Happy World Orangutan Day !

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World Orangutan Day

Mark – did you know that over 100,000 Bornean orangutans were lost between 1999 and 2015 mainly due to deforestation and poaching? And now these orangutans are  critically endangered.

To help prevent further habitat loss, WWF Malaysia led a project in Sarawak to provide a sustainable habitat for orangutans as well as create a stable income for the local communities living alongside these great apes.

The Gaharu Tree

At the centre of this project is the Gaharu tree –  a native plant to Sarawak that traditionally provided valuable wood to the local people. It was then discovered that the tree leaves could be made into a tea which can be farmed and sold.

Great news for both the local people and the orangutans, as the tree no longer needs to be cut down and can continue to grow with only its leaves being trimmed for the tea.

Because of this, the Menyang Taih people planted 8,000 Gaharu trees on empty and degraded land which prevented further deforestation – and with the help of WWF volunteers a further 3,000 trees were planted.

Encouraging tree planting means that the orangutan habitat can be protected and hopefully orangutan populations will grow and thrive in Sarawak.

Find out more:


Adopt an Orangutan

Projects like this create a sustainable economy and a stable ecosystem for both orangutans and people. But more still needs to be done.

Borneo is projected to lose 22 million hectares of forest between 2010 and 2030. We’re running out of time.

Adopt an orangutan today so we can continue to help local communities manage protected areas and to fund our other essential work with orangutans.

Adopt an Orangutan:


Top 10 Orangutan Facts

Want to find out more about orangutans? Our top 10 facts page will tell you everything you need to know!

View the top 10 facts here:



England: After 3 Years of Exposing the Abuse; Viva! Finally Get Tesco to Stop Hogwood as a Meat Supplier.

Read all and see the video and photos at:


This has changed for the positive within the last 24 hours.

The following is from Viva! who undertook the investigation and have been campaigning against conditions and treatment of animals at Hogwood for years.

First – the good news;

Mon 19/8/2109 – Tesco drops one of its biggest pork suppliers after animal rights campaigners release footage of shocking abuse at pig farm including animals being kicked and hit with metal rods

  • Tesco banned meat from Hogwood Farm in Warwickshire after an exposé

  • Activist group Viva! filmed images they claim expose ‘systematic animal abuse’

  • Campaigners released shocking footage of pigs screeching in terror as farm workers kicked them, slammed gates on them and hit them with metal rods

Read the full story at:


Viva! – before the announcement – This is their words:

Against all odds, we return to Hogwood pig farm to expose shocking conditions at Tesco-approved hell hole for the third year running.

You probably know the story – we’ve told it twice before. Back in June 2017, I went inside one of Britain’s largest pig farms: Hogwood. The horrors that my team and I filmed were impossible to forget.

This year, we left hidden cameras.

Just last month, we went back – this time armed with hidden cameras to capture round-the-clock surveillance. What we discovered was shocking: pigs ruthlessly kicked by farm workers and struck with metal riding crops and hand tools.

We filmed a farm worker slamming a metal rape rack onto a confined sow – she screamed as he administered a painful injection, then she was hit over the head.

Hogwood: The Story

It was June 2017 when I first went into Hogwood Farm – and it’s a farm I’ve since come to know well. A huge industrial unit in Warwickshire, Hogwood houses over 16,000 pigs and supplies Tesco.

We have submitted official complaints to the RSPCA, Animal and Plant Health Agency, Red Tractor and Tesco – none of it resulted in action being taken to protect these pigs. All we received were worthless assurances.

Big business and the meat industry don’t care about the distress and misery at Hogwood farm. We need you to stand up and help us expose this horror.



Germany: the cows are milked to death


Germany is the largest milk producer in Europe. More than 33 million tons give our cows a year. Lots of milk, yoghurt, cheese – all at low prices.

Cows have to give more and more milk. That makes most animals sick. According to BR24 research, more than one and a half million dairy cows are “sorted out” nationwide each year.

Veterinarians and scientists speak of torture.


On average, a cow today has to give twice as much milk as in the 1970s. This means an increase from 4,000 kg to 8,000 kg per animal. The high performance has its price, says the agronomist Matthias Gau ly of the University of Bolzano: “We have problems with animal health and, accordingly, with animal welfare, and that’s something we urgently need to change.”

“The higher the performance of the animals, the sooner animals go off.”


Every year 1.7 million dairy cows are sorted out

According to research by the bavarian broadcasting, according to the latest figures, around 1.7 million dairy cows are sorted out each year, ie slaughtered or disposed of in animal carcass disposal. Most because of injuries, illnesses or too low milk yield. This resulted in a query in associations of the dairy industry in all 16 federal states.
Torment breeding: the cows are milked to death!


What does it mean for a cow to perform well? This great animated film from the news channel BR24 makes it clear to us in a short and realistic way. The film is also very suitable for children.
The translation follows below.


…bloody milk…
Dairy cows are bred to perform well.
They give up to 50 liters per day
To produce a lot of milk, the cow has to give birth regularly
Usually the calf is then removed from the mother immediately
Because the mother’s milk is to be sold
Female calves later become dairy cows themselves
Male calves are a waste product to be fattened and slaughtered there

Irene Weiersmüller, Animals Angels: “Often the calves are not weaned, that means they are used to milk, not to hay or cold water, and the trucks can not give that to the animals
unsupported animals and calves die on the streets …
Animal rights activists and veterinarians have been observing such ills for years
But even the adult high-performance animals suffer, giving viuel milk makes the cows ill:

Metabolic problems
Claw and joint diseases
This causes veterinary costs and more effort in the stable”

Matthias Gauly, agricultural scientist: “There are many farmers who are overwhelmed with the high-performing huh, because they can no longer afford this balancing of keeping, feeding and care of the animal”

Sick animals become unprofitable in this system, they often come too young in the slaughterhouse

Lots of milk, a lot of animal suffering.
Does Germany have an animal welfare problem?


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/19/germany-the-cows-are-milked-to-death/

My comment: Animals are tortured until they get sick.
The milk of the sick animals makes people sick.
And the unhealthy milk from the sick animals is still advertised as healthy and given subsidized by the state as school milk in the schools to the children.
And the environment and climate are also ruined by animal feed, liquid manure and methane.

A shick, criminal system that only ministers, farmer associations, abattoirs, animal transport industry, and stupid human carnivores, the victims of advertising want that.
Can someone else want that? If so, who?



My best regards to all, Venus


‘We Animals’.

Here is some news provided to us from Stacey at Our Compass:





About the video

2018 marked the 20th anniversary of the first We Animals photo and a year of tremendous achievement in the world of animal photojournalism.

Photography: Jo-Anne McArthur
Film: Kelly Guerin, 2019
Narration: Jo-Anne McArthur

We Animals Media Mission

We Animals Media recognizes the invisibility of animals in our world and seeks to give their lives and stories a place in the public conscience.

Through compelling photography, journalism, and filmmaking, We Animals Media illuminates the lives of animals used for food, fashion, entertainment, work, religion, and experimentation. We are committed to telling these stories through an empathic lens – collectively widening our circle of compassion to include all animals.

We Animals Media also seeks to mentor the next generation of media makers, create bridges between social movements, and inspire solutions that will result in a kinder and healthier world for all.

Thousands of photographs and videos are available to individuals, organizations, and media outlets around the world via our We Animals Archive.

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Our Work
We Animals Archive

France: the gardeners go to the roof


The world’s largest roof farm will open soon in Paris. 14,000 square meters vegetable garden on a roof! Agriculture is different too!


Large roof farms are not new.
The advantage: no long transport routes and old, forgotten vegetables, which can be stored only for a limited time, find their way back to the table.
Urban gardens and community gardens are a worldwide phenomenon. More and more people are coming together to shape their environment together and grow organic food.

After French Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume announced that France will stop using glyphosate and also encourage organic fruit and vegetables, Paris will open the world’s largest rooftop farm with around 14,000 square meters.

Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume recommends organic and biodynamic agriculture and urges producers to return to the farming practices used by their grandparents, which have been forgotten.

With success, because in France, 3,000 producers of fruit and vegetables have joined in one year, avoiding pesticides using nets, different agronomic techniques and crop rotation.

The plants are grown in the air like on a traditional farm, but in vertical watchtowers similar to those used in indoor farms like Plenty, a robotic farm in Silicon Valley. On the sides of the towers sprout plants that allow to grow more food in a small space. The system is aeroponic, ie no soil is used, and the plants are fed with a nutrient-filled mist that meets biologic standards and uses little water.


Vertical agriculture – fields and pastures should no longer extend to the horizon, but into the air: floor above floor, in the middle of the city. The hope is a revolution in agriculture and an answer to the question of how we feed humanity. More than seven billion people inhabit the earth today, and in the year 2050 it will be over nine billion, according to United Nations estimates. 70 percent of them will live in cities.

