German fox weeks: organized crime against foxes!


Maxi wants to live – like many thousands of other fox pups in Germany.

In Kahlgrund in Bavaria, the hunters’ association organizes their “predator game weeks” exactly between the mating and setting time of the foxes – from the last week of January to March 6th.

This means that in January tons of fox males are legally shot, which are necessary for the rearing of the young animals. It can also be assumed that female parents and numerous highly vulnerable abilities will also be shot by mid-February at the latest.



Together with the Fox action alliance, we appealed to the chairman of the Kahlgrund hunting association, to the responsible mayor of Alzenau and to the district administrator … and received no response.

Now we are starting a petition to the responsible minister Michaela Kaniber (CSU) in Bavaria and to Dr. Andreas Treitl, the chairman of the hunting association.

Our goal is a year-round closed season for foxes and the end of the current predatory game weeks, no later than mid-February.



The fox hunt is ecologically senseless and only means that the natural birth control of the animals is suspended and the average age of the foxes is now less than two years.

Fox weeks or whatever these hunts are called are not at all compatible with the idea of ​​animal welfare.

They cause fox pups to freeze or starve.



Please support us and sign the petition from Wildlife Conservation Germany and the Action Alliance Fox here.

We stay on the ball for you, we inform and work to abolish the hunt.


And I mean…

The hunting law dates from 1934, that means from the Nazi era, and has never been amended, so it has long been outdated.

In the past, the forest murderers / hunters spread the fairy tale about rabies in all media.
Because rabies has not been in Germany for many years, suddenly the hunter comes up with the idea that it is the fox tapeworm that can be so dangerous for people. So they can to execute the animals easier!

Because hunters are not only professional killers, they are also professional liars.

How primitive and brutaly this minority of our society is, be shown by the fact that they brutally and ruthlessly murder the fox, even though it belongs to the group of canids (dogs).

And dogs are also used to kill this species. On the one hand, the hunters keep dogs and use them for hunting, and on the other hand they kill their relatives, the foxes, without a valid reason.

It’s about a pure lust for murder.

What I have been able to find so far (here in the high Black Forest where I live there are plenty of hunters) is that old, ramshackle high seats are not removed, but individual parts can still be found in the forest.
It is not uncommon for nails and screws to stand up, so that when wild animals step on such wood parts, they are injured.

We live in a banana state, in which some lobbyists use all possible means to keep the 1934 hunting law alive (which allows hunters to seize foreign property) and constantly try to take advantage of gaps in their favor and thus live out their lust for murder how it suits them.


Now look at the picture and then someone wants to get upset about torn animals from the wolf?
I think of executions and gassings in the concentration camp.

My best regards to all, Venus


Further Update


See all the photos at:


From Mark – I am adding more to this post by Venus as I was very involved with German ‘Fox Week’ in the past. I worked with a German activist (D) and we managed to get the exclusive photographs of animals dead in the wheelie bins, and skinned foxes, which you can see in the links below.

Beautiful animals, which just adds to the frustration of this event and shows the reality of what the hunters have to do to get a ‘kick’ – they are nothing more than blood junkies.

These are not all the posts which I did on SAV (my other site), but they give a good insight into what we did re investigations.

I wont say ‘enjoy’ as there is nothing to relish about all these links – just see the reality of the Fox Week and what it brings for German wildlife.

Regards Mark

Austria: execution of wolves in planning..


In the country, serious consideration is now being given to minimizing the wolf population.



In Tyrol there are around 68,000 sheep on 400 alpine pastures. According to the Agriculture Council, 58 animals were harmed last year (!!!) (295,000 sheep and lambs and 55,200 calves were slaughtered in 2018 in Austria, note from Venus)


“That is a rather small percentage, but the sheep farmers are unsettled,” said agricultural councilor Geisler. “But it is not so much a financial issue, it is also about the emotional stress on the farmers (!!!)

For this reason, a pragmatic approach should be chosen for this topic, which “divides society”, said the Agricultural State Council.


What is a pragmatic approach?

Four pastures were examined for the study. According to the study authors, the results range from a relatively simple feasibility of herd protection to no feasibility at all.

The costs would amount to eleven to 80 euros per sheep and year. For example, the Seeben Alm near Ehrwald would incur a total cost of 25,000 euros per year.
The biggest challenges in Tyrol are the hospitality and the change in the structure of the alpine pasture, explained Daniel Mettler from the Agridea Institute.



In Switzerland, where different legal frameworks apply than in Austria, it was seen that herd protection also had limits, said Mettler. The wolves would also learn to circumvent the measures.

“It would therefore make sense to combine the measures with targeted killings and a regulation of the wolf population,” added Mettler.

Agricultural councilor Geisler: “Wolf is no longer in danger of extinction” (!!!)

In the future, one or the other shot will be needed, said the deputy governor. In addition, the population of wolves has now grown to around 30,000.

“The wolf is no longer in danger of extinction. We have to think about the protection status,” Geisler asked.



