Justice for ‘Nikki’ – Petition Target Reached and Passed Thanks to You. ‘A Kind of Magic’ ?

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Well the great news is, just 24 hours after putting out the appeal to reach the goal of 1,000 signatures, we are now well over 1,030 signatures and still climbing.

Danijela and I would like to very much thank all of you who supported and promoted this petition to get justice for little Nikki.  We really do appreciate it !

We have had signatures from people dotted all over the globe; it really has been a very international response by people who care about animals so much.

Now that the original target of 1,000 signatures has been reached and passed thanks to your help and support, Danijela will be closing the petition within the next 12 hours in order that she can now move forward with the next stage of her campaign.

To get the petition completed was a vital part of this campaign, and you have all worked so hard to help us reach the target and go beyond it.

So again, thank you very much.  We really appreciate your support with this.

It is hoped that we can keep eveyone informed on the future progress of this case via update bulletins on SAV.

Danijela and Mark (SAV).

Has everyone who signed performed ‘A kind of Magic’ to reach the target, Danijela asks me.

Well yes, I guess so, a brilliant final push to react the target.

Very special thanks to Paola at Animal Connection in Milan for her help with this also:

Newsletter – http://animalconnection.ning.com/group/theacmonthlynewsletter 

Invite to join – http://animalconnection.ning.com/main/invitation/new?xg_source=tab 

I consider that this is another ‘kind of magic’ –


Incredible Hand Art – ENJOY !!

Thanks for the music Freddie ! – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freddie_Mercury 


Justice For ‘Nikki’ – Please Help Us Get the 1,000 Signatures – Final Chance – Final Week !! – Dont Let Us Down.


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With 1,000+ signatures, it may then form the basis for a legal charge about Nikki’s death.

Please ensure the signatures keep coming – this is VERY important.

THIS IS THE FINAL REQUEST,  it literally takes a few seconds; that is all we ask.

PLEASE CROSSPOST THE PETITION TO ALL THE WORLD; get all your family, friends, dogs and cats to sign.

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 Please, help us to get the 1,000 signatures at least; more would be of great help !

Thanks – SAV.


Bulgaria: Dog Has ALL FOUR Legs Cut Off With An Axe






We have been provided with the most terrible suffering inflicted on a beautiful female dog in Bulgaria.

The following is a direct copy of the information sent.



A Monster with an axe cut off all 4 legs of an innocent female dog.

The bitter truth is that this poor creature lived chained as a guarding dog as many others here in BG.

In the first place MIMA ( that is her name) was beaten nearly to death and the Monster cut off her hind leg – her owner did nothing.

After a week  the Monster cut off the second hind leg – Her owner did nothing  again?!?!!

Then a week later the Monster cut off her front two legs ?????

Can you believe that the owner did nothing to hide somewhere the dog or help her after she lost her first leg????

And after she got her 2 legs cut off  she continued to live chained and suffered all the horror to loose her 4 legs like this

So no matter how people in my country sympathize to the owner, this stupid individual , I think that it is HIS FAULT as he did nothing to prevent this happen !!! He had personal arguments with a neighbor, he knew who did that to Mima the first time….

I don’t know what to say this dog was injured,beaten with 2 legs cut off and they  tried to  find help or make this public AFTER she lost her 2 other legs !?!?!

I am so sorry about Mima and I wish I didn’t read this article in the news and  I didn’t watch in on TV. All TV programs broadcasted that , all newspapers published the story  – They even are almost sure who did it….But just from time to time we will make that public. I can’t comment , I see no point.
Mima is not the only victim and the horror is that will not be the last, I’ve seen so terrible cases here and that makes me go on and help as much as I can no matter how crazy I look to other humans.

A lot of Welfare organizations are involved in the case , I think that Herr Dimitrov and his Organization in Germany will be the one to take her, it is
only a guess after I read everything. But I wonder if it is humanely for a dog to “live” like this and at the same time I look her in the eyes and I
see so much love !!!!

And I remember the message of Nick Vujicic ‘NEVER,EVER GIVE UP”

Facebook group

Animal rescue Sofia -supported by ARS Netherlands

TV media
Petition in Dryanovo- video


China: Inside the Cat and Dog Meat Market – a CNN Report

Inside the Cat and Dog meat market in China.

