the video of Morgan here: 

 Felix morgan 6 dec

Despite the very serious problems he has, Morgan is fighting with all of his might. His eyes look terrible, the skin around his eyes is already irritated due to the topical treatments he’s been having for months. His nasal blood vessels keep bursting whenever he sneezes, his cute little face is smudged with blood, but he eats, purrs and cuddles and his desire to live is tremendous. He continues being under treatment which has already lasted forever and everyone is doing everything that can possibly be done to help him.



Tok felix 6 dec

Little Tok is holding on, she is still eating RC Recovery canned food and she’s begun to eat dry cat food as well. Her belly is still swollen and she is being given Lasix among other drugs. She is sweet and nice, enjoys attention, loves to be cuddled and even though she’s not out of the woods yet, hopefully these are signs that she’s getting better.



Tik felix 6 dec

Tik has improved significantly, he doesn’t have a fever anymore but he’s still being given antibiotics through injections. He sleeps a lot, I’m guessing this weather makes him sleepy but he is also eating and playing and he’s already mastered walking on three legs.

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Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


Some past SAV posts associated with Felix:

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Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96

December 2014 – Hunting News Snippets.

East Kent Murder

Photo – Mark – SAV Founder

Hunting News

Hunt case dismissed

The League Against Cruel Sports is seriously questioning why the case against 3 members of the Devon & Somerset Staghounds has been dismissed.  They are writing to complain to the Crown Prosecution Service as the footage captured by its investigators containing various evidential issues invalidating the scientific research exemption have been overlooked.  These include; both hunt meets being advertised in advance and details placed on the hunt’s website, over 100 hunt supporters out watching the hunting activities take place, hunt hounds not being under close control and the hunt trespassing onto land owned by the League when in pursuit of stags. Joint Masters, David Greenwood and Rupert Andrews, along with Huntsman, Donald Summersgill, faced a total of 4 charges of hunting a wild mammal with a dog, contrary to Sec 1 of the Hunting Act. The charges related to 2 separate incidents of alleged illegal hunting on 14 Sept and 24 Oct 2013.  Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive of the League said: “How on earth can chasing a wild animal to exhaustion be considered as genuine scientific research and observation? The decision taken to drop the case needs immediate explanation. We urge the public to watch the footage (on the website) for themselves and make up their own mind as to whether the primary purpose of the hunt member’s actions was for research or for sport.”  The case was based on evidence supplied by the League and further investigations carried out by Avon & Somerset Police.


Strengthen the Hunting Act

Hunters should face prison sentences for illegal blood sports, be banned from sending dogs underground and prevented from escaping prosecution by claiming that kills are accidental. In a report marking the 10th anniversary of the passage of the Hunting Act, the League Against Cruel Sports has called for a strengthening of the law to close loopholes in the legislation. The maximum penalty should rise from a £5,000 fine to 6 months in prison, it urges.  The league’s report points out that polling by Ipsos/Mori last year showed that 80% of people in Britain want fox hunting to remain illegal, 85% oppose deer hunting and 87% think hare hunting and coursing should remain outlawed.

This is a link to an excellent film in support of the Campaign to Strengthen the Hunting Act (CPHA). It is disturbing on several levels but watch it if you can and pass it on.

More info from the POWA website, there is a CPHA website also,

Please pass this on and spread the word in the media and among your other groups. This powerful, lawless minority must be stopped.


Hunt feeding foxes

Think of a reason why anyone would repeatedly throw away dead chickens, rabbits, eggs and rats in an isolated Gloucestershire field.

These are the images covertly captured by the Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) and they believe that what they’ve filmed shows the North Cotswold Hunt (NCH) leaving food out for foxes to eat more than 5 miles from the hunt kennels in Broadway.  The time stamp on the video clearly shows the NCH pick-up, which we have filmed at their kennels, returning to the field over a number of months and it shows at least 2 foxes in the same location.

In both the HSA footage and ITV News footage the Hunt can be seen with hounds and horses in the same field.  The HSA claim that “somebody would be doing this purely to encourage foxes to breed, to stay here so that they can obviously be in the vicinity when the hunt choose to hunt.  The Master of Foxhounds Association golden rules say: “Hunting as a practice is the hunting of a wild animal in its wild and natural habitat with a pack of hounds. Nothing must be done which in any way compromises this”.

So how does the NCH explain these images? They don’t. The NCH has refused to engage with ITN’s approaches and, despite ample opportunity, refused to explain what has been shown.   They have told us they are not involved in illegal fox hunting but hunt lawfully following a trail.  They have pointed out that 10 years on from the introduction of the Hunting Act their activity is still politically controversial.

Back then, one of the arguments in favour of continued fox hunting with hounds was pest control.  It would be very hard to argue “pest control” if foxes were being deliberately fed – which is why it is even more important that the Hunt explain what the HSA have filmed. ITN 4th Nov

hunt 2

The Albrighton and Woodland Foxhunt illegally killed a fox on Sat 14th Nov despite the best efforts of hunt saboteurs. The sabs were able to retrieve the body and the incident has been reported to West Mercia Police.  The hunt met at the Robin Hood Inn, Stourbridge and then proceeded to hunt near Drayton House and Drayton Pool. Sabs heard hounds in full cry on the trail of the fox and despite trying to intervene couldn’t stop them killing it and dragging its body into a stream.

Members of the hunt stood by and did nothing as the kill took place.  The hunt carried on and sabs successfully intervened to save another fox before the hunt packed up at 3pm. The illegal kill has been reported to the police and the fox’s body will be autopsied.


West Sussex Hunt Sabs – On Sat 4th Oct we had a 9am meet in Balcombe, which turned out to be a joint meet with the Surrey & Burstow. A short day for us because the hunt packed up earlier then usual due to sabs keeping up with them and the very heavy rain.

11th Oct was entirely different. The Crawley & Horsham eventually had a 4pm meet at Bakers Farm in Dragons Green. They must have thought we had gone home and the look on the hunt’s face to see us there at that time of day is one to cherish.

They didn’t waste time and were soon on to a fox but we were there and heard a shout go out from one of the riders “we are being filmed, we are being filmed“. The hounds were called off and the hunt moved away at speed.

We soon caught up with them in a wooded area and could hear the hounds in full cry, the fox passing a few feet from us with the hounds on its tail. We were then in between the fox and the hounds and the huntsman called the hounds back. The hunt packed up at 6.45pm. It was pitch black as we watched them box up.

Sat 18th Oct. The Crawley & Horsham Hunt had an 8am meet at Locks Estate, Partridge Green. We were with them as they left the meet at speed and were soon crossing the road into the Wiston Est. The hounds were heard in cry many times during the meet but with sabs all over the field the hounds were called off, and the hunters were left angry.

While parked on the side of the road an employee of the Wiston Est came over and said if we didn’t leave he was going to get his shotgun! It was a typical day with the C&H, hounds in cry, followers being threatening, sabs being ridden at.

The hunt packed up around 11am after an angry and abusive verbal assault on us from Kim Richardson who wasn’t too pleased we had interfered with the hunt’s lust for killing. Sadly though we believe they had a kill today.

In the week foot support or hunt riders seemed flustered to see us and both in alarm shouted, “look out antis” or got straight on their phone. Then riders came to try and intimidate us with the usual nonsense of saying we were trespassing. They seem to hunt often in woodland where foxes lay up in the day, yet swear to us they are laying trails, which go through brambles and undergrowth.

One hound was in a poor way with torn flesh by the eye, a nasty weeping wound on one back leg and limping on the other. It was dark by the time they called it a day & we truly hope our presence saved lives. We certainly make them move on and in the last week have seen 4 foxes that we know got away due to us being in the right place at the right time.  Get in touch if you wish to come out or donate via Paypal on the top of our Facebook page.

hunt 1

Sat 8th Nov – W. Sussex Hunt Sabs met other local groups to visit the Surrey Union hunt. Lots of sabs meant lots of police, who only followed sabs not the hunt.  We followed the hunt whilst the police followed us.  We never see the police check to see if a hunt is laying a trail. Today they spent a great deal of time videoing sabs parking, driving in, then out of car parks.  At one point the hounds caught on to a real fox scent, leaving a rather unskilled huntsman to try and call them all back, something he only barely managed to do.

The sheer number of sabs meant the hunt could not evade sabs for long and so we believe no kills took place. Hounds would not catch on to a fox scent and follow it that excitedly if they were not trained to do so. And as fox hounds don’t live more than 5 years (they are killed by the hunt around this age because they are deemed to no longer be fit for the job) no hounds anywhere today were alive pre-ban. We spoke to many passers by, dog walkers and mushroom pickers who were interested and sympathetic to our cause.  Packed up by 3pm and so a successful day.  .

South Dorset Hunt Galton Farm Owermoigne – With just 2 sabs out the hunt were stopped in their tracks and with police watching too!

As usual Dominic Jones, huntsman, did not stray too far from the meet. 26 riders were out. With sabs keeping tabs, hounds were on to a young fox not looking too good. The fox crossed the road from Tadnole in to Dorset Wildlife Trust property. With hounds at full pelt the huntsman galloped along the road risking the health of his horse. With sabs present the huntsman could not follow. Shows what could have happened if we hadn’t been there! The fox followed the hedge line then disappeared across the heath. The pack was split by now. Having packed up at 3.45pm the huntsman was still looking for hounds at 5pm.

Anyone wanting to sab or have any info on Dorset hunts please email  Report 04/11/14


Deer killed by hunt

On 25th Oct the Surrey Union Foxhunt had their opening meet at Gosterwood Manor,Forest Green .

They moved quickly from the meet to the Lukyns estate near Ewhurst in an effort to lose the sab (groups from North Downs, Guildford, Croydon and Kingston). Just before 1pm the hunt was drawing a small wood called Gulls Isle when the hounds chased and quickly caught a Roe deer. Several hounds savaged it causing horrendous injuries.

The screams of the deer brought one saboteur to the scene and he managed to get the hounds off it and frantically tried to call other sabs on the radio. Surrey Police showed that they didn’t give a damn for the torment of the deer and prolonged its suffering by refusing to let the other sab come to the aid of the deer and acting as the hunt private security threatening to wrongly arrest people for aggravated trespass. 4 sabs were arrested in their efforts to get to the deer.

Many of the sabs have worked at animal sanctuaries and could’ve quickly assessed its injuries. By their actions the Police only protracted the animals agony for a further 30 minutes.

We finally managed to get some more reasonable cops to go to the deer and the lone saboteur and realising that the deer was beyond saving arranged for the poor animal to shot. The 4 sabs were taken away to spend many hours in the cells and the rest of the sabs continued to stick with the hunt until the end to prevent further loss of life. In the past this hunt has killed at least 3 other deer that we know of.


Guards for stag

The League Against Cruel Sports has hired 2 former soldiers to mount a 24-hour guard over a stag to stop him being shot by hunters.  The mature stag, called Red, is well-known in Somerset’s Quantock hills where the League has bought up land to make ‘safe havens’ from hunts.

hunt 3

Above – ‘Red’ – Westmorningnews.

RSPCA prosecute hunt

A defiant RSPCA said it was business as usual as it began another prosecution of a West Country hunt for breaking the hunt ban, just days after being told to review the way it mounts prosecutions.  The charity issued court proceedings against William Bryer, the huntsman with the Cattistock Hunt, ordering him to appear before magistrates.

He is accused of one offence of breaching the 2004 hunt ban on March 11 this year. The activities of the Cattistock are often filmed by monitors from IFAW, who are based in the area.  The RSPCA said it would continue to prosecute hunts, at least until it had decided a strategy on hunt prosecutions with the state agencies – the Crown Prosecution Service and police chiefs.


Hunters guilty

3 members of the College Valley and N. Northumberland Hunt were found guilty of illegally hunting a fox during a hunt meet at West Kyloe Farm, near Lowick, Northumberland on 27th Feb 2014.

Appearing before Berwick Magistrates’ Court, joint Master, Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, huntsman, Ian Robert McKie and kennel huntsman, Andrew John Proe of the College Valley and N. Northumberland Hunt, were all convicted of hunting a wild mammal with dogs, contrary to Sec 1 of the Hunting Act 2004.

Joe Duckworth, Chief Executive at the League said: “We are extremely pleased with today’s verdict. We hope this successful case will make other hunt members think twice before breaking the law and causing harm to wildlife.  “We know that many hunts continue to regularly flout the law.” The case was brought by the Crown Prosecution Service following evidence supplied by the League and further investigation by Northumbria Police.  Joint Master, Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley was fined £2,075 with £120 victim surcharge. Huntsman, Ian Robert McKie was fined £1,150 with a £115 victim surcharge. Kennel Huntsman, Andrew John Proe was fined £480 with a £48 victim surcharge. Each defendant was ordered to pay costs of £385. No forfeiture order was applied for, each being of previous good character.


Guilty of assault

Following an attack on hunt saboteurs at a Northamptonshire meet of the Ryford Chase Rabbit Hounds and Pytchley Foxhounds on 22nd March 2014, Mr Jacob Dean Whalley plead guilty and was convicted of 3 counts of battery, contrary to Sec 39 of the Criminal Justice Act 1988.

Whalley was ordered to pay compensation of £450 to the victims, and court costs. During the attack, carried out by a number of hunt members, Whalley beat hunt saboteurs, seemingly at random with a stick, and kicked one in the head when she had been pushed to the ground. The attack, launched upon hunt saboteurs was neutralised and the rabbit hunt was abandoned before it had started.