Discussion is welcome

Geisler therefore called for a socio-political discussion. “If society wants wolves to be there, you also have to finance the measures,” emphasized the deputy governor. A pilot project for herd protection is to be started in Tyrol. “We will make offers to individual alpine pastures,” said Geisler. For the time being, however, there were no more concrete plans.

For the President of the Tyrolean Chamber of Agriculture, Josef Hechenberger, there are “still many unanswered questions” (??) after the presentation of the study, such as the financing of herd protection and the training of the staff.
However, Hechenberger welcomed “the concrete directive for legal kills.

“Herd protection without regulated launches will not work, concrete guideline for legal kills at state level is now inevitable”, says Hechenberger.



WWF strictly against shooting down

The WWF gave a clear rejection of inventory regulation.

“These are shooting fantasies,” said Christian Pichler, wolf expert at WWF. With only 30 to 35 wolves in Austria and three to four proven wolves in Tyrol, the demand for hunting is absurd. “Especially since this is not permitted under current European nature conservation law,” said Pichler.

My comment: For sure! The lust killer lobby has prevailed again. Shooting only deer, wild boar, foxes and rabbits will get boring in the long run. Nice to shoot wolves again, that’s fun !!!!

“But it is not so much a financial issue, it is also about the emotional stress on the farmers”.
Question: And if the farmer takes the sheep to the slaughterhouse, is the emotional stress gone?

“The wolf is no longer in danger of extinction. We have to think about the protection status”
Question: The harmful, destructive, and barbaric human species is not threatened with extinction either, should we start shooting?

One thing is certain, the wolf may kill beyond its needs, but usually many other forest dwellers benefit from it, i.e. an absolutely social system.
Wolfg is therefore an important link in nature’s system.
On the contrary, the human species is what the earth could do without.
The human race is that has no social role in nature.
Otherwise people could disappear from the picture without affecting the ecosystem.

No animal can be as cruel as humans.
Cruelty is not a concept from nature, this concept belongs exclusively to humans.


Mmm … one sheep..two sheeps … three sheeps …


My best regards to all, Venus


Romania: 180 Sheep Destined for Slaughter Given Second Chance After Cargo Ship Capsizes.


Remember that we covered the Romanian incident on this site immediately it happened.

Well now we can provide you with a final ‘Good News’ report for the very small amount of survivors of the consignment. There were concerns at the time that the surviving animals, after such an ordeal, would still be put on another export consignment and shipped off to their deaths in the quickest time possible. Well all that has now changed – some good news for once ! – Regards WAV.

fracht gekentert

180 Sheep Destined for Slaughter Given Second Chance After Cargo Ship Capsizes

Posted by Heather Shields | January 15, 2020

Nearly 200 sheep have a new lease on life after surviving a disaster at sea, and now get to live out their lives in peace at farm animal sanctuaries.

Last November, the Queen Hind cargo ship capsized near the Romanian coast while carrying around 14,000 sheep. All of the ship’s crew members survived, but thousands of sheep lost their lives due to drowning, injuries, and exhaustion.

The ship sinking merely expedited the grim fate of thousands of its passengers as they headed toward Saudi Arabian slaughterhouses. Fortunately, 180 of these gentle creatures withstood the tragic event long enough to be rescued.

The rescuers, also members of animal welfare groups, lobbied for the sheeps’ liberation from the meat trade. Granting their request, Four Paws and their Romanian partner ARCA are working to find sanctuaries to provide homes for the surviving animals.




“We are happy that the Romanian authorities placed the sheep in our care and will continue cooperating with them closely,” said Four Paws Head of the Disaster Relief Unit Jackson Zee. “Shortly after their arrival, our team on-site began to examine them and determine their future care. So far, they are mostly in good condition. Now, they can rest and recover from all the suffering they’ve had to endure recently.”

The sheep are safe at a farm near Bucharest, receiving veterinary treatment. They will remain at the farm until permanent living situations are secured, which shouldn’t be difficult considering numerous individuals and rescues have already come forward to offer new homes for the rescued animals.

For the 180 sheep that overcame the odds, the story ends happily ever after, but for the thousands who died, this tragedy is a powerful reminder that animals are not safe during long-distance transport.

“Our association is shocked by the disaster,” said president of Acebop Mary Pana. “If we cannot protect livestock during long-distance transports, we should outright ban them.”

The easiest way to avoid contributing to such cruelty is to leave animals off your plate and choose plant-based foods instead.


Petition – Imprison the serial rapist of dogs of Bariloche!

We would like you to support this petition by signing and sharing as much as you can – we have made no changes to the wording or anything else associated with it – we are simply giving the link

– Thanks WAV.

Imprison the serial rapist of dogs of Bariloche!

Addressed to: Public Ministry of the Province of Rio Negro

Petition Link:

Petition wording:

Do you have to go prisoner this sick, how will anyone rape an animal, and go unpunished? How are we going to allow this person to continue raping dogs without doing anything? It is good that marches are made to demand justice, but it seems that this is not enough. Everyone knows this person, they call him the Paraguayan and it is not the first time he does something like that.