A CNN Report.

**Warning – Video shows animal suffering **.


Guangzhou, China (CNN) — Dogs bark and whine behind high chain-link fences, some of them gnawing the wire so hard they bleed at the mouths while cats packed into crowded cages cower in fear if anyone approaches.

This isn’t a pet store — it’s a meat market in Guangzhou, a city in southern China where eating cats and dogs is common practice.

At the Han River Dog Meat Restaurant in central Guangzhou, diners can choose from a long list of menu items, including dog soup, dog steak, dog with tofu and more. In the kitchen, the chef chops up meat for dog hot pot, one of the more popular dishes. Most customers like it spicy.

“Dog meat is good for your health and metabolism,” explains Li, the hostess who declined to give her first name. “In the summer it helps you sweat.”

Should cat and dog meat be banned?

But these local restaurants may have to find a new specialty. The Chinese government is considering legislation that would make eating cats and dogs illegal.

Professor Chang Jiwen of the Chinese Academy of the Social Sciences is one of the law’s top campaigners. “Cats and dogs are loyal friends to humans,” he said. “A ban on eating them would show China has reached a new level of civilization.”

Eating dog meat is a long-standing culinary tradition not just in China, but also Korea. Cat meat can be found on the menu in China, Vietnam and even parts of South America.

The Chinese government has signaled a willingness to take the meat off the market. To avoid upsetting international visitors during the Beijing Olympics, officials ordered dog meat off the menus at local markets. Officials in Guangzhou have warned vendors to stop selling it ahead of the Asian Games which will be held there later this year.

The ban on eating dog and cat meat is part of a larger proposal to toughen laws on animal welfare. Individual violators could face up to 15 days in prison and a small fine. Businesses found guilty of selling the meat risk fines up to 500,000 yuan ($73,500.)

The legislation is gaining support from China’s growing number of pet owners. With living standards rising and disposable income growing, more Guangzhou residents are investing in house pets.

“I would never eat dog meat,” said Louisa Yong, as she clutches her pet cocker spaniel. “It’s so cruel!”

Meat vendors have a different view.

“The dogs you raise at home, you shouldn’t eat,” said Pan, a butcher who also declined to give his first name. “The kind raised for eating, we can eat those.”

Many of the dogs and cats sold for meat are specially raised on farms. But Chang said there is always a chance they’re someone’s lost or stolen pet.

In anticipation of the new ban, dog and cat meat has become more difficult to find, though some vendors say they will keep selling it as long as they can.

“The legislation will definitely affect our restaurant,” said Li. “We’ll just wait to see the result.”

And it seems restaurants don’t necessarily need to change their menus anytime soon. According to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the law prohibiting cat and dog meat could take as long as a decade to pass. Until then it’s a la carte, from the cage into the kitchen.

Egypt: PETITION – Justice for Chained Dogs Starved to Death – Please Sign Now !






Justice For Chained Dogs Starved To Death

Please sign petition on link below, many thanks

SWAP team UK



There are many things in our society today that unfortunately go overlooked. One such thing that is overlooked is the number of dogs who are being abused: Physical abuse ranging from beating, kicking, disposing of, mutilating, savagely hitting, cutting, scratching, starving, or leaving a dog chained up in the same spot for days, weeks or months without a shade in the heat begging for food and water; such is considered abuse regardless of whether the caretakers intended to hurt the dogs.

You may not like it, I may not like it but that doesn’t mean we get to ignore the fact that dogs are not always treated and cared for as they should be and only the more sensationalistic stories about animal abuse make it to the news.Sadly some dogs fall into the hands of irresponsible owners who knowingly, intentionally torture and seriously overwork the dogs, failing unreasonably to provide necessary food, care, or shelter as it is the case with “QARYET EL ASSAD”.

There has been many complaints about dogs chained up outside unattended to a fixed point during periods of extreme weather without food or water for more than six hours. These dogs are permanently chained for life and thousands of other dogs across the country are being treated like this; kept chained up for the most part 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Normally they may not be chained or tethered for more than 10 hours in any 24. Yet, both eyewitnesses and casual observers say they see a lot of dogs chained up all day long in this area, and they want it to stop.

