UK: New Chance For Circus Animal Ban – But Your Help Required Re Public Consultation. 






Germany: Environment Committee Decides In Paliament – There Will Be No Ban On Wild Animals Being Used In The Circus. 

Environment committee decides in Parliament: No ban on wild animals in the circus


The hope of animal rights activists has thus shattered: There will be no ban on wild animals in the circus. Who voted against? Strong setback for animal friends: lion, elephant and zebra stay in the arena.

The environmental committee of the German parliament rejected yesterday the request of the left to ban wild animals from the circus. Despite the clear majority of the SPD, the Greens and the left in the committee, which all plead in their programs for a ban on wildlife, the application was rejected.

Surprisingly, the SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany) voted against the ban. According to representative surveys, however, the majority of the population is behind a ban, as the animal protection organization “Animals United” confirms.

Now the association wants to mobilize more protests for an animal-free circus.

Viktor Gebhart of “Animals United”: “Especially from the SPD, which over the past years has repeatedly made a ban, the animal friends had expected more nationwide, but the SPD fell today in their back. That is an animal welfare scandal and a clear break with the party’s own conviction, which today had the power to put an end to animal cruelty in the Manege, “he says.

My comment to this:

And so we, who fight for the rights of the animals, are once again betrayed by politics.

The SPD with the party chairman, the illiterate Martin Schultz, has no chance in the next elections. But that will not help, because the CDU (the Conservatives) are not better and will remain in power.

In short: ideology and color in politics are different – at best – only when it comes to people. When it comes to animals, prevails unanimity in slavery, exploitation, and animal suffering!

Best Regards to you Dear Mark and all,




Here’s the list of countries that have implemented bans on circuses that use wild animals:

  • Austria

  • Bolivia

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Colombia

  • Costa Rica

  • Croatia

  • Cyprus

  • El Salvador

  • Greece

  • Israel

  • Malta

  • Mexico

  • The Netherlands

  • Paraguay

  • Peru

  • Romania

  • Singapore

  • Slovenia

These countries are really showing Germany and the UK up with their progressive, compassionate policies.





USA: Breaking – The Show Must Go On – Ringling Bros Circus To Send Tigers To German Circus !




BREAKING: Ringling Bros. Plans To Ship Its Tigers To German Circus

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus just held its last show ever on Sunday — but life could be getting even worse for the circus’ tigers.

Feld Entertainment, the parent company behind Ringling Bros., has applied for a permit to ship eight of its tigers overseas to a circus in Germany instead of retiring them to a sanctuary, according to documents provided to The Dodo by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).

In the notice, Ringling claims the tigers would serve “to enhance the propagation or survival of the species,” a requirement put in place by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFW) to ensure endangered species, like tigers, are only shipped for conservation purposes. But according to ALDF, this requirement doesn’t always receive the scrutiny it deserves.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has historically taken a controversial ‘pay-to-play’ approach to the enhancement requirement, often rubber-stamping permits for objectionable uses of endangered species so long as the applicant makes a nominal donation to a conservation program,” ALDF said in a statement. “It is well-established that use of tigers in circuses fails to educate the public and has no nexus to legitimate species conservation. In fact, many experts opine that the use of exotic animals for entertainment acts and other traveling shows is harmful to their wild counterparts.”

The announcement comes as a blow to animal lovers throughout the country, many of whom hoped that Ringling’s January decision to close its doors for good would mean its animals would finally be able to retire to more natural lives after years of mistreatment.

Ringling Bros. has been dogged by accusations of animal abuse for decades, ranging from suspicious deaths of elephants to the brutal training methods used on young calves who had been torn away from their mothers.

But while most of the public attention has focused on the plight of Ringling’s elephants, the circus’ big cats were living an equally depressing life.

An undercover report published last year described life as a “nightmare” for the tigers. They spent most of their lives packed into tiny cages in parking lots or behind buildings, devoid of water to swim in or room to run. Tigers are solitary, and this closeness led to frequent fighting — many tigers were covered in scars, and others had cracked paws or pressure wounds from living on the unnatural concrete.


