Iran: Is This Not The Most Disgusting Abuse From A Disgusting Municipality – Stray Animals Being Killed By Injections Of ACID !! – Petition; Phone Numbers; Sample Letter all included. Please contact the scum named Fetrat Right Now !



UPDATE 2200hrs GMT – You may well find that the video given in the links below has now been removed.

This is a Youtube action and we have no control over this – it was a disturbing section of footage but supported the petition and letter very well.  These can still be actioned regardless  – Thank You.

We urge everyone watch the video once – and then take every single action that you can against this.




SHIRAZ, IRAN–Municipal contractors have been hired to exterminate “street” dogs with the help of a toxic injection which costs around $4 per shot.

Animal Rights Activist Albert Ebrahimzadeh reports that the drug that is used brings on a very painful death as the animal suffers right till the end. The blood curdling screams of the dog are heartbreaking as the acid burns its way through his body.


Please send your own complain directly to the Shiraz Municipality, to attention of Mr. Pak Fetrat, Mayor of Shiraz through the below Emails, links and phone numbers:

Public and International Relations Management, Shiraz Municipality:

Tel: +98-71-32340097

Fax: +98-71-32340096

Email –

SMS: 30001377




Petition link

Petition wording

Stop the inhuman killing of stray dogs in Shiraz (Iran)

target: Mr. Pak Fetrat, Shiraz Mayor (Shiraz Municipality


The Shiraz Municipality has undertaken a massive killing of stray dogs by hiring APATHETIC Contract Killers in order to control the population of the Stray dogs in any way possible!

But what makes it horrifying, is the very inhuman agonizing method of killing through which the dogs are forcefully injected with Acid, so it brings them a very painful lynching death and the animal endures much suffering before its death; but the contractors don’t pay any attention to the animal’s agony since they just care about the money and the cheapest way to get rid of those Poor animals and earn more money.


Forward it to as many people as possible (we need the numbers).

Share it on Facebook or Twitter. We need LOTS of support to put pressure on the ones responsible for this crime against animals!

Please send your own complain directly to the Shiraz Municipality, to attention of Mr. Pak Fetrat, Mayor of Shiraz through the below Emails, links and phone numbers:

Public and International Relations Management, Shiraz Municipality:

Tel: +98-71-32340097

Fax: +98-71-32340096



Sample Letter – please send in your own name and share widely :

Send to –

Emails :


Public and International Relations Management, Shiraz Municipality

to attention of Mr. Alireza Pakfetrat, Mayor of Shiraz

To the members of the shiraz City Council – Gholam Mehdi Haghdel, Mahmoudreza Taleban,    Zahra Yaghetin, Fetmeh Hooshman, Eksan Asnafi, Bijan Zarei, Ebrahim Sho’ara, Ahmadreza Naghib Zadeh, Mozaffar Mokhtari, Shobeir Zare’e Khafri, MohammadKazeen Dastgheyb, Zein Al Abedin Arab, Mohammad Haghnegar

Emails –

Dear Mr. Pakfetrat,

Dear Community and City Administration,

Your order to exterminate stray dogs by acid injections is a barbaric offence against these dogs, against people, against your citizens, against your culture and against the Quran here a few examples

Abdullah Ibn Yzid reports, that the Prophet Muhammed, has forbidden any enforced acquisation of goods and any abuse of animals (bu). [sun:4427]

Abu Huraira reports, that the Prophet Muhammed said : “during a longer journey a man was overwhelmed by thurst when he spotted a well full of water. He climbed down and drank some water. When he climbed up and came out of the well he found a dog so thursty he was licking up sand trying to find some liquid in it. The man told himself :  »due to his thurst this dog is in the same condition as I was before I drank water« He climbed down the well again filled his leather stockings with water, held it with his teeth, climbed the well up again. Allah thanked him for his deed and and forgave him ll his sins !« The People said »o Messenger Allahs, are we also being rewarded for (deeds towards)animals?« The Prophet answered: »for all your actions against all living creatures you are being rewarded!«” (bu, mu). [sun:4423]

Anas reported, that the prophet Muhammed said: “No muslim will plant a tree or saw the seed of a plant, on which birds, people and animals likewise can feed, without getting the reward of sadaqa from Allah …” (bu). [sun:2562]

The representatives of the civilized world community demand you live up to your own culture and IMMEDIATELY STOP THIS UNNECCESARY BARBARIC TORTUROUS ACID INJECITON EXTERMINATION OF THE STRAY DOGS IN THE SHIRAZ COMMUNITY.

Instead apply the WHO neuter and release strategy and accept that Allah loves all his creatures, especially thos who respect the lives of the other be it humans or animals.

In anticipation of your respectful compliance with Muhammed’s real legacy and the original scriptures of the Quran.

At present; I regard your actions with these sentient animals are insult to decent people and animals of this planet; as well as that of your own religion.  You sirs are complete hypocrites to your own religion.

Name and nationality

24/4/15 – Comment – FED UP WITH THE EU AND THEIR LIES.

A comment left on the site today – Thank You.

We think these words represent how very many people (campaigners) feel about the EU at this time.


April 24, 2015 at 12:32 am said:

“Animal Welfare advocates across the globe condemn the EU for its negligent lack of follow through pertaining to the egregious acts of animal violence taking place in EU member nations.

The EU’s tacit refusal to uphold it’s own laws and provide oversight and accountability for those EU nations who continually and habitually perpetuate unnecessary acts of violence against animals renders it little more than a shadow organization at best….A JOKE.

Serbia has no business even petitioning for EU membership, but then again, neither did Romania or Spain. The EU has no interest in animal welfare, and little to no interest in human—read HUMANE—progress.

I encourage Mark and other animal welfare advocates in Serbia and regions around the world dealing with the double-speak and corruption of the EU NOT GIVE UP.

We will sign petitions. Make phone calls. Create a human chain of reaction to this ongoing EU madness that they cannot ignore. Please forward all actions necessary.

I speak for tens of thousands—likely MILLIONS of people around the world who are FED UP WITH THE EU AND THEIR LIES”.

Picture 021



England: Sad But True – The EU ‘Legislates’ For ‘Protection’ Of Animals That Make Money For Them; For Others Such As Strays, They Dont Really Care About Any Legislation !



There is an animal welfare meeting entitled Animal Populations – World Resources and Animal Welfare taking place in Croatia during July 2015.

SAV have contributed to this by supplying information to the (UK) RSPCA for further consideration.  In our opinion; the EU should be enforcing much tighter and better legislation for the control of stray animals throughout Europe rather than simply saying it is the problem of each member state to make up its own rules on how it deals with the issue.

There should be EU wide formal legislation on the control and management of stray animals – something which EU animal welfare organisations have been calling for, campaigning for, and asking for over many years.  To date they have been ignored by the EU.

As we have pointed out, with Serbia seeking EU accession, combined with its treatment of stray animals; combined with lukewarm interest from the EU Enlargement Commission, there is the possibility that the EU, once it allows Serbia into the EU as a member state, will see another Romanian situation for strays – a “Romania 2”.  EU animal welfare organisations will go crazy at this attitude of carefree neglect by the EU, which may result in the deaths of thousands of Serbian animals as we have been witnessing for many years; despite otherwise official ‘rules of law’ which the Serbian government completely ignore.

In the EU there is a simple rule – farm animals make money for member states; stray animals don’t.  That is the pitiful way in which the EU looks at stray animals – legislate for those on the farm; forget the rest !

Here is the link which should provide you with the information supplied by SAV.


Alternatively, A full transcript of the very hastily produced document can be read in full as follows.  We were instructed to complete the task within days – so we did !

We have always pledged that we are a voluntary organisation doing free work that defends the rights and welfare of stray animals.  This does not and will never change as long as we exist.

In many international institutions there are many people who are paid thousands of their national currency to take action for animals.  But do we ever see any real benefit or results ? – do we see any legislation coming out of the EU regarding the control, management and future reductions of stray animals throughout the EU ? – NO; the EU does not want to get involved; it simply wants to pass the buck back to each individual member state to act as they wish for stray animals; whilst ensuring the cash cows, pigs and chickens that bring in the money and are transported all over the EU are given full ‘protective’ legislation (we still very much question this and the adherence to the ‘rules’ !!)  which is created and updated regularly by the EU.  As we say; farm animals make money for member states; stray animals don’t.


Very sad but very true; and an even sadder reflection on how the EU actually looks at live, sentient beings, be they a stray, un-sterilised or un fed dog in Romania; or a factory chicken, growing so quickly through by the use of growth promoters and cruelly held behind ‘now bigger and better’ bars on a Dutch intensive farm.

We have been the animals voice – we will continue to be the animals voice; and we will continue to fight for better NO KILL welfare for all stray animals throughout the EU; with or without the help of the high paids.  We will not ‘button our lip and bend to say the things that some politicians wish us to say – we will expose the reality !’

All the time the EU dismisses EU wide regulations on stray animal legislation; the EU has NO right to describe itself as an organisation which cares for animals.  Some animals yes; maybe cared for a bit more, but then EU politicians are not following livestock transporters across the EU; they simply quote the rules and usually ignore the real cruelty presented to them.

Sheep legs

As for strays; it is not an EU issue; sweep it under the ‘member state control’ carpet and then we in the EU mighty towers can go home and sleep safe each night; unlike the strays they leave at the mercy of individual EU member states.

 the soul is the same

We will never give up until the EU does the right thing and introduces stray animal legislation.  Until it does, we will continue to have ‘Romania 2’, ‘Romania 3’ etc as more and more nations with the Serbian views on so called animal ‘welfare’ are welcomed into the EU club by those at the Enlargement Commission.



A Dire Situation for Serbian animals

– as it has been for many years.

Overview – APRIL 2015

And now are we to witness one of the biggest crimes of the decade ?

As of the end of March 2015 – the Serbian government now appear to be happily making up new regulations under the blinkered eyes of the EU Enlargement Commission and others which will allow them to kill yet more stray animals !!

A draft version of Ministry of Agriculture working group’s proposals for the amendments to the existing Animal Welfare Act in Serbia has leaked to welfare groups who have concerns – It introduced the concept of “quarantine for a lost and abandoned animals,” which lasts ONLY 15 days, after which the animals can be “killed humanely”, if there is such a thing as humane killing.

We at SAV believe that the newly proposed amendments to the existing Serbian Law – which were never fully implemented by the Serbian government and regional authorities in the first place, and which has not been adhered to for the last 10 years; are both counter-productive and unacceptable; and that in no way it will solve the problem of abandoned animals whilst killing thousands of healthy animals so ‘humanely’.

Any process, such as the way positively forward should include representatives of civil society from the beginning, as enforced by the “Guidelines for the involvement of civil society in the process of adopting regulations” allegedly adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on 26 August 2014.  Why are they not enforcing the rule of Serbian law ?

If these proposed government only policy amendments do get accepted; it would allow dog catchers to kill all dogs that have no individual owner within 15 days of catching them.  This will include all dogs and cats in PRIVATE shelters, even those who have been offered homes.  This legislation being proposed is a complete and utter farce.

We, along with many others within the animal welfare movement, believe the Government of Serbia is using these proposed amendments to literally try and quickly ‘clean-up’ the streets of Serbia to make them look more favorable as candidates for EU membership.

To suit their own benefit, they (the government) keep conveniently forgetting that they have other globally proven methods of actually successful stray animal population management that is NOT detrimental to animals.  The government will not take any advice from those that know better than them – animal welfare organisations – we wonder why ? – is money the root of all evil in this case ?.

What could be the reasons for more and quicker killing times you might ask yourselves – well the obvious reason for this newly proposed ‘kill policy’ being presented by the government is because dogcatchers, local government officials, veterinarians and many politicians, all currently take money from the public purse by being involved with an animal killing strategy.

They do not want to enter into anything that will gradually and effectively reduce stray animal numbers over time.  This proposed (and big money making) amendment is yet a further, long term future guarantee of additional income for them that will continue to take money; putting it higher up the pyramid than ensuring effective animal welfare and a strategy plan that effectively deals with strays.

Existing EU citizens do not want this kind of mafia government in the EU.  The EU Enlargement Commission should be representing the people of the EU, ie. those who are financially supporting Serbia via their taxes being paid (nationally) into the EU club.  But the EU Enlargement Commission; through its lack of information to welfare groups; combined with its failing to address the animal welfare requirements of existing and concerned EU citizens; makes it seem as if the whole system is very biased in one direction – to get Serbia into the EU come what may ! .

Letters and supportive information to the EU Enlargement Commission

 – and the complete lack of response to date.

Link –

Keith was provided subsequently with a written response to his letter which can be viewed via the following link:

– Many video links are included in this letter from SAV on the 22nd; a few of which are copied here below; regarding issues on which the Serbian government and police have taken NO action; despite the clear evidence and information provided.  The Serbian government and police are NOT enforcing the (Serbian) rule of law.

Questions which should be addressed by the Serbian government and the EU Enlargement Commission

  • So the following question has to be asked of the Serbian government / authorities:

Why are the above animal abuses (the 4 youtube video links given above) still not being addressed by the Serbian government and police ? – all the links to people and their names are provided – why are things not happening ?

As of 2/10/2005; some TEN (10) years earlier, the Constitutional Court of Serbia says the killing of stray dogs and cats in Serbia is forbidden from 02/10/2005.

Unfortunately, the Serbian government appears to be doing nothing to address the resolutions expressed by the Constitutional Court in 2005; or making any attempt to investigate and take action on those who promote animal suffering as per the above videos, for example.  We repeat, the Serbian government is NOT enforcing the Serbian rule of law.  It appears happy to take very large sums of money from the EU, whilst at the same time NOT enforcing the ‘rules of law’ which are very much promoted and said to be ‘a fundamental requirement of the EU Enlargement Commission for Serbia and any other nation seeking EU Accession !! – a take with one hand and give the two fingers with the other one could argue.

Constitutional Court link –

Questions in the SAV letter of 22nd February asked of the EU Enlargement Commission / Commissioner Hanh, as to why:

  • the EU is investing millions of Euros into pre – accession funding for Serbia – for example €208.3 million (Euros) for the year 2013 alone; and yet very little, if anything, appears to be being done for animal welfare within Serbia using some of this money and despite a Serbian (Constitutional) Court ruling in favour of animals made some 10 (ten) years ago which is still being ignored.


  • Does the existing EU citizen not have any say in how all ‘their’ money (taxes)  are being spent by EU Enlargement Commission / Commissioner Hahn with regard to alleged ‘improvements’ in Serbia ?

  • What exactly are the ‘improvements’ that we are supposed to be witnessing in Serbia for the stray animals of Serbia as a result of all this EU funding pumping into the Serbian government ?



This details where, and on what, the EU money provided to (pre-accession) Serbia should be spent is detailed in:

It includes the statements:

8.2. Objectives, results, actions and indicators

The objective of EU assistance is to support gradual alignment of the Serbian agricultural policy with the (EU) Common Agricultural Policy (CAP),.

The expected results are the following:

Veterinary and phytosanitary services and controls are implemented in line with the EU requirements; and,

Animal health is improved

So we ask the simple question once again – why is the issue of stray (Serbian) animal welfare being ignored by both the EU Enlargement Commission and also the Serbian government when animal health is supposed to be ‘improved’ according to the EU itself ? – is a proposal to quicken animal killing times as being presented by the Serbian government producing a situation where animal health is being improved ? – we think not ! – maybe someone can inform us where we have misinterpreted what is meant in this statement within the EU documentation as to ‘improvements in animal health’ ?

Do the Serbian government insist that ‘improved’ (animal health) actually means an increased ‘kill rate’ as per the new proposals currently being put forward by them ?

Is the EU Enlargement Commission going to come out of what appears to be animal welfare hibernation and actually raise concerns with the Serbian government about what the EU says in its own document and what is actually being currently proposed for so-called ‘improvements to animal health’ by killing them all quicker and in less time ?

In reality – the Serbian Constitutional Court (back in 2005) established a national (Serbian) ‘rule of law’ protecting stray animals; and now the EU is currently pumping endless millions of Euros into Serbia to ensure the much needed EU pre-accession requirement of new member states seeking membership is doing nothing but supposedly ensuring the application of ‘the rule of law’, when it is blatantly clear to all (except the EU Commission possibly) that Serbia is completely ignoring the requirements of the ‘rules of law’ in its EU accession when related to animal welfare improvements.

  • For SAV, this is further supported by the fact that:

No response has ever been provided to SAV by the EU Enlargement Commission regarding the SAV letter of 22nd February which is referenced earlier.  By 9th April 2015, Brussels was contacted by telephone by MJ (SAV) to ask if response to the SAV letter of 22nd February is ever going to be supplied by the Enlargement Commission.  He is verbally informed that it is being prepared and will be sent shortly.  See our very other recent post to get the full story and that actually, a letter was never intended to be sent out to SAV in response to their questions and video footage supplied.

By 21st April, there is still no response in any format supplied directly to SAV.  There never will be; we are to take the response given to Keith Taylor MEP as ‘our’ response also.  Hence prior to knowing this, as of 21st April; another phone call was made to EU Enlargement Commission (Emma Udwin – (0) 2 29 59577 ) to ask what is happening; if anything.  She verbally informs SAV that ‘Serbia’ is responsibility of Kyriacos Charalambous – a member of the EU Enlargement cabinet; who to date has never taken any of the many attempted phone calls made to him re Serbian animal welfare. (0) 2 29 97712

Whilst on the phone to SAV on 21/4; Emma Udwin sends e mail to Kyriacos Charalambous to ask him to telephone SAV and inform ‘what is going on’.  Confirmed by SAV as the mail was dictated on the telephone; although any  such e mail not seen or copied to SAV as a consequence.  By end of 21/4; SAV had still not been contacted.  Hence our phone call to him on 22/4.

From the experiences of SAV with the EU Enlargement Commission to date, it would appear that those at the EU Enlargement Commission regard themselves much higher above the ‘normal’ EU citizen who is providing all the EU pre-accession funding to Serbia.  This was very apparent with the way in which SAV were dealt with during their phone call of 21st April.  Despite supposedly working for us, the existing EU citizen; the Commission does not seem able to provide responses to letters asking them to justify their actions or inactions.  They certainly never provide updates to anyone (the normal EU man – NGO’s); of what is going on.  It appears to be a very closed ‘cash cow’ loop with one and one only eventual aim – to get Serbia into the EU regardless of evidence to the contrary over the rule of law enforcement being provided by NGO’s; and also regardless of the cost to the EU citizen who is CURRENTLY funding the entire process and thus really should have a right to an answer !!.

EU citizens deserve answers from ‘their’ EU Commissions, and they deserve them now despite the catastrophic failures of the EU Enlargement Commission regarding Serbian animal welfare issues for Serbian strays.  As of the 22/4; we are also informed that we should be sharing responses to letters from the EU with our supportive MEP !!

If there is one thing that the EU should have learned about from the fairly recent past; then it is regarding Romania and what their ignorance of stray animal welfare by the EU has done there to drag itself and its animal welfare reputation into the gutter.  Many EU citizens now consider the un-elected EU Commissions with utter contempt because they only do what they want – they say one thing on the ‘europa’ web site, whilst turning blind eyes to such ‘essential’ EU membership requirements as applying ‘the rule of law’; which it is claimed is a fundamental EU requirement.  If it is being done, why has Serbia NOT acted to enforce the pro-animal legislation of its own Constitutional Court for the LAST 10 YEARS ? – somebody, somewhere, answer us and explain what we misunderstand, please – even if we have to share the letter with others who ask !!

WHY IS THE EU ENLARGEMENT COMMISSION NOT MAKING A REAL ISSUE OF SERBIAN ANIMAL WELFARE LAWS (especially for stray animals) AND ENSURING THE SERBIAN GOVERNMENT ACTUALLY ENFORCES THE ‘RULE OF LAW WITHIN SERBIA’ as supposedly required so much by the EU as a fundamental requirement by future member states ?

  • And why does the EU Enlargement Commission simply ignore its own EU citizens who ask them to justify their actions / inactions, yet whilst expecting them to pump endless amounts of EU cash into Serbia ?

As we have made clear in our post:

Does the Serbian government and EU Enlargement Commission actually know the law ? – with their failures relating to the Constitutional Court and the ruling of 2005 for stray animals; it would appear not.


Serbia will most probably be allowed to join the EU despite the EU Enlargement Commission not taking the hard stance it should be taking with the Serbian government regarding stray animal welfare controls and management.

One therefore has to ask – Does the EU dog wag the Serbian tail; or the Serbian tail wag the EU dog ? one has to ask.

