England: Time Out – A Bonsai For Less Than The Price Of A Shirt – Graham Shows More !



As you folk will see I am a self confessed Bonsai Nut (or should that be ‘nutter’ ?) – you can see some of my collection by scrolling down at ‘About Us’ – http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/

Graham Potter is an Englishman who has produced many videos on the art of bonsai.  He operates Kaizen Bonsai here in the UK, which you can check out via their website:


Whilst being an absolute specialist at the production of specimen bonsai, Graham also adds the odd ‘quirk’ (an English tradition I guess) to all of his videos – everything is always light hearted, which is what makes them all the more fun to watch.

I personally do bonsai as an escape from the endless suffering and cruelty wich I see in the production of this site – it is an escape, which sometimes is very much needed.

Here for now you can see one of Graham’s videos were he transforms a nursery tree (for the price of a shirt) into the early stages of something that will improve and become ever more beautiful over the years !! – Enjoy – Mark.

 Bonsai for Less than the Price of a Shirt


Graham Potter (http://www.kaizenbonsai.com) demonstrates how to use nursery stock to create interesting bonsai trees for less than the price of a shirt.






England: The Dalai Lama speaks at Glastonbury (Rock Festival) 2015 ahead of his 80th Birthday.

D Lama Tibet

free tibet 2


The Dalai Lama speaks at Glastonbury 2015 ahead of his 80th Birthday. Visit the Glastonbury website at http://bbc.co.uk/glastonbury for more videos and photos



free tibet 3



Twyla Francois Art.

Although I do not really use Twitter anywhere as much as I should; I had an e mail come in today informing me that a lady named Twyla Francois was now following me on Twitter.

So by pure chance, I decided to look a bit deeper; and was very pleasantly surprised at what I came upon.

It turns out that Twyla has dedicated her life’s work to being an animal advocate in many different ways; Twyla is also a great artist, which she uses to raise awareness on the plight of today’s farmed animals in a more gentle, but hopefully equally compelling, way.

Find out more about Twyla at  http://www.twylafrancois.com/#!bio/cjg9

You can view her excellent work by visiting this page of her site; and if you scroll over any of the images you will find write ups by Twyla on the inspiration for the artwork or some general words on the subject matter.

You can visit and have a look at much of Twyla’s work via the following link  –   http://www.twylafrancois.com/

I was very pleasantly surprised to have firstly had a notification that Twyla was following me on Twitter and then to see her art website and all the past and current work she is doing to help and save animals.

As everything Twyla shows in her art is based on a great many issues of animals and the cruelty inflicted on them; I very much would suggest that you visit her site when you have the chance.

Regards Mark.

Faroe Islands: Petition Result – SUCCESS ! – Mr. Spielberg and Dreamworks Will NOT Now Be Filming In The Faroe Islands Due To Pilot Whale Slaughter – Your Petition Has Worked !



Faroe whale slaughter

faroe 4

SAV Comment – Over 81,000 people signed the petition – you did it folks –have announced that due to the Pilot whale slaughter, they will not be filming in the Faroe islands where this barbaric murder of intelligent animals takes place.

We offer our thanks to Mr. Spielberg and Dreamworks for considering and acting on this.  Just sometimes your petition voice is heard and acted upon.  Well done everyone !

The following is a message from Kellie – who created the petition.

Congratulation Kellie !

Faroe 1


After being contacted for comment on the Petition by Screen Daily on the 8th of May 2015 Dreamworks have since announced that they will not be filming in the Faroe Islands.

Thank you for signing and supporting the petition.

Kellie Mcleod

 faroe 5

The Original Petition Overview

Director Steven Spielberg is going to the Faroe Island in july 2015 to shoot his upcoming live-action film based on Roald Dahl’s children’s book The Big Friendly Giant Please sign the petition to ask mr Spielberg to consider filming at a different location rather than the Faroe Islands where every year around 800 pilot whales (and occasionally dolphins as well) are brutally killed in an inhumane way. The hunts, called “grindadráp” in Faroese (or “The Grind”), are non-commercial and are organised on a community level. The hunters first surround the pilot whales with a wide semicircle of boats. Then they drive the whales slowly into a bay or to the shallows of a fjord. When a whale is in shallow water, a hook is placed in its blowhole so that it may be dragged ashore. Once on land or immobilised in knee-deep water, a cut is made across its top near the blowhole to partially sever its head. The dead animals are then dragged further to shore after the remaining whales have been likewise killed. These intelligent, empathic, sentient & emotional mammals don’t die instantly and often suffer prolonged agony in the blood-stained waters. These animals need not be killed for the people of the Faroe Islands to subsist. They already boast one of Europe’s best average standards of living, thus having enough meat to survive is not a major concern of the population. Women and children bear witness under the excuse of tradition and culture. It is claimed it is done for food, but with the meat being full of mercury and other poisons, this reasoning doesn’t make sense.

Please sign the petition to ask Steven Spielberg to please, please not film in the Faroe Islands, where they allow such animal cruelty to take place

Whaling. Long-finned Pilot whalse ( Globicephala melas ) Carcass from Grindadrap on harbour in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, North Atlantic

Whaling. Long-finned Pilot whalse ( Globicephala melas ) Carcass from Grindadrap on harbour in Torshavn, Faroe Islands, North Atlantic

 faroe 3


USA: What Do You Have To Do To Try And Protect The Environment And Very Rare Species ? – Let The World Die ?




EPA to Analyze Impacts of Roundup, Atrazine on 1,500 Species

In a historic agreement, the Environmental Protection Agency this week finally agreed to analyze the effects of atrazine and glyphosate — the two most commonly used pesticides in the United States — on 1,500 endangered plants and animals across the country. The agreement is part of a settlement with the Center for Biological Diversity in litigation seeking to protect wildlife from dangerous pesticides.

Up to 80 million pounds of atrazine are used in the United States each year. In addition to causing severe harm to endangered species, the chemical may be linked to increased risks of thyroid cancer and birth defects in people. It’s the second most commonly used pesticide after glyphosate, more commonly known as Monsanto’s Roundup, which has been linked to massive declines in monarch butterflies.

monarch 1 june

The EPA has, for decades, continued to register and allow the use of pesticides without considering their impacts on endangered species. The Center has filed a series of lawsuits to force the agency to conduct those analyses and better understand how these chemicals affect everything from Florida panthers to California tiger salamanders.

“This settlement is the first step to reining in the widespread use of dangerous pesticides that are harming both wildlife and people,” said the Center’s Brett Hartl.

Read more in our press release and consider giving to our Pollinator Protection Fund.


World’s Most Endangered Porpoise Likely Down to Just 50

A new scientific report finds that vaquitas — the world’s smallest and most endangered porpoises — declined by more than 40 percent in a single year; likely only about 50 remain. Vaquitas live exclusively in the Gulf of California and are being driven extinct by entanglement in nets cast for shrimp and for the illegal harvest of totoaba. Totoaba — fish that are also endangered — are caught for their swim bladders, which are smuggled to Asia to make soup and folk remedies.

The new report documents a 42 percent decline in vaquitas between 2013 and 2014, with additional animals killed in late 2014 and early 2015 before a two-year fishing ban was instituted by Mexico in April. While the ban is commendable, a permanent ban on nets in the Gulf is clearly needed.

The report also finds that Mexico’s previous efforts to ban fishing in vaquita habitat were unsuccessful; the number of boats in porpoise habitat actually increased during the Mexican government’s previous efforts to ban fishing. Unless these newest conservation measures are aggressively enforced, the vaquita will not survive.

Read more in onEarth.

Alaska Wolves in Steep Decline — But Hunting, Trapping Still On

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has released a report confirming that rare Alexander Archipelago wolves in Alaska’s Prince of Wales Island area have declined by a shocking 60 percent in a single year. Specifically the population dropped from 221 wolves in 2013 to just 89 in 2014, and wolves on the island could now be as few as 50, with female wolves particularly hard-hit. These unique wolves are smaller and darker than other gray wolves, usually with dense, dark gray to jet-black fur.

The department’s report acknowledges that about a third of the population was killed in the last hunting and trapping season. Yet Alaska plans to allow still more trapping and hunting of the wolves this fall.

“To maintain a viable population of Alexander Archipelago wolves on this island, Alaska must cancel the season,” said the Center’s Shaye Wolf. “We won’t get a second chance to preserve these amazing animals.”

Read more in E&E News.

New Studies Show Earth on Brink of Sixth Mass Extinction

A report published Friday in Science Advances — authored by a team of scholars including Paul Ehrlich of Stanford University and Gerardo Ceballos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico — indicates the planet is on the edge of the largest extinction wave since the dinosaurs disappeared some 65 million years ago.

Though the team relied on extremely conservative assumptions about the “background” (that is, naturally occurring) rate of extinctions, its findings that a mass extinction has begun were powerful. The loss of biodiversity we’re currently experiencing, the study says, is likely to produce the swiftest mass die-off in planetary history and the only one caused by human beings — and that’s not even counting the effects of climate change, not factored into the research.

Among vertebrates alone, 477 species have been declared officially extinct since 1900 — just one example.

Read more in The Guardian.

Bill Would Halt Federal Giveaway of Sacred Land in Arizona

Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) has introduced a bill to stop the U.S. Congress from trading away Oak Flat, an Apache sacred site in central Arizona, to a foreign mining company. Rio Tinto has been pushing to develop a massive copper mine in the Oak Flat area for more than a decade. A last-minute rider in a spending bill — pushed by Arizona’s congressional delegation — included a land swap for the mining project. Grijalva’s bill would repeal that provision.

The Oak Flat area is sacred to the San Carlos Apache Tribe and is also home to a diverse array of wildlife. An endangered wild ocelot was found dead on Highway 60, very close to Oak Flat, several years ago, and there may be others in the area.

The San Carlos Apache and allies will take their fight to Washington, D.C., next month, when a cross-country caravan and sacred run from Arizona culminates with rallies and events in the nation’s capital July 20–21.

Learn what you can do to support the Apache resistance and follow the progress of the sacred runners.

New EPA Rule “Good for Business,” Bad for Wild Bees — Take Action

To address the problem of toxic pesticides driving bee population crashes, the EPA has proposed a new rule. It creates temporary “pesticide-free zones” when commercial crops, such as California almond trees, are in bloom and hired bees have been trucked in to pollinate them. The rule is a small step in the right direction — but grossly inadequate as a response to a massive pollinator crisis.

Protecting commercial hives and industry crops will leave solitary bees and bumblebees all over the country to die from acute poisoning. Also, the rule (which applies only to foliar spraying) conspicuously omits any mention of the widespread industry practice of treating seeds, such as corn and soybean seeds, with bee-killing chemicals.

Act now to urge the EPA to revise and expand its rule to reflect the scope of the actual problem. The agency must protect all bees — not just commercial hives — and regulate toxic pesticides applied to seeds as well as leaves.

Hillary Clinton is hiring Monsanto lawyers to help her become President.

Jerry Crawford is a lobbyist for big agriculture in the American state of Iowa, and Monsanto is one of his largest clients. He’s also a consultant for politicians, fixing political campaigns to elect candidates most likely to preserve Monsanto’s hold on the state’s farmers, so it can continue to rake in billions in profits a year.

Now, Crawford has been hired by Hillary Clinton to help her win the critical early state of Iowa, in her campaign to become President of the United States.

Tell Hillary Clinton to fire Monsanto lobbyist Jack Crawford from her Iowa state campaign.

Since stepping down as Secretary of State, Clinton has spoken out in favor of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and established herself as a friend of the biotech industry. But by hiring one of Monsanto’s political hitmen, she’s taken it a step further.

Iowa is an ultra-rural state in the midwest US, and it is the very first state to weigh in on the US Presidential election. In order to get elected, Clinton is going to be spending an awfully large amount of time traversing the state, meeting with farmers and hearing from them about how the US President can improve their lives.

With a GMO lobbyist who has earned over $1.6 million from Monsanto embedded in her campaign, the most toxic corporation on Earth will have direct access to a potential President of the United States, helping to shape her policies on everything from corporate farm subsidies to seed patents. And those farmers she stops to meet along the way — want to bet they’ll be champions of Monsanto’s policies, rather than family farmers fighting tooth and nail to hold onto their farm in the face of growing corporate control of farming?

Time and time again, hundreds of thousands SumOfUs members have come together to speak out against Monsanto’s deplorable behaviour all around the world. Monsanto even won our award for “Most Evil Corporation” which we delivered right in the middle of this year’s annual shareholder meeting.

We can’t let one of the most powerful people in the world get to office with help from Monsanto. Clinton needs to show she’s a strong, independent leader who can stand up to big industry, and not just another Monsanto puppet. But she can’t do that as long as Crawford is part of her campaign.

Reclaim democracy from corporate power — ask Hillary Clinton to fire Monsanto mole Jack Crawford.

Thanks for all that you do,
Paul, Lisa, Nick and the team at SumOfUs

We Have All Seen The Utmost Suffering Of Dogs At Yulin – Now The Pathetic FCI Allows China To Hold The World Dog Show In 2019 !!! – Petition Link Included.




Norway has Balls; will others follow ?

FCI petition

SAV comment – we have just had to witness, rage, grimace and express untold anger at the untold suffering inflicted on thousands of dogs and cats at the Yulin ‘festival’; and now we are insultingly informed that China has won the gutless FCI right to hold the World Dog Show in 2019.  Is this an utter insult to Canines or what ?

How pathetic can this be ? – these Chinese government barbarians should be punished for what they have done and what they allowed to happen at Yulin.  At the very least, these pathetics should have this event stripped from them.  Let them learn the hard way; try to teach them to be civilised; a difficult task but you have to agree; but you have to try.

The following petition asks for the event to be taken away from China who will currently be hosting in 2019.  Please support it and spread the word far and wide – thank you.

Petition link – https://www.change.org/p/f%C3%A9d%C3%A9ration-cynologique-internationale-revoke-fci-decision-to-host-wds-2019-in-china-not-yet-ready?recruiter=561015&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=faceboo

Petition wording:

Please say NO to China holding the World Dog Show 2019!

As many of you might know China has won a bid with the FCI to hold the World Dog Show 2019. China’s cruel and inhumane practices towards dogs are unacceptable! Dogs are being tortured by being burned, thrown in vats of boiling water and skinned alive just to end up as a main course on a plate. Despite knowing this fact, the FCI has granted permission for this barbaric country to hold one of the biggest events in the dog owners world. We respectfully ask the FCI to revoke this decision and allow a more compassionate country to hold this event. China does not deserve this extraordinary revenue that will be brought to the country if the event goes ahead!

The FCI should not allow any country that does not respect animal cruelty laws to host such an event. We have the power to change history and protect more innocent creatures from getting hurt! Please help support us to revoke the FCI decision and make the world a better place for our canine friends.

yulin new 3

yulin new 2

yulin dogs

 UPDATE 24/6/15

After the events of Yulin; which all the dog world knew about, apart from the FCI it would appear – or did they want to keep zipped about it all ? – they have, through their ‘President’, issued the following statement.  What’s the point now we say, you FCI should have taken action over this issue weeks in advance, not several days after.  Typical – no use for anything really !!

china dog show leaflet


FCI official statement

A message from the FCI President Mr. Rafael de Santiago

Always attentive to the opinion of the breeders worldwide, we took note of the uproar concerning the attribution of the 2019 World Dog Show to China and to the decision regarding the country of origin of the following breeds : DO-KHYI (230), TIBETAN TERRIER (209), TIBETAN SPANIEL (231), LHASA APSO (227) and SHIH TZU (208).

Whilst we understand the concern expressed by the breeders worldwide about both situations, the FCI wishes to inform that the decision to grant the organization of the WDS 2019 to China was taken by a decision of our General Assembly where 68 countries were present or represented and by a large majority of votes, in total transparency and according to the principles of democracy internationally recognised and accepted.

That decision was made on basis of a very open and complete presentation made by our Chinese member, CKU, during which our Chinese member delegation has clearly mentioned the cultural differences between China and most of the other countries in the world. The FCI sees it as an excellent opportunity to raise awareness among the Chinese population that the dog, our beloved friend, is a member of our families, a living entity and most of all Man’s best Friend. May we add that China won the right to organise this WDS over several other countries, namely Spain, Germany and Croatia, in a clear victory.

In addition, we find it important to clarify that our Chinese member, CKU, is an FCI full member. As such, CKU has the right to ask to be the country of origin of the breeds indicated above. It is important to know that any change in a breed standard can be implemented worldwide if and only if the FCI General Committee, following recommendations of the FCI Standards and Scientific Commissions, approves it.

Nowadays, the FCI is more than ever committed to the betterment and safeguard of the Dog and to promoting its welfare, love and respect in the four corners of the world.

For the FCI and for dogs worldwide.

Rafael de Santiago

FCI President


But following on from this paste over by the FCI, things have started to move on.  The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) have been brave enough to come out and declare that they want the World Dog Show 2019 removed from China, and publicly encourage all exhibitors not to attend the WDS2019 in China unless the festival is stopped.

We say Well done Norway and the Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) ! – lets hope that in the coming days we see a lot more ‘national’ canine organisations come forward and demand that the 2019 show be removed completely from China.

If they do not; you have to ask yourself exactly where their canine standards lie – can they, as ‘national canine organisations’, happily sit by and let thousands of dogs be slaughtered for human consumption in China, or do they follow on from Norway and have the balls to get up and demand that the 2019 show be relocated to a decent nation ? – cos China sure is not decent !!

We watch with baited breath to see if any other ‘national canine organisations’ actually do put themselves or dogs first !.


The Norwegian Kennel Club urges FCI to move the World Dog Show 2019

The recent Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival has been met by strong reactions and protests all over the world, and is symbolic of the lacking animal welfare in China. The Norwegian Kennel Club (NKC) therefore wants the World Dog Show 2019 removed from China, and publicly encourages all exhibitors not to attend the WDS2019 in China unless the festival is stopped.

In conflict with ethical values

The Norwegian Kennel Club board decided, during a meeting June 23rd, to publicly advice all dog owners in Norway not to participate in World Dog Show 2019.

The NKC will also advise all judges in Norway not to accept any invitation to judge in China until the festival is stopped. Any judge accepting invitations to judge in China will be made aware that this is against the wish of the NKC board, and in direct conflict with our ethical guidelines and values.

