England: Front It !

I guess that in reality I should be labelled as ‘a typical, mainstream European’. 

I have spent many happy times in mainland Europe, and have many friends there.  I campaigned right across the Netherlands with CIWF calling for drastic improvements to farm animal welfare conditions. 

 Above – Campaigning in the Netherlands – 1997.

Until I finished ‘the day job’ to go further into animal welfare, I had some 25 years being involved a great deal / primarily with Panavia ‘Tornado’; a military aircraft project made by a consortium of European nations – UK, Germany and Italy.  At the height of its service, it was the best.  It still is in service with all these air forces, and others including Saudi Arabia.



So, a career on the (European) Tornado; a British European, someone who has great love and respect for the peoples and places of Europe; it was obvious, when we had the UK referendum on continued membership of the EU, I would vote in the ‘Remain’ camp – lets stay as UK members of the EU – Right.

Wrong; big wrong ! – and here is why; what influenced me to vote ‘Leave’ –  to get out of the EU; to vote in favour of the UK packing its bags and opting to go it alone.

Ever since I was a young kid of probably 8 or 9, I sadly witnessed truckloads of live animals heading down to South East Kent ports (Dover etc) for their onward trip into Europe and eventual slaughter. I lived and grew up in Kent county; on the South East corner of England –‘The Gateway to Europe’; the closest and most direct route into Europe.   I knew nothing of the live export trade at the time; apart from the fact that I knew even then that it was wrong to make animals suffer; crammed into trucks for many hours; maybe days; going to their deaths.  I asked questions with family and friends about what I was witnessing as a youngster; but nobody could really give me satisfactory answers to the questions I asked.  I don’t blame any of them; it happened and most people accepted it; but for me, it caused a real problem; and the big question – why should it be allowed to go on ?

In life, with most issues you often have 2 options; you either turn your back and run away to hide from the ‘problem’, or you stand up and ‘front it’ as we say in the UK.  For me, from a young kid onwards, the live animal exports campaign was going to be a ‘front it’ issue – I wanted more – I wanted to be a voice for the suffering animals.  So, one cold and snowy Winter day in 1988 I think it was, I was in the car listening to my local county radio station – ‘Radio Kent’; when they announced that a girl was attempting a demo at Dover port that day against the live trade in exported farm animals.  For me that was it; a ‘front it’ moment for what I so detested.  Despite the snow and rather bad road conditions, I headed off to Dover to take part.  Her name was Trudi and we became very close friends.  We still keep in contact today – what, 30 years on.


Above – Trudi with friend.

Over many years that followed, I continued to join with many other campaigners who had decided to front it for the animals.  There were good times, but there were a lot of bad – we laughed when there was something good, but often we witnessed huge amounts of animal suffering – and we cried together; regularly.  In the early days, I was wrongly led along the garden path in a wonderland direction that informed me that was called EU legislation for the ‘protection’ of all animals in transport – a kind of Dick Whittington situation – all roads leading to London are paved with gold as the story has it.    So why ‘front it’ ? – our wonderful EU are ensuring all is ok, and the bad in the animal transport industry would be hit.  Well, the more I became involved with live export work, the more I learned; and very quickly I learned that existing EU legislation on the protection of animals in transport was about as hard as a marshmallow.  Some would say that knowledge can be a bad thing – but for me it really shone the light on the abuses and ignorance of EU political powers to make things better.

In South East England we campaigned and fought hard – fronting it – for the animals at Dover docks and other SE ports attempting to be used by the animal exporters over the years:  The trade was stopped for a while at Dover; we had won; but then high court action by a haulier forced Dover to take the trade back.  In the meantime; exporters tried anything they could to get their animals into Europe. 

Dover exports – from Mark’s own collection.

