Serbia: Campaign Update 4/3/15 – Where have all the Svilajnac City dogs gone ?

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Campaign Update 4/3/15 – Where have all the Svilajnac City dogs gone ?

Goran 2

Petition link:änger-stop-dog-catcher?recruiter=7882471&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg

Goran and Slavica are following up the situation at Svilajnac in Serbia regarding all the dogs that vanish from the authority facility (called a ‘shelter’ – some shelter !) that they are taken to after capture by the catching teams.  Investigations here are ongoing.

In the meantime, SAV have written to the EU Enlargement Head asking her to make contact with the Mayor of Svilajnac to ask where all the captured dogs have actually gone.  This formal request will be used as evidence.

According to what we know,

Goran dogcatcher petition

- Many of these animals end up in a so-called ‘shelter’ where we are certain that they die under suspicious circumstances after 2-3 days.

- Many of the captured dogs just ‘disappear’.

SAW Serbia 1

From our information, it is alleged by the authorities that the dogs have been vaccinated, neutered and released.

But many years experience being involved with the Serbian authorities, and most importantly, the fact that none of the taken dogs have ever surfaced anywhere again; leads us to believe that the dogs are being killed within a few days from capture and arrival at the ‘shelter’.

Serbia has a ‘NO KILL law’ and we now demand that the Serbian guidelines are observed with respect to the Serbian Animal Welfare Act.

SAW Serbbia 2

We have asked the EU representatives to ask the authorities in Svilajnac why they are not obeying the EU / Serbian ‘rule of law’ as required by the EU for new accession states by enforcing their own Serbian animal welfare act.

If the authorities do not enforce / are not enforcing the ‘rule of law’ under the Act then they are not meeting accession requirements of the EU accession states.

We have also asked for details of the whereabouts of all the captured dogs.

Saw Serbia 3

All of us appeal to the Mayor of the Svilajnac city to end this cruelty to animals with immediate effect.

Finally, we have asked for information and to know the whereabouts of all the dogs have been caught in the past 2 months.

SAW serbia 5

In this post you will see photographs of some of the captured dogs that were taken to the shelter, and which have gone missing since.

Of particular interest as one example, is a Golden Retriever which you can see was befriended out on the street.  Later pictures show the very same dog at the ‘shelter’  facility after capture.  We do not know what happened to it after this; but this is typical of the questions we are now asking for futher investigation.

SAW 7Serbia

SAW serbia 6

If as the authorities are claiming; the dogs have been ‘vaccinated, neutered and released'; then we ask where is this particular dog who was known from the streets ? – it has not been seen since it was photographed at the ‘shelter’ !

Update 5/3/15 –

The dogcatchers belong to a private firm called ‘AvenijaMB’ from Vrnjacka Banja, Novo Selo.  It has facilities for 80 dogs caught on the streets; but has made contracts with no less than 23 authorities in three parts of central Serbia.

A formal Charge has been made now by EPAR against AvenijaMB and also against the Republic Veterinary Inspector who produced a report of the situation, which seems very different to the reality !  The transfer of captured dogs from one region to another authority is not permitted.

Every single community must have its own NO KILL shelter according to the law.

It should also have its own zoo hygiene company which should be responsible for both the control of irresponsible animal (public) owners and which must also produce a programme of control for the stray animals in that area.

Both the killing, and the throwing out onto the streets of CNR (Catch, Neuter and Release) are forbidden according to the lawAfter they are captured, animals must be sterilised and microchipped; and then kept at the shelter until they are either rehomed or they die a natural death.

There have been several instances where recently the Ministry of Agriculture has presented the idea of changing the law so that animals caught can be killed after just 30 days.  But they have been fought hard by the animal welfare groups and it can be considered that for now at least this idea is dead.

Only responsible ownership of public owned animals, combined with the shelter captured animals sterilisation and rehoming programme are considered by many to be the positive way forward.  This is what the law demands; but unfortunately for the animals, it is very much different to what happens at shelters operated by the private companies.  The situation above being just one example.

Goran has provided further pictures (see below) of the Golden Retriever which you can see was befriended out on the street, caught, and then ended up in the shelter.  We are convinced that this is just one of many dogs which have been killed at the ‘shelter’.

Goran 1

Goran 2

Goran 3

Goran 4

Where now is this Golden Retriever and all the other dogs captured in Svilajnac City and taken to the so-called ‘shelter’ (see the above photographs of the same dog) ?? – from what we can find out; they have simply vanished; but according to the authorities, all the dogs have been vaccinated, neutered and released.  So, if this is the case, where are they now ?

- they dont seem to be back on the streets !

Who does one believe ?






Serbia: New Petition – Stop The Dogcatchers In Svilajnac / Serbia – We Need Answers To Where All The Dogs Have Gone !

Serbian  Flag

Goran dogcatcher petition


Please take time out and support this important petition about the hundreds of dogs which are being caught and then disappearing within a few days.  Our friend Goran provides the full details below – these are his words.  We have provided the petition link twice for you.  Please support and crosspost – Thanks.

We are running several petitions at the moment; as we feel that this is the only real way to show the EU, the Macedonian and also the Serbian authorities that the situation is serious and they cannot go on forever telling lies to a watching world.  The massive international support of the petitions shows just how much interest people are taking in every move the authorities make.

We have also provided links to all of the current petitions that we have running for the EU, Macedonia and also Serbia.  You can find them all at the end of this post. – SAV.



Petition link:änger-stop-dog-catcher?recruiter=7882471&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg

Goran dogcatcher petition

 Goran Explains the Current Situation:

We demand the immediate stop of the dog catcher!

Regularly in place Svilajnac / Serbia ordered to street dogs the dog catchers capture.

These animals end up in a shelter where they die under suspicious circumstances after 2-3 days. Many of the captured dogs are just gone. It is alleged they have been vaccinated, neutered and released.

That’s not true!

None of the trapped dog has surfaced again.

There is a reasonable suspicion that dogs are killed.

Serbia has a NO KILL law and we demand that the Serbian guidelines are observed with respect to the Animal Welfare Act.

We also ask for details of the whereabouts of the trapped dogs.

We are currently planning a castration campaign in place Svilajnac to the population to master. This is not possible if the sterilized through our association dogs are caught and killed.

We appeal to adjust to the Mayor of the city Svilajnac to end this cruelty to animals with immediate effect.

We would also like to know the whereabouts of the dogs have been caught in the past 2 months.

We will no longer look like Serbian legislation is circumvented and, if necessary, contact us to higher authority within the EU to these atrocities and unnecessary behavior to end.


Petition link:änger-stop-dog-catcher?recruiter=7882471&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=share_facebook_responsive&utm_term=des-lg-no_src-no_msg

Goran dogcatcher petition


Links (below) to the other petitions which we currently are running with Goran, our own and with our friends at Anima Mundi, Macedonia:

 As well as our petition which you can find at:

There is one from our good friends at Anima Mundi in Macedonia; who for years have been campaigning to close down the hell hole for dogs “Vardariste” facility in Skopje.

Link to the Anima Mundi website:

Please give this campaign your support – get everyone you know to sign:

Finally; please also give support to Goran and his petition – he invites all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty to be involved in this action and support this petition in order to prevent violence against animals because of animal cruelty is often an indicator of violence towards people, psychologists think.


We also need help still in finding a life long adoptive parent for Victor:

Find a home for Victor –

They are all great petitions to help and save animals

– we have had fantastic support in the early days

– lets keep it going.



Serbia: Momo’s Story – From Shelter Azil Alex.

Serbian  Flag


Please keep signing those petitions !



Mike has recently produced this excellent rapp recording for the dogs at Shelter Azil Alex, Subotica.

Azil Alex

Momo’s story.

Momo is a dog who came in the shelter in 2012.
He was like an ugly duckling. Unlike other abandoned and discarded dogs that roam the streets trying to survive, Momo was bypassed by all. No one wanted to approach him, let alone dare to pet him. Children did not know what kind of creature he was, and the parents firmly kept them away from him.

Without the hand of salvation his days were numbered.


Then, one day, on a tip that some skinny, dirty and hairless dog is in the yard of the kindergarten, volunteers from the shelter “Alex” went to see how they can help him.

That day was a turning point in Momo’s life.

It was the chance he has been waiting and hoping for so long as time and people passed by him, and his condition was getting worse.

With less than a year old, Momo was diagnosed with tick borne disease and Demodex. He was immediately placed under treatment and volunteers were only hoping that it wasn’t too late. Momo, however, was lost and scared, but the gentle touch of a human hand and bowls of food made the fear slowly disappear, and the faith in people was gained back.

Over time, from ugly duckling Momo has become a real beauty. He overcame the tick-borne disease, and Demodex was gone as well. His white creamy coat is now long and thick. By nature he is very active and cheerful, and he uses his second chance to the fullest. He likes long walks and is a very good guard.

There’s just one wish that Momo has: his own home. If he could find his family Momo’s story would indeed have a happy ending. Although he does not get well with the other animals, with children he is excellent, and we are sure to somebody he would be an ideal new family member.

Momo is vaccinated, chipped, neutered and ready to be someone’s loyal friend for life.

Mike has recently produced this excellent rapp recording for the dogs at Shelter Azil Alex, Subotica.







Macedonia: Not Enough Letters Of Support – They MUST BE Done Today (2/3/15) – Please Do Them !


Please support our friends at Anima Mundi by writing a very short letter concerning the Vardariste facility.  Details of what to do are given in the following:


Dear friends of animals,

we, animal protection organization Anima Mundi are writing you once again  appealing  for your written support and help to stop mass dog killing in public city shelter Vardariste, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. (forwarded mail )

We know that you are extremely dedicated and too busy helping animals in your country or in the world, we are appreciating everything that you are doing and we are respecting your time – but now we are contacting you with conviction that even a short letter of support can be big help for animals in republic of Macedonia.

thank you in advanced ,
best regards,

Stole Velkovski


Please give this campaign your support – get everyone you know to sign:




England: ‘Clustrmap’ Update Sometime Soon !


At some point over the next couple of weeks, our completely independent global ‘Clustrmap’ service is going to revert back to being a clean map with no red dots.

This is not a problem; but is just part of the annual clean up that is done by the Clustrmap folks.  All the current red dots will be removed and we will revert to a new, clean global map.

If this annual clean up did not take place, we would just be swamped in red – and the map would not give us any indication of where our visitors are coming from.  It is a little map, but we do get some idea of where visitors are located; and as such we can target campaigns more to those regions.  If you wish to see a bigger version, just click where indicated (on the map) – bottom right.

So when you see a ‘nice clean map’ turn up on the site sometime soon; don’t worry about it.  The more visitors we get from different parts of the world, the sooner the map will glow bright red once again.

Keep visiting and help us glow red quickly !!

Here below are some of the global visitors we have had during the last 12 months.


I am the voice of the voiceless;
    Through me the dumb shall speak;
Till the deaf world’s ear be made to hear
    The cry of the wordless weak.
From street, from cage, and from kennel,
    From jungle and stall, the wail
Of my tortured kin proclaims the sin
    Of the mighty against the frail.

I am a ray from the centre;
    And I will feed God’s spark,
Till a great light glows in the night and shows
    The dark deeds done in the dark.
And full on the thoughtless sleeper
    Shall flash its glaring flame,
Till he wakens to see what crimes may be
    Cloaked under an honoured name.

The same Force formed the sparrow
    That fashioned man, the king;
The God of the Whole gave a spark of soul
    To furred and to feathered thing.
And I am my brother’s keeper,
    And I will fight his fight,
And speak the word for beast and bird,
    Till the world shall set things right.

Let no voice cavil at Science–
The strong torch-bearer of God;
For brave are his deeds, though dying creeds,
Must fall where his feet have trod.
But he who would trample kindness
And mercy into the dust–
He has missed the trail, and his quest will fail:
He is not the guide to trust.

For love is the true religion,
And love is the law sublime;
And all that is wrought, where love is not,
Will die at the touch of time.
And Science, the great revealer,
Must flame his torch at the Source;
And keep it bright with that holy light,
Or his feet shall fail on the course.

Oh, never a brute in the forest,
And never a snake in the fen,
Or ravening bird, starvation stirred,
Has hunted its prey like men.
For hunger, and fear, and passion
Alone drive beasts to slay,
But wonderful man, the crown of the plan,
Tortures, and kills, for play.

He goes well fed from his table;
He kisses his child and wife;
Then he haunts a wood, till he orphans a brood,
Or robs a deer of its life.
He aims at a speck in the azure;
Winged love, that has flown at a call;
It reels down to die, and he lets it lie;
His pleasure was seeing it fall.

And one there was, weary of laurels,
Of burdens and troubles of State;
So the jungle he sought, with the beautiful thought
Of shooting a she lion’s mate.
And one came down from the pulpit,
In the pride of a duty done,
And his cloth sufficed, as his emblem of Christ,
While murder smoked out of his gun.

One strays from the haunts of fashion
With an indolent, unused brain;
But his sluggish heart feels a sudden start
In the purpose of giving pain.
And the fluttering flock of pigeons,
As they rise on eager wings,
From prison to death, bring a catch in his breath:
Oh, the rapture of killing things!

Now, this is the race as we find it,
Where love, in the creed, spells hate;
And where bird and beast meet a foe in the priest
And in rulers of fashion and State.
But up to the Kingdom of Thinkers
Has risen the cry of our kin;
And the weapons of thought are burnished and brought
To clash with the bludgeons of sin.