Urges the FCI to move WDS

The Norwegian Kennel Club has in a letter to the FCI of June 23 expressed a strong wish to have the World Dog Show 2019 moved, unless the Yulin Dog Meat Eating festival is stopped. 

The Norwegian Kennel Club also encourages all national kennel clubs to both advise dog owners in their countries against participating in WDS2019 in China, and to express their wishes to have the World Dog Show 2019 removed from China.

The World Dog Show is to be a celebration of dogs.

The Norwegian Kennel Club therefore cannot accept that the WDS is given to a country where animal abuse takes place, and now urge the FCI to immediately take action regarding the matter.

Well done Norway – we at SAV are behind you 110% !


End of Update 24/6.

 china dog show leaflet

USA: Monsanto Kills Monarchs — Take Them On !




monarch 1 june

Our past post on helping the Monarch’s:


Check out our other recent post which could be associated with this:


monarch 2 june

Dear Mark,

Monsanto’s herbicides are pushing monarch butterflies to extinction — and we need your help to make sure they don’t finish the job.

Monarch populations have crashed by more than 80 percent, and it’s clear that Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide is a leading culprit. These beautiful butterflies — renowned for their epic journeys from Canada to Mexico each year — used to thrive on farms across the Midwest, but Roundup has obliterated the host milkweed plants they need to survive. Without milkweed, America’s growing fields have become a vast desert for these migrating pollinators.

The Center for Biological Diversity is leading the fight to save monarchs from the products of Monsanto and other chemical companies.

You can help us with a gift to the Pollinator Protection Fund.

The Center has a plan to save monarch butterflies. We’ve petitioned to have them safeguarded under the Endangered Species Act, which will require protection of their most important habitat and the creation of a long-term action plan to ensure their survival. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service promises an important ruling by December.

In the meantime, we’re going after a whole range of industry poisons. In the largest lawsuit of its kind, we’ve sued the EPA to force it to review more than 50 different chemicals for their effects on plants and animals, including monarchs. We’ve got to stop Monsanto and other corporate giants from dumping toxic chemicals onto our fields and streams without accounting for what they do to wildlife.

You can support the Center’s litigation with a donation today to the Pollinator Protection Fund.

Without pollinators like butterflies, bees and bats, crucial food crops will fail to reproduce and complex ecosystems will unravel. We must protect these little species who carry out the big job of pollination. If we don’t the world will be a much more sterile place.

Give to the Pollinator Protection Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

Please share this message with your social networks:

monarch 3 june

monarch 4 june




Why I’m An Animal Rights Activist When There Is So Much Human Suffering In The World.



Yulin Dogs and Cats Demonstration outside Chinese Embassy in London this Friday (26/6/15) at 2pm.

The animal abusers who are associated with the Embassy of China in London is the diplomatic mission of China in the United Kingdom. The Embassy in London is China’s only embassy in the UK.

Address:   51 Portland Place, London W1B 1JL

Hours: Open today · 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.

yulin new pic 1

More Details below. Please forward.


Chinese embassy (London) link =


Contact the animal abusers


yulin new 2


free tibet 3


Please read this excellent article below which has been penned by an activist – for both animal AND human rights.

As you can see from the tabs which run along the top of this (SAV) site, we, as animal welfare / rights people, also have something inside which says that humans also need support sometimes.  We have a real feeling for the suppression of the human way of living in Tibet, which was invaded by China some 25 years ago.

We care about animal rights in China, and we care about what the Chinese system is doing to the very peaceful people of Tibet also – so it could be argued that this site, and ourselves, are both animal and human rights activists / campaigners.  Hence we now have a ‘Free Tibet’ tab on the site which deals specifically with the issue of human rights in Tibet under the control of the Chinese government.  All the information will be provided by our friends at the ‘Free Tibet’  campaign group, which fights for justice for the Tibetan people, and which is also based here in London / South East England, just as we are.  You can visit the Free Tibet site at  http://freetibet.org/

Animal welfare / rights will always remain our utmost priority – and this site will continue to work along these lines.  The Free Tibet tab is just a tangent into the issue of human rights also which we feel strongly about in Tibet.

We do not see this as a bad thing – you can campaign for human rights as well as those of animals.  For example; just for the record, China has over 80 MILLION pigs currently in intensive farming systems !! – that is more pigs than the entire HUMAN population in the entire United Kingdom – think about that !!.

If only there were many more people in the world who sat on either side of the fence, or even centrally on the fence; giving both animals and humans a bit more time !, then just possibly this planet would be a much better place.

Here is the article which we feel really says so much about the whole issue of the links between animal and human rights.


Why I’m An Animal Rights Activist When There Is So Much Human Suffering In The World

“Being an animal rights activist is not about limiting our compassion to nonhumans, it’s about extending our circle of compassion to include all beings who can suffer”

By Tracey Narayani GloverFollow

20 June 2015

This post was created by a member of the Dodo Community, where anyone can post fascinating stories, photos, videos and more. Join the Dodo Community here

Before I was an animal rights activist, I was a budding human rights activist.

While in law school, I helped victims of domestic violence obtain personal protection orders. I studied human rights and refugee law, participated in an asylum clinic, spent all my summer legal internships working with refugee organizations and focused primarily on helping women who were victims of gender-based persecution and violence such as honor crimes, forced genital mutilation, sex-trafficking, and rape.

My first client let me touch the shrapnel that was embedded under the skin in her knee after the Taliban had bombed her village in Afghanistan and killed most of her family. I also represented men when they were in need, like the gentle Congolese man who had been tortured, and had the marks on his body to prove it, because of dubious ties to the wrong political party.

Refugees and victims of gender based violence are an incredibly vulnerable and deserving group of humans. Many of them have no family, no country. Many live their lives in fear. Without the help of international aid groups and non-governmental organizations, they are at constant risk of exploitation, abuse, persecution, homelessness, and death. And yet, I have chosen to dedicate myself and my life to the animals.

I’m sure every animal activist has been challenged on this point: “How can you waste your time on animals when there are so many humans suffering?!” “Why don’t you start with the humans, and when all of our problems are fixed, then you can help animals?”

Of course this is the dominant mentality, based on a presumed superiority of humans, so much so that the slightest harm to a human is often seen to outweigh a tremendous harm to an animal. Given that the capacity to suffer is in no way limited to human beings, this bias in favor of humans is simple prejudice, favoring those we perceive as similar over those we perceive as different and therefore inferior, the hallmark of all discrimination and oppression.

For years I felt paralyzed as I looked out at the world with all of its suffering.

I desperately wanted to help but didn’t know how I could possibly choose between helping the people in third world countries living in extreme poverty, and the millions of children under the age of five dying every year from malnutrition, or the victims of ethnic and religious wars that so brutally claim the lives of innocents at any given time in modern history, genocides like that in Rwanda, Bosnia, Darfur, atrocities taking place right now in Libya, Syria and Yemen. Millions of mostly women and girls are bought and sold into the world of sex trafficking every year to endure unspeakable crimes. And then there are the animals being used for painful and often cruel experimentation in laboratories, the fur-bearing animals like the playful foxes who are killed by anal electrocution so as not to damage their fur or the Chinese raccoon dogs who are routinely skinned alive in order to make knock off UGG boots or for the cheap fur trim on our winter coats .[1]

But the number of all of these animals combined is a drop in the bucket compared to the 55 billion farmed animals we kill every year for food. Fifty five billion animals. The entire global human population is about 7 billion, and we kill 55 billion animals every year for food. Each and every one of those fifty five billion was an individual with the capacity to have bonded with family and friends and to have led a joyful life like the rescued pigs seen in this video but who instead led a life of intense misery and often sadistic exploitation before enduring the terror and pain of slaughter.

All of these human and nonhuman beings suffer terribly. All of them are worthy of our compassion. I have always wanted to help them all. I still do. But the reason I choose to dedicate the majority of my time to advocating for nonhuman animals rather than all of those deserving humans is that we as a society all basically agree on human rights.

When I say we as a society, I do not mean the moral outliers of the international community like members of ISIS, or those in our own society like rapists or serial killers, but those who represent the dominant ethic in the world community, the law abiding members of our society and the international community. And according to that dominant ethic, it is wrong to abuse woman and children. It is wrong to murder innocent men. When we see humans who are starving or being exploited, raped, kidnapped, murdered or tortured, we believe it is wrong. Most governmental bodies around the world, non-government organizations (NGOs), and individuals agree that it is wrong to cause intense physical or emotional pain and suffering to human beings. We criminalize such harm, and we punish those who commit these crimes.

The same cannot be said of animals, especially not farmed animals, whose abuse is accepted by the same moral community that rejects the abuse of humans.

Even those of us who shower our dogs and cats with affection do so while sitting down to feast on a meal comprised of the body parts of equally sentient beings whose entire lives were spent in suffering. As a society, we still do not see what we’re doing to animals as wrong. While all animals in our society are still legally considered property, at least abusing dogs and cats is now a felony in all fifty states. However, what is felony cruelty if done to a dog or cat is perfectly legal if done to an animal we have designated as a food animal.[2]

We not only kill 10 billion land animals in the US every year for food, (55 billion globally) it would not be an exaggeration to say that we torture them for the duration of their short lives before we kill them. We confine them in tiny cages that drive them literally insane. [3] We take babies away from their mothers and murder them by the millions (e.g., we kill 260 million baby chicks every year because they are a “by-product” of the egg industry).[4] Dairy cows are impregnated on what the industry calls a “rape rack” in order to ensure the cow will continue to lactate and provide milk that will be denied to her baby, who will be taken away at birth. If that baby is female, she will become a dairy cow and like her mother, she too will be forcibly impregnated, and then after giving birth to four or five babies and milked so much the odds are she will suffer from a painful udder infection called mastitis, she will be slaughtered at a fraction of her natural lifespan when her body becomes too depleted to continue producing milk at the volume modern agribusiness demands. If the baby the dairy cow births is a male, he will either be killed on the spot, or turned into veal (i.e. confined all alone in a dark pen and fed an iron deficient diet to make him anemic because consumers prefer the taste and color of meat that comes from anemic babies). [5]

Nonhuman animals are conscious, intelligent, emotional beings.

If we have ever lived with a dog or cat, we probably know this from experience. If we need proof, we can ask the scientific community. In 2012, a prominent international group of cognitive neuroscientists, neuropharmacologists, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists and computational and neuroscientists gathered at The University of Cambridge and declared that nonhuman animals are conscious — meaning they can think, feel, perceive, and respond to the world in much the same way as humans. [6]

It is hard to measure pain. Usually with humans we just ask them how much pain they feel and they tell us. But when they can’t tell us, we look for external signs of pain such as trying to get away from the source of pain, vocalizing (yelling, crying), grimacing or shaking to name a few. Nonhuman animals demonstrate all of these same signs. If we can bear not to look away, it is plain to see that the egg laying hens crammed into battery cages, or the sows confined to gestation creates so small that can’t turn around, or the dairy cows being dragged to slaughter because they are too lame to walk all suffer tremendously.

Just a few hundred years ago, Rene Descartes, the father of western philosophy, strapped living dogs to tables and cut them open without anesthesia believing that their howls were like the sounds made by machines, no more indicative of pain than was the screech made by the machine’s metal parts. Hard to imagine, that. And yet today even on so called humane farms, we routinely subject cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and other farmed animals to mutilation without anesthesia.[7] If we think what Descartes did was wrong, how can we possibly condone what we do to farmed animals every single day? There is no reason to believe that a dog feels more pain than a pig or for that matter that a human feels more pain that a dog. Some, like evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, think non humans may even feel pain more acutely than humans do. [8] In fact we are so certain that nonhuman animals do feel pain like humans do that we subject animals like mice to pain tests in labs in order to better understand human pain.[9]

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) estimates that at least a million chickens and turkeys are boiled alive every year because the production line is so fast that their throats haven’t been slit by the time they get to the tanks of scalding water into which they are dropped, only to be boiled alive.[10] More than 1 million pigs die in transport every year before they even get to the slaughterhouse.[11] They are packed in so tightly they cannot move, and can barely breathe. They die of suffocation, overheating, being trampled.

I became an animal rights advocate not because I don’t care about humanity, but because so few people care about the nonhuman animals.

The suffering of animals we use for experimentation, for fur, for our food is shocking to the conscience. Watch one undercover slaughterhouse video and we might think the vile cruelty we see is an anomaly. Watch hundreds and hundreds of these videos and we begin to realize that the disdain with which the workers treat the animals, kicking chickens like footballs,[12] kicking and stomping turkeys destined for Thanksgiving dinner,[13] slamming piglets onto the concrete floor and leaving them to die,[14] is not anomalous but is the norm.

The degree and scale of the suffering involved in animal agriculture in particular is beyond anything humanity has ever endured.

Polish-born Jewish-American author Isaac Bashevis Singer famously said “In relation to … [the animals], all people are Nazis; for the animals it is an eternal Treblinka.” This refers of course to the Nazi concentration camp where close to a million Jews were exterminated in gas chambers. The first time I ever heard the comparison made between factory farming and the Holocaust was by someone who lost most of his family in the Holocaust and who himself is a survivor of it. Alex Hershaft is an animal rights pioneer who has said that his experience in the Holocaust not only contributed to his becoming a vegan and an animal rights activist, it is the cause of it. During a recent trip to Israel, he had this to say in an interview: “The Jewish Holocaust is a unique event in human history; and the best way to honor the Holocaust is to learn from it and to fight all forms of oppression. We may have been victorious in World War II, but the struggle against oppression and injustice is far from over. For me, the Holocaust isn’t a tool in the struggle, but an experience that shaped my personality and my values, made me who I am today, and drove me to fight all forms of oppression, including the oppression of the weakest creatures, the animals.” [15]

In his latest book, “The Most Good You Can Do,” one of the modern world’s pre-eminent philosophers of ethics, Peter Singer, argues that if we are interested in doing the most good we can do in the world, that is, in reducing the most suffering, there are three main areas that demand our attention. These are saving the environment, ending extreme poverty, and helping the nonhumans animals, especially farmed animals.

In addition to its importance for the nonhumans, vegan advocacy goes beyond helping nonhuman animals. Vegan advocacy seeks to raise consciousness and awareness about the ways in which we treat other beings. The animal rights movement does not just advocate for a select group of beings, it advocates for principles truly universal in their scope.

Animal rights advocates don’t just advocate for the rights of chimps or cows or fish. They advocate for a more compassionate world for all beings.

They bring awareness to structures of power that are oppressive and based on exploitation, that harm nonhuman animals, humans, and the environment. Veganism is rooted in the concept of ahimsa, a Sanskrit word meaning non-harm to all sentient beings as well as the living environment. It is a movement that above all values the reduction of suffering, and calls on us all to bring more awareness into the ways in which we relate with all beings, the nonhumans as well as humans. Fundamentally, vegans advocate for the values that all social justice movements uphold. They focus on the nonhumans, but what they are really advocating for is a society in which no sentient being is used as a means to another’s end. They are fighting for the elimination of all forms of prejudice and oppression. They work to build a world where no sentient being is discriminated against based on morally irrelevant qualities, where all beings are valued and respected, where none are enslaved or tortured, where all beings are allowed the freedom to thrive and pursue their own innate potential for happiness and joy. As long as our society is built on a foundation of brutality, oppression and exploitation of billions of sentient beings, how can we ever hope to have true justice or compassion within human society?

Being an animal rights activist is not about limiting our compassion to nonhumans, it’s about extending our circle of compassion to include all beings who can suffer.

In the world we live, there is no comparison to the enormity of the suffering endured by the nonhuman animals, especially those enslaved by the meat, dairy, and egg industries. I am an animal advocate because the screams of billions of animals remain unheard. I am an animal advocate because no being should suffer, and the suffering of nonhuman animals is so intense, so constant, so massive, and so widespread. I am an animal advocate because humanity is still in denial that it is our own daily choices that are responsible for the immense suffering of a truly unfathomable number of conscious, emotional, sentient beings. I am an animal advocate quite simply because it is the animals who need me the most.

[1] “Inside the Chinese fur farms which breed ‘raccoon dogs’ in tiny cages and skin them alive to make luxury coats sold in the West” Dan Bloom, The Daily Mail, Feb. 14 2015, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2867219/Inside-Chinese-fur-farms-breed-raccoon-dogs-tiny-cages-skin-alive-make-luxury-coats-sold-West.html

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[7] “Deciphering “Humane” Labels & Loopholes”, Woodstock Animal Sanctuary, http://woodstocksanctuary.org/learn-3/the-humane-farming-myth/humane-free-range/

[8] http://boingboing.net/2011/06/30/richard-dawkins-on-v.html

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[10] “USDA plan to speed up poultry-processing lines could increase risk of bird abuse,” Washington Post, Kimberly Kindy, Oct. 29, 2013, http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/usda-plan-to-speed-up-poultry-processing-lines-could-increase-risk-of-bird-abuse/2013/10/29/aeeffe1e-3b2e-11e3-b6a9-da62c264f40e_story.html

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[12] “Chick-fil-A Suppliers Caught Torturing Animals On Hidden Camera By Mercy For Animals” Nov. 19, 2014 http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/chick-fil-a-suppliers-caught-torturing-animals-on-hidden-camera-by-mercy-for-animals-283166311.html

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I think Jill would have very much approved of what is said here – her wish was for a more peaceful world in every sense.  – Mark.


China: Yulin, The Very High Rabies Risk and The Food Safety Disaster – To Which The Authorities Turn Blind Eyes !


yulin new 3


Further to our post of today (22/6) relating to the Yulin dog meat slaughter


We do not make excuses for the approach of these barbarians – others may but we do not.  Knowing how the Chinese clamp down on the placid people of Tibet as an example – if the Chinese authorities really wanted to gain any credibility from this planet, then they would have stopped the slaughter.  They did not.  All we can say is that possibly post event, the Rabies outbreaks in Yulin may be even larger than they are now – and they are in the big league for this anyway !

Look at the pictures (one above) of the slaughter – street vendors with little attire on, smoking fags and waving blowtorches around to remove dog hair – a facility like this in London would be shut down before it even opened.

