England: SAV Now Commences Action With The EU Commission Regarding Live Farm Animals In Transport – Sample Letter To Copy and Send.


All photographs by Valerie Cameron.

Onderwater Dover 2nd May 2013


This has been a long article to write and produce; but nothing compared to the arduous suffering that EU animals have to endure on the roads of the EU every day due to archaic legislation.  It is time for change – we hope the following provides you with useful information on the subject; and that you will send a copy of the sample letter (amended or un amended) to Commissioner Borg as requested.  Thank you.

There appears to be many animal welfare sites within various member states of the EU who could and should be doing a great deal more to push directly for legislation changes at the EU Commission level regarding the transport of all live farm animals across Europe.  Whilst some may be taking a form of action towards their own national governments; we stress that EU wide legislation which applies to all member states is made in the EU Commission, Brussels, and not by individual member states just for the benefit of individual member states.  The EU may update or produce new legislation in the form of a new or amended ‘Regulation’ – and this has to be officially adhered to by all member states to ensure that EU standards are met and maintained.  If a member state does not / is shown not enforce the official regulation, then the EU (as a whole, via the Commission) can take action against any individual member state that shows non-compliance.

For this reason, we feel that the EU Commission is the very establishment; the only real establishment which needs to be addressed regarding amending EU law throughout Europe, which then should be to the benefit of ALL animals in transport across the whole of Europe.  If what we witness of the UK government is anything to go by to date; regardless of the evidence of cruelty and suffering presented to them time after time after time, welfare organisations are largely ignored; being fobbed off with government ministry weasel words and counter responses in some kind of pathetic ping-pong game with welfare campaigners which continues for months and months, and which in the end results in nothing to improve animal welfare.



So what do we suggest should be done ?

Ditch the pointless efforts to make national governments listen to evidence; and instead take the evidence directly to the heart of the EU; where policy makers can amend and introduce legislation for bettering animal welfare legislation which corresponds to the wishes of EU citizens in 2014.  We don’t want to have to still rely on some old outdated and non-effective legislation aka 1/2005 from 22nd December 2004, when we are fast approaching the 22nd of December 2014 !!!

The EU and its Commissions need to wake up to the fact that people in Europe want change; and they want it now.  They don’t just want weasel words from EU politicians which never result in any progress – the people of the EU demand action for animals; and they demand it now.  It is up to our servants, who work at the EU, to take on board the wishes of the people and to actually put the wheels of change into motion.

Why are we doing this EU animal transport campaigning on a site primarily for Balkans stray animals ? 

As stated in the above introduction, there appear to be many live animal transport welfare sites within various member states of the EU who could and should be doing a great deal more to push directly for legislation changes at the EU Commission regarding the transport of all live animals across Europe.  If they are not going to push hard for changes to EU legislation; and instead only target their own very non-active governments (in most cases), ie. Those governments which normally do nothing for the benefit of animals in transport, then we at ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ will attempt to take the issue to where we consider it really matters; and that is the offices of power located at the EU headquarters.  We will by pass the ‘oily rag’ of national governments and go directly to the ‘chief engineer’ who is located in Brussels – and target the people and commissions who can and should be making a difference for all EU animals.

Although this (live animal transport) is not really an issue which should be addressed to any major degree by ‘Serbian Animals Voice’; as we primarily try to help stray animals in the Balkans; we, by being based in England, UK (the UK being an existing EU Member State !); feel that many current welfare group activities to only target the UK government (for example) on this issue are getting basically nowhere. We need to push and campaign a great deal more on this important issue in the heart of EU power with the hope that we will get additional campaign support from you; our wonderful SAV site visitors, which will strike where it really makes a difference; the EU headquarters in Brussels.  Changes in Brussels make changes to EU legislation – sending an e mail to a member state ministry official does very little.


‘Eurogroup for Animals’; which is the primary campaigning animal welfare organisation at the EU, claim to have (see below) several ‘visions’ regarding a better place for all animals within the EU.  They have a vision that “cruelty to animals is not tolerated’; and ‘the welfare of all animals is protected by European legislation”.  We naturally fully support this vision, but would currently like to remind the Eurogroup that for the last 10 years, there have been no real changes to animal welfare laws giving so-called ‘protection’ to animals in transport across the EU.  It is now well past time for change – even 10 years later than it should have been regarding Regulation 1/2005.  National governments are basically individually doing nothing despite all the mails, evidence and data regarding cruelty in transport being given to them; so; if national governments will not act and be a voice for animals within the EU corridors,  we push it alone in Europe; and this will now be an aim of Serbian Animals Voice for the future..  National EU member state governments talk long and talk loud about their alleged ‘concerns for animal welfare’; but the reality is, certainly regarding the UK, and for live animals being transported all around Europe, they do very, very little; usually nothing apart from attempting to enforce archaic rules and regulations from 10  years ago or more.  These antiquated laws currently remain as they are and today, in 2014, the animals continue to suffer on a daily basis; currently with no hope of any real change but getting plenty of assurances with terms like ‘visions’ and ‘cruelty not being tolerated’.  Well, we have a message for the EU and its associates; cruelty IS witnessed and tolerated throughout the EU every day by animals which have to endure long distance transport.  It is time to act for them and to get better legislation to prevent their suffering.

With around 25 years of experience regarding all aspects of work associated with live animal transport within the UK / EU – see ‘About Us’ – http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/ – Serbian Animals Voice founder Mark, still gets very involved with, and has great concerns about the current so-called ‘EU Regulations’ and the terrible conditions in which live farm animals are transported across the EU under every single day.  Current legislation (primarily EU Regulation 1/2005) on the so-called ‘protection’ of animals during transport is not enforced adequately by any EU member states and at this present time, these so-called ‘Regulations’ which are supposed to protect animals in transport are antiquated and grossly outdated; combined, they cause endless animal suffering; something which the Eurogroup inform us they do not wish to see as part of their future ‘vision’.  At the moment, 2014, the EU Commission should bow its head in shame across the whole of Europe for continuing to allow animals undergoing long distance transport to suffer day in, day out, week in, week out, etc on the roads of Europe, whilst allegedly being ‘protected’ by some travesty of so-called archaic legislation produced some 10 or more years ago and which is not really enforced much by many of the existing EU member states.  Good animal transport in the EU is a complete and utter travesty, and it is time that this was changed.

Under the travesty of existing European law / legislation, Animals are currently supposed to be ‘protected’ from cruelty and suffering by the main legislative / welfare / protection document of the EU; which goes under the name of ‘Council Regulation 1/2005 (of 12/2004) on the protection of animals during transport and related operations’.

Click on the link here to gain access to this legislation:


trailer 6 sept 1

As you can see, there are a lot of words which in reality, amount to very little or even nothing when it comes to so called national ‘competent authorities’ enforcing rules on the transport of live animals across Europe.  Ask EU animal welfare organisations who continually go undercover to expose the real truths about long distance transport; and who are then simply ignored by their masters in authority.  Just from our own experiences regarding live animal exports from the UK (England) to mainland Europe, we are currently witnessing Dutch convicted criminals (convicted and fined in an English court of law in 2010 and specifically relating to animal transport welfare issues !) now running an ex Soviet battle tank carrier ship designed only for river crossing; to get live animals for slaughter from the UK into mainland EU by crossing the English Channel to France.  A vessel which is only designed for river usage, not the English Channel !.  What is done to protect transported animals here ? – Nothing appears to be done by either the EU Commission or national UK so-called ‘Competent Authorities’ run by the national government, to stop these convicted  criminals; convicted for past animals welfare offences; from continuing with their sordid trade in animal abuse between EU member states – namely England and France.  If the EU Commission was concerned, then it would act at present to prevent this criminal from continuing; – but here in 2014 we see no actions by the EU Commission to currently stop this.


So via this site; the ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ site; which is England, UK; EU member state based, we now intend to make EU peoples voices relating to long distance live animal transport heard within the EU Commission; by campaigning through the ‘Eurogroup’ – the organisation which claims on its website to have a future EU where “cruelty to animals is not tolerated”.  In addition, we will directly target the Commission responsible for animal welfare in Europe – which is headed by Commissioner Tonio Borg.

Council Regulation 1/2005 (of 12/2004) on the ‘protection of animals’ during transport was produced by EU Commission legislation some 10 (ten) years ago.  It is now time for the Eurogroup, the EU Parliament and the EU Commission to wake up; and realise the fact that this archaic and outdated legislation is in desperate need to be completely and utterly re-vamped to bring it into line with the feelings and wishes of many millions of people; EU citizens throughout the EU. The legislation as it stands does not work to help animals; it has never worked; and so the EU Commission now needs to address this at the current time. The welfare of animals during transport legislation / regulation(s) needs a major overhaul; it needs to be vastly improved by the EU Commission; with, as just one major example of a progression to improving animal welfare, introducing a maximum journey time for ALL animals in transport to  enduring a ONE OFF, maximum journey time of just 8 (eight) hours, nothing more; the journey is to be started and completed within a time window of 8 hours, or it does not even get any EU approval to commence in the first place..

It is therefore down to the Eurogroup and the EU Commission, headed by the Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, namely Tonio Borg; to actually come clean and put their supportive words for animal welfare into real actions for the animals in transport; those who suffer each and every day.  It is time to now move forward from the grossly outdated legislation and hours which animals endure on the roads of Europe at this very moment, to new and much better legislation in the form of a new or revised Regulation which limits live animal transport to a one off maximum of 8 hours journey time, regardless of the farm animal species.  If the EU Commission does nothing more for animals in transport; at the very least, it should be making 8 hours and the one off maximum journey time for animals in transport a new regulation.  We at ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ will do everything in our power to push for better legislative changes for animals in transport within the EU at the real heart of where legislation is produced; namely the EU, Brussels.

The shambles that is the current EU legislation for animals in transport, Regulation 1/2005; allows different species of farm animals to be transported for the varying times given below; times which we feel need to be scrapped across the board and instead replaced by a one off single maximum journey time of only 8 hours – no more – be it for animals undergoing slaughter upon their arrival, or animals going for further fattening:

Under existing EU Regulation 1/2005,the ‘shambles’ of a legislation, journey times for animals currently being transported across the EU are:

Unweaned calves, lambs and foals – 9 hours – 1 hour break – and then a further 9 hours.  Total time of at least 18 hours excluding the break period.  The 1 hour break is a minimum, with no maximum time; and the break is taken with the animals still loaded onto the vehicle; they are not unloaded.  A basic transport time of 18 hours possible with an unlimited break of 1 hour minimum in the middle of the journey, still taken by keeping the animals on the vehicle.

Pigs – 24 hours maximum journey time in one single journey.  According to the Regulation, animals ‘should’ be given access to water continually during the journey.

Cattle, Sheep, Goats –  14 hours, minimum of 1 hour rest (again unlimited as above) with then another possible 14 hours of journey time.  Total journey time of at least 28 hours excluding the middle break period which is unlimited and which keeps the animals on the carrier vehicle.

Horses – except registered horses – equine animals may be transported for a maximum period of 24 hours.  According to the EU Regulation, they should be provided with liquids and feed every 8 hours.

There are lots of ‘should be’ in the above legislation.

The reality from undercover investigations show that the reality of welfare in transport is often very different.

Below you will find a ‘sample letter’ which can be copied and sent to the EU Commissioner (Borg); the man who can take action; addressing your concerns associated with the current issues of live animal transport, The shamble of regulation 1/2005 and what is hoped for the future according to both him and the Eurogroup.  We also include a link which will show all current Members of the EU Parliament (MEP’s) who represent every member state at the EU Parliament.  If you are an EU citizen, these MEP’s can also be contacted directly by you to express your concerns on this issue.  Find and contact them directly at:  http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/map.html

Send letters and mails for change to the regulations and a maximum one off journey time of 8 hours to the following:

Contact the spokesperson for Commissioner Tonio Borg – Frederic VINCENT – at:  frederic.vincent@ec.europa.eu

Commissioner Borg informs us of his animal welfare intentions at:  http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/borg/personally_speaking/index_en.htm :

Part of his statement reads:  “Animal welfare is close to the hearts of many Europeans. This is plainly evident from the numerous petitions, letters and Parliamentary questions sent every year to the Commission. It is in fact not by coincidence that Europe’s body of laws protecting animals is among the strongest in the world”.

… “During the meeting, I underlined the fact that rules only live up to expectations if they are properly enforced and suggested that there is room for improvement in enforcing animal welfare regulations. Part of the necessary groundwork has been setting a standard format for reporting of enforcement actions by Member States which will permit useful comparison and thereby an even playing field for operators”

 … “In our discussions, I also stressed the importance of enforcement on animal transport. We have the leading animal welfare legislation in the world; let’s make sure that we enforce them properly and uniformly. Under this Commission mandate, we are preparing important groundwork for a general animal welfare law.

I am confident that we have paved the way for key achievements in the years to come”.

Eurogroup Contact e mail:  info@eurogroupforanimals.org     

Eurogroup  website for further informaton:  http://eurogroupforanimals.org/


Eurogroup    –  ‘Our Vision’

We are passionate about creating a society where animal welfare is fully considered and where;

  • Every animal lives in an environment where they can perform their natural behaviour 
  • Cruelty to animals is not tolerated 
  • The welfare of all animals is protected by European legislation 
  • All EU laws on the protection of animals are effective and prevent animal suffering
  • Politicians in all 28 member states and at EU level consider the impact every new policy has on animals 
  • Our active membership network of animal welfare groups is recognised as the leading authority on animal welfare

Eurogroup statement:

  • Farm Animals

Today’s industrial food production means that billions of farm animals suffer in Europe every year and since its inception Eurogroup’s aim has been to highlight their plight and to campaign vigorously for legislation. Animals used for food are not just agriculture products but sentient beings. From the point of birth to the slaughterhouse they need to be treated accordingly.

In addition, we make sure that governments and industry apply the laws. We encourage financial compensation for farmers who invest in welfare-friendly production systems, and highlight cases were EU subsidies lead to animal suffering as is the case for export subsidies for live animal export.


Summer 2014 – Eurogroup meets with Commissioner Borg

During the summer of 2014, Eurogroup for Animals represented by Reineke Hameleers, Peter Davies and Martyn Griffiths had a one-hour meeting with European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, Tonio Borg and three members of his staff, to discuss our concerns and ensure the welfare of all animals that is protected by European legislation.

The subjects covered included the proposed EU Animal Welfare Framework Law, Proposal for Cloning for Food production, Trade and Animal Welfare, Companion Animals, Proposal on EU Strategy on Invasive Species and the situation on the Seal Trade dispute following a Resolution submitted from the recent Eurogroup for Animals’ AGM.

Commissioner Borg was very positive and hopeful on all these issues.

Eurogroup for Animals hopes that it will result in a concrete outcome for improved welfare of animals.

To give your voice to supporting the concrete outcome for the improvement of animals in the EU, please send the following sample letter to the addresses given below.

IMPORTANTEven if you are not an EU citizen; there is still no reason why you cannot voice your disgust at this trade to the EU Commissioner by copying and sending the sample letter below.  In fact, if he sees that comments and letters are coming to him about this from outside of the EU, then all the better for the campaign.  Thank you.

Sample Letter

Can be directly copied and sent to the following e mail addresses; or copy the sample letter and amend as you wish.

To:  frederic.vincent@ec.europa.eu

‘CC’ Copy to:  info@eurogroupforanimals.org    


Subject:  Time to Update live farm animal transport times and regulations immediately – pave the way to improved animal welfare now !

Dear Commissioner Borg;

I have visited your website and read the many statements you make with regard achieving better welfare for animals during transport.  I also note that during the Summer of 2014 you had a meeting with the Eurogroup to discuss their concerns regarding the live transport of animals across the EU, and your promise to “ensure the welfare of all animals is protected by European legislation”.

Current legislation in the form of Regulation 1/2005 does not give much protection to animals in transport.  This has been proven time after time by undercover investigations undertaken by animal welfare organisations located throughout the EU.  To simply declare that a driver is ‘competent’ to transport live animals for many hours because he has a piece of paper which says that he is ‘competent’ is a complete and utter travesty for both EU animal welfare and good name of all EU citizens who are sick of witnessing the daily abuses that this EU live transport trade supports.

For example, in the UK (an EU member state); we currently witness a Dutch operator who has been convicted in an English court of law for causing animal suffering during transport, carrying / exporting live animals between Kent (English) ports and the French port of Calais.  I ask, where is the ‘animal protection’ that you talk about here when a Dutch convicted criminal is transporting live animals across your EU ? – as a convicted criminal, he should be banned and you should face up to the facts that EU citizens require a lot more action from you now on the issue of live animal transport.  These requirements include:

  • A one off maximum journey time of 8 hours for all animals in transport; regardless of them going for immediate slaughter or for further fattening.
  • A Major overhaul or complete re-vamp of the Regulation 1/2005 which as shown by undercover investigators; actually does very little, or even nothing, to give any ‘protection’ to animals being transported across the EU.
  • Much better and much more detailed animal transport driver training prior to them being given their sheet of paper and being declared as ‘competent’ to deal with animals being transported.

You talk on your website of  “Under this Commission mandate, we are preparing important groundwork for a general animal welfare law.  I am confident that we have paved the way for key achievements in the years to come”.

The people of the EU do not want to be lied to in the form of so- called future  ‘animal protection legislation’ such as Regulation 1/2005, if it just means basic tinkering round the edges; they want major welfare changes for animals in transport and they want them now.  As the Commissioner responsible, it is down to you to immediately address the EU citizens concerns and implement positive actions for animal welfare improvements immediately; such as for example, stopping Dutch criminals from exporting live animals from the UK to mainland Europe.  This, combined with introducing an 8 hour maximum journey time limit would be a good start to actually show you really mean action rather than just talking the talk of better animal welfare.

I thank you for your time and consideration of my requests; and I will be watching you and the actions oof your Commission very closely to see just how much progress you actually make in ‘paving the way for (animal welfare) achievements in the years to come.  Please don’t make it years; do it now !!

The 8 hour maximum journey time along with banning the operations of Dutch criminals would be two first good actions you should be taking down your path to better animal welfare – I really want to see both of these undertakings implemented very, very soon; not in distant years to come.

Yours truly,

Name –

Nationality –

From A supporter of ‘Serbian Animals Voice – Kent, England UK (Existing EU Member State).

 Sheep legs



















Serbia: Please Ensure You Sign The Petition Now Asking the Mayor of Subotica City To Cancel The Memorandum Regarding Animal Treatment – Petition Link Given – Please Crosspost.


Serbian  FlagDogs_Multiply_Pyramid-1


Subotica petition


Dear all;

We ask you please to give your full support to the work being undertaken in Subotica by NGO’s to help solve the problem of un-sterilised owned and stray dogs.

As we always say, sterilization and identification marking of stray animals is the first step to long term numbers reduction.  Just as important is public education – that owned dogs need to be sterilized by their owners, and they should not turn unsterilized animals out onto the streets every day to reproduce with non sterilized stray / street animals.

It would take little to introduce a public education programme showing that owned animal sterilisation is so important to te long term reduction of stray animals on the streets – animals which suffer terribly.

Please give your support to the following campaign – the petition can be found below.

Thank you – SAV.


Hi! Could you please sign/share/forward this petition:


On July 3,2014. a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed between the city of Subotica and NGO “Anima Subotica” about solving the problem of stray dogs on the streets of this city. On this occasion, the Association for the Protection of Animals “Pets Are Worth Saving”, “EPAR – OIPA SERBIA / Alliance for the Conservation of Nature, animal rights and the rights of the people, and the Society for the Protection of Animals, “Alex”, Asylum Alex sent an open letter to the mayor of Subotica, the Minister of agriculture RS, Director of veterinary directorate, veterinary inspection and the general public pointing out certain shortcomings and incompleteness of this Memorandum which only seemingly solves the problem of stray dogs, without concluding and providing concrete ways for the long-term solution and elimination of the real source of stray dogs and cats.

We hereby request the cancellation of this Memorandum making it an illegal act because it allows the continuance of irresponsible owners and keepers of pets and illegal treatment of animals and public money.