Flying calves from Coventry airport in an old busted up plane was one attempt.  It was here that Jill; campaigner and still hero to many; lost her life under the wheels of a calf truck she was trying to stop getting to the airport –




In the following you can see some ‘front it’  footage from our campaigns to stop live exports over the years.  go to 1 min 23 / 24 seconds and 2 mins 18 / 19, 3 mins 28 /29 etc you can see ‘Seal man Robert’ – white jacket with horizontal stripes – who Mark campaigned with on Russian seals; see other articles in ‘About Us’.  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/ 


Campaigning against live animal exports in Southern England:







So where are today ? – 25 / 30 years on we all ask ? – the EU must have gotten better in its efforts for live animal export enforcement – right ?

Wrong; the EU has deteriorated from gutter crawling at best on this issue, to a point now where it and its reputation have gone entirely down the drain.  As an Englishman, I considered the issue of the UK leaving the EU long and hard over many months.  Having been a voice at SAV for the last 10 or 11 years also; and having penned some 30 export investigation reports to the EU ‘masters’  over the years; knowing the continual suffering involved in this trade; I had, over time, learned a few things about the EU and its attitude to animal welfare.

And so, last June, I decided to put my vote on the paper and get out of the EU; away from the utterly useless dummies that they have the helm.  Those who can very adequately ‘talk the talk’, but who do very little when reality comes along and asks for enforcement of the (EU) legislation, in the form of prosecutions against member states and / or people involved, to be taken. 

The final issued which swayed my vote was the complete and utter uselessness of people such as Bernard Van Goethem at the EU.  Here we have a Veterinary (I thought they helped suffering animals ! )  working at the EU in Brussels which shows the reality of the way in which Brussels really sees animal suffering and welfare issues.  Have a look at a few of our links to see what Mr ‘I can do nothing’ Van Goethem has said about our live export cause over the last few years.


No, maybe first I should get you to see the excellent video made by the even better friend Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’ http://www.eyesonanimals.com/  in the Netherlands.  This video (one of many) shows the conditions and suffering endured by EU ANIMALS being exported live to Turkey; for slaughter:





Or how about the video from the EU Animal Welfare Eurogroup:


or a video on in-weaned calves and lambs transported in Europe :



A few of our SAV posts relating to live exports:











As Lesley says in her video above,

“We want to know if the EU Regulations and the treaty of Lisbon are being complied with.  After 5 years of sending endless complaints and inspections reports to the responsible authorities, the only conclusion to draw is that animals exported top third counties are NOT protected at all.  This trade is a systematic violation of Article 13  of the Treaty of Lisbon.  Behind the statistics and legislative promises there has only been suffering”.


There is an answer – to get OUT of the EU.  Donald Tusk and all his merry men, the un elected Commissioners; sit like tin pot gods in their crumbling ivory tower.  They have no interest or cares for the issues and the citizens of Europe; only themselves and their mighty powers at the top of the outdated institution called the ‘EU’. 

The UK has decided to do the wise thing and get out – several other EU nations are looking at what happens on this before they have the guts to act and follow.  By being independent, the UK will ensure that, though the endless work and campaigns of groups and citizens, that animal welfare is put higher up the tree than it already is under so called ‘EU legislation’.  The UK WILL STOP all live animal exports – we can guarantee that; currently only the UK and its EU membership has stopped it (UK) from taking independent action. The UK government will listen to its citizens when it goes it alone – we will ensure that as part of the ‘front it’ campaigns; for animals, human rights, whatever !

Now we read that self glorified Donald Tusk is trying to act the hard man for the EU. 



What a pity he could not act the hard man when it came to making sure the EU enforced existing EU Regulations and rules.  HIS LACK OF ACTION is the very reason why nations such as the UK are now going to go it alone.

The Tusk Junker Ivory Tower called the EU has had its first brick now removed..  There will be others, we can be sure of that.  Lack of decent EU management has commenced the crumbling of the EU.  But then what else can you expect with the Junkers, Tusks and Van Goethems doing nothing with regard to listening the the citizens of Europe ! – they are the ones to blame.

Time will tell; but by remaining in the EU and witnessing its crap legislation, which exists only on paper, but not in reality, current member states will continue to submit endless reports and evidence – only for it to be utterly ignored by the hieracrchy of the EU – the Commissioners and such like.  We know this because of the evidence we have presented for the last 11 years on the situation for stray animals in Serbia.  Despite presenting untold evidence to Commissioner Hahn and his staff at the ‘EU Enlargement Commission’ on non compliances of the rule of law by Serbia; we have been utterly ignored; just like Lesley and the situation in Turkey.