Grouse shooting

A ‘leading’ sporting agency is predicting that the 2014 Scottish grouse-shooting season will be one of the best for years, with ‘record bags’ being recorded on grouse moors across the country.   It’s unfortunate that the grouse-shooting industry continues to measure a ‘good’ season based on the number of birds that are killed.

You can only get ‘record’ bags if the grouse are kept at artificially-high densities.

That artificial high density is only possible if natural predators are removed (killed) on a massive scale.

As we know, this happens on driven grouse moors both legally (e.g. stoats, weasals, corvids, foxes etc) and illegally (e.g. hen harriers, golden eagles, peregrines, buzzards, goshawks etc).  Wouldn’t it be interesting if the names of the ‘record-breaking’ grouse moors were made public, so that their track record on raptor persecution can be cross-referenced?


‘Worst’ bird of prey poisoner gets suspended sentence

A gamekeeper convicted of “the worst case of bird of prey poisoning” recorded in England has been given a 10-week suspended sentence.

Allen Lambert, who worked on the Stody Estate, near Holt in Norfolk, was found guilty of deliberately killing 10 buzzards and a sparrowhawk.  Head of RSPB investigations Bob Elliot said the discovery of the carcasses at Lambert’s home was “truly dreadful”. Norwich Magistrates’ Court heard he did it to protect pheasants he was rearing.

In Oct Lambert, of Holt Rd, Edgefield, was also found guilty of possessing pesticides and items used to prepare poison baits.

He had pleaded guilty to 5 other charges, including the illegal use of pesticides. District Judge Peter Veits said the offences had “crossed the custody threshold” but said his sentence would be suspended. He was ordered to pay prosecution costs of £930.  Judge Veits said: “In other industries employers as well as the employee could be facing prosecution in such cases, and I hope therefore that this case can serve as a wake-up call to all who run estates as to their duties.”

The RSPB said it was calling on the government to bring in stronger legislation to make sporting estates more accountable for the actions of their staff.  Birds of prey are protected by law and the Stody Estate has been a national pioneer in wildlife enhancement schemes.  The hearing at Norwich Magistrates’ Court followed an investigation at the game shooting estate in April 2013 by RSPB officers. They found the remains of several birds of prey in woodland and a feed bag containing 9 dead buzzards in Lambert’s house. Police found containers of the pesticide in Lambert’s car and storeroom, as well as a syringe and needles.  Roger Harrabin, BBC environment analyst:  What is the responsibility of the landowner in a case like this? Well, it depends where you live.

In England a landowner is not responsible for a gamekeeper’s crimes.  There is no evidence that the owner of the prestigious Stody Estate, Charles MacNicol, knew about the poisonings. He wouldn’t tell BBC News whether he knew, or whether he condemned the killings.  The Scottish government has made landowners share the blame for gamekeepers’ misdemeanours. There appears to have been a significant drop in killings.

The RSPB wants England to follow suit but Defra says the evidence that the policy is working is not strong enough.  The RSPB is also calling for the Stody Estate to be stripped of government grants it has received for promoting wildlife.  During the trial Lambert claimed a dog walker with a grudge against him had planted the dead birds, but the district judge said his theory was “implausible”.

The Stody Estate is now being investigated by the Rural Payments Agency which could withdraw tens of thousands of pounds of subsidies if the estate is found to have been negligent, prosecutor Kevin Eastwick said.


Hundreds of birds of prey, including golden and white-tailed eagles, hen harriers and red kites, were shot or poisoned last year, a report shows. Naturalist and TV presenter Bill Oddie called on shooting industry leaders to help stamp out the illegal killing of birds of prey.


Raptor massacre, police blundering

Dave Thompson MSP (SNP: Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch) has called on Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill to undertake a review in to the police handling of the Ross-shire massacre investigation.

The police investigation into one of the most high profile mass raptor poisoning crimes in decades has blundered along for far too long and is fully deserving of public scrutiny, as is the accompanying police media strategy. Rather than providing clear and timely information, their strategy has been to release a series of untimely, misleading and wilfully ambiguous statements that have done anything but inform. Indeed, these statements have simply led to more and more outlandish speculation and a growing sense of frustration and anger. Given how keen Police Scotland is on “public accountability”, they’ll no doubt welcome a review of their handling of this case. Dave Thompson MSP is a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment (RACCE) Committee, who recently heard evidence from 2 senior Police Scotland representatives about the Ross-shire Massacre. It seems he was unimpressed with their answers. He said: “It would be useful if a full review of the investigation process was carried out. It would go a long way to allaying any fears the general public may have but also, in the interests of transparency, such a review would take away any lingering confusion about how these great birds of prey met their demise. “This is why I have written to Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill to request that a review of the investigation process takes place and why I will be making sure the Lord Advocate is copied into any correspondence on the matter“.  Police Scotland put out an idiotic press release stating that they could now CONFIRM that the 22 raptors illegally poisoned in the Ross-shire Massacre 7 months ago “were most likely not deliberately targeted”. It was an astonishing statement, not least because they had ruled out criminal intent before they’d even got a suspect.


Birds on shoots dumped

A reader of the Raptor Persecution Scotland blog photographed a Scottish estate.

He said: “We found a huge dump of badly decomposing pheasants and partridge plus many recently killed birds. The hillside is thick with them and the smell is really bad. There must be several hundred dumped birds“.  Interestingly, in a letter to the Daily Telegraph in Nov 2005 headed ‘Game birds for eating not dumping’, Tim Bonner of the Countryside Alliance said: “Every bird shot in Britain goes into the food chain, whether into participants’ freezers, or through game dealers into an increasing number of supermarkets, butchers, pubs and restaurants“.

Another embarrassing lie from the ‘custodians of the countryside’ exposed. Cue influx of buzzards, kites and other predators coming to feast on these rotting carcasses and then subsequent complaints by the game-shooting industry that predators are at “plague proportions”.


A South African company has been indicted in Alabama for selling illegal rhinoceros hunts to Americans and secretly trafficking in the endangered animals’ horns, which sell on the black market at prices higher than gold.


Wolves killed for prizes

U.S. land managers approved a recreation permit allowing a hunting contest open to children to take place on public lands, where contestants seek to kill the most wolves and other wildlife for cash and prizes. The hunting group Idaho for Wildlife requested the permit.


A Texas hunting club that auctioned off a permit to shoot an endangered black rhinoceros in Africa said it will cancel the hunt if a federal agency denies the winning bidder’s request to bring the dead animal back to the U.S. as a trophy. Corey Knowlton bid $350,000 at a January auction.


A deer hunter was shot in the buttocks after a fellow trapper mistook the kill he was hauling for a live animal. It happened in the Hudson Woods, 60 miles north of New York City.


Wild boar ‘hunt’ – Animal rights activists are up in arms about a form of “hunting” that is becoming increasingly popular in France that involves releasing a wild boar into an enclosure and setting Argentinian hunting dogs loose to chase and kill it.

Fans of the practice are believed to be coming to France from abroad to partake in the events, condemned as a ‘bloody spectacle from another age’


Japan has slashed its whale catch target in the Antarctic by two-thirds in a bid to resume its annual whale hunt that an international court ruled must stop. The Fisheries Agency said that in its revised programme, Japan seeks to catch 333 minke whales each year between 2015 and 2027, down from an earlier target of 935


Maasai land threatened by foreign hunters

We are elders of the Maasai from Tanzania, one of Africa’s oldest tribes. The government has just announced that it plans to kick thousands of our families off our lands so that wealthy tourists can use them to shoot lions and leopards. The evictions are to begin immediately. Last year, when word first leaked about this plan, almost 1m Avaaz members rallied to our aid. Your attention and the storm it created forced the government to deny the plan, and set them back months. But the President has waited for international attention to die down, and now he’s revived his plan to take our land. We need your help again, urgently. President Kikwete may not care about us, but he has shown he’ll respond to global media and public pressure. Please stand with us to protect our land, our people and our world’s most majestic animals, and tell everyone before it is too late.

This is our last hope.

Our people have lived off the land in Tanzania and Kenya for centuries. Our communities respect our fellow animals and protect and preserve the delicate ecosystem. But the government has for years sought to profit by giving rich princes and kings from the Middle East access to our land to kill. In 2009, when they tried to clear our land to make way for these hunting sprees, we resisted, and hundreds of us were arrested and beaten. Last year, rich princes shot at birds in trees from helicopters. This killing goes against everything in our culture. Now the government has announced it will clear a huge swath of our land in Loliondo to make way for what it claims will be a wildlife corridor, but many suspect it’s just a ruse to give a foreign hunting corporation and the rich tourists it caters to easier access to shoot at majestic animals.



Serbia: You Can Donate To Felix Shelter Via The Harmony Fund – Please Read On:

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The Harmony Fund offers a lifeline to so called “underdog” animal rescue squads across the planet. Our partners are the small but incredibly courageous and effective animal rescue teams who operate in parts of the world where funding is very hard to come by. Our supporters are helping us to dramatically impact the capacity of these rescue teams to touch thousands upon thousands of animals who might otherwise be unreachable.

Gratitude and respect are at the cornerstone of our relationship with our supporters. We do not expose our supporters to graphic photos of animal suffering or distribute dire forecasts about animal suffering. Instead we focus on a spirit of joy and determination as we pursue essential operations to provide food, veterinary medicine, shelter and protection from cruelty for animals worldwide.

Danica Mirkovic cares for over a hundred rescued cats, all taken from the streets of Serbia. Most of them have experienced great physical trauma. They know what its like to be cold, really cold, and most face chronic health vulnerability due to their former life. Do you think we can surprise this sanctuary with a delivery of fuel? PLEASE READ DANICA’s PLEA:


“We’re in a deep crisis. We’re desperately trying to raise $2,300 for the first tank of gas needed for the heat. We’re freezing in the meantime. We have no money to purchase heating fuel, and according to the weather forecast, a severe drop in temperature, violent winds and icy rains are coming in this week.

If we don’t succeed in raising the funds for the first tank of gas before snow comes, it’s possible that the gas truck won’t be able to push its way through because the snow usually makes most of the roads in this region impassable.

Harmony Fund was the first organization that has ever helped us significantly and frankly, I have no idea who else to turn to. When the snow starts to fly, we’ll be cut off from the rest of the world just like we’ve been every single winter so far. Without proper heating, it’s questionable how many kitties will manage to survive the upcoming long, cold months and live to see another spring. It’s a dire emergency and without your help, I doubt there’s much hope for any of us here” – Danica Mirkovic, Felix Cat Shelter

All donations today will be earmarked for keeping the cats warm. We’ll post an update tonight to let you know how much has been raised for the cats. Thank you and please SHARE.


Freddie felix shelter

Serbia: Dire Situation At Felix Shelter. Donations Required To Cover Heating Arrangements and Keep Cats Warm In Winter. Can You Help Please ?

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tok recovery




The situation for the cats at shelter Felix is getting critical – please help with a donation to supply Winter heating if you can.

Danica writes:

Honestly, things have never been worse. We’re desperately trying to raise 1.800 euros for the first tank of gas for central heating and we’re freezing in the meantime.

We have no money to purchase heating fuel and according to the weather forecast, a severe drop in temperature, violent winds and icy rains are coming in this week.

I have to admit I’m worried sick about all of the sick kitties that are currently freezing inside the house. The cats’ rooms in both parts of the yard are a bit warmer and the kitties are snuggling together to heat each other up but without proper heating, even those which are still healthy will get sick in no time flat.

It has never happened before, we usually begin to raise funds for the first tank of gas for central heating in early autumn but this year’s phase of shelter repairs has lasted forever and sadly this is the result.

And what’s even worse, if we don’t succeed in raising the funds for the first tank of gas before snow comes, it’s possible that the gas truck won’t be able to push its way through because the snow usually makes most of the roads in this region impassable.

I wish I had better news, but the overall situation is pretty dire.


Please give anything you can, no matter how small.  Do you know anyone or any organisation that can make a bigger donation to help keep the cats warm ?

Danica has worked so very hard to get the shelter into excellent shape; as you can see from many of our previous post.  But all the cost of the work has taken its toll – this is a shelter after all which relies on donations to survive and does NOT get anything in the way of support from the government.

All of this hard work must not be undertaken in vain – funds are urgently needed to keep the cats warm this winter.

Please give anything that you or others you may know, can.

Thank you.

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96

Some past (recent) posts associated with Felix and showing their excellent work for the stray cats:

Please try and help with a donation – thank you.

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96




Serbia / England / EU: EU Enlargement Commission Now Writes To Serbian Agriculture Minister Re ‘Nani’ Deer Asking For Dialogue With EPAR and SAV. We Now Wait To See What Happens !

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EU Enlargement Serbia



We can now give a small update on the Nani situation.

Firstly, we wish to thank everyone who has written in support of our Nani campaign.

As you can see from the letter above, the EU Commission on Enlargement has now written to the Serbian government regarding the situation of Nani.

Slavica at EPAR wrote a formal complaint to the Serbian government regarding Nani; and we also have written many times to both government and the EU Ambassador to Serbia.  In all cases we have been completely ignored and have been subjected to complete dismissal from the Serbian government and also the EU Ambassador to Serbia.

As the final paragraph of the letter to the Serbian Minister says;

“as a candidate country to the EU, Serbia is encouraged to apply best EU practices, such as engaging in dialogue with stakeholders, including NGO’s.  For this reason I would invite you to give this case your attention”.

We at SAV (England) and also EPAR (Serbia) are very keen to see what the next phase of events will be.  The formal charge and the evidence for Nani has been presented; both NGO’s have to date been fully ignored by the government.  They have also failed to take action against the police involved.

