USA: Wolves In Danger Of Losing Their Much Needed Protection – Thanks To …….

SAV Comment – we have not really covered much regarding US issues over the past few months because of a team of Muppets – led by one named Muppet Trump, is  doing all that is possible to destroy the natural beauty of the USA.  Over the years, I (Mark) have visited the US probably about a dozen times.  All the time this Republican and his cronies and climate deniers are at the helm, I can absolutely guarantee that I will never visit again.  In the past I respected and admired the USA for its natural beauty.  Thanks to this clown now, so much of that is under threat – I cannot even begin to muster any willingness to re visit.  The message below from Kieran simply sums up the complete and utter disregard for nature that Trump and his get rich quick crew have for nature and the creatures that depend on protection and decent legislation.  We will resume to publish some news and articles from US organisations; but I fear that there will be no good news for the animals.  This below is the first, and special to me as I am very much a ‘wolf’ person.  Trumpy and Rex don’t really give a toss about protecting wildlife – they talk about MAGA, whilst at the same time discouraging people like me from ever visiting the wildlife of the USA ever again.   I wonder how long the USA will remain with its natural beauty when their are people like Trumpy with flashing ‘Dollar eyes’ and a brain that thinks of nothing more.  The people and politicians of Europe know what he is about, and now he is licking the ass of those terrible Chinese that were so much at the front of his election campaign.  He bleats on about MAGA whilst at the same time, his daughter imports over 50 tonnes of Chinese sweatshop made clothing for her label! – do these people have any standards or are they just dollar blind ? – Time will tell.



Hi Mark,

The most anti-wildlife Congress we’ve ever seen is now taking aim at gray wolves in the Great Lakes region.

A bill to strip Endangered Species Act protections from these wolves — opening them up to more killing — is making its way through the House. We can’t let this happen.

The Center’s Endangered Species Act Protection Fund needs your support today.

Great Lakes wolves have made tremendous progress, growing from fewer than 1,000 wolves in a small corner of northeastern Minnesota to more than 4,000 wolves across Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

But their recovery will end if federal protections are removed prematurely. This anti-wolf Congress is considering legislation to reinstate a 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision that stripped away Endangered Species Act protection for Great Lakes gray wolves.

In 2014, a federal judge overturned the federal wildlife agency’s decision, noting its scientific and legal flaws. The U.S. Court of Appeals reaffirmed that decision — ending wolf hunts and highlighting how much more is needed before wolves can be considered fully recovered.

But now Trump and his cronies are continuing their war on wolves. States like Wisconsin have already enacted aggressive killing policies aimed at drastically reducing wolf populations by more than half and allowing the cruel practice of using hounds to hunt them.

If the proposed legislation passes, gray wolves will face even more threats.

These wolves deserve to thrive in their natural habitat and to raise their packs free from the threat of hunters and trappers. As their populations grow, we must continue to protect these packs and not allow them to be put back in the crosshairs.

The Center has been working to defend Great Lakes wolves for years, fighting to keep their federal protection and to ban hunting and trapping.

Please join us in protecting wolves by giving to our Endangered Species Act Protection Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity





Jordan: Fatwa Issued To Kill Every Stray Dog – Killing Currently Under Way.


Dear Mark,

As I write this, gunmen are trying to kill every

street dog in the entire country of Jordan.

Dogs are being hunted down and shot because

the country’s religious leader has declared a

holy war on dogs.

Because of this, men armed with automatic

weapons are systematically killing every street

dog they see!

Mark, I am saddened beyond words that such

a terrible thing is happening and with your help,

I intend to do something about it. As a first step

my team is making contact with the Jordanian

government asking it to end this horrible cruelty.

Jordan’s most senior religious figure, Grand Mufti,

Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh, issued a fatwa

– a religious instruction to Muslims – to kill

the dogs. He quoted Prophet Mohammed to justify

the slaughter.

Because a fatwa is binding on Muslims, municipalities

across the country started hiring snipers.

Thousands of dogs have been killed and the

massacre continues every day.

Mark, as animal lovers we have no option but

to fight this nightmare by every means possible.

“It is our duty as animal lovers to do whatever

we can to stop this dog genocide. Before there

are no dogs left in Jordan.”

Mark, we are so terribly saddened by this and

we urge you and all our supporters to share the

fact that Prophet Mohammad repeatedly forbade

cruelty to animals, saying: “Whoever is kind to

the creatures of God is kind to himself.”

My job is to get this message through and to care

for those dogs we can on the ground. We are

already searching for land where we can create

a safe haven for some of the dogs.

