England: 5 People To Be Charged With Hunt Fox Cub Suffering.



The League Against Cruel Sports has reacted to the announcement by West Mercia Police that five people are to be charged with animal cruelty offences after footage appeared to show live fox cubs being taken into a kennel of hunting hounds in Herefordshire.

It follows the animal welfare charity releasing footage in June 2016 of two fox cubs being taken into the kennels separately before two dead bodies are then filmed being dumped into a wheelie bin.

The scenes were filmed by the Hunt Investigation Team, supported by the League Against Cruel Sports, which is campaigning to strengthen the Hunting Act.

Martin Sims, Director of Investigations at the League Against Cruel Sports, said:

“We welcome the announcement by police that five people will face multiple charges of animal cruelty.

“It’s taken two years to get to this point but we hope justice will now be done – in a modern compassionate society, animals should be protected from cruelty and suffering.

“The fear is that if the charges are proven, it provides evidence of fox hunts training hounds to kill and that fox hunting is still widespread across the British countryside.

“The most recent polling indicates that 85 per cent of the British public oppose fox hunting so I hope they back our calls to strengthen the Hunting Act.”


The League is encouraging members of the public to sign their petition titled ‘stop the killing of animals by hunts in the UK’. Full details can be found here.

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Notes to Editors

·         Link to the footage put out in 2016: https://www.league.org.uk/News/fox-cubs-thrown-alive-to-hunting-hounds

·         For more information or interview requests please contact the League Against Cruel Sports Press Office on 01483 524250 (24hrs) or email pressoffice@league.org.uk

·         The League Against Cruel Sports is Britain’s leading charity that works to stop animals being persecuted, abused and killed for sport. The League was instrumental in helping bring about the landmark Hunting Act. We carry out investigations to expose law-breaking and cruelty to animals and campaign for stronger animal protection laws and penalties. We work to change attitudes and behaviour through education and manage sanctuaries to protect wildlife. Find out more about our work at www.league.org.uk. Registered charity in England and Wales (no.1095234) and Scotland (no.SC045533).


Poland has made a quantum leap in animal welfare in hunts.

Poland was the hunt country number one for hobby hunters from German-speaking countries, especially in western Poland. Now completely different rules of the game apply, which come into effect from the 1st of April. From now on, all social hunts must be reported in advance to the authorities. Hunting opponents will be able to adjust to it in the future. The intentional obstruction of the hunt is no longer punishable.

In the revolutionary Polish hunting reform (IG Wild at Wild informed), foreign hunters like Hubertus-Hunting will probably not enjoy much either. The animal rights activists prefer that the hobby killers will be able to avoid their country in the future.

The new regulations will also improve the supervision of the Minister of the Environment through the Polish Hunting Association. For too long the criminal bustle was watched. The public opinion to hobby hunters opposite is completely tilted. The same can be said in Czechoslovakia and so on. The stupid and hypocritical talk of shooters and benefactors, lawyers of the animals, etc. the hobby hunters just is not right.

Whoever kills senselessly does not protect, and it does not benefit civilized society.
Above all, the new hunting law will strengthen the rights of property owners. They will now be able to pacify their land from hobby hunter gangs without giving any reason.
In addition, the new regulations increase the distance to residential buildings, near which hobby hunters can hunt from 100 to 150 meters. The hunt may only be carried out at a distance of at least 500 meters from public meetings.

Minors have been banned from active and passive hunting. So, no more children are allowed to drive for hunts from the surrounding villages. The new law is intended to guarantee a harmonious development for children and adolescents.

According to the new law, the hobby hunters have to undergo every 5 years medical and psychological character test!


You cannot shoot in national parks or nature reserves without permission, etc.
Under the new law, it will now be impossible to use live animals in the training of hunting birds and hunting dogs.

For example, the fox caught in the wild has been kept on a leash so that he
cannot escape. For this purpose, he has tied his muzzle with tape, so he cannot defend himself. (Unfortunately, the video where the fox is shown as a training victim is no longer available).
The sadism to which the average hobby-hunter feels attracted when dealing with wild animals, there are no limits, there would not be common sense, which intervenes against the hobby hunters.

This can be observed in all countries with a hobby-hunter culture.
The hunting of wolves in Poland has been banned since 1998. Depending on the source, an inventory of around 1,500-2,500 animals is estimated.

Thus, Poland has made a quantum leap in animal welfare in hunts. Wild Wild IG congratulates all the revolutionary forces that have made this possible.

