UK: SAV Become A Founder Organisation To Form The ‘European Alliance For CCTV In Slaughterhouses’. Petition To Sign.

Slaughterhouse petition 

SAV has been in contact with Euro friends over the new year holiday and we can now confirm that SAV has joined up with many other animal welfare organisations within Europe to form the European Alliance For CCTV In Slaughterhouses.

As part of the European Alliance, we at SAV join the others and demand the EU Commission submits a legislative proposal for mandatory CCTV in all areas concerned with the handling and slaughter of animals in all EU abattoirs.

Below you will find links to the petition in several languages.  This will gradually increase as the alliance grows across the EU.

At SAV we have decided to become alliance members as animal slaughter is an issue that we feel very strongly about.  There needs to be much tighter controls for standards in slaughterhouses throughout the EU.  Also, and one of our main reasons for becoming a member of the alliance; we strongly feel that this requirement for CCTV in ALL EU slaughterhouses should be a requirement for any Balkans states which are currently seeking EU Accession (membership).  Consequently, we will work to currently demand that all slaughterhouses in the existing EU have CCTV installed; and that this requirement will be one of the standards required for any new states (ie. Serbia) wishing to join the EU.

Please crosspost this section of the site to as many people as possible and ask them to add their names to the petition.

Thank you – SAV.



Right now
hundreds of millions of animals in Europe are at risk of avoidable suffering brutality in abattoirs across Europe.

Piece-work, low-wages, defective equipment and as little as 5 seconds to slaughter animals all contribute to avoidable suffering. There are also staff who exert additional cruelty.

On the request of the Swedish Minister of Rural affairs, Eskil Erlandsson, the EU Commission confirmed in May 2011 that within individual EU countries up to 75 per cent of the animals are slaughtered improperly or not at all stunned. Alive and fully conscious they may be scalded, have their throats cut, be cut up by machines or bleed to death, hanging from a hook.

While animals suffer unnecessarily, slaughterhouse workers are also put at risk. There are a significant number of serious and fatal accidents in slaughterhouses, plus reported thefts of firearms – all of which could be reduced by the use of CCTV.

EU consumers unwittingly and unwillingly are forced to support this system of highly subsidised, low-cost meat production which subjects animals to a horrific death and puts staff unnecessarily at risk. THIS MUST END.

We demand for the whole of the European Union:

Mandatory CCTV in all areas connected with slaughter and handling for slaughter.

Unannounced checks that this is in effect.

– Footage being made available to agreed independent monitors.

– Mandatory prosecution for all offences.

– The placing of enforcement under the control of a national administrative body able to enforce animal protection laws regardless of local circumstances.



After discussions with individuals and organisations across Europe with an interest in manadatory CCTV in slaughterhouses collectively a number of us have decided to establish a formal alliance that will be known as the EUROPEAN ALLIANCE FOR CCTV IN SLAUGHTERHOUSES.

This initiative for EU wide legislation for mandatory CCTV will run parallel to any domestic campaigns we may have. This website contains an EU wide public petition that will be translated into individual nation’s languages and will be promoted by alliance members in those countries.

This will follow on from the existing GERMAN petition here:




Print out form for collecting hand-written signatures:

Download Form,

Download Petition Text

We would like everyone interested to take part.

Please contact us : PETITIONER
Kindly share our website and the petition links with as many people as possible.

Thank you for helping us helping the animals.

Scotland for Animals (UK)
Animal Aid (UK)
CIWF – Compassion in World Farming (UK)
VIVA Org. (UK)

KAALE – Kent Action Against Live Export s- (UK)
ARAN Animal Rights Action Network (Ireland)
ADDA Ong (Spain)
Animal Equality (Spain)
ROLDA Foundation (Romania)
FNPA Federatia Nationala pentru Protectia Animalelor (Romania)


SAV  Serbian Animals Voice (Serbia)

Veganska iniciativa (Slovenia)
ETN e.V. – Protection of Animals and Nature in Europe (Germany)
Martina Patterson (Individual capacity, Germay)
Lisa Boldizsar (Individual capacity, Austria)


Europewide CCTV in all Slaughterhouses

This petition is addressed to the
all in Brussels, Belgium

We demand the EU Commission submits a legislative proposal for mandatory CCTV
in all areas concerned with the handling and slaughter of animals in all EU abattoirs.

VIVA Org. (UK)

KAALE Kent Action Against Live Exports (UK)
ARAN Animal Rights Action Network (Ireland)
ADDA Ong (Spain)
ROLDA Foundation (Romania)
FNPA Federatia Nationala pentru Protectia Animalelor (Romania)

SAV  Serbian Animals Voice (Serbia)

Veganska iniciativa (Slovenia)
ETN e.V. – Protection of Animals and Nature in Europe (Germany)
Martina Patterson (private capacity, Germany)
Lisa Boldizsar (private capacity, Austria)


USA: What Is America Teaching Its Kids ?