Yulin, enjoy your new rabies outbreaks – lets hope you break all records – you deserve it !


Rabies risk

The dog meat trade is a serious threat to human health, and Chinese authorities have every reason to stand by the animal advocates.

China has the world’s second highest incidence of rabies in humans. And according to China’s ministry for public health, Guangxi province, where Yulin is located, has the largest number of cases in China, while Yulin is one of China’s “top ten cities” for cases of human rabies.

READ: Chinese city kills 5,000 dogs to control rabies

Eating dog meat of itself does not cause rabies, but the handling and slaughter of vast numbers of unvaccinated dogs exposes the traders to a high risk of rabies infection.

Transporting the dogs to the festival is an intrinsically brutal operation. Dogs for Yulin come from as far as central and north China’s Henan and Shandong, more than 1,000 miles away.

They are crammed into wire cages unable to extend their limbs, denied food and water for days during the exhausting trip. The dogs arrive at their destination malnourished and underweight, dehydrated, often dying from injuries or from being poisoned during capture. Others are already dead.

Food safety disaster

This isn’t solely an animal welfare issue; it’s also a food safety disaster.

China’s food safety regulations ban the processing, selling and serving of products from diseased or dead animals of unknown causes.

And yet the Yulin authorities seemingly ignore these rules, allowing dog meat from unknown sources to be sold to consumers, and in so doing prioritizing the profits of dog meat traders over consumer health.

When contacted by CNN, a spokesperson for the local food and drug administration declined to answer any questions.

The average Chinese citizen finds public dog slaughter inexcusably offensive.

Dogs are openly killed in crowded marketplaces, on the streets, and most shockingly next to elementary schools, imposing bloody and cruel practices on vulnerable members of the public.

Such public slaughter risks creating an indifferent and morally defunct society.

Beating and killing these struggling, crying dogs in full view of other terrified dogs showcases an industry that is devoid of humanity.

Additionally, the criminal activity of dog theft sustains much of the dog meat industry, with often violent confrontations between angry dog owners and the thieves.


 free tibet 3

free tibet 2


– we are proudly flying the Tibetan flag in full support for the people of Tibet; as the Chinese have banned the Tibetan flag from being flown in ….. yes, Tibet !!

They (China) do not want the Tibetan flag to be flown anywhere in the World, eradicate it effectively – so we are very proud in supporting the wonderful people of Tibet from the human (and animal) abusers that carry the name of shame – that is ‘China’


D Lama Tibet




England: (Guardian, London) – Humans creating sixth great extinction of animal species, say scientists.


mass extinction 2


Humans creating sixth great extinction of animal species,

say scientists

Study reveals rate of extinction for species in the 20th century has been up to 100 times higher than would have been normal without human impact

Abigail Fallis’s Dodo – Death Of The Author at an exhibition to mark the 50th anniversary of The IUCN red list of threatened species in London in 2014.

The modern world is experiencing a “sixth great extinction” of animal species even when the lowest estimates of extinction rates are considered, scientists have warned.

The rate of extinction for species in the 20th century was up to 100 times higher than it would have been without man’s impact, they said.

Many conservationists have been warning for years that a mass extinction event akin to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs is occurring as humans degrade and destroy habitats.

But the authors of a study published on Friday said that even when they analysed the most conservative extinction rates, the rate at which vertebrates were being lost forever was far higher than in the last five mass extinctions.

“We were very surprised to see how bad it is,” said Dr Gerardo Ceballos of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. “This is very depressing because we used the most conservative rates, and even then they are much higher than the normal extinction rate, really indicating we are having a massive loss of the species.”

Previous studies have warned that the impact of humans taking land for buildings, farming and timber has been to make species extinct at speeds unprecedented in Earth’s 4.5bn-year history.

Ceballos said that his study, co-authored by Paul R Ehrlich who famously warned of the impact of humanity’s “population bomb”, employed better knowledge of natural or so-called background extinction rates. He said it was conservative because it looked only at species that had been declared extinct, which due to stringent rules can sometimes take many years after a species has actually gone extinct.

Under a “natural” rate of extinction, the study said that two species go extinct per 10,000 species per 100 years, rather than the one species that previous work has assumed.

Modern rates of extinction were eight to 100 times higher , the authors found. For example, 477 vertebrates have gone extinct since 1900, rather than the nine that would be expected at natural rates.

It’s really signalling we’ve entered a sixth extinction and it’s driven by man,” said Ceballos.

However, Prof Henrique Miguel Pereira, the chair of the Group on Earth Observations Biodiversity Observation Network, said that the new paper did not add anything revolutionarily new.

“They argue that recent extinction rates are up to 100 times higher than in the past. I think it improves our documentation of the process but it does not yet confirm a sixth mass extinction. I tend to think we have a major biodiversity crisis, but it would take either a fast acceleration of current extinction rates or a couple of centuries at current extinction rates, for the current process to become a sixth mass extinction.”

The team behind the new analysis said “rapid, greatly intensified efforts” would be needed to stop or slow the extinctions currently underway.

Ceballos pointed to the Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment, which was published on Thursday and lamented the loss of the world’s biodiversity, and interventions by Barack Obama, as signs of hope. “These important figures are starting to really grasp the problem,” he said.

On why people should be worried about the rate of extinctions, he said: “People say that’s really sad, but why does it affect me? There are many reasons we should care. We are the species that are causing the loss of all these other species.”

But the most important reason, he said, was that by losing species humanity was losing what enabled us to have a “good standard of living”.

The paper, Accelerated modern human–induced species losses: Entering the sixth mass extinction, was published in the journal Science Advances.

 mass extinction

China: Yulin Dog Eating ‘Festival’ Is Under Way – China Ignores The Wishes Of The World.


free tibet 3



 Above – how China deals with the peaceful people of  Tibet WITHIN Tibet ! – do they learn this abuse from the way they treat animals in China ?

Picture – ‘Free Tibet’ – London – http://freetibet.org/

Well, here we have it – the nation of camera clickers that keep 80 million pigs in intensive farming systems abusing thousands of innocent (owned) pet dogs and cats at today’s mass frenzy of fag smoking street scum cooking up something for brain dead’s to eat.

We wish them only one thing – Rabies !

Ricky is absolutely correct –

Ricky Gervais


“It’s misleading to call Yulin a Dog Meat Festival.

It should be called a Dog Torture Festival.

Because that’s what it is”.

China – animal abusers; abusers of the Tibetan people; trying to take over the world with their pathetic views of what is ‘right’.

And our governments scrape up to them like someone on a night out in a brothel !


Latest 22/6/15 – The Chinese have ignored the world and as usual doing only what they want.  The Yulin festival is currently taking place – thousands of dogs are being slaughtered by these Barbarian back street Chinese dealers.



For latest news from the BBC click here –  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-33220235



What the Chinese scumbags do to animals

yulin new pic 1

yulin new 2

yulin new 3

yulin dogs



If our Cameron government does not have the balls to raise the issue, then we will – FREE TIBET !!


free tibet 3

free tibet 2







Greece: ‘Dusty'; Rescued In A Terrible Condition From A Garbage Dump – Soon To Be Coming To A New Forever Home In England. Watch The Moving Video Here.



GAR Greek Animal Rescue,=

They are based in England, UK and you can contact them at  http://www.greekanimalrescue.com/contactus

Find out how Vesna started it all  –  http://www.greekanimalrescue.com/aboutus



Watch the very moving video here on Youtube  – 



If you want to give a donation to help pay for Dusty to move to a forever home in the UK, then please click on the following:


Daniel Turner was not asked to set up a fundraising page – what a star he his – one of GAR’s youngest fundraisers must be about 13 now and has been doing sponsored silence and walks for years

Dusty is currently with GARs best foster carer in Athens and is doing really well!

Message from GAR:

Following the video that Gar uploaded to Facebook regarding a recent trip where a lovely dog named dusty was saved!!! I think we should all club together and help pay towards her flight over to the uk when she is fit and ready! So please if you can donate and help dusty.

P.S. When you make a donation, don’t forget to check the Gift Aid box if you’re a UK taxpayer as then your charity can claim an extra 25% from the government!

UK (Northern Ireland): Say no to the NI mega pig farm! – Send A Letter Of Objection Now – Sample Below.

U Flag




pigs 1


Please object NOW!

We have been informed that the public consultation has been extended, but no closing date has yet been given.

We have just been made aware of plans to build a gigantic pig farm in Northern Ireland that will hold 30,000 animals at a time. These plans dwarf even those of the Foston proposal, which – as you will remember – we defeated together.

Although the proposal is in Northern Ireland it is vitally important that people from across the UK send in an objection.

If the plans go ahead it could lead to a precedent being set for more of these mega farms being built elsewhere.

Say no to the NI mega pig farm!

We have just been made aware of plans to build a gigantic pig farm in Northern Ireland that will hold 30,000 animals at a time. These plans dwarf even those of the Foston proposal, which – as you will remember – we defeated together.

Although the proposal is in Northern Ireland it is vitally important that people from across the UK send in an objection. If the plans go ahead it could lead to a precedent being set for more of these mega farms being built elsewhere.

Local activists were only made aware on these plans in the past few days. Please object NOW!

We have been informed that the public consultation has been extended, but no closing date has yet been given.

Please send the objection below. Or even better personalise it.

Please note: we have had a few technical issues with the form. We are trying to fix it, but in the meantime please copy and paste the message below into an email (with you name and address) and send to planning@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk 

 If you have problems with that email send to info@antrimandnewtownabbey.gov.uk   instead and put in the email header: “FAO Planning Department”.

Pigs are seen at a farm in Lucas do Rio Verde, Mato Grosso state in western Brazil, February 28, 2008. Industrial companies are being attracted to the western of Brazil by the abundant supply of grains and oilseeds and will be complementary on their activities in the region.  REUTERS/Paulo Whitaker (BRAZIL)

Sample Letter (or modify to your own version;

but keep it polite please)

“Dear Antrim and Newtownabbey Planning Department

 I am writing to you to lodge a formal objection to the planned pig farm off Reahill Road, Newtownabbey, County Antrim (Ref: LA03/2015/0051/F).

Animal welfare: I know this isn’t taken into account when deciding the outcome of planning meetings, but I strongly believe it should be. Pigs are highly intelligent animals. On a development this size it will be difficult to spot diseased or suffering pigs – which poses potential dangers to other animals on site and workers and local residents.  I do not believe that it is possible to provide high welfare for 30,000 pigs on an indoor farm this size.

Risk to human health: keeping large numbers of animals near residential dwellings is a well-known potential disease risk to humans (one resident lives a mere 300 metres from the proposed site). In light of recent swine flu outbreaks a recent study that showed that potentially deadly superbugs can be spread by flies from pig farms to people living miles away this should be of particular concern.

Environmental impact: this farm will not be ‘green’. In fact, the methane from the pigs themselves will produce huge amounts of carbon equivalent gases. Local residents have said that the area is near a hill and floods regularly. It does not seem feasible that the local waterways/watertable will not be affected – especially as there will be two lagoons (one for water, and one for pig waste). In June 2012, Derek Hall of Hall’s Pig Farms (the site developer) was fined after an officer of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency traced a ‘milky liquid’ discharge found in Three Mile Water River to Mr Hall’s farm. The Rivers Agency have objected to the plans as a Drainage Assessment has not been submitted and believe that potential flooding issues have not been addressed

Earlier this year the Environment Agency rejected plans for a similar pig mega-farm in England. They said the scheme at Foston, Derbyshire would “offend human senses” and cause “significant pollution due to odour”. What is the Environment Agency’s position to this proposal?

Anaerobic digester: I understand that there will be an anaerobic digester on site. However, it is also my understanding that anaerobic digesters can actually be responsible for producing smells and toxic gases, and in the worst case scenario can be a fire or explosion risk. Good practice dictates that these should not be built near to residential areas (especially one of this size)  and to do so would potentially put lives at risk. It will also use huge amounts of water – as will the farm itself – and would potentially pollute surrounding land.

Noise: the developers say that the noise will be minimal. This is hard to take seriously, as noise will be generated by machinery and from the animals themselves as they are taken to slaughter (over a  thousand a week).

Increased traffic: industrial farms of this size generate large amounts of HGV traffic, from moving animal feed and waste products. This is likely to impact negatively on local roadways and the lives of local people.

Jobs for local people: factory farms are not big employers, so any benefit to the economy will be minimal at best.

This proposal is a significant development for the whole of the UK. Allowing it to proceed would set a dangerous precedent for the future intensification and factory farming in the UK. I strongly urge you to reject the proposed plans.

Yours faithfully”

[Very important – remember to add your name and address!] 

Serbia: Latest June News and Pictures From Danica At ‘Felix’ Shelter.

Serbian  Flag


felix cartoon 2


felix appeal june 15

With the summer heat in full swing, life at the shelter seems quite uneventful as most of the kitties are spending their days passed out all over the place, rightfully feeling it’s too hot to even move around. However, it’s not only that their needs remain the same, but now is also the time to start and finish all of the minor repairs at the shelter.

felix sat 2 june

felix sat 3 june

felix june 3

Felix sat1 june

Almost all of the platforms, ladders and wooden wire spools the cats are having so much fun with while playing in the yard need to be replaced now, after being exposed to all kinds of weather over the last few years.

Autumn rains and the winter cold have taken their toll and no matter how well these wooden items were protected by paint or stain, they can’t last forever. And our kitties just love them all big time!

felix cartton 3

The old outdoor fence which became wobbly three years ago is miraculously still holding up, but the posts keep crumbling and deteriorating with every passing day and it’s been ages since we could close the gates properly. It would be fabulous if this summer we could manage to raise the funds to rebuild the brick-made pillars and the small wall between them, clean and polish the old iron fence above and replace the sheet metal part of the gates. It’s got to be done this summer before the rotten posts completely fall apart and the whole fence goes down, that is…

And last but not the least, not by a long shot – the kitties must eat every day and now the time is rapidly coming for the mandatory yearly vaccinations against rabies.

The problem is that donations regularly slow down as summer approaches and while we totally understand everyone’s busy planning their vacations, our situation is always unenviable at this time of year. The same thing has been happening forever; when the weather is nice, we’re barely keeping afloat, and when we have enough funds to do something, it’s impossible to work outside due to the weather conditions.

We should’ve gotten used to it by now, I guess…

Anyways, if you have a little extra you could spare to help us out please do so!

Even the smallest donation means a lot, as they all add up and get us closer to our goal. A three-digit number of lazy, relaxed kitties and a couple of their tired humans will be immeasurably grateful for your vital help!


Youtube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9o4NAeStYQ

felix sat 4 june

felix june 5


The Unseen Extinction Wiping Out the World’s Wildlife.

earth butterfly


The Unseen Extinction Wiping Out the World’s Wildlife

Researchers find that species we ignore, such as snails, are disappearing at a rapid pace—a sign that a mass extinction is upon us.

For years now, conservationists have warned that Earth is in the middle of the “sixth great extinction,” with dozens of species going extinct every day owing to habitat loss, pollution, climate change, and other factors.

But here’s even worse news: That may be just the tip of the iceberg.

According to new research, previous estimates may seriously underestimate the number of species that we’re losing. A paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that we may have already lost 130,000 species, or a staggering 7 percent of the world’s total biodiversity.

How could we have lost so many species without noticing?

It’s simple: The authors say most of these extinctions are not big, noticeable creatures such as rhinos and tigers. Instead they’re tiny insects and other invertebrates that don’t get much attention. These species tend to have very small ranges with specific habitat needs and aren’t often well studied. Of the estimated 1.4 million invertebrates worldwide, fewer than 16,000 have been evaluated for their extinction risk by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature Red List. Of that number, nearly a third are listed as “data deficient,” meaning we don’t know enough about them to say if they’re at risk.

By contrast, every single known bird species appears on the Red List. Of the more than 15,000 birds and mammals listed, fewer than 6 percent are ranked as data deficient.

So, Why You Should Care? The authors of the new paper say that focusing on larger, more easily studied species means we’re not getting a true picture of the extent of the sixth great extinction. Thus we may be losing species that could be important to human health even before we discover them. Snails and other invertebrates form an important part of the food web for all manner of animals, so their extinctions can have a cascading effect on biodiversity.

RELATED: What One Wolf’s Extraordinary Journey Means for the Future of Wildlife in America

To close that knowledge gap, the researchers took a random sampling of 200 land snail species around the world and then looked at the scientific record to see what we know about them. They didn’t find much. Snails haven’t been studied in some parts of the globe for decades, and some entire genus groups have never been studied at all. The researchers write that a full 84.5 percent of their 200 random species would be considered “data deficient” if they were added to the Red List today.

Even that doesn’t tell the full picture. Of the 200 species examined, 79 had not been observed in more than five decades. One example was a Hawaiian species known as the Amastrid land snail. Amateur snail-shell collectors have wiped out many of Hawaii’s snails, probably including this one. However, because no formal scientific studies have gone looking for it, it can’t yet be officially declared extinct.

Another example came from Mexico, where a species known only as Eucalodium moussonianum hasn’t been seen since 1872. Is it extinct? The original scientific description doesn’t mention the snail’s distribution or habitat, and no one has looked for it since.

Chances are high that these two species—and many others—are gone. “Mollusks are the species group most affected by extinction,” said the study’s lead author, Claire Régnier of Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris. The most common factors for their extinction include habitat loss, water pollution, and invasive species.

We do know of many other mollusk species extinctions because the animals leave their shells behind when they die. That’s not the case for most other invertebrates, Régnier said. The paper extrapolates this mollusk extinction risk to all other invertebrates because, as Régnier said, “they share the same characteristics as mollusks regarding their causes of extinction: size, restricted range, rarity, and specific habitat requirements.”

Régnier said the purpose of the paper is not to criticize the current ways that we look at endangered species and extinction risk but to “suggest an alternative methodology which would give us a more global idea of our current losses.”

That might not be enough to stop the sixth great extinction anytime soon, but it might help us to understand it and start to take action.

John R. Platt covers the environment, technology, philanthropy, and more for Scientific American, Conservation, Lion, and other publications.

earth tiger






Serbia: For Them There Is No Hope After All… They Are Forgotten – Only 4 Days Left To Get Funds.

