Australia: Please Support (see below) – The City of Fremantle has Called for Live Animal Exports to be Phased Out During the Next Five Years.

Live animal exports are an issue which I feel incredibly strongly about.  It is my No.1 campaign issue which continues in parallel with the work I undertake for SAV.

I have been part of the Uk activist / investigation / monitoring system aginst live animal exports from the Uk for over 20 years now.  The number of calves, sheep, pigs and horses that I have seen on the road and at Uk ports, ready for export, now runs into the millions, literally.

Over the last year, Uk activists have finally achieved what has only ever been a dream – to completely stop the export of ALL live animals from the Uk to mainland Europe; animals which have always gone for slaughter and further fattening.

It is a massive achievement and I am proud to have played a part.  As the EU Correspondent for an anti live export organisation here in the Uk, our submissions to the EU on our investigation work has played a key role in getting us to where we are now.  There are some great investigators and groups in mainland Europe who are continuing to highlight the abuse suffered by animals undergoing long distance transportation:,en_ORG.html

I very much wish every one of them every success in the work they undertake.

Finally, I ask everyone to please give your support to the campaign below.  The City of Freemantle in Australia has called for live animal exports to be phased out in the next five years.

Please watch the video footage of Australian sheep exports to the Middle East and then tell me I am wrong when I say that such animals should never be exported live from Australia.   –

Most importantly, please send the sample letter to the authorities of Freemantle, giving them your support in their call that live animal exports from the city should be stopped.

There are also several petitions given below; please sign them.

When you either see, hear or smell live animal exports, you want to get them stopped.  When you witness all together, you rage and the want becomes and obsession.  The right obsession; to free animals from cruelty and abuse when travelling to their deaths.

Here are a few links to some of the action we have taken in the Uk against the trade over the years.  Action which has now reaped rewards 100%.  There are NO live animal exports from Uk shores. 

Please take action for the millions of Australian animals which still endure the most cruellest of cruelty in a trade / business which is not necessary. 


Mark – SAV.


The City of Fremantle has called for live animal exports to be phased out in the next five years. This issue will go before the full council on May 26 !


Tell the Fremantle Council that you support this decision by sending them a letter.

Contact links and sample letter provided below.
Tell the agriculture department that the Government should NOT support live animal exports:


YouTube clip:

SAMPLE LETTER (modified version of the letter provided here:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you regarding the live export of millions of Australian animals for slaughter.

These animals endure long and gruelling road and sea journeys which many do not survive. In the sheep export trade to the Middle East, tens of thousands of sheep die on the way every year.

Despite industry claims to the contrary, the barbaric handling and slaughter of Australian animals on arrival in countries with little or no animal protection legislation is widespread and ongoing.

As a nation with high animal welfare standards, Australian animals deserve better.

I am glad the City of Fremantle has called for live animal exports to be phased out in the next five years and would like to give my full support. It’s time to end this cruel and unnecessary trade and replace it with a trade in chilled and frozen meat from animals humanely transported and slaughtered in Australia.

Yours sincerely,
[Name, Country]


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More pages:
(contains another sample letter to send)

Uk: Post Election Update on Hunting by Mike Huskisson of the Uk ‘Animal Cruelty Investigation Group’

Below is a message from Mike at the ‘Animal Cruelty Investigation Group’ which is based in England, Uk.  This gives an update on the post (Uk) election which has now witnessed the first coalition government in the Uk for many years.  The coalition government is formed by both the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrat Party, the latter being mainly anti hunt in their views.  This is good news as the Conservative party were hoping to achieve an outright win at the general election – and with a majority of MP’s, they would be able to repeal (vote out and re-introduce) the hunting act which bans hunting and which is currently legislation on the Uk statute books (law). 

David Cameron is the leader of the ‘Conservative Party’ and is very much a foxhunter.  He would love to repeal the hunting act which exists in the Uk at present.  As Mike says, with a coalition government now in government, things look fairly bleak for the pro-hunt brigade (GREAT !!!) as they will probaly not be able to get enough votes from MP’s to repeal the hunting act.