Translation: Venus

My comment :The new regulations in Poland prove, that violence against animals can be abolished from above, because the system has the power to do so.
Whether the neighboring country, Germany, will take over something from the new exemplary regulation of Poland … What do you think?
I can only say, that the hunting law in Germany, in spite of stupid “renewals”, is the hunting law in the sense of the “Reichsjagdgesetz” of 3 July 1934.
That means, we still have a fascist hunting law.
A minority of 0.45% in the German population thinks they can do in the woods what they want.
And anyone who disagrees will be intimidated by force of arms.
And with the new government, everything what has to do with hunting, looks much worse than before.


Serbia: Hunters Kill All The Great Bustards; And Then The EU Gives Them Money To Produce (and shoot ?) Even More.


Serbian campaigners are currently fighting to protect the Great Bustard in Serbia.

In Serbia, the Great Bustard lives in only one area – a reserve known as the ‘pastures of the great bustard’.  In the recent past there were hundreds of birds.  Now there are only 10 – Why ?

Because they have been hunted almost to extinction by a hunter organisation named  ‘Perjanica’ .

Now it appears the Serbian hunters wish to buy a large cage and import Bustards from Hungary; where the birds will be bred within the cage.  The birds will not be wild birds to breed and produce on the pastures – instead they will have to breed in the cage erected by the hunters – those same people responsible for their decline in the first place.

And to make things a lot worse, our shameful friends (?) at the EU have given the hunters around 300,000 Euros for the setting up of this breeding cage.

The cage is a great offence to this beautiful bird which used to breed in numbers on the pastures.  Hunting has destroyed the birds in the wild and now the same killers; the hunters; are being reward3ed financially by the EU for setting up a breeding colony which is set in a cage !


Serbian campaigners have written to the Bern Convention to lodge a formal complaint about this.  You can see the complaints registered under ‘162’  in the following:




Another case of hunters destroying the ecosystem and then being rewarded; this time by the EU; for the destruction they have caused.

 As Serbia IS NOT an EU member state; why is the EU giving hundreds of thousands of Euros to Serbian hunters ? – is it so that they can now breed birds to then release and shoot at will ? – we suspect – they are hunters after all; they think of only one thing – Killing !




Here is the direct link to Hungarian MEP’s if you want to write to them and ask why the EU is giving money to hunters who have killed all the birds in the first place !




Click on any name and then you will be given more details of them; including an e mail address.





Spain: Mass Grave Found With Dead Galgos In Spain – The Only Positive News; Some Were Microchipped Alowing Further Investigation.


Mass grave found with galgos in Spain.



A horrible sight came last Saturday to the discoverers of 30 hunting dog carcasses – partially preserved, decayed or skeletonized – who were

in a hidden ditch in Taracón (Cuenca). The dogs are all hunting dogs, mostly galgos. The Seprona has confirmed after initial investigations that due to the state of decay, some of the carcasses have been in this mass grave for a long time, others only recently. Furthermore, the officials assume that some of the animals were certainly thrown alive into the pit, so that they suffer a slow and agonizing death, from the ditch there is no escape!

Many of the Galgos are chipped, they are confident that they can detect the animal tormentors.

The Civil Guard is looking for those responsible for this mass grave with 30 corpses of dogs.

Carolina Rey, the councilor and spokeswoman for the IU (Izqerda Unidad= left United), denounced the facts: “Some of the dogs were thrown alive to the pit, which is in an almost inaccessible place from which you cannot get out, so we think they were thrown out and have died of hunger and thirst. “


The identification of the owners of the animals will be easy since the dogs had a chip.

In addition, Carolina Rey has been able to recognize some animals as their owners went to the protector to deliver the dogs since they could not take charge, although it refused its reception due to lack of space.


The animals are mostly greyhounds, which suggests that their owners could have got rid of them because they were not good at hunting.

“It is a cruelty to throw an animal in this way when we have been served for years,” complains Carolina Rey.  Yesterday we returned to the mass grave in Tarancón to take out the bodies of the galgos that, during years, have been thrown there, and to try to find evidence to persecute the perpetrators of this crime (Video).

The place, known as The Cut, has been used for more than 20 years to dump galgos no longer wanted by their owners. The volunteers recovered 25 bodies, but for safety reasons it was impossible to reach the deeper layers of the pit, where dozens of galgos were piled up.

