Philippines: Major Victory In The Battle Against Crush Videos.


Dear Mark,

For three years, PETA Asia has been working with authorities in the Philippines to help them find and prosecute the makers of horrific “crush” videos in which scantily clad girls (one as young as 12 years old) are filmed stepping, standing, and stomping on and slowly crushing animals—from the smallest of mice to large dogs who are tied down and helpless. Now PETA Asia’s efforts to shut down the makers of these sick fetish videos have resulted in a landmark ruling against those who torture and kill puppies, rabbits, and other animals.

Today, a Philippine court found Vicente and Dorma Ridon guilty of child abuse, animal welfare crimes, human trafficking, and wildlife-protection crimes and sentenced the pair to life imprisonment and a fine of more than 9 million pesos (US$198,000) each for their part in making the videos.

This huge victory began with a single compassionate person who stumbled upon these vile videos and took the time to report them to PETA Asia, which then worked with authorities to ensure that the Ridons were located, arrested, prosecuted, and ultimately sentenced for their crimes. In videos made by the Ridons, one dog is seen being skinned alive and another burned with a clothes iron. Rabbits are seen having their ears cut off or flailing and screaming as they are set on fire. One video shows a puppy crushed until the animal vomits up internal organs.

The Ridons’ long sentence is a warning to anyone involved in the vile crush video industry that there are grave consequences for harming animals.

Their sentence is also a powerful reminder of PETA Asia’s commitment to helping animals no matter how long it takes.

Thank you for all you do for animals in need. Your compassion is helping PETA and our international affiliates save animals’ lives.

Very truly yours,
Ingrid E. Newkirk


‘Comments’ Section – Are Non Animal Welfare ‘Advertisers’ Going To Close The Section Down ???

We are experiencing now a certain growing number of comments which are in no way related to the subjects covered by this site – namely ‘animal welfare’ specific.

As non animal welfare comments; but specifically advertising other various services are being made; they are immediately being marked by us as ‘spam’.  All comments not directly related to the issues of this animal welfare site will be identified and immediately deleted for the future as spam.

If the situation increases and becomes that bad; where people only want to advertise their own business rather than deal with the issues of the site; we will have no option but to completely close down the comments section of the site.  The situation now is taking a lot of time to sort out good comments from un-associated welfare issues.

This will be a shame as many visitors / supporters are leaving worthwhile and very supportive comments on the site.  We can do better and we know that; we happily accept gripes about the site telling us where we have gone wrong or maybe where we could do better.  All comments are noted.  As with many things, we do not wish to stop all comments to the site; but it is now a case of the ‘un-animal’ few (lots actually !) starting to ruin the situation for the many who are supportive of welfare and the site.

We will be closely monitoring the situation over the next week or so, and will then take action if required.

Continue please sending us your animal comments associated with the site in the meantime; but if we continue to be deluged with spam comments advertising everything but animal welfare related issues; then there will be no choice on our part but to completely close down the ‘comments’ section; which will be a great shame.  Some people are ruining everything for everyone if this happens.  

We have no choice in who leaves a comment on the site; but can delete in advance and mark as ‘spam’ if this is what the comment is considered.

Thank you – SAV.





Serbia: ‘Morgan’ update – Sunday 28/9/14.

Serbian  Flag


morgan 3 27

‘Morgan’ update – Sunday 28/9/14.


Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Morgan had the eye flap stitches removed yesterday and although his right eye looks a lot better than before the surgery, it’s still too early to say whether his vision is saved or not. Aside from receiving Longacef every day, his eyes (or better said his right eye and the hole which was left after his left eye leaked out) are being treated locally, with eye drops and antibiotic ointments. Once he recovers and stabilizes, his left eye will be enucleated.


Lets very much hope that Morgan’s sight will be saved and that he will be able to see clearly in the future.  If you can please give anything in the way of a donation to help Morgan, the other cats or the shelter in general; then please click and donate via the following link – Thanks – SAV:





morgan 2 27

morgan1 27










Video – The Bad and Good Side of Balkans Stray Dog Issues – Watch; Rage; Repent – The Government and Authorities Are The Irresponsible Party Here – A Very Corrupt Party !!



This is a very powerful video lasting over one hour; which shows both the bad and good sides of stray dog control in the Balkans.


One day, the people in authority will give up their personal corruption ideals and instead take the very well experienced expertise of international welfare groups who promote sterilisation as the only real way to reduce both owned and stray animal numbers.

Watch the video and please feel for the pathetic individuals in authority who fail to recognise that they are going down the wrong road to reducing animal numbers in preference for their own financial gain and status.

People in authority such as this are cowards.  They do not deserve any respect – in fact they deserve nothing but the abuse that we and many others give them.  This video will justify our side of the argument that long term stray sterilisation and a proper no kill management plane needs to be established by the authorities right now. 

So called ‘politicians’ and authoritarians who fail to accept and do what is right are nothing more than self interest thickheads.  Thickheads such as these are not wanted as members of the European Union.

We are forwarding this video to members of the EU; to the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup, and also to press and media across Europe. 

Unfortunately for many people; especially many in Europe, and also those in the USA; the video is not in English – but it does not need to be in another way – the excellent filming shows the reality of Balkans stray animal suffering at the hands of CORRUPT OFFICIALS which spread throughout the political system like a well oiled disease.  Corrupt officials who are not welcomed in any way by ourselves and who we will endeavour to keep out of the EU.

If there is one film that sums up the good and the bad side of Balkans stray animal issues; this is it.  Watch, rage and repent – but enjoy the good parts also.

Full respect to the good, caring and compassionate people of the Balkans who re trying to do the right thing for animals the political corruption and self interest which seems to run rampant through the political system.  A bent and corrupt system.





Serbia: ‘Nani’ Deer 25/9/14. Legal Action Now Being Considered. EU Animal Welfare Intergroup Informed of Situation and Serbia’s Failures To Implement National Legislation.

Serbian  Flag

Nani 25 1

Nani 25 2

The situation now is that Mrs.Dragana Mitic has deep depression because she is  very worried about the eventual fate of Nani deer.

Mrs. Mitic has seen a psychiatric medical doctor several times; and you can see the documentation associated with this below.

Because the Hunting Society `HajdukVeljko` kidnapped Nani deer in direct opposition to existing laws, and affected the health of Mrs. Mitic as a result; it is possible that she will now undertake a private charge.

We fully support this and are also currently seeking advice on how we can also undertake a possible charge against the Serbian authorities and ministers who are failing to make a decision on Nani.

We have already provided the evidence to the European Parliament and also to the Vice President of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup.

European Press and Media are currently on standby to be informed of the situation regarding Nani and the delay in decision making by the Serbian government / ministers.  All of out SAV posts will be provided to the EU press if necessary within a few days if Nani is not released and returned to Mrs. Mitic.

This current situation of Nani being held captive whilst the Serbian government turns an inactive blind eye to the situation cannot continue for much longer.


Nani 25 3Nani 25 4Nani 25 5



England: Keep On, Shiny, Happy Campaigners !! – Dont Give Up.



Sometimes; often; you get the brown sticky stuff thrown your way in campaigning; but we have to remain:

As one of my favorite girls, Kate says;



See the (Kent girl) Kate Bush (above) story at:







Serbia: Formal Charge Sent to Serbian Government Regarding Those Who Profiteer From Animal Suffering.

Serbian  Flag

Here below is a copy in English of a formal Charge to the Serbian authorities regarding the matter of irresponsible owners of dogs and cats; and the men who profiteer from this.

The wording is as translated and supplied directly by Serbian welfare campaigners.  It is the translation of the charge made.

Again; as we have seen and been campaigning about for some 10 years or more now, very many authorities in Serbia are doing nothing regarding the sterilisation of stray animals to reduce their numbers over a period of time – basically, a programme for stray animal number reduction in Serbia.

As you can see from our other post today in relation to ‘Nani’ the baby deer –    –  there appears to be a situation of people in power to make decisions in accordance with Serbian legislation, who are in fact bending every rule that they have in their power to avoid being compliant with the law.

Taxpayers money should be invested in a national sterilisation and stray animal number reduction over a period of time.  It should not be spent on allowing animals to continue un-sterilised; to continue breeding with owned (also un-sterilised) animals which are still turned out onto the street each day by irresponsible owners.  They are irresponsible because they do not have their animals sterilised; and because they turn them onto the streets each day to reproduce with strays – thereby producing more stray animals on a continual basis.

The stray animal situation is a complete scam; a cover up by authorities who continue to spend money rounding up and killing healthy animals, rather than looking to a long term programme of stray animal reduction.

We are fully aware that even animals which have been sterilised with funding from overseas EU organisations; and which have been fitted with an ear ident tag to identify to shinters that they are no threat to increasing animals numbers; are STILL being rounded up; thrown into authority pounds to then be killed at a never ending coast to the taxpayer.

Who allows this ? – the same people who do not make a decision on the future of ‘Nani’ deer; despite regulations and law clearly showing that the decision time has long passed.

Is this the future for the EU and potential new members in future such as Serbia ? – they give the two fingers to the EU and just continue to do what they want using all the powers of corruption which runs the ‘business’ of stray animal management in its current form.

Regardless of the current situation; we will continue to be a voice for stray Serbian animals.

Serbian politicians wish to join the EU; but with a nation which is politically run by corruption; do other existing EU member states want the in the future we have to ask.  Look at the current situation in Romania for animals – an EU member state.  Fortunately with new seniors at the EU animal welfare Intergroup advising the MEPs who make up the Euro Parliament; we may now start to see some progress for the stray animals of Europe; and, not before time !!    

And from Serbian animal welfare campaigners – the current situation:   

Here below is the translation of the charge fled by Serbian activists on 22/9/14.

Sent: Wednesday, September 24, 2014 6:19 PM

Subject: RE: ! PRIJAVA 22.9.14.!



Charge filed 22/09/2014 for the organized crime

Urgency to the Charge of 05/09/2014 and Amendment and Extension of that Charge for the conduction to all competent state authorities, because it is a question of economic crime, abuse and mistreatment of a large number of animals in the extended period of time; in the greater part of AP Vojvodina.

Since 14/02/2011, Public Agency for Animal Hygiene, Vrbas has the facility for the accommodation capacity of 150 dogs with the suspicious Decision and without a check list. It is situated in the street Marsala Tita 89, on the cadastral plot number 2839, at the location of the reon 5.

For years this company brings in that facility a large number of dogs from the territory of the City of Novi Sad where there were 2500-3000 new dogs every year in the past decade. It also brings in a large number of dogs from the territory of Vrbas (in the past decade there has been 400 new abandoned dogs every year in Vrbas) and since 13/06/2014 this firm: Public Agency for Animal Hygiene Vrbas signed the contract with the Animal Hygiene Service of the City of Subotica which had 900 new dogs on the streets every year in the past decade. This indicates that all three cities have the same category of people, the one who abandon or throw out the animals they no longer want. This completely suits this company and its associates therefore as of 10/06/2009 NONE of these cities have a legitimate Program to manage and reduce this category of the population that actually supplies this company and enables the entire chain of accomplices in part of Vojvodina the gain of illegal profit along with the abuse of a large number of animals, which is in opposition to the applicable law.

We assume that the firm: Public Agency for Animal Hygiene Vrbas has similar, void contracts with more cities and that is something we want the Ministry of Interior and the Public Prosecutor’s Office to investigate, because it is about obtaining the illegal profit, with the criminal offense of abuse of a large number of dogs (cats are not mentioned so far in the documentation we have) in the entire greater part of AP Vojvodina.

We demand the prompt action, because it comes to living creatures which this firm and its accomplices from other cities in Vojvodina illegally manipulate, and therefore the urgent research and accurate determination of the facts is needed by state authorities who are able to follow the flow of money, as well as the state authorities who are able to follow the fate of the animals who are protected by the Article 7 of the Animal Welfare Law and the Article 269 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Serbia.





We have seen NO answer to this above from Serbian government authorities for the last 10 years;

Serbian political corruption and ignorance of a progressive way forward to a long term solution is the current political way – who is right and who is wrong ?

Will stray animal numbers ever be reduced under the current regime, or will the continued corruption of the system allow animals to suffer indefinitely ???

shelter 1


Serbia: New ‘Nani’ Deer Pictures and Videos From 20/9 and 22/9 2014.

Serbian  Flag

UPDATE PM 24/9/14

As detailed at the end of this post, we have now presented all the following links and information to both EU MEP’s and to senior Presidents of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup.     

We are making the EU fully aware of the current situation in Serbia; and its lack of action for ‘Nani’ deer.

All photographs and video footage have been supplied; basically showing that the existing Serbian authorities are failing in their compliance with existing Serbian animal welfare legislation; namely:


It’s not just about humanity HERE, THERE IS NO trace of it HERE.

In this case the police and hunting associations and inspection services, and the Minister of Agriculture herself violated the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and nobody cares.

Fraudulently and with threats they kidnapped the fawn from his foster mom who properly filed a Request under the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law.

Republic Veterinary Inspection is in charge but they denied their responsibility and acted only on 8/26/14 after all the urgencies and the phone calls at our expense. Even THEN they impudently and illegally ignored the fact that Dragana Mitic filed a Request under the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law to the Ministry of Agriculture and at the hands of the Minister.

Rep. Vet. Inspection did not comply with Article 79, but it had a legal duty to do so.

What do we need inspectors for who either don’t know the laws or are corrupted?

What do we need a Minister for who is silent longer than she is supposed to be and yet we will have to go to Strasbourg to demand human rights if she remains silent and even makes a mistake.


Contact e mail – Serbian Prime Minister, Mr.Aleksandar Vucic.  
His e mail address is


Recent Nani deer video links below.

One shows Nani before she was taken by the hunters; having fun with Mrs. Mitic.  The other videos show Nani in the hunter compound where she is now being held – still today – weeks after a time when the Serbian government should have made a decision.

Please read the following article from a Serbian campaigner which summarises the current political situation in Serbia:  

It’s not just about humanity HERE, THERE IS NO trace of it HERE.

In this case the police and hunting associations and inspection services, and the Minister of Agriculture herself violated the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and nobody cares.

Fraudulently and with threats they kidnapped the fawn from his foster mom who properly filed a Request under the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law”.


Still we go on waiting for a gutless Serbian government to actually undertake what Serbian law and regulation s require; and not to simply do what they personally wish to do for their own benefit.

Where is the Serbian ‘rule of law’ that it needs to adhere to to become an EU member state ? – there is lots of corruption in Serbia, but the application of the rule of law ????

Nani video links are as follows:


Recent ‘Nani’ photographs from 20 and 22/9/14 are as follows:

nani 1 20

nani 3 20

nani 4 20

nani 5 20

nani 6 20

nani 7 20

nani 8 20


Below – Some of our past SAV posts relating to ‘Nani'; including (first couple of links) a sample letter to copy and send to the Serbian authorities.

Note that you could also include  the new video links into the letter if you wish – here again are the four (4) video links:


Past Posts:






 nani sat 1





Serbia: It’s not just about humanity HERE, THERE IS NO trace of it HERE.

Serbian  Flag

It’s not just about humanity HERE, THERE IS NO trace of it HERE.

In this case the police and hunting associations and inspection services, and the Minister of Agriculture herself violated the laws and the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia and nobody cares.

Fraudulently and with threats they kidnapped the fawn from his foster mom who properly filed a Request under the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law.

Is this normal?

n 11sept6

This is the fifth fawn confiscated this spring. They held tame fawns in an illegal object, as well as Milos, the roebuck and Susanna, the doe – no sign of any of them.

What kind of government it is that can tolerate this?

Without the analysis of the telephone listings by the Division of Internal Control, Ministry of Internal Affairs accepted the defense of policeman who said that he accidentally happened to be there. Well if he was there by accident, he should not have done anything except to say “good day”. Yet he threatened with criminal charges of 200,000 RSD and a court warrant to search the house if they don’t surrender the fawn to hunters in thirty minutes.

Is that in accordance with the Police Law and the Code of Police?

Hunting inspection is not in charge / responsible for that, yet they acted unlawfully.

nani 13 3

Republic Veterinary Inspection is in charge but they denied their responsibility and acted only on 8/26/14 after all the urgencies and the phone calls at our expense. Even THEN they impudently and illegally ignored the fact that Dragana Mitic filed a Request under the Article 58 of the Animal Welfare Law to the Ministry of Agriculture and at the hands of the Minister.

