USA: URGENT Action Required By 24/11/14 – Help To Save America’s Wolves – URGENT !!



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Hi all;

For the first time in more than 40 years, nearly every gray wolf in the Lower 48 could be stripped of protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service could announce its final decision to delist wolves any day now.

If they do move forward with delisting, it will mean they’ve ignored the recommendations of their own scientific peer review panel and leave wolves at the mercy of extreme anti-wolf state politicians, putting the recovery of wolves everywhere at grave risk.

We cannot let that happen.

I know that you and I both share the dream of wolf recovery, that’s why I’m turning to you.

Any donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar, doing twice as much for wolves.

I donated.

I hope you do too!



 wyoming wolf

We can’t let that happen.

With your help, we’re launching an Emergency Protection Fund for Wolves. Will you be among the first supporters?

To get the fund off to the strongest possible start, generous donors have agreed to match your gift, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $150,000.

Your support will help give us the extra resources we need to protect wolves where and when they need it most.

Our legal team is already gearing up for a monumental legal battle to uphold the law and restore federal ESA protection to wolves;

We’re stepping up our presence in battleground states like Idaho, where extreme anti-wolf politicians have caused the deaths of more than 1,400 wolves since 2009 and made a mockery of wolf conservation;

We’re going to states like California and Oregon, where there’s plenty of suitable wolf habitat, and where pro-wolf voices ring loud and clear;

And we are tirelessly organizing – in neighborhoods, online, and through the media – to make it clear to our elected officials that most Americans want wolves in their world.

Please be among the first to donate generously to our Emergency Protection Fund for Wolves. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $150,000 until 11:59pm EST on November 21st.

I want to be clear on one thing: Whatever happens in the coming days, this fight is far from over.

Thanks to you, in 1967, Defenders of Wildlife was the first organization to propose reintroducing wolves. In 1995, we were there when a new generation of wolves first set foot in Yellowstone National Park and the central Idaho wilderness. Every day since, we have fought in court, in Congress, and in statehouses across the country to make sure wolves get a fighting chance to survive.

With people like you at my side, I remain steadfastly optimistic.

Please help us today.

For the wolves,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife


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England: Wheel Watching.



indoor dog

Felix kittens











Serbia: 22/11/14 – Little Tok is Seriously Ill.

Serbian  Flag

tok sunday




Little Tok is seriously ill.

She had been badly injured before she even arrived at the shelter, one of her eyes had leaked out and a part of her lip is missing. But now her abdomen is swollen, filling with fluid and the vet suspects she has FIP. :( A few days ago she had a high fever and has been receiving powerful drugs since, so right now her body temperature is normal, but she’s refusing to eat and seems to be giving up already.

We all know there is no known cure or effective treatment for FIP at this time, unfortunately, but there’s also no definitive diagnostic test to confirm it’s actually FIP we’re dealing with. Knowing that Tok’s brother Tik was born with a deformed leg which had to be amputated, the vet has come to the conclusion there was something horribly wrong with the entire litter from the very beginning.

Anyway, while there is life there is hope and even if this little sweetie is not much of a fighter, we’ll fight our hardest for her and do whatever it takes to save her if possible.

Please consider donating towards Tok’s vet care! Our vet bills are mounting but this precious little girl needs all the help she can get!

This tiny angel needs a miracle!

To help Felix with any support, please visit the web site and the blog at:





Serbia: 20/11/14 – Latest News And Photos From Shelter ‘Felix’.

Serbian  Flag



Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Taking everything into account, we came up with the brilliant idea to put up transparent window blinds (instead of those useless tarps we had) to protect the sheltered area beneath the roof eaves and also the newly made corridor below from the icy northerly winds so characteristic for Vojvodina – all the while nonchalantly ignoring the fact we have no money to turn our irrefutably good plans into reality.

The necessary materials have been purchased on debt and the work is more than half done already; once it’s finished, hopefully less fuel will be needed to keep the kitties’ rooms properly heated. Even if it doesn’t happen, all of the cats are obviously enjoying their new sheltered spaces and most of them are not just watchers, but they’re active participants and helpers while the work is still ongoing.

Read more on my blog:

 felix 20 Nov

The kittens which all recently arrived after having spent the first part of the lives living on a building site in Belgrade are all now safe and content at Felix shelter -  here are a few pictures of them.

felix kitties 20 Nov

felix kitties 20 Nov 2

felix kitties 20 Nov 3

Felix kittens

To help Felix with any support, please visit the web site and the blog at:



Thank You ! 



Australia: Shellharbour City Council – Keep Your Rodeo Out Of Town – This IS NOT Entertainment !





To :

Shellharbour City Council
) 4221 6111

Event organiser: Allan Cody

Quote: “The immorality of rodeos extends to the arrogance of the riders and their attitude to the animals, and to the way the audience is demeaned by watching such a tawdry spectacle.”

Dear Madam, dear Sir,

I object to the rodeo being held in Shellharbour.
I am concerned about your involvement Changing community values regarding animal welfare.

Rodeos are an outdated and cruel ‘sport’ where animals including bulls and horses are provoked with spurs, electric prods and flank straps to display ‘wild’ behaviour!
There is a 1 in 4 chance that an animal will be seriously injured (including broken bones) and a 1 in 10 chance that there will be a fatality.

They are banned in the ACT, Britain and in parts of Europe and United States.
It is no longer acceptable to subject animals to considerable fear and stress in a rodeo environment for the purpose of ‘entertainment’

I respectfully urge you to end this rodeo.








Ireland: Fraudster shipped diseased cattle to Morocco.



SAV Comment

Criminals given police protection !!

Hunters have exported animals from the English port of Ramsgate for the last couple of years on the ‘Joline’ which is operated by Dutch exporter / haulier Mr. Onderwater.

ALL photographs are by V. Cameron and were taken at Ramsgate harbour, Kent, England.

16 2 2


16 2 5

Newspaper article link:

Fraudster shipped diseased cattle to Morocco

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

By Liam Heylin

Greed was behind a fraud by one of Ireland’s biggest cattle exporters which saw diseased cattle delivered to Morocco.

Paperwork indicating that the animals were healthy had caused potential reputational damage to the industry, a sentencing judge said yesterday.

Judge David Riordan warned he would impose a four-year jail sentence on David Hunter, aged 61, of Castlekeun, Mallow, Co Cork if a €50,000 fine was not paid by December 1, 2015, and a further €50,000 by December 1, 2016.

The judge said the potential reputational damage to the industry was “very serious”.

Defence barrister Donal O’Sullivan said he did not know if Hunter would be able to pay the fines which could put him out of business.

A co-accused Joan Stafford, aged 47, of 18 Nano Nagle Place, Killavullen, Co Cork, worked for 20 years for the Hunter family and it was claimed she was “brow-beaten” into taking part.

She was given a two-and-a-half-year suspended sentence and a 240-hour community service order on two charges.

Sgt Shane Davern said the Moroccan authorities discovered diseased animals exported by Hunter that had been certified as healthy according to the documentation in August 2011.

The sergeant said Hunter did co-operate with the subsequent investigation but he said there had been a dogged investigation by Department of Agriculture veterinary inspector Mary Cullinane.

The sergeant said that when Ireland’s total live exports stood at 400,000 cattle per year, Hunter was exporting 10% of that amount — 40,000 animals.

Sgt Davern said after 15 years without an Irish live cattle export to Morocco, serious efforts had been made by officers of the Departments of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs to establish the market.

The Moroccan authorities were particularly concerned about keeping out two bovine diseases, namely IBR and BVD.

A total of 120 cattle were exported to Morocco on June 30, 2011, by Hunter. Twelve of them tested positive in Morocco and had to be slaughtered.

Judge Riordan noted: “Mr Hunter, with the assistance of Ms Stafford to a greater or lesser degree, sought to circumvent the conditions attached to the importation of live cattle to the Moroccan market.

“In doing so they created a situation with the Moroccan authorities.

“It is hugely regrettable that after the efforts made by the Irish authorities to open up this market, that the likes of Mr Hunter would put those markets in jeopardy. They do create a difficulty and affect the national economy.

“These are crimes motivated primarily by greed. I see these offences as coming within the higher end of the scale in terms of deception.

“An aggravating factor is putting in jeopardy the live export market.

“Certification must have an integrity. The use of certificates in the manner described completely unwinds the system. It is hoped the Department of Agriculture has tightened up since 2011.”

Sgt Davern said there were three kinds of fraud involved:

Switching blood tests for healthy animals with those which had diseases;

Presenting documentation to give the impression some diseased animals were being kept out;

Changing a computerised form changing the word “positive” to “negative” in respect of animals for export.

The sergeant said that the system had depended on an element of trust.

Randall Hall BL said Ms Stafford lived in a council house and did not profit from what was done. He said she had felt brow-beaten into doing what she did.

But Sgt Davern said that she had a hands-on involvement and played a very important part in the process.

Both accused pleaded guilty at Cork Circuit Criminal Court to various charges.

Hunter admitted presenting cattle for export with false declarations on April 7 and June 30, 2011.

Ms Stafford pleaded guilty to a charge in 2011 in which nine animal tag numbers on a list were falsified to show they corresponded to disease free animals, and furthermore, on June 30, 2011, she used a list containing three altered cattle tag numbers.

 16 2 3

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Oliver Bear – News From ‘Animals Asia’. Farewell Brave Oliver.

oliver AA

Farewell brave Oliver bear  

Dear Mark,

It’s the news we’ve all been dreading – Oliver, our beautiful broken bear has died.

This much-loved and inspirational bear, who survived 30 years in a bile cage before his dramatic rescue, has died at our Chengdu rescue centre.

After four and a half blissfully happy years with us, Oliver had reached the end of the road, his condition deteriorating over the past few days. On Wednesday, our vets made the decision to euthanise him – and offer him a peaceful, respectful end.

Oliver died surrounded by those who loved him dearly – and with the sweet taste of strawberry sauce in his mouth.

This brave bear’s incredible will to survive and the joy he showed in the simplest of pleasures inspired so many to join our campaign. I know how much Oliver meant to you too, so we’ve put together a special tribute page in his memory. Click on his image to view.

Bear hugs,
Jill Robinson MBE Dr med vet hc
Founder and CEO

Animal welfare charity Animals Asia has announced it will mark November 12 each year as Oliver’s Day – following the death of inspirational brown bear Oliver.

Oliver captured the hearts of people around the world having endured 30 years on Chinese bear bile farms. He was kept in a tiny cage and subject to daily bile extractions for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

When rescued by Animals Asia in 2010, Oliver’s life was saved by roadside surgery to remove his gall bladder. Vets were shocked to find a metal coil embedded deep inside the brown bear’s organ.

Following news of his death, Animals Asia has been inundated with messages of condolence with supporters, volunteers and staff past and present sharing their Oliver memories and what he meant to them.  Many came to the movement for the first time having heard his story.


SAV Comment

RIP Oliver – now free from the bile industry and the suffering you endured through it at the hands of the human species for 30 years.  Finally freed to spend over four years with other humans at AA who cared so much about you and your welfare.

Loved in the end !

Close down everything to do with the bile industry – free all the bears !

Check out the brilliant work of AA at:

UK –


Australia –

China –

Vietnam –

Germany –

Italy –

Hong Kong – EN –




Serbia: Latest News About ‘Morgan’ – 17/11/14.

Serbian  Flag



Morgan arrival

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

When Morgan first arrived at the shelter at the beginning of September he was a skinny, weak and neglected kitten which was totally blind in one eye and his other eye was not in good shape either. And that’s not all; his left rear lower leg had been unskillfully amputated before I took him in, but we don’t know why or when.

Two weeks after his arrival he had eye surgery and we’ve been battling his eye infections ever since, unfortunately with no significant results so far.

Both his right eye (on which he had a corneal ulcer and a third eyelid flap surgery performed) and the hole that was left after his left eye leaked out are in horrible condition, with copious brown discharge and not even weeks of various powerful antibiotics have managed to clear up the infection.

Right now he’s in a serious crisis, he has a high fever and is receiving IV fluids and Longacef every day, aside from the eye drops and ointments applied topically to his eyes.

Can anyone please help with his climbing vet bills? Many of the shelter kitties have been sick lately and our debts are skyrocketing, but we simply can’t just watch Morgan struggling and stand by and do nothing.

This sweet boy that’s already been to hell and back certainly deserves every chance to keep the life he’s fighting so hard to keep!




Global: Down On The Farm – News From The Animal Food Industry.

down on the farm

If only !!! …..

03 November 2014

Book emphasizes animal welfare

China released its first animal welfare textbook for veterinary students on Monday, a move reflecting the country’s rising concern for animals.

Author/Organization: China Daily

Year: 2014

Where: China

Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, education, legislation  


03 November 2014

Parliament to debate religious slaughter

A debate on religious slaughter is to be held in parliament next week, following an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) report.


Year: 2014

Where: United Kingdom

Topics: legislation, religious slaughter, slaughterhouse/abattoir, stunning  


05 November 2014

Study Reveals Differences in Animal Welfare Training across Europe

According to a new study, the main differences in farm animal welfare education across Europe seem to be in the reduced number of hours of education, less interactive teaching and fewer courses in English available to students outside the North West of the region.

Author/Organization: The Pig Site

Year: 2014

Topics: education, training, welfare on the farm  


04 November 2014

Animal Welfare Institute questions US cattle handling

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) has been sent a written appeal by the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) requesting that it revises the association’s guidelines for the handling of cattle raised for beef, in the USA.

Author/Organization: GlobalMeat

Year: 2014

Where: United States of America

Topics: beef cattle, cattle, livestock, welfare on the farm  


03 November 2014

Protecting dogs and people in Kenya: launch of national plan to eliminate rabies

Kenya has become the first country in Africa to launch a national strategy for controlling and eliminating rabies.

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

Where: Kenya

Topics: animal health, disease control, dog population management, human health, public health  


14 November 2014

Consumers Demand Piece of Mind on Welfare, Says Study

Increasingly, but to different extents, consumers throughout the world want assurances that the meat and dairy products they are buying are safe to eat, nutritious and of good quality.

Author/Organization: The Cattle Site

Year: 2014

Topics: dairy production, food safety, meat production, standards, welfare on the farm  


13 November 2014

New Study on Animal Welfare Legislation

Increasingly, but to different extents, consumers throughout the world want assurances that the meat and dairy products they are buying are safe to eat, nutritious and of good quality.

Author/Organization: The Pig Site

Year: 2014

Topics: dairy production, food safety, legislation, meat production, standards, welfare on the farm  


13 November 2014

Animal Welfare and Sustainability Inextricably Linked

Animal production and animal welfare are inextricably linked with ethical, political, economic, environmental and social issues.

Author/Organization: The Poultry Site

Year: 2014

Topics: animal production, environment, ethics, socio-economical aspects, welfare on the farm  


13 November 2014

Should we allow non-stun slaughter?

A debate on ‘religious slaughter’ was held in parliament following an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) report. The debate focussed on nine recommendations made in the report entitled ‘Meat Slaughtered in Accordance with Religious Rites’.

Author/Organization: Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)

Year: 2014

Where: United Kingdom

Topics: animal stress/discomfort/distress, legislation, pain/injury/harm, religious slaughter, slaughterhouse/abattoir, stunning, welfare at slaughter  


12 November 2014

Major food players in Europe talk animal welfare

More than 80 leading European food companies came together to talk about animal welfare at our Good Farm Animal Welfare Forum in Paris.

Author/Organization: Compassion in World Farming (CIWF)

Year: 2014

Topics: dairy production, poultry production, poultry/chickens, standards, welfare on the farm  


12 November 2014

Animal Production and Health Division e-newsletter 103

Contents: 1) Animal Welfare at the Heart of Sustainability. 2) Review of animal welfare legislation in the beef, pork, and poultry industries. 3) Review of the Literature on Antimicrobial Resistance in Zoonotic Bacteria from Livestock in East, South and Southeast Asia. 4) Report on Antimicrobial Usage and Alternatives for Prophylaxis and Performance Enhancement in Pig Populations in East and Southeast Asia. 5) Towards a concept of Sustainable Animal Diets – Report based on the collated results of a survey of stakeholder views. 6) New programme to eradicate deadly livestock disease by 2030. 7) Good emergency management practice (GEMP) extends to Latin America and the Caribbean. 8) The biggest source of meat from livestock are pigs followed by poultry.

Author/Organization: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Year: 2014

Topics: animal health, beef cattle, disease control, emergencies, food security, human health, legislation, livestock, meat production, pigs, poultry production, poultry/chickens, public health, veterinary drugs, welfare on the farm  


11 November 2014

Update on the Animal Welfare Approved Program

The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) and the Trust for Conservation Innovation (TCI) are pleased to announce that the Animal Welfare Approved (AWA) program has officially become a program of TCI’s “A Greener World” project, effective November 1, 2014.

Author/Organization: Animal Welfare Institute (AWI)

Year: 2014

Where: United States of America

Topics: farming, standards, welfare on the farm  


11 November 2014

Animal Welfare Commissioner appointed

Emanuel Buhagiar has been appointed Animal Welfare Commissioner.

Author/Organization: Times of Malta

Year: 2014

Where: Malta

Topics: animal welfare/general concepts  




RSS Feeds to SAV, and Romania Starts Action To Reduce Stray Numbers Through A No Kill Sterilisation Programme. TAKE NOTE SERBIA.

Firstly; we have had a few mails about some people who belong to the SAV RSS feed getting 3 or 4 copies of the same article from us, and can we do something to stop it.

Well sorry but NO; RSS is completely out of our control as it operates through Internet Explorer (IE).  We do not have a ‘name list’ or any list of people who are on the feed that we can delete, amend, whatever !.  This is a thing set up directly between the person and IE.

There is another way – you could scrap the RSS feed and just come directly to the SAV site now and again.  On the right hand side, directly under ‘Recent Comments’ you will find a section headed ‘Recent Posts’.  These are effectively the same as what you would be sent via the RSS feed if you belong.  You can just click on any of these to see our latest posts.


Now here is a link to an article which we REALLY hope that the Serbian government and authorities will take on board; especially the paragraph which reads:

“Since May, the clinic has sterilised and neutered a total of 640 dogs. This will avoid the birth of potentially thousands of puppies, who could have ended up abandoned and living on the streets of nearby towns.”

The very message we have been trying to get into their (Serbian, Romanian etc) heads for the past 10 years; and still Serbia wants to ignore the message by currently doing nothing !!

Maybe soon Serbia will be the ONLY European nation that still lets corruption rule it stray animal attitude, rather than implementing NO KILL control procedures for its current street animals.

