The criminal works of Monsanto


“Monsanto? One floor lower…”

German pharmaceutical giant Bayer is hiring an outside law firm to review claims circulating in the French media that its seed firm, Monsanto, compiled illegal lists of influential journalists and lawmakers.

Bayer, who acquired the controversial agrochemical business last year, said on Sunday that the decision to commission the independent review came after its own internal investigation into the matter. It added that it understood the concerns raised over the week.

“This is not the way Bayer seeks dialogue with society and stakeholders. We apologize for this behavior,” the company said. However, it maintained that in the company’s eyes, there was nothing illicit about the way such lists were compiled.



The French investigation is the latest in a string of legal woes inherited by Bayer”, who have seen their share value plummet by almost 40 percent since taking over Monsanto.

German pharmaceutical firm Bayer lost 6.8 percent on share value in trading Tuesday after a US jury awarded a couple from California $2.055 billion in punitive damages for failure to warn of cancer risks of its Roundup herbicide.


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And I mean: Fuck you Monsanto !!!!! The only thing you have ever been able to give this planet is death, destruction, suffering for humans and animals.

I hope those who serve you will find a miserable death, and because it is so beautiful in hell, take away the corrupt politicians with you!


My best regards, Venus



Massacre in the name of human rights!


Massacre in the name of human rights!


Fight the terrorism



Fight the terrorism!!



UK: Dogfighting – Help The League Against Cruel Sports To Take Tougher Action.


It’s time to take a stand against dog fighting

Dog fighting as a ‘sport’ was banned in the UK in 1835, as even then it was considered barbaric.

But this horrific form of dog abuse continues.

Dog fighting remains a significant animal welfare issue in the UK.

It’s one of the most horrific forms of organised animal cruelty, not only for the violence the dogs endure during fights but because of the trauma they suffer throughout their lives. Training methods brutalise and fights inflict untold physical and mental suffering on ‘man’s best friend’.

We’re determined to expose and help prevent dog fighting in the UK and we’re asking the Government to take action to stamp it out.

Rewards for information

Do you have information about dog fighting in your area?

We’re looking for information about anyone involved in dogfighting, the locations of dog fights and information about any animal used or stolen for dog fighting. You could be eligible for a reward of up to £1,000.

Report any evidence of dog fighting in your area to our Animal Crimewatch team.

The three levels of dog fighting

Dog fighting operates at three levels, each of which will look different to an onlooker:

  • Level One – Street Rolls Dogs are forced into spontaneous fights in urban parks and housing estates without much planning, rules or specific training.

  • Level Two – Hobbyist: Often these people aspire to be professional dog fighters. Many are affiliations to gangs and have criminal convictions for other offences. These fights involve more ‘rules’ and formalised training regimes.

  • Level Three – Professional: Professional dog fighters are part of sophisticated dog fighting rings operating in the UK and worldwide with links to other serious crimes. Strict training regimes and rules apply and large sums of cash are wagered on the outcome of fights that last from 30 minutes to 5 hours.

Dogs forced into fighting suffer terrible injuries, both from the fights and at the hands of their vicious ‘owners’. Most will ultimately be killed in the ring or die soon after from their injuries. Those who can no longer fight are often brutally dispatched.

Watch Cupcake’s Story – A Dog Fighting Survivor. A moving but uplifting story of a dog that survived



Scale and prevalence in the UK

Dog fighting operates deep underground. It’s difficult – and often dangerous – to find information about what’s going on and who’s involved. Our investigators work tirelessly to raise awareness and bring these people to justice. Often this means working in difficult and dangerous situations.

There are many indicators that show dog fighting continues to be a significant animal welfare issue in the UK. Figures from the RSPCA show a steady number of calls relating to dog fighting over the last 10 years. Other evidence of dogs being imported for fighting, the clandestine sale of dogs in dark alleys for large sums of money, the seeming need for dogs as protection, and the apparent growth in the number of stolen dogs also indicate it’s on the increase.

In 2015 we ran Project Bloodline, an investigation aimed at exposing the scale of dog fighting in the UK. Basing ourselves in area which we consider ‘average’ in terms of suspected dog fighting activity – urban areas within Bedfordshire – we set about trying to uncovering the truth.

Within just a short space of time we received 40 pieces of intelligence which gave us an insight into the dark world of dog fighting including:

  • Reports of dogs being trained for fighting by being ‘body slammed’ and ‘head slammed’ against a wall to toughen them up.

  • The bodies of dead dogs used for fighting dumped near farmland.

  • Prohibited breeds being bred to supply the dog fighting and status dogs market.

  • A significant clandestine market in the trade of potential fighting dogs – our investigators were offered puppies for £1,000 each by a masked man during the operation.

  • We also were introduced to Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Cupcake, who had been used for fighting, her teeth ground down probably by trying to bite through the bars of her cage or chain.

We’ve now widened our investigations to key locations around the UK. We work with the public, rescue centres, veterinarians, community groups, law enforcement and politicians to raise awareness, to help communities tackle it and of course to support the animals that have been rescued from this living hell.

Dog fighting and other serious crime

Horrendous as dog fighting is, it’s not purely a matter of animal welfare.

Evidence from the UK and internationally points to dog fighting being a ‘gateway’ crime to serious and organised offences such as drug dealing and violence. Links between animal abuse and human abuse are also clear.

For this reason, in the United States, dog fighting is recognised by the FBI as a Grade A felony offence and it’s acknowledged as a way of identifying and tackling other criminal activity too.

An action plan for the UK

We’ve set out what needs to be done in our National Dog Fighting Action Plan. The plan comprises many elements based around the three areas of Prevention, Understanding and Prosecution (P.U.P).

Key recommendations include:

  • The formation of a National Dog Fighting Task Force

  • Dog fighting to be recorded as a specific offence separate to animal fighting in order to enable the scale of the problem to be more accurately assessed

  • Increased penalties of up to five years for the worst dog fighting offenders

  • The Dangerous Dogs Act should be reviewed as a matter of urgency

  • The implementation of a national register for individuals banned from keeping dogs to prevent those already convicted of animal cruelty from being able to re-offend.

Help us end dog fighting

  • Sign our petition for stronger penalties for dog fighting

  • Report any evidence you have of dog fighting in your area to our Animal Crimewatch team

  • Share this page on your social media


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England: Biscuits For The Balkans !


Biscuits for the Balkans !


So, there we were just talking about environmental issues, when Denise came up with this brilliant idea to help our canine friends in the Balkans.

Check out the SAV Facebook site at   and you can see that many shelters are in need of help.


Denise has very kindly come up with a recipe for scrummy cheesy wheesy dog biscuits.  The idea is that we all get baking to make doggie biscuits – these are then going to be sold in the Jeskyns Café; where you get dozens of dog walkers each day stopping for a cuppa Rosie (Cockney for tea); and the proceeds from all the biscuit sales can go towards helping some shelters in Serbia.


Can you do something similar to raise funds ?


The ingredients are as follows:


2 cups of strong grated cheese;

3 cups of whole-wheat flour

6 tablespoons of vegetable oil

Approx 250ml of vegetable stock.


Egg wash (free range naturally  !) and cheese to put on top of the biscuits.


How to make (about 20 biscuits):


Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl using enough of the vegetable stock to make a pliable dough.

Roll out and cut into approx. 20 biscuits.

Use a cutter if required for special shapes (ie bones).


Place on a baking tray and put into the oven set to 200°C for around 20 minutes

Vary cook time according to fan oven etc – watch them !


Job done ! – lots of doggie biscuits.


For anyone near to Jeskyn’s Café (North Kent) – ready made biscuits to be sold can always be delivered directly to the Café; where staff will take and add to the others for sale.

So get cooking and help raise funds to help our four legged friends in Serbia.

Denise at one of the Jeskyn’s Bee Hotels

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Stop the dog and cat consumption in South Korea – Newsletter and Actions.

Stop the dog and cat consumption in South Korea:


View the newsletter and take actions by clicking on the following link; once at the newsletter you can select from many languages:!&utm_medium=email



Actual Survey: Majority of Society advocates Animal Welfare Research and Checks!




Animal rights activists illegally take pictures of grievances in stables.
A survey shows that most people in Germany find this legitimate.


Get into a stable and film secretly: So activists reveal animal cruelty again and again. Foto: ARIWA

BERLIN taz-newspaper |

Most people in Germany consider it justified that animal welfare organizations reveal animal suffering by secretly filming in stables. This emerges from a representative survey of the opinion research institute Emnid. On Thursday evening, the Federal Parliament wants to debate a proposal by the FDP (the Liberal Party), which should make such searches more difficult with the help of tax law.

Clients of the survey are the Animal Organisations Ariwa, Animal Equality, German Animal Protection Bureau, Peta, Soko Animal Protection and Animal Retriever, which themselves repeatedly published undercover images of abuses on farms.

This undercover method supports 82.5 percent of respondents. 85 percent were in favor of stronger controls on animal welfare on farms. According to the study, 1,012 people over the age of 14 were interviewed last week for the study.

The CDU and the FDP, on the other hand, demand that activists who secretly enter agricultural farms for undercover shootings be punished.
In addition, they want to withdraw the charitable status of organizations that publish appropriate footage !!

In this notch also suggests the FDP application in the federal day. Accordingly, the plenary is to call on the government to defend against the charitable status of associations that “violate the applicable penal laws or call for such a breach of law.” Probably the topic is first referred to a committee.

FDP (the Liberal Party)says: “Animal rights activists ax to the rule of law!”
Gero Hocker, agricultural policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, justified the application in conversation with the taz newspaper so: “I believe that puts the ax to the rule of law, if private-sector organizations take over functions, that actually have to be taken over by the veterinary authorities.” The animal rights activists respond that the state does not fulfill this task sufficiently and therefore must be generated by their shots political pressure.


Foto: Animal Equality

Peta-law expert Edmund Haferbeck does not believe that the proposal, if made, would change the legal situation. Already now, the tax authorities would take the status of “Public usefulness from this organisations, which calls for criminal offenses.
“In addition, the Higher Regional Court in Naumburg (Germany) has judged that penetration in stables is not punishable, if it uncovered maladministration, for which there were hints, for example, by whistleblowers,” said Haferbeck.

Peta is not vulnerable anyway. “We only publish videos that have been taken by others.” The organization had already disbanded its “investigation department” in 2013. The German Animal Welfare Office, for example, argues similarly.

Contrary to what is often said, the entry into the stables is usually not “burglary”. For, for example, the Duden defines this as follows: “forcibly entering a building, into a room or similar (to steal something)“. But violence is usually not necessary to enter many stables: they are often not closed. There are also no (or few) cases, where farmers have accused the activists of opening doors or stealing something. Legally, the activists are therefore usually accused of trespassing. But even that usually does not last in court.

But violence is usually not necessary to enter stables: they are often not closed!!

“The results of the survey show how far the demands of some politicians, above all the FDP parliamentary group and the Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner, are bypassing the will of the population,” said the six animal rights associations. “Again and again, new cases show that official animal welfare controls are not effective. The fact that the detection of abuses by animal rights organizations should be targeted is a scandal and does not coincide with the conviction of the German population. “

Translation: Venus!5513149/