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Dear Mark, I send you my thoughts on the results of popular vote in Turkey. My central idea is: when a people decides for its dictatorship, the whole world is stirring up, but the people do it voluntarily. If we decide for the dictatorship of the animals every day, nobody cares.

Best regards Venus


When the folk decides… Actually I am not active for human rights. I would even say: I left that to other people, they do it better, and I have full respect for them. I do not write about the result in the popular vote in Turkey because I want to comment on it politically.

I see this only as a just tighten for a people that abolish their own rights, as always have done with the animal rights. But this result has sparked great joy for me also for another reason: Turkey is finally out as an EU candidate.

A country with the worst illegality in the transport of animals in Europe, a country of brutal slaughterhouses, remains permanently out of the EU. I do not want to say that if Turkey got soaked, it would have improved. Many countries, however, with similar crimes in animal transport are nevertheless in the EU. But at least the country will not receive any subsidies from the EU.

Strangely, the new dictatorship was chosen according to the will of the people. The same thing we recently had with the democratically elected Trump. By this I will say: a people can vote for (example Turkey) or against (example UK vote) its dictatorship.

These results in Turkey have raised the following question for me: what would be the result of a popular vote in Germany for meat tax. Because mass animal farms produce so much CO2, every meat consumer has to pay tax for the environment and animals.

I guess, and I’m even betting, that about 80% of the interviewees would be against taxation, and they would practically decide further for the dictatorship of the meat barons and the misery of the animals. The animals experience a dictatorship every day according to popular decision: we have decided to torment them, kill, to slaughter, eat, bear, enslave them.

I am therefore against popular decisions, which serve as safeguards of the ruling class. And I am now glad that this people and not only the animals will experience a dictatorship. Although still with a difference: the people has decided for this, the animals have not.





UK: First Initial Signs That (Post Brexit) The UK Will Stop Live Animals Exports..

SAV Comment – As we said a long time ago; if the EU is not going to do anything positive about the long distance transport of animals despite all the evidence presented to them, then the UK leaves the EU and acts independently for a ban.  Here is the current response from the UK government – and although nothing can be done until we officially leave the EU, be assured that UK groups will fight tooth and nail to have a live transport ban in place on the day the UK formally leaves the EU.  The EU may continue as ‘heads in the sand’, complete with their weasel words about better enforcement etc, but the UK will take positive, direct action for better animal welfare and go for the ban.  UK welfare groups will ensure this will be the final outcome.


Dear Mark Johnson,

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “As soon as the UK exits the EU legislate to end the export of live farm animals.”.

Government responded:

The Government would prefer animals to be slaughtered close to the point of production. Once the UK has left the EU, there will be the possibility to consider further measures in this area.

The Government is committed to improving the welfare of animals. The Government share British farmers and the public’s high regard for animal welfare. We are proud to have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

The Government’s position is that we would prefer animals to be slaughtered as close as practicable to their point of production. A trade in meat and meat products is preferable to the long distance transport of animals to slaughter.

Once the UK has left the European Union (EU), there will be the possibility to consider further measures in this area.

Until exit negotiations are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the EU and all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force. During this period the Government will continue to negotiate, implement and apply EU legislation.

We have made clear in Brussels that we support improvements being made to enforcement across the EU of existing rules on the long distance transport of livestock.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Click this link to view the response online:

The Petitions Committee will take a look at this petition and its response. They can press the government for action and gather evidence. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the Committee will consider it for a debate.

The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee:

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament



USA: Earth to Trump: We’ll see you in court.


The Trump resistance has hit high gear. The Washington Post has even noticed, running the headline “The Standoff Between Trump and Green Groups Just Boiled Into War.”

In the wake of Trump’s attacks on the environment, the Center for Biological Diversity’s response has been swift and aggressive. Last week we filed two lawsuits in two days: one to take down Trump’s senseless plan to bring back dirty coal mining on public lands, the other to stop him from ramming the Keystone XL pipeline through thousands of miles of wildlife habitat for as many as 20 rare species, including whooping cranes. The next day we convinced the Oklahoma Bar Association to investigate whether EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt lied to Congress under oath.

