Japan: UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that Japan must temporarily halt its whaling programme in the Antarctic.


The UN’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled that Japan must temporarily halt its whaling programme in the Antarctic.

It agreed with Australia, which brought the case in May 2010, that the programme was not for scientific research as claimed by Tokyo.





More on this story to come in the next few days – for now we concentrate on Serbian issues.




Serbia: Subotica City Mayor Makes Attempts To Close Azil Alex Shelter And Move Dogs To City Death Camp – Sorry, We Mean ‘City Shelter’.

Serbian  Flag

The Mayor of Subotica City has plan to close AZIL ALEX shelter by carrying the dogs from the shelter into what is wrongly called the city ‘shelter’. Providing haven and shelter it does not do !
The city shelter only has places for 234 dogs. There are currently approximately 180 dogs already at the city shelter which have been caught and taken there by the Shinters.
There are also 600 dogs at shelter Azil Alex.
180 ‘shelter’ dogs + 600 from Alex shelter = 780 dogs total.
780 dogs total – 180 already at city ‘shelter’ = Additional 600 dogs.
600 extra dogs from Azil Alex does not fit into 234 places at the shelter, especially when there are already 180 dogs there !!!
We are working along with many others who have informed us that the Mayor is doing this with the hope that many of the dogs when placed into the city shelter will simply kill each other – such is the city ‘shelter’ – not exactly providing much in the way of ‘shelter’ for anything.
If dogs kill each other, then more spaces become available; these are filled with more dogs, which fight and kill each other; the death cycle continues !
We suggest to the Mayor maybe he should change the name of the facility to ‘Subotica City Animal Death Camp’, which we consider is a much more descriptive statement for what actually happens there.



Update 2/4/14:

Please find below a short sample letter which you can copy and send to the authorities at Subotica; including others.
E mail addresses to copy and send your sample letter to are:
mayor@subotica.rs;    gunacelnik@subotica.rs,    gukomunalno@subotica.rs,    vetinsp@eunet.rs,      vetuprava@minpolj.gov.rs



Dear Sir and authorities of Subotica city;
I have recently heard that you have intentions to remove all the dogs from shelter Azil Alex and to put them into the Subotica city shelter.  I also feel that calling the facility in Subotica city a ‘shelter’ is actually the direct opposite of its existence – the facility provides no shelter for animals, who are instead provided with little acre, attention and food, very much unlike the situation at Azil Alex.

I also understand that the city facility only has places for 234 dogs; and that at present there are approximately 180 kept there. If all the 600 dogs from shelter Azil Alex are also located there, then the establishment cannot cope.  I also am informed that your policy, which is against the existing Serbian animal welfare laws, is that dogs can be located into the city shelter where they can battle against each other to survive. You are working on the policy that many dogs will fight and that many will kill each other. This is not acceptable to a nation such as yours which is seeking EU membership.

Putting animals into a facility to fight with and kill each other is not a quick fix or a long term solution to the issue of stray dogs in Serbia.   Proper public education, combined with sterilisation of owned and stray animals is the only way forward to reducing animal populations.

I understand from friends in Subotica that every year some 800+ dogs are put onto the streets by irresponsible owners. Owners who do not have their animals sterilised, but which then mate with un-sterilised strays to yet further increase the stray animal population. This is the area which you need to address, both in terms of public education for owned dogs and also the undertaking of sterilisation of stray animals. You are wasting fnds and taxes by not undertaking sensible approaches to future management of strays.

Irresponsible pet owners must be educated to have their animals sterilised, with cty subsidies to help them if necessary.

Subotica city must undertake a lawful programme of owned pet control; as well as a strategy / programme of control to sterilise stray animals also, just as the law demands.  The national law also states that you have a duty to take care of all the animals which are collected from the streets and taken to such facilities as the Subotica city ‘shelter’. Your duties include adhering to the national laws on animal management and control, policies which do NOT allow the killing of animals.

You need to change your management attitude and policy towards reducing stray animal numbers long term; rather than just allowing animals to kill each other in the city pound. The most important here is public education – ensuring that owned pets are sterilised by their owners instead of remaining un- sterilised and being thrown out onto the streets each day.