Above – Serbian sheep being exported – compliance with EU Regulation 1/2005 ?

Given to the EU Enlargement Commission as Evidence of Non Compliance – Result :  Evidence Ignored.

Now Serbia is going through the phase of ‘Candidate Country’ to become a member of the EU.  No doubt the EU will be all hugs and kisses if Serbia joins, and to hell with the enforcement of rules and regulations – they don’t enforce now; so why do it in the future ! – much the same could also be said for the EU and its paper legislation.


The reality is very different to what is documented ! 

Remember – brick No 1 (UK) of the EU has now been removed.  There will be many more.  ?  Finland next ?

Like the Phoenix, will the EU rise again from its ashes ? – only when the blinkered fools at the top are replaced and the citizens of Europe, and their wishes, are actually listened to and followed up with hard, formal actions.

I voted for the UK to leave the dying tower called the EU – probably the best move I have made in a very long time.

Now we watch to see if others in Europe actually front it, or do they simply walk away – Status Quo and all that.


EU – Listen, Act and Enforce – or Face the Consequences !





“Most important is the smell of blood”! Thoughts on the strategy in animal protection.

The ARD-Wirtschaftsmagazin (economic TV show in the German channel 1) has made a study about the fur purchase.
The following results were obtained:
76 percent of the customers who consciously opt for real fur know the media reports about animal suffering on the farms.

More than 60 percent of the genuine fur carriers surveyed bought fur from the animal on purpose. The main reasons are appearance, wearing comfort, how it feels, and value for money.

But animal protection plays hardly a part in the purchase decision “.
So we are dealing with a moral bankruptcy.

I guess the results of a survey on meat consumption would be even more tragic.
Such results bring our faith, our struggle, our morality into despair. They force us to think about our strategy.
How should we continue?
Was our strategy perhaps wrong?
Was it one-sided, or weak?

I believe we have focused our strategy far too much on changing this society from below, we have believed in a change that would come from demand.

I am firmly convinced that we should intensify political pressure and make alternative offers for consumers.

I still remember how the ban on smoking came.
Over one night it became the outlet model, the tobacco industry was under enormous pressure and money losses.
How did it happen?
I do not know, but I know for sure: the tobacco industry was just as powerful as the meat industry; no one expected such a ban.
It was a purely political pressure, and it worked.
The smoking consumption has declined, the cigarette prices have skyrocketed.

So a change with the help of the policy I can imagine also with the meat consumption.
High tax due to environmental disruption, which goes to the account of the meat production, increase of health insurance contributions for meat eaters, class action lawsuits against fast food chains, etc.

The other way would be to offer strong and realistic alternatives to the meat, with good advertising and persuasion from the media.
I must confess, the idea gave me the article in the magazine “Der Spiegel”, with the spectacular title “Most important is the smell of blood”!
In a few years, the American physician Pat Brawn wants to bring herbal meat onto the market. That’s not new.

What is new is the strong and effective campaign of persuasion that accompanies his concept: “We will only be successful if the consumer prefers our meat to the animal-made meat … We have made a firm commitment to produce the whole mince in the world this way. And we mean that completely seriously. If people eat a burger in 50 years, they will not be made of beef.

In the future, because of the enormous environmental risk from meat production, the “real” consumption of meat is taxed by the state very high until the meat consumption is forced to move on to plant meat.
A convincing alternative is already on offer. ”

Such a double strategy gives us hope for a radical change for the good of the animals.


with my best regards to you, dear Mark, and all





UK: Are Hunts Spreading BovineTB?


Are hunts spreading bovineTB?
Contact the government and ask them to suspend all hunting


SAV Comment – but badgers are paying the price – currently being killed by Defra in selected zones.

Bovine TB, the disease ravaging herds of cattle across England and Wales, has been discovered in a pack of hounds used for fox hunting. Between 25 and 40 hounds from this pack have already been put down.