Rep. Vet. Inspection did not comply with Article 79, but it had a legal duty to do so.

What do we need inspectors for who either don’t know the laws or are corrupted?

What do we need a Minister for who is silent longer than she is supposed to be and yet we will have to go to Strasbourg to demand human rights if she remains silent and even makes a mistake.

nani 1 11

Nani, the fawn is owned by Dragana Mitic. She received him when he weighted less than 500 grams in a coma. She submitted to the Minister the proof of the fawn origin. He was loved and well looked after, otherwise he wouldn’t survive.

Legality is what we insist on!

There is no trace of the humanity here. We don’t count on humanity here.

Mrs. Minister – act, do not be silent and do not act wrongly.

Fawn’s biological mother is not here because it was killed by hunters who have now confiscated the baby deer, using threats and double-dealing, with the intention to eat him as well as they ate the roebuck Milos. They carried him out and shot him at the pheasant farm’s gate.

And for the others we will see where they are.

It is time for the intervention of the Prime Minister.

Thank you.

nani sat 1
nani 1 6 sept
nani 2 6 sept

SAV comment – the above post is now being sent to the European parliament to inform them that as a potential future member state of the EU; Serbia is NOT enforcing its own existing national laws – a fundamental requirement of proof for any state seeking future accession to the EU.

We will inform EU politicians that Serbia is NOT enforcing its own national laws; and as such, this should be considered strongly for future EU membership application by the Serbian authorities.








Global: 22/9/14 – Farm Animal Shorts.

19 September 2014

Unilever to End Culling of Day Old Chicks in Egg Supply Chain

Global food processing giant Unilever has joined the growing list of major companies to put forward proposals to improve animal welfare in the food supply chain.

Author/Organization: The Poultry Site

Year: 2014

Topics: culling, eggs production, welfare on the farm


19 September 2014

Intergroup opens new chapter with election of new President

Eurogroup for Animals welcomes the election of Janusz Wojciechowski MEP as the new President of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals during its first meeting of the new Parliamentary term.

Author/Organization: Eurogroup for Animals

Year: 2014

Topics: animal welfare/general concepts



17 September 2014

Stray Dogs in Focus

FOUR PAWS announces UK photo exhibition to raise awareness of stray and abandoned dogs

Author/Organization: FOUR PAWS UK

Year: 2014

Where: United Kingdom

Topics: dog population management, stray dogs


17 September 2014

RSPCA rebrands animal welfare scheme

The RSPCA’s animal welfare assurance scheme, Freedom Food, has announced it will rebrand to ‘RSPCA Assured’ in response to consumer research.


Year: 2014

Topics: labelling , retailers, standards, welfare on the farm


16 September 2014

Global animal welfare education resource launched at House of Commons

We’ve launched an education pack on animal welfare to be used alongside sustainable development teaching around the world

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, education


16 September 2014

Iceland‘s Slaughterhouses Need to Improve Animal Welfare

SAV Comment – Iceland is currently NOT a member state of the EU.

Iceland needs to improve official controls concerning animal welfare at the time of killing to make sure that all relevant EEA requirements are fulfilled and action is taken in the case of non-compliances, detailed a new report from the EFTA Surveillance Authority, following inspections carried out in May 2014.

Author/Organization: The Poultry Site

Year: 2014

Where: Iceland

Topics: killing, legislation, slaughterhouse/abattoir, welfare at slaughter


16 September 2014

Online animal welfare course for Asian vets

This year, World Animal Protection is hosting an online course focused on the understanding of the basic concepts behind animal welfare science, ethics and law, and how these concepts are relevant to veterinarians in Asia. The course also looks at how to assess animal welfare and involves a hands on workshop. The course is hosted in partnership with the following: • The Federation of Asian Veterinary Associations • The Center for Veterinary Continuing Education, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University • The College of Veterinary Medicine, University of the Philippines Los Banos • Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education, the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies, the University of Edinburgh And the good news – this course will now start in November 2014 and with a reduced fee of USD 500. Find out more about this exciting new course and how to sign up by visiting

Author/Organization: World Animal Protection

Year: 2014

Where: Thailand

Topics: animal welfare/general concepts, education, welfare assessment


15 September 2014

Heinz Strengthens Animal Welfare Policies

Global food processing giant, Heinz, has joined a growing line of major meat and food processors to strengthen their animal welfare practices for their supply chain.

Author/Organization: The Pig Site

Year: 2014

Topics: confinement systems, eggs production, housing, meat production, pigs, welfare on the farm


15 September 2014

How Can Companies Improve Animal Welfare?

Major meat and food processing companies around the world are starting to take a lead in animal welfare issues.

Author/Organization: The Poultry Site

Year: 2014

Topics: welfare on the farm




EU: Great News ! – A VICTORY For Animals: the New President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals within the European Parliament – A Real Activist in Animal Protection!



SAV comment:

We very much welcome the news that new Intergroup President MEP Mr. Janusz Wojciechowski  has established first objectives of the initiatives to develop a legal framework for:

  • management of stray animals through humane and effective programs
  • the implementation of a postulate that limits the transport of animals for slaughter to a maximum of eight hours

2 issues which are very close to our heart and for which we have campaigned about for many years.  We are currently awaiting a response from Commissioner Borg re the 8 hour maximum journey time – see our post at: 

Hopefully now we may see some real EU action on both these issues which have been greatly overlooked in detail for many years.  We welcome the news and efforts made by the Intergroup.

Further, we very much welcome the election of Keith Taylor MEP (South East England) as a vice president of the Intergroup.  Keith has given us his support and acted on our behalf with regard being a voice for the strays of Serbia.  We also know him well through out live animal transport work of farm animals across the EU and beyond.  We know Keith will be an excellent voice for the animals and very much support his election to this new position.

See our past posts re Keith at:


keith taylor 1

Above – Keith Taylor MEP (South East England).

No campaign is won overnight despite the views of some.  But we regard the above as excellent news which gives us further energy to keep up our campaigning for both European stray animals and also for EU farm animals undergoing long distance transport.

Congratulations to Keith on his position – well deserved !!



 A VICTORY For Animals: the New President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals within the European Parliament – A Real Activist in Animal Protection!

On Thursday, September 18, after a very tight vote, MEP Janusz Wojciechowski became the President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals within the European Parliament.

MEP Wojciechowski is known to animal lovers for his constant involvement in the stray dog situation in Romania and for the action he has taken in order to change this reality.

Following the countless protests at the European Parliament against the dog killings in Romania and against the abusive and cruel situation in public shelters, on December 4, 2013, MEP Wojciechowski initiated and led the first European delegation to Romania with the aim to experience the situation directly through the eyes of the authorities. He had meetings with representatives of ANSVSA (Sanitary- Veterinary and Food Safety National Authority) and with the Mayor of Bucharest. The Romanian authorities assured the members of the delegation that the law for dog management is a law of “adoption, not of euthanasia”, and that “the citizens have access to public shelters” which are totally “transparent and complying with the law”!

Because of the contradictions between the declarations of Romanian authorities and the statements, images and protests received from European citizens, MEP Wojciechowski initiated a second visit on January 28, so that he and the members of the delegation could inform themselves directly on site about the stray dog situation.

The European Delegation found major discrepancies between what the authorities had told them during their first visit and what they found on site during their second visit. Shelter halls are closed to the public (for example on the gate of the public shelter of Slatina’s city hall was written “Private Property. Access denied”). There was no food, no water, no medical care, the animals are in suffering badly, and adoptions are made difficult if not impossible.

MEP Wojciechowski organised some events about the stray dog situation in Romania, the last one being a round-table discussion in the European Parliament, “The Brutal Killing of Dogs in Romania”,, where he stated that the situation he saw in Romania is horrible, that the Romanian authorities don’t want to stop the brutal killing, that the stray dog management is a business, and that the Romanian authorities have an interest to continue this.

As the President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, MEP Wojciechowski aims to really improve the situation of all animals. The first objective of the initiative is to develop a legal framework for:

  • management of stray animals through humane and effective programs
  • the implementation of a postulate that limits the transport of animals for slaughter to a maximum of eight hours

My first task will be organizing a conference on the situation of stray animals in Europe. We need to do more to improve the situation of animals on our continent- said MEP Wojciechowski.

As vice-presidents, Anja Hazekamp, Marlene Mizzi, Stefan Eck, and Keith Taylor were elected, also known to be dedicated animal activists.



 MEP Woj

Above Photo – Dr. Karolina TOMASZEWSKA, MEP Janusz WOJCIECHOWSKI


Ein SIEG für Tiere: der neue President der Intergruppe für das Wohlergehen und den Schutz von Tieren

im Europäischen Parlament – ein echter Tierschutz-Aktivist!

Am Donnerstag, den 18. September, wurde mit knapper Mehrheit MEPJanusz Wojciechowski als President der Intergruppe für das Wohlergehen und den Schutz von Tieren im Europäischen Parlament gewählt.

Herr JanuszWojciechowski ist unter Tierliebhabern für seine unermüdliche  Beteiligung an der Situation der Streunerhunde in Rumänien bekannt, und für die Aktionen, die er unternommen hat, um diese Realität zu verändern.

Nach zahllosen Protesten beim Europäischen Parlament gegen die Hunde-Tötungen in Rumänien und gegen die qualvolle und missbräuchliche Lage in den öffentlichen Tierasylen, initiierte und leitete Herr Janusz Wojciechowski am 4. Dezember 2013 die erste europäische Delegation nach Rumänien, mit dem Ziel, die Lage dort direkt durch die Augen der Behörden zu erleben. Er traf sich mit Representanten von ANSVSA (Nationale Behörde für Sanitäts-, Veterinär-, und Lebensmittel-Schutz) und mit dem Bürgermeister von Bucharest. Die rumänischen Behörden versicherten den Mitgliedern der Delegation, dass das Gesetz zur Hundeverwaltung ein Gesetz der „Adoption, nicht der Euthanasie“ sei, und dass „die Bürger Zugang zu den öffentlichen Tierasylen haben würden“, die „ total transparent seien und sich an die Gesetze halten“!

Wegen der Widersprüche zwischen den Behauptungen der rumänischen Behörden und den Erklärungen, Bildern und Protesten von europäischen Einwohnern, initiert Herr  Janusz Wojciechowski einen zweiten Besuch am 28. Januar, damit er und die Mitglieder der Delegation sich selber direkt informieren und ein Bild von der Situation der Streuner-Hunde machen konnten.

Die europäische Delegation fand bedeutende Diskrepanzen zwischen dem, was die Behörden ihnen bei ihrem ersten Besuch erzählt hatten, und dem, was sie während ihres zweiten Aufenthalts selber erlebten. Die Tierheime sind für die Öffentlichkeit geschlossen (am Tor des öffentlichen Tierheims von Slatina zum Beispiel stand: „Privatbesitz. Zugang verboten“). Es gab kein Futter, kein Wasser, keine medizinische Versorgung; die Tiere leiden fürchterlich, und Adoptionen sind schwierig wenn nicht ganz unmöglich.

MEP Wojciechowskihat mehrere Aktionen für die Situation der Streuner-Hunde in Rumänien organisiert, die letzte war eine Plenums-Diskussion im europäischen Parlament, „Das brutale Töten von Hunden in Rumänien”,, wo er erklärte, dass die Lage, die er in Rumänien antraf, entsetzlich sei, dass die rumänischen Behörden die brutale Tötung nicht einstellen wollen, dass die Verwaltung der Streuner-Hunde ein lukratives Geschäft sei, und dass die rumänischen Behörden daran interessiert sind, dies weiterzutreiben.

Als President der Intergruppe für das Wohlergehen und den Schutz von Tieren im Europäischen Parlament plant MEP Wojciechowski, die Lage der Tiere grundlegend zu verbessern. Das erste Ziel der Iniziative ist, eine rechtliche Grundlage zu bestimmen für:

  • DieVerwaltung der Streuner-Hunde durch menschenwürdige und effektive Programme
  • Eine Verfügung, die den Transport von Tieren zur Schlachtung auf acht Stunden beschränkt

Meine erste Aufgabe ist, eine Konferenz zu organisieren über die Lage der Streuner-Hunde in Europa. Wir müssen mehr tun, um die Situation der Tiere auf unserem Kontinent zu verbessern“ – sagte MEPWojciechowski.

Anja Hazekamp, Marlene Mizzi, Stefan Eck und  Keith Taylor wurden als Vize-Presidenten gewählt, ebenfalls dafür bekannt, dem Tierschutz gewidmet zu sein.















Serbia: 19/9/14 – ‘Morgan’ Latest News – Operation.

Serbian  Flag

morgan surgery


Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Little Morgan’s surgeries were scheduled for September 18th, but his right eye started to bleed the evening before and the leaking blood, although not abundant, lasted the entire night.

When we arrived at the vet clinic yesterday, it turned out he actually had a corneal ulcer on that eye, so he was put under general anesthesia and the same surgical procedure which was done on Joca’s injured eye months ago – a third eyelid flap – was performed on Morgan’s right eye as well. The third eyelid has been sewn shut over the eye to bring a healing blood supply to its surface, although it’s questionable whether his vision in this eye even exists, and if it does, whether or not it can be saved.

Even though he appeared normal (despite his problems) before the surgery, he had a hard time enduring the general anesthesia, he began having difficulty breathing and started to wheeze as soon as he was intubated and he nearly died twice on the operating table – luckily, the vet somehow succeeded in resuscitating him both times.

His unskillfully amputated leg and his left eye (which had leaked out already because of an untreated chlamydia infection before I took him in) weren’t even touched as the vets were literally racing against the clock to save his life; Morgan managed to survive the surgery but he’s still in critical condition.

The vet suspects he either has pneumonia, or has been badly beaten or has some serious heart problem and I can’t help wondering if I’ll ever know the truth of what happened to this poor baby in his short life.

For now, he is under antibiotic treatment, he’s being given Longacef and will be getting an X ray as soon as possible because it’s necessary we find out what’s wrong with him before doing anything else.


A huge thank you to all of you who have donated towards his care! Keep this precious baby in your thoughts and let’s hope for the best.


USA: Treated Like Trash – Another Excellent ‘Mercy For Animals’ Undercover Investigation – ‘Grace’ was used, abused, and then discarded by the dairy industry. She Died After Having Her Calf Hauled Out of Her Body In Parts !




SAV comment – please give your full support to the excellent investigative work undertaken by Mercy For Animals.  Also please never forget the issue of ‘Ag gag’; this is the kind of abuse that some US states are trying to use to PREVENT the footage shown here from being exposed to the general public.  Time to kill Ag gag and time to stop immediately this kind of animal abuse and suffering.  Keep up your excellent work MFA.

Is your pizza topped with horrific animal cruelty? A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals shocking animal abuse at a milk producer for Leprino Foods – the world’s largest mozzarella cheese maker and major cheese supplier to Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John’s.


MFA logo



Photo – Grace – MFA.

Dear Mark,   


The dairy factory farm knew her as #4391.

But to me, her name was Grace.

Yesterday, Mercy For Animals broke my undercover investigation exposing heartbreaking cruelty to mother cows and their calves at a Leprino Foods dairy supplier. Cheese from Leprino ends up at Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s restaurants around the world.

Today I want to tell you the story of Grace, one of the cows I met during my time working this case. After reading her story, please give today to help us stop the suffering of other dairy cows just like Grace .

Grace was used, abused, and then discarded by the dairy industry.

She was treated as a mere machine  — not an individual worthy of love or kindness.

Like all dairy cows, Grace was impregnated and had her babies taken from her immediately after birth. She endured this trauma time after time after time.

When Grace’s milk production slowed, she was impregnated again and the heartbreaking cycle would continue. The dairy industry’s plan for Grace — and all other dairy cows confined on factory farms — was to push her to physical limits until she “ran dry,” and then send her to slaughter.

But Grace’s story ended differently.

One day I witnessed a worker examining Grace. I could tell by her frantic bellowing that something was wrong. Grace’s baby had died in her womb.

My supervisor told me he knew Grace’s condition was so bad that he should call a veterinarian, but he refused to do so. Instead, he decided to proceed without a veterinarian’s assistance.

And that’s when things went horribly wrong. 

The workers began removing the dead calf even though Grace’s body wasn’t ready to deliver her baby. She screamed in pain and strained in misery as the workers forcefully pulled the dead calf from her body —  piece by piece

I watched helplessly as workers used a chain to finish removing the calf’s body from Grace, making the prolonged, botched procedure even more excruciating for her. 

