Canada: Extreme Suffering Of Mink On Fur Farms Exposed.

Canada – Suffering on mink farms exposed


A new exposé reveals the abusive treatment on five mink fur farms in Canada, where an eyewitness documented filthy conditions, including piles of feces and pools of waste teeming with maggots just beneath the animals’ wire cages, which were covered with cobwebs. The intensive confinement caused some animals to exhibit symptoms of “zoochosis,” or captivity-induced insanity, including pacing, circling, and gnawing on cage bars. Live minks had to live with a dead cagemate in their midst.

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Help minks and other animals who suffer intensely in the fur trade by urging Dolce & Gabbana—which sells fur from minks, foxes, rabbits, beavers, and other animals—to drop it immediately. Together, we can make a difference.




Thank you for your compassion for animals.


Danielle Katz
Associate Director of Campaigns




Spain – Woman films herself killing cat in washing machine and uploads clip online


A woman who filmed herself killing a cat in her washing machine and uploaded the footage to social media in a horrific act of cruelty could face jail.

The video, taken by an unnamed Spanish woman from Jaen, in Andalusia, was shared on Instagram

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Former All Black stunned by animal abuse at annual event


Former All Blacks prop Steve McDowall has said he was unaware of any animal abuse before competing in the annual King’s Cup elephant polo tournament in Thailand.

PETA Asia shared video of the elephants being subjected to beatings with bullhooks on social media.

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SIGN: Justice for Dog Who Died after being Forced to Fly in Overhead Bin


When a family boarded a United Airlines plane Monday with their beloved French bulldog, Kokito, they had no idea the flight would end in heartbreak.

A flight attendant insisted that the dog’s carrier be moved into the overhead bin at takeoff — even though the crate was TSA-approved, and the family had followed all airline rules. When the plane landed, Kokito was dead. And now, the family is in mourning over a tragedy that never should have happened.

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England: 13/3/18 – The Loss Of A True Genius In Every Way.

It’s a really sad day here in the UK – our modern day Genius has died.

Prof. Stephen Hawking, a man who suffered from the terrible and crippling Motor Neuron Disease for over 40 years passed yesterday at his home.


Professor Stephen William Hawking, CH, CBE, FRS, FRSA, at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge..Photograph © Jason Bye.t: 07966 173 930.e:

More than a scientific genius; this man explained the ‘out of this world theories’ of so much to the normal man with his literally works of modern science.  Regarded by many the world over; the brilliance of this man; the intelligence; whilst at the same time fighting such a cruel disease every day of his life; can only be looked on as someone who never gave up with his mission – to inform the world of what science, space and technology is about.

Originally given only 2 years to live when diagnosed with MND over 40 years ago; this was a man who had a mission in life; and he was going to surpass the so called experts with their life expectancy given to him.


I take a lot from Prof. Hawking; and with my own MS; he has shown me that you can carry on regardless of your illness to live your dreams; to do better for the future.  A true inspiration to so many – the tributes saying this on UK tv today have been overwhelming.


Fly free now Stephen – free from pain and the bastard of the illness which bugged you so much for the majority of your life.  Respect, admiration and just human drive from such a wonderful and funny person.


Out thoughts, thanks and admiration go out to his family today – 14/3.  Stephen died peacefully at home yesterday.

The politicians and so called ‘important people’ of this world could learn so much from him about being decent and honest.


Experiencing Zero ‘G’



England: After 60 Years Campaigning As ‘CAPS’; They Now Become ‘Freedom For Animals’.



Our big news!


Hi Mark,

I am really excited to tell you our big news.

We have changed our name from CAPS to Freedom for Animals!

For 60 years we have been known as the ‘Captive Animals’ Protection Society’. Over that time we have grown to work on more campaigns and influence laws to protect animals.

So we wanted a name that explains more clearly what we do as an organisation and inspires people to take action – and what could be more inspiring than ‘Freedom for Animals’ ? 

We have launched our brand new website which has been designed to make it easier for people to learn more about our campaigns and take actions to help animals. 