However, we estimate that there are more than 3,000 hunting hounds in the bTb epidemic zone alone, which may be out in the countryside an average of two days a week during the six-month hunting season.

Hunting needs to be suspended indefinitely to ensure that the thousands of hounds used in the ‘sport’ cannot spread the disease.

If the hounds infected each other, they may have infected other packs when taken out to country shows. It is also possible that beagles or harrier packs, that may share the same fields, are also at risk of getting infected.

If other packs of hounds were invited as guests in the Kimblewick Hunt’s territory, those hounds could have been infected in the same way, and then taken the disease to their own territory when they returned home.

The ramifications of this are staggering not only for the British countryside, but those who live in it and those who enjoy it.


Please contact Defra and ask them to urgently suspend hunting to prevent further outbreak.




LACS Website:  https://www.league.org.uk/


SAV Comment – note the LACS have a new logo; but they are still the same campaign group as we have always supported.


Old Logo:



UK: A Letter To Mr. Chope – The ‘Helper’ Of Suffering UK Circus Animals.


As you can see from our recent post (link below); yet again, a Conservative MP, Mr Christopher Chope, talked out a ban on the use of animals in UK circuses in Parliament last week.




We have now combined with Venus to produce a response; or you could call it ‘an appeal’ ?, to Mr Chope about the situation for all circus animals, wherever in the world they may be suffering.

This issue of UK circus animals is being discussed in UK Parliament again on 24th March.  How will Mr Chope act then we have to ask ? – yet again defending animal abuse; or joining the vast majority of UK citizens who have been calling for a ban for well in excess of 11 years; as proven by the MAFF Public Consultation taken but never acted on, more than a decade ago.



We will watch with great interest the events of 24th March and the actions of Mr Chope.  Naturally we will provide an update soon after.

In the meantime; here below is our simple letter to Mr Chope.

Will it make him think ? – the 24th of March will tell ! – we wait and see with interest – SAV.

Our letter to Mr. Chope – with hope for circus animals !



When a tiger and a bear are forced to ride on horseback in a circus show, these are things that only thrill a stupid audience and so-called ‘politician’ types such as Christopher Chope.

But in reality, all this performance really shows is forced animal suffering and torture, which the civilized, understanding people of this world call ‘animal cruelty’.

There are two categories of people who would advocate any circus that uses wild animals: One is the ignorant braindead who pays his entrance fee to watch suffering, the other is the politician, who benefits from it !

The fact that in nature, a tiger never lives together with a lion in the free wilderness should even provoke suspicion by the ignorant, that this abnormal coexistence is only possible under the power and control of the demon circus animal trainer.

The traces of torture on the backs of, or in the eyes of the animals, are proof of what these animals must suffer and endure constantly. Perhaps with the ignorant the suffering is overlooked; but as animal advocates,we see it, because they are visible scars on sentient beings.

These traces of torture on skin and in eyes are the real evidence of the circus life.



Circus animals are captive wild animals. They live in direct contact with humans. To control these wild animals and to show them as circus attractions, they are not given a life of sweetness and tender care, like most of the attending, hand clapping drag knuckles believe. The ‘control’ happens with abominable cruelty. Regular blows with sharp hooks and current surges make them pliable. These animal cruel rituals take place at night, when the office doctors sleep, or in dark corners of the circus tents, far from the eyes of the paying public.

Elephants are chained by the leg in a stable tent all their lives; whenever they are not used as a pathetic visual tool for drag knuckle eyes. Lions and tigers live a life imprisoned in cages surrounded by their own excrement, enduring a pitiful ‘life’ that is nothing but lonely and captive.

Their freedom ? – only when they die and the time comes for them to be released from their eternal torment and suffering; and the captivity of a travelling ‘beast wagon’.



And now once again, the politicians are in play.

Dragging out their speeches to prevent an end to the suffering, transportation and cruelty.

What do you personally get from all this, Mr.Chope?

Sure, morality and ethics are obviously not on your list of cultural achievements, but your personal dulling is not enough, as a reason, to advocate the cruel business of the wild animal circus.