Can we produce enough food for everyone on the planet? A question many scientists around the world ask themselves. In Singapore, “Skygreen” provides an example of how this is possible, not just technically, but also economically.
Increasing food safety through this food production, also due to the impact of global climate change, is 10 times more productive per square meter than conventional agriculture, according to the Skygreen video.

The Singapore Vertical-Farms that herald an Agricultural Revolution –Take a look, it’s worth it.



For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/18/france-the-gardeners-go-to-the-roof/


My comment: I would like to try the salad from the Roof Gardens, but if we want to talk seriously about global hunger and solving this problem, it certainly is not a suitable solution for world food.

The cause of misery on this planet, hunger, massacre, climatic catastrophe, destruction of the forest and the oceans is primarily due to the uncontrolled, inexorable proliferation of human species.

And more and more children are being made, who in future will have a large share of blame for the climate catastrophe and the rise of animal misery.

Because also the man of the future needs his food, his wood, his plastic, his house, his car … the more people the more climate and animal misery, that’s how easy it is.

To put a child into the world today has less to do with love than with cruelty.

Therefore, such projects do not really help. What really can help us is rethinking about overpopulation around the world.

My best regards to all, Venus


The chicken: the most popular victim in the world

From an interesting article of the German newspaper “taz”:

“Since April of this year, the “Climate Cabinet” of the Federal Government has been struggling to find sustainable solutions for transport and agriculture. German society is debating meat abstinence, and consumption of beef and pork is slowly declining. Only the chicken has none of it.


622 million broiler chickens landed in slaughterhouses in 2018, 23 million more than in the previous year. 81 percent of all slaughtered animals in Germany are broiler chickens. Chicken breast fillet, 300 grams for 4 euros. Never before has so much poultry been consumed as it is today.

Not only in Germany, but worldwide.

The chicken has become a mass product. The super-bred chicken that grows faster and delivers more meat and eggs than ever before.

“The Ross 308 is recognized worldwide as a broiler that delivers consistent performance. Producers appreciate the growth rate, feed efficiency and robust performance of the Ross 308. “

This is how it is in the product description of the animal.

Read on the website of the American company Aviagen, one of the largest broiler breeders in the world. There is also a manual for the Ross 308, called “Broiler Manual.”

In addition to tips on temperature control in the house and the recommended amount of feed and the performance of the animals is recorded. Four kilos in 40 days!

The American company belongs to the German Erich Wesjohann Group, EW Group for short, a network of 28 German and 81 foreign companies.
The group is the world market leader in chicken genetics.

Through breeding, the EW Group has succeeded in turning the chicken from a tender little bird into a chunk of meat.
In a machine whose body weighs about three kilos more than in 1957, and almost twice as many eggs laid as in the 1960s, today about 300 pieces per year.


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/17/the-chicken-the-most-popular-victim-in-the-world/


My comment: What we see in the photo is what’s be eaten all around the world.

The offer responds to demand; The buyer is responsible. Every animal killed is a murder that we order!
And companies like Wiesenhof or Aviagen are the ones who commit this murder.

The argument that torment breeding is the result of the demand for cheap meat is wrong and hypocritical!

The price has nothing to do with the conditions of keeping or the conditions of production of meat or other animal products.

Foie gras e.g. is (allegedly) a delicacy, is offered at maximum prices. The “production” is hard to beat every disgusting animal cruelty.

Just like the caviar. The sturgeons are slashed alive, the eggs removed, the animal thrown away.

Lobster is often thrown alive in boiling water (in Germany even the prescribed killing species).

Just because something is expensive does not mean that the animal has not to suffer.

Likewise, no one can guarantee that expensive chickens on the shelf had a nice life in the stable!
Whether it’s a conventional or a “Ross 308” chicken, in the end, all animals die a cruel death.

It is high time to finish the murderous work of the chicken barons and butchers.

My best regards to all, Venus


Hunting is murder


Puffins are among the most popular birds worldwide.


Unfortunately not only with animal friends, but also with hunters. Iceland is home to the largest stock of this species of alken – and mercilessly releases the endangered migratory birds.

Images of the puffin hunt are currently making the rounds, posted on the Facebook page Ban Trophy Hunting. It is all about British foreign fighters who go in the far north on the bird stalk.

But also German hunters seem to enjoy the hunt for the colorful birds: So you can book for example at “Malepartus Hunting Travel” for 1040 € a trip to Iceland – per shot puffin you pay 20 € “shooting fee”!


The hunting for razorbills, fulmars and seals is also offered here to the German speaking public, quite legally! If you reject this form of tourism, the company Malepartus writes your opinion! Here is the link to Iceland Hunt: https://www.malepartus-jagdreisen.com/island.html


The picture shows the screenshot of an Icelandic hunting agency, which advertises big “routes” in the puffin hunt.

Source: Committee against the bird murder e.V.

My comment: Yesterday I looked at this website and I’m really horrified. And angry! https://www.huntingiceland.com/

Mentally ill murderers proudly pose in front of the murdered victims, and with these pictures, this club advertises travel to different regions of the world.

How primitive and murderous can human nature be!

Instead of evolving and rising to a higher spiritual level, the screw of intellectual and moral development is falling at breakneck speed.

Hunt only satisfies psychopaths.

The fact that there are still “hunters and trophy collectors” is a sign that we are developing faster and faster in the Stone Age than it has lasted to evolve into modern times.
The worst thing is that this animalistic drive is infiltrating more and more industrialists, politicians, celebrities, etc., who feel they are elite.

Hunting is and remains murder, hunters are mentally ill murderers!

Please sign the Petition: https://www.onegreenplanet.org/animalsandnature/petition-stop-organized-puffin-hunting-iceland/


My best regards to all, Venus


Petition: Stop the Mass Poisoning of Dogs by Ruthless Gangs in S. Africa.




Stop the Mass Poisoning of Dogs by Ruthless Gangs in S. Africa

Posted by Jane Wolfe

Petition link: https://ladyfreethinker.org/sign-stop-the-deadly-mass-poisoning-of-dogs-in-s-africa/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email

PETITION TARGET: South African Ambassador to the U.S. Mninwa Johannes Mahlangu

Criminals are shamelessly poisoning up to one thousand dogs every week in South Africa. The canines become disorientated, bleed from the nose, shake, vomit, have diarrhea, lose eyesight and then succumb to paralysis. In their final minutes of life, unable to move, they struggle to breathe until they eventually suffocate and die.

Ruthless gangs poison dogs to remove interference when robbing homes. They throw food laced with the lethal pesticide Aldicarb to the unsuspecting pets. Although banned in South Africa, Aldicarb is smuggled into the country via Zimbabwe.

This illegal poison is apparently incredibly easy to buy and is stocked at informal shops and taxi stops.

“This has been going on for years,” says Cora Bailey, director of Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW). “It is a massive problem. This poison is being sold everywhere.”

We must speak out to prevent criminals in South Africa from accessing this deadly poison and end the mass slaughter of innocent dogs.

Sign this petition urging Ambassador Mahlangu to clamp down on the illegal sale of Aldicarb to stop this cruel epidemic of dog killing.

USA: Latest News from the Center for Biological Diversity.


Latest News from the Center for Biological Diversity



Unprecedented: Trump Guts the Endangered Species Act

We’ve never seen an attack like this on the Endangered Species Act.

On Monday the Trump administration finalized sweeping changes to the Act that weaken habitat protections, block climate change from being addressed as a threat to vanishing wildlife, and create new barriers to preventing extinctions. Trump’s rules have one goal: to make it easy for industry to plunder our lands and waters for private profit — endangered species be damned.

The Endangered Species Act is the world’s strongest law for saving species from extinction. It’s the reason we still share this planet with bald eagles and whooping cranes and gray wolves.

You can be sure the Center for Biological Diversity will stop this cowardly, vicious move with all the strength we’ve got. We’re counting on you to stand with us in the historic fight ahead.

Please consider supporting our court battle with a donation to our Endangered Species Act Protection Fund.


Suit Launched to Save Green Sea Turtle Habitat

Green sea turtles cross oceans to nest on beaches that soon could be inundated as the seas rise. The gentle animals are also being hurt and killed by plastic pollution. So on Tuesday the Center and allies launched a lawsuit to force the Trump administration to protect their habitat.

“The recovery of most green sea turtle populations is a beacon of hope in our changing oceans, but we’ve got to protect the places they live,” said Jaclyn Lopez, our Florida director.

Get more from Maui Now.



Court Approves Ban on Cyanide Bombs in Wyoming Forests


Days after Trump’s EPA gave a thumbs-up to the ongoing use of sodium cyanide in M-44s (or “cyanide bombs”), forest creatures across 10 million acres in Wyoming caught a break from the lethal devices.

