Our children, the hope of tomorrow…


A sustainable lifestyle, characterized by an awareness of tomorrow, is especially relevant for those who have little influence on it today: our children.



The little hero of tomorrow was given a voice on the current InLegend album “Stones At Goliath” not only musically, but also in terms of content – loudly they demand responsibility in the common song “Empty Place” in the here and now and the natural habitat of our planet also for the future worth living – after all, there is only this one …

Here you can watch the video for “Empty Place”, which was created in November 2014 in cooperation with Sea Shepherd, THE JETLAGGED and many great kids.




And I mean….The loyalty and the respect with the victim turns the victim into a person.
Teach your children that.

At this moment when children learn to treat animal cruelty and animal tormenters as crimes, the victim is someone who is worthy of solidarity with him.

In our society, loyalty is practiced only with the powerful, with the perpetrators and their useful idiots.

These are messages that we should convey to our children, with examples that are much more important than any argumentative headbirth, because they are understood by all, very painfully understood, because they are the root of morality.



My best regards to all, Venus


Austria: Alcohol, shooting fun and animal cruelty!


Association Against Animal Factories (VgT) called the usual suspension practice in the hunt as illegal and criticized policy and authorities.




Pheasants are mainly exposed in eastern Austria, to serve as a living target for fun hunters a few weeks later.

This procedure is legitimized under the pretext of “stock support”.
Pheasants are thus exposed and shot down annually to preserve the natural resources? Alcohol was also in the game.


In Leitring a hunt took place last weekend. Weeks earlier – at the end of July – probably hundreds of pheasants were abandoned here.

The competent district hunter master and mayor Wolfgang Neubauer was despite repeated requests and demands not willing to call the suspension number, let alone justify this high number.

Both written and oral communication, he denied several times.

David Richter from the VGT commented: “For weeks I was regularly in the morning and in the evening near the scene where there were an incredible number of pheasants, they do not know where to go, so they stay close to the place where they were exposed as children and where they get the fattening feed provided.

These animals are completely helpless and disoriented.

It makes me sad and furious to watch these tame abandoned animals just waiting to be frightened and shot down. Only very few will be able to survive the hunts. “


Even for those animals that are still alive after the end of the hunting season (31.12.), The chances of survival are poor. Natural death or perishing on the roads decimate the stocks – so far, shooting off large populations of pre-winter populations does not make sense.

“Unless things change, this torture practice will start all over again in July 2020!” complains David Richter.


Not a single egg laid!

The female pheasants are exposed in a few weeks and shot at the age of about 8 months. The pretext of exposure of pheasants is the support.

But the animals are killed without having laid a single egg. So it is probably obvious that this legal legitimacy serves only as an excuse to live out the shooting fun!


Site inspection

David Richter himself was on a hunt on Nov. 3 to document how hunting for pheasants proceeds.

“Hunters go screaming and with sticks through the undergrowth, the hunting dogs run around freely, the startled animals try to escape, abandoned ducks and pheasants and rabbits are shot down and thrown into the accompanying trailer.

With it: plenty of beer bottles to increase the shooting fun.

I could hear and see a hunter shoot from a moving car.

An incredible number of shots were fired and, according to my estimate, 50 pheasants were shot dead. In the previous year there were about 5 hunting dates, which means that the next hunts will follow soon and I must continue watching the dying of these pitiful creatures. “


The VGT demands on behalf of most of the population the end of the arbitrary exposure and mass firing of pheasants.

A petition to the state parliament is in progress.




My comment: We have to make that clear right from the beginning: the aim of the hunt is the execution. What are the real reasons for the action of the hunters? to kill.

Today, hunting is certainly a pure form of terror tolerated by our society: the terror of hunters against animals!

In the Stone Age, they went hunting, because they were dependent on it as a source of food. This is no longer the case today, so the argument no longer applies.

Anyone who always has to cling to past and traditions should think about enslavement and witch burning. Was it also earlier, but was not right then, it is not today and is abolished in a civilized society.

The hunters in Germany are a very, very small minority of 0.4% of the population.
Even pedophiles are even more common with 1%!!

And nevertheless!
The heavily armed execution unit thinks it could do and leave what it wants in the forest.
And everyone who disagrees is intimidated by force of arms.

These times are finally over!

There is no more green ideology, the arguments of the forest killers are out, the majority of the population wants the hunt dead and refuses to recognize animal cruelty and terror in the forest as the right of a miserable, puny minority.
You have long revealed your ugly face of mendacity.
Shoot yourself and your stupid lackeys in politics too.