Our past posts:


Animal Cruelty Investigation Group
PO Box 8, Halesworth Suffolk IP19 0JL
web site:

Dear Supporter/contact,

Action for Compassion!

Thank you for all your considerable help during the election campaign and for all your work to support compassionate candidates. The result was bad but by no means as bad as it might have been!!
Now we have to campaign harder than ever during the coming months. My own personal view is that David Cameron will not bring forward a vote on the Hunting Act unless he can be sure of winning that vote and getting the Act repealed. If he brought it forward and lost then the hunting of animals with dogs, that he and his hunting chums so love, would have gone for ever.

At the moment a vote count amongst MPs suggests that David Cameron would probably lose a free vote on the hunting issue. He will probably try to overcome that problem by solving the so-called “West Lothian” question whereby Scottish MPs can vote on issues that apply purely to England. If they are barred from doing that, so that Scottish MPs supportive of the hunting ban cannot vote on the hunting issue, then the mathematics would change significantly.
To support their campaign to repeal the Hunting Act the hunt dirty tricks department will soon go in to overdrive. We all know that our opponents think of nothing other than restoring their sordid pastimes in full to our countryside and they are wholly and completely callous. We need to be alert to the following actions that they are suspected of planning:
Hunters and shooters may work together to create a stream of wounded and injured foxes. There could be a sudden surge in shot or snared foxes found in our countryside. Hunt supporters will then look to their friends in the media and the veterinary profession to whip up the hysteria for repealing the Hunting Act. They will point to the newly found injured foxes and raise the (false) cry: there are “no injured foxes in hunting” and “it is time for hunting to come back”!
Another angle they are suspected of exploring is the sudden “failure” of hunts. Ever since the hunting ban we have been told that hunting is more popular than ever. Our own local Harrier pack was welcomed by a “record crowd” last Boxing Day. But that doesn’t play well when it comes to pressurising MPs to make the Parliamentary time to repeal the Hunting Act. So now we will probably see a sudden about turn. The hunts will suddenly have become impoverished. The new message will be: “we cannot continue like this; the Hunting Act must be repealed or we will have to close down and kill all the hounds”! And make no mistake these people really are callous enough to close a few hunts down and kill all their hounds just to prove this point!

It will exert tremendous pressure on MPs particularly the new ones who have no knowledge of the ways of hunters. Can you imagine something like Countryfile (ever the best friend of the hunters) with a five minute piece of a Huntsman in tears over the deaths of all his precious hounds? This will be extreme psychological pressure. If it sounds far fetched remember that in the past there was at least one hunt that was forced to close down where the hunt supporters who had puppy-walked the hounds pleaded that they could take “their” hounds back and look after them but the hunt refused the offer preferring instead to slaughter all the hounds. Apparently at that time they saw the slaughter of all the hounds as some kind of threat to the public about what would happen to all hounds should hunting ever be banned (a hollow threat as it turned out!).
We must to be alert to every cruel and callous plan that our opponents can conceive.
We need to write like we have never written before to our MPs, particularly to the new ones. Often they just have no idea as to what hunting is about. Here at the ACIG and the Animal Welfare Information Service we have guides and pamphlets that highlight the cruelty inherent in bloodsports that we would be pleased to send you, for you to pass on to your MP. We need to tell the politicians and we need to prove to them that we really care about this issue. We also need to let them know that we care about badgers and we do not want them culled at huge expense just to appease a bunch of ignorant and cruel farmers.
You may have seen that during the election campaign we sent these “Action for Compassion” circulars from the Animal Cruelty Investigation Group and circulated letters to the press from its sister group the Animal Welfare Information Service. The senior group is the ACIG and we are pleased to welcome people as new supporters in return for any donation, this includes foreign currency, coins and notes, old and new and unwanted or broken jewellery.

We can exchange this for cash for our funds. We also welcome donations of unused UK postage stamps. Finally we greatly appreciate donations of any small items (easily posted) that we can sell on stalls to raise funds. In view of the coming battles ahead new support would be greatly welcomed!! Please help us in our campaigns for compassion and decency in our treatment of animals. We do not bombard our supporters with literature as we only mail twice a year, in August and February.