A judge has approved an agreement, secured by the Center and allies, to ban M-44s across the state’s national forests. It also requires the federal program “Wildlife Services” — which uses cyanide bombs — to analyze the impacts of its killing of coyotes, bobcats and other Wyoming wildlife. And new trapping restrictions will help protect grizzlies and other animals. Read more.



Take Action: Save Joshua Tree From Sprawl


One of our best-loved national parks, Southern California’s Joshua Tree, is threatened by plans to build a city next door.

The sprawl development would bring more than 25,000 people to an isolated spot that’s now home to vulnerable animals like desert tortoises, bighorn sheep and kit foxes. It would drain aquifers, punch a hole in a wildlife corridor, and destroy a key stopover place for migratory birds.

The Riverside County Planning Commission is poised to make its final decision on approving the development. Take one minute now to urge it to say no and protect the area’s wild character.



We Just Sued Trump Over His Dirty Power Plan


On Wednesday we and our partners sued Trump’s EPA to overturn its Dirty Power Plan and reinstate the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. The agency failed to meet its legal obligations under the Clean Air Act when it repealed and replaced this set of policies.

“The Dirty Power Plan’s only purpose is to make fossil fuel CEOs richer, no matter how deadly and dangerous that is for the rest of us,” said Center senior attorney Clare Lakewood.

Read more in our press release.






“…That’s why dogs are happier than humans…”


Best regards to all, Venus


Living sushi…and we thought, we would have seen everything


And there is nothing that does not exist!!We are now prepared for everything.

Also on live frogs that are eaten.



It is an older video where the half-living frog was served with ice cubes, soy sauce, a piece of lemon. The upper body of the amphibian is served as a decoration on the plate and is in the last live moves.

The big eyes gaze at the restaurant visitors, the muscles twitch every now and then, the arms move, even the eyelids blink.

Frogs are a delicacy especially in the kitchens of France, Western Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Louisiana and the Caribbean, and generally in South and East Asia and parts of Africa. These frogs are mainly imported from Asia. The main exporter is Indonesia. Over thousands of miles, they must endure in tight transport boxes.

Arrived at the destination, their legs are cut off without any anestheticdesperately wriggling, the frogs die a painful and slow death.

It is really horrible that we must read that in Central Asia it is a delicacy to eat fallopian tubes of frogs or even the ovaries, also known as ovaries. The court is called Hasma (Harsmar, Hashima).


These are usually used by the Asian Common Frog (Rana chensinensis). Because of its whitish appearance, Hasma is often falsely described as a “snowflake fat”. Hasma is produced in the provinces of Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning in China.

The soup from Hasma is also served in North American cities with a large Chinese population. But mainly in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In the following video you can see the frog farm, here live tens of thousands of frogs.


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/15/living-sushi-and-we-thought-we-would-have-seen-everything/


My comment: It is frightening to see how many places in Europe now sell frogs’ legs again and are prepared and eaten in restaurants.

In the “wild frog harvest” the back frog extremities are separated, from living body!!

Most of the imported frog legs are still from these wild catches.

Frog thighs may not look anyone in the eye, but they are ALSO a horrible cruelty, like any food made from animal corpses.

Only that the “civilized” society in Europe can not endure the living gaze of a victim on the plate and therefore dead body parts are preferred and served.

Best regrads, Venus


Undercover in Poland: becoming a butcher!



The undercover journalist Patryk Szczepaniak tells very excitingly how he prepared for his role as “butchers” for a slaughterhouse in Poland. The results of his investigative work were sensational. https://gijn.org/2019/08/05/becoming-a-butcher-lessons-from-working-undercover/

His report follows:

“In early October 2018, Tomasz Patora and I started to take a closer look into the Polish cattle industry. We had a tip-off: A slaughterhouse (or abattoir) in Poland was selling the meat of sick cattle, some of which had arrived at the facility already dead. After conducting some initial background research and sneaking around the slaughterhouse a few times in the cover of night, we knew our source was telling the truth. The only problem was how we were going to get inside to prove it. After a long discussion with our editor at the investigative program Superwizjer of TVN Discovery Poland, we decided that one of us needed to go undercover and get hired as a butcher.

Happily, I got the job.

 Patryk Szczepaniak went undercover to investigate a slaughterhouse in Warsaw, where he secretly recorded video. Image: Courtesy TVN Discovery Poland


We also knew that the slaughterhouse would take in diseased, dead cows for free. We knew that sometimes the sick cows had broken legs, or that their bones wouldn’t pop back in their hips after giving birth.

We also knew that after those sick cows were slaughtered, the carcasses were cleaned and visible marks of diseases were cut away, and that the meat of those sick cows were regularly sold on for human consumption. And we knew that all of this was done without any oversight by the state’s veterinary office.

We estimated that by killing around 20 sick cows per day, the slaughterhouse would earn around $660,000 of pure profit per year; if it killed only the healthy ones, its profits would come in at around $91,000 per year.

Poland produced almost 438,000 tons of bovine meat worth $1.5 million in 2018, and more than 80% of that was exported to European Union and beyond.


Before going to the slaughterhouse and asking for the job, I prepared two stories and, based on how the situation inside developed, I could choose two different paths to explain how I ended up at a slaughterhouse in the countryside, far away from major cities.

During the job interview, I began to sense that my initial story paths wouldn’t work, so I had to come up with a third story path. So I said my girlfriend had fallen pregnant by another man, which left me distraught and far away from home.

I know it sounds really cliched, but that’s the one that landed me the job.

Change of personality. Adapt to your environment. If it is an academic environment, behave and speak like an academic. If it’s a slaughterhouse, behave and speak like a butcher”.

I worked undercover for almost three weeks in November 2018 to expose the slaughterhouse.

Image: Courtesy TVN Discovery Poland

I managed to document and film the pulling, by a rope, of sick and dead cows into the slaughterhouse; the preparation and cleaning of the sick and dead cows for further sale; the slaughter of cows in advanced stages of pregnancy; the disposal of both small and large fetuses; a wide range of animal cruelty acts; the loading of rotting carcasses into trucks for further sale; stamping by workers, my boss, and myself with an official veterinary stamp that was intended to show that the meat was examined by the veterinary service when it was not; and conversations with workers and the head of the company about procedure.

Altogether we had around 120 hours of undercover footage”.

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/15/undercover-in-poland-becoming-a-butcher/


My comment:  And we immediately remember the German scandal, which has the same criminal barbarity against sick and injured cows here, in “civilized” Germany.


Image: SOKO Tierschutz e.V, Germany

The SOKO Organization also got acquainted with undercover video material, we had reported it . https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/04/13/germany-crime-continues-in-slaughterhouses/

That was in March and April 2019, and that was the tenth slaughterhouse scandal in Germany within two years.

Connected to this is a criminal network of hundreds of farmers, livestock dealers and veterinarians who operate and support the illegal and highly profitable trade in so-called downer cows.

A farmer who was confronted with pictures of his farm said without any sense of guilt:

“It is not an isolated case that animals are so charged when they can no longer walk independently. That’s just like that. That’s economy. We do business. “

Our Agriculture Minister of Germany, Julia Klöckner said: We do not need a self-proclaimed stable police, which controls the compliance with animal welfare. It is up to the state to prosecute farmers who keep their animals bad “.

Klöckner announced that the federal government wanted to punish stabling burglaries even more in this legislative period. So far, activists often go unpunished, gaining access to stables and secretly filming. Farmers criticize this.


Klöckner: “The thing is very clear: burglary is burglary. Animal rights activists would have to abide by laws”.

No thing is clear in slaughterhouses before a brave undercover team goes in and films what corrupt politicians consider as “clear”.

Thanks to these people, we know how every system, and not just that of Poland, works with the meat mafia.

The walls of slaughterhouses have long been made of glass, but no one wants to know what’s going on in there.


My best regards to all, Venus

UK: Foxhunting – Illegal but still exploited by some despite the ban.


hunter bath.jpg


UK: Foxhunting – Illegal but still exploited by some despite the ban.

Read more and watch the videos at:





Salvador Dali Pup Gets All the Attention for a Rescue Shelter.

Rescue Puppy Born with Adorable ‘Mustache’ is Breaking the Internet

I just had to put this beautiful little pup on here tonight – just to end the day with something good after all the export downers we have been experiencing.

Regards Mark.



Images of a beautiful rescue puppy born with a Salvador Dali-like “mustache” have caused a stir online after the dog was saved from the streets and put up for adoption, along with her mother and ten siblings, by Hearts & Bones Rescue.

Initially referred to as “mustache pup,” this adorable five-week-old puppy has now been named Salvador Dolly due to her resemblance to the surrealist Spanish artist. Inquiries about adopting her are flooding into the non-profit organization.

Dolly, along with her mother and siblings, is currently living with a loving foster family in Dallas. The whole crew is looking for forever homes in New York City and will be ready for transport at the end of August.