The most important immediate first steps are

to spread the word about the unspeakable cruelty

and horror that is unfolding.

And, please make a donation, we can’t do this without your financial support. That is the simple truth.

For the animals
Brian Davies, Founder






Serbia: Help The Strays Of Bor Survive The Winter By Supporting New Dog Houses.


This is the tiny part of stray dogs in Bor, Serbia, photos taken in in a couple of days while I was feeding them.

The number is much, much bigger and I’m afraid it will be even bigger.

The truth is that in this town people’s consciousness about these poor animals is very low, care and adoption is almost mission impossible.

The number of ones who want to hurt them or get rid of them in a cruel way is much bigger.

The winter is coming, just thinking of the last year’s winter makes me terrified. Winters in Bor are cruel , temperatures up to minus 30, last winter many street dogs died from cold.

My idea is to provide them for the following winter dog houses with straw where they will have where to get away. Food is also more than needed, during the winter it is more difficult for them to get food.

The price of a dog house for an average two medium-sized dogs is 50 eur, more houses, the better, more protected dogs in the winter period.

I am begging all good people who want to help in providing shelters for those poor dogs, to do so.

Let’s ease their harsh upcoming winter as much as possible!

Thank you

To give a donation to buy doghouses, please go to:




Germany: Investigations Find Chicken Meat Carries The Risk of Intestinal Inflammation.

Dear  Mark,

I read this interesting report about chicken meat, and immediately wanted to give even more joy to all those, who prepare joyful the meat-menü for the weekend!!

Robert Koch Institute: Chicken meat carries the risk of intestinal inflammation!!

( In the waiting room of doctors sit more and more people with stomach aches and diarrhea. The Robert Koch Institute examined the increase of these cases. Result: The greatest risk comes from Campylobacter pathogens.

Behind diarrhea and severe abdominal pain is often the bacterial pathogen Campylobacter: The biggest risk of such bacterial enteritis is according to a study in Germany from chicken meat.
About one third of the illnesses could be avoided if the risk factor were eliminated, say experts of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in a recent publication.

Insufficiently heated poultry meat has long been regarded as an important source of infection.

Campylobacter cause inflammation of the small intestine, which is often associated with diarrhea and fever.
The number of reported Campylobacter diseases has been increasing since 2001, compared with around 74,000 cases last year.

It is thus the most common bacterial notifiable disease in Germany.

Experts suspect, according to RKI, that the true number of diseases in the population is “almost ten times higher”. Salmonella is significantly less frequently registered in 2016, with 13 000 reported illnesses.

The authors consider as major risk factors for Campylobacter disease, eating out and preparing prepackaged chicken meat at home. Among other things, well over 2000 questionnaires that had been proven to fill patients had been evaluated. They say that by 2018, Campylobacter limits would be set on poultry carcasses in the European Union.
Campylobacter are bacteria from the intestinal tract of animals, they can get on the meat during slaughter.

Raw milk, minced meat and sausage are also sources of infection.

Also, kitchen hygiene is important: when using the same cutting boards, for example, can pass from raw meat to salad.

But the best thing to do is not to eat meat.

For the welfare of the animals and for your own health!




Germany: Time For Animal Welfare Education – Make Things Better.

On October 21, 2017,  care2cat wrote:

“Are we genetically predisposed to be cruel and violent? In the animal world there is no. Can we change this sad world?

In the time of Hitler, we had made people to beasts. They were the Nazis.
We do not know if these were genetically programmed to become what they have become.

People were brought up to do evil. If something like that was possible, that makes us believe that we can also educate people in the opposite direction, namely as good.

We must believe this, otherwise our struggle will not make sense if we are not convinced that we can enlighten, persuade, and change people.
Apart from that, I believe that most crimes against animals are financially hardship and not from pure sadism.

At least these crimes, which are associated with a financial gain.
The economy is stronger than morals and it is mostly the poor who exploit the animals, torture them and treat them as money-bearing objects.
I do not believe the world is worse today than before in his relationship to animals.

But today we have more possibilities to inform us about animals than before.
And that is why we are often demoralized by the number of crimes.
Of course, there are also the psychopaths in our society, who torment animals by pure sadism and sick psychic, without having a financial profit from it.

But they are a minority and therefore no proof that man is genetically inclined to violence. (The percentage of mentally disturbed persons among such perpetrators is estimated to be about to ten percent.)

This, of course, is only my personal view and interpretation of the profile of the animal cruelty.


Best regards


UK: UK Government Official Response On Live Animal Exports – Looking Like A Ban Ready For Our Official Leaving Of The EU.