Guaranteed and one very much to remember and quote to the EU for the future – Serbia will become ‘Romania 2’ when it is allowed to join the EU without taking positive action for animals; which should include a stray animal ‘no kill’ management policy.  Romania 2 is probably the only thing that can be guaranteed regarding current EU Enlargement / Serbian government actions and policy for animal ‘welfare’.   Thus, the Serbian tail probably does wag the EU dog.

Where is the ‘welfare’ in Serbian animal ‘welfare’ ? – and where is the EU Enlargement Commission that the good EU citizen is supposed to have faith in to ensure / guarantee that all the EU standards and requirements such as the application of the rule of law are being met ! ? !

Other links and petitions re Serbian animal issues

  • Petition –  Serbia is currently undertaking the process of applying for EU membership (called ‘accession’). Existing animal welfare legislation in Serbia is good, but in the vast majority of cases it is not regularly / ever being enforced by:

    • Serbian government, regional authorities or the national police.

    By the EU Commission’s own admission; ‘there is legislation in place (Serbian Animal Welfare Laws), but this is not fully implemented’.

    By not implementing its own existing national laws; which include those relating to animal welfare; Serbia is NOT upholding a fundamental principle required by any nation to gain EU accession; which include:

    ensuring the implementation of all the nation’s own “Rules of Law” national legislations
    • “paying full regard to the welfare requirements of animals” in accordance with the key principles required for all EU member states as defined in Article 13 of the EU Lisbon Treaty (TFEU).

    Serbia is currently failing in this and its own national animal welfare legislations. As a consequence, it should NOT currently be considered for EU accession until it fully implements and proves to the EU Commissions, EU animal welfare NGO’s and the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup / Eurogroup, that it IS actually fully implementing ALL existing Serbian animal welfare legislations.   It is not time for the government to change the rules to their advantage when they cannot even enforce the rules which were set some 10 years ago in Serbia !!

    EU Commissioner J. Hahn is allegedly responsible for EU Enlargement Negotiations which at this current time include Serbian accession. Within his responsibilities, he must ensure that a PRE- EU membership Serbia enforces the rules of law.  Currently it does not.:

  • Petition –  After examining the working version of the Amendment of the Animal Welfare Act of the Republic of Serbia, it introduced the concept of “quarantine for a lost and abandoned animals,” which lasts 15 days, after which the animals can be “killed humanely.”  We want a solution to the problem of abandoned animals in a humane and sustainable manner.

  • Petition – 4/3/15 – Where have all the Svilajnac City dogs gone ?

  • Petition – I invite all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty to be involved in this action and support this petition in order to prevent violence against animals because of animal cruelty is often an indicator of violence towards people, psychologists think. Anyone who abuses animals, abusers and people so it is important to exclude any form of violence in society to the violence that often ends in death minimize the society. Applying your comment and we want to be the President of the Republic of Serbia to the attention of all of us as citizens of the Republic of Serbia, because we all have the right to protect and defend our order and animal rights and what guarantees us the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.


·         Keith Taylor MEP (for SE England) who has now helped us as always by writing to the current EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, the top man who is responsible for the enlargement of the EU by application (accession) nations, such as Serbia.

In his letter, Keith has helped us by generally dealing with the issue of the terrible treatment of strays in both Serbia and Bosnia – Herzegovina.

As we have pointed out several times on our posts in the past, Keith has again backed us and stated that as EU Accession countries, both Serbia and B-H are NOT currently upholding the EU principle of the rule of law, as well as the need that accession countries are required to fully implement EU laws into their national laws as a requirement of membership.

Note – the following videos may be removed at source, but hard copies have already been taken and are now being held as evidence where required.  We call on the Serbian government and police to actually take some positive action concerning these.

And so, as far as we are concerned as an EU animal welfare NGO, Serbia is NOT enforcing its own rules of law

We see the EU Enlargement Commission making it clear that it has responsibilities for ensuring that new member states DO uphold the rule of law; whilst we, a simple EU animal welfare NGO, continue yet again to provide the clear evidence to everyone at the EU Enlargement regarding animal abuse and cruelty within Serbia; for which very little seems to be happening as a result !

Mark Johnson

Founder SAV – Kent England (UK / EU)

indoor dog







21st April 2015.

England: 22/4/15 – Update On The Serbian Animal Situation With The EU Enlargement Commission.



Picture 023

22/4/15 – Serbian situation update.

The situation regarding the ‘new kill’ proposals being put forward by the Serbian government, which they have been hoping to introduce during May; is obviously changing and updating on an almost daily basis.

Today (22/4), Mark made a telephone conversation to the EU Enlargement Commission (one of many over the past few months) in Brussels to ask when, if ever, he will be getting a written response to his letter of 22nd February 2015.  Read the original letter via this ref:

Mark was in conversation with the Commission Member of Cabinet, Mr. Kyriacos Charalambous, who is partly responsible for Serbian EU membership.

The conversation continued for quite some time, and the eventual outcome was that it transpired the EU Commission will not actually be writing back to Mark himself.  Instead, they wrongly assumed that the letter from Keith Taylor MEP (two days earlier than Mark’s) on 19th of February  –  ;

and the letter from Mark himself on 22nd of February

were, in their opinion, basically the same thing; and as such needed just one response from them.

This response from Commissioner Hahn was thus sent directly to Keith Taylor MEP, and titled ‘Honorable Member’; addressed only to Keith himself and nobody else, the content of which you can see directly below.

We would always argue that in no way were the letters of Keith and Mark identical, and we still feel that each letter should have been acted on and responded to as individual issues by the EU Commission.  Commissioner Hahn and the Enlargement Commission for example; did not even touch on the many animal fighting video links which were provided in Mark’s letter and Mark’s letter only.  Video evidence that the Serbian government and police should have acted on years or months ago – and here we are now with the EU Commission further supporting the Serbian government with their utter ignorance and disrespect of what the videos actually show.  The Commission should run the issues, not give in and do what the Serbian government does and does not want to do.

Just for the record, as this link is being sent back to the EU Head of Cabinet; we repeat a few of the video links which were supplied ONLY in Mark’s original letter; not that of Keith Taylors.

People involved in this animal abuse can be clearly seen in the videos; along with the name of the person who posted them onto Youtube in the first place – Jovica Vidovic.

So why has no action been taken by the Serbian government and police to enforce ‘the rule of law’ we ask ? – something the EU Commission seems unable to pick up on; and also, why are the EU Enlargement Commission waffling on with excuses to us that they have fully responded about things in the reply to Keith Taylor, when the actual reality is that the issues of the videos raised by Mark specifically do not even get a hearing at the EU Commission !!

So we are now left in the situation where the EU Enlargement Commission have failed to respond directly back to Mark regarding his letter to them of 22nd of February 2015. In the telephone conversation on 22/4, Mark did point out to the Member of Cabinet that a fundamental requirement of any EU accession state is ensuring that any new state seeking EU membership should be fully enforcing ‘the rule of law’ within its own country – and this should be proven to the EU.  So we ask again, where is the action being taken by either serbia or the EU Commission regarding the videos above ?

Mark also pointed out to the Commission that despite rulings from the Serbian Constitutional Court in 2005 saying that stray animals must not be killed; but instead controlled by other means,  the Serbian government has ignored the rulings of its own national Constitutional Court and continued to round up and kill stray animals for at least the last 10 years.

In the opinion of SAV and many others, it was made clear by Mark today (22/4) to the EU Commission that the Serbian government has  been ignoring the requirements of the Serbian Constitutional Court for the past 10 years is not enforcing the rule of law within Serbia.

Mark was ‘verbally assured’ by the EU member of Cabinet, that the EU is working hard to ensure that the ‘rules of law’ are enforced throughout Serbia before it is given EU membership. Mark pointed out that in his opinion and that of many others involved with animal welfare in Serbia, that these new proposals for ‘quicker killings’  of stray animals which are currently being presented by the Serbian government are simply a way of (as it has been said) “cleaning up the streets in order to Fast Track Serbia’s EU membership”.  This was denied by the EU Commission when suggested to them.

Fed up with no action from the EU; Mark closed the conversation with the EU by informing them he had little faith in their current actions; asking them to ensure that the Serbian government did NOT continue with their new kill proposals for May 2015, and reminded the EU that we (and many other EU animal welfare groups) will be watching and reporting on every event which takes place for Serbian animals over the coming months.

If the Member of Cabinet at the EU did not get the message today that they need to act; and act positively and quickly in the next few weeks; then it has to be asked exactly what one has to do with the EU to simply get a message through to them !!

And then we wonder why so many people in the UK (for example) want to get out of the EU ! – with actions like theirs is it any wonder people want to move to an authority that does not continually drag its heels.

So, we have been busy behind the scenes.  This is the latest of all the events but we will continue to keep you updated as always when we feel it is time to do so.  And EU Commission; we are watching your actions (or lack of) very closely.

We dont want a ‘Romania 2′ when Serbia is allowed into the EU.  Sort It Now.

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Canada: Breaking News 17/4/15 – Canadian Seal Killers Forced To Scale Down Operations Due To ‘Restrictive Markets’ – (ie. The World Hates What They Do And Will Not Buy Their ‘Products’).


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The Canadian seal pup killers have just realised that the world hates them and what they do – and they have just announced the following (on 17/4/15):

Their web site link:

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Important Notice: CSA Operations

For immediate release: April 17, 2015

The Canadian Sealers Association is facing challenging times in light of restrictive market opportunities worldwide for our sealers and producers to sell their product.

The CSA will be seeking open discussions with any industry stakeholders with ideas how to best advance the sealing industry for the future.

We want current members and supporters to know that we plan to continue operations in a scaled down mode.

Our head office in St. John’s will be closed temporarily till the executive board meet in the summer and decide on a new executive director.

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USA: KFC is the latest company to release a new, deforestation-free palm oil commitment.

sumof us palm

All the following photographs are not part of this article but have been included by SAV.

 palm oil 2


Thank you. KFC is the latest company to release a new, deforestation-free palm oil commitment, and it’s because of you!

Over the last year, SumOfUs members have added over 1.5 million signatures to petitions telling some of the world’s largest fast food corporations that there’s no excuse to continue buying palm oil that could cause climate change, loss of endangered species habitat, and tropical deforestation.

We took action. Corporations listened. And acted!

KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell — all owned by multinational conglomerate Yum! Brands, America’s second largest fast food corporation — responded to our demands. Yum! Brands recently announced a new palm oil policy that requires all the palm oil they use for cooking be deforestation-free.

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While Yum! Brands still need to go further to ensure its commitments translate into real impacts on the ground, this is a tremendous step forward for the climate, tropical forests, and endangered species.

Together, we are transforming the palm oil industry.

Thanks for all that you do,
Hanna, Fatah, Nicole, Carys, and the rest of the team at SumOfUs.

P.S. Wondering what’s next in the fight for tropical forests and deforestation free palm oil?

Join the more than 110,000 people who have asked Burger King and Tim Horton’s, America’s third largest fast food company, to go deforestation-free.

Tweet BK and tell it that now is the time to adopt strong deforestation-free and peat-free palm oil policies!

Original mail:


KFC says it has absolutely no idea where its palm oil comes from — and it’s putting that palm oil into loads of products, from apple turnovers to grilled chicken to country-fried steak.

In other words, KFC, the world’s second largest restaurant chain, can’t guarantee that it’s not buying from conflict palm oil plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia. It could very well be responsible for the clearing of pristine rainforest, for the deaths of thousands of orangutans and tigers, for child labour on palm plantations, and rocketing carbon emissions from deforestation.

Tell KFC & Yum! Brand’s to do the right thing, and adopt a comprehensive deforestation-free palm oil policy.

KFC is owned by Yum! Brands, which also owns Taco Bell and Pizza Hut, two more fast food chains that also use palm oil. To get Yum! to adopt a deforestation-free palm oil policy, we’re joining forces with the Union of Concerned Scientists to push this issue all the way up to the CEO’s desk.

The mega fast food conglomerate insists that it’s phasing out palm oil “wherever feasible”, with only a little more than 30% of its restaurants still using it for frying. But with more than 40,00 outlets around the world, that’s still more than 12,000 KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants that fry with palm oil that could be from destroyed rainforests. Furthermore, Yum! Brands has no policy for palm oil used in the rest of its non-fried products, including KFC’s biscuits and gravy.

Pressure is mounting on KFC to make the switch to responsibly-sourced palm oil. On top of our efforts, Yum! Brands is feeling pressure from its own shareholders over the palm oil issue, and it will have to face a shareholder resolution at its Annual General Meeting in May, demanding that it starts sourcing responsible palm oil.

We’ve already convinced Kellogg’s, Krispy Kreme, Dunkin’ Donuts and other big companies to change their ways, causing a shift in the global palm oil supply chain. Because of our work, it’s easier than ever for companies to buy palm oil that’s free of deforestation. Similar organized consumer pressure has dramatically slowed the rate of deforestation in Brazil. KFC can be moved with public pressure too, especially now with the double whammy of a shareholder resolution looming on the horizon.

Tell KFC and Yum! Brands to step up, and back off the rainforest. Adopt a deforestation-free policy now.

Thanks for all that you do,

Kaytee, Hanna, and the team at

More information:

Palm Oil Scorecard: Ranking America’s Biggest Brands on Their Commitment to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil (2014), Union of Concerned Scientists
Yum! Brands latest statement on palm oil, Yum! Brands
Shareholder resolution: Yum Brands! – Sustainable Agriculture / Palm Oil Policy (2015), Trillium Investments

SumOfUs is a worldwide movement of people like you, working together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable path for our global economy.

Please help keep SumOfUs strong by chipping in $3.

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Australia: Excellent News – Passion gets Animals Represented in NSW Parliament.


Passion gets Animals Represented in NSW Parliament

Despite a tiny budget, but with of plenty of passion, the Animal Justice Party won its first parliamentary seat by gaining the last seat in the Legislative Council election in New South Wales today. At the preference distribution count today the AJP ended up an easy winner for the final seat ahead of the No Land Tax Party and the Liberal Party.

This is a historic result; as Party President and Founder Professor Steve Garlick said: “This is the first time in Australia that animals will be represented at a parliamentary level. We know that more than 80 percent of all decisions made in Australian parliaments impact on the lives of animals and its about time they had a voice representing their interests”.

Elected AJP candidate Mark Pearson will take up his position in the NSW upper house in July and will have much to say about how the lives of farm, domestic and wild animals in NSW can be improved.  Being the Executive Director of NSW Animal Liberation, Mark comes to this parliamentary role with considerable commitment and knowledge about how to stop animal cruelty.

Apart from supporting Mark in his new role in the Parliament of NSW, the Party will now set its sights on a number of elections in 2016 where it hopes to emulate its success and where it will target government supported extreme animal brutality.

Please visit for more info about AJP. Watch this space!

I would like to thank all of you who supported us and voted for animals.

You gave a voice to the voiceless – thank you :))

– for all animals


SAV Comment – We are sure Mark will be a big voice speaking out against the live export trade from Australia – 

First time for animals in Parliament; but certainly not the last.  Hopefully this is just the beginning.  Congratulations !!






For All Supporters Who Visit SAV – Some Positive News That Must Be Shared. Please Check Out The Links Given For More.

This is for EVERYONE who visits SAV:

Dear Mark

we know you are fighting for animals everyday and we want you to know that thanks to your efforts things ARE changing for animals around the world.

One of the places where things are moving forward is in China.

This is how you Mark are helping it happen.

  1. You are supporting groundbreaking investigations!

 Your support has helped Animal Equality investigators carry out three investigations. Two of them exposed the brutality behind the Chinese dog and cat meat industry, and the third one exposed the cruel fur trade.

All the investigations reached international coverage appearing in media such as CNN, Sky News, Daily Mail or El Mundo. The footage has touched the heart of millions of people. They are joining you to help end the abuse.

  1. You are helping us tell THEIR stories

Vita was terrified that day of April. She was at a dog slaughterhouse in Zhanjiang… she knew that it would soon be her turn. Her life would soon be over.

Vita suddenly saw a stranger enter the dark room of the slaughterhouse with a camera. She desperately tried to call his attention.

She must have known… The investigator saw her and convinced the slaughterhouse worker to give him Vita. Today she lives with a loving and caring family.

You have done so much for Vita! You shared her story with your family and friends. Thanks to that and your donations Vita is now an ambassador of all the animals brutally abused by the dog meat industry.

  1. You have spoken

With your signature you have raised your voice with over 400,000 people, and firmly opposed the dog and cat meat trade.

Please stay tuned Mark. In the next months we will be bringing these signatures to Chinese embassies around the world.

4. And finally: You are helping end the massacre

Thanks to the investigations you supported, your signature, and the fact that we worked hand in hand with Chinese activists, 33 markets that sold dogs and cats and a slaughterhouse were closed. 

So today I am writing to say: THANK YOU Mark!

We have a detailed plan to continue working in China and you are a key part of this plan. Soon you’ll receive news on how you can help.

Hope for animals in China is in sight. And you are so much a part of this change. You are their hero. You are our hero.

Thank you,

Sharon Nunez

International Director –  Animal Equality.

BM Box 2732 · London

WC1N 3XX · United Kingdom
Phone: +44 07599 002691

8581 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 350
Los Angeles CA 90069 · USA
Phone: +1 (424) 200 2860


Serbia: Lina’s Animal Rescue. Help Stop 16 Dogs From Having To Be Returned To The Streets.


Serbian  Flag

Lina 16 dogs

Lina’s Animal Rescue is organisation for animal welfare from Serbia.

 We have 20 dogs in small private unfinished shelter, 20 dogs in 2 boarding kennels and 14 kitties in one rescuers home.

Funds are desperately needed to pay the boarding kennel fees. We have debt for March for 16 dogs and now unpaid April for 16 dogs.

We are desperate,  those dogs can not go again on the street. The life of street dogs everywhere is difficult, but here in Serbia the dog catchers kill them rather than rescue them.

Finding homes is very difficult as the culture in Serbia is not to adopt dogs, but rather buy a puppy then turn it out in the streets later when it is grown.  Those dogs urgent need help.

Each dog’s boarding fees are 60€ per month ( 40 boarding kennel + 20 food ) . With 20 dogs currently in boarding facilities, the debt is too great to even think about renovating our shelter.

They depend only on help from good people.

Please share our story and  donate, this is URGENT APPEAL !

Thank you !

To donate anything, please click on the following SECURE donation link:









Petitions and More, April 16.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Petitions and More, April 16 Exec. Dir. of ECHA, Stop this senseless Animal suffering! Deadline May 5 As well! Azerbaijan, Stop your homeless Dogs massacre! Sweden , Ban Fur farms! Stop Canada’s Seal massacre! US-info.  Say No to the Removal of the Cloud’s Herd in Montana!  Mail your comment before April 20 please!

Save the Zoo animals!

More signatures needed;jsessionid=C280CBDBABB47DA2C5DF663C36FDF8BA.app367b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=757#.VS6KxdyUcqg US-info. End Taxpayer funded Wildlife killing! Once more. Protect Florida’s bears! Once more Badgers, pledge!  Confirm afterwards English text incl. Switzerland, Stop killing and consuming Dogs and Cats! Mexico City, No to the eviction of the Franciscan animal shelter! More signatures needed. Argentina, San Martin de los Andes, a shelter to protect abused and abandoned animals!  Japan, No to Pig rodeo! Brazil, create laws, forcing landowners to reforest! Save Africa’s last remaining Rhino’s! Pledge to stop illegal Wildlife poaching target…

               =======   News and more   ==========  Still going. Do you support a repeal of the Fox-hunting ban? Vote NO every day please (53.84 % now) Vote yes please One Green Planet





Serbia: 17/4/15 – Great Start To The Appeal. Have You Joined SAV Facebook Yet To See The Work Of Loads Of Other Serbian Shelters ? – Join Up For Free !

Serbian  Flag…/help-us-feed-the-felix-ki…/338092

Well things have got off a truly brilliant start – thank you to everyone who has given; big or small donations – they all add up !!.

Please also remember that there are dozens of other small animal shelters throughout Serbia doing what they can to help animals in distress and need.  

We try to sometimes show the odd appeal on this (SAV) site; but if you sign up to Facebook ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ then you can see all the works and efforts made by these other shelters.

It costs nothing and is very easy to become a member.

We currently have1,157 members; but are always happy to get a lot more !

Fingers crossed this link below will take you to the site where you can see some of the work by all these small groups who are calling for help.

Excellent people; excellent causes – they just need some help in reaching their dreams.  

Serbia: Felix Kitties – Vet and Food Bills – It All Mounts Up !

Serbian  Flag


Felix appeal april

Danica appeal 2 April

SAV – we are just putting this out quickly tonight; but will tidy the appeal up tomorrow.  Please give anything you can – thank you.…/help-us-feed-the-felix-ki…/338092  

Please share and help if you can!

