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Dear all

The financial interest, ignorance, and corruption of the officials in Romania regarding animal rights and the constant abuse of animals make a real change almost impossible. Moreover, they completely ignore a more humane and comprehensive approach to the management of stray dogs. Therefore, our appeals to EU institutions by asking them to put real and official pressure upon Romanian authorities in any way whatsoever are extremely important!

Ever since the beginning of summer I made several requests to the European Parliament for the opportunity to give a presentation and make EP (and other EU institutions) conscious of the reality in Romania (and in other Member States) regarding the stray animals. Finally, more than I had hoped, was obtained: a presentation about the Stray dog situation in Romania and a section for Stray dogs in Romania within the Intergroup on the Welfare & Conservation of Animals in the European Parliament.

 Therefore, on 8th October, at European Parliament, in Strasbourg, I will present “Current Dog Management Practices in Romania. Towards a Sustainable and Humane Solution?” that will include:

  • The reality in the public dog shelters (versus the legal framework)

  • The stray dog business – inefficiency, corruption/actions of authorities responsible with the control and enforcing of animal legislation

  • Inefficiency of stray dog management by mass killing

  • The effects of Romanian legislative provisions on: Rabies control and the stray dog population

  • Animal abuses as a psychological stress factor

  • Call for EU control/interventions on Romanian officials for a humane, correct, and effective way of stray animal management

  • Call for European legislation for stray animal management that considers and reflects the social interest, ethical values and principles of the European civilization

On October 14th I will be able to inform you how the event was received!

In case you have special concerns regarding this issue, please feel free to send them to me until Thursday evening – as I am leaving Romania earlier because after October 3th I have some meetings in Germany, too.

Thank you!

All the best


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Ihr Lieben,

Das fehlende Interesse, die Unwissenheit und die Korruption der offiziellen rumänischen Behörden in Sachen Tierschutz und die ständige Mishandlung von Tieren machen eine richtige Veränderung fast unmöglich. Dazu kommt, dass die Behörden eine mehr humane und umfassende Vorgehensweise in der Verwaltung der Streunerhunde total ignorieren.  Aus dem Grund sind unsere ständigen Gesuche an Institutionen von der EU, auf jede  mögliche Weise tatsächlichen und offiziellen Druck auf die rumänischen Behörden auszuüben, so wichtig!

Seit Anfang des  Sommers  habe ich das Europäische Parlament mehrmals um  die Chance gebeten, einen Bericht zu geben und das EP (und andere EU Institutionen) auf die Realität in Rumänien (und anderen Mitgliedstaaten), was Streunerhunde angeht, aufmerksam zu machen. Und endlich wurde mehr erreicht, als ich erhofft hatte:  eine Präsentation über die Lage der rumänischen Streunerhunde und eine Sektion für Streunerhunde in Rumänien in der Intergruppe für Wohlfart& Schutz von Tieren im Europäischen Parlament.

Deswegen werde ich am 8. Oktober, in Europäischen Parlament, in Strassburg “Der derzeitige Zustand der Verwaltung von Hunden in Rumänien. In Richtung auf eine nachhaltige und mehr humane Lösung?” präsentieren, wo Folgendes angesprochen wird:

  • Die Realität in den öffentlichen Sheltern (im Gegensatz zu den gesetzlichen Vorschriften)

  • Das Geschäft mit Streunerhunden – Inkompetenz, Korruption beeinflußt das Handeln der Behörden, die mit der Kontrolle und der Vollstreckung der Gesetze für Tiere beauftragt sind

  • Massentötung als inkompetente Methode zur Verwaltung der Streunerhunde

  • Die Auswirkungen der gesetzlichen Regelungen auf: Tollwutkontrolle und Bestand der Streunerhunde

  • Tierquälerei als Einfluß auf psychologische Belastung

  • Aufruf für Kontrolle und Eingriff  von Seiten der EU auf rumänische Behörden für eine humane, korrekte und effektive Ausführung der Verwaltung von Streunerhunden

  • Aufruf an die europäische Gesetzgebung in Sachen Streunerhunde-Verwaltung, damit das soziale Interesse, ethische Werte und die Prinzipien der europäischen Kultur da einbegriffen und bewahrt werden

Am 14. Oktober kann ich euch mitteilen, wie die Veranstaltung empfangen wurde!

Falls jemand von euch ein besonderes Anliegen für dieses Thema hat, sendet es mir bitte bis Donnerstargabend – ich verlasse Rumänien schon früher, denn ich habe einige Termine in Deutschland nach dem 3. Oktober.

Vielen Dank!

Alles Gute,



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Gateway To Animal Welfare News – Early September 2015.

Just click on any of the following that take your interest.

You will then be taken to another site, which will include a brief description of the article.

At the end you will find a web link in which the article was originally published.  Click on this link to read the story in full.

As anti animal transport campaigners, we find Article 26 (MEP’s call …) of special interest.  Maybe at long last someone at the EU is beginning to realise that despite good EU regulations on paper for animals being transported; the reality is far from what is perceived to happen.  We welcome anything that either reduces or abolishes long distance animal transport in the EU.

Please take a look at Article 26 and see what is being said !


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Time for Reflection.



Further News About Exports To Israel.

Regarding our recent posts on the live animal exports to Israel:

The Serbian government / Ministry are claiming that animals were never exported from Serbia in the first place and that we are wrong in what we say – and the reports that came to us directly from Israel.

As you can see from the second link above, we have now written to the EU Commission to see if further evidence can be obtained on any animal export consignments from Serbia.

Basically, the Serbian Ministry are negating the existence of the lorry with the livestock in within Israel, claiming that stories are being made up.  Campaigners have been informed that they are wasting Ministry time.