Here is the article and link:

04 November 2014

Hundreds of dogs treated at mobile clinic in Romania

We have been working with Save the Dogs to protect dogs in a remote area of Romania

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

Where: Romania

Topics: animal protection, dog population management, stray dogs





England: ‘SOS for Serbian Animals’ – Please Take A Look !


SOS Jean

Photo – Jean SOS for Serbian Animals

Please check out the newly re-vamped website of campaigner friend Jean also from England.

Jean operates ‘SOS for Serbian Animals’, and is based in Leicester, England.

You can visit the new site at:

See pictures of Jean and Lindy visiting Jelena at Nis on

The photo gallery of Serbian dogs is at

If you need to make contact with SOS, then please visit

Tail Wags Shop

As Jean says -

EBAY SHOP – This is the main source of our income – it is run by Jean and is full of wonderful serendipity items, including hand crafted jewellery, cards ,sponsorship certificates and unusual gift ideas.

Please come and visit – Tail Wag Shop.

All proceeds go to help the animals.

We are sure you will give your full support to both these sites and for tail wags, place a few early orders for Christmas !

Don’t forget; all the proceeds from the site go towards helping the animals in the Serbian shelters.

Regards Mark.





England: Tansy Is Reunited With The Mountain Gorillas She Last Saw in England As A Baby





Photos – Howletts / Aspinall foundation

Being located in central Kent, my home county in England; I have had the pleasure of visiting Howletts wild animal park near to Canterbury on several occasions.

Howletts is not a zoo just for the endless keeping of animals in captivity.  It is devoted to the conservation of endangered species (such as mountain Gorilla) and it breeds them and later re-homes the animals back in protected environments in their home country.

We have an amazing video to share with you.

Chairman Damian Aspinall lovingly reunites his daughter Tansy with gorillas Djalta and Bims in Africa, 23 years after she met them as a baby at Howletts Wild Animal Park.

Click here to watch the video

The Aspinall Foundation in conjunction with Howletts & Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks in Kent is devoted to the conservation of endangered species and returning them to protected areas in the wild.

Registered office: Port Lympne Wild Animal Park, Lympne, Nr Hythe, Kent CT21 4PD

Registered charity number: 326567
Phone: 0844 842 4647 Fax: 01303 264944 E Mail:

Web sites:

Back to the wild !!


UK Newspaper article link with many photographs:,2ZCO4,FPXO9,AQXY7,1  







England: Dogs Mouth !



dogs mouth

From the Dogs Mouth – 13/11/14


Hi all;

Well I think it best to simply say that the Nani situation at present is ongoing.  She is alive and is still held by the hunters.  We hope that this week may see some changes, but this does not mean that she will be freed !

As a Brit myself, living in England; a nation already in the EU, I know the whole subject of the EU and EU membership (accession) is a very major political football at present here.  Maybe the words ‘hot potato’ would be better !

It is not for me to say here what way I think the UK should go – do we get out of the EU club or do we stay in long term future ? – instead I will simply attempt to give a very brief overview on the current EU situation for all our non-EU friends and also for some EU citizens who may get to know more than they do already.

I will touch on how the membership of future states such as Serbia should go; what is required of them, etc, etc.  By the end I think you will have views one way or the other about the direction of the EU, and if it is good or bad. Has the common market that was for just a handful of nations now undergone a metamorphosis into a vast, uncontrollable being ?

So here we go; a few basics about the EU:


What initially started as a ‘common market’ for just 5 or 6 Western European nations, the EU has now grown to a group currently comprising 28 member nations.

Joining the ‘EU Club’

Becoming a member of the EU is a complex procedure which does not happen overnight. Once an applicant country meets the conditions for membership, it must implement EU rules and regulations in all areas.

Any country that satisfies the conditions for membership can apply. These conditions are known as the ‘Copenhagen criteria’ and include a free-market economy, a stable democracy and the rule of law, and the acceptance of all EU legislation, including of the euro.

A country wishing to join the EU submits a membership application to the Council, which asks the Commission to assess the applicant’s ability to meet the Copenhagen criteria. If the Commission’s opinion is positive, the Council must then agree upon a negotiating mandate. Negotiations are then formally opened on a subject-by-subject basis.

Due to the huge volume of EU rules and regulations each candidate country must adopt as national law, the negotiations take time to complete. The candidates are supported financially, administratively and technically during this pre-accession period.

The EU will continue to grow as an increasing number of countries express interest in membership. These countries can be divided into candidate countries and potential candidate countries. The former are in the process of ‘transposing’ (or integrating) EU legislation into national law, while potential candidate countries do not yet fulfill the requirements for EU membership.

Current candidate countries for membership include



The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia



You can read more about the membership status for each of the above by clicking on the link above and the following the ‘read more’ prompts.

Each member state of the EU is represented by MEP’s, or ‘Members of the European Parliamen’t, to give them the full title.  The number of MEP’s that any state has is complex, but depends on issues like the number of a nations population; geographical size etc.  MEP numbers for every nation vary – for example, the number in France are not the same as in the Netherlands – France is bigger and has more geographical regions to be represented.

You can see from the following link a map of all the current member states in the EU.

By using the following link you can select any specific nation that is currently in the EU.  Then …….

…. If you click on any nation of choice, you will then see a full list of all the MEP’s which represent that particular country at the EU Parliament.

Directly elected by EU voters every 5 years, members of the European Parliament (MEPs) represent the people. Parliament is one of the EU’s main law-making institutions, along with the Council of the European Union (‘the Council’).

The European Parliament has three main roles:

  • debating and passing European laws, with the Council

  • scrutinising other EU institutions, particularly the Commission, to make sure they are working democratically

  • debating and adopting the EU’s budget, with the Council.

Their Locations:

The European Parliament has three places of work – Brussels (Belgium), Luxembourg and Strasbourg (France).

Luxembourg is home to the administrative offices (the ‘General Secretariat’).

Meetings of the whole Parliament (‘plenary sessions’) take place in Strasbourg and in Brussels. Committee meetings are also held in Brussels.

Further information can be found at

Passing European Laws

In many areas, such as consumer protection and the environment, Parliament works together with the Council (representing national governments) to decide on the content of EU laws and officially adopt them.

This process is called “Ordinary legislative procedure” (ex “co-decision”).

Under the Lisbon Treaty, the range of policies covered by the new ordinary legislative procedure has increased, giving Parliament more power to influence the content of laws in areas including agriculture, energy policy, immigration and EU funds.

Parliament must also give its permission for other important decisions, such as allowing new countries to join the EU.

Directives and Regulations

The two main ‘rules’ of EU legislation.

A directive is a legal act of the European Union,[1] which requires member states to achieve a particular result without dictating the means of achieving that result. It can be distinguished from regulations which are self-executing and do not require any implementing measures.

Directives normally leave member states with a certain amount of leeway as to the exact rules to be adopted. Directives can be adopted by means of a variety of legislative procedures depending on their subject matter.

The following is a list of EU Directives:

A regulation is a legal act of the European Union[1] that becomes immediately enforceable as law in all member states simultaneously.

Regulations can be distinguished from directives which, at least in principle, need to be transposed into national law. Regulations can be adopted by means of a variety of legislative procedures depending on their subject matter.

For example, Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport (and related operations) should automatically be enforced by all member states as soon as it is created.  But unfortunately; some nations enforce the rules much more stringently than others.

The Regulation 1/2005 details the maximum journey times for each farm animal species; it defines space allowances for animals, as well as a host of other issues such as the construction and operation of transporter vehicles.  Just from my own live transport investigative work over the last 25 or so years, I know that the regulations are often breached in different member states.  Like anything, a law is only as good as the people that enforce it.  Turn a blind eye to the issue, and the rules are broken !

The European ‘Commissions’

The European Commission (EC) is the executive body of the European Union responsible for proposing legislation, implementing decisions, upholding the treaties and day-to-day management of the EU.

Commissioners swear an oath at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg, pledging to respect the EU Treaties and to be completely independent in carrying out their duties during their mandate.

The Commission operates as a cabinet government, with 28 members of the Commission (informally known as “commissioners”). There is one member per member state, though members are bound to represent the interests of the EU as a whole rather than their home state.

One of the 28 is the Commission President (currently Jean-Claude Juncker) proposed by the European Council and elected by the European Parliament. The Council then appoints the other 27 members of the Commission in agreement with the nominated President, and then the 28 members as a single body are subject to a vote of approval by the European Parliament.

The first Juncker Commission took office in late 2014.

Within the EU, animal welfare issues fall within the  ‘Health and Consumers DG’ – or Directorate General.

The Commissions objective with regard animals is “to protect and raise the health status and condition of animals in the Community, in particular food-producing animals, whilst permitting intra-Community trade and imports of animals and animal products in accordance with the appropriate health standards and international obligations”.

I hope this gives people an insight into the very complex structure of the U and how it is constructed.  It is not simple !

Personal Concerns

I write this as the founder of SAV and with some experience with Serbia and how the nation operates.  Much more can be told by Slavica, Vesna, Danica and others who are doing their very best for Serbian animal welfare.

Serbia is currently described as a EU ‘candidate country’.  A candidate country is supposedly currently in the process of ‘transposing’ (or integrating) EU legislation into national law.

Whilst there is no current legislation in the EU regarding specifically the welfare of stray dogs and cats; and boy have we tried to get it enough times in recent years !; this means to a degree that Serbia has nothing to work to with regard this particular issue on becoming an EEU member state.  The big difference anyway; between people say in England and people in Serbia, is that in England, most citizens automatically have their pet sterilised when they first acquire it.  By doing this it automatically helps to then keep dog and cat animal numbers to a level which is largely controllable.  Sterilised animals don’t produce yet more baby animals which nobody wants.  Yes there are shelters in the UK which have dogs and cats needing homes; but there are not towns and cities across the land which are full of stray animals.  This shows that really, sterilisation of animals at an early age helps to keep numbers lower in the long term.

In my experience, sterilisation is not generally the ‘norm’ with owned pets in Serbia.  As a result; ‘owned’ (animals with homes), but also largely un-sterilsed pet animals are often turned out onto the streets each day by their owners; where they simply meet up with free roaming and very un-sterilised stray / street animals.  They all have a good time during the day, and hey bingo; it ends up with yet more stray animals being born to yet another life on the streets.  You only have to look at the pyramids produced by our friends at SpayUSA below to get an idea of how many extra animals are ‘produced’ over a lifetime by just one un-sterilsed pair of animals.

Take a look !


What do the government and local Serbian authorities do in their efforts to control the ‘problem’ of to many animals ? – they simply think that by rounding up and killing animals in pathetic so-called ‘shelters’ (actually providing anything but shelter) is the one and only answer to the situation.  It is not.  For many years we have seen welfare groups from EU nations going to Serbia and undertaking free sterilisations for many stray / street animals in an attempt to gradually reduce stray / street animal numbers.  These same animals are then subsequently all fitted with an easily identifiable tag (usually a red button ear tag) to tell the shinters, or dog catchers of an authority, that these animals have actually been sterilised, will not produce and more offspring; and as such they should be LEFT ALONE.

Shinter 1

But what do the shinters do ? – they ignore the obvious ear tags, still round up the animals; haul them off to the local pound where they are kept in the most disgusting conditions until they are killed.

What good is this to EU welfare groups who travel to Serbia in an attempt to part rectify a problem of stray animal numbers ? – it is not any good when you are up against authorities who adopt this mentality thinking; for animal welfare groups investing both time and money in an attempt to part rectify an issue, it is nothing but an all round waste of their resources.

As for the Serbian regional authorities; they are usually paid a kind of ‘quota payment’ by government in relation to the numbers of animals they kill to ‘resolve’ the stray problem.  The more they capture and kill, the more money comes their way from Serbian taxpayers.  The capturing and killing of stray / street animals is a very big and profitable ‘business’ for those who control it.  The rule of thumb seems to be; forget any of your EU tagged animals; if you can catch it; bring it into the pound and kill it, then you are providing a ‘service to the nation’ by removing animals from the streets; for which you will be very well financially rewarded.  Authorities can wrongly inform their citizens that are undertaking the necessary job of removing strays from the streets; whilst the government rewards them for doing this – thereby encouraging more of a kill frenzy all the time.

At the same time authorities are getting their money for the months kill totals; round the corner, un-sterilsed strays are meeting up with ‘owned’ but un-sterilised pet animals to produce yet more newborns which can grow up as street animals; only eventually to be rounded up and killed in the constant authority cycle – thus bringing in yet more money to the people who control this authority kill policy / mentality; the people who are allegedly ‘doing their bit for the nation’ by attempting to (very wrongly) control stray animal numbers.  A kill policy is not a control policy; quite the opposite.

By killing off as many strays in their region as they can with the full support financially from national government, stray numbers may be seen to reduce for say a week or so.  But killing animals simply creates a void in the area into which animals from outside are even more attracted.  There is maybe the prospect of getting more food in another place; they can reproduce and make even more baby dogs and cats; and also; something which the authorities seem to overlook; the biosecurity issue.  Strays coming into a new area may bring with them sickness and disease which has not been experienced with the now dead strays that once lived there.

Have we not told the UK government about this and their policy of killing badgers ? – areas free of Bovine TB are suddenly found to have it because of the badger killings, badgers have up-rooted and moved off into new areas; taking the disease with them to an area which up until them was disease free !

Sorry, but this attitude and approach as we see in Serbia by the authorities of simply killing everything (for financial reward) does not work and will never work. 

Instead, regional authorities should be firstly undertaking an education of its citizens to stress the importance of having their own (owned) pet animal sterilised.  Instead of the never ending amounts of tax payers money going into continually killing stray animals in areas throughout the country; authorities across the country should instead be investing all or most of this money into both education programmes and also, and more importantly; cheap or free sterilisation programmes for owned pet animals and also stray animals.  If money can be put into the sterilisation of stray / street animals in the region rthe rthan simply owned pets, then better still !  an all round ‘win-win’ situation for animal owners and also for the long term gradual reduction of stray / street animals.

But unfortunately, NOT a strategy / policy that keeps the finances rolling into the pockets of the few who run this current policies of killing everything.  A gradual reduction in the number of animals is NOT what they want; far from it.  Instead, they want for a never ending supply of stray animals which they can fill their pounds with; then kill and thus be paid for by the government for keeping ‘the stray animals issue under control’.  Non sterilised animals produce yet more new animals; and more new animals can then be rounded up and killed to bring yet more money into the authority purse.  This is the one way blinkered view of Serbian regional authorities !

This ‘authority’ approach certainly never reduces stray animal numbers; it only makes the corrupt and well lined pockets of those who run these kind of ‘control programmes’ fatter on a daily basis.  I am sure they all look forward to the day each month when they are provided with a cheque for their monthly kill total from the national government.

For the last 10 years I and many others have lost count at the number of times we have tried to state this way of incorrect thinking to Serbian authorities.  Where has it got us ? – nowhere; the ‘corruption cycle’ of making money from the number of animals killed each month simply goes on and on; and this is especially annoying to people such as ourselves, who care about animal welfare and can see from our side of the fence a valid and long term strategy to gradual animal numbers reduction using a NO KILL policy.  Sterilisation yes, Kill no.  Killing is not the answer; but in the Serbian authority case; it provides some with a lot more money to feast on from the taxpayer; so that my friends is the way it has been, and probably will continue to be; regardless of Serbian EU membership or not.

How do you put it ? – something like “Serbian corruption rules ok” !!!

And one more thing; we have for many weeks been covering the issue of Nani deer on this site.

As I have said above, in “Joining the ‘EU club’” – Becoming a member of the EU is a complex procedure which does not happen overnight. Once an applicant country meets the conditions for membership, it must implement EU rules and regulations in all areas.  Any country that satisfies the conditions for membership can apply. These conditions are known as the ‘Copenhagen criteria’ and include a free-market economy, a stable democracy and the rule of law, and the acceptance of all EU legislation, including of the euro.


As you can see in many of the posts associated with ‘Nani’ deer on the SAV site; the Serbian Minister of Agriculture, who should have acted and prosecuted with regard Nani a few months ago; still does absolutely nothing !

So much for the ‘rule of law’ being enforced by an EU candidate country when the government Minister cannot even abide by the rules and regulations of her own country.

Finally, in my home Borough in England; the ‘Borough’ being the local regional authority of government, we have this very week seen the 500th dog microchipped for free in the borough.  Free to dog owners but funded by taxpayers -but progressive animal welfare – and I do NOT  have any problem with my tax going into this kind of policy.

Here is a copy of the local newspaper article on the subject.

500th free chip_NEW

The borough has been awarded the RSPCA Animal Welfare Footprint Gold Award for its work with stray dogs and animal welfare – both issues to be proud of.

Note also that in 2016 it is going to be a legal requirement that all dog owners have their pets microchipped.  This is simply that any lost dog can then be returned to its owner rather than having to go to a local kennel and being put up for adoption.

There are no; or sometimes very few dogs wandering the streets of my borough.  If they do, they are rounded up, identified by their microchip and returned to their owner.  If not currently chipped, they go to the local kennel and are put up for rehoming – where they are chipped before going to their new home.

Why cant this type of attitude and approach to animal welfare be adopted nationally by the Serbian government ? – As said previously; why does the government not invest the money given to dog catchers / killers into providing a reduced or free service re chipping and sterilisation to the good citizens of Serbia who pay taxes into what appears currently to be a corrupt, bottomless pit of animal abuse and suffering.

Is this the future for the EU and new EU member states ? – who has it right and who has it wrong ?

The decision friends can be weighed up and decided on by you.  The Serbian government will not listen to you anyway, but that does not stop you having an opinion  …………..

I now close my case in defence of the stray animals of Serbia.

Regards Mark – the ‘Dogs Mouth’.

 dogs mouth






Serbia: Nani Update 13/11/14.

Serbian  Flag


Nani update 13/11/14.

Nani is still held by the hunters and we have still heard nothing from the Serbian Agriculture Minister who was supposed to make a decision on this issue months ago.

Serbian campaigners have been in verbal communication with the hunerts, asking for up to date photographs of Nani.

The President of Hunters Society  `Hajduk Veljko`, Cicevac  , Milija Djordjevic, promised to send Slavica some up to date photos of Nani.  True to his word, these arrived on 12/11 but due to their file size, have had to be resized.  You can see them in this post.

The President of the hunters society also promised to make a winter shelter for Nani and the small goat, in addition to promising to improve their nutrition by supplying them with more green food.

This below is the hunters facility which is adjacent to the barren land on which Nani is kept.


