Bulgaria: Riku Is Now At The Sanctuary Feeling Grass Under His Feet !

Above – Now feeling grass under his feet !

Below – Riku before he was rescued –  Chained on barren bare ground.

Update 16/5/17 – Riku is now at his new home.

Re our recent post and the plight of Riku bear and the rescue attempt–


Well now we have some great news that he has finally left his adaptation facility in Bulgaria and that he is now in his new sanctuary home – feeling grass under his feet for the first time.

Here is the update from the Four Paws team that did the rescue:

Hi Mark,

I recently sent an email (below) about the Albanian bear Riku.

Rescued from private keeping in December, Riku embarked on a long journey from Albania to Bulgaria earlier this month. After his arrival at our bear sanctuary in Bulgaria, Riku remained in an indoor adaptation enclosure until he was ready to move into his permanent outdoor enclosure.

As you can see by the picture below, Riku is finally able to enjoy the feeling of grass beneath his feet in his new home!

A massive thank you for making a donation to FOUR PAWS in response to Riku’s plight.

It’s only because of your kindness and generosity that we can continue give bears like Riku a better life – thank you for making our work possible.

Warmest regards,

Saige Jennings






Canada: Lana Will Be Put To Sleep On 20/5 Unless Someone Takes Her On With A Forever Home – Can You Help ?

This story just breaks our hearts into a million little pieces. Lana is a two-year-old Labrador who was given up by her first family in October of 2015. Once again back at the shelter, the photo of Lana looking depressed when she was returned went viral, with dog lovers dubbing her the “saddest dog in the world.”


Lana’s plight touched the hearts of millions, but thankfully due to the success of the story, 4,000 adoption applications were filed and $15,000 in donations came pouring in to cover Lana’s care. Lana was adopted by a second family in Ontario, Canadia and we wish the story ended there. Sadly, this sweet pup was once again returned to the shelter by the second family after just a few months.

Now, to make matters even worse, Lana faces euthanasia on May 20th at her current shelter due to overcrowding issues.  Someone, please help Lana!


Rescue Dogs Match, a Canadian non-profit pleaded on Facebook for a foster or forever home for this sweet girl. “May 14th is Lana’s birthday (she will be three). Please help find her a Foster or Forever home. Lana only has until May 20th.” Look at that gorgeous smile!

Lana loves to be outdoors and not in “tight” quarters. Rescue Dog Match explained, “‘The best environment for her would be a horse or hobby farm where she can be outside most of the time ‘helping’ her person with the chores around the property.” 

The rescue team is committed to supporting Lana and aims to find a family with the training and time to ensure Lana’s third home is her last. Rescue Dogs Match said on their Facebook page that they are currently reviewing all of the applications that have been submitted thus far and will provide an update soon.


Fingers crossed for Lana! If you’re interested in submitting an application of your own, click here.

Sadly, Lana’s story is not uncommon and 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every day due to shelter overcrowding and limited funds. If you find this figure shocking, consider the positive fact that by adopting a dog you not only save a life but gain a loyal best friend. Whether you’d prefer a mixed breed or purebred, a young pup or an elder dog, a shelter near you probably has the companion you’re looking for.

If you’d like to get involved with your local animal shelter and help out dogs just like Lana, check out our guide to volunteering. And please, always adopt and never buy!

Image source: Rescue Dogs Match/Facebook



Bear Bile Farming – Videos of Free Rescued Bears and Also Those Still Suffering.

Please copy and crosspost – show the world this disgusting abuse of animals.

We will support Jill and the work of ‘Animals Asia’ always, to expose and present to the world the disgusting abuse of beautiful bears used in the production of bear bile.

The following videos are good and bad – they show bears that have finally been freed from bile farming; and one also shows undercover work to expose several bile farms which openly operate.  It is disgusting to see animals caged in this way – please copy and send these videos or this post to all your contacts – thank you – SAV.


Until all the bears are free from the horrors of bile farming.  Love and mega respect to Jill and the team.


Moon bear who suffered 10 years in a tiny cage loves swimming in a big pool.

Moon bear Popeye, was one of nearly 40 bears Animals Asia rescued in 2015 from bear bile farms across Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province – home to tourism hotspot Halong Bay.


Undercover Expose of Bile Bear Farming

In Vietnam, there are almost 2,000 bears being held in captivity on bile farms. Journalist Adrian Baschuk goes undercover to see these farms first hand, and also visits a sanctuary rehabilitating these horribly mistreated animals.


Shandong Rescues

In April 2010 Animals Asia travelled to Shandong province to rescue 10 bears from a bear bile farm. The rescue made Shandong the 20th province to become bear farm free.






























Riku Is Now Ready For Transport To The Bear Sanctuary – Can You Donate To Help ?

We are getting even closer to ensuring Albania can end the keeping of bears in cruel conditions, but there are still some that still need our help, including Riku.

In December 2016, Afrim Mahmuti, Site Manager of BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, led an urgent operation to save Riku. Chained up since he was a cub, Riku was shackled, abused and kept in cramped, awful conditions.

Now a full-size bear, Riku’s owners were terrified of him and desperate to get rid of the bear.