After what seemed like an eternity, her dead calf was removed and thrown into a truck.

Grace should have been examined and given medical care after her gruesome ordeal, but instead she was left to suffer without any care or kindness at all. Grace was treated like trash.


The next day, Grace died. 

I wish I could say that this horrific scene was unusual, but it’s not. Dairy factory farms regularly cut corners to maximize profit, and it is the animals who pay the ultimate price .

And that’s why I risk my safety to be an undercover investigator with Mercy For Animals. Because animals like Grace deserve a voice. They deserve justice .

But I can’t do this work alone. Now I need your support. I need you to stand with Mercy For Animals as they pursue justice on behalf of Grace, and all the other cows I saw being beaten, kicked, punched, and dragged by tractors at this factory farm.

Please, make a special donation today so we can stop this cruelty .

Mercy For Animals is at the forefront of the fight to protect cows from suffering in the dairy industry — and on all factory farms across the country. Their work is having a real impact, leading to prosecutions of animal abusers and international animal welfare policy changes.

Just last month, Nestle, the world’s largest food company, announced sweeping animal welfare policy changes that will affect thousands of suppliers in over 90 countries. This historic announcement came on the heels of an MFA investigation , just like mine, that exposed cruelty at a Nestle supplier.

Right now, MFA needs your help to go head-to-head with Leprino Foods, and its customers Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s, to push for similar changes that will impact millions of animals.


Help me protect animals like Grace. Please make a donation to Mercy For Animals today


You’re the only hope for animals suffering on factory farms. Please don’t let them down.



Undercover Investigator

P.S. Grace suffered horribly at the hands of the dairy industry. Please support MFA’s vital work to end cruelty to animals on factory farms by making a tax-deductible donation today . Do it for Grace







Live Exports – EU Live Farm Animal Transport Update 18/9/14.




EU live farm animal transport update 18/9/14.

Over the last couple of days, we have been in direct verbal contact with the office of Commissioner Borg (Brussels, Belgium) regarding our letter calling for a one off 8 hour maximum journey time for all farm animals in transport.

This morning, 19/9; we have had a telephone call from Brussels; who have confirmed receipt of our documentation and that our evidence is under consideration.  Commissioner Borg’s office has verbally assured us that the issues detailed in our letter are being addressed and that we will be provided with a formal written response in the near future.

When the letter arrives with us, we will be sharing it with you on this site.  If it is necessary to then follow up with Commissioner Borg in the form of further correspondence, then it will be done.

Following are the current posts we have produced on this very important issue of animal welfare throughout the EU.  As we have said, our view on the issue is that a reduction across the EU to a one off 8 hours maximum journey time would greatly reduce, or completely stop a lot of the current long distance animal transports which are being witnessed.  We have said in the past on our posts:

Whilst some (welfare organisations) may be taking a form of action towards their own national governments; we stress that EU wide legislation which applies to all member states is made in the EU Commission, Brussels, and not by individual member states just for the benefit of individual member states.  The EU may update or produce new legislation in the form of a new or amended ‘Regulation’ – and this has to be officially adhered to by all member states to ensure that EU standards are met and maintained.  If a member state does not / is shown not enforce the official regulation, then the EU (as a whole, via the Commission) can take action against any individual member state that shows non-compliance”.


We will be publishing the response to our documentation from Commissioner Borg as soon as we receive it on this site; including any further follow up response that we feel may be necessary.

MJ – SAV 18/9/14.





Serbia: 14/9/14 – Update and More Pictures of Little ‘Morgan’ – Please Donate To Help With Veterinary Costs If You Are Able, Thank You.

Serbian  Flag



Our recent post about Morgan – now we have more photos from Danica.


We’ve just gotten another kitten, a sweet tripod ginger and white little boy which is totally blind in one eye and his other eye is not in good shape either. He might be about three months old and is skinny and weak, so the vet advised me (after a thorough examination) to feed him a high quality kitten food, give him vitamins and antibiotics and bring him back for a checkup in a week.


As soon as he gains some weight and starts feeling better, we’ll decide about his future operations. His left rear lower leg has obviously been amputated, but we don’t know why or when. The bigger problem is that the surgery was performed badly and unskillfully, his leg was cut in the totally wrong place and his stump has basically had the skin sewn shut over the bone. What’s even worse, he leans on that leg as he walks and I fear the bone will protrude through the skin when he gets bigger and heavier and the bone itself might break longitudinally under the burden of his weight, just like one of Milance’s legs did.




In order to save him from a sad and dreadful fate, the vet will either have to make him some kind of a prosthesis or amputate his entire leg.

Enucleation of his left eye which probably leaked out because of an untreated chlamydia infection will have to be done, and it’s possible the same surgery will be necessary for the other eye as well.



But everything in its own time – for now, he’s eating, sleeping, cuddling and getting to know his new friends. We’ve decided to call him Morgan.

PayPal button: and










Serbia: ‘Nani’ 13/9/2014.

Serbian  Flag


nani 13 1


nani 13 2


nani 13 3


nani 13 4



Global: Farm, Veterinary and Stray Dog News Shorts – September 2014.

earth butterfly


BEUC campaigns for clearer labelling on meat

The European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) has launched a Europe-wide campaign, called ‘Where is my meat from?’.


(UK) MPs outline recommendations on religious slaughter

MPS (UK) have made nine recommendations which they believe will help policy makers take more informed decisions on the rules surrounding around religious slaughter. 


Costs of Bedding, Trailer Wash-out and Transport Losses in Market Weight Pigs

Based on 2011 figures, the highest estimate for annual costs of wash-out and bedding to the US pig industry was estimated at $135 million, according to Rebecca Kephart and others in the Iowa State University Animal Industry Report 2014.


Sustainable Street Dog Population Control in Bhutan

From the beginning, it has been HSI’s intention that our street dog program in Bhutan would eventually become self-sustaining—managed entirely by the Bhutanese themselves, guided by the best practices we’ve been sharing.

Topics: dog population management, stray dogs 


European pig farming shame

Illegal pig farming in the EU is now so rife that the industry’s publications are packed with photos of farms clearly in breach of the law.


Symposium Explores the Future of Farm Animal Welfare

CABI, together with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), London, held a symposium marking the 50th anniversary of Ruth Harrison’s influential Animal Machines – a book that heralded an entire movement in farm animal welfare and the welfare of animals in intensive production.


Effects of Transport Time and Location within the Truck on Bruises and Meat Quality of Pigs

A Canadian study indicates that the adverse effects of prolonged transport and low temperatures on meat quality can be aggravated by the location of the pig in the transport vehicle. Skin bruises were more prevalent in the winter than the summer. 


Nestlé Announces Groundbreaking Global Animal Welfare Reforms

Nestlé—the world’s largest food company and makers of iconic brands—such as Nestlé Milkmaid and MAGGI—announced an industry-leading animal welfare program that will eliminate several controversial yet standard practices within its global supply system. 


Floor Type Affects Gait Development in Pigs

Changes in the gait patterns of growing pigs is not affected by the floor surface they are reared on. 


Final Report of an Audit carried out in Austria from 25 to 29 November 2013 in order to evaluate the implementation of Council of Europe requirements for Animal Welfare in major farmed species

This audit describes the outcome of a Food and Veterinary Office audit which took place in Austria from 25 to 29 November 2013. The objective of the audit was to evaluate the implementation of measures aimed at the control of animal welfare on farms, in particular farms keeping species included in Decision 2006/778/EC and covered by the recommendations from the European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes (hereafter “the Convention”) with particular reference to the farming of turkey, geese and cattle.

Author/Organization: European Commission (DG SANCO)

Year: 2014

Where: Austria 


World Vets eNews – August 2014

Contents: 1) A True Island Effort: Colombian Military Works Alongside World Vets. 2) Project Spotlight: Peru. 3) Coming Soon! 2015 Volunteer & Training Opportunities. 4) Leave a Legacy that will Contribute to Animal Welfare.  


Spain: A two-year investigation reveals horrifying treatment of rabbits allegedly supplied to top fashion designers.



rabbit fur spain take part

Photo: TakePart


A two-year investigation reveals horrifying treatment of rabbits allegedly supplied to top fashion designers.


September 11, 2014

 By John R. Platt

 John R. Platt covers the environment, technology, philanthropy, and more forScientific AmericanConservationLion, and other publications.


Rabbits with oozing wounds and horrible deformities.

Newborn animals strangled in front of their parents, and sick adults smashed against walls until they stop moving.

Cages caked with layer upon layer of excrement.

These are just a few of the horrifying images captured during a two-year investigation of rabbit fur farms in Spain, which, animal rights groups allege, supply some of the world’s top fashion designers.

Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Burberry, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and Louis Vuitton are a handful of the names suspected of buying fur from some 40 farms surveyed during the undercover investigation, the details of which were released to coincide with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, taking place this week in New York City.

Representatives for Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, and Giorgio Armani did not respond to requests for comment.

“These farms in Spain supply rabbit fur to companies around the world,” said Sharon Nuñez Gough, executive director of Last Chance for Animals, the Los Angeles–based group that conducted the investigation along with animal rights group Animal Equality.

Undercover investigators captured video and audio of representatives of two fur distribution companies claiming that the rabbit furs are sold to some of the world’s top fashion designers. Much of the fur, the distributors said, ends up in products sold in the United States.

The rights groups said they have attempted to contact the designers to corroborate these allegations.

“None of the companies we exposed have gotten back to us to deny their relationship with the suppliers who mentioned them,” Nuñez Gough said. The animal rights groups were not able to uncover any physical documentation to back up the distributors’ claimed client lists.

Other organizations, including People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, have conducted similar, albeit smaller, investigations and found similar conditions on rabbit farms in China and Spain.

“Every look into a fur farm is horrifying, and this is no exception,” said PETA president Ingrid E. Newkirk. “For fur farmers, rabbits are commodities—that’s why they’re stacked in cages and left to suffer from infections, respiratory viruses, heat exhaustion, and the constant stress of intense confinement.”

Newkirk added that while the videos from these types of investigations can be troubling to watch, they can persuade consumers to go fur-free and major retailers to adopt cruelty-free options.

Last Chance for Animals has put together a petition at its End Animal Cruelty site asking fashion designers to stop using fur in their products. It’s garnered about 80,000 signatures so far.


“We hope that the public pressure will help them reconsider the use of fur,” said Nuñez Gough. “We will also continue to investigate the fashion industry and expose the cruelty that goes on.”

Watch Sharon Nuñez Gough share findings from the Last Chance for Animals investigation of the fashion industry on TakePart Live.

Serbia: ‘Nani’ Photos 11/9/2014.

Serbian  Flag

N 11 sept1

n 11 sept7

n 11sept6


nani 1 11

nani2 sept


England: Despite Massive Public Opposition, the UK Conservative Government Move Ahead With the Second Phase of the Badger Killing Trials. Also, Other Hunt Snippets.



The David Cameron UK government has, despite massive public opposition; moved ahead with the next phase of killing badgers in the UK.  As you will read from our past posts, the first part of the ‘trials’ was a complete and utter fiasco; costing millions of UK pounds to undertake.

A few of our SAV posts on the first ‘trial’ are as follows:

This secomnd phase ‘trial’ is simply a plan to obtain votes from farmers and landowners; as the UK holds a General Election in May 2015, and the current Conservative is not poular with so many UK residents.  It needs to show farmers and landowners it is attempting to do something about BTB; in order to gain more support for the coming election.

But as we say – badgers animal

New trails, which basically involves shooting the badgers; is taking place in the English counties of Gloucestershire and Somerset.  Gloucestershire and Somerset are trying to trap and shoot badgers as part of a controlled study into the spread of tuberculosis in cattle.

Read more: 


*** News Update 10/9/2014*** -

Campaigners have won the right to appeal over a ruling on the legality of the latest badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire, which began on Monday.  

Last month the Badger Trust lost a High Court bid after arguing “controlled shooting” should only take place with independent observers overseeing it.

Lord Justice Maurice Kay said the trust had some arguable points and the appeal may have a real prospect of success.

Check out the following for more information and recent news on the new phase of the cull:

badger girls 2badgers north west hunt sabs



Other UK Hunt News Snippets

David Cameron (UK Prime Minister) is believed to be working with the police and security services to see how they can best stop Hunt Saboteurs from making hunts obey the law. It would be cheaper, easier and better if they just told their friends in the hunts to hunt legally or not hunt at all. Does anyone listen to the Archers? They have been banging on about the new hunting season, getting non supporters to think again and think about the “tradition”.

Current UK hunting situation

All hunters claim to be only ever hunting legally. They claim that anything they are seen to do that might appear otherwise is only evidence of an accident. Anyone who has seen hunting in the UK in recent years will know the truth. Mink hunting is in full swing with the hunters using a variety of excuses to justify their activities. Because of the protection afforded to the otter – and the welcome return of otters to our rivers – it is hard to see how any riverside hunting with hounds can be legal. Hunt saboteur groups across the country are struggling to contain this blood sports menace that could continue through to Oct. Stag hunting is underway on and around Exmoor and the Quantocks. The hunters use a variety of excuses to justify their hunting of red deer – at this time of year they hunt “autumn stags”. With the crops rapidly being harvested fox hunting is now underway with dawn starts for the traditional cub hunting. Under severe pressure from hunt saboteur groups determined to enforce the Hunting Act it is likely that many hunts will use the ploy of going cub hunting late in the afternoon rather than the early morning. Whenever they hunt they will be very secretive. Hunt Saboteurs were in action on Sat 23rd Aug at a cub hunting meet of the Berkeley foxhounds. In a morning that finished at 9am sabs ensured that the law was obeyed.  As with fox hunting, when the crops are in the hare hunters will be looking to start – again for the first few weeks very early in the morning.  We are now going on to full guard against hare coursing in East Anglia. When hunters are challenged as to why, if they are only trail hunting, they still have crack of dawn starts they offer 2 main explanations: firstly that in summer the scent is better in the early morning; secondly that they are trying to maintain hunting traditions.  Tip for Hunt Saboteurs – Don’t be too quick to give away your real identity to hunters. It is easy for a few to dress as ramblers, farm-workers, or even other hunt supporters. Hunters like the 2 sides to be clearly defined – the hunt and the anti-hunt. When there are some on the scene whose true allegiance is questionable it unsettles the hunters. But make sure that all the hunt saboteurs know who you are!  Mike Huskisson – ACIG

ACIG is the Suffolk, England based Animals Cruelty Investigation Group – check them out at:


Boost in fight against illegal hunting

The League Against Cruel Sports announced plans for a major boost in its fight against animal cruelty after its evidence led to the Crown Prosecution Service authorising criminal proceedings against members of 2 hunt groups.  Welcoming the news, Chief Exec Joe Duckworth said the League would now boost its investigations of illegal hunting further with a major public appeal for information relating to illegal hunting to help catch individuals responsible for inflicting cruelty to animals.  As an added incentive, in certain circumstances the charity will also offer a reward of up to £1,000 for information which directly leads to a conviction under the Hunting Act 2004 in England and Wales, or the Protection of Wild Mammals Act 2002, in Scotland.  Joe Duckworth commented “Polling shows that the public are overwhelmingly opposed to cruelty to animals in the name of sport and they support the Hunting Act which came into force 10 years ago. “Based on our evidence, 9 summonses have been issued this year alone under the Hunting Act and we are now giving members of the public a chance to play their part in helping to end that cruelty.  “Our work relies on good intelligence such as when and where illegal hunting is taking place, and details of the individuals involved. We are appealing to anyone that may have information that could help us investigate this criminal activity and bring the perpetrators to justice.”  The charity’s team of investigators work to capture evidence of this, in order to bring prosecutions against those who continue to hunt wild animals for sport in defiance of the hunt ban.  Members of the public with information relating to hunting activities are being urged to report it via, the charity’s website using the  online form or by calling the confidential Wildlife Crimewatch line on 01483 361 108. Any criminal activity should also be reported to the Police on 101.  All information will be treated in complete confidence. Master and Huntsman of the Middleton Hunt, Tom HOLT faces a charge of Hunting a Wild Mammal with Dogs at West Knapton, Malton, N. Yorkshire, on 19th Feb 2014. He appeared at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court on 3rd Sept. and there is a case management hearing on 25th Sept  Kennel Huntsman of the Middleton Hunt, Barry Lee ANDREWS faces a charge of Interfering with a Badger Sett near Bossall, N. Yorkshire, on 12th March 2014.  The case is to be heard at Scarborough Magistrates’ Court on 12th Sept 2014. Paul WHITEHEAD, Huntsman of the Lunesdale Foxhounds Ltd, faces a charge of Hunting a Wild Mammal with Dogs on 18th Feb 2014.  Terence POTTER, who is a Company Director of the Lunesdale Foxhounds Ltd, faces a similar charge on behalf of the company as a body corporate, under the provisions of Section 10.  Summonses have been issued and the case is to be heard at Skipton Magistrates’ Court on 19th Sept 2014. The case is based on evidence supplied to the police by the League Against Cruel Sports.

