Serbia: Azra Has A Cancer, But Needs Funds To Sort It – Please Help – See Below.


PLEASE read the story about Azra, so heartbreaking.  Azra doesn’t deserve this, so PLEASE anyone who might help her to continue the therapy, do it!

We have to win this battle together!


The Story

This is Azra, the beautiful girl whose ‘owner’ obviously does not care too much about her because he allowed her to come to this situation, and the situation is following: the carcinoma of the vagina whose type we still do not know because it requires a departure to vet clinic in Belgrade, after the suggestions of the veterinarians in Bor where Azra lives, and the pathohistology has to be done.

What the veterinarian suggests is a quality surgery of an experienced surgeon, which again requires a visit to Belgrade, and for which there is no money.

Jovan Joja Cvetkovic took over the dog as soon as he found out about her, since ‘the owner’  does not want to do anything about her, moreover, after  her cancer appeared he completely abandoned her and left her on her own.

I am asking you  that we all together help Joja and AZRA  to win this battle, not to give up on her without even trying. At least we owe it to Azra and him. By going to Belgrade and hopefully being operated, Azra has already begun receiving therapy in Bor with cytostatics, which costs a lot.

HELP for paying the treatment and Azra’s departure to Belgrade and eventual surgeries is more than welcome!

It is going to be hard and expensive according to vet, but AZRA deserves to live!



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Serbia: Help Rescued Pozega Dogs Get Well After Their Hellhole Suffering.



After those celebrating moments when we had your breathtaking support and we were fighting together to save as many lives as possible, came the time when isolation period was over and the need for vaccinations, testings, spaying’s and neutering’s has started.

All 49 last saved  dogs plus almost 90 previously rescued are now ready for their first vaccination against infectious diseases and each every one of them needs 4D testings, ultra sounds, neutering’s and spaying’s.


Many of the dogs who were already brutally butchered with primitive surgery in the kill shelter, need their neuter and spaying redone properly. On the top of our worries, that time of year has come and many unspayed females are currently in the heat, which makes our kennels very hard to control – and males clash.


For Your kind donations, PayPal address:  or  just click the PayPal button bellow:

The cost of each vaccine is 12.50 euros, the cost of each 4D test is 20 euros and the cost of reworking the tens of botched neutering and spayings varies from 25 euros up to 90 euros for some of the badly botched females to be redone and cleared of infections, plus 20 euros for previous ultra sounds.

It is a lot when numbers add. It is a lot for anyone to do this alone. But, we are not alone!


We are desperate to raise the funding now to continue with what needs to be done next. Can you help them go to their forever homes. Any donation, no matter how tiny, helps a dog in our care.



Help Pozega Dogs/Humanimal Balkans Admin team




Serbia: Great News From Shelter Felix – Argos Was Thought To Have Lost His Sight; But Now His Left Eye Vision Has Returned After Treatment !

We have some great news from Shelter Felix. 

See our recent post below – do you remember that everyone was informed that Argos had lost his sight and was completely blind ? – well there is some great news – the large hematoma behind his left eye has greatly reduced in size and as a result he has his left eye vision returned ! – that is wonderful news – he can see !


Argos is still under treatment, he’s being given injections at the vet’s every day while two different kinds of eye drops are being used locally. The vet is very satisfied with the kitten’s recovery, as a huge hematoma behind his eyes has reduced in size, his left eye’s totally cleared up now and his broken jaw is healing nicely. Unfortunately, his right eye is lost forever.

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Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96



Serbia: Argos’ Sigh Could Not Be Saved – Now He Needs Donations To Keep Him Secure At Felix Shelter. Thank You.


We had never thought that such a little creature could steal our hearts in just a matter of days. Last Wednesday, our friends from Anima informed us that they had been contacted by a family that wished to give Argos up for adoption, as they couldn’t take care of him anymore. And it wouldn’t have been a problem as all of us are used to receiving numerous appeals for help of the kind, if Argos hadn’t been completely blind. The only reason that Anima reached to us is that blind cats need to live in a controlled environment, for the sake of their own safety.

During the first conversation with his owners/caretakers, we found out that he was a young stray living on the streets until he got hit by a car approximately a month ago, so they picked him up and took him to the local vet. They live in a small city and the vet in question didn’t seem to be very interested in an injured stray. Argos received just minimal treatment that helped stabilize him, but nothing more, so he arrived at the shelter on Thursday and was immediately taken to our vet.