Anyone who has a bit more empathy than you, would suspect, that possibly you have a personal interest in the conservation of this animal-trafficking business. An economic interest, I mean. From your web page, I quote:

Chris is here to help, regardless of how you vote, so please feel free to get in touch”!

 Absolutely ridiculous, Mr. Chope! –

The circus wildlife you have “helped” at the request of the British citizen – where are they now ?

In February 2017 your actions prevented any help for circus animals; and though your actions they continue to live in slavery and torture.

You have personally helped slavery continue to exist in the Circuses of England.

As long as circus animals are kept as slaves, are tortured, are abused with your personal consent, because you consider it ‘right’, no one will ever believe that you want to ‘help’.

And this ignorance of yours thus prevents us from having any further communication with you ‘the helper’, because we are the people with compassion, who don´t support the cruel business of the animal circus.

Prove to us you want to help as you declare, on March 24, 2017, and give your voice against the barbarism inflicted on the circus animal – show us real proof that you really want to help as your site declares.

Venus / Mark.








USA: Things Will Get Hotter, Dirtier and More Pollutive Under The New Emperor.



… but you know what USA; you voted for him !!!



Last night, President Trump made his first speech to the joint session of Congress — a speech in which he pledged to work with both parties to “promote clean air and clean water.”

But talk is cheap. Look at what he’s actually doing. Just hours before the speech, Trump issued a new executive order revoking President Obama’s landmark Clean Water Rule, which protects drinking water sources for 117 million Americans.

And his pledge to protect clean air?

His proposed 25% budget cut to the EPA would cripple the agency’s ability to monitor smog and other dangerous pollutants and enforce bedrock environmental laws.

What’s more, Trump affirmed his commitment to bulldoze ahead with the destructive Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelinesdirty fossil fuel projects we know will jeopardize our clean air and water and drive more climate-wrecking carbon pollution.

NRDC is already fighting back on multiple fronts to defend our environment, our climate and our health. And more than ever, we need you to stand with us. Slashing critical funding for the EPA could force the agency to cut 1 in 5 of its employees and make it virtually impossible for the agency to do its job of standing up to industrial polluters, cutting climate pollution and enforcing fundamental laws that protect our air, water and health.

And it’s Trump’s new EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt — a climate denier who filed 14 different lawsuits to undermine the very agency he is now leadingwho’s in charge of our environmental future.

Vital EPA functions could be eliminated by Trump’s and Pruitt’s promised budget cuts, including:

  • Cleaning up oil spills

  • Monitoring and limiting climate-wrecking pollution from power plants and cars and trucks, smog and other air pollutants that threaten our health

  • Implementing energy efficiency programs for appliances, computers and other products

  • Ensuring the safety of chemicals in consumer products and pesticides in our food

  • Protecting our clean air and drinking water, lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands — programs which comprise some 40% of the EPA’s total budget

That’s why it’s up to people like you, me and our 2.6 million NRDC members and activists around the country and around the world to defend our planet and future generations of Americans. Support NRDC as a Monthly Partner and you become the backbone of our grassroots team. Every monthly gift you make is tax-deductible and goes directly toward helping NRDC fight the Trump administration’s anti-environment assault and defend our environment on all fronts.

Nobody voted in November for dirty water, polluted air, and climate chaos.

With your help, we’ll fight as hard as we can to protect our clean air and water, our climate and our health — in the courtroom, in Washington, and in town hall meetings, rallies and local government offices across the country. Please stand with us.

Thank you for your support.


Rhea Suh President, NRDC









UK: Outside of The EU, The UK Can Be A Stronger Voice For Animal Welfare.



SAV Comment: 

As we said at the start of the ‘in / out’ EU elections in the UK in 2016; we have always felt that for animal welfare, the UK can continue to grow stronger on this issue when outside of the EU.  It is very interesting to read the comment from Theresa which says:

Live exports would probably have been banned long ago if Westminster not Brussels had been the decision-maker. It is time this cruel trade was stopped once and for all and I would like to see a ban come into force on the day we leave the EU”.