Our debt at the vet’s is up around 400 euros already and will get larger as the additional cost of de-worming and de-fleaing all of the shelter kitties is awaiting us next week. The even more serious problems are our expenses for food (which are always high) are becoming literally frighteningly high during the transitional season, when the temperature differences between day and night are vast and even the toughest kitties easily get sick if they’re not fed properly and abundantly.
Honestly, we don’t feel comfortable asking for help over and over again but the truth is we can’t do much without your support. Is there anything more heartwarming than the sight of content, happy kitties which don’t have to wonder where their next meal will come from? All of the Felix cats know what hunger feels like, they’re all familiar with neglect and the danger of life on the streets and when they found their safe haven, their first and only home, can we possibly all gather together to provide them with what they need most?

If you’re able to donate any amount please do so, as everything adds up and keeps these wonderful creatures’ eyes bright and their purrs loud! If you’re ever questioned if and how much the kitties appreciate your kindness and generosity, just look at them!

As to us, their staff, we are grateful beyond words for all of the help we get!…/help-us-feed-the-felix-ki…/338092

Danica appeal 3 April

UK (England): Recent Hunting News Snippets.


UK (England) Hunting News


East Kent

Photos – Mark Johnson – SAV.  Ban ALL Hunting !

Hunt Saboteurs praised by judge

On 25th March 4 hunt saboteurs were found not-guilty of committing aggravated trespass after a 2 day trial at Reading magistrates.

The trial took place following their arrest at a meet of the Surrey Union Hunt near Ewhurst in Oct last year. The saboteurs were trying to come to the aid of a deer that had been chased and injured by the hunt.

Instead of allowing the sabs, who had years of animal sanctuary experience, to help the animal; Surrey Police arrested them for failing to leave private land. They left the deer with the hunt terrier men who shot it.

During the trial a leading vet, Professor Andrew Knight, criticised the way the terrier men had treated the animal as they dragged it around by a broken leg and said it was almost certain its injuries had been caused by a pack of hounds.

It became clear from video footage that the police had lied about the events of the day and the district judge in his summing up said that the hunt and police had caused unnecessary suffering to the deer due to their handling of the situation and that if the sabs had been allowed to help the animal they would have been able to reduce it’s suffering.

He also praised the saboteurs saying: “All of you contribute immensely to society not only in your working lives but in your free time. You deserve high praise for managing yourselves and your behaviour.”

Lee Moon, press spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Surrey police have a history of acting as private security for the Surrey Union Hunt. In this case they allowed their bias to lead to the unnecessary suffering of an animal. Despite the saboteurs informing the police that a crime had occurred they allowed the hunt to take the deer’s body and dispose of it and arrested the saboteurs who were trying to minimise the animals suffering.

We hope that the Surrey Union hunt will now be investigated for illegal hunting and that there will be an independent investigation into the actions of Surrey Police. Whilst we are pleased at the not-guilty verdict it is disgusting that this case ever came to trial.”

Paramedic sab helps huntsman

At a meet on Sat 7th March of the Old Surrey, Burstow and W. Kent Fox Hunt near Cowden, Kent, hunt master Ian Hamson lost consciousness after his horse fell and rolled on top of him.

A member of Croydon Hunt saboteurs who is also a trained paramedic provided critical medical treatment to the injured man until other paramedics arrived.

Despite initially stating that “he’d rather die” than receive help from a saboteur, Hamson, a crew manager at Dartford Fire Station, reluctantly accepted treatment when he realised there was a trained paramedic present. The saboteur assessed his injuries then stabilised him until the on-duty paramedics arrived having been called by other members of the sab group.

The saboteurs tried to move their vehicle to the top of a farm track to identify the access point for the arriving ambulance but were repeatedly blocked from doing so by hunt supporters, even after explaining their intentions. Other members of the hunt later apologised for this behaviour and thanked the saboteurs for their actions.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “Well done to the sab who put his differences aside to act so compassionately, even in the face of hostility from the injured huntsman. His actions prove once again that saboteurs are compassionate not only towards animals but humans as well. This is another nail in the coffin of the Countryside Alliance’s campaign to portray us in a negative light and it would be interesting to see what would have happened if the roles had been reversed.”

Woman trampled – case re-examined

A decision not to prosecute a rider whose horse trampled a hunt saboteur, leaving her with 7 broken ribs and a collapsed lung, is to be re-examined.

The woman was hurt during the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt on the border of Somerset and Dorset in August.  The huntsman was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) decided not to proceed with bringing charges.

The CPS is now reviewing the case under the Victims’ Right to Review Scheme.  The CPS said it originally decided not to bring the case to court as there was “insufficient evidence that the incident could have been foreseen”.  The victim, a medical professional who asked not to be identified, said: “As I lay in hospital the only thing on my mind was ‘have they got this on video?’ Because I wanted to ensure it was looked at properly.

“If you ride at speed through a narrow gap where there are clearly people standing, there must be a risk of hitting them.  “I’m a victim of crime and feel absolutely abandoned by a system that’s supposed to protect me.”

The master of the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt, Rupert Nuttall, said he was “clearly sorry that the accident happened in the first place”.  “It’s up to them [the CPS], whether to bring charges – it’s nothing to do with us.”

A petition calling on the CPS to reverse its decision not to prosecute has gathered almost 12,000 signatures since Feb.  Campaigners from the International Fund for Animal Welfare believe the decision not to proceed with the case was “legally flawed”.  They argued because the incident and the injuries “were so serious” that “a court of law with a jury should have made the decision and not someone in a CPS office”.

Hounds rampage at RSPCA centre

Police are investigating reports from the RSPCA rescue centre at Godshill, IoW being overrun with up to 20 out of control hounds from the IoW Hunt.

Staff were forced to put the centre into lockdown and they were especially concerned for the welfare of terrified rescue badgers.

RSPCA Inspector Buggie said it took him 20 minutes to drive to the centre after being called by staff and the hounds were still running wild.  They were out of control.  He said it was the 2nd year it had happened and the arrogance of the hunt took his breath away.

Hounds in nearby roads were witnessed by Joan & Julian Tisdale from the League Against Cruel Sports who said it was one of a number of such incidents. A bus was amongst vehicles forced to stop for safety reasons.

Joint Master Anthony Blest said they were welcomed by landowners all around the RSPCA centre and for them not to use land within miles of the RSPCA would sterilise a large area.  He said he was reasonably satisfied the hounds were under control as the huntsman is experienced.

Fox killed on Sam Cameron’s dad’s estate

Police are investigating claims that a fox was killed in a hunt hosted by David Cameron’s father-in-law.

Hunt protesters clashed with the York & Ainsty South Hunt amid claims that 8 hounds chased and killed the fox after setting off from the 18th Century country estate of Sutton Park, in N. Yorkshire, owned by Samantha Cameron’s father Sir Reginald Sheffield.

sam cam

Samantha Cameron – or ‘SamCam’ as she is known.

The hunt saboteurs allege that a member of the hunt – the ‘whipper-in’ whose job it is to keep the pack of hounds together – tried to take the animal’s lifeless body away but fled when a protester came across the scene. Afterwards, the Hunt Saboteurs Association, who had been monitoring the hunt on Feb 21, posted gruesome photos of a dead fox dripping with blood on social media.

The hunt had met at the home in the village of Sutton-on-the-Forest, before setting off on a legal ‘trail hunt’.  A spokesman for the hunt claimed the fox had not been killed by its hounds.  But hunt saboteur Jay Gillette  said: ‘We were following the huntsmen through a woodland, and then the hounds started to cry, which means they were on the scent of a fox.  ‘We did our best to put them off – we used horn calls to try and stop them chasing the fox. We use the same horn that a huntsman would use.  ‘I then saw a fox bolt along the edge of the woodland so I raced over that way.

The best way to stop the hounds is to get in between them and the fox. Once I got to the fence where I saw the fox run past, I saw about 8 to 10 of the hounds in a semi-circle and a whipper-in.  ‘She was in the semi-circle with the hounds. I couldn’t see what she was doing but I believe she was trying to pick up the fox and take it away so we couldn’t see it.  ‘The whipper-in then took the hounds away as soon as I got there, leaving the fox.  ‘After that, none of the huntsman would talk to us.

They went quiet and just carried on – moved off with the hounds to the next woodlands.  ‘I could see the fox’s intestines. The hounds had opened up its stomach. I believe it was still alive when the hounds left and I came to it. When I carried it back to our van I could still hear short breaths from its mouth. We then gave it to the police for evidence. I was pretty distraught.’

A spokesman for the hunt said: ‘The York & Ainsty South Hunt were involved in legal trail hunting and were afterwards asked by police whether a fox had been killed by hounds. The answer to that was no.

It’s not unusual for hunt saboteurs, who’ve been harassing the legal activity on regular occasions, to make up such stories. From looking at the photos of the animal there was no indication of how it was killed.’  A spokesman for N. Yorkshire Police said: ‘We are aware of reports a fox was hunted illegally in the Sutton-on-the-Forest area. We take any allegation of wildlife crime seriously, and our enquiries into this incident are ongoing.’  Sir Reginald Sheffield was not available for comment.

England: This Is What It Feels Like !


Keep your head and Enjoy the ride !

Have fun with the boys of the Royal Air Force and the Eurofighter ‘Typhoon’.

See some great UK landscape in the process.




Vivisection Shorts – News From The Medical World Of Animal Testing.


Cancer patients testing drugs on mouse ‘avatars’

Scientists often test drugs in mice. Now some cancer patients are paying a private lab to breed mice that carry bits of their own tumours so treatments can be tried first on the customised rodents.

The idea is to see which drugs might work best on a specific person’s specific cancer. Studies can suggest a certain chemotherapy may help, but patients wonder whether it will work for them. Often there’s more than one choice, and if the first one fails, a patient may be too sick to try another, so hundreds of people have made “mouse avatars” over the last few years to test chemotherapies.

But there are no guarantees the mice will help. “There’s not a lot of science” to say how well this works, and it should be considered highly experimental, said Dr. Len Lichtenfeld, deputy chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society.

There are some early encouraging reports, he said. One study of 70 patients found the mice generally reflected how well patients responded to various drugs. But there is no evidence that using mice is any better than care based on medical guidelines or the gene tests that many patients get now to help pick drugs.

Mouse testing costs $10,000 or more, and insurers don’t cover it. It takes several months, so patients usually have to start therapy before mouse results are in.  “I do see promise, but it’s very time-consuming, it’s very expensive. For the average patient, standard care is going to be the way to go,” said Alana Welm, a cancer researcher at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation.

Several labs breed these mice but the main supplier to patients has been Champions Oncology, a company based in Hackensack, New Jersey, that also operates in London, Tel Aviv and Singapore. About 7,000 mice are kept in a Baltimore lab with 6 rooms that resemble stock rooms of a shoe store, with tall shelves that hold row upon row of plastic cages labelled with each cancer patient’s name.

Most mice are white-haired females, but others are hairless. Some live alone while others climb over one another and sleep in small piles. All have easy access to food and water, and many bear signs of the tumour graft — a shaved portion of hair, an incision scar and a lump growing off one side.

Patients have a tumour sample sent to Champions, which charges $1,500 to bank it, plus $2,500 for each drug tested in groups of mice implanted with bits of the tumour. Most patients try 3 to 5 drugs and spend $10,000 to $12,000, said Champions’ chief medical officer, Dr. Angela Davies.  Mice have some drawbacks, said Dr. Benjamin Neel, director of research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto and a spokesman for the American Association for Cancer Research.

The tumour grafts are under the mouse skin — not in places where the cancer normally occurs, such as the pancreas or lungs, and therefore don’t reflect the human tumour’s environment. The mice also have highly impaired immune systems so they can tolerate the human tumours. That means they don’t reflect how a person’s immune system would respond to a treatment and cannot be used to test immunotherapies.  “Even if it turns out these have real value,” they’re likely to be eclipsed by newer advances, such as ways to grow tumour cells in a lab dish that take only a few weeks, he said.   It’s worth remembering that it has been proven that a majority of drugs known to work in humans are ineffective on human cancers implanted in mice.



Real alternative to animal testing

Fraunhofer Institute researchers have developed a promising alternative to using animals in experiments – a mini-organism inside a chip, which enables complex metabolic processes within the human body to be analysed realistically.

Researchers at the Dresden, Germany-based institute, working jointly with the Institute for Biotechnology at the Technical University (TU) of Berlin, say their solution could render the use of animal-based experiments superfluous in medical research because it faithfully replicates complex metabolic processes in the human body with startling accuracy.

‘Our system is a mini-organism on a 1:100,000 scale to the human being,’ says Frank Sonntag of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS.   Human cells from various organs can be applied to several different positions within the chip.

The researchers obtained the cells from blood donations that were made available for research purposes. These ‘mini-organs’ are connected to each other through tiny canals. ‘This way we simulate human blood circulation,’ Sonntag explains.

Working much like the human heart, a micro-pump continuously transports liquid cell culture medium through infinitesimal micro-channels. The IWS researchers can modify the exact configuration of the chip, i.e. the number of mini-organs and the connection to the micro-channels, specifically to different sets of questions and different applications.

With the chip, it is possible to test both the active ingredients in new medicines, and also study cosmetics for their skin tolerability. The concept of combining various cell samples with fluid channels has been around for a long time, but this new system has 2 distinct advantages over previous approaches.

First, the microfluidic system is miniaturised and the pump is capable of channelling the tiniest flow rates of less than 0.5 microlitres per second through the channels. ‘This means the relationship between cell sample and liquid media is authentic,’ says Sonntag. If this ratio is incorrect, imprecise results will ensue. Second, the microfluidic system ensures that there is a constant flow of liquid cell culture medium. This is important, since some types of cells can only present ‘body-like’ morphology if they are stimulated by a current or flow.

To test the effect of a substance, the scientists initially loaded various cell samples onto the chip. Then the active ingredient to be tested was added through the medium for the cell sample of the organ into which the substance would be introduced in the real human body. For example, they could include the cells of the intestinal lining. The same metabolic responses are then processed on the chip just like in the human organism.  ‘We use cell samples from various sexes and ethnicities.

We can set variations in body size and weight as desired on a scale of 1:100,000,’ says Sonntag. The scientists can see exactly which metabolic products form within specific cell samples, and what effects they might have on other cells. The results are ultimately even more predictive than those of animal-based experiments because the effects on the body of a mouse or a rat cannot be applied to human beings at a 1:1 ratio.

The artificial organism is already being used by scientists in the cosmetics industry. But, in addition to research on active ingredients, there is also another potential application. ‘We know today that certain kidney cells, the endothelial cells, play a key role in almost every kidney disease. With the in vitro tests to date, there was always the problem that the endothelial cells worked only under current conditions.

Here, our multi-organ chip could offer a test environment that would allow you to observe how cells regenerate following an injury,’ says Sonntag.

 wont hurt


Training manual reveals cruelty

Scotland for Animals has obtained the internal training manual for animal experiments in Scottish research units.

Photographs show animals in highly distressing situations and many appear to have been taken within Glasgow University.  SfA spokesman John Patrick: “This document is riddled with misinformation based on outdated ideas, it actively encourages bad practice. It’s worrying that this is the benchmark for medical research in Scotland”.

“The fact that this manual endorses brutal killing and restraint methods is a national embarrassment. It puts to rest the fallacy that animals are treated with care and respect in the UK vivisection industry”.  “Scotland for Animals has called for jurisdiction over animal research to be included in any further transfer of powers to the Scottish Parliament.

We owe it to our families and everyone we care about to bin the use of animals and invest in real research”.  Pictures show animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits being used in procedures.  Dr Andre Menache, CEO of Antidote Europe: “The authors carefully chose to ignore the growing debate within the scientific community about the validity of animal experiments.

The authors claim that the main opposition to animal experiments comes from welfare groups. Why do they ignore the British Medical Journal?”  “One of the photos in the manual shows how mice are restrained for taking blood samples from a vein in their hind leg – by being squashed into a centrifuge tube. The human equivalent would be to push a person into a drain pipe just wide enough for them to get into but that would not let them get out again without help.

This is a terrifying experience as anyone can tell you who has ever been in in a confined position like this.”   “Some killing methods encouraged can lead to extreme animal suffering when performed incorrectly, either due to inexperience or bad practice by the researcher.

This is incompatible with the 3Rs principle of reducing animal suffering. It is a sad reflection on the UK animal research community that these forms of killing an animal should still be allowed in the 21st century.”  The document also reveals that there could be only 24 Home Office inspectors supposedly enforcing welfare laws in the entire UK.

The manual can be viewed here:


EU chemicals regulator scolded over animal testing

The European Ombudsman has upheld a complaint made by animal rights group PETA that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is not doing enough to enforce substitution of animal testing when companies prepare safety data on compounds under EU regulations on registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemicals (REACH).

The ECHA’s triennial report on animal testing in June 2014 showed progress on alternative mechanisms for meeting REACH requirements without animal testing. However, the agency admitted that some firms had initiated animal tests that could have been substituted for validated in vitro methods, and that some animal tests were being undertaken without consultation with the ECHA as to whether they were necessary. 

After negotiations, the ECHA has agreed to step up its enforcement, making better use of its existing powers. The regulator will also support executive bodies in EU member states in investigating cases where animal testing has been undertaken unnecessarily.

Full article:

Brussels Airlines Stop Shipping Dogs and Cats!

Anti Dierproeven Coalitie (ADC) released footage of crates of cowering beagle dogs being transported from America to Belgium by Brussels Airlines for laboratory experiments.

In response, many animal protectors here in the UK supported ADC’s call for action by contacting the airline. After entering into talks with Brussels Airlines, the shipper has released a statement to ADC confirming an embargo has been placed on the shipping of dogs and cats for vivisection.

Animal abuse at Oklahoma university

The US Department of Agriculture has cited the University of Oklahoma for animal abuse, according to Bloomberg Business.

A recent report by the USDA claims a research lab at the university exposed young baboons to hypothermia and housed the monkeys in unsafe, grime-filled cages. The Jan 25th report, obtained by Bloomberg, found the monkeys had been hosed down with cold water, and their cages contained “an excessive build up of grime, debris, and excreta on the bars.”

The report also says the lab staff were ill-equipped to care for the 12 baboons, including ones as young as 3 months old, who were placed under their supervision.

This is far from the university’s first citation for animal abuse. According to Bloomberg, the institution has been cited for animal abuse 16 times over the course of just 2 years.

In 2013, the USDA reported OU was euthanising dogs by electrocution using a 9-volt battery and failing to administer painkillers to dogs about to undergo surgery.

In an email statement to Bloomberg, VP of research James Tomasek said, “The University of Oklahoma takes seriously its obligation to comply with all federal and regulatory standards related to animal welfare.”

Moves to reduce animal use

(UK) Sheffield MP Clive Betts has backed recent advances to reduce the use of animals in laboratories.

The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, which campaigns to end animal experiments, has called for an end to the use of animal testing for household products such as washing-up liquid. BUAV has been campaigning against animal testing for more than 100 years.

The campaigns have been accepted in principle by the Government, which last year promised to implement the changes before the 2015 general election. However, with just 2 months until voters go to the polls, Mr Betts, Labour MP for Sheffield South East, has joined 83 colleagues in supporting a motion calling for immediate action.

Mr Betts said: “The Labour Government banned animal experiments to test cosmetics and its now time for this Government to ban tests for household products. “Many retailers now have own brands which don’t rely on animal testing, so there is no reason why legislation should not be passed to ban tests altogether.”

Michelle Thew, of BUAV, said: “We welcome support from Mr Betts for this motion.” Details of experiments that use animals are published on the Home Office website.

A spokesman for Understanding Animal Research said the development of alternatives for household testing meant there was a sharp drop-off from 2002 and there have been no such tests in recent years. Therefore, he added, animals would not usually be used to test products such as washing up liquid or toilet cleaner today.

New method validated

The European Joint Research Centre has validated and recommended a new method which is not based on animal testing, to identify chemicals that can trigger skin allergies, estimated to affect already 20% of the population in Europe.

The human Cell Line Activation Test (h-CLAT) has been developed by industry and validated by the JRC managed European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing (EURL ECVAM). It will help the identification of chemicals that can lead to allergic contact dermatitis (ACD), one of the most common occupational diseases, and therefore allow the number of animals currently used for this purpose to be reduced.

So far the potential of chemicals to induce skin allergies was tested on mice and guinea-pigs. Following the validation process ECVAM now recommends the use of h-CLAT in the context of integrated approaches to testing and assessment, i.e. together with data from other non-animal methods and computer model (in silico) predictions.

The recommendation aims to inform scientific discussions at OECD in view of developing an OECD Test Guideline on the h-CLAT. The OECD Test Guidelines are internationally agreed test methods used by government, industry and independent laboratories. They are used to determine the safety of chemicals and chemical preparations, including pesticides and industrial chemicals.

