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The human species has been called “Homo Sapiens”.
I would call ourselves “homo bestial” today.

The dignity of man begins with the dignity of all animals.
The feelings the animals unconditionally bring to us make life more bearable, more human.
The hatred, the exploitation, the contempt humans bring to animals destroy any substance of decency, morality, peace.

Stray is the result of our conviction, that we can treat our pet friends as objects when we do not feel anything for them.

We put our best friends on the street when and when it suits us.
Without any remorse, responsibility, moral sensitivity.

In this video, it probably becomes clear what a scum is who treats his best friend with perfidious, cynical, cold-blooded morality.


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Australia: farmer as a spy among activists!


A WESTERN District farmer is acting as an undercover animal rights activist in a bid to protect his industry.

“I’ve actually stopped quite a lot of sit-ins or disruptions (!!) — about three in the last four or five months — by letting the police and venue know it’s coming.

The undercover animal activist said he would like to see “a total reform of the trespassing laws here in Victoria”.

“We’re all just sick and tired of it,” he said.

The animals get sick because of performance breeding and torture in the mega cases. Not the farmers. The farmers only gripe, and “play” the victims.

When we are on the side of justice, we are on the side of the nonhuman animals who are abused by criminal tormentors in the Farma Dachau of the 21st century as slaves and die painful because they consider these beings as their property.

Not least, because the system, the police and the politicians support and advocate these death factories.

The covert investigations will get on!

Thanks to some brave people, we hope to eradicate the hell the animals go through every day because of our species.

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USA: 30 Year Old Orca Dies At SeaWorld.

USA:  30 Year Old Orca Dies At SeaWorld.


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Italy: What’s In Your Pet Food ?

Italy:  What’s In Your Pet Food ?


From animal friends at OIPA; Italy.


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Azerbaijan : New Mass Killing of Stray Dogs.


Azerbaijan : New Mass Killing of Stray Dogs.


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Egypt: Culls thousands of free roaming dogs and cats.


Egypt:  Culls thousands of free roaming dogs and cats.

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USA: Petition – Punish the people who beat, strangled and spray painted a dog.


USA:  Petition – Punish the people who beat, strangled and spray painted a dog.


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