Far Christ, of a million churches,
Come near to the earth again;
Be more than a Name; be a living Flame;
‘Make Good’ in the hearts of men.
Shine full on the path of Science,
And show it the heights above,
Where vast truths lie for the searching eye
That shall follow the torch of love.

Poems of experience. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
London : Gay and Hancock, Ltd. 1910.


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Various Petitions: Please Keep On Supporting !

We have some happy talk for you:

We are amazed to see such a fantastic  response to our petition appeal – in the first day we have achieved well in excess of 3,000 signatures for the animals of Serbia.


As well as our petition which you can find at:



There is one from our good friends at Anima Mundi in Macedonia; who for years have been campaigning to close down the hell hole for dogs “Vardariste” facility in Skopje.

Link to the Anima Mundi website:


Vard 4

Please give this campaign your support – get everyone you know to sign:

Read more about the campaign from Anima Mundi at:

Serbian  Flag

We also need help still in finding a life long adoptive parent for Victor:


Find a home for Victor –

Goran petition

Finally; please also give support to Goran and his petition – he invites all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty to be involved in this action and support this petition in order to prevent violence against animals because of animal cruelty is often an indicator of violence towards people, psychologists think.

Details on our post at:

They are all great petitions to help and save animals

– we have had fantastic support in the early days

– lets keep it going.

Please pass the details on and get everyone who against animal suffering to support these.

Thanks – SAV.




Serbia: 16 Dogs Needing Help – Target NOW REACHED !! – Thank You To Everyone Who Has Donated.

Serbian  Flag

16 shelter dogs


Further to our post of 22nd February and the need to raise funds to help 16 dogs in Serbia; we now have some great news !

With a few days still to go, and only about one week since we asked for help, the target amount has now been achieved !

On behalf of everyone who has donated, we want to say a big ‘Thank You’ – and that comes especially from all the dogs who have been helped.

Be proud of yourself folks; that is 16 lives that have much more security now, thanks to you.

Here is the message from Jelena:

Jelena Ljuboja

Thank you all !

This was dream, when I created this youcaring my mom told me : we will never collect this amount. But we did, thanks to all of you !

Our dogs had big luck !

Thanks again to everyone who has given – another job done !!

The target amount may have been reached, but you can still add funds over the required amount.  Just go to:


SAV Petition To The EU Enlargement Commission Now Launched Regarding Serbian Animal Welfare – Please Sign and Crosspost – Thank You.



We are running our EU / Serbian petition in parallel with the one by ‘Anima Mundi’ to shut down dog hell hole in Vardariste, Skopje, Macedonia – Scroll further down on this page to read and see more about this.

Please also make sure that you sign their petition at:


The EU / Serbian Petition

As promised at the start of the week, our petition regarding Serbian animal welfare enforcement being properly enforced before Serbia is allowed EU accession (membership) has now been created.


You can see it and sign via the following link:

You will see that we have entered the following text into the petition, which is targeted at the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Mr J. Hahn.

The following is the wording of the petition:

Title Serbia must fully enforce its own national animal welfare legislations prior to membership of  the EU.

Whom do you want to petition EU Commissioner J. Hahn – Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.

Why should people sign

Serbia is currently undertaking the process of applying for EU membership (called ‘accession’).  Existing animal welfare legislation in Serbia is good, but in the vast majority of cases it is not regularly / ever being enforced by:

Serbian government, regional authorities or the national police.

By the EU Commission’s own admission; ‘there is legislation in place (Serbian Animal Welfare Laws), but this is not fully implemented’.

By not implementing its own existing laws; which include animal welfare; Serbia is not upholding a fundamental principle required by any nation to gain EU accession; which include:

  • ensuring the implementation of all the nation’s own “Rules of Law” national legislations

  • “paying full regard to the welfare requirements of animals” in accordance with the key principles required for all EU member states as defined in Article 13 of the EU Lisbon Treaty (TFEU).

Serbia is currently failing in this and its own national animal welfare legislations.  As a consequence, it should not currently be considered for EU accession until it fully implements and proves to the EU Commissions, EU animal welfare NGO’s and the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup / Eurogroup, that it IS actually fully implementing ALL existing Serbian animal welfare legislations.

EU Commissioner J. Hahn is responsible for EU Enlargement Negotiations which include Serbian accession.  Within his responsibilities, he must ensure that a PRE- EU membership Serbia:

  • fully complies with Article 13 (TFEU)

  • fully respects Serbian welfare of animals legislation

  • pays full regard to, and implements the welfare requirements (legislations) for all animals (wild and domestic) within Serbia

  • starts to provide on going financial support to Serbian animal shelters rather than attempting to close them down as is often the situation.

For more information on animals in Serbia please visit


Additional note:

We have already seen dramatic failures in animal welfare controls by the EU in newer member states such as Romania.  We don’t want Serbia to be yet another example of a new nation being allowed to join the EU without all the national legislation being properly and correctly enforced beforehand.

As the EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations; Commissioner Hahn has responsibility for overall Serbian accession into the EU.

This petition is calling on him to ensure that the Serbian authorities are made fully aware that (via the petition and SAV for example), the whole world is watching them and their attitude to animal welfare.

Serbia has some good national legislation for animal welfare, but it is NOT being enforced.

As the EU has responsibility to ensure that nations seeking EU accession such as Serbia, fully implement all their own national legislation; or “Rules of Law” as it is described by the EU; then Serbia has to take a lot of action to ensure that there is correct and long lasting implementation of its own laws for all animal welfare.

We will be watching to ensure that the EU does live up to its promise of ensuring there is implementation of the rule of law by Serbia prior to EU accession; and as an animal welfare NGO, we will naturally be watching Serbia itself to see where there are improvements and possibly failures in implementing national legislation.

Please support our petition by signing – and pass on to the moon and back to all your friends, supporters and fellow campaigners.

Thanks and Regards – Mark and SAV.


You can see it and sign via the following link:

Republic of Macedonia: A Very Urgent and Special Appeal and Petition From Our Friends At Anima Mundi.


Vard 3

Dear all;

We have had the following e mail (given in full below) in from our other friends at ‘Anima Mundi’ in the Republic of Macedonia.


Please make sure that you sign their petition at:

… and if you are associated with any animal organisation or campaign group / NGO; then please write a short letter of support as they ask in the info provided in 1) below.

We are pleased to have worked in support of our friends at Anima Mundi in the past relating to several issues; including the dogs being held and murdered at “Vardariste”  in Skopje.

Here is a link to all our past work relating to the Republic of Macedonia; including past posts and pictures we have shown about this infamous, terrible facility for animals:

We wish Anima Mundi great success with their petition and we ask people from all over the World to send letters of support to them – these letters MUST be sent before 3/3/15.  Please pass on the information and links to everyone you know – we need to get a huge INTERNATIONAL response of signatures on this petition.  Lets do it ! – Thanks – SAV.

All the photographs we show here are taken from the facility in question – “Vardariste” in Skopje.  We need to close it down !!

Vard 1


The following is the information mailed to us by ‘Anima Mundi’ – please do what you can to help !

Vard 2

Respected friends,

We, the animal protection association Anima Mundi, from the Republic of Macedonia ., a national non-profit organization recognized in our country as the most active in protection of animals and their rights, are asking for your support and help.

We need your support in our struggle to close down the infirmary for stray animals ” Vardariste ” in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia . It is a place that has been practicing mass murder of animals for years which, we believe, is happening under direct command of the Mayor of Skopje, something we find difficult to prove. You can find more information on this petition site, which we ask of you to publicly share with your members and supporters.

What do we require specifically?

1) Please send us a short official written letter  of support to our struggle to close down the stray animals infirmary “Vardariste” in Skopje. We inform you that we have submitted countless abuse reports about the infirmary and requests for entry of volunteers. We have led mass protests supported by the media in this country, but with no effect whatsoever. We believe that if we are supported by many organizations, the pressure will be stronger and we will have a positive outcome, or at least some improvement. Macedonia as a country aspiring to join the EU must meet certain standards with regard to animals as well. We want the institutions to be aware that Vardariste has compromised the city, our country and that the killing must be stopped.

Vard 4

You can send this short letter to us, addressed to the Association for protection of animals Anima Mundi

( ) and  to the competent authorities and institutions:

- The Mayor of Skopje, Mr. Koce Trajanovski                                                                                                   – Director of Food and Veterinary Agency, Mr. Zoran Popovski,                                                                                                                  – Department of Health and Animal Welfare, Food and Veterinary Agency,                                                                                                            – President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Gruevski

- CC Animal Protection Organization “Anima Mundi”

Please send us your letter by Friday 03/03/2015 . Your support will be publically published in all media in the Republic of Macedonia.

Vard 5

2 ) Share this petition in order to reach more people including your members and supporters . Please publish this link on your web pages and social networks * ( facebook , twitter , etc ) during this week.

3 ) Each of your proposals, shared experience or other types of help,  is welcome in our fight to stop the terror over the stray dogs in Skopje .

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Best regards,

 Animal protection organization Anima Mundi

president Stole Velkovski

Здружение за заштита на животни „АНИМА МУНДИ“

Animal Protection Association “ANIMA MUNDI”

Phone: +389 77 487 253; +389 70 289 459





YouTube channel:

Донации | Donations:

Денарска сметка: 240090002006130 

Депонент: Уни Банка АД – Скопје



Serbia: Petition – I invite all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty ……………………

Serbian  Flag

Goran petition

Firstly – Please support our 2 important appeals at the following if you can – thank you.  

Find a home for Victor –  


Petition link revised 24/2 – please try again now if you have had problems before.

This petition – Please help our friend and fellow animal welfare campaigner in Serbia, Goran, to get as much support as possible for his petition.

Petition link: – this is revised on 24/2 as we know people have been having problems with the last link – here is the new one:

The words of the petition are repeated here (in Serbian, English and German) to give you an insight into what it is about.  Please sign and support if you can – Thank you – SAV.


RS – Pozivam sve koji su protiv EUTANAZIJE I NASILJA PREMA ŽIVOTINJAMA da se uključe u ovu akciju i podrže ovu peticiju sa ciljem da se spreči nasilje prema životinjama jer nasilje nad životinjama je često indikator nasilja i prema ljudima, smatraju psiholozi. Onaj ko zlostavlja životinje, zlostavljaće i ljude zato je bitno isključiti svaki vid nasilja u društvu kako bi se nasilje koje se često završava smrtnim ishodom svelo na minimum u društvu.

Vašim apliciranjem i komentarom želimo da se predsedniku Republike Srbije skrene pažnja na sve nas kao gradjane Republike Srbije jer svi mi imamo pravo da štitimo i branimo kako naša tako i prava životinja a što nam garantuje Ustav Republike Srbije.

EN – I invite all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty to be involved in this action and support this petition in order to prevent violence against animals because of animal cruelty is often an indicator of violence towards people, psychologists think. Anyone who abuses animals, abusers and people so it is important to exclude any form of violence in society to the violence that often ends in death minimize the society. Applying your comment and we want to be the President of the Republic of Serbia to the attention of all of us as citizens of the Republic of Serbia, because we all have the right to protect and defend our order and animal rights and what guarantees us the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

D – Ich lade alle, die gegen die Euthanasie und Tierquälerei sind, um an dieser Aktion beteiligt und unterstützt diese Petition, um die Gewalt gegen Tiere wegen Tierquälerei zu verhindern, ist oft ein Indikator für die Gewalt gegen Menschen, Psychologen denken. Jeder, der Missbräuche Tieren, Drogenabhängige und Menschen, so ist es wichtig, jede Form der Gewalt in der Gesellschaft, um die Gewalt, die endet oft in den Tod, die Gesellschaft zu minimieren auszuschließen. Die Anwendung Ihren Kommentar und wir wollen den Präsidenten der Republik Serbien, die Aufmerksamkeit der uns alle als Bürger der Republik Serbien, weil wir alle das Recht haben, zu schützen und zu verteidigen, unsere Bestellung und Tierrechte und was garantiert uns die Verfassung der Republik Serbien. 

Petition link:

Serbia: 16 Dogs and Nearing the Deadline. An Appeal for Help.

Serbian  Flag

16 shelter dogs


U R G E N T !!!

Nearing the deadline for payment of the debt, and we have not even a quarter collected.

More and more I’m afraid that the dogs have to return to the street, because we have no other solution currently.

Everything what we did for them so far, will be in vain … their lives will again be are jeopardized. Can someone help them to stay safe ???



Lina’s Animal Rescue is organisation for animal welfare from Serbia . . We have 17 dogs in small private unfinished shelter, 20 dogs in 2 boarding kennels and 15 kitties in one rescuer’s home.

Funds are desperately needed to pay the boarding kennel fees. We have debt for December for 10 dogs and still unpaid January for 16 dogs. The life of street dogs everywhere is difficult, but here in Serbia the dog catchers kill them rather than rescue them. Finding homes is very difficult as the culture in Serbia is not to adopt dogs, but rather buy a puppy then turn it out in the streets later when it is grown.

Ideally we want to adopt the dogs outside Serbia, but this involves blood-work, lab tests and transportation fees. The average Serbian salary is 200€ and each dog’s boarding fees are 60€ per month ( 40 boarding kennel + 20 food ) . With 20 dogs currently in boarding facilities, the debt is too great to even think about renovating our shelter.

