Serbia: Depraved, Moronic Kid Cuts Off Dogs Head.

Can it get any worse you ask yourself ?

After witnessing dogs in the past having their legs hacked off by depraved morons, we now have this; a dog beheaded by another moron who wants to boast how fantastic he is on Facebook.

What will the Serbian authorities do about it ? – their usual – very probably, absolutely nothing.


Story below – translated by Google translate.  Correct translation to be provided in the near future when our translator returns from holiday.


BELGRADE – Today, the dog, tomorrow …?

Na svoj Fejsbuk profil D.

On her Facebook profile D. Ž. Ž. (15) iz Zaječara postavio je juče svežu morbidnu fotografiju na kojoj se nalazi odsečena glava belog psa na panju, au pozadini krvav džak iz kojeg viri telo ubijene životinje. (15) from Zajecar set yesterday fresh morbid picture of a white dog’s severed head on a stump in the background of a bloody sack of flesh protruding from where the animals were killed.

Zaprepašćeni, zgroženi i šokirani ljudi koji su ovu fotografiju videli na Fejsu odmah su reagovali i obavestili našu redakciju.Shocked, appalled and shocked people who have seen this photo on Facebook immediately reacted and told our editorial board. Neki su ulazili u raspravu sa ovim „monstrumom“ i pitali se zašto je i kako mogao da uradi tako nešto. Some have entered the debate with this “monster” and wondered why and how could you do such a thing.

Dečko koji je završio osmi razred osnovne škole uz „smešak“ je objasnio da je ovog američkog staforda prvo samo bacio u reku Timok, a pošto je isplivao i hteo da ga ugrize, morao je da mu odseče glavu?!The kid who graduated from eighth grade with a “smile” explained that this was the first American staforda just thrown into the river Timok, and since he wanted to swim out and bites him, he had to cut off his head!

Njegovi roditelji, i sami šokirani, tvrde da ne znaju ništa o tome, a majka nam je čak rekla da su to tinejdžerska posla.His parents, shocked and alone, claim to know nothing about it, and my mother even told us that teenage work.

– Znate kakvi su u tim godinama i da ih ne možete baš uvek kontrolisati – rekla je dečakova majka u razgovoru za Kurir.Do you know what are in these years and you can not always control exactly – the boy’s mother said in an interview for Blic.
Otac je izjavio da je njegovog sina 2009.

The father said his son was the 2009th godine napao pas i da od tada verovatno ima traume. The dog attacked and since then has probably trauma.

– I called it because it is the birthday of another, and he claims to have a picture taken from the Internet because he wanted it to become important in society – said at the end of the boy’s father.

– Zvao sam ga jer je na rođendanu kod druga, i on tvrdi da je sliku preuzeo sa interneta jer je hteo da ispadne važan u društvu – rekao nam je na kraju dečakov otac.

Serbia: Appeal for Donations to Fit Out Winter Dog Houses.

Dear friends;

Please try and donate 70 Euros; or whatever you can give, and make it possible for our 420 dogs in Nis shelter to survive the coming winter.

Houses are all to be fitted out with a double layer of wood, complete with a layer of styrofoam in between. In return for a donation, we will make a sign with your name on it as a donor.

Thank you so much!!

Contact Jelena direct (see dzznis ‘Contact’ below) or for Uk donations; send to Jean Bird via the ‘Uk Donations’ link below.



Uk Donations:

Jelenas site link (Uk):





Serbia: Another Terrible Case of Suffering Inflicted on A Young, Stray, Street Dog (Archie). His Abuser Must be Found and Punished – Imprisoned In Accordance With Serbian Legislation. When Will The Serbian Authorities Act, We Ask ???

SAV Comment.

We are providing a copy of this post, complete with photographs of Archie, to the world famous Fitzpatrick  referrals in South East England.  We hope that liaison may be able to be mde between Fitzpatrick  referrals and Dr. Sasa Stokic if necessary to provide further advice and help for the treatment of Archie.

Fitzpatrick  referrals   Web Site:

Take a guided tour of this top of the world animal treatment facility:

Mission –

News and Events –


Another case of cruelty to animals in Serbia

Archie’s front and back left side paws brutally hacked off.