Check out the League (LACS) at:


Master & Huntsman charged

3 members of the College Valley and N. Northumberland Hunt, including the Joint Master and Huntsman, have been charged with illegally hunting a fox.  Joint Master, Timothy Wyndham Basil Smalley, Huntsman, Ian Robert McKie and Kennel Huntsman, Andrew John Proe, are each charged with hunting a wild mammal with dogs, contrary to Sec 1 of the Hunting Act 2004.  The case is based on evidence supplied by the League Against Cruel Sports and further investigations carried out by Northumbria Police, in relation to an incident alleged to have taken place during an advertised hunt meet at West Kyloe Farm, near Lowick, Northumberland on 27th Feb 2014.  All 3 defendants have pleaded ‘not guilty’ to the charges. The case has been listed for trial at Berwick Magistrates’ Court on Mon 13th & Tues 14th Oct.


The terrierman of the York and Ainsty South Fox Hunt, and 2 other men, have been charged with interfering with a badger sett. The charges stem from an incident in Dec 2013 when members of Sheffield and Doncaster hunt saboteurs came upon the men digging out a fox at Escrick Park, near Selby N. Yorkshire, whilst following the hunt.  The sabs managed to save the fox despite having to defend themselves from violence from a large group of hunt supporters. The sabs reported the incident to N. Yorkshire Police who took statements before charging the men.  UPDATE:  The CPS has dropped all charges just 2 days before the trial. This is despite damning video evidence, witnesses, and the badger sett having been declared in use by badgers, by an independent expert (on behalf of N. Yorkshire Police).


4 jailed for fox death

4 men who filmed a dog brutally mauling a fox to death as they stood by and encouraged it have been jailed for animal cruelty offences.  They claimed to be “rabbiting”.  District Judge Bridgette Knight slammed the attack as “barbaric and medieval in its wickedness” while the RSPCA described the men as “thugs of the countryside”.  John Daly, of Breeze Hill, Reece Welsh, of Sunbourne Rd, & Ryan Kennedy, of Townsend Ave Liverpool, and Daniel Ratchford, of St Wilfreds Rd, Wigan, were jailed for their roles in the incident after each pleaded guilty to animal cruelty offences.  The horrific video captured a fox screaming in pain as a lurcher shakes it around in its mouth, while other terrier-type dogs and the group of men look on.  None of the defendants had stepped in to stop the fox being attacked, and that mobile phones had also been placed down badger setts.  Locator collars, dog cages and spades had also been found in the van the group had arrived in.  The men were charged with offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 and admitted their guilt earlier this year.  Daly was sentenced to 14 weeks in prison for the suffering caused to his dog, plus a further 4 weeks for each of the charges of interfering with a badger sett.  Welsh was sentenced to a total of 16 weeks in prison.  Kennedy and Ratchford were both sentenced to 12 weeks.  Each of the men will serve half of their sentences and must pay £200 to the RSPCA to help toward the £25,000 cost of the investigation.  They have been disqualified from keeping, or being involved in the care and transportation, of dogs for life.  District Judge Knight said there was “overwhelming evidence” that badger setts had been interfered with, adding that the 6-month maximum prison term for that offence was “perhaps something Parliament should consider looking at again”.


Harecoursers convicted – 4 men, 3 from E. Yorks and the other from Durham, were convicted at Skegness Magistrates Court of hare coursing and were excluded from entering Lincolnshire with any dog for 2 years from Aug 29.  The men were also fined from £260 up to £586


Brian May Badgers



TO Continue to Fight the Cull



A General Response To A Much Asked ‘Comment’ Question.



Hi everybody;

And thanks for your very supportive comments which have been left on the site.

One of the main popular questions has been –

“do we employ anyone special to run the site ?”; as many of you like it and the colours; use of graphics etc.


Answer – very much NO.

Hands up to say that I personally am the one responsible for keeping the site updated whenever possible.  I have had no training other than to say I worked in technical manuals for military aircraft systems for about 24 years – and so I do have some experience on what is a ‘read me’ document and what is not.  Things have to be attractive to the reader; to keep their attention and hopefully to be mildly interesting; and I hope that through the use of written text, supported by photographs, videos and a good colour design and layout; encourage people to visit and read.  There is nothing worse than pages of written text which are not supported by pictures or photos to break the issue up a little.  In a word – ‘boring’ !

And importantly; the subject matter does not have to be specific to the subject 100% of the time; have some ‘tine outs’, have some fun and make the site more interesting and worthwhile visiting.

But no; no professionals are employed; just personal experience in layout and design from many years writing military aircraft technical documentation.  See more at ‘About Us’ – one of the tabs at the tom of the page.

It all takes time and effort to do; but hopefully the end result is well worth it.  And judging from the many supportive comments left on the site; it is well worth the time and effort.

Regards Mark.  

SAV Posts


Above – what the though of producing another SAV posts sometimes feels like !!!

Serbia: 10/9/2014 – Todays Photos of ‘Nani’ Deer – Still Held By The Hunters – and WE STILL AWAIT A Government Ministers Decision ! – Is It That Difficult ?

Serbian  Flag

We still await Decision of Minister of Agriculture, and in meantime  we push everybody.,
- hunters, police, inspectors –  they all  did take ‘Nani’ in opposition to national animal welfare laws.

 UPDATE 11/9/14:

Hi Mark,
Minister of Agriculture, Mrs Bogosavljevic Boskovic  had 30 day  for  acting
in agreement to Article 58. of Law of animal welfare – but she did not .

That is why I send  to her  a letter by which I remind her for her law

It is in opposite to law that state any organ  go to be silent – must answer
and the Answer must be in agreement to laws.

In agreement to Serbian laws this Minister must send  ( into 30 days  from
official Request  ) Decide about back Nani deer to Dragana Mitic and Nani`s
home,  because all evidences  speak to this form Decide.



deer 1 10 sept

deer 2 10 sept

deer 4 10 sept


deer 5 10 sept

deer 7 10 sept




A Future of Hope.




… and the original …—4xQYA  

Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.


“Stairway To Heaven”

There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.
When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for.
Ooh, ooh, and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

There’s a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.
In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings,
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven.

Ooh, it makes me wonder,
Ooh, it makes me wonder.

There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
And the voices of those who stand looking.

Ooh, it makes me wonder,
Ooh, it really makes me wonder.

And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune,
Then the piper will lead us to reason.
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter.

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now,
It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.
Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.
And it makes me wonder.

Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know,
The piper’s calling you to join him,
Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind?

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

 led zepp

Serbia: Introducing ‘Morgan’ – can you help with his veterinary support ?

Serbian  Flag


danica new cat 9 sept

‘Morgan’ (Ginger) meets ‘Shadow’ (Black – see other other posts on Shadow)

We’ve just gotten another kitten, a sweet tripod ginger and white little boy which is totally blind in one eye and his other eye is not in good shape either.

He might be about three months old and is skinny and weak, so the vet advised me (after a thorough examination) to feed him a high quality kitten food, give him vitamins and antibiotics and bring him back for a checkup in a week. As soon as he gains some weight and starts feeling better, we’ll decide about his future operations.

His left rear lower leg has obviously been amputated, but we don’t know why or when. The bigger problem is that the surgery was performed badly and un skilfully, his leg was cut in the totally wrong place and his stump has basically had the skin sewn shut over the bone. What’s even worse, he leans on that leg as he walks and I fear the bone will protrude through the skin when he gets bigger and heavier and the bone itself might break longitudinally under the burden of his weight, just like one of Milance’s legs did.

In order to save him from a sad and dreadful fate, the vet will either have to make him some kind of a prosthesis or amputate his entire leg. Enucleation of his left eye which probably leaked out because of an untreated chlamydia infection will have to be done, and it’s possible the same surgery will be necessary for the other eye as well.

But everything in its own time – for now, he’s eating, sleeping, cuddling and getting to know his new friends. We’ve decided to call him Morgan. 

Donate please to help Morgan’s veterinary costs:


Our past links about ‘Shadow':


Serbia: New Video From ‘Felix’ Shelter – Little Kitten ‘Shadow’ Is Now Improving and Playing. | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)  // // //

See the videos from Danica showing what was the little Kitten ‘Shadow’ who is finally improving and starting to play – now rapidly growing – see above link.


PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Serbia: ‘Nani’ Photographs 8/9/2014.

Serbian  Flag


deer 1 8 sept

deer 2 8 sept

deer 3 8 sept

deer 4 8 sept

deer 5 8 sept

deer 6 8 sept

deer 7 8 sept





Serbia: URGENCIJA:Na ruke Ministra : ProceduraPoCl58.DokazPorekla,Ignorisana od Strane RVI.

Serbian  Flag

Urgencija  Ministru , postovanoj g.Bogosavljevic Boskovic


-na znanje  Premijeru , postovanom g. Vucicu

dostavljamo Vam  dokaz porekla laneta , sto je trebala , a nije trazila RVI  Krusevac, koja je postupala 26.8.2014.  potpuno nezakonito i sa nedopustivim zakasnjenjem, apsolutno  neprofesionalno i nezakonito, potpuno ignorisuci  da je  Procedura po cl.58. zapoceta od strane g.Dragane Mitic 10.8.2014. – ovakve drzavne sluzbenike  koji nemaju  znanje u vezi propisa , nemaju  saznanje  o predmetu po kojem rade ,niti se trude  da ga akceptiraju ni kada im se to kaze – a mi smo im  dali na znanje i pisano i usmeno smo rekli i g.Zoranu Marinkovicu i g.Slavici Jovanovic  ,  o  svim elementima  slucaja  Lane Nani u kojem  postupaju,  i da se tacno zna poreklo i da je  procedura po cl.58.Zak o dobrob  zapoceta na  zahtev  zamenske majke laneta.Takve  osobe  koji se prema svom poslu i prema zakonu : odnose ignorantski, treba  HITNO OTPUSTITI iz drzavne sluzbe , ali i  revidirati  i utvrditi opravdanost penzijskog staza i socijalnog osiguranja za  svo vreme tog nesavesnog obavljanja poslova od strane ovih  lica  u drzavnoj sluzbi. Stete koje time prave – nazalost, nikada nece  moci da nadoknade .

Molimo da Ministar poljoprivrede, g. Boskovic Bogosavljevic , najzad  jedina u ovom lancu  postupi zakonito ,a  u skladu s osnovnim nacelima Zakona o dobrobiti zivotinja i  svim clanovima ovog Zakona koji se odnose na ovo lane ,  i da svojim pravom i  svojom duznoscu , koje njoj  daje i nalaze clan 58. tog Zakona,  raspolaze zakonito i tacno. Hvala.

S postovanjem

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi

24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9
Budi vegan-spasi sebe i Planetu

—– Original Message —–

From: EPAR


Cc: premijer A.Vucic

Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2014 12:13 PM

Subject: Na ruke Ministra : ProceduraPoCl58.Ignorisana od Strane RVI

Na ruke Ministra poljoprivrede i zastite zivotne sredine


Postovana g. Ministarka

Molimo  Vas da Vi   najzad  postupite po Zahtevima  g.Dragane Mitic  i EPAR-a  , a u skladu s  osnovnim nacelima i  relevantnim clanovima Zakona o dobrobiti zivotinja  koji se odnose na  slucaj laneta i njegove zamenske majke  koja  ga je uspela spasiti  iz kome od njegovih 7 dana starosti , nakon sto ga je  Draganin  komsija gljivar i pobratim predsednika LU Hajduk Veljko ,  nasao u zbunu u komatoznom stanju  . –  u ovom predmetu svi su postupali nezakonito i prema lanetu i prema porodici Dragane Mitic .Cekamo, zajedno s celim svetom koji prati ovaj slucaj , na Vasu saglasnost da  ovo lane  nastavi da zivi  sa svojom zamenskom majkom .

RVI  je tek na nase insistiranje postupala sa velikim zakasnjenjem ,  RVI nije postupila po clanu 79.Zakona o dobrobiti, mada joj zakon to postupanje  naredjuje RVI  nije nalozila vracanje laneta  njegovoj zamenskoj majci do Vaseg Resenja -Saglasnosti ,  cak je RVI potpuno ignorisala  cinjenicu o kojoj  je imala saznanje: da je Dragana Mitic 10.8.2014. postupila po cl. 58. ,tako da je vreme cekanja na Vasu saglasnost ispunjeno psihofizickim torturama  i predugacko .


S postovanjem

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi

24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9
Budi vegan-spasi sebe i Planetu


—– Original Message —–

From: EPAR

To: premijer A.Vucic

Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2014 11:56 AM

Subject: ProceduraPoCl58.Ignorisana od Strane RVI

Postovani g. Vucicu


Ni 3 nedelje nakon sto je Dragana Mitic podnela Zahtev  Ministarki u  skladu s clanom 58. , RVI koja je nadlezna da  to zna , i kojoj smo to dostavili i u pisanoj formi i u tel kontaktu zastupnika EPAR-a sa g.Slavicom Jovanovic  –  pravi se suntava  i pravi se da ne zna da je  Procedura u toku ,  i pise  netacne  konstatacije , SVE RADI NA STETU DOBROBITI laneta, u INAT  nama , a na korist sopstvenu i LU . Korupcija na  delu pred ocima  javnosti .

FALSIFIKATORI CINJENICNOG STANJA   i dalje zloupotreblavaju polozaj !

Od 10.8.2014. Dragana Mitic ceka da g.Ministarka odluci, dotle  je lesinari napadaju  i ugrozavaju i njen i Nanijev opstanak.

Ministar , po nalogu clana 58. ima   rok do 30 dana  –   zasto ceka poslednji dan ? zar treba iscediti i poslednji atom energije iz  Nanija i Dragane, pa se tek onda  udostojiti da odradis  posao koji ti zakon naredjuje –  i da postupis u skladu s nacelima tog zakona  , na prvom mestu dobrobit laneta koje se vezalo za zamensku majku .Ko ima pravo da  ovom lanetu oduzme sansu da zivi s zamenskom majkom .Prvu majku su mu ubili lovci, sad  njega treba da dokrajci  Ministar ?  i Inspekjcija koja je po clanu 76., 78. i 79.  duzna da postupa u interesu DOBROBITI LANETA .

Degutantno i potpuno nesaglasno sa Zak o dobrobiti  je  dosadasnje postupanje i RVI  i Ministarke  –  uzgred, ovakve osobe kao ove koje su pisale zapisnik RVI, a da pri tom nemaju potpuno sagledan predmet – jer bi inace znali  da  je Procedura po cl. 58. pokrenuta jos pre 3 nedelje – takve osobe   mogle bi da  cuvaju ovce, ako neko ima poverenja da im poveri stado , a ne da rade  posao u ime  drzavnog organa .

Ovo nije uvreda , samo je deduktivni zakljucak o eventualnoj  potenciji tih osoba , definitivno  se  moze videti da nemaju potencijal da rade  odgovoran posao RVI , jer cak ni ne znaju da je Proceduru pokrenula Dragana Mitic u skladu s  clanom 58. Zakona o dobrobiti jos  davnog 10.8.2014.  i da  Minisatrka vec treba da je odgovorila ili  da odgovori do 9.9.2014.

kao i da taj odgovor ne sme da ide  na stetu dobrobiti laneta i njegove zamenske majke – jer  bi to bilo u suprotnosti s  vise clanova Zakona o dobrobiti, a i  ljudska prava Dragane i njene familije su vec naveliko narusena od 1.8.2014.


Molimo Vas da omogucite da ova agonija  i sarada  budu prekinuti bez dalje stete. Sad  nas  vec ceo svet posmatra, a i da ne, radi nas  gradjana Srbije, prekinite ovo, jedino Vi to mozete uciniti : samo  Vas molimo da nalozite  ovim drzavnim organima da rade  svi po zakonima Srbije i  po Ustavu.