Serbian  Flag


SAV Comment

We are giving donations to a lot of appeals all the time from our own pockets – we ask for no money on this site; instead that people donate directly to the groups and by pass ourselves.  Sadly many people do not bother to give anything, although a lot of  very small donations add up to a large amount that often meets the appeals need.

We are a volunteer run organisation – self funding even for this sites upkeep; we do not have loads of cash stored away to help every appeal that goes out.

Sadly, when the required funds are not met; the worst happens.  The message in red below is from Lina in her own words.  This is the sad reality of some animal ‘welfare’.  We try to put appeals out well in advance, as this appeal was no exception.  There was very little in the way of support or donations, so now the dogs will be turned back onto the streets probably to be rounded up by the Shinters.


For them there is no hope after all… They are forgotten, rejected … Nobody want to adopt them , nobody want to help them to stay on safe .. After all , they will go to street , right to death…

To donate –


Lina’s Animal Rescue is organisation for animal welfare from Serbia . . We have 23 dogs in small private unfinished shelter, 20 dogs in 2 boarding kennels and 20  kitties in one rescuers home. Funds are desperately needed to pay the boarding kennel fees. We have debt for April 510€  and for May 960€ . We are desperate ,  those dogs can not go again on the street. The life of street dogs everywhere is difficult, but here in Serbia the dog catchers kill them rather than rescue them.Those dogs urgent need help .  Each dog’s boarding fees are 60€ per month ( 40 boarding kennel + 20 food ) .With 20 dogs currently in boarding facilities, the debt is too great to even think about renovating our shelter. They depend only on help from good people.  Please share our story and  donate , this is URGENT APEL ! Thank you !

China: Yulin Dog Eating Festival. Please Act Immediately – Festival Scheduled For 22/6. Sample Letter and Petition Links Given Here.


free tibet 3

Latest 22/6/15 – The Chinese have ignored the world and as usual doing only what they want.  The Yulin festival is currently taking place – thousands of dogs are being slaughtered by these Barbarian back street Chinese dealers.


For latest news from the BBC click here –  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-33220235


What the Chinese scumbags do to animals

yulin new pic 1

yulin new 2

yulin new 3

yulin dogs

If our Cameron government does not have the balls to raise the issue, then we will – FREE TIBET !free tibet 3free tibet 2


– we are proudly flying the Tibetan flag in full support for the people of Tibet; as the Chinese have banned the Tibetan flag from being flown in ….. yes, Tibet !!

They (China) do not want the Tibetan flag to be flown anywhere in the World, eradicate it effectively – so we are very proud in supporting the wonderful people of Tibet from the human (and animal) abusers that carry the name of shame – that is ‘China’


D Lama Tibet

yulin dogs

The Yulin dog meat eating festival is due to take place on 22nd June; less than a week from now.  Dogs will be tortured, skinned alive and held waiting for death in cages that will cause them immense suffering – please see the photo above.

There has been a massive international outcry to the Chinese government to stop this slaughter.  The links below provide a way that you can make your voice heard.  A sample letter can also be found below which you can send by e mail to all of the following addresses given.

Together we can work to get this event stopped, but there is now very little time.

Please act immediately and do whatever you can –  thank you – SAV.

E mail the sample letter to:

premier@mail.gov.cn ; tangzhi@mail.gov.cn ; fab@npc.gov.cn ; ChinaMissionUN@Gmail.com ; english@npc.gov.cn ; wandi@china.org.cn ; gxrdwztg@163.com ; rmrbgx@163.com ; sp@gxfda.gov.cn ; hgtang@cnta.gov.cn ; fuwu@cnta.gov.cn ; research@cnta.gov.cn ; englishpd@163.com ; kf@people.cn ; ylqxtlxd@sfda.gov.cn ; ger@cri.com.cn ; wangjia@sfda.gov.cn ; icc@npc.gov.cn ; pfmaster@legalinfo.gov.cn ; minister@legalinfo.gov.cn ; jrhncb@gmail.com ; info@peopledaily.com.cn ; kefu@vip.cntv.cn ; rm@peopledaily.com.cn ; bdd@peopledaily.com.cn ; chinaculture@chinadaily.com.cn ; info@china.org.cn ; xhzhang@cnta.gov.cn ; xinfangchu@agri.gov.cn ; intern@unachina.org ; secretariat@unachina.org ; cpc@peopledaily.com.cn ; zgrd@npc.gov.cn ; barbaramwoodward@hotmail.co.uk ; barbara.woodward@fco.gov.uk ; segreteria.china@gmail.com ; info@eurogroupforanimals.org ; m.griffiths@eurogroupforanimals.org ; chinaembpress_us@mfa.gov.cn ; chineseembassyspokesperson@gmail.com ; cpc@peopledaily.com.cn ; zgrd@npc.gov.cn


Mr. President Xi Jinping,

We are hoping that you will take a moment to hear our grave concerns about this horrific tradition, and do the humane thing by saying no to this festival and save the lives of countless dogs that will fall victim to this event – an event that will butcher, skin alive, beat to death etc thousands of innocent dogs and also increase the abduction of strays & pets, and also increase the torturous, inhumane prisons of dog meat farms – which will leave a stain upon the image of your country.

You hold in your hands the power to be a role model for not just your people but for other countries as well, by showing the greatness of a nation and putting all innocent life first and not just the lives of humanity – to finally be considered a compassionate species – not a superior species.

Countless voices are already being raised around the world for animals in need, speaking out and standing up for the voiceless, and it is time for these voices to be heard and acknowledged – that our paws will be seen, and countless others get involved , and we truly hope that you also will be part of helping save life – will you join us?

Please STOP THE YULIN DOG MEAT EATING FESTIVAL, pass along respect and compassion for animals to future generations, and not a stain that will affect them permanently – a stain that will continue to tarnish the human race. Is that the mark you want to leave? Only we can make the choice to change the world – we are the difference that can be made.


We look forward to your response


Your name and nationality.

Petition links:



 yulin 1yulin 2

Report reveals Chinese dog eating as minority activity with widespread support for ban:


Where Are You ? – A Light Break – Can You Spot Them ?

Well we may think that the military are good with camo, but it does cost quite a bit to even get anywhere near to good. Here is some that comes free of charge; can you see them ? – Enjoy ! – SAV.

hide 1

hide 2


Above – Excellent


hide 3

hide 4

hide 6

Above – Good try but could do better


hide 7

hide 8

hide 9

Very good – well planned and executed !




Global: Victory! Captive Chimps Listed as Endangered.

Victory! Captive Chimps Listed as Endangered

by Alicia Graef  June 15, 2015

In a victory for chimpanzees, wildlife officials have announced that both wild and captive chimpanzees will be protected equally as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

Even though wild and captive chimpanzees are obviously members of the same species, until now they were protected differently depending on where they lived.

Populations of wild chimpanzees, who once numbered in the millions, have severely declined over the years and they continue to face a number of threats ranging from habitat loss and fragmentation to disease and poaching for meat and the pet trade.

They were protected in the wild as endangered under the ESA in 1990, but their captive counterparts were listed as threatened, which exempted them from the same protection that their free-living relatives received.

In 2010, a status review was prompted by a petition filed by several organizations seeking to have captive chimpanzees reclassified. In response, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) just announced it has finalized a rule that will upgrade them to endangered ending the unique “split-listing” that has divided them.

Now advocates for this species are applauding the change and are hopeful that it will bring much needed awareness to their plight, in addition to restricting actions that harm them.

“This change shows that many people are finally beginning to understand that it is not appropriate to subject our closest relatives to disrespectful, stressful or harmful procedures, whether as pets, in advertising or other forms of entertainment, or medical research. That we are beginning to realize our responsibilities towards these sentient, sapient beings, and that the government is listening,” said Jane Goodall, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, which was one of the co-petitioners.

Less protection for captive chimpanzees has allowed us to continue to exploit them in entertainment, as pets and in biomedical research.

Their continued uses have made it seem like they weren’t in trouble, and even though some believed increasing numbers in captivity would help, many others believe it has only backfired.

“At the time we thought it was important to encourage breeding of captive chimps to expand their numbers,” FWS Director Dan Ashe told the New York Times.” But we expanded a culture of treating these animals as a commodity for research, sale, import and export, and entertainment. That has undermined the conservation of chimpanzees in the wild.”

While the change won’t end private ownership, it will impact how chimpanzees are used and treated by requiring permits for interstate sales and the import and export into and out of the U.S., in addition to requiring permits for anything that could constitute “take” under the ESA, which means anything that could cause them stress, harm or death.

When it comes to research, permits would only be issued for projects that are intended to directly benefit chimps, such as habitat restoration, researching wild chimps to contribute to improved management or recovery or studying diseases that specifically affect them.

While the agency says it will now focus efforts on protecting chimpanzees in the wild, the Humane Society of the United States, another one of the co-petitioners, says it is now going to work on creating more sanctuary space for more than 700 publicly and privately owned chimpanzees who are waiting to be retired from research facilities.

Australia: Israeli ‘Hell Hole’ Slaughterhouse Used For Australian Live Exports Shut Down By Israeli Authorities After AA Undercover Investigation.


If not for our hidden cameras, Australia’s live export industry would probably be calling Israel’s biggest slaughterhouse a ‘success story’. People might even believe our Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce when he bleats about the live export assurance system … ‘working’.

Instead, thanks to an Animals Australia investigation, we’ve exposed the truth, and this hellhole for animals has been shut down — indefinitely.

While the Australian department of Agriculture promised to ‘investigate’ our ‘allegations’ — Israeli authorities acted on our evidence without hesitation. Israel’s biggest abattoir — once the scene of horrific, wanton cruelty — is today a silent, empty building, with no frightened animals in sight.

This significant outcome graphically reinforces once again the importance of investigations. It’s a simple fact that the one thing that Australian live exporters fear most is Animals Australia. They fear the calibre of our investigators; our relentless determination to expose the truth — and they fear you, Mark, and your support of our work.

Together we have shown the industry and government that we are a formidable force, and that we will not rest until live animal export is rightly declared a crime — not befitting any nation’s participation, especially our own.

abbott hat

Mark, thousands of Animals Australia supporters have recently called on our Government to end its support for the cruel live export trade. Thank you for being one of them!

Your efforts are having an impact. Because people like you, more and more MPs are now taking a stand in Parliament.

Thank you so much for being a voice for animals,

Lyn White AM

Campaign Director


P.S. From the other side of the world, caring Israelis are standing united with caring Australians in calling for an end to live exports.

Get inspired by these pictures from a recent protest in Tel Aviv!

 israel live export demo

Check out the AA website –  






10 Facts About Chickens.

10 Facts About Chickens

Or, put another way, Something for the meat eaters to digest as they tuck into their nuggets !!

In the United States alone, more than 8.5 billion chickens are killed every year.

That’s 272 every second!

Those numbers are pretty crazy, right?

Every single one of those chickens is a unique individual that has so much more to offer the world than ending up on someone’s dinner plate.

chicken 4

Don’t believe me? Check out these incredible and fascinating facts about chickens:

  1. Chickens slurp grass like spaghetti.

    When living in their natural environment, chickens will spend the day foraging for bugs and slurping down fresh blades of grass.

  2. Chickens LOVE dust baths.

    It may not sound very appealing to you, but chickens take so much pleasure in digging a shallow pit in the dirt, spreading their winds and rolling around in it. Dust bathshelp chickens maintain proper feather insulation and ward off parasites. I’ve known chickens that have spent their entire life cooped up in a cage but when given the chance to be free, one of the first things they ever did was give themselves a dust bath.

  3. Chickens have complex communication with specific meanings.

    When you spend enough time around chickens, you’ll start to understand their many different vocalizations, from calling their youngsters to alerting others of the whereabouts of food.

  4. Chickens like to play.

    When given enough space, chickens will run, jump, spa and even sunbathe. Unfortunately, around 95% of all chickens raised in the United States spend their entire lives in tiny cagesno bigger than the size of an iPad.

  5. Chickens talk to their unborn babies.

    In a natural setting, a mother hen will cluck to her chicks before they have even hatched and they will churp back to her and to each other through their shells. In factory farms, a chick will never get to meet his or her parents because they are taken from her as soon as they are laid and placed in large incubators.

  6. Chickens are a lot more clever than you think.

    Recent studies have shown that chickens are intelligent animals with many attributes akin to that of primates. They are able to solve complex problems, understand cause and effect, pass on knowledge, demonstrate self control and worry about the future.

  7. Chickens are technically dinosaurs.

    Research has proven that not only have chickens evolved from dinosaurs and are the closest living relative to the magnificent T. rex, they are in fact living dinosaurs.

  8. Chickens place great importance on building a private nest.

    They start by scratching a shallow bed in the ground, then carry twigs and leaves to their nest on their backs where they let the material slide off and build up around the rim.  They will even go without food and water in favor of creating a private nest  safe from predators.

  9. Chickens have excellent memories.

    They are able to recognize and remember more than 100 different individuals, including humans.

  10. Chickens are able to comprehend object permanence.

    Even when an object is taken away from them and hidden, chickens are able to comprehend that it still exists. Not many animals have the ability to do this, and neither do young human children.

chicken 5

chicken 1

chicken 5

chicken 2

chicken 6

Broilers on the Bobby Morgan chicken Farm in Luling, Texas.

Broilers on the Bobby Morgan chicken Farm in Luling, Texas.

Cut out the meat – Go Veggie or Vegan !


USA: Costco Doesn’t Want You To Know What’s Wrong With These Eggs.



Costco Doesn’t Want You To Know

What’s Wrong With These Eggs

Undercover investigation conducted at an egg supplier to Costco, the nation’s second-largest grocery retailer. Investigations, Factory Farming, Animal Cruelty

Undercover investigation conducted at an egg supplier to Costco, the nation’s second-largest grocery retailer.
Investigations, Factory Farming, Animal Cruelty

Published on Jun 9, 2015



A recent HSUS investigation revealed a Costco egg supplier cramming chickens into tiny cages, forcing birds to live in cages with the decayed, mummified corpses of their dead cage-mates, and engaging in other inhumane practices that are bad for animals and food safety.

This is in stark contrast to the happy hens and green fields depicted on egg cartons sold at Costco.

It’s been eight years since Costco indicated publicly that it wanted to eliminate cage confinement of chickens from its supply chain.

Let the company know that now is the perfect time to go cage-free!

Watch the video here –


SAV Comment:

‘AG Gag’ in the USA would mean the folks that filmed this would be prosecuted !! – That’s Not Right – the abusers who run this set up are the ones who should be in court !!!





USA: Sick Or What ? – US Supreme Court Fails The Whales – Sea Shepherd to Pay Millions to Whale Killers So They Can Do Further ‘Research’ Like They Have Done For Decades !!.

sea shepherd 1

Sea Shepherd to Pay Millions to Whale Killers


David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society agreed to pay $2.55 million to Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research on Monday as part of a settlement to resolve a long-standing legal battle over the anti-whaling group’s tactics against Japanese whaling ships in the Antarctic.

The settlement came the same day the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear Sea Shepherd’s appeal of a federal court’s finding that the group was in contempt of a court order to stay clear of Japanese whaling ships.

The activist group’s tactics at sea include throwing smoke bombs at Japanese whaling ships and using metal-reinforced ropes to damage propellers and rudders. The question is whether those tactics—which typically take place in international waters—amount to piracy, and whether a U.S. court can order those activities to be stopped if they take place outside its jurisdiction.

Sea Shepherd believes the court can’t, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit Court upheld that it can. Now, thanks to the settlement, Sea Shepherd will be giving millions of dollars to an organization it has tirelessly battled against in a fight to save the whales.

 “Sea Shepherd believes that it complied with the Ninth Circuit injunction and does not agree with the holding that it was in contempt,” said Claire Loebs Davis, Sea Shepherd’s legal counsel. “This settlement resolves the issue of damages resulting from those contempt findings and allows us to put this issue that we have been litigating for more than two years finally behind us.”

The settlement stems from an ICR lawsuit filed in 2011 against Sea Shepherd and its founder, Paul Watson. The court originally denied the ICR’s motion for an injunction against Sea Shepherd. But in December 2012, the Ninth Circuit reversed the decision, which meant Sea Shepherd and Watson had to stay at least 500 yards from Japanese whaling ships in the Southern Ocean.

The court also determined that Sea Shepherd’s actions amounted to piracy under international law. That charge has been disputed by some legal experts, because the group’s actions did not involve the pursuit of monetary gain.

Sea Shepherd’s U.S. operation has maintained that it was not in contempt because it halted all of its involvement in the Southern Ocean after the injunction, but the group did transfer ownership of one of its boats to Sea Shepherd Netherlands. Because that boat was later used in the organization’s Southern Ocean campaign, the court ruled Sea Shepherd was indeed in contempt of the injunction.

The settlement outlines that Sea Shepherd will pay $2.55 million to the ICR, and in turn, the whaling organization will drop all remaining claims against Watson.

The money will come from a Sea Shepherd legal fund and “[does] not draw from donor funds,” Davis said.

Gavin Carter, a Washington, D.C.–based adviser to the ICR, welcomed the settlement.

“The agreement shows that you can’t willfully ignore the law, even on the high seas,” Carter said. “The underlying case is about safety at sea, and the contempt charge relates to Sea Shepherd continuing to attack research vessels.”

The settlement, Davis added, will allow Sea Shepherd to concentrate on counterclaims it filed in continuing litigation in the district court, where the ICR is seeking a permanent injunction against the group.

“Now we can focus on the fact that they have been involved in illegal whaling in the Southern Ocean for a number of years and that they have taken violent actions against activists who have tried to prevent their illegal whaling,” Davis said.

RELATED: Japan’s Whaling Fleet Comes Home Empty-Handed

Sea Shepherd says the ICR tries to kill more than 1,000 whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary each year, including minke, humpback, and endangered fin whales.

The International Whaling Commission banned commercial whaling in 1986. But Japan has largely ignored the ban, citing an exemption that allows for whale hunts to continue as long as they are done for “scientific research.”


But in March 2014, the International Court of Justiceruled that the annual hunt was illegal because it was not conducted for research purposes but rather to obtain whale meat for sale on the international market. That prompted Japan to declare a one-year moratorium on the Southern Ocean hunt in 2014, but the country has vowed to resume Antarctic whaling in late 2015.