Smederevo / Belgrade, 26th August 2011 – Archie, a beautiful one-year old stray dog that used to live near a bus station in the Serbian city Smederevo, became another innocent victim of monstrous crime against animals. An unknown offender has cut off his front and back left paws and left the victim on the street, clearly wanting to make his crime (against stray dogs) known to everyone.

Archie was brought to Dr. Sasa Stokic’s practice in Smederevo, 24 hours after the crime was committed. There was a serious infection and Dr. Stokic had to amputate the lower parts of Archie’s legs in order to save his life. Dr Sasa Stokic is one of the few Serbian veterinarians who is also an activist for animals’ rights. He says that the mutilation was performed professionally, with a sharp object, and that there is no doubt that the dog was crippled deliberately. Archie is stable, but he is going to need time to recover, and he will probably be able to move with the help of special prostheses.

Police conducted an investigation and we are expecting that the public prosecutor will be informed about Archie’s case.  

Experts say that individuals direct their aggression toward animals primarily due to mild penal policies and people’s traditional belief that torture and killing of animals is allowed.

The organisation ‘Humans for Animals’ warns that the crimes against animals must not be tolerated!

The authorities have to find and severely punish the perpetrators of brutal crimes and send the message to the public that every crime against animals is going to be punished and that the laws of the Republic of Serbia must be respected.

‘Humans for Animals’ invite all citizens to report the crimes against animals, because the Criminal Law of the Republic of Serbia says that the torturing and killing of an animal is going to be fined with a one year in jail.

‘Humans for Animals’ would like to thank Dr. Stokic and his wife Dusica Stokic and also Mr Bojan Ristic who helped Archie. They are taking good care of him.

Many times in the past these noble and brave people showed that there are great animal lovers and great people in Serbia that fight every day to make the life of at least some of homeless dogs and cats easier.  

Natasa Vukmirovic, ‘Humans for Animals’, Belgrade.

Dr. Sasa Stokic, Veterinary Chamber of the Republic of Serbia, Small Animals Veterinary Association of the Republic of Serbia, Humans for Animals





Serbia / Belgium: 27/08/11 – Special Appeal for A New Forever Home for Damjian.

Serbia / Belgium – 27/08/11 – Special Appeal for Damjian.

Please copy this post and send it far and wide – we need to find a new forever home for this guy.  His requirements are more than the usual dog, but there must be someone who can give him the care and home that he deserves.

Please watch the video links below, in addition to the photographs.

Do what you can to help; if it is simply a donation to help with his needs.

Thanks – Mark – SAV.


Mark can you make appeal for Damjian please?

Thank you!



Here some pictures of Damijan; He is in Serbia.

Damjian was hit by a car and found in the road like this.. he is blind in this one eye..and cannot bark as he should.

He is now in paid foster with Slavica, who is foster for puppies too.

We need each month some 80 Euro for his foster.

In addition, money for his diapers and special powder for him.

I now paid powder and diapers for 50 Euro from my own money.

He needs a lot of care.

I will send a basket and special bed for him for in winter to be inside.

He needs a home; he is so so, so sweet but a lot of work.

His spine is not straight.which makes it a bit more difficult.

He cannot control peeing very well and so needs to be washed and powdered.

Please if anyone can help find him a home – feel free to send this appeal around and use the movies and pics – or contact me for more information at:

Web link: 

He has had several places in Serbia but nobody wants him or wants to take care of him.  It is so sad for him.

Now he is ok with Slavica but for how long this time??

He so much deserves a loving home.

Movies I made of Damijan


Please Find Me A New Home – Thank You – Love Damjian.

Uk (England): 24/08/11 – Slaughterhouse Update – Defra Now Stripped of Its Prosecuting Powers – Great News For Uk Animal Welfare !

Further to our post of 31st July;

we now have some excellent news from Animal Aid.

Now that Defra (a Uk government ministry) has been stripped of its prosecution powers, and the take over of this role by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS); we see this as excellent news for many, many animals within the Uk.  Using the CPS, animal welfare campaigners will be able to by-pass the ianactions of defra and, provided that they have sufficient evidence, will instead be able to provide their data to the CPS with a view to prosecutions being undertaken.