The rescue organization has highlighted the vital importance of people fostering and adopting rescued animals. “We were only able to save Dolly and her family because we had a foster to take them in,” it stated in a Facebook post. “The more people we have ready to open their hearts and homes to a dog in need, the more we can save!”

Puppy with moustache

Salvador Dolly’s road to fame is just getting started, as she is now the face of Hearts & Bones Rescue animal adoption drive and is even on a T-Shirt saying “I mustache you to adopt.”

Rescue dogs make great companions and this unique little puppy is a great reminder of how special all animals are.



I think we how have enough evidence to show EU transport rules are up with Fairy commissioners.

Read the whole article at:

I Think We have Presented All the Evidence Needed to Show That EU Legislation for ‘ the Protection of’ Animals In Transport Is Up With EU Commissioner Fairies ! – Read on and Find Out Why.

EU-animal transport guides: animals are tranported in the best possible ways


“As a proffessional driver, the animals are in your hands. You need a certificate of competence to carry live animals.

Image: Manfred Karremann



European Commission, DG Sante pilot project: “Three years ago our consortium started the adventure of developing good and better practices for the transport of 5 groups of animals.

Now in February 2019, we completed the EU project work, having developed guidelines, fact sheets, videos and having toured many European countries to forward our findings and discuss how to improve animal transport. Although officially this means the end of the project, we will keep on spreading our messages. This website will be kept alive and we hope that we will even be able to add additional translations of our documents on a later stage.

Our Facebook page will also be kept alive and report routinely on EU events on animal transport.

We invite everybody to keep using the recommendations to make sure animals are transported in the best possible ways (!!!)


And here is the visualization of the Animal Transport Guides (more videos on WorldAnimalsVoice)


EU-Kommission: ..”We invite everybody to keep using the recommendations to make sure animals are transported in the best possible ways” (!!!)

Eurogroup for Animals: The leading animal welfare organisation at EU level:
We are recognised by the European Parliament and Commission as the leading animal welfare organisation at EU level and represent animal welfare interests on many EU advisory committees and consultation bodies. Over the years we have been instrumental in achieving legal protection and EU standards which dramatically improve the way animals are treated.


Slaughter Lebanon EU cattle

For more (Videos) …at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/14/eu-animal-transport-guides-animals-are-transported-in-the-best-possible-ways/


And we mean: The video work is actually very good, congratulations.
What we do not quite understand, to whom are the videos directed.

To the truck driver?
And before 2018, before the project is completed, did the drivers not know which laws apply to animal transport at EU level?
And now that they finally know, do they have to follow these rules? Or only if they want?

The second is more likely to be the case, as most animal transports do not comply with EU regulations so far.
And because the EU, as the “largest agricultural lobby” (Jean Ziegler quote) respects the opinion of agriculture ministries, animal transporters, slaughterhouse owners.. much more than the life of animals.

The experience of the last months with the transport of 70,000 sheep in the Persian Gulf has shown us.
Even an EU Commissioner – Vitenis Andriukaitis – got involved, a courageous MEP Anja Hazenkamp was also on the ground; but in the end, none of these individuals (who were certainly involved in drafting Animal Transport Guides) could commit the mass murder of (certainly) a thousand sheep!!

Therefore, a very legitimate question arises: if truck drivers, agriculture ministers, slaughterhouse operators, transporters … regulate the transports only on a profit basis and not on the basis of EU-Animal Transpot Regulation, which instance is responsible for their punishment, and which paragraphs regulate their penalties?

So far, it seems that the EU has not thought about it yet.
But we do.
We have not seen any dramatic improvements in animal transport, on the contrary: the condition remains dramatic to catastrophic, with still a high degree of animal suffering.

This suffering can not improve videos if those who cause it are not punished severely.
It’s that easy, even the EU and its staff could understand it.

We are waiting for the infringement procedure against Romania.
Only when that happens can Eurogroup convince us of “dramatic improvements” in animal transport.

My best regards to all, Venus



When animal rights become a business…



There is a nice anecdod that illustrates the absurdity in our live very well:

A gentleman goes to the psychiatrist: “Doctor,” he says, “my brother thinks he is a chicken.”
“And why don`t you bring him to the clinic?” asks the doctor
“I would like to do that, but I need the eggs”!

It’s the same in life, we see the absurd, the paralogue, but we need the eggs.
Therefore, it is not very easy to admit that the EU has failed at every level if one is well paid by the EU.
Everyone needs the eggs!

In the case of the EU Commission the absurdity is only a harmless word, we should actually speak of convinced animal haters.

Who else would extend the castration of the piglets without anesthesia?
Who else would prolong the chick shredding?
Who else would bury the 8-hour campaign in the sand, despite the 1.2 million signatures?
Who else would let criminals animal tansporteure unpunished if they drive animals with 40 degrees to death?
Who else would have slaughterhouse operators continue to work if they sent pregnant, sick and injured animals for transport?

The questions go to Eurogroup for Animals, because according to their statutes they are the skilful actors to transform animal suffering to animal welfare, as a trusted bridge between the European Commission and animal suffering!

Nobody would deny that the driving force of any Eurogroup for Animals member is the defense of animal rights, at least in the first phase. It is more difficult for anyone to understand, how is it possible to work for them, who the animals demonstrably hate and have not done anything else until now, rather than closing lucrative deals with those who live on animals.

In that sense, a job for Animal Rights in Brussels is like any other job, except that it is seductively rewarded.
Over time, and having experienced all facets of anger and disgust inside ourselves for the validity of the EU Commissioners, we believe that we should not expect any improvement from either groupings or individual officials.

The groupings, because they do not even believe themselves that they have the power to persuade and convince the inept and unwilling commissars to take action.
But they need the eggs, they stick to it.

The commissioners because they have no interest in defending neither animal rights nor human rights (the case of Catalonia, a sad proof), and because the EU, as the largest agricultural lobby, has betrayed the animals.

For a long time, we have only known EU Commission and Eurogroup for animals as egg sellers from happy chickens.

My best regards to all, Venus


US A: Petition – Justice For Coyote Pups Killed And Strung Up On Display.


Justice For Coyote Pups Killed And Strung Up On Display

Posted by Lori Lovely

Petition link – https://ladyfreethinker.org/sign-stop-the-barbaric-hanging-of-coyotes-by-savage-hunters/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email


PETITION TARGET: Vermont Governor Phil Scott

Two young coyote pups were dangled by their feet from a utility pole in front of a home in Vermont’s rural Essex County. The grisly sight took place on a main road and horrified people who passed by. These innocent victims were hunted, killed, and hanged in a smug showcase of vanity.

Brenna Galdenzi of the group Protect our Wildlife was shocked when she saw these poor creatures strung up for a gruesome display. Outraged, she told New England Cable News, “I don’t really think there’s any other way to look at those photos than to be completely appalled.”

Because these pups were hanged on private property, no current laws were violated. Coyotes can be hunted all year in Vermont. In fact, it’s open season on coyotes year-round in most of the US. Even more sickening, most states hold annual coyote-killing contests that are nothing short of “gruesome celebrations of slaughter,” as reported by The Washington Post.

Vermont has recently become the 2nd state to ban these horrific contests, but we need more. Animal advocates are calling for change. However, the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board recently denied a petition to restrict coyote hunting. We must speak out to save coyotes and other animals from such brutal treatment.

Sign this petition to urge Governor Scott to call for legislation that would protect coyotes and end barbaric practices such as stringing them up like criminals on display.



England: London University bans hamburgers ‘to tackle climate change’.

London University bans hamburgers ‘to tackle climate change’

A university is banning the sale of burgers to try to fight global warming.

Goldsmiths, University of London, is removing all beef products from sale – and charging a 10p levy on bottled water and single-use plastic cups.

It plans to install more solar panels across its New Cross campus, in south-east London, and switch to a 100% clean energy supplier as soon as possible.

It will spend money on its allotment and identify other areas where planting could help to absorb carbon dioxide.


Carbon footprint

The university emits about 3.7 million kg of carbon each year but is hoping to become carbon neutral by 2025.

And it will try to increase the number of students studying climate change.

Scientists say beef is more damaging to the environment as cows produce more methane and require more land and water than other livestock.

The college’s new head, Prof Frances Corner, said: “The growing global call for organisations to take seriously their responsibilities for halting climate change is impossible to ignore.

“Though I have only just arrived at Goldsmiths, it is immediately obvious that our staff and students care passionately about the future of our environment and that they are determined to help deliver the step change we need to cut our carbon footprint drastically and as quickly as possible.

“Declaring a climate emergency cannot be empty words.

“I truly believe we face a defining moment in global history and Goldsmiths now stands shoulder to shoulder with other organisations willing to call the alarm and take urgent action to cut carbon use.”


