Catalonia (Spain) – Liberation from the EU ?

Dear Mark, because in two weeks the referendum for the independence of catalonia takes place, I wanted to write some thoughts about it.

Liberation from the EU

The Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont has announced that on 1 October 2017, a referendum on the independence of the Catalonia region from Spain will take place. The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rahoy, illegally criminalized the vote of the Catalans and announced that he would go against the referendum “by all means”. Spanish media reports that the central government is planning to send 4,000 policemen to Catalonia to prevent the referendum.

On 1 October, on the day of the election, the officials are to seize urns and voting material. The prosecutor’s office in Spain has criminalized more than 700 mayors from the region of Catalonia and invited them to a hearing. Whoever does not come, is arrested. This is reminiscent of the old, black times of Franco, but does not surprise anyone. Because the majority of the People’s Party (Partido Popular), is nevertheless from the right corner.

“Can anybody in the Western world seriously believe that if 75 percent of the (Catalan) mayors are arrested, they help to solve the problem?” Asked Catalan Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont. All this is happening in an EU country, but the EU is silent, and ahead of all, the President of the EU Commission Juncker. He had announced a press conference on 12.09.2017, which he cancelled! Nevertheless, one can guess how Juncker thinks about the Catalan referendum.

He considers the idea of an independent Catalonia to be a complete nonsense. It would harm its EU politically and economically because an independent country is no longer a member of the EU. Juncker, of course, does not say such a thing, because the consequences of this press conference would be easily imaginable: the Catalan people would have placed alongside the enemy image Madrid the enemy image Brussels. In addition, Scotland could reinstate its independence efforts. That is why Juncker has canceled his press conference and the EU is silent. If their political and economic interest is in danger, then the EU is silent.

The Catalan Prime Minister, Carles Puigdemont, said: “If a majority vote with ‘yes’ at the referendum, we have probably deserved the right to be heard from such people as Mr Junker, for example. They are probably under pressure from Madrid, but I’ve said so many times, and I say it now, in a democracy, the right to ignore someone does not exist. “

But Juncker and his friend Rahoy, do not hold much of democracy. That is why I think that the best for Catalonia would be to leave not only Spain, but also the EU.

I want to finish my thoughts with a sentence from Assange:

@JulianAssange If today is a guide on Oct 1 Europe will birth a new 7.5m nation or civil war. Front page news English media hide. …

19:32 – 11. Sep. 2017

My best regards to you an all






UK RESIDENTS ONLY ACTION – Strong Suggestion That UK Will Ban Live Animal Exports After Brexit (Leaving the EU). Thank Mr. Gove For A Positive Comment.

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has suggested that Britain may end the cruel UK live export trade after Brexit.

IF YOU ARE UK RESIDENT ONLY – Please email him today, welcoming this suggestion and urging him to act.


Above – Minister Gove with canine friend.

Compassion’s investigators have just arrived back from the Turkish/Bulgarian border, where they have been documenting the condition of animals in transit.


SAV Comment – click on this link above to read more about what the investigators found and as always, where EU law for animals in transport is being breached. 

An issue we have shown for years and campaigned strongly about.  Van Goethem and the others at the EU simply say they can do nothing, despite having regulations that they could act on with regard prosecutions.  The EU – useless as always; a big tub of useless hot air in Brussels !

What they found was shocking and appalling, but sadly not surprising.

Time and again we see evidence that animals suffer during long distance transport, but nothing is done.

Brexit gives the British government an opportunity to take a stand.

We must ensure the global trade in animals for fattening or slaughter is dismantled, a UK ban would be a historic first step.


You can take further action at the following link BUT ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK.


ACTION Source –



Campaigners and MPs speak out on global day of action to stop live animal transports, 13 September 2017 31c6976702e&q=%23Stoplivetransport&uid=3003466684&nid=244+276893705




Take Action Now Over German Live Exports – It Is German Election Time – We Can Be A Voice.


Dear Mark,

I received this mail petition from Animals Angels today and would like to send it to you.

It goes to the Federal Minister of Christianity and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in Germany.

Now it is the elections and maybe we can achieve something.

In any case it is important that many nationalities sign, so that Agrarminister Schmidt finally notes that the whole world is informed of his hostile animal policy.

And because EU is Germany, it is important to put pressure on him.

In the name of the animals, thank to all who participate



The situation:

Germany has already exported more than 13,676 cattle and calves to Turkey, as well as 331 cattle to Iraq.

