The Pharma mafia: a dangerous network!


Do you have time and like reading thrillers? We have one and it is even real!

The Pharma mafia!


We are on the trail of a new drug scandal, but it will come tomorrow, so long as you read this thriller.

And you should not be surprised that many websites that specialize in natural remedies, are no longer displayed by Google.

You know the mafia, organized crime accounts for about $ 2 trillion a year. Almost as much do the pharmaceutical companies. The 30 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world alone make a turnover of 600 billion dollars.

As the “Godfather” Don Vito Corleone said: “I make him an offer that he can not refuse.” The best thing that could happen to the big phamaceutical companies is the collaboration with the WHO: a dangerous network!


Now you should also know that the WHO is privately sponsored. That means: one buys the shares of the largest pharmaceutical companies and then the WHO recommends exactly the drugs and so the shares rise. So these companies make billions of euros profit and profit again the sponsors.

You still think it’s about your health? No, it’s about your illnesses and you can not get well either.

Until the 1970s, the pharmaceutical industry made drugs to cure diseases. Since then, she has been suspected – at least in part – that she is also creating illnesses to sell medicines.

The pharmaceutical industry should give us a healthy life. But the pharmaceutical industry is even supposed to kill more people than the mafia.

Each tablet is less about health than business.


A proven cancer drug is re-launched under its new name as a remedy for multiple sclerosis – for forty times the price! Here is tricked to the detriment of all patients!

The Brussels-based EFPIA represents the pharmaceutical companies in the EU.
The EFPIA is the representative body of the European pharmaceutical industry. With direct membership of 33 national associations and 39 leading pharmaceutical companies, EFPIA represents 1,900 companies dedicated to the research and development of new medicines.

Together with three other organizations, EFPIA has founded the European Stakeholder Model (ESM) Partners Group, which represents a total of 2,800 European pharmaceutical companies. – That means – all under one roof a huge lobby octopus.

There can be no talk of trust here!


“It’s not personal, it’s all about business.” Don Vito Corleone in “The Godfather”


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My comment: In 2017, even the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the alarm: worldwide, ten percent of drugs are counterfeits with too little active ingredient or toxic contaminants.

Today, only about 20 percent of people have confidence in the pharmaceutical industry.

But it is not just the counterfeit drugs that swim undetected in international wholesaling that are the problem: Practically for all major international pharmaceutical monopolies, one can prove that they have falsified studies, obscured side effects, have freely invented new “diseases” and applications. With a view: that’s how the market prices push up.

90 percent of research funding is concentrated in only 10 percent of the world’s diseases, because only these “profitable markets” exist.

Millions of people are dying from malaria, tuberculosis or sleeping sickness.

Today, 90 percent of world pharmaceutical production is concentrated in the newly imperialist countries of India and China. With the result that there were also large pharmaceutical companies. In the meantime, they are pushing themselves for a global market position and are investing globally in pharmaceutical and agribusiness companies.

But 65 percent of Indians have no access to essential medicines.

The powerful cartel of the pharmaceutical industry has drug production in its claws.

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Japan is about to resume catching whales for profit.

whale 4

Japan is about to resume catching whales for profit.


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USA: Let McDonalds know that animal abuse is bad business.

USA: Let McDonalds know that animal abuse is bad business.


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The money machine: wildlife photos in Instagram


The reporter Natasha Daly traveled around the world to unveil the unworthy living conditions of captive wildlife in tourist areas.

A pure product of the tourism or are perhaps also social media to blame?



The adventures of Instagram celebrity and photographer Jay Alvarrez are followed by 6.5 million people. Stressed relaxed, as if his photo accessory is just a cute puppy, he posts a picture with a lion cub in his lap. Within hours he reaps over half a million likes and thousands of admiring comments in return.

The majority of his followers envy him for this special experience.


Instagram: Jay Alvarrez


What many of his fans do not want to know or admit, of course Alvarrez did not find the lion child in the wilderness. For this photo, he paid a lot of money to a company that has snatched the baby from his mother and henceforth exploits for tourist selfies. These animals are like the invisible slaves of the tourism industry.

The reporter Natasha Daly traveled the world for a year and a half for the well-known magazine NatGeo, to draw attention to the unworthy housing conditions of caged wildlife. What she found out touched hundreds of thousands in a big report.

Long before the advent of social networks, pet owners made good money through tourist animal shows – under extremely poor housing conditions.

At the end of 2017, the platform finally worked against it.
As soon as the user wants to call one of the hashtags, this warning will stop them. For example, animal welfare organizations like World Wildlife Fund and World Animal Protection and National Geographic worked with Instagram for months on a long list of hashtags – such as #tigerselfie, #elephantride, #selfiesafari – which are now closed.



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My comment: Certainly the warning Instagrams will sensitize some people to the conservation of species and nature.

However, it can not be expected to reach those who know exactly what they are doing.


And first and foremost they are the mindless ignorant, the indifferent travelers who are driven by their hysterical addiction to exoticism and adventure, and therefore would even ride on animal corpses.