Now the EU has formally written to the Serbian government on the issue of Nani; we wait to see what the Serbian government do next.  It is after all, the Serbian government seeking EU Accession; and as requested by the EU Enlargement Commission, the government is invited to give the Nani case its attention.

You can read all the information presented to the Serbian government at:

PREVOD:Translation TO:  Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Belgrade – Office of the Minister, to conduct – Director of the Veterinary Department, to conduct

- Head of the Department of Republican Veterinary Inspection, to conduct and deliver – RVI of Rasina District, to conduct Chief Slavica Jovanovic 27.10.2014.god.


for the abuse of a tame fawn Nani in the pheasant farm of a Hunting Association “Cicevac” in extended period of time, as of 01.08.2014 when the same fawn was illegally confiscated by hunters and in assistance of Police Department Cicevac, from Dragana Mitic, street Luj Paster No. 6, Cicevac, who saved him from a certain death, where he grew the most critical two months of age and survived weighting only 450 gr. He was tamed while growing up, and therefore does not have and won’t ever have the status of a hunting wildlife (Article 4, paragraph 32 of the Hunting Law (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 18/2010) therefore Wildlife and Hunting Law can’t be applied on this fawn, and hunters were not allowed to take him, and the same fawn is subject to regulations and Article 2 page 1, paragraph 7 of the Animal Welfare Act (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 41/2009 ).

Bearing in mind that we have acted immediately (as of 08.08.2014 until 27.10.2014 after learning a tame fawn was taken away) and filed a large number of charges due to various abuses of this fawn, and abuse reflected in:

- keeping of a fawn in an unsuitable pheasant farm of a hunting association “Cicevac” that is not a registered facility, a shelter for the keeping of a large game where the hunting is prohibited, that the fawn is tame and in such circumstances in which the veterinary inspection has left her on 27.08.2014 and never checked upon her since then (27.10. 2014), she will never become an individual that can be returned to nature,

- that the fawn was sick or showed signs of the illness – more than once, due to bad and wrong diet and starvation caused by stress which she is constantly exposed to due to the inability to have peace, food, water and a place to rest, due to the negligence and mistreatment by all hunters who come to pheasantry for the rioting and revelry, especially on weekends,

- that Nani, the fawn received ecto- and endo parasites in dirty premises, inside the fenced area where the pheasants are being held and which hasn’t been cleaned for years nor there was a sanitation performed, that vet. inspection didn’t find appropriate to check out, at least for the sake of 600 pheasants which reside there,

- that the fawn is locked in a box sized barely 5m2, next to field latrine, where everything is terribly dirty, always without food and clean water and that she has been there longer, in a place where she could not turn around, nor lie on the dirty concrete, until Dragana Mitic found her like that and immediately reported to us how horrible conditions are under which Nani lives, that she is known to be hungry and thirsty and cries a lot and she even tried to jump over the dangerous fence where a huge nail is appointed on which she can injure and cut herself, and that they can’t approach her any closer, since that fence is much farther from the outer enclosure. We even reported that to PD of Cicevac and RVI in Krusevac, who did nothing,

- fawn Nani is a female and was deliberately locked inside a small fenced area with a goat, Cameroonian race who was in estrus, to be abused, and where the goat beat and chased Nani to exhaustion, while the hunters were amused. We reported this to the police as well, after which they were separated. Inspection in Krusevac barely condescended to respond to the call of the police, but for this particular case they did nothing except telling us that whenever hunters have “feast day (Serbian Slava)” the Laws of RS are suspended,

- that we have reported several times that the fawn Nani is being starved, that she never has clean drinking water, that she never gets bulky green food which is essential for digestion and proper rumen function, on what we have received an answer from RVI stating that the fawn is being fed with concentrate feed for lambs, which by the way Nani did not want nor did she eat. Then we realized the degree of ignorance we’re dealing with, that a veterinary inspector knows nothing about ruminant nutrition, or about the living needs of the young specimens of wild animals, and that such ignorance causes the lack of every treatment concerning the welfare of the fawn regarding starvation, deprivation of basic needs, both at the beginning and today. Additionally vet. inspection in Krusevac showed a complete lack of knowledge about regulations by which it should work and since there were also no proper actions from a Chief of RVI, Director of the Veterinary Department and the Minister herself, we conclude from numerous other examples, that for them a complete inaction, ignorance and violation of regulations from the veterinary field and animal welfare is a normal occurrence and that they actually don’t really know the description of their job and the laws by which it is regulated,

- we reported that the fawn resides in the fenced space, on the mowed lawn with uniform grass, that she has no grazing and no proper food, that the fawn is for a longer period either starved or inadequately fed, and that’s when she was dozed, cheerless, frightened by all events and the constant noise in the pheasant farm, that she is tired and short of sleep, which will only show its harmful effects during the winter, because in her critical period of growing up the fawn had no useful substances necessary for her proper growth and the body and rumen development,

- that, consequently, fawn’s well-being and physical and psychological condition was greatly compromised, her health and mental stability, because around her it has been shot with firing weapons, she has been visited by a lot of unknown people, pheasants were captured and later released back to the nature from the farm, there were sprees and rampages through the whole night after the hunt was over, slaughter of the animals, etc … etc …. a series of very bad actions that have adversely affected and destroyed and undermined all the good that has Dragana Mitic for two months achieved and brought this fawn back from the dead.

- that we have delivered you the document, a statement from Dejan Ignjatovic from Cicevac, that tells about the origin of the fawn, which was the job of a veterinary inspection and the police, and also tells the fact that the fawn was found in a comatose state, with no response to the human presence, abandoned by the mother and alone, and that Mr. Ignjatovic who was picking mushrooms in the forest took her out of compassion and brought her with him and gave her to his neighbor Dragana Mitic to try to save her, which surprisingly Dragana Mitic managed, because the survival rates of so young and small fawns are very low and only survive in conditions when they have someone to bind to, and accept the person who raises them as biological mother, which is also a rarity… The most common is that the fawns will not accept anyone and mortality rates are much higher than those who remain alive.

- if you do not know anything about this, we suggest you again with good intentions, to find and read the professional literature from the XXI century, that will broaden your knowledge about animal welfare, that is contained in the Animal Welfare Law, and according to which you must act and thus improve your work.

As we approach the period of winter and cold weather, and the fawn is in very bad shape, skinny, has weak hair, mostly scared and tired without the possibility to have its peace and shelter to rest and sleep, we are reporting this type of abuse as well and it must end, inspection must act, because all the events around this fawn in the previous period indicate a fatal outcome that will soon come!

In recent days of heavy rain, wind, cold, humidity, fawn Nani had nowhere to hide except in the dirty area where pheasants resided. She was outdoors constantly. In this space there is a lot of hazardous waste of every type. Besides pheasant’s excrement, there is armature which protrudes upwards, scattered beams that can ensnare fawn’s foot and crush it, she can get hurt on the sharp metal armature, on a maze of wires, etc… She is always more hungry than satiated, thirsty and as the days get shorter and as we go into the winter period, sun can shine, but it will still be cold. Therefore it is not acceptable that a fawn has no shelter.

Under the shelter we don’t consider any hazardous bunch of objects which abound in pheasant farm, see pictures attached – but a closed type of shed with wooden floor, with a thick bedding in which a fawn may lie down and sleep without a wind blowing from the door, yet the entrance area should be designed to shield the inside of the shed and prevent the entry of the cold air or rainfall. This is because the fawn is not moving, she is not running, does not eat, she is not happy, she is poorly fed, always hungry, has lost its weight, has weak hair and has stopped growing (she now looks the same and is in the same psycho-physical condition as the fawn Suzana was who disappeared the day before a hunting inspector was supposed to come) and it is unacceptable that over all Nani does not have a space where she can shelter herself from the rain and cold.

Veterinary inspection should order the Hunting Association “Cicevac” to do this, with the instant completion deadline!

Or to order the relocation of the fawn in accordance with Article 79, page 1, paragraph 2 of the Animal Welfare Law for her well-being and recovery, all in accordance with the principles of the Law and return the fawn back to Dragana Mitic who still wants to take her and has much better conditions to keep Nani than hunters in the pheasant farm have. She has a spacious courtyard of the 15 acres, where the fawn grew, and in addition, she will feed and take care of Nani much better than the hunters do now. Nani needs to recover from all that she has survived since 01.08.2014 up until now. This fact you can’t deny because we have plenty of evidence to show the contrary! Winter is approaching and with it come the various situations that can’t be predicted. The fawn can’t be left at the mercy of nature, closed in the fence where she even now doesn’t have the basic conditions for life, no food and water or anyone to bring the food and check out if she needs anything, except Dragana and her family who daily travel 6km to feed Nani which they won’t be able to do when winter comes.

At Dragana Mitic’s home, the fawn will comfortably and safely overwinter, recover and she can wait there the delayed and slow acting of the Minister, and that would be a reasonable treatment and the best solution for the fawn herself. All in accordance with Article 4 of the Animal Welfare Law.

Summary: At the time of confiscation, 01.08.2014 the fawn looked great, perfect, even the vets gave her 15 days more of her actual age. She was cheerful, she played and ran. She was in a great psychological and physical condition and that was all thanks to Dragana Mitic. Now after almost three months in conditions in which RVI Krusevac put her and forgot her, we have one ruin of the animal and that will be the further topic of our work.

Noting that the life which Dragana preserved is the only one that this fawn has, and her one and only small life was destroyed by the state authorities of the Republic of Serbia, although the Animal Welfare Law dictates otherwise!

In the very bad conditions lives the Cameroon goat as well (see photos attached – what you see in the picture as a makeshift boards is the actual shelter for her), but it can’t be a reason to kill her, rather the hunters should get her a decent space with a thick layer of bedding, where she could shelter herself from weather and cold, sleep, eat, have water that won’t freeze in the winter. The temperature in which goats reside C. The goat could also get transferred from the°shouldn’t be lower than 5 pheasant farm to Cicevac, in Milije Djordjevic’s home where he could take the care and custody over the goat until spring arrives.


According to the way of how the animals are being kept in this pheasant farm it’s not difficult to conclude that everything is done by violation of the regulations which directly goes at the expense of animals and their well-being.

To us it is more than clear now that out of spite veterinary inspection won’t comply with the law and won’t return the fawn to the family to which it belongs – yet it was obliged to do so according to the Article 79 of the Animal Welfare Law until the Decision of the Minister is reached. It would remove all the dangers for the fawn, but Ms. Slavica Jovanovic, the vet. inspector, Chief of RVI Krusevac, wants to leave this fawn to suffer as much as she can, to drop dead if it must, but defiance is defiance. Abuse of power is a dangerous and contagious “disease” and is transmitted. It expires after the period of more than 10 years, so she better not dream that she can get away from her responsibility in front of the law.

Defiance was always a bad craft, legal provisions oblige the inspection for proper actions and this is the last Charge for this specific case that we file in this form. Following is the insistence on the legal treatment by the Minister through everything we have provided so far, including the complaints on your work and then the following are criminal charges to the Republican Public Prosecutor, whom we will supply all the evidence and everything we wrote in elapsed time and to detail transfer your every (in)action and response, and to whom you will must, willingly or not, provide all that you did or didn’t do and the reasons for your inaction since 08.08.2014 until 27.10.2014., everything you didn’t want to provide to us, but we requested, yet you are angry and pouting because we only write you the truth about your illegal work, and that is only we insist on, everything that exists and that will be the evidence of your actions or omissions, and is defined by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia.

Also, we will not repeat this anymore: Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law requires lawful actions from the Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, and gives him a period of up to 30 days and that deadline is long over, because today is 88th day of abuse and suffering of the fawn and the family to which it belongs – without any progress. Not to mention the Article 76 of the Animal Welfare Law, according to which the Ministry was obliged to monitor the welfare of all animals on this pheasant far through the competent government veterinary inspection service, and that is not happening. The well-being of all animals in the pheasant farm in Cicevac is seriously impaired, as well as the safety of the citizens from infectious diseases, because the Hunting Society “Hajduk Veljko” doesn’t have a registered facility under Article 104 of the Veterinary Law, that is in force since 02.11.2005., as well as under Regulations which more precisely regulate this field, and for such violation of the law is responsible sloppy and non-working RVI Krusevac, ie specifically Chief of RVI Krusevac, who doesn’t apply and implement the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

If not to us, then Ms. Minister will have to explain to Republican Public Prosecutor’s Office why she didn’t act the way she was supposed to according to the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Act (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 41/2009), and, after all, with all its principles this whole law is aimed at animal welfare – while lady Minister violates the law. So when Minister can break the law, of course that the veterinary inspector will freely violate it as well – but thus they both make abuse of power because they allow acquisition of illegal material and non material benefits to others, and of course, for themselves they also provide a variety of benefits at the expense of the citizens and property of the Republic of Serbia in yet unspecified amount. In attachment we submit photos and part of our addressing to RVI Krusevac, and on the site you can see the chronology of the events since 08.08.2014 up until now.


EPAR – SERBIA OIPA / Alliance for the Protection of nature, animal and human rights

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Nepal: Gadhimai Latest – “The issue here is not just one festival, but also the direction people of Nepal and the human race is going”



SAV Comment

Please go to ‘Home’ on the top tab and then just scroll down to find several very recent articles we have covered on this brutality by people wanting to be viewed by the world as ‘civilised’ !!.  Some posts include information and contact details for all global Neplalese embassies should you wish to contact them.

Saturday 29th November

The slaughter continues

All photographs here via CIWF in London.


From the CIWF undercover investigator:

“We went towards the stadium and the smell hit us from some distance, the whole area was absolutely stinking, people were covering their mouths with fabric to try and mask it. One man emerged from the main stadium gate and vomited as we walked in.