In a related moveJapan announced it will resume “research whaling” in the northwestern Pacific beginning on Thursday and lasting through late August.

The Japanese Fisheries Agency has approved the taking of 90 sei whales and 25 Bryde’s whales during the hunt.

sea shepherd 1

 bob hunter 1

bob hunter 2



From supporter Venus:

“The agreement shows That You Can willfully ignore the law, even on the high seas,” Carter Said

No! It is not about that, my dear sir!

The ex-president Bush had Captain Watson personally known, respected, and even finances.
USA would have absolutely no interest to deal with the case, “Watson” and to embarrass internationally with such a ridiculous judgment.
And the United States interfere in this case not because of violation of the law.
After all, we are talking about international waters.

It’s about politics.
Japan is one of the most important countries in the region, which could pose a military threat to China.
And China is the nightmare of Obama, as the next largest economic superpower.
The US needs assistance from Japan for the military threat to China.

But for this, demands Japan a few favors from Papa Obama, that will also bring a few million in Whale Meat Industry.
Obama gives the green light to the Japanese to get rid of these “pirates” once and for all.

This is the explanation of the motives of this shameful judgment.
What Carter told us we can only tell our children as a Christmas fairy tale!


England: Killing The (Hunters) Myth Of Hunting To Control Fox Numbers – The LACS Exposes Fox Cubs Kidnapped For Cruelty.


fox cubs kidnapped


Fox cubs kidnapped for cruelty

Watch the video footage here:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7PjfphDsc0

Dear Mark,

Last month we received a tip off about a barn on land linked to the Middleton Foxhounds. We went to investigate and what we found was shocking.

If you were watching BBC News last night you may have caught their report on our investigation which has resulted in massive media exposure. So what did we find which has caused the media frenzy and a deafening silence from the Countryside Alliance and hunting community?

We found 16 fox cubs as young as 8 weeks without adults or vixens present. We also filmed an employee of the Middleton Foxhounds enter the shed.

So considering that hunts try to justify the cruelty of chasing and killing foxes as necessary to keep the fox population down, why would people working for a hunt be keeping young foxes? The answer is simple but terrible – they capture foxes so there is always a ready supply of animals to be chased by the hunt. Put bluntly, these foxes were kidnapped for cruelty.


We alerted the police who removed the foxes and arrested the hunt employee. The foxes, one of which sadly died shortly after the rescue, are being kept at a secret location and are now safe. Take a look at some of the photos following their rescue.

The hunters are trying to get the Hunting Act repealed, and one of their key arguments is that hunting with dogs is some form of ‘fox control’ service. Anyone seeing this footage can now see what a despicably false argument that is. Hunting with dogs is simply a cruel sport, nothing more.

Please share this footage far and wide to help us expose the lies and cruelty promoted by the hunters and Countryside Alliance. The BBC, Channel 4, Independent, Mirror, Times, Closer and many more are covering the story and we are delighted that our good friend Ricky Gervais is sharing the footage on social media.

But none of this could have happened without the generosity and support of people like you, Mark. Thank you so much. Together we are making a difference for animals.

Look out for even more coverage in the press over the weekend and for adverts we are placing in the papers to raise even more awareness of this shocking behaviour.

Kind regards,

Mark McCormick

Senior Communications Officer

Serbia: The Better Weather Has Arrived So Enjoy It – June Pictures from Felix Shelter.

Serbian  Flag




felix cartoon 2


felix june 1

felix jun e 2

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life, but they do need help.

PayPal button:

http://catshelter-felix.com/ and http://novisadcats.blogspot.com/

For lots more photographs please click on  https://www.facebook.com/milance.felixmace/media_set?set=a.1024710857557973.1073741901.100000572065633&type=3

felix cartoon cat 1

Thank you for your continued support !

From the Cats !!

felix june 3

felix june 4

felix june 5


felix cartton 3


Bye for now













UK: League Against Cruel Sports (LACS)

U Flag


The League Against Cruel Sports was established in 1924 and campaigns to end cruelty to animals in sport.




Horror of Hunting – Celebrity Reactions


Thirteen years on from legislation intended to ban fox hunting in Scotland, a League Against Cruel Sports Scotland investigation provides video evidence that the practice of hunting foxes with dogs appears to be continuing in the Scottish countryside in much the same way that it did before the ban, with the same rituals and cruelty.


Exposé: Death Pit in the Countryside – Investigation 2015


Published on 15 Apr 2015

The annual slaughter of migratory birds in Malta has begun. The League travelled into hunting territory early in the morning to monitor the shooting and be on the look out for any illegal activity.


This so-called Prime Minister (David Cameron) wishes to overturn the hunting ban and allow the killing of British wildlife for fun – we say ‘You Dickhead’.

cameron hunter

cameron hitler

USA: Project Coyote’s make a presentation to the Mendocino Board of Supervisors about alternatives to traditional predator management.



Published on May 26, 2015

Camilla Fox and Keli Hendricks of Project Coyote give a presentation on non-lethal predator management to the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors.

Presentation is followed by public comment on the issue.

Project Coyote logo

Dear Mark,

I wrote to you on May 5th as Project Coyote’s Predator Friendly Ranching Coordinator Keli Hendricks and I were headed North to make a presentation to the Mendocino Board of Supervisors about alternatives to traditional predator management as carried out by the USDA Wildlife Services program. This presentation was part of a settlement agreement of a lawsuit we filed with allies against Mendocino County. In that precedent setting suit we argued that the county was in violation of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for failing to adequately analyze the impacts of the Wildlife Services program on the environment and wildlife. As part of the settlement agreement, non-lethal alternatives must be considered and I represented our coalition in presenting those alternatives.

You can watch our presentation before the Mendocino Board of Supervisors below and read more about it here and listen to a KMUD News radio piece about it here.

Watch Camilla’s full presentation by clicking here:


We are using all the tools available to expose the unconscionable carnage wrought by USDA Wildlife Services – and to help communities move from killing to coexistence. Read this front-page feature story in this past Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle here– and a follow-up Opinion Editorial written by Project Coyote Advisory Board member Peter Coyote in yesterday’s Chronicle, which you can read here.

But we need your help to continue this effort. Right now we have a generous donor who has pledged to match – dollar for dollar – all donations up to $12,000. 

Many of you responded to our last appeal and helped us raise $6,500 – but we have $5,500 still to go.

Time is critical; please pledge today and help us meet this challenge.

(SAV Comment –

We have just supported this excellent cause with a donation – please join with us and give a donation – thank you).

Mendocino County – like so many counties throughout North America – contracts with Wildlife Services to pay a federal trapper to trap, snare, poison, and shoot wild animals seen as a threat to agriculture. Counties often receive matching funds from Wildlife Services to pay for the federal trapper’s salary and equipment – thereby using your taxpayer dollars at both the county and federal levels to subsidize this lethal program.

But very often county government officials are largely unaware that these contracts are renewed each year resulting in the deaths of thousands of animals. In 2014 alone, Wildlife Services killed close to 3 million animals. That is 7,400 animals slaughtered every single day in the U.S. In Mendocino County, hundreds of animals are killed each year including bears, mountain lions and bobcats at an annual expense to taxpayers of more than $140,000. Mendocino County federal trapper Chris Brennan admitted during a 2009 hearing in Mendocino County Superior Court that he killed “close to 400” dogs over the previous 10 years as part of his animal damage control work for USDA Wildlife Services. Outrageous? Indeed! We are doing all that we can to expose these atrocities. Read more about that here.

As Dr. Bob Crabtree, Project Coyote Science Advisory Board member, says about Wildlife Services predator control program in the San Francisco Chronicle, “It can’t be justified economically, ethically or ecologically.”

Help us shift the paradigm from killing to coexistence. We depend on individual donors to sustain our work for North America’s wildlife. If you haven’t already, please help us meet this generous matching pledge and reach our goal of raising $12,000, which will go directly toward our campaign to stop the slaughter of North America’s wildlife and to promote non-lethal alternatives to killing.

Thank you for your support,

Camilla H. Fox
Founder & Executive Director

Project Coyote logo



alex logo

AZIL August appeal


UK: Dr Hawden Trust Announces New Medical Research Scholarships That Do Not Involve Any Animal Testing or Research.

U Flag



The Dr Hawden Trust (DHT) is the UK’s leading non animal medical research charity.

About them in their own worfds – http://www.drhadwentrust.org/about-us/who-we-are

Today they have announced this years studentship projects; covering a wide range of human illness research without causing the suffering of any animals.

A full review of each of the projects associated with non animal human benefit research can be found by clicking on the following link:


Announcing 14 new Summer Studentship projects

We are delighted to announce that your support will allow the DHT to fund 14 Summer Studentships this year – our greatest number yet.

The projects will take place at universities up and down the country, from Plymouth to Edinburgh, and cover a wide range of research from tuberculosis to prostate cancer. With 3D cell culture and ‘on-a-chip’ technology developing at such a fast pace, several of our studentships will explore the latest ways to develop these techniques.

All the students will be undertaking research that will increase our understanding of devastating diseases while helping to replace the use of animals in medical research.

Further details about the projects are on our website.

If you’d like to help support this work, you can make a donation on our website or via PayPal.

Thank you!

P.S. If you live or work around Hitchin, please drop off your donations for our new vegan charity shop at our office in Portmill Lane. We are here Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. Thank you!


Here at SAV we see these kind of research projects without using animals as the positive way forward.  Animals are different to us as a species; and the react differently to medications and research drugs that are put into them to find a ‘cure’ for human sickness.  In our opinion, you should remove the animal research from the tests and instead, concentrate specifically and directly on the human system and what it can / cannot do.  We fully support the work of DHT and are positive that much more progress into human illness and cures will be achieved through their non animal approach instead of the outdated, risky and very antiquated approach that some still hold that animal research is the only way forward.

We feel that the work which be undertaken with these new projects will present a lot of new and exciting results.


azil 1

Please also try and support the excellent work of Shelter Alex in Subotica to care for the 500+ stray dogs that they have in their care.


alex logo






New Zealand: Largest Livestock Shipment Ever Remains Shrouded In Mystery.




NZ shipment 1

Largest Livestock Shipment Ever Remains Shrouded In Mystery


NZ shipment 2






USA: Petition The Mayor of North Charleston – Dog With Face Taped Up Deserves Justice !



tape dog


Is this just not the most disgusting thing ? – poor dog which suffered for so long in pain.

The person who did this needs to be found and prosecuted hard  – very hard.  Please give your support to the petition which is on the following:





Serbia: June 2015 – Things have reached a very critical situation at shelter ‘Alex’.

Serbian  Flag

Come on folks, please donate anything you can – even 1 Euro; it makes a huge difference.  This facility is too good to close down, as it has over 500 dogs in its care.  It needs funds – we have got the ball rolling today – please give anything using the secure site – first link below – Thank You.

SAV latest logo Paola

alex logo

To donate and see lots more, please click on the following:




azil 1

June 2015 – Things have reached a very critical situation at shelter ‘Alex’.

If you can help this dog shelter which has been running for years to help animals around the Subotica region, then please do so.  It does not matter the size of your donation – anything at all will help with the dailt costs.

Andrea, who is a volunteer at the shelter, sends the following plea for help:

Today, things have escalated in shelter “Alex” to the point where the only person who runs the shelter has no strength to run it anymore and is willing to surrender it to other people.  The pressure comes from another which is getting lots of support.

The shelter is full. No matter how hard we try to advertise the shelter, to share our dogs, to introduce other people with the work of the shelter, and publish each donation we receive to be as transparent as possible, simply it doesn’t go. There is no money.

Alex, with kind heart helps the dog, but in vain. Nobody else steps in with a minimum donation or a can of food, or to provide a ride to the vet or provide a temporary home for a dog. Nobody helps. Adrijana and Dragan kill themselves from all the work they do during winter and summer, hot and cold temperatures, rain and sun, while I only maintain the fb page of the shelter.

There are 500 dogs at the shelter.

In shelter “Alex” there are dogs who have been saved going back to 2003 and they are still alive.  Everybody is welcomed in the shelter “Alex”. People can come and see the dogs, pet them, take them for a walk.

At this present time things are extremely difficult. Adrijana has helped at the shelter for many years but she is now finding it almost impossible to continue as financial donations are few and far between; yet the animals need to be cared for – veterinary costs, food costs, shelter maintenance costs, etc, etc.

Without Adrijana or more help with donations, the fate of all the animals at the shelter is uncertain.  Please somebody help!! – give anything that you can to help, please; we do not know what more we can do than to simply ask people if they can help the shelter with a donation of any size – THANK YOU.

Andrea Sreiber

Volunteer at shelter “Alex”

azil 2

About the shelter:

It is currently run by a lady named Adriana Nadj; this has been the case since 2010. She acts alone with big help by her boyfriend – that is great, but very difficult.

It was the first ‘no kill’ dog shelter in Serbia, founded in 2003. So this shelter has a long history and was involved with the original formation of SAV in England.  As you can see from the following links, the shelter and SAV go back many years.  In the earler days the shelter was run by Slavica, who is part of team SAV.  When it was operated by Slavica, the shelter was known as ‘EPAR’.  Here you can see some early SAV post links to the shelter when it was EPAR:

Things have not been easy for the shelter; in 2010 city officials attempted to gain access to the shelter in order to take the dogs so that they could all be killed.

Links –







The shelter has a historically important meaning for Serbia. There have been up to 1000 stray dogs living there in the past; some of which were re-homed and some which died at the shelter by natural death.

There are currently around 500 dogs at the shelter.

The shelter was opened on 18.01.2003.

At the time, Subotica legally permitted euthanasia of dogs and on Fridays, people could bring their dogs to be euthanized for free. The shelter couldn’t allow this, so people from the shelter took those dogs and carried them to the shelter instead. This was the first no-kill shelter in Serbia. Its goal is protection of animals and the environment.

The shelter covers the area of 12000m2 + an additional land of app. 3600m2 next to the shelter which Adrijana received as a gift to expend the shelter.

As both SAV and Serbian campaigners have always spoken out iat length about sterilisation of animals (strays and owned animals); ALL the animals under the care of the shelter have been spayed and neutered.

A large number; approximately 70% of the dogs, are old (some having been under the care of the shelter since 2003/2004). Old dogs often lose control of their legs or suffer from an illness of some internal organ; and so the vets are regularly called on to help – and this costs money all the time.

The shelter does not have sponsors to cover medical costs. It is now looking for donations and / or sponsors to help with daily operating costs.

Small boxes at the shelter contain up to six dogs grouped by personality, to prevent fights. Dogs are also spread across six fields, also grouped by personality, around 10-20 dogs are on the fields. Each field also has a small pond. There are covered boxes, which contain dogs known for attempting to jump over the box walls. The small boxes and the fields require repair of old covers and installation of new covers, to provide shade.

azil 3

Since it was originally founded, the shelter has helped thousands of dogs, having rescued, adopted and treated them. Dogs will only be adopted out after a mandatory inspection of its potential new home. Adoption is not possible if the owner intends to keep the dog on a chain. Adoption also comes with a mandatory contract. In the case of any dog being found to be in inadequate conditions, the dog is taken back into the shelter. The owner is also permitted to return the dog to the shelter at any time if there are reasons that they cannot continue to have the animal.

The shelter is funded exclusively by donations, which are neither regular or reliable. The City of Subotica currently only provides a free garbage dumpster and provides nothing in the way of financial help, even though the shelter is doing the city a big help by taking dogs from the streets.

The shelter also purchased a van to carry food three times a week from a nearby factory, and the fuel costs vary between 8000 and 10000 RSD. Electricity costs are around 15000 RSD per month.  The shelter requires building materials, cleaning supplies, food (granules and canned food, salami, bread, etc), blankets, fleas/ticks

products and money to cover the vet costs, bills, etc.


For foreign donations:
“Alex Subotica”
Titogradska 53, Subotica, Serbia
IBAN : RS35160005400001012292
or via paypal/credit card: https://www.betterplace.org/en/projects/23812-help-shelter-alex-subotica-take-care-of-500-dogs


Here are a few recent links so that you can see the work that is being done to help animals:




So, after having hopefully given you an insight into the opertions of te shelter, all we kindly ask is if you would consider giving a donation; no matter how small, to help with the operating costs of the shelter.

Here at SAV, we do not like to keep asking supporters for financial help; but the situation (as you can see) of trying to help around 500 dogs is a very costly one.

Please give anything that you can;

Thank you very much.  SAV

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Brazil: Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil: Sad Story, No Happy Ending,


dust 1

dust 2

dust 3

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Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil: Sad story, no happy ending


The dog at the center of a heartbreaking abuse story received a small token of justice last week, when the garbageman who killed him was fired.

Jadson James Franca was driving his garbage truck in Presidente Figueiredo, Brazil, late last month when, according to bystanders, he ran the truck up onto the pavement to hit the gentle dog.

Pictures taken of the incident show the dog collapsed on the side of the road in obvious pain.

But that wasn’t enough. While his companions laughed, Franca wrapped a chain around the dog’s neck and dragged his broken body over the rough pavement to the back of his truck.

One arresting picture shows the terrified pup lying on the pavement, his legs apparently broken beneath him as Franca pulls on his chain.

Franca then threw the injured animal into the trash compactor before driving away.

The photos sparked universal outrage after spreading online, causing police to indict the garbageman. He has already been fired, and his company, ViaLimpa, was fined.

Franca reportedly told police he was doing the dog a favor because he was badly injured and needed to be put out of his misery.

Unfortunately, the dog survived the trip to the dump but passed away a few hours later from serious injuries, Brazilian paper A Critica reported. And while Franca’s punishment might bring a degree of justice to this poor dog’s memory, Mayor Neilson Cross had some harsh words for the people who photographed the incident as well.

“People were more concerned about recording than saving the animals,” he told A Critica. “This is absurd.”





Watch Three Adorable Little Piglets Being Born at Animal Sanctuary.




Watch Three Adorable Little Piglets Being Born at Animal Sanctuary

Watching three beautiful little piglets being born isn’t something you see every day, so when we realized that Rosa one of our rescued pigs at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary was pregnant, we knew we were in for a treat!