Follow suit

Goldsmiths Students’ Union president Joe Leam said: “Our house is on fire,” invoking the words of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg.

“I believe Frances Corner and the university management are realising this and making these changes to put their part of the house fire out.

“The SU will be a part of this process every step of the way to make sure this stays true, seeking to speed the process up wherever possible, and will keep the college community updated throughout.”

Rosie Rogers, of Greenpeace UK, said: “It’s encouraging to see an institution like Goldsmiths not simply declaring a climate emergency but acting on it.

“From energy use, to food sales and plastic pollution – all universities and organisations with campus sites can make changes across their facilities that are better for our planet.

“We call on others to urgently follow suit and to include cutting all ties from fossil fuel funding in their climate-emergency response.”





EU live animal transport to Turkey. So what progress has been made since the DG SANTE (EU) visit and report of 2017 ?

EOA Turkey 2

EU live animal transport to Turkey.

So what progress has been made since the DG SANTE (EU) visit and report of 2017 ?

Videos to watch and links to EU investigation report.

Read the full post at:






“This is a massive double moral”!


Friedrich Mülln lies somewhere in Hungary in the bushes. He is well camouflaged, wears camouflage and has covered his face. He must not be discovered under any circumstances. Because what he is currently filming with his camera, no one should actually see. The animal rights activist of “SOKO Tierschutz” is in the process of revealing a scandal.



He sees how brutally a Hungarian subcontractor treats turkeys to be slaughtered in Germany. The animals are beaten, kicked and thrown by force into the livestock truck.

“When I lay there in the bushes and saw how the animals are beaten and they are smashed into the van from one meter away,” says Mülln, “then you feel powerless and can not do anything, otherwise you’re the next one yourself is beaten. ”


Foto: SOKO Tierschutz e.V, 2014


The turkeys are to be transported to Bavaria, Germany. More specifically, after Ampfing. There sits the turkey slaughterhouse “South German Turkey AG”.
The turkey farm in Hungary is one of the subcontractors, where the brutal pictures that we see in video have been made.

“In 2014, “ SOKO Animal Welfare ” actually documented the whole potpourri of this company’s horror: unbelievable brutality in the fattening farms, where animals were thrown alive into the trash, turkeys were beaten down with truncheons, even animals were hunted alive,” says Mülln.
“That happened in Bavaria and also in Baden-Wuerttemberg – documented by us.These recordings now from Hungary show: The company has learned nothing”!!

“The system causes the problems”

“It`s hardly getting better, the system causes the problems,” says Mülln. “If you want to load animals in such a mass in the shortest possible time, you dress animal suffering, for that people are not made.”


Foto: SOKO Tierschutz e.V


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/12/this-is-a-massive-double-moral/


My comment: Paul Mccartney said, “If the walls of the slaughterhouses were made of glass, all humans would become vegans.”

The walls have been of glass today.
We have never had as many undercover investigations in Germany as in recent years.
In mass animal husbandry, in experimental laboratory, in fur farms …

“Good information is hard to come by.
It’s just harder to do anything with them, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle said.

We have information today, more than ever.
If something is permanently abused today, that is the right of the other, of the animals, we know it.
But by the state legitimation of the brutal animal mass murder nobody commits itself to the consequent action, and eating meat everyone considers as his good right.

Whether the animals suffer or not, most people simply do not care. Main thing cheap and a lot of meat.

Mülln  is right, consumers are not innocent of these crimes when they still consume animal products. They know what it’s all about, they know who do they pay for the dirty work.

The walls of the slaughterhouses are already made of glass, but we live in a society of childlike and indifferent meat-eaters, who regard indignation as the highest moral duty.


My best regards to all, Venus


Whta is behind the sweet honey?


Honeybees, of which there are currently seven recognized species, are used worldwide for the commercial production of honey.

A honeybee colony typically consists of one queen bee, who is a fertile female, up to a thousand drone bees—fertile males and worker bees—and sterile female bees. It is the worker bees who collect both pollen and floral nectar, the latter being used to produce honey.


The nectar is sucked up through the proboscis (the tubular feeding and sucking organ found on the head of the bee), stored in their honey stomach (or “crop”) and transported back to the nest. This stomach holds around 40 milligrams of nectar, which can require over a thousand flowers, and its digestive enzymes break down the sucrose in the nectar into fructose and glucose.


In commercial honey production and artificial bee hives, queen bees are not fertilized by drone bees but are artificially inseminated. A drone bee is selected, his head is crushed, and then he is squeezed to release the semen. Following this, the selected queen bee is rendered unconscious and the semen is inserted into her.

However, many of the drone bees killed for this purpose are deemed unsuitable, and up to 15 are crushed to inseminate one queen bee. Once the queen bee has been successfully inseminated, she will be placed back in the hive. In the wild, queen bees often move nests and will be followed by her worker bees.

As this is not optimal or profitable for commercial honey production, the queen bee will often have her wings clipped so she cannot leave the artificial hive.


Furthermore, to replace the taken honey, beekeepers often give bees a sugar solution that is not comparable to honey and lacks essential nutritional components.

Commercial beekeeping exploits and sexually manipulates both the queen and drone bees. It uses painful body mutilation for the purpose of taking a product intended for someone else.


For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/12/what-is-behind-the-sweet-honey/


My comment: Maybe no other animal natural product is as overrated as honey

As a sweetener honey suggests a special naturalness and is often touted as a healthy alternative to sugar.
Honey has no health benefits over sugar.
Honey is mainly composed of glucose and fructose and is therefore classified as “sugar”.

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids occur in such small amounts that they can not be attributed nutritional importance.

Even worse is the widespread conviction in folk medicine about the therapeutic effect of honey, which is highly controversial according to the current medical state.

In addition, honey causes even more decay due to its stickiness than table sugar.

Conclusion: honey is also sugar and nutritious only for its producers, the bees.
For this, bees are enslaved, exploited and abused.


Who wants to have a clear conscience, abstains from honey and any animal product.

My best regrads, Venus


Vegan Festivals Directory – Top Events Worldwide.

Vegan Festivals Directory – Top Events Worldwide.


Here is our comprehensive directory of major vegan festivals and events happening around the world. These events are packed with dedicated activists and the best vegan restaurants and food companies in your region. Attending one of these events gives you a wonderful opportunity to sample amazing vegan food, make new friends, and listen to some of the vegan world’s most prominent speakers.

Check out the listing at:




Mallorca: 8 executions on the arena

For two years no bulls were allowed to be killed on the holiday island of Majorca

At the end of 2018, some of the judges in Madrid overturned a 2017 Balearic law passed by the left-wing regional government, which inter alia prohibited the injury or killing of the bulls.

This ban was lifted again. The rationale of the judges: Since bullfighting was declared from UNESCO as national cultural asset in 2013,  only the central state could decide on such bans. The regions must therefore not take such decisions on their own authority.

Now the blood spectacle celebrates its comeback to Mallorca thanks to the Spanish corrupt judiciary.


At the first “Corrida de Toros” after a two-year compulsory break, the grandstands of the 11,600 spectator arena in the island capital of Palma were well filled.

Nearly 9,000 fans paid the proud ticket prices of up to 130 euros.

“Torero, you coward”

In front of the arena, around 400 people had already gathered two hours before the start of the event to loudly protest the bloody show.

They beat pots, cursed nearly 30 bullfighting gunmen who organized a counter-demo as “murderers” and fervently chanted slogans like:

“Mallorca does not kill, Mallorca protects animals!”, “Culture is not Torture” and “Torero, you coward, we wish you a bad evening!”. Some young demonstrators had tears in their eyes.

Pep Berrio (72): “I hope the Torreros are killed by the bulls today.”


The bullfighting operators are outraged that minors are no longer allowed in the arena and alcohol is no longer being served – these resolutions of 2017 continue to apply in Mallorca.

“These rules make it difficult for the organizers to work economically”(!!!) said a bullfighting operator!

Among the spectators who did not want to miss the appearance of the four star Toreros on Friday, were also many known in Spain politicians of the conservative People’s Party (PP).

For example, the parliamentarian Adolfo Suárez Illana, the son of former Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez González, in the stands.


Video:the art of killing” -What you have just seen – or perhaps you have not been able to look at exactly – is what the Bullfighting Mafia calls “art” and has been protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site”.

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/11/mallorca-8-executions-on-the-arena/


My comment: Is cruelty worth protecting?

If one can inspire and enjoy how innocent and totally defenseless animals suffer and be tortured to death, one is nothing but a miserable monster and has in no way earned anything like his own human rights.

The pseudo-argument of “culture” as a justification of bullfighting is so hollow, in fact false and implausible, that it can not convince anyone with reason and education.

And with this “argument,” the Spanish bullfighting mafia has once again found some idiotic, mentally frail proletarians in politics, who are as stupid as they are, endorsing the new massacre that disgusts civilized humans.