S postovanjem

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi

24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9
Budi vegan-spasi sebe i Planetu


urgent 1urgent 2urgent 3urgent 4urgent 5





Serbia: Criminal Charge Now Made Regarding The City of Subotica Having No Official Program To Control Its Stray Animal Numbers.

Serbian  Flag

Hi Mark,

Our original charge is in link below  and there is here below a  translation to English,  this is our charge  in this case .:






Ministry of Agriculture-Veterinary Directorate, Belgrade – to conduct and submit for proceeding

Republican veterinary inspection, Subotica – to conduct



On the hands of the Chief, Mr. Pižurica Aleksandar and all who are superior over him, and responsible under Article 76 of the Animal Welfare Law



that City Subotica has no legitimate Program to control the population of stray dogs and cats because the same contains illegal measures listed under Sections 6 and 7, nor has the conditions for the legal treatment of abandoned pets which it captures and holds because the accommodation capacity of the city shelter at the address Ganjo Sor 134 as such prevents the lawful treatment of animals.

City of Subotica is the holder of dogs and cats kept in the city shelter. It is responsible for the welfare of these animals, and Republican Veterinary Inspection, Subotica is responsible for the supervision of that welfare and the legality of the animal keeping.


Dear Sir,

First, we turn to you so you can’t say you didn’t know, yet you are obliged to know.

Here, the local politicians and some close to them photographed themselves in the recently opened city shelter, yet everything still goes in circles: they still have illegal bylaws, the number of irresponsible pet keepers remained the same, led by the City that is the holder of the animals in the city shelter. For animals everything remains the same. There are new politicians in power, some were here all the time, thriving on the bodies of dead pets that they first hold in cages and operate them more or less successfully – for money or they let them massacre among themselves – either way the money goes to them, to everyone who is in that chain, the money is coming from the city budget, the state budget and from the Capital Investment Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina -


They write nonsense, they work illegally, and you tolerate it despite the law that mandates what you are required to do on behalf of the Ministry, and you do not do it. You are accomplice in the crime under Article 269 of the Criminal Code of the Republic Serbia (and the perpetrator of a criminal offense under Article 234 of the Criminal Code RS) – they catch over 4,000 dogs and place them in the facility of accommodation capacity 90 and later 170 dogs. Each year they catch 800-900 new stray dogs and cats, again and again from 2006 until the date when the city shelter lost its license, but now it will do the same again.

So, who can say that the City of Subotica fulfilled the orders of Veterinary and Animal Welfare Law and who can even issue a permit for the operation of the city asylum? Did you: RVI Subotica alone gave the permission for it, or you did it on urgency from the top?   Whose?

We need this information to file a criminal complaint.

This is a political and profiteering move because there is no connection with the law, the interests of citizens, not to mention the interests of the animals, it has nothing to do with the conditions, not even with the Regulation for the shelters for this kind of animals, but we reasonably suspect that it has to do with abuse of authority / official position.

This is not a private shelter that may have the accommodation capacity on the desire and possibilities of its owner, but it is a city shelter that MUST, in order to obtain a work permit: MUST meet all that is required by the Law and Regulations, plus it MUST have the accommodation capacity that is as big as the specific needs of the City of Subotica are. That data can be reached by analyzing the previous period, the last few years, but not in the way where the mayor or Mr. from RVI make each other’s documented favor.

The specificity of Subotica is the following: on the street arrive the new 800 dogs every year, and it indicates the number of citizens who are  in category of people the City must eliminate from the circle by legal punishments, otherwise the city won’t be able to provide the lawful treatment to the new 800 dogs who come in every year. Since it isn’t done that way, they rather have ILLEGAL PROGRAM under Article 54 of the Animal Welfare Act, which enables them to have free hands for illegal activities – all paid by taxpayers and thus City allows the survival and flourishing of irresponsible pet holders, including the City itself, and obtaining illegal profit for many people. So, these people did open (thanks to RVI Subotica), not the city shelter, but the object that is the facade/mask for unlawful acquisition of profit (and as always, the one who provides the logistics for this illegal way also makes a profit).

What does the following allegation mean: “aggressive” dogs are held back in the dirty part of the shelter? Is it for a reason not to let the media and the public inside this “dirty part”? Is that what you allowed them?

That is not the purpose of the “dirty part/section”.

And where are the cats kept? What is their accommodation capacity?

Provide us with a copy of the record of the procedure and a copy of the Decision by which you allowed the City to use the facility of accommodation capacity 170-200 dogs for the job of capturing 800 pets per year regarding which the City signs a contract with its company “Čistoća i Zelenilo” and thus ensures the flow of money from the city and republican budget as well as from the Capital Investment Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina – all made possible by RVI  Subotica.

Regardless of the media halo given by the Mayor at the grand opening of the city shelter, we require that RVI completes the inspection over the acts of the City – a legal entity that is a holder of abandoned dogs and cats, in accordance with this charge, because the same acts of the City are illegal.

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi

24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9
Budi vegan-spasi sebe i Planetu

—– Original Message —–

From: EPAR

To: ; Uprava za veterinu

Cc: premijer A.Vucic

Sent: Friday, September 05, 2014 6:15 PM

Subject: RVI Sub omogucuje krsenje Zak o dobrobiti/Prijava5.9.2014.


Ministarstvo poljoprivrede-Uprava za veterinu , Beograd

RVI , Subotica

Na ruke Nacelnika, gospodina  .Pizurica Aleksandra


PRIJAVA   da Grad  Subotica  nema zakonit Program kontrole populacije  napustenih pasa i macaka , niti  ima uslove za zakonito postupanje prema napustenim kucnim ljubimcima koje hvata i drzi  jer je  smestajni kapacitet   gradskog prihvatilista  ,Ganjo sor 134  takav da onemogucuje  zakonit tretmnan zivotinja

Grad Subotica  je drzalac pasa i macaka koje drzi u gradskom azilu- odgovoran je za dobrobit  tih zivotinja , a RVI  Subotica je odgovorna za NADZOR  te dobrobiti i zakonitosti  drzanja

Postovani gospodine

Najpre se obracamo Vama , da posle ne kazete da niste znali, a duzni ste znati

Evo islikali su se lokalni politicari i neki njima bliski, i opet sve ide u krug, i dalje imaju nezakonite podzakonske akte,  ostao je isti broj neodgovornih drzalaca kucnih ljubimaca , na celu s Gradom  koji je drzalac zivotinja u gradskom azilu. Zivotinjama sve  ostaje isto.Dosli su novi politicari  na vlast, a neki su tu celo vreme – vlast , grebu  se na  lesevima kucnih ljubimaca  koje najpre drze u tim kavezima  i izoperisu  manje ili vise uspesno – za pare ili ih puste da se sami medjusobno pokolju – njima opet idu pare , svima u lancu  kojem pristizu pare iz gradskog budzeta , iz republickog budzeta i iz  , FKU APV  – MILIONI   ;   pisu nebuloze, rade nezakonito ,  a vi to  tolerisete uprkos Zakona koji  nalaze sta ste duzni raditi  u ime Ministartsva , vi to ne radite , saucesnici ste u KD  po clanu 269.KZ RS (  a pocinitelj KD po clanu 234 KZ RS ) –  oni  uhvate preko 4000 , i stave u objekat smestajnog kapaciteta 90, pa  170; svake godine  uhvate novih do 800-900 napustenih pasa i macaka , opet i opet od 2006. do zabrane, a sad ce opet .

Dakle  ko moze da kaze da je Grad Subotica  ispunio  naloge Zakona o vet i Zak o dobrobiti  i da mu  cak izda dozvolu za rad  gradskog azila ,  da li  ste vi : RVI Subotica , sami  ste im za to dalu dozvolu, ili ste to uradili  na urgenciju s vrha? Ciju ?   Treba nam   taj podatak za KP .

Politikantski  i profiterski  potez, jer nema veze sa  zakonima, sa interesima  gradjana , a o interesima zivotinja  da  ni ne govorimo jer ih nema , nema veze  ni  s uslovima,ni s Pravilnikom  o prihvastilistima za ove vrste zivotinja , ali  opravdano sumnjamo da ima veze sa zloupotrebom sluzbenog polozaja .

To nije privatni azil koji moze imati  smestajni kapacitet po zelji i mogucnostima  vlasnika tog  privatnog azila, nego je  ovo gradski azil koji MORA , da bi dobio dozvolu za rad : MORA   zadovoljavati  sve sto nalaze Zakon i Pravilnik , tj.MORA imati : onoliki  smestajni kapacitet koliki je specificna potreba Grada Subotica- smestajni kapacitet specifican za Grad Suboticu  , a do tog podatka se  dolazi analizom prethodnog perioda, prethodnik nekoliko godina  , a ne tako sto se g.Gradonacelnik  ili g. RVI   ili obojica lupe  po svom stomaku i ucine jedan drugom  Simoninijevski dokumentovanu  uslugu  ( vidi :Prasko groblje-Umberto Eko).

Specificnost Grada Subotica  jeste sledece: na ulice stize novih  800 godisnje , to ukazuje na broj gradjana koji cine kategoriju koju Grad mora  kaznjavanjem eliminisati iz tog kruga ,inace Grad  ne moze omoguciti zakonit tretman svake godine novih 800 ,  a to ne rade nego  imaju NEZAKONIT PROGRAM po clanu 54.Zak o dobrobiti, kojim sebi daju odresene ruke za nezakonite radnje – sve  placaju poreski obveznici , i  time Grad  omogucuje opstanak i cvetanje  neodgovornih drzalaca u koje i sam Grad spada , i pribavljanje  nezakonite dobiti  mnogima – dakle  ovi jesu otvorili, – zahvaljujuci  RVI Subotica ,ali ne  gradski azil nego objekat koji je  fasada -maska za nezakonito pribavljanje dobiti drugome ( a kao i uvek :  onaj ko  daje logistiku za nezakonit put : omogucuje i sebi ).

Sta znaci  navod: da  “agresivne“ pse  drze pozadi u prljavom delu ?  Zato da u taj “prljavi deo“ imaju  obrazlozenje ne pustati novinare  ni javnost ? To ste im vi dozvolili ? Prljavi deo ne sluzi tome .

I gde drze macke ? Smestajni kapacitet?

Dostavite nam  uz kopiju zapisnika  o postupanju po ovoj Prijavi ,  i kopiju Resenja kojim ste  Gradu dozvolili koriscenje objekta smestajnog kapaciteta 170-200  za poslove hvatanja godisnje  800 kucnih ljubimaca u vezi kojih sklapa Ugovor sa svojom  firmom JKP“Cistoca i zelenilo“ i  time obezbedjuje tokove novca iz  gradskog i rep budzeta i iz FKU APV – sto je sve omogucila RVI Subotica .

Bez obzira na medijski oreol koji je otvaranju gradskog prihvatilista dao Gradonacelnik , zahtevamo da  RVI  izvrsi  inspekcijski nadzor nad postupanjima Grada , u skladu s ovom Prijavom, jer su ista nezakonita .

EPAR /Alijansa za zastitu prirode,prava zivotinja i prava ljudi

24000 Subotica,Matka Vukovica,9
Budi vegan-spasi sebe i Planetu







Serbia: 7/9/14 – ‘Andy’ and ‘Molly’ – New Residents at Felix Cat Shelter. Donations Are Welcome, Thank You.

Serbian  Flag



Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix


danica sept 1



 danica sept molly 2


Molly is a young kitty girl that was rescued from a hoarder in the spring of 2014. Her previous owner, who is mentally unbalanced and had many cats (most of which were very unapproachable, poorly taken care of and unspayed) was even considering poisoning them to reduce their number.

Beautiful and friendly, Molly was rescued, spayed and then adopted and returned three times before she arrived here in July of 2014.

She is sweet, unobtrusive and gets along very well with the other cats.




Serbia: ‘Nani’ – 6/9/14.

Serbian  Flag


nani sat 1

nani 1 6 sept

nani 2 6 sept

nani 7 6 sept

nani sat 2








Serbia: ‘Marka’ Is Now Starting To Feel Better – Soon To Be 20 Years – An Astonishing Age For A Shelter Kittie !!

Serbian  Flag



Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Our precious, lovely old girl Marka is feeling a little better :)

She’ll probably only eat the pate’ form of soft canned cat food for as long as she lives but her appetite has improved a bit and she already seems more cheerful.

Let’s hope she celebrates her 20th birthday next year, which will be an astonishing age for a shelter kitty.

A huge and heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped her!


marka 1

marka 2

marka 3


Serbia: Please Give Whatever You Can.

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96




Serbia: 5/9/14 – More ‘Nani’ Pictures. A Daily Photo Record Is Being Kept.

Serbian  Flag


nani 5 aug 1

nani 5 aug 2

nani 5 aug 3

nani 5 aug 6

nani friday 1






Serbia: 4/9/14 – Latest Pictures of ‘Nani’ Visited Today By Mrs. Mitic.

Serbian  Flag

nani 4 aug 1

nani 4 aug 2

nani 4 aug 5

nani 4 aug 6

nani 4 aug 7

nani 4 aug 8

nani 4 aug 9

Visit all of our other recent post on Nani: 

Climate Mobilisation – Please Sign the Petition and Add Your Voice.

Avaaz petition

Photo – AVAAZ Petition.

Dear friends,

I can sincerely say this is the most important petition we’ve ever done.

Sorry for the language, but one top scientist just warned that we are all “f*cked” if global warming releases gigantic amounts of methane gas from the arctic tundra. The UN knows this, and is bringing world leaders to New York for an emergency summit.

Hundreds of thousands of us will take to the streets for the People’s Climate March just before the summit. Let’s make sure that on that day we deliver the largest Avaaz petition ever, for the only solution: mobilize the world to shift to 100% clean energy. Add your voice, and forward this widely:

Petition Link –

Whether it’s the ‘arctic methane bomb’, the rapid acidification of our oceans, or apocalyptic flooding, climate change is the biggest threat humanity is facing, and we need the biggest petition ever to meet it. The number of us who sign will be read out to all leaders at the summit, published in hundreds of media articles, and be delivered by our marches worldwide.

100% clean energy is a realistic goal. Already, 20% of the world’s electricity comes from clean energy, and solar power is cheaper than coal in many countries! We just need to put our foot on the accelerator.

We’re gearing up for the largest climate mobilization in history on September 21. Already hundreds of events are organized and hundreds of thousands of people signed up. But the events are designed to deliver a petition. Let’s make it the largest petition ever.

Petition Link –

We’re all different, and beautifully diverse. But whoever and wherever we are, climate change threatens everything we love, and brings all of us together. Let’s come together now.

With hope,

Danny, Lisa, Judy, Ricken, Alex, Iain, and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS – Every signature really does count!


Climate scientist drops the F-bomb (Salon)

EU to beat 2020 climate targets, split over 2030 ones (Reuters)

The most influential climate change paper today remains unknown to most people (Inside Climate News)

Serbia: Free ‘Nani’ Deer – Info and Sample Letter To Send.

Serbian  Flag


nani kiss


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Please help the orphan baby dear Nani, who was saved by Mrs.Dragana Mitic. This little fawn was living in a wonderful environment, surrounded with Mrs. Mitic love and care, until was taken away by the police and handed to the hunting association ”Hajduk Veljko”.
Now Mrs. Mitic is waiting for a final decision from the Minister of Agriculture if she can keep rescued fawn on her little farm. As tamed wild animals, other options for Nani are: life in a hunting ground or in a zoo.

Join EPAR – OIPA Serbia, Serbian Animal Voice and Mrs. Dragana Mitic appeal! 



SAMPLE LETTER – send to:






Dear Sir, Madam

We have been informed about the case of the baby deer NANI by Serbian media, Serbian Animals Voice and EPAR – OIPA SRBIJA.

Since Nani’s mother was killed, a kind-hearted citizen Mrs. Dragana Mitic saved this baby deer and cared for it at her home. But the police of Cicevac village, on 1 August 2014, was confiscated the baby deer and handed to the hunting association ”Hajduk Veljko”, where it is being held in extremely inappropriate conditions at the pheasant farm.

Mrs. Mitic visited the baby deer and states it is being terrified and treated in a highly unsuitable manner. The treatment of this tiny creature violates Serbian animal welfare law, which include the humane handling of the animals.