Getting Ready for the Birth

Preparing for any birth at the sanctuary is stressful as you never know when it’s going to happen and if everything will go to plan. Thankfully with pigs you get a little prewarning, as they always start to prepare their nest exactly 24 hours before they go into labor.

With this in mind we cut Rosa some branches and collected her some bracken from the forest so she could easily construct her nest with minimal effort. As her belly grew bigger with each passing day we knew she was going to give birth soon, but it wasn’t until we noticed that she had started carrying her nest building materials into her house that it was imminent.

Once she got to work, she built what can only be described as the Fort Knox of nests. The walls were meticulously fashioned, and completely impenetrable. Like any good mother, she wanted the best for her babies.

The Babies Are Here!

Just as expected, 24 hours later Rosa went into labor and before long the first piglet was born. It was a little girl, and she was out and about heading to meet her mom in no time. Not long after the next baby arrived, this time a little boy with a pink nose and brown stripes. He was shortly followed by his sister, who had little white socks.

Normally pigs give birth to around four to seven babies so we anticipated more were on the way. When they didn’t arrive we got a little panicked, but our fears were premature.

Once the birth was over and the three little piglets were all cleaned up, they headed straight for the milk and spent the next few hours feeding and nodding off, then waking up and doing it all over again.

Unlike a lot of other babies, piglets can see and hear at birth, and they start to walk within a few minutes of being born. They quickly find their mother’s teats, often with some gentle nudging and encouragement from mom.

The mom and her piglets use various vocalizations when it comes to feeding time, and newborn piglets will recognize and respond to their mother’s voice when she calls them to suckle.

Watch Rosa giving birth and see the babies experiencing the world for the first time in the video below:



Growing Up and Family Bonds

For the first few weeks after giving birth, mother pigs are very protective and they only leave the nest on short foraging missions to get supplies and stretch their legs. This period of time is essential for developing a strong bond with her babies.

The piglets soon start to follow mom out of the nest, rooting and playing as they go, but never straying too far. If they get separated for any reason, the piglets will call with distinct vocalizations, and the mom will respond urgently until they can find each other and everyone is reunited again.

Here at the sanctuary the pigs are able to carry out all these natural behaviors, and witnessing them growing and connecting as a family is truly a blessing. We are incredibly lucky to be able to see them happy and free, knowing that they will get to spend the rest of their lives together.


USA: Keep Sick, Suffering Calves Off the Slaughter Line.


calves june

Keep Sick, Suffering Calves Off the Slaughter Line

Action link (Petition) –  https://www.aspca.org/form/usda-veal?ms=em_new_form-usdaveal-20150605&initialms=em_new_form-usdaveal-20150605&utm_source=newsalertemail_20150605&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsalert

Proposed Federal Rule for Non-ambulatory, Disabled Veal Calves

Sponsor: The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), a division of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

ASPCA Position:  Support.

Action Needed:  Please use the form below to urge FSIS to protect calves from further cruelty by moving forward and issuing this rule as proposed.

Back in 2013, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced its intention to enact a rule banning the slaughter (for veal) of calves who are too sick, injured or weak to stand. The formal language that would turn this from good intention to law has recently been drafted, and the USDA is accepting public comments until mid-July. Please join the ASPCA in supporting this rule.

It’s already illegal to slaughter adult cattle who are in such obviously poor condition, but a strange loophole in federal law allows a “wait-and-see” approach for disabled young calves: they can be pulled from the killing floor and given the chance to “recover,” which investigations have proven only leads to animal abuse as workers use inhumane techniques to force these baby cows, most of whom are no more than a few months old, to stand up. Instead of enduring further suffering, disabled calves should, like adult cows in physical distress, be immediately and humanely euthanized instead of entering the food supply.

What You Can Do
You can tell FSIS/USDA to protect calves by simply reviewing and submitting the sample comments below. If you have time, please add your own comments so the agency knows exactly what you think about protecting baby animals at slaughter plants.

Thank you for standing up for vulnerable animals, America.

Watch Misha and Tom, Two Wild-Caught Dolphins, Return To Their Home.



Video link –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPOHDO_6PRI

Watch Misha and Tom, Two Wild-Caught Dolphins, Return To Their Home

Whale and dolphin advocates hope a new report chronicling the successful rescue, rehabilitation and release of two captive dolphins will provide a blueprint for others who want to see these animals returned to their rightful home in the wild.

Back to the Blue, a report released by the Born Free Foundation, tracks a two-year project undertaken to save Tom and Misha, two male bottlenose dolphins who were being exploited in substandard conditions in Turkey.

According to Born Free, Tom and Misha were taken from the wild off the coast of Turkey and used to perform and provide ‘swim-with‘ opportunities for tourists. The conditions they were being kept in, consisting of a small dirty swimming pool, led to heavy campaigning by Born Free, a network of local activists and other organizations who were concerned about their welfare and believed they would die soon without intervention.

In 2010, rescuers obtained custody of Tom and Misha and the two were promptly moved to a sea pen in southwest Turkey where efforts to return them home began as part of the Back to the Blue project, which was conducted jointly with the Turkish organization Underwater Research Society.

Video link –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPOHDO_6PRI

The report describes how they were returned to top physical condition, trained to hunt for themselves and encouraged to spend more time underwater on their own instead of relying on their human caretakers over a period of 20 months before they were finally set free.

“In captivity, we train the animals not to think on their own, to shut down their brains and do what we ask them to do. What we are trying to do when we release them into the wild is get them off autopilot and thinking again. If they can make it alive through a six-month period, then we know they have been successfully reintroduced. Within six hours of release, they were eating wild fish and swimming with another dolphin. It was fabulous,” said Jeff Foster, a marine mammal expert who led the rehabilitation team.

Born Free describes their final moments:

After about 20 minutes the team gave Tom the hand signal to swim through the gate and Tom slowly responded, swimming through the gate to freedom. Within seconds of Tom swimming through Misha joined him and hurriedly swam through the opening.  They quickly rounded the corner of the small bay and raced excitedly around the area and out to sea.

Born Free believes this is the most comprehensively documented dolphin rehabilitation and release program that has been completed yet and hopes it will be used not only to set a new precedent for what’s possible, but also to raise awareness about the harm that continues to be caused by our desire to swim with dolphins and see them in tanks.

Rescuers note that while each individual is different, and not all may be good candidates for release, the efforts here add more scientific proof that this can be successfully done, despite arguments otherwise from the captivity industry.

“The rescue of Tom and Misha has made history. We now have the hard evidence that it is possible for these animals to be successfully and humanely returned to the wild. That is a dangerous concept for a multimillion dollar captive industry that profits from their very confinement, posing new ethical and moral challenges for the future of an outdated industry,” said Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA and Born Free Foundation.

Tom and Misha’s story is thrilling, but they aren’t the only cetaceans who have been successfully released. More well-known cases involving orcas Springer (who was rescued, released and recently spotted with a calf of her own) and Keiko continue to show us we can do the right thing for these cetaceans and that if we choose to, they can thrive. All of these efforts also add fuel to calls to do the same for LolitaMorgan and hundreds of others being kept in captivity, who should be returned to the ocean where they belong.

Video link –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPOHDO_6PRI

China: Urgent ** – Please Help Animals Asia Stop The Yulin Dog Meat Festival – There Is Little Time To Act; Please Do It Now.


free tibet 3

Latest 22/6/15 – The Chinese have ignored the world and as usual doing only what they want.  The Yulin festival is currently taking place – thousands of dogs are being slaughtered by these Barbarian back street Chinese dealers.


For latest news from the BBC click here –  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-33220235


What the Chinese scumbags do to animals

yulin new pic 1

yulin new 2

yulin new 3

yulin dogs

If our Cameron government does not have the balls to raise the issue, then we will – FREE TIBET !!

free tibet 3

free tibet 2



yulin 1

As we feel that this is a very important campaign, and there are time limits to take action, we are giving this some priority at the moment.  Hence it will be taking prime slot on the site for a few days, after which it can still be found under ‘Recent Posts’ on the right hand side.

Please support this vital campaign; and pass to all your friends and supporters.

Thank you – SAV.


Dear Mark,

This year on June 22, the southern Chinese city of Yulin will host its now infamous dog meat festival. But this is no festival. In just one day, up to 2,000 dogs will be slaughtered, all in the name of profit.

Dog meat traders started the annual Yulin dog meat festival in 2009 when they saw an opportunity to make money, but the event has attracted widespread criticism over cruelty and consumer health risks. This saw the authorities withdraw their support in 2013. Dogs are stolen from their homes or snatched from the street and crammed into cages so small and with such force their bones break.

They will be forced to endure multiple days of horrendous transport conditions and torturous heat, leaving most sick, dehydrated and in some instances, dead.

Dogs are often sedated by poison darts and even cyanide. Unhygienic transport, slaughter and food preparation mean that toxins and disease find their way into the meals of festival-goers.

Our journey is just beginning but together we can stop this so-called festival. Animals Asia has written an open letter calling on the dog meat traders to cancel the event.

Please add your name to our letter. 2,000 dogs are counting on you.

yulin 2


Thanks so much for your support.

Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD

Founder and CEO


A public outcry saw last year’s event drastically reduced in scale, with the number of dogs killed dropping to 2,000 from the 10,000 of previous years.

A similar annual event, the Jinhua Hutou dog meat festival in eastern China, was cancelled in 2011 after widespread protests.

Together, we can help put a stop to the Yulin slaughter.

– See more at: http://itsnofestival.animalsasia.org/#sthash.xceigaSk.dpuf 


Serbia Is Taking the Front Post On The Site – But We Are Still Covering Other International Issues.

We are an organisation founded primarily to help the animals of Serbia – and so we are devoting main post time and attention to this as at the moment things are rather critical re legislation changes.

You can catch up with all the events re Serbia campaigning by clicking on the ‘Home’ tab at the top of the page and the simply scrolling down.

We are also still publishing other (non Serbian) posts – but these are not taking the prime spot at the moment.

But you can view these – just scroll down a little until you see ‘Recent Posts’ on the very right hand side.  Select any recent post listed to view it.

We have articles on China, South Korea, the USA, plus a Time Out which gives you some music links to enjoy – we all need some time out to get away from all the cruelty sometimes !

Thanks – SAV.





Princess Maja von Hohenzollern Supports Campaigners and asks Serbia to stop the dog killing law

Princess Maja von Hohenzollern Supports Campaigners and asks Serbia to stop the dog killing law

Video: Princess Maja von Hohenzollern asks Serbia to stop dog killing law [HD]  



Serbia: Lots Going On – YOUR Help Needed With Several Issues – Please Support Thank You.

Serbian  Flag

Picture 008

With regard the new draft law in Serbia, things are happening and changing (hopefully for the better !) at an almost constant rate – it is very difficult to get in all the news and to keep issuing new posts; things are happening so fast.

So here are the main points that we have at the moment – it is good to see that major Serbian academics such as Mr. Dušan Kovačević , member of  the Serbian Academy of Science  and Art made some very strong comments in one of the national newspapers – see more below.

There are also petitions to be signed, and also there is a request for our campaigner friends that you do a simple sign opposing the killing, then take a photo of it with yourself, and send to Serbia to make an International wall of opposition to the killings.

Here are all the current news and links:

 Picture 030

Slavica and EPAR have sent a Complaint to The Constitutional Court  in agreement to article 82. of Law for the Constitutional Court, and  to the government  in agreement to  article 8**  The law  about Government .   and  she ask  that  this  Draft be  put down and  a new one  be make  by  collaboration  with all NGOs  (as You can see there are more then 30 NGOs –  interested public, and  Law for ratification Aarhus Convention demands all  be included in – 1. initial step of making Draft.


Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Mr.Dusan Kovacevic, says:

Those  who made Draft  are idiots



Dear Mark,

I hope that you can help us and I am expecting your answer.

Please, do not hesitate to ask me about anything related to the new draft law.

A media campaign has started. One of the greatest intellectuals in Serbia (Mr Kovacevic) has spoken for the most read newspapers (Blic) on Thursday.

He told the authorities that they should kill retired citizens after they kill all dogs and cats because we are so poor, and after that they should kill workers etc.

He is academician and a writer and he was sarcastic because poverty is always an excuse for killing dogs.

On Friday, he spoke for Radio Free Europe and said that there is a group of idiots at the Veterinary Directorate and that the idiots have to be stopped.

Today, Blic (national newspaper) published another article and Mr Kovacevic’s and I spoke about new draft law.

We have a lot to say, because most provisions are written so imprecisely that we are expecting new and new misapplications that will cost lives many animals.

Best regards,

Natasa Vukmirovic

Link Plus



People react positively, until now 63,200 people were reached on our Page:








– Please sign and share.

petition photo

Dear Mark

We desperately need more signatures on this petition to stop amendments to the Animal Welfare Law which will only mean suffering for Serbian animals.


Warm regards



Please join the action started by Serbia’s Forgotten Paws


 photo serbia

and SEND A PHOTO OF YOURSELF such as the one above, and with the wording in Red below, to:


Check out all the supporters you can join with by clicking here:


Make sure you include the following text:


Important – ** As well as including your name and nationality **

(this – your nationality, will send more of an international message)


Her Royal Highness Steps In To Help Serbian Strays Action:

Video: Princess Maja von Hohenzollern asks Serbia to stop dog killing law [HD]  





The EU Have Drastically Failed The Animals Of Serbia – And They Let Non EU Members Dictate The Terms !!!

Short remark to all

What Slavica wrote is absolutely correct.

After the public hearing the law will be confirmed by the parliament and it is intended to become effective immediately in June. Everyone in Serbia told us the same and it is no surprise.

Once a Ministry has decided on the texting of a law the parliament will only confirm this – there hardly is any parliament in Europe that works differently – if they make changes to a draft it is usually a mealymouthed compromise.

It is only public pressure from the civil society that bring about real change.

Farm animals are allowed to be slaughtered without prior stunning. This is definitely against EU regulations.  Yet another EU failure !

Longer Terms I cannot imagine that the EU Parliament and the EU Commission can ignore this new Serbian law. No one can claim they did not know.

I and numerous others have sent out an information email on Serbia’s intended new law to all members of the European Parliament and Andreas Erler of Eurogroup for Animals.

No one can claim they did not know.

This new law comes at a very short notice and all we could do is get out the message and a Group of German, Serbian and Croatian animal protectors working in Serbia have put up three petitions in Serbian, English and German – that have so far gathered over 10.000 signatures.

Whatever ideas any of you have that we could further do, pls tell us. We are ready to help.

Kind regards


Send letters and mails of protest and utter disgust to the following:



 Picture 021

Serbia: Tomorrow will be too late!

Serbian  Flag


I am not sure what exactly needs to be sent apart from those points that Slavica (EPAR) made. Perhaps it is too long and needs to just be condensed but the main point is that our Ministry of Agriculture formed a working group, which produced a secret draft for the proposal of the amendments to the existing Animal Welfare Act from 2009.

This original Act was very good, better than most countries welfare acts but, sadly, wasn’t implemented. This created opportunities for various mistreatments, exploitation and animal abuse at the hands of individuals, but more worryingly, professionals and institutions which were meant to care for them!

The main problem, as it seems, is the fact that people in power, who have nothing to do with this ACT are actually going to decide on the future of all animals in Serbia. They are led by the promises of profit, guided by the needs of other EU countries that are not allowed to do certain things anymore, so Serbia can happily step in and provide such services/businesses (breeding animals for fur).

The whole process was done in secrecy, thus breaking the Aarhus Convention as only when the draft leaked and the concerned public raised their concerns, have they invited the animal protection groups and NVOs to join in with the discussion. But, it seems that this was only done as a gesture as nothing more has been organised for this process to be conducted as it should be, giving enough time to all interested parties to continue with the discussion until the right agreement is reached – the best regulations for the true welfare of ALL animals in Serbia.

It is very obvious now that the government is not interested what its people need/want as they haven’t taken any suggestions and concerns on board but are clearly going ahead with their very own version of the proposed amendments. These amendments clearly mean death to hundreds of thousands of our healthy animals – all for the sake of profit and personal gain, in many cases.

We, people who have been working very hard on animal protection are shocked with the lack of fair-play all at the expense of these innocent, sentient beings as, once the amended Act come to life, we will witness the extermination of many animals, especially the most vulnerable ones (wild, stray, “experimental”).

 We urge anyone who cares whether our future generations will have the pleasure of the company of the Serbian rich animal kingdom, to raise their concern NOW.

Tomorrow will be too late!

Hope that this explains a bit what is going on.

Kind regards,



SAV Comment

Many of us ‘non-Serbian’ animal welfare groups across the EU (and other parts of the world) are doing what we can to try and prevent this new legislation being passed by the Serbian government.  One of the biggest failures in the system is the lack of steadfast leadership by the EU Enlargement Commission who should have been forcing Serbia to implement its existing rules of law for animal protection; and not inventing new legislation to the detriment of animal welfare.  

Instead, it (the EU) just seems to sit quietly and allow Serbian officials to draft new legislation much to the negative for all animals; whilst yet making more money for some in authority within Serbia who have already had a grip of the system and abused it for many years, simply by ignoring the existing laws and doing instead exactly what they want to do purely for financial gain.

The EU Enlargement Commission is doing nothing at all to help either the Serbian campaigners or the animal welfare campaigners throughout the EU and other parts of the world.  You have to ask yourself what they (EU Enlargement Commission) really exist for; when they are being dictated to by an outside (current non-member) state rather than demanding that state (ie. Serbia) gets into line with what they in the EU require of future new members.

As Vesna’s information above shows; things for animals in Serbia are looking pretty desperate.  Blame this on the EU Commission – we do.

The EU has failed the animals of Serbia; and just as importantly, it has failed the animal welfare groups of the EU who have been calling on it to act more positively and bring the Serbian government to task about its non-implementation of  good and already currently existing Serbian national animal welfare legislation.

With the EU failing to act; it would appear that Serbian corruption and financial greed are going to take priority over EU legislation; over the ‘rule of law’ implementation which the EU always talks about – http://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2015/05/29/33607/

If this is going to be the future way for the EU; to be run by corruption and non-compliance with the law; then we can guarantee that there will be big changes within the EU in the coming years.  British people are already sick to death of this kind of EU attitude which we are seeing with Serbia, and they (the Brits) will probably vote to get out of Europe when they have the chance in the near future – see:


As we have said in the pat, now say, and will continue to say; the EU Enlargement Commission run by Commissioner Hahn is NOT getting future EU member states to adhere to what the EU requires re legislation; the EU is instead being dictated to by current non EU states such as Serbia – a case of the tail wagging the dog.