The operation to rescue Riku didn’t take long. Within minutes, Riku’s chains had been removed and he was loaded into Afrim’s truck. But, with BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina already full to capacity, Afrim and his team had no choice but to move Riku to a temporary home at Tirana Zoo.

Thankfully, an enclosure for Riku is now ready at our bear sanctuary Belitsa, in Bulgaria. But to move Riku there, we will need to transport him more than 350 miles over several days – beginning today!


Transporting a bear is a massive job that requires the help of many professionals.

Will you please help Riku reach his new home?

Your support has already transformed the lives of Albanian bears like Tomi, Pashuk and Gjina. A small donation could help give Riku a fresh start in life, and help other animals in need around the world. 

We at SAV have just donated to help Riku get to his new sanctuary home.  Can you help too ?

Donation link to support this rescue – https://action.four-paws.org.uk/donate/riku/15



Thailand: A Message From Our Adoptive Dog Twinnsie – Please Sponsor, Or Better Still, Adopt In Memory Of SOI Dogs Co Founder Gill Who Recently Passed Away.

SAV Comment – We had no idea that SOI founder Gill had passed away recently – see more below.

Our heart goes out to John with the loss of his wife.  Despite all his grief, he is fighting and working so hard for the dogs.  As a tribute to the amazing work that Gill did during her life, we ask everyone to now please consider at least sponsoring, if not adopting a dog from SOI in her memory.  Every dog saved by SOI is a dog that does NOT go into the dog meat trade – simple as that.

Thank you Gill for your dedication to all our canine friends.

Adopt now please.



SOI dogs contact – http://www.soidog.org/en/contact-us-2/


Twinnsie – Latest photo  Above – old pictures below.

What a beautiful girl !

Below is a new message from our adoptive doggie – Twinnsie

Dear Mark,

Hi, it is Twinnsie your sponsor dog! I am just getting in touch with the latest update on my life at the shelter. I continue to make good progress but I am still a little bit shy in my enclosure and will hide away if I do not know you. Once I get to know you and trust you though, I will happily let you take me for a walk!

I can be a little bit tense on my walks but the longer I am out, the more this goes away. Sometimes I stop and will lie down and refuse to walk further. All you have to do is wait a bit and I will soon decide to start walking again. After my walks, I am quite happy to head back to my enclosure, where I have a big drink of water and then relax with my doggy friends. I still have some work to do on my trust issues but meanwhile, I am being well cared for here at the shelter.

Thank you for sponsoring me!

That is all the news on me for now; let me tell you about what has been happening at the shelter.

Everyone, both human and animal, has been very sad lately as we recently lost our momma and Soi Dog co-founder Gill Dalley, who passed away after a short battle with cancer. Everyone misses her so very much but I know that all the humans here will carry on saving animals just as she would have wanted. Last December was a record month for visitors to the shelter, with 520 people visiting and 42 volunteers passing through and spending time with all of us. Although some of us are shyer than others, even the timid animals are curious about all the people who come to visit.

There were recently some new enclosures built to house more survivors of the horrible dog meat trade. There was huge excitement a few months ago when 60 dogs rescued from the dog meat trade arrived at the shelter. They had been living at another Soi Dog-funded shelter in north-east Thailand and this move was their first step on their journey to forever homes in the U.S. and Canada. Soi Dog now has a big network of partner rescue organisations that help to re-home the survivors of the dog meat trade. In addition to the new enclosures, extended sun shades were built in all the enclosures. We also have a brand new dog-walking area. This is very popular with all of us who enjoy our walks and one-on-one time with the volunteers. We have recently said goodbye to a lot of friends; 86 dogs and cats have found their forever homes so far in 2017. So many have found wonderful families all over the world in places like Europe, Canada and the U.S. It is sad to say goodbye but we are so happy for the future that lies ahead for them. We hope that one day we too will have that same chance.

Until then, I know I am safe and loved here at the Soi Dog shelter and that is all thanks to you sponsoring my care. Thank you again for doing that for me, I will write again soon.

Woofs and licks,



Copyright 2017 The Soi Dog Foundation. Contact us













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Vietnam: Bazan and Wendles Have Been Rescued And The Bile Farm Closed. Watch Their Journey To A New Home On Livestream.


News from Animals Asia,

Animals Asia’s rescue team are in in Gia Lai province Vietnam to rescue two moon bears and close a bile farm.

The team will then travel 1,200km back to our sanctuary.

We need your help. Please cheer them on, tell everyone you know and donate if you can.

Bazan and Wendles are coming home.

Keep up to date with the rescue via the live stream:





Serbia: Appeal To Help Snesko – Any Little Helps !

Help Snesko to pay his debt for 6 months (July – December)
Paypal: free.fly.dogs@gmail.com

Snesko is young retriever mix who dreams about real home almost 2 years. 
We care about him but a lot of dogs require a lot of money but…you know. Money is always problem.

We have debt for his 6 month from July to December. We have debt for accommodation, food, protection against parasites, gas for bringing him to the vet (his kennels is about 40 km in one way from vet), vet costs…

Can anyone help us?

Or please, share this.

We have a lot of problems because we don’t have money to pay all of this.

Thank you!

Please go to the following for donations and to see the photo gallery:


View on SAV Facebook –