At least two dogs that I photographed last time I was there, have disappeared. A clear indication that their owners, frightened by the repercussion of the news, have returned to remove the corpses of their dogs. This is interesting because the hunting society always claims that abandoned or killed dogs, are dogs that have been stolen, “as no galguero would treat their dog like that”.

But no thief would return for the bodies of the dead dogs, that makes no sense. All points to the galgueros.

How little is worth the life of hunting dogs in the Autonomous Region of Castilla-La Mancha, the news published on 13 February proves that the Government of Autonomy excludes hunting dogs from the Animal Welfare Act.

Every Spanish autonomy has its own animal welfare laws. Other regions might also come up with the idea of excluding hounds from animal welfare, just as bullfighting as a tradition of animal welfare is also excluded at EU level. 40 percent of dogs that are abused, abandoned or stolen in Spain are hunting dogs.

Hunting is a dirty business that, with European help, is moving millions of euros every year.


Best regards



Go to www.yo-galgo.com to know more.




Germany: Now Approves Hunters To Murder 100,000 Wild Boar.


Dear Mark,
I’m sorry that I cannot send you and everyone here any good news.
But in any case, I want to make known this planned mass murder of German authorities against wild boars to all those, who still don`t  know that.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Brandenburg has given the order for the execution of 100,000 wild boars !!

Yes! Everyone read it right!

There are 100,000 living beings who will fall victims to the forest psychopaths (= hunters).
“I would be satisfied with that quota”, said the Minister of Agriculture of Baden-Württemberg Peter Hauk.
The execution of foxes, raccoons, game we have already set in the hunt law.
Now it’s about the wild boars.
Because they should (allegedly, perhaps, eventually) transmit the causative agent of African pig pest on mast pigs.

Although the fattening pigs have no contact with wild boar.
Because they live and die in boxes, in an area of 0.55-0.7 m wide and 1.6-1.9 m long, they never see the meadows, they never see the sun, they are kept miserable, miserable transported, and brutally slaughtered.
Nevertheless, the authorities create fear and panic, although they have not yet recorded any cases of the plague.
From the Czech Republic and Poland only single cases of the plague are reported, in Germany there have not been any.

Several countries now have premiums competing for the murder of a wild boar.
In Bavaria, the authorities give for killed boar 20 euros.
In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, there are 25 euros per hunted pig.
In Brandenburg even 50 euros!
And to make the competition even more attractive, it applies: money will only be available if the murder rate exceeds the hunting range of the 2014/15 season.

For this purpose, almost all federal states have shortened or canceled the gentle season for wild boar.
Money-Headhunters are already on the way.

In order to help the competition, the Ministry of Agriculture in Brandenburg advertises live traps.
As a “complementary and effective tool”!!!
For hunters, who have interest for traps, the Ministry immediately submitted an application online.
on-line. http://www.mlul.brandenburg.de/media_fast/4055/Antrag_Sauenfang_EF_20170102.pdf

The link even works! for a simple police certificate of good conduct one must appear personally at the citizens office. This request can be made online.
As always, we find a hunter`s explanation for the execution in the press:
“Nobody does it because of the money. Skip of the illness on Germany would cause great damage for the pig-keepers. This means export- and movement-prohibitions “!!

Oh! yes!!
Murders help animal abusers!
That’s what I understand under fascism.

Best regards



Fox weeks in “civilized” Germany!!

 Please visit and sign as many petitions as you can – updated 28/1/18.




Fox weeks in “civilized” Germany!!

What happens if we use the keyword “fox hunting” in Google?
Comes a horror result: half a million foxes kill 381,821 hunters annually, hunters who I call psychopaths of the forest.
Torture and murder against foxes has a long tradition in Germany.
And it starts again now. Nationwide, the hunters blow these days again to massive hunting for foxes. There are corresponding “action weeks” in almost every city, where every primitive and unrestrained “Huntsboy” of the German hunter gang can participate in the planned bloodbath these days.

The cruel “hunter” souvenirs of the massacred animals, which are proudly and “traditionally” posted on every hunting blog, remind one of the Holocaust.
The one who proves most fox tails is the shooter king.
To this bloody spectacle belongs the horn blowing and the schnapps in front of it, in between and afterwards.

What remains of the animals is decoratively laid “on track”. Arranged in series and limb, the carcasses are “pretty” next to each other.
Many of them badly messed up with cracked pines and barrels or gushing guts.