Certainly here in the UK we do not want a future in the EU which is run even more by bribery and corruption.  The EU appears to be going along the same lines of the ‘FIFA’ fiasco which we have all been watching on our tv this week;  the main people at the helm doing nothing to actually enforce the rules, when it is obviously clear to everyone except them, that the existing rules are not being adhered to or even enforced.

We in the animal welfare camp can really do no more than we already are.  Under the current situation, this would appear to be not enough.  

Corruption; the greed of gold and a useless EU Commission have failed good, decent and honest people around the world who are doing what they can top stop the abuse of animals.

We, along with other welfare organisations are now looking into how changes within the EU ‘management’ can be made – we want ‘our’ Commissioners to represent the people of Europe; not to be dictated to by an animal mafia or government such as that which exists within Serbia.

If the EU is not going to demand existing regulation enforcement by new future member states; then the people of the UK at least will get out of the EU and instead leave it to be run by the corrupt systems that appear to taking control of what was once in the past a good Union of nations.  Sadly, it is no longer.  All we can hope is that the people of the UK, when given their chance in the near future, will take the exit door on the EU and instead let the corrupt states that already rule the roost take complete charge.

The EU has failed, and we do not want to be part of a European system in the future that exists and is run solely on corruption and deals, ignorant of the legislation which member states should be complying with !!

eu uk 4







Serbia: Visit of EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn to Serbia on 7 May 2015 – Animal Welfare On The Agenda ??

Serbian  Flag


Visit of Commissioner Johannes Hahn to Serbia on 7 May 2015

Commissioner Johannes Hahn will visit Serbia on 7 May 2015.

The visit will be the second one Commissioner Hahn pays to Serbia in his capacity of Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations. The aim of Commissioner Hahn’s visit is to support Serbia’s accession process and discuss the possibility of opening of the first chapters.

In Belgrade, he will meet President Tomislav Nikolić and Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić.

He will discuss negotiations and focus on rule of law chapters 23 and 24 with Minister for EU Integration Jadranka Joksimović, Minister of Justice Nikola Selaković and Minister of the Interior Nebojša Stefanović.

He will also have meetings with the Ombudsman Saša Janković and civil society representatives on the same topics. During his visit Commissioner Hahn will also give a keynote speech at the Foreign Investors Council conference and will discuss the economic and structural reforms and the connectivity agenda with Ministers of Finance Duṧan Vujović and of Economy Zeljko Sertić at the meeting of the National Investment Committee. He will also meet opposition leaders Bojan Pajtić and Boris Tadić. Commissioner Hahn will also testify to EU solidarity by visiting Obrenovac, where people are recovering from last year’s floods with EU financial assistance.

SAV Comment –  “He will discuss negotiations and focus on rule of law”. 

Lets hope that he focuses on the issue that Serbia has NOT complied with its own rule of law regulations regarding animal welfare for well over 10 years now !

 shelter 1




UK: Now Guaranteed – The UK Citizens Will Vote To Leave, or Remain In, The EU.



UK to vote to leave the EU.

eu uk 3

The UK Parliament has – 27/5/15; included several issues to be debated in the UK Parliament over the next year.

One very important one, and one that will definitely go ahead will include a referendum on Britain’s continuing membership of the European Union, which will be held before the end of 2017.  This will give every resident of the UK an individual vote on whether the UK stays in, or leaves, the EU.

Whilst we appreciate that the EU is the major trading partner for the UK; we also share the same feelings of many EU citizens now – simply that the EU hierarchy (Commissioners etc) are not taking any notice of what the people want; and instead are going their own merry way down the road; utterly ignorant of the wishes of those who pay the national finances into the EU club.

The current situation that we have today in Serbia; where the ‘rule of law’ is NOT being adhered to by corrupt officials in both government and regional authorities; only shows that the requests, mails and petitions presented by us. citizens of the EU, with regard to legislation changes for stray animals; are being completely and utterly ignored by the EU officialsIt is as if the EU does not care what the EU citizen wants; they have decided and they will go with it regardless of the EU rules which we are informed on the EU web sites are ‘fundamental and paramount’ (such as the ‘rule of law’ which must be proven to be complied with by new members).  The EU does not appear to be taking much note of the rule of law – Serbian national legislation that the Serbian authorities and government have completely ignored for the last 10 years with regard how Serbia should treat the stray animals within its borders.

If this is the case, ignorance of Serbian legislation (regarding animal welfare) by the Serbian government and authorities, which it is, then it has to now be argued if leaving the EU is probably the best thing for the UK. 

Let Serbia instead join the EU, let Serbia bring with it the corruption that we are witnessing there every day – let Serbian MEP’s (to be) join with the Romanians and others to become the major force in dragging down the regulations for animal welfare across Europe – lets see Serbia become the next EU Romania – ignoring the EU regulations and doing just what it wants, because this is what will happen if non-compliant nations who ignore their own national standards and regulations through not enforcing the national rule of law will eventually do to once in the EU – that is destroy all respectability and compliance with EU regulations; whilst introducing a ‘free for all’ situation rather like the gunslingers of the old wild West.

With the EU not taking / enforcing hard action with nations such as Serbia over the issue of stray animal legislation; the EU has lost ALL credibility.  The EU ‘talks the talk’ and publishes all the ‘compliance’ requirements on its website – but the reality is rather different; things may be overlooked when convenient; especially with such ‘small’ issues as animal welfare.

eu uk 2

Commissioners will continue to get their large salaries (for doing what exactly ? – enforcing the EU rules to new accession states ?) whilst attempting to entice new member states into ‘the club’.  Enforcement of the ‘rule of law’; which the EU has always claimed is so important to be enforced and proven  by new member states wishing to join, now appears to have been thrown out of the window.  It now appears you can become an EU member regardless of your compliance with your own national legislations – ie. the ‘rule of law’ is a distant dream that only some nations actually comply with.

Each and every day, with the pathetic situation re animal welfare that we are now witnessing within the EU by EU Commissioners; and by not giving the citizens of Europe a voice, the UK is asking itself if membership of the EU is actually worth anything.  Here at SAV, whilst always being pro-EU in the long past; we have now become very undecided on the current situation.  Maybe we in the UK would do better to pull out of the club; let nations such as Serbia and Romania take the reigns within the EU; have the corruption and non compliance within the club.  If this is what the EU wants, then it is welcome to it – let it have a wild West of non-compliance with regulations by these kill happy states.

Let the UK leave; fine, we take our chance – the EU is doing nothing for us regard Serbian animal welfare; it tells us nothing even if it is; so maybe best that we pull out via the UK referendum and go it alone !

Our petitions are ignored by the EU Commissions;

our e mails are ignored by the EU Commissions,

our letters and formal complaints are ignored by the EU Commissions; the Commissions (with regard Serbian animal welfare issues) just utterly ignore us and everything that we represent and stand for; and so one has to ask; ‘whats the point of doing all this when the EU Commission(s) just ignore the very people it is supposed to represent ? – the EU citizen ? – supposedly US !!’.

eu uk 4

By 2017 the people of the UK will be given the chance to vote on the UK’s future in Europe and the EU.  People may vote in majority to stay in; or they may vote in majority to leave.  Until the referendum takes place; it will be very interesting to watch what actually happens regarding the EU and the UK.

Whatever the result of this now guaranteed vote by the UK government; the EU and its non-elected Commissioners and Commissions really must ‘get with it’ and listen to the citizens of Europe and what they actually want.

And as an EU animal welfare organisation; we call on the EU to put major pressure on the Serbian government to STOP changing the law regarding animal welfare issues as it is currently attempting to do; and we request that just for once, the Serbian government actually enforce the Serbian national animal welfare laws that it has ignored compliance with for at least the last 10 years; and which we have continually proven and shown on this site ever since it started.

Serbia is out of control – it is corrupt from border to border, from the top downwards, and it is doing nothing that will be of benefit to the EU.  From what we see regarding animal welfare, the EU Enlargemnt Commission is doing very little to enforce EU policy on this state currently seeking EU accession.

Maybe now; if we do not see the EU actually take control over Serbia and its lack luster enforcement of national legislation (ie. enforcing the rule of law), it is time maybe for the UK to go it alone.

We are being drawn towards this way of thinking and voting more each and every day when we have to sit and watch Serbian animals being treated as utter trash by an utterly trash Serbian government.

EU – get your act together and do something; or very soon you will be less one member state – and that is called the ‘UK’.

 uk euPicture 021

Serbia: The Real Current Situation – Info and Video Links From Serbian Campaigners.

Serbian  Flag

The following messages have been left in our ‘contact’ box.  They say it all, and the videos show the situation.  Serbian government is out of control.  The EU is doing very little to solve this problem.  SAV.

Picture 029


I recently wrote to  Serbiananimalsvoice, regarding introducing new Animal “Welfare” Law.

Well, it’s getting worse and worse. No more meetings with animal welf org, all refused, 31 AW org signed a letter to Ministry of agriculture a few days ago, some citizens go for protest. In the meantime, killing goes on,  in spite of the fact that it’s still illegal.

There is an organisation called Avenija MB, avenue, what an irony. Description of their business in register is   ANĐELIJA STEVANOVIĆ PREDUZETNIK, RADNJA ZA ČIŠĆENJE OBJEKATA I OSTALE USLUGE U POLJOPRIVREDI AVENIJA MB, NOVO SELO , small business, Shop for cleaning objects and other services in agriculture.  ??????

However, they are employed by 26 councils to catch stray dogs (contract between Mayor of the council and Avenija), all published on tender list. Only criterion to get a job is – who is cheapest.

All is illegal, but we can’t do anything.  They have  opened ” shelter”, read ‘concentration camp’, access denied. They even haven’t a licence , but local government doesn’t care.

A few people managed to enter, 20 dogs in cages.  If they don’t die by hunger, by disease, they get infected, they get killed, or get thrown somewhere in the bush. Citizen noticed groups of sick dogs , skin and bones (link attached).

Point is that councils blessed by government turned blind eye, employed pure fascists,  who will get rid of stray dogs. Not only stray. They are payed per dog, so they try to catch as many as possible.

Local newspapers in Serbia don’t want to , or mustn’t write about it, there only two web sites zivotinje rs and petface who write the truth on this topic. Is it possible that foreign news or tv write something or make a short video, what can we do???

And now, with new law changes, killing will be LEGAL.  Government claims they must change The Law to follow EU Animal Welfare rules. Imagine cruel rules on primitive way. We, animal lovers, from Serbia and all over the world, are shocked.

two videos attached

photos published by ORPAK Krusevac, dogs found on the street in terrible condition, all infected, all had to be put down. They strongly  believe they were thrown by  Avenija there.


 And then we were sent further information by the same campaigner:

 Message: please ad this link to my previous message (as shown above – SAV), dogs found on the road krusevac, village kaonik, in the middle of the nowhere, 20 of them.

Have a look at the picture. They didn’t come there by themselves. No. They were all brought there and left. Avenija, dogcatchers scenario. They catch them on one place, get paid for that, throw or kill them on another. Not the first time. 


Picture 007


Message: keep up the good work…my heart is with you guys….xooxoxox to our animals….


Thank you – we have been and will continue to try and wake up the EU Commissions about this – SAV

Please keep checking this site for any further news we may get on the situation – things are changing a lot and news is coming in at different times – being in the UK it is also an extrra problem as we are not on the ground in Serbia.

Here is a link to our recent post which gives news as of 26/5.


Here is a link to another tab on our site – ‘About Serbian Animals’ – which will give you info on the actual law in Serbia which the government and all the authorities are completely ignoring.


Serbia: ** URGENT Action by 27/5 – Please Act Before 27 May – Be a Voice for the Animals – URGENT **

Serbian  Flag

Picture 028

Update 2130hrs GMT 27/5/15

We have no official answer of the events of today, but the unofficial information is that there will be public hearings during the next two weeks, commencing at the start of next week.

The only way that this can be won is to continually keep up the pressure on the Serbian government and authorities.  As they (Serbia) are currently applying for EU membership; major pressure must come from within the EU onto the Commissions and the MEP’s who answer to the EU citizens across the EU.

Please contact your MEP’s using the following links and ask them to demand that the EU does NOT allow Serbia to become a new member state if it going to go back to animal legislation that was outlawed over 10 years ago.  The EU must be looking at progressive animal welfare regulations; not back tracking to the past as the Serbian government require.

Keep Serbia out of the EU until they adopt no kill policies for the stray animals of Serbia.  Demand sterilisation to reduce animal numbers – not  killing.

The Serbian government and the EU Enlargement Commission must take note of the citizens of the EU and do as they wish – not simply what Commissioner Hahn and his cohorts require.

Keep Serbia out of the EU until it adopts modern animal welfare standards – sterlilise – not killing.

** Find and contact your MEP’s using the following links:

Select your country on the map – http://www.europarl.europa.eu/meps/en/map.html



Here below are just a few of the comments which have been sent to the outdated Serbian government regarding the issue below.  There are more and we will include these later – SAV.

They enjoy their work because it is in their nature to be sadistically cruel ,they are thugs and bring shame to their country,Karma.


Stop and prevent this horror – please!!!!


Why… Why killing all these innocent animals !!!! What they do to you all !!! There are a lot of criminals, drug dealers, murderers and pedophiles on this bad world. Why not killing these criminals instead of innocents animals ??????


Please stop the torturing of these poor helpless animals please.


You will be so Black Listed for your heartlessness and cruelty that you will be relegated to the lowest of low murderers. Find your compassion for the innocent babies or the next time your country is ravaged you will be left to suffer the fate of heartless morons,.

Shame for the cruelty we can see you inflict on mans best friend. I say rot in hell to all of you. Shame..shame to you!!


I don’t understand why this world cant just leave alone animals…if we started spaying and neutering years ago we wouldn’t have this problem…if everyone would just listen to all the animal groups and peta and organizations to neuter and spay ….animal populations would be and get better with time…but this time depends on our world complying with rules and to stop abuse…these animals do not deserve this torment or torture…you don’t allow this on humans if it does happen you put them in prison…these are our pets and they serve a purpose just as you and I do…please stop this inhumane treatment…


Serbia you will never be considered with any respect if you cannot respect the lives of others. Get with the program.

This us the 21st Century. No place for animal cruelty


Cruel disgraceful .. you and your govermant should be ashamed of yourself s .. why for why reason?

And why so cruel shame on you all disgusting cruel hidious stop stop.srop .. you are worse than any animal ..All they want is love all you want is money ..disgusting


Dear All,

This is a late but very important and desperate plea for the animals in Serbia.

****  The current government plans – by tomorrow Wednesday 27th of May – to revert the present animal welfare law into a barbaric law that would go against virtually all animal welfare regulations that are standard in the EU.  ****

Although Serbia is not yet a member of the EU we cannot allow this to happen.


Picture 001




Say NO to the CRUEL amendments to Serbia’s Animal Welfare Act

we’ve got 5,133 signatures, help us get to 6,000

Serbia currently has an Animal Welfare Act that is strongly worded, but rarely enforced. The government is trying to amend this act for monetary reasons, seeking financial gain in exchange for animal suffering. We are strongly opposed to these archaic and cruel amendments. They render the Animal Welfare Act worthless and put Serbia back into the dark ages in terms of compassion.

We are appealing to the government to consult with welfare organisations to find a viable and compassionate way forward that benefits Serbia, all its animals and, most importantly, its citizens.

The amendments to the act that have been proposed include (but are not limited to) the following;

1 – No shelter animal will have guaranteed safety. Over 80 000 dogs and cats are in danger of being euthanised because amendments are ambiguous and have left it open to interpretation.

2 – Repealing the fur farming prohibition that was due to come into force in 2019, thus assuring the horrific deaths and brutal torture of thousands of animals including rabbits, chinchillas, foxes and ferrets. The government hopes to compete with China in the cheap fur market.

3 – Removing the wording in welfare law that specifies slaughterhouses MUST stun farm animals before death allowing slaughterhouses to do as they see fit. More than likely slaugterhouses will choose to increase productivity rather than stun, guaranteeing farm animals a barbaric death of agonising pain and fear.

We love Serbia. We don’t want Serbia to look backwards compared to the rest of the European Union.

PLEASE support us in asking that the President reconsider these amendments and take a stance on animal welfare that is representative of its caring citizens.

Picture 009



  1. That the Animal Welfare Act is not changed without firstly liaising with voluntary animal welfare organisations that currently operate in Serbia.

  2. That the amendments to the Animal Welfare Act are not done in such a way that they WEAKEN existing welfare laws and thus endanger animals.

  3. That measures are put in place to enforce existing laws. So far this has not been the case and those abusing animals have gone unpunished. Animal welfare laws must be upheld in any decent society.

  4. That authorities start co-operating with voluntary animal welfare organisations in decision-making as well as during the implementation of regulations.

  5. That licencing and controlled breeding of pets be ntroduced to prevent the irresponsible breeding which is contributing to the alarmingly high stray population of dogs and cats.

  6. That under no circumstances may the prohibition of fur farms be overturned. This barbaric practice must remain illegal from 2019.

  7. That the law must be written clearly and not ambiguously. It must clearly state and explain that killing of healthy abandoned animals is prohibited and that euthanasia is only allowed if animal is deemed to be suffering, in pain and has no chance of recovery.

  8. That the city-run shelters immediately stop unlawful killing of dogs and cats in their care, and that they improve conditions in which these animals are kept as well as care they provide because at present, they all fall below the legal requirement. The cruelty within these shelters is internationally embarassing to Serbia and may jeopardize the possibility of being integrated further into the EU where animal welfare standards are far higher and, crucually, are enforced.

  9. That the change does not allow for the possibility of creating genetically modified animals.

  10. That the suffering of animals destined to be consumed for food be considered worthy of minimising through clear instructions to stun prior to slaughter.

