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This dynamic group is designed for people concerned and involved in promoting animal welfare legislation regardless of geographical borders, culture, race, religion or socioeconomic boundaries. http://legalaction4animalright

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Paola says: The Spanish State Broadcaster TVE has confirmed that it will no longer emit Spain’s ‘National Fiesta’, the bullfight. A statement to Congress from the President of the company, Luis Fernández, said that… more»
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Paola says:   Plovdiv is Bulgaria’s second largest city, located in the central southern part of the country. With eight thousand years of history, it is among the oldest cities in Europe. Plovdiv is regarded to be the cultural… more»
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Last reply by Dusty : we must belong to the same animal sites as I received this in my email and posted too!  LOL  Good news for Poppy… more»
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World Rabies Day – Survey – Duration 20 Minutes

Dear World Rabies Day Participant:

Please help us evaluate the 2008 World Rabies Day campaign. Your responses will assist us in improving the campaign and our global outreach efforts in the future.

All personal information will be kept confidential and the analysis of this data will not include contact information. This survey should take approximately 20 minutes.


Please use the following link to proceed to the survey:

Thank You!

The World Rabies Day Team




Estimado participante del Día Mundial de la Rabia

Atentamente le solicitamos nos ayude a evaluar la campaña 2008 del Día Mundial de la Rabia. Sus respuestas nos ayudarán a mejorar la campaña y nuestros esfuerzos mundiales de extensión para el futuro.


Toda la información personal será mantenida confidencialmente y en el análisis de los datos no se incluirá información para contactos. Este cuestionario deberá tomar aproximadamente unos 20 minutos.


Por favor, utilice el siguiente enlace para proceder a la encuesta:

¡Muchas gracias!


El equipo del Día Mundial de la Rabia




Cher participant à la Journée mondiale de la rage:

SVP aidez-nous à évaluer la campagne pour la Journée mondiale de la rage 2008. Vos réponses nous aideront à améliorer la campagne et notre futur effort de sensibilisation mondiale.

Toute information personnelle sera traitée de manière confidentielle et l’analyse de ces informations ne contiendra aucune coordonnée de contact. Ce questionnaire prendra environ 20 minutes.


Veuillez utilisez le lien suivant pour procéder à l’enquête:



L’équipe de la Journée mondiale de la rage




Prezado participante do Dia Mundial da Raiva:


Agradeceremos nos ajude a avaliar a campanha para o Dia Mundial da Raiva 2008, suas respostas nos ajudarão a melhorar a campanha e os esforços para atingir difusão global.


Toda a informação pessoal será mantida confidencialmente e a análise dos dados não excluirá informações para contatos. Este questionário toma aproximadamente 20 minutos.


Por favor, utilize o seguinte link para proceder ao inquérito:




A Equipe do Dia Mundial da Raiva



Thank You!, Gracias!, Merci!, Obrigado!





Protest against the massacre of stray animals in Bulgaria

Two Bulgarian citizens witnessed a cruel massacre of animals at the Plovdiv animal camp (isolator) in Bulgaria on February 8, 2008: Two animal keepers slayed 14 stray dogs with iron bars.

Article 6 and article 7 of the Bulgarian animal protection act prohibit “the infliction of pain and every act or omission of an act, that causes permanent or repeated suffering for the animal”.

Call on Attorney General Boris Velchev, the Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Plugtschieva and Plovdiv’s Mayor Slavcho Atanossov for a humane treatment of the stray animals in Bulgaria!

To read and sign the full petition, please go to:

Uk: Dogs Can Read Emotion in Human Faces


Research findings suggest that, like an understanding best friend, they can see at a glance if we are happy, sad, pleased or angry.

When humans look at a new face their eyes tend to wander left, falling on the right hand side of the person’s face first.

This “left gaze bias” only occurs when we encounter faces and does not apply any other time, such as when inspecting animals or inanimate objects.

A possible reason for the tendency is that the right side of the human face is better at expressing emotional state.

Researchers at the University of Lincoln have now shown that pet dogs also exhibit “left gaze bias”, but only when looking at human faces. No other animal has been known to display this behaviour before.

A team led by Dr Kun Guo showed 17 dogs images of human, dog and monkey faces as well as inanimate objects.

Film of the dogs’ eye and head movement revealed a strong left gaze bias when the animals were presented with human faces. But this did not occur when they were shown other images, including those of dogs.

“Guo suggests that over thousands of generations of association with humans, dogs may have evolved the left gaze bias as a way to gauge our emotions,” New Scientist magazine reported.

“Recent studies show that the right side of our faces can express emotions more accurately and more intensely than the left, including anger. If true, then it makes sense for dogs – and humans – to inspect the right hand side of a face first.”

Surprisingly, when the dogs in the study were shown an upside-down human face, they still looked left. In contrast, humans lose their left gaze bias altogether when shown an inverted face.

This may be because the right side of a dog’s brain, which processes information from the left visual field, is better adapted to interpreting human facial emotion than the left side, the scientists believe.