One has to be Spaniards to believe that in a modern Europe, this kind of animal cruelty can exist long term and even with EU funds under the guise of agricultural subsidies.

Maybe the bullfighting mafia, despite its mental limitations, can once engage with Facebook and other social media and then see what the world thinks about this legacy.

95% of all Germans and Europeans can do without this brutal massacre and do not want to have anything to do with its calamity.

Medieval spectacle is not a tradition, it is a business for primitive barbarians!


My best regrads to all, Venus


The misery of our world




Every day our rulers preach about how we behave and what is good for us.
These supposedly democratically elected oligarchs of the world are interested in reality a shit for the people, the nature, the environment and least of all for the animals!

They cheat, steal, murder, wage wars, sell weapons to dictators and, when it comes to money, make a deal with every filth in the world.

These are the “democratically” elected governments, such one rules certainly also in the country of this dirty slave owner.

They watch how animals suffer, are raped, enslaved and murdered. The same goes for people and the environment.

I can not see and hear any more these preaching, lying and depraved governments around the world, this scum that could change anything, if it really wanted to…

This misery on the video, the misery of our world, is supported by the oligarchs of governments around the world and the next misery is a discouraged, wordless and cowardly society that cooperates with those at every level, making this misery happen with its indifference, and doing so watching how, bit by bit, all life is abused and exploited.

Where is the decency, the courage, the empathy?
We must finally stop being cowardly and look away !!!!
We have to stop these guys by not giving their crime a voice or a podium.

Best regards to all, Venus


England: Viva! Health Newsletter – July 2019.



Viva! Health and wellbeing newsletter.

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Image result for sexy vegan

Topics this month include:

Dialling Down the Grim Reaper Gene

Only about one in 10,000 people live to be a 100 years old. What’s their secret?

Why vegan is the greenest diet

Scientists are convinced we have little more than 10 years to get climate change under control! But what can you do as an individual? What if there was one simple change you could make that would be more effective than avoiding flying, buying an electric car and switching to a green energy supplier. Well, there is!

Plant protein is best

Yet another study has shown that plant protein is better for your health than animal protein, this time looking at weight loss and blood sugar control.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin is vital for getting energy from food, maintaining healthy nerve cells, and the production of DNA and red blood cells.

See our A-Z of Nutrients for the answers to all your questions about essential nutrients.

New leaflets

Our brand new leaflets are here! They contain the most up-to-date information on the positive effects of a vegan lifestyle on our health, the environment and the animals. These leaflets are brilliant for spreading awareness and taking action. Perfect for outreach events, stalls and handing out to friends and family.

Nutritional posters

Forming part of Viva!’s ‘Healthy Reminders’ series these brand new, colourful designs each come with an extendable piece giving you top tips and how much you need each day!

Bite-size fact

The pigmentation of tomatoes is responsible for many of their health-promoting qualities. The main tomato powerhouse is lycopene. This red pigment is a strong antioxidant which has been linked to many health benefits, including reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. The redder the tomato, the more lycopene it contains – and cooking helps the body to use it!

25th Anniversary dinner  
Pushing the boat out for this extra special event, Viva! and guests will be dining on The Elizabethan riverboatJoin us to enjoy stunning views of the Thames as we cruise past the London Bridge and other spectacular London landmarks, all the while enjoying a gourmet 3 course meal.

Celebrating 25 years of Viva! with patrons Jerome Flynn*, Michael Mansfield QC, Wendy Turner Webster, Heather Mills and Peter Egan!
*pending work commitments

Toast with all the Good Stuff
This is such a simple recipe and perfect for when you’re short of time, want something healthy and would like to use everything up in the fridge… it’s one of our go-to healthy lunches.

Ursula von der Leyen: new game, new luck!


First of all, I would like to make one thing clear: Ursula von der Leyen was selected, like a miracle, as the new EU Commission President from the back room in which Merkel and Macron compared their power. She is now a kind of head of government for Europe.


New EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen

It is not understandable!

The frustrating thing is that nobody seems to bother which people are responsible for which areas of the commission.

Ursula von der Leyen is professionally not in the least suitable for the EU-Kommission, not to say, from the standpoint of animal welfare. The entire process has little to do with transparent action, rather with the ingenious talent of Merkel to intrigue effectively;  she still can it, she can win the big intrigues of chess.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel


This designation, which incidentally came without big notice, was a reassurance for the Chancellor Merkel that von der Leyen will not be her successor.

A very good commentary on the suitability of the new Commission chief was found in the British Times: “There is real doubt as to whether she has enough political character and courage to shape European politics, or not just a puppet of the French President and the German Chancellor who made her what she is. “

What is surprising in this election farce is the person. As a minister in several departments,  von der Leyen has failed terrific so far. Why must such one still be promoted? As Defense Minister of Germany, for example, she has failed.

Ursula von der Leyen in 2013, as Defense Minister, said: “:  The most important thing is the person and not the issue of material costs. The material must be so good that the human being, the people who work here, are also protected. It is important for me to show that I am there for the soldiers … They can rely on that … I am wholeheartedly proud and grateful to be your Minister of Defense. (…) I take this task very seriously. “
E voilà ! the EU can be upgraded and militarized and will soon be able to independently implement climate, enlargement and proxy wars.

Well then … nothing can go wrong. She is the right one !!

Is this case an exception or is it part of the normal EU procedures?

There is always talk of renewal, but the structures are not questioned. At the same time we know that the structure determines the function. So we have to define new structures that will help to avoid the old mistakes and help us to find better and faster solutions in the future.

In which political decision of the European Commission do we find that? Who’s talking about it … ??

If Ursula von der Leyen fulfills the role of European Commission President with the same “Elan” how she as former Secretary of Defense has done, the welfare of the animals will change as much (or as little) as before.

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: The Trump administration has reauthorized government officials to use controversial poison devices – dubbed “cyanide bombs”.

Image result for trump clown



Image result for cyanide bomb

The Trump administration has reauthorized government officials to use controversial poison devices – dubbed “cyanide bombs” by critics – to kill coyotes, foxes and other animals across the US.

The spring-loaded traps, called M-44s, are filled with sodium cyanide and are most frequently deployed by Wildlife Services, a federal agency in the US Department of Agriculture that kills vast numbers of wild animals each year, primarily for the benefit of private farmers and ranchers.

In 2018, Wildlife Services reported that its agents had dispatched more than 1.5 million native animals, from beavers to black bears, wolves, ducks and owls. Roughly 6,500 of them were killed by M-44s.

On Tuesday, after completing the first phase of a routine review, the US Environmental Protection Agency announced that it would allow sodium cyanide’s continued use in M-44s across the country on an interim basis.

Yet the traps are facing increasing opposition, and have, in the past, led to the inadvertent deaths of endangered species and domestic pets and caused harm to humans.

Image result for cyanide bomb

In 2017, a teenage boy named Canyon Mansfield was hiking with his dog in the woods behind his family’s home in Pocatello, Idaho when Mansfield’s dog triggered a cyanide trap that sprayed a plume of poison dust into the air. The dog died on the spot and Mansfield was rushed to the hospital, where he ultimately recovered. His parents are suing Wildlife Services over the poisoning.

Read more about it here:


Mansfield’s case made national headlines and has fueled opposition to M-44s. In May, in response to advocacy by environmental groups, Oregon’s governor Kate Brown signed a ban on the use of the traps in the state. In 2017, Wildlife Services agreed to temporarily halt the use of M-44s in Colorado after environmental groups sued. The agency also stopped using them in Idaho after the Mansfield case came to light.

In the months before the EPA announced the reauthorization, conservation groups and members of the public flooded the agency with comments calling for a complete national ban on the predator-killing poison. According to an analysis provided by the Center for Biological Diversity, which is a leading opponent of M-44s, 99.9% of all comments received by the EPA opposed the reauthorization of sodium cyanide for predator control purposes.

Although the agency took a different view, it did impose new restrictions on the use of M-44s. Among other things, the agency will now prohibit government officials from placing M-44s within 100 feet of public roads or trails. The agency’s reauthorization decision is only an interim one and a final decision on the matter is expected to come down after 2021.

Brooks Fahy, the executive director of the environmental group Predator Defense and a leading opponent of M-44s, denounced the EPA’s decision.

It is a “complete disaster”, he said. “[The EPA] ignored the facts and they ignored cases that, without a doubt, demonstrate that there is no way M-44s can be used safely.”

In response to the Guardian’s request for comment, the EPA referenced the documentation of the decision on its website.


Romania: Exporting 100,000 Sheep Per Month to Iran ?

Read the full post at:


As regular visitors to this site will know, we have been tracking the export of Romanian sheep to the Middle East in recent weeks. You can see all our articles on this, along with other live export posts at:



February – Romania will once again be able to export sheep and sheep meat to Iran, according to an announcement made by the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).