Support our work for the animals with the invitation to the German authorities to stop exports of live animals to Turkey and Iraq.

We had a few problems yesterday, but now we can provide the email address for the letter to the minister, here is it:

ACTION – what you can do to help

So first dial up a blank e mail using the above link.

Then either copy the German or English (or both) versions of the short letter given below.

Paste the letter(s) into the e(blank)  mail you have created via the above link.

Then hit the ‘send’ button on your e mail to send it to the Minister.

Job done – Thank you.

This is the letter to copy and send in German


“An Bundesminister Christian Schmidt und das Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft:

Wir fordern Sie dazu auf, den Export lebender Tiere in die Türkei sowie in den Irak zu stoppen.

Auf Ihrer Internetseite lesen wir folgendes: „Aus Gründen des Tierschutzes sollen Transporte über lange Strecken soweit wie möglich vermieden werden.

Doch im Jahr 2016 hat Deutschland 29.368 Rinder und Kälber zur Zucht, Mästung oder Schlachtung in die Türkei exportiert.

Die deutschen Tierschutzgesetze werden jedoch nicht mitexportiert, vielmehr werden die Tiere ihrem Schicksal überlassen.

Dies lässt sich in keinem Sinne mit dem im Grundgesetz verankerten Staatsziel Tierschutz vereinen.“

 Name, Nationality

This is the English version of the same letter.

“To Federal Minister Christian Schmidt and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture:

We ask you to stop exporting live animals to Turkey and Iraq.

On your website, we read the following: “For reasons of animal welfare, transports over long distances are to be avoided as much as possible.”

But in 2016, Germany exported 29,368 cattle and calves to Turkey for breeding, fattening or slaughtering. 

But the law is not exported with the animals, they are left to their fate instead. This can not be reconciled in any sense with the goal of animal protection laid down in the Basic Law of Germany.”

Name, Nationality


Animals Angels Website Link:

Note – please click on the UK flag at the top to get an English translation for the site which is written in German.



UK: Campaigners From Over 25 Nations Work Together Today (13/9/17) To End Live Animal Exports.

SAV Comment – This very morning we have had to sit and endure Junker telling the EU Parliament how the UK is going to suffer when it leaves the EU (Brexit).  This is from ‘Mr EU’ – the official EU clown who has ‘EU Regulations’ on paper but does nothing to ensure that they are actually enforced.  He has help with the non enforcement of the regulations from others in his circle like Mr Van Goethem – or Mr  “I can do nothing” as he is much better known throughout the EU.  He and Junker make a fine pair – BOTH useless to the very end.  If and When other nations in the EU have the guts to follow the UK lead and exit the Union, then they can take back their own legislative control and start enforcing their own new national laws to stop live animal transport.

Above – Mr Junker and Mr Van Goethem – two useless EU peas from the same pod.  




Photo – VC.

 This morning, people around the world are uniting around a single idea; an end to the long distance transport of animals. Campaigners from at least 25 countries are taking action; from Australia, to the USA, to Israel this truly is a global movement to end the cruelty of the live transport trade.

We’re thrilled that so many Compassion supporters in the UK are staging events today or at the weekend. It isn’t too late to join an event but, if you can’t be with us in person, you can still make your voice count.


Take Action:

UK Environment Secretary, Michael Gove has suggested that Britain may end the cruel UK live export trade after Brexit.

Please email him today, welcoming this suggestion and urging him to act.

Now is the time

Compassion’s investigators have just arrived back from the Turkish/Bulgarian border, where they have been documenting the condition of animals in transit. What they found was shocking and appalling, but sadly not surprising.

Time and again we see evidence that animals suffer during long distance transport, but nothing is done. Brexit gives the British government an opportunity to take a stand. We must ensure the global trade in animals for fattening or slaughter is dismantled, a UK ban would be a historic first step.

Let’s make 13th September 2017 the date when the public stood against the cruel live export trade. 

Each year the EU exports over two million cattle and sheep to the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa. Packed into overcrowded trucks the animals are sent on long road journeys to Turkey or sea ports in southern Europe. From the port they are shipped to the Middle East and North Africa.

In the Summer 2017 Compassion In World Farming investigators went to the Turkish/Bulgarian border to document the conditions for animals being transported out of the EU. They found devastating suffering.

Read the investigator’s account here.