First we must improve our housing situation as boarding costs are too high, pay bills and veterinary fees and then join forces with international rescue groups to finds these animals ‘furever” homes outside of Serbia. .

Please donate , this is URGENT APPEAL !

Spread the word!

 Youcaring is a perfectly safe site in Canada where you can donate to causes such as this.




Serbia: Victor’s story.

Serbian  Flag


Drustvo za zastitu zivotinja ALEX    


Alex logo

Victor’s story.

Victor was saved in 2008.

On a tip that a dog is in poor condition, that only serves as a guard dog, and that nobody cares for him, volunteers of NGO “Alex” immediately went on the field and took the custody over the dog. They named him Victor.

Horror is a mild word for the poor state the dog was in. Starved and weak, he had a heavy chain around his neck, food and water was nowhere to be seen, and he had a bad skin disease Demodex.

It took a long time for Victor to recover, to learn that he is no longer limited by a meter long chain, that food and water are always available to him, and that every day there is someone who will come and pet him, talk to him with a gentle voice and nice words.


 Victor began to flourish. He got better, but kept his position of a housekeeper.

He doesn’t like other dogs and cats, but with people he is simply wonderful. He likes to go for walks and enjoys being in the center of attention.

Victor is now 8 years old.

He hasn’t found a home yet.

Volunteers of “Alex” would give everything if he could go to a family that will love and cuddle him for the rest of his life.

But, if that does not happen, Victor is grateful that he got a second chance in life. We don’t even want to think of the fate that would have awaited him if he had remained with that chain, and in those conditions for one more day or one more month… one more year he would not have survived.

Victor is a dear dog. He acts as if he wants nothing more than what he already has. But we think he deserves a home.

If anyone is interested in adopting him, it would be the most beautiful news for him and for us.

Drustvo za zastitu zivotinja ALEX

Alex logo


England: Further SAV Letter In Support of Keith Taylor MEP Correspondence Now Sent To EU Commissioner Hahn.

SAV Comment:

The following shows just a fraction of the photographic and video evidence that we and others have regarding animal suffering in Serbia that is not being addressed by the Serbian government and authorities. IT IS NOW TIME FOR CHANGE – especially as Serbia wishes to become a new EU member.  Citizens of the EU will not tolerate this kind of animal abuse.

We will be a Serbian Animals Voice !


Further to the letter sent to EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn by English MEP / Vice President of the EU Intergroup for Animal Welfare, Mr Keith Taylor on 19th February 2015;

Letter to Commissioner Hahn – Serbia and Bosnia stray animal welfare – 19 Feb 2015 (1)

We at SAV have now completed a follow up letter to the Commissioner giving him several video links and many photographs of ‘animal welfare’ (??) situations we have experienced over the last few years at SAV.  Note that we have published all the animal fighting videos on this site during the last month.


As you can see from our letter, we are asking Commissioner Hahn; who has overall EU responsibility for “European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations” – ie. allowing the Republic of Serbia to become a member of the EU; to review our presentation, photographs and animal fighting links (especially) to ensure that the Serbian government; local authorities and national police actually take EXISTING Serbian legislation much more seriously by actually enforcing the law.  This is something we have not seen much proof of during our last 10 years producing this site.

We have been working with Mr. Taylor MEP over the last few weeks on this very issue. As both Keith says in his letter, and we also do in ours; by allowing animal abuse such as can be seen for example in the video links; and by not enforcing its own (Serbian laws) on animal  welfare; which are good; Serbia is NOT upholding the fundamental principle set by the EU for new member states of proving that they are enforcing ‘the rule of law’ (their own national legislation) within their own borders.

shelter 1

And so by not enforcing the ‘rule of law’ on animal welfare as one example; and using Serbian legislation within Serbia to prosecute offenders; it (Serbia) is showing the EU that on just this one particular issue alone that we are involved with, national legislation IS NOT being applied.  Thus it should be considered that Serbia is currently not in a position to be a suitable EU member state.


Only when Serbia actually does apply Serbian law on animal welfare; and prosecutes or takes other actions as necessary to prove things ARE being done to the EU; should it then be seen to be complying with the EU ‘rule of law’ requirements and thus be allowed to join the EU as a new member state.

Please click on the following link to read our follow up letter to EU Commissioner Hahn in full.

Note that at the start; all contact addresses have been removed from the original.

IMPORTANT – when you click on the following link below, you should then see a Word doc with this same name as below appear at the bottom of the site.  Simply click on this same Word doc to open the letter.

It should start by saying:    “Addresses removed from original sent”.

Commissioner Hahn SAV Post version

We now await further correspondence in future from the Commissioner regarding our letter and that of Keith Taylor MEP; and we will immediately report any news of information on this site.

We have lots of excellent Serbian campaigner friends and shelter operating friends – see some of them and their work at our ‘Shelters’ section of the site –   They work relying entirely on supporter donation support when it should also be provided by the government, who should have animal welfare responsibilities; especially regarding the keeping of stray animals in shelters.

nani 6 20

Tik tak tok 2

Evidence is provided to the authorities; and they simply ignore it and walk away, leaving our friends to pick up the animal pieces.  It should not be the case that hard evidence of causing suffering is just ignored.


We are finally starting to reach a corner.  The government and authorities have done very little for animal welfare for many years by ignoring the evidence and failing to prosecute those who cause suffering.  Maybe now that Serbia wants EU accession the tide is turning.  They are NOT complying with the fundamentals of EU accession – namely enforcing the rule of (Serbian) law within Serbia.  We, as an EU based NGO will continue to provide the evidence to the EU.  We need the EU to act and inform Serbia that it is not enforcing its own laws for animal welfare.  And we say to the EU, until Serbia does and proves that it is enforcing the law, it should not be allowed to become a new member state of the EU.

Serbian government and regional authorities needs to get their house in order re animal welfare before the EU even considers their accession.  We speak for Serbian welfare campaigners, shelters and also for the current citizens of the EU who are shocked and appalled by what they see on this site.

Serbian government and authorities – clean up your act

- make things better for animals, not worse!






Denmark: Does The Right Thing and Bans Religious No Stun Slaughter. Danish Minister says ‘animal rights come before religion’.



Denmark bans kosher and halal slaughter as minister says ‘animal rights come before religion’

SAV Comment – well done Denmark; a government with guts; instead of being afraid to do things because of the old ‘religious rights’ talk.  If only the UK government were so brave – but then we do have Cameron leading the ‘be quieters’ !!

The UK is a Christian country.  The UK stuns animals before slaughter.  It should be undertaken for ALL animals slaughtered in the UK with no religious exemptions.  Stunning is the UK way; so if living in the UK, abide UK law and stun all animals before slaughter !!




Various – 3 New Important Petitions. Please Sign and Pass On Links.



3 important petitions to take part in.

Please sign and pass on – thanks.


Demand Justice for Slain Gray Wolf

Petition link – 

Target: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe

Goal: Get justice for Echo, the slain Grand Canyon wolf, by conducting a thorough investigation into her shooting.

The celebrated lone female gray wolf named Echo was senselessly gunned down by a hunter who allegedly mistook her for a coyote. Wildlife and conservation groups are devastated by the loss, since Echo was the first wolf to be sighted in the north rim of the Grand Canyon in over 75 years. Genetic tests conducted at the University of Idaho confirmed that the DNA of the slain wolf was identical to the DNA gathered from Echo when she was first spotted.

Echo was not just loved by wildlife and conservation groups. Schoolchildren also adored her, and there had been a worldwide contest to give her a name. “Echo” proved to suit her well as a lone voice that reverberated around the Grand Canyon. The Fish and Wildlife Service stated that they had radio-collared her about a year before she was killed, which revealed that Echo had traveled about 750 miles, most likely in search for a mate. The story of her long journey further enticed people

Michael Robinson, a conservationist and wolf advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity, expressed sadness over Echo’s untimely death and says that her death “illustrates the peril wolves face even under the protection of the Endangered Species Act.” Wolves are an endangered species in Utah, but hunters are rarely punished when they illegally kill animals due to a “mistake” of misidentification.

Please sign this petition to demand justice for Echo, the Grand Canyon’s lone wolf, and to urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services to conduct a formal investigation into this callous shooting.


Dear Dan Ashe,

Echo, the lone female gray wolf that was killed by a hunter who allegedly mistook her for a coyote, needs justice. She was adored by people around the globe not only for her rarity but also her determined spirit. It is tragic that she was fatally shot by a so-called hunter who should have been able to tell the difference between a coyote and a gray wolf. Even though gray wolves are protected by the Endangered Species Act, they are still extremely vulnerable to hunters.

I am urging you to look into Echo’s case. Investigate the hunter who killed her and prosecute him if he is found guilty of intentionally shooting her. Whatever the outcome may be, the hunter should not have pulled the trigger before making absolutely sure that he actually knows what species he is targeting.


[Your Name Here]



Don’t Fly Monkeys Across the World to Suffer Abuse

Petition link: 

Target: Greg Hunt, Minister for the Environment

Goal: Don’t abuse and risk the health of monkeys for filmmaking purposes.

Film giants Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer have applied for a permit, which would allow them to fly two monkeys from California to Australia. These monkeys would be forced to perform in two films, before being flown to New Zealand to act in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Australia will likely approve the permit, since keeping monkeys as pets there is not illegal. While filming, monkeys will be kept in small enclosures and trained and restrained with leashes.

Organizations such as the Humane Society International are trying to stop this from happening, as they explain the monkeys’ health would greatly decline if forced to travel such great distances. In addition, when monkeys are used in films, it makes it easier for people who trade animals illegally to find work. It is also unnatural for monkeys to be used in this manner, as they should be left alone to thrive in the wild. Furthermore, granting such a permit would be irresponsible, since we are now able to technologically create images of monkeys that look very real with the help of computers.

Sign the petition below and demand this permit request be denied. If Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer are unable to figure out how to use technology for filmmaking purposes, maybe it’s high-time they get out of the industry.


Dear Mr. Hunt,

As you know, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer have applied for a permit which would allow two monkeys to be flown to your country for the purpose of acting in films. On March 9, 2015 those monkeys would be flown to New Zealand for the same reason. While on set, monkeys would be kept in cages. Trainers would also stringently control the monkeys’ by tightening and releasing their leashes.

Major organizations such as the Humane Society International strongly recommend the permit be denied, because traveling for that long of a distance would make the monkeys very sick. In addition, when monkeys are seen acting in films, people who illegally sell animals are often times provided with more work, making such operations difficult to shut down. Thirdly, monkeys are wild animals, and are not capable of deciding whether or not they would like to pursue a career in acting. Therefore, monkeys belong in their natural environments. Most importantly, since the film industry is able to easily replicate animal images through computer technology, allowing this permit to be granted would be irresponsible and absolutely absurd.

For all of these reasons, I urge you to stand behind this issue and to deny Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer’s permit request. These companies should be setting an example, not participating in the inhumane exploitation of animals.


[Your Name Here]



Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera, President of Costa Rica: Rescue The Rescue Center

Petition link – 


The Lizano family, who run the refuge center, have been fighting for years; fighting for animals, nature, biodiversity, and justice in the case of Jairo Mora Sandoval, who was brutally murdered in 2013 by poachers. Jairo was an environmentalist who fought with the Lizanos to protect endangered nesting sea turtles on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, in Moín near Limón.

The Costa Rica Wildlife Sanctuary (CRWS) represents everything the Lizanos are fighting for. They already lost the fight for Moin beach, which is on the way to becoming privately owned by the Dutch company APM Terminals for the purpose of building a megaport on the very same nesting beaches that Jairo dedicated his life to protecting. Now, the Lizanos are being forced to leave the sanctuary where hundreds of injured and abandoned animals were given refuge and nearly one hundred remain.

In December, the initial letter reached the Lizanos asking them to leave the property within one month’s time. After much negotiation, the Lizanos are allowed to stay until the Supreme Court decision on the case. However, there is no documentation referencing these negotiations, and therefore no guarantee that they won’t be forced to abandon earlier! Moreover, the Costa Rican government approved the APM Terminals to start the Moin Container Terminal Project, which will result in the complete destruction of the nesting beaches and the wildlife center.


Since 2009, CRWS has provided a safe haven for many species of Costa Rican wildlife, some critically endangered. Over the past 6 years, CRWS has been one of the only local options for caring and rehabilitating injured wildlife and those that have been confiscated from the illegal pet trade such as Geoffrey’s spider monkeys, kinkajous, and sloths. The wildlife center is surrounded by undisturbed jungle, making it an ideal place to care for and eventually release rehabilitated animals. The sanctuary is also adjacent to Moín beach, an important nesting habitat for endangered leatherback turtles. Without this stretch of beach, currently undisturbed by human interference, the leatherback turtle population is sure to suffer. The Lizano family has taken drastic measures to protect this beach. They have also been in partnership with other organizations to protect and preserve this turtle nesting habitat by patrolling the beach and establishing a harvest and release program for turtle eggs. These organizations and their volunteers have gone to great lengths to protect this beach because the government will not do so. One man, Jairo Mora Sandoval, even laid down his own life for Moin beach and the leatherback turtles. What would Jairo, practically a national hero in Costa Rica, think if he knew the government is allowing all this to be destroyed? To read more about Jairo Mora Sandoval and the international attention his death sparked, click here:…..

or here:…..