Our request for cancellation of the Memorandum was on the news today. July 14, 2014 – Radio Subotica –


SOCIETIES FOR THE PROTECTION OF ANIMALS REQUEST CANCELLATION OF MEMORANDUM Association for the Protection of Animals “Pets Are Worth Saving”, EPAR Serbia, Alex and injured party citizens sent an open letter and the public request for the cancellation of the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation between the City of Subotica and the Association of Citizens “Anima Subotica”. The request states that the Memorandum is considered incomplete and they demand its cancellation, because it allows the survival of irresponsible pet owners.

“Anima Subotica” did not want to comment on the negative reactions of these associations, because they believe they work for the benefit of animals, they treat every animal taken off the streets, sterilize and manage to find a home for it and do not return it back to the street. They consider asylums or shelters are not a solution, but only sterilization, education, responsible ownership, punishing irresponsible owners, as well as mandatory micro-chipping.

———————————————————- ———————————————————-

If they consider asylums or shelters are not solutions then why did they sign the Memorandum whose Clause 5 states “building shelters and improving conditions in existing shelters”?
The same Clause states “killing dogs in a humane way in accordance with the law”. We all know how public shelters kill their dogs in Serbia. We’ve seen lots of horror photos and we definitely wouldn’t sign that Memorandum. Would you?

Also there is nowhere to be found in Memorandum any word of punishing the irresponsible owners. That is why we are calling this Memorandum incomplete. Some parts are missing and some Don’t Benefit Animals At All!!

We Are Requesting Its Cancellation Now!!

Please continue to Sign and Share this petition. Thank you!! ~ Pets Are Worth Saving

Petition link:


On July 13 EPAR asked the Mayor what he has done on this issue. July 17, 2014

Dear supporters,

Thank you all very much for signing this petition and giving your support to stray animals on the streets of Subotica.

On July 13 EPAR / Alliance for the Conservation of nature, animal rights and the rights of people sent a request to the Mayor asking him for a copy of the document to see what he has done on our request for the cancellation of the illegal Memorandum signed on July 3rd since we know there are no initial conditions for the fulfillment of this Act for the following reasons:

1. There is no legal asylum in the city Subotica which could shelter 900 animals abandoned on the streets EVERY YEAR by the irresponsible owners.

2. Euthanasia of the healthy pets as a measure to reduce the number of stray animal population is prohibited by Law and is punishable by up to three years in prison.

3. Without legal asylum in Subotica, transportation of captured dogs to other cities across Serbia is inconsistent with Law because other municipalities have the same problem with abandoned animals and irresponsible owners.

4. Re-homing of animals can not reduce the No. of stray cats and dogs because the rhythm of new abandoned animals far outweighs the rhythm of re-homed ones. By signing this Memorandum Mayor gave support to the illegal treatment of abandoned pets in Subotica and to the public money which will be used to carry out the illegal process at the expense of citizens and animals, but for the benefit of a small group of people.

** So far, the Mayor has not responded  

Please continue to sign and share this petition far and wide, through all social networks you use (FB, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc).

Thank you!

Petition link:


- Thanks












Mad World.

What with the downing of the Malaysian flight and all the killings of other innocents in Gaza, you can only say one thing really ………….


… and the original by ‘Tears for Fears'; a UK band from years ago – 1983.



Thank you for all your very kind and positive comments about the site – see them at ‘Recent Comments’ on the right side of the page.  

We appreciate your feedback and are very happy we appear to doing something positive for many good folk !








Friday 18th July 2014 – A Bad Day for English Animals, But Does the UK Government Care ? – Seems Not. An Attitude of ‘Get Em Through at Whatever Cost’.


Friday 18th July 2014 was a bad day for animal welfare in England.

ValCameron180714_9140 ValCameron180714_9136

British Sheep Being Exported By the Dutch on 18/7/14 at Ramsgate, Kent.

Both Above Photos: Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

It was the hottest day of the year – extreme humidity with temperatures reaching around 33 degrees C in the South East. Unusual as it nearly always rains in England !!

So this was the day when once again, the UK government led by David Cameron bowed down, and did everything they possibly could to allow a Dutch livestock haulier named Onderwater to transport live British sheep from England to mainland Europe.

In July 2010 at a court here in Kent, England, Onderwater pleaded guilty to causing animal suffering on no less than 5 charges. Onderwater is a UK court guilty convicted criminal. The animals were due to be shipped by Onderwater from the port of Ramsgate, which is here in Kent and which lies on the English Channel. Onderwater uses all Dutch vehicles and hauliers and contributes very little to the UK economy. In return, he demands that his trucks are given protection by the Kent police (paid for by Kent taxpayers opposed to the trade !) and also protected by a weasel word UK government which posts lots on its website (Defra) about not transporting animals in hot conditions; but then allowing animals to be shipped on the hottest day of the year !!

Live animal exports and transport are a big issue here in the county. So when people had advance warning that the consignment was to go ahead, people / campaigners got together at Ramsgate port to do something about it. They did – taking over the port entrance and holding a mass sit down to prevent the Dutch (English sheep carrying) transporters from entering the harbour. They achieved a result with their efforts and all the Dutch transporters turned away rather than face the onslaught of determined and very angry, hot campaigners.

See the Dutch transporters arriving at the harbour; not having a clue what to do and then deciding to get out of town !!! – we hope the following links work:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALW3jS4MAY0#t=17 – angry people and a spineless UK government.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_QmKHfLBtg https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?


It was hoped that by turning away the trucks, and with severe storms forecast in the English Channel later that evening; the consignment would be forced to be cancelled. This was not to be the case – Onderwaters threats and a spineless UK government ensured that the shipment finally got through regardless.

The trucks later returned and the ex Russian battle tank carrier ship, the ‘Joline’, operated by Onderwater for his business, carried trucks and British animals to Europe in such terrible conditions.

VC Trans on Jol 22 May1

Above:  Ex Russian River Battle Tank Carrier As Operated by J. Onderwater – the MV ‘Joline’

Photo: Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer (taken at Dover harbour, Kent)

For sheep that did not die due to the extreme conditions during the shipment, they will instead meet their deaths in another EU member state being labeled as a foreign product for which foreign housewives will pay top prices. Is this not good for the UK farming sector ?, those who always talk about such high standard animals as part of its farming practices and yet also allow their live animals to be shipped to other parts of the EU where they are sold to unknowing carnivores as a French, German, whatever nationality product !!– One thing is for sure; they are not sold as British meat raised and cared for by British farmers !.

You would think that the UK David Cameron led government would see sense and promote British livestock production, which would include much shorter road trips for animals to local UK slaughterhouses where the carcasses (under EU law) must then be stamped as a ‘UK product’ rather than being killed overseas and sold off as a foreign product in another member state of the EU.  Seems like there are lots of people out of touch with the term ‘Good British produce'; who instead seem to ok Britsh animals being shipped to Europe , slaughtered and then sold off to unaware consumers on the continent.

Who is to blame ? – the government for sure; maybe farmers for accepting this and allowing it to happen.

Check out lots more on the events of 18/7/14 on the following Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stop-Live-Exports-From-The-Port-of-Ramsgate/205331499512961?ref=br_tf

Under exissting EU regulations (1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport), all EU livestock drivers should show compassion as they are officially responsible for the care of ‘their’ animals whilst on the road. Every driver carrying livestock across the EU has officially to hold a ‘certificate of competence’ to make sure that they are fully aware of animals in transport, their needs and their suffering.

This below is the attitude of a certified Dutch transporter drivers photographed at Ramsgate on 18/7:

transporter driver 18 July 14 ValCameron180714_0049

Ramsgate driver

Above: Dutch / EU Certified ‘Competent’ Dutch Hauliers – Responsible for Ensuring Animal Welfare During Transport; Show Their Opinion Of People Who Care About Animals and Their Welfare at Ramsgate !

Above Photo:  Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

Can you trust these to ensure the welfare of live animals ? – NO; they need to be certified all right; but most probably for reasons other than carrying live animals around the EU.

Sheep legs ValCameron180714_9179 ValCameron180714_0079 ValCameron180714_0109300z

Above Photos: Dutch Transporters Carrying Live British Sheep Arrive at Ramsgate. 

The White Cab Vehicle (Midle Photo) is Operated by J. Onderwater.

Last Photo – Boarding the ‘Joline’.

Above Photos:  Valerie Cameron – Official KAALE Photographer

So this morning (19/7/14) it was time to write something and have a gripe at the ‘EU animal transport system’ and especially the gutless and spineless UK government and ministries associated with allowing British live animals to be shipped for many, many hours to other EU member states by convicted criminals in conditions above 30 degrees C.

The whole system of live animal exports from the UK is a complete and utter UK government led FARCE !!!; they would not know welfare if they tried, as we have proven so much on this site campaigning against the badger cull.  One great result here is that Owen Paterson has now been removed from his position – but it will probably be only a few weeks before he suddenly becomes ‘Lord Paterson’ for his government services to the environment and badger control, or something similar.  Another example of pacify him and keep him happy – and boy do we see a lot of that in UK government !!

Here below in the link to todays gripe for the animals – it is for others to decide their views and if what is said is correct or incorrect.  One thing is for sure, British folk are concerned about live animal transport and the vast majority of them are also voters.

By the way, the UK has a general Election for a new government around May 2015, Well done the people of Kent; regardless of what the end result was yesterday, you did good.  If it were not for good people acting against abuse, we would still be transporting live slaves in the holds of ships; just like we now do with live animals !



Ramsgate campaigner 18 July 2014

Ramsgate campaigners 2

Above Photos: Ramsgate Campaigners – Friday 18th July 2014.

Time now for an immediate and major update to animal transport legislation throughout the ENTIRE  EU.  We call on UK and Netherlands authorities to lead the way.


Visit the ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports’ (KAALE) site at http://www.kaale.org.uk/   

Vita KAALE Logo 9 9 2011VITA Photo



Serbia: Shelter Felix – Thank You For Your Donations To Date, But There Is Still A Long Way To Go To Cover All Costs !

Serbian  Flag


All photographs from shelter ‘Felix’.



Danica at shelter ‘Felix’ has had some very kind donations towards the vost of the roof repairs; and we thank anyone who has helped.

But the shelter is nowhere near being able to currently get the costs covered by what has been provided – additional donations are urgently required.

You can see our full post regarding the roof repairs at the following:


On the following links you can see all the work that is being undertaken to provide a safe and secure home for the cats – and it all costs lots of money. Please give anything you can – thank you.

Replacing the roof of the auxiliary cats’ rooms -


Summer is here ! – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.858690930826634.1073741879.100000572065633&type=1 



More ‘Shadow’ –


Videos –


Gone but not forgotten –


Timeline photos –




You can donate directly onto the Felix shelter sites as per the following links:

PayPal button is on our blog:


and our website: 




Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96

 Thank you to everyone who has kindly given to help the shelter !






Australia: Exposed by PETA – This Is The Australian Wool Industry – Mass Abuse By Shearers.



SAV Comment – Real men dont hit any living thing – only dim wits punch sheep !!

Dear Mark,

As first reported by NBC, in PETA’s latest eyewitness investigations, workers killed, beat, stomped on, kicked, mutilated, and threw sheep around as they sheared them in Australia, one of the world’s top wool producers, and the U.S.
As you can see in the groundbreaking video footage, sheep shearers violently punched these gentle animals in the face, beat them, jabbed them in the head with sharp metal clippers and a hammer, and stomped and stood on their heads and necks. One shearer killed a sheep by repeatedly twisting and bending a sheep’s neck, breaking it. Workers threw scared sheep around and slammed their heads and bodies against hard wooden floors. 



These animals need your help.
The best thing that you can do for sheep is refuse to buy wool! It’s easy to check the label when you’re shopping. If it says “wool,” leave it on the shelf.

Please also ask leading sellers of wool J.Crew and Ralph Lauren to drop wool immediately in favor of animal-friendly materials that are free of cruelty.
Together, we can make a difference for these suffering animals. All you have to do is take action today.

Dan Paden
Evidence Analysis Manager
Cruelty Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


If you thought wool came from a simple haircut—you were wrong. PETA’s new video exposés reveal that sheep shearers violently punched and stomped on these gentle animals and beat and jabbed them in the head with sharp metal clippers.



peta sheep

These attacks left the petrified sheep bleeding from the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Photo – PETA.

These sheep can’t fight back.

For all animals,






England (London) : ** 10/7/14 UPDATE ** – LACS Achieve Victory for Pamplona Bull Run Holidays Within A Week !




Above: 7/7/14:  Bully the Bull at STA offices, London – Ready to Campaign –

Now A Victory within the week !!!

Warning – graphic footage on the following link – discretion advised – not for youngsters.


SAV Comment: The LACS only visited the STA offices in London on Monday !! – It was just a matter of time before this happened and common sense won over cruelty – congratulations LACS; animal abuse and suffering should not be promoted as a travel gimmick !

Our recent (just Monday 7th July) post on this issue:


Dear Mark,

GREAT NEWS! I am delighted to inform you that STA Travel have announced they have stopped all sales to Pamplona following our campaign.

Over 12,000 people took action by contacting STA Travel highlighting the cruelty of bull running and bullfighting. People shared our hard hitting film and also followed ‘Bully’ the bull with his visit to STA’s flagship store in London. We could not have achieved this victory without your support!

You can view STA’s statement here.

We welcome STA removing Pamplona and continuing to review their products however we think it is really disappointing that it took us to point out that they were breaking the ABTA Animal Welfare Guidelines that they signed up to and throughout the campaign they refused to speak to us at all. We expected more of a major travel company, and especially of one who targets a student audience.

Whilst this is good news overall, the sad fact is it does nothing to help the bulls who will be chased through the streets of Pamplona this year, and who will be killed in the bull ring at the end of the day. However, it’s a major step in helping the bulls of 2015 onwards, and in enforcing the Animal Welfare Guidelines.

The campaign does not stop here – so watch this space!
If you want to see us achieve more victories like this then please consider donating to our campaigns and together we can make a difference for animals. 


Thank you for your support.

Mark McCormick
Senior Communications Officer


LACS Web link:   http://www.league.org.uk/











Serbia: July News From Shelter Felix – Serious Problems with the Roof Replacement.

Serbian  Flag


 7/7/14 – We have had the following news in from Danica at Shelter ‘Felix’.

Please remember that so much update and construction work has been undertaken at the shelter – work which is simply there to provide safe sanctuary for all the cats who once lived on the streets, along with all all the dangers that came with this.  Now they have a forever home; but unless funds can be raised for extra work which has had to be completed on the roof; things are in more danger.

At the end of this post you will see some pictures of little ‘Shadow’, who was saved from the market and who has now been restored to a beautiful little cat at Felix shelter.

We know there are appeals all the time for different projects and issues, but it is essential that in order to continue with a forever home for Shadow and the others, the extra funds are raised for the work which has had to be undertaken.

So please, give anything that you can to help Danica and the cats survive this situation.

Look at the photos of little Shadow below – is that not a good enough reason the give a donation ???

Thank you – SAV.

You can donate directly onto the Felix shelter sites as per the following links:

PayPal button is on our blog:


and our website: 




Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


Serious Problems with the Roof Replacement





Why doesn’t anything ever go easily?

As you already know, the massive renovation work at Cat Shelter Felix has finally started as of a couple of weeks ago. We kept silent as long as we could, wishing to pleasantly surprise all of our friends and supporters with good news on the shelter’s repair progress. Everything seemed to be going along well, just as it should; workers had finished building the four small dividing walls between the support columns, removed the old roofing, lifted the new roof beams, made the entire wooden frame, our hearts were already singing with joy, but then…

To our incredible disappointment, it suddenly and unexpectedly turned out that we have about one meter of empty space between the top of the walls and the roof beams, through which all of the kitties can easily climb up to the attic and make it all the way through to the section under the roof of the main building. Once they’re there, the whole wide world is theirs; they’ll have dozens of ways to escape and happily wander the neighborhood and curious as they are, they simply wouldn’t be able to resist the challenge. Our happy optimism turned into utter despair in an instant. We could all just sit down and cry.


DSC00131_resize - ZID

DSC00139_resize - ZID1

Although we knew there would be some gap (the pitch of the roof has changed due to the extended roof overhang that protects the walkway), no one could’ve imagined, not in their worst nightmare, how big it would turn out to be! Evidently, the problem is that the walls of the cat’s rooms (and the walls of all of the buildings on this property) are made of rammed earth, some reed and some random bricks, so they were literally crumbling while the workers were lifting the beams and this enormous gap is the result.

All of the cats from the backyard are now enclosed with tarps in a sort of improvised shelter between the side entrance to the yard and the biggest of their rooms, as the top wire mesh (chain linked fence) had to be temporarily lifted. Unfortunately all felines are escape artists and it will be literally impossible to keep them from making their way out of such a weak enclosure for an extended period of time. The only thing we can do is to fill the empty space above the walls and under the roof beams with wooden cladding, if we miraculously succeed in raising the funds to purchase all of the necessary materials – until then, we can’t dream of releasing the kitties back into the yard! We can’t use bricks or any heavy material for that purpose because the existing structure, even strengthened, wouldn’t be able to bear the additional weight and everything will just come crashing down. 




The old roof was in such terrible shape that it’s really surprising and a true miracle that it didn’t fall in on the cats a long time ago. Parts of the new roof that have been done so far look good and sturdy, but the mere thought of that gap, that big gap is like a dark cloud over our heads. At the moment, we have absolutely no solution to this problem. The kitties are already nervous because they’re accustomed to having plenty of open space and all of them are definately not impressed with this restricted area they’re now forced to live in. While they’re constantly trying to escape back into the yard, which the most skillful ones have already done a couple of times, (catching them wasn’t an easy task and no fun at all), workers are beginning to install the tiles. The insulation layer or more precisely the foil insulation is already in place (we’ll also have to put wooden cladding over the oblique roof beams to protect the insulation layer from tearing) and in just a few days we’ll have a new roof above the kitties’ rooms. A new roof and a huge gap underneath.



As if all of this is not enough, new problems arose. The portion of the roof that’s being replaced right now is higher than parts of the old roof that will remain in place, because the pitch of the new one has changed. At the end, if we don’t put two triangular wooden gables between the edges of the dual-pitched roof, nothing on Earth will prevent the kitties from having a promenade all over the roof. One wooden gable should be made above the door between the two parts of the yard, so the kitties won’t be able to cross from one part of the yard to another over the door as they please. The other one is necessary to stop them from escaping through the gap between the new roof and the old roof of their biggest room in the backyard, which is made of sheet metal and tiles but is much lower than the new one.



DSC03194_resize - ZABAT KOD GORNJEG DOMA (1)


The only good thing is that if we by some incredible luck manage to raise 2.300 euros needed to purchase the timber cladding, fill the gaps and thus ensure no cats could escape, all of them will have more space on the roof than they have ever had before. Their paradise will finally be a real paradise. But until then, this is a complete disaster.

How long will we be able to keep the kitties in that improvised shelter, when they are incessantly trying to break out? They’ve hated it from the second they were rounded up and forced to be in there. What will happen when they succeed and start fleeing in all directions? I’ve already caught at least a dozen of them who have breached what we naively believed would be only a temporary enclosure and I was forced to use a humane trap for the least approachable and most insolent. Not one of them will step into the humane trap again, that’s for sure, and if they escape just one more time, there would be nothing I can do but to wait for the runaways to find their way back home, which they hopefully will, at one point…





If we fail to raise around 2.300 euros as soon as possible, there’s a huge chance our long struggle won’t end well for the 117 shelter kitties. Workers will finish their job and go away and then what? Is it even possible to raise this kind of money on such short notice? Is there anyone out there who believes it’s worth a try? Many questions, and the answers are sadly nowhere in sight.

I’m totally aware summer is a bad time for fundraising, with holidays, etc, I know people are strapped for cash. The sum of money we need is huge and even more importantly, it’s for shelter repairs, not for saving a few mangled and abused animals, each of them with a sad story and heartbreaking graphic photos. But what we’re trying to do is to ensure a good, secure life for a three-digit number of kitties! Is it not a vital and worthy mission? It’s also a very time sensitive emergency so please, help us with whatever you can afford and share our plight! Every little bit helps as all donations add up and ensure a bright future for these lovely creatures! Our kitties have no one but us, and we all have no one but you!








 novi ram za krovnu zicu

 These are some video clips:










SAV Comment:

Many of you will remember the recent post that we did regarding little ‘Shadow'; the kitten saved from death by Danica.  See our recent post at:


Well now Danica has sent us some new photos of little Shadow, and we want to share them with you.