This approach is not rocket science !!
As you are currently being non compliant with Serbian national laws on animal welfare, protection and care, I feel it is now necessary, and my responsibility; to inform the EU enlargement Commission of your negative attitude towards animal welfare and protection. This will not help Serbian accession into the EU. I will also be informing the EU animal welfare Intergroup of my concerns with regard your attitude.


Keep the dogs at shelter Azil Alex and work towards adopting a stray animal control programme which the city of Subotica can be proud of. Until you do, you will forever have numbers of stray animals which are beyond our control.


Please move into the 21st Century and work on a good, decent stray animal management plan whish is required under existing Serbian laws.

Thank you




In Serbian:
Tipicno , specificno za Suboticu je da neodgovorni gradjani izbacuju svake godine novih 800 neobelezenih pasa/macaka godisnje, svake godine i na taj nacin:
– znajuci da postoji neodgovorno vlasnistvo pasa/macaka, i da Vi niste nista ucinili na eliminaciji neodgovornog vlasnistva;
-znajuci piramidu reprodukcije pasa i macaka,

Vi nikada necete moci resiti problem na zakonit nacin dok najpre ne ucinite sledece:
1.Vi, Grad , morate napraviti zakonit Program kontrole neodgovornih vlasnika koji se zove:Program kontrole i smanjenja populacije napustenih pasa i macaka i tako zaustaviti dotok novih pasa/macaka;
2.Vi , Grad , morate zbrinuti sve suboticke pse i macke koji su zateceni na ulicama , oni su vlasnistvo neodgovornih gradjana Subotice, nisu nicije privatno vlasnistvo, i na njih i vas se odnosi zakonska regulativa.


Denmark: (April 1/ 2014) – After Baby Giraffe and Four Lions Murdered; Copenhagen Zoo Kills Four Healthy Staff Members To ‘Make Space’ for New Employees.


copenhagen zoo

Copenhagen Zoo Kills Four Healthy Staff Members To Make Space for New Employees – April 1st 2014.


COPENHAGEN (The Global Edition) – The Copenhagen Zoo has killed several of its staff members early this morning in order to create four new job openings, the Zoo public relations sector reported.
Officials of the Zoo say that the four members of the staff were humanely executed after being put to sleep with a lethal injection, and then skinned and chopped up while visitors crowded around and the meat was fed to the lion population.
“Based on the recommendation of the European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology (EAWOP), we have decided to make space for new work positions, because the Zoo needs new workers, and we found that killing old staff members was the cheapest and the most efficient way to do it,” said Zoo spokesman Tobias Stenbaek Bro “Four of the oldest staff members, among them one female, were put to sleep with a lethal injection and then fed to the giraffes.

However, the giraffes didn’t show interest in their meat, so they were fed to the lions,” explained the Zoo spokesman.
“Being that the oldest staff members could no longer keep track with the new Zoo technologies, and could not manage themselves in the fast and ever-changing job environment, we feel that the criticism coming from some of their family members is completely unfounded,” the Zoo spokesman was quoted as saying.
“Zoos do not own the staff, but they are in charge of their employment, and in that regard have the full right to do with them whatever is considered necessary when they are on the Zoo territory”, said Tobias Stenbeak Bro. “It was the only humane way to dispose of them, you know. We couldn’t just leave them without jobs in this economy, as some heartless observers suggested”.
The Zoo spokesman concluded that “considering that the Zoo animals were fed with the meat of the former employees, the food chain was virtually completed, which is totally in respect of the law of nature”.

April 1st 2014


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UK (England): Pack Your Bags and Move On Now Paterson – You Are The Biggest Waste Of Public Money. Come Clean, You Were Wrong; Stop All Future Culls !



No decision on badger cull in Somerset and Gloucestershire or extension to Dorset

By Western Daily Press | Posted: March 28, 2014
By Graeme Demianyk

O Pat

Above – Owen Paterson – Conservative Government Minister – Undecided As Always !

Owen Paterson told MPs yesterday that no decision had been made on the resumption of badger culling in Gloucestershire and Somerset or its extension to Dorset

The Government’s badger cull strategy hangs in the balance today after ministers side-stepped the chance to announce whether the policy to tackle tuberculosis in cattle in the South West was to be expanded.

Expectation was mounting that Environment Secretary Owen Paterson would yesterday reveal whether other areas would join badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire. But Mr Paterson told the House of Commons he was still considering an independent report on the two pilot projects to determine whether to go ahead with more. The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs received the Independent Expert Panel report more than two weeks ago. It has examined whether it was safe, humane and effective for free-running badgers to be shot by trained marksmen during the pilots – though has no remit for the extensions.