The fact that there is now talk by the hunters about constructing a ‘Winter shelter’ obviously gives us the impression that there is little hope of Nani being released.   The government Agriculture Minister continues to fail to intervene or act in this case.

Quite what the hunters are hoping to achieve by keeping a young deer imprisoned in a facility with currently no shelter and a very poor diet simply defeats us – what are they achieving by it we ask ? – but then that is hunters; not any point to most things that they do, one could say !


There has recently been very little communication from the Mitic family who had nani taken from them and given to the hunters.  As Nani is our prime concern and her welfare is very important to us; this is why initial communication directly with the hunters had to be undertaken.  There was no other option really to be able to keep track of Nani’s situation other than direct contact.

As you can see in the photos of 12/11/2014. received from the President of the Hunters Association, Nani is looking ok considering her ordeals.

The condition (marks) seen on her back have now been identified as a transition from a summer to winter coat.  This is good news, as without any form of current shelter or protection from the elements, Nani needs as much of her own ability to keep as warm as she can.


Despite the welfare groups hatred and objections to everything associated with hunting; communication with them is currently the only way to keep track of Nani and to ensure that her welfare is paramount.  Because of this it is currently necessary for welfare campaigners to communicate with the hunters to at least get updates on the situation of Nani.


As is usual, there is not a word from the Serbian Minister who should be controlling the issue.

So much for a government Agriculture Minister who does not appear to care about the welfare of animals  !

Serb Minister 1



Serbia: Latest (12/11/14) From Shelter ‘Felix’.

Serbian  Flag


Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Tempe, just a little husky :)


Tik had his bandages removed last week and his recovery is going extremely well

Tik bandadge removed

Little Morgan arrived at the shelter at the beginning of September, he had his eye surgery two weeks later and we’ve been battling his eye infection ever since, unfortunately with no significant results so far. Both his right eye (on which he had a corneal ulcer and a third eyelid flap surgery performed) and the hole that was left after his left eye leaked out are in horrible condition, with copious brown discharge and not even weeks of various powerful antibiotics have managed to clear up the infection. An antibiogram is being done now in the hopes we’ll finally find out what kind of problem we’re dealing with. If Morgan can see anything out of his right eye at all, we’ll do everything we can to save it. Once his eye infection is resolved, he’ll have a thorough, full check-up in order to establish if he’s even capable of enduring another surgery. He’s grown quite a bit, put on some weight and looks and behaves normally, except for the persistent eye infection. Should luck had been on his side he would’ve been fine by now, but sadly he’s not even half way through.

Morgan post op


Serbia: Please Give Whatever You Can (Even $1 helps)

Here is the YouCaring site link which enables you to donate money directly to help this cause. 

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96









England: Orphaned Foal Finds Comfort in Giant Teddy Bear After Rescue.



Orphaned Foal Finds Comfort in Giant Teddy Bear After Rescue



Editor’s note: This post is a Care2 Favorite. It was originally published on June 14, 2013. Enjoy!

Breeze sleeps with a teddy bear. That isn’t so unusual — except that Breeze is a horse.

A foal, to be exact. Within hours of his birth, his mother disappeared. He tried to nurse from other mares to no avail. By the time rescuers reached him on May 24th, he was in severe shock and dehydrated; he collapsed.

The baby could not get his mother’s colostrum, which, “to a newborn foal…can mean the difference between life and death.” It contains vital antibodies that protect the foal until his own immune system kicks in.

The Mare & Foal Sanctuary rescued Breeze from Dartmoor Hill, in England’s Devon County, after getting a call from a concerned farmer. They gave Breeze colostrum drips, as well as a saline drip, milk and medicine.

But medical care wasn’t all Breeze needed. He was all alone and needed comfort and contact, like any baby.

So the sanctuary put out a call for donations of oversized stuffed animals. The sanctuary’s executive director, Syra Bowden, said they “always give our orphaned foals a giant cuddly toy as a companion; they’re just like human babies in the way it provides them with comfort.”


Britons stepped up and sent a deluge of gifts.

From among the spoils, Breeze selected Buttons, a four-foot-tall teddy bear, as his favorite. He likes to sleep in the bear’s lap, especially “during the brief periods when his carers are not present.” The extra stuffed animals will go to future rescued orphaned foals.

Bowden said that Breeze is feeling much better. “He’s now suckling well and feeding every hour; he even tried to have a little canter and buck in his stable over the weekend. However, he is not out of the woods yet.”

Breeze’s other cuddly companions include Reuben and Rudy, two plush dogs.

To keep tabs on Breeze’s progress, visit the Mare & Foal Sanctuary’s website

Read more:



England: Time Out – Katie Melua.






Serbia: Latest From ‘Felix’ Shelter – Roof Repair Work Almost Completed – And Great It Looks !

Serbian  Flag




Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

The end of this year’s phase of shelter repairs is near and we’re posting some photos to allow all of our friends and supporters get a glimpse into the repair work being done

A very huge thank you to each and every one of you who has helped us make this possible!

More photos and news will follow, we’ll keep you posted!


felix 1 8 Nov

felix 2 8 nov

felix 3 8 nov

felix 4 8 nov










UK: Campaign to Find ‘Jasper’ The Missing Border Collie Goes Manic Online – And He IS Found By A Mountain Rescue Team !!



‘Jasper’ the Border Collie is found by a Mountain Rescue team after going missing for several days.

All the following from ITV News – UK.

Jasper found after massive online campaign

jasper 2

jasper 3

A missing Border Collie called Jasper has been found by mountain rescue teams after a campaign to find him went viral online.

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team have confirmed they were involved in securing the return of a lost Border Collie, Jasper.

Jasper went missing on 2nd November at Scafell Pike. His owner, Adam Nolan, put out an appeal to find him which went viral on social media.

Adam Nolan, owner of Border Collie ‘Jasper’, has said he ‘couldn’t stop crying’ after finding Jasper following a three day search.

He says that Jasper is ‘very tired’ but is doing fine.

Jasper the Border Collie was found in the early hours of this morning near Scafell Pike by a member of the public who’d gone looking for him.

An appeal by his owner Adam Nolan on social media went viral when 250,000 people shared his photo.

£16,000 has already been raised for Wasdale Mountain Rescue, who managed to bring Jasper safely off the mountain.

Viral campaign reports sighting of lost dog

An appeal to find a Border Collie, that went missing at Scafell Pike, has reported a sighting of the dog.

jasper 1

Tens of thousands of people have offered their support on Facebook and Twitter, with many offering to help in the search.

Owner Adam Nolan has been out searching every day since ‘Jasper’ went missing on the 2nd November.

In a recent Facebook post, he said ‘update: confirmed sighting of BC at junction of A595 and B5344 at Gosforth. Looking promising! I’m searching area now’.

Read: Scafell Pike lost dog appeal goes viral

Scafell Pike lost dog appeal goes viral

Sorry, this content isn’t available on your device.

An appeal to find a dog that went missing in the Lake District has gone viral.

Owner Adam Nolan, from Whitehaven, put out the appeal after losing his Border Collie ‘Jasper’ at Cam Spout Crag below Scafell Pike on 2nd November.

“I know people may say ‘he’s just a dog’,” says Adam on Facebook, “but to me he leaves the same void as if I were to lose someone very close to me.”

His appeal on Facebook has had over 60,000 people sharing the link. On Twitter hundreds of people are also offering their support.

Mountain Rescue Team helped find Jasper

Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team have confirmed they were involved in securing the return of a lost Border Collie, Jasper.

Jasper went missing on 2nd November at Scafell Pike. His owner, Adam Nolan, put out an appeal to find him which went viral on social media. Many people offered their support and volunteered to help in the search.

“The team are pleased to announce that we have been involved in the successful rescue of Jasper!

We were called out at 03:00 to reports that a member of the public had found Jasper.

The team responded and recovered Jasper back to the valley to meet Adam!

Adam has kindly set up a Just Giving page to help raise funds for our new HQ!”

jasper mountain rescue team

Above: Super ‘Colliehunters’ – Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team on Facebook

SAV Comment – Some will say ‘just a dog’; but this is typical of the response to an animal in need in the UK.  And as a result, the Mountain Rescue Team are going great guns in getting donations of  (currently) £37,000 + to their needs for a new HQ.  All round win-win situation.

Sometimes helping animals in need can be widely beneficial to all !

Serbia: Petition – Demand Justice For ‘Bingo’ – Poisoned – Again, the Police Do Nothing !!

Serbian  Flag




Click here below for access to the petition – sign and then pass on to all your contacts please.

Serbia: JUSTICE FOR THE DOG BINGO | Please Sign!

Natalija Gajdas Mojsilovic dog Bingo was poisoned.

This petition is required in order to implement actions, MONSTER arrest and law enforcement on the protection of small animals in Serbia.

STOP poisoning and killing our pets!

bingo 2

Update #1 November 6, 2014

I inform all good-heart people who have signed the petition that I spoke to the Minister of police, because the police did nothing, protects the killer. If the Minister of Police does nothing by November 15, your signatures / 1604 signatures / I will send to Serbian President. Thank you for supporting me, especially like to thank the friends who have sent, me every day, green stars, to encourage me.

Thank you!



Update #1 November 6, 2014

I inform all good-heart people who have signed the petition that I spoke to the Minister of police, because the police did nothing, protects the killer. If the Minister of Police does nothing by November 15, your signatures / 1604 signatures / I will send to Serbian President. Thank you for supporting me, especially like to thank the friends who have sent, me every day, green stars, to encourage me. Thank you!

About this Petition

A petition is required in order to implement actions MONSTER arrest and law enforcement on the protection of small animals in Serbia, STOP, poisoning and killing our pets!

Petition wording -

Given the time that has passed since we gave the police a chance to find the monster who killed my Bingo informs all good-hearted people who have signed the petition that I spoke to the Minister of Police. Police did nothing as they protect the killer. if the police minister does nothing to 15:11:14. year, your signature / 1598 signatures / sent to the President of Serbia. Thank you for supporting me, especially like to thank the friends who have sent me every day green stars to encourage me and to know that someone is thinking about me. THANK YOU.

You Can Still Visit Our Old Site ‘Balkans Animals Suffering’ For Archive Information On Issues.

Serbian  Flag

Some visitors may not be aware, but until recently, SAV worked very closely in conjunction with a ‘sister’ organisation named ‘Balkans Animal Suffering (BAS)’.

BAS was also founded by the same people and operated out of England, UK.

All the work has now been taken on and is shown on this SAV site – but you can still access the BAS site and view many articles, posts and pictures that are there.

BAS is not updated any longer, but all the issues and work has been taken on by SAV.

You can visit and view the Balkans Animal Suffering site at

- scroll down to the bottom to see the different categories.

Please note that this site is no longer kept up to date, but may be a useful tool for anyone wishing to have a look at older articles on Balkans animal welfare.

As you can see from the ‘Clustrmap’ (global map with red dots) on the site; it still gets a fair amount of visits.

Maybe you will find a visit to the BAS site at the following and just have a look round.  There are many articles and photographs relating to animal welfare issues specifically for the Balkans.  worthwhile to catch up on past issues we have been dealing with.

SAV (this site) is now the only site which is kept updated on issues.  Please continue to visit here for all the latest news and info.  BAS is simply a useful archive to our work in the past.

If we had the finances and more importantly, the manpower to keep both sites operating, then we would.  But the situation is that being self financing and with limited manpoewer, only one of the two was able to continue, and that is this site – SAV.

But please feel free to check out our past work at BAS.

Regards – SAV.

Dont forget – the save Nani petition is now continuing and can still be signed, even though we have passed out original target of 1,000 signatures.

Serbia and England: 6/11/14 – Actions for Nani Today.

Serbian  Flag

 Late news 6/11 – it has been decided that the petition for Nani being released WILL CONTINUE at the moment.

Please keep up the signatures – go to:


Today 6/11/14 we have reached over our original target of 1,000 signatures to the Serbian government, asking them to free Nani back to the Mitic family.

The petition has now automatically reset to a new target of 2,000; but it will continue now to attempt to reach this number of 2,000 as she is already sick, cold and hungry due to the terrible conditions that she is being kept in.  The Serbian government Minister has still taken no action after 90 days, and this really shows the entire world exactly what the Serbian government view is regarding animal welfare in Serbia.  We will retain the petition so that the government can become even more aware of the international, global support for Nani.

If the government is under the impression that it can continue like this, ignoring everyone who cares and is taking action for Nani, and in the future, if and when they gain EU membership, then they are wrong – very wrong.  Welfare groups across the EU will watch their every move (as we are), and will take action if regulations are not adhered to.  You could consider our actions as just the start of what will be their future regarding animal welfare and EU membership.

We are in discussion with Serbian campaigners today and the late decision is that for the moment the petition continues. Within the next few days, we may get another brand new petition under way, again to the government, regarding both animal abuse and human rights abuse as the family Mitic have not been treated in accordance with the law.  Until we see positive Serbian government action, and positive EU action in support of Nani and the other animals currently held by the hunters, we will continue with the actions we undertake.

We are also now considering the UN Human Rights system as it is clear that the Serbian government is not taking action against the police who intimidated the Mitic family and who forced them to hand over Nani to the hunters.  This is an issue of human rights.

Please read the full facts of the Nani case and how the police acted with the Mitic family when Nani was taken from them at:

  –  here you can see the way in which the police acted; and the way in which the Serbian government has taken NO action against them since.  But still we have no government decision on Nani and her future; so now we have to move on and take the issues of the Serbian government even further – to the UN as we say, if necessary.


Nani is sick, cold and hungry; her coat condition is deteriorating; but regardless we will continue to fight to get her released.  The continuation of the current petition will just continue to grow showing global support for Nani.  We have also today been in touch with the EU Enlargement Commission and the actions of the Serbian government (maybe this should be ‘inactions’ !!); we have been in contact with UK political parties (as the UK is an EU member state); and we have asked the EU Enlargement Commission exactly how all the money given by the EU to Serbia over recent years has been distributed.  Corruption needs to be sorted out by Serbia for EU accession; and as EU citizens we currently have no say in how much or where our EU donations to Serbia are goingBut we can now ask for example, what happened to the EU Funding allocation of €208.3 million to Serbia for 2013.  As EU taxpayers giving this money via an un-elected EU sources to Serbia; we feel that we have a right to ask where and how our money was spent – where it went.

The EU Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Davenport, is very prominent in his silence.  This has also been questioned today, as he or anyone in his office has never once even acknowledged our correspondence; let alone give us a fuller explanation of things.

We want to finish on a god note, by thanking everyone who has helped us reach our petition target very quickly and very early.  You have all done a great job.

Now the petition continues towards our new goal of 2,000 signatures.

Maybe soon, a new petition will also be established which will also focus more directly on the human rights issue as well as why Nani has still not been released by the Serbian government.

Watch this space – it could get even more interesting in the coming days !


We never give them hell; we just tell the truth and they think it is hell !

  • very wise words from President Truman.

Further and finally – we have nothing to hide – we will publish our actions and possible decisions for the future here anytime.  Others in authority may attempt to ignore, hide and cover what they do; but we will attempt to be as open about our actions (and even theirs) as we can.


Serbian animal welfare 

LINKS TO PAST SAV POSTS ON THESE ISSUES – Ministry of Agriculture ?:

Serbia: Day 95 in Total of Nani’s Illegal Captivity – Day 85 of No Decision By the Minister – Serbian and EU Authority Remains Very Silent and Do Not Contact Us – Why ? – Where Is The Rule of Law ???

Serbian  Flag


Nani has been captive for 95 days.

Serb Minister 1

Nani was kidnapped by the local police and hunters at the start of August.  Mrs. Dragana Mitic (Nani’s carer) filed a petition to the Minister to allow tame Nani to remain with her on 10/8/14.  This was produced in conjunction with EPAR.

i want to go home

The Minster responsible has remained silent ever since then.

At their facility the hunters do not have adequate facilities for the keeping of animals such as Nani deer.  She is being kept on a Pheasant keeping (game bird) facility and is now starting to get illness due to the bad conditions – please see photos of some problems with her coat.



Keeping a deer at a facility used for rearing game birds to shoot is not adequate housing in accordance with existing legislation.

Also, and more importantly; hunting associations are forbidden by law to hold ether tame or wild animals in captivity.  Nani is being held in captivity by the hunters – their action is therefore illegal.

Everybody in authority (Serbian and EU) who should be in regular correspondence with us is keeping very quiet; silent in fact – we hear nothing from them  – what have they got to hide ? – their silence is very much showing a possible admission that actions we are covering here are actual Serbian legislation actually illegal.  Otherwise we would be informed continually of what is happening; as is the case in existing EU nations.

The Serbian government probably hopes we will get tired and go away – this is not the case; quite the opposite.  They should be dealing with this case and taking action alleged legal action about corruption – enforcing the rule of law as we are always hearing from the EU.  We are more determined than ever to see that Serbia DOES take action and enforce the rule of law as required for EU accession.

Also, we have still not heard from Mr. Davenport the ‘EU Ambassador to Serbia’.

Why not we ask ? – there is not even any sign of confirmation of our evidence submitted to him from his office detailing the Nani case.

Nani is getting sick and cold.  Whatever happens, this is also a human rights issue now as well as an animal rights issue.  Mrs. Mitic is not having her rights represented by the law – it is corruption only. We will take this as far as we need to go.

We strongly suggest that someone in authority (Serbia, EU or both) make contact with us very soon to explain their silence and why they are breaking the law and continuing to allow silence to happen.



Serb Minister 1




Serbian  Flag


DAY 85.






Because of this, during 3 and 4/11/2014, contact has now been made with all 751 MEP’s at the European Parliament regarding Nani and the Serbian governments failure to enforce its own ‘rule of law’ as required for new EU accession member states.

In our correspondence, we identified that

The Serbian Republican Veterinary Inspection acted on campaigners urgent charges from 08.08.2014 by only (on 26.08.2014) ignoring Article 79 of the Animal Welfare Act (which mandates the return of the fawn to Mrs. Dragana Mitic’s family). The RVI also ignored the fact that Mrs. Dragana Mitic had the right to withhold the fawn, and that she even began the adoption procedure on 10.8.2014

Article 58 of the Serbian Animal Welfare Act entitles the family of Mrs. Dragana Mitic to file a Request to the Minister of Agriculture who has the obligation and responsibility to undertake a review and make a decision within 30 days; to issue a consent that the family Mitic can keep their tame fawn. We are now 85 DAYS after the decision date should have been made; and still there is NOTHING – we are being told nothing by the authorities.