The Lizano family, volunteers and friends feel very strongly about the sanctuary and are outraged by its recent predicament and are requesting an urgent call to action.

With this petition, we aim to show international interest in this case by declaring the destruction of the Sanctuary by the government and by APM unethical, hopefully allowing CRWS to prosper, the jungle to be protected and animals to live.

Sign the Petition here:…..

Turkey: Istanbul, Turkey – Another Nation Seeking EU Membership Is About To Open an Extermination Camp for 20,000 Dogs. We Dont Want Animal Abusers In the EU.



Türkey dog camp

turkish dog camp

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Istanbul, Turkey, an extermination camp for 20000 dogs is about to open. We must stop this!!

Send a protest mail, scroll down for the Turkish letter please!

Translation first, from:

To Prime Minister Davutoglu, To President Erdogan/ Ankara, and  To Ambassador Huseyin Avni Karslioglu/ Berlin

Dear Prime Minister! Dear President! Dear Ambassador!

It was brought to my attention that a brand new “animal shelter” will be opened soon in Istanbul. But this is no ordinary animal shelter. This facility is a mass death camp for 20,000 dogs and Istanbul’s largest massacre in the cities history is planned to take place at said facility.

The dogs are penned into spaces of 0.5 square meter, no room to move around, waiting in their own fecies and urin for a death that can be only be described as mercyful.

The building is out made of concrete and Steel, no heating, no light, no shelter from the elements and no shade structure.

This death camp is 3 km away from the newly planned 3rd Bosporus bridge. It is situated in the outskirts of Istanbul and has 2 crematory.

Approximately  200,000 dogs live in Istanbul. They are being caught one by one and transported there. This means nothing else but the execution of 200,000 living and feeling creatures. Once the dogs are there, nobody will hear their cries when they are being burned in the crematory.

Dog catchers will capture the animals, transport them to the facility into the small dungeons where they perish.

Similar facilities are planned in the Asian part of Istanbul and Izmir.

Just like in 1910, where 80,000 dogs were shipped to the island of Hayirsiz Ada, dogs will be eradicated.

Word is, that people could hear their cries all the way to Istanbul until they died.

It is apparent how pointless this gruesome act was, because the number of strays has risen to about 200,000 as of today.

Presumably the construction and maintenance for this death camp was very expensive. It is obvious that it will be up and running soon.

It can also be assumed that it would be less costly, much less in fact with the help of volunteers, to have the dogs spayed/ neutered in each part of the city.

Nobody can even remotely believe that the city of Istanbul is even capable to fed and care for 20,000 dogs on a daily basis.

There won’t be any veterinary care provided – the animals will die of starvation and thirst and devour each other.

Mr. Prime Minister, Mr. President, Mr. Ambassador,

Your country is trying to be accepted into the European Union.

I am very well aware of the fact that not all of the European states are committed to humanitarian animal Welfare.

Almost everywhere mercilessness and commercialism are generally dictating the political guidelines.

I believe this should be a good reason to lead by example – for all of Europe to see.

These animals are part of Creation in your religion as well as it is in my religion.

They are defenseless, neither did they choose their destiny, nor did they deserve this.

When you are giving the order of the annihilation of 20,000 Creatures we will hear about this. Europe will hear about this.

You will loose part of your soul and carry this burden forever. I cannot believe that you would want this for yourselves.

Please avoid this tragedy!

To: ; ;


Letter Below In Turkish to Copy and Send to THOSE DETAILED ABOVE 

Sayın Cumhurbaşkanı Recep Tayyip Erdoğan,
Sayın Başbakan Ahmet Davutoğlu,
Sayın Ekselans,

İstanbul, Sarıyer, Kısırkaya’da devasa bir barınağın açılacağı haberini aldım. Gerçekte bu yapı kompleksine barınak demek yerine 20.000 köpek kapasiteli bir imha kampı demek daha uygundur. Orada İstanbul tarihinde görülmemiş bir katliam planlanmaktadır. Köpekler hapsedildikleri ufacık hücreler içinde, hareket etme imkânları olmadan, kendi pislikleri içinde, onlar için bir kurtuluş olacak ölümü bekleyeceklerdir. Bu tesiste her şey beton ve demirden ibarettir.  Bir ısıtma sistemi yoktur, havalandırma sistemi yoktur, hücrelere ışık girmemektedir. Arazi eğimi açısından sele yatkındır. Rüzgârı ve soğuğu kesecek hiçbir tedbir alınmamıştır. Gölgelik alan yoktur.

Bu ölüm kampı yeni inşa edilmekte olan üçüncü boğaz köprüsüne 3 km mesafede olup, İstanbul şehir merkezinden çok uzaktadır. Kampta 2 adet krematoryum mevcuttur. İstanbul’da yaşayan 200.000 sokak köpeğinin toplanıp oraya götürülmesi planlanmaktadır.  Bu, 200.000 adet, yaşayan ve hisseden canlının imha edilmesi demektir. Köpekler orada toplandıktan sonra,  krematoryumda yakılan hayvanların çığlıklarını dahi duyamayacaksınız.   Yakalama ekipleri tarafından kancalarla yakalanıp oraya götürülecek köpekler küçücük beton kutulara hapsedilerek öldürülecekler.

Anadolu yakasında ve İzmir’de de benzer toplama kamplarının yapımı planlanmaktadır. Aynen 1910 yılında Hayırsız Ada’ya toplanıp imha edilen 80.000 köpeğe yapıldığı gibi korkunç bir katliam planlanmaktadır. Hayırsız Ada’da açlık ve susuzluktan birbirini parçalayarak ölen köpeklerin çığlıklarının İstanbul’dan duyulduğu rivayet edilir. Bu zalim uygulamanın bir sonuç vermediğinin kanıtı sokak köpeği nüfusunun tekrar 200.000’e çıkmış olmasıdır.

Bu devasa tesisin inşaatı ve işletmesi, İstanbul’un tüm ilçelerinde kısırlaştırma yapılmasından daha maliyetli olacağı için bu yatırımın boşuna yapılmadığı ve işletmeye açılacağı aşikârdır.  Hiç kimse,  20.000 köpeğin oraya toplanıp, bakılacağına ve besleneceğine inanmaz. Orada muhtemelen veteriner hizmeti de olmayacağı için hayvanlar açlıktan ve susuzluktan birbirlerini parçalayarak öleceklerdir.

Sayın Cumhurbaşkanı, sayın Başbakan, sayın Ekselans,

Ülkeniz Avrupa Birliğine girmek için çaba göstermektedir. AB’ye üye olan her ülkenin bilinçli bir hayvan korumacılık politikası izlediğini söyleyemeyiz. Ne yazık ki birçok ülke için ticari düşünceler ve acımasızlığın ağır bastığı doğrudur. Oysa Türkiye,  hayvan refahını gözeten politikalar uygulayarak örnek oluşturabilir.

Hayvanlar, sizin ve benim inandığım dine göre Allah’ın yarattığı korumasız canlılardır ve bizlere emanettirler. Kaderlerini kendileri seçmemiştir ve onlara yapılan zulmü hak etmemektedir. 200.000 canlının imha edilmesine dair emri verirseniz bütün dünya bunu öğrenecektir. Bu gerçekleşirse, ruhunuzdan bir parçayı kaybetmiş olacaksınız. Bunu arzu ettiğinize inanmıyorum.

Lütfen bu katliamı engelleyin.



England / Serbia: Vice President of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup Writes to EU Enlargement Commissioner Regarding SAV Concerns About the Non Implementation of Animal Welfare Legislation in Both Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

EnglandSerbian  Flag

Further to our recent post regarding Serbian animal fighting videos; and the animal welfare situation in Serbia generally;

we did follow up as promised and make contact with Keith Taylor MEP (for SE England) who has now helped us as always by writing to the current EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn, the top man who is responsible for the enlargement of the EU by application (accession) nations, such as Serbia.

In his letter, which can be read in full via the link below, Keith has helped us by generally dealing with the issue of the terrible treatment of strays in both Serbia and Bosnia – Herzegovina.

As we have pointed out several times on our posts in the past, Keith has again backed us and stated that as EU Accession countries, both Serbia and B-H are NOT currently upholding the EU principle of the rule of law, as well as the need that accession countries are required to fully implement EU laws into their national laws as a requirement of membership.

Keith finishes by asking Commissioner Hahn to ensure that both Serbia and B-H ‘are fastidious in implementing and enforcing their national animal welfare laws as a prerequisite to their (EU) accession’.

This letter provides additional and very strong ‘clout’ to our campaigning, as Keith also happens to be the Vice President of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Animal Welfare –  and

A copy of Keith’s full letter to Commissioner Hahn can be viewed via the following link:

Letter to Commissioner Hahn – Serbia and Bosnia stray animal welfare – 19 Feb 2015 (1)

This letter from Keith is excellent news for us as this now gives additional support to our campaigning from the VP of the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup; as well as being a letter which is directly addressed to the man at the top of the Commission dealing with new member states applying to become members of the EU; namely Serbia and also B – H.

What Now ?

We at SAV can now follow up from this letter of Keith’s by supplying another supplement letter to Commissioner Hahn which will provide him with all the footage and links to the animal fighting videos within Serbia which can be found on, and which are given as links in some of our recent posts:

We will then wait for Commissioner Hahn to respond (hopefully to both Keith and also to us) and we will see exactly what he intends to do /  is doing about the current animal welfare situation in both Serbia and B-H.  We can and will then act accordingly.

We will keep you further informed as things progress.

As always, we give big thanks to Keith for his time in preparing the letter on our behalf and also for his general interest in the welfare of all animals; especially as VP of the Animal Welfare Intergroup at the EU.


Serbia / England / Thailand: ‘Utata’ (Serbia) now Joins With ‘Twinnsie’ (Thailand) As the Newest Members of Team SAV !

Serbian  Flag  England  Thai


For the last few weeks there has been a lot of thought given here (England) to undertaking a virtual adoption of one of the cats at ‘Felix’ shelter which is run in Serbia by our good friend Danica.

No final choice was made as there are so many appealing faces at the shelter.

Then on Sunday night, more news and photos came through from Danica about some of the cats at the shelter.  There was one little lady who immediately grabbed attention; Danica wrote:

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

‘Utata’ is living a happy life at the shelter, but there’s one little thing missing. She needs a virtual “parent” who will perfect her happiness and show her she’s special by choosing to sponsor her, just her. Is it you?

Utata needs a sponsor ! – Utata is about five years old, I found her as a tiny kitten. She was stubborn and had a mind of her own from the beginning. Although she cuddled with me she was generally distrustful towards people, until some time ago when she has suddenly become cuddly and lovable with everyone. She gets along perfectly with other cats.


So, that was it – no more messing around and never making a choice; immediately it was decided that little lady Utata was going to be adopted virtually by SAV.  On 16/2 we made immediate contact with Danica and informed of the decision.  Today, 17/2; we have (via the Felix Blog site), given Danica our first months money to pay for the adoption of the newest member of the SAV yeam.


Utata poses for her picture to be taken

Utata now joins little ‘Twinnsie’ at SOI Dogs; who we also sponsor.

You can see more about Twinnsie on one of our fairly recent posts:     – or on the following link you can go direct to the video we had from twinnsie this last Christmas:

- it has to be those wonderful big furry ears and those very appealing eyes that won Twinnsie over as our SOI Dogs adoption.  She is a beautiful little dog with big, furry ears.

We still have to make formal sections for Twinnsie and Utata as part of the team in the ‘About Us’ section on the site; but it will be happening real soon; so keep watching.

Both SOI Dogs (Thailand) and Felix shelter in Serbia have many loving animals who are in urgent need of a sponsor to help them get through their lives, by providing regular food and also by helping to cover any veterinary fees all within the monthly sponsorship cost.  Could that sponsor be you ? – Please try and help by adopting an animal – it makes such a huge difference to the teams at the shelters as it provides more financial security for the animals.

Please see the message from John at the SOI Dogs Foundation (Thailand) website –

or from Danica at Felix Shelter (Serbia) via  – just scroll down until you see ‘cats for virtual adoption’ on the right hand side –

Then make your choice and start your adoption(s) !

I have a very strong feeling you will be seeing more of both Twinnsie and Utata in the coming months.  We welcome them both as the latest members to the SAV team.

We will continue to post regular updates on all the other cats at Felix shelter, as well as the dogs with John and the crew at SOI Dogs in Thailand.

Regards for now – Mark.

China: Cancel Annual Dog-Eating Festival in China – PETITION.



dog eating china


SAV Comment – Doubt very much or think anything will be done to stop this event; but by signing the petition letter, at least you are sending an International message of disgust – they have to observe what the world feels about them – and then act accordingly if they want to be ‘modern world’ !

Cancel Annual Dog-Eating Festival in China

Petition Link –

Target: Xi Jinping, President, People’s Republic of China

Goal: Permanently cancel cruel dog-eating festival.

The Chinese region of Yulin is already preparing for their annual summer solstice dog-eating festival. Each year, thousands of festival-goers consume dog meat en-masse with lychee and grain alcohol as part of a decades-old tradition. In 2014, an estimated 10,000 dogs were killed for the festival, most of which were bred for slaughter but some of which were lost or stolen pets. Animals were brought from all over China to supply the festival’s high demand for dog meat.

During the festival, dog meat traders will slit the throats of live, conscious dogs on the street in front of consumers. Streets are lined with dogs crammed into tiny chicken cages without food or water, and some even die of heat stroke and dehydration before they can be slaughtered. These stressful conditions can cause the animals to turn on each other, biting and even killing their cage mates.

