Are the citizens of the EU finally starting to understand things ?


Are the citizens of the EU finally starting to understand things ?

We have always campaigned (along with millions of others in the EU) for live animal transport to be reduced to a maximum of 8 hours. Under constant pressure from the meat mafia; we have got nowhere with our demands.

Tonight, 26/5/19; we will see how the EU will change. Those who have always regarded themselves as the ‘gods of Europe’ may well be dethroned this evening. It could be a big positive for animal welfare.

King Junker may start to lose his crown !


“There is no objective reason to believe that human interests are more important than animal ones”



„I was always bothered by the idea of hitting a beautiful, living, innocent animal over the head, cutting him up into pieces, then shoving the pieces into my mouth.

I finally made my decision to stop eating animals when I came upon a ritual slaughter scene during a visit to Israel.

My experiences in the during the Nazi Holocaust had a profound impact on my subsequent life choices.

I felt some guilt that I lived when so many others didn’t, and a sense of duty to redeem my survival by assuming their share of responsibility for making this planet a better place to live for all its inhabitants” (Alex Hershaft).


Image: PETA

“ Never again” is not about  what others shouldn’t  do to others. It’s about what we shouldn’t do to others. “Never again” means that we must never again perpetrate mass atrocities against other living beings.

That we must never again raise animals for food or any other form of exploitation“. (Alex Hershaft)”


Don`t  be on the side of the hangman. 



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China: China could make Donkeys extinct within 4 years if action is not taken.

China: China could make Donkeys extinct within 4 years if action is not taken.

Donkeys will be extinct in four years if China is not stopped! 1

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India: Bear Driven off cliff by mob.

India: Bear Driven off cliff by mob.

Ghandi said that you can judge a nation by the way it treats its animals.

India still has a lot to learn !

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world turtley day


We urgently need to do something to avoid this day becoming a day of remembrance!
Because it is high time:

Sea turtles have been living in the oceans for about 225 million years, now they are under more threat than ever before. All living seven species of sea turtles are at great risk: marine pollution and fishing cost lives to countless animals each year.


Particularly many sea turtles die in nets, on longlines or by plastic in their stomachs.
We must protect the sea turtles before it is too late for them!

Foto: Giorgia Doglioni

You know what to do?
Look at what Sea Shepherd is doing to protect sea turtles. With the app “getbaff” you can watch the video in full length
You can take this picture here on our website. In addition, we deposit all videos on our button and sticker “100% waiver = 100% marine protection”. This video will be available until Sunday.
Get the app and follow us! You can get the app “getbaff” for free in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Collect our messages … and getbaff!

And we mean: even if we can not directly participate in the excellent marine conservation of Shea Shepard, in everyday life  we ALL can do something for the animals.
Give to the slow, small, defenseless more mindfulness. In the garden, road traffic, grass mowing …

As the weather heats up, turtles are on the GO, but man-made obstacles often put them in danger 💔

This World Turtle Day, remember to look out for turtles and always help them cross if you see them in the road.

Protection and love for animals knows no limit, and is given without excuses.


My best regards to all, Venus


Cesar Millan: a torturer and not a dog whisperer


The self-proclaimed “Dog Whisperer” became known through his eponymous TV series. To help dogs with behavioral problems, their owners keep turning to Cesar Millan. We’ll explain why this is not a good idea.


– Millan uses electric shock and choke collars so the dogs do what they want. The result is mostly frightened and panicked animals.

– Cesar Millan works with the idea of being a pack leader. Therefore, he uses intimidating and violent education methods that can turn dogs into ticking time bombs.


– Although Millan speaks of “communication and understanding,” he does everything to make the dogs react out of sheer fear. He tells in his book how great it is when the dog crawls on the floor in fear as soon as the owner approaches. A relationship of trust between dog and human can not arise in this way when dogs are punished and maltreated.

And I mean: In his book Millan then explains the actual motive for this absurdly animal-hostile behavior: it only gives him the feeling of superiority. It’s a wonderful amusement to be able to control a dog and tell him to stay on foot and do that and the other.
How nice, he says, when the dog crawls on the floor in fear when the owner approaches.

So the desire to dominate. “I am the born alpha animal, the pack leader, the lord,” is Millan’s motto.

For me, Cesar Millan is an abnormal animal tormentor, an inferior sadist is Cesar Millan, nothing else.

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Prada: senza pellicce!

+++ SUCCESS +++

“Focusing on innovative materials will allow the company to explore new boundaries of creative design while meeting the demand for ethical products.”

—Miuccia Prada, Chief Executive, Prada S.p.A


For years, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), as one of Prada’s shareholders, has been pushing for this decision at the annual meetings.

Prada’s fur exit is the result of decades of protests by PETA and its affiliates, who have called for fashion companies to drop their furs with numerous protests – including catwalk storms.

Prada’s decision to banish fur from his collections is a triumph for the animals and activists. ♥ 🙏

While PETA applauds Prada’s entry into the ranks of furry fashion houses, we are now calling on the label to do the same to Chanel and, in another compassionate decision, to cancel out the cruelly produced skin of crocodiles, lizards or snakes from future collections.

Most consumers do not want to wear anything on their skin, for which animals are beaten with clubs or electrocuted.

Prada’s decision to go fur-free in the future is followed by designers such as Armani, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier.

And we mean.. Another good step to abolish animal suffering, or at least one of the many animal suffering varieties.

Was it our protests, the pressure on the fashion shops, or the thousands of demos and explanations for the consumers that led to this move?
We do not know that. Maybe everything together.
But one thing is for sure: if the fashion designers no longer offer us real fur, then nobody wears it!
It’s that easy!

My best regards, Venus