Following the opening of this market, the Ministry declared that Romania will export nearly 800,000 sheep in the first six months.

The export market for (Romanian) sheep with the Republic of Iran has been opened due to the diplomatic efforts and the Government of Romania. In January 2019 the export certificate model was agreed between the National Veterinary Sanitary Authority and Food Safety in Romania (ANSVSA) and the Veterinary Organization of Iran, due to the ban on live sheep and goat exports to Iran being suspended.

To get things started, on 4/2/19 a shipment of 20 tonnes of sheep meat from Romania reached Iran. The export company Agricola International, from Bacau, Romania, is in talks to send an estimated 1,000 tonnes on a monthly basis to this country. Agricola International Bacau has unveiled plans to invest €9 million to upgrade its facilities and expand its output capacity by up to 30 per cent.

The Romanian Ministry is said to welcome this success. A very high demand in Iran of sheep and sheep meat in live is ever increasing, in a field where Romania has ample possibilities.

WAV Comment:

As an organisation which campaigns against all live animal exports; and which has recently reported in the issue of 70,000 live Romanian sheep being exported to the Middle East in temperatures up to 46 degrees; we have vey strong concerns for the welfare of any livestock being exported from Romania to Iran. Especially as the Romanian Ministry declared that almost 800,000 sheep would be exported in the first 6 months. We are currently unaware of what percentage has been exported as ‘dead’ meat, and what amount has been exported live.

As Romania is a Member State of the EU, when the EU politicians return from their Summer holidays in the fall, we will be writing to them and asking more about this. To date, requests about animal welfare have been ignored by the Romanian authorities; and the EU does not appear to be very quick in taking any action against them regarding this.

So; what is the situation for any sheep exported live from Romania to Iran ? – are we going to hear just more words from the EU that are just ignored by member states; or are we actually going to see the EU do something about it all ?




Italy: right populists approve the bird cutch



Committee against the bird murder e.V.
5 August 2019

Italy is making a dramatic turnaround in bird conservation: the Lombardy regional government – led by the right populist Lega, which also ruled in Rome – has announced that it will allow bird trapping in the fall with nets.

A total of 12,700 blackbirds, red, singing and juniper chokes with miles of nets are to be caught in 24 major catching facilities!
The animals are to be used as live decoys in songbird hunting.

In the EU, bird catching has actually been completely banned since 1979, in Italy it was restricted in 1992, but finally abolished in 2014 at the instigation of the Committee against the Birds Murder and its Italian partner associations.

With renewed approval, the Lega makes one of its campaign promises to brainless hunters true and undermines efforts for sustainable bird conservation in Europe. The committee is already in contact with the EU Commission and is preparing a major complaint – Brussels is the only body that can put a stop to the plans of Lombardy.




My comment: We wish the Committee against Bird murder good luck in the negotiations with the EU Commissioners.

Yes! It is true that Brussels is the only body that can abolish this crime.
This, and some others, such as animal transports to third countries, animal transports taking place at temperatures above 35 degrees, and above all, animal transports taking place over 8 hours in EU.

For the last, 1,270,000 people had signed by March 2012, and with the support of 395 EU parliamentarians, the campaign thus achieved more than the required majority. In a resolution in December 2012, the European Parliament called on the Commission to implement the eight-hour limit.
However, EU-Commissioners decided that a maximum transport time of eight hours alone would not be enough to improve animal welfare.
Thus, the way is blocked for a change in the law of EU transport to 8 hours.

And on the highways and ships by the sea, blood still flows from the trucks that carry thousands of animals for days.

So much for Brussels, EU Commissioners and other political plagues!


My best regards to all, Venus


USA: Harvard Law School Debuts Program That Trains Students to Fight For Animal Rights.

Harvard Law School Debuts Program That Trains Students to Fight For Animal Rights

Led by animal-rights experts, the ivy league’s new Animal Law & Policy Clinic will focus on issues affecting farmed animals, wildlife, and animals in captivity with the aim of creating lasting legal change for all life forms.


Source – https://vegnews.com/2019/8/harvard-law-school-debuts-program-that-trains-students-to-fight-for-animal-rights

This week, Harvard Law School (HLS) announced the launch of a new program that will train its students to advocate for animals.

The Animal Law & Policy Clinic will be part of HLS’ Animal Law & Policy Program (ALPP) and will focus on issues affecting farmed and captive animals, wildlife, climate-change related topics, worker exploitation in animal agriculture, and other topics with the goal of creating future leaders in the animal protection movement. “The Animal Law & Policy Clinic at HLS will train and prepare our graduates to embark on careers in the animal protection field, produce impactful litigation and policy analysis to benefit the animal protection movement, and provide an internationally renowned platform for educating the broader public about the many pressing issues involving animal law and policy,”

ALPP Faculty Director Professor Kristen Stilt said. The new clinic will be led by Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor Katherine Meyer (who founded leading animal-protection law firm Meyer Glitzenstein & Eubanks 26 years ago) and Clinical Instructor Nicole Negowetti (a nationally recognized food systems policy expert). “I am honored to help launch the Animal Law & Policy Clinic at Harvard Law School,” Negowetti said. “The clinic will provide outstanding training for a new generation of advocates as we identify and pursue high-impact legal strategies to achieve a resilient, healthy, and just food system—for the benefit of human and non-human animals alike.” The clinic will give students a hands-on experience in litigation, legislation, administrative practice, and policymaking, both in the United States and internationally. “Animal law is a vitally important and rapidly growing field,” HLS Dean John F. Manning said. “Our new Animal Law & Policy Clinic will give students real-world experience in this burgeoning field, build on Harvard Law School’s long tradition of innovative pedagogy, and prepare future graduates to address significant societal challenges.”

HLS is one of 167 law schools in the US that now offer an animal-law course—an increase from just nine schools that offered such courses in 2000. 




Humanity: a killer machinery


There are millions of wild animals in captivity worldwide – in zoos, theme parks, sanctuaries, dolphinaria, circuses and elephant camps.


There are also many other individual captive animals exploited for human entertainment. Many of these animals are kept in poor conditions – neglected, suffering or abused.


We want to prevent the suffering of wild animals in captivity and encourage people like you, whether in your home country or overseas, to look out for captive wild animals and flag your concerns.

You can report your concerns, highlight animal welfare issues, share information, and provide advice and guidance – here: bornfree.org.uk. 

Learn how to take action to help animals.


Many of these animals are kept in poor conditions – neglected, suffering or being abused.

The illegal trade, for example, with monkeys is a billion dollar business.



For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/08/humanity-a-killer-machinery


My comment: The fundamental rights of life, liberty and bodily integrity – rights that every person reading this piece demands or takes for granted –are created by humans and only exclusive for human animals.

People can fight for their freedom, animals can not. That is the big difference between all liberation movements in relation to humans and the liberation of animals.

Today, we live in the largest system of apartheid of all time, under the most intensive use of all technical and scientific possibilities: everything for the welfare of the people and everything for the exploitation of the animals.

And on the other hand, the flood of humanity is spreading like an all-consuming plague … it’s a criminal world we live in!

My best regards, Venus


England: More Shame On the EU – Expose – The Grim Reality of Dairy Calves In the EU.



Our new undercover investigation released today (22 July) exposes the grim reality for millions of dairy calves across the EU. Separated from their mothers shortly after birth and confined in small, individual pens, these dairy calves are deprived of their natural behaviours and social interaction.

The investigation film – which contains new footage obtained from five Polish dairy farms as well as footage from other EU countries (Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic and Denmark) – exposes further welfare concerns; hungry calves repeatedly attempting to suckle an investigator’s hand as well as evidence of poor hygiene and inadequate protection from cold temperatures. Additionally, there were incidents of EU law infringement: with calves completely unable to see and touch each other; and calves around three to four months old being kept illegally in pens that were too small for them.

Best estimates suggest that in the European Union as a whole, over 60% of dairy calves – in total over 12 million each year – are similarly restricted during the first few weeks of their lives.

“This investigation reveals the cruel reality for millions of dairy calves in Poland, and across the EU” says Malgorzata Szadkowska, Head of our Polish office. “These calves are separated from their mothers hours after birth, and spend their first eight weeks in isolation, away from the comfort and support that close companionship can provide to social animals like them. This is a completely barbaric and unnecessary practice.”

Our new investigation proves once again what we have documented on multiple occasions: caged systems used in many EU countries, including the UK, are equally cruel.

Emma Slawinski, our Director of Campaigns and Communications says: “It is hard to comprehend that a vulnerable young calf is kept isolated for weeks. Worse still, EU legislation allows this, despite evidence that alternative practices can provide welfare and health .”

You can join the fight to End the Cage Age. Please take action today.