So now, as a consequence of the Serbian government silence; ALL the EU MEP’s have to be informed of this illegal action by the Serbian authorities, the same authorities who are informing the EU about their alleged compliances with the ‘rule of law’ as required by accession states seeking EU membership; and also a state to which the EU provided a Funding allocation of €208.3 million to Serbia for in 2013.

Serbia, with EU assistance, with this funding, focuses on:

Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, the fight against organised crime and corruption.

So why in this case and that of the whole issue revolving around police actions with Nani; is Serbia not viewing this as ‘corruption’ ?

Further, as EU citizens and taxpayers – it is after all OUR money which the EU is providing to Serbia; are we not entitled to a formal response about the situation from both Serbian authorities and also the EU ?

To us It is simply a matter of principle, adhering to the legal rules and regulations of any nation.  Serbia wishes to gain EU accession; therefore it must show the EU Enlargement Commission that it is complying with the institutions guaranteeing democracy and application of the rule of law – animal and human rights. EU Membership presupposes the candidate’s ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union.  Animal welfare regulation adherence is part of Serbian law – Serbia must be seen to implement it”.

To date, 95 days in which Nani has been held captive, and 85 days which have shown no action in implementing the Serbian law regarding Nani by the Minister, the case being completely ignored by the Serbian government; and also hearing nothing to date from the EU Ambassador to Serbia, Mr. Davenport; you begin to ask what exactly our money is being spent on within Serbia. 

If there is a Serbian national ‘fight against crime and corruption’ as claimed by the Serbian authorities seeking EU accession;, then why are we not being informed of resultant actions being taken against the illegal police activities at police station Cicevac, which belongs to the Police Department in Krusevac in Rasina district ?

Could it be that a police inspector, Miroslav Vidakovic, with two uniformed policemen from the police station Cicevac, told the family Mitic: “I give you one hour to “make a deal” with hunters, and if you don’t surrender the fawn (to them), I will come back with a court order to search your house and will file the criminal charges of 150-200 thousand RSD” – a statement that has no legal basis in any law of the Republic of Serbia.

When leaving the Mitic premises, the police inspector also informed the local hunters to “keep an eye on them”. Again here, such behaviour does not fall within the lawful police work of the Serbian Republic.  In this particular case the police inspector had no business or jurisdiction, instead he acted on his own initiative, protecting the interests of the Hunting Association.

And finally, it would appear that the inspector of the police was also a long time Vice President of the same local hunting association  !!

So with this example, we ask exactly where is the alleged Serbian national ‘fight against crime and corruption’ as claimed by the Serbian authorities seeking EU accession and to which the EU citizen / taxpayer is contributing to on a yearly basis ?? – a Funding allocation from the EU to Serbia for 2013: €208.3 million remember.

This is why we as EU (UK) citizens feel we have a right to ask questions on how our EU money is being spent; and why we are not being provided with answers – ones that we currently have waited 95 days in total for; and still have nothing !!!

Nani has been held captive for by hunters 95 days – the Minister has done nothing in the way of a decision for 85 days – so much for the rule of law and EU membership ? ! ?








Serbia: We Welcome ‘PAWS’ – ‘Pets Are Worth Saving’ In Helping The ‘Free Nani’ Campaign.

Serbian  Flag

indoor dog

Photo – PAWS.

 PAWS logo


We are very pleased to be working with PAWS – the ‘Pets Are Worth Saving’ NGO organisation based in Subotica, Serbia – and President Andrea Sreiber in relation to the campaign to save Nani deer.


Formerly known as “Financial support for the most vulnerable cats & dogs in Serbia” P.A.W.S. (Pets Are Worth Saving) is a non-governmental organization – Society for the protection of Animals.


Registered at November 2012.

Please check out our blog to learn more about the stray animals’ situation in Serbia:

Place: Subotica, Serbia
PIB: 107868682
Registration No.: 28099428
Registration No.: 28099428



Photo – PAWS


FB page: page for our petitions:  

We are also currently in discussions also with ‘OIPA’ which is based in Italy, to help us further spread the campaign word about Nani; especially within Europe – Serbia wants EU accession remember !.

We are not giving up on Nani despite attempts by the authorities who hope that we will get tired and just go away.  Every day we get stronger rather than weaker.

Our policy is one based on the words of President Harry Truman;

“I never give them hell – I just tell the truth, and they think it is hell


Serbia: 26/10/14 – Petition Launched For ‘Nani’ Deer

– Please Sign Immediately and Pass Link On. Thank You.  

This should take you directly to the petition.

We need to act immediately for Nani – please sign NOW and crosspost to everyone that you can  !






Serbia: 1/11/14 – The Full Facts Of The Nani Abduction By Hunters / Police From Family Mitic Now Presented To Mr. M. Davenport – EU Ambassador To Serbia.

Serbian  Flag

Serbian campaigners have now, 1/11/14, written to Mr Michael Davenport, the EU Ambassador to Serbia, regarding the situation of how Nani was originally taken from the family Mitic.

A full copy of the letter is provided below.  In many ways this shows that Serbian police and politicians are NOT enforcing the correct laws of the country.  Do they even know the laws that they are supposed to be enforcing ?

As Mr. Davenport is the EU Ambassador to Serbia is in very regular contact with the President of Serbia, Mr. Tomislav Nikolic, as well as we understand, witnessing the overseeing of the implementation of Serbian law; the results (or non results) of which can be reported back to the EU Enlargement Commission (who we have previously contacted). We now request that Mr. Davenport carefully analyses the information provided in the report and that he intervenes directly in cooperation with the Serbian authorities to get Nani  and the other animals being held by the hunters released back to the Mitic family immediately.

Below is the letter provided to Mr. Davenport; the EU Ambassador to Serbia.

As the letter finishes – “We believe you will help us, for Nani the fawn, and that the fawn will be with her family early as next week, at her home where she is eagerly waited for, so eagerly that it is painful to describe”.

We also hope that Mr. Davenport will act in support of Serbian law, his EU position, and also in favor of our lawful and correct attempts to have Nani and other animals taken from the hunters and returned to the family Mitic.



Prevod / Translation

EU Delegation in Republic of Serbia
Avenija19a, Vladimira Popovica 40/V,
Novi Beograd, Republic of Serbia

To the EU Ambassador in Serbia, Mr. Michael Davenport


Dear Mr. Michael Davenport

We wanted to contact you about the problems we have. We want you to get to know us through our work, and point out the following facts: our non-governmental organization exists since 2003. It is dedicated to the protection of nature, environment, animal and human rights and for many years we operate in Serbia and cooperate with friends from the EU, especially with Mr. Mark Johnson from the UK, who has helped us a lot over the years in many ways and through advices on how to improve our work, and for that purposes he founded the website  which eventually became a place for all the problems we are dealing with as a NGO and he attracted with its content many activists from the Western Balkan countries, the whole Europe, and from the world.
Please visit  and get familiar with our work.

We wish to point out that we are ashamed of the reasons why we now turn to you because we have already addressed to all relevant and competent institutions in Serbia (since 08.08.2014), including the President of Serbia, Mr. Tomislav Nikolic, who was the only one who replied that he has no competence in this particular case, but that he will forward it to the relevant Ministry with a request to legally solve this problem. The Ministry is not responding even on the request of the President of the country!

We appealed to the Prime Minister, Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, to the Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, to the Minister of Police, to the Minister of State Administration and Local Government, to all vice presidents of the Serbian government and all competent national inspection service – from 08.08.2014 until now they all failed to act in accordance with the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia and to all our addressing there was no answer!

This is not an acceptable behavior for the state authorities of a country that wants to enter EU!

Our state authorities ignore addressing, submissions and requests of the citizens and civil society organizations. Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Mrs. Dr. Snezana Bogosavljević Boskovic, in whose direct responsibility is the mentioned problem, Prime Minister Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Kori Udovicki, Police Minister Mr. Nebojsa Stefanovic because the police participated unlawfully in this case, as well as the inspection services and the local police, all because of the silence from the top of government, they continue to work illegally as it is tolerated by their superiors who we have enumerated.

It is a gross violation of human rights to abduct a property of another with the assistance of a local police, the police station Cicevac that belongs to the Police Department in Krusevac, of Rasina district.

On 01.08.2014 from the home and the property of the tripartite adult family, from the hands of Mrs. Dragana Mitic, her husband and son (street Luja Pastera br.6, Cicevac), a group of hunters has kidnapped, with the assistance of the police, a tame fawn just two months old, who was saved from a certain death by Mrs. Dragana Mitic when it was in coma, weighting only 450 grams due to which this fawn sees her as her own mother, and they all consider this fawn as a member of the family. This fawn was in a comatose state, abandoned, without mother and on the verge of death when it was found in the last days of May, 2014 by their neighbor Dejan Ignjatovic who was picking mushrooms and out of compassion brought the fawn with him with one humane intention: to save him! That is how the fawn arrived at Mrs. Dragana Mitic. When the fawn recovered and grew up, she became tame, since there was no other way to help her. She grew up with people who love her immensely. A group of hunters of the local hunting association came on the gate of the family and asked them to surrender to fawn, but they refused.

Nani, the fawn is the fifth this year that was taken this way by hunters. We have evidence for three of them, yet all 4 went missing because they were slaughtered after the hunters seized them, and that is prohibited by our laws.

As this family refused to surrender the fawn even after a bitter fight and argument with hunters, there appeared a police inspector Miroslav Vidakovic in his official car with two uniformed policemen from the police station Cicevac, who told the family: “I give you one hour to “make a deal” with hunters, and if you don’t surrender the fawn, I will come back with a court order to search your house and will file the criminal charges of 150-200 thousand RSD” – that has no basis in any law of Republic of Serbia.

He added to hunters while leaving: “keep an eye on them”. Such behavior does not fall within the lawful police work, that in this particular case had no business or jurisdiction, but the inspector Miroslav Vidakovic acted on his own initiative, protecting the interests of the Hunting Association where he was a longtime vice president, and doing damage to a weak fawn and violating the human rights of the family in whose possession the fawn was.

On complaints filed about his work, the response of Police Department Krusevac was that our complaints were unjustified, which is not in accordance with the Police Act. We have filed a charge to the Minister of Police on 28.09.2014 and to date there is no response. (Police Act)

Legit way for him was to show the family who kept the weak fawn and to hunters what and how they should do and exclude himself from the jurisdiction. Legit way for him was to call the competent Republican veterinary inspection or send them all (family and hunters) to veterinary inspection as a competent state service. (Animal Welfare Act).

Thus, under threats and pressure from police inspector Vidakovic, all three adults whose rights have been grossly violated, weeping and under a lot of stress, on 01.08.2014 they surrendered their gentle, weak fawn to hunters, and that is when the suffering begins to all of them and us as a NGO that helps the family to exercise their rights.

Republican veterinary inspection (hereinafter RVI) acted on our urgent charge from 08.08.2014 only on 26.08.2014 and ignored the Article 79 of the Animal Welfare Act (which mandates the return of the fawn to Mrs. Dragana Mitic’s family). RVI even ignored that Mrs. Dragana Mitic has the right to withhold the fawn and that she even began the adoption procedure on 10.8.2014, after we have (instead of state authorities) explained to her the lawful way and what she should do. No one told her that. The goal was just to take Nani the fawn away, at any cost, which they also had the intention to slaughter and failed to do so because we immediately upon learning of this case, filed the appropriate charges and we still keep a strong pressure on the state authorities, with daily control of the fawn’s state. All this is updated daily on the site

Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Act entitles the family of Mrs. Dragana Mitic to file a Request to the Minister of Agriculture who has the right and responsibility within 30 days to issue a consent that they can keep their tame fawn, as tame could never become a hunting game and can never go back to the hunting grounds, neither Serbia has a registered shelter for such tame specimens of wild animal species, in which the hunting is prohibited; and even if there was a registered shelter, this fawn already has his own human family, to which it is deeply attached by special mutual love, and that is impossible to ignore despite the ideal solution. Choosing the worse place and continuing to distort the welfare of Nani the fawn, especially because Mrs. Dragana Mitic’s family has all the necessary conditions for the life of this tame specimen. The Animal Welfare Act in its principles primarily deals with the protection of the welfare of all animals that are under the authority of this Act.

Minister of Agriculture to whom the request-plea was filed on 10.08.2014 and which we as a NGO supported, while everything being grounded in the Animal Welfare Act, is silent and is not responding for more than 90 days, what continues to affect the illegal operation of RVI; further undermines the well-being of the fawn and sends a clear message to the citizens that in Serbia nothing is changing, because the local power holders are still stronger than the law.

The Minister of Police is not punishing and he tolerates his personnel who use fraudulent threats in the interests of the hunting association whose member and a former vice president is a police inspector Mirosav Vidakovic, and the President of the Hunting Association, Mrs. Milija Djordjevic is a former Chief of Staff or Commander of Police Station Cicevac. Commission for the complaints on police work of Police Department Krusevac rejected our complaint as unfounded, although Mr. Miroslav Vidaković himself admitted it all in his official report. The second instance authority – Minister of Police is still silent, no response from him.

All state bodies that have mechanisms, the right and duty to act lawfully:
. either tread the laws and the Constitution and human rights,
. or remain silent, wait for us to get tired, give up and forget all illegal acts that they committed.

We filed a complaint about the work and disciplinary charges against
. inspector of RVI Krusevac, Ms. Slavica Jovanovic, because she acted belatedly and illegally
. hunting inspector who acted for a specific fawn, although wasn’t competent, and the content of the record is unlawful. Game and Hunting Law exempts these tame specimens of wild species and places them under the jurisdiction of other laws.

We filed a large number of charges to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection regarding abduction, abuse of the fawn, locking the fawn in a dirty little space, starvation, closing the fawn with an African goat during his estrus when he could unknowingly hurt the little, weak fawn, which is female – after which the hunters slaughtered the goat out of sheer spite, only the baby goat remained by herself.

They even slaughtered tame fawn Susan for whose existence we unfortunately found out too late, but we received photos of her. She was also on the pheasant farm of the Hunting Association Cicevac. These are all illegal, arrogant actions that we were reporting without any effect, although all state agencies are aware of this case, and they all trample human rights of this family of three from Cicevac and NGO EPAR, and they all participate and enable with their own illegal actions further abuse of Nani the fawn, who is protected by all legal provisions exactly from this kind of people’s behavior which disrupts her well-being.

Please find attached the latest in a series, a charge from 27.10.2014 that we have filed to the Ministry of Agriculture, translated into English.

SAV comment – please click on the following to read a copy of the full Criminal Charge made  on 27/10/14 and issued by SAV on 28/10/14:

We filed criminal charges against the above mentioned inspectors who have worked and continue to work illegally, as well as against the Minister of Agriculture – but our judiciary and prosecution services are not exempted from corruption, idleness, irresponsible work and malpractice, so we don’t have clear hope that they will solve it. In addition, they work very slow and tame fawn Nani doesn’t have much time.

Please, Dear Mr. Davenport, help us and if you can personally call and consult Mr. Aleksandar Vucic about this case (maybe he doesn’t know all this, maybe someone deliberately did not show or hide from him our charges because he didn’t respond and it doesn’t suit his behavior and attitudes).

We know that you are a great friend of Serbia and that you help us a lot in every way, and our Prime Minister, in who we believe and have a clear hope that he is determined and honest in his efforts to improve the credibility of Serbia for the benefit of all citizens.

In this regard, we turn to you, believing that this whole thing can be resolved very quickly and conveniently for the fawn herself and her family.

We believe you will help us, for Nani the fawn, and that the fawn will be with her family early as next week, at her home where she is eagerly waited for, so eagerly that it is painful to describe.

Best regards from us and we ask you to continue your mission in Serbia the same as you do now.


EPAR – SERBIA OIPA / Alliance for the protection of nature, animal and human rights







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26/10/14 – a new petition launched to the Serbian government for Nani

(and the other animals held by the hunters) on the Care2 website –

Please Sign and Pass On – Get all friends and family to sign Thanks.

Press Release, and Formal (Serbian) Charge Against Serbian Government

Now Made for Nani

-

Happy Halloween 2014 !

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26/10/14 – a new petition launched to the Serbian government for Nani

(and the other animals held by the hunters) on the Care2 website –

Please Sign and Pass On – Get all friends and family to sign Thanks.

Press Release, and Formal (Serbian) Charge Against Serbian Government

Now Made for Nani

-

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England 31/10/14: Nani Update – Detailed Press Release (PR) Issued This Morning Based Around Serbian Campaigners Formal Charge To Serbian Authorities.

Serbian  Flag




31/10.14.  Nani Deer Update.


There is still no news about the specific release of Nani deer and the other animals.

So as we said, until all are released, the campaign will continue.

Now that we have seen Serbian campaigners issue a formal charge to the Serbian authorities about Nani; and we have been in contact with the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup, the President of the Intergroup Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski MEP; the Ambassador of the European Union to Serbia, the EU Enlargement Commission; also established an international petition to save Nani, along with asking supporters to e mail our sample letter to international Serbian embassies, we have decided that enough has now been done for us to take the issue to the media.

This morning; 31/10, we have issued a detailed Press Release (PR) on the Nani campaign; providing (and based around) much of the evidence submitted in the Serbian campaigners criminal charge – see  it at

The PR sent today includes photographs of Nani as she is currently being held at the compound of ‘Hunting Association Cicevac’, along with contact details for all the above people and organisations, including the UK Serbian embassy who we made attempts to talk to about the Minister of Agriculture and Nani on no less than 3 separate occasions – each time we were simply disconnected as they did not want to discuss anything with us.  This situation has now given us little choice but to go to the press and see if they can follow up and get any response from the London embassy regarding Nani.  Contact has also been made with the BBC and SKY.

A copy of our PR as issued today follows.  It is long and fairly detailed for a PR; but there is a lot to tell and show; as is also the case with the Serbian campaigners formal charge.

We now just sit tight and see what happens next.  As I have said in the PR:

“Although some people will just look at Nani as one baby fawn in Serbia; we as an animal welfare organisation will campaign for the release of just one baby deer held illegally as we would should it be 1,000.  It is a matter of principle, adhering to the rules and regulations of any nation.  Serbia wishes to gain EU accession; therefore it must show the EU Enlargement Commission that it is complying with the institutions guaranteeing democracy and application of the rule of law – animal and human rights. EU Membership presupposes the candidate’s ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union.  Animal welfare regulation adherence is part of Serbian law – Serbia must be seen to implement it”.

The Nani campaign will continue until there is implementation of animal welfare legislation, and we do not witness the situations that we are currently experiencing with a baby deer being held in captivity by hunters for at least 3 times (90 days) longer than Serbian law allows at the discretion of the Serbian Agriculture Minister.