This is just one small issue in Europe (but a big campaign for us !) that the EU in Brussels is not really addressing, despite all the evidence provided to them showing the cruelty on a daily basis.  The UK will hopefully take back control on this issue.  As we said before, UK welfare groups can only grow stronger campaigning outside of the EU, and fight across all aspects for better welfare, INCLUDING (new) animal welfare negotiations with new nations when trade deals are established.  For example, we could fight to ensure that Chinese fur products are never allowed into the UK; and we could use our campaigns to ensure that the UK government always puts animal welfare on its list of ‘to do’s’ when discussing new trade deals.

The Junker / Van Goethem ignorance and ‘EU do nothing’ attitude is about to change in the UK.  We hope that other current EU member states see things from our angle and that by going it alone, they can take back control of their own regulations and set newer, higher standards; or in the case of the UK and animal welfare, fight to make thins even better than they currently are under EU rules.





Theresa Villiers MP will seek assurances from the (UK) Government that animal standards will at least remain at current levels when the UK leaves the EU.


High standards of animal welfare is one of the hallmarks of a civilised society. We have a long tradition in this country (UK) of protecting animals, often many years before others follow.

Around 80% of animal welfare rules are part of EU law. Leaving the EU means we have the chance to reaffirm our support for the highest standards of animal welfare.

It also gives us the opportunity to strengthen protection for animals as we design a new system of farm support to replace the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

In the debate I have tabled in Parliament, I will call on the Government to ensure that the forthcoming Great Repeal Bill maintains animal welfare standards at a level at least as high as they are today.

That does not necessarily mean every dot and comma of EU law in this area needs to be set in stone. There may be legislative options which maintain prevailing standards, but deliver that outcome in a more flexible way that better suits our domestic circumstances.

But the end result should be retention, not dilution, of laws which safeguard farm animals in this country; and our goal for the future should be further strengthening of that protection.

Food and farming is one of the most important sectors in the UK economy. We should use the CAP replacement to incentivise a move away from intensive industrial farming methods such as zero-grazing for dairy herds. Not only can intensive farming lead to unnecessary animal suffering, it can also involve the over-use of antimicrobials contributing to antibiotic resistance problems.

Continued financial support for agriculture is vital if we are to maintain high animal welfare standards. Whilst methods of good animal husbandry are being developed to keep the costs of maintaining animal welfare standards at reasonable levels, humane forms of agriculture will often cost more than intensive industrial production.

So agricultural support payments will be needed to ensure food produced with high welfare standards is not priced out of the market by cheaper less compassionate alternatives.

It will also be important to ensure that animal welfare is a significant consideration in future trade talks. We should not be afraid to ask those countries who wish to sell into our market to commit to acceptable standards of animal welfare. This should be reconcilable with WTO obligations, so long as a consistent approach is taken to different countries.

And lastly I will ask Ministers to bring forward legislation to bring to an end the export of live animals for slaughter in mainland Europe (exports to Ireland across our land border don’t give rise to the same concerns and should continue).

The enforcement of rules protecting animals transported over long distances is patchy and great suffering can occur. Live exports would probably have been banned long ago if Westminster not Brussels had been the decision-maker.

It is time this cruel trade was stopped once and for all and I would like to see a ban come into force on the day we leave the EU.

Theresa Villiers is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet




Reproduced without edit from:  https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/economy/agriculture/opinion/house-commons/82628/theresa-villiers-mp-leaving-eu-allows-uk



Other related articles:


Brexit: UK vets to remain ‘outward looking’ in securing animal welfare standards:






The EU is in a deep economic, structural and moral crisis.


Update 13/2/17 – Jean Claude Junker; ‘Mr EU’; Is Now Quitting.

Very welcomed by many EU citizens who HAVE NOT BEEN LISTENED TO by him and all of his Commission mates.  Why have we in the animal welfare lobby been completely IGNORED by Junker and Co when we have shown all the evidence of abuses of EU animals exported live to Turkey for example.

For example – here is just some of the evidence which you and Mr Van Goethem have IGNORED, and failed to act upon:






Do you think that people go through hell to get this evidence (above) just as some crappy joke ?   –  No. they do it with the hope that people like you will act.


