Thank`s Lacoste!



We are excited to partner with Lacoste and announce its commitment to a fur-free policy.

The brand’s Global CSR manager said: “Lacoste has decided to ban fur long ago. However, we felt it was important to add our name to the list of fur-free companies to show our support for the cause around the globe.”

And we mean: For all who say that there is no hope for the abolition of the Fur Farms – we disagree!!!

We will continue to fight for it, and we will fight harder than ever. After all, the animals only have us.

Together, we will push the fur industry and its deadly machinery even further offside!


Best regards to all, Venus


“A child who dies of hunger today is being murdered”



No! multi corporations do not feed the world. They feed the rich countries.

Why do not food exports go to the poor of the world? When it comes to world hunger, corporations like the GMO Seed and Pesticide Giants are called Monsanto and DuPont. These corporations advertise with the slogan “We feed the world” .

But the opposite is the case, economic interests dominate world politics, and in poor countries the greed for profit only comes down to capturing their raw materials or growing soybean, corn, palm oil, cotton or even bananas on their precious arable land.


That`s modern colonialism in Africa – the new way of enslavement in the 21st Century with the EU, US, UK, World Bank and Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationIndustrial farms claim to end hunger in the poor countries of the world – but most of the food is exported to rich countries!


Equally absurd is the idea that about 35% of the world’s grain harvest is fed to livestock or landed in biogas plants, while hunger is still the leading cause of death worldwide.

The subsidized injustice and the increasing industrialization of agriculture are due to the ever-increasing globalization in food production.

The result was the world’s largest greenhouse landscape in Almería, southern Spain, which will supply Europe with fresh tomatoes.

There is now a large landing plain, which is only a single plastic sea. 2.8 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables are produced each year in 32,000 greenhouses. Large quantities of pesticides and fertilizers are used. The region is slowly running out of water.

Tons of toxic pesticides, plant fertilizers, plant substrates, rock wool, plastic wrap and the exploitation of African migrants allow us to enjoy fresh tomatoes from Spain in our salad.

For decades, corporate multinationals have been dominating and stealing their smallholders’ land and thus their livelihoods. And despite abundance of natural resources, these countries remain poor – who profits from hunger?



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My comment: In an interview with UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Food, Jean Ziegler, he put it very aptly: “World agriculture could easily feed 12 billion people, but only half as many people live on Earth. That is, a child who dies of hunger today is being murdered. “

Yes! that’s right!
By whom murdered? Of all those who are involved in this system, that is to say exactly of the consumers who support this criminal system through the consumption of meat.

In 122 Third World countries 43,000 children die from hunger every day. The statistics are a bit old, today the number is even higher. All who participate in this daily mass murder are the second-hand killers of these children.



My best regards to all, Venus


“Animals are no other type of slaves than human slaves”


Human rights and dignity apply only to human animals and are internationally strictly protected property. All other nonhuman animals suffer from lawlessness.


Domestication of animals is nothing but the other word of systematic confinement, tethering, branding, dangling tails, breeding, exploiting and brutally killing.


We, the human animals do not know what it feels like to live in chains.
Animals live in chains for the meat and milk industry, for the entertainment industry, for the laboratory industry, for the human species, which has a strong self-interest (and benefits) to assume the role of ruler, the oppressor.


The deliberate transformation of a living being into a bundle of suffering and dumb despair is a crime –

what else should be a crime?

The human being does not evolve.

Obviously, a moral change in the consciousness of the human species is not subject to an evolutionary autopilot.
In other words, what we did not understand centuries ago can not be understood today.

That animals are not our slaves, not our food, not our torture objects.

We no longer burn witches, because only the term is abolished.
We don`t gass Jews, because we have banished criminal racism. We do not dispose of disabled children, as in Sparta, because children have rights.
And yet: one still lives on the tree in terms of morality towards animals.
Underdeveloped, smug assholes, that’s us.

Regards, Venus


KFC first UK fast food chain to commit to new chicken welfare standards – we shall be watching !

KFC first UK fast food chain to commit to new chicken welfare standards

Move expected to put pressure on rivals McDonald’s, Burger King and large supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s

Image result for KFC horror


KFC is to become the first UK fast food chain to sign up to new European welfare standards for farmed chickens, in an attempt to tackle growing concerns about inhumane conditions in the intensive and large-scale production of meat.

The move by the America-owned chain – 18 months after the blueprint was unveiled – will put pressure on rivals McDonald’s and Burger King, as well as large supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s to follow suit.

Supermarkets, restaurant chains and hotel groups have all been urged to commit to the so-called European Chicken Commitment, which represents the first time a single set of requirements has been agreed on across the continent by a large coalition of European animal protection groups, including the RSPCA.

KFC’s UK and Ireland business said it will work closely with suppliers and NGOs to raise the minimum level of welfare standards across the industry by 2026. Its move will cover its sourcing of chicken in the UK and Europe, which make up the vast majority of its supplies, though it also buys a small amount of chicken from Thailand and Brazil.

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The new requirements include stricter auditing processes, reducing stocking density to give birds more space in barns, and investing in environmental “enrichment” which includes providing perches, pecking objects such as straw and vegetables, and natural daylight.

In arguably the biggest step to help curb some of the cruellest aspects of the business which sees fast-grown, over-bred birds collapsing under their own weight, the new standard stipulates a pledge to purchase slower-growing breeds.


KFC and Tidy Planet join forces for waste-to-energy venture

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In the UK sales of red meat have fallen in recent years, but chicken – seen as a “healthy” meat – has seen sales rise.

KFC’s Imposter Burger – a vegan patty made from Quorn and intended to replicate chicken – sold out last month in the limited number of outlets stocking it.

Although KFC is the largest fast food chicken chain in the UK – using an estimated 60 million chickens every year in its 900-plus outlets – its UK and Ireland sales account for only 4% of total chicken sales in the UK, with the lion’s share through supermarkets.

Paula MacKenzie, general manager of KFC UK & Ireland, said: “Our customers care about improving the lives of the chicken we buy. That’s why we’re adding our voice to the campaign and encouraging others to do the same – because to inspire real change and provoke meaningful action, we need the industry to move with us.”

The Humane League has been lobbying for McDonald’s – which uses large volumes of chicken in its nuggets and burgers – to sign up to the commitment too. Its managing director Vicky Bond said: “We welcome KFC’s move, but it highlights just what a laggard McDonald’s is. This will benefit the lives of millions of chickens every year throughout their supply chain. We implore the rest of this sector and other food companies to follow in their footsteps.”

A McDonald’s spokesperson said it had its own scheme to improve the welfare and health of chickens in its supply chain, and had set up a council of experts to advise them on the matter.



Germany: the “production system” of pigs


At the beginning of February 2017, PETA was alerted by a whistleblower to the bad conditions in a pig breeding and fattening farm in Günthersdorf (Friedland) in the Lower Lusatia. On PETA leaked footage, which was taken at the beginning of the year, were extremely dirty with excrement pork bays and a number of seriously injured and dead piglets to see.



PETA thereupon immediately filed a complaint with the competent public prosecutor in Frankfurt on suspicion of violating the Animal Welfare Act as well as numerous serious violations of the provisions of the Animal Welfare Ordinance.

In addition, the veterinary office  district was informed about the abuses.

But the catastrophic conditions were not turned off.

PETA was leaked more video material – taken in late June 2017 -. No improvements from improvements. The animals suffer and continue to die under desolate conditions.

The closure of the plant or the pronouncement of a livestock ban were considered by Thomas Maczek (the veterinary officer of the competent office), as not necessary, although he himself had classified in an interview, the attitude as bad, animal welfare relevant and not species-appropriate.

Resignation or disinterest? but in any case a behavior that is inappropriate for a medical profession.

These are shocking pictures: The pictures show once again weak, seriously injured, dying and already dead piglets.


Mast bays were not only dirty, but in some cases too crowded. (Stocking density of 0.226 m2 per animal, although according to the Animal Welfare – Livestock Regulation at least twice as large area is required for runner pigs).

Once again, the enforcement deficit in Germany shows – not even valid law is enforced, grievances are tolerated.

Despite official controls, operators have apparently been able to continue their catastrophic husbandry for months without any restrictions.


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My comment: We must not get used to these pictures, it is not rare exceptions and black sheep at the animal owners, it is systemic conditions.

Here we witness a million times animal suffering, which has become normal in the existing “production system”, a normality that a civilized society with an ethical claim and an advanced animal welfare law should not take for granted.

Germany has established the largest, most disgusting and cruel mass animal farming in Europe.
Under the animal-contempting policies of the new Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner, the country is being pulled into the dirt.

“Klöckners Livestock Ordinance violates animal welfare law and constitution,” says Prof. Thomas Blaha of the Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare.
He`s right.

My best regards, Venus


UK: Make the UK Completely Foie Gras Free – We Dont Want it.

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Foie Gras basically means ‘fatty liver’ and involves the force feeding of duck and geese on a daily basis to produce hugely oversized livers; which are then used for Foie Gras production.

Foie Gras production does not exist in the UK, but some well known stores import the product for customers. Now we want the UK to go entirely foie gras free – including a ban on the import of the product into the UK.

Please sign the petition and give your support to the campaign which is headed by Rachel and Susie. Thank

Dear Mark,

Countdown stars Rachel Riley and Susie Dent have joined Animal Equality’s call for a #FoieGrasFreeGB. The caring TV celebrities made impassioned speeches urging their fans to sign our petition demanding the Government enacts an import ban on foie gras.



Rachel and Susie’s support came as a new YouGov poll revealed that an overwhelming majority of Brits back a foie gras import ban too ⁠— 79% of those who expressed an opinion were in favour of a ban.

The poll also showed that the vast majority of people in the UK do not eat foie gras, with only 10% of people having eaten it in the past year.

“If you eat foie gras, I would really urge you to look at the practice that goes in to producing it. It is totally barbaric and involves force-feeding on the most horrific scale imaginable.


Please, if you’re a lover of animals, add your name to the petition to ban foie gras from the UK.”
– Susie Dent

We’re closer than ever before to a foie gras-free Britain, but we need your support. Donate today and together, we will achieve this victory for animals.

Thank you,


Bavaria: death struggle as an everyday business


One of the largest dairy farmers in Bavaria blatantly violates animal welfare.

The dairy farm Endres” im Allgäu, Bavaria, torments his animals, according to research by the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and the ARD ( Public TV) politics magazines REPORT MAINZ.

This emerges from a several weeks comprehensive video documentation from the stalls. The photographs were handed over to the ARD and the” Süddeutsche Zeitung” by the animal rights association Soko Animal protection” and show that the staff always cause great pain to the cows.


The cows are kicked and beaten. Animals that can no longer walk are dragged through the barn with the help of hip clips and tractors.

Sick cows are taken to a sick bay of the barn and are not  cared for there. About 1800 cows live there.

Over a period of ten days, the footage documents that a particular animal has been given very little water and food and has not been properly killed. There are several so-called Need killings to see in which the animals were stunned with a stud shot, but then bled out properly.


Minutes after the bolt shot, some cows are still showing reactions and are suffering longer than allowed. The farmer Franz Endres wants, despite multiple demand for the previous incidents, not comment.


This emerges from a several weeks comprehensive video documentation from the stables, which was handed over to the editorial by the animal rights organization “Soko animal protection” . In the opinion of Prof. Holger Martens, an expert on cattle farming, the documented conditions clearly violate existing laws.

“I have never seen such pictures, they are unacceptable, they are intolerable conditions, and this is clearly in violation of existing laws, it is depressing.” he said


Meanwhile, the responsible Bavarian consumer protection ministry has responded. A written statement on Monday stated that “animal cruelty is unacceptable” (!!!)

For the first time in my term of office, I am confronted with such serious allegations against a specific establishment, and the matter must be fully investigated immediately the local authorities have been involved, and I was particularly keen to have the prosecutor’s office react immediately, with criminal behavior in the area, and responsibility for the animals, and there is a strong suspicion that this responsibility has been grossly ignored” says  Consumer Protection  Minister Thorsten Glauber


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My comment: The German industrial peasants have lobby organizations that are as powerful as those of the German automotive industry. In such a climate, where apparently and intentionally insufficient control or animal cruelty is concealed, crime flourishes.

While pet owners torture animals in Germany, they also advertise with allegedly high animal welfare standards in Germany.

What many consumers do not know: Germany is only mediocre in terms of animal welfare internationally. There is always talk of “isolated cases”, but in reality concern the majority of companies. And the farmers’ lobby – which, incidentally, mainly represents the big farmers – is doing everything to ensure that this does not change.

My best regards, Venus