CRUK and animal experiments

Furless mice injected with human cancer cells; Rats chemically poisoned for 6 months; Mice genetically modified to develop cancer.

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has been criticised by Animal Aid for helping to fund a series of ‘crude and archaic’ animal experiments that were conducted at Edinburgh University. The experiments, which were investigating treatments for bile duct cancer, involved injecting genetically modified (GM) mice with human cancer cells, while other groups of rodents were forced to endure around 6 months of chemical poisoning to induce cancer.

Campaigners have accused CRUK of using clumsy and outdated methods that have been widely criticised in the scientific literature.  One of the CRUK-supported experiments used ‘nude mice’ – furless rodents who have been genetically modified to suffer from a weakened immune system.

These mice were injected with human cancer cells, and made to endure the growth of a tumour inside them for 3 weeks before some of them were given treatments to reduce its severity.

Another experiment used a different group of GM mice, who had been engineered to develop cancer when subjected to around 6 months of chemical poisoning. The chemical used was thioacetamide (TAA) – a substance that has traditionally been employed by the leather and motor fuel industries.

A group of rats were subjected to the same disturbing poisoning regime. Animal Aid argues that the methods used are outdated as well as cruel. Injecting human cancer cells into mice has long been regarded as a highly unreliable means of predicting how humans will respond to treatments.

Unlike the mice used in such research, human cancer patients have a functioning immune system, and this has a significant impact on the course of the disease. Even CRUK appears to have little faith in this method of research, declaring in a promotional poster that ‘the time for reliance on such models to determine the response to a new therapy has passed’.

Animal Aid is similarly critical of the practice of genetically modifying mice or poisoning rats in an attempt to ‘model’ bile duct cancer. Altering one or 2 genes in mice, argues the group, is a reductionist, simplistic approach, since human cancers are usually caused by multiple mutations in co-existent cells, and depend on a highly individualised cellular environment.

Poisoning rodents has, unsurprisingly, repeatedly failed to generate progress in the treatment of bile duct cancer. Treatments that appeared successful in these tests, such as sorafenib, have had to be withdrawn from clinical trials for bile duct cancer.

After all, humans do not develop this type of cancer by being forced to ingest a chemical from the leather industry. CRUK has serious questions to answer about how it decides which research to fund. In 2013-14, CRUK had a fundraising income of £490m. It has a duty to its dedicated fundraisers and donors, not to mention the victims of cancer, to ensure that this money is spent on research that has a genuine chance of contributing to medical progress.’

Serbia: 15/4/15 – Latest News and Pictures Of The Very Happy Cats At Shelter ‘Felix’.

Serbian  Flag



We send our best wishes to Danica as we know she has not been feeling very well recently; the days are long and tiring for her looking after all the cats – and as you can see from the photos below; they are all looking so beautiful and content.

Quite rightly, Danica must be very proud of them all.

Here is part of the message she has sent to us this week – please help with a donation if you can – whatever amount – it all helps !

Pay a visit to the Webshop – link given below – and see the whole range of fab cat items which you can purchase; and support the shelter at the same time !

Thank You.

Felix Shelter Donations can be made in any of the following ways:

PayPal button is on our blog: 

and our website: 


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96






Dear Mark;

We’ve been quite lucky weather wise this winter after all, but some of our oldest and sickest kitties sadly didn’t make it through the cold season. Winter is always a time of troubles, losses and grief, it somehow seems the most delicate cats simply can’t endure the dark, gloomy months, depressing for them and ourselves alike.

The biggest problem of running a cat sanctuary is exactly the fact that we provide all of the rescued cats with a lifetime of care, which means we’re here to offer them everything they need until the end of their days and when the time comes, we tearfully pet them for the last time and say our final goodbyes.

Our hearts have been broken countless times so far, but we must go on…





Right now some days are sunny, some are not, but even when the weather is nice the sun is deceiving and although the kitties enjoy spending their time outside during the day, all of them sleep in their properly heated rooms at night.

Luckily, thanks to all of our donors and friends, we’ll be able to keep the central heating running for as long as it’s needed.






Many kitties are shedding these days and looking shaggy and unkempt, some of them have lost some weight, but now when the real spring has finally come we’ll do everything in our power to help them thrive again.

The weather forecast is somewhat worrisome, it’s supposed to rain heavily in May and although the kitties won’t be cold, we all hope to avoid the horrible floods we had last year. Cat Shelter Felix wasn’t affected then, but no one can know what the future can bring…



We greatly appreciate your support!

To Everybody – Thank you so much for being there for us!




England: Time Out With Siouxsie and Utata.



siouxsie 2

Timeout time;

Links below to the brilliant ‘Siouxsie Sioux’ – who originated very close to us here at a place called ‘Bromley’  which is on the South London / Kent border.  I know Bromley very well.

siouxsie 1

Siouxsie was originally part of the ‘Bromley Contingent’ who started around the early days of the punk scene in the UK.  She, along with her group; ‘the Banshees’; were on the UK music scene for around 30 years.

siouxsie 3

Enjoy a few of her tracks here:

and something that has some great personal memories for me; even now – her name was Laraine !!  Whenever I hear ‘Swimming Horses’ she is the first thing I think about:

If you want some good music then Siouxsie and the Banshees recordings are a must.

More news and some great pictures to come from Danica and the crew at Shelter Felix (Serbia) tomorrow.  Stand by for some great photos tomorrow; including our latest adopted member of SAV, named ‘Utata’.

 UTATA April 15


Nepal: 14/4/15 Is The Start Of The New Year In Nepal – So Send The Authorities Info Expressing Your Disgust At The Mass Animal Killings.


SAV Comment

Why not send Happy New Year – Never Again greetings to your own national Nepal embassy ? – here is the link – just scroll down and select your nation.  

To see many of our recent campaign posts on this issue; please go to  

and then scroll further down in this post for yet more links.



From CIWF:

Don’t worry. We know it’s not December 31st! But April 14th does mark the start of a New Year in Nepal. Across the world millions use the New Year as an excuse to make a resolution to change for the better. Now it’s time for the Nepalese Government to make a New Year’s resolution.

Call on the Nepalese Government to stop inhumane slaughter festivals. Once and for all.

Thanks to a local and international campaign, there was a reduction in the number of farm animals killed at the Gadhimai Festival last November. But tens of thousands still endured the terrifying experience of this event, and faced an inhumane death. There are also many smaller slaughter festivals that take place throughout the year in Nepal.

Stop the slaughter

We’ve created a film to raise awareness about this festival, and to call on the Nepalese Government to take the opportunity of a New Year, a fresh start, to stop the suffering. Please watch and share this important film with your friends and family, and ask them to take action too.

– or Youtube direct –

It’s time for the Nepalese Government to take action and stop this cruelty. Will you call on them to make a resolution for farm animals to mark the New Year?

Thank you so much for your support.

Best wishes,

Pru Elliott

Campaigns Officer










Serbia: Shelter Azil Alex – Injured cat Ostoje in need of your help.

Serbian  Flag

Azil Alex 2

Azil alex logo 3



Injured cat Ostoje in need of your help

Just when we thought we have all vet bills settled and can focus on Princess’ hernia operation, we received a phone call……

April 9th – Around midnight, on a tip that an injured cat is lying on the entrance of a village Zednik, Subotica, volunteers of shelter “Alex” went to see what is happening. What they discovered was more than shocking.

Young cat was lying helplessly, almost like he already surrendered. We immediately took him. He has wounds on his mouth, hind legs, was in complete state of shock and he didn’t meowed at all. We carefully put him in transporter and tucked him in, ‘cause he was already getting cold.



We called the vet ambulance T&T from Palic because we couldn’t wait until the morning. This way we are expressing our gratefulness to them as they told us to come right away, even though it was around 1a.m.

Cat was fully examined. He has no fractures, but the wounds are horrible. He was named Ostoje and was already in the state of hypothermia.

We warmed him up, his wounds were cleaned, he received an IV, antibiotics, vitamins. From earlier he has diarrhea and the beginning of mange.

Currently he is at our volunteer’s home, tucked in next to the furnace and surrounded with love.



April 10th – Ostoje’s condition is still critical because his temperature varies and he won’t eat by himself. He received therapy which again included IV and antibiotics. He mostly sleeps so his chances are 50/50.

April 11th – Ostoje’s condition is improving. His temperature is now 38.3, he eats on his own, yet he doesn’t want water (probably because he receives enough fluids through IV). He again received therapy and is alert enough to bite and scratch.



You can see his full album here:

We post photos every day and will post more updates along them.

Please help us. Even by sharing.

Shelter “Alex” takes care of 500 dogs while trying to respond to each call and help as many animals as possible.

Unfortunately, we are running out of the funds collected for the care of our dogs in shelter and we fear what we will do then.

Can you please share this appeal and donate whatever amount you can?

No amount is too small and we appreciate it hugely.
Like us on fb:
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Thank you!

Donate to help shelter Alex at:  

shelter alex

Azil Alex


AZIL August appeal

USA: First Black Bear Hunting Season in 20 Years Planned in Florida.


black bear

SAV Comment

As the article says:  “We invade and destroy the natural habitats of others, and then decide that it’s our right to kill them at will, to ensure that their numbers do not affect our lives in a negative way”.

Sadly; because there are too many people now trying to live on the planet, (has anyone ever suggested a ‘human hunting season’ ?), nature and all the animals that form part of it are now totally at the want of politicians (maybe we should start by hunting them !).  Man, even though he was one of the last to arrive; now decides what does live and what does not; apart from himself of course.

A real sad story, but well written with many true points.  Looks like Florida is off the holiday destination list for the future years.  Europeans want to see live animals in their natural environments; not endless dead ones as appears to be the case more by US ‘politicians’ find them guilty of terrorising the human populations; and thus killing them as the only option; more and more each and every day.  Who was there first we ask ???


First Black Bear Hunting Season in 20 Years Planned in Florida

The state of Florida is going to open bear hunting season in October for the first time since 1994, with a planned “harvest objective” of 275 black bears.

Black bears were placed on Florida’s threatened animals list back in 1974, at a time when the bear population was around 300 to 500. In 1994, a statewide ban on black bear hunting was issued in order to protect the species, and since then, numbers have steadily increased to around 2,500.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission are reviewing the ban on April 14, with plans to have a killing season this fall, claiming that black bear numbers are now becoming problematic to human populations.

Why Bring Back Barbaric Bear Hunting After 21 Years Without It?

Around the globe, humans have endangered and wiped out thousands of native species of animals due to hunting and poaching. The ban on black bear hunting in Florida has given the bears the opportunity to thrive once more in their natural environment, and this ban should be permanent, not something on a limited time scale until their numbers have recovered.

Sadly, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have the power to decide whether animal populations are worth protecting or not, and in this instance they have deemed it necessary to start murdering animals once more.

The Director of the commission’s Division of Hunting and Game Management, Dianne Eggeman, stated that “the bear population has grown for the last 15 years or 20 years, steadily and pretty rapidly, based upon all the information that we have. So our job, of the agency, is to manage that growing population and the best tool to manage that population growth across the board is to use hunting…The more the (bear) population grows, the more likely bears move out of the wildlife and into neighborhoods.”

The proposals will allow hunters to buy a permit ($100 for Florida residents, $300 for non-residents) and to murder one bear per permit using crossbows, bows, revolvers, pistols, shotguns and muzzle loading guns, until the quota of 275 bears have been killed.

Who Are We to Decide How Many Bears Is Too Many?

As humans we have allowed ourselves to believe that we’re the most important species on the planet, rather than just one of millions, equally as important and deserving of life.

Unlike other animals who kill for survival, we have taken it upon ourselves to do so for convenience, pleasure, and out of a strange idea that nature requires us to in order to maintain the right balance of animals.

We invade and destroy the natural habitats of others, and then decide that it’s our right to kill them at will, to ensure that their numbers do not affect our lives in a negative way.

The black bears of Florida do not deserve to be murdered this year just because the authorities have decided that there are now too many.

USA: Lousiana – Deadly Bacteria Escape From Primate Research Centre.


Deadly bacteria escape

A dangerous, often deadly, type of bacteria, Burkholderia pseudomallei,  that lives in soil and water has been released from a high-security laboratory at the Tulane National Primate Research Centre in Louisiana. Officials say there is no risk to the public.

The cause of the release and the extent of the contamination remain unknown. The incident has raised concerns that bacteria from the lab may have contaminated the facility’s grounds and though initial, limited tests didn’t detect it, some officials are pressing behind the scenes for more action.

The safety breach at Tulane’s massive lab complex 35 miles north of New Orleans is the latest in a recent series of significant biosafety accidents at some of the most prestigious laboratories in the country where research is performed on bacteria and viruses that are classified as potential bioterror agents.

Tulane’s research, which has been halted by federal officials, was part of an effort to develop a vaccine against the bacteria. It was conducted mostly with rodents inside a secure biosafety level 3 laboratory with multiple layers of safety equipment that were supposed to ensure the pathogen couldn’t get out.

Yet at least 4 rhesus macaques, that were never used in the experiments and were kept in large outdoor cages in another part of the 500-acre facility, have been exposed to the bacteria, initial tests have found. 2 of the macaques became ill in Nov; both eventually had to be euthanised.

Meanwhile, a federal investigator, who became ill 24 hours after visiting the facility in Jan as part of the ongoing release investigation, has also tested positive for exposure to the bacteria – though it remains unclear whether her exposure may have occurred during international travel and not at the lab. The investigation so far indicates that the 4 macaques were exposed to the bacteria while being cared for in the complex’s veterinary hospital and tests of 39 soil and 13 water samples from the centre’s grounds have not detected the presence of the bacteria.

Yet studies reviewed by USA TODAY indicate too few samples were taken to detect what can be an elusive bacterium.

The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, which is leading the joint federal-state response, expressed concerns about “whether the organism has escaped the compound and whether livestock and domestic animals are at risk,” in a Feb. 20 letter from the state to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The primate centre is located near wetlands and a river, across the street from a school and close to a neighbourhood. The strain — known as Strain 1026b — was originally recovered from a rice farmer sickened in Thailand in 1993.  Rice farming is a common way people are infected because the bacteria live in contaminated soil and water and can enter the body through cuts or sores on the skin.

The research will remain suspended until the lab breach investigation is completed and any problems are corrected, said the CDC, which jointly runs the Federal Select Agent Program with the USDA.

Burkholderia pseudomallei can cause a potentially serious disease in people and animals called melioidosis, that has a wide range of non-specific symptoms, such as fever, headache, loss of appetite, muscle and joint pain, and infections are often mistaken for other diseases such as pneumonia or tuberculosis. In Thailand, where the bacteria is endemic, the fatality rate for patients with melioidosis is up to 50%; in Australia it can be up to 20%, according to published studies.

Confirmed infections are relatively rare. There were 176 culture-confirmed cases of melioidosis in Australia’s north Queensland during the 10-year period 2000-2009, according to that country’s health department.  By Feb. 25, ongoing tests had identified 2 additional animals from the outdoor breeding colony that had antibodies to Burkholderia pseudomallei, indicating they had been exposed even though they were not showing any signs of illness. Only 2 of the 4 exposed animals shared the same outdoor field cage, Lackner said.

But all 4 had been in the centre’s veterinary hospital around the same time, which has led CDC and Tulane to say the hospital is the leading suspect for where the animals were exposed to the bacteria. The deadly bacteria should never have been in the hospital — or anyplace else where the outdoor macaques could have been exposed to it.

Burkholderia pseudomallei should only have been inside the specific Tulane lab that was doing vaccine development research.  That research was being conducted in a biosafety level 3 laboratory – the second highest containment level – with a wide range of high-tech safeguards, physical barriers and procedures that are supposed to ensure dangerous pathogens can’t escape.

The lab, as Tulane describes it, is essentially a “box-within-a-box within a box.” The research was being done in a completely contained lab under negative air pressure, inside Building 5. Air leaving the chamber passes through multiple HEPA filters before leaving the building. Access to the BSL-3 lab is strictly controlled. Everything that goes in can’t come out without being sterilized.

Research animals that go into the BSL-3 labs do not come out alive and never go to the hospital.

So how did the bacteria get out of the lab?  Sloppy biosafety practices can result in pathogens being tracked out of labs. For now, Tulane is not planning to remove soil or fumigate the area. With no bacteria detected outdoors, the centre sees “growing evidence that makes it increasingly unlikely that Burkholderia pseudomallei has been in our outdoor breeding colony,” said Tulane spokesman Michael Strecker.

Testing of the animals in the outdoor breeding colony, however, will continue.

UK: UPDATE – Recent (Gadhimai) Nepal ‘Festival’ Slaughter Shows Animals Involved Were Reduced By 75%.


nepal 1

ciwf ghad nov 2014

Many of you will remember very clearly the recent undercover investigation undertaken by London based campaigner friends at CIWF –  who attended Nepal and the Gadhimai festival:

Remember the statement issued by the undercover CIWF investigator who was in Nepal at the time (click on the 4th link below for more):

“Our Investigators are today on the ground in Nepal, documenting what we believe to be the world’s biggest single-location animal slaughter festival. The Gadhimai festival takes place in such a remote area that our team are cut off from most forms of communication – but I have just received this short message:

“I’ve never ever seen anything quite like this and hope I’ll never ever witness it again.

The scale of the suffering is vast – before me lie the bodies of thousands of buffalo, staining the earth, and the soles of the slaughtermen’s feet, red. What I’ve seen can only be described as a massacre. These animals have suffered great pain at the hands of an army of unskilled men and this is just the start….thousands of chickens, goats and other animals are next up in this 48 hour frenzy of killing”.

Well here is the latest news from CIWF regarding the festival – reproduced directly from their supporter magazine ‘Farm Animal Voice’.  Over 172,000 supporters spoke out about the slaughter and the result was that the number of animals involved was reduced by a staggering 75%.

CIWF Nepal festival update_NEW

Mark (SAV) and Philip, CEO at CIWF, have both been friends and active campaigners on many farm animal welfare issues for many years.  Read more at:

Your voice and actions DO make a huge difference for the animals – Thank You.

Its time to decide –

Speak our about the abuses.


9/4/15 – The EU Enlargement Commission Appears To Be Failing Serbian Animals – We Have Still Had No Response To Our Letter of February According To The Commission Today !! – So Now We Respond By Asking You To Send The Sample Letter Provided Below.

Our original post which include copies of our and Keith Taylor’s letters to Commissioner Hahn.

The EU Enlargement Commission is quick enough to hand out hundreds of millions of Euros to Serbia every year – paid for by, yes you have guessed it – us existing EU citizens; and yet they cannot even send a reply to us EU citizens who write if February to express their concerns about a lack of EU (Enlargement Commission) action in dialogue  with the Serbian government about Serbian animal ‘welfare'; or is it ‘mafia’ ??

Any wonder most people in the UK want to pull the plug on the EU !

UK elections in May 2015 – the people will decide if the EU is as good as what it thinks it is.



Today 9/4/2015; we made several telephone calls to the EU Enlargement Commission to ask why we have still not been supplied with a response from the EU regarding our letter dated 22nd February.

After much ‘please wait’ and being put on hold; we were eventually verbally informed that nothing has actually been sent back to us at SAV by the EU Enlargement Commission.  This is despite the fact that the Serbian government are currently drafting new legislation which will allow it to kill stray animals in much less time than it currently does.

The Serbian government intend to have this new legislation passed by the end of May 2015; despite many objections and documented submissions by Serbian animal welfare organisations.

Given that the EU Enlargement Commission is dragging its heels on the subject of animal welfare within Serbia; despite our evidence and letters; and more importantly; current attempts by the Serbian government to ‘sneak through’ new legislation by the end of May to make the killing of stray animals easier; we now have no choice after today’s fiasco at the EU Enlargement Commission; but to now produce a letter which can be sent to Commissioner Hahn at the EU.

We trust the letter says all that needs to be said. If the Enlargement Commission had acted and replied to us when it should have, there would be no need for all of this.  But the EU has got lost once again with its own importance which it appears to doing very little to actually enforce the ‘rule of law’ within Serbia as it says it will prior to EU accession into the EU.

Please copy and send the following letter to the Commissioner who appears to be failing the animals of Serbia.  Thank you.



SAMPLE LETTER – or modify to your own standard.

Send to:

Dear Commissioner Hahn;

I write to you as a member of ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) which is based in England UK.

As of today, 9/4/15; I am informed by your very own Commission that it has not yet even responded to SAV regarding their letter to you of 22/2/15 and the situation of animals within Serbia.  As SAV is an EU (UK) based orgaisation dedicated to Serbian animal welfare; there concerns should at least be addressed by un-elected EU politicians such as yourself.

