The truth is that it’s NOT OK!


To begin to understand why it is immoral to exploit animals, it’s important to look at the euphemisms we use whenever anything negative happens to someone.

“He was like a lamb to the slaughter.”

“They were treated like farmed animals.”

“We were stared at like animals in a zoo.”

“They milked me for all I was worth.”

Why do we use these expressions for anything negative at all if what we do to animals is OK?

The truth is that it’s NOT OK. If it’s wrong to commodify humans in such a way, then so too is it wrong to commodify non-humans in such a way.

We are not so special and other animals so worthless that it is wrong for these things to be done to us but morally acceptable for us to do these things to them.

Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

Best regards to all, Venus


Circus Roncalli: 360° Holografie instead of animal cruelty


Come in, walk in – come and marvel!


On the stage of the Circus Roncalli elephants with long tusks rise again on a pedestal and bow.
But after the show, the animals do not have to be in a tight cage and across the highway to the next town.

Because: they are not real, but created holographically. For its new, animal-free concept, the circus of animal welfare organizations such as Peta is classified as “exemplary”.

Roncalli has banished wildlife from his program since 1991, and last year circus director Bernhard Paul said goodbye to the last animal actors – the horses. At least from the real ones: instead, horses made of stardust run through the ring as holograms; more than a million gold particles are animated according to Roncalli press spokesman Markus Strobl.


The times have changed. Many of these circuses have long since canceled their sails, and the whole “circus” concept has also seemed a little out of time. Those who still travel the country with their programs face a sharp headwind. This often has to do exactly with the circus animals, because PETA and other organizations, but also more and more individuals refuse the conditions under which the animals have to live.

The circus director from Roncalli Bernhard Paul is aware that this innovation has also “hit the nerve of the times”. But that was not the reason for it: “That was a lonely decision of mine, in which many have said: ‘But this will be difficult without animals`.

“It was not. It was right. We notice what’s going on in other circuses that work with animals. ”


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And I say…Thank you, Roncalli!
Now I can go to the circus again.
No animals are abused and “broken” for the amusement of stupid circus visitors.
I hope that other circuses will take Roncalli as a role model and make the same decision.

My best regards, Venus


Canada: stopps the captivity of whales and dolphins!

It is a great success for marine mammals suffering from marine zoos: Canada has banned the confinement and breeding of orcas, whales and dolphins in captivity.

For the first time in history, the Canadian parliament voted in favor of an animal welfare law.


Zoos and aquariums that violate the ban must expect a fine of up to $ 200,000.

Independent Senator and former Judge Murray Sinclair, who led the bill through Parliament, comments on the ban as follows:

“This bill is simple and clear. It is based on the assumption that it is very cruel animal cruelty to keep these beautiful animals in just those enclosures in which they were previously held”.


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And I mean...It is important to pass on such information. Many people still ignore the conditions in which animals live in water parks.
They think that dolphins and whales naturally cooperate with the stupid acrobatic number and that they do it because they just are more intelligent than other mammals!!

They are forced to perform meaningless tricks and have to play the ever-smiling clowns  for stupid visitors. They are often separated from family members because they are traded between zoos and carried around.

Today we know that …

Orcas and dolphins live in large, complex, social groups and they can swim in freedom up to 100 km and dive several hundred meters in the open ocean every day. In captivity, these animals can only swim in endless circles in bare, narrow concrete basins and are denied the opportunity to live almost any natural behavior.

They are held in narrow, flat and monotonous pools where they can only stereotypically make their rounds . In addition, the artificially treated water leads to skin rashes and eye inflammation.

A single dolphin can bring up to one million dollars a year to its owner – which is quite realistic, if hundreds of brainless visitors are routed through the swimming programs every day and paid between 100 and 200 dollars per capita.


The marketing of dolphins as clowns, petting animals and acrobats generates billions in sales worldwide each year.

My best regards, Venus


Hunting stand destroyed in upstate New York!



Jun 09, 2019

Received anonymously:

A hunting tower was downed on the night of 06/01 in upstate NY.

We hate this speciesist civilization and want to see the end of the murder and oppression of wildlife.

We also want to see the end of the murder and oppression of wildlife , and we fight for this.

Best regards, Venus


Most meat in 2040 will NOT come from dead animals.

Most meat in 2040 will NOT come from dead animals.


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Veganism and plant based diets – the concerns for the environment and animal welfare.

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Japan: Petition – Make Coal Fired Power an Issue when Japan Hosts the G20 Very soon.

Japan: Petition – Make Coal Fired Power an Issue when Japan Hosts the G20 Very soon.

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Next week (17 – 23/6/19) is World Meat Free Week, so what better time to celebrate all the benefits of being plant-based?

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Next week (17 – 23/6/19) is World Meat Free Week, so what better time to celebrate all the benefits of being plant-based?

Check out loads of links and superb recipes for your meat free week at:


Help Animals – go plant based !


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