My best regrads to all, Venus


Italy: the truth about the buffalo industry

Animal Equality Italy has released a new investigation which documents the horrors of buffalo mozzarella production in Northern Italy.




THE DETAILS: In addition to the exclusive images shot by our investigators, Animal Equality has collected testimonials of people who can, first-hand, report on the conditions of these farms, farms where almost half a million buffaloes are bred every year.

Interviewing Italian personalities, such as journalist Giulia Innocenzi and former parliamentarian Paolo Bernini, help paint the picture of neglect on these farms, where numerous parliamentary inspections documented the illegal sewage spills in the Caserta area.



The images collected by Animal Equality are coupled with videos fromFour Paws International”, a German organization for the protection of animals that has conducted several investigations in farms for the production of buffalo mozzarella in Campania.

SHOCKING IMAGES: The up-until-now unpublished footage and pictures collected by Animal Equality investigators leave no room for doubt.

The videos clearly show: Animals covered in mud and feces up to their knees Buffaloes covered with flies and forced to live alongside bodies of dead animals.

A corpse of buffalo clumsily hidden under straw and feces Ill-treatment of buffaloes and degraded sanitary living conditions. Baby male buffalos abandoned to die of hunger and thirst after being torn from their mothers.



Nobody should hear the roar of the “garbage calves”

“Cimitieri dei bufali” buffalo cemeteries – are the name of these gruesome sites, they are testimonies of almost everyday animal suffering in this part of Europe.

Most are only a few days old, male buffalo calves.

Because they do not give milk and their slightly wild-tasting meat so far hardly anyone would like to eat, the farmers have no interest in the rearing.

Then simply not feeding the superfluous male animals is a “widespread practice”.
Growing the calves with breast milk or liquefied milk powder every day is not profitable from a purely business perspective.



For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/11/09/italy-the-truth-about-the-buffalo-industry/


My comment: 47 million kilograms “Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP” – buffalo mozzarella in short – were produced in Italy in 2017.

The Italian investigative journalist Giulia Innocenzi has made inquiries and reported such catastrophic conditions in public service broadcasting in Italy.

She has discovered that some breeders simply let their animals die after giving birth – thus saving their food for the first few days of life and about 20 euros for slaughtering in the slaughterhouse. Other breeders kill the baby buffalo with a hammer themselves or throw them with legs tied together and alive into rivers or lakes, so that the animals drown.

Even the life-saving female calves have no nice life ahead of them.

Often the boxes are so small that the buffaloes can not even turn around. They are tied to the ground where urine and excrement accumulate and they are raised with milk substitutes.
In addition, the animals are injected with the hormone oxytocin, which is supposed to help overcome the pain of separation.

All this is known and these terrifying facts have been exposed to the public several times. But as we have often said, the consumers (and polluters of this suffering) do not want to know about this reality, because that is the most effective way of taking no responsibility.

Most people intentionally ignore the suffering of farm animals; the meat and milk mafia with the help of the media and their lobbyists has generated this indifference so that it can continue to exist.

As soon as we empathize with animal suffering and stop eating animals, this fascist system with its life-disdaining ideology also ceases to exist.


My best regards to all, Venus


Jil Sander renounces the use of exotic skins!


With Peta along with Chanel, Westwood, von Furstenberg, Beckham

Following a meeting with Peta USA, the luxury brand Jil Sander undertook to stop selling bags, wallets, purses, and other items in exotic animal skins like alligators, crocodiles, ostriches, lizards and snakes.

The Maison has adopted the policy against the sale of angora wool since 2015. To note is a statement of the same association of animal rights.

“There is a violent death behind each bag or shoe of crocodile, alligator, snake, ostrich or lizard” recalls the director of Peta Elisa Allen in the note.



Jil Sander’s decision to ban exotic skins will save immense suffering to countless extraordinary animals. Peta asks other luxury brands to follow the compassionate example of this fashion house.”

In the decision to ban the use of exotic skins, Jil Sander joins Vivienne Westwood, Diane von Furstenberg, Victoria Beckham and Chanel.

“Peta, whose motto reads, in part, that ‘animals are not ours to wear’, has published numerous complaints about the exotic skin industry.


The group revealed that alligators are kept in fetid waters in huts wet and dark, after which their neck is cut and a metal bar is inserted in the head, in an attempt to destroy his brain, often while they are still completely conscious.