I would like to remind you that the EU is investing millions of Euros into pre –accession funding for Serbia – for example – €208.3 million for the year 2013 alone;


In the words of the site given above – “The pre-accession funds also help the EU reach its own objectives regarding a sustainable economic recovery, energy supply, transport, the environment and climate change, etc”.

Does the EU citizen not have any say in how all ‘their’ money is being spent by you ? – it would appear not.  You Sir are not even addressing letters of concern regards Serbian animal by EU animal welfare organisations such as SAV !


declares the following:

8.2. Objectives, results, actions and indicators

The objective of EU assistance is to support gradual alignment of the Serbian agricultural policy with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP),. The expected results are the following:

Veterinary and phytosanitary services and controls are implemented in line with the EU requirements; and,

Animal health is improved through eradication of diseases and/or better control of brucellosis, bovine leucosis and tuberculosis, rabies and classical swine fever”.

Thus, as SAV to date have had no response from your Commission relating to their letter of 22nd February 2015, regarding the issue of Serbian animal welfare; and the above statements by the EU on ‘improving (Serbian) animal health’; what now needs to be questioned is it currently appears that the Serbian government is devising new (and quick to be passed – May 2015 ?) legislation for stray dogs which will allow them to be killed in less time than existing Serbian legislation allows.

Thus it can only be assumed that despite the words made in the EU documentation (links provided); either the EU Commission does not actually care about the welfare of animals within Serbia; and combined with the complete lack of information which your Commission are providing to existing EU and other global citizens on this iissue, it can only be assumed that you are showing no real opposition to the new proposals being made by the Serbian government for the welfare of stray animals.

The things that have been witnessed in Romania over the last few years regarding stray animal treatment has been a complete and utter embarrassment to the EU.  Tell me please; is the Enlargement Commission prepared to have a ‘Romania 2’ by not putting pressure on the Serbian government to drop the new proposals; and instead adopt a national policy of stray animal sterilisation combined with much better public education ? – or are you content with witnessing the abuses shown everyday in Serbia over the last 10 years or more by organisations such as SAV, and the animal killings by the ‘animal mafia’, for which I include local and regional authorities ?

You Sir need to act and act very quickly to stop animal suffering in Serbia.  The current Serbian government is currently attempting to change the law for the negative for Serbian strays; something it hopes to finalise by the end of May 2015.

You, as the EU citizens un-elected head of the EU Enlargement Commission are responsible for ensuring that Serbia adopts the standards of the EU; not for letting the Serbian government make up and devise new animal welfare legislation which could be passed within weeks simply to the benefit of the Serbian government and the animal mafia operating throughout Serbia; very much to the detriment of Serbian animals and their welfare.

I will hold you and your team personally responsible if Serbia is allowed to once again ‘get away’ with making false promises to the EU regarding animal welfare improvements – in Serbia there are no animal welfare improvements; there have been just indiscriminate killings of many animals which do not conform with existing Serbian legislation – “the rule of law” which the EU is so very keen to promote in so much of its documented publicity.

Please; for once, get the Serbian government to enforce the ‘rule of law’ as determined by the Serbian Constitutional Court back in 2005; and do not allow yourself to be bribed into a ‘Romania 2’ by the Serbian government and authorities with their new ‘quick fix’ legislation for stray animals.

I will be watching your Commissions actions very closely over the next month or more regarding the new animal welfare proposals currently being formatted by the Serbian government.  Inn no way should these be allowed to progress any further; and I hold you and your ‘Serbian team’ responsible for ensuring that this does not happen.

The EU should be improving animal welfare, not being dragged down by new legislation from nations who wish to join the EU; take all the money, and yet continue to kill stray animals regardless of the Serbian ‘rule of law’; just like they have done for so many years regardless of the national ‘rules of law’ which were supposedly approved by the Serbian Constitutional Court back in 2005.


Please ensure that the SAV letter of February 2015 IS responded to; before the new legislation  is sneaked through the back door by the Serbian government – thank you.

Yours truly,

Name and nationality.








Global: 9/4/15 – News Shorts and Many Actions.

We will be publishing an update on the Serbian situation very soon.

Stop Slaughter of Hundreds of Black Bears 


[LegalAction4AnimalRights] NEW!!  CAT CAFE IN CHINA by high school students.

The Anti-Fur Society has been working with rescue groups in China, helping with TNR trap/ neuter/return for several years.  Many groups have benefited from our support which comes from donations, and private donations from the founder.  Let’s not forget that Nanjing is the initial place where cats are picked up by illegal cat traders, shipped to South of China and sold for meat and fur. Anything we can do to help the poor strays in China, will be much appreciated by all of us and especially by the rescued animals.




[News] Shocking! Story behind the case of slaughter and consumption of an adopted cat.

Trusted the adopter, but cats ended up as soup.


They Changed Their Number! – Update on “Gordon Food Service: Help Pamela Anderson End Horrific Animal Abuse”


Your message is being heard. Loud and clear. Momentum is gathering

Following our latest investigation,

an astounding 88,197 people have called on the European Commission to end the trade in live farm animals leaving the EU. And I am pleased to say that you are part of a growing worldwide movement.

Palestinian Animal League Solidarity (PALS) is standing side by side with you calling for the suffering to stop.

If you haven’t yet taken action, email the Commission here or show your support with a donation today. If you’d prefer to show your dismay against EU to non-EU exports in person, join Compassion and Ireland’s national animal protection group, ARAN, for a peaceful demonstration outside the Department of Agriculture in Dublin on 27th May.


83 members of the UK Parliament are now calling for these medical debate hearings! – Update on “Animal Experimenters


Chancellor Ashok Mittal, Lovely Professional University: Investigate and Hold Accountable those responsible for Ordering and Carrying out the Systematic Murdering of Stray Dogs in the Campus of Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, India.



Breaking news in the fight against dog meat

I have breaking news.

For the last decade, one of IDA’s most lifesaving campaigns has been our work to shut down South Korea’s horrific dog meat trade.  And your support has been essential.

All the while it’s haunted me that sweet, beautiful dogs were also being intentionally tortured and disturbingly murdered for their meat – by the hundreds of thousands! – in nearby countries like Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Laos and others.

Many of you emailed to say you felt the same horror and outrage.  I knew we had to act.

For the first time ever, IDA is putting plans on paper to EXPAND our campaign to ban dog and cat meat throughout Asia – to take our brave fight into places where the slow slaughter of dogs for human consumption is daily, disturbing, and entrenched.

It’s breaking news.  But I need you on board to make it happen.

Please will you help these innocent animals by donating $15 to IDA now to help expand our lifesaving campaign to ban dog and cat meat throughout Asia?;jsessionid=7F30B90C1FD46D98B2E369AA74A70D1D.app263b?idb=0&4400.donation=form1&df_id=4400&autologin=true&AddInterest=1022&s_src=eAppealfirstsend040815

To take this leap will require steady funding, so we can use every ounce of our ability to put pressure on ALL neighboring countries simultaneously.

Demand for dog meat in Vietnam and China, for example, has grown to the point where dogs are stacked alive in flat crates and smuggled in from bordering countries.

Export trucks run their heartbreaking cargo night and day.  “The cruelty of this trade,” said one reporter, “should shock and sadden you.  Dogs were beaten to death in front of me.”

We cannot afford to piecemeal the approach.  Please will you offer your early support?

I promise to update you the moment strategic plans are finalized, including any dog adoption opportunities that arise.

For right now though – and I’ll speak plainly – the best thing you can do for these poor, suffering dogs is donate to fund the IDA campaign expansion.

Please don’t delay.  Every day the brutal betrayal of humankind’s most faithful friend continues.

Give as generously as you can now.

You are their strength and their hope,

Marilyn Kroplick, M.D.

President, In Defense of Animals

P.S. Thanks to IDA members like you a real shift away from dog meat has at last started to occur in South Korea – in fact not long ago that country’s longest-running dog meat restaurant shut down due to lack of demand.  Together, we CAN do the same in places like Vietnam, Cambodia and China.  Please give now to help us expand IDA’s brave campaign to put an end to the dog and cat meat trade.


Horror journeys for Australian cattle sent to China & Philippines

Pregnant dairy cows suffer on trip to China
End the cruel trade of live exports!

Page for Non-Australians:


Help to prevent the barbaric ritual “trichane” (dog spinning) from taking place again


Stop Big Oil From Killing Animals in the Arctic


Charge woman severely who shot a mother dog while nursing her pups!!


Milwaukee Police: Find and Prosecute Person who Stole Dog, Set Her On Fire and Left Her to Die!


Ask your MEPs to support European legislation for CCTV in abattoirs.

Bittet Eure Abgeordneten, die europäischen Rechtsvorschriften für die Videoüberwachung in Schlachthöfen zu unterstützen.

Europe-wide video surveillance at slaughterhouses and documentation

Europaweite Videoüberwachung an Schlachthöfen und Dokumentation

All EU residents are urged to contact their MEPs calling for a MANDATORY CCTV IN ALL SLAUGHTERHOUSES making sure animal welfare laws are applied. Unstunned slaughter and any other cruelty against animals must be abolished once and for all.

Only our concerted efforts and determination will make this happen. We are not alone – the JANE GOODALL INSTITUTE and well over 100 organisations are supporting our demands for such a law. Please contact your MEPs and urge them to act. Thank you!

LISA BOLDIZSAR (Austrian spokeswoman) and

MARTINA PATTERSON (German spokeswoman)


To all the meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans!

The cruel conditions in the slaughterhouses need to be changed urgently!


USA: Install Video Cameras in Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms


Horror at halal slaughterhouse:
Shocking undercover film shows the ‘needless suffering’
of livestock that are butchered without being stunned first


There are many ways that you can give new lives to the dogs in Soi Dog’s shelter!

Rescued Dogs Need You to Fly with Them from Thailand!

any ways that you can give new lives to the dogs in Soi Dog’s shelter!

Rescued Dogs Need You to Fly with Them from Thailand!

England: Ever Had One Of Those Days When Despite The Evidence You Provide; You Just Get Ignored ??

EnglandSerbian  Flag

7/4/15 – well despite the site being quiet for several days now, we have been working in the background regarding the drafting of amendments to the existing Serbian animal welfare legislation.

Vesna has been working hard writing (in Serbian) a lengthy open letter to over 250 e-mail contact addresses within Serbia, including many media organisations and animal protection associations.  Vesna has written about the current process of drafting the amendments and also about the general situation in the country regarding ALL animals and where she (as a Serbian herself) feels the problems lie.

The next step will be to have a version produced in English also for international supporters, so that they can use this to write also and add to the pressure to ensure that these proposed draft amendments do not become law.

The feeling here is that these draft amendments are being produced by the Serbian government in order to ‘Fast Track’ their application for membership of the EU, and by doing this whilst at the same time removing stray animals from the streets, Serbia will look better in the eyes of the EU as a result. We do not agree, which is why we are also concentrating on our campaigning within the EU, especially with regard the Enlargement Commission.

Today also we made contact with the London office of our friend and animal welfare supporter Keith Taylor MEP (for S. Eastern England) –

– to ask if there had been any response from Commissioner Hahn regarding Keith’s letter which was sent on 19th of February 2015.

You can see our post of the time, which includes a link to Keith’s letter to Commissioner Hahn, by clicking on the following:

After discussions here in London, which included correspondence with Brussels, it was found that Commissioner Hahn had responded to Keith. As a result of today, Keith is now further consulting with his colleagues in the European Parliament on the Commission’s response, and the London office of Keith have informed that they will keep us informed of any potential next steps.

You can read the response from Commissioner Hahn directly below. Alternatively, we have also provided a link which should take you directly to a copy of the same letter.

Stray dogs in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina_response from Commission_20.03.2015

Hahn response Serbia via K Taylor_NEW

As Commissioner Hahn says, the welfare of stray dogs and cats is not governed by EU rules and instead remains under the sole responsibility of the member state concerned. However, as detailed in the second paragraph of his letter, we do feel that as the EU Commissioner responsible for EU enlargement, which currently includes Serbia, the Commissioner is in a much stronger position than he makes out to be able to further communicate with the Serbian government regards expressing concerns of many animal welfare organisations, including ourselves.

In paragraph 3 Commissioner Hahn declares that the EU has supported the guidelines by the OIE; or world Organisation for animal health. Despite being members of the OIE; whose regulations they should follow; it is clear that Serbia does not want to abide by international regulations such as those established for the control of stray dog populations. We think that we have provided enough evidence and photographs over many years on this site (SAV) to make it blatantly clear that Serbia is not, and will not comply with international guidelines for stray animal management; especially as he OIE makes it very clear that a long-term sterilisation program must be used for the reduction in stray animal numbers rather than the ‘kill, hope, and keep our fingers crossed that numbers will reduce’ strategy which seems to be prevalent throughout the Serbian government and its authorities.

Despite what he says, we feel there is very little in the way of positive action from the EU Enlargement Commission and Commissioner Hahn regarding making feelings known and any real positive steps towards getting the European citizens views presented to the Serbian government.

Finally, we at SAV have still had no response from Commissioner Hahn to our letter regarding Serbian animal welfare which was dated 22 February 2015. A copy of our letter which was sent to Commissioner Hahn on this date can also be viewed at the following link:    – we have attempted to make correspondence with the EU enlargement commission today (7/4) but despite several phone calls, have not been able to talk to anyone.

Therefore we will continue to keep all of our campaign avenues open as we probably now has less than one months to oppose the draft amendments which are being promoted by the Serbian government.

Our petition to Commissioner Hahn will remain open –  and in addition to this we hope over the next few days to produce sample letters which can be sent both to the EU and also to Serbian contacts in both English and Serbian languages.  Keep watching !!

It must be remembered that EU Commissioners are not elected by EU citizens; they are simply appointed. As existing EU citizens, we at SAV would hope that EU Commissioners would at least acknowledge what we have to say regarding our experience over many years of attempting to be a voice for Serbian stray animals.

Unfortunately it seems that as we are having no response to our letters and no information or updates from the Enlargement Commission regarding what is happening with communications to the Serbian government; the general feeling is that we are being completely ignored as we are pushing the EU to make sure that the ‘rule of law’ (as so strongly promoted by the EU) is enforced by Serbia prior to EU accession. We do not want the Serbian government making amendments to existing Serbia legislation simply to make it easier for them to become yet another EU member state.

Romanian animal welfare and EU failings to enforce animal welfare legislation within Serbia has become a very big embarrassment for the EU. If it is not very careful, Serbia will very soon join the EU and with its animal welfare failures, will be yet another major embarrassment to the EU – a kind of ‘Romania 2′.

We have tried to make this clear where necessary, but we appear to be being largely ignored. What happens over the next few months, and what is accepted by whom in the near future will determine how the world looks at the EU and certain aspects of its attitude to stray animals. Regardless, we will continue to be a Serbian Animals Voice.


Serbia: Sasha Does It Again – This Time He Saves A Dog From A Freezing Riverbank – Watch and Enjoy – Good Outcome !

Serbian  Flag


We are all familiar with the excellent work of Sasha and his dog shelter in Serbia – most of you took part in the recent campaign to save his facility – Please note that everything is fine now and any petitions and campaign organised in the recent past have stopped:

Vesna here in London has been in contact with ‘Harmony Fund’  – and they are fully aware of, and keeping track of the current proposal situation for stray animals within Serbia as we are.

What we are hoping is, that the Serbian government will allow the public decision making process to take place so that this matter can be dealt with as laid down in the law.  Let us all stand by for their next move which they said will be happening in April and which they were planning to finish (the proposal) in May!

We have to continue to put the global pressure on the decision makers and not let another Romania happen all over again.  To ensure that we don’t have a ‘Romania 2’ regarding the abuses of stray dogs and cats; we are keeping the EU Enlargement Commission aware of what is happening; even though they are not bothering to contact us.

Just as something extra; here is a link to the Harmony Fund web site.

Watch dog rescuer Sasha Pesic (the same Sasha from the shelter above) scale the column of a bridge to reach a frightened dog stranded on an icy riverbank.

Scroll down a little more and you will see ways in which you can donate to Harmony Fund to help the animals in Serbia.

Enjoy the video – which has a good ending !!

sasha dogs love heart

Above – Sasha’s Shelter Dogs Say Thank You for All the Help They Have Had from You !

Serbia: Campaigners Know The Law – It Seems The Serbian Government, Regional Authorities (and possibly EU Enlargement Commission) Dont – Why ??


Serbian  Flag

UPDATE – April 2015.

We have been joining our Serbian animal campaigner colleagues for several years now in what seems a never ending battle with the authorities to improve the treatment of Serbian stray animals; and most importantly; control and reduce stray (street) animal numbers by using a properly orchestrated ‘no kill’ strategy.

Please click on the following link below to read and see the situation for Serbian stray animals; and what we have undertaken in recent years to try and improve their lives.  The EU also has big responsibilities on this issue which it is NOT addressing.  Now more than ever (early 2015); we need EU wide legislation on a ‘NO Kill’ stray dog management and control programme.  With something in place such as this; nations already in the EU, such as Romania; and nations seeking EU membership, such as Serbia, would then be obliged by EU law to enforce the EU wide regulations, rather than making up or simply ignoring their own national legislation / rules as they are doing at present.

Link – ‘About Serbian Strays’ –  


government_approved 2

Picture 021

Here are the real, current legal facts; not those that the Serbian government works to and wants citizens and the EU Enlargement Commission to believe.  Are the Serbian government now trying to change the (animal) law again in order to be admitted quicker into the EU ?

As an example – After three days at the ‘shelter’, dogs are taken to Novi Sad city where they are killed by ‘euthanasia’, using Pravilnik 29/94 legislation.

Prior to the new Serbian Veterinary Law of 02/10/2005, there was an old law dating from 1991 for the health protection of animals. In agreement with the old law of 1991, the authorities produced their own other ‘underlaw’ (extra law) regulationnamed ‘Pravilnik 29/94’, which was intorduced to allow the killing of animals after they were held in pounds for 3 to 7 days.

** From 02/10/2005 **, the new Veterinary Law Article 168 effectively destroyed everything that was written in Pravilnik 29/94, ** because the 2005 law demanded the care of animals.

Pravilnik 29/94 was overwritten by Article 168, the result being that all killing of animals was forbidden apart only from cases for Rabies infected areas, which were covered by application of Articles 64 and 65 of the Veterinary Law.

government_approved 2

By continuing to undertake the killing of animals after 3 to 7 days in accordance with regulation Pravilnik 29/94, the authorities were then in a situation where they were working in opposition to the actual existing law

But it is very much the case, even up to the present day, where authorities are still using Pravilnik 29/94 as a reason for the killing of animals.  But in reality, Pravilnik 29/94 became nonexistent on 02/10/2005 with the introduction of the new Veterinary Law (Article 168).

Hence the reality is by law; there should be no killing, but animal care instead.

Pravilnik 29/94 is only an ‘underlaw’ (extra law) regulation, has very less power than the actual law, and most importantly, must be in agreement with the existing law.  Pravilnik 29/94 was valid originally (1991 on) to protect animal health but is now in opposition to the new and current animal law – the new Veterinary Law Article 168 of 02/10/2005.

government_approved 2

Serbian campaigners have written to the Constitutional Court saying that it is unlawful for Shinters (Dogcatchers) and also veterinarians to kill stray dogs and cats only after they have been held for three (3) days, as this is now old and outdated legislation. 

Killing is forbidden under the new Veterinary law.

Campaigners have heard back from the Serbian Constitutional Court in writing, and they say that no analysis of the case is necessary for Pravilnik 29/94 as it has been replaced by the new Veterinary Law Article 168 (02/10/2005).

This is exactly what the campaigners had said, ie. that the old ‘underlaw’ (extra law) of Pravilnik 29/94 was still being used when it fact it has been overwritten by the new Veterinary Law Article 168 of 02/10/2005.

In addition, Article 46 of the new Veterinary Law (02/10/2005) states that the killing of stray cats and dogs is forbidden and that instead they should be provided with care.  

The word from the Serbian Constitutional (law) Court is that from 2005, animals should be provided with care and not be killed.

government_approved 2

It would appear that all of the public firms responsible for garbage collection in Serbian cities are still working to old illegal legislation, effectively using the outdated and illegal Pravilnik 29/94 rather than the No Kill Article 46 (168) of the new Veterinary Law.

In effect, by still working to this now non existent law, these public firms who collect and kill strays are UNDERTAKING ILLEGAL WORK– they should be working in accordance with the new Veterinary Law Article 46 (168) of 02/10/2005 which demands care for the animals.


As the EU Enlargement Commission are not contacting us about anything; or to inform us of what they are doing; we can only assume that they are incorrectly being misled by the Serbian government as to the existing law(s) for animals. 