Danica has sent us the following message:

Thank you so much for posting the videos of our little Shadow :)

She was such a sad little critter when I picked her up at the beginning of June from the flea market where she somehow appeared a few days earlier. Oblivious and uncaring people at the market had been kicking her and stomping on her for hours, until one of the sellers scooped her up and hid her under their stall. She had obviously been away from her Mom for a while; she was scared, emaciated, painfully skinny and didn’t even eat solid food yet. 

But she is an incredible fighter and managed to pull through a major crisis, beating all odds.

She is healthy and happy now, playing with her best friend Tinker Bell (which I took from a pet seller at that same flea market a month earlier, after a pretty heated argument and a call to the Communal Inspection) and both of them will undoubtedly be spoilt rotten :)

I’m sending you a few pictures of Shadow, some of which were taken when she arrived at the shelter and the others were taken a few days ago. Our friend Kim named her Shadow as she was just a thin little wisp of black when I took her in.

‘Shadow’ Photos:







 Shadow and Tink

 Above – Shadow and Tink



You can donate directly onto the Felix shelter sites as per the following links:

PayPal button is on our blog:


and our website: 




Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96








USA: Texas Cheerleader Likes Killing Lions and Smiling in Photos With Their Carcasses.




This Texas Cheerleader Likes Killing Lions and Smiling in Photos With Their Carcasses

Kendall Jones is using social media to document her hunting exploits in Africa, and outraged wildlife activists want to shut her down.

 texas 1

(Photo: Kendall Jones/Facebook)

July 01, 2014 By Liz Dwyer

School’s out for the summer, but 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader Kendall Jones isn’t your average college student hustling at a corporate internship or grinding through a part-time job at the mall. Instead, the avid hunter has hauled her pink bow and arrow across the Atlantic to shoot lions, leopards, and zebras in South Africa. Thanks to Jones’ gruesome Facebook photos documenting the bloody summer spree (which she is apparently filming for a television show), wildlife activists are working to get the teen’s page banned from the social media site and her access to the continent revoked.  

Jones, who has a bright smile in every picture with a carcass, claims to be an animal advocate. “Hunters are the biggest conservationists there are,” she wrote on June 25 as a comment below the photo of her and a dead cheetah. “We want animal populations to grow and thrive!”

Never mind that fewer than 10,000 cheetahs are left in the wild and the animals have a notoriously difficult time reproducing in captivity.

The college sophomore grew up watching her father hunt and accompanied him on a hunting trip to Zimbabwe when she was nine. “As badly as I wanted to shoot something I was just too small to hold the guns my dad had brought,” wrote Jones on her page. She spent her time taking candy and toys to “under privileged children” instead.

But Jones was determined to become a trophy hunter. Unlike hunting duck or deer during a specific season to prevent overpopulation, wealthy animal hunters pay thousands of dollars to safari companies that organize opportunities to kill rare beasts. The animals that are shot are handed over to a taxidermist, who usually cuts off and preserves the head, which is then taken home as a trophy.

Advocates of the business claim that the money the hunters bring in helps bolster African economies while ensuring that native people take care of the animals and land. The logic is that if hunting is outlawed, no cash comes in and local folks will have no reason to maintain the animals’ habitat, which will cause the creatures to become extinct anyway. 

Jones got her first trophy in 2008 when she was 13. She headed back to South Africa to kill what safari hunting enthusiasts refer to as the big five game animals: lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard, and southern white rhinoceros. The rhino is considered a near threatened species; it was the first animal Jones ever shot.


(Photo: Kendall Jones/Facebook)

The following year she headed out “on a 28 day safari and took an elephant with a shot from a .416 Remington and finished it off with my dad’s .470 Nitro Express,” Jones wrote. Two weeks after that trip she returned to Africa to kill a leopard and a hippo, both of which are considered vulnerable species. “I was lucky enough to have all of my hunting adventures professionally videoed and put onto DVD,” wrote Jones, who will be featured on a television show on the Sportsman Channel in 2015.  

Jones’ desire to be a reality TV star is what spurred Cape Town resident Keiron Brown to launch a Change.org petition asking African countries to ban the hunter. “She has publicly stated that she hopes to have a television hunting show and she is using endangered and helpless African animals as a stepping to further her popularity on social media platforms,” wrote Brown. So far more than 11,200 people have signed.

A petition on Avaaz.org is asking Facebook to delete Jones’ page because all the photos of her cheesing it up with dead wildlife promote animal cruelty. Nearly 60,000 individuals have expressed their support for it.

Hunting aficionados are rallying behind Jones. More than 40,000 people have “liked” her Facebook page over the past month. Like many big game hunters around the globe, the smiling teen feels no need to stop her activities. “I just want to THANK all of my supporters for their continued encouragement and backing!” wrote Jones on Tuesday. “I will continue to hunt and spread the knowledge of hunting and wildlife conservation.”  






England: Response To Many Comments.




Dear all;

Many thanks to everyone who has left so many very positive comments on the site – we are grateful but due to workloads and limited manpower cannot address each comment by return.  Today alone we have had around 140 comments; you can see many of them on the site.

Some people are asking specific questions about the site and formats used etc; so I will try and give some quick answers and links if necessary.

Q1  Can we give links to your site on our site ?

A1  Please feel free to give a link to anything on our site if it is of help with your campaigning.


Q2  What system are you using ?

A2  I think most of the points relating to the site are covered in the post published fairly recently –   http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2013/10/19/from-the-founder/ 



There are some great free blog sites around – take advantage of them.

At SAV, we use WordPress – http://wordpress.com/    so I would strongly suggest to use this.

http://wordpress.org/showcase/  – there are loads of formats to choose from for your site, you can really give your site a professional feel.

The global map or Clustrmap is free and you can sign up to getting one from our own map – just click on our par site on the left hand side and you will be taken to a bigger map – and underneath the world map there is a registration window where you  can register for a clustrmap.  Or click here:  http://www4.clustrmaps.com/counter/maps.php?user=9b44b4e0


You probably wont need it for any individual ‘personal’ blog site, but we like to add flags representing nations for any issues that we cover.  All our flags for each post are copied over into ‘My pictures’ from the global flags website – http://www.flags.net/mainindex.htm

Just select your country required from the A-Z index and then when the flag appears, copy it onto ‘My Pictures’ and store for future use.

Most of our images are via the massive animal welfare / rights network global network that we are part of.  We are sent many stories and issues every day, but you can always use Google images to find an image you may want.  Just watch copyright though – sometimes much best to credit the photographer, especially if a newspaper image is used.

Unfortunately we are not on Twitter (yet).

There is an SAV Facebook site which can be accessed via the following. We have over 1,000 animal welfare members and supporters, so why not sign up to become yet another ?:


Do we have internet browser compatibility problems?

Not as far as we can tell ! – everything works fine via WordPress and we think that people can just put any keyword or words into their browser and then chances are we may pop up as one of the sites.  Things that people may use to find us are for example:

- russian teenager kills a poor puppy

- animal cruelty stories 2011

- horses in bullfighting


Regards Mark

Founder SAV.


SAV Logo Blue by Paola










England: Badger Cull Kills Over 2,000 Animals and Finds Just ONE Case of BTB – Oh; At A Cost To UK Taxpayers Of £8 Million !!



S Ex badgers

As many of you regulars to the site know, being based in England UK, we have been campaigning against the UK government badger cull since its inauguration.

This article above appeared in a UK national newspaper within the last few days – and details that in reality, just one (1) actual badger of only four (4) tested out of more than 2,000 killed actually had bovine TB.

The most alarming thing is that in total, just four animals were tested for BTB out of the 2,000 killed – the rest were just incinerated rather than being tested to provide much more insight into the spread and carriers of the killer disease. This is a complete and utter waste of public money in some half cocked attempt by David Cameron PM to win extra votes from the farming community.

£8 million spent by an utterly incompetent government to find just one animal carrying bovine TB. Money well spent ? – as we say; an utterly incompetent government ministry (Defra) headed by the incompetent Owen Paterson and Cameron.

owen paterson

£8 Million incompetent – Owen Paterson.


Imagine what animal welfare organizations could have achieved for the benefit of animals by having £8 million ? – maybe they could have put some of the money into research to find a vaccination against this disease – something this government is very reluctant to do. A government which pretends to be taking action in order to win votes from farmers. These results now show a complete government farce which has backfired into the governments face.

cameron hitler 

This result of just one badger being found to carry BTB shows what a complete and utter attempted vote winning farce the government attempted to achieve by undertaking these so-called ‘trials’; trials that did not even test slaughtered animals to see if they had the disease..

The government and its Defra ministry failed so very miserably; and we now call on Owen Paterson – so called ‘head’ at Defra, to resign and stand down from politics – the man is a complete and utter incompetent – and led by another one named David Cameron, the Prime Minister.

A vote winning farce which was put ahead of a positive solution to a disease which affects so many farmers today. If and when the government, any government, actually put their money where their mouth should be, and start vaccination research for either cattle, and / or badgers also, we may witness a decline in BTB. The day may come when politicians worry more about the survival of animals rather than their own pathetic survival – but then have we ever seen this to date ??? …………………..

badgers animal aid.org.uk

Some past SAV posts associated with the anti badger cull campaign:

















badger girls 2








Netherlands: Good News Good News.



As many of you will know, we have been working with Lesley and all our good friends at ‘Eyes on Animals’ in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for many years; especially regarding live animal transport issues and more recently investigations into conditions at slaughterhouses in Turkey.

Eyes on Animals website – http://www.eyesonanimals.com/

Here are some links to past SAV posts:






 Well here now we are reproducing the latest good news issues from Lesley.

All issues are very important and via the EU and EU Commissions, we will continue to work to improve the welfare of ALL animals throughout ALL the member states of Europe.

I personally want to congratulate Lesley and all the crew for their tireless work to improve the lives of millions of animals. Please take the following reports as more positive steps to reducing the suffering of animals in the EU.

Mark – SAV.

 EoA logo

Further successes in improving animal transport to reduce risk of suffering

One year after releasing our report “The importance of access during transport” and being in regular dialogue with manufacturers of livestock trucks as well as the Dutch authorities and animal-transport companies, we are starting to see the results! The Dutch authorities have just informed us that they have started a consultation with the authorities of all EU member states to set an EU-wide standard on requirements trucks must fulfill to provide adequate access to animals in need of help during transport. They will keep us updated.  Besides this, Eyes on Animals continues to receive news from companies taking our suggestions seriously. Two examples are the transport companies of Rinus van Beers and Paul Raaijmakers.

 EoA Doors

More and more chicken-catchers in the Netherlands being trained in humane handling

Last September we contacted all chicken-catching companies in the Netherlands and initiated the idea that they invest time and money into training their employees, as the number of birds we inspected that had horrible injuries due to rough handling during loading was shocking. We have been in regular dialogue with the industry and authorities about this subject since, as well as a school that trains people involved in the food business. Training in humane handling is not mandatory under the law, but thanks to our on-going pressure directly with those involved, a 5th training was just given recently. This time it was organized by the catching company together with the slaughterhouse that is not happy with the bruises and injuries on the birds.
We will continue on this project to ensure that the handling of poultry is taken seriously and considered a job that one must conduct professionally, and not just something that poorly paid people with no experience can do any which way they want!


The Jumbo stops import of horse meat from horrible slaughterhouse Lamar in Argentina

On June 11, Eyes on Animals met with the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Jumbo, the second largest supermarket in the Netherlands. We discussed the transport and slaughter conditions for horses in North, Central and South America that Eyes on Animals, TSB Zurich, AA USA and 3 other NGO’s exposed. After EonA released the disturbing results to the Dutch media in March, Jumbo went themselves to inspect conditions at the slaughterplants in Argentina and Uruguay that were supplying them with horse meat. This resulted in Jumbo deciding to immediately stop doing business with one of the Argentinian slaughterhouses (Lamar) where they also found the conditions extremely poor. The other slaughterhouses have to put several improvements into place by September 2014, if not Jumbo will stop doing business with them as well. Eyes on Animals and Jumbo have agreed to meet again in October after they return from their follow-up inspection in Argentina and Uruguay.
Jumbo is also taking the initiative to have Global GAP standards created for horse transport and slaughter by the end of 2014, in an aim to further raise horse-welfare standards internationally.  Read more about this on our website.

 EoA Horses


Potential for modernization of Turkish slaughterhouses

Eyes on Animals cannot stop the slaughter of animals, but we can help stop a lot of the suffering during slaughter. We are tackling the suffering on all sides. One strategy is putting the ‘best practice’ companies that make equipment to slaughter animals ‘humanely’ in contact with the Turkish slaughterhouses we have been to. We know these companies that make slaughter equipment and have identified which ones take welfare seriously and know their material. We have met with them to show them the problems we saw in the slaughterhouses we visited in Turkey and asked them to do what they can to help. In April we coordinated a meeting between a ‘best-practice’ Belgian equipment company and the slaughterhouse near Istanbul and last week a ’best-practice’ Dutch slaughter-equipment company visited two more of the Turkish slaughterhouses. They are giving advice on how to handle animals and the advantages of proper equipment.
We know we are not saving these animals, but we hope you can understand that this strategy can, in a realistic way, get these plants at least up to higher standards of welfare at slaughter. If we can stop the hoisting of animals alive by chains around their legs, then we will have already accomplished a lot.

 EoA Turkey

Would you like to support our E on A  work?

Please click here to find out how you can help




Lesley 1


Lesley 4

 1 nov 10

 1 nov 1


 Lots more links and photographs regarding live animal transport at ‘About Us’ – http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/

 The Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE) website – for which Mark is the EU Correspondent; can be found at www.kaale.org.uk  – here you can see endless reports, photos and information regarding the UK live animal transport campaign.






Australia: Freemantle Live Exports Protest Updates – Please Support Regularly If Possible.



I intended to write to you a little earlier and ask you to spare an hour to join us and our signs and banners at the corner of Tydeman Rd and Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle….

aus protest 1

this Saturday at 11.00 AM, and the first Saturday of every month thereafter, to create some exposure of this trade and hand out flyers to drivers and passengers in vehicles when stopped at the traffic lights.
BUT! Planning is hard though when you throw live export ships into the the mix –   I also promised that we would be down at the port every time a….    

 aus protest 2

… Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) vessel was in – that we would be there to protest this government continuing to grant LSS a licence to export live animals, despite now NINE breaches of ESCAS in just 12 months. Wouldn’t you know it – LSS’ Maysora is due to dock tomorrow and should be loading on Saturday.

So… what to do?
We will be gathering, and I suspect it will be at the port this time, but we will have someone at the other location for first 15 minutes in case others turn up there based on our promise last month to begin Tydeman Rd protests this Saturday.
I’ll send out a very short confirmation email tomorrow afternoon and update on Facebook. Hope to see those of you who can spare just one hour on Saturday!
Katrina Love
Campaign Manager & Coordinator



Serbia: Please vote for SERBIA’S FORGOTTEN PAWS.

Serbian  Flag


Dear Mark

SERBIA’S FORGOTTEN PAWS saves animals in Serbia from horrific cruelty they face every day.

This organisation struggles to scrape enough money together to help more dogs and cats in my country.

Part of the award will go to Goran, the owner of the shelter in Mislodjin, who rescued my beloved dog friend Bo and many other animals from flooded Obrenovac.

Please vote for SERBIA’S FORGOTTEN PAWS to win £2000 for Serbian dogs.


We are so close! We can do this, but only with your help!

thank you Desanka





Serbia: New Video From ‘Felix’ Shelter – Little Kitten ‘Shadow’ Is Now Improving and Playing.

Serbian  Flag


 See the new videos from Danica showing little Kitten ‘Shadow’ who is finally improving and starting to play – enjoy !!




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Serbia: 26/6/2014 – Latest News From Danica At Cat Shelter Felix.

 Serbian  Flag




Here is the latest (June 2014) messge from Danica regarding the latest news from Cat Shelter Felix.

Please click on the ‘Shelters’ tab at the top of the site to see a great deal more about the past issues at Shelter Felix – or click directly on this link to be taken there  – http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/serbian-shelters/

There have been huge updates and repairs undertaken at the shelter, and it has still not finished as you can see from some of the photographs below.  Once all the repair work has been completed; it will mean that this dedicated shelter will be able to provide a life long home for at least 117 little living beings who once existed on the streets.

If you are able to provide anything to help with the costs of repairs; or wish to support the shelter in many diffeent ways; please make your selection from the links following:

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Thank you for your support of Cat shelter ‘Felix’.




Let the Pandemonium Begin!

Last autumn, when we happily received an incredibly generous donation which would enable us to cover the costs of replacing the roof of the auxiliary cats’ rooms, we couldn’t have dreamt it would take us so long to even begin with the new and hopefully final round of shelter repairs. No construction companies were willing to start the massive repair work back in rainy September and we had no other choice but to reluctantly hold up, cross our fingers and wait for spring. A long, frigid, snowy winter arrived and left again, followed by the unrelenting rain of an unpromising spring, and now after a couple of stressful and hectic months it’s finally time to get shelter repairs underway again.

Many things have happened in the meantime, we sadly lost some of the oldest and sickest kitties in spite of trying to help them the best we could and doing everything that could have possibly be done. A few new sad, unfortunate and desperate furry ones arrived, and the time has passed almost unnoticeably. And yet for the last couple of weeks we’ve been anxiously preparing for the biggest challenge since the shelter was founded, quietly and with no fuss, impatiently waiting for the weather to stabilize, with huge expectations and hope in our hearts. Although it’s just the beginning of summer, the temperatures are already skyrocketing but more importantly, the sky is finally clear and blue and our long agonizing wait seems to be over. Let the show begin!


The existing supporting structure wouldn’t stand a chance to bear the weight of the roof, so we had to build five strong support columns last autumn even though we haven’t managed to finish them completely. A new concrete path between the front entrance into the backyard and garage was also made, instead of the old deteriorated path composed of soil, cracked concrete and decaying paving tiles. The entire path would turn into a muddy mess whenever it rained, so the cats that were coming and going out of their rooms were stepping directly into the mud. We’re planning to extend the roof overhang in order to protect the new path below from precipitation, but that’s not all. Construction workers are currently building four small dividing walls between the support columns which are supposed to help keep the new path dry, whatever the weather throws at us, and it also provides the kitties with some additional sheltered space which is so necessary during the winter months.


As always, funds are the persistent problem and even more so because of the unexpected expenses of treating several seriously ill kitties; thus we found ourselves in a paradoxical situation of undertaking costly shelter repairs without trying to raise funds for the above. But some things simply can’t wait if we are ever going to make the shelter into a livable and secure place for its 117 furry residents, so we are running into debts and huge ones again, that we can’t dream of paying off on our own. Long story short, the cost of the roof replacement itself has been covered by last year’s huge donation, but nothing else has been and there’s a lot of work yet to be done while the weather’s nice.


No matter how hard we try not to endlessly bore you with countless appeals for help and find the way to do what we have to do without begging around, we have no chance to finish such massive repair work unless our friends and supporters all step up. Anything that you’re able to give makes a huge difference and means the world and life itself for a three-digit number of once abused and sadly forgotten little creatures! Even the smallest donations add up and help their safe haven be what it’s meant to be!

We are all eternally thankful from the bottom of our hearts to each and every one of you who’ve been supporting our work for years and never failed us in our times of need. If we all pull together, we can finish up this shelter once and for all and give these kitties the safe and happy home they so much deserve!










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Serbia: Slavica Takes Action About Shelters and Strays In Municipalities.

 Serbian  Flag


We have had a couple of things in from Slavica, who is based in Subotica, Serbia.

Read more about Slavica at ‘About Us’ – http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/

Scroll down until you come to the section titled: Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić – Subotica, Serbian Republic

Slavica says:

First –

I ask for copies of documents about  the city  shelter  condition and capacity at Novo Selo by Vrnjacka Banja . How many dogs/cats have been arriving during the last 3 years,  what is the number of microchips given to the animals and where are they now. How much public money was given to provide for these animals, and where is the money now, because  I had received information that shinters from Novo Selo travelled into in several municipalities of Southern Serbia  catching dogs/cats; making dirty bllod money from doing business with several city authorities.