One-year-old ostriches are transported by truck to the slaughterhouse, where the workers put them upside down in a stunner, cut their throats and tear their feathers, and snakes are normally nailed to trees, then their bodies are opened from side to side as they are skinned alive.


My comment: Experts have proven that crocodiles stay alive for a long time, even if their spine is damaged and they feel pain when their skin is peeled off. The skinning lasts 15-20 minutes and the animals are still conscious over this period.

The more we are pleased about this new, small success and we wish that other fashion designers not only leather but also fur finally pull out of their range.
If there is no more leather and no fur to buy, then both are soon history, as simple as that.

It is motivating to experience such successes.
This strengthens our courage to continue fighting for our clients.

My best regards to all, Venus

Dissection: Millions of victims for an unnecessary “education”



Classroom dissection is an outdated practice still taught in many schools worldwide and is used to teach students about anatomy and physiology. Approximately 10 million animals are used for classroom dissection exercises annually in the US alone.

Rats, mice, frogs, worms, pigs, and sheep are often used, and many of the animals used are either bred specifically for this purpose or are captured from their natural environment and killed. Some are even taken from animal shelters.


(Pictured: A dissected pregnant female rat, who was carrying 11 babies.)⁠


Simply put, this practice is obsolete and unnecessary.

If one does wish to teach or learn from dissection, there are online virtual dissection tools available to educate about various anatomical and physiological processes. It is entirely possible for students of all education levels to learn anatomy and physiology from these tools—in addition to textbooks, human simulators, and clinical experience.

In fact, students often feel uncomfortable with these types of lessons and could face possible mental trauma.



It is well within a student’s rights to speak up against dissection in their classroom, with many schools having dissection-choice policies, meaning that students can refuse to take part without being penalized. Furthermore, studies have shown that there is no difference in achievement between students who dissect and those who do not.

Nedim C. Buyukmihci, a professor of ophthalmology at the University of California, Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine, says the following:

“As one who did not dissect in high school—and who now is a veterinarian and trains doctors-to-be—I can unequivocally state that the experience of dissection is totally unnecessary for the biologically minded pre-college student.”

We should not be forcing others to suffer in the name of education, especially when the “education” is completely unnecessary.⁠⁠

My comment: If we take into account that today we do everything we want with animals, nobody believes that even a single dissection takes place ONLY to animals who have died peaceful or naturally!

In that sense, this learning method should be prohibited, not only because it is outdated, but because it causes suffering and death for millions of animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

Malaysia: A lesson on how to punish animal tormentors



Kuala Lumpur – Because he killed a pregnant cat in a tumble dryer, a Malaysian has been sentenced to 34 months in prison.


It was a video in a laundromat that convicted the offender. He abused a cat. Now the animal tormentors had to answer in court.

The 42-year-old must also pay a fine of the equivalent of just under 9000 euros, as the state news agency Bernama reported on Wednesday.
The verdict should be “a lesson to the perpetrator and the public, that one should not treat animals cruelly,” said the judge Rasyihah Ghazali accordingly.

The mistreatment of the cat in September 2018 had caused an outcry among animal rights activists.
A video from a surveillance camera showed the cat being put into a clothes dryer late at night in a Kuala Lumpur laundromat.

Two men then threw chips into the machine, turned it on and ran away. A customer of the laundromat later found the carcass of the cat.

The prison sentence against the 42-year-old was suspended for the time being, because he wants to appeal. The Tuesday ruling was already the second court ruling in the case.
In January, a taxi driver in Malaysia was sentenced to two years in prison for killing a cat.



My comment: We get a lesson from Malaysia!
We, the “civilized” Germans have a humorous so-called “Animal Protection Law”. It says:
“No one may inflict pain, suffering or harm on any animal without reasonable reason.”

How much would such a culprit get here in Germany?
The judge had raised his finger and told him …. “You, you, you bad man, that’s not what a good man does” and then he would have been sent to Mallorca for psychotherapy because he definitely had a bad childhood!

We believe that we are morally up front with our Animal Welfare Law, but in similar court cases it is not even worth the ink with which it was signed.

My best regards to all, Venus


Animal Liberation




With this beautiful video we let the day fade away.
Let us hope that there will be more and more people who will liberate animals from suffering, pain and injustice and give them what they deserve: love, freedom, happiness.

Good night to all from Venus