We have to imagine one thing: the animal shown in the photo is only the top of the iceberg.
Because if the death gets the male dog after mating, which plays an important role in the later rearing of the boys, then later on the boys will die, and the mother will often die at the same time.

Never had our hunters easily massacred their potential victims than in those days. The otherwise shy and suspicious foxes are now in mating season, walking carefree, unaware and investing all their attention in actions that serve their survival.
Which on those nights cost thousands of their heads.

Now almost every remedy is right in the murder of the fox. In North Rhine-Westphalia anyway, where the new state government sets completely new, worse standards for nature conservation.

One has to be morally and ethically quite degenerate to enjoy such pictures of the massacred animals.
But the most of the 381,821 German sham owners with the license to kill, have proudly preserved this “ability” or even “cultivated” it!

In all parts of Germany the so-called “Fox week” will take place from the 28th of January to the 2nd of February.
Which is nothing but the terror of a minority of 0, 46% sadistic murderer against innocent and defenseless animals.
And a population of over 80,000,000 Germans makes this terror possible with their “tolerance” which is nothing else than cowardice.

That is today’s civilized Germany.
And from this country other European countries expect understanding and empathy for the animals.
From this country (EU dynasty) we have been waiting for years the  8hours limit of animal transport, the control of animal welfare laws in the EU, the anesthesia for the castration of piglets, the ban on transport of pregnant cows, the abolition of wildlife in the circus, the abolition of hobby hunting. …

And we are still waiting.

But with good news, I can already complete my contribution.
More than 40 organizations and initiatives in the field of nature conservation and animal welfare are calling for Luxembourg’s role model to be followed and the cruel and pointless fox hunt to be stopped.

We hope and fight all together farther.

My best regards to all



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Germany / Luxembourg: Excellent News – Luxembourg Extends Hunting Ban On Foxes – A Scenario For Europe To Follow ? – Scientific Evidence !

Dear Mark,
I am sending you good news concerning the further ban on fox hunting in Luxembourg.
I got this just today by mail, from the “Wild Animal Protection Society of Germany”.

Best regards to you and all



Luxembourg extends hunting ban on foxes

The Luxembourg Government Council has just renewed for another year the prohibition on fox hunting introduced in 2015. The protection of foxes is a successful model: the fox populations are stable; the predicted “stock explosion” by hunters in the run-up to the hunting ban has failed to materialize. A study now shows that the protection of the fox also reduces the risk for humans to contract the fox tapeworm.

“Action alliance Fox”, an initiative of more than 40 German animal and nature conservation organizations, to which “Wild animal Protection Germany” also belongs, calls on the Federal Government to follow the example of Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Ministry of the Environment banned fox hunting in 2015 because there was no reason to kill several thousand foxes a year. Hunting associations had repeatedly warned against sprawling fox populations by the hunting ban. In addition, they repeatedly tried to exploit the fear of the fox tapeworm in order to overturn the regulations.


Hunting increases the risk of infection by the fox tapeworm

However, there are no signs of higher fox numbers to this day. In addition, a study published in France in November 2017 shows that hunting increases the risk of infection from fox tapeworm.

While the foxes’ infection rate increased from 40 percent to 55 to 75 percent as a result of heavy hunting, it remained constant in a hunting-free control area. Franck Boué, one of the authors of the highly regarded study, presents the results in a lecture on 29.1.2018 in Luxembourg City.


Fox stands need no “regulation” by humans

Again and again, both studies and practical experience in various fields show that foxes need no “regulation”. Hunting losses, for example, increase birth rates and increase immigration from neighboring areas, quickly compensating for losses.

On the other hand, experience from hunting-free areas shows that fewer fox pups are born there and that there is no mass propagation. “Birth control instead of mass misery,” commented the biologist Erik Zimen.


Ban on fox hunting: pointing the way for the whole of Europe

The ban on fox hunting in Luxembourg sets the trend for the whole of Europe: the right decision has been made against the massive pressure of an influential lobby on the basis of verifiable scientific facts. “It is high time that even political decision-makers in Germany stop bowing to the interests of the hunting lobby,” says Lovis Kauertz, co-founder of the “Action Alliance Fox”. “The example of Luxembourg shows that prohibiting fox hunting not only prevents the often painful deaths of thousands of foxes, but is also a model of success for citizens, animal and nature conservation.”



Past SAV posts relating to fox hunting in Germany – many graphic pictures show the reality of this barbarism: