Never lose hope!


After international protests China does not want to allow trade in rare animal products such as tigers and rhinos.

If we all stay together and fight together, we can do great things!

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Toro jubilo: primitive sadists of extra class!




If one inspires and enjoys how innocent and utterly defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death, this one is no more than a miserable monster and has not earned something like his own human rights in any way.

My best regards, Venus




“The Boss, showing us that despite there is a road running through, this is still his jungle!”


And if I consider, that we enslave as little kids such animals, with such qualities and personality and incarcerate them in a zoo jail, where, the only function they have is to entertain the offspring of stupid, underdeveloped parents …
… then I believe the evolution did not work for the human species.
We are still caves residents.
My best regards, Venus


Reality slaughterhouse: kicked, tormented, torn alive!




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Cuping in Germany: an illegal mass mutilation!


They have controlled, and nothing has changed. They made suggestions but they did not punish anyone.

The pigs will continue to be chopped up with hot iron, and we will continue to give money to the peasants, so that they may respond to the suggestions of the audit and perhaps practice them.
Until then, it remains legal, which is illegal.

This is also a way to do a job.
However, the most ineffective and most sloppy of all.


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EU: Food and Veterinary Office – A Maybe Useful Site For Campaigners.


zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock




EU:  Food and Veterinary Office – A Maybe Useful Site For Campaigners.


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EU Commission: never again use the word “moral”!


MEP Stefan Eck to EU Commission: “never again use the word moral as long as you allow animal misery in transports”.


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