Jay Pratte, an animal trainer with 25 years of experience who conducted the investigation, said he saw tigers display signs of mental distress, such as compulsively over-grooming themselves until their skin cracked or pacing their cages obsessively.

In the circus ring, tigers were trained using whips and prods, and their fear was palpable, according to Pratte. “When the goads or whips are raised, the cats flinch and shy back every time,” he said. “The cats know only fear, dominance and punishment.”

When Ringling’s elephants were retired last year, they were sent to the circus’s Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida, the controversial breeding and training ground where many of Ringling’s alleged abuses took place. It’s still unclear what life is like for the elephants there, or if they will continue performing in some capacity.

But now it seems the tigers’ future is even more murky. If the permit is approved, the eight tigers will be sent to Zirkus Crone, a circus in Munich that’s had its own share of abuse accusations — including claims that many of the circus’ animals, similarly to Ringling, are suffering from arthritis and mental distress and are denied proper living conditions.

In a statement, ALDF said it “strongly opposes Ringling’s effort to condemn these tigers to continued exploitation for ‘entertainment’ when there are humane options for the endangered animals.” For now, the best hope is that public outcry will prevent USFW from approving the permit request — which will be open for public comment for 30 days beginning on Friday — and save the tigers from years of further performances

“The curtain has come down on Ringling Bros. and an enlightened public is turning away from the outdated notion that it’s acceptable to use endangered species as entertainment props,” Stephen Wells, executive director of ALDF, said in a statement. “After spending years being carted around in cramped transport cages for 50 weeks of the year, it’s time for Ringling and trainer Alexander Lacey to let these tigers live out their lives at a reputable sanctuary where they can experience the space, habitats and peace they need and deserve.”

To help stop these tigers from being sent to another circus, you can submit a comment asking USFW to refuse the permit.


The Bear Issue !

Cancel Cruel Circus Whose Bear Urinated on Herself

Petition Link:

Target: Susan Bulling, Events Coordinator of Lancaster Event Center

Goal: Ban the James Cristy Cole Circus from using animal acts in its show.

The Lancaster Event Center is planning on hosting a circus put together by the James Cristy Cole Circus which has featured a cruel bear show during past performances. The bear show, which is produced by Castle’s Bears, puts terrified bears in crowded, loud arenas. It is time to stop supporting this cruelty.

Click on the petition link to read more.


Dear Mark,

A bear cub wakes up in a cage. She cries out, scared, then paws at the rusty metal bars and tries to bite through them, but there’s no way for her to escape the trainer who is heading her way.


He ties a rope tightly around her neck and yanks her across the room. He yells, hitting her with a stick. It’s painful and confusing—she doesn’t understand what he wants.

But the day’s misery is not yet over. The trainer tethers her to a wall by the rope still around her neck, forcing her to stand upright on her hind legs. It’s agonizing for her—she’s used to being on all fours—but if she doesn’t remain standing, she could choke and die.


Bear cubs exploited by circuses are enduring torment like this right now—but you can help us stop it. We are opening people’s eyes and turning the public away from such exhibits—especially young people, their key audience. Please strengthen PETA’s work for bears and all other animals by making a generous gift today.

A PETA investigator documented that bear cubs in circuses and animal-training facilities across China endured precisely this kind of cruelty, but such abuse is not unique to that country. Circuses around the world confine animals to cramped cages and use violence and intimidation—exactly like that uncovered during this investigation—all the time. These animals are forced to perform repetitive contortions that, to them, are baffling, uncomfortable, and even physically damaging. It’s suffering on a global scale.

PETA’s exposé did more than just reveal the deplorable treatment of animals held captive by circuses. It also inspired tens of thousands of compassionate people to speak out against those who exploit animals for entertainment. Together with our international affiliates, we’re pushing back against cruel spectacles and achieving many victories—from 80 German towns’ decisions to ban wild-animal circuses to the forthcoming closure of the notorious Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in the U.S.


Please help us keep the momentum going. Donate to PETA today and help strengthen all of our vital work for animals.

As always, thank you so much for your support and for all that you do for animals.