You can support our actions with an emergency donation to the Trump Resistance Fund. Thanks to a generous Center member’s matching gift, your dollars will go twice as far.

Trump’s revival of some of the world’s filthiest fossil fuel projects would put us back decades, poison our air and water and edge the climate toward a point of no return. He’s also planning to revoke Obama’s Clean Power Plan and hijack the Paris climate agreement — and he just sneakily signed legislation last night allowing bears and wolves to be slaughtered in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges. If Trump gets his way, his industry friends will get even richer — but the price will be steep and severe for the planet.

Please make a matched gift to the Trump Resistance Fund and join our fight.

Since Trump’s inauguration, we’ve already filed 9 different lawsuits and even more legal actions, including one against the EPA for approving a highly toxic pesticide called Enlist Duo and one we launched today to ban Wildlife Services’ use of M-44 cyanide bombs — the same poisonous landmines that recently injured a 14-year-old boy in Idaho, killed his Labrador retriever Casey, and killed an endangered wolf in Oregon. Every move Trump makes will be countered by the resistance: We’ll fight him in the courts, the streets, and the halls of power.

The Center’s got this — but it’s going to be expensive, and we need you by our side. Resist Trump’s anti-environment agenda with a donation to the Center’s Trump Resistance Fund. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Earth to Trump: We’ll see you in court.


Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. We’re already in the fight of a lifetime with Trump’s White House and the most anti-environment Congress we’ve ever seen. Help us beat them back with an automatic monthly donation.

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England: 3/4/17 – SAV Today Has Update On Issues From The EU. Words That For Animals, Mean Nothing.


3/4/17.  Today we have received the following letter from the EU regarding one of our petitions and the question of stray animals in Serbia as well as the long distance transportation of live animals within the EU and to Turkey.

You can see a full copy of the EU response here:


We are disappointed but not at all surprised by the wording of the EU letter.  Basically, it does very little apart from pass the blame onto everyone else apart from the EU.  As we have always said, the EU is very good at talking the talk; but when it comes to enforcing its own legislation, then the EU is very much outside the enforcement envelope.

On sheets 2 and 3 of the letter you can see we have identified a few statements in the margin using Orange.


Sheet 2 – Notice To Members.


“Most of the issues raised in the petition with regard the management of stray dog populations are not under EU competence”.


Serbia is currently an EU ‘Candidate Country’; getting ready to become an EU member state.  In order to become an EU member state; any hopeful nation has to show it is in full compliance of the EU requirement of showing that it is enforcing the ‘rule of law’ – that it is enforcing its own national legislation within its nation.  As we have shown for the past 10 years or more, Serbia is NOT applying the rule of law as written in existing Serbian legislation when it comes to the welfare of (mainly stray) dogs and cats.


We wanted to make this issue of great importance to the EU Enlargement Commission when considering Serbia’s application to join the EU.  You can see further information about Serbian legislation for stray animals by visiting


But we are disappointed to simply be given the statement that “stray dog populations are not under EU competence”.  We feel that this is action by the EU to simply pass the monitoring game back to individual member states as it always does; who as we have seen in other work (live transport); cannot enforce the EU regulations within their own country.  Why will the EU not introduce stray animal legislation ? – because stray animals do not earn money for member states the same way as meat / live animals do when they are transported to other nations for slaughter.  I guess you could say it is all a question of economics and finance – and stray animals come second !


Effectively; this EU letter gives the green light to Serbia to continue killing stray animals in whatever way it wants even thought they should be given protection under existing Serbian national legislation, as decreed by the Serbian Constitutional Court many years ago (2005).  Put simply, the EU will be happy to take Serbia in as a new EU member state; whilst at the same time ignoring the fact that it does not comply with the EU member state rules of adhering to national law; whilst at the same time continuing to kill animals in the most barbaric and illegal ways.