I’m talking about people who forget about their dogs being out there and leave them there all the time. Due lack of care, dogs at QARYET EL ASSAD are willingly, knowingly, and deliberately neglected, hurt and abused; slipping a choke chain over their dogs necks causing extreme itching, bruising, follicle red and inflammations with their ribs showing more everyday due extreme malnutrition.

These dogs live out their days on the end of a chain in a sad gray zone of pethood. Coupled with their deprived upbringing these dogs never had a chance for a variety of reasons from advanced age to healing from severely ingrown collars. Dog abuse is a growing problem in this country that has many causes and effects, but there are ways that we as a society can decrease the occurrence of this horrible event. Please let’s sign the petition in protecting and supporting Man’s best friend “we owe it to them-let’s take affirmative action now”

No Chained Dogs!

Macedonia: Public Company “Komunalna Higiena” – Skopje, Who have Attempted to Cover Up Pound Killings for Years, Are Now Informed by the Commission That They Have to Provide Data on Dogs Taken to and Killed at Vardariste Pound, Skopje.

Dear Sir/ Madam,  

We would like once again ask for your help, because the situation with the stray dogs in Skopje and Macedonia is not improving in any way. In this letter we would like to point out all the irregularities, as well as the documents we possess and which refer to and give evidence of what is happening here, and which we believe will give you the full image of the terror.  

We would like to ask if you could help us by acting in response to this situation on your behalf once again, since in spite of all our reactions as an Association for protection of animals to all the competent authorities, and in spite the fact that we constantly point out all the irregularities through the media, still the situations is worsening, and not only that the killing of the dogs does not stop, but it continues to intensify.   

We sincerely hope that if our reactions toward the authorities are supported by You directly, the pressure will be more significant and the chances to stop the killings greater, so we may be able to change this horrid reality.

The holding facility besides being closed for the public, that is, visiting is not allowed accept for 6 hours a week, taking of photos and videos is also prohibited and the conditions are worst then catastrophic (one of the latest things that we managed to film was a dead dog in a cage which they didn’t notice for an entire day – obviously they don’t even check the cages, meaning, they don’t feed or give water to the dogs regularly), and dogs that are completely not aggressive are noted as being aggressive and set to be killed – without it being confirmed by a veterinarian! 

In the meantime the dogs are constantly being caught; there are 8 teams of dog catchers, whose members are extremely uneducated, inefficient and cruel (a significant number of them have previously worked in slaughter houses, or they are hunters and some of them have criminal record).  

The dogs are being brought to the facility in massive numbers and in just a day or two they disappear; and when we express interest for any of the missing dogs they reply that they have been adopted, without enabling us to learn where and by whom – we believe that they are being killed.

Even though we asked for the data that give evidence of the work done by the Holding Facility which should be public, including the records of captured dogs, the records of euthanized dogs with the signature of the veterinarian who concluded the reason why the dog should be euthanized, as well as the documents for the procurement of barbiturates – the means for humane euthanasia, we never received the answers, which indicates that the dogs are being killed arbitrarily and by God knows what means!   

Although the facility is obligated by law to disclose and deliver this kind of data, although they are obligated by the Commission for access to information of public character to officially respond to our requests, so far, they have answered by only giving us rough numbers of captured and killed dogs (falsifying the numbers of killed dogs), clearly avoiding our focus of interest – accurate statements of the motives for the killings and the means by which they were conducted.   

Enclosed is our Request for information of public character, the Response from the public enterprise “Communal Hygiene”, our Appeal upon their response which was accepted by the Commission for access to information of public character, to which they, again, did not respond.  

The same happened when another association asked for these information, but received even worst response – in a most rude and unbelievably impudent manner they were told they should not ask such questions at all, and that it is not their business to inquire! (this document is being translated and we will soon deliver it to you).  

IMPORTANT LINKS to inform you about terrible situation







We most fervently ask you to help us and put pressure on the responsible authorities in Macedonia, since we are convinced that all of this is an organized strategy to exterminate the dogs form the streets!  

The most responsible authority is the Mayor of City of Skopje, the person who disallowed that the facility be open to visitors every day, prohibited taking of photos and filming of the captured dogs at the facility, and instead of increasing the numbers of the veterinarians who would neuter the dogs, engaged 8 teams of dog catchers. (before there were 1 or 2), procured new vehicles and equipment.   