He tested negative for FIV/FeLV and his blood work was more or less normal, except for his eosinophils which were low, the vet suspected he has a parasitosis, so Argos was dewormed and deflead right away. Unfortunately, he still has a cerebral contusion and huge hematomas behind his eyes. His lower jaw was broken and is currently healing on its own, so right now he can eat only liquid food and soft cat pate’. He is under aggressive treatment because of his brain edema and is being given injections every day plus two different kinds of eye drops as a topical treatment. Sadly, his eyesight has been lost forever. Had the local vet who treated Argos right after his injury done something, anything, to try and reduce his brain edema and had he been able to at least begin solving some of the numerous problems this lovely kitty boy had at the time, Argos would have had at least some chances to see again one day – but as the vet failed, Argos will remain blind for the rest of his life.


Nevertheless, he is still cheerful, lively and enjoys eating Gourmet cat pate’ and kibble for baby cats, as it’s easier on his broken jaw. He’s gotten accustomed perfectly to his new surroundings and we are almost certain he’ll soon be having fun with all of the shelter kitties. But until he recovers, he needs to spend most of his time in a cage so that he heals well, he is being taken to the vet every day and is regularly receiving vitamins and supplements to boost his immune system. As soon as he gets strong enough, he will be vaccinated, microchipped and neutered and he will finally become an owned cat.

If someone wishes to donate diapers, cat pate’, sauce/gravy and cat litter or to make a financial contribution towards this sweet little creature’s recovery, he will be extremely grateful! We are sorry you can’t see Argos purring and cuddling, as he would surely melt your hearts!!

Welcome to the shelter, adorable Argos!



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Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96







Serbia: Yet Another Legal Shelter Facing Threats From Municipal Authority.

This is typical of the problems so many animal welfare organisations in Serbia have with authorities.  They try to do everything correctly and every time the authorities and government just want to threaten them and take further actions, with the constant threat of closing them down and turning animals back onto the streets; or simply taking them and killing them all.

We are being informed of ongoing updates to this situation.  At present we are not becoming directly involved as many supporting groups from Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia and Switzerland are already involved.  We will add out voice if necessary.

Mark – SAV.

Dear Sirs,

I am writing you in the hope that you can help us to realize our rights and protect the rights of those who cannot do it for themselves. We have, since 2013, been running a ”Lassie dog shelter” project, designed as a temporary shelter for the most vulnerable dogs without a home, with no intention at all to work in the field of veterinary and utility services of zoo hygiene or anything similar to that, providing emergency accommodation for dogs instead. In addition to that, we have worked on educating the population and spayed/neutered a large number of privately-owned dogs and cats.

During these four years we have been trying to resolve the administrative part of the whole story, we have finally reached the end, the most disputable moment was that of legalization of facilities, we have submitted complete documentation, paid due fees per square meter of facilities, etc. … In any case, the local government REFUSES to issue us a decision on legalization. As to his political opponent, the president of the municipality has, in public, before witnesses, told me that as long as he was in office, I would not get that decision. It is, directly, an obstruction for me in the process of registering the dog shelter with the Ministry of Agriculture, and he knows it.


On the other hand, he keeps sending a municipal inspector who sends us to a magistrate and that goes on in circles. In this way, the local government hinders us from registering the dog shelter although it meets all the legal requirements and we have paid all the fees.


I am sending you this link so that you know what it is that we do.
Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia and Switzerland have participated in this project, we are the only ones in the Balkans who do this.
The Croats and the Macedonians have similar projects, working with cats, and we are the only ones who work with dogs.

Of course, as it often goes in the province, all the local self-government does about the problem of abandoned animals is either done the way it used to be done back in 1946, or contrary to the Constitution, the law and common sense.


The local government has an unlawful contract with “Avenija MB“, a firm from Vrnjacka Banja which is 700 km away from Bač, to provide veterinary and utility services of zoo hygiene. A large number of animals and a lot of money dissapear. My concern is that I would like our project to succeed, so that three or four years of joint efforts of a number of dog protection associations from several European countries do not, just like that, remain burried under a bunch of bureaucratic negligence and forgotten.