It is understood that if more culls are sanctioned, the roll-out will be limited to just one next year out of a maximum of ten, with Dorset considered the most likely candidate.

But the coalition Government may decide not to extend the policy at all, and even halt the Somerset and Gloucestershire culls that were expected to continue for another three years, amid growing backbench disquiet.

Any decision will have to be endorsed by David Cameron and Nick Clegg, underlining that either coalition partner could halt the plan.

Bovine TB, which can be spread by badgers, has blighted West Country herds for more than a decade.

A Liberal Democrat source revealed that senior figures in the party had received the IEP analysis only this week, and they were yet to take a position on whether the policy should continue.

The source said: “We know there are powerful reasons why there needs to be an effective policy to tackle the disease, but there has to be the evidence to back it up. We are studying the report and while we recognise a decision needs to be made soon we have to give it careful consideration.”

Cornwall’s St Ives MP Andrew George has led the Lib Dem opposition to culling and is pioneering a badger vaccination project in West Cornwall as a ready-made alternative.
“I fear that the Tory side of the coalition Government wants to place political dogma and gesture politics above evidence-based policy making,” he said.

During the monthly Defra Questions session in the Commons yesterday, Mr Paterson was asked by Labour MP Angela Smith whether he would “reconsider the policy and to abandon absolutely any plans for rolling out culling later in the year”.

Mr Paterson responded: “I received the panel’s report only recently. I am considering it, and I will come back to the House in due course, when it has been fully considered.”

Conservatives on the backbenches, who have been the most supportive of the plan, are also showing doubts about the plan.

Stephen Metcalfe, Tory MP for South Basildon and East Thurrock, asked if Mr Paterson would “agree to look at all other options, and accept that if one course of action fails, it is time to look for another”.

Read more: http://www.westerndailypress.co.uk/Government-holds-badger-cull/story-20876014-detail/story.html#ixzz2xO9kWD4O

badgers north west hunt sabs

Brian May Badgers

Above – Dr. Brian May – Founder: ‘Save Me’



Below – A Wonderful poem Richard that says it all, read beautifully by Virginia – Founder: Born Free Foundation.



save me header

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cameron hitler



UK: Secret Slaughterers: British army tests new weapons on live pigs

U Flag

UK secret slaughterers: British army tests new weapons on live pigs
Army has blown up live pigs for research into battlefield injuries, despite most of NATO allies banning similar cruelty, Freedom of Information requests have revealed.

In three years, 115 were killed at the Ministry of Defence’s secret Porton Down base in Wiltshire to test whether the animals could be saved after suffering blast wounds, Freedom of Information requests show. Some of the pigs were even put in body armour before being mutilated with explosives.

Mimi Bekhechi, director of animal welfare group PETA UK, said: “The UK military’s involvement in the cruel and archaic exercises is impossible to justify medically, ethically or educationally.

“It’s time for the military to end its participation in these inhumane and ill-conceived exercises for the sake of both our fighting forces and animals.
NATO pledged to stop the practice which would be illegal in the UK.
British MoD killed 28,000 animals in the last three years for a number of reasons, including to test poisons. A Mirror investigation can reveal 21 pigs were blown up in 2010, 37 in 2011 and 57 were killed during 2012.

Pig flesh is genetically close to humans and there have been numerous attempts at organ transplants and blood transfusions between species.

An MoD spokesman said: “The research we undertake saves lives by helping us develop world class protective equipment and new medical treatments that benefit both troops and civilians.

“Advances in technology mean we’re reducing the number of procedures carried out on pigs but there is some research, such as countering the threat posed by chemical and biological weapons that can’t be conducted without use of animals.”

It said the pigs were anaesthetised when they were subject to explosions and then “humanely culled”.

Voice of Russia, Independent, Dailyrecord.co.uk

Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/news/2014_03_28/UK-secret-slaughterers-British-army-tests-new-weapons-on-live-pigs-5457/



SAV Comment

With British forces having been in battle in 2 Gulf Wars, and more recently fighting in Afghanistan for several years, with many soldiers returning home after having been maimed by IED’s etc, should we not come to the conclusion that military medics must be pretty specialised in their medical techniques now re the saving of human lives associated with blast wounds ?