Please take a look at our web site to see the successes we have been able to achieve since we started in 1989.

Thank you.
Kindest regards,
Mike Huskisson

Keep hunting where it belongs – in the Uk history books !

Spain: Injured Bullfighter Returned to Intensive Care

Our original post on the story:

Latest 30/05/10

MADRID — A Madrid hospital says Spanish bullfighter Julio Aparicio has returned to intensive care and is fighting an infection after a horrific goring in the throat by a bull.

Aparicio had left the unit and was recovering well on Monday following surgery to reconstruct his throat, mouth and palate, but outbreak of an infection forced a return to the unit where doctors placed him on mechanically assisted breathing, October 12 Hospital said.

In a statement released Saturday the hospital says Aparicio is now breathing normally and it describes his condition as “grave” but stable.

The matador slipped in a bullring, fell to the ground and a 1,168 pound (530-kilogram) bull drove his right horn through Aparicio’s throat and out his mouth.

USA: Calves and Cows Abused Very Severely at Conklin Dairy Farms, Ohio. Watch Vidoe and Then Take Action – This Animal Abuse Cannot be Allowed !!!

SAV does not often use negative language, but after watching this video footage, we think that these bastards should be hit hard and then be put away for 100 years.

People of the USA, watch the video and then take action – this animal cruelty is not acceptable to such placid creatures.


The following can only be undertaken by US CITIZENS – Please do it !!

***WARNING – Very Disturbing Animal Abuse and Suffering

Video Link:





Municipal Court Timothy Aslaner Prosecutor 937 644 8151

CALL sheriff to demand Conklin be incarcerated 614 873 4321



Ohio Department of Agriculture
Dairy Division
8995 E. Main St
Reynoldsburg,OH 43068
Phone: (614) 466-5550 EMAIL:

USA: Undercover Investigation Reveals Neglect, Cruelty, and Filth at Another Pet Trade Supplier





Undercover Investigation Reveals Neglect, Cruelty, and Filth at Another Pet Trade Supplier

As you may recall, video footage obtained in a PETA undercover investigation earlier this year revealed disturbing living and dying conditions for hamsters and other animals at Sun Pet Ltd., a wholesale animal dealer that supplies animals to PETCO and PetSmart stores.

PETA is now able to release to the public more graphic footage and photos from this undercover investigation. View the never-before-seen photos and video footage from the investigation now.

Animals at Sun Pet were confined to dark, extremely crowded containers that were like tombs. They were forced to eat, sleep, urinate, and defecate all in the same cramped space. PETA’s investigator also recorded the violent killing and abusive handling of hundreds of animals. While training PETA’s investigator, Sun Pet’s supervisor said of mice, “You could throw them against the wall and they’ll stand back up again and keep on running.”

Shockingly, Paul L. Howard Jr., the district attorney of Fulton County, Ga., has yet to file cruelty-to-animals charges against anyone in the case, including the worker who put live hamsters in a bag and bashed the bag against a table in an attempt to kill the animals inside—which left at least one animal panting and suffering for several minutes. Despite the disturbing video footage captured at Sun Pet, PETA has received information indicating that Howard has instructed his office to halt its investigation of animal suffering at the facility.

Please view the horrific video footage and just-released photos from the investigation and then tell Howard to investigate and file suitable cruelty-to-animals charges against the worker caught bashing hamsters against a table and all others responsible for the suffering of animals at Sun Pet. Ask Howard what constitutes cruelty to animals if not bagging them up, bashing them against a table, and then leaving them to suffer and die slowly from the trauma and injuries.

Thank you for your compassion and continued action for the pet trade’s animal victims.


Daphna Nachminovitch
Vice President
Cruelty Investigations Department
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Australia: Minister BRENDAN GILLS Sponsors the Deaths of 5,000 Wild Horses – Act Now and Tell Mr. Death To Stop.