Moving on to sheet 3 and the issue of the live transport of animals.  Conclusion – Here we read that the EU ‘has launched a 3 year pilot project to develop and disseminate the best practices for animal transport’We are extremely disappointed to read that the EU Commission does not envisage revising the current EU legislation on animal transport but will continue to assist member states in their efforts for its better enforcement.   The words in reality mean nothing.

Please read the excellent report by Animals Angels below – ‘The Myth of Enforcement of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport’.

As we have said so many times in the past; we have ‘head in the sand’ people like Mr Van Goethem and associated EU Commissioners; who should be changing the regulations regularly to better animal welfare and move away form the continual abuses which has been provided to them in so many forms over so many years.  Here are just a few examples:

Video links – evidence to the EU:

A report by Animals Angles evidence to the EU – ‘The Myth of Enforcement

of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport’.

So in conclusion, we have a ‘system’  called the EU – it brags; talks loud and posts so much on its internet service to make anyone in the world think that the system is fantastic.  The reality is, as shown by activists out on the road; and when they / we try to relate failing and their non enforcement to EU legislation, the EU authorities turn the other way and put their heads deep down into the sand.  The EU dopes not want to be shown that anything is wrong in its ‘perfect, paper system’.

Last week the UK triggered Article 50 – we are going to get out and away from these people who are paid big salaries to do things; but whom in reality do nothing.  By leaving and going it alone, the UK will show the world (and the EU) that things are much better when you take back control.  It is the UK against 27 other member states – so we shall see exactly how much control the EU masters have on all their members when Brexit negotiations actually get under way.


Finally, here is some food for thought –



A Perspective From Venus – Stop All Live Exports Through Transport In Their OWN Nation Of Rearing Only.

In relation to our recent post at  and the report by Animals Angels –

I feel that Venus raises a very important point in the following – that being why cannot animals be raised and (unfortunately) slaughtered in their country of origin ?; thus eliminating the need for shipping live animals all over the EU.  We know that it is all to do with subsidies and national export statistics etc, but with the EU currently under a huge amount of pressure on this subject at the moment, maybe we need to take it further.

With Brexit, I am certain that UK groups and campaigners will ensure that the UK government has a ban on live animal exports in place on the day that the UK formally walks away from Europe.  This will be just the start, but will set a precedent in Europe.  What will the rest of the EU do ? – continue to give evidence after evidence to the likes of Mr Van Goethem etc; with nothing done as a reward !

We now need to think further on the way forward and what actions we can take regarding transport and slaughter within the producing member state only.


I also read the really excellent report of the Animals Angels.

According to this report, you ask yourself: what else can we do to ensure that the 8 hours of transportation is in force?

The organization has documented innumerable demented states through protocols, and shocking photos are also available.

The EU Commission does not want to know anything, not even of the 8 hours transport limit.

– we have submitted 1.2 million signatures

– a written statement in support of the European Parliament is also available

– the EU Petitions Committee has been working on this issue since 2012.


The Commission does not want to go a step further; the topic does not interest them at all.

And this confirms once more that it is a money-making machinery.

The EU has no longer any right to exist, it is clear, and we know it.

But, in spite of all this, we have for the time being only this authority to do something for the animals.

I find the petition of the English a very good initiative in this direction.

Perhaps a kind of pressure on the part of the UK will be generated.

If it works out, it would be a good perspective for the 8 hour limit.

However, the crime and terrorism against the animals in the EU area still remain.

I believe that we should focus on slaughter at the national level.

Because the EU Commission has not yet accepted the 8hours transport limit, we should demand that slaughter of the animals be allowed only in slaughterhouses of the country where the animals are kept.


No transport of live animals to slaughterhouses of foreign countries.

Then the shipments would be off.

The transports to Turkey would also be off.

Then we would no longer have the criminal situation that piglets are born in Holland, fattened in Spain and slaughtered in Italy.

Sure, that is much more than the 8 hour debate.

How the EU could create this would be its problem.

For this, the gentlemen are paid to think and find solutions where there are problems.

