Tibet: In The Dark – Finding Tibet’s Hidden Prisoners.


From ‘Free Tibet’ – London.

Imagine being snatched from the street or even your home. You are loaded into a police car and driven to an unknown location. Your friends, colleagues and family don’t know where you are. Nor do you. It is like you have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Enforced disappearances are designed to punish Tibetans who resist or fall foul of the occupation, and to scare other Tibetans away from opposing the occupation or freely expressing their culture. Today Free Tibet is launching our new In The Dark campaign by highlighting six of these enforced disappearances. For each, we have listed some important strategic actions that you can complete online right now, in order to pressure the authorities into releasing them.

Click below to learn about their cases and see how you can help.



These six prisoners are just the first stage of our new campaign to bring public attention to this cruel and oppressive practice. To learn more about enforced disappearances, Tibet’s hidden prisoners and our campaign, visit our website. The Chinese authorities want to hide these prisoners from the world. We are determined to find them, shine a light on their cases and push for their release. We hope that you will join us in making a stand for Tibet’s hidden prisoners.

Thank you,

John Jones

Campaigns Manager










Tae action





UK: Global Day of Action Against Live Animal Export – 13/9/17.


Dear Mark,

Every year millions of animals around the world endure horrific suffering as a result of the long distance live transport trade.

On the 13th September we are organising a rally in central London as part of Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day. A global day of action to speak out on behalf of the animals that cannot speak for themselves.

In the UK, for decades politicians have said that it is EU law that prevents a ban on live exports. As we are now leaving the EU, this argument no longer stands.

They are out of excuses and we need to make sure that they know we expect action. Confirmation of the London rally’s exact location will follow in due course, but I wanted to get in touch with you now, so that you could save the date.


Can’t make it to London? Why not attend a local Stop Live Transport event, or even organise your own? Check out the events already planned – from Edinburgh to Tel Aviv, from Dublin to Warsaw – at stoplivetransport.org

Together we will demonstrate global opposition to this abhorrent trade and expose the ugly truth:

– Excessively long journeys without sufficient food, water or rest

– Animals being transported when sick, injured, very young or heavily pregnant

– Ill-equipped and overcrowded vehicles

– Exports from countries with animal protection laws to those that have none, with animals often facing terrible abuse both during transport and at the time of slaughter.

I hope that you can join us on the 13th September to use your voice for those who are voiceless. Even if you cannot be there in person, you can still get involved in the Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day in many other ways.

Thank you so much for your support.

Emma Slawinski



















Netherlands: 20,000 Pigs Die in Latest Massive Dutch Factory Farm Fire – And The Farmer, With 6 Mega Units in Europe, He Hopes To Carry On As Usual. Take Action Here – Get Him Stopped !

Video link showing the fire at the facility –



Dear friends, They were burnt alive20,000 pigs packed into tiny pens with nowhere to run.


But his farms were hell long before that:

sick piglets beaten to death,

extreme overcrowding,

animals left suffering with broken bones and protruding organs.

Dutch farmer Adriaan Straathof has a gruesome reputation and Germany has already banned his farming.

Now other EU countries must do the same.

The farmer hopes to just carry on, but if we make this huge, we can force a whole new level of scrutiny, and get regulators to suspend his permits while all his farms are urgently investigated.

There’s no time to lose!

Sign with one click: No More Torture Farms

To local, regional, national, and European regulators: “As citizens outraged but the incredible suffering of animals on farms owned by Adriaan Straathof, we urge you to take advantage of all possibilities offered by local, regional, national, and European laws to withdraw his farming permits, ensuring he is unable to farm or keep any livestock or other animals. We also urge you to pass stricter fire and animal welfare regulation to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Sign with one click: No More Torture Farms

Straathof is one of the biggest pig farmers in the EU, with 6 mega farms in the Netherlands and a string of others in Hungary and Germany. And while the Dutch food safety authority has inspected his farms 14 times, and reports of abuse, fines, and violations are piling up, he’s just got a permit to farm another 11,000 pigs!