We can only assume; unless we are contacted to clarify the situation; that the EU Enlargement Commission have one aim and one aim only – to ignore actual existing Serbian ‘No Kill animals’ legislation and just get Serbia into the EU as yet another EU member state.

Every day we wait for the EU Enlargement Commission to answer our letter and that of UK MEP’s who we work with – and every day we get nothing.

Who really does know the law on Serbian

animals we ask ?

Why are the EU Enlargement Commission not ensuring that the Serbian government enforce the EU declaration of enforcing the ‘Rule of Law’ regarding animal welfare legislation ? – the Rule of Law enforcement being an ‘EU flagstone’ which must (allegedly – according to the EU) be shown to being rigorously enforced by an accession nation before that same nation becomes an EU member state ?

A detailed explanation of the legislation is given in our past SAV Link:

Picture 004

 226ASP6179944780By Who Exactly ?

Serbia: New Draft Proposals By The Government Will Allow Animals To Be Killed Within 15 Days; Including All Dogs and Cats in PRIVATE Shelters, and Even Those Who Have Been Offered Homes. Angry ? – Then Sign and Pass On The petition Thank You.

Serbian  Flag

UPDATE – April 2015.

We have been joining our Serbian animal campaigner colleagues for several years now in what seems a never ending battle with the authorities to improve the treatment of Serbian stray animals; and most importantly; control and reduce stray (street) animal numbers by using a properly orchestrated ‘no kill’ strategy.

Please click on the following link below to read and see the situation for Serbian stray animals; and what we have undertaken in recent years to try and improve their lives.  The EU also has big responsibilities on this issue which it is NOT addressing.  Now more than ever (early 2015); we need EU wide legislation on a ‘NO Kill’ stray dog management and control programme.  With something in place such as this; nations already in the EU, such as Romania; and nations seeking EU membership, such as Serbia, would then be obliged by EU law to enforce the EU wide regulations, rather than making up or simply ignoring their own national legislation / rules as they are doing at present.

Link – ‘About Serbian Strays’ –  


Update 1/4/15Very soon we aim to provide a sample letter on this site (written in both Serbian and English); which you will be able to copy and send to the Serbian ministers and government regarding this issue.  We will provide the sample letter and also all the e mail addresses.  

You only need to copy and send to help us with the campaign !

We are currently working on this and will provide the information on this site (and SAV Facebook) in the near future.  

This is being given priority over other issues at present. – SAV.



Petition links (English and Serbian):



Vesna petition

 Picture 021

Dear friends,

Last week, a draft version of Ministry of Agriculture working group’s proposals for the amendments to the existing Animal Welfare Act in Serbia has leaked on the social media.

It introduced the concept of “quarantine for a lost and abandoned animals,” which lasts 15 days, after which the animals can be “killed humanely.”

Picture 005

We believe that the amendments to the Law which was never fully implemented are counter-productive and unacceptable and that in no way it will solve the problem of abandoned animals with killing thousands of healthy animals.

This process should include representatives of civil society from the beginning, as enforced by the “Guidelines for the involvement of civil society in the process of adopting regulations” adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on 26 August 2014.

If these amendments get accepted it would allow dog catchers to kill all dogs that have no individual owner, within 15 days of catching them.

This is to include all dogs and cats in PRIVATE shelters, even those who have been offered homes.

Picture 004


We believe the Government of Serbia is using this amendment to try and quickly ‘clean-up’ the streets of Serbia to make them look more favourable as candidates for EU membership.

They keep forgetting that they have other methods of actually successful stray animal population management that is not detrimental to animals.

What could be the reasons you might ask yourselves – well the obvious reason for this new kill policy is because dogcatchers, local government officials, veterinarians and many politicians, all take money from the public purse by being involved with an animal killing strategy.

Picture 017

Picture 023

So the public money is continuously being used for killing with no real long term programme to reduce animal numbers by other methods.

We join other animal welfare associations and organisations in support for Serbia to lead the way in animal welfare.

They can do this by setting up country-wide Catch, Neuter, Release (CNR) programmes. Using the government facilities of dog catchers and pound vet facilities, this approach could help Serbia get its stray population under control humanely.

We are all aware that the unpunished culture of owners letting unneutered pets roam free has created this problem.

Picture 028

Picture 029

Killing 80,000 innocent animals WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

However, sadly the new amendment don’t just stop at the stray animal population but also deal with experimental, food chain, hunting/wild animals and the amendments are far from favourable for all those sentient beings.

This is why we have to act and be their voice NOW!


Please sign this petition and share it widely to raise the awareness of this urgent situation in Balkans so that Europe and the world doesn’t get another Romania.

Also let us support the College of Agriculture students who have organised a peaceful protest against the proposed killings on 4th April 12noon in Belgrade.

 Vesna petition

Petition links (English and Serbian):



April is “National Pet First Aid Month” – Pet First Aid Essentials to Know Before an Emergency.

dog bandadge head


4 Pet First Aid Essentials to Know Before an Emergency

by Susan Bird

April is “National Pet First Aid Month.”

If your pet suddenly experienced a medical emergency or needed some quick medical care, would you know how to handle it?

Here are some basics that will help all pet guardians be prepared to help animals in trouble:

  1. Have the Right Supplies Ready

It’s imperative to have certain necessities immediately at hand in case your animal friend suddenly needs your help. Create an animal first aid kit that contains at least these things:

Emergency contact information: Always keep handy the phone numbers for your veterinarian, a nearby emergency after-hours veterinarian, and (for USA only) the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center (1-888-426-4435; note that there is a fee associated with this call). You don’t want to be scrambling to find these numbers when you need them.

Muzzle: Injured dogs often bite. Have an easy slip-on muzzle available. If you don’t have one, you can substitute strips of cloth, a necktie, a dish towel, a knee sock or any number of other soft fabric items. You may need to restrain a cat in a towel or pillow case, but be sure its nose is free to breathe. Never muzzle a vomiting animal, of course.

Bandages and Gauze: You’ll need the non-stick kind, not the adhesive bandages you use on yourself when you cut your finger. Try to find the self-cling kind at a pet supply store. If you don’t have any, you can use strips cut from towels or other fabrics.

Poison response supplies: Activated charcoal, hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) or milk of magnesia might mean the difference between life and death if your pet swallows something poisonous. Always contact a veterinarian for guidance before attempting to administer a treatment for poison or inducing vomiting.

Digital thermometer: Buy a pet thermometer. A regular human thermometer won’t do, because animal temperatures run higher than ours. A dog’s normal temperature ranges from 100.5 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit, for example. Remember to take a temperature rectally, not by mouth. Lubricate with petroleum jelly first.

Also keep on hand things like antiseptic wipes, disposable non-latex gloves, adhesive tape, a foil emergency blanket, tweezers, blunt-end scissors, ice packs, a leash, a pet carrier, an eye dropper, and a plastic non-needle syringe for administering oral medication, and towels. Know where your pet’s medical records are.

  1. Know How to Safely Handle an Injured Animal

First, remain calm. Breathe and think clearly. If you are frantic, your pet will know that and become more fearful himself.

If your dog is in a lot of pain and not vomiting, muzzle him. Yes, he’s your buddy, but pain and fear may make him snap at you nevertheless. If he’s been injured in a fight or other aggressive setting, he may still be amped up. Don’t put your face close to your injured pet and don’t hug him or her — it might hurt.

Don’t move an injured pet before checking him or her to determine what sort of injury he may have sustained. You may need to splint a broken bone or stanch some bleeding before you can transport him to your veterinarian’s office.

  1. Basic Procedures To Learn Before Emergency Strikes

If you can, take a course from a knowledgeable source like the Red Cross about how to help your pet in an emergency. Learn how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on your dog or cat. Understand how to treat electrical shock or to care for injuries to the eye, feet and ears. Understand how to react in urgent care situations. When seconds count, you don’t want to be fumbling around, unsure of what to do.

  1. Let Technology Assist You

Your smartphone can be your best ally in a pet medical emergency. Download the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control mobile app or the Red Cross Pet First Aid app. Both offer substantial information that might mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.

Just as you should have plans in place for your family in the event of a fire or natural disaster, you need to pre-plan for a medical emergency for your furry family members. It’s the obligation of every pet guardian to know what to do at a moment’s notice when your companion animal is in trouble.

Are you ready?

Read more:

people and pets

people and pets 2


Viet Nam: Ex Bile Bears Finally Arrive At ‘Animals Asia’ Sanctuary After Epic 4 Day Road Trip. See The Stories and Pictures Here. Congratulations to Jill and All The Crew At AA.

viet nam flag


Celebrate – Its ‘Moon Bear Monday’ Folks !!!

AA bear rescue

AA Yogi


AA bears arrive 1

AA bears arrive 2

Following on from our recent post and the epic road journey that the bears have had to get to their new sanctuary home with Animals Asia;

… we can now report that today (30 March 15) they have finally all arrived safe and sound at the facility.

The best way to catch up with all the news and photos of the arrival after 4 days on the road is to visit the AA Ben Tre Rescue Timeline – here is the link to some great reading:

This has been a wonderful job and all credit must be given to everyone who has taken part in this rescue.  Thanks also to Jill who as always has done such a superb and professional Animals Asia job to ensure that everyone has been able to closely follow this rescue and re homing right from the very start.  Thank you Jill – magic job which is now complete.

AA bears arrive 3

AA bears arrive 4

Please give anything that you can to support the wonderful work of the AA crew who have been involved with this superb bear rescue.  The bears are now free from their lives at bile farm; and they can look forward to many years of superb care, freedom and super food as provided by the staff and supporters of this excellent organisation which we are so proud to be members of here in the UK.

AA bears arrive 5

Welcome to your new and vastly different, SO MUCH BETTER future life bear friends – Now with people who will always care for you rather than abusing you as others have done in the past – YOU ARE FREE !

Australia: Is The Animal Abusing Australian Government Now On The Verge of A Huge Live Animal Exports Deal With Animal Abusing China ? – Read On and Watch the Videos – And Decide Who Is Right / Wrong !



Aus exports1

AM 2

As the lady in the second video says; we ALREADY regard the Australian government and exporters as the lowest kind of humankind on the planet – and yet despite the great work and demonstrations shown by many Australian citizens against this trade; the government is still continuing to only support the industry whilst completely ignoring all the animal cruelty atrocities which are presented time after time, after time, after time.

Al Mawashi 1

Now we are finding that the Australian government is on the verge of setting up a deal with China (yes China ! – The animal abusing Australian government does a deal with animal abusing China) – Australia is finalizing plans to ship an estimated one million cattle to China each year. If the $1 billion deal is signed, the number of cattle exported would double from its current levels.

AM 3

The Australian government are interested in one thing and one thing only – and it is something they are world leaders in – causing untold animal abuse and suffering –       and making money from live exports; from massive animal abuse and suffering.  They are a dead bead, dragknuckle Australian government that are just hell bent on propping up an animal abusing industry which leads the world in animal abuse.  In the UK we have been supporting our Australian anti-export friends for many years.  And now we are getting news of some excellent activity in the USA……………………..

For the first time ever, U.S. animal rights activists are staging a protest against Australia’s live export trade. The organizer, Loretta Smalls, says it’s “a show of solidarity with thousands of our Australian brothers and sisters who are fighting to ban the horrific practice.” The protest will take place at the Australian consulate in Los Angeles on April 15th.

Aus exports2

AM 4

Please watch the videos and then write and tell us that the Australian live export industry and government are supportive of animal welfare !!  – also tell us if you think the Australian government are some of the biggest animal abusers on the planet – does the videos below not show this ? – these are Australian animals exported by a disgusting industry.

Further Links:

Australia & China Inching Closer to Horrific Live Export Deal

Activists Dispute Government Report Claiming Australian Animals Are Treated Humanely in Live Export Trade

Australia To Double Number of Live Cattle Exported

Australian News Airs Damning Undercover Footage of Live Exports

TV Host Jane Velez-Mitchell Launches Her Own Animal Rights Show

We hope by watching some or all of the above, you will now have decided about the Australian governments decision to support the live export industry at the cost of enforcing good and strong animal welfare.  They are in final discussions to export live animals to China for Gods sake !!

This is what the Chinese do to live animals:

Will their treatment of Australian animals be any different ? – NO !!

Does the Aus Government Care ? – NO.

And now; thanks to a dragknuckle Australian government; we will probably be witnessing over 1 million live animals exported to this kind of suffering and fate by the Chinese if the Australian-China deal goes ahead.

And all this animal abuse and suffering; for what ? –  in political terms they call it ‘a good, vibrant economy’.   In the real world where normal people live; we call it ‘untold animal abuse and suffering for profit – nothing more; nothing less’.

Big shame on a dragknuckle Australian government led by the biggest dragknuckle of them all –

abbott hat


Aus exports3

Australian Export Demo:

If you can do the protest in Australia; then here is the news for the next big one – from our friends at

Dear Mark

Due to the Easter long weekend and many being away, we have decided to hold the Tydeman Rd outreach one week later on Saturday 11 April at 10.00 AM

Can you spare one hour to join us and our signs and banners at the corner of Tydeman Rd and Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle (we meet outside Post Office), as part of our monthly public awareness campaign – to create more exposure of this horrific trade and remind the public where these animals end up.

aus protest 1

Feel free to bring your own sign, or we will have plenty to go around, and please wear your Stop Live Exports T shirt if you have one; if you do NOT have one, we’ll have some there to sell.

live ex ship

+61 (0) 457 309568
+61 (08) 6270 4489

Postal Address:
PO Box 499, Fremantle,
Western Australia, 6959

 live export

USA / S. Korea: Aurora, Colorado USA Is Sister City To South Korea’s Seongnam – Capital Of The Dog Killing Nation !

USA1South Kores


Korean dog market

[Undercover Video] Horrors of the Moran Dog Meat Market in Seongnam, South Korea! See it to believe it!

Link –

People of the USA:

If you want to help fight the grisly South Korean dog and cat meat trade and make a difference in South Korea, here are a few quick actions you can take that could save millions of dogs and cats each year.

Aurora, Colorado became sister city to South Korea’s Seongnam in 1992.

Click HERE for Press Release “Aurora Sister Cities International to host Korean Open House”!

Aurora Sister Cities International to host Korean Open House

Aurora is working to revitalize its sister city relationship with Seongnam, Republic of Korea. As part of that initiative, Aurora Sister Cities International will hold an open house, Aug. 14, 6 to 8 p.m., at the Aurora Municipal Center, 15151 E. Alameda Parkway. The entire community is invited to attend this outreach event and participate in the planning and development of the sister city programs. Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan will provide an overview of the many benefits to Aurora in partnering with this progressive and dynamic Asian city.  

Yet Seongnam, South Korea is responsible for the horrendous torture and killing of dogs and cats. The largest market in South Korea that sells dogs both dead and alive for meat is the infamous “Moran Market” in Seongnam in Gyeonggi-do province.

It is estimated that one third of all dog meat consumed in South Korea(2.5 million dogs each year) are distributed through this market. If you have ever wondered what a hell would be like, just take a visit or watch the videos on the Moran Market. This place is a “Hell on Earth” with helpless dogs in cages after cages waiting for the uncaring customers to order them to be slaughtered on the spot by electrocution, hanging, beating, and then thrown into boiling water sometimes while they are still alive. Dogs are being killed in full view of other terrified dogs in cages, in public and in broad daylight.

Millions of dogs tortured all their lives in unimaginable misery and agony in dog farms around the country come to meet their tragic and frightening ends at this market. Also, many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this market.

Please watch the undercover videos from Seongnam’s Moran Market:

No matter where you live, please SIGN OUR PETITION and CONTACT Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan and Aurora City Council Members .

To make this easy we’ve included text for your call and emails below.

Email addresses: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

Send letter (Use below suggested message or petition):

Mayor Steve Hogan
15151 E. Alameda Parkway
Aurora, CO 80012 USA

Call Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan. 303-739-7015

Call Aurora City Council Members.

Sally Mounier 303-739-7502
Renie Peterson 303-739-7506
Marsha Berzins 303-739-7508
Molly Markert 303-739-7516
Bob Roth 303-739-7510
Bob Broom 303-739-7015
Barbara Cleland 303-739-7524
Brad Pierce 303-739-7514
Debi Hunter Holen 303-739-7518
Bob LeGare 303-366-0113

Sign the PETITION.

Join our FACEBOOK EVENTto invite friends.


Dear Mayor Steve Hogan and Members of the Aurora City Council:

Please watch undercover video from the Moran Market in Seongnam, South Korea:

The city of Aurora should not be a sister city to any city that allows dogs and cats to be tortured and eaten. Please urge the Seongnam Mayor Jae-Myung Lee and Gyeonggi-do Governor Kyung-Pil Nam to close down Moran Dog Meat Market and all other illegal dog farms and slaughterhouses, markets, truckers and restaurants who serve their products. An online petition calling for your support in ending the horrendous South Korean dog and meat trade can be found at:
The favor of your reply is requested.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Your Name & Address

Various: Some Excellent News Snippets From Harmony Fund.



March Winds Blow Kisses to the Dogs of Romania


Yet again, our spectacular monthly supporters have enabled us to provide aid to three dog rescue centers in Romania. You’re providing food for more than 2,000 dogs here!

We thought you might enjoy seeing how that aid impacts a single dog.

This is Sienna who was found in a grocery store parking lot. She was hungry and shivering and was spotted by our beloved rescue partner Norica Prigoana who runs a very special rescue center in Gherla.

Norica took Sienna home for a warm bath to raise her body temperature, and after several good meals and time under the blankets, Sienna began to come around.

Every month Harmony Fund sends aid to sponsor the rescue, veterinary care and sheltering of street dogs in Romania who are injured or simply hungry & alone. The caregivers of these animals are some of the most selfless and devoted rescuers on the planet.


New Bosnian Dog Sanctuary – Love Abounds!


It’s a bit hard to get a photo of the stray dogs of Travnik standing up. Every time Bosnian rescuer Anela Elkazevic approaches, they simply fall over as the excitement of receiving affection washes over them. It’s hard to believe that gentle souls (like this one being warmed in blankets) are among the dogs under threat from a new task force of dog catchers. But many of the dogs can stop running soon. The fence is going up around the new sanctuary at this very moment and dogs will start pouring in next week.

HarBos2 land

This gorgeous piece of land, pure wilderness, will become a haven for the dogs. We’ll start with fencing and then housing will be erected for a caretaker and for the dogs.  Volunteers from Germany will be helping to organize spay/neuter for the incoming dogs and to also help host an adoption program.

“You are amazing!” Anela wrote a few days ago when we sent funds to commence work. “Thank you very much!! Now we can start. This is a dream come true!”

Anela says the homeless dogs chase after her car to follow her home after she feeds them. She thinks of how many have chased after the cars of the families who left them. Soon, very soon, they’ll all be home and the only running they’ll do is to chase each other through those gorgeous, great big fields.

Delivery of 7,000+ meals to Turkish Street Cats 

HarTurk cats

We’d love to take you all on a balloon ride over the streets of Avsallar, Turkey. This is something you simply must lay eyes on to appreciate. Volunteers here walk the streets for six to eight hours each day, feeding the hungry street animals. The sacks of food are wheeled along in carts and so many of the cats and dogs come running when they see the “chuck wagon” approaching. In a community where animals are chased and poisoned and stoned, we bring them love and good food. The lucky ones are adopted internationally. All of this is made possible by our monthly supporters.

Want to Volunteer in Turkey?
We’re in the middle of another round of spay/neuter here and always on the hunt for volunteers to come and spend a week and lend a hand feeding animals in the street. If you are interested, please email

European Games Campaign Making Headway?

Those of you who follow us on Facebook may know that we’ve been hosting the international protest against the round-up of dogs in advance of the upcoming European Games in Baku, Azerbaijan.  After watching undercover video and hearing reports from local residents that dogs were being rounded up to cleanse the streets, we went to work to force the European Games leadership to be held accountable for the welfare of dogs in host cities like Baku.

Here’s what we now know:

More than 20,000 people have signed our petition.

2 million people have experienced the campaign through social media.

This week, the state veterinary staff was seen administering rabies prevention to street dogs – instead of grabbing them and driving away.

The Communications Director for the European Games has been fired.

And we’ve been sponsoring the rescue of dogs through Baku Animal Rescue

It’s very difficult to penetrate such multi-million dollar events, but it’s possible that this time, we are being heard.

Food Delivery for Shelter in Donetsk, Ukraine


“At this time, we are only surviving because of your support.”  Those are the profound words uttered by Viktoria Vasilyeva who runs the PIF shelter in Eastern Ukraine.

“The situation with food for the dogs is desperate and we’re sending SOS signal wherever we can,” shelter worker Vita explains. “We’re collecting money to buy it in Russia because it’s possible to transport it to Donetsk as humanitarian aid in the end of March. We’re currently monitoring dog food prices on the Russian market because in Donetsk and other Ukrainian cities they are sky-high.”