SAV Comment.

We have campaigned for a ban on live animal exports for the last 25 years.  The following is the official response from the UK  government on the issue.  The campaigning goes on at present and will continue until we leave the EU in 2019.  With Brexit we will take back control of our legislation – free from the ‘do nothings’ at the EU.

This previous post sums up the situation at the EU – see the video footage of suffering animals presented to them for the last 5+ years.  Their response ? – we can do nothing.

Watch the videos via this link-

Then tell us that EU animals in long distance transport are well cared for, in accordance with EU regulations ! – failures of Regulation 1/2005 on animals in transport are detailed in the videos.

Who wants to be in an EU with all its legislation and rules, that when presented with complete evidence to show those rules are being clearly broken, we are told by response that they (the EU) can do nothing !


We have a good deal of hope that Minister Gove (above) at Defra (UK) will have legislation for a ban on live exports in place on the day we officially leave the EU.


Dear Mark Johnson,

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “End the export of live farm animals after Brexit.”.

Government responded:

Government has a Manifesto commitment “as we leave the European Union, we can take early steps to control the export of live farm animals for slaughter” and will be considering options in this context

The Government is committed to improving the welfare of animals. The Government share the public’s high regard for animal welfare. We are proud to have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world. The Government believes animals should be slaughtered as close as practicable to their point of production. A trade in meat and meat products is preferable to the long distance transport of animals to slaughter. Once we leave the European Union, and in line with our manifesto commitment, we can take early steps to control the export of live farm animals for slaughter. We will be considering the options further in the context of our departure from the EU.

Until negotiations are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the EU and all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force. During this period the Government will continue to negotiate, implement and apply EU legislation.

We have made clear in Brussels that we support improvements being made to enforcement across the EU of existing rules on the long distance transport of livestock. We have also supported calls for the European Commission to make improvements to the existing EU Regulation on protecting animal welfare in transport.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Click this link to view the response online:

The Petitions Committee will take a look at this petition and its response. They can press the government for action and gather evidence. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the Committee will consider it for a debate.

The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee:

Thanks, The Petitions team





Spain: Democracy or EU Dictatorship ? – Ask The Good People Of Catalonia.


For those of you who are non UK, the man speaking above is Nigel Farage, he was the leader of UKIP, who have always been anti EU.  Here he is speaking in the EU Parliament – Mr Junker can be seen in some views; turning bits of paper and ignoring the facts as he always does.

Here is an article from Venus regarding the extreme violence used by the Spanish government / police in retaliation to the public vote for independence that took place in Catalonia, a part of Spain, on Sunday 1st. By allowing such violence from Madrid authorities and the police, it shows the extent that the EU will go to prevent anyone else from leaving the EU.  Catalonia voted to become independent from Spain – and it also wishes to leave the EU.  On the animal front, Catalonia passed a vote to ban bullfighting.  If they can do this, it shows that change can happen, and that Spain and others can introduce a ban if they wish – getting around the ‘tradition’ and EU subsidies paid to bull breeders from the EU purse.

The pictures in the following article show what happened:  Venus’ article is after this.


EU Democracy ??


Dear Mark,

I have followed the last events in Catalonia, like everyone else, and have written some thoughts about it.

One thing I can say with certainty: not only the violence of Madrit is a bitter blow to the face of democracy. Worse still is the breach of trust in an institution called the EU. Forever and ever.

Since yesterday, there is no democratic government in Spain any more, but a regime type Erdogan. One can also say: a dictatorship!

The black times of Franco are back! Or were they never gone?

Rahoy has lost, he must resign. The question now goes far beyond the question of the separation of Catalonia. The question is whether Spain is still a democratic country. The reaction of Rahoy to the referendum showed that the PP (People’s Party, Spanish: Partido Popular) has thick root in the Falange.

Now, no one wants to talk to Rahoy anymore, many of his own circles do not too. This can now very quickly develop into a civil war. With almost 900 injured people for a peaceful vote, we can talk about human rights violations.

And the EU Commission, this no-go club is watching how peaceful EU citizens are barred from voting, and does not stir !!

What a sick, internally rotten institution this EU. And where is the appeal of Germany to the protection of human rights? They are busy with their “Jamaica coalition” (CDU – black, Free Democratic Party – Yellow, and the Greens). A shame. And we citizens of the Union are watching as in our EU people are bombarded because they want to VOTE.

Would the same thing happen in Russia, what would happen? If Erdogan have done, what would happen? We must pay attention! We are to fight not only the religious, but also the nationalistic fascism.

Best regard to you and all