Serbia: Please vote for SERBIA’S FORGOTTEN PAWS.

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Dear Mark

SERBIA’S FORGOTTEN PAWS saves animals in Serbia from horrific cruelty they face every day.

This organisation struggles to scrape enough money together to help more dogs and cats in my country.

Part of the award will go to Goran, the owner of the shelter in Mislodjin, who rescued my beloved dog friend Bo and many other animals from flooded Obrenovac.

Please vote for SERBIA’S FORGOTTEN PAWS to win £2000 for Serbian dogs.


We are so close! We can do this, but only with your help!

thank you Desanka





Serbia: New Video From ‘Felix’ Shelter – Little Kitten ‘Shadow’ Is Now Improving and Playing.

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 See the new videos from Danica showing little Kitten ‘Shadow’ who is finally improving and starting to play – enjoy !!


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Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


Serbia: 26/6/2014 – Latest News From Danica At Cat Shelter Felix.

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Here is the latest (June 2014) messge from Danica regarding the latest news from Cat Shelter Felix.

Please click on the ‘Shelters’ tab at the top of the site to see a great deal more about the past issues at Shelter Felix – or click directly on this link to be taken there  –

There have been huge updates and repairs undertaken at the shelter, and it has still not finished as you can see from some of the photographs below.  Once all the repair work has been completed; it will mean that this dedicated shelter will be able to provide a life long home for at least 117 little living beings who once existed on the streets.

If you are able to provide anything to help with the costs of repairs; or wish to support the shelter in many diffeent ways; please make your selection from the links following:

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Thank you for your support of Cat shelter ‘Felix’.




Let the Pandemonium Begin!

Last autumn, when we happily received an incredibly generous donation which would enable us to cover the costs of replacing the roof of the auxiliary cats’ rooms, we couldn’t have dreamt it would take us so long to even begin with the new and hopefully final round of shelter repairs. No construction companies were willing to start the massive repair work back in rainy September and we had no other choice but to reluctantly hold up, cross our fingers and wait for spring. A long, frigid, snowy winter arrived and left again, followed by the unrelenting rain of an unpromising spring, and now after a couple of stressful and hectic months it’s finally time to get shelter repairs underway again.

Many things have happened in the meantime, we sadly lost some of the oldest and sickest kitties in spite of trying to help them the best we could and doing everything that could have possibly be done. A few new sad, unfortunate and desperate furry ones arrived, and the time has passed almost unnoticeably. And yet for the last couple of weeks we’ve been anxiously preparing for the biggest challenge since the shelter was founded, quietly and with no fuss, impatiently waiting for the weather to stabilize, with huge expectations and hope in our hearts. Although it’s just the beginning of summer, the temperatures are already skyrocketing but more importantly, the sky is finally clear and blue and our long agonizing wait seems to be over. Let the show begin!


The existing supporting structure wouldn’t stand a chance to bear the weight of the roof, so we had to build five strong support columns last autumn even though we haven’t managed to finish them completely. A new concrete path between the front entrance into the backyard and garage was also made, instead of the old deteriorated path composed of soil, cracked concrete and decaying paving tiles. The entire path would turn into a muddy mess whenever it rained, so the cats that were coming and going out of their rooms were stepping directly into the mud. We’re planning to extend the roof overhang in order to protect the new path below from precipitation, but that’s not all. Construction workers are currently building four small dividing walls between the support columns which are supposed to help keep the new path dry, whatever the weather throws at us, and it also provides the kitties with some additional sheltered space which is so necessary during the winter months.


As always, funds are the persistent problem and even more so because of the unexpected expenses of treating several seriously ill kitties; thus we found ourselves in a paradoxical situation of undertaking costly shelter repairs without trying to raise funds for the above. But some things simply can’t wait if we are ever going to make the shelter into a livable and secure place for its 117 furry residents, so we are running into debts and huge ones again, that we can’t dream of paying off on our own. Long story short, the cost of the roof replacement itself has been covered by last year’s huge donation, but nothing else has been and there’s a lot of work yet to be done while the weather’s nice.


No matter how hard we try not to endlessly bore you with countless appeals for help and find the way to do what we have to do without begging around, we have no chance to finish such massive repair work unless our friends and supporters all step up. Anything that you’re able to give makes a huge difference and means the world and life itself for a three-digit number of once abused and sadly forgotten little creatures! Even the smallest donations add up and help their safe haven be what it’s meant to be!

We are all eternally thankful from the bottom of our hearts to each and every one of you who’ve been supporting our work for years and never failed us in our times of need. If we all pull together, we can finish up this shelter once and for all and give these kitties the safe and happy home they so much deserve!







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Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96




















Serbia: Slavica Takes Action About Shelters and Strays In Municipalities.

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We have had a couple of things in from Slavica, who is based in Subotica, Serbia.

Read more about Slavica at ‘About Us’ –

Scroll down until you come to the section titled: Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić – Subotica, Serbian Republic

Slavica says:

First –

I ask for copies of documents about  the city  shelter  condition and capacity at Novo Selo by Vrnjacka Banja . How many dogs/cats have been arriving during the last 3 years,  what is the number of microchips given to the animals and where are they now. How much public money was given to provide for these animals, and where is the money now, because  I had received information that shinters from Novo Selo travelled into in several municipalities of Southern Serbia  catching dogs/cats; making dirty bllod money from doing business with several city authorities.