We organized a massive protest accompanied by a request that the facility should strictly implement the CNR programme for which it was initially established, to accept and deploy volunteers, to work transparently and to disclose all the information requested by the citizens and the associations, to improve the conditions and to be opened every day for visitors who would be able to take photos whose publishing on the net would help find families for these strays.

None of our requests were put into consideration and all of them were ignored!

The Veterinarian Department within the Ministry is well informed about this situation and the horrible conditions, they are also well informed about the way the work is being carried out in the holding facility, including the conditions in which they keep the dogs and the way they treat them. In spite of this they chose not to react and to apply sanctions against the responsible personnel. Our association is constantly submitting appeals in which we report about the irregularities for which we have numerous evidence in photos and we ask the Veterinarian Authority Department to take action.  

In the meantime, the Ministry (the Veterinarian Authority Department) is drafting a Rulebook on the operations of holding facilities, shelters, and transit centers. In our opinion the Rulebook is highly inconsistent within itself and gives room for misinterpretation that is, it allows for arbitrary and subjective decisions to be made by the officials in charge of this type of facilities. One sticking example is the prescription for all three types of above mentioned facilities, that dog should be kept for no longer than 5 days, in which period the dog can be adopted, and if it is not, after the expiration of this 5 day period the dog shall be killed. This ordinance is clearly inconsistent with the CNR program. We believe that this gives alibi and practical conditions for massive extermination for several reasons:

Firstly, the holding facility currently is opened for visitors twice a week for 3 hours, which doesn’t give opportunity citizens that are interested in adopting to come into the facility at their convenience.  

Secondly the general awareness of the citizens about adopting a stray and animal welfare is still very low. It is most likely that in this situation where the problem has been neglected for decades and there are no shelters of any kind of dogs, or any transit centers for massive sterilization/castration.  

This kind of regulations will only give open way for massive and unjustified killing of unaggressive and healthy animals, which only serves the narrow interests for instant and false solution.  

************************ HELP – ACTION YOU CAN TAKE PLEASE ***********************  

That’s why we are desperately asking you to help us, and put a pressure on the authorities, in this case to the:  

1.      Mayor of the City of Skopje (Koce Trajanovski   gradonacalnik@skopje.gov.mk

2.      The Veterinarian Department who till now ignore our appeals from the animal protection organizations (Director of the Department is Dejan Runtevski,    druntevski@veterina.gov.mk


3.      to  the applier of this program – the Public enterprise Communal Hygiene khs@khigiena.com.mk   –   , Director Rakip Doci)  

 and to write them a letter in which you request his personal effort to stop the killings and to perform the strategy of Catch-Neuter-Release.   

We need your assistance in order to stop this cruelty and killings.   

We are fully aware that you are an organization with great influence and therefore we ask you to put a pressure in the European institutions and European Parliament too, emphasizing that Macedonia as an aspirant to become a member country of EU as of standards and human norms in solving this problem, and not to behave in a barbarian and cruel way in the 21st century.          

We would be very grateful if you can start a petition for us and give us advice for our further activities concerning this problem.  

Looking forward to your answer at your earliest convenience
We remain sincerely yours,  

Animal protestion organization Anima Mundi  

President Stole Velkovski  



The Appeal of Meri Jordanovska from the city of Skopje against the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje  

Commission for protecting the right of free access to information of public interest, acting on the Appeal of Meri Jordanovska from the city of Skopje against the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje, related to her Request for free access to information of public interest, according to articles 28 and 32 of the Law for free access to information of public interest; on its meeting on October 27 2009 has made the following.  


D E C I S I O N  

Appeal of Meri Jordanovska from the city of Skopje, made against the answer of the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje, in part that relates to her Request for “names and job positions of all employees of Vardariste, including those employed on a part-time basis, and the copy of the annual report of activities of this dog shelter”  is accepted, and the Public company Komunalna HigienaSkopje is ordered  to give the requested information in period of no longer than 15 days after this Decision has been delivered, in form that was asked in the Request.   

Part of the Appeal that relates to the information of “the number of dogs being killed and the way they were killed, the name of the person which executed euthanasia, and for what reason it was made – for each single dog in 2008 and 2009” is also accepted and the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje is ordered to re-deliver this request to the one that has such information, in period of no longer than 15 days after this Decision has been delivered.  