USA: Mr. Barack Obama Supports Animal Welfare

Barack Obama & Animal Welfare

Posted by: “Rita Fazio”

http://www.catanna. com/obama- animal-welfare. htm

Barack Obama – Animal Welfare Advocate

While speaking in Henderson, Nevada, Democrat Barack Obama says he won’t just be a president for the American people, but the animals too. “What about animal rights?” a woman shouted out during the candidate’s town hall meeting outside Las Vegas after he discussed issues that relate more to humans, like war, health care and the economy. Obama responded that he cares about animal rights very much, “not only because I have a 9-year-old and 6-year-old who want a dog.” He said he sponsored a bill to prevent horse slaughter in the Illinois state Senate and has been repeatedly endorsed by the Humane Society. “I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other,” he said. “And it’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals.” as reported by Associated Press Indeed, Senator Barack Obama pledges support for nearly every animal protection bill currently pending in Congress, and he says he will work with executive agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture to make their policies more humane. He has written and spoken of the important role animals play in our lives, as companions in our homes, as wildlife in their own environments, and as service animals working with law enforcement and assisting persons with disabilities.

Obama also comments on the broader links between animal cruelty and violence in society:

“I’ve repeatedly voted to increase penalties for animal cruelty and violence and, importantly, to require psychological counseling for those who engage in this behavior as part of the punishment. In addition to being unacceptable in its own stead, violence towards animals is linked with violent behavior in general, especially domestic violence, and we need to acknowledge this connection and work to treat it. Strong penalties are important and I support them, but we know that incarceration alone can’t solve all our problems. As president, I’d continue to make sure that we treat animal cruelty like the serious crime it is and address its connection to broader patterns of violence.” During Barack Obama’s eight years as an Illinois state senator he voted in favor of at least twelve animal protection laws. These included state legislation

a.. to allow creation of pet trusts to provide for long-term care of companion animals,
b.. to upgrade penalties for cruelty to animals,
c.. to require psychological counseling for people who abuse animals,
d.. to require veterinarians to report suspected acts of cruelty and animal fighting,
e.. to ban slaughter of horses for human consumption- significant because Illinois was one of only two states (with Texas) where horse slaughter plants operated,
f.. to create additional restrictions to make it more difficult for puppy mills to operate.
g.. He voted to end the federal funding of horse slaughter in 2005, and
h.. he is currently a co-sponsor of new legislation to stop horse slaughter and the export of horses for human consumption.
i.. He co-sponsored legislation to upgrade the federal penalties for dogfighting and cockfighting, and
j.. he is a co-sponsor of new legislation to ban the possession of fighting dogs and being a spectator at a dogfight.
k.. He signed a letter requesting increased funds for the enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act, Humane Methods of Slaughter Act, and the federal animal fighting law, and
l.. he also sent a letter to the National Zoo expressing his concern for the care of Toni the elephant.
m.. He has joined the fight against puppy mills, and appears in A Rare Breed of Love: The True Story of Baby and the Mission She Inspired to Help Dogs Everywhere ,a new book by Jana Kohl about her rescued dog, Baby, who survived a decade in a puppy mill.

And Obama has said that “as a condition for letting me run for President, my daughters Malia and Sasha extracted a promise from Michelle and I that they could get a dog after the election, win or lose. So they’re heavily invested in this campaign, if only for it to be over so we can get our dog.” Humane Society Endorses Barack Obama Sept 22, 2008 ~ “While we’ve endorsed hundreds of congressional candidates for election, both Democrats and Republicans, we’ve never before endorsed a presidential candidate. We have members on the left, in the center, and on the right, and we knew it could be controversial to choose either party’s candidate for the top office in the nation. But in an era of sweeping presidential power, we must weigh in on this most important political race in the country. Standing on the sidelines is no longer an option for us. I’m proud to announce today that the HSLF board of directors — which is comprised of both Democrats and Republicans — has voted unanimously to endorse Barack Obama for President. The Obama-Biden ticket is the better choice on animal protection, and we urge all voters who care about the humane treatment of animals, no matter what their party affiliation, to vote for them.” ~ Mike Markarian, President , Humane Society Legislative Fund






Serbia: Can You Help Find Homes for Bonbon and Miona – Two Beautiful Little Dogs

Please see the following link to view ‘Sirkan’ that Jelena has ready for new home in Austria:-

Can you help Jelena find homes for either of the two little little doggies:  BONBON and MIONA.

This is ‘Bonbon’

 and this is ‘Miona’ waiting patiently for a new owner.

Both of them are able to go to Austria if the right, caring home can be found.

Full contact details for jelena, if you can help or donate, can be found at:
Thank you


Serbia: Please Help Jelena Get Serbian Shelter Dogs to New Homes in Austria

‘Sirkan’ Waiting for financial support to get him to his new home.

Everything is now basically ready – Jelena just needs financial help – SAV.

Jelena says:  



As you probably know, we have been sending dogs to Austria to their new
homes that Animal Care Austria is finding.

For one dog to be sent it costs 100 euros for papers / blood test on rabies
and certificate and 50 euros for transport.

We have found someone who wants to take dogs with a van, so every second
Wednesday we can send dogs if we had money to pay the necessary expenses.


Please give anything you possibly can to help us send dogs to loving homes in Austria.


‘Sirkan’ is one such dog, who can be seen on the photograph.

Thank You

Yours sincerely





For Jelena’s shelter information, please access the following SAV links:



and then please GIVE A DONATION  !!


Information about donating can be found at the bottom of the following link:




Thank You – SAV and ‘Sirkan’.