Serbia: Small Animal Shelter In Nis Needs Help – Can You Give ?




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 and make it a Happy New Year for our Dogs & Street Cats.

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Can You Help Find Truffle A Forever Home ?



Truffle is a rescued as a baby with broken leg.

She is now 9 months old and ready for new home.





Serbia: Please Give Anything You Can To Help Keep These Dogs Safe.




To give any donation, please go to the following –  




Please help my 4 dogs to pay debt for accommodation for December, January and February. Needed 340 euros for all debt.

Kuci and Kiki are in kennels over 4 years, and Dona and her daughter Lela are waiting for their homes almost 2 years. It is too long, and all the time they don’t have permanent help.

Every month I have to pay 40 euros for accommodation for Kuci, Kiki and Dona and 20 euros for Lela. Also, I have to pay food, vet costs, protection…

I can not do by myself and begging you for any help. I can not put them to street after all these years. I can’t do that.

I was paying for them for a long time but now, I don’t have regular job and I am in a real trouble.



Dona and Lela



To give any donation, please go to the following –  







Serbia: Donations Please To Keep Dogs Happy and Safe and Fed.



URGENT !!! they have no ongoing support, no best man, maid of honor, no donors have a secure financial assistance each month.


Jasna Panić



HITNO!!! oni nemaju stalnu podršku,nemaju kuma,kumu,nemaju donatora,nemaju sigurnu finansijsku pomoć svaki mesec.😦 To su mešanci,sklonjeni sa ulice,svi su veći psi od njih treba i hrana svaki mesec džak od 20kg za svakog.😦 ..ja nisam u mogućnosti da im pomognem.Njihovo ostajanje na sigurnom zavisi od vaše pomoći.Hvala onima koji jesu i unapred hvala onima koji će možda moći pomoći..

dugovi: Kuci ( 20e januar+40e februar)

Kiki ( 40e decembar + 40e januar + 40 februar)

Dona ( 40e decembar + 40e januar + 40e februar)

Lela (20e januar + 20 e februar )
Pošto su Dona i Lela zajedno u pansionu za njih mesečno treba 60 evra za smeštaj..


Pomoć možete poslati na sledeće načine:

064/2051685 – Jasmina Panić

Dinarski racun :
Jasmina Panic 310-0400100069324-03 NLB banka
(sa naznakom za kog psa donirate

Paypal adresa:
(sa naznakom za kog psa donirate

jp3 ______________________________________

APEL !!!!!

URGENT !!! they have no ongoing support, no best man, maid of honor, no donors have a secure financial assistance each month. 😦 These are mongrels, were removed from the streets, all dogs are larger than they should be 20-33kg..for and food every month sack 20kg for each. 😦 ..I am not able to give them help. Their staying safe depends on your help. Thank you those who are, and thanks in advance to those who may be able to help ..

debts: Kuci (20e 40e January + February)

Kiki (40e 40e December + January + 40 February)

Dona (December 40e + 40e + 40e January and February)

Lela (20e January + 20 e February)
Since Dona i Lela together in the hotel for them to be 60 euros per month for accommodation ..


Paypal address:
(name of the dog who is donating)





Romania: Death Is The Master In Romania – and The EU Accepts It Without Question.




Watch the video below to see the reality, then read the words below from Venus:


“Death is a master from Romania” I would say today.
This quotation is used for the poetic description of fascism and comes from the “death fugue” of the lyric poet Paul Celan, which he wrote 1944 against German fascism.
“Death is a master from Germany”.
No! not more!

With regard to fascism on animals, Romania is today the champion of death, destruction, and crime against animals in Europe.

It is not only the corrupt system of the country that is responsible for this.
It is this crime syndicate, (which itself calls the European Union), the
assigning place for the preservation of all concentration camps of animals in this country.

And all over Europe.
With each euro a new shelter of death is created every day, the old ones are expanded.
The majority of the population is silent, it is holding back, that is, it cooperates so that it can sleep peacefully.
And therefore, anyone who writes or
publicly says the truth is suspected of being an extremist.

We have a new form of dictatorship, it is the dictatorship of democratically elected governments.
I know no polite language for murderers and executioners of animals.

On the contrary, I think we have been far too polite to date, much too modest.
I make it clear wherever I can be, that Romania is ruled by corrupt politicians, unrestrained lackeys of the EU Mafia, which have made the subsidized murder of animals a profession.
And I can only hope that my criticism becomes known.

        Liebe Grüße











Serbia: Can You Give A Warm, Loving Forver Home to This Weary Traveller or Some of His Friends ? – Check Out the Links Below.




This weary traveller has walked a lot, hungry, thirsty and very sick.

He appeared in the front of the shelter, could not stand on the rear legs.

He got a dog house and received a therapy every day. He is well.

Now he got a new friend, little puppy 3 months old. They sleep together 🙂

Please HELP to find a new home for this great boy and little puppy!




Ovaj umorni putnik je hodao mnogo, gladan, zedan i veoma bolestan. Pojavio se ispred azila izgladneo, nije mogao da stoji na zadnjim nogama. Dobio je svoju kućicu i redovno primao terapije. Sada je dobro i dobio je malu drugaricu, Štene starosti 3 meseca. Spavaju zajedno u kućici 🙂
Molimo vas pomozite da ipronađemo novi dom za ovog velikog dečka i malu devojčicu!



Can you help find this weary traveller a new, forever, loving warm home ?

Check out the following Links for a lot more:štvo-za-zaštitu-životinja-Mladenovac-Shelter-Mladenovac-217170524966212/štvo-za-zaštitu-životinja-Mladenovac-Shelter-Mladenovac-217170524966212/photos/?ref=page_internal




Please give us both a warm, forever home – Thank you.


More – a new and very scared puppy is rescued from the roadside – he also needs a forever home.


Only the greatest evil of man can leave an animal where there is no way to survive, where is struggling and dying for days! This poor little fella. He was lucky to see him.

Watch the video of his rescue here:





India: ‘Rahat’ Means Relief for Animals 365 Days a Year.




‘Rahat’ Means Relief for Animals 365 Days a Year



Website and donations –