We will publish any updates as we get them.  We are working hard with dedicated Serbian campaigners every single day to try and get Nani and others released.  It could be a very simple process for the Serbian authorities – we will continue either way they decide to go and we will continue to inform the EU authorities.

Regards Mark.


Our PR issued very early this morning is as follows:


31st October 2014

From: ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) – Kent, England, UK.   - A voice for the voiceless !

Free ‘Nani’ the fawn and return her to proper life long care.


  • ‘Nani’ was a baby deer who witnessed her mother being shot and killed by Serbian hunters at a very early age.
  • Nani was rescued from death at the age of 2 months by an animal welfare campaigner in Serbia; Mrs. Dragana Mitic of Cicevac town.
  • Mrs. Mitic kept Nani on her estate and provided her with attention, care and food.
  • On 1/8/14 Nani was illegally confiscated by hunters of the ‘Hunting Association Cicevac’ working with the assistance of the local police department.
  • Being in the full time care of Mrs. Mitic; Nani the status of (Serbian) Hunting Law (Article 4, paragraph 32, (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 18/2010) therefore cannot be applied to this fawn.
  • The hunters were thus officially not allowed to take Nani from the care of Mrs. Mitic; but they did with cooperation from the police of Cicevac.
  • Due to being in the care of Mrs. Mitic, Nani was subject to the regulations and Article 2 page 1, paragraph 7, of the (Serbian) Animal Welfare Act (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 41/2009).
  • As of 8/8/14; Serbian welfare campaigners have made constant attempts to have Nani returned to the full time care of Mrs. Mitic.
  • Since August 2014, Nani has been kept at a dilapidated game bird rearing facility owned by ‘Hunting Association Cicevac’.
  • She cannot be returned to nature.
  • Since being taken by the hunters, Nani is showing signs of sickness and ill health.
  • She is suffering from starvation – unless provided with food brought to her daily by the Mitic family who still have access to the exterior of her compound.
  • Her diet is only what the Mitic family can provide through the fence.
  • Nani is constantly exposed to all weathers.
  • She does not have food or water provided by the hunters.
  • Around 600 pheasants are kept at the facility.  As a result, Nani has become the victim of ecto- and endo parasites due to the dirty premises inside the fenced area where the pheasants are being held by the hunters and which hasn’t been cleaned for years
  • The conditions in which Nani was being kept was reported that to Police Department of Cicevac and Republic Veterinary Inspector in Krusevac, both who who did nothing,
  • Nani is a female and was deliberately locked inside a small fenced area with a goat, Cameroonian race, to be abused, by being chased to exhaustion, much at the amusement of the hunters
  • After these incidents being reported to the police, the animals were separated and held in different areas
  • Several times Serbian animal welfare campaigners have reported that Nani is being starved, that she never has clean drinking water, that she never gets bulky green food which is essential for digestion and her proper rumen function.
  • The Republic Veterinary Inspector informed the campaigners that Nani the fawn is being fed with a concentrate feed for lambs, which Nani did not want, nor did she eat. Thus she is starving.
  • Additionally, veterinary inspection in Krusevac showed a complete lack of knowledge about regulations by which it itself should work; and since there were also no proper actions from a Chief of RVI, Director of the Veterinary Department and the Serbian Minister of Agriculture herself, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic.
  • It is concluded from numerous other examples, that due to complete inaction, ignorance and violation of regulations from the veterinary field, they actually don’t really know the description of their job and the Serbian animal welfare laws by which they are regulated
  • As we approach the period of winter and cold weather in Serbia, and the fawn Nani is in very bad shape, skinny, has weak hair, is mostly scared and tired without the possibility of having either peace and shelter in which to rest and sleep.  Welfare campaigners are continually reporting this type of abuse because all the events around this fawn in the previous period indicate a fatal outcome that will probably be very soon
  • In recent days of heavy rain in Serbia, wind, cold and humidity, the fawn Nani has nowhere to hide except in the dirty area where pheasants resided. She is outdoors constantly. In this location there is a lot of hazardous waste of every type as well as pheasant’s excrement
  • The Republic Veterinary Inspection (RVI) should immediately order the Hunting Association “Cicevac” to at least immediately provide shelter, food and better facilities for Nani
  • The RVI should immediately order the relocation of the fawn in accordance with Article 79, page 1, paragraph 2 of the (Serbian) Animal Welfare Law for her well-being and recovery, all in accordance with the principles of the Law and return the fawn back to Mrs. Dragana Mitic, who still wants to take her and has much better conditions for her welfare, including a spacious courtyard of the 15 acres, where the fawn originally grew.  In addition, Mrs. Mitic will feed and take care of Nani in every way better than the hunters do at present. Nani immediately needs to be returned to Mrs. Mitic, and recover from all that she has endured since 01.08.2014 up until the present.

In addition to the charge made by Serbian campaigners; associates at Serbian Animals Voice (Kent, England) have written to and informed the following about the situation of Nani the fawn:


  • Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski; the newly elected President of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup
  • the EU Enlargement Commission, who claim to be passing on our posts / messages to the Serbian authorities. Who will be invited to give this matter their fullest attention and then to invite them to reply to SAV.
  • On 27/10/14, SAV were in telephone conversation with the EU Enlargement Commission regarding Nani and Serbia’s application to become an EU member state. The Commission were reminded that the Funding allocation from the EU to Serbia for 2013 was €208.3 million; with EU assistance focusing on Serbian EU accession enforcement of Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, the fight against organised crime and corruption.

(EU) Membership requires that candidate country has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, respect for and protection of minorities, the existence of a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union. Membership presupposes the candidate’s ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union“.  – Excerpt from the Copenhagen Presidency conclusions.


  • 26/10/14 – a new petition launched to the Serbian government for Nani (and the other animals held by the hunters) on the Care2 website –
  • Correspondence with Green Party South East England MEP; Mr Keith Taylor
  • An international campaign to all Serbian embassies globally asking them to request that the Agriculture Minister takes immediate action to release Nani and other animals hald by the hunters
  • SAV attempted to make telephone conversation with the Serbian embassy in London on 3 occasions, but they were refused any discussion at all times
  • Full information to Ambassador of the European Union to Serbia Michael Davenport –    E-mail Delegation:

SAV founder Mark Johnson (England UK) says:

Although some people will just look at Nani as one baby fawn in Serbia; we as an animal welfare organisation will campaign for the release of just one baby deer held illegally as we would should it be 1,000.  It is a matter of principle, adhering to the rules and regulations of any nation.  Serbia wishes to gain EU accession; therefore it must show the EU Enlargement Commission that it is complying with the institutions guaranteeing democracy and application of the rule of law – animal and human rights. EU Membership presupposes the candidate’s ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union.  Animal welfare regulation adherence is part of Serbian law – Serbia must be seen to implement it.


Links to the just a few of the main SAV site campaign posts for Nani:

Editors Notes:


  • The SAV  alliance is a completely volunteer run organisation which primarily campaigns for the better treatment of all animals within the Balkans states; especially on behalf of stray / roaming street animals. We DO NOT HAVE ANY FINANCIAL INTERESTS FOR THE GROUP, and we are self funded.  All we ask is if you are considering giving a donation to us, you instead find the group or organisation of your choice from our posts, and give directly to them; by-passing us.  There are lots of animal groups around the world who are desperate for donations.

 The delegation of the European Union to the republic of Serbia –  and


Above: Mrs. Mitic feeds Nani through the fence separating the at the hunters facility.

Above: Conditions in which the animals are kept – here the goat.

Above:  Serbian Agriculture Minister who fails to take action – Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic.

Above:  Nani fawn at the hunters compound

And finally, the word is:

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Back to the care of Mrs. Mitic.





England / Serbia: Late News 30/10/14 – SAV Writes to the (EU) Ambassador at the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia.

Serbian  Flag

Late update 30/10/14 – UK 2030hrs.

With thanks to Vesna.

Tonight, after being given information by Vesna; we have now written to the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia;

providing lots of information to the Ambassador Davenport, who like us, happens to be a British citizen; who also speaks fluent Serbian; especially detailing all our recent events, the SAV site and our request that he asks the Serbian government on our behalf for the release of Nani deer and all the other animals currently being held by the hunters: 

As existing citizens of the EU, from the UK (SAV is based in England, UK); we hope that Ambassador Davenport will be making a representation regarding Nani to the Serbian Prime Minister; who we understand he meets very frequently; within the next few days.

More news on this to come shortly.



Serbia: Nani News 30/10/14: Still Minister Refuses To Act – But Nani Is Being Fed And Photographed Daily.

Serbian  Flag

Milan say

NANI is now fed as usual. I left a lot of greens, vegetables, and gave her a pinch of salt. The big problem is when I  moving house.

She is very nervous, leaping into the fence, run by the fence, cry ,and it is very difficult for her and for me But nothing could to help her.

Regards Vesna










Serb Minister 1


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Our new petition to free Nani the deer can be viewed and signed at:

Thank you – Nani and friends.



Serbia: Whats In That Box ? – And That One ??? – Felix Kitties Get Presents !

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Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Everybody loves gifts and the Felix kitties are no exceptions!

In these photos you can see them checking out the presents they received from Animal Rescue Serbia and they’re obviously enjoying all of these exciting gifts!

On behalf of 115 furry beauties, I’d like to express my sincere thanks to Jelena Jova and her friends from Animal Rescue Serbia :)

All of us here at Cat Shelter Felix are boundlessly grateful for your kindness and thoughtfulness!

Every donation counts, no matter what the size!  


Please give anything you can  – thank you.

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See (the now famous) Freddie doing his bit on video at:  

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Look, look, there is more in here !!!

Canada: The Theme Song Every Vegan is Talking About.



sheep rule

The Theme Song Every Vegan is Talking About

Read more:

Answering some of the most annoying questions that vegans get asked all the time, Toronto-based rap artist Chokeules sets the record straight once and for all.

“What do you eat? What about meat? What about protein? What about cheese? Can you eat fish? Do you eat this? Would you eat that? Are you anemic?”

While many of the questions Chokeules raps about often come from a lack of understanding, the truth is, regardless of the fact that veganism is making its way into the mainstream, people who don’t eat meat and diary still get asked these questions all the time.

From coconut bacon and tofurky to tofu scramble and soy jerky, the song sends out a clear message that veganism is not about deprivation, and that if you want, you can still choose to enjoy all your old favorites — except they’ve been veganized!

Featuring a cast of adorable animals from Wishing Well Sanctuary in Bradford, Ontario, Chokeules is helping to show the world that there is an alternative, and that with all the options that are available to us today, it really couldn’t be easier to choose to love animals rather than eat them.

Check out the song (and the super cute animals) for yourself in the video below:

To find out more about the inspiration behind the song, we got in contact with Chokeules himself and here’s what he had to say:

“One day one of my oldest friends said to me ‘Look, no offense, but seriously — what do you eat?’ After having been asked that same question over and over for years, that day the idea for the song and the chorus popped in my head.”

We also asked him why he thinks it is so important to get this particular message out there.

“The song itself is just about vegan food and vegan junk food, but it’s definitely not representative of all the healthy vegan options out there, just more of a funny response to people wondering how they could replace their precious comfort foods. Quinoa and kale didn’t get the respect they deserve. ”

The tune, which was only released three weeks ago, immediately went viral, garnering support from animal lovers all over the world.

“The video has been getting an amazing response, largely in part to our awesome friends at Wishing Well Sanctuary, who gave us the best location and actors ever, but also because the vegan community has been crazy supportive.”

Bowled over with all the positive response that the song has had, Chokeules has been inspired to continue using his talents to spread the compassionate message.

“It’s been humbling getting such positive feedback and support from people and organizations I admire, who do so much for animals. All I did was write a cool song, so it’s definitely been a wake up call to remind myself why I became vegan in the first place, and that I should be doing more to raise awareness.”






Serbia: 29/10/14 – Zahtev29.10.14. PredsednikRS2.10.14. MinistarstvuPolj u veziNani.

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nani 13 1




28/10/14 – Serbia and England: A ‘Manic Day’, But One Which We Hope Witnesses A Very Major Turn For The Benefit Of All Animals Within Serbia !

Serbian  FlagEngland


Today 28/10/14 has been an incredibly manic, busy day for both Serbian and English campaigners regarding Serbian animal welfare.  We think and hope that all the efforts today will set a much better precedent for Serbian animal welfare in the future.

Here in a detailed brief are a few of the main issues that we have addressed today with our Serbian campaigner friends.  As the day has been a long one; here at present are only the main points of today’s events.  Just the main points but a lot – this shows how manic today has been !.

For us and also campaigners In Serbia; we consider all today’s happenings are very productive and hopefully will set a precedent to the better treatment of animals within Serbia in the future.  Below is a summary of the days events.

Regards Mark – SAV;

on behalf of all in the crew in both Serbia and England.

Free Nani !!

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Serbia wishes to become an EU member state – and so if it does have this position; the massive animal welfare syndicate of groups and campaigners in the EU will watch Serbia much more closely.  Serbian politicians have to learn this for the future – they are under the spyglass when it comes to animal welfare.

By coincidence, Serbian Prime Minister, Mr. Aleksandar Vucic has been in London yesterday and today (27/28 10).  It was time to act.  After news from Serbian campaigners, we immediately first made contact with a Green Party member of the London Assembly; which is a kind of council which oversees all that happens in London; it is directly linked with the Mayor.

It was late, but we asked members of the assembly if today they could meet Mr Vucic and ask him about Serbian animal welfare.  We did not expect anything, but at least the issue of Serbian animals was with the London Assembly.

Next; Serbian campaigners have today made a formal Criminal Charge to the Serbian authorities regarding the situation of Nani the baby deer.  Here is translation of the charge for you to see:



TO:  Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Belgrade
- Office of the Minister, to conduct
- Director of the Veterinary Department, to conduct

- Head of the Department of Republican Veterinary Inspection, to conduct and deliver
- RVI of Rasina District, to conduct
Chief Slavica Jovanovic


for the abuse of a tame fawn Nani in the pheasant farm of a Hunting Association “Cicevac” in extended period of time, as of 01.08.2014 when the same fawn was illegally confiscated by hunters and in assistance of Police Department Cicevac, from Dragana Mitic, street Luj Paster No. 6, Cicevac, who saved him from a certain death, where he grew the most critical two months of age and survived weighting only 450 gr. He was tamed while growing up, and therefore does not have and won’t ever have the status of a hunting wildlife (Article 4, paragraph 32 of the Hunting Law (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 18/2010) therefore Wildlife and Hunting Law can’t be applied on this fawn, and hunters were not allowed to take him, and the same fawn is subject to regulations and Article 2 page 1, paragraph 7 of the Animal Welfare Act (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 41/2009 ).

Bearing in mind that we have acted immediately (as of 08.08.2014 until 27.10.2014 after learning a tame fawn was taken away) and filed a large number of charges due to various abuses of this fawn, and abuse reflected in:

- keeping of a fawn in an unsuitable pheasant farm of a hunting association “Cicevac” that is not a registered facility, a shelter for the keeping of a large game where the hunting is prohibited, that the fawn is tame and in such circumstances in which the veterinary inspection has left her on 27.08.2014 and never checked upon her since then (27.10. 2014), she will never become an individual that can be returned to nature,

- that the fawn was sick or showed signs of the illness – more than once, due to bad and wrong diet and starvation caused by stress which she is constantly exposed to due to the inability to have peace, food, water and a place to rest, due to the negligence and mistreatment by all hunters who come to pheasantry for the rioting and revelry, especially on weekends,

- that Nani, the fawn received ecto- and endo parasites in dirty premises, inside the fenced area where the pheasants are being held and which hasn’t been cleaned for years nor there was a sanitation performed, that vet. inspection didn’t find appropriate to check out, at least for the sake of 600 pheasants which reside there,

- that the fawn is locked in a box sized barely 5m2, next to field latrine, where everything is terribly dirty, always without food and clean water and that she has been there longer, in a place where she could not turn around, nor lie on the dirty concrete, until Dragana Mitic found her like that and immediately reported to us how horrible conditions are under which Nani lives, that she is known to be hungry and thirsty and cries a lot and she even tried to jump over the dangerous fence where a huge nail is appointed on which she can injure and cut herself, and that they can’t approach her any closer, since that fence is much farther from the outer enclosure. We even reported that to PD of Cicevac and RVI in Krusevac, who did nothing,

- fawn Nani is a female and was deliberately locked inside a small fenced area with a goat, Cameroonian race who was in estrus, to be abused, and where the goat beat and chased Nani to exhaustion, while the hunters were amused. We reported this to the police as well, after which they were separated. Inspection in Krusevac barely condescended to respond to the call of the police, but for this particular case they did nothing except telling us that whenever hunters have “feast day (Serbian Slava)” the Laws of RS are suspended,

- that we have reported several times that the fawn Nani is being starved, that she never has clean drinking water, that she never gets bulky green food which is essential for digestion and proper rumen function, on what we have received an answer from RVI stating that the fawn is being fed with concentrate feed for lambs, which by the way Nani did not want nor did she eat. Then we realized the degree of ignorance we’re dealing with, that a veterinary inspector knows nothing about ruminant nutrition, or about the living needs of the young specimens of wild animals, and that such ignorance causes the lack of every treatment concerning the welfare of the fawn regarding starvation, deprivation of basic needs, both at the beginning and today. Additionally vet. inspection in Krusevac showed a complete lack of knowledge about regulations by which it should work and since there were also no proper actions from a Chief of RVI, Director of the Veterinary Department and the Minister herself, we conclude from numerous other examples, that for them a complete inaction, ignorance and violation of regulations from the veterinary field and animal welfare is a normal occurrence and that they actually don’t really know the description of their job and the laws by which it is regulated,

- we reported that the fawn resides in the fenced space, on the mowed lawn with uniform grass, that she has no grazing and no proper food, that the fawn is for a longer period either starved or inadequately fed, and that’s when she was dozed, cheerless, frightened by all events and the constant noise in the pheasant farm, that she is tired and short of sleep, which will only show its harmful effects during the winter, because in her critical period of growing up the fawn had no useful substances necessary for her proper growth and the body and rumen development,

- that, consequently, fawn’s well-being and physical and psychological condition was greatly compromised, her health and mental stability, because around her it has been shot with firing weapons, she has been visited by a lot of unknown people, pheasants were captured and later released back to the nature from the farm, there were sprees and rampages through the whole night after the hunt was over, slaughter of the animals, etc … etc …. a series of very bad actions that have adversely affected and destroyed and undermined all the good that has Dragana Mitic for two months achieved and brought this fawn back from the dead.