Now we wait to see what documentation they provide, if any.





RVI2 RaskiOkrug,Zahtev26.6.14.ZivotinjeNovacZakoni


Second -

The Mayor of Subotica did not help to big shelter and Adrianna Nadj said to him
that he cannot finance 550 city dogs,  and at the same time city shelter has
receive 7 million dinars  for  feeding  156 dogs for 2013 year.

Adrianna wrote that ALEX  shelter needs help and  she wrote the minimum of
finance which  it is necessary, but to date the Mayor has not even bothered to respond to her.
That is  why I now send to mayor and also to ombudsman :

official request for information of public interests : what they did do for protect  Adrianna
and Dragan  human rights and for protect the animals at ALEX shelter and also
what they did do against irresponsible owners and  what they did do for
protect all pet animals.  Or are they ignoring all the existing Serbian laws ?

Again here; we now wait and see what answers they provide, if any !


na ruke gradonačelniku Subotice Maglai u strana 1

 na ruke obudsmanu Zlatku strana 1

 na ruke obudsmanu Zlatku strana 2




World Farm Animal Welfare News Snippets.



WORLD MEAT CONGRESS: Animal Welfare to be New Moral Trade Barrier

Animal welfare issues could become a new trade barrier following a landmark ruling by the World Trade Organisation, writes Chris Harris from the World Meat Congress in Beijing.



Positive Response to UK Non-stun Slaughter Petition

The campaign to end non-stun slaughter in the UK and provide consumers with better information about the welfare of animals at slaughter has received a positive response from Government Ministers.



INDIA – Dr T. Kotaiah of Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd puts forward his case that hen welfare needs to be balanced with the production of food for a growing human population.



Animal Cruelty Footage Highlights Need to Protect Farm Animals

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is calling eight workers on Canada’s largest dairy farm to be charged with wilfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering and injury to animals under the federal Criminal Code following an undercover investigation that revealed vicious acts of cruelty.



Effect of Wet Litter on Welfare, Performance and Carcass Yield in Broilers

A Dutch study has shown that broilers kept on wet litter not only had more footpad dermatitis but they also had poorer performance and defects that caused welfare issues and more condemnations than other birds kept on normal, dry litter.



HSI/India Applauds Directive to Ban Non-Therapeutic Antibiotics in Animal Feed

Humane Society International/India welcomes the Drug Controller General and Agriculture ministry’s directive urging the State Governments to stop using antibiotics and hormones in animal agriculture.



Holland pig farmers leading the way in providing animal welfare

A recent trip to the Netherlands provided a glimpse of such developments associated with pig production. While it’s easy to focus on the differences between the U.S. and Dutch pork sectors, there are similarities, just on a different scale.



Do’s and Dont’s For Hauling Cattle Safely

Stocking rates for cattle trucks and guidance on how to move animals is given by South Dakota livestock stewardship expert Heidi Carroll.






England: Quick Links – Have A Look.



See our good friend Phil as he tours the world re factory farming abuses:

















Italy: Important Petition To Help Cats on Favignana Island. Please Sign and Crosspost.



Please sign this important petition – Thank you.

Petition link:  http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/588/337/038/#sign 


blind kitten

Blind kitten left for dead on the streets for weeks in agony and no one to help!!

Many more will follow.

author: Barbara Hanly

target: To the mayor of Favignana Island, Lucio Antinoro

signatures: 907

we’ve got 907 signatures, help us get to 1,500

I arrived on the 6th of June to Favignana Island’s main port. We were walking to find a taxi when I heard a young kitten crying out after been kicked by a taxi driver who then jumped in his taxi and nearly reversed over it. I ran over and quickly realised the kitten who was only 3/4 weeks old had such a horrific eye infection it could not see and so bad her eyes were not visible. The kitten was blinded by the infection and was crying out for its mom across the road. The photo shows the kitten on the mother’s back as this was the only way of getting her around. I reunited the two and was shocked to look around and see so many malnourished stray cats and kitten.

I tried to find a vet but they don’t exist on the island, no one could help me and the locals advised this has been the situation for many years with most looking on and not doing anything about the problem. Thanks to the goodness of a kind volunteer on the main land this little kitten received medical help but yesterday evening it was confirmed to me the brave little kitten didn’t make it. So I want to make sure her life was not wasted and I want to petition on her behalf for all the other cats and kittens on the island. Please help bring an end to this horrific suffering by signing the petition below. Thanks kindly in advance..

Please help us get the support these animals need on Favignana island. I’m asking the mayor of Favignana island to help control the numbers of stray cats on the island by implementing a simply solution by arranging for a vet to visit the island once monthly to spay/neuter thus controlling the cat population and to check on their general health.








Until this is done more and more stray cats will multiple and many more will suffer like this kitten. Please sign this petition to tell the mayor of Favignana Island to resolve this horrific situation.

NESS – 18/6/14.

NESS logo





Dobro došli na NESS!

“Znanje je jedna od malobrojnih stvari koja se može deliti a da je ne ostane manje”

NESS je nezavisna neprofitna informativna i komunikaciona mreža čiji je cilj da omogući organizacijama, pojedincima i medijima da sarađuju jedni sa drugima na brz, iskren i efikasan način – kako bi se zaštita uličnih životinja u Evropi konačno učinila najefikasnijom što može biti.

Otkako je vlada Rumunije odobrila zakon koji legalizuje masovno ubijanje uličnih životinja u oktobru 2013, veliki broj ljudi se angažovao na spasavanju tih životinja – ne samo u Rumuniji nego širom Evrope. Ali mada je broj ljudi koji su se uključili u zaštitu uličnih životinja veći nego što je ikada bio, ništa se značajno dosad nije promenilo. Dan za danom hiljade pasa nastavljaju da pate u neopisivo jezivim uslovima u državnim azilima po Istočnoj i Južnoj Evropi. Dan za danom se stotine ovih nedužnih stvorenja ubijaju na najnemilosrdniji i najbrutalniji način. I dan za danom aktivnosti ne samo šintera koji hvataju pse nego i običnih ljudi postaju sve sadističkije, sve gnusnije i sa sve više prezira prema životu životinja.

Zahvaljujući velikom broju ljudi koji podržava pokret zaštite uličnih životinja i raznovrsnih oblasti koje oni predstavljaju (ljudi koji se aktivno zalažu za dobrobit životinja, veterinari, pravnici, političari) postoji realna šansa da se potpuno i konačno zaustavi stradanje uličnih životinja u Evropi. Ipak, da bi se to ostvarilo, neophodno je da se usvoje odgovarajući zakoni a dosad, nažalost, državni čelnici na to nisu reagovali ničim drugim do ignorisanjem.

Zbog toga, do održivog poboljšanja sudbine uličnih životinja u Evropi može doći samo povećavanjem pritiska na nadležne kako više ne bi mogli da ignorišu očajnu situaciju životinja. Ipak, prošlost je pokazala da se to jednostavno ne može postići pojedinačnim akcijama. Umesto toga, postalo je neophodno da sve oblasti pokreta zaštite uličnih životinja odmah počnu da komuniciraju i sarađuju međusobno! To je jedini način da pokret zaštite uličnih životinja dobije dovoljno snage da konačno natera nadležne da se aktiviraju!


Pozivamo sve koji su aktivni u pokretu zaštite uličnih životinja – pojedince, grupe i nevladine organizacije – da se pridruže ovoj mreži i zajedno bore da se prekine patnja uličnih životinja!




Welcome to NESS


“Knowledge is one of the few things which you can share without having less of it afterwards.”

NESS is an independent non-profit information and communication network which aims at enabling organisations, individuals and the media to cooperate with each other in a quick, straightforward and efficient way – in order to finally make the protection of European strays as effective as possible.

Since the Romanian government passed the law legalizing the mass killing of stray dogs in October 2013, a huge number of people have become active in order to save these animals – not only those in Romania but all over Europe. But even though the number of people who have joined the stray animal protection movement is unprecedented in Animal Welfare – no significant changes could be achieved so far. Day by day thousands of dogs continue to suffer under indescribable circumstances in the killing stations of eastern and southern Europe. Day by day hundreds of these innocent creatures get killed in the most brutal and merciless way. And day by day the actions of the communal dog catchers as well as of common civilians seem to become more sadistic, more detestable and more contemptuous of life.

Due to the great number of people who support the stray protection movement and the manifold areas which they represent (members of active animal welfare, vets, lawyers, politicians) a real chance to end the suffering of European strays comprehensively and ultimately has finally come to life. However, the ultimate necessity for this is the passing of accordant laws. Unfortunately, so far all the politicians in charge have reacted with nothing but ignorance.

Thus, a sustainable improvement for the fate of Europe’s strays can only be made by increasing the pressure to act onto those in charge, so that they are no longer capable of ignoring the animals’ desperate situation. However, the past has shown that this simply cannot be achieved by singular actions. Instead it has become highly necessary for all areas of the stray protection movement to enter into communication and cooperation with each other immediately! This is the only way to award enough force to the stray protection movement to finally get those in charge to act!



We kindly invite everyone active in the stray protection movement – individuals, groups and NGOs – to join this network and fight together in order to put an end to the suffering of Europe’s strays!



England (London): 17/6/2014 – China’s Premier Li Keqiang is Coming to London Today. Cameron; Talk of A Free Tibet !!




cameron tibet 17 june

 China’s Premier Li Keqiang is coming to London – join the protest at Downing Street


free tibet 3

China’s Premier Li Keqiang is coming to London today.

We can send a message straight to China’s leadership that it must end its occupation of Tibet.

If you can, please join the peaceful protest at Downing Street on Tuesday:

When: Tuesday 17 June, 9am – 2pm
Where: 10 Downing Street, London

The protest is being organised by a coalition of UK-based Tibet support groups: the Tibetan Community in Britain, Free Tibet, Students for a Free Tibet UK, and Tibet Society.

free tibet 4

We hope to see you there. If you use Facebook you can view the event and share with your friends too.


free tibet 6

Daily Clicks – Very Quick, Very Easy, and Free !! – And For the Benefit of Animals and Children – Please Try and Make Them A Daily Regular



We have published these links many times before and asked visitors to kindly click each day – by doing this (for free) you are saving the oceans, feeding primates , providing space for rescued big cats, taking action against global warming, helping children in need and taking action against the abuse of women; to name but a few.

At SAV we click on each of the following every day as part of the routine – it takes seconds to do each one but you can make such a difference overall.

Please add to your favorites try to ensure that you ‘click’ on a very regular basis;

Thanks  – SAV.

Each click takes just seconds; but do them regularly or ideally on a daily basis, and the results can be fantastic. 

Here below are the links to free daily clicks which we suggest you take part in:


Click to protect threatened wolves:


how your click helps Defenders of Wildlife

Your free click generates donations from our sponsors. You may click once a day, every day. 100% of the donations raised go directly to Defenders of Wildlife to help stop barbaric wolf management, fight anti-wolf extremism, expand wolf recovery in the Northern Rockies, and more. learn more


Click to feed rescued primates:


how your click helps the Jane Goodall Institute

Your free click generates donations from our sponsors. You may click once a day, every day. 100% of the donations raised go directly to the Jane Goodall Institute, which runs sanctuaries in Africa where orphaned chimpanzees can be cared for and given the chance to live reasonably full lives in spacious conditions. Your click helps JGI feed these rescued primates. learn more


Click to protect big cat habitat:


how your click helps the Wildlife Conservation Society

Your free click generates donations from our sponsors. You may click once a day, every day. 100% of the donations raised go directly to the Wildlife Conservation Society to protect vanishing habitat for endangered big cats. learn more


Click to stop global warming:


how your click helps CarbonFund

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Click to defend baby seals:


how your click helps the International Fund for Animal Welfare

Your free click generates donations from our sponsors. You may click once a day, every day. 100% of the donations raised go directly to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). Your clicks make it possible for IFAW seal hunt observers to continue documenting the cruelty of the hunt, and to keep fighting to ensure we pass historic legislation to ban seal products and end the hunt worldwide. learn more


Click to save our oceans:


how your click helps Oceana

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Click to help children in need:


how your click helps Children International

Your free click generates donations from our sponsors to help real children. To read an update about the children we’re sponsoring, please click here.
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Click to aid in animal rescues:


how your click helps rescued animals

Your free clicks help generate donations for our many grassroots programs. Just a single click, every day, can make a huge difference in the lives of children and animals in need. 100% of the donations received go directly to our organization. For more than 135 years, American Humane Association has been the voice for the nation’s children and animals.

As the primary contact in the U.S. for animal-related disaster relief, American Humane Association serves as the coordinating agency to local shelters for animal supplies and resources during natural disasters or man-made emergencies.� The team consists of a national network of professionally trained staff and volunteers.

An 82-foot mobile command center – fully equipped for both animal rescue and veterinary services – is the centerpiece of a fleet of boats and vehicles ready to deploy anywhere in the country on a moment’s notice. Your clicks help to support this animal rescue effort.learn more


Click to stop violence against women:


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Click to save the rainforest:


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Feed the dogs at ‘Barking Mad’ in South Africa:


Simply click on the blue ‘click to feed’ button on the left side.








Job done- 2 minutes a day maximum for helping all these projects !!

Thank you – SAV.


Denmark (Faroe Islands): Sea Shepherd to Deploy Drones to Stop Massive Whale Slaughter.



Article link:



Our past SAV posts on the Faroe Islands whale killings:




Sea Shepherd to Deploy Drones to Stop Massive Whale Slaughter

The group’s air force will livestream video of the Faeroe Islands killing grounds.

June 11, 2014 By David Kirby

David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, Death at Seaworld, was published in 2012.

In recent years, the annual dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan, have garnered headlines worldwide and sparked outrage among activists, scientists, celebrities, and diplomats. But half a world away, in the North Atlantic nation of the Faeroe Islands, a similar slaughter has received far less scrutiny.

That’s about to change. On Friday, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society USA will unveil details of a new hi-tech initiative aimed at disrupting and halting the whale hunts, which begin this month and continue through September.

The annual hunts are known as “grinds.” As part of “Operation GrindStop 2014,” a land-based campaign, Sea Shepherd USA will deploy drones and livestream video to hinder the slaughter. Other Sea Shepherd organizations will launch simultaneous water-based campaigns.

Why the drones? They are “primarily for surveillance and documentation,” Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson said in an email. “They are inexpensive and easy to operate, and they can get us into places we could not otherwise get to.”

Combined with livestreaming video, drone technology “will allow us to cover the more than two dozen beaches in the Faeroes where whales may be killed,” Watson added. “The Faeroes present some logistical challenges, and we need to be able to deploy in such a way that all possible kill sites are monitored at all times.”

Drones might also detect approaching whales, he said, which would “allow us to take our boats to deflect the pods away from the islands.” (The Faeroe Islands campaign is funded in part by the Skoll Foundation, part of the Jeff Skoll Group, which includes Participant Media, TakePart’s parent company.)

Is America’s Taste for Lobster Starving Dolphins and Whales?

Sea Shepherd USA will place four teams of at least 15 activists each on the ground.
 Residents of the windswept Faeroes, a self-governing archipelago of Denmark between Norway and Iceland, have been killing fin whales, pilot whales, Atlantic white-sided dolphins, and other small marine mammals for centuries. Though the slaughter has received a smattering of attention in the global media, the Faeroes hunt has been largely overshadowed by the dolphin drives in Taiji, which were chronicled in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove.

As many as 1,000 endangered long-finned pilot whales, along with members of other species, are killed each year in the Faeroes during the “traditional” hunt, called grindadráp (“grind”) by islanders.

The hunt is even promoted as a tourist attraction. According to the Visit Faroe Islands website, one of the country’s main attractions is whaling.

“The pilot whale hunt in the Faroes is, by its very nature, a dramatic sight,” it states. “Entire schools of whales are killed on the shore and in the shallows of bays with knives which are used to sever the major blood supply to the brain.”

The method is “the most efficient and humane” means of killing “under the circumstances,” the website reassures potentially queasy tourists, “but it naturally results in a lot of blood in the water.”

This is not the first time that Sea Shepherd, which has been fighting against the Faeroes slaughter for more than 30 years, has used drones in a campaign, according to Jake Weber, Sea Shepherd drone specialist. But it is the first drone deployment in the Faeroes, he said in an email. “A great advantage they will provide is the ability to get [high-definition] footage and still photos very close to the grind without endangering our volunteers or their equipment.”

related stories on takepart

Will the National Aquarium Free Its Dolphins?

California Team Rescues Humpback Whale From a 300-Pound Crab Trap

‘The World’s Loneliest Whale’ Finally Has an Entourage: Adrian Grenier to Produce New Doc


EU: Introducing ‘NESS’ – the New Network For Stray Animals Across Europe.





NESS logo


6/6/14 – Earlier in the week we were contacted by Kat regarding the posts that we have dedicated to Romania and stray dog mass killer Flavius Babulescu.

Kat has begun to set up a new website for stray animals across the EU, it is called ‘NESS’, and Kat is trying to build up a picture of all stray animal issues right across both EU and non EU member states, which of course currently includes Serbia.

NESS is a newly founded, non-profit network which seeks to unite all the different groups and branches engaged in European stray protection. The two main aims of the network is:

1. to gather all those active in stray protection in order to combine them to a greater political and economic force to achieve the general improvement of the strays’ situation. And

2. to interlink NGOs and other groups who are active in rescuing and protecting stray animals in order for them to support each other in their practical work.
We were more than happy to give Kat access to all our Romanian campaign data and also, we at SAV have now signed up as full members of the NESS network, as we see this as being both beneficial to strays across existing EU member states, but also as an EU NGO, it allows us to work with other groups in the NESS network and provide regular information on the current situation for stray animals in Serbia and other Balkans states currently seeking EU accession (membership).

The NESS website is still under construction in some areas, but some sections are also initially completed – you can visit it at

and select your language (English or German) using the flag links which are given  top right.

One of our aims at SAV has always been to promote the fact that despite having some good animal welfare legislation;  Serbian governments and regional authorities are very reluctant to enforce them.  A fundamental requirement of gaining EU membership is to prove that the member state seeking membership is applying the rule of law in its own nation.  With regard Serbian strays, this is never done; and so now, we have the additional support of the NESS network to  give further support to our campaign of ensuring that Serbia does enforce the rule of law for its own stray animals prior to being allowed to gain EU membership.  Also, with additional support from other members of the NESS network, we will, when necessary, be able to apply greater pressure on the Serbian government and authorities to enforce their own national animal welfare laws, whilst at the same time keeping the EU enlargement Commission (responsible for the accession of new member states) well informed about the issue of Serbia enforcing its own ‘rules of law’ re stray dog management.  If, as we have always found, Serbia is NOT enforcing its own animal welfare laws, we can then use the NESS network to update the EU Commission on the non-compliances.

Enjoy your visit to the initial NESS site, which will be built on as time and information progresses.  We have informed NESS that we are willing to release many of our archive photographs relating to stray animal abuse in Serbia; which can then be added to the NESS site along with SAV posts and Serbian links and information as considered necessary.

We at SAV consider the NESS network will be a strong and effective partner in giving additional support for action to be taken throughout Europe for the welfare and protection of stray animals.

Please add the NESS website link   http://www.streuner-netzwerk.eu    to your ‘favorites’ so that you can regularly visit in future to see how the issue of European strays is progressing.


Mark – SAV founder.


Photo: Huib Ruiten (NL).






Canada: New Undercover Video by ‘Mercy For Animals’ Shows Baby Turkeys Mutilated & Ground Up Alive at Butterball Hatchery.





Baby Turkeys Mutilated & Ground Up Alive at Butterball Hatchery

New Undercover video expose link:  http://www.butterballabuse.com/

Dear Mark,

A new investigation by Mercy For Animals has once again uncovered horrific cruelty to animals at Butterball — the world’s largest producer of turkey meat.

