“Human suffering is lamented, animal suffering is ignored”

From the Facebook page of the Austrian philosopher and animal ethicist Helmut F. Kaplan:

“Obscene from an animal perspective *:
Human suffering is lamented, animal suffering is ignored

Photo: Frankfurter Allgemeine

Animals are deliberately exposed to the conditions of nuclear war to determine how long they will survive and how they will die.

Animals are tied up and shot at with guns to explore the effects of new munitions.

Animals are ruthlessly frightened, expelled, injured and destroyed in the “opening” of nature, in the demolition of buildings, in the construction of roads, in the construction of dams and so on and so on.

Flocks of birds that impede airport operations are ruthlessly massacred.

Gassing and poisoning squads are on the move everywhere and without interruption in order to “exterminate” “vermin” and other “pests” in the most brutal way.

Not to mention from the round-the-clock, routine massacres in experimental laboratories and slaughterhouses around the world”  ( from his book “Animal Rights and Human Rights: One Unit”)

* (His statement came after an article in the German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine” entitled: “The situation in Ukraine: the population is already on the brink”).


“Animals are almost always in the position of being (much) weaker than humans!

By nature, because we are mostly rationally and practically superior to them, ‘by civilization’, because we scientifically optimized and technically perfected exploit and kill them in animal factories and slaughterhouses.

In experimental laboratories, animals are even deliberately humiliated and terrorized.” (Helmut F. Kaplan)

He said everything, actually.
Who else wants to comment here…

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Primates as “Pets”- a life of misery and suffering

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THIS is the reality about dog sledding-a musher describes it

“Forget the dog sledding propaganda you’ve been fed and see the reality on this video”.


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Switzerland on the way to banning the import of foie gras

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International Cat Federation bans Russian cats from competitions

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No more glyphosate in the EU

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The Munich Philharmonic is now Russian free!!

Do you remember?
Exactly 4 days ago, on February 26, the Western press broke the news about the imminent dismissal of the Russian and chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Valery Gergief if he does not want to renounce Russian politics.

Gergiev has since been thrown out. His offense: he did not comment!
As of today, the Philharmonie is free of Russians.

In order not to miss the circular conclusion to the “classic”, so one can say that something like this is a “fascist classic”.

At first glance, one might think that the unwanted Russian conductor Valeri Gergiev could now feel like a Jew in Munich in the 1930s.

Surely that’s pure exaggeration, but it’s guaranteed that Valerie Gergiev will soon think about whom to click his heels in the future.

Valery Gergiyev, Chief Conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre, with the symphony orchestra at Moscow’s Zaryadye Concert Hall – May 2, 2021

The artist agency that represented Gergiev canceled the contract with him.

“In the light of the criminal war waged by the Russian regime against the democratic and independent nation of Ukraine, and against the open European society as a whole, it has become impossible and clearly undesirable for us to represent Maestro Gergiyev’s interests.” said the head of the agency.

And with that, the highest level of mental shallowness in this banana republic has been reached.

Munich has always been an interesting place for Nazis.
This has apparently not changed to this day, although this time fascism is making its debut in a different neo-dress.

By the way: an Edeka supermarket branch manager in Kiel (Northern Germany) also drew the “right” conclusions and banned Russian President Putin from his shop: “No beer for Putin and nothing else either!”

Putin will tremble when there is such missionary zeal for sanctions against Russia!