Now we wait to see what documentation they provide, if any.





RVI2 RaskiOkrug,Zahtev26.6.14.ZivotinjeNovacZakoni


Second –

The Mayor of Subotica did not help to big shelter and Adrianna Nadj said to him
that he cannot finance 550 city dogs,  and at the same time city shelter has
receive 7 million dinars  for  feeding  156 dogs for 2013 year.

Adrianna wrote that ALEX  shelter needs help and  she wrote the minimum of
finance which  it is necessary, but to date the Mayor has not even bothered to respond to her.
That is  why I now send to mayor and also to ombudsman :

official request for information of public interests : what they did do for protect  Adrianna
and Dragan  human rights and for protect the animals at ALEX shelter and also
what they did do against irresponsible owners and  what they did do for
protect all pet animals.  Or are they ignoring all the existing Serbian laws ?

Again here; we now wait and see what answers they provide, if any !


na ruke gradonačelniku Subotice Maglai u strana 1

 na ruke obudsmanu Zlatku strana 1

 na ruke obudsmanu Zlatku strana 2




World Farm Animal Welfare News Snippets.



WORLD MEAT CONGRESS: Animal Welfare to be New Moral Trade Barrier

Animal welfare issues could become a new trade barrier following a landmark ruling by the World Trade Organisation, writes Chris Harris from the World Meat Congress in Beijing.


Positive Response to UK Non-stun Slaughter Petition

The campaign to end non-stun slaughter in the UK and provide consumers with better information about the welfare of animals at slaughter has received a positive response from Government Ministers.


INDIA – Dr T. Kotaiah of Indbro Research & Breeding Farms Pvt. Ltd puts forward his case that hen welfare needs to be balanced with the production of food for a growing human population.


Animal Cruelty Footage Highlights Need to Protect Farm Animals

The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is calling eight workers on Canada’s largest dairy farm to be charged with wilfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering and injury to animals under the federal Criminal Code following an undercover investigation that revealed vicious acts of cruelty.


Effect of Wet Litter on Welfare, Performance and Carcass Yield in Broilers

A Dutch study has shown that broilers kept on wet litter not only had more footpad dermatitis but they also had poorer performance and defects that caused welfare issues and more condemnations than other birds kept on normal, dry litter.


HSI/India Applauds Directive to Ban Non-Therapeutic Antibiotics in Animal Feed

Humane Society International/India welcomes the Drug Controller General and Agriculture ministry’s directive urging the State Governments to stop using antibiotics and hormones in animal agriculture. 


Holland pig farmers leading the way in providing animal welfare

A recent trip to the Netherlands provided a glimpse of such developments associated with pig production. While it’s easy to focus on the differences between the U.S. and Dutch pork sectors, there are similarities, just on a different scale.


Do’s and Dont’s For Hauling Cattle Safely

Stocking rates for cattle trucks and guidance on how to move animals is given by South Dakota livestock stewardship expert Heidi Carroll.





England: Quick Links – Have A Look.

See our good friend Phil as he tours the world re factory farming abuses:





Italy: Important Petition To Help Cats on Favignana Island. Please Sign and Crosspost.



Please sign this important petition – Thank you.

Petition link: 


blind kitten

Blind kitten left for dead on the streets for weeks in agony and no one to help!!

Many more will follow.

author: Barbara Hanly

target: To the mayor of Favignana Island, Lucio Antinoro

signatures: 907

we’ve got 907 signatures, help us get to 1,500

I arrived on the 6th of June to Favignana Island’s main port. We were walking to find a taxi when I heard a young kitten crying out after been kicked by a taxi driver who then jumped in his taxi and nearly reversed over it. I ran over and quickly realised the kitten who was only 3/4 weeks old had such a horrific eye infection it could not see and so bad her eyes were not visible. The kitten was blinded by the infection and was crying out for its mom across the road. The photo shows the kitten on the mother’s back as this was the only way of getting her around. I reunited the two and was shocked to look around and see so many malnourished stray cats and kitten.

I tried to find a vet but they don’t exist on the island, no one could help me and the locals advised this has been the situation for many years with most looking on and not doing anything about the problem. Thanks to the goodness of a kind volunteer on the main land this little kitten received medical help but yesterday evening it was confirmed to me the brave little kitten didn’t make it. So I want to make sure her life was not wasted and I want to petition on her behalf for all the other cats and kittens on the island. Please help bring an end to this horrific suffering by signing the petition below. Thanks kindly in advance..

Please help us get the support these animals need on Favignana island. I’m asking the mayor of Favignana island to help control the numbers of stray cats on the island by implementing a simply solution by arranging for a vet to visit the island once monthly to spay/neuter thus controlling the cat population and to check on their general health.








Until this is done more and more stray cats will multiple and many more will suffer like this kitten. Please sign this petition to tell the mayor of Favignana Island to resolve this horrific situation.