Serbia: Help The Strays Of Bor Survive The Winter By Supporting New Dog Houses.


This is the tiny part of stray dogs in Bor, Serbia, photos taken in in a couple of days while I was feeding them.

The number is much, much bigger and I’m afraid it will be even bigger.

The truth is that in this town people’s consciousness about these poor animals is very low, care and adoption is almost mission impossible.

The number of ones who want to hurt them or get rid of them in a cruel way is much bigger.

The winter is coming, just thinking of the last year’s winter makes me terrified. Winters in Bor are cruel , temperatures up to minus 30, last winter many street dogs died from cold.

My idea is to provide them for the following winter dog houses with straw where they will have where to get away. Food is also more than needed, during the winter it is more difficult for them to get food.

The price of a dog house for an average two medium-sized dogs is 50 eur, more houses, the better, more protected dogs in the winter period.

I am begging all good people who want to help in providing shelters for those poor dogs, to do so.

Let’s ease their harsh upcoming winter as much as possible!

Thank you

To give a donation to buy doghouses, please go to:




Serbia: Felix On Facebook – Take A Look.




Serbia: Petition – End Zoophilic Tourism In Serbia!


Petition Link –


End zoophilic tourism in Serbia!

Serbia has become the place for the sick to satisfy their disgusting needs for having sex with animals.

Being a country in which zoophilia is not prohibited, there are several places from Norway, UK, Holland and other countries of Europe visit. Belgrade, the capital, is the most visited place by zoophilic who have fun having sex with animals like sheep, donkeys, dogs, geese and cows.

These sick people get what they are want thanks to a country in which the Law does not prohibit these disgusting and degrading acts towards animals. There are even advertisements on the Internet that offer services for 100 euros or more.

Serbia is a country that has wanted to join the European Union for many years, but with these laws it is impossible to achieve.

We do not want a country like Serbia in the EU if it does not amend the Laws and prohibits bestiality.

Let us ask the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, to ban these aberrant acts, to amend the Laws if he wants to be part of the EU, we do not allow these savages to continue to harm animals.











Serbia: Felix Shelter News – October 2017.

Danica Mirkovic

October 8 ·


This past month was one of the most exhausting and excruciating months in the history of our cat sanctuary. Many of the senior kitties became ill due to their ages, and we have suffered the loss of three of our fighters – two little sisters, just a couple of tiny kitty babies, lost their battle with FIP and a couple of days ago, Zack succumbed to meningitis.

The struggle in keeping this Cat Sanctuary running doesn’t get easier due to our constant debts. Yes, we’ve been registered for almost a decade, and no, the state nor the local authorities provide our kitties with a single cent. It seems like the animals here aren’t on anyone’s priority list but ours.


For years Felix Cat Shelter has been trying to help the community by taking in as many abandoned or ill kitties as possible. Once again, we are relying on the goodness and the grace of all of the kindhearted people out there who will find a place in their hearts to support our sanctuary’s mission and help us keep this place running. Not for us, but for all of our residents who have nowhere else to go.

Perhaps our sanctuary would’ve been more likable if we tried to make our entire story about us and us alone by constantly complaining that we’re having a rough time because we have families which don’t see us as often as our kitties do. Moaning that we’re too busy and don’t even have time for ourselves as we are taking care of such a huge number of animals and also have to go to work, whining about our health problems, incessantly lying as to the number of our sanctuary residents or exaggerating when talking about their health, vet treatment and the costs of such.

Yes, perhaps that would make us more appealing to many kindhearted people, but that would be a lie. Felix Cat Shelter was established because of the kitties and that’s the way it shall be for as long as we’re around. Perhaps our residents would have been better off if we were prone to telling sad and pathetic fabricated stories instead of simply telling the truth. If things were the other way around, we share the opinion that our residents would be ashamed of us. However, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how many misfortunes keep following us, we can always take pride in everything we did for every single one of our kitties. Honestly, we had more than our fair share of “having had enough” or “too much”, but we will be trying to keep this sanctuary afloat for as long as we can.