Enough — this isn’t farming, it’s industrial torture!

Together we can make sure that these were his last victims. Let’s create a massive public appeal, forcing regulators to intervene and stop the next bloodbath: Sign with one click: No More Torture Farms

Our movement has been on the frontline of fighting violence against animals, from China’s dog meat festival, to the cruel trade in horse blood. We know that when we come together in massive numbers to protect animals, incredible things can happen — and this time will be no different.

With hope and determination, Mike, Anneke, Luca, Danny and the entire Avaaz team

More information:

20,000 pigs die in latest massive Dutch factory farm fire (Dutch News) http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archives/2017/07/20000-pigs-die-in-latest-massive-dutch-factory-farm-fi…

 Sign with one click: No More Torture Farms

Indonesia: They Call This The ‘Zoo Of Death.’


They Call This The ‘Zoo Of Death.’ And Here’s Exactly Why It Needs To Be Shut Down.

You can stay updated on the progress to save these animals and give them your support on their website.

Positive Result – Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD) CUT ALL Horse Blood Ties In South America – But We Must Now Take Action To Stop Others Stepping In To Take Their Place – Actions Below.

Our past posts:








Well done everybody who supported and took action on this campaign – you have achieved a positive result to dramatically help horses – but now further action is required to STOP other organisations stepping in and taking over on your victory congratulations on the MSD action ! – SAV.



You did it!

After years of investigative work by the Animal Welfare Foundation, its partners in Uruguay, and hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members like you taking action, Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD) has cut all ties with horse blood farms in South America!

Thank you for campaigning against this sickening business. And thank you for not shying away from confronting the biggest and most powerful corporations out there.

Together, we’ve moved a pharma giant.

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with.

But we cannot stop here.


Cruel horse blood farms will still operate as long as there are pharma companies willing to buy their products — and the next big player could step in and take over the business MSD has left behind.

Mark, will you share our campaign against IDT Biologika with your friends?

The more we are, the better our chances of getting IDT Biologika to stop working with these torturous blood farms as well.


Or you can copy and share this email if you prefer:


Dear Friends, 

Big pharma is making huge profits from the torture of horses. Thousands of horses are raised purely for the purpose of having their blood extracted and sold — with dire consequences.

It’s a sickening business that the SumOfUs community has been standing up against for months. And together we just scored a major victory against it! Pharma giant Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD) cut all ties with the most notorious blood farms we know about!

Now we need to stop the next big player — IDT Biologika — from stepping in and taking over the business MSD has left behind.

Can you help?


Click here to sign the petition.


Thanks for all you do,

Wiebke and the SumOfUs team


More information


UK: New Chance For Circus Animal Ban – But Your Help Required Re Public Consultation.








England: Tesco Dont Seem To Get The Message About Closing Hogwood – So Now They Will Face National Actions – Order Your Campaign Pack Before 8/8/17.



Our previous post on this campaign:



Hogwood Farm Update
Join the Viva! nationwide Day of Action!



Dear Mark

Tesco have so far refused to drop Hogwood Farm as a supplier, and this needs to change!

On Saturday 12th August, Viva! is holding a nationwide Day of Action. It is set to be our BIGGEST yet!

Viva! Campaigns aired undercover footage in the Mirror revealing shocking scenes of cruelty at Hogwood Farm, which supplies Tesco supermarkets.

Tesco claims to take “animal welfare extremely seriously”, but Hogwood was given their seal of approval – showing that supermarket welfare assurances are meaningless!

Our petition to close the farm down is helping us show Tesco that this treatment of animals is unacceptable. With over 31,000 signatures so far, we’ve made great progress. Thank you to everyone who has signed it!

Join us in telling Tesco to dump Hogwood as a supplier by ordering your FREE leaflets or demo pack today.


Order before 8th August to recieve your packs in time!


Our leaflets educate people about the UK’s failure to protect farmed animals and offers people the chance to avoid taking part in this cruelty – by trying vegan.


Please share this email with your friends and help us make this our biggest ever Day of Action!