As a result of continuous “questioning” on the issue; they are now threatening to close the shelter “Alex” as some kind of revenge..

This is not going to stop us – we eagerly await a response from the EU which should definitely give us confirmation that export consignments took place.  Israeli campaigners have been contacted for further information; as well as us making further contact with another organisation here in England.

We are more than confident that everything we have published is correct.  We are currently looking into obtaining further proof of the consignment(s).  The Ministry can make threats such as closing Alex shelter in revenge; but this makes us all the more determined to get to the bottom of this.

Maybe the fact that this exposure has surfaced is what is not liked.

Watch this space for more news.  SAV.

Please check out the following site of export campaigning in Israel:

Spain: Madrid City Withdraws €61,200 Subsidy To Its Bullfighting School – Bullfighting and Other Similar Events “Are Not Compatible With The Rights Of Animals”.


SALAMANCA, SPAIN - DECEMBER 18: Boys learn the arts of bullfighting at a bullfighting academy on December 18, 2009 in Salamanca, Spain.  Catalonia's regional parliament voted December 18th in favour of debating a ban on bullfighting in their autonomous Spanish region. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

 (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

SAV Comment – Excellent news; showing that a modern day Spain will not accept such cruelty; especially if they pay for it.  A big vote from the people that this is not acceptable in 2015.

The reason given for the decision, which will not come as a surprise to many, is that the Ahora Madrid party represented by Mayoress Manuela Carmena believes that bullfighting and other similar events “are not compatible with the rights of animals”, an opinion which is becoming more and more common in Spain as the tide gradually turns against one of the most emblematic aspects of traditional Spanish culture.

Dear Mark,

Thanks to mounting public pressure against events that inflict cruelty upon bulls from animal advocates like you, Madrid City Council has, on animal protection grounds, announced it will withdraw its €61,200 subsidy from The School of Bullfighting!

It’s clear the tide is turning against this cruel practice — even in Madrid, a central hub of the bullfighting world. Politicians are recognizing that squandering public funds on training matadors to torment animals is simply no longer acceptable.

HSI applauds this decision, and we also applaud YOU for helping to make clear that neither entertainment nor culture can excuse cruelty to animals.

Thank you for all you do for animals.


Andrew Rowan
President and CEO
Humane Society International


5 Great Reasons to End Dolphin Captivity.


dolphin capture

5 Great Reasons to End Dolphin Captivity

by Alicia Graef  September 22, 2015

Whale and dolphin advocates have been fighting against captivity for a long time. Since the documentary Blackfish started making waves, the plight of captive cetaceans has reached a much wider audience and has forced us to take a hard look at whether or not this is something we should be supporting.

In a series of new papers, Dr. Joan Gonzalvo, who has been studying dolphins in the wild for more than 15 years, examines some of the reasons why captivity needs to end and dispels some of the myths the industry uses to keep people coming back.

Gonzalvo’s most recent paper, which was just released by the Born Free Foundation and the Italian animal protection organization, Lega Anti Vivisezione, challenges the captivity industry and highlights five of of the main reasons we shouldn’t be keeping dolphins in tanks:

  • They Are Intelligent

  • They Are Social Beings

  • They Are Far-Ranging Predators

  • They Are Psychologically and Emotionally Sensitive

  • Captivity Does Not Support Education or Conservation

Their intelligence, which Dr. Gonzalvo calls on par with great apes and human toddlers, might be what draws us to them, but it also means the barren conditions we keep them in can cause them tremendous suffering.

In the wild they live in complex cultures where they can explore, hunt, communicate, grieve losses and make choices. In captivity, they are denied the opportunity to do any of those things and are left without the ability to choose or stay with their friends, or escape bullying, while left in artificial pools that can never come close to simulating their natural environment.

taiji 2 15

Possibly one of the most important points made is that captivity does not support education or conservation, which is one of the main arguments the industry uses to keep us coming back.  Supporters say we need to keep cetaceans in captivity because it makes them accessible to the public and offers opportunities to educate us about them and the environment, but critics continue to argue there’s nothing educational about dolphin shows and keeping them captive isn’t doing anything for conservation.

taiji 1 15

In a review of dolphin shows, Dr. Gonzalvo found only 10 percent of the ones he examined included anything educational about dolphin behavior, biology or their natural environment. He writes, “The main purpose of these performances is to display dolphins for human entertainment and amusement, rather than to convey any information on the real nature of these fascinating sea creatures, while obscuring the cruelty of the obvious fact that the “performers” are captive animals exhibited for the ultimate purpose of making money.

taiji 3 15

Worse, he added that the way we use them as performers for entertainment creates the perception that dolphins are friendly, causing people to unwittingly harass them in the wild.

Then there’s the captivity industry’s link to violent and heartbreaking captures still taking place today also certainly does nothing for the plight of wild dolphins, or the health of the oceans.

“I invite those considering visiting a dolphinarium with their children to think twice about the message we want to give to future generations. Do we have any right to hold a highly evolved, intelligent, and sensitive animal captive, to force it to conduct a rather clownish behavior by performing tricks and stunts for our entertainment? If that is the case, we should seriously review our concept of what is entertaining and the kind of relationship that we want to have with nature. Let’s make people conscious about what is hidden behind the frozen smile of a captive dolphin,” Dr. Gonzalvo said in a statement.

While many areas are moving to end the exploitation of these species, there are still some who are willing to put profits over the well-being of dolphins and are trying to expand dolphin parks.

For more info on how to help captive and wild dolphins, check out organizations including Dolphinaria Free Europe, the Dolphin Project and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.


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Serbia: Felix Shelter – Photos Collection.

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Danica Mirkovic

All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life, but they do need help.

 Take a look at the Felix shelter website and blog to see who you’re supporting! 

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