Despite government restrictions on the sale of raw dog meat and the importation of dogs from other areas, Yulin’s dog meat festival is set to continue this year. The government has made no effort to stop the festival, with city officials denying any connection to the event and refusing to investigate breaches of animal welfare law. Instead of Chinese officials investigating allegations of dog abductions ahead of the festival, private animal welfare groups are the only ones helping pet owners.

This cruel and outdated festival results in the suffering of thousands of dogs annually, and is in breach of several animal welfare laws. Sign the petition below to demand that Chinese officials stop ignoring the atrocities at the Yulin dog meat festival and cancel it permanently.


Dear Mr. Xi Jinping,

As the summer solstice approaches, so does Yulin’s annual dog-eating festival, which sees tens of thousands of locals and tourists fill the streets to sample traditional dishes such as dog meat and lychee fruit. Last year, an estimated 10,000 dogs were slaughtered for the festival, some of which were strays or even stolen from pet owners.

This festival is cruel, and several aspects of it may be illegal, including the kidnapping of dogs, the import of dogs from outside Yulin, and the sale of raw dog meat. Unfortunately, no effort has been made to investigate wrongdoing at the event. We, the undersigned, demand that the Chinese government take a stand against the Yulin dog meat festival and permanently cancel it.


[Your Name Here]


Petition Link –

Serbia: Felix Shelter Photographs 15/2/15.

Serbian  Flag



beauty at its best feb 15

Above – Beauty at its best !

fiona feb 15

Above – Fiona’s doing great, even though she’s a tripod kitty now! :)

A huge thank you to all of you who contributed towards the costs of her surgery and post operative care, thus enabling this beautiful girl to enjoy life again!

climber coming down feb 15

Above – One of the climbers coming down

meditating on the roof feb 15

Above – Meditating on the roof

just a little stretching feb 15

Above – Just a little stretching !






15/2/15 – Petitions and More From Paola – Lots To Review and Sign If You Wish.

With thanks to SAV Team Member ‘Paola’ – check out her endless work at:

Legal Action 4 Animal Rights:

Care for Chinese Animals:

Victories for the Animals:


Petitions and More 

petit1  Vatican, stop the use of Ivory and Fur for ‘religious’ reasons, act according to the Washington Convention! Needs more signatures The bloody dolphin-hunt in Taiji, Japan is back in full swing. Japan, are you proud of this?;jsessionid=A3EBD278B2011B755FA576FEE2672FE7.app203b?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2719 Congress, stand up for Wolves! US-info Let’s get to 70 000! Have a Heart, Send Bamboo and Chai to a Sanctuary! US-info signatures! As well! End non-stun slaughter to promote animal welfare! Needs 100 000 signatures, UK: yes, ZIP’s  E17 5AR , E9 7EF , E8 2HP , E8 2JQ,  SE5 9QB, Country UK. Confirm! Minister Molewa, please be there for the rhino! Once more High Comm. mr. Carlos dos Santos, deal with your poachers! As well Ramon Jimenez Jr, the dog meat trade embarrasses your country! Also The Animals at Surabaya Zoo, Indonesia, are living in a Nightmare!  Spain, Murcia, Justice for this neglected, abused dog, thrown from the balcony! Target… Turkey, an end to this treatment of stray dogs/dogfighting! Interpol HQ, please take reports about animal abuse seriously and investigate Target…. Justice for Echo, the Slain Grand Canyon Wolf!  Ex-Im: Stop Financing the Destruction of the Great Barrier Reef

                 ==========    News and more   =========  Istanbul, Turkey, concentration camp for stray dogs, the hidden agenda Colombia Montana, protesting slaughter of Yellowstone bison New Mexico, now heading to the House of Representatives! One Green Planet

Serbia: Latest Felix Shelter News 14/1 – Repic Lepic is doing a lot better now.

Serbian  Flag


repic 14 feb


Another update from our post published on 10/1/15

– Repic Lepic is doing a lot better now; that’s great news !

Repic Lepic is doing a lot better, he’s still skinny and his coat is dull, but his overall condition is improving and he has finally begun to eat on his own.

Many thanks to all of you that responded to our plea for help and haven’t turned your back on us or more precisely, on him :)

Regards Danica.








Japan: Revealing the Cove Dolphins’ Toxic Secrets.



See our other recent post about Japan / dolphin suffering at:              – SAV.

Revealing the Cove Dolphins’ Toxic Secrets

As the killing season nears an end in Taiji, testing shows that dolphin meat sold at Japanese supermarkets is riddled with mercury.

February 11, 2015 By Salvatore Cardoni

Sal holds a political science degree from the George Washington University. He’s written about all things environment since 2007.

With the dolphin-killing season in Taiji, Japan, nearing its expected March 1 end, meat from striped dolphins slain last month in the notorious cove has tested positive for high levels of mercury and for trace but legally safe levels of radiation, said Ric O’Barry of the Dolphin Project on Tuesday.

O’Barry, star of 2009’s Oscar-winning documentary The Cove, which put a global spotlight on the town’s annual hunt, purchased the meat in January from a Taiji supermarket and sent it to a Tokyo laboratory for testing.

Even without a smoking gun radiation test—which activists would have wielded to pressure the Japanese government to end the hunt—the mercury results, coupled with comparable findings in years past, will be used to educate the Japanese people on the dangers of eating mercury-rich dolphin sashimi.

O’Barry said growing awareness of contaminated dolphin meat has led to a decline in its consumption.

“The more time I spend on the ground in Taiji, talking with local police and concerned citizens, the only thing, really, I find that’s going to stop the hunt is if people realize they’re eating poison,” O’Barry said. “We must double down on this mercury angle—it’s the weak link, the Achilles’ heel, in the Taiji pipeline.”

The meat O’Barry tested was found to contain 1.4 parts per million of mercury. The Japanese government’s advisory level for the element is 0.4 ppm.

Tests in previous years have yielded similar results.

From 2002 to 2006, Tetsuya Endo, one of the world’s leading experts on mercury levels in marine mammals, bought more than 50 samples of dolphin meat at Taiji markets. Tests conducted on the meat found “the average levels of mercury and methyl mercury in pilot whale meat were 9.6 ppm and 5.9 ppm,” Endo told The Japan Times. The government limit for methyl mercury, the most toxic form of the heavy metal, is 0.3 ppm.

In 2012, dolphin meat purchased in and around Taiji by environmentalists from the Elsa Nature Conservancy, a Japanese nonprofit, was found to contain three-and-a-half times the country’s maximum allowed level for mercury.

Both dolphin and whale meat contain high levels of the element because mercury is emitted into the atmosphere by coal-burning power plants and other industrial facilities. That mercury is carried into the ocean, where it is absorbed by marine organisms and, over time, is passed up the food chain to dolphins and whales.

Fetuses and young children are especially vulnerable to mercury, which affects the development of the nervous system.

Humans aren’t the only sentient mammals affected by mercury; it harms the dolphins too.

Mercury and other toxins “have been linked to increased rates of cancer, increased first calf mortality, immune suppression, and a higher susceptibility to infectious diseases, [and] are postulated to be a primary factor causing population declines,” according to Toxic Catch, a 2013 comprehensive study on Taiji dolphin meat conducted by the London-based Environmental Investigative Agency.

“It’s a terrible, terrible thing for dolphins,” said Luca Giovagnoli, the resident marine mammal veterinarian at the Dolphin Project. “It particularly impairs their neurological function, just as it does for humans.”

Environmentalists have been concerned about the possible presence of radiation in dolphin and whale meat since March 2011, when the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster released large quantities of irradiated elements into the ocean.

But the meat O’Barry tested was found to contain just three Becquerels per kilogram of radiation. The Japanese government considers anything higher than 100 Becquerels per kilogram to be unsafe. By comparison, three months after the Fukushima meltdown, two of 17 minke whales caught and killed off the coast of Hokkaido were found to contain 31 and 24 Becquerels per kilogram, respectively.

“If Dolphin Project—or anyone else—finds radiation levels in Taiji dolphin meat higher than 100 Becquerels per kilogram, it would be big news that would shut down the supply and demand of the industry,” O’Barry said.

As the 2014–15 hunting season concludes on or near March 1—Taiji fishers will stop hunting dolphins the day after they see bonito, their next target, swimming under their boats—the number of dolphins slaughtered or captured for sale to aquariums is down from last season.

From Sept. 1, 2014, the start of the hunting season, through Feb. 8, 2015, there have been 654 dolphins slaughtered in the cove, according to data compiled by the website Ceta-Base, from estimates given by Cove Guardians, the on-the-ground volunteers for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, volunteers for O’Barry’s Dolphin Project, and the Japanese Fisheries Ministry. Last season, 831 dolphins were killed. The number of dolphins captured for sale in January 2015 is roughly half what it was in January 2014.

O’Barry cautioned there is still plenty of time before the season’s end for the hunters to kill “far too many more dolphins” in a last-ditch attempt to reach their 1,938-specimen quota.

“If we continue testing for contaminates and publish the results wherever possible, it will have an impact on the consumers—it just will,” he said.

In January 2007, O’Barry and journalist Boyd Harnell tested meat from a dolphin killed in Taiji that they purchased at the Okuwa Supermarket in Shingu, about a 45-minute drive from the cove.

It was found to contain high levels of mercury, so they confronted the store manager with the results. “A few weeks later the giant supermarket chain announced that they would remove all dolphin meat from all of their 137 supermarkets,” O’Barry said. “It works, and we will do it again.”

 The Cove




Vietnam: Tragedy – Animals Asia News – Campaign Expands as 13 More Bile Bears Die in Halong Bay.

viet nam flag

AA logo 1



SAV Comment:  We cannot bring these bears back, but we can ALL sign the open letter via the link given below.  Please make sure you sign and pass on across the World – Thanks.

All photographs – Animals Asia.

Dear Mark,

Campaign expands as 13 more bears die in Halong Bay

Animals Asia has learned that 13 more bears have died at Cau Trang Bear Farm in Halong Bay, Vietnam bringing the total death toll since November last year to 18.

It leaves Cau Trang bear bile farm – at the centre of our international campaign demanding permission to rescue the bears – with only nine remaining bears. It has also left our team shocked, sad and angry.

Having previously focussed just on Cau Trang Farm, Animals Asia is now pressing the Vietnamese government to allow it to bring all 23 remaining bears in the Halong City area to its rescue centre in nearby Tam Dao.


The campaign had received a phenomenal response having been backed by almost 100,000 supporters including celebrities such as Ricky Gervais, Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry and Olivia Newton John.

Sign the open letter here.

In the two months since Animals Asia inspected three farms in the vicinity of the World Heritage Site, 26 of the 49 moon bears – a protected species – are said to have died leaving just 23 alive in Halong City.

Animals Asia has been informed that the authorities plan to dispatch an investigation team to the province. Their remit will be to determine the cause of the deaths, whether protocol has been followed and to ascertain how the remaining bears can be saved.

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

These deaths are utterly tragic and unnecessary. It’s heartbreaking to learn that so many bears have spent years suffering on the farms, and have now needlessly died when there is a sanctuary ready and willing to give them the life they deserve.

“Through the increased local coverage of the death of these bears, Vietnam is seeing the reality and brutality of bear bile farming. While their death has shone a spotlight on the industry in Vietnam, there was no need for them to die at all.

We will continue to bring this awful cruelty to international attention and do everything we can to force the release of the remaining bears.

Sincere thanks to Australian creative agency Enigma for their wonderful work on the petition site.

AA Logo 2







China: Petition – Urge the Chinese Government to ban the import wild-caught live baby elephants.





Action / Petition link:

Urge the Chinese Government to ban the import wild-caught live baby elephants.

Keep baby elephants in the wild!

African elephant poaching has reached crisis level with about 100 African elephants poached every day for their ivory.

In the midst of this crisis, Zimbabwe is exporting dozens of baby elephants to China for $60,000 each, while claiming overpopulation as the motivation for export. Three out of four elephant calves exported from Zimbabwe to China in 2012 have since died, and the same fate most likely awaits this new round of calves destined to live out their lives in solitary confinement as show animals or zoo attractions.

Join us in urging the Chinese Government to implement a complete ban on imports of wild-caught live elephants to end this cruel trade once and for all.

Reproduced from HSI –

USA: 12/2/15 – Sad, Sad Day – (Today), Bill Would End Protection for 4,000 Wolves in 4 States.



Reproduced in full from the ‘Center for Biological Diversity’ / ‘Endangered Earth Online’

Bill Would End Protection for 4,000 Wolves in 4 States

A bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives this morning would strip Endangered Species Act protections from 4,000 gray wolves in four states and open them up to more hunting and trapping. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ended protections for wolves in the Great Lakes a few years ago — and more than 1,600 wolves died as a result.

Federal judges later overturned the decisions to remove protections, but the new legislation would override those court orders and again put the fate of wolves in Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan in the hands of state wildlife agencies eager to resume their wolf-killing.

“This is an ugly political ploy that will end with a lot of dead wolves and do serious damage to one of the most important endangered species success stories in America’s history,” said the Center’s Brett Hartl. “This bill will subject some of the last remaining wolves in the lower 48 to state-sanctioned hunting and trapping seasons designed to drastically reduce populations.”