You can find our briefing on EU live exports here.

Investigations into slaughter in the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa have shown that animals are subjected to extremely rough handling and inhumane, incompetent slaughter while they are fully conscious.

These slaughter practices are in breach of the international standards on welfare at slaughter of the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health). The long journeys often breach a judgment of the European Court of Justice. The Court ruled that EU law on welfare during transport applies even once a live export truck or ship leaves the EU – it applies right through to the destination in the importing country.

But the European Commission and the traders often ignore this ruling.

This cruel trade is also in breach of the EU Treaty. Article 13 recognises animals as “sentient beings” and requires the Commission and the Member States to pay “full regard” to welfare in formulating agriculture and transport policy. Sending animals on very long journeys to countries where they may be slaughtered with immense brutality is not paying full regard to their welfare.

Please call on the Commission to take action to stop the export of live animals from the EU to non-EU countries. Email the head of the European Commission, Mr Juncker, and the Commissioners for Trade and Agriculture and Rural Development. Tell them that the trade in live animals leaving the EU must stop.

Investigating Live Transport

Our courageous investigators spent 10 days at the Bulgarian/Turkish border in August 2017, documenting the conditions of the animals passing through. Please note, this account contains images and information which some may find distressing.

During the ten days, our investigators witnessed huge volumes of animals passing through the border. In temperatures above 30°, the animals were suffering from poor health. This was a result of the filthy and dangerous conditions on the trucks; the complete disregard for laws; and the apathy of those who were supposed to protect them.

Our investigators were able to provide us with a wealth of information, which we have passed to the authorities involved. Along with other animal welfare organisations we are making a concerted effort to get the European Commission to take action to end long distance transport of live animals.

A gruelling journey

Before the cattle and sheep had even reached the border, they had already endured gruelling journeys, measured in days rather than hours1.

Our investigators witnessed trucks loaded with sheep or cows, several tiers high. The ceilings of each tier were so low that they touched the animals’ backs2. Not only does this mean that they could not raise their heads adequately, but it left the animals uncomfortably trapped, unable to see clearly, and made it harder for them to maintain their balance.

In the middle of August, in southern Europe, the outside temperature was already high. Inside the trucks – many with broken ventilation systems – with animals pressed in on all sides, the temperature reached in excess of 35°C3.

Often the watering systems were not functioning, leaving animals dehydrated in the unbearable heat. Even when the watering systems were working, not all animals were able to access them due to the cramped conditions4.

The animals were not just at risk of injury from being crushed or walked upon by others. Some of the trucks had partitions with dangerous gaps in which the animals’ legs could become trapped. Others had sharp edges which could inflict nasty cuts on the animals unfortunate enough to fall into or be pressed against them5.

Many of the vehicles had no straw or other bedding materials provided for the animals. The animals were forced to lie in a deep layer of faeces and urine on the hard floors of the truck. Where bedding was used, it was often sparse, sodden, and filthy6.

From the dreadful conditions the animals were forced to endure, it was no surprise, but still deeply upsetting, to find some animals underweight, and others coughing and showing signs of injury and illness7. On some trucks, animals had died8, and those still alive were unable to avoid the decomposing bodies of their dead companions.

Continue at












Germany: Message From Venus: German Elections In September, But Nothing Looks Better For Animals.



Please give a donation if you can:


SAV.  We have had the following in from Venus in Germany.  The German General Election is in September; but whatever your political bias; things are not looking very positive for animals and their welfare.  We share in the despair – no better with Trump in the US; the EU does nothing positive; just people looking after their own interests – not even considering others !

But the fighting and campaigning will go on regardless.

The following is the in edited message from Venus:

Dear Mark,

the association animal public e:V has made a survey to the five parliamentary parties.

They wanted to know how these parties were thinking about animal protection, and what they would decide about the lives of millions of animals. So that the German citizen knows who to give his voice to.

I find the results catastrophic, especially from the parties, which unfortunately and most likely will come to the coalition.

Just for reference, here is another of our recent posts and why Venus will not vote – have a look:


Here is my article about it.

On September 24, the federal elections are held in Germany.

The association animal public.e.V has sent a list of ten questions to all parties which are expected to move into the Bundestag, with a request to tick with “yes” or “no”.

Some of these questions were in the past the subject of petitions here in Germany, which were ignored by the Merkel government.