A witness said that “I was raping the Negrita, who is a beautiful dog and a love. All Bariloche is trying to rescue her. I found him in the act, I was already watching if I saw him, because with many neighbors we are trying to rescue the dogs he has, the brown and the bold one. My indignation was so great that when I took the picture, I kicked the rapist, but since the dog was stressed and nervous about what she lives with this sadist every day, she bit me instinctively, ” she detailed.

I want this mentally ill person in jail to stop raping dogs, this has to end, we want Justice to act!


New Animal Site – Check It Out (Early Version).

We were recently contacted by a fellow activist named Craig, the following is part of the message sent to us:

My name is Craig — Co-Owner & President of Jet Pet Resort, and Release The Hounds. We’ve helped care for animals for over 20 years.

I’m reaching out to you today because I know your publication has touched on animal cruelty efforts in the past.

I’ve been working with a team of web developers and designers to create an animal cruelty awareness interactive, to bring awareness, and solutions, to the HUNDREDS of cases of large-scale animal cruelty all around the world. 

We’ve just launched the early version of it that you can find here:

Animal cruelty is a huge problem, as I’m sure you know, and it’s going to take a combined effort to make people aware of it, and also, informed on what they can do to combat it.

In the interactive we’ve created, we’ve included as many of the reported cases of large-scale animal cruelty as possible, and most importantly, included how the reader can contribute to fighting animal cruelty. (Where they can donate, suggested lifestyle changes, brand selection, etc.) We’re just going to keep improving and adding to it over the coming months, and years.

As a fellow animal activist, I would greatly appreciate it if you could bring awareness to this project, or a shoutout on your social platforms. If you could help share and spread this project in any way, it would make a big difference!

Thank you for taking the time,
Keep fighting! 

So, we are more than happy to give the link once again:

and we wish Craig and his team all the best in getting all that they need for the site.

As he says, this is currently an early version of the site, but it should give you a insight into what will come. We have written back to Craig and supplied him with links to both WAV and our sister site, SAV. There is a lot of archive data for both, especially on SAV which dealt primarily with stray animal issues in the Balkans. Here is the SAV link again:

We hope that you can check it all out at your convenience, and maybe even help with supplying information from your area of the world so that any of us can add info to the sites in helping animals.

Regards Mark and Venus.


A cruel mouse story – everyday reality


What happened to Martin isn’t just a story — it’s reality. All they wanted was to stay together 💔

Experimenters tortured them and made them watch each other suffer 😔



“The story of cancer research is the story of how to cure cancer in mice.
We have been curing cancer in mice for decades, but it just doesn’t work in humans”.

(Dr. Richard Klausner, director of the American National Cancer Institute).


“The reason I’m against animal testing is that they don’t work, they have no scientific value.
The results of animal research cannot be extrapolated from humans, and every good scientist knows that.
Since animal testing is worthless and leads to quackery in medicine and I have to be against quackery, I am against animal testing, as a scientist”.

(Prof. Dr. Robert S. Mendelsohn, Professor of Preventive Medicine in University of Illinois (Chicago)



But we know it: animal experiments and propaganda campaigns for animal experiments are carried out with public funds.
Even we, the opponents of animal experiments, unwittingly finance this crime with our taxes.
State and industrial support provides the animal experimentation lobby with enormous financial, poolitical and media-effective funds.

The population becomes stupid due to the permanent systematic agitation.

The ethical and scientific arguments of the animal experiment opponents have almost no chance against this overpowering lobby. It’s about a lot of money, it’s about billions in the pharmaceutical industry and in university research laboratories, and nobody voluntarily separates from that.

This is also the reason why the majority of the animal test results are not published, but disappear in the duplicate.

No people who still practice these cruel witch trials have the right to call themselves a cultural people.


My best regards to all, Venus


Poland: Sad Story – Missing farmer ‘eaten by his (Free Range) pigs’ who left nothing but his bones behind.

Missing farmer ‘eaten by his pigs’ who left nothing but his bones behind

A missing farmer is feared to have been eaten by his own pigs after neighbours discovered human bones on his land.

Detectives say the man, in his 70s, is believed to have been eaten at some point between New Year’s Eve and January 8 by the pigs that roamed freely around his property.

Lubin District Prosecutor Magdalena Serafin told Gazeta Wrocławska the man – who has not been named – was last seen alive on December 31 at his farm in Lubin, around 260 miles west of Warsaw in Poland.

The man – who lived alone – was almost entirely eaten, with just a few bones and skull fragments remaining. It was not immediately clear how the man died with officials suspecting either a heart attack or a fall. A neighbour called police after finding the bones while fetching water from a well next to the man’s home on Wednesday last week.

Investigators expect it will be difficult to determine the exact cause of death. An autopsy was scheduled for Monday this week and the findings are yet to be published.

The farmer’s animals will be examined by a vet to determine any further clues, authorities said.

According to the Gazeta, the two large pigs and around a dozen piglets owned by the farmer will most likely be put to sleep.