Well, since we’re not fond of misleading people, our sanctuary’s mission is hanging in the balance once again. Thanks to many of you, we’ve been able to reduce our last month’s veterinary debt for 80 Euros. But, since then, we’ve had more sick kitties (Mastika, Giuseppe, Grania, Venus, Serena, and Zack) and our total debt is now 330 Euros. Obligatory annual vaccinations of all of the cats against rabies is just around the corner and we have no idea of how we’re going to cover the costs for that either.

We still owe 200 euros for canned wet food and if it weren’t for the Danish group UFFAC (who has donated significant amounts of canned cat food to our cats), we don’t know how we would’ve made it through the end of the month. The cold days have already started and consequently, the shelter residents are craving more food. They are not spoiled, they are just cats and if we want to keep them the way they should be kept, one of their meals has to be wet canned food because kibble just isn’t enough. Also, many of our residents are elderly cats with bad or missing teeth, and wet canned food is all they can eat.


And once again, we are here to humbly ask for your help.

Please donate and help us keep our cat sanctuary running and its mission persisting.


Felinologic Association Felix – Cat Shelter Felix (Bikovo, Subotica, Serbia)



For those of you who want to make a donation but don’t or can’t use PayPal, you can donate to our foreign currency bank account:

Felix – Felinolosko drustvo

SWIFT/BIC: VBUBRS22 (Vojvodjanska banka a.d. Novi Sad)

IBAN: RS35355000320003120311


In the name of all our sanctuary residents –

THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts.


Please go to the following for other ways to donate:

For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96







If we can’t raise funding for her tests and scans then the only real option for Ellie is PTS

We are yet again thrust into a nightmare scenario where one of our gentlest of souls is currently under veterinary care whilst they try to diagnose a very serious neurological issue. Ellie has never been given a chance of a home or a chance to show her gentle kindness, simply because she is a Rottweiler, and yet, she is the sweetest, gentlest, and most beautiful of souls we have ever been privileged to meet.


This week Ellie has taken a really bad turn. Her back legs have given out. She is a young dog and we are still at the vets with her trying to figure out what the issue is. For sure it’s neurological, but this darling girl just doesn’t understand what is going on. She is so down, crying, whimpering for reassurance and it’s tearing us apart that we the answer until we can provide her with series of tests.


She needs MRI and other several in depth tests that the vet needs to do, but the biggest cost is the time taken to do these. Without the tests and our fast reaction she may not walk again. Her front legs have given out and we can only know if surgery or physio can correct this.


If we can’t raise funding for her tests and scans then the only real option for Ellie is PTS.


She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her and we can’t explain. We just know she needs medical help and without your precious help we simply cannot afford this. We are a tiny rescue charity, utterly dependant on you, our loving supporters to help us with each of our rescues. You are our rescue. We truly can’t do anything for our dogs without you. You are the lifeblood of our rescue and the only people who care enough to help this poor girl to walk again.

For Your kind donations 


PayPal address:

Marked: For Ellie


She can’t speak, she can’t ask, she can’t beg. We are her voice and we want to save her life and get to the bottom of this critical problem. Without your support her chances are very slim indeed.


Please, we beg you, help this big girl to feel the joy of walking normally again.


Thank You,

Help Pozega Dogs Admin Team


Please watch Ellies video’s on our YouTube channel: :





fb page:

fb group:


Registered number Serbia: 107291108

Codice fiscale Italia: 97632110157 






EU: The 70 BILLION reasons why the EU doesn’t want Britain to LEAVE Brussels; But T

As we have exposed many times in the past on this site; for example; the EU is utterly incapable of enforcing its very own legislation that is supposed to protect live animals in transport – Regulation EU 1/2005 of 22/12/2004.

So again as we have said before, why pay money into a club that cannot even enforce the rules set up by the club ?

And all those alleged super intellegents at the EU are just starting to realise that without the financial contribution UK, the EU is going to have big financial problems.  If they had enforced their rules like they are supposed to do, then maybe the people of the UK would have voted to remain in the EU, rather than do a Brexit.