In the animal sector, the issue is not only about problems, it is about a criminal meat mafia, which operates with the thick EU subsidies undisturbed their criminal work.

I think we have to put more pressure and demand more than we have done so far.





England: Front It !

I guess that in reality I should be labelled as ‘a typical, mainstream European’. 

I have spent many happy times in mainland Europe, and have many friends there.  I campaigned right across the Netherlands with CIWF calling for drastic improvements to farm animal welfare conditions. 

 Above – Campaigning in the Netherlands – 1997.

Until I finished ‘the day job’ to go further into animal welfare, I had some 25 years being involved a great deal / primarily with Panavia ‘Tornado’; a military aircraft project made by a consortium of European nations – UK, Germany and Italy.  At the height of its service, it was the best.  It still is in service with all these air forces, and others including Saudi Arabia.

So, a career on the (European) Tornado; a British European, someone who has great love and respect for the peoples and places of Europe; it was obvious, when we had the UK referendum on continued membership of the EU, I would vote in the ‘Remain’ camp – lets stay as UK members of the EU – Right.

Wrong; big wrong ! – and here is why; what influenced me to vote ‘Leave’ –  to get out of the EU; to vote in favour of the UK packing its bags and opting to go it alone.

Ever since I was a young kid of probably 8 or 9, I sadly witnessed truckloads of live animals heading down to South East Kent ports (Dover etc) for their onward trip into Europe and eventual slaughter. I lived and grew up in Kent county; on the South East corner of England –‘The Gateway to Europe’; the closest and most direct route into Europe.   I knew nothing of the live export trade at the time; apart from the fact that I knew even then that it was wrong to make animals suffer; crammed into trucks for many hours; maybe days; going to their deaths.  I asked questions with family and friends about what I was witnessing as a youngster; but nobody could really give me satisfactory answers to the questions I asked.  I don’t blame any of them; it happened and most people accepted it; but for me, it caused a real problem; and the big question – why should it be allowed to go on ?

In life, with most issues you often have 2 options; you either turn your back and run away to hide from the ‘problem’, or you stand up and ‘front it’ as we say in the UK.  For me, from a young kid onwards, the live animal exports campaign was going to be a ‘front it’ issue – I wanted more – I wanted to be a voice for the suffering animals.  So, one cold and snowy Winter day in 1988 I think it was, I was in the car listening to my local county radio station – ‘Radio Kent’; when they announced that a girl was attempting a demo at Dover port that day against the live trade in exported farm animals.  For me that was it; a ‘front it’ moment for what I so detested.  Despite the snow and rather bad road conditions, I headed off to Dover to take part.  Her name was Trudi and we became very close friends.  We still keep in contact today – what, 30 years on.


Above – Trudi with friend.

Over many years that followed, I continued to join with many other campaigners who had decided to front it for the animals.  There were good times, but there were a lot of bad – we laughed when there was something good, but often we witnessed huge amounts of animal suffering – and we cried together; regularly.  In the early days, I was wrongly led along the garden path in a wonderland direction that informed me that was called EU legislation for the ‘protection’ of all animals in transport – a kind of Dick Whittington situation – all roads leading to London are paved with gold as the story has it.    So why ‘front it’ ? – our wonderful EU are ensuring all is ok, and the bad in the animal transport industry would be hit.  Well, the more I became involved with live export work, the more I learned; and very quickly I learned that existing EU legislation on the protection of animals in transport was about as hard as a marshmallow.  Some would say that knowledge can be a bad thing – but for me it really shone the light on the abuses and ignorance of EU political powers to make things better.

In South East England we campaigned and fought hard – fronting it – for the animals at Dover docks and other SE ports attempting to be used by the animal exporters over the years:  The trade was stopped for a while at Dover; we had won; but then high court action by a haulier forced Dover to take the trade back.  In the meantime; exporters tried anything they could to get their animals into Europe. 

Dover exports – from Mark’s own collection.