During the undercover investigation, this time at a Butterball turkey hatchery, MFA’s hidden cameras documented:

Baby birds being callously tossed into a macerating machine to be ground up alive

Workers roughly throwing and dropping newborn animals with no regard for their welfare

Newly hatched birds regularly getting stuck in and mangled by factory machinery

Turkeys having their sensitive toes and beaks cut or burned off without any painkillers

This Butterball turkey hatchery alone processes more than 300,000 baby turkeys per week. Mercy For Animals has turned over its evidence to local law enforcement, which is currently considering criminal animal cruelty charges.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a hidden-camera investigation has exposed blatant animal abuse at a major turkey meat supplier.

MFA’s 2011 Butterball investigation caught workers kicking and stomping on turkeys, and bashing in their heads with metal pipes. That investigation led to a raid of the Butterball facility by state law enforcement officials and felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty convictions against five Butterball workers, including the first-ever felony cruelty to animals conviction related to factory-farmed poultry in U.S. history.

Then, in 2014, Mercy For Animals Canada recorded nearly identical abuses at Hybrid Turkeys, a major turkey supplier in Canada.

On top of all of this horrific violence, Butterball’s turkeys, just like those at Hybrid, endure selective breeding to grow so large, so quickly, that many of them suffer from painful bone defects, hip joint lesions, crippling foot and leg deformities, and fatal heart attacks.

This has got to stop! Please join Mercy For Animals in calling on Butterball to implement meaningful animal welfare policies and end its cruelest factory farming practices. Click here to sign the petition

Then, share the undercover investigation with friends, family, and colleagues and encourage them to take action as well.

Finally, please consider taking a personal stand against animal abuse by exploring a diet free of eggs, dairy, and meat. Visit ChooseVeg.ca to learn more.

For the animals,

Krista Osborne
Director of Operations
Mercy For Animals Canada

P.S. Want to support our vital work? Click here to make a donation


A previous SAV relating to Butterball:





butterball abuse


Smithfield Foods Butterball





England: 5 More Years for Keith and Jean – and WE ARE DELIGHTED !!!



keith taylor 1

keith taylor 2

Big Congratulations to Keith and Jean, and also Green newcomer Molly, for remaining as Members of the European Parliament for the next five years.  Keith and Jean have been / will be  fantastic supporters and campaigners for animal welfare in the EU for the future. We look forward to working with them in the future.  SAV.

As you can see from the following links, Green MEP for the South East of England, Keith has gone out of way to specifically help us regarding the welfare of stray animals in Serbia.  At this present time, Serbia is not even a member state of the EU, but Mr. Taylor; a very dedicated animal welfare campaigner, has decided that our case for helping Serbian animals is a strong one, and he has personally given his full help and backing to our work.

Here are some links which directly show this:




Keith works very much with London Green MEP Jean Lambert and regularly publishes a magazine for animal welfare which is called ‘Making Tracks’    Keith has spoken out with many UK citizens on the issue of the UK badger cull, an issue which you know we have carried a lot of posts about over the past year or more.

Unlike almost other MEPs of other political parties, Keith runs an animal rights / welfare section on his website – which you can view at: http://www.keithtaylormep.org.uk/category/animal-rights/


Dear Mark,

The results for the European Parliament elections are now in, and I’m delighted to say I have been re-elected to serve you as the Green MEP for the South East for the next five years. I’m particularly pleased to be going back to Brussels with Jean Lambert MEP and a new Green MEP for South West England, Molly Scott Cato. 

At this election Greens represented the politics of hope and i’m glad thousands chose to use their vote to re-elect me to the European Parliament.

For the next 5 years, I will push for a greener, fairer Europe. That means things like:

- Continuing to take action against spiraling bankers bonuses.
– Tougher laws to protect us from air pollution.
– Clamping down on the fracking firms aiming to carve up our countryside.
– Resisting austerity across Europe.

I’ll also continue to work on behalf of you, my constituents. If you have an issue you’d like to raise with me please do get in touch.

Thanks again for your support.

Your Green Party MEP,

Keith Taylor

p.s. Please do follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/greenkeithmep









‘Angel’ Update. Legal Proceedings Initiated On Behalf Of Taiji Hunt Dolphins.




Our previous post of January 2014 on Angel:





May 26, 2014 By David Kirby

Ever since the Oscar-winning 2009 documentary The Cove horrified international audiences with blood-drenched images of the annual massacre of dolphins in the Japanese town of Taiji, animal-welfare advocates, celebrities, and even a high-profile U.S. diplomat have raised their voices in protest. Yet the killing continues. A recently filed lawsuit may ensure that opponents of the hunt, and the dolphins, will have their day in court.

Earlier this month, Australia for Dolphins, Earth Island Institute’s Dolphin Project, and Save Japan Dolphins “initiated legal proceedings on behalf of dolphins caught in the bloody drive hunts in Taiji,” a joint statement from the three groups said. The main focus of the unprecedented lawsuit is a rare albino bottlenose dolphin calf named Angel, who, according to the statement, is “kept in appallingly inadequate conditions.”

The legal complaint, dubbed by plaintiffs “Action for Angel,” “will for the first time compel the Taiji government to defend its globally condemned dolphin hunts,” the statement said.

The suit, filed in Wakayama District Court in Japan, targets the municipal government, which owns the Taiji Whale Museum, where Angel is being held. Each year, the museum brokers the sale of dozens of dolphins rounded up in the cove (but not killed) to aquariums around the globe.

Taiji is home to the world’s largest drive hunts, in which some 2,000 dolphins typically are driven by boats into a cove and killed for food. About 250 others are sold to aquariums. In the 2013–2014 season, the numbers fell; an estimated 1,400 dolphins were driven into the cove. About 834 were killed, and 164 were taken captive. The rest were released. This marked a decline from the previous season’s figures, in which roughly 900 dolphins were killed and 250 captured.

The lawsuit accuses the museum of breaking Japanese law by blocking access to the museum’s animal collection by dolphin welfare experts and other observers, based on “their opinion and race,” the statement alleged. “This conduct is in breach of the Japanese constitution, which protects equal access to public places for all law-abiding people.”

Ric O’Barry, a former dolphin trainer and star of The Cove, told Bloomberg News, “If I tried to get in [to the museum], they would hold up a sign saying ‘No Westerners Allowed.’ We have proof of this. It’s racist and it’s illegal.”

O’Barry, who was not available for comment before publication, flew to Japan along with Australia for Dolphins CEO Sarah Lucas to personally serve Taiji officials with the legal papers on May 15. Lucas did not return emails requesting an interview.

Last January, Angel made worldwide headlines and brought renewed energy to the fight against the hunts when the pinkish-white calf (her exact age is unknown) was forced into the cove, along with 250 other bottlenose dolphins, by fishermen in speedboats. Forty were killed, 52 were taken for sale to aquariums at a hefty premium, and the rest were released.

Angel was taken from the side of her mother, who is believed to have perished in the cove.

The massacre and captures sparked a fresh round of indignation around the world, most notably from U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy, who tweeted in January that she was “deeply concerned by inhumanness of drive hunt dolphin killing” and reasserted the U.S. government’s opposition to the hunts.

Soon after, a star-studded list of entertainers, politicians, and activists signed a letter to President Obama, drafted by hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons and Sea Shepherd Cove Guardian Simone Reyes, who works for Simmons, urging Obama not to sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement “until Japan bans the slaughter and capture of dolphins in Taiji.”

Sean Penn, Cher, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Jesse Jackson, and Ingrid Newkirk, head of PETA, were among thecosigners.

Today, the albino dolphin is “a highly valuable ‘freak’ show on display in a cramped, abusive show tank. Eyewitnesses report she floats lifelessly with her eyes closed, or swims in small distressed circles,” the plaintiffs’ statement said.

“Angel is living in hell,” O’Barry added in the statement. “This one small dolphin has become a global representative of the thousands of dolphins slaughtered and captured each year in Taiji.”

Taiji is not the only Japanese location where cetaceans are hunted and killed. Around the country, up to 20,000 dolphins, porpoises, and pilot whales are butchered each year. In the past 70 years, more than a million dolphins have been killed.

If one dolphin can symbolize that staggering figure, activists believe, it is the orphaned albino languishing in a museum by the cove.








England: Gorillas Take Over London On Saturday 20th September 2014 – Great Gorilla Run To Help Save A Species On The Edge Of Extinction – Register Here Now !



gorilla run



London Gorilla Run


Saturday 20th September 2014!

Hundreds of people dressed as gorillas will run, jog or walk 8km though the City of London in the 11th annual Great Gorilla Run to help save a species on the edge of extinction

Since the first Great Gorilla Run in 2003, thousands of people have donned their gorilla suits and joined the 8k fun run route starting at Mincing Court in the City and passing some of London’s most iconic landmarks, including the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral.

Now in its 11th year, this incredible event has raised more than £2 million for biodiversity conservation and poverty reduction projects in central Africa. So lets make this year extra special!

As there are no more than 800 mountain gorillas left in the wild, places in this year’s run are limited to 800 in total. So sign up now to make sure that you don’t miss out on this fantastic event!

Registration is £50 and includes a gorilla suit (which you get to keep!) and the target sponsorship amount is £400.

The Great Gorilla Run events team will provide you with great support in the lead-up to the event to ensure you reach your fundraising target and are in shape for the race.

And on the day, you’ll feel like a star as the crowds cheer you on every step of the way.

Full event details can be found on our FAQ’s page.


Register Here:


Welcome to the Great Gorilla Run 2014!

To become a Great Gorilla Runner all you need to do is to complete the registration form below and pay a non-refundable registration fee of £50.

Once you’ve registered we will send you a furry gorilla suit, which is yours to keep, and a fundraising pack full of hints and tips to help you prepare for race day and to set you on your way with fundraising. We ask that you aim to raise £400.

Gorillas are facing extinction and desperately need your help so complete the registration form (link above) to join the gorilla invasion of London!





England: Time Out for ‘Nera’ and ‘Lesi’. Please Give If You Can – Thank You.



Come on folks, please donate to the two issues we have here – ‘Nera’


and ‘Lesi’


– they need help.  These are secure donation sites.  

Thank you – Mark – SAV.

















Serbia: Please Help ‘Nera’ – Only 32 Euros Required To Save Her Going Back On The Streets.

Serbian  Flag


Nera 3

Nera 2



Donate funds at:


Only 32 Euros required to keep Nera ok – but additional funds / donations always welcome.

Only 6 days left to raise money for Nera.Can someone help?Please,we still need help for Nera,street dog from Serbia,can someone help?Even the smallest donation will mean a lot to us and will be appreciated.Thank you.


Nera must pay her vet bills or be put back on the streets!

Nera is recovering well from all her surgery. But there are huge vet bills waiting to be paid! Although not fully recovered, she risks going back on the street if her vet bills are not paid in full.

She was hit by a car, she suffered an open fracture and went to surgery; she also had torn ligaments, but the trouble didn’t end there. She still had a fever and started to pee blood; she had a tickborne disease, and her breath was short. The ultrasound revealed she had a torn diaphragm, so she had to undergo surgery again, and it got worse:- part of her liver had to be removed too. 

Now the rod from her leg (see photo of X ray) has been removed, we still owe  money for the second operation and €70 for the third operation with the X-ray scan.
Daycare costs €70 euros plus food for every month.

Even the smallest donation will mean a lot to us and will be appreciated.
When donating through this page, if you choose Paypal, please when you get through to the PayPal page, please remember to click on “add a memo” under “Additional information” and put “For Nera” just before you click to finish payment.

Thank you. 

See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/nera-on-the-mend-after-final-op-but-must-pay-her-vet-bills-/154707#sthash.Zjfzx4wk.dpuf




Serbia: ‘Lesi’ The Blind Dog Rescued From the Streets Near Belgrade Needs An Eye Operation – Can You Help ?

Serbian  Flag




Donate to help Lesi at YouCaring.com:



Above – ‘Lesi’ – blind and alone on the streets.


Then a savior turns up to help.


A visit to the veterinarian

Lesi; the blind, abandoned dog needs an eye operation.  Please help if you are able.

Donate to help Lesi at YouCaring.com:



Photos of rescue : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.229535187254375.1073741889.127314900809738&type=3

Rescuers: https://www.facebook.com/freefly3

contact for qestions https://www.facebook.com/silvijaps

Lesi is a blind dog who lived for a long time at the market in a village Vinca, near Belgrade.
We don’t know how he lived in the street, but we were told that he is disorientated, has a problem with walking because he runs into objects, he isn’t able to avoid the cars when he gets out on the way and that his entire situation is very critical.

One more time we were not able to turn our head of him, and we gone to Belgrade to pick up and bring him to Novi Sad.

He is a wonderful big dog of 42 kg in a breed type of German Shepherd and something else. He is 5 years old and a huge cuddly dog, but scared, uncertain and quite a bit distrustful. But due the fact that he is completely blind, and who knows what he is experienced by human hands he is a super calm boy.

We were taking him to the several veterinarian for medical overview and opinions.
The ophthalmologist told us very bad news. Lesi lost his left eye. He suggested to do the surgery of right eye, but he can not guarantee that it will restore eyesight. The problem appeared due to untreated infection.
As the first aid he got the Tobrex drops, but we didn’t buy its because we don’t have enough money.
At our vet Ana in Novi Sad is done blood tests because we wanted to do a complete blood count and determine the sugar level in the blood. He, also, was full of fleas and ticks, and now his skin is full of fungus. Ana cleaned his ears, he got Mikoseb pills and vaccines against infectious diseases.
When we get the blood tests we will see what we should do.

Lesi has a chip, but the owner reported competent authorities that the Lesi has, allegedly, escaped in 2012 and from that day he no longer has a responsibility to Lesi. Did he really lost or just abandoned from his owner and left somewhere, we will never find out. We contacted the owner, but he no longer wants Lesi, and this is the saddest part of the Lesi story.

Initial costs:
Ophthalmic examination at the Vet. ambulance Oasis in Belgrade – 22 euros
Clinical examination at the House vet in Belgrade – for free
Blood tests, Mikoseb pills, vaccines against infectious diseases, ear cleaning at the Vet. ambulance Dog house in Novi Sad – 44 euros
Dog kennels for one month – 40 euros
Food for one month – 25 euros
Advantix ampules against ticks, fleas and mosquitoes – 14 euros
Tobrex drops – 15 euros
Upcoming costs:
Neuter – 22 euros
Dog kennels for the coming months
Food for the coming months
Possible eye surgery – about 500 euros

Special thanks go to the beautiful lady, Dessa Ilic, without whom all those things we wouldn’t do. You are our angel, dear Dessa.

063/8251319 – Mirjana Kolarović
064/0777707 – Tanja Janjić
064/2051685 – Jasna Panić
063/8787830 – Silvija Petak Stražmešter

RSD acount:
265-0000000910081-23 Raiffeisen banka a.d. Mirjana Kolarović
(With mark: For Lesi)


Foreign currency account:









USA (Minnesota): Lab Beagles Feel Grass and Sunshine for the First Time.



Video link:



Lab Beagles Feel Grass and Sunshine for the First Time

Minnesota passes the first law to allow adoptions for dogs and cats that have been involved in scientific experiments.

Nine beagles that had been in cages all their lives experienced the outdoors for the first time early this month. Thanks to the Beagle Freedom Project, they weren’t the first, nor will they be the last.

The Los Angeles–based group, founded in 2010, has been pushing for regulations that would give dogs and cats bred and used for lab testing the chance to be adopted at the end of research studies. On Tuesday Minnesota became the first state to enact such a rule, which has been dubbed the Beagle Freedom Law.

“This law is simple, compassionate, and common sense,” BFP’s Kevin Chase wrote on the organization’s blog. “If a dog or cat is used in a taxpayer-funded research experiment and is healthy at its end, the lab must offer them up to public adoption through a rescue organization.”

According to the BFP, the United States employs 65,000 dogs for academic, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical testing. More than 95 percent of the canines are beagles because of their docile nature, and many don’t survive experimentation or are euthanized after the studies are completed. Some of those who are freed find adoptive homes with the help of animal advocacy groups like the BFP.

As the organization reminds potential adopters, taking care of freed lab animals poses special challenges. The beagles’ paws have become accustomed to steel wire floors, so even walking on grass may be strange for them. They’ve also only been given a diet formulated for lab animals, so feeding them regular food may be difficult. Understandably, they may also fear humans.

Still, as the beagles (nicknamed the “Lucky 9”) in the video above show, a little bit of sunshine and care go a long way. They were BFP’s first rescues in Nevada, with more to come. Sen. Mark Manendo has promised to introduce the Beagle Freedom Bill in the Nevada Legislature in 2015. Other states, such as California and New York, are considering similar legislation.





Serbia: 22/5/14 – Where The Donations Are Being Spent. Latest News On The Finances.

Serbian  Flag


You can donate to help save surviving dogs at:






– and FOOD FOR OUR DOGS affected by floods
– also evacuated
– during evacuation

– €1000  will be held until we know if we need to, and are able, to evacuate the dogs currently at Jelena’s shelter. If the situation does not improve – we hope to have Veterina Belgrade’s support to complete a full evacuation to high ground. If the situation does improve and an evacuation is not required the funds will be used to repair our kennels which have sustained serious damage from the flood waters.

- In the wake of current catastrophic floods which are devastating Serbia, there are a few brave volunteers working tirelessly to save the forgotten disaster victims: the animals.



In Obrenovac, dogs have been abandoned, water is 4-5m high in parts and they have no one and no food. Authorities are about to begin a cull of remaining dogs labelled as ‘diseased’.

there are unconfirmed rumours
(according to SAS & other Serbian networks)

Estimates suggest a lot of the city is still under water and no dogs were evacuated alongside the people.

Normally our group is dedicated to saving dogs from the Pozega horror shelter and supporting those rescued, but we could not leave these desperate animals to die!

Dea Bella, our Serbian based volunteer travelled to Obrenovac with food supplies for those dogs left behind. She found a way into the city, but was prevented from reaching the centre. She has kept going back though as far as she can. She rescued every dog she could find alive. 39 in total and 30 with another group. Those who know Dea will understand her determination and passion for the lives of Serbian animals.


This is being done immediately and will include antibiotics and parasite treatments before they are moved to safe foster/kennels. We have secured FREE fostering and kennels for ALL 69 newly rescued dogs for the next 2 months, but WE MUST PAY FOR THEIR FOOD & VETTING.


- owners forced to leave ALL animals behind in evacuation
– Jelena trying to feed those left behind & our our dogs in kennels

15 of our dogs, alongside around 15 others are still residing with the amazing and determined Jelena, one of our kennel owners who risked her life to remain with the dogs when her city was being evacuated. The majority of owners left their pets behind to fend for themselves. Some even inside apartments with locked doors and windows.

Jelena refused to leave our dogs – at the Baric kennels. Instead she moved all 30 into her attic and kept them safe. Amongst the chaos and devastation she has also managed to feed many neighbouring strays and abandoned pets.


With rising water are awaiting an update from Jelena as to whether we can and need to evacuate the dogs now.


Milo (confiscated from owner who kept him chained) and Mish (abandoned from his owners car) have had to be evacuated from their veterinary clinic into emergency kennels at €70/dog/month. Both needed vet treatments at €60 and €45 respectively following their rescue.

– Nagorka Urumovc REFUSED to be evacuated and to leave her dogs!!
– STRANDED – she ALSO took 4 days ago 7 DOGS from street.
– has 25 DOGS NEEDING FOOD & WATER we are sending in


The remaining majority of our own rescued Pozega dogs saved from Pozega torture kill pound (we have a total of 38 dogs) are at our foster kennels with our wonderful Marina. Marina and her family are doing everything in their power to keep them safe. They have sustained EXTENSIVE damage, fencing is down and kennel housing areas are under water, but all dogs are currently safe. We have found an alternative route to get food into the shelter as soon as we have the funds.


The costs to save these dogs is crippling us. We have no money for food for our own Pozega dogs, without the additional rescue costs, but cannot leave the dogs to starve, drown or be killed.



- €1,950 FOR 2 MONTHS FOOD – for the 39 new rescue dogs housed in free foster @€25/dog/month.
– €90 FOR ONE MONTH EMERGENCY KENNELLING & FOOD – for 2 dogs evacuated from veterinary clinic (Milo & Mish who have -€50 of their €140 already pledged from Italian supporters).
– *€105 FOR VETERINARY TREATMENT – for Milo & Mish following their rescue.
– *€100 FOR TRANSPORT (3 trips to Obrenovac city, followed by the vets, and finally to the foster homes/kennels)
– *€50 FOR ANTIBIOTICS – for 6 boxes, so far.
– *€25 FOR PARVO TEST (for one of the 20 rescued dogs who was sick)
(vet cost will increase as more dogs rescued)
– FOR VETERINARY EXAMINATIONS – 25 newly rescued dog.s
– FOR ADDITIONAL VET TREATMENTS – so far for worming and flea treatments as newly rescued dogs were full of parasites.
– *€190 FOR ADDITIONAL FOOD – for Jelena to feed the stray and abandoned dogs of Baric.
– €950 FOR ONE MONTHS FOOD – for our 38 Pozega dogs @€25/dog via alternative route to kennels (split between Jelena, Marina and a couple in foster and alternative kennels).

TOTAL TO RAISE: €4000!!!
(To be updated as dogs go to vet clinic)

- €1000 of funds raised so far allocated to emergency evacuation or repairing all kennels if no evacuation needed

When we are miles away we cannot provide the hands on support which many of us so desperately want to, but we can still support those in the midst of the disaster. The forgotten victims of this Serbian disaster need our support – our own Pozega dogs and any others we are able to save.

Please consider donating to this urgent appeal, or share the youcaring link far and wide. Many thanks for your support.

Please visit our fb page for updates and further information on the evacuation as well as this current appeal for rescue funds and food xx




One of our kennels is cut off by the flood waters. Civil protection has started and the military are evacuating all people from the area. Animals are not allowed on the helicopters or boats for evacuation.

Our kennel owners family have already been evacuated. Our kennel owner is refusing to leave the dogs, but will be forcibly removed very soon.

The dogs will be left alone to perish in the floods.

She is preparing food for them in case the worst happens before we find a solution.

We have found high ground with fencing and are trying to arrange an evacuation, but will need funds for preparing the area (fence repairs and temporary shelter for the dogs) and to move the dogs (we are trying to find a way to access the kennels which is now cut off via road).

Please help us save these dogs.

These dogs were rescued from the Pozega horror shelter and have been in our care for up to a year. These are our dogs who we have supported for months and months. Some already have homes waiting for them. We cannot let them die like this.

Every penny helps.

As soon as we have more details of costs and plan we will update this fundraiser, but needed to launch it now so we have funds in place as soon as they are needed.

Thank you for your support.

For more information please visit our group:

Adoptions page:


You can donate to help save surviving dogs at:


serbia fllods dog log


Serbia: A Child Fights To Save A Puppy – The Very Best Side of Good Humans Helping Animals In Need ! – Please Give To Help Serbian Dogs.

Serbian  Flag


Serbia flood kid saving puppy.


Serbia: Further Update 17/5 – Donations Required to Move Dogs to Higher, Safer Ground Which Has Been Found – Can You Give to Help Their Safe Relocation ? – Please !

Serbian  Flag

serbia fllods dog log

serbia flood 2

Further Update – 17/5/2014 – Funds Needed to get dogs to higher, safer ground.  Please help.

Marie Heaton-Wright



One of our kennels is cut off by the flood waters. Civil protection has started and the military are evacuating all people from the area.

Animals are not allowed on the helicopters or boats for evacuation.

Our kennel owners family have already been evacuated.

Our kennel owner is refusing to leave the dogs, but will be forcibly removed very soon.

The dogs will be left alone to perish in the floods.

She is preparing food for them in case the worst happens before we find a solution.

We have found high ground with fencing and are trying to arrange an evacuation, but will need funds for preparing the area (fence repairs and temporary shelter for the dogs) and to move the dogs (we are trying to find a way to access the kennels which is now cut off via road).

Please help us save these dogs. These dogs were rescued from the Pozega horror shelter and have been in our care for up to a year. These are our dogs who we have supported for months and months.

Some already have homes waiting for them. We cannot let them die like this.

Every penny helps.

As soon as we have more details of costs and plan we will update this fundraiser, but needed to launch it now so we have funds in place as soon as they are needed.

Thank you for your support.

Donate securely at:


serbia floods man rescue pozega flood 1

Serbia: Flood Update 17/5 – Water May Have Diverted And Save Dogs From Death – Unconfirmed. Still No Contact With Serbia.

Serbian  Flag   serbia floods man rescue

Update – 17/5/2014

We have just had the following message from Marie, here in the UK. We can only hope that the water has diverted before reaching the pound. Thank you for the comments that have been left.

The situation is still that we cannot contact anyone in Serbia to get a better view of the situation, but we are thinking ahead now to what actions we can take re the future and the fact that the authorities abandoned the dogs even when there were people prepared to help and save them.

Marie writes the following:   Marie Heaton-Wright It sounds like the floods have caused a channel (broken embankments maybe), so some of the water around the Pozega pound has diverted from the kennels. So we are praying some of the dogs have been spared.

We know some have died, but unfortunately disease is also rife in Nas Dom at the moment (parvovirus and distemper).

Our volunteers are trying their best to gain access to rescue the dogs xx

https://www.facebook.com/groups/HelpPozegaDogs/ https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?



You can e mail the following government officials; asking them to help the animals:




Serbia: 16/5/2014: Huge Floods Are Taking Lives Of Dogs at Pozega Pound. Authorities Refusing To Let Activists In To Rescue Doge. For More See Facebook Link Provided.

Serbian  Flag


pozega flood 1


16/5/2014:  We are currently having no contact with our Serbian campaigners.

Information and news is very limited.


Urgent message from Marie – see facebook page below.


The Pozega pound, Nas Dom, Serbia is flooded. The dogs inside are trapped in their cages and on chains.

They are drowning.

Volunteers are being denied access, the pound will not allow them to evacuate the dogs. They tried to rescue them and were prevented by security.

The dogs will die.

This is the Pozega horror shelter, if you would like more information or to support volunteers please visit our group:


We are contacting the Serbian authorities, though it will be too late by then. We are praying the floods don’t reach our rescue kennels, but at least our dogs will get any and all help we can give them, unlike those poor innocent souls drowning in Nas Dom tonight, RIP little ones.


serbia flood 2




Storm floods Balkans, Serbia declares emergency

A massive storm has dumped record rainfalls on the Balkans, causing severe flooding, especially in Serbia, and parts of Bosnia. Schools have been closed in Serbia, where several people have drowned. Croatia is on alert.

Serbian declared a nationwide flood emergency on Thursday and asked the EU and Russia for help. Entire towns were cut off. The slow-moving cyclone is forecast to persist until the weekend.

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic said his country was facing its “biggest water catastrophe in Serbia’s history.”

Meteorologists forecast that more than double Serbia’s average rainfall for the whole of May was expected to fall within just two-and-a-half days until Friday noon.

Across Serbia, 100,000 households were without electricity. Dozens of cars and buses were stranded along flooded roads.

Schools in the Serbian capital were closed for Thursday and Friday. Major traffic routes, such as the E-75 Belgrade-Skopje highway, were submerged. Serbia’s rail link to Montenegro was severed.

Waters are rising everywhere,” said Serbian emergency official Predrag Maric. “We have engaged all our manpower.”

At least three people were killed in Serbia, including a resident near Belgrade whom firefighters said had drowned after she refused to be evacuated.

Serbian media said at least two more people had been reported missing.

High-profile societ and basketball sporting events were postponed.

Storm also grips Bosnia, Croatia

In Bosnia, to the west, bridges were swept away by swollen rivers. The central Bosnian town of Topcic Polje, near Zenica, was bisected by landslides and raging waters (pictured).

Some residents of Maglaj, 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Bosnia’s capital, sat on roofs.

Its mayor Mehmed Mustabasic said the town was “cut off from the rest of the world.”

“We have no electricity; the phones are not working,” he said.

The Sarajevo government ordered the deployment of army helicopters for evacuations. EU troops in Bosnia joined rescue efforts.

Croatia also affected

High winds reaching 150 kilometers per hour forced the closure of sections of Croatia’s Adriatic coastal highway.

Thousands of Croatian households have also been without power since Wednesday.

Croatia’s meteorological service issued a “red alert,” saying winds were powerful enough to carry debris at deadly speed.

Slovenia was also on alert because of predicted high winds.

The storm, a slow-moving cyclone, bringing sharp drops in temperature, is expected to drift to the east over the Balkans and then south to the eastern Mediterranean by the weekend.

Europe dams its last wild rivers

Europe intends to slice through its last wild rivers with a series of dams. The new hydropower stations will deliver much-needed power to the region, but may also change the face of the Balkans forever. (07.04.2014)






Iran Circus UPDATE 13/5/2014 – Hopefully Some Good News For The Circus Animals.




UPDATE 13/5/14.

Our post of 12/5/2014 including the terrible video link – please watch it. –



The following to be edited on 14/5. – Info as presented at current time.

From: fatemeh [mailto:fatemehmotamedi@hotmail.com]
Sent: 13 May 2014 14:38
Subject: RE: IRAN – Animals in Gheshm!

Dear xxx,
Here is the contact info of Department of environment.

Please ask people to call them and send them a fax  asking them to do something:

phone: 42781000-021 ( general)

phone: 42781912/ 42781889-021 ( wildlife)
Fax: 42781913-021

Phone: 42781912/ 42781889-021
Fax: 42781913-021

There is an article on  Hormozgan department of environment ( Hormozgan is the state; Gheshm is a city) official  websites that I am trying to translate and send you a summary .

Here is the link:

The article says:
This circus neither have a permit nor the health certificate for the animals!!!

They could use the Nowruz holidays and  the chaos of that time to enter Gheshm and perform their show during the holidays ( I don’t how it is possible with SO many animals and equipment. F.).

But, the authoroties found out later on and closed the circus and ask them to obtain health certificate for the animals. Something that the owner/manager of the circus wasn’t able to accomplish .

It adds that the department of environment added to the number of the cages and is waiting for necessary permits to transfer the animal to somewhere else.”

Sorry for the inconvenience. Please share it with your friends.

all the best,

Iran: Your Help Needed Urgently To Inform Global Welfare Organisations And Get This Hell Hole Circus Closed Down – Please Send Them The Information Below.



We have a very urgent request from Fatemeh at Vafa animal shelter in Iran.  It relates to many different species of animals which are being kept in barbaric conditions at an Iranian circus.

This hell hole for animals needs to be closed down – and now !

Video link -


Please try and pass the video link and e mail contact with Fatemeh to any major animal welfare organizations who you think may be able to help; wherever you are in the world.  Major US organizations would be very welcome.  Here in the UK we have already sent the video to Born free Foundation and are also attempting to get B. Bardot Foundation involved with this.  Pressure is needed from all over the world regarding this – please try and do it.

See some of the beautiful dogs which now have happy new homes around the world – go to Happy ending stories:  http://www.vafashelter.com/main/en/vafa-shelter/happy-ending-stories  for many more pictures and stories about each dog.

Thanks – regards Mark – SAV Founder.

Vafa dog 1

The following message has come from Fatemeh via Sharon here in the UK; it reads:




From: fatemeh mailto:  fatemehmotamedi@hotmail.com

Sent: 12 May 2014 14:14
Subject: FW: Animals in Gheshm!


Dear Animal Lovers…

I am crying for help….Please, Please take action and do something about it.   It is beyond cruelty…

They are animals of a circus that are kept in a brutal condition in south of Iran which is very hot…

I just saw this video today and could not just watch without trying to do something for them, I truly hope that you can help them to get in better conditions and better life as they are suffering at the moment.


Here is the link from YouTube:

با قربانیان سیرک قشم


Video link -



If I or other people can do something to help or send request to somewhere else please let me know.

With Kindest Regards

Fatemeh Motamedi
Vafa Animal Shelter ( facebook )
Vafa shelter – please visit and take a look at all the excellent work and people who are trying to help animals.

Website link:  www.vafashelter.com

Available Dogs:  http://www.vafashelter.com/main/en/vafa-shelter/availabledogs

Happy ending stories:  http://www.vafashelter.com/main/en/vafa-shelter/happy-ending-stories

Meet the staff:  http://www.vafashelter.com/main/en/about-us/staff

‘Who we are’:  http://www.vafashelter.com/main/en/about-us/who-we-are

History:  http://www.vafashelter.com/main/en/about-us/history

Mission:   http://www.vafashelter.com/main/en/about-us/mission


Please visit the website for lots more – www.vafashelter.com

Vafa dog 2


Vafa dog 3

Vafa dog 4

Vafa dog 5

Vafa dog 6


England: SAV Gives Its Full Support To Mr. Keith Taylor MEP And All Green Party Candidates At The Euro Elections On 22nd May 2014.

England  U Flag  EUUN0001


keith taylor 2

Above – Mr. Keith Taylor – Green Party MEP for South East England.

 SAV Comment –

On 22nd May 2014 the British public, along with other European citizens throughout the EU will have the opportunity to elect their representatives for the European Parliament for the next five years and get the chance to directly influence the European legislative process.

You can click on the following link to see the current (pre 22nd May) MEP situation throughout Europe.

Simply select and country from the map to see all the MEPs which currently represent that nation.


SAV are a UK organization, and so for example, we will concentrate on the UK.  In total, 73 Euro-MPs will be elected to represent the United Kingdom, tasked with reflecting the interests of their constituents. Whilst they may cover a range of views from Europhile to Eurosceptic, it is important to recognise the significant protection given to animals and the environment through European policy, which in many ways exceeds the provisions of national policy.

The following link and information has been provided by the UK based ‘Born Free Foundation’.   http://www.bornfree.org.uk/    – as members of BFF we feel it is essential to repeat the EU elction information prior to the votes of Thursday 22nd May 2014.

Please click on the following link to read much more from the Born Free Foundation about the EU elections.


We thank BFF for providing this tabulated information.

We feel that it is fair to say, in our opinion only, some of the statements made by some in the ‘political parties’ table via the above link can be taken as valid; we state that in out opinion, some statements made are also very ‘pie in the sky’.  One political party claims its aim is to ‘To ban live animal export’, a very easy statement to make, but no so easy to do, as with my other work on animal issues – see ‘KAALE’ in ‘About Us’  http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/  , I have personally been campaigning for some 25 years to stop live animal exports from the UK.  As some parties say, ‘Our aim’ is often very different to the actual reality which is afforded them.  Simply,  the UK just pulling out of the EU is no guarantee that the UK would then ban live exports; far from it; and it certainly will not be of benefit to UK campaigners who are trying to help ALL EU animals being transported throughout the EU; be it from the UK to France, or the Netherlands to Spain, for example..

Further to this, and back to the UK, in order to amend UK national legislation, it is necessary for ‘the’ political party concerned to have a majority of MPs in Parliament, in order to get the legislation approved / amended.  The party making the claim to ban live exports does not currently have even one (1) member of parliament in the UK; so we consider that these words are simply messages sent out to try and obtain votes; when the reality is, that without a political majority in government, the promises will never become a reality.

We as an NGO, attempt to keep track of the political situation – what UK political parties are doing, rightly or wrongly.

We will put our cards on the table here and now and give our full and utmost support to the Green Party.

keith taylor 1

Keith Taylor – Green Party  MEP – with equine friend 

As you can see from the following links, Green MEP for the South East of England, Mr. Keith Taylor; has gone out of way to specifically help us regarding the welfare of stray animals in Serbia.  At this present time, Serbia is not even a member state of the EU, but Mr. Taylor; a very dedicated animal welfare campaigner, has decided that our case for helping Serbian animals is a strong one, and he has personally given his full help and backing to our work.  Here are some links which directly show this:




Keith works very much with London Green MEP Jean Lambert and regularly publishes a magazine for animal welfare which is called ‘Making Tracks’    Keith has spoken out with many UK citizens on the issue of the UK badger cull, an issue which you know we have carried a lot of posts about over the past year or more.

Unlike almost other MEPs of other political parties, Keith runs an animal rights / welfare section on his website – which you can view at:  http://www.keithtaylormep.org.uk/category/animal-rights/

I am sure that all of the above will give you the justification why we are fully behind Green Party MEP Mr. Keith Taylor in the European Elections for 22nd May 2014.  If you are a South East England citizen, we hope that you too will support Keith.  If you are from another regional part of the UK, or a Euro citizen in another EU member state, we hope that you too will give your full support to Green candidates in the May 22 elections.

There are other MEPs from SOME other political parties who have given their support to one or two animal welfare issues.  Others have completely ignored us and our requests for them to  give issues support in the European Parliament.  Well, ignore us some of them have done; but like every politician, at the end of the day, sometime, they will be out for our support and vote(s).  Keith and the Green party have shown that they are completely dedicated to the Green party attributes of providing help and support to all issues that aid the welfare and lives of animals – something that we consider so very important.

Please give your support to green MEPs on 22nd may and together we can work to make the EU and even better place for animals and their welfare.

Finally, I would like to thank Keith for his help and support with our campaign work and attempts to make life for stray animals in Serbia just that bit better.  It’s a long, winding road to get this, but as the saying goes; Rome was not built in a day.

If you want better animal welfare, then

Please vote  Green Party at the Euro Elections.

Regards Mark – SAV Founder; Kent, England.


Visit the work of KAALE and live animal transport issues at  http://www.kaale.org.uk/

Mark is also the EU Correspondent for KAALE – See http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/ on THIS SAV site for more info on Marks work regarding live animal transport.






Serbia: Very little required now to reach the target – please give a small donation if you can.

Serbian  Flag



Very little required now to reach the target – please give if you can.

Thank you – SAV.




Story of Marijana Culum:
…. “In the past three years I have done a lot thanks to all of you who supported me and thanks to the people in “real” life, Association of Novi Sad and other individuals who are dealing with stray animals in Serbia. Exactly three years ago, by a chance I went to one part of Novi Sad (Serbia), and was shocked how many pregnant dogs and the ones with little puppies were there on the streets left all alone, dumped on the garbage, with no food and wather…
And then what else could I do but to help them and advocate for some female with puppies, find them homes, sterilize & vaccinate them etc.

For past three years I helped to sterilize 89 animals – 62 females and 21 male dogs, 4 female cats and 2 male. For sterilization we didn’t have to raise money because city of Novi Sad has provided free sterilizations for stray dogs. Almost 6 years since I am doing this for strays every single sterilization turned out well thanks to the vet’s office and people who helped.

From those who were sterilized some were adopted, some are still waiting for a home, and the new ones are coming …
Only in past three years 64 stray were adopted – 7 adult female and 3 male, 28 female and 26 male puppies. For all of them sterilization was provided.

Unfortunately, some of them weren’t that lucky to be adopted … but we won’t forget anyone of them:
– In Sep. 2011th, one of six Zuja’s puppies died but five were happily adopted,
– In October 2011th, Nina who was adopted get sick from distemper and didn’t make it,
– In December 2011th, Jenny female stray was hit by a car, smashed and euthanized
– In January 2012th, young brown puppy male was put down because he was sick, appeared
malnourished, his ribs could be counted; nervous type of distemper, was euthanized.
– In February 2012th, curled sweet puppy, nervous form of distemper. He really struggled :( too
painful to look at him shaking and crawling :(
– In March 2012th, Ive and Mali were puppies who were suffering from piroplasmosis (This was the first time for me to meet with this disease and the puppies). I found them in the same area, within a week.
– In April 2012th, Male puppy about 4 months old, full of ticks, parasites, malnutrition, nervous form
of distemper. And this was a terrible thing to see and experience :(
– In April 2012th, Mona puppy about 2 months, canine parvovirus ….

For me personally was pretty painful and disappointing to watch them die, each and every one of them had a specific character and appearance … and each and every of them I won’t forget for my life. ” ….

There are many people like Marjiana Culum who are taking care, feeding and do everything in their power to protect stray dogs in the street of Serbia … but they can’t succeed without your help!

Please don’t let that this story end here! Please if you can support our projects

Any amount helps when you have to feed 15 adults dogs.
Thank you All!!!

More information:

28 news from the project  – the latest from 08 May 2014

About the carrier of this project “Financial support for the animals in Serbia” 









England: 6/5/14. Live Export Video by ‘Shipping tv’ – Also Australian Live Export News.