The entire stadium ground was littered with severed buffalo heads and entrails, some of the stomachs had burst open spilling their contents over the ground which was covered in bloodstains and flies buzzed everywhere. It was a pretty gruesome experience, stepping over heads, tails, and animal guts strewn everywhere, with the blood-soaked red scarves which the animals had been wearing during the last, stressful moments of their lives, abandoned on the ground. As we left the main arena another helpless buffalo was led in and then decapitated”.



All photographs – CIWF 

Take action at:

Visit the CIWF website at   for more and a whole host of global farm animal issues.

Other links:

Very distressing footage of the slaughter in the name of religion:

“The issue here is not just one festival but also the direction people of Nepal and the human race is going

UK / Nepal: Brits lobby against visiting Nepal due to Gadhimai Animal Slaughter. Nepalese Minister Left ‘Speechless’ During Visit To London !

U Flag


Brits lobby against visiting Nepal due to Gadhimai


Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Deepak Chandra Amatya, who went to Britain last week to promote Nepal’s tourism, was left speechless when he was asked questions about animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai Fair.

Minister Amatya, who was there to participate in the World Travel Market 2014, was not just asked questions about animal sacrifice but was also handed over a petition signed by over 72,000 Brits.

He has reported about that to the President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office and the cabinet after feeling bad during his visit. Secretary at the Tourism Ministry Suresh Man Shrestha says Brits have been lobbying to advise British tourists to not visit Nepal due to Gadhimai.

This may seriously affect the Nepali tourism industry. A total of 42,300 British tourists had visited Nepal in 2012, and 35,600 in 2013.

Tourism entrepreneurs are expressing concerns stating that the campaign started by animal rights activists against animal sacrifice at Gadhimai across Europe can seriously affect arrival of European tourists.

They fear that fall in arrival of European tourists, who are considered to be high-spending, can seriously affect the tourism industry. Foreign missions in Nepal, expressing serious interest about animal sacrifice during the Gadhimai Fair, have also urged the government to stop slaughter of animals at an open space. Joanna Lumley, who has fought for rights of the British Gurkhas, had also publicly appealed to stop that some time ago.

“British campaigners have been urging Brits to not visit Nepal accusing Nepalis to be the most violent and cruel in the world citing Gadhimai. This is set to be the biggest setback for our tourism industry. We have informed all the stakeholder bodies and advised them about the issue,” secretary Shrestha adds.

He reveals that over 72,000 Brits have signed petition against sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of animals at Gadhimai and such campaigns spreading rumors about Nepal have also been held in other countries emulating Britain.

Constituent Assembly (CA) member from CPN-UML Rajya Laxmi Golchha on Tuesday had moved the Supreme Court to stop animal sacrifice.

The Gadhimai Fair is organized every five year and around 500,000 animals are sacrificed during the fair.

Ban on filming/photo

Secretary Shrestha reveals that the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has already directed Bara administration to stop any kind of filming/photography during the Gadhimai Fair.

“The ministry cannot speak about whether to allow sacrifice or not. But photos and videos of that has seriously harmed Nepal’s tourism and culture,” he states.

He says filming ban has been imposed this year as the foreigners have expressed concern due to the video filmed during the last edition five years ago.


It is not about the filming! It is not about doing it in an enclosed rather than open space! It is not about reducing the numbers of those innocents who are “sacrificed” from 500,000 to a lesser number!

It is about the unspeakable suffering of animals! It is about the senseless barbarism, the wanton cruelty, the horrific abuse of living, breathing, sentient beings! It is about the unacceptable and unconscionable “sacrifice” of animals to appease whatever god is worshipped…in an archaic, anachronistic practice that continues to be condoned and allowed by the governing officials of Nepal.

It is about an uncivilized custom/tradition that belongs in the dustbin of history…along with human sacrifice, child slavery and the subjugation of women, among many other injustices that persist out of ignorance, indifference, corruption and greed!

It is about a blight on the reputation of Nepal that will not go away so long as this aberrant horror persists.

It is long past time for this hideous bloodbath to end!

Citizens of conscience all around the globe say: NO MORE! THE KILLING MUST END ONCE AND FOR ALL!


SAV Comment – Until Nepal completely bans this archaic bloodbath under the pathetic name of religion; we will continue to speak out against it.  

The Nepalese tourist industry has a simple choice.  We wait, watch and see how they respond.

nepal 1


100,000 Animals Drowning Every Year in The Plastic We Throw Away.



100,000 Animals Drowning Every Year in The Plastic

We Throw Away

by Abigail Geer

November 29, 2014

With an estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of our oceans, our addiction to plastic is killing countless animals in some of the most horrific ways imaginable.

Considered by many as a threat worse than climate change, in a disturbing new report, leading expert Charles J. Moore, says that plastic is ‘choking our future in ways that most of us are barely aware.’

From takeouts and coffee cups, to toothbrushes and tires, plastic has become an integral part of human existence, but the real problem is where all the plastic that we throw out every day ends up.

Animals are the Victims of Our Throwaway Society

Plastic production has increased by more than 500% in the last 30 years, and with most people not giving a second thought as to what happens after they toss it out, plastic is taking over the ocean and threatening the animals that call it their home.

Huge garbage patches the size of Wales are forming in the world’s oceans, comprised of cigarette lighters, shampoo bottles, yogurt pots, plastic rings from six packs and much more. For hundreds of miles without end, Moore’s research vessel passed plastics of every description. During his trip Moore came across one of the most upsetting scenes he has ever encountered.

“I’ve seen many scenes in my work studying whales, dolphins and marine mammals, both uplifting and disheartening. But one of the saddest was the sight of a young grey seal pup in a colony on the idyllic shores of Cape Cod.

It was an otherwise healthy animal — but with a plastic strap looped round its neck — the kind you get around a parcel. Slowly but surely, as the animal grew, its noose would tighten.

As I looked at the animal, I could foretell its painful death, probably from starvation, as the seal became unable to feed.”

Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales and other marine mammals are dying each year as a result of eating plastic, just like the sperm whale that was recently discovered dead in Spain with 100 plastic bags inside its stomach. As if these figures aren’t shocking enough, experts also believe that more than 1 million seabirds are also being killed from ocean pollution, ingestion or entanglement.

We are the ones creating all this rubbish, and as such we share a collective responsibility for the deaths it is causing. We cannot shake it from our conscience by ignoring the situation or turning a blind eye; it is time to take responsibility and make changes.

What You Can Do To Help

The best way to stop plastic pollution in our oceans is to make sure it never reaches the water in the first place. Reducing, reusing and recycling is the way forward.

Take action today by following these steps to help cut down on your plastic use and protect our oceans:

Bring your own fabric bags to the store

Always choose reusable items whenever possible

If you need to use plastic, make sure you recycle after you’ve used it

Let businesses know that you want packaging that is fully recyclable

Host a clean up day where you get together with a group of volunteers to pick up trash at your local beach

Support and spread the message of organizations fighting plastic pollution


England: Oh; She Thinks I’m Putting The Cat Out !!


A classic from the late Marty Feldman.



Serbia: 28/11/14 – Small Signs That Tok Is Showing Some Improvement.

Serbian  Flag


tok recovery

28/11/14 – Tok update:

 Tok has finally begun to fight back a little and even eats on her own, although I also have to syringe feed her to make sure she’s swallowed enough food.

The problem is that she’s horribly skinny and weak, and her belly is still swollen, maybe slightly a bit less now. She’s receiving injections every day, eats RC Recovery canned food and is being given vitamin supplements.

We’re all aware that the prognosis is not promising, but even if just one out of ten cats with the same problem manages to pull through, we’ll do everything it takes to ensure she becomes that fortunate one.

For as long as she’s not suffering, which she doesn’t seem to be for the time being, we refuse to give up on her.

tok recovery 2


Nepal: 28/11/14 – First Info On The 2014 Frenzy Of Killings – Nepal Shames The World With Its Barbaric Animal Slaughter – List Of (Nepal) Embassy Contacts Given In Post Links.



ciwf ghad nov 2014

Photo from our friends at CIWF (London) – Nov 2014.

News In 28/11/14:

Dear Mark,

Our Investigators are today on the ground in Nepal, documenting what we believe to be the world’s biggest single-location animal slaughter festival. The Gadhimai festival takes place in such a remote area that our team are cut off from most forms of communication – but I have just received this short message:

“I’ve never ever seen anything quite like this and hope I’ll never ever witness it again.

The scale of the suffering is vast – before me lie the bodies of thousands of buffalo, staining the earth, and the soles of the slaughtermen’s feet, red. What I’ve seen can only be described as a massacre. These animals have suffered great pain at the hands of an army of unskilled men and this is just the start….thousands of chickens, goats and other animals are next up in this 48 hour frenzy of killing.

After documenting the horror I shut my eyes for a few minutes to escape the bloodshed but the air is heavy with a sickening smell of death and I know I’ll never be able to forget this event.”

Thank you to everyone who signed our original petition calling for action on Gadhimai festival.

We now need you to take action once more. Please, if you haven’t already, call on the Nepalese government to ensure this festival never happens again.

We’ll update you next week with more information from our investigators as they return from Nepal. The team faces a long journey back so it may take a few days to get their eye-witness evidence out to you.


SAV comments:     Nepal puts the world to shame with its killing frenzy

More info on the CIWF site at: 

If you wish to send a message about this to any of the Nepalese embassies around the world, then please use either of the following to find your own (home) contact details: 

Thanks – SAV.




Nepal: Religious Mass Slaughter Due To Start Within Hours. Take Action Below To Send A Clear Message To The Nepalese Government – Never Again !!




Photo – CIWF – Joanna campaigns to stop the killings

Our past posts from the last few years on this issue:



nepal 1

nepal 3

nepal 2

English group CIWF has investigators there now.

Compassion investigators have just reached the site of the Gadhimai slaughter festival in Nepal.

In a few short hours, the mass sacrifice will begin.

Join us and tell the Nepalese Government: Never again.

This weekend, the world will be watching as the Nepalese Government stands by and allows hundreds of thousands of animals to be brutally slaughtered.

The Indian Government has committed to stop animals crossing the border into Nepal, and we have pushed hard for enforcement of relevant legislation designed to protect animals and people within Nepal. As a result, we are hopeful that fewer animals will be involved in the festival this time around, but we sadly expect that it will still continue.

With just a few short hours to go, we now know that the Nepalese Government will not stop this year’s festival. But please, call on them to ensure this is the last time it ever happens.

Take action now by signing the letter to the Nepalese government via the following CIWF link:

Never again must this be allowed to happen.  India is doing wwhat it can, but the global campaigners must also play their part.

Act now please !

Serbia: 25/11/14 – Felix News.

Serbian  Flag



tok 25 11 1

Little Tok is seriously ill. She had been badly injured before she even arrived at the shelter, one of her eyes had leaked out and a part of her lip is missing. But now her abdomen is swollen, filling with fluid and the vet suspects she has FIP. A few days ago she had a high fever and has been receiving powerful drugs since, so right now her body temperature is normal, but she’s refusing to eat and seems to be giving up already. We all know there is no known cure or effective treatment for FIP at this time, unfortunately, but there’s also no definitive diagnostic test to confirm it’s actually FIP we’re dealing with. Knowing that Tok’s brother Tik was born with a deformed leg which had to be amputated, the vet has come to the conclusion there was something horribly wrong with the entire litter from the very beginning. Anyway, while there is life there is hope and even if this little sweetie is not much of a fighter, we’ll fight our hardest for her and do whatever it takes to save her if possible. Please consider donating towards Tok’s vet care! Our vet bills are mounting but this precious little girl needs all the help she can get! This tiny angel needs a miracle!

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96

tok 25 11 2

Tink’s trying to heal Tok with love…

 tak and tok 25 11

Tak & Tok

 Other recent photos:

tok sunday

Felix kittens

felix kitties 20 Nov 3

felix kitties 20 Nov 2

felix kitties 20 Nov


Mexico: Urgent 25/11/14 – Just 3 Days To Save The Remaining 97 Vaquita – Please ACT IMMEDIATELY – Message To Send Here In Post.




Photo – The Vaquita – Greenpeace

Today, you and I could save a species.

There are just 97 vaquitas left in the wild. But Mexican President Peña Nieto has the power to protect their habitat and save them – and he’ll be making his decision in just three days. Send an urgent message to him now and ask him to act.  

These rare porpoises are similar to little dolphins, and live only in the Northern part of the Gulf of California in Mexico. They’re shy and rarely seen – except when they are pulled up to the surface, dead, in nets. Destructive and illegal fishing are responsible for driving the vaquita towards extinction.

The good news is that we can do something about this – after all, we know exactly where it lives and what is killing it. In just 3 days, Mexican president Peña Nieto will consider new measures that could protect the vaquita’s home. Past measures have been insufficient and poorly policed. It is essential for him to now take strong action to ban all types of fishing and fishing gear that could affect the vaquita, and to implement effective oversight and monitoring.

Send an urgent message to President Peña Nieto now telling him to protect the vaquita’s habitat:  

The little porpoises drown when they’re trapped in the nets used for fish and shrimp. They’re also victims of the illegal trade in health food and Chinese medicine. Poor enforcement has lead to rampant illegal fishing for the prized swim bladders of the similarly-sized totoaba fish.

This generation has already seen the extinction of the Chinese river dolphin. Experts estimate that if steps aren’t taken now, the vaquita could be completely wiped out in three years. It’s time to stand up and demand action.

Send an urgent message to President Peña Nieto and tell him to act now before it’s too late: 

This little porpoise needs a big helping hand from all of us – I hope you’ll join the call!