Our recent post of December 24th:

It seems that the US just cannot get enough of killing with guns and teaching youngsters that killing is the way.


to avoid not delivering better at BCC:,,,,

 Just a sample letter, if you prefer to tell in your own words, feel free:


Ladies and Gentlemen,  frenzied killing people;

Does America never grow sick of living beings getting killed with guns ?

“hunting contest” – really? – And you still wonder where all those twisted minds come from who enjoy to torture and brutally kill or run amok in your malls, schools, cinemas, etc. ?

 I tell you a secret:  it’s the human society that’s breeding them with our contempt towards life.

Vivisections at schools  –  fur for vanity  –  factory farms  –  “religious” slaughter  –  animal testing –  zoos  –  circuses  –  trophy “hunting”  –  marine parks  –  movies, TV-advertising and shows  – bestiality  –  torture in slaughterhouses  –  kill-“shelters”  –  murderers and pedophiles who are allowed to leave prison again  –  massacres of wildlife and strays  –  big corporations supported by elected officials, destroying environment and causing health problems or even deaths of people  –  … an endless list!

We’re teaching our descendants to ban any kind of compassion from their hearts because the human way of life; your way of life, allows to use the weaker for any purpose.

Children growing up in such a hypocritical and greedy society are at risk of losing their ability to feel compassion anyway and if this wasn’t enough, YOU really are of the opinion, what the world needs is such kind of a “contest”?

Idaho politicians say KILL, KILL, KILL – because they do not have an ounce of decency in them !

Forgive me if I doubt your sick and twisted mind but I am civilised.



Zip, Town



‘For Wildlife’, an anti-predator organization, has organized a wolf and coyote killing contest on December 28 and 29 near Salmon, Idaho.  The killing “derby” is scheduled on the 40th anniversary of the passage of the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s safety-net for wildlife, that brought wolves back from the brink of extinction. Hunt participants, in teams of two, will pursue wolves and coyotes as part of a competition for prizes, including cash awards, for the largest wolf, most female coyotes, and other categories.

Even children, as young as 10 can participate in the kill fest. 

The contest hunt will cover public and private (with permission) lands which will include lands administered by the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management.  Both federal agencies have regulations and policies that prohibit such commercial, competitive events without special recreation or use permits, but both agencies are allowing the Idaho contest participants to hunt on their lands without complying with federal law.

The USFS, which initially admitted that this event would require a special use permit, is now claiming that no permit is required The BLM, which admits that a special recreation permit is required, is expediting issuance of the permit without complying with federal environmental laws. 

If these agencies followed their own laws and policies, coyotes and wolves will be spared, and the killing contest will be crippled. 

Wildlife killing contest are ethically indefensible events allowing participants to kill wildlife to win prizes. 

They are biologically and ecologically reckless, not only harming individual animals, but also altering predator-prey dynamics, disrupting the social dynamics of predatory species, and increasing threats to public safety, all for ‘fun’ and prizes. 

They have no beneficial management purpose but, rather, promote gratuitous violence against wildlife.  They demean the immense ecological and economic value of predators in an ecosystem while teaching children to hate and trivialize the lives of predators.


‘Have gun, must kill’ – is this the American way ?

Dangerous, very dangerous.

Romania: 26/12/13 Latest News – Donations and Adoptions Possible. Please Read On ….


26/12/13 – latest news in from Romania.

Text has not been modified.

Dear friends,

I have some good news about this new law.

According to the law, now the distance adoption is available in public shelters. This mean that the city hall will fix an amount of money which the distance adopter will have to pay every month for the dog/dogs he adopted. If he miss to pay the monthly amount for 2 weeks after the deadline, that dog will be killed.

With your help Animals Voice want to distance adopt some dogs from the public shelter and give them the possibility to live more than 14 days.

Distance adoption cost around 40 euros/dog every month. In this way the dog will be moved from the commune enclosure (where he can stay with 7-8 other dogs) to a separate one with food, vaccination, neuter and medical care. In this way, by distance adoption we can stop the euthanasia of dogs and you will have a dog in Romania who will thank you for saving his life.

Let’s start the new year by saving some lives!

Donate for a distance adoption here and write on your donation “ADOPTION” :

Thank You and Happy Holidays!



25/12/13 – A Message of Hope.

Christmas Day 2013 – and Venus set us the following very thoughtful message:

I have long ago ceased to send conventional Christmas and New Year greetings.
On the one hand, because I do not believe that Santa Claus will bring a better future for the animals.
On the other hand, because I know that the “Feast of Love” in reality is only associated with battles, blood and exploitation.

But, at the end of the tunnel, appears a little star, it shines hopeful!

It is brought by all good magicians who fight for the rights of all inhabitants of the earth! Organizations, animal rights activists, people with courage and morality, knights in constant crusade ride for the renaissance of animal history.

I believe in all of these and I think on them in Christmas and with every New Year.

To all these, to you dear Marc, and to the SAV team, I send my heartfelt wishes for a better future for the animals, because I firmly believe that this fight will make us all better people too.



SAV Comment:

Thank you Venus for your very special message; we really appreciate it.