Read more in our press release and consider donating to our Wolf Defense Fund.

The Center for Biological Diversity sends out newsletters and action alerts through Click here if you’d like to check your profile and preferences.

Center for Biological Diversity
P.O. Box 710
Tucson, AZ 85702-0710

England: When Mick Met Keith …


Well finally; and much too late in my own opinion; Platform No. 2 at Dartford station, Kent, South East England; has finally erected a plaque in memory of the place where one Mick Jagger met with a young Keith Richards on October 17th 1961 – and a friendship which went on to become known throughout the world as the ‘Rolling Stones’.

SAV founder Mark is also a born and bred Kent – Dartford lad; having been born in the outskirts of the Borough.

Here is the article from the local newspaper – the KM Extra, dated 10th February 2015, showing the sign which now stands on the station platform, and also a close up of the wording.

stones 1_NEW

stones 2_NEW

Dartford has the ‘Mick Jagger Centre’  which was named in tribute to Mick and which hosts a huge amount of musical guests.

Location – Dartford is in the County of ‘Kent’, which is South East of London.  The station is a regular for all Kent commuters heading into London for work each day.

See more of wonderful, historic Kent, known nationally as the ‘Garden of England’ because of all the superb fruit it produces, at:….0…1ac.1.30.img..0.12.621.2HMLYuXgprU .






The Video China Does Not Want You To See.

free tibet 3

free tibet banner

The Chinese authorities don’t want this video to be seen – they have confiscated mobile phones from those filming protests in Yushu. But one Tibetan has managed to smuggle this out.

Tibetans whose houses were destroyed by a major 2010 earthquake have been ordered to pay the authorities for reconstruction, despite funds coming from international donations.

Police have flooded the area, eight Tibetans have been arrested and others threatened if they fail to pay.

free tibet Tsepak

Protests over land rights and the environment are growing in Tibet.

Tsepak and Jigshi Kyab (pictured above) have been arrested after protesting land confiscations, after the local authorities broke promises to resolve their grievances.

They held banners saying “We will protect our land even at the cost of our lives”.

This month a new report from our research partner Tibet Watch highlighted the authorities’ repressive and often violent response to environmental protests in recent years.

You can read it here

Other news –

Home –

Donate –

Join –

Shop –

free tibet 2

free tibet 4




Canada: Takes No Action Against The Logging Industry; Instead Blames and Kills The Wolves !! Summary – Logging Makes Money – Wolves Do Not.


SAV Comment:

Obviously money is more important than anything else – so they think – bugger wildlife and the beauty it brings – Kill, kill, kill – we are humans after all !!

Here we go again – not being happy at slaughtering seals every year, Canada is now adding wolf slaughter to its cv.

Keep howling and sign the petition please.  Make the government act for once against the real abusers – the logging industry.


Petition Link:

The government is killing wolves again, supposedly in the name of conservation. This brutal slaughter has been going on for years – more than 1,000 wolves in Alberta have already been shot, poisoned or strangled.

Act now to stop this inhumane wolf cull – sign the Care2 petition to government officials today!

The government says that the killings are necessary to save woodland caribou. But in fact, caribou are endangered because industrial logging and oil and gas development has destroyed their habitat.

Rather than fixing the real threat to caribou, the government is blaming wolves and using this justification to kill them.

The government won’t stop this barbaric cull unless they hear from enough people demanding protection for the wolves.


Sign the Care2 petition urging wildlife officials in Alberta and B.C. to stop the wolf slaughter today!

Thank you,

Cate H.
The Care2 Petitions Team

Petition link:




13/2/15 – Friday 13th February is ‘World Love for Dolphins Day’. Mass Global Protests Against Japanese Dolphin Killers.

sea shepherd 1

The Cove

Friday 13th February is World Love for Dolphins Day.

world love for dolphins day

Click on the link below for more info and also for several posters to download and print for the demonstrations.


Demonstrate at Japanese Embassy & Consulates

Sea Shepherd will be demonstrating outside Japanese Consulates and the Japanese Embassies.

Join Sea Shepherd and Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians to remind the Japanese government that the Taiji drive hunts dishonor Japan.

Japan can only begin to restore their honor by ending the horror in the Taiji Cove. Download & print a poster, and join us.








USA: DNA Analysis Confirms Wolf Shot In Utah Was ‘Echo’ – Who Had Travelled Hundreds Of Miles To The Grand Canyon.


DOW Woolves on brink

Dear Mark,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to share the news – the Grand Canyon wolf is dead.

DNA analysis confirms that the female wolf shot and killed on December 28th in Utah was the same wolf that some in the Southwest had nicknamed “Echo.”

Not long ago, she captured the world’s imagination by showing up on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon – hundreds of miles from her birthplace in the Northern Rockies. She was the first wild wolf to see the Grand Canyon in 70 years.

Her death is a cautionary tale – a glimpse into the dark future facing so many of America’s wolves if the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service goes through with its proposed national delisting.

I know you love wolves as much as I do. So won’t you please make a generous donation today to Defenders of Wildlife – for the wolves and other vulnerable wildlife?

We’re fighting a multi-front war for America’s wolves – in Washington, D.C., in the field, and in rogue states like Idaho. No one fights for the wolves you love harder than Defenders. But we can’t do it alone.

That wolf travelled hundreds of miles from her Northern Rockies home in search of new habitat and a mate. That’s what healthy wolves do. She reminded us all of the resilience of these magnificent animals. But her tragic death also reminds us that wolves need continued protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Please donate today to help us continue our all-out fight for America’s wolves!

Thank you for your passion and your commitment.


Jamie Rappaport Clark
Defenders of Wildlife

We Are Trying – But Sometimes We get Caught Out. Today Was One Of Those Days !




Dear all;

In addition to this site; on which EVERYTHING is vetted and approved before posting; we also have an SAV Facebook site with very many ‘animal welfare’ members who put out appeals and requests for help; in addition to showing the excellent work they are doing to help animals in need.

Like this site, SAV Facebook should be completely geared towards helping animals, nothing more, nothing less.

We (at SAV) are provided with new SAV Facebook members requests to join up in advance of final approval. We have certain things to go with, and usually you can get a ‘feel’ for the person wishing to join.  Currently on SAV Facebook we have around 1,149 members.

Usaually we do not have any problems and are very keen to welcome new members into the group.  But sometimes; at odd times, you do get someone who applies to join; and despite doing what you can by checking them out a bit in advance, they end up joining for reasons other than animal welfare.

Today we have approved 3 new members – 2 of them we are very keen to welcome; but the latest ‘member’ who was approved tonight  immediately (within 5 minutes) started to load porno video and footage onto the site.

We hopefully stepped in within a few minutes to remove all the footage from SAV Facebook; and also to block the person from ever posting anything more onto the site.

Yup, tonight we were duped – by someone who obviously has no interest in animal welfare; but who wants to infiltrate and show their pervy videos and footage onto the SAV Facebook site.

Hopefully, within an hour of getting approved; this perv has now been completely blocked from future actions.

You see some come and you see some go – life plays out that way.

But we are trying to do basic checks on people and all requests for membership prior to giving them approval to join the SAV Facebook group.  Unfortunately, you always get the odd one who tries to get through in order to put something of no interest to most members onto the site and tonight it happened.

Stick with us; we are trying to validate all people, but sometimes you can be sent a few ‘benders’ to throw you off track during the approval process.  But we can deal with it; and as tonight’s new porno info shows, we can and will take action to remove it asap !

We continue to always welcome new SAV Facebook members requests to join up – we try to deal with them on the same day as the request was made.  So keep on; don’t let this event put anyone off – as we say; people who try to infiltrate for reasons other than animal welfare issues will be blocked as soon as we are able !

I hope this gives you an insight into what we are trying to do on SAV Facebook.We will always continue to welcome new animal welfare supporters to the site; so contact us if you wish to join.

Regards Mark

For all your ANIMAL WELFARE issues !!

 arghh 2

Serbia: Repic Lepic is seriously ill. Please Help if You Can Thank You.

Serbian  Flag




Please share and help if you can!

Repic Lepic is seriously ill.

He stopped eating a few days ago, he’s rapidly losing weight, his coat is poor and dull and he looks all shaggy and miserable. When he was taken to the vet, it turned out his body temperature was 35.9 C, he was utterly dehydrated and is suspected to have bronchial pneumonia.

He’s been receiving IV fluids for hours every single day since Thursday and is also being given Longaceph and sulphonamide antibiotics.

His nose was totally stuffed up before treatment and it was necessary to clear out the mucus from his throat and nose – as soon as he began to breathe easier, he already looked much more lively.

Repic endured a horrific ordeal and was forced to live through a nightmare during the first five months of his life. While he was living on the street somebody tried to pull his eye out, so he underwent surgery.

His eye has been saved, but the vision in that right eye is gone forever. A few months later, some male cats raped him and he returned home all bruised and bitten. Quite understandably, he is shy, withdrawn and not people friendly, so he only lets strangers touch him when he is very unwell.

Please, help us provide this beautiful kitty boy with all the medical care he needs!

We couldn’t help him avoid suffering what happened when he was little, but we certainly can help him now!

Anything you’re able to contribute towards his care adds up and means a lot!





Australia: Can You Take Part In A Quick Live Export Survey ? – Open To ALL Nationalities.


Al Mawashi 1

If you can find the time to help an Australian student with views on the live export trade, then just click and take part in the short survey which can be accessed below – Thanks SAV.

live ex ship

Above – A live export ship carries Australian animals to death in the Middle East.

Dear Mark

A year 12 student has created this survey on live exports, and we think it’s important that the results they end up with reflect community attitude.

The animals Australia currently exports for slaughter and breeding are sheep, cattle, goats, buffalo and camels. The methods used to slaughter animals are slaughter with stunning, Halal slaughter with reversible stunning, Halal slaughter with no stunning, Kosher slaughter with no stunning and non-Halal, non-Kosher, unstunned street slaughter with added abuse.

The pro-live export mob are onto it already, so we urge you to please take 2 minutes out of your busy day and have your say; just click on the highlighted link above.

In appreciation

Katrina Love

Campaign Manager & Coordinator

Stop Live Exports.

England: A Great News Update From IAR On ‘Budi’ The Baby Orangutan – He Is Coming On In Leaps and Bounds !

Budi feeding feb 15

Please go to the IAR site via the following links:

Where you can become a supporter and either donate to adopt Budi and lots more.

You may remember that we recently posted an article on little ‘Budi’, the baby Orangutan who was so very close to death when he was finally taken in by the International Animal Rescue team:

Well now we have had an update from IAR; and the fantastic news is that Budi is really coming on in leaps and bounds ! – he now looks so good you would not even think it was the same tiny animal which was rescued a few weeks ago.

Thank you for your support!


Budi feb 15

Dear Mark

I wanted to write to you on behalf of our amazing animal care team and sincerely thank you for your recent donation to International Animal Rescue.

Thanks to you his life is no longer in danger and his health is improving every day. The change in little Budi has been remarkable. From a pitiful creature who was in so much pain that he was unable to move or sit up on his own, he has become an inquisitive young orangutan with a huge appetite for food and a strong will to survive. 

See the latest update on Budi here.

Many people have been moved and inspired by the story of Budi the baby orangutan

Budi has won the hearts of people all over the world and his story has given us an amazing opportunity to raise awareness of our orangutan rescue project in West Borneo.

I am sorry that it has taken us a while to write to you: of course, we have been busy looking after Budi but I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and let you know that your donation has made a real difference. As you will see from his update, Budi is responding extremely well and, while there is still lots to do, because of your contribution we have been able to provide him with the very best intensive care – I am sure that you will be as delighted as we are with his progress.

I have been asked whether it is possible to adopt Budi and I am very pleased to say we have just completed the adoption package for our new star. I would like to offer you an early opportunity to adopt Budi, and become one of Budi’s “first buddies” – if you will forgive the pun! – before we share this exciting news with the rest of our supporters.

Should you decide to adopt Budi, you can choose either a digital pack or postal pack and you will receive a certificate, factsheet and full colour photo of Budi, followed by regular updates, photos and videos of his progress, accessible via our website.

Please note that the postal packs are still in production and it could be a few days before they are dispatched from the UK. Our digital packs are sent immediately after purchase and make the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Once again, please accept a very heartfelt “thank you” for your support on behalf of Budi and all of us at International Animal Rescue. Our rescue teams out in the field genuinely couldn’t save a single animal without you.

With warm regards.

Yours sincerely

Alan Knight OBE

Chief Executive

Copyright © 2015 International Animal Rescue, All rights reserved.

Our UK mailing address is:

International Animal Rescue

Lime House

Regency Close

Uckfield, East SussexTN22 1DS

United Kingdom

Add us to your address book

UK Registered Charity number 1118277

Our US mailing address is:
International Animal Rescue – US
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USA: Petition – Officially ban the capture of wild killer whales off of Washington State’s coasts.


orca wild


dolphin capture

Petition Link -

Target: Senator Kirk Pearson, Chair of the Washington State Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Parks

Goal: Officially ban the capture of wild killer whales off of Washington State’s coasts.

Capturing wild killer whales off the coast of Washington so that they can be put in tanks and made to perform tricks might soon be made illegal, if legislation under consideration by the state’s Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Parks is approved. This would be a huge blow to the unethical animal entertainment industry. Demand that the committee approve of the proposal so that it can be given a full Senate vote and ultimately made law.