Mr Junker; you have had your day; you have not listened and acted for the better – so we welcome your removal with open arms – Bye !



This above is INACTION by Junker and his Commission mates.

EU Regulation 1/2005 on the ‘protection of animals during transport’

WHAT A JOKE you could say; but there is nothing funny about it !


Above – Another busy day at the EU headquarters.


The Social Democratic Party of Germany nominates Martin Schultz as chancellor candidate for the upcoming elections.

You get the useless President of the European Parliament (Schultz) out of his post and give him the chance to prove his entire incapacity this time as a chancellor.
The fact that the Schultz did not even have a high school diploma and is still nominated as chancellor, wonders no one.
Meanwhile, all know that almost none of the EU deputies has ever done a decent job in his life.

Soon all those who now receive a fortune as a salary for doing nothing will remain unemployed.
They will be fired.

The EU is in a deep economic, structural and moral crisis.

The EU has failed!
Greece, Portugal and Ireland cannot survive within the euro.
And whoever thinks that gloomy financial forecasts affect only these countries will soon be disappointed.

If someone had said 10 years ago, that UK leaves the EU, the EU officials would have laughed.

Today it is reality and no one laughs.

In this way, the British have shown the way to democracy and independence.
It will not be the last member leaving the EU, that’s fact!
Unjustified officials who have not been elected lead the EU institution that day by day contribute to the destruction of democracy.
People no longer want this destroying model of Europe.

These people are demonstrating on the streets that legislation and agreements should be respected and that democracy must not be destroyed.


And in animal protection in Europe, it does not look any better.
This non-functioning institution regards crime, corruption, exploitation against animals as trivial.
Since the EU has been there, the misery of humans and animals has increased.
Thousands or even millions of people have expressed petitions during the last 5 years to end the misery of animals on highways, laboratories, shelters, slaughterhouses.

Without accepting the truth about the massive and documented droughts, the EU officials and “leaders” have spoken and worked against the welfare of the animals.
And thus also against the laws adopted by themselves.


We, animal protectionists, have been looking for talks with those responsible, we have begged that EU laws and Regulations are respected, and have always been treated as annoying enemies.

Why is the EU doing as if things are going well?
Because the officials do not want to lose their well-paid jobs.
Because when the truth comes to light, Junker, Barroso, Van Goethem, Andriukaitis and Co. will become unemployed after the next EU elections.
All those who sit there and claim to be the huts of democracy and animal welfare will all be fired.
I wish it and I will fight for it.


with Regards to you, dear Mark and to all!






 SAV Comment:

Very true Venus – for years and years we have attempted to show ‘EU officials’ where animal welfare is going wrong.  We have provided both written and video evidence – Animal suffering in Serbia – an EU ‘Candidate County’.  We have told the EU that Serbia is non compliant with the ‘Rule of Law’ – the basic requirement for any new member state to even be considered for EU membership.  We have shown all the evidence on the factory farms of the EU, the endless abuses.  We have provided video evidence of non compliance with ‘EU Regulations’ protecting (Ha !) animals during their suffering on the roads of the EU; and especially going to Turkey.  Mr Van Goethem holds up his hands and says that he can do nothing; despite being an official at the EU !

Europe is on the brink and Junker is making sure that he gets out in time so that his ‘expertise in failure’ can be used (and paid very richly for no doubt) elsewhere.

Here are just a few media links of the past week to show what utter crisis all the top officials are leaving the EU in.  EU officials who have NEVER listened to the people of the EU.  Now they are at crisis point because of their ignorance; a ‘brink’ that they will possibly not be able to recover from.  And the worst part – citizens of the EU states will suffer because of these over self opinionated idiots !

EU ON THE BRINK: Martin Schulz warns bloc could ‘FALL APART’ after Brexit:



Marine Le Pen tops ANOTHER poll as support for rival Fillon plummets following scandal



EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker ‘will not seek second term’



“Some countries would like more Europe. Others find that we already have too much Europe,” he said.