E L A B O R A T I O N  

Commission for protecting the right of free access to information of public interest has acted on the Appeal of Meri Jordanovska No. 07-484/1 dated August 31 2008, made against the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje, related to her Request for free access to information of public interest. In part in which she requests documents for “names and job positions of all employees of Vardariste, including those employed on a part-time basis, and the copy of the annual report of activities of this dog shelter” the Commission has ordered the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje to give the requested information in period of no longer than 15 days after this Decision has been delivered, in form that was asked in the Request.  

Part of the Appeal that relates to the information of “the number of dogs being killed and the way they were killed, the name of the person which executed euthanasia, and for what reason it was made – for each single dog in 2008 and 2009” was also accepted and the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje was ordered to re-deliver this request to the one that has such information, in period of no longer than 15 days after this Decision has been delivered.  

After deliberation on the Appeal, Request, and other files associating the Subject, the Commission has made the following Conclusion:  

Meri Jordanovska from the city of Skopje on July 1 2008 has issued a Request for free access to information of public interest, to the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje, in which she writes:  

“List with names and job positions of all employees of Vardariste, including those employed on a part-time basis; copy of the annual report of activities of the dog shelter. Subject of our interest is the number of dogs being killed and the way they were killed, the name of the person which executed euthanasia, and for what reason it was made – for each single dog in 2008 and 2009; Insight in the amount of money being spent for the needs of Vardariste. We want to know how much money was spent for food for the animals, for euthanasia, and for medical treatment. What was the quantity of barbiturates purchased in 2008 and 2009 (insight in the document for purchase); Information on the name of the subject who won the public tender for medical treatment of street animals in 2008 and 2009.”  

In relation to the above mentioned Request, the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje with the Announcement No. 03-9772 from July 29 2009 has informed the Request petitioner that “the period for access to the information requested will be prolonged at the most 40 days after the Request has been made”.  

In relation to the above mentioned Request, the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje on August 17 2009 has also delivered a Response No. 03-8760/2 to the petitioner Meri Jordanovska.  

Dissatisfied with the answer, Meri Jordanovska on August 31 2009 submitted Appeal to the Commission, in which she states “part of the answers does not include information that was asked for in the Request”. In the Appeal, she specifies:  

“The Request comprised of information on names and job positions of all the employees of Vardariste; but the answer contained only the job positions of the employees but not  their names”.   

“In my Request it was firmly expressed my interest for the way the dogs are killed in Vardariste (if it’s with a needle injection, quotation on its type); the name of the person (not the organization) which euthanizes; as well as the insight and copies of every single dog that has been euthanized in 2008 and 2009”.   

The Commission, with letter No.07-484/2 from September 3 2009, forwarded the Appeal to the Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje, and made a request, in the shortest timeframe possible (immediately) to explain its stand on the issue and to deliver to the Commission all the files regarding this Subject.  

Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje sent a Response on the appeal No.03-9772/5 from September 16 2009, to the Commission. In the Response it is written that “the part one of the Request of Meri Jordanovska is insubstantial because the information asked actually reveals personal data information, which is violation of personal data information protection, according to the Law for free access to information of public interest.  

As for the second part of the Request, Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje has also stated that it is insubstantial, because “Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje with a letter No. 03-8760/5 from September 10 2009, has informed Meri Jordanovska that her Request relates to information that Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje does not possess, and she was again informed that veterinary services are performed by the institution of Veterinaren Centar DOOEL – Skopje, which was chosen after a public tender for such services”.  

In relation to all of the above mentioned in the Response, the Commission wants to point out the following:  

It is true that names are personal data information, but only by this data one can not identify certain individual, so they don’t have the same degree of protection as some other sensitive personal data information which are a whole different category and are particularly protected. For instance, in one given city there is a possibility that several citizens with the same name and surname exist, so solely on the basis of their names, one can not reveal their identity.  

For a certain individual to be identified there has to be more information that is specific only for its identity. Identity of a person can be determined directly or indirectly, especially by its National Identification Number, or by one or more specific characteristics for its physical, mental, economic, cultural or sociological identity.  