[The government is proceeding with the plan to round up the horses for slaughter as early as next week.]
Thu May 27, 2010
This part Arab horse has never had a care in the world, living a peaceful existence at Lake Gregory in Western Australia. Now the WA government has ordered that thousands of these unique animals be rounded up and sent for slaughter.


Dear friends,

For decades wild horses have grazed peacefully around Lake Gregory in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Bred from two purebred Arab stallions taken to Balgo Mission in the 1950s, these beautiful part Arab horses were considered so unique and valuable that the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, chose thirteen for his stables.

Now the 5,000 horses at Lake Gregory have been issued a death sentence by the WA Department of Regional Development and Land who say they are causing ‘unacceptable environmental damage’. The lake that these horses graze around is over 100 Km in circumference, and the entire area the horses inhabit is a huge 400,000 hectares. The Department has no issue with the 5,000 cattle grazing on the same property remaining.

The indigenous groups that live around Lake Gregory have grown up with these horses and love them. Despite the Department being aware that the horses were increasing in numbers every year, they provided no assistance to indigenous groups to introduce humane population control. Now they have ordered that the horses be rounded up and transported 3000 Km to an abattoir in South Australia for slaughter; their meat to be exported for human consumption.

Local group Wild Horses Kimberley are calling on the government to allow them to geld the stallions and inject the mares with a fertility drug. Despite this, the WA government is proceeding
with the plan to round up the horses for slaughter as early as next week.

Please urgently demand of Minister Brendan Grylls — the minister whose department is responsible for the proposed cull – that the horses not become the innocent victims of government mismanagement, and to instigate Wild Horses Kimberley’s humane alternative proposal.


Your Help Is Needed Today–TAKE ACTION:\-horses    





    [Animals Australia] <http://www.animalsaustralia. org>
    37 O’Connell St,
    North Melbourne
    Victoria 3051, Australia Ph: (613)
    9329 6333
    Fax: (613) 9329 6441
    Freecall: 1800 888 584

Serbia: ‘Public Competition’ by Law May Now Enable Animal Welfare Groups to Present Proposals to Authorities for Their ‘No Kill’ Stray Animal Numbers Control Programmes.






Today there has been some good news arriving from Serbia.

Campaigners have been waiting since 2002 for a verdict, but now, the Constitutional Court of Serbia has officially demanded that there must be a Public Competition – Tendering for the catching of stray dogs and cats in Subotica city.

Subotica city is finally starting to / having to act in agreement with the court, by allowing public competition for the process of catching strays in the city.  Until now, this process has been very much a closed shop type set up, with shinter (dogcatcher) firms having a stranglehold on the awarding of stray animal contracts.  Every year, shinter firms would effectively be awarded millions of dinars to undertake the rounding up, catching and killing of all stray dogs and cats in the city.  There was never any real plan or progress towards a policy of reducing stray animal numbers through a long term sterilisation programme.  In effect, a sterilisation programme to reduce stray animal numbers over a period of time was not to the benefit of these organisations.  Their approach to the stray numbers was one of kill, kill, kill.

Effectively the shinter management policy was one of – strays could continue to reproduce on the streets; shinter teams could be paid annually from the public purse to continually round them up and kill all the animals, and as a result the authorities could continue to inform a largely uneducated public (on this issue) that they are doing everything in their power to try and control stray animal populations.  It all looked good for those involved and was financially very beneficial.  Almost a never ending way of being financially supported to solve an issue, but an issue which never diminishes no matter how much money is thrown at it.

But as we, the animal welfare lobby have always argued, stray animal numbers can never be reduced unless a long term sterilisation programme is introduced somewhere into a system which aims to eventually eliminate or at least very drastically reduce stray animals from the streets.  With a sterilisation programme, stray numbers will gradually reduce over a period of time – ie. a sterilised (stray) animal cannot reproduce and thus continue to constantly add further to the large numbers of strays in cities.

As a result of this new public competition / tendering scheme, it is hoped that the current large costs involved in stray animal ‘control’, which could be argued does not really work in controlling numbers and always results in large numbers of animal deaths, can now be diverted into a sterilisation programme aimed at long term animal numbers reduction – a positive programme for the future and one which will especially be of benefit to the animals; as the programme will definitely be a ‘no kill’ strategy.

And so now, animal welfare campaigners in Subotica city can commence work to produce a proposal programme of stray animal control for the city using ‘no kill’; a programme which will be much more financially beneficial to the authorities and tax paying public of the city.  Whilst not wanting to provide detail of their proposal, as this site is frequently visited by governments and authorities who may learn from the proposals when compiling their own bid, animal welfare campaigners will at last be given the opportunity to present a programme / plan for stray animal control which will include:

  • Sterilisation of animals taken in from the streets to ensure that these animals cannot contribute further offspring to the numbers which exist at present
  • Vaccination of same animals to ensure both animal and public safety from infectious disease
  • Microchipping of each animal; including owned (but roaming) pet animals, to compile a database to allow identification of animal owner should it be collected from the street 
  • If animals are ever returned to the streets, then identification tags (such as a small high visibility ear tag) to be fitted to every animal that has been sterilised.  This to provide immediate identification to catchers that the animal in question has previously been caught, sterilised, vaccinated and microchipped and that it is NOT necessary to capture this animal again
  • Public education schemes to inform of the benefits of long term sterilisation programmes, especially where expenditure from the public purse is involved
  • Production of very strong and durable shelters for (captured street) animals who once sterilised will be kept in facilities such as the ‘Delta’ shelters used in Brcko district, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Delta shelters are made of straw bales, cement and wood, which although cheap to produce, especially using schemes involving authority prisoners for manpower / labour, can provide strong, warm and weather protective shelters for the animals that reside within them.




Photos –  Low Cost but Very Effective  – ‘Delta’ shelters as used in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pictures with thanks to ‘ARKA’ animal welfare.

It is envisaged and hoped that the proposal presented by animal welfare campaigners in Subotica city will provide a long term solution and a very forward looking scheme which will over time, ensure that the numbers of stray animals in the city are reduced.

As we have always stated, the continual killing of stray animals does nothing to reduce stray animal numbers.  Killing strays in any location in any part of the country simply creates a void in that specific region which within a matter of days or a few weeks maximum, then allows stray animals from other outlying areas to venture into the location, which always amplifies the risk of diseases being spread and always guarantees that within a short time, the region in question gets provided with a new, fresh crop of fertile, unsterilised animals arriving, to search for possibly more food which they always seek, to continue to procreate and as a result further contribute to the never diminishing pyramid of stray animals in that particular area / region.


The Results of NOT Sterilising Stray and Pet (Owned) Animals – there IS NO RESULT, only a constant supply of animals to fill any void left by those which have been killed by authorities.

Killing strays does not reduce stray animal numbers; a programme of sterilisation and vaccination ensures that animal numbers reduce over time and disease risk is minimised.

Subotica campaigners who produce this proposal for an effective, no kill stray animal numbers reduction programme, are then in a position to be able to share their data with other campaigners throughout the nation; making every one of the 170 communities be able to present a no kill sterilisation programme to their local authority through the public competition process.

The public education programme must be geared to the education of all citizens about the positive aspects of animal sterilisation, including their own pets, the necessity for responsible pet ownership, and using the microchip database which is proposed (and undertaken during sterilisation), a scheme which could allow for fining irresponsible owners who let their animals wander the streets.  Small fines by this system could be fed back into further funding of schemes and databases used for such purposes.

Currently, campaigners are initially looking at Subotica as the first of (hopefully) many cities throughout Serbia in which they can now propose stray animal control programmes to regional authorities.  It does not matter which city is first, it is only important to address the management of stray animal numbers using a scheme which will be financially beneficial in the long term, whilst also of benefit to citizens throughout the country.

The government and authorities to date have not grasped effective management and control of stray animal numbers throughout Serbia.  It is now hoped that through the public competition process the animal welfare movement can show the government a scheme which they, the government, should have accepted and instigated many, many years ago.

That is a NO KILL programme of sterilisation, vaccination, microchipping and identification for the stray animals of Serbia.

Maybe now a change on the horizon …

for the benefit of all stray animals in Serbia.