Mr Junker – Head Of EU Commissions – all talk and no enforcement of the regulations.


Here are just a few of our past links showing why we have NO faith in the EU.  Video links are included which we suggest you view – the proof that the EU is all talk and no real enforcement action.

Please watch the videos as they show / list all the infringements of Reg 1/2005 which the EU does not undertake.


REVEALED: The 70 BILLION reasons why the EU doesn’t want Britain to LEAVE Brussels


SAV Comment – also as we have shown on this site for 10+ years, the EU does NOTHING to get Serbia to enforce the ‘rule of law’ (supposedly as required by the EU for all nations wishing the join the EU) with regard the treatment and care of stray animals within Serbia.  Serbia does not enforce its own rules (national legislation), yet it wants to join the EU.  What does the EU do ? – it hands out Billions of Euros to Serbia as a ‘sweetner’ for when it becomes an EU member state, yet neither the EU or Serbia put any pressure on the Serbian government to make sure Serbian strays are treated in accordance with Serbian national legislation. 

So why do we in the UK want to support these ‘weasel worders who do nothing’ ? – NO- we get out of the EU and leave them all to pick up the financial tab whilst they continue to enforce nothing ! – a sort of ‘they get what they deserve’ approach many Brits would say.


EUROPEAN Union leaders are desperate for Britain to remain part of the bloc as its huge budget contributions will be sorely missed.


Politicians from across Europe have begun to panic as they have realised they will be €70billion short once the UK leaves the EU.

Regional leaders met in Helsinki for the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPRM), where they questioned the impact of Brexit on the EU budget.

Come March 2019, when Brexit is finalised, the EU’s €1trillion budget will be severely depleted, which could be bad news for some of the smaller regions of the member countries.

The 160 regional presidents gathered in Finland have expressed concerns about what the budget reduction could mean for them.




Serbia: The Dogs Of Mrs. Duda – Can You Help Them ?







UPDATED 19/10/17 

Dogs and Cats of Ms. Duda in Serbia – Would You Help Them

Hello, Mark. I hope you’re doing well

We are here to kindly ask you for your financial aid for the dogs and cats in Ms. Duda’s care. Duda (Dubravka Kokinović) and her animals reside in Nova Pazova, a town in the north of Serbia.


At this moment, she cares for around 30 dogs and a few cats and lately she’s been struggling to afford even basic necessities like food and medication.


She has been taking care of numerous abandoned animals at her home for years –  some of whom were happily adopted by people from Serbia and abroad. She’s also looking after animals that are still on the streets of Nova Pazova.


We are also inviting all the caring people who are visiting this page and whose support would be much appreciated to donate via PayPal: ; Subject: For Duda


Or you can donate through Youcaring:


Here are the latest photos from the rescues at Duda’s home:


Watch the video here:


A relevant facebook page:


Here is an excerpt from the local veterinary inspection report done in late 2015. at Duda’s home where she keeps all her rescued dogs and cats:


Veterinary inspection was preceeded by municipal communal inspection that constated factual circumstances, but didn’t state whatsoever whether placing of  an animal shelter was allowed in inhabited areas and in specific zones.

The ordinance about the conditions that must be performed by  animal shelters and pensions – Službeni glasnik RS 19/12 – cited by the communal inspector does not specify in which location a shelter may be placed, but only the conditions it must fulfill.

Regarding Animal Welfare Act, Dubravka provided maximum protection and care for injured and sick animals with no assistance from municipal structures that should have been solving these issues according to Veterinary Act – Službeni glasnik RS No 91/05; 30/10 article 46.


Please read this short story about Duda from Nova Pazova published by Aleksandra Dudić:


Thank You for your time. Please support Duda’s selfless work.




Slavica Mazak Bešlić  


Aleksandra Dudić


Solidarno za životinje i prirodu (Solidarity for Animals and Nature)

Non-governmental organization

Pere Segedinca 5

11070 Beograd