Serbia: A Special Appeal To Help An Old Couple Cover Costs For Caring For Many Ex Street Animals.

We are putting out this special appeal to help our friend Susann in Germany.

You can read the story below – but basically it is a request to help an old couple in Serbia with food for all the homeless cats and dogs that they help; often going without themselves to do it.

Please give anything that you can – any little helps and it all soon mounts up.

Please dig deep and give what you can – Thank You – SAV.

Urgent: help for old Serbian couple and their 60+ strays


Please look at the following link to see many more pictures of the animals:


Donation Link –

The Story

61 cats, 7 dogs and an elderly couple need urgent help.

Jelka and Branko live in Pancevo, a town close to the Serbian capital Belgrade. They’re both 65+ and not very well off, sometimes not having enough food for themselves, they go without in order to ensure the animals are fed in order to give them a better life than the one they had on the streets of Pancevo.

Luckily the very kind soul and animal rescuer Slavica happened upon them and is now helping them with the animals. Feeding them, heating the house in winter in order to keep them all warm as Serbia has extreme temperatures in the winter, spaying & neutering and getting the animals vaccinated or to the vets if they are sick is very time and money consuming. Especially because no one has a car and it is 4 bus rides away.

A small facebook group ( is helping Slavica, Jelka and Branko with a bit of money monthly but it is not enough to cover everything that is needed.

Things seem to get worse instead of getting better. Branko had a stroke and it is still unsure if he will survive. A new law requires all cats to be chipped and vaccinated incurring more costs, the fence is broken, etc… Slavica, Jelka and Branko need you to help them and would be forever grateful for any donations.

Donation Link –








Serbia: This Little Guy Has Been Waiting A Year For A Forever Home – Can You Help ?


Almost a year in a Pansion.

Still waiting home.

Please share and help this beautiful boy find a home.. he is waiting too long



Serbia: Horse Rescue Shelter – Please Crosspost Facebook Page If Possible Thank You.

We have been contacted by Ana in Serbia; who wrote to us on behalf of her friend who runs a horse shelter in Serbia.  Here is the link to the shelters Facebook page:  

We are trying to currently look into existing Serbia legislation regarding horse welfare, as it not something we have done before.  But we have liaised with Ana and said that even if Serbian horse law existed; in our opinion and experience, the Serbian authorities would ignore it just the same as they ignore legislation for stray dogs and cats.

Ana (being Serbian) is aware that the Serbian government could do a lot better when it comes to all animal welfare, but we are trying to help the horse shelter by giving out its Facebook link:

We will also be putting the link onto SAV Facebook page, where we hope a lot more Serbian campaigners and supporters will become aware of the excellent work being done to give help and support to the equine population.

If you can help in any way with a donation, then it would be greatly appreciated. 

Even if you cannot donate, please just spread the link around so that more people are informed of this horse haven.


Thank you – SAV.


India: Animal Aid Unlimited – Making A Huge Difference – Educational Presentations and Inspiring Videos – Please Support This Work.



Dear Mark

Saving lives through school and community outreach 


During the past month, our Compassion Education Team has given 10 presentations to 500 people, from primary school students to senior citizens, about how to help injured street animals, what are “animal rights,” reasons to go vegan, and what to do if you see cruelty.


Above – Rajkishor inspires 7th graders,
Neha motivates Udaipur animal lovers, and students pet dogs for the first time!

In addition to video and power-point presentations we brought 60 students from a local school on a field-trip to Animal Aid where they pet dogs, donkeys and even cows, and for many, it was for the first time in their lives. It’s harder to be compassionate when you are afraid, so by helping children overcome their fear of animals we are helping them to connect and understand the feelings of animals so that they will help them.


We held our 13th Sunday colony meeting where we’ve so far talked to over 300 Udaipur animal lovers who are regular callers on our emergency helpline. The objective of our colony meetings is to grow Udaipur’s animal protection movement from a grass-roots level, by encouraging animal lovers to take part in our first-aid training program, educating them on how to use the law to protect animals from abuse, and motivating them to use their voice to speak for those who cannot.

Donate to support our vital education program.



Major Sahib’s crisis turns into the happiest ending…

We found him lying in anguish on the side of the street, gravely wounded and broken.

The side of his head was being eaten by maggots and his body had given up all hope. We could tell that he had been lying in the same place for many hours if not days, and we believe that if we hadn’t rescued him right when we did, that this is where he would have died.

We named him Major Sahib for a good reason-this old boy was a soldier for LIFE.

He may have been tottering on the edge, but he definitely wasn’t ready to say goodbye.


Too injured to move, but still wagging his tail…

When we first got the call to rescue this young street dog, we thought he only had the injury we could see above his eye.

But as soon as we came in close, we were shocked. There were deep lacerations across his inner thigh and belly that were covered in blood. We were told he had been hit by a vehicle.

Unable to stand when we found him, this little braveheart still wagged his tail when our rescuer Nandu lifted him into our ambulance.

Just watch this video to see his overflowing joy after making a full recovery.


Donate to support our vital education program.





Serbia: 5 Beautiful Dogs Looking For A Forever Home.


Five beautiful dogs ready for adoption, looking for a home.

Please share.

Contact Gordana-Doda Steti…




Serbia: Loznica Friday 24/2 – The Current Last Rescue – LOZNICA: ENTERING THE DOORS OF HELL AGAIN.




The hardest and most painful thing for any rescuer is to leave a dog pound with saved dogs and look into the eyes of the ones who are left behind.

They know. They know their fate. Their end is coming…  Your heart aches, you can’t stop dreaming about them during night, you can’t sleep, flashes come into your mind of their imploring eyes, paws on your legs, and then immense sadness when the pound door is closed and you leave….



We can’t forget so many babies and we are begging you for your help again: we want to save more lives. The dog too scared to move for fear of being beaten, the little dog brushing round our ankles just desperately trying to get us to notice her.

So many precious beating hearts begging to be noticed and taken out. Almost as if they’re promising us they will be “such a good dog if we rescue them”. A silent promise.




We really are their last hope on Friday.

We will re-visit this living hell to save more gentle dogs.




Those left unsaved will spend their last moments on earth terrified and often in agonizing pain. Euthanasia if conducted, is not conducted in a civilized way – but by the cheapest means possible which involves immense brutality.




These sweet lives can’t cry for help, but we can. And we have to! Only their eyes tell us their pain and need. Give them this final chance of life! Help us free the prisoners of one of the worst Serbian dog pound we have ever seen.





No donation too small. Every £1 helps to save a life.
For donations: PAYPAL:




Serbia: Small Animal Shelter In Nis Needs Help – Can You Give ?




 We have a new fundraising portal for our February Food Fund Appeal and would be grateful if you could PLEASE consider a donation no matter how small: DONATE:

 and make it a Happy New Year for our Dogs & Street Cats.

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PLEASE send payment as family/friend so we are not charged a fee and we will acknowledge your donation – thank you xxx