Thank you for caring!!

https://www.facebook.com/serbiasforgottenpawspage  less


Picture 008


Picture 030

Picture 003

 Protest letters to be sent to :



Dear Sirs,

We are submitting a complaint regarding the procedure for the passing
of amendments to the Animal Welfare Act conducted by the Ministry of
Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Veterinary Directorate.

In the previous period, due to the same problem, we addressed the
Government of the Republic of Serbia but without any success.

The reasons for our appeal and filing the complaint are as follows:

1.      Because we have the evidence that the Ministry of Agriculture
intends to proceed with the violation of the Aarhus Convention and the
Law on ratification of that Convention, because it formed a working
group which made draft amendments to the Animal Welfare Law without the participation of the concerned public, and only after we learned what they are doing, they have subsequently included part of the interested public. Behind the scene, they have a plan and that is to
either directly or through amendments arranged with certain members of the National Assembly of RS – whether with the deputies of the ruling coalition, or with some MPs of the opposition – who will, if
necessary, present the amendments in the form they agreed with the
Veterinary Directorate and Forest Administration, before the National
Assembly (people who work in both administrations of the Ministry of
Agriculture and Environmental Protection belong to the ruling
coalition as well), and then with the majority of votes, the ruling
coalition in the National Assembly will vote the amendments with no
problems. This way, the draft will certainly have the content and form
proposed by the Ministry, regardless of the suggestions of the
concerned public; and no matter if the proposals of interested public
(OCDs) are better or not, the suggestions of the concerned public will
definitely be disregarded, since this Ministry already decided to work
this way, and will only present a false image that everything is done
according to the Aarhus Convention.

2.      Because so far the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection of the Republic of Serbia has not enforced the following
Laws: Veterinary Act, the Animal Welfare Act, the Nature Protection
Act, the Law on Wildlife and Hunting, but instead has tolerated
dereliction or completely formal action or even inaction of the
Inspection Service of the Veterinary Directorate and Forest
Administration, which to date have not acted according to these laws,
but rather protected the following stakeholders: veterinarians and
hunters with whom the police cooperates. In many cases the president
of the Hunting Association is at the same time the Chief of police in
that area, and almost all police officers or majority, are hunters as
well, so the police protects the interests of hunters in every way,
even when they commit crimes. Inspections of the Forest Administration and Veterinary Directorate cooperate with hunters in everything, just like they cooperate with local governments in violation of the law, all under the excuse that towns are poor, that they have to,
primarily, solve the issues concerning the welfare of people, that the
welfare of animals is not a priority to them and that the republic
inspections do not have jurisdiction over the cities. In contrary, our
law precisely states that the Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection, through the Republic Inspections, must
supervise the applying of the aforementioned laws and all by-laws
stemming from them.

3.      This way, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection leads Serbia into a situation in which this country
violates the Copenhagen and Lisbon criteria, because it does not apply
its own laws and because the procedure for development and adoption of new laws and amendments to existing laws are being implemented in the interests of the ruling party, at the expense of general and public
interest. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection with all above mentioned actions violates the Serbian
Constitution and thereby human rights of Serbian citizens under the
guise of false democracy, and cherishes anarchy and corruption in the
area of life which is in the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture
and Environmental Protection. We strongly oppose all of this and our
opposition is in general and public interest of Serbia.

4.      We oppose the harmful draft amendments to the Animal Welfare
Act itself. The draft was secretly made by a working group of the
Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, without the
participation of OCDs, and the heads of Veterinary Directorate and
Forests Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection plan to counteract our subsequent involvement by the above-mentioned amendments, according to their initial plan, which brings back to our lives the regulation from 1991, which even then proved to be more backward and has led to the realization of a large number of failed investments and impoverishment of Serbia, all in the interest of the local rich people in Serbia, whose wealth is mostly created, not as a result of quality and quantity of their work, but as a result of bribery of government, and it exists in all levels of the horizontally and vertically networked corruption in the Serbian government, both in the area that is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, as well as in the areas of police, inspection and public prosecutor’s offices.






Romania: World Action For Romanian Dogs – 16th of May.



English and Deutsch versions

Just a very small part of images/ Ein kleiner Teil der Bilder:

München (Animals United): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldPV6yfy27w&feature=youtu.be

Hamburg: https://www.facebook.com/philippniclas.jung/videos/981193365224450/?pnref=story


Dear All,

One and a half years have gone by since Romania began to kill its dogs in massive numbers. Even during the time period when the methods of the application of the law were suspended, the dogs continued to be killed in some cities, especially Bucharest. The Service for the Management of Stray Dogs in Bucharest, ASPA, periodically organizes press conferences where they brag about the number of dogs that have been killed, as if this was some glorious action that brings great merit.  In some areas of Romania the municipalities mention the topic of stray dogs only in the context of the number of dogs killed.

The situation in Romania puts us under immense pressure and keeps piling up more and more problems. It’s a race against time, and it was almost impossible for me to provide you with updates. But a wonderful event happened: in many cities all over the world a huge action took place on 16th of May: the fourth international PROTEST against dog killing in Romania. Under the banner of “YES WE CARE”, in about 25 cities in  Germany, Austria, Italy, UK … (and of course, in some cities in  Romania as well) people gathered to voice their strong displeasure.

I want to thank all the wonderful people in many countries who organised and participated in protests against the animal cruelties from Romania, some having to drive hundreds of kilometres, and to all of you who tirelessly help the animals in Romania by all of your actions!

All the best




Ihr Lieben,

Die massenhafte Tötung der Hunde in Rumänien spielt sich jetzt schon seit anderthalb Jahren ab. Sogar während der Zeit, als die methodische Ausführungweise der Gesetze zeitweilig aufgeschoben wurde, werden die Hunde weiterhin ermordet, besonders in Bucharest. Das Amt für die Verwaltung der Streunerhunde  (ASPA) organisiert immer wieder Presse-Konferenzen, wo sie damit prahlen, wieviele Hunde schon getötet wurden, als ob das etwas wäre, worauf sie stolz sein könnten. In manchen Gegenden von Rumänien werden Streunerhunde nur im Zusammenhang mit der Anzahl von ermordeten Tieren erwähnt.

Die Situation in Rumänien übt einen intensiven Druck auf uns aus, und bombadiert uns mit mehr und mehr Problemen. Es gibt nie genug Zeit, und deswegen war es fast unmöglich für mich, euch auf dem Laufenden zu halten.  Und dann passierte ein ganz großartiges Ereignis: in vielen Städten auf der ganzen Welt fand eine Riesen-Aktion statt am 16. Mai: der 4. internationale PROTEST gegen die Tötung der Struenerhunde in Rumänien. Unter dem Motto von “YES WE CARE” (JA, WIR SORGEN UNS), kamen Menschen in über 25 Städten in Deutschland, Österreich, Italien, England… (und natürlich auch in einigen Städten in Rumänien) zusammen, um gegen die Tierquälerei zu protestieren.

Ich möchte all den wunderbaren Menschen in so vielen verschiedenen Ländern danken, die Demonstrationen gegen die Misshandlung von Tieren in Rumänien organisierten und daran teilnamen, manche mußten hunderte von Kilometern fahren, und euch allen, die ihr so unermüdlich mit all euren Aktionen den Tieren von Rumänien helft!

Alles Liebe!


Just a very small part of images/ Ein kleiner Teil der Bilder:

München (Animals United): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldPV6yfy27w&feature=youtu.be

Hamburg: https://www.facebook.com/philippniclas.jung/videos/981193365224450/?pnref=story



 Romania 4

Romania guilty

Romania 8 oct 19

Romania 8 oct 28




Australia: Australia will NOT introduce a ban on exports of live cattle to Vietnam, prime minister Tony Abbott said.


Australia will not introduce a ban on exports of live cattle to Vietnam,
prime minister Tony Abbott said, after a complaint by an animal rights
group that some slaughterhouses were killing cattle with sledgehammers…

abbott hat



UK: Just One Reason Why The British Public Hate Prime Minister Cameron So Much ….

U Flag

In a modern, civilised society, there is no place for this grotesque and cruel pastime. The previous government banned the practice, but the new government is planning to legalise hunting foxes using dogs. This is a barbaric and outdated activity that should stay where it belongs – in the past.

We have a choice in this life, we can be kind, or we can be cruel.

I think the choice is easy…

Petition Link – please sign:


cameron hunter

Just one reason below why the British public hate David Cameron – Prime Minister – so much.  The cretin who wants to return to this:



Keep the Ban ! – 10 years with a ban – why do we have to return to ripping animals apart now just on the wishes of David Cameron ?

Ricky hunt

BM save me 2

BM save me 3

Serbia: Official Complaint Regarding the Procedure for the Passing of Amendments to the Animal Welfare Act.

Serbian  Flag

Picture 004




 Picture 021

Dear Sirs,

We are submitting a complaint regarding the procedure for the passing
of amendments to the Animal Welfare Act conducted by the Ministry of
Agriculture and Environmental Protection, Veterinary Directorate.

In the previous period, due to the same problem, we addressed the
Government of the Republic of Serbia but without any success.

The reasons for our appeal and filing the complaint are as follows:

1.      Because we have the evidence that the Ministry of Agriculture
intends to proceed with the violation of the Aarhus Convention and the
Law on ratification of that Convention, because it formed a working
group which made draft amendments to the Animal Welfare Law without the participation of the concerned public, and only after we learned what they are doing, they have subsequently included part of the interested public. Behind the scene, they have a plan and that is to
either directly or through amendments arranged with certain members of the National Assembly of RS – whether with the deputies of the ruling coalition, or with some MPs of the opposition – who will, if
necessary, present the amendments in the form they agreed with the
Veterinary Directorate and Forest Administration, before the National
Assembly (people who work in both administrations of the Ministry of
Agriculture and Environmental Protection belong to the ruling
coalition as well), and then with the majority of votes, the ruling
coalition in the National Assembly will vote the amendments with no
problems. This way, the draft will certainly have the content and form
proposed by the Ministry, regardless of the suggestions of the
concerned public; and no matter if the proposals of interested public
(OCDs) are better or not, the suggestions of the concerned public will
definitely be disregarded, since this Ministry already decided to work
this way, and will only present a false image that everything is done
according to the Aarhus Convention.

2.      Because so far the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection of the Republic of Serbia has not enforced the following
Laws: Veterinary Act, the Animal Welfare Act, the Nature Protection
Act, the Law on Wildlife and Hunting, but instead has tolerated
dereliction or completely formal action or even inaction of the
Inspection Service of the Veterinary Directorate and Forest
Administration, which to date have not acted according to these laws,
but rather protected the following stakeholders: veterinarians and
hunters with whom the police cooperates. In many cases the president
of the Hunting Association is at the same time the Chief of police in
that area, and almost all police officers or majority, are hunters as
well, so the police protects the interests of hunters in every way,
even when they commit crimes. Inspections of the Forest Administration and Veterinary Directorate cooperate with hunters in everything, just like they cooperate with local governments in violation of the law, all under the excuse that towns are poor, that they have to,
primarily, solve the issues concerning the welfare of people, that the
welfare of animals is not a priority to them and that the republic
inspections do not have jurisdiction over the cities. In contrary, our
law precisely states that the Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection, through the Republic Inspections, must
supervise the applying of the aforementioned laws and all by-laws
stemming from them.

3.      This way, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection leads Serbia into a situation in which this country
violates the Copenhagen and Lisbon criteria, because it does not apply
its own laws and because the procedure for development and adoption of new laws and amendments to existing laws are being implemented in the interests of the ruling party, at the expense of general and public
interest. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental
Protection with all above mentioned actions violates the Serbian
Constitution and thereby human rights of Serbian citizens under the
guise of false democracy, and cherishes anarchy and corruption in the
area of life which is in the competence of the Ministry of Agriculture
and Environmental Protection. We strongly oppose all of this and our
opposition is in general and public interest of Serbia.

Picture 023

4.      We oppose the harmful draft amendments to the Animal Welfare
Act itself. The draft was secretly made by a working group of the
Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, without the
participation of OCDs, and the heads of Veterinary Directorate and
Forests Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and
Environmental Protection plan to counteract our subsequent involvement by the above-mentioned amendments, according to their initial plan, which brings back to our lives the regulation from 1991, which even then proved to be more backward and has led to the realization of a large number of failed investments and impoverishment of Serbia, all in the interest of the local rich people in Serbia, whose wealth is mostly created, not as a result of quality and quantity of their work, but as a result of bribery of government, and it exists in all levels of the horizontally and vertically networked corruption in the Serbian government, both in the area that is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, as well as in the areas of police, inspection and public prosecutor’s offices.

Picture 005


Poštovana gospodo komisioneri i gospodine Predsedniče Vlade Srbije

Pritužujemo se vama iz razloga sto:

1. Postoje dokazi da Ministarstvo poljoprivrede ima nameru nastaviti s
kršenjem Aarhuske Konvencije i Zakona o ratifikaciji te Konvencije,
jer je oformilo radnu grupu koja je bez učešća zainteresovane javnosti
napravila  Nacrt Izmena i dopuna Zakona o dobrobiti životinja i tek
nakon što smo mi saznali da to rade, naknadno je uključila deo
zainteresovane javnosti, ali zakulisno ima plan A – da ili direktno
ili putem amandmana po dogovoru s nekim poslanicima Narodne Skupštine
RS, bilo s poslanicima vladajuće  koalicije bilo s nekim poslanicima
opozicije, koji će po potrebi izneti amandmane u formi u kojoj se
dogovore s Upravom za veterinu i Upravom za šume, pred  Narodnu
Skupštinu. Zatim će većinom glasova, vladajuća koalicija u Narodnoj
Skupštini (vladajućoj koaliciji pripadaju i ljudi koji rade u
Ministartsvu poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine u ove dve uprave)
izglasati amandmane bez problema, tako da će svakako taj Nacrt imati
sadržaj i formu koju su mu predvideli u tom Ministartsvu, bez obzira
na predloge  zainteresovane javnosti i bez obzira koliko predlozi
zainteresovane javnosti (OCDs) budu bolji ili ne, svakako će predlozi
zainteresovane javnosti otpasti po planu A ovog Ministarstva, a ostaće
samo lažna slika da se postupa po Aarhuskoj Konvenciji.

2. Ministarstvo poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine RS do danas
nije primenjivalo: Zakon o veterinarstvu, Zakon o dobrobiti životinja,
Zakon o zaštiti prirode, Zakon o divljači i lovstvu – nego je
tolerisalo nesavestan rad ili potpuno formalno činjenje ili čak
nečinjenje, inspekcijske službe Uprave za veterinu i Uprave za šume,
koje do danas nisu postupale po ovim zakonima nego su štitile sledeće
interesne grupe: veterinare i lovce s kojima bezgranično saradjuje
policija (u mnogo slučajeva predsednik lovačkog udruženja je
istovremeno i načelnik policije u tom području, a skoro svi policajci
ili većina, su ujedno i lovci, tako policija štiti interese lovaca na
svaki način i onda kada oni čine krivična dela i prekršajna dela.
Inspekcije Uprave za šume i Uprave za veterinu saradjuju u svemu sa
lovcima, kao što saradjuju i sa gradskim upravama u kršenju zakona, uz
izgovor da su gradovi siromašni, da prvenstveno rešavaju dobrobit
ljudi a da im dobrobit životinja nije prioritet i da republičke
inspekcije nemaju intervencije nad gradovima, a  zakon upravo nalaže
da Ministarstvo poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine, putem
republičke inspekcije, vrši nadzor nad primenjivanjem pomenutih zakona
i svih podzakonskih akata koji proizilaze iz gore pomenutih zakona .

3. Na ovaj način Ministarstvo poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine
dovodi Srbiju u situaciju da ova država krši Kopenhagenske i
Lisabonske Kriterijume, jer ne primenjuje sopstvene zakone i jer
proceduru izrade i usvajanja novih zakona i izmena zakona sprovodi u
interesu vladajuće stranke a na štetu opšteg i javnog interesa. Pored
toga, Ministarstvo poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine svim napred
navedenim radnjama krši i Ustav Srbije a time i ljudska prava gradjana
Srbije, pod plaštom lažne demokratije i ovde neguje anariju i
korupciju u oblasti života koja je u kompetenciji Ministarstva
poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine .
Svemu ovome mi se oštro protivimo i naše protivljenje je u opštem i
javnom interesu Srbije .

4. Protivimo se i samom štetnom Nacrtu Izmena i dopuna zakona o
dobrobiti životinja. Nacrt je napravila radna grupa Ministarstva
poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine, tajno, bez učešća OCDs, a
naše naknadno uključenje čelnici Uprave za veterinu i Uprave za šume
Ministarstva poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine, imaju plan
neutralisati gore pomenutim amandmanima, po planu A a koji vraća u
naše živote regulativu iz 1991. godine i pre tog vremena. Ovo se
pokazalo nazadnim još tada i dovelo do realizacije velikog broja
promašenih investicija i do osiromašenja Srbije, sve u interesu
lokalnih bogataša u Srbiji, čija imovima je većinom nastala, ne kao
rezultat kvaliteta i kvantiteta njihovog rada, nego kao rezultat
podmićivanja vlasti. Na zalost, to i dalje postoji na svim nivoima,
horizontalno i vertikalno umrežene korupcije, kako u oblasti koja je u
ingerenciji Ministarstva poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine, tako
i u oblasti rada policije, inspekcije i javnih tužilaštava .

U potpisu i u nadi da cete odreagovati pozitivno i u skladu sa
zakonskim odredbama,

Yunited For Animal Protection
Great Britain



Japan: Great News for Dolphins and Whales!




The Cove

Great News for Dolphins and Whales!

April 21, 2015


It was just announced that Japanese Aquariums will cease buying live captive dolphins caught in the cruel Taiji drive fishery.  This a huge news in the effort to stop the Taiji dolphin killing and capture operation.

The decision came as the result of building pressure on the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) that resulted in their vote to suspend the membership of the Japanese Zoos and Aquariums unless they ceased all sourcing of dolphins from the bloody drive hunts in Taiji.

This development is a stunning blow against the dolphin killers of Taiji.  If the Japanese aquariums follow through with this new ban on these captive dolphins, it will take millions of yen out of the Taiji dolphin killers’ pockets and could render the entire Taiji killing operation uneconomic and unsustainable.





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