Thank you in advance for any advice or contact details of institutions or persons that could help us. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Milica Pinter

Nikole Tesle 14     21428 Plavna Serbia




Serbia: June News From Shelter ‘Felix’. Please Crosspost – Thanks.


Spring is now quickly turning into summer and keeping a cat shelter with around 130 residents going is still a full-time job and then some.

All of the cats are fed wet canned food once a day and then their dishes need to be thoroughly washed and filled with kibble alongside bowls of clean drinking water that are kept full all day long. T

he litter boxes that are kept inside and the two spacious outdoor litter boxes have to be cleaned two times a day, the floors of the cats’ rooms are being washed every morning and all of the kitty beds and pillows are shaken out. The chronically ill cats are constantly being given drugs and require being fed a veterinary diet; moreover, taking the sick kitties to the vet every day has already become a routine.


All in all, the expenses of keeping the shelter afloat are enormous and donations (which are usually few and far between) aren’t able to cover even a significant part of the sum needed every single month. We are forced to ask, beg and plead for help to purchase the canned wet cat food regularly, as we spend around 600 euros on wet cat food alone every month. Also, there is a worker who comes to the shelter twice a day and needs to be paid 200 euros per month, and in the case that we couldn’t afford to pay for her valuable and hard work, there would be no way to keep the shelter as clean as it is right now. We’ve exhausted our personal resources a long time ago, so now the shelter relies on the generosity of cat lovers from all over the world. If we are going to survive, we simply have to raise 800 euros each and every month for the maintenance of the shelter kitties.

Please, consider a donation of any amount and make a difference in their lives today! Every little bit really means a lot!



We simply have to raise 800 euros each and every month for the maintenance of the shelter kitties.


Please go to the following for other ways to donate:

For alternative ways of giving donations:

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Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


A couple of days ago, we first learned of Ebony’s existence from an e-mail we received which said that she was a young and cuddly stray that had been hit in the street and had “some broken bones” in the pelvic area, but the person who had found her couldn’t take care her for much longer, so we were supposed to step in.

The first news we received when we talked to the vet wasn’t good, as the X–ray exam showed that Ebony had a spinal fracture, several broken vertebrae and a dislocated pelvis. However, by the time we got to the ambulance to see her, she was able to stand up on all four legs and even took a few unsteady steps. Her spinal fracture is old, caused by either a hard blow she may have received when she got hit by a car or she even could have been kicked by somebody, and it’s highly probable that the same thing happened to her again when her pelvis got dislocated, as it’s usually the result of a traumatic injury.

In order to recover, Ebony will need at least eight weeks of cage rest, high quality cat food (she isn’t exactly in great shape at the moment) and Gabagamma capsules given regularly as a supplement. Luckily for her, she tested negative for FIV/FeLV.

If you could help us cover the costs of Ebony’s care please do so!

This tiny kitty girl and everyone here would be sincerely grateful!

Above – Help us get essential repairs done with a donation please !




Serbia: ‘Truffle’ Needs A Forever Home – Can You Help ? – Please Crosspost.

Truffle was rescued as a baby with broken leg.

She is now ready for a new forever home.

Please share by crossposting to everyone – Thanks SAV.


If you can provide a forever home, please contact via the following: 

 From Ana:

  1. This is beautiful Truffle looking for that wonderful forever home.

  2. She would love nothing more than to curl up on your rug in front of that fire like many other dogs do. Truffle is 3 years old and was found on the street as a puppy with broken leg.

  3. As you know in Balkans many many dogs suffer either by cruel humans or by cars etc, however Truffle is fine now and leg is good and causes her no problems.

  4. She loves other dogs and loves nothing more than to be cuddled and loved. Truffle lives in kennel in yard but she needs a home. 3 years in yard is just too long for this beautiful girl. Truffle has been spayed and had all vaccines so she ready for adoption. Is there anyone out there that can open your heart to this beautiful girl.

  5. She is only a medium size dog and lots of love to offer that special someone who falls in love with her. Please open your heart to this darling girl as she so deserves that wonderful forever home. Also its always very hard to find black dogs homes in the Balkans as they hate black dogs for some reason.

  6. If you need any more information please contact me. Thank you
    There will be an adoption fee for this beautiful girl and of course a home check will have to be done.

One to ponder on: