UK / Nepal: Brits lobby against visiting Nepal due to Gadhimai Animal Slaughter. Nepalese Minister Left ‘Speechless’ During Visit To London !

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Brits lobby against visiting Nepal due to Gadhimai


Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Deepak Chandra Amatya, who went to Britain last week to promote Nepal’s tourism, was left speechless when he was asked questions about animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai Fair.

Minister Amatya, who was there to participate in the World Travel Market 2014, was not just asked questions about animal sacrifice but was also handed over a petition signed by over 72,000 Brits.

He has reported about that to the President’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office and the cabinet after feeling bad during his visit. Secretary at the Tourism Ministry Suresh Man Shrestha says Brits have been lobbying to advise British tourists to not visit Nepal due to Gadhimai.

This may seriously affect the Nepali tourism industry. A total of 42,300 British tourists had visited Nepal in 2012, and 35,600 in 2013.

Tourism entrepreneurs are expressing concerns stating that the campaign started by animal rights activists against animal sacrifice at Gadhimai across Europe can seriously affect arrival of European tourists.

They fear that fall in arrival of European tourists, who are considered to be high-spending, can seriously affect the tourism industry. Foreign missions in Nepal, expressing serious interest about animal sacrifice during the Gadhimai Fair, have also urged the government to stop slaughter of animals at an open space. Joanna Lumley, who has fought for rights of the British Gurkhas, had also publicly appealed to stop that some time ago.

“British campaigners have been urging Brits to not visit Nepal accusing Nepalis to be the most violent and cruel in the world citing Gadhimai. This is set to be the biggest setback for our tourism industry. We have informed all the stakeholder bodies and advised them about the issue,” secretary Shrestha adds.

He reveals that over 72,000 Brits have signed petition against sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of animals at Gadhimai and such campaigns spreading rumors about Nepal have also been held in other countries emulating Britain.

Constituent Assembly (CA) member from CPN-UML Rajya Laxmi Golchha on Tuesday had moved the Supreme Court to stop animal sacrifice.

The Gadhimai Fair is organized every five year and around 500,000 animals are sacrificed during the fair.

Ban on filming/photo

Secretary Shrestha reveals that the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has already directed Bara administration to stop any kind of filming/photography during the Gadhimai Fair.

“The ministry cannot speak about whether to allow sacrifice or not. But photos and videos of that has seriously harmed Nepal’s tourism and culture,” he states.

He says filming ban has been imposed this year as the foreigners have expressed concern due to the video filmed during the last edition five years ago.


It is not about the filming! It is not about doing it in an enclosed rather than open space! It is not about reducing the numbers of those innocents who are “sacrificed” from 500,000 to a lesser number!

It is about the unspeakable suffering of animals! It is about the senseless barbarism, the wanton cruelty, the horrific abuse of living, breathing, sentient beings! It is about the unacceptable and unconscionable “sacrifice” of animals to appease whatever god is worshipped…in an archaic, anachronistic practice that continues to be condoned and allowed by the governing officials of Nepal.

It is about an uncivilized custom/tradition that belongs in the dustbin of history…along with human sacrifice, child slavery and the subjugation of women, among many other injustices that persist out of ignorance, indifference, corruption and greed!

It is about a blight on the reputation of Nepal that will not go away so long as this aberrant horror persists.

It is long past time for this hideous bloodbath to end!

Citizens of conscience all around the globe say: NO MORE! THE KILLING MUST END ONCE AND FOR ALL!


SAV Comment – Until Nepal completely bans this archaic bloodbath under the pathetic name of religion; we will continue to speak out against it.  

The Nepalese tourist industry has a simple choice.  We wait, watch and see how they respond.

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100,000 Animals Drowning Every Year in The Plastic We Throw Away.



100,000 Animals Drowning Every Year in The Plastic

We Throw Away

by Abigail Geer

November 29, 2014

With an estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square mile of our oceans, our addiction to plastic is killing countless animals in some of the most horrific ways imaginable.

Considered by many as a threat worse than climate change, in a disturbing new report, leading expert Charles J. Moore, says that plastic is ‘choking our future in ways that most of us are barely aware.’

From takeouts and coffee cups, to toothbrushes and tires, plastic has become an integral part of human existence, but the real problem is where all the plastic that we throw out every day ends up.

Animals are the Victims of Our Throwaway Society

Plastic production has increased by more than 500% in the last 30 years, and with most people not giving a second thought as to what happens after they toss it out, plastic is taking over the ocean and threatening the animals that call it their home.

Huge garbage patches the size of Wales are forming in the world’s oceans, comprised of cigarette lighters, shampoo bottles, yogurt pots, plastic rings from six packs and much more. For hundreds of miles without end, Moore’s research vessel passed plastics of every description. During his trip Moore came across one of the most upsetting scenes he has ever encountered.

“I’ve seen many scenes in my work studying whales, dolphins and marine mammals, both uplifting and disheartening. But one of the saddest was the sight of a young grey seal pup in a colony on the idyllic shores of Cape Cod.

It was an otherwise healthy animal — but with a plastic strap looped round its neck — the kind you get around a parcel. Slowly but surely, as the animal grew, its noose would tighten.

As I looked at the animal, I could foretell its painful death, probably from starvation, as the seal became unable to feed.”

Hundreds of thousands of sea turtles, whales and other marine mammals are dying each year as a result of eating plastic, just like the sperm whale that was recently discovered dead in Spain with 100 plastic bags inside its stomach. As if these figures aren’t shocking enough, experts also believe that more than 1 million seabirds are also being killed from ocean pollution, ingestion or entanglement.

We are the ones creating all this rubbish, and as such we share a collective responsibility for the deaths it is causing. We cannot shake it from our conscience by ignoring the situation or turning a blind eye; it is time to take responsibility and make changes.

What You Can Do To Help

The best way to stop plastic pollution in our oceans is to make sure it never reaches the water in the first place. Reducing, reusing and recycling is the way forward.

Take action today by following these steps to help cut down on your plastic use and protect our oceans:

Bring your own fabric bags to the store

Always choose reusable items whenever possible

If you need to use plastic, make sure you recycle after you’ve used it

Let businesses know that you want packaging that is fully recyclable

Host a clean up day where you get together with a group of volunteers to pick up trash at your local beach

Support and spread the message of organizations fighting plastic pollution


England: Oh; She Thinks I’m Putting The Cat Out !!


A classic from the late Marty Feldman.



Serbia: 28/11/14 – Small Signs That Tok Is Showing Some Improvement.

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tok recovery

28/11/14 – Tok update:

 Tok has finally begun to fight back a little and even eats on her own, although I also have to syringe feed her to make sure she’s swallowed enough food.

The problem is that she’s horribly skinny and weak, and her belly is still swollen, maybe slightly a bit less now. She’s receiving injections every day, eats RC Recovery canned food and is being given vitamin supplements.

We’re all aware that the prognosis is not promising, but even if just one out of ten cats with the same problem manages to pull through, we’ll do everything it takes to ensure she becomes that fortunate one.

For as long as she’s not suffering, which she doesn’t seem to be for the time being, we refuse to give up on her.

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Nepal: 28/11/14 – First Info On The 2014 Frenzy Of Killings – Nepal Shames The World With Its Barbaric Animal Slaughter – List Of (Nepal) Embassy Contacts Given In Post Links.



ciwf ghad nov 2014

Photo from our friends at CIWF (London) – Nov 2014.

News In 28/11/14:

Dear Mark,

Our Investigators are today on the ground in Nepal, documenting what we believe to be the world’s biggest single-location animal slaughter festival. The Gadhimai festival takes place in such a remote area that our team are cut off from most forms of communication – but I have just received this short message:

“I’ve never ever seen anything quite like this and hope I’ll never ever witness it again.

The scale of the suffering is vast – before me lie the bodies of thousands of buffalo, staining the earth, and the soles of the slaughtermen’s feet, red. What I’ve seen can only be described as a massacre. These animals have suffered great pain at the hands of an army of unskilled men and this is just the start….thousands of chickens, goats and other animals are next up in this 48 hour frenzy of killing.

After documenting the horror I shut my eyes for a few minutes to escape the bloodshed but the air is heavy with a sickening smell of death and I know I’ll never be able to forget this event.”

Thank you to everyone who signed our original petition calling for action on Gadhimai festival.

We now need you to take action once more. Please, if you haven’t already, call on the Nepalese government to ensure this festival never happens again.

We’ll update you next week with more information from our investigators as they return from Nepal. The team faces a long journey back so it may take a few days to get their eye-witness evidence out to you.


SAV comments:     Nepal puts the world to shame with its killing frenzy

More info on the CIWF site at: 

If you wish to send a message about this to any of the Nepalese embassies around the world, then please use either of the following to find your own (home) contact details: 

Thanks – SAV.




3 Important Petitions – Please Act Now – Thank You.

Tell Secretary Jewell to Protect Wolverines!


Petition link –     

author: Defenders of Wildlife

target: Secretary Jewell, U.S. Department of the Interior

signatures: 21,287

Despite a unanimous recommendation by scientists that the wolverine be listed as threatened under the ESA, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) has scrapped plans to protect this imperiled mammal.

Fewer than 300 of these animals are left in the Lower 48. 

What is worse, scientists estimate that on average, no more than 35 of these animals are capable of contributing each year to future generations of wolverines being born. 

Tell Secretary Jewell to do the right thing and give wolverines the protection they deserve!



Stop Big Oil From Blasting Airguns in Whale Habitat

Petition link – 

author: Center for Biological Diversity

target: President Barack Obama

signatures: 14,090

We have to act now to save one of the world’s most endangered whales from Big Oil. President Obama recently gave oil companies the green light to explore for oil off the Atlantic Coast, from Delaware to Florida. This means seismic testing — blasting sound guns 100,000 times louder than a jet engine underwater.

Right whales raise their babies off the Atlantic Coast, and the calving season just started. But oil companies are gearing up to blast airguns in the area that can deafen, maim and kill these highly endangered animals. Seismic surveys use powerful explosions that disrupt whales’ feeding, breeding, communications and other essential behaviors.

There are fewer than 500 North Atlantic right whales left in the world, and this plan could expose them to hundreds of incidents of harassment and harm.



Protect the Maasai people from a government hunting reserve

Petition – go to: 

Update, 8:45pm GMT 25 November 2014: The Tanzanian President has tweeted that he will not pursue to deal with the hunting reserve — but we cannot back off until the Maasai are guaranteed permanent rights to their land, in writing. We’ve updated the petition text to reflect this additional, critical, ask.

The Tanzanian government plans to kick 40,000 Maasai people off their ancestral land to make way for a luxury big game hunting reserve. A section of the famous Serengeti plains, which teems with lions, leopards, elephants, wildebeest, zebra and buffalo, is to be sold to a Dubai-based company, the Ortelo Business Corporation, for a commercial hunting ground.

The Tanzanian government has been forced to back down once before — last year, after massive local and international opposition to the plan, Tanzania’s president promised the Maasai they could stay on their lands. Now the government has made a sudden u-turn, and told them the deal is back on andthey must leave their ancestral territory by the end of this year.
Tell Tanzania’s president to keep his promise and cancel the corporate land-grab once and for all.

The Maasai have been fighting the commercialisation of their traditional lands for decades, battling greedy investors eyeing the area’s extraordinary wildlife and trying to get hunting and tourism permits. The nomadic herders are furious at the news that this deal has come back to life.

“This is the worst kind of betrayal ever,” said Ole Kulinga, a Maasai elder and traditional leader. “This government’s promises are clearly worth nothing. They said our lands were safe — the lands where the Maasai have lived and died for generations — but now they are going to take them from us, and sell them to rich royals from overseas who want to come and slaughter animals. We will never accept this deal. Our land is not for sale.”

There is a lot of money riding on the Dubai deal. Local activists opposing the hunting reserve over the last two years have been threatened, and even killed. So international attention and pressure has a crucial part to play in exposing the Tanzanian government’s betrayal and forcing it to keep its promises. Please stand with the Maasai people who could lose everything, and help them keep their homelands.

Sign the petition to Tanzania’s president telling him to abandon the deal now.


More information:

Tanzania accused of backtracking over sale of Maasai’s ancestral land, The Guardian, November 16, 2014.
Tanzania ditches plan to evict Masai for Serengeti ‘wildlife corridor’, The Guardian, October 7, 2013.
Masai face losing their homeland to hunters, The Times, November 19, 2014.

Nepal: Religious Mass Slaughter Due To Start Within Hours. Take Action Below To Send A Clear Message To The Nepalese Government – Never Again !!




Photo – CIWF – Joanna campaigns to stop the killings

Our past posts from the last few years on this issue:



nepal 1

nepal 3

nepal 2

English group CIWF has investigators there now.

Compassion investigators have just reached the site of the Gadhimai slaughter festival in Nepal.

In a few short hours, the mass sacrifice will begin.

Join us and tell the Nepalese Government: Never again.

This weekend, the world will be watching as the Nepalese Government stands by and allows hundreds of thousands of animals to be brutally slaughtered.

The Indian Government has committed to stop animals crossing the border into Nepal, and we have pushed hard for enforcement of relevant legislation designed to protect animals and people within Nepal. As a result, we are hopeful that fewer animals will be involved in the festival this time around, but we sadly expect that it will still continue.

With just a few short hours to go, we now know that the Nepalese Government will not stop this year’s festival. But please, call on them to ensure this is the last time it ever happens.

Take action now by signing the letter to the Nepalese government via the following CIWF link:

Never again must this be allowed to happen.  India is doing wwhat it can, but the global campaigners must also play their part.

Act now please !