Flying calves from Coventry airport in an old busted up plane was one attempt.  It was here that Jill; campaigner and still hero to many; lost her life under the wheels of a calf truck she was trying to stop getting to the airport –

In the following you can see some ‘front it’  footage from our campaigns to stop live exports over the years.  go to 1 min 23 / 24 seconds and 2 mins 18 / 19, 3 mins 28 /29 etc you can see ‘Seal man Robert’ – white jacket with horizontal stripes – who Mark campaigned with on Russian seals; see other articles in ‘About Us’. 


Campaigning against live animal exports in Southern England:


So where are today ? – 25 / 30 years on we all ask ? – the EU must have gotten better in its efforts for live animal export enforcement – right ?

Wrong; the EU has deteriorated from gutter crawling at best on this issue, to a point now where it and its reputation have gone entirely down the drain.  As an Englishman, I considered the issue of the UK leaving the EU long and hard over many months.  Having been a voice at SAV for the last 10 or 11 years also; and having penned some 30 export investigation reports to the EU ‘masters’  over the years; knowing the continual suffering involved in this trade; I had, over time, learned a few things about the EU and its attitude to animal welfare.

And so, last June, I decided to put my vote on the paper and get out of the EU; away from the utterly useless dummies that they have the helm.  Those who can very adequately ‘talk the talk’, but who do very little when reality comes along and asks for enforcement of the (EU) legislation, in the form of prosecutions against member states and / or people involved, to be taken. 

The final issued which swayed my vote was the complete and utter uselessness of people such as Bernard Van Goethem at the EU.  Here we have a Veterinary (I thought they helped suffering animals ! )  working at the EU in Brussels which shows the reality of the way in which Brussels really sees animal suffering and welfare issues.  Have a look at a few of our links to see what Mr ‘I can do nothing’ Van Goethem has said about our live export cause over the last few years.


No, maybe first I should get you to see the excellent video made by the even better friend Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’  in the Netherlands.  This video (one of many) shows the conditions and suffering endured by EU ANIMALS being exported live to Turkey; for slaughter:



Or how about the video from the EU Animal Welfare Eurogroup:

or a video on in-weaned calves and lambs transported in Europe :


A few of our SAV posts relating to live exports:



As Lesley says in her video above,

“We want to know if the EU Regulations and the treaty of Lisbon are being complied with.  After 5 years of sending endless complaints and inspections reports to the responsible authorities, the only conclusion to draw is that animals exported top third counties are NOT protected at all.  This trade is a systematic violation of Article 13  of the Treaty of Lisbon.  Behind the statistics and legislative promises there has only been suffering”.


There is an answer – to get OUT of the EU.  Donald Tusk and all his merry men, the un elected Commissioners; sit like tin pot gods in their crumbling ivory tower.  They have no interest or cares for the issues and the citizens of Europe; only themselves and their mighty powers at the top of the outdated institution called the ‘EU’. 

The UK has decided to do the wise thing and get out – several other EU nations are looking at what happens on this before they have the guts to act and follow.  By being independent, the UK will ensure that, though the endless work and campaigns of groups and citizens, that animal welfare is put higher up the tree than it already is under so called ‘EU legislation’.  The UK WILL STOP all live animal exports – we can guarantee that; currently only the UK and its EU membership has stopped it (UK) from taking independent action. The UK government will listen to its citizens when it goes it alone – we will ensure that as part of the ‘front it’ campaigns; for animals, human rights, whatever !

Now we read that self glorified Donald Tusk is trying to act the hard man for the EU.


What a pity he could not act the hard man when it came to making sure the EU enforced existing EU Regulations and rules.  HIS LACK OF ACTION is the very reason why nations such as the UK are now going to go it alone.

The Tusk Junker Ivory Tower called the EU has had its first brick now removed..  There will be others, we can be sure of that.  Lack of decent EU management has commenced the crumbling of the EU.  But then what else can you expect with the Junkers, Tusks and Van Goethems doing nothing with regard to listening the the citizens of Europe ! – they are the ones to blame.

