Instructions to murder


The following article comes from the internet german magazine “Wild and Dog”. It is an exemplary demonstration of cold-blooded cynicism and repulsive hypocrisy, with which a psychopath describes how the cruel hunting form, constuction`s hunt, works.

Hunters are not only professional killers, they are also professional liars, which is also clear in this article.


First, some about these two hunting (murder) forms

1. Hunting in the nature buildings of the foxes. These buildings raise the foxes themselves to overthrow their family. The dogs are trained with constant pressure to force the animals to jump out, and then they are massacred from thr hunters.

2. The second is hunting in artificial structures for foxes (constructed by hunters). There is the same murderous game of driving the animals out, so they are shot. But there are provided also the fox traps.


…fox hunting is fun, it’s a nice thing to hunt the fox, it’s an exciting hunt. Hunting in construction is infinitely more exciting than other forms of hunting”!!!.

About 10 million animals killed every year from hunters hand, more than half a million of them are foxes. The hunt is nothing but a bloody open air slaughterhouse. And in the end, the remains of the victims hang as trophies on the walls.

How run down can missing morality still look like? Turning a vulnerable life into a bleeding, lifeless bundle of suffering is a crime! What else should be a crime? ”

Hunting is and will continue to be murder!


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Australia: good news!


The number of Australians leaving meat off their plate continues to climb, according to a new report by independent research company Roy Morgan.

The report found that 2.5 million Australians, or 12.1 percent of the population, now eat food that is all “or almost all” vegetarian, up from 2.2 million in 2014.


Why are Australians ditching meat?

A previous study from Roy Morgan released found nearly half of Australians are eating less red meat, which has been linked to an increased risk for health conditions such as heart disease and certain forms of cancer.



Earlier this month, a demonstration in Melbourne involving more than 100 individuals taking to the streets to urge others to watch the 2018 documentary “Dominion” made headlines worldwide.



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“True human culture only exists when not only cannibalism, but every kind of meat consumption is considered cannibalism” (Wilhelm Busch)

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The suffering of chickens in factory farming

Scientists at the University of Osnabrück (Germany) are currently working on the question of what influence artificial light sources have on the well-being of chickens in so-called livestock farming. They are sure: the wrong lighting has a strong impact on the health of the animals, who perceive the light quite differently than we humans. The unnatural bulbs they have been exposed to their entire lives are disrupting their natural rhythm and leading to stress, disease and behavioral problems.

In terms of brightness, the eyes of a chicken are up to ten times more sensitive than ours. As the light sources in the stables seem brighter for them, the chickens are blinded by them. On the other hand, the insulated lighting there does not correspond to the darkness that chickens need during their rest periods.



The unpleasant lighting conditions, according to the scientists, are likely to affect the negative moods of the animals and can lead to aggressive behavior such as feather pecking or self-mutilation.


In addition to other factors such as high population density, stinking stable climate or lack of employment opportunities, false light can be responsible for many behavioral problems, illnesses and deaths. Worse is the fact that in most laying hens the beaks are cut to prevent cannibalism. This is done in a very painful way.


In the video we can see how live the so-called “organic” chickens in Germany. The video was shot undercover by the organization “animal friends” in 2012. For those who think: yes, but it is old … since then, nothing has changed.


Man has decided that animals are a matter, and under this fascist conviction, the daily murder of animals takes place with such sadistic coldness and cynical indifference that only a human animal can possess.


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Brazil: hunters and corrupt politiciants want the hunt again


Hunting, ie the killing of wild animals, has been officially banned in Brazil since 1967. But lobbyists now want to legalize the hunt in Brazil – even in nature reserves.

Furthermore, the new law will allow private hunting areas: for sports, for commercial purposes as well as the commercial trade and commercial breeding of wild animals.

Brazilian environmentalists sharply criticize the bill. Hunting and killing animals call them cruel, immoral and medieval rituals. The hunt is really just for the pleasure of the hunters, the fun of killing and the trade in endangered species.

Behind the bill are also the interests of the Brazilian arms industry and arms exporters, especially from the USA.


Please support the petition to the Brazilian Parliament. It should protect the wildlife and reject the hunting law!


My comment:  Go home! Animals do not need serial killers!


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Sri Lanka: Archbishop – Animals don’t Bomb – Bombers are Humankind, Like You.

Sri Lanka: Archbishop – Animals don’t Bomb – Bombers are Humankind, Like You.

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France: Everything for Notre Dame – Nothing for Les Miserables.

France: Everything for Notre Dame – Nothing for Les Miserables.

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USA: Don’t kill bear cub for being too friendly – Petition.

USA: Don’t kill bear cub for being too friendly – Petition.


SIGN: Don’t Kill Adorable Bear Cub Just for Being ‘Too Friendly’

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