With all my thanks,


PS This is about so much more than one species. What’s threatening the vaquita is also threatening oceans worldwide – destructive fishing, bycatch, and lack of control and enforcement. Let’s make a difference here and everywhere in our oceans:  




Let Bears Do It In The Woods !




Please support the excellent work of Animals Asia

Look at the wording from Jill below to see what a massive difference they are making !


bear words_NEW

Jill Robinson MBE


Jill feeding

Founder and CEO

Jill heads Animals Asia’s team of over 300 enthusiastic staff. She divides her time between mainland China, Vietnam and Hong Kong, and travels frequently around the world to give presentations at conferences and speak at fundraising events. A hands-on leader, she is involved in all major decision-making. She works with the vet and bear teams during rescues and health checks and advises closely on construction projects. She visits dog and cat markets and zoos and safari parks throughout China to document the abuse of animals, and visits hospitals and homes for the elderly with her own animal-therapy dog, Eddie, who was rescued from a meat market in China.

She writes her own blog, her own speeches and presentations, is a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines and a frequent guest on radio and TV shows. She has also co-written a children’s book about moon bears and co-written a number of scientific papers with Animals Asia’s vet team.

Born in the UK, Jill arrived in Hong Kong in 1985 and spent 12 years working in Asia as a consultant for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Repeatedly faced with scenes of widespread animal cruelty, Jill decided to introduce the concept of “animal welfare through people welfare” and founded “Dr Dog” in Hong Kong in 1991 – the first animal-therapy programme of its kind in Asia.

Jill founded Animals Asia in 1998 – five years after an encounter with a caged bear on a farm in southern China changed her life forever. Learning that bear bile could be replaced by herbs, she vowed to put an end to bear bile farming. Since then, Animals Asia has rescued 400 bears in China and Vietnam.

Jill is a Council Member of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies (WFCMS) Herbal Committee and shares her home in Hong Kong with her family of three dogs and five cats.


All above reproduced directly from leaflet by AA.






Serbia: 24/11/14 – Quick Overview Of Some Of the Latest At Felix Shelter.

Serbian  Flag





Dear all

Danica has  kindly contacted us today to give us an overview of the situation at Felix shelter.

So below is a short summary of events.  As you will see; keeping a good supply of gas (via large bottles) is the next big issue to ensure that all the cats are kept warm during the harsh Serbian winter.  If you feel you can donate any amount, then everything is always most welcome.  Donation links are given at the end of this post.

So here is a short summary of the current situation from Danica:

  • Many kitties are not feeling well, they must be affected by the weather just like we are, so the oldest, chronically ill and disabled ones are having a hard time.

  • Those with acute health problems are under treatment, but all we can do for the geriatric kitties, (we have quite a lot of them), is to feed them high quality food and give vitamin supplements to help them get through the day and stay with us for as long as they can.

  • Tik’s leg amputation surgery was performed a couple of weeks ago and everything went well, he was also neutered at the same time as I wanted to avoid the risk of putting such a young kitty under general anesthesia twice in such a short period of time. He’s been receiving antibiotics and had his bandages changed daily for a week and is recovering extremely well.

  • Unfortunately, his little sister Tok is seriously ill, and the vet suspects she has FIP. Prognosis is poor if he’s right but I still hope he’s wrong and I’m doing everything I can to help her.

  • Tufnica and Njanja look a little better although they’ve suddenly become picky eaters, which is not good as they are both very skinny. It’s not that they’re not eating, but their food preferences are changeable and I never know what kind of food they will be willing to accept.

  • Echo is still being fed Royal Canin veterinary urinary SO food, and I hope the surgical removal of her bladder stones won’t be necessary.

  • Morgan is slightly improving, he’s finally eating but his nose keeps blocking up despite the drugs he’s receiving that are helping to clear the mucus out. Whenever he sneezes droplets of blood are coming out of his nose but he seems to be breathing a little easier afterwards. He’s still under treatment and everyday’s visits to the vet are the norm already, but he’s a genuine fighter that refuses to give up and his chances are increasing with each passing day.

  • Tink was spayed a couple of days ago and everything went well although she had a little trouble waking up from the general anesthesia. Her wound is healing nicely, she behaves normally and her life is back into its cozy routine.

Now we’re trying to raise funds for gas for central heating, we should’ve begun weeks ago, but we had to finish the shelter repairs first. Not a day goes by without new problems…

With sincere thanks


PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96

















USA: URGENT Action Required By 24/11/14 – Help To Save America’s Wolves – URGENT !!



match wolves futurewolf_banner750


Hi all;

For the first time in more than 40 years, nearly every gray wolf in the Lower 48 could be stripped of protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service could announce its final decision to delist wolves any day now.

If they do move forward with delisting, it will mean they’ve ignored the recommendations of their own scientific peer review panel and leave wolves at the mercy of extreme anti-wolf state politicians, putting the recovery of wolves everywhere at grave risk.

We cannot let that happen.

I know that you and I both share the dream of wolf recovery, that’s why I’m turning to you.

Any donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doing twice as much for wolves.

I donated.

I hope you do too!



 wyoming wolf

We can’t let that happen.

With your help, we’re launching an Emergency Protection Fund for Wolves. Will you be among the first supporters?

To get the fund off to the strongest possible start, generous donors have agreed to match your gift, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $150,000.

Your support will help give us the extra resources we need to protect wolves where and when they need it most.

Our legal team is already gearing up for a monumental legal battle to uphold the law and restore federal ESA protection to wolves;

We’re stepping up our presence in battleground states like Idaho, where extreme anti-wolf politicians have caused the deaths of more than 1,400 wolves since 2009 and made a mockery of wolf conservation;

We’re going to states like California and Oregon, where there’s plenty of suitable wolf habitat, and where pro-wolf voices ring loud and clear;

And we are tirelessly organizing – in neighborhoods, online, and through the media – to make it clear to our elected officials that most Americans want wolves in their world.

Please be among the first to donate generously to our Emergency Protection Fund for Wolves. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $150,000 until 11:59pm EST on November 21st.

I want to be clear on one thing: Whatever happens in the coming days, this fight is far from over.

Thanks to you, in 1967, Defenders of Wildlife was the first organization to propose reintroducing wolves. In 1995, we were there when a new generation of wolves first set foot in Yellowstone National Park and the central Idaho wilderness. Every day since, we have fought in court, in Congress, and in statehouses across the country to make sure wolves get a fighting chance to survive.

With people like you at my side, I remain steadfastly optimistic.

Please help us today.

For the wolves,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife


match wolves future







England: Wheel Watching.



indoor dog

Felix kittens











Serbia: 22/11/14 – Little Tok is Seriously Ill.

Serbian  Flag

tok sunday




Little Tok is seriously ill.

She had been badly injured before she even arrived at the shelter, one of her eyes had leaked out and a part of her lip is missing. But now her abdomen is swollen, filling with fluid and the vet suspects she has FIP. :( A few days ago she had a high fever and has been receiving powerful drugs since, so right now her body temperature is normal, but she’s refusing to eat and seems to be giving up already.

We all know there is no known cure or effective treatment for FIP at this time, unfortunately, but there’s also no definitive diagnostic test to confirm it’s actually FIP we’re dealing with. Knowing that Tok’s brother Tik was born with a deformed leg which had to be amputated, the vet has come to the conclusion there was something horribly wrong with the entire litter from the very beginning.

Anyway, while there is life there is hope and even if this little sweetie is not much of a fighter, we’ll fight our hardest for her and do whatever it takes to save her if possible.

Please consider donating towards Tok’s vet care! Our vet bills are mounting but this precious little girl needs all the help she can get!

This tiny angel needs a miracle!

To help Felix with any support, please visit the web site and the blog at:





Serbia: 20/11/14 – Latest News And Photos From Shelter ‘Felix’.

Serbian  Flag



Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Taking everything into account, we came up with the brilliant idea to put up transparent window blinds (instead of those useless tarps we had) to protect the sheltered area beneath the roof eaves and also the newly made corridor below from the icy northerly winds so characteristic for Vojvodina – all the while nonchalantly ignoring the fact we have no money to turn our irrefutably good plans into reality.

The necessary materials have been purchased on debt and the work is more than half done already; once it’s finished, hopefully less fuel will be needed to keep the kitties’ rooms properly heated. Even if it doesn’t happen, all of the cats are obviously enjoying their new sheltered spaces and most of them are not just watchers, but they’re active participants and helpers while the work is still ongoing.

Read more on my blog:

 felix 20 Nov

The kittens which all recently arrived after having spent the first part of the lives living on a building site in Belgrade are all now safe and content at Felix shelter –  here are a few pictures of them.

felix kitties 20 Nov

felix kitties 20 Nov 2

felix kitties 20 Nov 3

Felix kittens

To help Felix with any support, please visit the web site and the blog at:



Thank You ! 



Australia: Shellharbour City Council – Keep Your Rodeo Out Of Town – This IS NOT Entertainment !





To :

Shellharbour City Council
) 4221 6111

Event organiser: Allan Cody

Quote: “The immorality of rodeos extends to the arrogance of the riders and their attitude to the animals, and to the way the audience is demeaned by watching such a tawdry spectacle.”

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I object to the rodeo being held in Shellharbour.
I am concerned about your involvement Changing community values regarding animal welfare.

Rodeos are an outdated and cruel ‘sport’ where animals including bulls and horses are provoked with spurs, electric prods and flank straps to display ‘wild’ behaviour!
There is a 1 in 4 chance that an animal will be seriously injured (including broken bones) and a 1 in 10 chance that there will be a fatality.

They are banned in the ACT, Britain and in parts of Europe and United States.
It is no longer acceptable to subject animals to considerable fear and stress in a rodeo environment for the purpose of ‘entertainment’

I respectfully urge you to end this rodeo.








Ireland: Fraudster shipped diseased cattle to Morocco.



SAV Comment

Criminals given police protection !!

Hunters have exported animals from the English port of Ramsgate for the last couple of years on the ‘Joline’ which is operated by Dutch exporter / haulier Mr. Onderwater.

ALL photographs are by V. Cameron and were taken at Ramsgate harbour, Kent, England.

16 2 2


16 2 5

Newspaper article link:

Fraudster shipped diseased cattle to Morocco

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

By Liam Heylin

Greed was behind a fraud by one of Ireland’s biggest cattle exporters which saw diseased cattle delivered to Morocco.

Paperwork indicating that the animals were healthy had caused potential reputational damage to the industry, a sentencing judge said yesterday.

Judge David Riordan warned he would impose a four-year jail sentence on David Hunter, aged 61, of Castlekeun, Mallow, Co Cork if a €50,000 fine was not paid by December 1, 2015, and a further €50,000 by December 1, 2016.

The judge said the potential reputational damage to the industry was “very serious”.

Defence barrister Donal O’Sullivan said he did not know if Hunter would be able to pay the fines which could put him out of business.

A co-accused Joan Stafford, aged 47, of 18 Nano Nagle Place, Killavullen, Co Cork, worked for 20 years for the Hunter family and it was claimed she was “brow-beaten” into taking part.

She was given a two-and-a-half-year suspended sentence and a 240-hour community service order on two charges.

Sgt Shane Davern said the Moroccan authorities discovered diseased animals exported by Hunter that had been certified as healthy according to the documentation in August 2011.

The sergeant said Hunter did co-operate with the subsequent investigation but he said there had been a dogged investigation by Department of Agriculture veterinary inspector Mary Cullinane.

The sergeant said that when Ireland’s total live exports stood at 400,000 cattle per year, Hunter was exporting 10% of that amount — 40,000 animals.

Sgt Davern said after 15 years without an Irish live cattle export to Morocco, serious efforts had been made by officers of the Departments of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs to establish the market.

The Moroccan authorities were particularly concerned about keeping out two bovine diseases, namely IBR and BVD.

A total of 120 cattle were exported to Morocco on June 30, 2011, by Hunter. Twelve of them tested positive in Morocco and had to be slaughtered.

Judge Riordan noted: “Mr Hunter, with the assistance of Ms Stafford to a greater or lesser degree, sought to circumvent the conditions attached to the importation of live cattle to the Moroccan market.

“In doing so they created a situation with the Moroccan authorities.

“It is hugely regrettable that after the efforts made by the Irish authorities to open up this market, that the likes of Mr Hunter would put those markets in jeopardy. They do create a difficulty and affect the national economy.

“These are crimes motivated primarily by greed. I see these offences as coming within the higher end of the scale in terms of deception.

“An aggravating factor is putting in jeopardy the live export market.

“Certification must have an integrity. The use of certificates in the manner described completely unwinds the system. It is hoped the Department of Agriculture has tightened up since 2011.”

Sgt Davern said there were three kinds of fraud involved:

Switching blood tests for healthy animals with those which had diseases;

Presenting documentation to give the impression some diseased animals were being kept out;

Changing a computerised form changing the word “positive” to “negative” in respect of animals for export.

The sergeant said that the system had depended on an element of trust.

Randall Hall BL said Ms Stafford lived in a council house and did not profit from what was done. He said she had felt brow-beaten into doing what she did.

But Sgt Davern said that she had a hands-on involvement and played a very important part in the process.

Both accused pleaded guilty at Cork Circuit Criminal Court to various charges.

Hunter admitted presenting cattle for export with false declarations on April 7 and June 30, 2011.

Ms Stafford pleaded guilty to a charge in 2011 in which nine animal tag numbers on a list were falsified to show they corresponded to disease free animals, and furthermore, on June 30, 2011, she used a list containing three altered cattle tag numbers.