Time will tell; but by remaining in the EU and witnessing its crap legislation, which exists only on paper, but not in reality, current member states will continue to submit endless reports and evidence – only for it to be utterly ignored by the hieracrchy of the EU – the Commissioners and such like.  We know this because of the evidence we have presented for the last 11 years on the situation for stray animals in Serbia.  Despite presenting untold evidence to Commissioner Hahn and his staff at the ‘EU Enlargement Commission’ on non compliances of the rule of law by Serbia; we have been utterly ignored; just like Lesley and the situation in Turkey.


Above – Serbian sheep being exported – compliance with EU Regulation 1/2005 ?

Given to the EU Enlargement Commission as Evidence of Non Compliance – Result :  Evidence Ignored.

Now Serbia is going through the phase of ‘Candidate Country’ to become a member of the EU.  No doubt the EU will be all hugs and kisses if Serbia joins, and to hell with the enforcement of rules and regulations – they don’t enforce now; so why do it in the future ! – much the same could also be said for the EU and its paper legislation.


The reality is very different to what is documented ! 

Remember – brick No 1 (UK) of the EU has now been removed.  There will be many more.  ?  Finland next ?

Like the Phoenix, will the EU rise again from its ashes ? – only when the blinkered fools at the top are replaced and the citizens of Europe, and their wishes, are actually listened to and followed up with hard, formal actions.

I voted for the UK to leave the dying tower called the EU – probably the best move I have made in a very long time.

Now we watch to see if others in Europe actually front it, or do they simply walk away – Status Quo and all that.


EU – Listen, Act and Enforce – or Face the Consequences !





“Most important is the smell of blood”! Thoughts on the strategy in animal protection.

The ARD-Wirtschaftsmagazin (economic TV show in the German channel 1) has made a study about the fur purchase.
The following results were obtained:
76 percent of the customers who consciously opt for real fur know the media reports about animal suffering on the farms.

More than 60 percent of the genuine fur carriers surveyed bought fur from the animal on purpose. The main reasons are appearance, wearing comfort, how it feels, and value for money.

But animal protection plays hardly a part in the purchase decision “.
So we are dealing with a moral bankruptcy.

I guess the results of a survey on meat consumption would be even more tragic.
Such results bring our faith, our struggle, our morality into despair. They force us to think about our strategy.
How should we continue?
Was our strategy perhaps wrong?
Was it one-sided, or weak?

I believe we have focused our strategy far too much on changing this society from below, we have believed in a change that would come from demand.

I am firmly convinced that we should intensify political pressure and make alternative offers for consumers.

I still remember how the ban on smoking came.
Over one night it became the outlet model, the tobacco industry was under enormous pressure and money losses.
How did it happen?
I do not know, but I know for sure: the tobacco industry was just as powerful as the meat industry; no one expected such a ban.
It was a purely political pressure, and it worked.
The smoking consumption has declined, the cigarette prices have skyrocketed.

So a change with the help of the policy I can imagine also with the meat consumption.
High tax due to environmental disruption, which goes to the account of the meat production, increase of health insurance contributions for meat eaters, class action lawsuits against fast food chains, etc.

The other way would be to offer strong and realistic alternatives to the meat, with good advertising and persuasion from the media.
I must confess, the idea gave me the article in the magazine “Der Spiegel”, with the spectacular title “Most important is the smell of blood”!
In a few years, the American physician Pat Brawn wants to bring herbal meat onto the market. That’s not new.

What is new is the strong and effective campaign of persuasion that accompanies his concept: “We will only be successful if the consumer prefers our meat to the animal-made meat … We have made a firm commitment to produce the whole mince in the world this way. And we mean that completely seriously. If people eat a burger in 50 years, they will not be made of beef.

In the future, because of the enormous environmental risk from meat production, the “real” consumption of meat is taxed by the state very high until the meat consumption is forced to move on to plant meat.
A convincing alternative is already on offer. ”

Such a double strategy gives us hope for a radical change for the good of the animals.


with my best regards to you, dear Mark, and all