This is international appeal to Serbian authorities to be humane and act in accordance with the Serbian Animal Welfare Act. As rescued and tamed wild animals, THE BABY DEAR CANNOT BE RETURNED TO THE HUNTING GROUND OR SEND IN A ZOO.

THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO IMMEDIATELY RETURN THE FAWN TO MRS. DRAGANA MITIC, so she can protect and give shelter to this venerable baby who lost his mother.


Kind regards



Serbia: Save Nani Deer – Sample Letter to Copy and Send to the Serbian authorities. Please do NOW.

Serbian  Flag






Dear Sir, Madam

We have been informed about the case of the baby deer NANI by Serbian media, Serbian Animals Voice and EPAR – OIPA SRBIJA.

Since Nani’s mother was killed, a kind-hearted citizen Mrs. Dragana Mitic saved this baby deer and cared for it at her home.
But the police of Cicevac village, on 1 August 2014, was confiscated the baby deer and handed to the hunting association ”Hajduk Veljko”, where it is being held in extremely inappropriate conditions at the pheasant farm.

Mrs. Mitic visited the baby deer and states it is being terrified and treated in a highly unsuitable manner.
The treatment of this tiny creature violates Serbian animal welfare law, which include the humane handling of the animals.

This is international appeal to Serbian authorities to be humane and act in accordance with the Serbian Animal Welfare Act.

THE ONLY SOLUTION IS TO IMMEDIATELY RETURN THE FAWN TO MRS. DRAGANA MITIC, so she can protect and give shelter to this venerable baby who lost his mother.

Sincerely with hope,

Your name and nationality.






England: Take Action Now for A One Off Maximum Journey Time for Farm Animals Throughout the EU of 8 Hours.




The following was made by good friend and campaigner Ian Driver at Ramsgate harbour (Kent, England) on 29/8/14.

It shows truckloads of British sheep being exported by the Dutch for slaughter in mainland Europe.  An English Channel crossing to France of over 8.5 hours !!  

We need the 8 hour maximum journey time in the EU to stop this.  Please take action now as detailed below:

We would encourage (especially) All EU Citizens and also NON EU Citizens to mail Commissioner Borg Immediately.

Read On for Instructions.


Onderwater Dover 2nd May 2013

Above – The ‘standard’ of some Dutch animal export trailers being used in 2014 to carry British sheep to Mainland Europe.  Photographed at Dover harbour, Kent, England.

Allegedly covered by and compliant with EU standards – Regulation 1/2005.

Photo – Val Cameron.


Dear all;

I would encourage any resident of the EU who is concerned about long distance farm animal transport to send a copy of the following pdf directly to Commissioner Borg as per the instructions below.

I am now working independently through my own site, SAV, regarding amongst other things, EU live farm animal legislation changes to work in support of a one off 8 hour maximum journey time.

By doing this, I have pulled out from all direct UK live export campaigning.

Legislation to greatly reduce journey times and / or amend Regulation 1/2005 (the current EU rules on live farm animal transport hours) can ONLY be changed directly by the EU Commission; and certainly NOT by the UK government or any other independent EU member state government alone.

So, I personally feel that there is only one option; get aim directly at the EU Commission and get the hours reduced THROUGHOUT the EU for ALL EU farm animals in transport.

We need to take the campaign directly to Brussels and the people (ie. Commissioner Borg) who can amend EU wide legislation to reduce all journey times down to a one off maximum of eight (8) hours; and thus get the best deal possible for animals undergoing international transportation.  Any subsequent changes to Regulation 1/2005 will then affect ALL animals in transport within the whole of the EU, not just those going through Ramsgate and Dover in the UK – such as calves from Ireland to Cherbourg, France, and pigs from the Netherlands down to Spain, as just a couple of dozens of examples.

I hope the attached pdf link below currently explains the existing situation for the 8 hours campaign, and particularly, why we need more than ever now to push the EU Commission to act rather than our own rather limp UK government.


Attached above is a sample letter link (supplied as a pdf) which can be sent directly to the EU Commissioner (Borg) who holds the keys to amending the current legislation – Regulation 1/2005.


Simply undertake the following easy steps to make your voice heard at the EU Commission please:


Click on the Commissioners spokesperson e mail address to get a new e mail widow.

This is:

Then also to this same e mail attach a copy of the SAV headed letter (link below) which is supplied as a pdf document.  Simply attach the link to the letter.:


Finally, as part of the same e mail, give your own:

  • name,
  • address or postcode, and
  • your nationality – really helpful if you are an existing EU citizen; although we would also encourage the letter to be sent in to Commissioner Borg by non EU residents.

Then finally click again to send – that’s all that is required – a matter of seconds to complete it all.

Consideration Issue About 8 Hours:

Sheep export consignment from Ramsgate, Kent, England to Calais, France,

on 29/8/14:

Remember – the shipment of 6 sheep transporters from Ramsgate to (Calais) France on 29/8/14 took around 8.5 hours to complete its Channel crossingThis crossing IS under EU law counted as part of the overall journey time.

Thus, if we had a maximum one off journey time of 8 hours; the crossing of 29/8 would have gone over the maximum time allowed as a one off consignment.  Add to this the time taken to initially get to Ramsgate by the transporters, and their continuation once arrived in Calais; and, under any 8 hours regulations, the trucks would never have reached Ramsgate in the first place; let alone cross the Channel ! – The shipment would never have taken place.

Hence why the 8 hours maximum campaign is so important; but this can ONLY be addressed and acted on by the EU Commission; NOT the limp UK government.

Thanks and regards; please send your letter link to Commissioner Borg right now !


SAV Founder.


sept 9 19

 Above – An EU ‘Regulation compliant’ trailer operated in 2014 by a Dutch haulier exporting British sheep to mainland EU.

Known to all as the ‘wonky roof'; is this how animals are allegedly ‘protected’ during transport by current EU Regulations ? – It is a disgrace on the name of the EU and animal welfare legislation.



Photo – Val Cameron.

Serbia: ‘Nani’ Baby Deer Latest 29/8/14 – She Is Still Alive, and We Now Await Homing Decision By Minister of Agriculture.

Serbian  Flag




‘Nani’ Baby Deer Latest – 29/8/14.


Firstly; Nani the deer is still alive, the most important thing.

Slavica and others in Serbia are still fighting very hard on this case with the Republic Veterinary Inspector; who visited Nani in her current holding at the facility of the Serbuina hunters on 26/8.

Now everyone is waiting for a final decision from the Minister of Agriculture to decide if (in agreement with Article 58 of Serbian laws for animal welfare) Nani will be able to return to her original home and to Mrs Dragana Mitic; who is considered to now be the mother of Nani.

Dragana visits Nani every day, and keeps a photographic record of her condition every day.  You can see some of the recent photographs in this post.

A very careful eye is now being kept on the hunters of Hunting Society `Hajduk Veljko` to monitor everything that they are doing.  After all, they have taken Nani and put her into this current situation.  She deserves to be back with Mrs Dragana Mitic and so this is now the aim, as it always has been; to return her to the lady who protects her and who Nani now regards as her mother.

As soon as we have a decision from the Minister of Agriculture we will inform you of the next development.



Our recent posts on this case:










EU: Live Farm Animal Transport – How Does 8hours Implement Its Political Objectives ?








As you will see in a few of our posts (3 links below) which go back to 2011; we have been involved with supporting the call for an EU wide change in legislation to just 8 hours for all animals in long distance transport.:

At the moment, transport legislation for animals is covered by Regulation 1/2005 of 22nd December 2004.  This regulation currently allows different species of farm animals to be transported for different amounts of time, well exceeding 8 hours !

A copy of the existing EU Regulation (1/2005) on the so-called ‘protection of animals during transport’; which includes the current existing journey times for different animal species can be viewed at:;ELX_SESSIONID=H9tGTlLNGXMCyKSJ6hcKj1mDhvRm2LblcY4zy6h2hTJt21kj3lhz!-1633023516?uri=CELEX:32005R0001

- to view in English, simply go to the ‘EN’ language header; or alternatively select your (EU) language from all others provided.

The following is a summary of the current EU 8 hours campaign from our friends ‘Animals Angels’ in Germany.  There are many EU welfare organisations who are working hard to get legislation passed to reduce the journey time for animals to a one off maximum of 8 hours.

Now that (August 2014) sees the new EU Parliament commencing business with new MEP’s elected earlier this year; we are going to start campaigning once again for the 8 hours max. through the European Parliament, but especially directly to the EU Commission responsible.  It is the European Parliament which, in addition to the Council, has the right to call on the EU Commission to propose new legislation, which in this case would involve drastically reducing the journey times for animals in transport to slaughter and further fattening.

In the near future we will be producing a sample letter which all EU citizens can send to their own regional / national members of the European Parliament or alternatively directly to the EU Commission; asking them to amend the journey times currently detailed in Regulation 1/2005 very, very soon.

The final statement below from AA gives us heart that we are gradually making progress on this very important issue for all farm animals in transport across the EU.

Please read on to find out more in this summary of events from Animals Angels;

Regards Mark – SAV.

sheep legs ramsgate



Photo – Jane Jackson.

How does 8hours implement its political objectives?

Provisions regulating the transport of ‘slaughter’ animals have existed in the EU since 1977. The EU’s currently valid version is the “Council Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005 of 22 December 2004 on the protection of animals during transport and related operations (…)” This regulation deals with the transport of live vertebrates within the EU and provides the respective statutory guidelines.

An amendment of the transport regulation as desired by 8hours can only be made if proposed by the European Commission since it has the sole right to initiate law-making actions within the EU. The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) stipulates that the EU Commission and the commissioners must do their jobs fully independently and for the general good of the communities. Therefore, 8hours cannot directly influence the Commission’s decision to introduce or modify a law. For this reason 8hours decided to go through the European Parliament which, in addition to the Council, has the right to call on the EU Commission to propose new legislation.

The European Parliament

EU Members of Parliament Esther de Lange, Pavel Poc, Carl Schlyter, Andrea Zanoni and Dan Jørgensen drafted Written Declaration 49/2011 for this purpose and introduced it in the EU Parliament in November 2011.

The results of the petition signature drive started by 8hours at the beginning of 2011 were included in the text of the declaration: More than 1 million signatures had been collected by the time voting took place on March 15, 2012. This result contributed considerably to the success of the Written Declaration. A total of 395 Members of Parliament voted in favour of the document and demanded a maximum transport time of eight hours.

Thus 8hours achieved one goal in the EU Parliament: The EU Commission has now been called upon to act accordingly. If it does not submit a legislative proposal it must notify Parliament of the reasons.

The EU-Commission

On June 7, 2012 representative of Animals’ Angels, 8hours and numerous European animal welfare organizations traveled to Brussels to reinforce the arguments of 8hours and Parliament’s request at a meeting with EU Commissioner John Dalli.

The signatures were officially presented to John Dalli’s cabinet. Finally the Commissioner stated on camera that “by 2014 the Commission will publish a legislative proposal.” A few days later, however, a representative for John Dalli retracted this statement without comment.

The revocation of the promise by John Dalli came as a complete surprise to everyone involved. Neither 8hours nor the EU parliamentarians behind the Written Declaration could move John Dalli to make a statement.

In response to these events 8hours offered the opportunity on its official website to write a pre-formulated letter of complaint to the Commissioner. The EU Commissioner received more than 30,000 complaints in the following days.

However, the indignation about simply ignoring the will of more than one million EU citizens remains unanswered.

The Petitions Committee

In June 2012 Animals’ Angels submitted the boxes of signatures to the Petitions Committee of the European Parliament in Brussels.

On 16 September 2013 Animals’ Angels was invited to Brussels to speak to MEPs and members of the Petitions Committee about the 8hours demands. Animals’ Angels took this opportunity to ask why the EU Commission had so far done nothing to respond adequately to the will of EU citizens and the EU parliament. Animals’ Angels requested the Petitions Committee to examine the case and obtain a formal reply from the Commission regarding the 8hours petition. The mere fact that the Petitions Committee had been convened makes it absolutely clear that it is prepared to support our petition and seek answers to our questions.

In March 2014 Animals’ Angels received word from the Petitions Committee that at its behest  not only the European Commission had been told to consider our petition, but also the Committee for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament.

The Petitions Committee takes our petition very seriously and has promised to keep us informed of future developments.

Nicola 2

Photo – V. Cameron.

Australia: Live Exports March – Russell Square, Northbridge – Saturday 30th August.



SLA Australia


demo2Dear Mark;

As Stop Live Exports Campaign Manager and representative for another animal advocacy group, I will be addressing the crowd at March Australia‘s March in August event this Saturday 30 August at Russell Square, Northbridge.

Speakers at the past events have condemned this government for its treatment of workers, students, the aged, the sick, the poor, the misplaced,the disadvantaged.

I will be speaking out for some other Australians those who have no voice AND no vote – the animals; they get a raw deal no matter which major party is in power, but this government’s attitude towards and support for the live export industry at any cost, is unconscionable.

We hope to have a HUGE Stop Live Exports contingent there, with t shirts, placards and banners. We have also been invited to have a stall there at which to sell merchandise and offer memberships.

Please arrive by 1 PM for first two speakers and march, followed by two more speakers (including myself) – we would love to hear some loud voices in large numbers for the animals!

Facebook event page is here with all details, or just turn up to Russell Square, Aberdeen, James, Shenton and Parker streets by 1 PM this Saturday 30 August. Parking will be a nightmare, so strongly suggest you use public transport or get dropped off.

For a full list of all march locations in WA (Geraldton, Denmark and Broome) in and across Australia, see the March Australia website.

Hope to see you there!

Katrina Love
Campaign Manager/Coordinator







Thailand: SOI Dogs – Please Support – The Battle To End The Dog Meat Trade Continues.



SOI August logo

soi dogs 4

SOI August 1

SOI August 2


The Battle To End The Dog Meat Trade Continues…

Dear Mark,

Because of you great progress has been made in stopping the illegal trafficking of dogs from Thailand to Vietnam. You have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of dogs!

For me, the story of Bob underscores the importance of what you are accomplishing…

Bob was rescued from dog thieves and taken to a shelter in NE Thailand funded by Soi Dog supporters. Bob suffered spinal injuries when the cage he was in was brutally loaded onto a truck.

After being freed from the cage he’d been crammed into alongside with ten other dogs, Bob’s back legs were no longer working.

Thanks to you, Bob is little by little, day by day slowly learning to walk again. Please take a moment and watch this inspiring video of Bob’s road to recovery…

 watch Bob’s video

Many battles have been won but the war to end the dog meat trade is far from over. Following success in all but stopping the trade to Vietnam, smugglers have now changed tactics and are smuggling live dogs to China through Thailand’s Northern provinces. Just last month the dogs you see below were rescued from a truck destined to China.

Thailand’s current military administration who are doing much to stamp out corruption in Thailand are giving strong support in bringing the trade to an end.

Last month locals in the Vietnam village where most dogs stolen from Thailand were taken prior to moving to Hanoi and elsewhere, confirmed that they are no longer seeing dogs arriving from Thailand. In the past several trucks a day, each carrying hundreds of dogs from Thailand would stop and the dogs would be force fed and graded. The Thai Veterinary Association estimated that around 500,000 Thai dogs per year were going to Vietnam!

But, stopping the dog meat trade and caring for the rescued dogs is expensive.

In Thailand alone over $700,000 per year is being spent caring for rescued dogs, on undercover investigations and on public awareness/education.

Only because of your support is the war being won and only with your continued support will the dog meat trade be brought to an end.

My thanks to those of you who have become regular monthly members of the Magic 1000 Club. It is only because of your continued support that the work to end the dog meat trade continues and the rescued dogs are cared for.

The costs involved in ending the trade are huge. If you have not already done so please join the Magic 1000 Club today and join us in bringing an end to the dog meat trade.

From Bob and the thousands of other rescued dogs, thank you.

Best Wishes,

John Dalley


P.S. Please be sure to watch Bob’s video to better understand the urgent need for your regular support in helping end the dog meat trade and care for the dogs rescued.

US Residents – Soi Dog is a registered charity in the USA and your donation is tax deductible to the full extent allowed by US law.

United Kingdom Residents – Soi Dog is a registered charity in the UK and your donation qualifies for HMRC gift aid.


Spay and Neuter:











Namibia: Put an End to Namibian Seal Clubbing – Petition To Sign – Please Act Now !




Namibia seal clubbing

Photo:John Giustina/Getty Images

Put an End to Namibian Seal Clubbing


Petition Link:


Earthrace Conservation hopes to bring about lasting change that will benefit marine life and the oceans.