Why do they have to keep on doing this ? – and have they not learned enough from battle injuries suffered in 3 wars over the last two decades ?

An MoD spokesman said: “The research we undertake saves lives by helping us develop world class protective equipment and new medical treatments that benefit both troops and civilians.

So 3 wars on and we still have to blow up animals in order to be good at saving human lives in battles – the statement does not really work in 2014, does it – !!

Certainly one massive shame on the good general name of the UK and animal welfare !!!











England / Serbia – Two Great Videos To Watch and Enjoy – Joanne Can Now Hear the Music From Mike – BIG Result !!

EnglandSerbian  FlagNot a thing that we usually cover, but you have to see – it is such a tear-jerker that we have been watching it time and time again here in UK.
An English girl (Joanne) aged 40, who has been deaf for her entire life, was fitted with implants into her ears in Birmingham England and this video captures the moment they are switched on and she can hear for the first time in her life.
Has been covered on UK tv news all day – you have to see it

Joanne said one of the first things she did was to get down to the sea and hear the waves crashing up onto the beach. Then she went home and flushed the toilet, again and again; just to hear it for the first time; what she had never heard before.
Watch the real tear-jerker video by scrolling down once clicked on the following link:

The best news of the day, without doubt.


ALSO – See Mikes rap for Serbian dogs here:

Please crosspost everywhere – this animal guy deserves a record deal !






UK: Update 26/3/14 – A Good Day For Animals; A Bad One For Hunters !

U Flag

LACScameron hunter


See our recent post which declared that the current UK government was considering, much against the wishes of the vast majority of the British public, a return to hunting with dogs.


View the ‘No Joke’ video produced by the League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) by clicking on the following link:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7AQVXt7qVI#t=13     or


Well today, 26th March 2014, Joe has sent us some great news. You can read it here:

Dear Mark,

I’m writing to you with some fantastic news.

Thanks to all our collective efforts, we have seen off the planned back door attack on the Hunting Act. This news unfolded today during Prime Ministers Questions, when David Cameron was forced to admit that a proposal was indeed being considered, but that he regretted that it wouldn’t get support from both sides of the Coalition. This means an amendment has no chance of proceeding as things stand.

We have won the battle, but know full well that the war is not yet won. We need David Cameron to state categorically that he either:
accepts the Hunting Act is an important and successful piece of legislation, and removes the promise of full repeal,

• that he will try to dismantle it in an open and transparent way by holding a repeal vote.
We know, as does he, that he will not win this – and that the majority of the British public, and MPs, would not support a return to cruelty.

Rest assured, after 90 years of campaigning to both bring about and enforce a ban on hunting with hounds for sport, we remain ever vigilant in defence of the Act. For now though the foxes, hares, deer and more that the legislation protects remain safe from the full horrors of traditional hunting.

Our campaigns of course focus on more than just hunting, as unfortunately there are many ways people chose to abuse animals for entertainment. And the badger cull issue is about to hit the headlines again, so please do ensure you look out for our emails, and do all you can to support our campaigns.

Thank you once again for all you do for animals. Together we have made a real difference.

With very best wishes

Joe Duckworth

Chief Executive
League Against Cruel Sports

P.S. The full exchange at (Prime Ministers Questions) PMQs was as follows:

League Vice-President, Angela Smith MP, asked:

“Westminster is awash with the rumour that the Government is considering an amendment to the Hunting Act. So will the Prime Minister take this opportunity to quash that rumour by confirming his commitment to the coalition agreement which only allows for a free vote on the legislation… on the repeal of the legislation.”

The Prime Minister replied:

“Proposals where made on a cross party basis to the Environment Secretary about an amendment to the Hunting Act that would help, in particular, upland farmers deal with the problem of fox predation of their lambs. That letter has been received and is being considered… but I regret to say I don’t think there will be Government agreement to go forward.”

And so, we are very confident that the hunting with dogs ban in the UK will now continue.
This is a victory for the League and all the campaigners who have worked so hard over the years to get a hunting ban – and now it seems that despite attempts by David Cameron Prime Minister, the hunting ban is to continue.

Keep UK hunting where it belongs – in the history books !

Keep Cruelty History !!

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East Kent Murder

The reality of Fox Hunting – Photo MJ – SAV.