In a thousand full moons, we couldn’t begin to express the depth of our gratitude for all of you who have donated to help. Please accept our apologies for asking for continued support for the animals here ,but the need is ongoing and substantial. We do need help.

Joyful Recovery as Paralyzed Street Dog Can Walk Once More


Frank was hit by a car a few weeks ago in Bosnia. Luckily a girl found him and started calling for help. She knocked on the door of her teacher, asking what to do.

“I got a call from my friend saying her student had found a dog in the middle of the road and he can’t move,” Suzana Demiraca told us. “I took him in. People helped locally to get the X-rays, food and diapers. He was very emaciated, dirty, scared, shocked and old (missing incisors). Radiographs showed a hip dysplasia on one leg and a broken femur on the other. So we took him to the surgery on a debt, because we couldn’t waste time, and risk leaving him paralyzed for the rest of his life. A week after the surgery I started massaging his legs, and after a few days of doing that we started doing some exercises. And then after two weeks, when the vet came to do a check-up Frank stood up!”

Suzana wrote us asking for help to pay for Frank’s veterinary debt and we were happy to help. After all, what greater joy than helping a dog to walk again. Frank is now walking fairly well and will be adopted by a woman in Italy who will bring him to physical therapy to continue his special care.

A TREMENDOUS THANK YOU to all of you who support the Harmony Fund and touch the lives of thousands of animals like Frank each and every month.

Please Consider Sharing & Donating

Though it’s always very uncomfortable to ask, we’d be so grateful for a donation from anyone who feels compelled to help us continue to save lives in the month ahead. And, if you perhaps might consider sharing this email with other animal lovers, we’d be more grateful than words can say.

Click Here to Make a Donation for the Animals 

Serbia: Felix Shelter Latest Pictures (end March 2015) of All The Beautiful Cats In Their Forever Home.

Serbian  Flag


The latest (end of March 2015) pictures of some of the cats at

Shelter Felix.

Danica must be so proud of them all – from their terrible beginnings of existing on the streets to a life now of a secure home, love; warmth and very regular food !

And we are sure you will agree; they are all in such magnificent condition – Congratulations Danica !!

All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life,

but they still do need help to aid with their keep.

Please give anything you can – thank you.

PayPal button:


















USA: Iris – Now Free After Years of Solitary Confinement.


Watch the video here –

Iris Was a Prisoner in Solitary Confinement for Years—Until Now

Imagine being confined in a dark, windowless cell that measures approximately 8 feet by 16 feet, roughly the size of a walk-in closet. Iris didn’t have to imagine it: That’s where the 32-year-old chimpanzee was found at Chestatee Wildlife Preserve & Zoo, a seedy roadside zoo in Georgia.

The cell was only cleaned about twice a week (contrary to instructions by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to clean it daily), so she often lived amid her own waste. Her meals were slid to her through a slot in the wall, as if she were an inmate at a high-security prison. The tiny cell had nothing for her to climb on, and she had no one to play with and essentially nothing to look at except four blank walls. The picture of abject despair, she was often found huddled under a filthy blanket in the unheated cell and smeared her own faeces on the cell walls.

Occasionally, Iris was allowed into a slightly larger concrete cell, but it was found scattered with feces and dead cockroaches, and spiders crawled among the cobwebs on the ceiling and walls.

After years of solitary confinement and deprivation, Iris was a sorry sight. She was pale and overweight, and her legs were underdeveloped, likely from a lack of opportunities to climb or exercise. She was missing her canine teeth, which likely had been pulled out to make her easier to handle.

But thanks to a generous PETA member, Iris has seen the last of this hell on Earth. Earlier this month, she was transported to the lush tropical Save the Chimps, an accredited sanctuary in Florida.

Just days after arriving at Save the Chimps, Iris was introduced to another rescued chimpanzee named Abdul, and they were immediately smitten with each other, panting and hooting with delight, exchanging kisses and hugs, and grooming each other like old friends. Normally, such introductions take months, but for Iris and Abdul, it was love at first sight. Iris continues to be introduced to more chimpanzees and will soon have the opportunity to live on a large island with plenty of trees and structures for climbing and playing.

PETA has filed legal complaints with several agencies and called on them to investigate Chestatee’s apparent violations of animal-protection and worker-safety laws.

What You Can Do

Boycott all zoos, even ones that misleadingly call themselves “preserves” or “parks.” Roadside zoos don’t have signs out front saying, “Caution: Abused Animals Within.” They are tourist traps that unwitting visitors keep open with their ticket purchases.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Petition – Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind! – Help the Dogs.

Bosnia and herzegovina


bos pet

Please give your support to the following important petition from Mirela for Bosnia and Herzegovina dogs.

Petition wording:

Why this is important

Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind!
people are worried, scared and mostly evil,
Dogs still roam the city hungry, sick, terrified, thousands of them ..this petition trying to get all the cantonal authorities to take in account of opening the new asylum, who will not only work through the system of donations, budget such a way is strictly parasitic. Asylum must be run by people who love animals, and who are willing to volunteer to look for new, fresh ideas, and thus involve all the media, public and private companies. Asylum would depend on its own income .it is difficult, but not impossible, if the authorities allow, the ideas, plan already exist, with the help of professional advice we can make it happen, on the end we can protect stray dogs, and also increase the number of jobssign the petition, and help rescue dogs BiH


Petition Link:

Message: Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind!

10 years in a cage – their rescue is today! – 26/3/15.

viet nam flag


UPDATE From AA on the road with the move – 27 March – Latest pictures from the rescue team on the road to freedom.

– en route to their new home.

AA 27 Mar 1

AA 27 Mar 2

Check out the latest news as it happens –

They’ve never been outside – now two bears, rescued from bear bile trade, will travel 2,000 kms to freedom.

As we know from vet Joost’s earlier message – the team are reading your incredible messages of support on the road. It’s been such a long day for them. Let’s hope they’re in their next hotel before too long and manage to get a good night’s sleep.

These bears have been shown more love and compassion in the last 24hrs than they’ve received their entire lives.

Yogi will be set for extensive dental treatment when he arrives at our sanctuary. In the meantime these marshmallows with anti inflammatories will help him cope with the pain.

The legend that is Bear Team Supervisor Tuan spots a jackfruit tree as the truck crawls down the motorway with their delicate cargo. The team has spotted and one forage later – there’s leaves for the bears to enjoy (pictures above) – picture below shows the leaves being cut.

AA tree leaves




AA logo 1

26/3/15 – Fantastic news to start today.

10 years in a cage – their rescue is today!

By visiting the Animals Asia site you will be able to track the progress of the bears move over the next week or so.

Click here to see the journey to freedom –

Live updates from the Ben Tre Rescue Timeline – follow the news of the journey:

LIVE #BenTreRescue habit has Coco hoovering up the rice first – but just wait till she tries the fruit & veg.

 Coco eats rice

Above – Coco tucks into rice – fruit and veg waiting !

Follow 2 caged bears on their way to freedom

Dear Mark,

We wrote to you last Friday with some good news about the release of two moon bears trapped on a bile farm in southern Vietnam.

Their journey to freedom starts today. And you can join them every step of the way.

Our rescue crew, including a vet, vet nurse and a bear team supervisor are already at Ben Tre where the bears have been caged for over 10 years preparing for their transportation home to our Tam Dao sanctuary.

We expect the 2,000km journey by truck up the entire coast of Vietnam will take around six days. The rescue comes as Animals Asia battles to secure the release of the remaining bears in Halong City.

Despite the signatures of over 110,000 people urging Vietnam’s Prime Minister to allow Animals Asia to rescue the surviving 19 bears, decisive action has yet to be taken.

“Each individual deserves sanctuary – and we’re delighted to have been given permission by the authorities to provide care to these two bears for the rest of their lives. It’s a long journey, but not in the context of a life. The bears and team will spend the best part of a week on the road, but we hope the bears will have many happy years ahead of them.” Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE

We can’t wait to get these bears home. Join them on their journey to freedom on our   website, Facebook or Twitter.

And as you follow these lucky bears home, please consider giving a little to their rescue and recovery.

Thank you as always for your support.

Dr Tuan Bendixsen
Vietnam Director


Serbia: 16 Dogs In Shelter May Have To Be Turned Onto The Street and ? – Please Help If You Are Able – Thank You.

Serbian  Flag

16 dogs needing help


Please help with a donation of any size if you are able.

Donations are given to a completely safe site outside of Serbia – the money when paid is then sent through to Serbia.

7 days to go on this current appeal – Thank you.

Link –


Lina’s Animal Rescue is organisation for animal welfare from Serbia.

We have 19 dogs in small private unfinished shelter, 20 dogs in 2 boarding kennels and 14 kitties in one rescuer’s home.

Funds are desperately needed to pay the boarding kennel fees. We have debt for February for 16 dogs . The life of street dogs everywhere is difficult, but here in Serbia the dog catchers kill them rather than rescue them.

Finding homes is very difficult as the culture in Serbia is not to adopt dogs, but rather buy a puppy then turn it out in the streets later when it is grown.

Each dog’s boarding fees are 60€ per month ( 40 boarding kennel + 20 food ) . Please help us  , this is URGENT APPEAL !

Link –

16 dogs needing help

Serbia: 25/3/15 – New Proposals by Serbian Government To Try and Kill Stray Dogs After 15 Days – Please Sign the Petition.

Serbian  Flag

Due primarily to language issues we are currently leaving all contact (and opposition work) associated with this to our Serbian campaigner friends.  Change and opposition has to come from within Serbia, by the Serbian people; not by outside Europeans.  But you can give your support and opposition to the current proposals by signing the petition link below – Thanks – SAV.


Jelena Lj

After examining the working version of the Amendment of the Animal Welfare Act of the Republic of Serbia, it introduced the concept of “quarantine for a lost and abandoned animals,” which lasts 15 days, after which the animals can be “killed humanely.”

This mean that thousands and thousands of animals being killed and no one will be able to help it.


Petition wording

After examining the working version of the Amendment of the Animal Welfare Act of the Republic of Serbia, it introduced the concept of “quarantine for a lost and abandoned animals,” which lasts 15 days, after which the animals can be “killed humanely.”

We believe that the amendments to the Law which was never fully implemented are counter-productive and unacceptable to us, the citizens, and that in no way it will solve the problem of abandoned animals with killing thousands of healthy animals.

Also, we consider that in the beginning of work on the amendments to the Act must include representatives of civil society. This is enforced by the “Guidelines for the involvement of civil society in the process of adopting regulations” adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia on 26 August 2014.

We want solution to the problem of abandoned animals in a humane and sustainable manner.


Petition Link:

England: Farmageddon and More – An Expose Into The Real World Of Intensive, Global Animal Farming.



transporter driver 18 July 14


Mark Johnson (SAV – this site) and Philip Lymbery (CEO at CIWF – ) have known each other and been campaigning (farm animal) friends for some 25+ years.  They originally got to know each other regarding their extensive campaigning regarding the live transport of farm animals from the Kent ports of SE England and other parts of the UK to mainland Europe back in the 80’s.

You can read more about Mark’s long term work with CIWF by reading ‘About Us’ –  – in 2003 Mark was awarded the ‘campaigner of the year’ in recognition of his work into the UK live export trade (calves, sheep, pigs) and also for his investigative work as part of the CIWF Investigations Unit into the export of live horses to Europe for the meat trade.

You can read more from Philip on his current regular CIWF blog page –

Philip’s recent book ‘Farmageddon’ – which lifts the lid on intensive farming around the world has been made into a film also.  You can see this by looking at the following links from either CIWF or directly on Youtube.  Links are given below – please take a look as this is worth seeing !!!

Described by Joanna Lumley as ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ for food and farming, a year and several reprints later, Bloomsbury is re-launching Farmageddon in a new-look paperback format. To celebrate, CIWF have pulled together this short film  showing some of the key moments of the three-year journey behind the closed doors of the factory farm industry.

‘Farmaggedon’ — The True Cost of Cheap Meat

Also, in the following link, see extensive undercover footage obtained by CIWF investigators who have been involved with Rabbit farming / production in several countries of the EU.

Watch their appalling expose of this disgusting business at:

Exposing the biggest secret of the Cage Age:

Check out all of London based CIWF’s work and campaigns at

Meat free week’, is a new initiative to encourage us to think about meat and where it comes from.

Its time to lift the entire lid on the abuse of millions of animals every day and the ill health suffering of humans caused by intensive farming.

Its time to decide:–0lqYYh8

To Our Tibetan Friends – We Support You ! – News and Contact Info For ‘Free Tibet’, London.

free tibet 3

D Lama Tibet

There is a White Lotus Wall of Remembrance on the ‘Free Tibet’ site on which people have said their feelings, and given their support to make Tibet free of Chinese domination once again – and it will happen.


You can read all the messages to the Tibetan people by clicking on the following:

The White Lotus Book starts with the following introduction:

“The following words are also written in the White Lotus Book of Remembrance, paying tribute to all those Tibetans who have lost their lives as a result of China’s occupation.

When Tibet is free we will deliver the Book to the people of Tibet in their homeland”.

Find out more about the White Lotus Book of Remembrance and how to contribute here.

Or visit the following:

Political Prisoners –

Interactive map of protests –

Self-immolation protests in Tibet

Since March 2011, more than 130 people are known to have set themselves on fire inside Tibet in protest against the repressive Chinese occupation of Tibet.

Self-immolation protests have become less frequent in 2013 and 2014 but these and other protests are taking place over a widening area of Tibet. Some Tibetans have also set themselves alight outside Tibet and China.

Although many monks and nuns have set themselves alight, most self-immolation protesters were not from religious institutions. They include teachers, students and herdsmen, as well as mothers and fathers.

The youngest was just 15 years old

Visit this Q&A to find out more about the self-immolations. More information about all protests in Tibet can be found here.

Details of each confirmed individual self-immolation in Tibet can be found below.

Donations –

Join ‘Free Tibet’ –

Shop –

Free Tibet – let Tibetan people be free from Chinese domination and let Tibet be a self governing nation once again !!

Tibet 2_NEW

Tibet 5_NEW

free tibet 3

Free Tibet
28 Charles Square
N1 6HT
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7324 4605
Fax: +44 (0)20 7324 4606

Office hours: 1000-1800 hrs (UK time), Monday-Friday

Invisible Monsters in Your Pet’s Bowls?

pet bowl


Invisible Monsters in Your Pet’s Bowls?

Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 favorite, back by popular demand. It was originally posted on June 9, 2014. Enjoy!

If you simply top off your pet’s water dish, you could be creating a monster that will attack your pet from the inside out.

Many of us are guilty of simply refilling the water bowl when it gets close to empty, but the water that sits around will form a slimy residue that hosts dangerous bacteria and fungus that can begin to grow.

Some pet guardians may not even notice that their pet will start shying away from a dirty water bowl and become mildly dehydrated or, worse yet, seek water from unsafe areas indoors or out.

And what about the food dish? No, licking the bowl ‘clean’ isn’t a possibility. Please be kind.

Plastic Bowls Are a Bad Idea


Food and water dishes should be made from stainless steel, heavy glass or ceramic and should be washed daily.

Plastic dishes may contain a hazardous substance called BPA which leaches into your pet’s water and is a known carcinogen. This can break down further in the dishwasher. Plastics also absorbs odors and become unpleasant to a pet’s sensitive sense of smell.

Three Best Ways To Wash Your Pet’s Bowls Daily


If you have bowls that are already beyond salvaging, why not start fresh with a new set of bowls and choose from one of these easy daily washing techniques.

  1. Run them through the hottest cycle of the dishwasher to get them really clean and sterilized.

  2. Wash and thoroughly rinse with dish detergent and a clean abrasive sponge to release all organic material from the sides of the bowls.

  3. Try scrubbing with a mix of equal parts baking soda, salt and warm water.

Helpful Tips For Keeping Your Pets Happy & Healthy

You can find more simple  fun tips on keeping your pets healthy and happy here on Facebook.

Read more:

 germ  germ


‘Clustrmap’ News – Big Problems From ‘Clustrmap HQ’ With Archive !

Well we have been having archive problems with our global ‘Clustrmap’ (the World map with red visitor dots on it) for the last week or so;

At first we thought that there was a minor archive problem associated with this site specifically as the trouble happened right at our annual archive time; but it now seems that there is a very big problem at Clustrmap HQ which is affecting users all over the globe – we have the latest from them here on Saturday 21st March – as you can see this is Update 9 to  the problems:

[UPDATE 9, 21-March-2015 11:00 GMT: Refunds? It looks like this terrible interruption of service is going to be continuing for a while. We are devastated by this outage, but it has grown in complexity over the past few days, just for this specific server

[UPDATE 9, 19-March-2015 00:20 GMT: Slow progress – a major data transfer and recovery operation is underway. Our data sets are massive, and require a significant transfer and recovery operation due to the multiple faults that happened on this server. This may take a few more days, I’m afraid – there were multiple underlying problems that need to be resolved, and we will provide further updates as soon as we have some more tangible progress to report.]

[UPDATE 8, 18-March-2015 13:00 GMT: New disks failing – deeper investigation underway. This is very dis-heartening for us, believe me… but staying optimistic.]

So it seems that we will be without our global map for a while longer !

A shame as this is a useful tool for us as we can then use the map as an indicator of where visitors are from and how we should address campaigns in these parts of the world.  In other words, with say lots of visitors from the USA (as we do), we can put out more on US issues than say on those in China; where we get very few visitors – if nobody in China is visiting us as would be indicated by the map, then there is not much point concentrating on Chinese campaigns, etc, etc.

Fingers crossed the next few days may start to see the global map become fully functional again.  But we are totally in the hands of the Clustrmap team as to when we will ever get things back.  It is just a case of sticking things out at present.

Thanks – SAV.

Netherlands / France: EoA (NL) Write To French Authorities Regarding Terrible Animal Suffering Resulting From Overturned Pig Transporter on 4/3/15.



The following is a letter sent to the French authorities by our good friend Lesley at Eyes on Animals; regarding a French pig transporter which overturned a few weeks ago.  We did not know about this in the UK, but it obviously made news in mainland Europe.  We feel the need to show you what has been written by Lesley.

You will also see a link to the video of the accident and the suffering animals; which are the subject of Lesley’s letter.

Lesley takes up the issue from here:


I am sending this out today to the gendarmes and official vets in France, related to the clean-up of the pig truck accident a few weeks ago there.
I have added all the logos.

Let´s keep our fingers crossed for a response.

If I do, I will let you all know.

Bises en bon weekend

Lesley – Director – Eyes on Animals –

Warning – animals suffering in this video:

The original letter in French which Lesley sent to the authorities.

French letter to French vets and gendarmes about pig truck accident (1)

Below is a translation (Google Translate) of what the letter says.


Dear ……

Your services were responsible for monitoring of an accident involving a pig transport truck rolled on its side at 6:30 am on March 4 in Britain. Shocking video of this accident circulated on social networks throughout Europe. This film is visible on the following link:

We are writing on behalf of animal protection organizations in Europe. We discussed

the pictures with transport companies of animals and we want to express our astonishment and vis-à-vis concern the method used to support the rugged truck and clean up, hoping it would not happen again.

When an accident occurs and which involves a vehicle transporting live animals, driver of the truck and the animals are cared for first. In the case of this accident, the driver was taken to hospital, but animals were still inside the truck injured when a crane was sent there. This raised the truck and handed over its wheels with injured pigs and struggling inside. Video images show pigs suspended the 3rd level of the truck (4 meters high!), with their hind legs trapped inside the compartment and front legs struggling in the void, struggling to reach the soil.

Some pigs were crushed under the weight of other conspecifics stacked above them. These pigs had been extremely traumatized and too long; we can then wonder why their suffering was extended by new injuries and a state of Panic?

The best method would be to unload pigs as soon as the driver had been taken to hospital, saving animals to await the arrival of the crane and still be inside the truck when it was back on its wheels.

We talked with experts who are management of truck accidents transporting live animals. They tell us that in the formations, it is specified that the truck drivers, accident, must be emptied of all its animals. These must then be gathered to protect them from further accidents. Animals injured and suffering should be immediately euthanized. After this step, the truck can then be back on its wheels. In the case of this accident, the truck roof should have been open immediately to allow the release of pigs, its collection and treatment before the crane is used to straighten the vehicle.

Can a particular reason to explain the procedure followed in this accident?

No doubt you are also shocked as we are by this accident, regret them decisions taken and would improve in the future support of this type transportation accident?

We are aware that an accident involving live animals is a complicated event manage and that there is no ideal solutions.

However, expertise and skills that can improve the efficiency of the management  Load exist. We would be happy to help you benefit from this experience in you proposing to organize a seminar to establish a synergy between your expertise field and specific external expertise.