About the PetitionEach year beginning July 1, a quota of 80,000 Cape fur seal pups are set to be beaten to death in Namibia. The pups are separated from their mothers. They are herded away from the safety of the sea, then beaten to death with pick handles. They are stabbed in the throat, often while still alive.We can beat this cruelty.A further quota of 6,000 adult bull seals will be set in Namibia. These are to be shot at point-blank range so that their genitals can be exported to the East, where they will be used to make ineffective sex potions for the Asian market.

You can help put an end to this! 

To: The Hon. Bernhard Esau, Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, NamibiaWith Namibia facing mounting public outcry and increasing consumer boycotts, we the undersigned are urging the Hon. Minister Bernhard Esau to immediately end the annual bloodbath, protect the seals with effective new legislation, and allow all Namibians to benefit from this magnificent tourist draw card.Sincerely,[Your name here] 

Petition Link:

Further links:

Serbia: ‘Shadow’ Update – 24/8/14. No Longer The Tiny Little Kitten. Now A Strong And Healthy Little Lady.

Serbian  FlagF3



Above:  Shadow as a young and very fragile little kitten.


Everyone must remember little ‘Shadow’

Videos of young Shadow –


Update on ‘Shadow’ from Danica – 24 August 2014.

 SHADOW August 14

Above:  Shadow now – 4 months old.

Shadow is approximately four months old and not solid black anymore; her coat is scattered with white hairs but her sweet face, although more mature, is almost the same.

She’s still living in the house even though she seems eager to go outside, but the wide world she expects to find will be limited to the yard.

Extremely friendly towards other cats, she is having a great time playing with her protector and teacher Tinker Bell and both of them are incessantly poking their black little noses into everything.

But Shadow is not just a silly, playful kitty girl, she is a true fighter with an incredible and intense desire to live, she’s a precious little creature who’s been to hell and back and proven to be tough as steel when it mattered the most.

Maybe she remembers what she’s been through, maybe she doesn’t, but none of us here who have had the privilege to be by her side while she was fighting her way up to the light will ever forget her amazing inner strength.

Read more on my blog:





Our early SAV post showing Shadow video footage (same links as above):

We are still undertaking major new roof updates to the shelter     – if you can help with a donation of any size, please visit the blog – link given above.  Thank you.









England: Well very soon we will be preparing to publish our 2,000th post for SAV.



IMGP0936 resize

Well very soon we will be preparing to publish our 2,000th post for SAV.

As of 21/8/2014 we have the following figures for the site:





Looking back, there are mixed feelings on my part about it all.  I can cast my mind right back to the start when Slavica contacted me (I don’t know how she found out about me or my contact details – that’s the AR movement for you !) asking basically for some help from an English speaker  and old codger / campaigner regarding helping Serbian stray animals.

Almost immediately, I thought it would be a good idea to set up a site through which we could campaign to the Serbian government and authorities by the written word; whilst at the same time having some kind of documented ‘record’ of all the things we were getting involved with.


Above – Helping with the campaigns to save the beautiful Wolves of the USA.

So after a little trawling around looking for a suitable site which could be used for this purpose; things progressed in a haphazard way and the fledgling ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ was started.  Initially for the first few years; it was really only / specifically Serbian stray animals that really were the focus of attention on the site – that’s what it was formed for after all.  Slavica would provide information, evidence and photographs; and I would attempt to document this onto the site; our main aim / focus being directed at Serbian regional authorities and the main government.  I guess you could say that in those early days; still like today, we were up for the fight and did everything we could to inform the government  (and all our visitors to the SAV site) about the terrible situation for stray animals in Serbia.

In a strange way; for me, SAV became yet another ‘plate’ to be kept spinning on the poles named collectively as ‘animal welfare campaigning’.  At the time of founding SAV, I was massively involved with live animal transport investigations and campaigning in the EU; something which is still a very major issue with me to this very day.  I was holding down a rather demanding job involved with military combat aircraft, as well as doing undercover investigations into live horse exports from the UK to mainland Europe for slaughter; although this was not what the official paperwork declared !.  During holiday breaks from rather stressful work, I would head off into Europe to team up with UK national animal welfare groups doing major campaigning on factory farming issues – you can see more at ‘About Us’ on this site.   We also did other work at the same time; checking out this and that; sniffing around as they say !.  Oh, and I was also a few years into then being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) also; probably was (and still very much is)  the biggest pain in the butt you could ever imagine – avoid it if you can.  Days were very long and rather demanding; it was quite simply, a case of keeping all the different plates spinning in the hope that nothing would drop and smash.


Below – A baby calf gets its revenge for being exported from the UK to Europe – It puts Prime Minister (then) John Major into the veal crate to see how he likes it ! – campaigning at Dover harbour, Kent, England.

calf revenge major.jpg_NEW

Below – Live Animal Export campaigning at the EU Parliament; Brussels, Belgium

live export campaign brussels



Above – Little ‘Shadow’ the kitten as rescued by Danica at Felix Shelter, Serbia.  For more, visit:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Slavica (in Serbia) and I (England) have always worked along the lines of not necessarily having to say much to each other about things, but each of us knowing exactly what the other means and needs to get across to politicians; SAV site visitors, etc.  A kind of ‘sixth sense’ where we can communicate outside of the normal ‘box’ and yet still fully understand what we are both aiming for with regard publicity.  Since founding SAV, it has been a real pleasure to watch Slavica go from a person who only wrote very ‘pigeon English’ to someone who now has an excellent grasp of the language; so much better than my Serbian !!  Today we are able to communicate in a way that did not exist in the early days of SAV.  The sixth sense still comes into play all the time in an endeavour to make a good site post from the information that is provided.

I have witnessed Slavica have some very serious health issues in the early years of SAV; life threatening issues to be frank; but her determination to continue the fight for animals, combined with a very healthy non animal diet, have supported her in growing stronger day by day; to the point where once again now, she is a real powerhouse to be up against in Serbia – god help any politicians out there is all I can say !! – I wish her the very best in both health and campaigning and I hope she continues to be an animals voice for many years to come; I know she will.


Above – Mark’s Beautiful dog – ‘Golda’.

A few years ago I decided that it was time to ‘open up’ SAV and to ‘spread wings’ a lot more re covering many global animal issues.  Things were going well in Serbia regarding campaigning thanks to Slavica and many others; and by covering more global issues we had the potential to reach out to many more people on a global basis; to inform them of the cruelties which exist anywhere and everywhere in the world – animal cruelty has no bounds.  Serbia as always, remains the main nation that we draw animal attention to when it is required; after all, that’s what SAV was originally founded for; but I hope you will agree; moving on to now cover other international animal welfare issues gives much more of an ‘openness’ to the site.

The live animal export work continues for me with SAV now focussing all its attention on EU campaigning for new and improved regulations for live animal transport.  We also attempt to help and support shelters in Serbia such as the brilliant ‘Felix shelter’ for ex street cats which is run by Danica.

China Yulin dog

Above – Far East dogs going for slaughter and human consumption.


So now, I look back over many years and personal photograph albums of all the various campaigning both here in the UK, the EU and sometimes in the USA; and simply ask myself; ‘has it all been worth it ?’.

The answer is ‘yes’, very much worth it.


Below – an impromptu demo for the BUAV at the Mauritanian Embassy, London; calling for the Mauritian government to stop the supply of research primates to European laboratories.

primate trade demo london.jpg


Below – Our very impressive ‘sad lab primate’  on the day – a costume worn by one very agile campaigner, who then decided to climb the street lamps etc to get some additional attention – the press guys loved it !!

primate demo model.jpg

It has taken its physical  toll over some 35 years or so, going back to the lad of 17 when I attended my first big demo in London town against the Chinese cat and dog meat trade.  Always supported by a very pro-welfare family, I was encouraged to hit the streets and be a voice for the voiceless.  Over the years I have laughed, cried, hugged, and done 1,001 other things with all the great friends that I have met down the road of animal rights / welfare.  Good people all of them; and regardless of the titles which the press and media sometimes like to give them, they are all the most compassionate and caring folk you could ever wish to meet – protecting animals from cruelty is their thing; and that is a pretty good string to have to your bow in my opinion.  One big win we had was in stopping the annual Russian seal hunt – it involved working with good friend Robert; the main man; and several trips to Downing Street and the EU Parliament in Brussels; but in the end, thanks to Bobs massive and dedicated input on being the voice; the Russian seal cull was stopped !

Mark and Robert Downing Street

Above – Mark (SAV Founder – left – Russian Sealer), Mark Watts MEP (centre) and Robert (Right) Campaign for Russian Seal Pups Prior to Entering Downing Street, London.

Below – A typical Russian seal farm – pups taken from the wild as ‘Whitecoats’ and held until their coats turn the ‘right’ colour (known as ‘beaters’) – then they are slaughtered to make fur hats !

Russian seal farm

Below – A Very young Baby Whitecoat pup is netted up and made ready to be airlifted back to the seal farm (see above picture)

EU seal pups robert.jpg_NEW_0001


Below – After Downing Street campaigning (see above) we move on to the European Parliament in Brussels to further the Russian seal pup campaign – Top seal pup campaigner Robert is bottom centre holding the ‘Shame’ banner – Mark is back right (of ‘Ruthless banner) with baseball cap.

EU seal pups robert.jpg_NEW

So here we are today, with the world still full of animal abuse and cruelty.  As with many global conflicts at present, you have to ask yourself if there is ever any chance of things improving.  On the animals front, I think so – the road to improving welfare and conditions can be a very long and arduous one; but on the occasions when you do get some positive results; you feed on it; brush yourself down, turn the page and carry on setting your focus on the next targets.

dog save 3

Above – one lucky rescued dog in the Far East.

 I hope that with SAV as it is, we are keeping you informed about some global welfare issues.  We miss a lot; hands up and openly admit that; but we are doing what we can given the situation and resources we find ourselves in.  When I look at my beautiful ‘Golda’ who passed last December, as well as a wonderful dog; I see and have respect for an animal that is innocent and needs protection – an animal that needs someone to care for its welfare and most importantly, to speak up and show the real truth when the abusers come to town.  SAV have never shirked from exposing the bad sides of animal cruelty; and it will continue to do that.  The world is not full of shiny, happy people; some, and it is just some; get a real kick out of abusing innocents such as baby calves; seals; foxes, anything that is sentient and suffers just like you and I if we were kicked, burnt, clubbed, experimented upon and the rest.

Who knows what the future holds for SAV ? – it will continue to attempt to be a voice for the voiceless; exposing the work undertaken by so many good folk across the world who like us, abhor seeing animals suffer.

Di BD 7

We will continue to fight the fight for them; regardless of the outcome.

That’s just the way we are !

Thanks for sticking with us through good and bad;

Regards Mark

SAV founder; Kent England.


Sadly, for many animals throughout the world, in intensive farming systems, enduring long distance transport to slaughter, suffering in fur farms, labs, aquariums, zoos etc, the following is very far from the truth:



baby deer 1

IMGP0924 resize jpg


earth butterfly

Australia: ‘Animals Australia’ Investigation Reveals Battery Hens ‘Living’ Amongst Towers of Rotting Faeces, Surviving On Scraps, Beetles and Eggs.


What you are about to see has never before been revealed to the public…

If heaven for a bird is sunshine, fresh air, and freedom, then this must be hell.

AA hen in excrement

Her job was to lay eggs for Australia’s biggest egg producer — a company that boasts that its hens are “treated with the greatest of care”. But these unbelievable images captured inside a cage egg farm in rural NSW tell a different story.

This mega factory farm is not only ‘home’ to thousands of hens trapped in cages. But hidden deep in the trenches below them, investigators discovered a prison of a very different kind… Here, dozens of abandoned hens were found ‘living’ among enormous towers of rotting faeces — surviving on scraps, beetles and eggs.

This isn’t the first time we’ve needed to report Australia’s biggest egg producer for neglect and cruelty.

Please take action today to help ensure it is the last.

These birds had been abandoned and forgotten — in a system so cruel — on a factory farm so massive — that the value of individual life is lost and thus the suffering of the individual, overlooked.

It’s shocking to contemplate that these hens stuck in the manure pits were in fact the ‘luckier’ ones. Their caged sisters cannot in any way move freely. They cannot forage. They cannot stretch their wings. They must eat, sleep, defecate and lay their eggs in the same small space — day, after day after day… You’ll no doubt share our dismay that the company profiting from this cruelty carries the ‘stamp of approval’ from the egg industry’s peak body.

According to their website, the ‘Egg Corp Assured’ logo is a sign that eggs are ‘produced under strict guidelines’. Yet just over a year ago the owners of this cage egg facility were fined for multiple violations including illegal overcrowding. Now they are under investigation again. Regardless of whether authorities can compel this cage egg producer to adhere to the law, the suffering of caged hens will continue.

That’s because in Australia battery cages are still legal — despite being banned in many other countries on cruelty grounds. Laws that allow this callous ‘farming’ method to continue were due for review four years ago. But we are still waiting… You and I can vote with our shopping trolley and refuse to buy products of cruelty.

But hens need more than that — they need our voice. Please lend them yours today by demanding a ban on the battery cage in Australia.

Thank you so much for caring, and for giving a few minutes of your time to send an instant message on behalf of hens today.

For the animals,

Lyn White AM Campaign Director

P.S. This hen’s incredible story should never have come to light. It should never have been filmed. It should never have happened. The cruel system that she was born into is now banned in so many countries.

Please send an instant message now to help ban the battery cage in Australia too!




USA: Major Breaking News 21/8/14 – ‘Mercy For Animals’ – Because of your support, we have secured a major victory for animals! – Nestle Introduce Massive Welfare Changes.



SAV Comment:  If every day was as good a news bringer as this; there would be many more good days !! – Congratulations to our friends at MFA – job well done !




Because of your support, we have secured a major victory for animals!

Nestle, the largest food company in the world, has just announced perhaps the single largest and most sweeping corporate animal welfare policy change in history!

The announcement follows a Mercy For Animals undercover investigation late last year that revealed shocking cruelty at a Wisconsin dairy factory farm supplier for DiGiorno Pizza, a Nestle company.

MFA’s undercover footage showed workers kicking, beating, and stabbing cows, and cows who were too sick or injured to stand being callously tortured and dragged by their fragile legs and necks with a chain attached to a tractor.

You helped us push for convictions of four workers charged with criminal animal cruelty at this factory farm and together we won.

Then, bolstered by your support and tens of thousands of petition signatures, we campaigned to convince Nestle to adopt meaningful animal welfare guidelines for its suppliers.

And today we celebrate a monumental success that will reduce the suffering of millions of animals.

Earlier today, Nestle announced landmark new global animal welfare policies to be implemented in each of its hundreds of thousands of supplier farms in 90 countries. Nestle has thousands of suppliers for dozens of brands like Lean Cuisine, Stouffer’s, and Hot Pockets.

Nestle’s global corporate policy change will eliminate particularly cruel practices for cattle, pigs, chickens, and turkeys. Practices like:

  • Dehorning and tail docking of dairy cattle and castration of piglets without painkillers
  • Extreme confinement of calves in veal crates, pigs in gestation crates, and egg-laying hens in battery cages so small they can’t even turn around or stretch their limbs
  • Use of growth promoters that often lead to crippling leg deformities, organ failure, heart attacks, and other obesity-related ailments in animals

We praise Nestle for stepping up to the plate and taking important steps to improve the lives of animals on a global level.

At Mercy For Animals, we are well-known for the impact of our undercover investigations of factory farm cruelty. Our investigations have led to sweeping changes in corporate animal welfare policies, like those adopted by Tyson Foods, Costco, Kmart, and others.

On the heels of Nestle’s announcement, it’s now time for Walmart, McDonald’s, and other global food retailers to stop dragging their feet and implement similar animal welfare standards, and with your help, we will continue to fight for meaningful animal welfare policy chan ge.

We absolutely could not do this work without you.

Thank you for supporting the world-changing work of Mercy For Animals. Please join us in celebrating this landmark success that will reduce the suffering of millions of animals every year. And remember that the most powerful action each of us can take to help protect animals is to adopt a compassionate vegan diet.

For farmed animals everywhere,

Nathan Runkle Executive Director

P.S. There is still much work to be done to eliminate the suffering of animals in factory farms. Please give today — you will help us achieve more victories for farmed animals!