Kind regards, Ingrid E Newkirk



China: Tigers Defy Circus Cruelty to Show Empathy for Suffering Friend.


Tigers defy circus cruelty to show empathy for suffering friend

10 March 2017

With their friend at risk of drowning, this incredible footage shows white tigers breaking from circus cruelty to show their concern.

It’s the movie which has convinced 29 million Chinese viewers that these tigers were not born to perform – they do so under duress, not because they enjoy it.

During a routine tiger performance at an animal circus in Hangzhou Safari Park, a rare White Tiger can be seen refusing to perform.

After clenching the ringmaster’s whip in his jaws, the tiger is whipped and threatened, forcing him to back off and accidently stumble into a moat surrounding the ring.

With one tiger at risk of drowning, the others immediately break from their circus performance to try to attend to their friend. Their concern is clear.

The ringmasters attempt to break up the tigers using whips and shouts leaves the long-suffering animals clearly torn between avoiding the whips and helping their stricken friend.

In the latter part of the video, released on Chinese social media by a concerned citizen, one of the tigers is seen with a wound on their face, possibly as a result of the incident.

Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale said:

“The video clearly shows the tigers empathising with the plight of their peer. They know he is in trouble and needs help and they want to give it to him. They are torn between their training with its threat of violence and their natural sympathy for another tiger in danger.”

As a result of the sustained criticism caused by the video, Hangzhou Safari Park has suspended their tiger performances pending a review of their practices.

Unlike the tigers in the video, we have a choice.

Choose to help. Pledge never to watch an animal performance and tell everyone you know to do the same.





UK: A Letter To Mr. Chope – The ‘Helper’ Of Suffering UK Circus Animals.


As you can see from our recent post (link below); yet again, a Conservative MP, Mr Christopher Chope, talked out a ban on the use of animals in UK circuses in Parliament last week.



We have now combined with Venus to produce a response; or you could call it ‘an appeal’ ?, to Mr Chope about the situation for all circus animals, wherever in the world they may be suffering.

This issue of UK circus animals is being discussed in UK Parliament again on 24th March.  How will Mr Chope act then we have to ask ? – yet again defending animal abuse; or joining the vast majority of UK citizens who have been calling for a ban for well in excess of 11 years; as proven by the MAFF Public Consultation taken but never acted on, more than a decade ago.



We will watch with great interest the events of 24th March and the actions of Mr Chope.  Naturally we will provide an update soon after.

In the meantime; here below is our simple letter to Mr Chope.

Will it make him think ? – the 24th of March will tell ! – we wait and see with interest – SAV.

Our letter to Mr. Chope – with hope for circus animals !



When a tiger and a bear are forced to ride on horseback in a circus show, these are things that only thrill a stupid audience and so-called ‘politician’ types such as Christopher Chope.

But in reality, all this performance really shows is forced animal suffering and torture, which the civilized, understanding people of this world call ‘animal cruelty’.

There are two categories of people who would advocate any circus that uses wild animals: One is the ignorant braindead who pays his entrance fee to watch suffering, the other is the politician, who benefits from it !

The fact that in nature, a tiger never lives together with a lion in the free wilderness should even provoke suspicion by the ignorant, that this abnormal coexistence is only possible under the power and control of the demon circus animal trainer.

The traces of torture on the backs of, or in the eyes of the animals, are proof of what these animals must suffer and endure constantly. Perhaps with the ignorant the suffering is overlooked; but as animal advocates,we see it, because they are visible scars on sentient beings.

These traces of torture on skin and in eyes are the real evidence of the circus life.



Circus animals are captive wild animals. They live in direct contact with humans. To control these wild animals and to show them as circus attractions, they are not given a life of sweetness and tender care, like most of the attending, hand clapping drag knuckles believe. The ‘control’ happens with abominable cruelty. Regular blows with sharp hooks and current surges make them pliable. These animal cruel rituals take place at night, when the office doctors sleep, or in dark corners of the circus tents, far from the eyes of the paying public.

Elephants are chained by the leg in a stable tent all their lives; whenever they are not used as a pathetic visual tool for drag knuckle eyes. Lions and tigers live a life imprisoned in cages surrounded by their own excrement, enduring a pitiful ‘life’ that is nothing but lonely and captive.