I do not have to say to you; but man is the most vile creature on this beautiful planet.

He, and only he, is the species that brings shame, hatred and cruelty to this world.

The animals are harmless innocents who have to endure the cruelty of mankind.

But, there are many of us who try to fight back in defence of the innocent creatures.

We are very happy to be a little star of hope which shines at the end of the tunnel.

Hopefully, by spreading the word of the suffering of our fellow animals, we can make the star shine brighter and brighter each day.

This has been our aim for many years in the past and it is our aim for the future – starting in 2014.  The cruelty will never stop completely; man will not allow that to happen; but by sharing information between activists and our supporters; by spreading of the word, we can and will take on all the evils that exist in the form of humankind.  We will endeavour to help and protect the innocent of this world – the animals.

Thank you for your kind words Venus – if the world was full of people like you, it would be a much better place.

Take care;

Regards Mark.


Walter and Chop


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Javorska river, Stara planina, july





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USA (Idaho): *** URGENT – Take Action Before 28/12 *** – Tell the Forest Service and BLM No Wolf-Killing Contests on Public Lands.


wild earth guardians

They Want to Make a Game of Killing Wolves

Tell the Forest Service and BLM No Wolf-Killing Contests on Public Lands

The anti-wolf crazies are smelling blood and now they’ve organized a wolf-killing contest on public lands in Idaho.

A small anti-wolf group in Idaho is even trying to appeal to kids and families as if a body-count, wolf-killing contest is somehow a wholesome thing to do.

We’re trying to stop the hunt before it’s scheduled to occur on December 28 and 29 near Salmon, Idaho.

Join us in our outrage in telling the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management to not allow the bloodshed to happen. They can stop this game of killing wolves. Tell these agencies they need to reverse course, follow their own rules, and prohibit contest participants from killing wolves and coyotes on federal lands.

If the hunt proceeds, participants would kill wolves and coyotes in a competition for prizes, including cash awards. Children as young as 10 can participate in the kill-fest. And event organizers are expecting up to 300 participants. Imagine the blood they could spill with that many people!  

Wildlife killing contest are ethically indefensible events – they are biologically and ecologically reckless, demean the immense ecological and economic value of predators, and teach children to trivialize the lives of animals.

Both federal agencies have regulations and policies that prohibit commercial, competitive events on national forests and other public lands without special permits, but both agencies are allowing the Idaho contest participants to hunt on their lands without complying with federal law.

Ironically, Dec. 28 is also the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, our nation’s safety-net for wildlife and the law that brought wolves back from the brink of extinction. We should be celebrating the return of wolves on that date, not slaughtering them for prizes. Demand that the federal agencies in charge of our public lands stop facilitating these killing contests and, instead, comply with their own rules and policies.

Time is running out for wolves in Idaho.

Join us in telling these federal leaders that contest hunts—especially one involving wolves—don’t belong on America’s public lands—in Idaho or anywhere for that matter.

For the Wild,

Bethany Cotton

Wildlife Program Director
WildEarth Guardians

** Important – Non US citizens can also sign and send a letter – just scroll down and select ‘other countries’ rather than a US state.


USA: Dog Rescued from Trash Dump Befriends Pup Saved from Drainpipe.


Dog Rescued from Trash Dump Befriends Pup Saved from Drainpipe

LA Husky rescue

Here’s an inspiring story out of Los Angeles about a 1-year-old female Husky dog – found and presumed abandoned – at a trash dump.  She was rescued by a dedicated animal lover named Eldad Hagar of Hope for Paws Animal Rescue Organization. Found in deplorable condition, her life begins to change for the better.

A Good Samaritan named Daniel observed a grungy dog walking by the railroad tracks at a nearby trash dump. He followed her to where she was apparently living.  Snapping some photos, he texted them to Hope for Paws in an attempt to get the sad dog rescued. “I’m sure many others must have seen her, but no one attempted to help until Daniel,” said Eldad Hager, Co-founder of Hope for Paws.

Watch the fantastic rescue video and read more at:


Info via Care2.

An Act of Dog.


Huge art project captures the plight of shelter dogs |  via @hlntv

View Paintings:


When Mark Barone and Marina Dervan decided to start a nonprofit company to create a way to remember dogs that lost their lives in kill shelters, they had no way of knowing that the project would take on a life of its own.

At first glance, An Act of Dog seems to be a gallery of the faces of dogs. A closer look reveals that each picture has a date underneath, which represents the day the dog died in a shelter because it did not find a home.

While the project appears to be an overwhelmingly sad one, Barone and Dervan believe it carries a message that people need to hear.

An Act of Dog began in September 2011 with a focused objective: To raise $20 million to be given directly to funding no-kill shelters, foster groups and proactive marketing campaigns. Barone and Dervan decided to start the project after considering an adoption. They didn’t adopt at that time, but what they did learn startled them — the statistics that showed them 5,500 dogs died every day because they weren’t in no-kill shelters.

To read the full story please click on the link above.

SAV Comment:

Brilliant !!!