- that we have delivered you the document, a statement from Dejan Ignjatovic from Cicevac, that tells about the origin of the fawn, which was the job of a veterinary inspection and the police, and also tells the fact that the fawn was found in a comatose state, with no response to the human presence, abandoned by the mother and alone, and that Mr. Ignjatovic who was picking mushrooms in the forest took her out of compassion and brought her with him and gave her to his neighbor Dragana Mitic to try to save her, which surprisingly Dragana Mitic managed, because the survival rates of so young and small fawns are very low and only survive in conditions when they have someone to bind to, and accept the person who raises them as biological mother, which is also a rarity… The most common is that the fawns will not accept anyone and mortality rates are much higher than those who remain alive.

- if you do not know anything about this, we suggest you again with good intentions, to find and read the professional literature from the XXI century, that will broaden your knowledge about animal welfare, that is contained in the Animal Welfare Law, and according to which you must act and thus improve your work.

As we approach the period of winter and cold weather, and the fawn is in very bad shape, skinny, has weak hair, mostly scared and tired without the possibility to have its peace and shelter to rest and sleep, we are reporting this type of abuse as well and it must end, inspection must act, because all the events around this fawn in the previous period indicate a fatal outcome that will soon come!

In recent days of heavy rain, wind, cold, humidity, fawn Nani had nowhere to hide except in the dirty area where pheasants resided. She was outdoors constantly. In this space there is a lot of hazardous waste of every type. Besides pheasant’s excrement, there is armature which protrudes upwards, scattered beams that can ensnare fawn’s foot and crush it, she can get hurt on the sharp metal armature, on a maze of wires, etc… She is always more hungry than satiated, thirsty and as the days get shorter and as we go into the winter period, sun can shine, but it will still be cold. Therefore it is not acceptable that a fawn has no shelter.

Under the shelter we don’t consider any hazardous bunch of objects which abound in pheasant farm, see pictures attached – but a closed type of shed with wooden floor, with a thick bedding in which a fawn may lie down and sleep without a wind blowing from the door, yet the entrance area should be designed to shield the inside of the shed and prevent the entry of the cold air or rainfall. This is because the fawn is not moving, she is not running, does not eat, she is not happy, she is poorly fed, always hungry, has lost its weight, has weak hair and has stopped growing (she now looks the same and is in the same psycho-physical condition as the fawn Suzana was who disappeared the day before a hunting inspector was supposed to come) and it is unacceptable that over all Nani does not have a space where she can shelter herself from the rain and cold.

Veterinary inspection should order the Hunting Association “Cicevac” to do this, with the instant completion deadline!

Or to order the relocation of the fawn in accordance with Article 79, page 1, paragraph 2 of the Animal Welfare Law for her well-being and recovery, all in accordance with the principles of the Law and return the fawn back to Dragana Mitic who still wants to take her and has much better conditions to keep Nani than hunters in the pheasant farm have. She has a spacious courtyard of the 15 acres, where the fawn grew, and in addition, she will feed and take care of Nani much better than the hunters do now. Nani needs to recover from all that she has survived since 01.08.2014 up until now. This fact you can’t deny because we have plenty of evidence to show the contrary!

Winter is approaching and with it come the various situations that can’t be predicted. The fawn can’t be left at the mercy of nature, closed in the fence where she even now doesn’t have the basic conditions for life, no food and water or anyone to bring the food and check out if she needs anything, except Dragana and her family who daily travel 6km to feed Nani which they won’t be able to do when winter comes.

At Dragana Mitic’s home, the fawn will comfortably and safely overwinter, recover and she can wait there the delayed and slow acting of the Minister, and that would be a reasonable treatment and the best solution for the fawn herself. All in accordance with Article 4 of the Animal Welfare Law.

Summary: At the time of confiscation, 01.08.2014 the fawn looked great, perfect, even the vets gave her 15 days more of her actual age. She was cheerful, she played and ran. She was in a great psychological and physical condition and that was all thanks to Dragana Mitic. Now after almost three months in conditions in which RVI Krusevac put her and forgot her, we have one ruin of the animal and that will be the further topic of our work.

Noting that the life which Dragana preserved is the only one that this fawn has, and her one and only small life was destroyed by the state authorities of the Republic of Serbia, although the Animal Welfare Law dictates otherwise!

In the very bad conditions lives the Cameroon goat as well (see photos attached – what you see in the picture as a makeshift boards is the actual shelter for her), but it can’t be a reason to kill her, rather the hunters should get her a decent space with a thick layer of bedding, where she could shelter herself from weather and cold, sleep, eat, have water that won’t freeze in the winter. The temperature in which goats reside C. The goat could also get transferred from the°shouldn’t be lower than 5 pheasant farm to Cicevac, in Milije Djordjevic’s home where he could take the care and custody over the goat until spring arrives.


According to the way of how the animals are being kept in this pheasant farm it’s not difficult to conclude that everything is done by violation of the regulations which directly goes at the expense of animals and their well-being.

To us it is more than clear now that out of spite veterinary inspection won’t comply with the law and won’t return the fawn to the family to which it belongs – yet it was obliged to do so according to the Article 79 of the Animal Welfare Law until the Decision of the Minister is reached. It would remove all the dangers for the fawn, but Ms. Slavica Jovanovic, the vet. inspector, Chief of RVI Krusevac, wants to leave this fawn to suffer as much as she can, to drop dead if it must, but defiance is defiance. Abuse of power is a dangerous and contagious “disease” and is transmitted. It expires after the period of more than 10 years, so she better not dream that she can get away from her responsibility in front of the law.

Defiance was always a bad craft, legal provisions oblige the inspection for proper actions and this is the last Charge for this specific case that we file in this form. Following is the insistence on the legal treatment by the Minister through everything we have provided so far, including the complaints on your work and then the following are criminal charges to the Republican Public Prosecutor, whom we will supply all the evidence and everything we wrote in elapsed time and to detail transfer your every (in)action and response, and to whom you will must, willingly or not, provide all that you did or didn’t do and the reasons for your inaction since 08.08.2014 until 27.10.2014., everything you didn’t want to provide to us, but we requested, yet you are angry and pouting because we only write you the truth about your illegal work, and that is only we insist on, everything that exists and that will be the evidence of your actions or omissions, and is defined by the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia.

Also, we will not repeat this anymore: Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law requires lawful actions from the Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, and gives him a period of up to 30 days and that deadline is long over, because today is 88th day of abuse and suffering of the fawn and the family to which it belongs – without any progress. Not to mention the Article 76 of the Animal Welfare Law, according to which the Ministry was obliged to monitor the welfare of all animals on this pheasant far through the competent government veterinary inspection service, and that is not happening. The well-being of all animals in the pheasant farm in Cicevac is seriously impaired, as well as the safety of the citizens from infectious diseases, because the Hunting Society “Hajduk Veljko” doesn’t have a registered facility under Article 104 of the Veterinary Law, that is in force since 02.11.2005., as well as under Regulations which more precisely regulate this field, and for such violation of the law is responsible sloppy and non-working RVI Krusevac, ie specifically Chief of RVI Krusevac, who doesn’t apply and implement the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

If not to us, then Ms. Minister will have to explain to Republican Public Prosecutor’s Office why she didn’t act the way she was supposed to according to the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Act (“Off. Gazette of RS”, no. 41/2009), and, after all, with all its principles this whole law is aimed at animal welfare – while lady Minister violates the law. So when Minister can break the law, of course that the veterinary inspector will freely violate it as well – but thus they both make abuse of power because they allow acquisition of illegal material and non material benefits to others, and of course, for themselves they also provide a variety of benefits at the expense of the citizens and property of the Republic of Serbia in yet unspecified amount.

In attachment we submit photos and part of our addressing to RVI Krusevac, and on the site you can see the chronology of the events since 08.08.2014 up until now.


EPAR – SERBIA OIPA / Alliance for the Protection of nature, animal and human rights

End of Charge —————————————————–



Whilst this above charge was being undertaken by Serbian campaigners; we at SAV England made contact with both Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski; the newly elected President of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup and a huge animal campaigner for Romanian stray dogs.  See our past post –

We informed Mr. Wojciechowski about the situation for animals within Serbia and we gave a lot of information on the fact that Nani baby deer had still not been released back to Mrs. Mitic by the government Minister after 89 days; when according to Serbian law, the authorities had a maximum of 30 daysAs Mr. Wojciechowski is also an MEP in the European Parliament, we asked him to please make sure that other MEP’s were informed about Nani.

We also then had a formal response from the EU Enlargement Commission which reviews potential new member state applications to the EU.  We were asked if we were willing for our SAV information to be given to the Serbian government.

Here is exactly what the Commission said to us:

Dear Mr Johnson,

Your message to DG Enlargement has arrived to me, in the Serbia team of DG Enlargement, as the official responsible for environment questions.

I hope that you will understand that, as a candidate country to the EU, Serbia is not yet obliged to apply fully EU laws.

However, as a country aspiring to join the EU, Serbia needs to demonstrate its capacity to apply those laws. The European Commission is in the process of examining Serbia’s implementation of the large block of laws under the environment heading, including those to do with animal welfare.

In this context, I hope that you will agree that we can pass on your message and your views to the Serbian authorities. I would like to invite them to give this matter their fullest attention and to invite them to reply to you.

Yours sincerely,

Naturally, we at SAV were fully in agreement with the EU Commission that our information be provided to the Serbian government so that they can be invited to reply to what we have said.  We await their comments with much interest.  A full copy of today’s Serbian campaigners charge (above) was also provided to the Enlargement Commission to see what the Serbian government also would say about this.

The formal charge speaks or itself and we think there is no way the Serbian government can get out of what has been said.  We trust that the EU Enlargement Commission will also take this charge as additional evidence to our case for the animals of Serbia.

The situation for Nani deer has not changed today; she is still being held by the hunters.

But we hope that all of the efforts both in Serbia and England today will prove very productive for animal welfare within Serbia in the future.  We especially hope that our first real win will be to see Nani and the other animals held captive by the hunters released and returned to Mrs. Mitic for life safe keeping.

So this is a long but very brief summary of today’s events – 28/10/14.

Via work at the EU and also with criminal charges made within Serbia by Serbian campaigners; we hope that the Serbian government will now be put under more formal pressure to provide responses to both of us, Serbian campaigners, SAV and the EU Enlargement Commission.

Our first priority is still to free Nani deer and the other animals held by the hunters; but today we can look back and say that hopefully, 28/10/14 can be noted as a turning point day for big progress in Serbian animal welfare.

We hope you agree !


Our new petition to free Nani the deer can be viewed and signed at:  


Thank you – Nani and friends.






In 2013 the EU Provided Serbia With 208 Million Euros To Ensure Application of the ‘Rule of Law’, ‘Guaranteeing Democracy’, Ensuring ‘Human Rights’. Why Then Has the Serbian Government Failed With the ‘Nani’ Deer Campaign ???

Serbian  Flag


Nani Deer Update 27/10/14.


Firstly, the situation is that there are still currently no changes in the situation for Nani.

Despite this, we are overwhelmed with the first day response to our new petition; which can be signed at:    – please pass on to all your contacts and ask them to spread the word about how the Serbian government is betraying giving Nani her freedom back with Mrs. Tadic.

Today, 27/10/14, we have been in telephone conversation with the EU Enlargement Commission regarding Nani and Serbia’s application to become an EU member state.

Please check the following for more information:

With regard the above second link, it is interesting to note:


Serbia – financial assistance

Funding allocation from the EU for 2013: €208.3 million.

EU assistance focuses on:

Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, fight against organised crime and corruption.

Public administration reform – at local and central government level.

Social development – social inclusion (especially of the Roma population), employment, human resources development and human rights.

Environment & energy – nature conservation, water and air quality, waste management, climate action, renewables, energy efficiency and security.

So, the EU gives Serbia over 200 million Euros in 2013, part of which is the fight against organised crime and corruption, as well as human rights; and today we see the Serbian Agriculture Minister still refusing to implement Serbian animal welfare legislation regarding Nani deer after 88 days, when she originally was required by law to respond within 30 days !

Serb Minister 1

Serbian welfare campaigners are today continuing to contact both the Ministry of Agriculture and also the Ministry associated with the police – who took Nani from Mrs. Mitic and handed her back to the hunters.  So much for the above – Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, and the fight against organised crime and corruption.

It was the police who undertook unlawful action in support of the hunters on 1/8/2014; instead putting pressure on and taking away the human rights of normal Serbian citizens such as Mrs. Mitic who was at the time caring for Nani.

Also, we question the veterinary inspector who prepared an unlawful official report in opposition to to Article 79 of the law for animal welfare.  Mrs. Mitic has personally now commenced action (on 10/8/2014) regarding the authorities to ignore the requiremnts of Article 58 of Serbian law.

So we ask once again as EU citizens, with the EU giving away OUR MONEY, where is the Justice/home affairs – efficient judicial system, and the fight against organised crime and corruption that members of the EU tax paying public have given €208.3 million to Serbia for in 2013 ???

It is a basic requirement of any future EU member states to ensure that during their application process, there is proof to the EU Enlargement Commission that the national ‘rules of law’ are being applied by in this case, Serbia.  We are failing to see this; certainly in the case of Nani where the minister for Agriculture has still not made any decisions at day 88, when she had originally 30 days by law to decide !

We have reminded the EU Enlargement Commission of the current situation during our telephone conversation today.

The solution to the case of Nani is a very simple one – remove Nani from the hunters and return her to Mrs. Mitic for her forever keep and welfare.

i want to go home

Finally we would like to thank over 600 supporters who have already signed our save Nani petition in the first 24 hours.  We are proud of you all – thank you from Nani and the ‘Save Nani’ team.

On 28/10 we move into day 89 of still not having any decision from a Serbian government minister regarding Nani; or especially her compliance with Serbian law which requires her to complete a decision within 30 days.

As can be seen from our petition;     many people in many nations around the globe are now fully aware of the situation regarding Nani the baby deer and the failure of the Serbian government to apply the fundamental rules of law which are a requirement for EU membership.

We now wait for a new day and see what happens on 28/10.

Regards – the ‘Save Nani’ team – Serbia and England, UK.


Further links:

(EU) Membership requires that candidate country has achieved stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy, the rule of law, human rights, respect for and protection of minorities, the existence of a functioning market economy as well as the capacity to cope with competitive pressure and market forces within the Union. Membership presupposes the candidate’s ability to take on the obligations of membership including adherence to the aims of political, economic and monetary union“.  – Excerpt from the Copenhagen Presidency conclusions.

The ‘Rule of Law’

The rule of law (also known as nomocracy) is the legal principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to arbitrary decisions by individual government officials. It primarily refers to the influence and authority of law within society, particularly as a constraint upon behavior, including behavior of government officials.  The phrase can be traced back to 16th century England, and it was popularized in the 19th century by British jurist A. V. Dicey. The concept was familiar to ancient philosophers such as Aristotle, who wrote “Law should govern”. 

The Rule of law implies that every citizen is subject to the law, including law makers themselves.

And as far as we are aware that also includes Serbian Agriculture Ministers !!

Is this above the case with the Nani situation ??



Return her to Mrs. Mitic Immediately !!





Serbia: 26/10/14 – New Petition Launched Today For ‘Nani’ Deer – Please Sign Immediately and Pass Link On. Thank You.


26/10/14 – ‘Nani’ deer update.

Today we have launched a new petition to the Serbian government for Nani (and the other animals held by the hunters) on the Care2 website.

Here is the link

This should take you directly to the petition.

We need to act immediately for Nani – please sign NOW and crosspost to everyone that you can  !

Thank you


News from Serbia 26/10/14:

The husband of Mrs. Mitic, visited again and fed Nani, took a lot of green food, for tomorrow,  because of the job  will not be in Cicevac and will not be able to go and see her.

He says: NANI immediately rushed to the gate, because it seems recognizes  sound of my car. I took her a lot of food, because tomorrow I will not be in Cicevac. I was able to pet her through the gate.

Of course, Nani  always felt when we must to go back, and then she’s nervous, run along the fence and looking for a way out for her.   (Nani  try to escape and go with Milan, Dragana is very ill and depress because of Nani,  She can not stand suffering Nani, because  Nani for her as her child) .  

Nani cry like  a child, loud, every time,   and today some hunters or guardians, are sitting there, in the house,  in the shadows, and no one has the nerve to stuck his head. I have not photo anything, because I know , you are  overbooked with materials.






Serbia: YOUR HELP NOW NEEDED To Write To International Serbian Embassies Global. Sample Letter and Contact Details Provided Below. Please Write and Be A Voice for Nani Today !

Serbian  Flag

 UPDATED 24/10/14 – New Photos and Letters

For other global articles and issues, please scroll down to ‘Latest Posts’ on the right side.

This post is going to remain as the first main post on the site at present; and will be updated as necessary.

We are still in the situation where the Serbian Minster (Photo below) is not making any decision regarding Nani

Serb Minister 1





So now we have to move on further with our campaign to free Nani deer and return Nani to Mrs. Mitic. 


The following links provide access to all Serbian embassies around the world.

To take action for Nani, please find your national Serbian embassy from the list provided above. 

Check out e mail contact details on how to write to them at the specific embassy.


Then copy the following sample letter and all the attachment links which follow it.

Please send the letter and the links to your own national Serbian embassy.

Every embassy has a legal requirement to return the issues that it has had correspondence about back to the government in Serbia.  We need to show the Serbian government that the ‘Nani campaign’ has now gone global and that Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic who originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to, and implementing Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare has still taken no action in double this period.

As the Serbian Minister cannot enforce existing Serbian law, Serbia should thus not be allowed to become an EU member state.

The sample letter can also be copied to the EU Enlargement Commission at:



– Also include the links given at the end.


Dear Sir / Madam;

I am writing with the wish that my views are immediately returned to the government of Serbia – please ensure that this information is passed on.

For many weeks now a young deer named ‘Nani’ has been illegally held within Serbia by hunters who are involved with corrupt Serbian state police officials.  Nani deer was being cared for by a lady called Mrs. Mitic after the mother of the deer was shot and killed by these hunters.

The Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to, and implementing Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare; to enforce action and return Nani to the care of Mrs. Mitic.  She has not done this and we are now around 70 days late in having action from the Serbian Minister.  Still she does nothing.

What has she got to hide ? – why is she so incompetent that she is not able to enforce existing Serbian animal welfare law ? – she is supposed to be qualified in laws associated with animals and animal science.

Any sensible person would know that Nani must immediately be returned for permanent residence with Mrs. Mitic.

Members of the European parliament (MEP’s) have already been informed of the ignorant attitude of Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic in this case regarding Nani.

Minister Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic IS NOT enforcing existing Serbian law on animal welfare; ie. Implementing Article 58; thus I consider that Serbia and the Serbian government are not enforcing implementation of the ‘rule of law’ (within Serbia); this enforcement being a fundamental requirement to be shown by any member state seeking EU accession (membership).

Thus I am left with no option now but to inform my political representatives that Serbia is not worthy of EU membership until Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic acts positively; makes an immediate decision that Nani deer must immediately be returned to Mrs. Mitic permanently.

The name of Serbia has already been tarnished by the inaction of Minister Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic. 

So now, until she acts the correct way and releases Nani permanently back to the care of Mrs. Mitic; I will campaign to ensure that Serbia, which is not enforcing its own legislation (the rule of law); is kept out of becoming an EU member state.

Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic – Act immediately – free Nani deer !


Name and nationality.



End of Sample Letter.


Serb Minister 1i want to go home



Serbia: Beautiful Serbian Wildlife Photographs From Zoran.

Serbian  Flag On the following link are some beautiful Serbian Nature photographs which have been sent to us from our animal campaigner friends Vesna and her husband Zoran who reside in Serbia. 

Zoran took all of the photographs, which we know you will enjoy.

To see all of Zoran’s photos; please click here:

Thanks – SAV.

Serbia: ‘Nani’ Deer Photos 19/10/14. Still No Decision From Minister – See Her Photo Below.

Serbian  Flag

Serb Minister 1

 Photo – Minister , Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic – Cannot make Decisions About Animal Welfare.

Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to, and implementing Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare.



Now approximately 70 days later.



Serb Minister 1



Article – Speak out to save the life of baby deer ‘Nani’:


i want to go home

Serb Minister 1


 Photo – Minister , Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic – Cannot make Decisions About Animal Welfare.

Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to, and implementing Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare.



Now approximately 70 days later.



Serb Minister 1

Serbia: More Photographs From Danica of Tik, Tak and Tok.

Serbian  Flag



Please see our previous post with photos about Tik, Tak and Tok.    

Danica has now sent us some more photographs of the little ones which you can see below.

Tik tak tok 1

Please give anything that you can in order to help with their veterinary costs.

At the end of this post you will find a secure link to the Youcaring;  where you can make a secure donation which is then forwarded on directly to the cats at shelter Felix.

The following is the message from Danica:

Tik tak tok 2

Tik,Tak and Tok are siblings, three unwanted babies that had been living at a construction site in Belgrade since they were born. Their mother was a stray which disappeared a long time ago and they were forced to fend for themselves in that dangerous place, fed by locals but totally on their own and unprotected.

They were approximately three months old when they arrived at the shelter at the beginning of September, skinny and confused, with voracious appetites, but cuddly, curious and sweet.

Unfortunately, only one of them, a little tuxie boy named Tak, seems to be healthy. His brother Tik has a congenital birth defect, he was born with a deformed right rear leg which needs to be amputated. Their sister, a tabby and white girl we named Tok, has only one eye as her other eye has already leaked out because of some untreated infection (probably herpes, chlamydia or both) and what’s left of it will have to be removed.

Although we thought Tok also had a harelip when she was brought to the shelter (see photos at end of this post – SAV) , we’re now more inclined to believe she was actually seriously injured some time ago, as a part of her lip is missing and she doesn’t have a cleft palate.

Tik tak tok 3
All three of them have fit in nicely right away and are getting stronger every day, so it’s time to start thinking about their surgeries.

The amputation of Tik’s leg and the removal of what’s left of Tok’s right eye will cost around 300 euros/$430CAD. We need all of the help we can get in order to fix the serious problems these sad and neglected babies have the best way we can and enable them to live the long and happy lives they deserve.

Every donation counts, no matter what the size!  

Photos below from our previous post (link at top) showing Tik, Tak and Tok:





Thank you – SAV / Felix shelter.

IMGP0936 resize

IMGP0930 resize

UK / England: David Cameron Prime Minister Gives 2 Fingers To 94% Of British Public And Blocks A Ban On The Use of Wild Animals In English Circuses.



wheres the ban


UPDATE 17/10/14.


SAV Comment:

94% of the British public want an end to wild animals being used in travelling circuses in the UK.  On 17/10/14 the UK government led by David Cameron, Prime Minister; kicked 94% of the British public in the teeth by NOT allowing a vote to ban the use of wild animals in English circuses.

In May 2015 the  British public will have a General Election and have the opportunity to eradicate David Cameron and his Conservative Party from government.  This issue is just another example of how Cameron’s ‘rich boy’ Tory government are completely ignoring the wishes of the British general public – and instead only doing what they want to do whilst giving 2 fingers to everybody else – in this case 94% of the public !

We say ‘roll on May 2015’.  In the meantime; we will continue to expose the Cameron government for all their animal abuses; the fumbled badger killings recently being yet another example.

Congratulations to Malta for doing the right thing with circus animals today.

Fingers crossed for a ‘Goodbye David Cameron’ in May 2015.

There are plenty of clowns relating to the circus; and David Cameron Prime Minister is the biggest clown of all !!



Cameron – Prime Minister

cameron hunter

Cameron – The Hunter.

cameron clown 1

cameron clown 2

17/10/14 – Now ‘Cameron The Clown’


See our previous posts on this issue going back a few years – most recent is first.

Dates for others are contained within each of the headers:

 The following is the message late today (17/10/14) from Liz Tyson; Director at the UK ‘Captive Animals Protection Society’ (CAPS):

Dear Mark,

Malta comes good for animals in circuses but Westminster lets them down again.

We were delighted this morning to hear that Malta has now passed a ban on the use of ALL animals in circuses.

We were really pleased to be able to provide advice and support to local groups in Malta who have been working hard on this campaign for years and it is heartening to see the proposals finally make it into law.

But our delight tuned to dismay at our own Government when, at the second reading of his Private Members Bill to ban wild animals in circuses, MP Jim Fitzpatrick revealed that the Government had intervened to block the proposal.

This is in spite of repeated assurances from the Prime Minister and Minister responsible for the issue that they were supportive. We told you earlier this week that a damning letter from Nick Clegg to a constituent raised alarm bells over the Government’s true intentions on this matter and it now seems that those concerns were well-founded.

We know how much you, like us, were hoping that today would be the day when we would take that important step closer to seeing an end to the cruel use of wild animals in English circuses. We know that you have worked hard alongside us to make it a reality. We also know that, like us, you won’t be giving up easily.

Just moments after the objection was raised to the Bill, we were in contact with our campaign partners and Jim Fitzpatrick MP and are now in the process of working together to challenge this new obstacle.

We won’t give in until all circuses are animal-free.

We wanted you to be the first to know about today’s news as we know that the future of wild animals currently being exploited in circuses in the UK is important to you. We are sorry that we cannot share the good news we all so wanted to hear. But we must continue.

The second reading is rescheduled again for next Friday, the 24th October. So we will be doing all we can between now and then to secure a positive result for the animals.

Thank you, as ever, for your support,
Liz Tyson, Director CAPS.

Liz Tyson CAPS

Above – Liz Tyson.

Further reading:

This is the person – see him here ! -  Andrew Rosindell MP  -

The bill to ban wild animals in circuses has been blocked by Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell at its second reading today. This is the second time that Mr Rosindell has blocked the bill, introduced by Jim Fitzpatrick MP and championed by ADI.

It is difficult to comprehend why anyone would block this popular and long-awaited legislation, sabotaging efforts to bring the suffering of circus animals finally to an end – although Mr Rosindell has previously written a brochure foreword for the now disbanded Great British Circus, where shocking elephant abuse was exposed by ADI.

Despite his support for this outdated industry, we sincerely hope Mr Rosindell will respect his constituents’ wishes, and the will of the public and fellow MPs, and not oppose the bill at its next reading on October 24th.

Despite interventions by Mr Rosindell, the circus bill still provides the best opportunity to secure the ban ahead of the general election.


Read in full at:  

Serbia: 17/10/14 – ‘Nani’ Deer Latest. Still No Action From Serbian Minister; But Nani Campaigners Now Take Action With EU MEP’s !

Serbian  Flag


i want to go home


The situation at this present time is that ‘Nani’ deer is still being retained by the hunters.  

STILL NO ACTION by Serbian Minister of Agriculture, 

Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic;

Serb Minister 1

Above – Minister Boskovic

On this post you will see the latest photographs from 16/10/14.


We are now approximately 2 months into still not having a decision / action by Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic; who originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare.  

We consider this shows just how chronically bad the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture is as it is still not capable of making a decision some 30 days BEYOND its final decision date under existing Serbian Law !!

SoOn 16/10/14 SAV made telephone contact with Members of the European Parliament (MEP) in London to explain the current situation of Nani and the fact that Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic is incapable of still making a decision on the future of Nani.

We constantly reminded MEP’s that any member state currently seeking EU Accession (membership) must be continually showing that it is ‘applying the rule of law’ with regard its own national legislation. 


Applying the Serbian rule of law is certainly not the case regarding the situation with ‘Nani’, as Serbian Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic originally had 30 days for acting in agreement to, and implementing Article 58 of Serbian Law for Animal Welfare.  


By not applying its own rule of law, Serbia is NOT currently meeting the membership requirements even needed to be considered for EU membership.  We again reminded the MEP’s of this situation, who are going to work further on the issue of ‘Nani’ today; 17/10/14.


Making a decision on the future of a deer is not ‘rocket science’, and yet Serbian Ministers DO NOT seem capable of doing it.  Is it a corruption issue between the Ministers, police and hunters one has to question; or is it simply that Serbian government ministers cannot and do not wish to apply existing Serbian legislation (laws) to the running of Serbia ???


Something in Serbian legislation is drastically wrong, and we suggest it starts at the top and works down, from Ministers such as (Serbian) Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic.


From the very start, we said that we would never give up on the issue of ‘Nani’; until Nani is rightfully returned to adoptive parent and carer Mrs Mitic.  This is still the case; until we get a decision that Nani returns to Mrs. Mitic, we will continue to show to you, and to EU MEP’s, that Serbia is NOT enforcing its own rules of law.


The Serbian government has to live with that – do they abuse their own national legislation system and continue to be shown by organisations such as us that they are certainly not worthy EU membership candidates at present; or do they implement Serbian national law, do the right this and return Nani deer to owner Mrs. Mitic.


We were informed by London on 16/10 that we would be getting an update on the situation with regard their actions in the very near future.  We will post this as applicable on this site.




Article – Speak out to save the life of baby deer ‘Nani’:


 Petition wording:

Hunters and the police took away a motherless baby deer from his home and his foster and now want to put him into a zoo. Their first plan was to slaughter him (as it is the usual practice here), but because of the public reaction the baby was saved. However he is not cared for properly. He has diarrhea and shows signs of stress and fear. He misses his caretaker very much and that feeling is mutual. The struggle to gain him back lasts for more than two weeks. Authorities are not doing their job and it may cost this baby deer’s life. Minister of Agriculture can issue an order that will bring Nani back home and there is a legitimate possibility for that however that is not happening even though Nani’s family has requested it. If Nani ends up in a zoo it will seal his life as a captive animal for good. Please help!



London, England: ‘Farms Not Factories’ – Please Sign and Take The Pig Pledge Today.


pig pledge banner


pig pledge





Pig Pledge Video:

It’s World Food Day 2014 and this year we’re focusing on family farming!

Agribusiness corporations, solely motivated by profit, continue to take control of local food systems while more than a billion people in the world suffer from hunger and starvation, and another billion are overweight or obese.

We think people should be able to define their own food and farming policies. By taking and sharing the Pig Pledge you will be supporting local and sustainable food systems. Please help spread the message to encourage people to pledge to eat meat from real farms, not animal factories.

You can find out more in our new three-minute video released this week (music kindly donated by Jools Holland):

We have been engaging in online activities all week focusing on the various issues associated with factory farming. So far over 1,600 people have taken the pig pledge and we’ve had the backing of many organisations and celebrities, including Greenpeace, Stephen Fry and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Check out our website an twitter feed and get involved in the conversation!

Please sign and share the Pig Pledge to inspire people to make better food choices that support socially and economically just farming systems.
#PigPledge @pigbusiness

A Farms Not Factories initiative

28 Halsey Street,
London, SW3 2PT.






Netherlands / England: The Importance Of Access To Animals During Road Transport.



As you can read in the ‘About Us’ section; we have worked with Lesley and her great team at ‘Eyes on Animals’    (based in the Netherlands) many times in the past regarding live animal transport issues.

Access to animals in transport has been a massive concern of ours also and we have worked together regarding this issue for quite some time.  A couple of our past posts which deal with this issue can be seen at:

If you go to ‘About Us’, you can scroll down until you see pictures taken at Dover (UK) of ‘sealed trailers’ which are being used by Dutch hauliers / exporters to transport live sheep from the UK to mainland EU.  As you can see from the above link photos; also those below; and from the report produced by Lesley – ‘The Importance of Access During Transport’; ensuring access to animals during transport is vital.  The sealed box trailers operated by Dutch hauliers (and as seen in the following photo) in the UK do NOT provide this access.

ValCameron141113_7598 _2

Above picture – A ‘sealed box’ trailer filled with live sheep arrives at Dover, UK 

Below – loaded onto the ‘Joline’ for export to Calais (photos – V. Cameron)

Below - the importance of good access to animals during transport.

To check condition, injury; provide access for food and water to be provided.

(Photos – EoA NL)



04.11.2012_TR_LYM 532_Transkavic_PragnantSheep  (69)

20-10-2011_XTA605-feeding (26)

The following is a recent report by Lesley of an incident at the Turkish border.  As you can read and see from the video, it was only because the trailer involved was fitted with access doors that the animals were able to be provided with food and water.  If ‘sealed box’ type trailers had been used instead, what would this post now be saying ? – probably that all animals had died at their delay at the border crossing due to lack of access and the inability to provide them with water and food !

Please read Lesley’s report on how important / vital good access to ALL animals being carried is vital during transport.  Here is the link to the report:


The following below is the report of the incident at the Turkish border as provided by Lesley.

As just one part of all our campaign work for bettering animal welfare during road transport; we will continue to work with our friends to make the EU aware of the current situations and to try and ensure that for the future; legislation is updated to make access to all animals during transport much easier and part of EU regulations.  We do not want animals in sealed box trailers; where drivers cannot see or gain access to sick and injured beings.  Time for change !!

Continually fighting to improve live animal transport conditions

and the animals welfare !

Mark – Founder SAV.


EoA logo

Dear livestock-truck body shops, EU/DG Sanco and Member State officials, FVO, UECBV, OIE and exporters and transporters of live animals,  

(voor het Nederlands, zie hieronder)

On October 8th a truck with 28 pregnant buffalos from Piemonte, Italy arrived at the Bulgarian/Turkish border, after a journey of almost 2000km.

The Bulgarian authorities at the BIP let the truck through but it got stopped inside the border by the Turkish authorities because it did not have the correct papers. I will not go into the details of what was missing in the paper work, it is irrelevant for the purpose of this email.

The chauffeur was fortunately a competent and motivated one. He did his utmost best to get feed brought into the border, and he regularly fed and watered and checked-on each animal on board. As well, the Turkish veterinarian at the border was able to regularly check on the pregnant animals blocked inside. This was all possible because of the fact that the Pezzaioli vehicle used had many access doors on the side of the vehicle.

Please watch a short video of the buffalo’s on the truck that our Turkish inspector made while at the border :

Should the truck not have had access doors, the driver would not have been able to easily place large troughs to manually water the animals inside, and make sure that each animal was getting enough liquid and feed. Additionally, should the truck have been a closed one, the veterinarian also would not have been able to monitor the health condition of the pregnant animals and step in should one have needed an injection or treatment.

Yesterday afternoon, October 13th, after 6 days of being blocked at the border and EonA/AWF making dozens of phone calls to EU and TR authorities, he finally got permission to continue his journey to a farm in Bursa, Turkey.

I hope this incident, which occurs more regularly than one would like to believe at important border crossings, helps you understand why easy access to the animals on board is so vital to assure the welfare of the animals during all unforeseen circumstances. We ask you please to make sure all the trucks you build, approve or use have good access opportunities to the animals. It is the law but also it is useful in practice! We are pleased to hear that certain companies have installed access doors in their airco and forced ventilation trucks. We want to also insist that not only closed trucks have these doors, but also normal livestock trucks. Some are built now without side access doors and this is not smart or in compliance with the EC 1/2005.

best wishes,

Lesley Moffat – Director                                                     Iris Baumgaertner
Margreet Steendijk – Senior inspector                             Head of Inspections


DUTCH VERSION BELOW – Beste mensen, (for English please see above)

Graag willen wij het volgende onder uw aandacht brengen: Op 8 oktober kwam er een transport met 28 zwangere buffels uit Piemonte Italië aan bij de Bulgaars/Turkse grens, na een reis van ongeveer 2000 km.
De truck kreeg geen toestemming om Turkije binnen te gaan. Als reden voor het oponthoud meldt Turkije dat het veetransport niet over de juiste papieren beschikte. Op de verdere details zullen wij in deze email niet ingaan en zijn niet relevant. De chauffeur heeft zijn uiterste best gedaan om zijn dieren elke dag van eten en hooi te voorzien. Ook kon de dierenarts de dieren controleren. Dit was mogelijk, doordat de truck van Pezzaiola beschikte over veel toegangsdeuren aan de zijkant. Aub kijk naar de korte film van de buffalos op de veeauto:

Was dit niet het geval geweest, zou de chauffeur de dieren naar alle waarschijnlijkheid niet hebben kunnen voeren en met de hand een voor een water gegeven, en had de dierenarts geen mogelijkheid gehad om de buffels (visueel) te controleren. Gisteren middag, 13 oktober, kreeg de chauffeur na 6 dagen, toestemming zijn reis met als eindbestemming Bursa te vervolgen. De buffels hadden toen 6 dagen aan de grens in de veewagen doorgebracht.

U begrijpt dat wij door dit dramatische incident eens temeer overtuigd zijn van het nut en noodzaak van toegangsdeuren. Wij vragen u dan ook om deze standaard aan te brengen in alle veewagens die uw bedrijf bouwt. Alleen op die manier is het mogelijk om in dit soort situaties adequaat op te treden en de dieren de zorg te geven waar zij wettelijk recht op hebben.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Lesley Moffat – Director                                                    Iris Baumgaertner
Margreet Steendijk- Senior Inspector                             Head of Inspections


EoA logo


Lesley 4

Above – Good trailer access – note plenty of access doors.



Petitions: Some Here But Use Click At End To See Many More.

Link and petition:

new whale species

Save New Whale Species from Extinction

Posted by Megan Eimers

Target:  Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Secretary of Commerce at National Marine Fisheries Service

Goal:  Protect the world’s most recently discovered and highly endangered whales before they go extinct

A new species or subspecies of whale has been discovered in the Gulf of Mexico, but there are only about 50 left. A genetically distinct group of Bryde’s whales, which appear to be a new subspecies or possibly an entirely new species, is disappearing due to habitat loss caused by human threats such as oil exploration. The Bryde’s whale is the only baleen whale known to the Gulf.  Scientists would like to know more about this species, but time is quickly running out to save it.

The only known habitat of the new type of Bryde’s whale is the DeSoto Canyon, which is alarmingly close to the location of the disastrous 2010 BP oil spill. The oil industry is expected to expand in this region, and the whales have been known to be struck by the busy traffic of cargo ships in the area, putting their numbers at even greater risk.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) to list this species under the Endangered Species Act before it is too late for them. The Bryde’s whale needs to be added to the federal endangered species list in order to preserve its unique evolutionary lineage. Sign the petition below to urge the NMFS to approve the petition and move forward to conserve this new group of Bryde’s whales.


Dear Dr. Kathryn Sullivan,

I am very concerned over the imperiled status of the new species or subspecies of Bryde’s whale recently discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. With less than 50 left, time is running out to study these animals and discover more about them. We need to conserve their habitat and protect this species in order to study their interesting evolutionary lineage.

I urge you to take the steps to protect these whales before it is too late, and to approve of  the petition sent by NRDC to add this species to the Endangered Species List. Thank you for your time and consideration.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit:  Rungroj Yongrit, EPA

Link and petition:

burning bull

End Barbaric Practice of Burning Bulls Alive

Posted by Ashley Rodriguez

Target: President Juan Vincente Herrera, Castile and Leon

Goal: Cancel the horrific torture and murder of bulls during the Toro Jubilo

Each November, the Toro Jubilo festival is held in Soria, Spain. During this festival, live bulls are burned to death while tied up to posts or set loose to run through the streets. They are affixed with balls of flammable tar, also called pitch, which are then set on fire. Residents of the city hold a belief that eating the flesh of these tortured animals after they are engulfed by flames will bring fertility and invincibility. Such a notion is archaic and unfathomable in today’s world: Fertility and invincibility will not result from horrific murder. Urge officials to cancel this bull run and tell them that the cultural customs and beliefs of a society are not an excuse to kill an animal, let alone in such a horrific fashion.

Bulls, like any other animal, are perfectly capable of feeling pain and experiencing emotions. Their last hours of life during this bull run are spent in immense pain and fear as they are literally burned alive. Terrified bulls run aimlessly through the streets of Soria in a blind rage of pain and fear, their faces burned off by the flames. Others remain tied up and unable to move throughout the death sentence that can last for hours. Spectators look on while the animals’ faces, bodies, and flesh are burned away until the animal is finally dead.

The fact that this practice is part of a festival and provides some type of entertainment or satisfaction for spectators is vicious. Sign this petition to stop and ban this sadistic practice immediately, as it was during the 1960’s and 1970’s.


Dear President Herrera,

I am absolutely horrified and disgusted with your city’s horrific rituals during the Toro Jubilo. No animal or being deserves to have their bodies scorched alive in a public display for human entertainment. Such acts have no place in society and serve no real purpose. Burning animals alive for fertility is inhumane, and “tradition” is not a justification for murder.

I refuse to travel to Soria while festivals such as this are still taking place. Please consider the gravity of the situation and the wellbeing of the animals being tortured while still alive and fully able to feel pain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Stuart Yeates via Wikimedia Commons

Petition and Link:

dismiss inspector

Dismiss Inspector Who Ignored Animal Abuse

Posted by Jennifer Schwager

Target: Dr. Bruce Archibald, President of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Goal: Demand the suspension or termination of government inspector who disregarded blatant animal abuse

An undercover investigation into the abuse of animals at a hog facility recently revealed employees kicking, shocking, and clubbing pigs. Even more shockingly, the investigation uncovered evidence of blatant complicity on the part of a government inspector, who not only allowed the abuse to continue, but even provided employees with an electric prod to use on the pigs.

In a video released by Mercy for Animals, workers at the Western Hog Exchange in Red Deer, Alberta were seen beating hogs that were sick, injured, or unable to move with bats while a Canadian Food Inspection Agency agent stood watch. In the video, the agent clearly recognizes the abuse, stating, “If anybody has a camera, this will be on the Internet.”

Each week, 40,000 live animals pass through Western Hog Exchange, a transport hub from which most of the animals continue to slaughterhouses. According to the Company’s chairman, Brent Moen, the employees seen participating in the cruelty have been fired, and an independent, third-party contractor has been hired to conduct an investigation. In addition, another inquiry is being conducted by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

While the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says it has begun an investigation, they have not yet suspended or terminated the inspector in question. In the meantime, it is possible that the inspector is displaying the same disregard for his duty that he displayed previously. In order to ensure that CFIA inspections are effective in preventing cruelty to animals, it is imperative that the inspector is suspended from his position pending disciplinary action. Sign the petition below to demand that this negligent and incompetent inspector is suspended during the investigation.


Dear Dr. Archibald,

Evidence from a recent investigation showed a government inspector watching and allowing the beating of pigs by employees at Western Hog Exchange. At one point, the inspector is seen passing an electric prod to the employees as well as admitting recognition of egregious breaches of Canadian animal protection laws.

While the CFIA has launched an investigation, there is potential that the inspector will continue to allow abuses in other facilities until a conclusion is reached. I demand that, while the investigation is pending, the inspector is suspended from his duties, and that if the investigation finds guilt, further measures are taken, including dismissal.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Jon Sullivan via Creative Commons

Petition and Link:  

punish cruel pet owners

Punish Cruel and Neglectful Pet Owners

Posted by Jackie Ip

Target: Monthian Boonthan, National Legislative Assembly Member

Goal: Impose punishments on pet owners who fail to adequately take care of animals

In Thailand, many pets are subjected to abuse and neglect by the very people who are meant to love and take care of them. Fortunately, a new piece of legislature aims to punish people who neglect, torture, or fail to properly take care of their animals. Cruelty, as defined by this bill, is any action or absence of action which causes an animal agony, disability, or death. This bill will also require owners to provide care for their pets. Failure to comply will result in a jail term of up to one year and/or a fine of no more than $600.

Pets’ owners are their entire lives. They rely on them for care, food, and love. Animals should not have to be subjected to abuse or neglect by the people who should be taking care of them. This bill will give pet owners in Thailand the push they need to become more responsible pet owners. They will have to give their animals the proper care they deserve.

If this bill passes, a high-level committee to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare will be established and the lives of pets in Thailand will benefit greatly. Sign this petition and support this animal welfare bill.


Dear Mr. Boonthan,

It has come to my attention that you and many others in the National Legislative Assembly are focusing on passing an animal welfare bill that would punish pet owners who abuse or fail to provide adequate care for their pets. Many pets are suffering abuse and neglect in Thailand at the hands of the people who are meant to take care of them and I believe that this bill will change that for the better.

If this bill passes, a committee to prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare will be established. I believe that this, in congruence with the punishments against pet owners who neglect, abuse, or fail to care for their animals, will give pet owners in Thailand the push they need to become more responsible pet owners.

I would like you to know that you have my full support in regards to this bill. It will greatly improve the lives of pets in Thailand.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: yeowatzup via Wikimedia Commons


Check out many other petitions at:





USA: The Fate of the Gray Wolf Lies in the Hands of Michigan Voters.




michigan grey wolf 

(Photo: Danita Delimont/Getty Images)

 The Fate of the Gray Wolf Lies in the Hands of Michigan Voters

Hunting of the formerly endangered species is on the ballot. Only 630 are left in the state.

October 13, 2014 By Steve Friess

Steve Friess has written for Politico and The New York Times. He teaches journalism at Michigan State University.

Voters will determine the future political lives of a number of humans on Election Day, but in Michigan, the actual lives of gray wolves also hang in the balance. 

On Nov. 4, the people of Michigan will vote on whether to uphold or overturn laws passed by the state legislature that permit hunting of the gray wolf.

The gray wolf was on the brink of extinction 40 years ago but lost its federally protected status in 2012 as its population recovered. In Michigan, the wolves are found only in the remote, sparsely populated Upper Peninsula. The state’s Department of Natural Resources estimates there are about 630 wolves, and hunt proponents insist the predators have become a menace to livestock and domesticated pets.

Tony Demboski, president of the Upper Peninsula Sportsmen’s Alliance, said the aim isn’t to “hunt” wolves so much as “the scientific management of controlling the wolves just as we do the deer, coyotes, and bears.”

“Nobody is out to eliminate wolves,” he said. “But we have farmers who are losing livestock, people in the city of Ironwood who are scared to let their kids go to their bus stops.”

There have been no reports of wolves attacking people in Ironwood, which is on the Wisconsin border, or any other town in Michigan. An investigative series by in November 2013 found most of the incidents claimed by hunting advocates had been fabricated or exaggerated. More recently, a spate of four wolf attacks in August in the Upper Peninsula resulted in the deaths of a hunting dog and a cow, according to the DNR.

The vote is the latest battle between backers of the hunt in the Republican-dominated legislature and opponents, whose campaign is funded in large part by The Humane Society of the United States.

A bill to permit wolf hunts passed in late 2012, but the grassroots organization Keep Michigan Wolves Protected collected enough signatures to delay the law until it is voted on in the November election. By 2013, the legislature passed another bill, this time to allow the state’s Natural Resources Commission board to designate the wolf as a game species.

The result of that bill was a six-week wolf hunt in late 2013 in which hunters killed 22 wolves—about half the limit set by NRC. Earlier this year, Keep Michigan Wolves Protected turned in enough signatures to freeze that bill too and put it on the Nov. 4 ballot.

“When the first bill was introduced in October of 2012, I immediately heard from people in U.P. [Upper Peninsula] who were horrified that the wolves had just began to recover and now would be hunted,” said Jill Fritz, chairwoman of Keep Michigan Wolves Protected. “And then the second law was passed for the sole reason of circumventing a voter referendum after we stopped the first one.”

Still, it’s unclear whether banning wolf hunts at the ballot box will be enough to protect the animals.

This summer, the Michigan legislature approved a “citizen-initiated” bill that confirmed the NRC’s power to name the gray wolf a game species and establish hunts. It was forwarded to the state with the necessary 275,000 signatures organized by the group Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management.

Because lawmakers added an appropriation requirement that the state spend $1 million on fighting Asian carp and other invasive species, it cannot be repealed by referendum.

Fritz’s group is suing to block the law as unconstitutional, and courts are expected to consider the issue in early 2015.


SAV Comment:

Please vote to ensure protection for the future of this wonderful animal.





Serbia: Gen.Sekretarijat Predsednika Srbije je molio Ministra poljoprivrede da postupa,ali- bez efekta

Serbian  Flag

From: epar

To: Ministar Policije ; premijer A.Vucic ;

Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2014 10:20 AM

Subject: Fw: danas je Nani vidno neraspolozena. Nije cak ni htela zelenisa koje sam poneo sa sobom. Ne znam sta joj daju ovi , ali se da videti da je mrsava. Jednom je Slavica, na pocetku ove borbe, rekla da ce ipak u Srbiji biti svetla na kraju tunela. Ja


Ima li svetla na kraju tunela ?  ili je ovaj nas mracni tunel kruzni ?

Molimo vas da se u skladu sa svojim kompetencijama,zakonskim pravima i obavezama i vi ukljucite u ovaj veoma ozbiljan predmet u kojem se vide pogazeni zakoni i Ustav Srbije.

Zasto administracija :Ministar poljoprivrede,cuti od 9.9.2014.? nakon sto joj je 10.8.2014.stigla Molba Dragane Mitic da joj dozvoli da zadrzi svoje lane .

Zasto policija stiti svoje sluzbenike koji dokazano nezakonito rade?

Da li Drugostepeni organ Sluzbe unutrasnje kontrole MUP RS koji postupa po Pravilniku o prituzbama na rad policije, postupa po EPAR-ovoj Prituzbi na rad Prvostepenog organa?

Zasto RVI u Srbiji nezakonito rade?

Zasto Lovne inspekcije nezakonito rade?


1.8.2014. lovci LU `Hajduk Veljko`,Cicevac,su uz asistenciju policije PS Cicevac oteli lane koje po zakonima Srbije i po zakonima prirode pripada porodici Dragane Mitic koja ga je izbavila iz kome u kojoj ga nasao samog s 450 gr tel mase  sused beruci gljive u sumi.Ova pitoma jedinka divlje zivotinjske vrste koja ,ostavsi bez svoje prirodne majke,od rodjenja zivi u zarobljenistvu ,je po zakonima Srbije i po zakonima prirode( jer lane prezivljava samo uz prirodnu ili zamensku majku) vlasnistvo Dragane Mitic koja je sticajem okolnosti : zamenska majka laneta Nani u Cicevcu.

Sve dokaze u predmetu Cicevac smo vam dostavili, ne zelimo vas opterecivati ponavljanjem slanja ogromnog dokaznog materijala,ali  ako zelite ponovicemo ili poslati CD s dokaznim materijalom.

S postovanjem

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi

24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9




England: CIWF Expose The 320 Million + Rabbits Kept In Factory Farm Conditions In Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Cyprus. Please Sign The Petition and Watch The Video – End Rabbit Cages In The EU.



SAV Comment

Around 320 MILLION Rabbits are kept in battery cage conditions in certain nations of the EU.  Its time to stop this and act now.  Please watch the video (links given below) and see the squalid conditions and suffering that these animals have to endure.

End the cage now – please sign the petition via the link given below.

Thanks – Mark


We have just signed Compassion in World Farming’s petition.

I think it might be of interest to you. Compassion want to end the use of cages in rabbit farming in Europe.

Rabbits are the most caged farm animal in the EU – over 330 million are farmed for meat every year. And almost all of these are caged.

Will you help us to End the Cage Age?
Sign the petition here:  

See undercover video at:

OR watch on Youtube at:  



Through the summer of 2014, Compassion’s Investigation Unit operated undercover in 16 separate rabbit farms throughout Italy, Greece, Czech Republic, Poland and Cyprus. What they found was appalling.

Since Compassion’s initial undercover work on Europe’s rabbit farms in 2012, we have made real progress identifying humane alternatives to barren cages. But, sadly, this year’s wide-ranging investigation revealed just how far from humane most of Europe’s rabbit farms are right now.

Time and again, our team found unspeakable welfare conditions, the most barren environments imaginable, and hotbeds for disease, dependent on the routine use of antibiotics just to keep animals alive.

The video footage and some of the images from the investigation may shock you, but this only goes to highlight why we need to act.

Please take the time to sign the petition. Call on the European Parliament and all 28 European Agriculture Ministers to demand legislation to end the use of cages in rabbit farming.

It’s time to act! 








England: Just Days Before A Crucial Wild Animal Circus Animals Vote In Parliament; Deputy PM Nick Clegg Does A U Turn On His High Wire !!!



clegg fails



SAV Comment:

Here we go yet again – the ‘other’ part of the UK coalition government who are now telling us there are more important things to be done.  And this from the man who has a 7% popularity vote from the public this week ! – would you not think (as a so called ‘Liberal’) that he would realise that there are many votes to be won out there from a party that shows interest and action for animals ?

Cameron and Clegg – two useless ‘don’t give a toss about animals’ peas from the same pod ! – but as CAPS say below – “But all is not lost! Jim Fitzpatrick’s Private Members’ Bill has its second reading in Parliament this Friday.

 If the initiative is successful, the ban could be introduced in spite of the Government’s failure to act”.


Wham bam – Gosh !!

2 Hypocrites Who Want Your Vote In May 2015 !

Two Useless BatPeas (Cameron and Clegg) From the Same Dreary (Non Animal welfare) BatPod.


“Animal advocates from CAPS and campaign partners at the Born Free Foundation have today expressed their shock at indications from the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg of a back-track on the promised ban on wild animals in travelling circuses in England”.

Said Liz Tyson, Director of CAPS:

We have heard time and time again that the Government is still committed to introducing the ban before the next general election but this most recent communication from Nick Clegg appears to tell a different story. We are urging anyone concerned about the continued use of wild animals in circuses in this country to take urgent action and ask their MP to support Jim Fitzpatrick’s Bill, which will have its second reading in Westminster on Friday 17th October”.

Said Chris Draper, Programmes Manager for Captive Wild Animals at the Born Free Foundation:

We have been concerned for some time that the Government does not intend to fulfil its promise to ban wild animals in circuses, and this latest indication does little to settle our fears. We are in a bizarre situation where the public and Parliamentarians have been united in favour of a ban for some time, but our elected Government continues to stall. And all the while, wild animals such as tigers and zebras continue to be hauled around England. We are calling on the Government to make good on their promise and take action now to end this outdated practice.”


Just days before MP Jim Fitzpatrick’s Bill to ban the use of wild animals in English circuses is given its second reading in the House of Commons, a concerning letter penned by Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has arrived at CAPS HQ. 

In it, and despite repeated assertions that the promised ban is still very much on the Parliamentary agenda, Clegg states that he “understand[s] why it was felt that other policy issues had to take priority for the final parliamentary session”. We are deeply concerned that this indicates that the ban has been shelved by the authorities. 

But all is not lost!

Jim Fitzpatrick’s Private Members’ Bill has its second reading in Parliament this Friday. If the initiative is successful, the ban could be introduced in spite of the Government’s failure to act.

This is the final push!

We have just a few days to make out voices heard. Please ask your friends and families to get involved by writing to their MPs. It takes a few moments and could make the world of difference. Click here to write now.

Tell me more about the Bill!

Thank you, as ever, for your support,

Liz Tyson, Director

P.S. We have just a few days to make our voices heard. Please act now!

Our mailing address is:

Captive Animals’ Protection Society

PO Box 540


Manchester, Registered charity 1124436M5 0DS

United Kingdom
Add us to your address book






Serbia: Felix Shelter – Winter Is Just Round The Corner – Please Donate To Keep Us Warm With Full Tummies !!

Serbian  Flag





Felix Oct8

Felix Oct1

Felix Oct2

Felix Oct3

Felix Oct4

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Felix Oct7




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