Here’s what you can do now!

I really hope you are as excited about this change as we are and will continue to work with us to help animals in need.

Until all are free,

Nicola O’Brien
Campaigns Director

P.S. Thank you so much for working with us to help animals. Let’s keep up the fight for their freedom as we enter this new chapter – donate today if you can!


Breaking – England to ban circus animals by 2020 ?

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Play It Loud In A Dark Room – Enjoy The Lightshow !


The Cure – Wembley – London – 2016


It’s Not Just ‘A Tree’.


Spain: Mass Grave Found With Dead Galgos In Spain – The Only Positive News; Some Were Microchipped Alowing Further Investigation.


Mass grave found with galgos in Spain.



A horrible sight came last Saturday to the discoverers of 30 hunting dog carcasses – partially preserved, decayed or skeletonized – who were

in a hidden ditch in Taracón (Cuenca). The dogs are all hunting dogs, mostly galgos. The Seprona has confirmed after initial investigations that due to the state of decay, some of the carcasses have been in this mass grave for a long time, others only recently. Furthermore, the officials assume that some of the animals were certainly thrown alive into the pit, so that they suffer a slow and agonizing death, from the ditch there is no escape!

Many of the Galgos are chipped, they are confident that they can detect the animal tormentors.

The Civil Guard is looking for those responsible for this mass grave with 30 corpses of dogs.

Carolina Rey, the councilor and spokeswoman for the IU (Izqerda Unidad= left United), denounced the facts: “Some of the dogs were thrown alive to the pit, which is in an almost inaccessible place from which you cannot get out, so we think they were thrown out and have died of hunger and thirst. “


The identification of the owners of the animals will be easy since the dogs had a chip.

In addition, Carolina Rey has been able to recognize some animals as their owners went to the protector to deliver the dogs since they could not take charge, although it refused its reception due to lack of space.


The animals are mostly greyhounds, which suggests that their owners could have got rid of them because they were not good at hunting.

“It is a cruelty to throw an animal in this way when we have been served for years,” complains Carolina Rey.  Yesterday we returned to the mass grave in Tarancón to take out the bodies of the galgos that, during years, have been thrown there, and to try to find evidence to persecute the perpetrators of this crime (Video).

The place, known as The Cut, has been used for more than 20 years to dump galgos no longer wanted by their owners. The volunteers recovered 25 bodies, but for safety reasons it was impossible to reach the deeper layers of the pit, where dozens of galgos were piled up.

At least two dogs that I photographed last time I was there, have disappeared. A clear indication that their owners, frightened by the repercussion of the news, have returned to remove the corpses of their dogs. This is interesting because the hunting society always claims that abandoned or killed dogs, are dogs that have been stolen, “as no galguero would treat their dog like that”.

But no thief would return for the bodies of the dead dogs, that makes no sense. All points to the galgueros.

How little is worth the life of hunting dogs in the Autonomous Region of Castilla-La Mancha, the news published on 13 February proves that the Government of Autonomy excludes hunting dogs from the Animal Welfare Act.

Every Spanish autonomy has its own animal welfare laws. Other regions might also come up with the idea of excluding hounds from animal welfare, just as bullfighting as a tradition of animal welfare is also excluded at EU level. 40 percent of dogs that are abused, abandoned or stolen in Spain are hunting dogs.

Hunting is a dirty business that, with European help, is moving millions of euros every year.


Best regards



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England: Introducing A World Of Animal Campaigners – Check Them Out !

You will see a new Tab at the top of the site – this relates to animal welfare organisations operating all over the world.

Here is the link; or use the tab at the top of the page. 


This covers many international organisations – and especially those which have a website for visitors to find out more about their campaigns.

All website links are given for each – so just click on the link and away you go !


We think several of them may be new to many of you; but hopefully this listing will show that there are animal welfare people the world over.

This listing has taken quite a lot of work to produce, and we know that it is far from complete – we have missed some groups for sure.  So, if you know any and want them added, please mail their name and web links to us via the ‘Contact’ link.

Enjoy your visits to many of the sites !



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