Sure, many animal protectionists remember how many petitions and demonstrations for the ban on wild animals in circus we have done. Without success.

The parties in order, are:

  1. Christian Democrats (Conservatives),

  2. the Socialists,

  3. the Liberals,

  4. the Left and

  5. the Greens.


The extreme right did not answer.

The questions were:

  1. ban on wild animals in circuses,

  2. the end of the dolphinariums,

  3. amendment of the Hunting Act,

  4. import ban on wild animals for private purposes,

  5. prohibiting commercial animal exchanges,

  6. positive list for the private keeping of wild animals,

  7. recognizing the fundamental rights of great apes,

  8. the right to legal action for animal welfare associations,

  9. Federal Commissioner for animal welfare,

  10. amendment of the zoological legislation.

One notices of the many “no” of the strongest parties of Germany that after the elections everything will be like before the elections, namely absolutely nothing new and certainly nothing good for the animals.

I predict a stupid and harmful coalition between Merkel and Schulz, and this will also be fatal consequences not only for Germany, but for many other countries of Europe that are politically and economically dependent on Germany. Because Germany is Europe.

Above – Merkel;

Below (left) – Schultz – the other person is Junker – Mr EU.


And there will be no good for the animals. The only parties who have responded with the most “yes” are “the Left” and the “Greens”; But the first has no power, and the second has not shown any political fairness.

I really do not know who is hoping for something good against animal suffering and the animal miseries in Germany with these elections. I certainly do not!


My best Regards to you all





Germany: Why I Do Not Vote. The Political System of Germany and The EU Is Too Corrupt For Any Animal Welfare.

On July 8, 2017, a dead wolf was retrieved from the lake Schluchsee in southern Germany, near my village.

He was shot. It is the 24th wolf shot illegally since the resettlement of the wolves in Germany in the year 2000. Of these 24 murders, there were only three convictions up to now – in all cases, the perpetrators had posed themselves.

After each murder there are always the same discussions:

These are the poachers,” say the hunters, “we are very sorry,” say the friends of the hunters, the politicians, and the peasants who have nothing against wolves but want to protect their flocks.

As soon as the cruel battle of the whales and dolphins in Denmark begins, the German press hasten to report about it and tries to harass a reader-friendly readership against the “criminals”.

It is always the other countries that are criminally dealing with animals, there are always the others who are corrupt and proficient, it is the Chinese who massacre the dogs, and the rich safari hunters who cull our elephants.

It is terrible to exterminate animals, you have to do something!!!

Petitions are signed, donations flow without end to the protection of the threatened animals !!!

And so the German citizen always points to other people who illegally kill wild animals because their governments are corrupt.

Always the others!

The Green Minister of the Environment, Franz Untersteller, has taken a ridiculous position on the subject:

Shooting a wolf is a criminal offense. I very much regret that a man has extinguished the life of this rare creature by force. “

Thus an incapable politician wants us to declare that the 24th murder of a strictly protected animal provokes only his sadness, and he even reminds us that it is a crime. They are the politicians who will continue their co-operation with hunters, the meat mafia, the circus industry, laboratory labs directors, etc … in the coming elections of Germany with the blessing of a dumbed people and want to persuade us that they do it all for our benefit!

I have absolutely no hope that in Germany that any government can work for my good – and I am a German citizen; a citizen of the gutless EU !

But if I at least knew that a (political) party wants to take the welfare of the animals into account and improve it where they can, then I would go to the elections.

So far, however, I am not aware of this political animal saviour, and the German animal protection party plays no essential role in the political scene.

I will not vote for this reason.

Best regards to you, Mark, and to all



Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

Above – Martin Schultz (left) gets a kiss from Junker – Mr EU.

SAV Comment

We agree with Venus – there seems very little hope for positive animal welfare.

– it will be interesting to see what happens at the German elections in September 2017.,_2017 

With Angela Merkel and now also Martin Schultz (President of the European Parliament from 2012 to 2017) as 2 of the main political contenders,  it is very unlikely that the ‘animal welfare voice’ will start to be listened to in Germany. 

Merkel does not listen, and Schultz, ex EU Parliament President – what more does one need to say; he is ex EU – and the EU policy ‘is what we have experienced with live animal exports to Turkey, for example, “there is nothing we can do”.

What faith in politicians to make the world a better place for all !





UK: Report – Britain’s Failing Slaughterhouses – The Need For CCTV Everywhere.