SAV welcome this move and the tremendous work undertaken by Animal Aid.  Defra, since being taken over by the existing government led by David Cameron, have been largely useless in progressing animal welfare within the Uk.  Now hopefully it is time for change – progressive change – a change to help animals.

A day in the Uk to celebrate – that Defra have finally been sent a message; one that they should work towards protecting animal welfare rather than protecting those who cause animal suffering.

Their Press Release issued on 24/08/11 reads as follows:

Defra ‘stripped’ of its prosecution function after slaughterhouse cruelty campaign

A year-long campaign by Animal Aid to have Defra stripped of its prosecution powers has culminated this week in confirmation that the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will now take over this role. The news comes in the wake of a media furore caused by Defra’s decision to refuse to prosecute slaughterhouse workers who Animal Aid filmed burning pigs with cigarettes, punching an animal in the head and forcing seriously injured pigs to drag themselves to slaughter.(1)

Animal Aid first drew attention to a conflict of interest within Defra 12 months ago when the government department dropped all outstanding prosecution cases against four slaughterhouse owners and nine employees. The evidence against them had been obtained by Animal Aid using covert, fly-on-the-wall cameras. Animal Aid believes that the decision to abandon these prosecutions was politically motivated (the previous Labour government had investigated and brought criminal charges) and stated publicly its concern that Defra should not be both the industry’s champion and its regulator.

The department’s close ties to the farming and slaughter industries – three of the four Defra Ministers are also farmers, while the fourth worked for the National Farmers Union before becoming an MP – strengthened Animal Aid’s belief that a conflict of interest was inevitable.

Animal Aid had pressed for the independent Food Standards Agency to take on the role of prosecutor and had lobbied MPs to that effect. But an announcement quietly made on the Attorney General’s website on 12th August stated that the CPS would be taking over the role:

‘The Attorney General and the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced today the transfer of Defra’s prosecution function to the CPS and the remainder of their legal team to the Treasury Solicitor’s Department… Defra Legal’s five prosecution posts will transfer to the CPS…

‘Defra and the CPS have considered carefully the benefits of the changes and agree that the new structure will provide a better strategic fit for prosecutions. The new arrangement will provide greater resilience in the conduct of Defra prosecutions, and the team conducting those cases would have improved access to the range of specialist teams in the CPS that are not available in a small in-house team. The team would also have access to the CPS’s network of advocates serving courts locally.’(2)

Animal Aid’s Head of Campaigns Kate Fowler welcomed the move, saying:

‘We are heartened that future decisions about slaughterhouse prosecutions will fall to the CPS. Defra is much too close to the industry and, as a result of this, many slaughterhouse workers have escaped prosecution, including some whose actions can only be described as sadistic. We hope that this change will lead to the individuals recently filmed burning, kicking and punching pigs at an Essex slaughterhouse being charged and prosecuted.’

Notes to Editors

For additional information or to arrange an interview, contact Kate Fowler or Andrew Tyler on 01732 364546 (out of hours 07918 083 774).

We have an ISDN line available for broadcast quality interviews.

Additional Information

 (1) Animal Aid’s slaughterhouse campaign, including the most recent investigation, can be viewed here:

 (2) The statement on the Attorney General’s website can be found here:,FoodandRuralAffairsandtheCrownProsecutionService.aspx

Animal Aid has filmed covertly inside nine UK slaughterhouses since January 2009 and found breaches of the welfare laws in eight of them. The national organisation has convinced ten of the leading supermarkets plus the leading wholesaler, Booker, to insist that their slaughterhouse suppliers install CCTV. It continues to press for an amendment to the law to make CCTV installation compulsory.

Greece: Stray Pregnant Dog Set Alight – Sample Letter to send Demanding Authorities Find Those Responsible.


Please send message regarding extreme animal abuse:

August 11, 2011

by Stacey

Please send message requesting authorities investigate a dog being set on fire; you may use the Sample Letter but please modify and shorten.


From Foundation for Animal Aid on Crete

Venetia Soulakeli was taking care of a female dog in the back of the factory “Lixnia”, in Kokkinos Milos at the area of Acharnes in Athens, at Friday the 5th. Venetia, as always, went to feed the dog; the poor dog was ready to give birth to her puppies. The dog created her nest for the babies there in the rubbish under chipboard. A few hours later the dog was found burned alive, set on fire while giving birth to her pups. She must have felt horrendous pain from the delivery of the puppies and from the fire, too, because her bowel was out of her body. The pictures speak for themselves.

The so-called “human” who set fire to the rubbish must have seen the dog hidden beneath the chipboard giving birth to her puppies.

Please email the Press Officer of the Ministery of Citizens Protection Headqaurters in Athens to make sure that this is not going to be unpunished and hushed up. They have to do everthing to find the culprit.


EU: Update List on MEPs who Have / Have Not Given Their Support To Written Declaration N° 26/2011 on Dog Population Management in the European Union.



All we ask is a signature to support our work and then move forward and try to take action to stop this for the future. 

For some MEP’s, it is still too much to ask !


Written declaration N° 26/2011 on dog population management in the European Union

Thanks to Paola, we now have a recent listing of MEP’s who have / have not supported this Written Declaration.

Access the MEP listing via the following link:


Under the column ‘Status’, you will see and entry of either ‘1’ or ‘0’.

A ‘1’ entry means that this WD HAS been signed and supported by the MEP detailed.

A ‘0’ means that the WD HAS NOT been supported by the MEP detailed.

Despite their personal views on their political positions, MEPs work for you – they are servants of the people – and you are the people.

We have attempted to get all MEP’s in our own area of SE England to sign up to this WD; and unfortunately, there has been little in the way of a positive response.  We have had some support, which we very much appreciate, but this lack of interest by others is a reflection that many MEP’sd do not work for you, they simply do what they want.  Some of the reasons (excuses) why the WD on dog population management in the EU cannot be supported have been astounding !

Please use the list link provided below to ascertain if your MEP’s have or have not supported this WD.  Please take action to ask them to support it if necessary.

A full list of non supportive MEP’s will be issued nearer the closing time of this WD.

Then you can reflect on the situation and use it to review your voting policy at the next Euro Elections.

Thanks – SAV.

The following below is a response to SAV from the office of Nigel Farage, MEP for South Eastern England; someone happy to take a salary from the Euro parliament and yet someone who is so opposed to its existence !
This is what UKIP is about – not representing EU citizens through their MEPs – but MEPs who at the same time take a salary from the EU.  We suggest that if UKIP wants Uk independence, then all its MEPs pack up working in Europe; give up their MEP salaries and return to work within the Uk.  SAV can operate from within the Uk covering global animal welfare issues; including lots from within the EU.  So why not UKIP MEPs pack it up we ask ? – maybe like so many things nowdays; they want the titles and the salary from the institution which they state they hate so very much.  Odd that !
We say – as for UKIP MEP’s, they are of no significance whatsoever.  Give us MEPs who represent the people; not live in some self opinionated dream world thinking they are lord god almighty.


Mr Farage, and 12 other UKIP-representatives, sit in the EU’s consultative assembly in order to keep watch, and report, on the acrivities of the EU’s institutions and to vote against all the EU’s so-called legislation.  They are electorally mandated to do this.

They have no mandate for recognising the legitimacy of the EU or for calling upon it to do anything other than to dissolve itself.

Some “legislation” appears to contain worthwhile elements, but whether it does or not, it all contributes to increasing the EU’s power, and its erosion of democracy. As for written-declarations, they are of no significance whatever, except as opportunites for EU-propaganda and for the self-aggrandisement of those who propose them.

Even if all the MEPs vote for this (unbinding) written declaration, all the legislative power is in the hands of the Commission who can simply ignore the request.  These Commissioners are not elected by anyone or accountable by the ballot box, but yet create 75% of laws in the UK – We do not recoginse this foreign government or support such a legislative process that is not accountable to the people of Britain.

Yours sincerely

Andrew S. Reed

Office of Nigel Farage