EU: More than 53 million wild birds are legally shot down each year!


More than 53 million wild birds are hunted down legal by hobby hunters every year in the European Union, including numerous species that are critically endangered in Germany. This is the result of a study * presented by the Committee Against Bird Slaughter and the German Council for the Protection of Birds, in which official hunting statistics from a total of 24 EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway were evaluated.



Most of the statistics come from the hunting season 2014/15 and together they indicate a kill of at least 53 million birds per year. In addition, an unknown number of animals are killed each year in countries without evaluable data (Greece, the Netherlands, Ireland and the United Kingdom) and outside the study area in the Mediterranean or in Africa.

The authors emphasize, that a large proportion of the animals shot down are migratory birds that are in acute danger of extinction in some Member States. In Germany, for example, strictly protected lapwings, snipe-birds, turtledoves or skylarks are shot down to hundreds of thousands in France and southern Europe on their train to winter quarters in autumn. Every year, German and British hunters kill thousands of woodcock and Arctic geese from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

The long-term effect of such massive hunting is rated as devastating by the authors. In the years 1980 to 2013, at least 100 million lovebirds in the EU were legally killed by amateur hunters. During the same period, the European stock of turtle dove has decreased by 78%. In Germany, the species is on the Red List and is classified there as “highly endangered”.

“The results are alarming and they prove that hunting for certain species endangers or even completely destroys conservation efforts in other countries,” says Heinz Schwarze, chairman of the committee. The committee against bird murder and the German Council for Bird Protection (DRV) therefore demand from the European Commission to finally enforce Europe-wide hunting bans on endangered species.


My comment: who shoots migratory birds, wild birds, birds at all, and even when they fly home?
Only the insane killers, the hunters, who are favorably supported by the EU legislation.

But according to this article, the legitimate question arises: if we pay this crime syndicate to support the legal murder of
migratory birds and wild birds, then we are really to blame ourselves.

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50 crocodiles seized at Heathrow Airport-England

Police confiscated 50 young crocodiles at Heathrow Airport

London 4 May 2018

Trapped in transport boxes that are far too small, the police have discovered a total of 50 approximately one-year-old crocodiles at London Heathrow Airport, according to the Magazine “der Spiegel”. Accordingly, ten reptiles each were transported in a container that was designed for only four small animals.

Grant Miller, head of Cites Security Monitoring Unit Cites at Heathrow Airport, told to “der Spiegel”: “It’s just unacceptable for reptiles to be transported that way.”

The year-old reptiles, which arrived on a flight from Malaysia, had fought each other during the journey due to their cramped circumstances.

Each of the five transportation boxes used had room for four crocodiles – but 10-foot-long animals were in each one.

One crocodile has since died.

Originally, according to the report, the reptiles were to be delivered to a breeding farm in Cambridge shire in eastern England were to be bred for meat – but now they are looking for a new home for them and being cared by officials from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Speaking to “Der Spiegel”, Miller continued, “The police action is meant to be a warning to those who want to expose wildlife to such conditions.”

I thought about it a bit:

From crocodiles we still make bags, so brainless people compensate their inner ugliness with external exoticism.
Crocodiles are still kept in the zoo too. There, the animals stew in the sun, lurking in pools of green water while stupid visitors take photos with the inmates of the Zoo Guantanamo’s.
And every frustrated man, who confirmed his potency with the paid murder of safari animals always had a embalmed crocodile as a rug in his apartment.
Today, the modern corpse eaters, the gourmets with exotic desires want crocodiles on their table and belly.
So these otherwise highly sensitive and intelligent animals end up on a farm, where they are treated as breeding objects for the rest of their lives and brutally slaughtered for leather industry gastronomy after about fifteen months.

From a random irony I saw today on the TV station “NAT GEO WILD” a documentary about crocodiles: “In 200 million years of evolutionary history crocodiles have become perfect killers.”
I am quickly researching to find out, which are these perfect „killers “. And become resourceful:
Every year about 1,000 people are killed by crocodiles.
The number does not correspond to a dangerous “killer”!

And how many crocodiles are massacred by perfect “killer human”?
Every year, 30,000 crocodiles are brutally killed alone for handbags!
More than 1.2 million crocodiles are bred in Thailand. In huge breeding and slaughterhouses, the reptiles are processed in bulk to leather and meat.
The precious skin is peeled off, the innards cut out, the meat packaged.

That makes the most money. That is a perfect “killer”, dear NAT GEO!

In German portals for gastronomy I find even expensive offers of “professional killer” for crocodile meat victims:
Crocodile Neck Steaks: 49.96 € / kg
Crocodile Eye-fillet (1 kg) 51.95 € / kg

End of the story: “Indeed man is the king of beasts, because his cruelty surpasses theirs. We live on the death of others. We are walking tombs! “(Leonardo da Vinci)

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India: Some More Great Ending Videos From Animal Aid Unlimited.

The great thing about AAU videos is that they always start really badly, with suffering animals – but they always finish with those same saved animals looking so great and enjoying life.  Enjoy these stories from AAU.


10 amazing animal rescues!

Oh, to see them in terror, confusion, exhausted from trying to climb out, pull away from the bars, escape the plastic, swim up the walls…these rescues from nearly-fatal situations will fill your heart with unforgettable relief. What would have happened if we HADN’T come to their rescue? The 10 animals you’re about to meet make it crystal clear. If we hadn’t come, these angels would have died where they were. But because of your love and generous help, we saved them.

The rescues start from your heart. Please donate.


Dog’s leg split open from accident

Adrenalin alone must have helped her make it to the field next to the highway where she had been hit by a car. Our ambulance rushed her back to Animal Aid where we brought her in to surgery to try to save her leg. Our surgeon discovered that even though four major muscle groups were torn apart, no major artery or vein had been cut. This was a miracle because otherwise she would surely have bled to death before our rescue team even reached her. Hold on to your heart with this one because Selene’s injury is hard to see. But even though you KNOW she’ll be happy in the end, you’ve just got to see this for yourself.

Behind her surgery and recovery is your loving support. Donate today.



India / USA: Introducing ‘Help Animals India’ – Compassion Knows No Boundries.

Help Animals India is a USA non-profit 501(c)(3) charity dedicated to supporting efficient and effective animal protection organizations in India and Nepal.
We strive to put our donors’ contributions to work where they are most needed and can do the most good.

Help Animals India develops close relationships with the NGOs and thereby ensures all donations given are transparent and do the most good. In short, we enable donors to have the confidence their donations are put to the best use!

Website link –

Donation link –




Morocco: Additional Petition Now Added For Moroccan Dogs – Please Ensure You Also Sign This.


Marisol has also put the Morocco petition onto the Care 2 site as another petition.

You can sign this new petition independently of the original, which is at


Original petition at Change – still ok to sign:


The new petition at Care2 – please sign also, thank you.





India: More Great Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ – Great Endings !

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Please make sure you get everyone to sign this petition:




Rescue of dog tangled in soccer net.

Tangled up from head to toe, this precious little boy was absolutely baking in the sun, caught in a sports net. The kids who called us for his rescue were too afraid of dogs to cut the rope themselves. But their fears were so unfounded-this little cutypie couldn’t be more affectionate and loving. It turned out he also had the beginnings of mange, so we scooped him up and took him back for a medicated bath and some extra hugs.

Please donate, so that a predicament doesn’t become a tragedy

Terror turned into trust: injured puppy rescued

Felix knew one thing. If you scream as loud as you can, it might save your life. And it worked! People heard this devastated little sweetheart and called us to the rescue without even knowing what was wrong with the weeping puppy.

It turned out he had really deep wounds on his hind leg–maybe caused by a car accident. We scooped him up and got him pain medicine as soon as possible, then sedated him in order to clean and stitch his wounds. This little angel was terrified by people when he arrived. But here, his pain subsided, gentle hands touched him and he found love. It only took 2 weeks for the stitches to be removed-the hair where he’d been shaved hadn’t even grown back yet. And something else happened to him from his hospitalization. Felix grew happy.

Please donate so that cries for help, get help.

Rope almost severed donkey’s foot

The rope almost killed him…

Laying in terrible pain, this sweet donkey’s leg was covered in blood. He was struck down by the cruelty of an ignorant, negligent owner who tied two of his legs together to keep him from running away. In his struggle to free himself, the rope cut through his flesh and muscle. His complete recovery is a marvel, and because of his lion-hearted courage, we named this sweetheart Leon.

You can be a guardian angel for an abused animal. Please donate.

Animals help us know the difference between what is authentic, and what is fake, or phoney, or artifice. When an animal looks at us he or she tells us the whole truth, and nothing but the truth of their feeling. And their truths are sweet and simple. The desire for a soft word, a kind touch, a tasty morsel. The desire to be free to wander and choose for themselves what might or might not happen, during the next 20 minutes. If you’ve ever reached to touch the face of a dog or a donkey or horse who jerks back her head in retreat, she’s not shunning you. She’s simply revealing the fact–the plain fact–that someone before you touched her in a way that hurt her, frightened her. And as we all know–when an animal lets us approach, get close, touch kindly, whisper softly, there’s a truth in that allowance; he or she is saying something like this: I accept you as you are. For me, you are perfect as you are. Whenever you help an animal your kindness–for him or her–is all there is.

With our deepest thanks for all you do and are for animals, 





Morocco: Petition For The Welfare Of Strays To His Majesty King Mohammed VI. Please Sign and Crosspost.

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Petition link –


This is an issue that is very close to us.  Please give an extra big chunk of support to Marisol in getting masses of signatures on this petition to help stray animals in Morocco.  Thanks – SAV.


This is the wording of the petition to His Royal Highness, King Mohammed VI:



Your Royal Highness,

 I witnessed a large population of stray dogs and cats living under extremely harsh conditions.  Attached is one photo taken during February 2018 near Ouarzazate in the Atlas Mountains region showing a stray dog’s life conditions.

 These sentient animals are always starving and often harmed , and  are continually exposed to extreme weather conditions, without having access to shelter.

 I  wanted to seek your Majesty King Mohammed VI’s involvement in the following resolutions:

 1.Support the prompt deployment of the Trap-Neuter-Release Pilot Program in Rabat, and oversee the expansion of the program throughout the country in the near future. This program aims to reduce the population of stray dogs and cats by inhibiting continual reproduction of these animals. Furthermore, this program promotes the health of these animals and the general population through the implementation of general check-ups and vaccinations of the former.

2.Endorse a National Domestic Animal Sterilization Program through which veterinarians promote the sterilization of pets to prevent unwanted reproduction of the animals and an increase in the stray dogs and cats population. Subsidies to cover the cost of this procedure would enable low-income pet owners to sterilize their pets and contribute to the solution of this problem.

3. Endorse education programs for both adults and children that promote treating dogs, cats and sentient beings with the respect, love, and dignity any living creature deserves, emphasizing the importance of keeping these animals inside homes as pets.

4. Condemn dog shootings, and impose legislation to prohibit this activity.

5. Endorse the installation of eating dispensers throughout the cities with food for dogs and cats. Two different options:

· A machine that is currently working in some countries such as Turkey where once someone deposits their bottle at the top, food is released at the bottom. “The Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes” operate at no charge to the city, and the recycled bottles cover the cost of the food. Above is a link to a video where you can see the machine.

 · A dispenser created with recycled material that is also currently working in Brazil.

6.     Further recommend the support of programs that allow stray dogs and cats from Morocco to be rescued and adopted by agencies throughout the world.  

 Thank you for your time. Respectfully;

Citizens of the World



Please pass this petition on to all your friends and contacts – Thank you.


Petition link –