 16 2 3

 16 2 13




Oliver Bear – News From ‘Animals Asia’. Farewell Brave Oliver.

oliver AA

Farewell brave Oliver bear  

Dear Mark,

It’s the news we’ve all been dreading – Oliver, our beautiful broken bear has died.

This much-loved and inspirational bear, who survived 30 years in a bile cage before his dramatic rescue, has died at our Chengdu rescue centre.

After four and a half blissfully happy years with us, Oliver had reached the end of the road, his condition deteriorating over the past few days. On Wednesday, our vets made the decision to euthanise him – and offer him a peaceful, respectful end.

Oliver died surrounded by those who loved him dearly – and with the sweet taste of strawberry sauce in his mouth.

This brave bear’s incredible will to survive and the joy he showed in the simplest of pleasures inspired so many to join our campaign. I know how much Oliver meant to you too, so we’ve put together a special tribute page in his memory. Click on his image to view.

Bear hugs,
Jill Robinson MBE Dr med vet hc
Founder and CEO

Animal welfare charity Animals Asia has announced it will mark November 12 each year as Oliver’s Day – following the death of inspirational brown bear Oliver.

Oliver captured the hearts of people around the world having endured 30 years on Chinese bear bile farms. He was kept in a tiny cage and subject to daily bile extractions for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

When rescued by Animals Asia in 2010, Oliver’s life was saved by roadside surgery to remove his gall bladder. Vets were shocked to find a metal coil embedded deep inside the brown bear’s organ.

Following news of his death, Animals Asia has been inundated with messages of condolence with supporters, volunteers and staff past and present sharing their Oliver memories and what he meant to them.  Many came to the movement for the first time having heard his story.


SAV Comment

RIP Oliver – now free from the bile industry and the suffering you endured through it at the hands of the human species for 30 years.  Finally freed to spend over four years with other humans at AA who cared so much about you and your welfare.

Loved in the end !

Close down everything to do with the bile industry – free all the bears !

Check out the brilliant work of AA at:

UK –


Australia –

China –

Vietnam –

Germany –

Italy –

Hong Kong – EN –




Serbia: Latest News About ‘Morgan’ – 17/11/14.

Serbian  Flag



Morgan arrival

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

When Morgan first arrived at the shelter at the beginning of September he was a skinny, weak and neglected kitten which was totally blind in one eye and his other eye was not in good shape either. And that’s not all; his left rear lower leg had been unskillfully amputated before I took him in, but we don’t know why or when.

Two weeks after his arrival he had eye surgery and we’ve been battling his eye infections ever since, unfortunately with no significant results so far.

Both his right eye (on which he had a corneal ulcer and a third eyelid flap surgery performed) and the hole that was left after his left eye leaked out are in horrible condition, with copious brown discharge and not even weeks of various powerful antibiotics have managed to clear up the infection.

Right now he’s in a serious crisis, he has a high fever and is receiving IV fluids and Longacef every day, aside from the eye drops and ointments applied topically to his eyes.

Can anyone please help with his climbing vet bills? Many of the shelter kitties have been sick lately and our debts are skyrocketing, but we simply can’t just watch Morgan struggling and stand by and do nothing.

This sweet boy that’s already been to hell and back certainly deserves every chance to keep the life he’s fighting so hard to keep!




Global: Down On The Farm – News From The Animal Food Industry.

down on the farm

If only !!! …..

03 November 2014

Book emphasizes animal welfare

China released its first animal welfare textbook for veterinary students on Monday, a move reflecting the country’s rising concern for animals.

Author/Organization: China Daily

Year: 2014

Where: China

Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, education, legislation  


03 November 2014

Parliament to debate religious slaughter

A debate on religious slaughter is to be held in parliament next week, following an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) report.


Year: 2014

Where: United Kingdom

Topics: legislation, religious slaughter, slaughterhouse/abattoir, stunning  


05 November 2014

Study Reveals Differences in Animal Welfare Training across Europe

According to a new study, the main differences in farm animal welfare education across Europe seem to be in the reduced number of hours of education, less interactive teaching and fewer courses in English available to students outside the North West of the region.

Author/Organization: The Pig Site

Year: 2014

Topics: education, training, welfare on the farm  


04 November 2014

Animal Welfare Institute questions US cattle handling

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has been sent a written appeal by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) requesting that it revises the association’s guidelines for the handling of cattle raised for beef, in the USA.

Author/Organization: GlobalMeat

Year: 2014

Where: United States of America

Topics: beef cattle, cattle, livestock, welfare on the farm  


03 November 2014

Protecting dogs and people in Kenya: launch of national plan to eliminate rabies

Kenya has become the first country in Africa to launch a national strategy for controlling and eliminating rabies.

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

Where: Kenya

Topics: animal health, disease control, dog population management, human health, public health  


14 November 2014

Consumers Demand Piece of Mind on Welfare, Says Study

Increasingly, but to different extents, consumers throughout the world want assurances that the meat and dairy products they are buying are safe to eat, nutritious and of good quality.

Author/Organization: The Cattle Site

Year: 2014

Topics: dairy production, food safety, meat production, standards, welfare on the farm  


13 November 2014

New Study on Animal Welfare Legislation

Increasingly, but to different extents, consumers throughout the world want assurances that the meat and dairy products they are buying are safe to eat, nutritious and of good quality.

Author/Organization: The Pig Site

Year: 2014

Topics: dairy production, food safety, legislation, meat production, standards, welfare on the farm  


13 November 2014

Animal Welfare and Sustainability Inextricably Linked

Animal production and animal welfare are inextricably linked with ethical, political, economic, environmental and social issues.

Author/Organization: The Poultry Site

Year: 2014

Topics: animal production, environment, ethics, socio-economical aspects, welfare on the farm  


13 November 2014

Should we allow non-stun slaughter?

A debate on ‘religious slaughter’ was held in parliament following an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) report. The debate focussed on nine recommendations made in the report entitled ‘Meat Slaughtered in Accordance with Religious Rites’.

Author/Organization: Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)

Year: 2014

Where: United Kingdom

Topics: animal stress/discomfort/distress, legislation, pain/injury/harm, religious slaughter, slaughterhouse/abattoir, stunning, welfare at slaughter  


12 November 2014

Major food players in Europe talk animal welfare

More than 80 leading European food companies came together to talk about animal welfare at our Good Farm Animal Welfare Forum in Paris.

Author/Organization: Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)

Year: 2014

Topics: dairy production, poultry production, poultry/chickens, standards, welfare on the farm  


12 November 2014

Animal Production and Health Division e-newsletter 103

Contents: 1) Animal Welfare at the Heart of Sustainability. 2) Review of animal welfare legislation in the beef, pork, and poultry industries. 3) Review of the Literature on Antimicrobial Resistance in Zoonotic Bacteria from Livestock in East, South and Southeast Asia. 4) Report on Antimicrobial Usage and Alternatives for Prophylaxis and Performance Enhancement in Pig Populations in East and Southeast Asia. 5) Towards a concept of Sustainable Animal Diets – Report based on the collated results of a survey of stakeholder views. 6) New programme to eradicate deadly livestock disease by 2030. 7) Good emergency management practice (GEMP) extends to Latin America and the Caribbean. 8) The biggest source of meat from livestock are pigs followed by poultry.

Author/Organization: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Year: 2014

Topics: animal health, beef cattle, disease control, emergencies, food security, human health, legislation, livestock, meat production, pigs, poultry production, poultry/chickens, public health, veterinary drugs, welfare on the farm  


11 November 2014

Update on the Animal Welfare Approved Program

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and the Trust for Conservation Innovation (TCI) are pleased to announce that the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) program has officially become a program of TCI’s “A Greener World” project, effective November 1, 2014.

Author/Organization: Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)

Year: 2014

Where: United States of America

Topics: farming, standards, welfare on the farm  


11 November 2014

Animal Welfare Commissioner appointed

Emanuel Buhagiar has been appointed Animal Welfare Commissioner.

Author/Organization: Times of Malta

Year: 2014

Where: Malta

Topics: animal welfare/general concepts  




RSS Feeds to SAV, and Romania Starts Action To Reduce Stray Numbers Through A No Kill Sterilisation Programme. TAKE NOTE SERBIA.

Firstly; we have had a few mails about some people who belong to the SAV RSS feed getting 3 or 4 copies of the same article from us, and can we do something to stop it.

Well sorry but NO; RSS is completely out of our control as it operates through Internet Explorer (IE).  We do not have a ‘name list’ or any list of people who are on the feed that we can delete, amend, whatever !.  This is a thing set up directly between the person and IE.

There is another way – you could scrap the RSS feed and just come directly to the SAV site now and again.  On the right hand side, directly under ‘Recent Comments’ you will find a section headed ‘Recent Posts’.  These are effectively the same as what you would be sent via the RSS feed if you belong.  You can just click on any of these to see our latest posts.


Now here is a link to an article which we REALLY hope that the Serbian government and authorities will take on board; especially the paragraph which reads:

“Since May, the clinic has sterilised and neutered a total of 640 dogs. This will avoid the birth of potentially thousands of puppies, who could have ended up abandoned and living on the streets of nearby towns.”

The very message we have been trying to get into their (Serbian, Romanian etc) heads for the past 10 years; and still Serbia wants to ignore the message by currently doing nothing !!

Maybe soon Serbia will be the ONLY European nation that still lets corruption rule it stray animal attitude, rather than implementing NO KILL control procedures for its current street animals.

Here is the article and link:

04 November 2014

Hundreds of dogs treated at mobile clinic in Romania

We have been working with Save the Dogs to protect dogs in a remote area of Romania

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

Where: Romania

Topics: animal protection, dog population management, stray dogs





England: ‘SOS for Serbian Animals’ – Please Take A Look !


SOS Jean

Photo – Jean SOS for Serbian Animals

Please check out the newly re-vamped website of campaigner friend Jean also from England.

Jean operates ‘SOS for Serbian Animals’, and is based in Leicester, England.

You can visit the new site at:

See pictures of Jean and Lindy visiting Jelena at Nis on

The photo gallery of Serbian dogs is at

If you need to make contact with SOS, then please visit

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England: Tansy Is Reunited With The Mountain Gorillas She Last Saw in England As A Baby





Photos – Howletts / Aspinall foundation

Being located in central Kent, my home county in England; I have had the pleasure of visiting Howletts wild animal park near to Canterbury on several occasions.

Howletts is not a zoo just for the endless keeping of animals in captivity.  It is devoted to the conservation of endangered species (such as mountain Gorilla) and it breeds them and later re-homes the animals back in protected environments in their home country.

We have an amazing video to share with you.

Chairman Damian Aspinall lovingly reunites his daughter Tansy with gorillas Djalta and Bims in Africa, 23 years after she met them as a baby at Howletts Wild Animal Park.

Click here to watch the video

The Aspinall Foundation in conjunction with Howletts & Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in Kent is devoted to the conservation of endangered species and returning them to protected areas in the wild.

Registered office: Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, Lympne, Nr Hythe, Kent CT21 4PD

Registered charity number: 326567
Phone: 0844 842 4647 Fax: 01303 264944 E Mail:

Web sites:

Back to the wild !!


UK Newspaper article link with many photographs:,2ZCO4,FPXO9,AQXY7,1  







England: Dogs Mouth !



dogs mouth

From the Dogs Mouth – 13/11/14


Hi all;

Well I think it best to simply say that the Nani situation at present is ongoing.  She is alive and is still held by the hunters.  We hope that this week may see some changes, but this does not mean that she will be freed !

As a Brit myself, living in England; a nation already in the EU, I know the whole subject of the EU and EU membership (accession) is a very major political football at present here.  Maybe the words ‘hot potato’ would be better !

It is not for me to say here what way I think the UK should go – do we get out of the EU club or do we stay in long term future ? – instead I will simply attempt to give a very brief overview on the current EU situation for all our non-EU friends and also for some EU citizens who may get to know more than they do already.

I will touch on how the membership of future states such as Serbia should go; what is required of them, etc, etc.  By the end I think you will have views one way or the other about the direction of the EU, and if it is good or bad. Has the common market that was for just a handful of nations now undergone a metamorphosis into a vast, uncontrollable being ?

So here we go; a few basics about the EU:


What initially started as a ‘common market’ for just 5 or 6 Western European nations, the EU has now grown to a group currently comprising 28 member nations.

Joining the ‘EU Club’

Becoming a member of the EU is a complex procedure which does not happen overnight. Once an applicant country meets the conditions for membership, it must implement EU rules and regulations in all areas.

Any country that satisfies the conditions for membership can apply. These conditions are known as the ‘Copenhagen criteria’ and include a free-market economy, a stable democracy and the rule of law, and the acceptance of all EU legislation, including of the euro.

A country wishing to join the EU submits a membership application to the Council, which asks the Commission to assess the applicant’s ability to meet the Copenhagen criteria. If the Commission’s opinion is positive, the Council must then agree upon a negotiating mandate. Negotiations are then formally opened on a subject-by-subject basis.

Due to the huge volume of EU rules and regulations each candidate country must adopt as national law, the negotiations take time to complete. The candidates are supported financially, administratively and technically during this pre-accession period.

The EU will continue to grow as an increasing number of countries express interest in membership. These countries can be divided into candidate countries and potential candidate countries. The former are in the process of ‘transposing’ (or integrating) EU legislation into national law, while potential candidate countries do not yet fulfill the requirements for EU membership.

Current candidate countries for membership include



The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia



You can read more about the membership status for each of the above by clicking on the link above and the following the ‘read more’ prompts.