12_ValCameron_060514_0050 pc


All Photos by V. Cameron.

More pictures on this consignment to come soon.


Ramsgate Port, England – 6/5/14.

Britain‘s last barbaric sea trade – live animal export

Filmed and Produced by Mr. Chris Gosling who operates ‘Shipping tv’ here from the UK.

Please watch Chris’ excellent video on the shipment of 6/5/14 from Ramsgate port, Kent, England, as operated by Dutch livestock dealer and exporter – Mr. J. Onderwater.

As Chris quite rightly says in his excellent article, this export of live animals for slaughter is Britain’s last barbaric sea trade.

Watch the video and find out much more on the port and shipment at:


Please visit the Shipping tv site at:  http://www.seriousleisure.tv/ 

All photographs in this SAV post are by Valerie Cameron – official photographer – ‘Kent Action Against Live Exports’ (KAALE.

Read all the shipment reports, see hundreds of photos re all shipments, and catch up with latest live export news at -

KAALE web site: http://www.kaale.org.uk/


Click on this link to read the official KALE report of the sailing  –    KAALE Report J104































New Australian live cattle exporter sends first shipment

The first live cattle shipment for Australia’s newest exporter will leave Darwin today, bound for Indonesia.

Frontier International Agri has been formed as a joint-venture of RuralCo and is now being run by several former employees of the Elders export arm, the North Australian Cattle Company.

It has taken six months for the new operation to establish itself and obtain approvals under the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System (ESCAS).

Operations manager for South East Asia, Ashley James, says 3,200 head are being sent this afternoon on the Shorthorn Express.

“We’ve got a great line of cattle.

“I’ve been out here since five o’clock this morning and when the sun came up they looked fantastic running on,” he said.

“The agents and the vendors have done a great job putting this initial consignment together.”

He says it’s been a difficult process to meet the export requirements and he’s happy to finally send off the first shipment.

“It’s not an easy business to be in.

“You can appreciate the effort it has taken over the last six months to develop the business to a point where we are at today,” he said.

“We have supply chains with three customers in Indonesia and so now we just need to get the ships up to them.”

In October last year, Elders announced seven senior employees of its live cattle export business had resigned to take up positions with RuralCo.

Mr James says the newly employed staff at Frontier International Agri have over 150 years’ experience in the industry.

“All of us guys have been involved in the industry before and the majority at a high level inside the business of live export.

“Starting this business demonstrates the confidence that we have in the industry,” he said.

“We’re getting a lot of feedback from producers who are happy to have us in the market.

“Obviously, between the group, we’ve had long-standing relationships with many producers and we’re hoping to pick up from where we left off.”

Frontier International Agri is also in the process of establishing supply chains with other South East Asian markets in the future.

Live export prices to Indonesia are falling after a strong start to the year.

However, Mr James believes the price for feeder steers will remain close to $2 per kilogram.

“The price was very hot a month to two months ago and it’s coming back at the moment.

“In the dry season, usually, cattle prices become a little bit cheaper,” he said.

“It might go a bit lower, but I think it will sit between $1.90 to $2 (per kilogram).”









Please Support Jill and All At ‘Animals Asia’ In Their Groundbreaking Work – ‘Peace By Piece’ – From Farm To Freedom.



Animals Asia Excellent

Peace by piece by Animals Asia is the largest rescue of its kind ever undertaken.

Watch the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zODkqlR8NcU


Peace by Piece is Animals Asia’s new landmark campaign to help rescue and rehabilitate over 130 moon bears in Nanning, China. These bears have been kept in horrendous conditions – many trapped in tiny cages from birth – and farmed for their bile.

Animals Asia is taking over custody and care of the bears, leasing the land and facilities. This will be the largest rescue of its kind in the world and now we need YOUR support to turn this farm into a home.

Please help us give these bears the freedom they deserve by donating just US$30 (or more if you can) to a piece of the sanctuary shown on the map.

By donating, you will be part of the largest rescue ever undertaken – and claiming your piece of history in the making!







Donate to support this first at: https://my.animalsasia.org/donate/rescue_eng_usd?


England: ‘Time Outs’ All In One – Enjoy !




Above and below – my beautiful ‘Golda’.


We are showing all of out ‘Time Out’ posts again here as it is time for something different.

The order has been juggled around a bit but we are sure there is something you will enjoy.

Some British music and comedy at its best.

Regards Mark – SAV, Kent, England:


















UK: Snaring – The Stark Truth – Info From The ‘League Against Cruel Sports’ (LACS), London.

U Flag




Snare 1

Snare 2



Thailand: Soi Dogs Need Your Support.



All photos via Soi Dogs:

soi dogs 4

soi dogs 2


Do you believe in miracles?

soi miracle


Above – Miracle, now happily living in beautiful Scotland. A world away, Miracle faced a much different fate. Many dogs like Miracle have fallen victim to the dog meat trade, snatched from the streets or from their homes only to face a certain slow and painful death.

The photo below was taken of Miracle when he and over one thousand other dogs were rescued. Because of our undercover agents investigations Miracle was saved. The generous donations of people like you fund these investigations. Only with your help will other dogs be as lucky as Miracle. Please donate today so that this evil trade is stopped!

soi 1

I think Miracle’s photos sum it up why Soi Dog Foundation is determined to end this inhumane practice . Our undercover teams, operating as Watchdog Thailand are quite literally risking their lives in exposing and bringing to justice the people who profit from this misery. Sadly one of the team recently died, following a raid on the makeshift dog skinning camp pictured below.

Considerable progress continues to be made in ending the export of live dogs to Vietnam, but the local slaughter of dogs continues with at least 100,000 per year being killed for their skins alone. How many are being killed for his or her meat is anybody’s guess.

soi 2

Just recently butchers in Nong Kai and Bueng Kan were arrested and their houses of death shut down. Raids have also been made on tanneries where dog skins are processed for making leather goods such as golf gloves.

soi 3

Here is the face of one butcher recently arrested after a sting operation by undercover agents from Laos. He admitted to killing 5 or 6 dogs per day – nearly 2,000 dogs per year! There are many such butchers in the region. We were able to save the dogs awaiting slaughter. Sadly, one was a feeding mother and with no idea where she was from can only fear the worst for her puppies.

These dogs are now at a temporary shelter recovering, and will soon be moved to a permanent shelter built by Soi Dog’s supporters. They will join the approximately 2,000 other victims desperately in need of homes.

It costs a lot of money to keep our teams in the field and to care for the rescued dogs. The dogs have nobody else to fight for them, and only with your help will they be cared for and Thailand’s illegal dog trade be brought to an end. Every investigation and arrest costs money. The cost of looking after rescued dogs is huge. Please donate today so that this evil trade is stopped!

soi 4

Without you they have no chance, and the traders and smugglers will win.

Ten thousand dollars alone is being spent on the production and erection of hundreds of posters throughout Thailand offering rewards leading to the arrest of dog thieves and those who employ them. Another ten thousand dollars spent on giving all the rescued dogs vaccines this month.

Because of your support we are also employing additional staff to find new homes for as many of these unfortunate dogs as possible both here in Thailand and overseas.

Members of the Magic 1000 Club are saving the lives of these dogs! If you are not yet a member, please join the Magic 1000 Club today. Without you, dogs like Miracle & Terri (pictured here) would not have had a chance.

Ending the trade is challenging and achievable with your support!


soi 5

Your donation will go 100% towards stopping the dog meat industry and helping dogs like Terri & Miracle.

Thank you for your support.

John Dalley




soi dogs 1

soi dogs 4


P.S. Your donation  today will go directly to fighting the trade and caring for the rescued dogs.

Please click here to bring the dog meat trade to an end.









Thailand: Rescuer Must Move 200 Dogs While Recovering from Gunshot Wound



Rescuer Must Move 200 Dogs While Recovering from Gunshot Wound

by Laura Simpson

April 30, 2014

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/rescuer-must-move-200-dogs-while-recovering-from-gunshot-wound.html#ixzz30StsK3sq 

All photos via Care2.

dog save 1

Still recovering from a gunshot blast to the chest, Warin Taphaothong would rather die than let the dogs go hungry. On the heels of yet another surgery to address deep infection, Warin is back at work. Today she wears a gentle smile and a light polka dot apron as she climbs onto her motorbike with a dozen magnificently large pots of food for the strays.

dog save 2

The wheels on the bike’s cart squeak and whistle under the weight of so much hot rice and chicken. Her sister Lem tries to stop the pots from tipping as the two disappear down the road. It won’t be long before the swarm of wagging tails emerge to greet them.

Last year, Warin was thrown to the ground by her brother-in-law Dom when she tried to protect her nephew from yet another beating. Enraged by her interference, Dom (who was a killer-for-hire) shot Warin in the chest. By some miracle the bullet veered away from Warin’s heart and instead went clear through her lung and into the ground below. Unconscious, Warin was rushed to a hospital in Bangkok while her brother-in-law began firing at the police who surrounded him. Dom took only a single bullet to the leg, but was never jailed.

dog save 3

After her long hospital stay, Warin agonized about the dogs. For years she had not only cared for the dogs at her sanctuary, but also in the community where she delivers food to street dogs and organizes spay/neuter projects, an unheard of ministry in Thailand. But for months after the shooting, Warin was unable to return to her sanctuary because Dom (unpunished for his crimes due to his political connections) remained free and steadfast in his vow to finish what he started. It was only after Dom’s unexpected and sudden death from cancer (perhaps a karmic slap) that Warin could return to the dogs who had lost so much during her absence.

Warin’s sister Lem and other volunteers had done what they could to feed and care for the dog’s during her Warin’s absence, but without the proper experience, they struggled greatly. Food shortages, disease outbreak and a major flood compounded the hardship at the rescue center. On top of that, the women were unable to settle the dogs who barked constantly, and consequently neighbors’ complaints have now forced the sanctuary to relocate.

“It’s going to take 1,000 hands to heal this situation,” Harmony Fund Vice President Daria Justyn said. “I look at this tiny woman and I see giant. She has such purpose, such a profound impact on the animals around her. We can’t count the number of animals who have benefited from Warin’s care and now it’s up to us to come together to help her carry on. We must set up shelters, fencing, utilities and bring in all the supplies needed to care for the animals in their new location.”

dog save 4


A parcel of land near the base of a mountain in a nearby area will become the new home to the sanctuary. It will have the capacity for electricity and city water, and Warin dares to dream of a proper kitchen to cook for the dogs. There is potential to create a sick bay for dogs who need to recover in isolation, and with no neighbors nearby, the dogs can be free to ‘speak’ as often as they’d like.


dog save 5


dog save 6


This is one of three rescue centers in Thailand who are counting on the Harmony Fund for immediate aid.

Those who wish to get involved may visit this page. 


If you wish to donate, please click on:









Australia: 32,000+ Animals from Australia to Russia for Slaughter !! – Possible Demo – Please Check below.



SAV comment:

What is wrong with all the cretins (Abbott downwards) who are involved in this and wish to see so much animal suffering ?

32,000+ animals by sea from Australia to Russia, to then be killed – these sad imbeciles must have the smell of money way up their noses above and beyond anything else.

Sad, sad people !!


Short notice we know, but…

The Nada, currently used by Livestock Shipping Services (LSS), departed Adelaide on Sunday with 17,000 young steers aboard; part of a consignment of 32,000 cattle being sent to slaughter in Russia. Of all the companies involved in this despicable trade, LSS is the bottom of the barrel and they should not have been granted any further licenses to export any live animals, yet alone be permitted to ship 32,000 cattle to a country which we have not exported live animals to for slaughter before.

We believe they are only loading another 900 cattle here today, so they may well be finished and gone by this evening, in which case we will not go ahead with protest rally.

Due to workload and time constraints, I may not be able to get another email out in the morning, so I would urge you to check

Fremantle Port’s Harbour Cams  (<— click on link)

in the morning and click on the camera arrowed in picture below.




If the Nada is still in port, you should see this:


If that ship is not there, there is no protest tomorrow morning… for now!

If she IS there, get your t shirts on, bring your signs and banners and voices and get down to the dock in front of the E Shed markets, for 10 AM!





USA: Help Raise Funds Now To Support Idaho’s Wolves !



DOW Wolves banner

Idaho’s wolf haters think they can get away with anything. Time to prove them wrong.

Last month, Idaho’s Governor Otter signed a bill creating a $400,000-per-year wolf extermination fund.

Well Governor Otter, we’ll see your $400,000 and raise you!

Help us raise $401,000 to protect Idaho’s wolves – and fight for endangered wildlife wherever it is threatened.

From now until May 9, 2014, your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to a total of $200,500. 

That means with the match, we can raise $401,000 for Idaho’s wolves!

As a donor to this unprecedented wolf defense effort, you will be supporting our three-part strategy to stop the out of control wolf killings in Idaho.

First, we have formally asked the U.S. Department of the Interior to reassess the status of wolves in the Northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act in light of Idaho’s war on wolves. This is the first step towards regaining federal protection for these wolves, and we will continue to press for it. 

Second, we are reaching out to the people of Idaho to ask them to demand that their state officials stop knuckling under to forces of hatred. We know that Idahoans across the state do not support Governor Otter’s war on wolves.

Third, our legal team is actively reviewing our litigation options, while our policy experts and scientists are working hard to fight the rampant misinformation on this issue.

Nearly 1,300 wolves have been killed in Idaho since Congress stripped them of ESA protection in 2011. Entire packs have been shot from helicopters, and wolves have been trapped in snares and left to die.

This is exactly what we said would happen. And it has to stop.

Help us raise $401,000 to send the Governor a message – and to support our all-out campaign to defend Idaho’s wolves.

Don’t forget: Until May 9, members of our board of directors will match your gift dollar-for-dollar up to $200,500.

Nearly 20 years ago, Defenders helped release the first four wolves back into Idaho – and we’ve never left their side.

Defenders is the only national organization with staff on the ground in Idaho who not only worked to help restore wolves, but are actively working at the statehouse and state wildlife commission to testify against actions threatening wolves.

Please make an urgent donation today – and have your gift doubled!

After being hunted to the brink of extinction, wolves were reintroduced to the Lower 48 only two decades ago. After all these years, we cannot go back to the days of reckless and irresponsible slaughter.

Please help us.


Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife


DOW Wolves banner

Double your Donation to Help Save Idaho’s Wolves!

Last month, Idaho’s Governor Otter signed a bill creating a $400,000-per-year wolf extermination fund.

Well Governor Otter, we’ll see your $400,000 and raise you!

Help us raise $401,000 to protect Idaho’s wolves – and fight for endangered wildlife wherever it is threatened.

Nearly 20 years ago, Defenders helped release the first four wolves back into Idaho – and we’ve never left their side. As a donor to this unprecedented wolf defense effort, you will be supporting our three-part strategy to stop the out of control wolf killings in Idaho.

First, we have formally asked the U.S. Department of the Interior to reassess the status of wolves in the Northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act in light of Idaho’s war on wolves. This is the first step towards regaining federal protection for these wolves, and we will continue to press for it.

Second, we are reaching out to the people of Idaho to ask them to demand that their state officials stop knuckling under to forces of hatred. We know that Idahoans across the state do not support Governor Otter’s war on wolves.

Third, our legal team is actively reviewing our litigation options, while our policy experts and scientists are working hard to fight the rampant misinformation on this issue.

Please donate today and your gift will be matched dollar–for–dollar up to $200,500! Help us save wolves in Idaho and imperiled species across America!








England Time Out – 5 Minutes In the Garden.




Hi all;

here are a few pictures from my garden taken on 28/7/14.  Enjoy – Mark.

IMGP0924 resize jpg

IMGP0925 resize

IMGP0927 resize

IMGP0928 resize

I grew the Hibiscus (3 photos below) from a tiny seed about 11 years ago – I selected because it is animal rights purple / violet; and was grown in memory of all the innocents who have died worldwide at the hands of man.

It is now about 1.5 metres high x the same width – a beautiful plant in memory of the animals


IMGP0930 resize

IMGP0933 resize

IMGP0936 resize

IMGP0941 resize

IMGP0942 resize

IMGP0946 resize

IMGP0950 resize


IMGP0951 resize

  1. IMGP0952 resize

IMGP0939 resize



USA: Could This Penalty Spell the End of Killer Whales Swimming With Trainers?




(Photo: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images)

Reproduced from:  http://www.takepart.com/article/2014/07/24/miami-seaquarium–hit-with-fine-mishandling-killer-whales?cmpid=tpdaily-eml-2014-07-25

Could This Penalty Spell the End of Killer Whales Swimming With Trainers?

Miami Seaquarium, the last U.S. aquatic park to let employees work in the water with whales, was hit with a fine for putting workers at risk of death.

July 25, 2014 By David Kirby

David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, Death at Seaworld, was published in 2012.


The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued the Miami Seaquarium a citation for allowing killer whale trainers to come into dangerously close contact with its sole orca, Lolita.

OSHA made a similar move against SeaWorld Florida after the 2010 killing of trainer Dawn Brancheau by the 12,000-pound whale Tilikum.

Though Miami Seaquarium could challenge the violation in court, the penalty could herald the end of trainers performing water shows with killer whales in the U.S.

“The employer did not furnish (a workplace) free from recognized hazards that were causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm (from) struck-by and drowning hazards,” OSHA said in the citation, which was issued July 10.

OSHA gave Miami Seaquarium until Aug. 26 to fix the violation by prohibiting trainers from getting into the water with the orca. The water park also must install physical barriers or require that a minimum distance be maintained between trainers on land and Lolita. The agency proposed a fine of $7,000.

The citation sprang from a complaint filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund  last January.

“OSHA has enforced [orca safety protocols] against only one such facility, SeaWorld of Florida, and only then after a trainer there was killed by an orca,” ALDF said in a June 11 letter to OSHA’s Enforcement Department.

“Enforcement, which came too late for the deceased trainer, is still denied employees of other marine entertainment facilities,” ALDF wrote. “Rather than wait for the next fatality, OSHA should intervene now.”

Neither OSHA nor Miami Seaquarium has responded to interview requests.

The news heartened captivity opponents because it could deal a significant blow to Miami Seaquarium’s business model. When SeaWorld halted all “waterwork” with killer whales in 2010, Miami Seaquarium remained the only U.S. facility where visitors could watch trainers swimming with, riding on, or leaping from the body of an orca.

According to ALDF, Lolita “has given numerous indications that she could similarly physically injure or kill her trainers. A video posted to YouTube on December 20, 2012, shows Lolita lunging out of the tank and snapping her mouth at visitors.” Another video showed Lolita nearly heaving a trainer into the wall of her small tank. In the 1970s, Lolita grabbed a trainer and pried off his wetsuit.

ALDF said Lolita might be even more dangerous than Tilikum, who has been involved in the deaths of three people, because she performs in a far smaller pool, with fewer escape routes for trainers. “She lives in a less stimulating environment than Tilikum, deprived of both space and companionship,” according to ALDF’s complaint.

In 2010, OSHA hit SeaWorld with a “willful” violation in Brancheau’s death and mandated safety abatements identical to those being imposed on Miami Seaquarium. SeaWorld has unsuccessfully appealed that decision.

“After SeaWorld lost their appeal, we confirmed that trainers were still treating Lolita like a surfboard—risking their lives in the process—and sent a fresh complaint to OSHA,” said Jenni James, a litigation fellow at ALDF. “We didn’t want Lolita and her trainer to star in a Blackfish sequel,” she said, referring to the 2013 documentary about orca captivity.

Lolita, who was taken from her pod in Puget Sound 40 years ago, has been the subject of an ongoing legal battle to secure her release back into the wild.

“It makes sense that the OSHA standards should be the same across this misguided (and hopefully dying) industry,” former SeaWorld trainer Samantha Berg said in an email. “On the other hand, I can’t help but hurt for Lolita, confined for almost 44 years in that small, miserable pool. Human contact is about the only thing she’s got. All the more reason to push for her release.”










USA: S.C. Dog Dragger is Convicted of Felony Animal Cruelty, and Is Sentenced to 10 Years – A Warning To Other Abusers !! – Well Done Judge Verdin.