Past SAV posts relating to Mercy For Animals investigation work:

UK: British Vets “appalled” by halal board letter declaring them as “racially and politically motivated”. In fact, they are concerned about the welfare of animals at the time of slaughter !



U Flag



ritual slaughter logo


British Vets “appalled” by halal board letter


15 August, 2014 By Oli Haenlein

The non-stun slaughter debate between the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and the Halal Authority Board (HAB) has intensified, with the BVA saying it was appalled by suggestions made in an HAB open letter.

The HAB letter, addressed to BVA president Robin Hargreaves, was in response to the vets’ campaign to stop non-stun slaughter. It said the group is “racially or politically motivated”, and criticised the BVA for focussing only on the last few second of an animals’ life, ignoring the many other welfare issues.

The HAB letter also read: “It appears that there needs to be more of a balance in their comments and avoid unfair criticism on the Muslim and Jewish methods of slaughter as, probably, they are seen as soft targets. Any such criticisms they make against religious slaughter methods show them to be ill-informed and insensitive to the halal and kosher consumers as well as ignorant of the huge halal market in the UK, Europe and throughout the world.”

Hargereaves yesterday (14 August) replied: “I am appalled by the suggestion that veterinary surgeons would have any motive other than improving the welfare of animals at slaughter.

Our government e-petition states that ‘We must differentiate between religious and non-stun slaughter.’ And that ‘Our concern does not relate to religious belief but to the animal welfare compromise of non-stun slaughter.  ’“BVA is active across a whole range of health and welfare issues relating to food production animals and we are committed to improving the welfare of animals at all stages of their lives, from birth and rearing to transport and slaughter.

BVA, and individual veterinary surgeons in practice, are active in promoting best practice in relation to welfare, as well as lobbying for improvements across a number of areas. We have championed ‘whole life’ labelling to inform consumers of higher welfare standards throughout the process. It is false, therefore, to suggest that we have focused on one issue to the detriment of others.  “We recognise fully that these are sensitive issues and that is why we have held meetings with some of the key stakeholders, including representatives of Shechita and Halal, to encourage a more open dialogue.

While our position remains that every animal should be stunned before slaughter, if this is not possible we have been calling for clearer labelling to differentiate between stunned and non-stunned products.   This is an issue on which we will continue to engage all stakeholders, including meat producers, for the benefit of all consumers.” –

ritual slaughter logo


See more at:



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Serbia: Latest From Slavica 15/8/14 – Now They Threaten To Put Baby Deer ‘Nani’ Into A Zoo – We Request He Is Returned To Mrs Dragana Mitic.

Serbian  Flag

Dear friends

We send to You a mayday message :

We need e-mail addresses of ‘DeutscheWelleTV’ – they have the ok to go in our area and make TV report; and if You can help with more  international TV and  International internet news reaction or by contacting however – please.

It is very urgent because  hunters and police arrested 2 months baby deer  and took him from his home , now they want to put him into some Zoo. . First plan was slaughter, but because of our action the baby deer was saved from  slaughter; but now hunters  spread story that the baby deer  will be put  into a zoo.

First story was  that  hunter will put him to Nature into the forest – all alone; a 2 month old baby.


All Zoos all over world are animal jails , and especially zoos in Serbia which are extremely terrible jails.




baby deer 3


Mrs Dragana Mitic wants her baby deer back to her home, not to be sent to a zoo.

Baby deer is named ‘Nani’, and has no natural mother.  It wants to go home to Mrs Dragana Mitic – she cares about this baby and took care of him from very early in life when hunters killed his mother.

Mrs Dragana Mitic saved Nani`s first 2 months of life and now hunters and police officers arrested baby deer Nani.


By Serbian laws; Mrs Dragana Mitic has the  right  to receive  baby deer as she has ased for his returnk by the official way : Agreement from Minister of Agriculture for Nani be back to home; and Nani has the right to live like a member of Mrs Dragana Mitic family.

Nani suffers now with the hunters and he will always suffer in a Zoo jail; he will suffer to the end of his Life .




Past SAV posts associated with Serbian zoos:

We will never shy away from exposing the reality of

animal abuse and suffering – SAV.










USA: Sample Letter MUST BE SENT BY 18/8/14. Subject: Little ‘Men’ With Big Guns – Idaho Wants to Make Wildlife Killing Contests an Annual Event – Sample Letter Below.



Idaho Wants to Make Wildlife Killing Contests an Annual Event:

Please Send Letter to Oppose




You may recall this past December Idaho held a highly controversial killing contest targeting both wolves and coyotes. This was the first time wolves were targeted in a predator killing contest since their reintroduction.

We have just learned the killing contest sponsor, a group called Idaho for Wildlife, is seeking to repeat this contest over several years, this time not only targeting wolves and coyotes — with prizes awarded for killing the most coyotes and the largest wolf–  but also other predators, in a multi-year “predator derby” scheduled for the next five winters (with the next one scheduled for January 2-4, 2015).

This event would be damaging to the affected ecosystem, harmful to ecologically vital species, incompatible with scientific principles of wildlife management, and offensive to the concept of fair chase, ethical hunting.

Your comments are needed NOW. Urge the BLM to deny Idaho for Wildlife’s request for a special recreation permit that would allow contestants to kill predators on over 3 million acres of public lands in Idaho for the next five years.

The BLM is currently soliciting input from the public on the scope of what should be considered in an Environmental Assessment (EA). The issues identified for analysis in the EA include the impact on economic and social values, the impact on existing recreational uses, and the affect on wildlife habitat and threatened species in the targeted area.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to voice your opposition (you do not have to be an Idaho resident to comment as this is federal BLM land- YOUR land!). 


Please act now! More info. here.

Comments are due no later than August 18th and can be emailed to:

Liz Townley Outdoor Recreation Planner

or sent to:

Liz Townley Outdoor Recreation Planner BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT Salmon Field Office 1405 Hollipark Drive Idaho Falls, Idaho 83467

Please cc Project Coyote as we are tracking letters sent (

Please include in your subject line Re: DOI-BLM-ID-I000-2014-0002-EA

Please also include your full contact information so your letter is counted in the official record and address the three areas this scoping document covers: 1- the impact on economic and social values; 2- the impact on existing recreational uses; 3- the affect on wildlife habitat and threatened species in the targeted area.


Re: DOI-BLM-ID-I000-2014-0002-EA



Dear Planner Townley,

I am writing to voice my opposition to  Idaho for Wildlife’s request for a special recreation permit that would allow contestants to kill predators on over 3 million acres of public lands in Idaho for the next five years.  Please do not provide these permits.  Allow me this opportunity to elaborate.

Killing contests have nothing in common with fair chase, ethical hunting. Technology, baiting, and “calling” place wildlife at an even greater and unfair disadvantage. Hunting in winter, when species can be easily tracked in snow and when most animals are working hard to survive contravenes the notion of fair chase. Killing predators, or any wild animal, as part of a ‘contest’ or ‘derby’ is ethically indefensible and ecologically reckless.

Bloodsport contests are conducted for profit, entertainment, prizes and, simply, for the “fun” of killing. No evidence exists showing that predator killing contests control problem animals or serve any beneficial management function. Coyote populations that are not exploited (that is hunted, trapped, or controlled by other means), form stable “extended family” social structures that naturally limit overall coyote populations through defense of territory and the suppression of breeding by subordinate female members of the family group.

The importance of wolves, coyotes and other predators in maintaining order, stability, and productivity in ecosystems has been well documented in peer- reviewed scientific literature. Coyotes provide myriad ecosystem services that benefit humans including their control of rodents and rabbits, which compete with domestic livestock for available forage. As apex predators wolves increase biodiversity and ecological integrity.

With fewer than 700 wolves in Idaho and poaching a common problem, allowing a killing contest of a species just off the endangered species list is reckless, indefensible and counter to sound science.

Economically, a live wolf is worth far more than a dead one. Wolf watching has brought in millions of dollars into Idaho and tourism is a major economic revenue source.

Wildlife killing contests perpetuate a culture of violence and send the message to children that life has little value and that an entire species of animals is disposable.

Wildlife killing contests put non-target animals, companion animals, and people at risk. Domestic dogs are sometimes mistaken for coyotes and wolves.

Although I do not currently reside in Idaho, I would be unwilling to visit should these revolting “contests” continue.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent issue.



Serbia: Please Give Whatever You Can (Even $1) To Help Fix The Roof At Shelter Felix.

Serbian  Flag




Below you’ll find a recent link which we posted in order to try and buy roof guttering in addition to helping Danica with the massive re-roofing that she has had to undertake at shelter Felix: 

Here is the YouCaring site link which enables you to donate money directly to help this cause. 

As YouCaring say on their site – “We transfer donations directly into your PayPal or WePay account as soon as they are received. YouCaring does not charge its fundraisers, regardless of the amount of money they raise. Our site is supported by amazing donors from all over the world, which makes it the only truly free website of its kind”.

YouCaring is a free service and now fundraiser is charged for their services.

See more about the YouCaring service at: 


Over the last few days nothing has been donated by anybody to help pay for the new roofs at Felix shelter;  $1,565 has been raised of the $3,000 goal.

Whilst we appreciate the help and support given by many great people who have already donated, we are disappointed that things now seem to have stopped midway. It is essential that this roofing is sorted in order that the shelter can continue and take new cats as they arrive. If the money was not needed, then we would ask for it on behalf of shelter Felix. It is essential that the work be completed as soon as possible and definitely before the arrival of winter.



Above – Reasons why it is essential that donations be given to purchase new guttering !

So we are asking yet again if people can give something, anything, in the way of a donation to help get this roof repair completed. We are not asking for the world, simply a donation of five dollars, $10, $50, or more if you are able to stretch that far. Anything, even a donation of one dollar would help – we only need 1500 people to each give one dollar and the problem is sorted. If 150 people each gave $10, again the problem will be sorted. Is $10 a lot to ask of people nowadays ? – Just think of the help and forever home that you would be contributing to for felines that Danica has rescued and taken in from a pitiful life on the streets.




Above – We want to get this all sorted so that we can get back to enjoying our forever home !

Below you will see some other pictures of the residents and other work which is currently in progress; work which has to be completed as soon as possible.






Please, please consider making a donation, regardless of size, to help the cats at shelter Felix

Lets move together from being stuck at $1,565; and instead reach and exceed the $3,000 goal which has been set.

Thank you – SAV.





Please donate and help us get back to our peaceful, Purrrfect Home –

Thank You.

All the cats at Shelter Felix.


Here is the YouCaring site link which enables you to donate money directly to help this cause. 

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96









Serbia: Message from ‘Felix’ Shelter – Can You Donate To Buy Us Some Roof Guttering ? – Please Help – Thank You.



Serbian  Flag



Dear all – here is a new message from Danica at Felix shelter.  Using the link blow; please donate anything you can – the small donations all add up to become a good total in the end !

Please help – Thank You. SAV.

The Youcaring site / link below is a secure site – the money will go directly to the shelter to pay for the guttering:


Please network, share and help if you can! It’s an emergency!

Dear friends, I guess you already know that we’ve been struggling with the roof renovation for more than two months now and the biggest problem, as usual, is the lack of funds.

Last years’ generous donation (for which we’re immensely grateful) covered the costs of the new roof itself, but with so many problems arising one after the other since the repair work began, we’re running into big debts yet again and there’s no end in sight.

As if it weren’t enough, the weather is definitely not on our side; it’s been raining extremely heavily over the last couple of weeks and we still have no gutters on the new roof, nor the money to purchase about 34 meters of it!

Our backyard is turning into a swampy muddy mess whenever it rains, all of the dividing walls and the brick watering station with the faucet are now covered with moss, algae or whatever this nasty, slimy, green sludge is, the first neighbour’s garage is now flooded and all of this because we have no gutters to manage the water!

We urgently need around 540 euros to purchase the gutters so that life can get back to normal again. I simply can’t borrow any more money right now, I’m already in debt up to my eyeballs!

Every dime and nickel helps and time’s running out on summer.


















USA: Victory! – Wyoming’s Wolves Just Got Federal Protection Back


wyoming wolf


Victory! Wyoming’s Wolves Just Got Federal Protection Back


by Alicia Graef

September 26, 2014

Read more:

In a victory for gray wolves in Wyoming, a federal judge reinstated federal protection under the Endangered Species Act, which just made life harder for anyone who had their sights set on killing them.

Wyoming had been fighting to get the authority to manage wolves since 2003, but kept getting denied over its failure to come up with a reasonable plan. Unfortunately, the state finally succeeded in 2012 after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) determined that their numbers had rebounded enough to take federal protection away.

Under the state’s plan, wolves were declared a trophy-game animal, which allowed for seasonal hunting and trapping, and a predator that could be shot on sight in unlimited numbers in more than 80 percent of the state. According to the Center for Biological Diversity, 219 wolves have been killed under Wyoming’s management since the delisting.

Environmental groups including Earthjustice, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Defenders of Wildlife, the Sierra Club, and the Center for Biological Diversity challenged the 2012 ruling in court, arguing that the state’s management plan ultimately failed to ensure their future survival.

“Any state that has a wolf-management plan that allows for unlimited wolf killing throughout most of the state should not be allowed to manage wolves,” said Defenders of Wildlife president and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark.

While U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson supported the determination that wolves aren’t in danger of extinction in the state, she ultimately ruled that the state’s plan was inadequate and unenforceable and that it was “arbitrary and capricious” of federal officials to accept it, relying on the state’s nonbonding promises to maintain a particular number of wolves.

“The court has ruled and Wyoming’s kill-on-sight approach to wolf management throughout much of the state must stop,” said Earthjustice attorney Tim Preso. “Today’s ruling restores much-needed federal protection to wolves throughout Wyoming, which allowed killing along the borders of Yellowstone National Park and throughout national forest lands south of Jackson Hole where wolves were treated as vermin under state management. If Wyoming wants to resume management of wolves, it must develop a legitimate conservation plan that ensures a vibrant wolf population in the northern Rockies.”

According to Reuters, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead said the state intends to take the matter to a higher court to block the judge’s order and allow the state to keep its current policies in place, which would include continuing licensed hunting and allowing wolves to be shot on sight, but for now wolves will be safe from the state’s hostility.

This victory comes on the heels of another for wolves in Michigan, following an announcement that its 2014 hunting season would be cancelled. While wolf advocates continue to fight to stop the senseless persecution and ensure this iconic species keeps its rightful place in the wild, we still have to wait and see what will happen with the FWS’ proposal to strip federal protection for gray wolves throughout the U.S., which could be decided later this year.

Read more:




This is a very powerful video lasting over one hour; which shows both the bad and good sides of stray dog control in the Balkans.













Nepal: Religion ? – ‘Gadhimai’ Festival This November. 250,000 Animals Could Be Mass Slaughtered In the Name of Religion. Take Action Now.



nepal 3




‘Gadhimai’ Festival

Tens of thousands of buffalo were corralled into a gigantic pen.

Then, 200 slaughtermen wielding swords were let loose into the enclosure. The buffalo were beheaded, one by one. It’s no easy task to behead a buffalo – and for many it took more than one attempt.

These are the reports that came out of the ‘Gadhimai’ Festival in Nepal in 2009, where an estimated quarter of a million farm animals were inhumanely slaughtered as part of the sacrifice festival.

‘Gadhimai’, as the festival is known, is set to take place again this Nov.

‘Gadhimai’ takes place every 5 years in the Bara District of Nepal, south of Kathmandu. For 250 years the festival has continued relatively unchallenged, but as news of the inhumane slaughter has spread internationally, animal welfare advocates have spoken out against it.

The Nepalese Government provides significant funding, which makes this festival possible on its terrifying scale.

In 2009 the Government paid over £32,000 for animals to be sacrificed. That’s almost 50 times the minimum Nepalese annual wage.

Please tell the Nepalese government they must stop funding this cruelty. CIWF is working closely with Animal Welfare Network Nepal to fight this festival and are supporting grass-roots work in the local community to create a groundswell of resistance.

Please help to apply international pressure on the Nepalese Government by taking action now… before it’s too late for another 250,000 animals.

Go to:   to take further action and also to sign a CIWF petition.


Further petition at  - currently 31,000+ signatures.


Other articles:


Past (2009 / 2010) SAV posts associated with this issue –  WARNING – Posts contain images that many will find disturbing.


nepal 1


nepal 2




This is a very powerful video lasting over one hour; which shows both the bad and good sides of stray dog control in the Balkans.









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