Each member state of the EU is represented by MEP’s, or ‘Members of the European Parliamen’t, to give them the full title.  The number of MEP’s that any state has is complex, but depends on issues like the number of a nations population; geographical size etc.  MEP numbers for every nation vary – for example, the number in France are not the same as in the Netherlands – France is bigger and has more geographical regions to be represented.

You can see from the following link a map of all the current member states in the EU.

By using the following link you can select any specific nation that is currently in the EU.  Then …….

…. If you click on any nation of choice, you will then see a full list of all the MEP’s which represent that particular country at the EU Parliament.

Directly elected by EU voters every 5 years, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) represent the people. Parliament is one of the EU’s main law-making institutions, along with the Council of the European Union (‘the Council’).

The European Parliament has three main roles:

  • debating and passing European laws, with the Council

  • scrutinising other EU institutions, particularly the Commission, to make sure they are working democratically

  • debating and adopting the EU’s budget, with the Council.

Their Locations:

The European Parliament has three places of work – Brussels (Belgium), Luxembourg and Strasbourg (France).

Luxembourg is home to the administrative offices (the ‘General Secretariat’).

Meetings of the whole Parliament (‘plenary sessions’) take place in Strasbourg and in Brussels. Committee meetings are also held in Brussels.

Further information can be found at

Passing European Laws

In many areas, such as consumer protection and the environment, Parliament works together with the Council (representing national governments) to decide on the content of EU laws and officially adopt them.

This process is called “Ordinary legislative procedure” (ex “co-decision”).

Under the Lisbon Treaty, the range of policies covered by the new ordinary legislative procedure has increased, giving Parliament more power to influence the content of laws in areas including agriculture, energy policy, immigration and EU funds.

Parliament must also give its permission for other important decisions, such as allowing new countries to join the EU.

Directives and Regulations

The two main ‘rules’ of EU legislation.

A directive is a legal act of the European Union,[1] which requires member states to achieve a particular result without dictating the means of achieving that result. It can be distinguished from regulations which are self-executing and do not require any implementing measures.

Directives normally leave member states with a certain amount of leeway as to the exact rules to be adopted. Directives can be adopted by means of a variety of legislative procedures depending on their subject matter.

The following is a list of EU Directives:

A regulation is a legal act of the European Union[1] that becomes immediately enforceable as law in all member states simultaneously.

Regulations can be distinguished from directives which, at least in principle, need to be transposed into national law. Regulations can be adopted by means of a variety of legislative procedures depending on their subject matter.

For example, Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport (and related operations) should automatically be enforced by all member states as soon as it is created.  But unfortunately; some nations enforce the rules much more stringently than others.

The Regulation 1/2005 details the maximum journey times for each farm animal species; it defines space allowances for animals, as well as a host of other issues such as the construction and operation of transporter vehicles.  Just from my own live transport investigative work over the last 25 or so years, I know that the regulations are often breached in different member states.  Like anything, a law is only as good as the people that enforce it.  Turn a blind eye to the issue, and the rules are broken !

The European ‘Commissions’

The European Commission (EC) is the executive body of the European Union responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the treaties and day-to-day management of the EU.

Commissioners swear an oath at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, pledging to respect the EU Treaties and to be completely independent in carrying out their duties during their mandate.

The Commission operates as a cabinet government, with 28 members of the Commission (informally known as “commissioners”). There is one member per member state, though members are bound to represent the interests of the EU as a whole rather than their home state.

One of the 28 is the Commission President (currently Jean-Claude Juncker) proposed by the European Council and elected by the European Parliament. The Council then appoints the other 27 members of the Commission in agreement with the nominated President, and then the 28 members as a single body are subject to a vote of approval by the European Parliament.

The first Juncker Commission took office in late 2014.

Within the EU, animal welfare issues fall within the  ‘Health and Consumers DG’ – or Directorate General.

The Commissions objective with regard animals is “to protect and raise the health status and condition of animals in the Community, in particular food-producing animals, whilst permitting intra-Community trade and imports of animals and animal products in accordance with the appropriate health standards and international obligations”.

I hope this gives people an insight into the very complex structure of the U and how it is constructed.  It is not simple !

Personal Concerns

I write this as the founder of SAV and with some experience with Serbia and how the nation operates.  Much more can be told by Slavica, Vesna, Danica and others who are doing their very best for Serbian animal welfare.

Serbia is currently described as a EU ‘candidate country’.  A candidate country is supposedly currently in the process of ‘transposing’ (or integrating) EU legislation into national law.

Whilst there is no current legislation in the EU regarding specifically the welfare of stray dogs and cats; and boy have we tried to get it enough times in recent years !; this means to a degree that Serbia has nothing to work to with regard this particular issue on becoming an EEU member state.  The big difference anyway; between people say in England and people in Serbia, is that in England, most citizens automatically have their pet sterilised when they first acquire it.  By doing this it automatically helps to then keep dog and cat animal numbers to a level which is largely controllable.  Sterilised animals don’t produce yet more baby animals which nobody wants.  Yes there are shelters in the UK which have dogs and cats needing homes; but there are not towns and cities across the land which are full of stray animals.  This shows that really, sterilisation of animals at an early age helps to keep numbers lower in the long term.

In my experience, sterilisation is not generally the ‘norm’ with owned pets in Serbia.  As a result; ‘owned’ (animals with homes), but also largely un-sterilsed pet animals are often turned out onto the streets each day by their owners; where they simply meet up with free roaming and very un-sterilised stray / street animals.  They all have a good time during the day, and hey bingo; it ends up with yet more stray animals being born to yet another life on the streets.  You only have to look at the pyramids produced by our friends at SpayUSA below to get an idea of how many extra animals are ‘produced’ over a lifetime by just one un-sterilsed pair of animals.

Take a look !


What do the government and local Serbian authorities do in their efforts to control the ‘problem’ of to many animals ? – they simply think that by rounding up and killing animals in pathetic so-called ‘shelters’ (actually providing anything but shelter) is the one and only answer to the situation.  It is not.  For many years we have seen welfare groups from EU nations going to Serbia and undertaking free sterilisations for many stray / street animals in an attempt to gradually reduce stray / street animal numbers.  These same animals are then subsequently all fitted with an easily identifiable tag (usually a red button ear tag) to tell the shinters, or dog catchers of an authority, that these animals have actually been sterilised, will not produce and more offspring; and as such they should be LEFT ALONE.

Shinter 1

But what do the shinters do ? – they ignore the obvious ear tags, still round up the animals; haul them off to the local pound where they are kept in the most disgusting conditions until they are killed.

What good is this to EU welfare groups who travel to Serbia in an attempt to part rectify a problem of stray animal numbers ? – it is not any good when you are up against authorities who adopt this mentality thinking; for animal welfare groups investing both time and money in an attempt to part rectify an issue, it is nothing but an all round waste of their resources.

As for the Serbian regional authorities; they are usually paid a kind of ‘quota payment’ by government in relation to the numbers of animals they kill to ‘resolve’ the stray problem.  The more they capture and kill, the more money comes their way from Serbian taxpayers.  The capturing and killing of stray / street animals is a very big and profitable ‘business’ for those who control it.  The rule of thumb seems to be; forget any of your EU tagged animals; if you can catch it; bring it into the pound and kill it, then you are providing a ‘service to the nation’ by removing animals from the streets; for which you will be very well financially rewarded.  Authorities can wrongly inform their citizens that are undertaking the necessary job of removing strays from the streets; whilst the government rewards them for doing this – thereby encouraging more of a kill frenzy all the time.

At the same time authorities are getting their money for the months kill totals; round the corner, un-sterilsed strays are meeting up with ‘owned’ but un-sterilised pet animals to produce yet more newborns which can grow up as street animals; only eventually to be rounded up and killed in the constant authority cycle – thus bringing in yet more money to the people who control this authority kill policy / mentality; the people who are allegedly ‘doing their bit for the nation’ by attempting to (very wrongly) control stray animal numbers.  A kill policy is not a control policy; quite the opposite.

By killing off as many strays in their region as they can with the full support financially from national government, stray numbers may be seen to reduce for say a week or so.  But killing animals simply creates a void in the area into which animals from outside are even more attracted.  There is maybe the prospect of getting more food in another place; they can reproduce and make even more baby dogs and cats; and also; something which the authorities seem to overlook; the biosecurity issue.  Strays coming into a new area may bring with them sickness and disease which has not been experienced with the now dead strays that once lived there.

Have we not told the UK government about this and their policy of killing badgers ? – areas free of Bovine TB are suddenly found to have it because of the badger killings, badgers have up-rooted and moved off into new areas; taking the disease with them to an area which up until them was disease free !

Sorry, but this attitude and approach as we see in Serbia by the authorities of simply killing everything (for financial reward) does not work and will never work. 

Instead, regional authorities should be firstly undertaking an education of its citizens to stress the importance of having their own (owned) pet animal sterilised.  Instead of the never ending amounts of tax payers money going into continually killing stray animals in areas throughout the country; authorities across the country should instead be investing all or most of this money into both education programmes and also, and more importantly; cheap or free sterilisation programmes for owned pet animals and also stray animals.  If money can be put into the sterilisation of stray / street animals in the region rthe rthan simply owned pets, then better still !  an all round ‘win-win’ situation for animal owners and also for the long term gradual reduction of stray / street animals.

But unfortunately, NOT a strategy / policy that keeps the finances rolling into the pockets of the few who run this current policies of killing everything.  A gradual reduction in the number of animals is NOT what they want; far from it.  Instead, they want for a never ending supply of stray animals which they can fill their pounds with; then kill and thus be paid for by the government for keeping ‘the stray animals issue under control’.  Non sterilised animals produce yet more new animals; and more new animals can then be rounded up and killed to bring yet more money into the authority purse.  This is the one way blinkered view of Serbian regional authorities !

This ‘authority’ approach certainly never reduces stray animal numbers; it only makes the corrupt and well lined pockets of those who run these kind of ‘control programmes’ fatter on a daily basis.  I am sure they all look forward to the day each month when they are provided with a cheque for their monthly kill total from the national government.

For the last 10 years I and many others have lost count at the number of times we have tried to state this way of incorrect thinking to Serbian authorities.  Where has it got us ? – nowhere; the ‘corruption cycle’ of making money from the number of animals killed each month simply goes on and on; and this is especially annoying to people such as ourselves, who care about animal welfare and can see from our side of the fence a valid and long term strategy to gradual animal numbers reduction using a NO KILL policy.  Sterilisation yes, Kill no.  Killing is not the answer; but in the Serbian authority case; it provides some with a lot more money to feast on from the taxpayer; so that my friends is the way it has been, and probably will continue to be; regardless of Serbian EU membership or not.

How do you put it ? – something like “Serbian corruption rules ok” !!!

And one more thing; we have for many weeks been covering the issue of Nani deer on this site.

As I have said above, in “Joining the ‘EU club’” – Becoming a member of the EU is a complex procedure which does not happen overnight. Once an applicant country meets the conditions for membership, it must implement EU rules and regulations in all areas.  Any country that satisfies the conditions for membership can apply. These conditions are known as the ‘Copenhagen criteria’ and include a free-market economy, a stable democracy and the rule of law, and the acceptance of all EU legislation, including of the euro.


As you can see in many of the posts associated with ‘Nani’ deer on the SAV site; the Serbian Minister of Agriculture, who should have acted and prosecuted with regard Nani a few months ago; still does absolutely nothing !

So much for the ‘rule of law’ being enforced by an EU candidate country when the government Minister cannot even abide by the rules and regulations of her own country.

Finally, in my home Borough in England; the ‘Borough’ being the local regional authority of government, we have this very week seen the 500th dog microchipped for free in the borough.  Free to dog owners but funded by taxpayers -but progressive animal welfare – and I do NOT  have any problem with my tax going into this kind of policy.

Here is a copy of the local newspaper article on the subject.

500th free chip_NEW

The borough has been awarded the RSPCA Animal Welfare Footprint Gold Award for its work with stray dogs and animal welfare – both issues to be proud of.

Note also that in 2016 it is going to be a legal requirement that all dog owners have their pets microchipped.  This is simply that any lost dog can then be returned to its owner rather than having to go to a local kennel and being put up for adoption.

There are no; or sometimes very few dogs wandering the streets of my borough.  If they do, they are rounded up, identified by their microchip and returned to their owner.  If not currently chipped, they go to the local kennel and are put up for rehoming – where they are chipped before going to their new home.

Why cant this type of attitude and approach to animal welfare be adopted nationally by the Serbian government ? – As said previously; why does the government not invest the money given to dog catchers / killers into providing a reduced or free service re chipping and sterilisation to the good citizens of Serbia who pay taxes into what appears currently to be a corrupt, bottomless pit of animal abuse and suffering.

Is this the future for the EU and new EU member states ? – who has it right and who has it wrong ?

The decision friends can be weighed up and decided on by you.  The Serbian government will not listen to you anyway, but that does not stop you having an opinion  …………..

I now close my case in defence of the stray animals of Serbia.

Regards Mark – the ‘Dogs Mouth’.

 dogs mouth






Serbia: Nani Update 13/11/14.

Serbian  Flag


Nani update 13/11/14.

Nani is still held by the hunters and we have still heard nothing from the Serbian Agriculture Minister who was supposed to make a decision on this issue months ago.

Serbian campaigners have been in verbal communication with the hunerts, asking for up to date photographs of Nani.

The President of Hunters Society  `Hajduk Veljko`, Cicevac  , Milija Djordjevic, promised to send Slavica some up to date photos of Nani.  True to his word, these arrived on 12/11 but due to their file size, have had to be resized.  You can see them in this post.

The President of the hunters society also promised to make a winter shelter for Nani and the small goat, in addition to promising to improve their nutrition by supplying them with more green food.