Their freedom ? – only when they die and the time comes for them to be released from their eternal torment and suffering; and the captivity of a travelling ‘beast wagon’.



And now once again, the politicians are in play.

Dragging out their speeches to prevent an end to the suffering, transportation and cruelty.

What do you personally get from all this, Mr.Chope?

Sure, morality and ethics are obviously not on your list of cultural achievements, but your personal dulling is not enough, as a reason, to advocate the cruel business of the wild animal circus.

Anyone who has a bit more empathy than you, would suspect, that possibly you have a personal interest in the conservation of this animal-trafficking business. An economic interest, I mean. From your web page, I quote:

Chris is here to help, regardless of how you vote, so please feel free to get in touch”!

 Absolutely ridiculous, Mr. Chope! –

The circus wildlife you have “helped” at the request of the British citizen – where are they now ?

In February 2017 your actions prevented any help for circus animals; and though your actions they continue to live in slavery and torture.

You have personally helped slavery continue to exist in the Circuses of England.

As long as circus animals are kept as slaves, are tortured, are abused with your personal consent, because you consider it ‘right’, no one will ever believe that you want to ‘help’.

And this ignorance of yours thus prevents us from having any further communication with you ‘the helper’, because we are the people with compassion, who don´t support the cruel business of the animal circus.

Prove to us you want to help as you declare, on March 24, 2017, and give your voice against the barbarism inflicted on the circus animal – show us real proof that you really want to help as your site declares.

Venus / Mark.








UK: CONSERVATIVE Christopher Chope OBE MP Talks Out A Ban On The Use Of Animals In Circuses – Just Like He Did Before – Contact Your MP And Ask Why. They Work For You; You Are NOT Their Servants !


 Importance: High





As you may know, the ban for wild animals in circuses was again blocked last week by Conservative MP Christopher Chope. He did the same in 2014.


Please write to your MP as this is again being discussed in Parliament on 24th March.

Please see


Here are some details of the man who has twice blocked this bill:

Christopher Chope represents Christchurch in Dorset for 20 years with a majority of 18000 and his constituency has the highest proportion of over 60s in the UK.

Filibustering should be banned in Parliament – A deliberate tactic to talk too long and thus  selfishly, arrogantly and bullyingly talking out a motion that can then not be voted on.

Christopher Chope also blocked this bill in 2014.  He was also responsible for steering through the poll tax in the Thatcher Government, voted against same sex marriage, is a climate change sceptic, called for abolition of Minimum wage in the same year he claimed £136,992 in expenses! and voted against Alan Turin statutory pardon.  Voted against a private members’ bill which would have placed restrictions on hospital parking charges for carers.                           SHAMEFUL!


Here is a letter that one of ADI’s supporters received from Chope – his arrogance is beyond belief !

“Parliamentary protocol dictates that Members ought not to respond to correspondence from non-constituents. Nonetheless, I appreciate the time you have taken to get in touch.

The Government has promised to bring forward Government legislation on the issue of animals in circuses.  It was not included in the Queen’s Speech on the grounds that there was a lack of Parliamentary time. The Government has pointed out, however, that, should more time become available during the course of this Session, such a Bill will be brought forward.

In light of the above, the attempt to bring forward this controversial legislation under the Private Member’s procedure is ill-conceived. I believe that it would be unacceptable for such a Bill to receive a Second Reading without any debate in the House of Commons.

I shall continue to put pressure on the Government to honour its promise to bring forward its own legislation.


Best wishes

Christopher Chope OBE MP

Member of Parliament for Christchurch

House of Commons, SW1A 0AA

Tel: 0207 219 4971



Why not send him an e mail ?

More than 10 years ago there was a public consultation on the use of animals in UK circuses.


Over 84% of the British public wanted circuses to stop using animals in performances.  Thanks to people like Chope we have still not got legislation passed to do this – constant talking out in parliament by just a few members of Parliament.  Shame on them !

They are supposed to represent us – not be an emperor figure like Trump who only does what he wants !