Success! S.C. Dog Dragger is Convicted of Felony Animal Cruelty,

Gets 10+ Years

dog drag1

by Susan Bird

July 21, 2014

Photo credits –  S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast and Photo Justice for Andra Grace Facebook page.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/success-s-c-dog-dragger-is-convicted-of-felony-animal-cruelty-gets-10-years.html#ixzz38UvYFutc

Remember the heartbreaking story of Andra Grace, the young pit bull who was cruelly dragged behind a pickup truck for two miles in late October 2013?

If you do, you probably also remember the petition that over 2,700 Care2 readers signed, demanding that South Carolina authorities upgrade the charges against the man accused of that gut wrenching crime from a misdemeanor to a felony.

We have some very good news for those of you following this case. Those charges were indeed upgraded and the accused, Roger Dennis Owens, was convicted on July 15. He’ll be spending the next 10 and a half years in prison for what he did.

Watch footage from the hearing in this news report:

In his court appearance, Owens told Circuit Judge Letitia Verdin that he intended to “plead guilty to my charges and get it behind me.” He added that he’d recently been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Owens revealed a bombshell during his testimony — someone paid him off with drugs and alcohol to take Andra Grace and get rid of her.

Judge: One of the Cruelest Things That Ive Seen Since Ive Been on the Bench

Reportedly, neighbors next to the property where Andra Grace was living had complained that she kept coming around to beg for food. The dog’s owners, who apparently were not caring for her or other animals in any real way, got tired of the complaints and asked Owens to do them a favor.

Owens agreed to get Andra Grace out of there. Inexplicably, instead of turning her in to a shelter, he decided to take care of the problem by tying the the poor helpless dog to his pickup truck and driving away.

Contrary to reports issued at the time of the offense, courtroom testimony revealed that Owens didn’t just tie Andra Grace’s leash to the bumper. It was much worse than that. He reportedly tied her front legs to his truck, forcing her to attempt keep up with his speeding truck by running on her hind legs.

He dragged Andra Grace for about two miles that way, according to authorities. Two women driving in the opposite direction saw what was happening, called the police, and turned around to follow the truck and save the dog.

The dog’s injuries were so severe that initial responders didn’t think she’d survive. She lost most of her rear toenails, the tendons in her knees were exposed, and her paws were “degloved.” Her belly and mammary glands were also torn up.

 dog drag2

Photo credit: Justice for Andra Grace Facebook page

Donations from generous people around the world paid for the medical care Andra Grace needed to pull through. At the time of this incident, Andra Grace had recently given birth to a litter of puppies which had been given away at too young an age. Rescue workers tracked down the surviving puppies and re-homed them with families who will care for them properly.

According to Owens’ attorney, he does in fact like animals, but that fateful day he’d been drinking and wasn’t “thinking straight.” Uh huh. Sure. The judge didn’t buy it for a minute. She was appalled. You can see it in her face in the news video above.

“This is one of the cruelest things that I’ve seen since I’ve been on the bench,” said Judge Verdin. She then handed down the sentence, which demonstrated she was serious as a heart attack.

She sentenced Owens to five years for felony “ill treatment of an animal,” the maximum sentence available under South Carolina law. She also gave him five years for being a habitual traffic offender and six months for driving under the influence on a suspended license, bringing his total sentence to 10 and a half years. Owens showed no remorse, according to a reporter for WYFF.

The prosecutor, Thirteenth Circuit Solicitor Walt Wilkins, said he hopes Owens’ sentence will send a message that animal abuse will not be tolerated in his jurisdiction.

Finally, A Happy Life in a House Full of Love

dog drg3

Photo credit: S.N.A.R.R Animal Rescue Northeast

Andra Grace lives in Florida now with her new adoptive parent, Lynne Dixon, and her family. When Dixon heard the news about Owens’ conviction, she became emotional.

“[Andra Grace] was in her bed and I knelt down. And I was already bawling. And I just climbed into her bed with her and scooped her up and squeezed her,” Dixon told WSAV.

Andra Grace has healed up nicely, though some of her fur is gone and will never grow back.  She’ll always bear scars — both physical and emotional — from her horrific ordeal. Don’t worry about her, though, Care2 readers. She’s safe and loved. Her abuser is in jail with a felony conviction forever on his record.

Your signatures helped bring justice for Andra Grace. Without the angry public outcry that demanded a more serious charge for this offense, Owens would be spending decidedly fewer years behind bars. You helped make a real difference for this dog.

This is a victory across the board. Relish it — it doesn’t happen as often as it should.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/causes/success-s-c-dog-dragger-is-convicted-of-felony-animal-cruelty-gets-10-years.html#ixzz38UuPJNij


Netherlands: Latest News On Pony Crush Video Originally In July 2013.



At SAV we originally produced a link about this issue back in July 2013.  This is now being put back onto the site.

Note – we have made NO changes to the post as it was produced at the time.

The update information below has been sent to us and here again, the information is un-edited. Hence we cannot verify when actually the ‘Wednesday’ or ‘Thursday’ is – but clearly from July 2013. This news does provide later news and information; which we consider to be very positive.   SAV

dutch pony abuse




Update: This took place in the Netherlands; people are speaking Dutch.

The people involved were arrested and the ponies (there were apparently 3) are all OK!


Three arrested after Shetland pony abuse video goes viral.

Thursday 04 July 2013 – Two people have been arrested in Groningen in connection with the abuse of a Shetland pony after video of a woman squashing the animal by sitting on it went viral on internet.

The 57-year-old man and 58-year-old woman come from Lochem and reported to the police once the video hit the headlines, the Volkskrant said on Thursday.

A 57-year-old man from Alkmaar was arrested on Wednesday. He is said to be the owner of the video production company which made the film.

His family have since gone into hiding, local broadcaster RTV Noord-Holland reports. Their home has been broken into and the building has been pelted with eggs, the broadcaster said.

He denies all involvement with the production. In the video, the overweight woman can be seen sitting on the pony wearing a lace top and carrying a whip. At one point, when it buckles under her weight, she continues to sit on it, smoking a cigarette.

The police have not ruled out other arrests and are looking at other, similar videos, the Volkskrant said. Poses One video, which has been placed on Facebook, shows a Shetland pony being badly treated by a blonde woman while the cameraman urges her to make erotic poses, the paper said.MPs from the animal rights party PvdD have asked justice minister Ivo Opstelten to sharpen monitoring of animal abuse and to find out if the videos were produced in the Netherlands. –

See more at: http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2013/07/three_arrested_after_shetland.php#sthash.4opX5peC.dpuf




Romania: The Latest Very Detailed News In Romania From Carmen – 24/7/14.


Carmen has very kindly provided us with an update of the current situation in Romania. Can we suggest that you look in detail at the information and many photographs which are provided in the following links – SAV:

Stray dog situation in Romania (C. Arsene), July 2014 (English version) (1)

Situation der strassenhunde in Rumänien (C. Arsene), Juli 2014 (Deutsch version)

Romania-update: Stray dog situation/Situation der strassenhunde

English und Deutsch email





Dear All,

As many of you have asked for an update about the current situation of the stray dogs, I’ve put together the following.

Probably all of you already know about the decision of the Court of Appeals in Bucharest to suspend Governmental Decision HG 1059/2013, referring to the Methodological Norms for the application of the law for the stray dog management, until the Court can decide whether HG 1059 is annulled. On the 16th the Government appealed to the Court of Appeal against this decision, an action that was actually foreseeable due to the strong pressure they received in this respect.

After the decision of the Court to suspend the Norms, the situation in the public shelters is mixed: there are some City halls which have stopped killing, others go on with the killing officially or unofficially, and yet others continue to collect dogs and crowd them in the public shelters where they will die anyway because of starvation.

The policy in the public shelters has not changed. We find the same horrible conditions, the same life and death in the same horrible shelters, the same abusers, dog catchers, companies, or the same ignorant/inefficient/abusive Veterinary Directorates which protect the City halls and the illegalities.


The huge business in Slatina

Despite the enormous efforts made in the fight against the abusers, sometimes the situation doesn’t improve at all, as for example in Slatina. There, we have a trial in Court, we brought in some journalists, and even a delegation from the European Parliament. In order to stop the “wave” and also to save the company from the Court, in February City Hall cancelled their contract with the company which we had taken to court. But then they signed a new contract with another dubious company with the same interests.


A success example

Romdog July 14

At other times, we have succeeded to change the situation in a town (permanently or only for a while), as it happened only some days ago with the public shelter in Gaesti, where I had been asked (as well by you) to intervene. The dogs had been captured/treated in the most tormenting way by using the forks. Some of them died in the street, others have been killed in the public shelter. Again, a company had a lucrative business of stray dog management going, asking for exorbitant prices which were being paid by the City Hall in Gaesti. After doing some research and gathering the necessary information, we sent our complaints to the responsible institutions. As a result, the Sanitary Veterinary Directorate has closed the public shelter and the police has launched a criminal investigation.


Round-table in European Parliament, “The brutal killing of dogs in Romania”

Romdog July 2 2014 EU

On 17th July a very good round-table discussion took place at the European Parliament, moderated by EP reporter Peter von Kohl.  The participants were MEP Janusz Wojciechowski (Poland) and his assistant in animal welfare issues, vet Karoline Tomaszewski, MEP Stefan Eck (Germany), MEP JörgLeichtfried (Austria), and MEP AnjaHazekamp (Holland).

MEP Janusz Wojciechowski has come twice to Romania as part of two delegations, and he continues to put pressure on EP and EC. MEP Wojciechowski stated at the round-table that the situation he saw in Romania is horrible, that the Romanian authorities doen’t want to stop the brutal killing, that the stray dog management is a business, and that the Romanian authorities have an interest to continue this.

MEP Hazekamp stated that what is happening in Romania is very cruel and inhumane, that it violates the Treaty, and that the method has no effect on the stray dog population.

MEP Leichtfried commented on the answer from the EC, that they don’t have the competence to act in animal welfare. But he considers that the EU must have, because only a European law can make a difference in Europe for all animals and not only stray dogs.

MEP Stefan Ek said that the situation in Romania gets worse every day and that the EU has to officially react; he added that on 15th July a member of his party was in Bucharest and followed the cars of ASPA (the Public Service for stray dog management) to see how they work, and he was physically attacked by ASPA’s personnel.

The vet councilor Ms. Tomaszewska said that during her visits to Romania (as part of two EP delegations) she observed that the declaration of the mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, differs a lot from what she saw in the public shelters. She also spoke about the experience she and the other members of the EP delegation had in the Slatina shelter; there was no food, no water, dogs like skeletons, and no adoption possible. The participants also spoke about the huge budgets allocated for ASPA.

The moderator said that it is well known that people from abroad are annoyed about the cruelties against dogs in Romania and that there is a will outside to do something. The moderator asked the participants what the most effective thing might be that people abroad could do. All the MEPs agreed that the EU people have to say “NO tourism in Romania” until the “bloody massacre is stopped”, that the EU has to act, and that the people have to put moral pressure on Romanian authorities.

You can view the round-table discussion here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmNmbGgEKjY


Foreign groups of activists from Germany, Austria, and the UK came to Romania and followed the dog catchers from ASPA in Bucharest. They have seen all the components: the mistreating of animals, the huge impact the animal abuse has on the people, the cruelty and corruption of the authorities. Just as an example:

A Report, in English and German, about the overall actual situation regarding the stray dog management in Romania you will find attached/below:


English version: http://www.fnpa.ro/stray-dog-situation/


German version: http://www.fnpa.ro/situation-der-strassenhunde-in-rumanien/





Ihr Lieben,


Da mich Viele von Euch um aktuelle Neuigkeiten über die Situation der Strassenhunde baten, habe ich das Folgende zusammengestellt.

Wahrscheinlich wissen die meißten von Euch über die Entscheidung des Berufungsgerichts in Bucharest, die Regierungs-Entscheidung HG 1059/2013 (die die methologischen Normen, die angewendet werden sollen im Umgang mit Streuner-Hunden, regelt) zeitweilig aufzuhebenbis das Gericht entscheiden kann, ob HG 1059 annulliert werden soll. Am 16. hat die Regierung Berufung gegen die Entscheidung des Berufungsgerichts eingeleitet, was vorauszusehen war, denn starker Druck wurde auf die Regierung ausgeübt.

Nachdem das Gericht entschied, die Normen zeitweilig aufzuheben, ist die Lage in den öffentlichen Tierheimen gemischt: manche Gemeinden haben mit dem Töten aufgehört, andere machen weiter entweder offiziell oder unoffiziell, und noch andere fangen immer noch Hunde ein und stopfen sie in die Heime, wo sie sowieso vor Hunger sterben werden.

Die Vorgehensweise in den öffentlichen Tierheimen hat sich nicht geändert.  Wir sehen dieselbe schreckliche Lage, dieselbe Leben-oder-Tod Situation in denselben grauenhaften Heimen, dieselben Schänder, Hundefänger, und Firmen, oder dieselben  uninformierten, unfähigen, gewalttätigen Vorstände für Tierärzte, die die Gemeinden und deren illegale Handlungen beschützen.

Das Riesen-Geschäft in Slatina

Trotz der enormen Bemühungen im Kampf gegen die Hundeschänder, ändert sich die Lage manchmal überhaupt nicht, wie zum Beispiel in Slatina. Wir sind dort zum Gericht gegangen, wir haben Journalisten eingeladen, und sogar eine Delegation des Europäischen Parlaments. Um die Protest-Welle zu stemmen, und auch, um die Firma vor dem Gericht zu bewahren, hat die Stadtverwaltung den Vertrag mit der Firma, die wir angezeigt hatten, gekündigt. Aber gleich danach haben sie einen neuen Vertrag unterschrieben, mit einer anderen zweifelhaften Firma mit den gleichen Interessen.


Ein Erfolgs-Beispiel

Romdog July 14


Andere Male konnten wir die Situation in einer Stadt verändern (dauernd oder nur für eine Weile), wie zum Beispiel vor ein paar Tagen beim öffentlichen Tierheim in Gaesti, wo man (ihr  auch) mich bat, einzugreifen. Die Hunde wurden auf unglaublich grausame Weise gefangen und behandelt, mit Gabeln. Manche starben auf der Straße, andere wurden im Heim getötet. Wieder hatte eine Firma das lukrative Geschäft der Streuner-Behandlung übernommen, bei dem die Stadt Gaesti die astronomischen Preise bezahlte.  Nachdem wir etwas nachgeforscht und die nötige Information eingebracht hatten, reichten wir unsere Beschwerden bei den zuständigen Behörden ein. Daraufhin machte der Vorstand für Gesundheitstechnik und Veterinärmedizin das Heim zu, und die Polizei hat eine kriminelle Untersuchung angefangen.


Rundgespräch im Europaischen Parlament, „Das brutale Töten der Hunde in Rumänien“

Romdog July 2 2014 EU

Am 17. Juli fand ein sehr gutes Rundgespräch im europaischen Parlament statt, das von EP Reporter Peter von Kohl moderiert wurde. Anwesend waren MEP Janusz Wojciechowski (Polen) und seine Assistentin für Tier-Angelegenheiten, Tierärztin  Karoline Tomaszewski, MEP Stefan Eck (Deutschland), MEP JörgLeichtfried (Österreich), und MEP AnjaHazekamp (Holland).

MEP Janusz Wojciechowski war zweimal in Rumänien im Zusammenhang mit zwei Delegationen, und er übt dauernd Druck aus auf die EP und EC. MEP Wojciechowski erklärte bei dem Rundgespräch, dass die Lage, die er in Rumänien vortraf, schrecklich sei, dass die rumänischen Behörden das brutale Töten nicht stoppen wollen, dass die Verwaltung der Streuner ein Geschäft sei, und dass die rumänischen Behörden daran interessiert sind, dass es weitergeht.

MEP Hazekamp sagte, dass es brutal und unmenschlich sei, was in Rumänien vorgeht, dass es den Vertrag verletzt, und dass die angewandte Methode keinen Einfluß auf die Streuner-Bevölkerung hat.

MEP Leichtfried sprach über die Antwort des EC, dass es keine Berechtigung habe, für das Wohl von Tieren einzugreifen. Er findet, dass der EC eingreifen muß, denn nur ein europäisches Gesetz kann für alle Tiere, nicht nur Streuner, einen Unterschied machen.

MEP Stefan Ek sagte, dass die Situation in Rumänien jeden Tag schlimmer wird, und dass die EU offiziell reagieren muß; er fügte hinzu, dass am 15. Juli ein Mitglied seiner Gruppe in Bucharest war und den Wagen des ASPA (öffentlicher Dienst für Streuner- Verwaltung) folgte, um zu sehen, wie sie vorgehen. Er wurde körperlich angegriffen von ASPA Angestellten.

Tierartzt-Beraterin Ms. Tomaszewska sagte, dass sie während ihrer Besuche in Rumänien (sie hatte an zwei EU-Delegationen teilgenommen) beobachtete, wie sehr die Erklärung des Bürgermeisters von Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, sich von dem unterschied, was sie in den öffentlichen Heimen sah. Sie sprach auch von dem, was sie und die anderen Mitglieder der EP Delegation im Heim in Slatina erlebten; es gab kein Futter, kein Wasser, die Hunde waren wie Skelette, und Adoption war unmöglich. Die Mitglieder erwähnten auch die riesigen Budgets, die ASPA erhält.

Der Moderator erklärte, dass es allen bekannt ist, dass Menschen aus dem Ausland empört sind über die grausame Behandlung der Hunde in Rumänien, und dass dort ein starker Wille besteht, etwas zu unternehmen. Der Moderator fragte die Teilnehmer, was die erfolgreichste Aktion sei, die Leute im Ausland tun können. Alle MEPs stimmten überein, dass Leute von der EU „NEIN zum Tourismus in Rumänien“ sagen sollen, „bis das blutige Massaker gestoppt wird“, dass die EU handeln MUSS, und dass die Leute moralischen Druck ausüben müssen auf rumänische Behörden.


Ihr könnt das Rundgesprach hier sehen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmNmbGgEKjY

Gruppen von Tierschützern aus Deutschland, Österreich und Grossbritannien kamen nach Rumänien und folgten den Hundefängern des ASPA in Bucharest. Sie haben alle Teile gesehen: den Missbrauch der Tiere, den riesigen Einfluß, den die Misshandlung hat auf die Bevölkerung, die Grausamkeit und Korruption der Behörden. Nur zum Beispiel:

Ein Bericht auf englisch und auf deutsch über die gegenwartige Situation in Bezug auf die Verwaltung der Streuner in Rumänien findet Ihr attachment und hier:

Deutsch version: http://www.fnpa.ro/situation-der-strassenhunde-in-rumanien/

English version: http://www.fnpa.ro/stray-dog-situation/








Save Whales From deadly Sonar


Petition link:




Further info:  http://www.savebiogems.org/save-whales-from-sonar/ 



The U.S. Navy is conducting exercises that could kill nearly 1,000 whales and other marine mammals during the next five years of testing and training with dangerous sonar and explosives. With one stroke of his pen, President Obama can end the Navy’s senseless attack on whales — without compromising military readiness. Urge President Obama to help secure his environmental legacy and save countless marine mammals from needless suffering and death.


Petition Wording:


Make Your Voice Heard!

Your message will be sent to:

President Barack Obama

Subject line:

Protect whales from deadly sonar and explosives

Dear President Obama



I was sickened to learn that the U.S. Navy’s use of sonar and explosives during routine training and testing continues to needlessly kill whales and dolphins. Just this April, beaked whales mass-stranded and died — for the fourth time — on the beaches of Greece during U.S. Navy joint exercises offshore. Over the next five years, the Navy itself estimates that its exercises along the Atlantic Coast and off Southern California and Hawaii could cause nearly 1,000 deaths and inflict thousands of cases of permanent hearing loss and organ damage.


I refuse to accept that this is the best your administration can do. Your Fisheries Service has pledged to do more to protect whales and dolphins from Navy activities. Instead it has authorized the Navy to inflict an unprecedented level of harm on marine mammals.


As Commander in Chief, you have the power to end this deadly assault on whales with one stroke of your pen. Please direct the Navy and the Fisheries Service to immediately put vital marine mammal habitats off-limits to sonar and explosives.


Don’t let your administration go down in history as the one that turned its back on whales and dolphins.

Please act now to protect them.






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