Thank you for your understanding and awaiting your reply

Please accept, Madam, the expression of our respectful greetings.

Lesley Moffat

Director – Eyes on Animals

Macedonia: Petition – Dogs Sexually Abused and Then Murdered – The Person Is Known But The Government and Police DO NOTHING.



igor petition


Please give your immediate support to Igor and what has been found to be happening in Macedonia – Thanks SAV.



Petition Link:

Petition wording:

  • author:Igor Petreski

  • target: Adnan Jašary, Minister of Justice of Macedonia and Mrs. Gordana Jankuloska, Minister of Internal Affairs of Macedonia

Dogs disappearing overnight nowhere to be found.

Tied, starved, and traumatized dogs, dogs left without water is the image one gets upon entering an abandoned building under construction in Kočani (Macedonia).

Once you step a foot inside your blood freezes and cold sweat covers your body – always a new dog staring back at you, terrified and asking for help, dehydrated and starved. At the same time you get an unstoppable urge to vomit from the unbearable stench of the rotting corpses.

Turn around and you see the remains of the bodies of dead dogs – decomposed corpses, scattered limbs.

In the house there always are empty beer bottles and numerous used condoms. There is horrible evidence and clues that dogs are sexually assaulted, abused, and then murdered by a person that has been reported and known to police, but no one ever did anything to put him behind bars.

Please give us your support and sign this petition so we can alarm the public and make relevant institutions act.

This person was last seen yesterday taking another dog. Please sign and share!





Serbia: News From Shelter Felix – The New Gas Has Just Been Delivered In Time.

Serbian  Flag



Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Over the last few days, night temperatures have been below zero again, so the arrival of the gas delivery truck was more than welcomed yesterday.

Danica new gas 1

Just when we were down to around 5% of the total volume of the gas tank left, heating fuel arrived and all of the kitties’ rooms are warm again!

danica new gas 2

Thank you all a million times over for coming to our rescue again, this wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for your caring generosity!

danica new gas 3











A Post Full Of Great, Positive News !!

AA logo 1


Just for once, a post which is full of nothing but good; progressive news for animals !!

It is not possible to give a direct link to all the excellent news we have had through from CEO Jill and all the crew in the March members newsletter at ‘Animals Asia UK'; so in the following we have selected some of the key issues and campaign news for you to enjoy.

We hope that you feel as we do; that now, finally in the Far East, animals are starting to get the recognition and compassion that they deserve.  This is due to the endless hard work of many organisations and people who all pull together to try and make things better for the animals – and they are succeeding !


AA Animal charities fair march 15

But firstly we kick off with some news of an event which is to be held along the road in good ol’ London town on 18th April – at the ‘Human Rights Action Centre’; 17-25 New Inn Yard.

The London Animal Charities Fair.

Groups and Organisations Confirmed so far:

Hounds First Sighthound Rescue 

Greek Animal Rescue

Save Me Trust & Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue

Animal Welfare Party

Wild Futures

Help In Suffering (UK)


Baan Unrak Thai Animal Sanctuary


The London Wildlife Trust


The Mayhew Animal Home

London League Against Cruel Sports Group

Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary

Animal Aid

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Captive Animals’ Protection Society

All Dogs Matter

Cruelty Free International



The Pig Issue Foundation

F.R.I.E.N.D animal rescue

Nowzad Dogs

Doris Banham Dog Rescue 

Animal Interfaith Alliance

Wood Green, The Animals Charity.

 AA Logo 2

And following is the wonderful news regarding different issues which our friends at Animals Asia are involved with.

The brilliant English animal rights campaigner and ex keyboard frontman with legendary Band ‘Yes’ from the 70’s – Rick Wakeman – see him play awesome keyboards below;


Rick today 2015

Rick is going to play in a special night called ‘A Journey to Freedom’.  Read more about it as follows:

Rick Wakeman to perform at A Journey to Freedom in June

Please join us (Animals Asia) for a memorable musical night and dinner, A Journey to Freedom, hosted by our UK ambassadors Peter Egan and Lesley Nicol. Rick Wakeman, keyboard legend, globally recognised as part of the rock band Yes in the 1970s, will be playing for us on the evening, assisted by members of Downton Abbey’s cast (subject to availability).

The event takes place on 6.45pm Friday, 26 June at Plaisterers’ Hall, One London Wall, London EC2Y. Tickets cost £120 (includes a drinks reception, a half bottle of wine and a three-course vegetarian dinner). Please book your tickets today on 01579 347148.

Reception in UK Parliament’s House of Commons for campaigners to end the dog meat trade in Asia

On 28 January, campaigners for dog and cat welfare across Asia gathered at a reception at the House of Commons to promote greater awareness and Parliamentary support for their work to bring an end to the dog meat trade.

Animals Asia was represented as part of the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA). Guests were addressed by our UK AA ambassador, actor Peter Egan, and shown the moving film created by Soi Dogs on the realities of the dog meat trade in Thailand, which deeply shocked all who saw it.

The event was attended by Dame Judi Dench and several members of Parliament. The successful outcome of the meeting has been a pledge to hold a full Parliamentary debate on the issue in the near future, and to encourage and work more closely with political contacts in Asian countries working to end the dog meat trade.

Vietnam PM says NO to cruel festivals

In a direct response to our (AA) campaign to stop Vietnam’s pig slaughter festival – Vietnam’s Prime Minister has announced “old fashioned, superstitious and negative” festivals will end.

And it’s all thanks to your support!

The speech is widely seen as a direct reference to Animals Asia’s international campaign opposing the Nem Thuong pig slaughter festival which gathered thousands of signatures from around the world.

With the eyes of the world on Vietnam, the village of Nem Thuong continued with their bloody and superstitious event in full defiance of the will of the Vietnamese people and authorities, 79% of whom had voiced their opposition to the cruel festival.

While we will have to wait for news of changes to festivals – the Prime Minister’s will is clear and we will push for that to become definitive action.

Following the Prime Minister’s speech, the Minister of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Hoang Tuan Anh echoed his statements and many of the arguments Animals Asia has raised over the past two months, saying:

“The ministry has decided that negative activities such as buffalo stabbing and pig chopping…in festivals will be reviewed.

“In a country rich in tradition and culture, we cannot have the image of a pig being brought to a village centre for hundreds of people to witness its head being cut off and its blood pouring out – this is not suitable with a peaceful and hospitable country like Vietnam.”

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Director, Tuan Bendixsen said:

“This is an enormously positive move from the highest levels of Vietnamese governance. It shows that the country is listening and reacting to the will of the people who were near unanimous in their condemnation of festivals like Nem Thuong.

“Now we must continue to monitor the situation to ensure that animals are protected from cruelty. Our work will go on behind the scenes to ensure the Prime Minister’s directive is enforced so that the barbaric scenes of this year are not repeated in the next.”

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“It never ceases to amaze what can be achieved when we come together. Our supporters around the world should be very proud today. From the smallest of individual actions, multiplied to a factor of thousands, to the tireless efforts of individuals on the ground we have achieved real change and have every chance of ending cruel festivals in Vietnam.

“This is about more than one animal. It is about what is acceptable in modern society. A pig died this year in tragic, awful, cruel circumstances, but in the discussion surrounding it – new impetus was given to Vietnam’s growing animal welfare movement.”

Moon bear’s recovery is fruit of compassion

 AA moon bear March 15

Rescued moon bear Nhan Ai finally completed her long process of rehabilitation as she stepped out onto the grass of her enclosure at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre.

Her incredible recovery was made possible by a change of heart by her former owner.  Where once he saw only a resource – he looked again and saw an animal who deserved better.

After 14 years of extracting Nhan Ai’s bile, 80-year-old Phan Thanh Dai decided that it was time for her to go free and contacted Animals Asia.

A Buddhist monk was brought to the house to bless Nhan Ai as she began her 1,600km journey to our sanctuary and ultimately, the long road to rehabilitation.

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear and Vet Team Director Annemarie Weegenaar said:

“As is common in bears who have spent their entire lives in cages suffering bile extraction, Nhan Ai was very nervous when she first arrived. Her situation is very similar to Ti Map – she’s finding it hard to socialise with other bears and was similarly reluctant to brave the great outdoors.

“Thankfully she’s now outside foraging and enjoying herself. She’s physically a healthy bear, now we just need some of the bears to charm her and show her that bears can be great friends.”

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“Nhan Ai’s story is incredibly important – her former owner chose this future for her – he allowed her to go free and started to atone for the decades of suffering he’d caused.   It couldn’t contrast more heavily with the current behaviour of the farmers in Halong Bay who are determined to hang on to animals they see only as assets.  They’ve spurned each chance to do the right thing – seeing the bears only as moneymaking machines.

“It is so, so fitting that Nhan Ai means compassion. From the previous ‘owner’ ready to give her up, to the vet team that rehabilitate her and the keepers who care for her – not to mention supporters willing to donate for her care – it’s compassion that allows bears to be rescued.

Hanoi dog owners celebrate at first Dog Day

 AA Hanoi Dog owners March 15

Hanoians showed love and compassion for their canine companions at the Asian Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA)’s recent Dog Day event.

Over 200 people with more than 80 dogs joined the fun day out taking part in a variety of games and participating in a dog show where the emphasis was on fun for both guardian and companion.

Attendees were able to give their companions a free health check from visiting Animals Asia vets, while basic dog training advice was also on hand.

Le Duc Chinh, ACPA’s Hanoi coordinator said:

“The whole day was really fun for both dogs and their guardians. It’s not often that people with a mutual love of dogs get to meet and share their passion so this was a great opportunity for likeminded Hanoians to get together and celebrate our canine friends.”

As Animals Asia and ACPA continue to battle the dog meat industry in Vietnam it’s worth remembering that while the popularity of eating dog is waning – the popularity of dogs as companions has never been higher.

International support for Halong Bay bear release


Animals Asia’s campaign to free the remaining moon bears in Vietnam’s Halong Bay has received widespread support from around the world.

In just two months, Animals Asia’s call to action was echoed by more than 100,000 people worldwide who signed the letter asking that the surviving bears be brought to our nearby sanctuary.

This campaign has been boosted by diplomatic pressure from 12 ambassadors in Hanoi who wrote directly to the Vietnamese Prime Minister requesting that the issue be resolved.

Following the confirmation of four more bear deaths in early March, an emergency government meeting was convened to address the issue.

On the eve of the meeting, Animals Asia published an open letter to the Vietnamese Prime Minister urging that Vietnam’s laws be upheld and the country’s natural heritage be protected for future generations.

The surviving 19 bears remain in critical condition with an incredible 30 bears dying since an Animals Asia inspection in November last year.

Animals Asia is awaiting the outcome of the emergency meeting while continuing to lobby for a clear timeline and legal mandate to rescue these bears.

Fixby Junior School (UK) over the moon with their fundraising ball for the bears

AA Junior school March 15
Year 5 and 6 pupils of Fixby Junior School in Huddersfield, UK became passionate supporters last year of our campaign to end bear farming. Determined to help end the bears’ torture, their teacher, Ms Priestley, and her class embarked on a series of fundraising efforts and class projects to help raise awareness of their suffering.

They held an animal day raising £400, which they presented to Jill during her UK trip in 2014, and this year have just organised a charity ball, raising over £2,000. We are very grateful to them for their magnificent efforts.

Dr Dog Adi highly commended at PDSA’s animal awards

 AA Dr Dog March 15

In July 2014, we put forward the story of Guangzhou Dr Dog Adi for PDSA’s prestigious animal awards. We are delighted to say that Adi, and his owner Miss Shan, have achieved recognition among thousands of entrants and been highly commended.

After overcoming many behavioural issues of his own, Adi succeeded in becoming a Dr Dog in 2014 and, since that time, has inspired several children to develop a love of dogs, particularly one young student who was terrified of dogs. Thanks to Adi’s calm nature, and friendly behaviour, Xiaojun can now interact happily with all the other Dr Dogs in the programme.

Once a dog abandoned by all, Adi is now a fully fledged member of Animals Asia’s Dr Dog team and, accompanied by Miss Shan, is helping to spread our message across Guangzhou, the dog eating capital of China, that dogs and cats can bring joy and companionship into people’s lives and should, in turn, be regarded as friends, not food.


We hope that like us, you feel that reading all of the above is such great news for animals; especially in the Far East.  The campaigning continues everywhere and as a result, the animal movement grows ever stronger, day by day, week by week.  SAV.

USA: Wolves – NOT The Bad Boys That Sports Hunters Want You To Believe !!



DoW March 2015

The following video is nothing directly to do with the information supplied below by Defenders of Wildlife; but we feel that this is an ideal situation to show people what the reality of the wolf is. 

This makes the message from Jamie about what is currently happening all the more disgusting and infuriating for us. 

As Jamie says – killing these magnificent animals for the joys of sport hunters and outfitters.  We ask; what then hell are these people about ? – taking such magnificent lives for what ? – to attempt to show that they are men in camo trousers  !!!

Please watch the following video and learn the real side of wolves; it might not be what the hunters have taught you to believe !! – a wonderful insight into the reality of the caring wolf pack and wonderful people who have devoted their lives to defending them – watch by clicking on the following link:

The message from Jamie at DoW is as follows; please take action yourself to protect these magnificent animals; pert of the real wildlife of the USA.

We ourselves are in England UK; but we will do everything we can to speak out in support of the beautiful wildlife that America should be so proud to have; and should be encouraging, not killing in the name of ‘sports hunting’.


Dear Mark,

The 19 wolves that were recently shot in Idaho were killed at the request of the state and carried out by federal sharpshooters, flying over national forest land.

The goal: to artificially boost elk numbers for sport hunters and outfitters.

The deeply disturbing actions by the Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services agency working on behalf of the state of Idaho must stop.

Tell Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to order his employees to stop killing wolves on U.S. Forest Service lands just to inflate elk numbers!

Wildlife Services has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Idaho Governor Butch Otter’s Wolf Depredation Control Board to help carry out the state’s relentless wolf killing program.

Aerial gunning of wildlife for sport is wrong on many levels, which is why it has been banned by statute in the United States for decades. And while government agents may be exempted from the provisions of that law, shooting wolves from the air is terribly offensive and wrong, regardless of who is pulling the trigger.

It is simply shocking for Secretary Vilsack to allow his employees to contract themselves out as sharpshooters to kill wolves from the air, especially on Forest Service lands. It is equally shocking for the Forest Service, which is also under the control of Secretary Vilsack, to stand by and allow their Wildlife Service colleagues to kill wolves on our national forest lands.

Defenders is the only national organization with staff on the ground in Idaho who not only worked to help restore wolves, but who are actively working at the statehouse and state wildlife commission to protect the fragile wolf recovery in the Northern Rockies.

Tell Secretary Vilsack: Healthy national forest landscapes need healthy populations of wolves. No more aerial gunning of wolves in our national forests!

Thanks for standing with us to protect wolves and other imperiled wildlife.


Jamie Rappaport Clark

President, Defenders of Wildlife

Australia: Big Live Exports Demo Sunday 22nd March – Can You Do It ?



stop live exports aus

Dear Mark

This government has shown that it not only supports the unethical live animal export trade, it is also hell-bent on increasing it and opening up any new markets it can, even if it means taking the already inadequate welfare guidelines that offer some protection, and altering or eradicating them to suit new markets that don’t want to be dictated to.

This is despite ongoing breaches being exposed on at least a monthly basis, and despite the fact that every single animal protection organisation worldwide agrees that live animal exports are inherently cruel and cannot be done humanely.

They have even refused to halt live cattle exports to Vietnam despite recent concerns by industry itself that horrific acts of cruelty are commonplace in Vietnamese abattoirs and fears that supply chains can’t be guaranteed.

Please join us in being a voice for those who can’t speak – we want a HUGE visual presence this year – we will have banners, placards, flyers and stickers – come and be a part of the Stop Live Exports contingent as we march through the streets in a show of opposition to this current governments stance on live exports. Wear your t shirt if you have one.

Melissa Parke, ALP Federal MP for Fremantle and Greens Senator Scott Ludlam are amongst the scheduled speakers.


Stirling Gardens, cnr Barrack St and St Georges Terrace, Perth from midday, Sunday 22 March.

Hope to see you there!

Katrina Love
Campaign Manager

SAV Comment – Sorry Katrina; too far for us to get to from England, UK, but we are there with you in spirit fighting hard to stop live exports. 

Lets hope it is a MASSIVE turnout !

EU: Does The New EU Agriculture Commissioner Support Live Animal Exports To Non EU Countries and A Barbaric Death ? – From What He Says – YES.




Would you like to have a guess at who said the following:

“I certainly won’t be bullied by 500 text messages that I receive on my
phone during the course of the day on animal welfare issues.

That won’t work with me, forget about it. (…)

I will not give a direct answer in relation to the way animals are exported outside the European Union to other countries because I don’t know at this stage which country’s legislation is under crisis. (…)

The question whether we should have live export of cattle or not,

I am in favour of live cattle export. (…)”

Well, it was an EU Commissioner who has the name of Phil Hogan – and the statement was his answer to Olga Kikou, European Affairs Manager of NGO “Compassion in World Farming” re live exports to Non-EU countries.

phil hogan EU

Above – Commissioner Hogan

On 10 September 2014, he was nominated as the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, taking office on 1 November.

Check out Phil Hogan on the following sites which are available to the public (us):

One has to ask if this un-elected person and the comments made to very well respected CIWF representative have anything to do with him guarding the interests of the Irish cattle “producers” and export industry ?

– recently Ireland established live cattle exports from the country to Libya, for example.  One has to question what the slaughter procedures for these same animals were like there ? – certainly NOT to EU standards !

It goes to show that an un-elected Commissioner can appear to overrule the wishes of tens of thousands of EU citizens who want the export of live animals to non EU countries to be stopped immediately.

Please check out our following post to see what typically happens to live animals when they are exported live to non-EU nations.  In other words; a trade that Phil Hogan appears to support.

See video footage of the situation here – filmed by the very people that Mr. Hogan is dismissing – London based ‘Compassion In World Farming’ (CIWF).

See also the CIWF investigation into EU animals brutally slaughtered in Gaza; a NON EU location.  No doubt Mr. Hogan also supports this following on from his statement to CIWF.

Cattle transported live from Romania and Hungary (EU member states) many thousands of miles to be barbarically slaughtered by having their throats cut without any from of pre-stunning.  Live animals no longer protected by EU legislation. 

** WARNING – Graphic footage in the following video of animal suffering **.

Please note you have the option of viewing a Censored or Un-Censored version of the investigation video.

And Mr. Hogan is the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, yet he seems to support this barbarity !!

Thanks to D for getting the ball rolling with this.

How common is all of this which we see with live animals exported from Australia ?

We are sending this post to English Members of the European Parliament. – SAV.

April 24 – Lots Of Petitions For Your review and Support.

seal 5



Petitions and More, April 24 Sweden, increase funding for developing alternatives to animal testing, to at least 130 Million! Much more is spent on Vivisection! Stop other Mauritian monkeys from having to experience this living nightmare, send a protest-email today, please! US-info:  Congress, Pass the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act to End the Slaughter of American Horses! Needs more signatures: France: No more killer-traps! Once more More to sign (again);jsessionid=CFE1C83B7613884156D4ADF118FA20D8.app203b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2765 US-info: urgent! Mute Swans under attack again!;jsessionid=0A87A318A63B8BEFFF25DC5B92698972.app337a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=3713 US-info: Protect our Bedrock Environmental Laws from secret trade deals!

If using Google Chrome browser, most petitions can be translated

. Select the title (under the link!), click right, choose: Search Google for …, next: Translate this page! Turkey, apply the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare! Turkey, Istanbul, Kiptas Seyrantepe, withdraw your court-case against us taking care of dogs and animals, trying to have our animals removed, there are no complaints! Turkey, Ege University Exp. Animal Research Center, stop your experiments and breeding of lab-animals! Costa Rica, jail for this pre-school teacher, slowly starving her dog to death! Uruguay, Nat. Council of Public Education, teach children/pupils at school responsibily towards animals! Argentina, apply Law 14.346 against Animal abuse, and punish according to Art. 1 and 2! Spain, Valencia, apply the neutering program for Cats! Mexico, Baja California Norte, improve the feeding and conditions for the Bengal tigers! More signatures please! As well! Also! Needs more signatures! As well, please! target..

                    ===========  News and more   ========== news on the Dog rescue operation in Xian, China  China One Green Planet


Celebrate Earth Day – 22/4/15.

earth day 3

earth day 1

 Above – The Earth Day Flag.

Earth Day

Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which day events worldwide are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection.

earth day 4

It was first celebrated in 1970, and is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network, and celebrated in more than 192 countries each year.

earth tigerearth day 5

earth day 2


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