Washington’s Puget Sound, and the seas off the state, are a natural habitat for killer whales, and have been for hundreds of thousands of years. Because of this, more than half of all killer whales that have been captured and sent into captivity have come from Washington’s waters. Even though, admirably, there are no killer whales in captivity in the state itself, the fact that its waters could still be used as a source of these animals is an issue that needs to be addressed. The bill currently under discussion in the Committee on Natural Resources and Parks would do just that, but it needs to become law before it can have any positive impact.

To be given the chance to become law, the bill needs to be approved by the committee before it can actually be given a full vote by the Senate. Sign the petition below to demand that the committee approve the bill and send it to the Senate floor for a full vote.


Dear Senator Pearson,

I am writing you today regarding a bill that you and your colleagues in the Committee on Natural Resources and Parks are discussing that would ban the capture of killer whales in your state’s waters. I urge you and your committee to approve the bill so that it can have the chance to become law.

As your colleagues have pointed out, more than half of the killer whales that have been captured and put in captivity have come from Washington. These naturally social and highly intelligent animals, who in their natural habitats regularly swim thousands of miles, are then placed in chlorinated tanks that are too small and forced to perform tricks. They are denied everything that is natural to them. You have heard testimony from advocates of these practices in your committee’s discussion over this bill who claimed that this helped the animals because it inspires people to support their conservation. In what backwards world does actively harming killer whales help their conservation?

This bill is a huge step forward for protecting these animals and making sure that they can live as they were always meant to. I demand that you and your committee approve this bill so that it can move on to the Senate floor and be given the chance to become law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Christopher Michel via Wikimedia Commons

England: Another Slaughterhouse That Should be Closed Down – Hillside Capture Undercover Abuses During 3 Month Filming.



SAV Comment

This is why cctv should be fitted as compulsory into EVERY slaughterhouse right across the EU.  People should not be allowed to get away with animal abuse, especially at their time of death.  They are frightened; they hear, see and smell others die – the whole system is wrong.  S. Bagshaw and Sons  who run this facility – butchers they certainly are.  Close them down !

Click here to see the other recent expose by Animal Aid at a UK slaughterhouse:


Please click here, or above, to see our latest Farm Animal Investigation including a short film of our findings.  This investigation, which was carried out 200 miles away from us in Staffordshire, was featured in both yesterday’s Sunday Mirror and today’s Daily Mail.  Once again, we have uncovered cruelty to animals behind the closed doors of the farming industry, that are destined for the food table. Today, following this exposure, Trading Standards, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the RSPCA have all visited the premises and have told us they intend to take appropriate action using the filmed evidence we are providing to them. 

Link to the investigation report…

If you would like to help us with our work exposing cruelty to innocent animals,
please click here to donate to our Farm Animal Investigations Appeal

Hillside paper cover


Hillside report 2






Serbia: Little Švrća Is Just 2 Months Old; But Undergoing Veterinary Treatment For His Sickness.

Serbian  Flag

starving pup

Švrća was found on the streets in Serbia in a terrible state.

At only 2 months old he has not known what the comforts of a home and family are.

He has several spots with no hair compounded with wounds.

He was taken immediately to a vet for examination. Švrća has demodex, poor blood results and he has a temperature. Although it is not yet known what other infections he is fighting off, his treatment will last for at least 2 months.

As a result he will needs to stay in vet clinic during the therapy which makes it expensive.

Švrća needs help urgently.

To donate and help with his medical costs, please click on the following:

SAV Comment

The money required is not a great deal to help this little guy get better.

If everyone gave just a few Euros we would reach the target overnight.  

We have helped get the ball rolling – can you join us ?

Thank you  – SAV.

Serbia: 8/2/15 – News From Felix Shelter About Fiona – She Is Doing Just Fine !

Serbian  Flag


fiona post op


Above – Fiona now after the surgery

Below – immediately after her paw had to be amputated.


fiona paw amputated

Fiona’s doing great, even though she’s a tripod kitty now :) Before it started snowing, she was cheerfully hopping through the yard, scratching cat posts and having fun as if nothing had changed, but now that everything’s white, cold and wet outside, she’s spending most of her time indoors.

A huge thank you to all of you who contributed towards the costs of her surgery and post operative care, thus enabling this beautiful girl to enjoy life again!

winter has come 2015

Yet another snowstorm has hit us yesterday. It’s a heavy, wet snow that never stays around for a long time because it’s just not cold enough.

Although the actual outside temperature is around 0 degrees Celsius, the “feels like” temperature is much lower. The stinging wind that brought us the snow chills you right to the bone and most of the kitties are tucked up in their nicely heated rooms; the radiators have suddenly become everyone’s favorite snoozing spots.

However, some of them are sneezing and having eye discharge, it seems to happen every winter, so please, if you can, help us provide them with high quality food and vitamin supplements to make them stronger for what lies ahead.

This year’s cold season is evidently far from finished.

Thank you all in advance!

Regards and thanks – Danica.





7/2/15 – New Petition To Free ‘Lolita’ – Please Sign and Crosspost.


lolita pool

7/2/15 – there is a new petition which has started to free Lolita

– here is the link; please make sure you sign and pass on to everyone that you are able

– Thanks SAV.



and pass on to all that you know !!


lolita pool

 In this dump since she was captured in 1970 – FREE HER NOW

orca wild

dolphin capture

Additional petition – Officially ban the capture of wild killer whales off of Washington State’s coasts.

Please go to the following for more and to sign:


USA: Lolita the Loneliest Orca Finally Gets Endangered Species Protection – and the Possible Eventual Return to Her Pod.




Update 9/2/15

orca wild

Additional petition – Officially ban the capture of wild killer whales off of

Washington State’s coasts.

Please go to the following for more info and to sign:

AND ………….

NEW Free Lolita Petition – Please sign and crosspost.

7/2/15 – there is a new petition which has started to free Lolita –

here is the link; please make sure you sign and pass on to everyone that you are able – thanks SAV.

We are giving the Lolita issue below prime position this weekend, but as an additional note we have also posted a host of new petitions for you to sign as well if you feel like it.

Just click here to be redirected to the petitions:



Lolita the Loneliest Orca Finally Gets Endangered Species Protection


by Alicia Graef

February 6, 2015

Animal advocates are celebrating news that Lolita, the lone orca at the Miami Seaquarium, is another step closer to freedom with the announcement that she will now get the endangered species protection already granted to her wild relatives.

Lolita is a member of the Southern Resident killer whales, who live in three distinct pods (J,K and L) in the Pacific Northwest. Her tragic story began in 1970 when she was taken from her family during a brutal roundup in Penn Cove, Wash., when she was just a calf.  She has been in a ridiculously small tank at the Miami Seaquarium ever since.

Her relatives, who have yet to recover from the losses they suffered to the captivity industry, were protected under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 2005, but the listing specifically – and inexplicably – excluded any orcas placed in captivity prior to the listing, leaving Lolita out.

In 2013, the Orca Network, Animal Legal Defense Fund and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals filed a petition seeking to have her included in the listing, arguing, among other things, that Lolita is the only captive member of any endangered species to be excluded from a listing decision like this. Ultimately, they hope her inclusion will help lead to her being freed from her current confines in the oldest and smallest tank in the United States.

This week, and in response to the petition, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that she will be included in the ESA listing along with the rest of the Southern Residents. The agency stated:

As presented in the proposed rule we find that Lolita’s captive status, in and of itself, does not preclude her listing under the ESA.  Accordingly, we are removing the exclusion for captive whales in the regulatory language describing the Southern Resident killer whale DPS.   The best available genetic information and sighting history of killer whales supports  recognizing Lolita as a member of the Southern Resident killer whale population and, as such, is not excluded from the listed Southern Resident killer whale DPS.

While the ruling doesn’t guarantee her freedom, or initiate any immediate changes, her advocates are celebrating it as another positive step in the fight for her freedom. Howard Garrett, founder of the Orca Network, said in an email that this is a huge breakthrough towards getting her home. He further explained that her inclusion should make her current living conditions illegal under the ESA, which makes it unlawful to harm, harass or take endangered animals, and gives her advocates grounds to sue the Seaquarium, or possibly NOAA, over those violations.

The ultimate goal is to get Lolita back to her native waters off the coast of Washington. While those who want to see her stay where she is are continuing to try to incite fears that moving her will unquestionably kill her, mainstream media is helping them out by perpetuating the perception that crazy animal activists want to plunk her down in the ocean, wave goodbye and let her fend for herself when that is not the case.

The Orca Network has an extensive retirement plan in place that’s been ready and waiting for her for years. The plan involves relocating her to a sea pen where she will be able to feel the current and communicate with her pod. She will hopefully be able to return to the wild and reintegrate with her family, however, if she is unwilling, or unable, they have vowed to provide care for her for the remainder of her life. In either case, it’s far better than any future she could face in captivity.

Some are also spinning Keiko’s story as an example of what could happen should she be released. Her advocates, however, counter that the two are entirely different cases and that depending on how we look at it, Keiko’s release can be seen as a success. The creators of the documentary Keiko: the Untold Story are currently calling out PBS for misrepresenting what happened to him by saying he died after only a year.

In reality, after 23 years of confinement, he spent five years freely and independently in the wild, going from listless in captivity to curious and adventurous in the wild, but a major problem for him was that we didn’t know where his family was.

We know exactly who Lolita’s family is and exactly where they are. She is a member of the L pod and her mother, L25 (Ocean Sun), is still believed to be alive and with the pod, along with a few others who were present the day Lolita was taken. According to the Orca Network, she still calls out in the unique language used only by her family members – she remembers.

The story about Springer, the first orca who was successfully rescued and returned to the wild where she was recently spotted with a calf of her own, should also offer hope that Lolita, who is strong and healthy, would have the same success.

While future legal actions on her behalf have yet to be decided, there’s currently a lawsuit pending on appeal against the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) concerning the Seaquarium’s violations of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The lawsuit argues that not only is she being kept in a tank that violates the USDA’s standards for minimum size, but she’s being kept in solitary confinement with no escape from the Florida sun or other weather conditions, which are now all violations.

According to Garrett, if they win, it’s proof that keeping her in that tank causing her harm and needs to be remedied, but if they lose the violations and harm done will be documented and ready to use in any future lawsuits.

While we wait for the outcome of the pending lawsuit, which is expected to be heard in March, we can help Lolita by ensuring she has a home and family to go to by supporting campaigns to restore Chinook salmon, which the Southern Residents rely on for food.

For more info on how to help, visit the Orca Network and Whale and Dolphin Conservation’s Don’t Let Orcas Be Dammed campaign.

Read more:


England / Brussels: News Update – Serbian Animal Fighting Videos – Thursday 5th February 2015.


News Update – Serbian Animal Fighting Videos – Thursday 5th February 2015.

We have again been in contact with the Brussels office of English MEP Keith Taylor today – as we hope he will be working with us to further the issue of animal fighting in Serbia that we have shown on one of our recent posts.

Keith’s office have informed that the issue should be discussed on Monday 9/2, and we should be informed of news thereafter.

We will keep you updated about further actions on this issue.

Here again is the link we posted to many of the videos – but we would suggest that they are not watched very often as they are very disturbing to animal people.  This is why we now need to take the issue further with the EU Enlargement Commission via Keith.  Serbia needs to enforce its laws and prosecute animal fighters – it is not at this present time – so we suggest that Serbia is not granted membership of the EU until it proves that it IS taking the relevant action.

England: Time Out – I Think Everyone Needs It After All These Terrible Posts Recently !



Was HM The Queen indoors at ‘Buck House’ as we call it in England ?

– brilliant laser show on the walls of the palace – enjoy !




BREAKING NEWS – VIETNAM – Disgusting !! – All Rescued Cats Have Now Probably Been Buried Alive – Link To Further News.

** Breaking News ** 5/2/15 ** Breaking News ** – Vietnam.

All the cats from the recent rescue  have now been killed – probably buried alive.

Read more and get an update on new information and a new petition at:


The UK Press have taken up the issue – click below for UK Press articles:






Beirut: CIWF (UK) Expose Utter Animal Cruelty In All Forms At The Karantina Slaughterhouse. Now It Is Currently Closed Down.



Picture – CIWF.

An update from our friends and fellow campaigners; Philip and the crew at Compassion In World Farming (CIWF), down at Godalming, here in England.


Please note that the video on the following link shows extreme cruelty, and viewer discretion is advised.

Update January 2015:

During December 2014 Compassion attended several meetings in Beirut with government officials to discuss and advise on the animal welfare issues at Karantina and the potential next steps that must be taken to reduce animal suffering. It became clear that authorities wish to carry out temporary renovation work at Karantina with a view to building a new slaughterhouse in the future that will both improve animal welfare and food hygiene. Officials were positive about the importance of improving animal welfare in any new set up and have said they will keep Compassion involved as the situation develops. We very much hope that this work will be the start of improving other slaughterhouses in Lebanon also, so that we can see a meaningful reduction in the suffering of the animals facing slaughter in Lebanon.

Update November 2014:

We are delighted to report that the Karantina Slaughterhouse has been SHUT DOWN. This is a fantastic result for Compassion supporters, following our 130,000 strong petition and extensive lobbying efforts. We wait to hear how long the shutdown will last, and what the plans are for the future. But right now, the Karantina slaughterhouse, one of the cruellest we have ever borne witness to, is empty. Millions more animals need our help, please take the action below to demand that no more European animals are exported beyond the reach of animal welfare laws.