So it appears that in this case, revealing of the names of employees does not mean that it’s a violation of personal data information protection.  

In relation to the claims in the part two of the Response to the Appeal, the Commission wants to point out the following:  

Public company Komunalna Higiena – Skopje has acted in accordance with article 26 paragraph 2 of the Law for free access to information of public interest, and has informed the Request petitioner that it does not possess the information which petitioner asked for.   

Nevertheless, it did not act in accordance with article 18 paragraph 1 of  the Law for free access to information of public interest:   

If the owner of information which has received a Request doesn’t have such an information at his disposal at the moment, he must immediately resend petitioner’s Request to an institution that has such an information, and he’ll inform the petitioner for this development”.  

Because of the all abovementioned, the Commission has decided as elaborated in the disposal of this Decision.  

Against this Decision, if not satisfied, one can file a Lawsuit in a period of 30 days after its delivery.  

Stamp of the Commission  


Janko Nikolovski  



Past SAV links and photographs associated with Vardariste – Skopje pound:  









PLEASE SUPPORT THIS VITAL CAMPAIGN by sending a mail / letter as detailed above – Thank You – SAV.

Serbia (Zajecar City): 21/03/10 – All Dogs Have Now Been Killed – Live Cats Thrown Into Cages to be Killed by Dogs Who Have Not Had Food and Water Since 05/03/10.

Zajecar City.

Please refer to our post of 19/03 showing all the dogs which had been rounded up and imprisoned by the Shinters:


Now we can confirm that all of the dogs shown in the pictures have been killed.  All of the dirty boxes, where dogs being held had no food or no water are now empty. 

Live cats were thrown into cages full with dogs and were killed by the dogs immediately.  Many dogs killed each other because from 05.03.2010 they were given neither food or water. 

In the region, most of the foxes have also been killed.

Is the message from the Serbian authorities that they have to ‘rescue’ the human species from the Rabies disease by undertaking all of these killings ?

In fact the authorities have done nothing apart from undertake the brutal slaughter of animals paid for out of the municipality budget.  If Rabies is even present in the area, which we doubt, as the OIE do not appear to have been informed of any outbreaks, then Rabies probably is still present, because these killings have been very selective – poor stray animals once again – and only dogs and foxes are being killed; no other species which could carry Rabies.:


This is a very half hearted attempt by the Serbian government and authorities to make a pathetic effort to the public to show ‘control’ the spread of a probably non existing disease such as Rabies.  If it exists, then the simple question is why has the OIE not been informed by the Serbian authorities about these outbreaks ? – maybe the authorities are simply using the Rabies issue as a scare as a futile excuse to round up and kill as many strays as they can.

This is no way to control and alleged disease outbreaks; but as we are very aware, it is the way the pathetic Serbian authorities operate.  No care for life, only their own positions.

Confirmation of situation by Izaza –



Zajecar : Svi  psi  “lutalice”- “sirovina”  za mafijaški “biznis” koju stvaraju  rep.vet inspektori, komunalni inspektori i neodgovornmi vlasnici – SU UBIJENI .

Da li je  poruka  srbijanskih autoriteta vlasti  javnosti , koju  ovim  aktom smatraju imbecilnom , da su oni na ovaj način : poubijavši pse “lutalice” i lisice,  zaštitili  gradjane od besnila , ali činjenica je  da NISU nikoga zaštitili , nisu NIŠTA  SUZBILI , nego su samo počinili brutalna ubistva, jer ako je virus rabiesa  stvarno prisutan , vlast nije učinila NIŠTA da zaštiti stanovništvo ni životinje, počinila je jedino masovnu egzekuciju pasa neodgovornih vlasnika  koji kukavički čuče u svojim kućama  i lisica –  sve je plaćeno novcem iz  opštinskog budžeta ,  koji su samo jedan od  potencijalnih rezervoara virusa rabiesa, a rezervoar  može biti svaki sisar , tako da  selektivnim ubijanjem   jednog malog  broja rezervoara : vlast NIJE učinila NIŠTA  na zaštiti stanovništva ni životinja , na  suzbijanju rabiesa  , samo je omogućila ilegalni biznis pod plaštom ” suzbijanja rabiesa”  .

Friend-EPAR/OIPA Serbia/Alliance for nonhuman and human Animal Rights