Who has a spider in his home schould be lucky!


The 14th of March is National “Save a Spider” Day, a day when arachnids everywhere relax and let their spinnerets down!! While spiders can be terrifying to some, they actually provide incredible services to humans and our ecosystem.
Spiders survive on insects like fleas, flies, and mosquitoes annually up to two kilograms of insects.


Most people are afraid of the creepy-crawlies and kill the beast because they do not know how to help each other better.

But one thing you should definitely know: The so threatening acting spider does not want you any harm. She is more afraid of you than you are of her and she is not poisonous at all.



For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/03/19/who-has-a-spider-in-his-home-should-be-lucky/

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Cheers Jean “Clown” Juncker!

When the media deal with Juncker, they do it for two good reasons: either because of his sciatica or because of his drinking. He, however, has officially stated that shaking at him only comes from sciatica.

It is an open secret in EU circles that the Commission chief likes to drink gin and sparkling wine.

“Whenever an assistant brings a glass of water to the head of commission, everyone knows it’s gin, the French EU correspondent Jean Quatremer recently quoted in the British magazine “The Spectator.”


We have only one reason to give Jean “Clown” Juncker the prize for the best jerk. : because it is considered the perfect symbol of the EU: frivolous, rundown and dement.

In the following video you can easily see what luck it is to have such sweet guys in the EU. This is how EU looks like!



We see only one benefit from Juncker’s Jin influence: at least attacks on him are very unlikely.

Moving targets that still wobble, sway, and cause strange contortions are hard to grasp!


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/03/19/cheers-jean-clown-juncker/


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Governments and hunters: a brotherhood

Australia: After years of drought and recent bush fires, conditions have never been more dire for native waterbirds. Rather than follow the advice of expert scientists, Premier Dan Andrews instead has again allowed another duck shooting season to go ahead this year — albeit a shortened one, with restrictions on how many ducks can be shot.

Premier Andrews knows that enforcement of laws is impossible during duck shooting season. He knows that even when legal complaints are made, prosecutions rarely follow.


And yet he continues to defend this blood sport as ‘safe, humane and sustainable'(!)



The hunters have a strong lobby, not in the population, but in the government of their country.
We are rather governed by the lobbyists, is there an area that has not been lobby contaminated? As a voter, you can vote for all holy times, but the rest of the time the lobbyists say so.


It`s time to hunt the hunters 2jpg

In this case, the prime minister and the hunters sold the murder of innocent beings as a safe, humane and sustainable solution!!

That’s what I mean by fascism!


For more..at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/03/18/governments-and-hunters-a-brotherhood/

Petition, please sign: https://secure.animalsaustralia.org/take_action/duck-shooting

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Thanks, ALF!



“More than 2,000 quail were released from a farm in Gottolengo, Italy. “

“ALF” was painted on the walls of the structure.






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A family walk on Sunday


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The poison from the salmon farm industry


Did you know that farmed salmon has been proven to be five times more toxic than any other food tested?

Farmed salmon should even be one of the most toxic foods in the world and not just a disaster for the environment, but also for human health!

Salmon farms are generally considered a major environmental problem. Due to the high fish density, parasites such as salmon lice can multiply rapidly.  With its antennae, the lice attaches to the salmon and feeds on skin, blood and body mucus.


The pesticide Paramove 50, which stuns sea lice, is used instead of antibiotic insecticides in feeds because sea lice become resistant to antibiotics worldwide.

Not only is the chemistry used in factory farming underwater a problem, but another problem facing salmon farms is the enormous feed requirement of predator fish: While some farmed fish are able to live on a diet of corn or soybeans, others need fish to survive – and plenty of them: two to five kilograms of fish must be fed to produce one kilogram of salmon. In turn, this fish food is still traditionally caught in the sea. Feeding the fish with pork and chicken excrement is much cheaper than one with standard fish food.


Fatal Result: Aquaculture contributes to the overfishing of the oceans.



For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/03/16/the-poison-from-the-salmon-farm-industry/


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The sick justice world

A perpetrator-friendly justice in Florida tells us of the new that crimes against animals are deliberately and systematically trivialized. If they are committed by criminals of good social status, then we can immediately forget justice and law!


A horrifying video emerged of the shark being brutally dragged behind three men’s speedboat in Florida as they laughed at the helpless creature.

The offenders: Michael Wenzel, Robert Benac, and Spencer Heintz

Michael Wenzel: was sentenced to 11 months of probation and 10 days in the Hillsborough County jail. He will serve on weekends starting March 8 and will be released on Sundays. His father Robert Wenzel is a planning manager for Manatee County, Florida.

Robert Benac: is the son of Manatee County Commission chair Betsy Benac,  professes the Jewish faith, and was known as the Bear Jew on Instagram before deleting his account. He served 10 days in jail (!!!) Benac is the son of Manatee County Commission chair Betsy Benac.

Against Spencer Heintz, the third man on the boat at the time of the incident, charges were dropped in May 2018. Heintz’s father, Steven, is an attorney with the Heintz & Becker law firm that has offices in Bradenton and Sarasota.


Earlier, the opinion was that children from poor and problematic relationships tend to violence.

Now the First Class of society is killing, which got everything in the cradle blown free: money, security, recognition, luxury.

Of course, the judiciary will make an exception for this clientele.

After all, they are their friends and helpers in corruption and fraud.

Petition, please sign: https://www.change.org/p/assistant-state-attorney-aaron-hubbard-seek-strongest-penalty-in-shark-dragging-case/u/24236681


For more..at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/03/15/the-sick-justice-world/


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