Most people know what’s behind it.
But as with the suffering and torture of the farm animals, they are interested in a shit about it.

The hope of restricting trafficking on the endangered species platform is also low, as it is mostly unscrupulous businessmen who then seek other ways.

But still: we see this as a good and, above all, important step in the right direction.

My best regards to all, Venus


We live in a world of abundance


Overproduction is neither responsible use of food nor is it environmentally conscious!

About a third of all food produced worldwide is not consumed, but thrown away! And it does not just affect fruits and vegetables, but also meat!


It is well known that meat production has a huge impact on the environment and that high meat consumption can have harmful effects on human health.
State economic aid not only rewards the increase in meat production, but produces more than consumers buy.


Meat is thrown away before it even reaches the supermarket shelves! Food waste occurs throughout the entire production chain – and although it is known, production continues to be subsidized and food waste increases!


It is shameful that supermarket chains only want to reduce their food waste by 2030!
Why not stop this overproduction immediately? You should just delete the subsidies!

For example, Europe imports cheap fruits and vegetables, but also meat from other countries where it is produced cheaply, processes it and then exports it to distant countries at low prices and destroys the market there! Is not it sick?


For years containers with tangerines or tomatoes from China have been coming to Europe, landing in Dossen and being exported to Australia, for example!

We live in a world of abundance – with terrible consequences!

And I mean:  Nature dies of the criminal behavior of a species, the human species.

And every day, the population clock is ticking faster than the global collapse … today 200,000 more people, tomorrow 200,000 more people, the day after tomorrow 200,000 more people, the day after tomorrow … Until the last final chord!

The unrestrained growth of humanity is the root cause that permanently destroys the future of human being, animal being and nature.

My best regards to all, Venus


Who takes our garbage?


The world garbage dump closes!


Indonesia also sends plastic garbage back to its countries of origin after Malaysia and the Philippines.

More and more Asian countries do not want to be a garbage dump for the world.


Europe has been dumping its waste in China for decades – without many citizens in Germany knowing about it.

Now China has shut down. On January 1, 2018, China presented the world with a 111 million-ton trash problem!!!

To date, 56 percent of all plastic waste worldwide and 87 percent of all plastic waste from EU Member States have been exported to China. Germany has sent around 760,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually to China, as magazine “Die Zeit” reports.

After on January 1, 2018, China presented the world with a 111 million-ton trash problem and India followed the example of China, Europe and the US must seek new countries for their plastic waste. But already Malaysia and the Philippines have returned the containers containing the controversial plastic waste to their countries of origin.

Because, as was increasingly stated, the containers were marked incorrectly.

Allegedly, the containers should contain waste paper, and when the authorities checked the contents, it was dirty plastic waste including diapers.

“We do not want to become a garbage dump for the world,” is the answer to the Western world.

The western countries remain sitting on their (shit) trash!!


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My comment: As before, we deal with the nature criminal. Not only with our soil but also with our seas.

The summer is here and many people are fleeing to the beach! But why do not people take their waste back? Please share so that everyone knows that the BEACH is not a garbage dump!
“Heat … hurray … let’s have a beach party!” But please leave the location without leaving any trash.

The summer is here and many people are fleeing to the beach! But why do not people take their waste back? Please share so that everyone knows that the BEACH is not a garbage dump!
“Heat … hurray … let’s have a beach party!” But please leave the location without leaving any trash.

Not only tourism on the coasts is booming, but also rubbish on the beach! All over the world, people just leave the trash. And not only on the beach. Especially on the highways: windows open, garbage out!

Everyone has to shoulder a bit of responsibility and not leave the fate of our planet to corrupt governments and criminal multi-corporations.


My best regards to all, Venus


France: no animal transport during the heat!

France bans all animal transport until the end of the heat wave!


Because of the ongoing heat, animal transport in France has been banned for the time being. “Yesterday (Wednesday) I ordered to ban the transport of animals because we can not leave the animals in trucks and trains,” said Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume the station BFM TV. He had therefore prohibited animal transports for a few days.

One will see in the coming week, if the heat decreases.

This is a perfectly understandable and empathic decision of France!


Viva la France! ❤🐄🐖🐓

Even France is groaning since the beginning of the week under a heatwave.

According to the Météo France meteorological service, the heat is exceptional – firstly because of its early beginning in the month of June, secondly because of the pronounced intensity during the day and at night. Regional meteorologists expect more than 40 degrees. It is hot especially in the southeast of the country.

And in the rest of Europe?

The madness with the animal transport under this extreme heat continues. In Germany, for example. The German government has neither the courage nor empathy to put the welfare and life of transport animals over the economic interests of the animal exploiters!

And the animals are transported in glowing coffins at 40 degrees.

With the blessing of our Minister of Agriculture, Julia Klöckner!
Our Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner has no interest in animals at all. She is a friend of the slaughterhouses, a friend of the hunt and represents only the interests of the farmer and the meat mafia. And especially immune to hatred and rejection of millions citizens of her country.

My best regards to all, Venus