Horrific conditions exposed

In 2013, as part of our investigation into the fate of exported EU animals Compassion witnessed animals being subjected to brutal slaughter conditions in Lebanon.

Man dragging a sheep at the Karantina slaughterhouse

At the Karantina slaughterhouse in Beirut, which supplies a third of the meat in the Lebanese capital, animals were being picked up and slammed onto their backs on the concrete floor, where they were held down as their throats were cut while they were fully conscious. Sheep were dragged by one hind leg to a line where they are slaughtered alongside others that were thrashing around in blood and faeces.

The treatment these animals face contravenes the guidelines of the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) of which Lebanon is a member. Compassion in World Farming is currently campaigning to have Karantina shut down until such a time when it can be renovated to provide slaughter facilities that, at the very minimum, meet OIE standards.

Who we (SAV) ask are the real terrorists ?? – animal rights, or the alleged humans creating terror in all these animals which you see in this footage ??

Read More – Investigations Unit -

Serbia: 5/2/15 – More News From Danica At Shelter Felix.

Serbian  Flag


feb 5 felix

Danica Mirkovic Shelter Felix

Unfortunately, last year’s phase of shelter repairs lasted forever and it wasn’t until mid November that we began to think of raising funds for the first tank of gas for central heating.

Things couldn’t have looked darker until the awesome Laura Simpson and her very impressive organization The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund stepped in and managed to raise almost the entire sum needed in no time at all.

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who responded to our plea for help, none of the Felix kitties even noticed the severe drops of outside temperatures in December as their rooms were properly heated and pleasantly warm.

The first shipment of heating fuel is supposed to last until the end of February and then we’ll have to find a way to raise the funds for another gas delivery.

Read more on my blog:


USA: Petition To Thank NY Police For Saving 174 Rabbits. Please Sign.



Praise Police for Saving Rabbits from Frigid Temperatures

SAV Comment – Credit where its due – a petition to thank the NY police for saving the lives of many rabbits in the recent freezing weather.

Please sigh this petition to thank the valiant work of the police.

Link for sigs –

Target: New York Police Commissioner, William J. Bratton

Goal: Praise the police department for saving over 174 rabbits from frigid temperatures.

Authorities seized a large number of rabbits that were spotted living in an unsheltered garden yard in Brooklyn, New York. They took the rabbits to keep them safe from New York’s frigid winter temperatures. Over 174 rabbits were taken to a shelter and were being examined by a veterinarian at Animal Care and Control of New York City (AC&C).

The police were responding to a 911 call from a witness who saw the rabbits running around in snow. They called the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and AC&C to the owner’s home to assist with the investigation and to decide if the environment was suitable for the animals. The authorities warned the owner of the animals, Dorota Trec, that the yard was not a safe environment for that number of animals. They instructed her to provide a more suitable shelter for her pets.

After their initial visit and warning to the owner, they received more complaints from witnesses.

The police returned to the yard and with the advice of animal welfare organizations, deemed that the animals were not living in a suitable environment.

They obtained warrant to seize 74 rabbits. On January 29, 2015, the authorities came back to the garden yard and seized over 100 more rabbits. Reports state that the rabbits suffered from a number of diseases, including syphilis.

Please sign this petition to thank the NYPD, ASPCA, and AC&C for saving these rabbits from their unsuitable living conditions.

happy rabbit

USA: Mercy For Animals article on expose of Nebraska based U.S. Meat Animal Research Center.



MFA US Research centre.jpp

Photo – via MFA website.

Mercy For Animals article on expose of Nebraska based

U.S. Meat Animal Research Center:

MFA link:

by Sarah Von Alt – Jan 21, 2015

An investigation by The New York Times has exposed a little-known institution in Nebraska called the U.S. Meat Animal Research Center, where farmed animals are subjected to cruelty beyond imagination.

Not surprisingly, the facility’s mission is to help producers of beef, pork, and lamb turn a higher profit.

……..  This research has included efforts to breed cows who produce twins or triplets and sheep who are easier to care for and less domesticated. There have also been numerous attempts to breed pigs to be bigger and leaner and produce larger litters.

Read the full story by clicking on the MFA link given at the start of this post.

Check out other MFA campaign issues on their blog –






England: 3/2/15 – Animal Aid Expose New Footage Of Animal Abuses At English Halal Slaughterhouse. We Say ‘Never Again’ – Roll On May Elections 2015.


3/2/15 – Kent, England based Animal Aid (Kent – also SAV territory) have today released undercover footage of animal suffering at the hands of Halal slaughtermen.

We have supported calls for ages to have cctv fitted into EVERY slaughterhouse across the entire EU, to ensued that there are more controls on the abuses that animals suffer at their time of death.  Via the Animal Aid data provided below, you can take several lines of action.  We suggest you watch the video footage prior to taking the actions.

Animal Aid – Latest News & Campaigns

Want more? Read the latest news, get active with action alerts, or find out more in the campaigns area.

Undercover: inside a UK non-stun slaughterhouse

Animal Aid has today made public footage it took covertly from inside Bowood slaughterhouse in Yorkshire. The footage, which was taken over three days in December, showed:

Sheep kicked in the face; smashed into solid objects headfirst; picked up and hurled by legs, fleeces, throats and ears.

A worker standing on the neck of a conscious sheep, then bouncing up and down.

Slaughterhouse workers erupting into laughter at a sheep bleeding to death with spectacles drawn around her eyes in green paint.

A worker holding a sheep by her throat and pulling back a fist as if to punch her.

Slaughtermen taunting and frightening the sheep by waving knives, smacking them on the head and shouting at them.

Slaughtermen hacking away at the throats of still-conscious sheep.

More about our undercover investigation in a non-stun slaughterhouse

Watch the 3-minute film

Read the Daily Mail article

Sign the petition

- The petition currently has over 86,000 signatures.  If we can achieve 100,000+ then it is possible that this issue would have to be debated in UK Parliament.  Therefore please sign now.

HM Government e petition wording is as follows:

Make CCTV mandatory for all slaughterhouses

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

We urge the government to make CCTV installation mandatory for all slaughterhouses, with selected footage independently monitored by welfare experts.

Animal Aid investigated nine randomly chosen UK slaughterhouses and found breaches of welfare laws in eight. Animals were shown being kicked, slapped, stamped on, beaten, punched, burned with cigarettes, and picked up by their fleeces and ears and thrown into pens. It showed inadequate, botched and multiple stunning, and the sadistic use of stunning equipment to ‘punish’ animals.

Neither the government-appointed on-site vets nor the slaughterhouse operators detected a single illegal act that we filmed.

Properly monitored CCTV would deter abuse, encourage best practice, help with staff training, and provide evidence for prosecutions.

CCTV won’t end slaughterhouse suffering, but it is an invaluable tool to help vets and welfare officers protect animals from gratuitous abuse and incompetent or negligent workers.

This e-petition has received the following response:

As this e-petition has received more than 10 000 signatures, the relevant Government department have provided the following response:

The Government encourages the highest standards of welfare at slaughter. Both EU Regulation 1099/2009, on the protection of animals at time of killing, and the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations 1995 (WASK), as amended, contain strict requirements to protect the welfare of animals being slaughtered. In slaughterhouses, these requirements are monitored and enforced by Official Veterinarians of the Food Standards Agency to ensure that animals are spared unnecessary suffering, distress or pain during the slaughter process.

Some of the undercover evidence has been gathered in premises which already had CCTV which implies CCTV may not be an effective monitoring tool though it could be helpful as a verification tool for audit purposes after a welfare breach has taken place in a particular slaughterhouse. The Government is not convinced of the need for further legislation at this time but will be keeping the need for CCTV under review in the context of the new monitoring requirements required under Regulation 1099/2009 which came into direct effect in January 2013.

This e-petition remains open to signatures and will be considered for debate by the Backbench Business Committee should it pass the 100 000 signature threshold.


The ‘Guardian’ (UK National Press) Link with detailed video footage – WARNING – animal abuse shown.

Halal slaughterhouse staff investigated over alleged animal cruelty

Video footage from animal rights group appears to show sheep being kicked, hacked at and hurled into structures at Bowood Lamb abattoir in Yorkshire

Secret CCTV footage exposes halal abattoir cruelty

Undercover video shot by an animal welfare group appearing to show the brutal treatment of sheep at a Yorkshire abattoir has rekindled the debate over whether animals need to be stunned before they are killed.

The footage gathered by campaigning group Animal Aid shows sheep being kicked, threatened with knives and thrown into solid structures. In one case a worker appears to be pinning a sheep’s head down with his foot. Four slaughtermen at Bowood Lamb, a halal slaughterhouse in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, have had their operating licences suspended and the company said one worker had been sacked.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched an investigation into the footage, saying there is “no excuse for treating animals in the way shown on the video” and adding that prosecutions could follow.

Over three days in December, activists from Animal Aid used hidden cameras to record footage which appeared to show:

  • A worker hacking and sawing at animals’ throats, in direct contravention of Islamic practice. In one instance it took up to five attempts to sever blood vessels.

  • Sheep being kicked in the face and head, lifted by their ears, fleeces or legs and hurled into solid structures.

  • A worker standing on the neck of a conscious sheep and bouncing up and down.

  • Staff erupting into laughter over a sheep bleeding to death with spectacles drawn around her eyes in green paint.

  • Employees taunting and frightening animals by waving knives, smacking them on the head and shouting at them.

The law requires abattoirs to stun animals before slaughter to prevent unnecessary suffering, but there are exemptions for Jewish and Muslim producers.

Under the halal code, animals are supposed to be killed quickly, with a single sweep of a surgically sharp knife.

They should not see the knife before they are slaughtered, or witness the death of other animals.

Footage from the Animal Aid video of the halal slaughterhouse.

Photograph: Animal Aid/PA

The video footage appears to show that these rules were not adhered to at Bowood, where more than 4,000 sheep were filmed being killed, the animal rights organisation said.

Sheep appeared to have knives sharpened in front of them and watched their flock-mates bleeding to death before being shackled and hoisted.

Responding to the allegation from Animal Aid that the alleged abuse captured on film was “routine”, Jamie Foster, solicitor for Bowood Lamb, said that was not correct.

Speaking on the BBC’s Farming Today programme, Foster said one employee had been sacked and added the company took animal welfare extremely seriously.

“We have very limited access to the footage … but clearly the piece we saw which involved a slaughterman standing on the neck of a sheep was something that fell far below the standards that Bowood would find acceptable and that individual was immediately dismissed for gross misconduct.”

Kate Fowler, head of campaigns at Animal Aid, said the scenes were “inexcusable”.

Animal Aid also criticised the poor design of the slaughterhouse. The group said that sheep fell some distance from a chute on to a slippery floor in the kill area and were often unable to stand.

They were then frequently thrown head first into a solid structure, Animal Aid said.

The group is calling for independently monitored CCTV cameras to be compulsory at slaughterhouses.

Slaughterhouses in the UK are regulated by the FSA, which provides operating licences and carries out inspections.

The FSA said: “The Food Standards Agency takes animal welfare at abattoirs very seriously, which is why we immediately suspended the licences of the slaughtermen involved.

“There is no excuse for treating animals in the way shown on the video and we are therefore investigating the footage with a view to prosecution.”

Last year, 2.4m sheep and goats were killed without being stunned in halal and Jewish shechita abattoirs, according to the British Veterinary Association.

Animal Aid said it recognised there was a risk of the video stirring up anti-Muslim feeling, but added: “Withholding release of the footage would be a betrayal of our key mission: to expose and combat animal cruelty.”

Animal welfare



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Serbia: Chained and Lacking Food In A Hostile Environment – Now Rescued But In Need of Help For A Few Months. Can You Give Anything ?

Serbian  Flag

no food no water


See loads and loads of rescued dogs pictures at

Help pay for their keep at the moment on

Direct paypal say for Sanja mum & 3 pups to ~

Dear friends

I am begging for your help – These poor souls were chained and severely neglected in a very hostile environment. Please take a look at these photos – chains were so short, they couldn’t even lie down, Even if they had some food or water they wouldn’t be able to reach it.

The small, cute grey dog, still a puppy, was not able even to sit down (because the chain was too short).

The beautiful female dog has thee puppies – but her chain was so short and this poor mother was not able to care for her babies . They were forced to be in one position 24/7.

In early morning hours, we’ve jumped the fence and took the dogs. First mother and babies, and then we came back for the gray dog. Luckily, one really nice lady from Slovenia saw our photos and offered to take the gray dog under her wing, however we didn’t have a solution for the mom and her babies – so they spent a whole day in a car while we were trying to find a place for them.

No one offered to take them, so we had no choice bat place them in a paid pansion facility with a promise that we will somehow provide for them. The pansion is 150EV (food included) for mom and her three beautiful babies. While I was sharing their photos some good people promised to provide for their vaccines – and I truly hope they will live up to a promise, but the pension cost is something that truly worries me as I do not know what to do with them if I fail to fund-raise the accommodation requirements – I have no options nor solutions for this beautiful loving mother and her babies.

Please take a look at their clip from the car – sweet, sweet, helpless babies . Is there any way we can keep them safe at least for two months – until they recover. I promise, I will diligently share their album and beg anyone I know to help me find a loving home for

Please send your donations to clearly marked “For Sanja’s mom and 3 puppies”…


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