This below is the hunters facility which is adjacent to the barren land on which Nani is kept.


The fact that there is now talk by the hunters about constructing a ‘Winter shelter’ obviously gives us the impression that there is little hope of Nani being released.   The government Agriculture Minister continues to fail to intervene or act in this case.

Quite what the hunters are hoping to achieve by keeping a young deer imprisoned in a facility with currently no shelter and a very poor diet simply defeats us – what are they achieving by it we ask ? – but then that is hunters; not any point to most things that they do, one could say !


There has recently been very little communication from the Mitic family who had nani taken from them and given to the hunters.  As Nani is our prime concern and her welfare is very important to us; this is why initial communication directly with the hunters had to be undertaken.  There was no other option really to be able to keep track of Nani’s situation other than direct contact.

As you can see in the photos of 12/11/2014. received from the President of the Hunters Association, Nani is looking ok considering her ordeals.

The condition (marks) seen on her back have now been identified as a transition from a summer to winter coat.  This is good news, as without any form of current shelter or protection from the elements, Nani needs as much of her own ability to keep as warm as she can.


Despite the welfare groups hatred and objections to everything associated with hunting; communication with them is currently the only way to keep track of Nani and to ensure that her welfare is paramount.  Because of this it is currently necessary for welfare campaigners to communicate with the hunters to at least get updates on the situation of Nani.


As is usual, there is not a word from the Serbian Minister who should be controlling the issue.

So much for a government Agriculture Minister who does not appear to care about the welfare of animals  !

Serb Minister 1



Serbia: Latest (12/11/14) From Shelter ‘Felix’.

Serbian  Flag


Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Tempe, just a little husky :)


Tik had his bandages removed last week and his recovery is going extremely well

Tik bandadge removed

Little Morgan arrived at the shelter at the beginning of September, he had his eye surgery two weeks later and we’ve been battling his eye infection ever since, unfortunately with no significant results so far. Both his right eye (on which he had a corneal ulcer and a third eyelid flap surgery performed) and the hole that was left after his left eye leaked out are in horrible condition, with copious brown discharge and not even weeks of various powerful antibiotics have managed to clear up the infection. An antibiogram is being done now in the hopes we’ll finally find out what kind of problem we’re dealing with. If Morgan can see anything out of his right eye at all, we’ll do everything we can to save it. Once his eye infection is resolved, he’ll have a thorough, full check-up in order to establish if he’s even capable of enduring another surgery. He’s grown quite a bit, put on some weight and looks and behaves normally, except for the persistent eye infection. Should luck had been on his side he would’ve been fine by now, but sadly he’s not even half way through.

Morgan post op


Serbia: Please Give Whatever You Can (Even $1 helps)

Here is the YouCaring site link which enables you to donate money directly to help this cause. 

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96









England: Orphaned Foal Finds Comfort in Giant Teddy Bear After Rescue.



Orphaned Foal Finds Comfort in Giant Teddy Bear After Rescue



Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 Favorite. It was originally published on June 14, 2013. Enjoy!

Breeze sleeps with a teddy bear. That isn’t so unusual — except that Breeze is a horse.

A foal, to be exact. Within hours of his birth, his mother disappeared. He tried to nurse from other mares to no avail. By the time rescuers reached him on May 24th, he was in severe shock and dehydrated; he collapsed.

The baby could not get his mother’s colostrum, which, “to a newborn foal…can mean the difference between life and death.” It contains vital antibodies that protect the foal until his own immune system kicks in.

The Mare & Foal Sanctuary rescued Breeze from Dartmoor Hill, in England’s Devon County, after getting a call from a concerned farmer. They gave Breeze colostrum drips, as well as a saline drip, milk and medicine.

But medical care wasn’t all Breeze needed. He was all alone and needed comfort and contact, like any baby.

So the sanctuary put out a call for donations of oversized stuffed animals. The sanctuary’s executive director, Syra Bowden, said they “always give our orphaned foals a giant cuddly toy as a companion; they’re just like human babies in the way it provides them with comfort.”


Britons stepped up and sent a deluge of gifts.

From among the spoils, Breeze selected Buttons, a four-foot-tall teddy bear, as his favorite. He likes to sleep in the bear’s lap, especially “during the brief periods when his carers are not present.” The extra stuffed animals will go to future rescued orphaned foals.

Bowden said that Breeze is feeling much better. “He’s now suckling well and feeding every hour; he even tried to have a little canter and buck in his stable over the weekend. However, he is not out of the woods yet.”

Breeze’s other cuddly companions include Reuben and Rudy, two plush dogs.

To keep tabs on Breeze’s progress, visit the Mare & Foal Sanctuary’s website

Read more:



Englishman In New York.

Englishman In New York

Be yourself, no matter what they say !

England: Introducing ‘NFWS’ – The National Fox Welfare Society.



I need to inform you about an English organisation which I have been supporting for many years.  I am a ‘Foxaholic’;  They are the ‘National Fox Welfare Society’ (NFWS).

NFWS.jpg 2

Photo – NFWS.

They have a brilliant website which ranges from giving advice and help to suffering animals – ; a free cage trapping (of ick animals) service by specialist volunteers; has some brilliant T Shirts and other merchandise –  ; as well as a host of other goodies.

Please visit the site at the following and see for yourself:

Website –

Facebook -

By sending out mange treatment free of charge and offering advice on the mange treatment of any vulpine (fox) – , NFWS get a picture of where in the UK foxes are suffering from Sarcoptic Mange. NFWS want to try to do is get a monthly snap shot across the UK of the overall health of the UK fox population.

A free newsletter is also provided to supporters of the organisation.

After seeing the good and bad times of this dedicated crew, it is great to see martin’s dreams now come true – “My dream of helping foxes across the UK over 20 years ago is now a reality each and every day of the year, thank you all”.  Martin.

In their own words:

Welcome to the National Fox Welfare Society’s Website (NFWS) A site dedicated to the welfare of the UK Fox Population

Thank you for visiting our site and if you have any comments, suggestion or questions please email us here. Or send us an email at .

We are a completely voluntary organisation that has been running now for over 20 years, dedicated to helping the Red Fox in the UK by providing rescues for sick and injured foxes, free treatments for foxes suffering from Sarcoptic Mange, free mange treatment advice,, cage traps for critically sick foxes though still mobile.

All our rescuers, Cage trap setters, fox cub fosterers, release site providers are all voluntary, so if you can help either financially by way of a donation or by joining our Society, this would greatly help our vital work continue. Furthermore if you are able to help hands on, please click on the appropriate link  below. In anticipation of your support, we thank you.

We at SAV support the work of this dedicated crew 110% – please visit the site and enjoy their host of excellent goodies and advice on vulpines whenever you can.

Mark (SAV).

USA: ‘Killing Contests’ That Target Pregnant Females Threaten to Wipe Out This Graceful Ocean Animal.



Photos – Facebook

SAV – You have to be a real man to go out and kill pregnant females for your ‘kicks’. 

In the UK they are known as ‘Sicko’s’.  But then all hunters are !

‘Killing Contests’ That Target Pregnant Females Threaten to Wipe Out This Graceful Ocean Animal

Scientists fear the hunts will decimate the cownose ray before they can learn of its role in the marine ecosystem.

December 16, 2014 By Erica Gies

Erica Gies is an independent journalist who writes about the core requirements for life—water and energy—from Victoria, British Columbia, and San Francisco.

Each summer, bow fishers pack their beer and bravado and launch themselves onto Chesapeake Bay, competing to shoot the largest cownose rays, which they typically don’t eat.

Usually a team of about three people shoot from a platform at the back of the boat when the rays are mating. “You can see these rays skittering across the water, and then they’ll settle into a euphoric state with their wing tips out of the water,” said Robbie Bowe, organizer ofBowes & Arrows Skate Shoot and owner of an archery shop in Woodbridge, Md. “The object is to run your boat up as fast as possible and shoot ’em while they’re right on top.”

Last May, a man on a beach posed proudly with 26 dead rays, a crossbow in his hand, in a picture posted on the Tilghman Island Cownose Ray Tournament’s Facebook page. “Declare war on the rays” reads a comment.

Most killing contests are in June, when the rays have returned from the Gulf of Mexico to the Chesapeake to mate and give birth.  The biggest rays are pregnant females, and they are the contestants’ prime targets.

“It’s the luck of the draw when a man shoots it and it’s a female: A lot of the times before they get to the scale, the pups are already coming out,” said Bowe. “They try to retain the pups inside to get more weight.”

 “When I started the tournaments, I didn’t have any limit and guys would come in with their boats overflowing with these things,” added Bowe. “And I said, this is not a good thing. Some of the ‘anti’s’ would see this carnage and say, ‘Oh no, they’re going to decimate the population.’ ”

That is exactly what scientists fear.

Since many slaughtered rays are dumped at sea, no one knows how many are killed. Neither Virginia nor Maryland, where most kill contests are held, impose limits on fishing rays. Bowe’s contest saw 150 participants last year, and another contest in Virginia, Amazon Rain Chicken’s Chesapeake Bay Stingray Tournament, saw about 120 participants last year with team names like Death From Above and Bloody Decks.

The kill tournaments may seem like a throwback to the bad old days before people understood the role individual species play in the ecosystem.

But animals that people perceive to be a problem—such as wolves, coyotes, foxes, squirrels, and rattlesnakes—are still targeted in killing contests across the United States.

The “smiling” Atlantic cownose rays that “fly” gracefully through the water may seem an odd focus for such bloodletting. But shellfish farmers blame the rays for decimating their harvests. It’s an idea supported by the state of Virginia, which for several years has been trying to jump-start a seafood market for the cownose ray. Its campaign “Save the Bay, Eat a Ray” conveys the idea that the native rays are harming the ecosystem.

That supposition, however, is not supported by science, and it could be devastating for the rays—and possibly other creatures in the ecosystem.

When the Atlantic ray’s close cousin, the Brazilian cownose ray, became popular for export, it was quickly overfished and is now listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

It’s that history that alarms scientists. Cownose rays are extremely slow to reproduce, taking about seven years to mature. Females usually give birth to a single live pup after an 11-month gestation period.

“Cownose rays have been a convenient scapegoat for the insults that we’ve brought on a lot of these shellfish populations in the past,” said Dean Grubbs, a research biologist at Florida State University, referring to overfishing and pollution.

Yet people in the shellfish industry argue that cownose ray populations are booming in the Chesapeake, citing the reduction of their key predator, sharks, and changes in shrimp trawlers that allow non-target animals like rays to escape.

In fact, several local species of sharks have recovered since strict fishing limits were imposed in 1993, said Grubbs. And due to the rays’ extremely slow breeding cycle, they’re not capable of a baby boom. A paper he’s not yet published found that, with no fishing, the cownose ray population would increase just one percent annually.

And while rays do sometimes eat young oysters and bay scallops, several studies conductedacross their rangeAlabama, North Carolina, and in the Chesapeake Bay—have shown that those creatures make up a tiny minority of their diets.

Robert Fisher, a fisheries and seafood technology specialist at the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences, wrote a report for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in 2010 that found that oysters accounted for no more than 8 percent of the cownose rays’ diet in Chesapeake Bay.

The public’s confusion about their biology endures in part because the science has lagged, primarily because people historically have not eaten rays.

As a result, ray fishing is completely unregulated, said Matt Ajemian, a research biologist at Texas A&M’s Harte Research Institute in Corpus Christi.

Ajemian last year gathered together scientists who are ray experts to review existing science and figure out what additional research is needed. The experts signed a resolution calling on Virginia state officials to set catch limits, convene experts to estimate the ray population, and initiate a science-based conservation plan.

“The main goal is to prevent a disaster,” said Sonja Fordham, president of Shark Advocates International. “Starting with Virginia made sense because that’s where an interest in developing the market has been centered.”

The Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last several years to try to develop a market for cownose rays.

“The texture and bite of it is not like fish; it’s like veal, flank steak, or pork,” said Mike Hutt, director of the Virginia Marine Products Board, who has promoted cownose ray chow at trade shows in Europe and Asia. “And it’s high in protein.”

That worries biologists.

Although the market has been slow to gain traction, if that turned around suddenly, “you could be in big trouble before you know it,” said Fordham. “We have no idea of what would be a sustainable catch.”

However, coming up with a sustainable catch number is a policy catch-22.

“There is not a fishery,” said Rob O’Reilly, chief of fisheries management with the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, “and that’s why there are no guidelines.”

In other words, until the ray is being fished in significant numbers, the state won’t set limits.

That backward policy could land the ray in trouble. In his 2010 report, VIMS researcher Fisher wrote that scientists need to figure out a sustainable harvest before a market for rays really takes off.

But local oyster farmer Lake Cowart said his 47 years of experience on the bay are enough for him to know that cownose rays are preying on his oysters.

“I’ve seen them on the beds and damage done,” said Cowart, owner of Lottsburg, Va­.‑based Cowart Seafood Corp., citing tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of seafood lost overnight.

Due to human overfishing, most oysters are now farmed. Cowart’s business started using aquaculture cages to protect the oysters from rays in 2005. They are effective, he said, but capital and labor intensive. “We’ve invested well over $1 million,” said Cowart.

As for the bow hunting tournaments, they are scheduled to return again in June, during prime mating and pupping time

They want to kill them while they’re still pregnant,” said Grubbs, the Florida State research biologist. “They’re getting a two for one in their mind,” he said, echoing a sentiment expressed on tournament chat boards.

“I’m a hunter and a fisher,” he added, “and I can tell you, it takes zero skill to kill a cownose ray.”


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