Join over 1 million people and sign the European Citizens’ Initiative, calling for an end to the cage age in the EU.



The unanswered question


On 5 August 2019 we read the following statement on the official website of the Eurogroup for Animals:


Photo: © Animals International


“The plight of the 70,000 sheep on the shipment from Romania to the Persian Gulf continues, with the vessel entering Shuwaikh port in Kuwait yesterday in temperatures that were reported to have reached 47°C. 

It is day 19 for the remaining animals on board the Al Shuwaikh, owned by the Kuwaiti company Livestock Transport & Trading (KLTT). The ship is now heading to Hamad, Qatar, following previous stops in Jeddah on 21 July and Port Jebel Ali on 29 July.

Eurogroup for Animals’ member organisation Animals International, who are following the shipment’s progress, report that each stop adds additional heat stress, because the breeze of the sea is absent when the vessel reduces speed or is moored.

In 2018 animals on KLTT vessels were found baking in their own skins, gasping for air, smothered in faeces  and unable to lie down to rest or even reach food or water. During such voyages, heat and humidity combinations reach levels that cause heat stroke, resulting in sheep literally cooking alive in the holds of vessels.

“We are devastated that this hellish journey has been allowed to go ahead, despite our pleas to the Romanian minister and even the intervention of Commissioner Andriukaitis,” said Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals. “Even if these animals survive these horrendous temperatures, a horrible end awaits them, as they will be slaughtered without stunning for the festival.”

“I think that my home country, Romania, has no shame and is deliberately breaking the laws and disregarding all warnings,” stated Gabriel Paun, EU Director of Animals International. “The Government will continue to do so until the EU Commission starts infringement proceedings.”

Misery for 70,000 Gulf-bound sheep continues


WAV wants to record the following points in this statement:

After almost three weeks’ drive, it is not yet known how many animals died miserably and painfully on board.

After all, everyone is devastated as the scale of this tragedy escalates.
But that does not help, because animals are saved with actions and deeds, not with sentimentality.

Even less credible is the indignation of the members of the Eurogroup, for one simple reason: we missed their appearance in Midia Harbor!
MEP Anja Hazenkamp was there with all her heart and dedication and more than present.

From the case of “Al Shuwaikh” (the largest in the animal transport history with 70,000 living animals), the Eurogroup should have learned two important lessons:
Animal transports to this extent must be prevented before they take place.
This must be prevented on the spot, not from the desk, not by e-mail, not verbally. This direct help on the spot should be a matter of course for the Members of Eurogrup for animals!

The second lesson for the Eurogroup is even more bitter.
Many EU countries have understood that the EU animal transport law has no binding effect, as violations are not punished.
For this reason, nobody takes the EU seriously, even the responsible Commissioner Andriukaitis is ignored by Romania.
This has fatal consequences for both, the animals and the animal rights activists, who want to achieve a better status for all animals with the help of EU law.

At this year’s Meeting of Agriculture Ministers in Brussels, Commissioner Andiukaitis has officially announced that there are no grounds for an infringement procedure against Romania, even though Romania repeatedly violates the EU Animal Transport Law in the past!

As in the previous year, for example, when the animals were transported across the border with Turkey and were exposed to high temperatures.

At this meeting, Minister Daea’s representative considered that “a tolerance margin of 5 ° C should be maintained at the upper limit of 30 ° C”. In addition, Daea points out that “the animals from the southern countries are better used to high temperatures than those from the northern countries”.
Perhaps the director of Animals International, Gabriel Paun, has not yet heard this view of his countryman, Minister Daea.

In this special transport “Al Shuwaikh” it was shown that this upper limit reaches the deadly temperature of 47 ° C, which is why it can be assumed that thousands of animals have suffered a painful death during transport.
How many, is unknown until today!

Then a logical question arises: why do we still need the EU if every transport company or every minister of agriculture do what they want?

EU laws on animal transport are intentionally very vague and penalties almost unknown.
Even if some commissioners want to do their work conscientiously, the work processes take so long that even important cases quickly become forgotten.

We would like to ask the Director of Animals International, Gabriel Paun, to consider this case as a personal challenge and to inquire about the death toll.
While this will not save the remaining victims, this is the only hope for infringement proceedings against his home country, Romania!

My best regards to all, Venus


Australia: the land of cattle barons


This is the dirty secret they do not want you to know.

For over 40 years, Animal Liberation has been published. Such transparency is the only way consumers can align their morals with their actions.

Without it, informed and compassionate choices would be impossible.

In general, Australians care about animals and how they are treated. To make their own products by claiming to be “strict welfare policies” and using words like “humane” to sanitize the horrors of slaughter.

Yet, they never actually show what this means. This is where we come in.


The following exposé shows what happens to unwanted dairy calves at the award-winning, inner-Melbourne slaughterhouse, Cedar Meats.

Animal Liberation NSW and Leaked.com.au received the footage anonymously and is currently being reviewed by the relevant authorities.



In regards to animal welfare, Cedar Meats claims… “Our employees involved in livestock handling are fully trained in all aspects of animal welfare. Cedar Meats as a company is regarded as the standard to which others should strive for in animal welfare principles.”

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/07/australia-the-land-of-cattle-barons/


My comment: The site of the world’s largest private livestock farm, “S. Kidman & Co Ltd”, covers eleven million hectares!!!

For example, Switzerland would fit this area three times.
They hold 185,000 cattle and sell meat to Japan, the US and Southeast Asia.

After a month-long “sale battle”, the S. Kidman & Co. farm, with 185,000 cattle and a total area of 10 million hectares,was sold to the Australian billionaire Gina Rinehart and the Chinese investor group Shanghai Creed in 2016 for approximately 243 million euros. The new owners want to buy another 20,000 cattle.

In 2018, the Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC), owned by British investment company Terra Firma, was also up for sale.

It includes 16 cattle farms with almost 400,000 animals including about 5.5 million ha of land.
And just when such mega-deals come to the public, then, the extent of modern slavery makes us, Europeans, speechless.

We do not have to wait for politicians or laws. We can always start to create real animal protection by denying our money to animal exploiters. Where there is no demand, there is no production and if there is no production, there are no more suffering animals and no Dachau farms for them.


My best regards to all, Venus


The terrible camel transports in Egypt


Like all other “useful” animals, camels are also transported: to markets, slaughterhouses or racing camels for sporting events.

The animals are exposed to terrible suffering during transport. Their protection plays almost no role.


Image: Animals Angels-When unloading without a ramp, the danger of falling is great.

Camels are  brutally exploited as ‘racing’ camels in sport and as ‘farm animals’ for the production of milk, meat and leather.
Just like all other useful animals, camels are also in terrible conditions transported.


Image: Animals Angels-Often extremely overloaded vans: The camels are transported tied up in a sitting position and can not move, partly for trips of more than 30 hours.


In addition to short-distance transports, the animals are also transported between countries by truck or ship over long distances.
Some transports take several days and some of the camels have to travel long distances on foot. International animal welfare standards are ignored.

The camels are beaten on the transporters, pulled from their trucks by the lugs, ears or tails and thrown.

Since 2017, Animals’ Angels has been uncovering catastrophic conditions in many countries in the Middle East and advocating changes in the camel theme internationally.
Here is the last report from Egypt:

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/06/the-terrible-camel-transports-in-egypt/

My comment: Around 6,000 BC, people in lesser populated Egypt started livestock farming.

Today they do the same thing, after 6000 years, and not just the Egyptians.
But Egypt is the country with one of the oldest civilization history, which it sells very well as a tourist attraction today.

And that is the tragic: to still sell the “pyramids” to the tourists as a wonder of the world, and not to realize that the greatest wonder for Egypt is their own society, which has still remained in horse and camel slavery, as in ancient times of the pharaohs.

My best regards, Venus

Indonesian Region Pledges To End Dog Meat Trade And Save 2000 Dogs A Month.

Dog meat trade


Indonesian Region Pledges To End Dog Meat Trade And Save 2000 Dogs A Month

By : Lucy Connolly On : 05 Aug 2019 11:53


Officials in Indonesia have pledged to end the nation’s dog meat trade, a move which will save up to 2,000 dogs from slaughter and human consumption per month.


The regency of Karanganyar in Java pledged the action following a shocking investigation by Dog Meat Free Indonesia (DMFI), which uncovered evidence of dogs being bludgeoned and blow-torched alive in animal markets.

The victory has been welcomed by Ricky Gervais and actor Peter Egan, both of whom are celebrity ambassadors for DMFI and who thanked the head of district, Bupati Juliyatmono, for his role in the pledge.

The plan to end the horrifying trade includes closing every stall selling dog meat in the regency, as well as the creation of alternative livelihoods for those currently reliant on income from trading in dog meat.

Investigations by DMFI – a coalition between several animal protection organisations such as Change For Animals Foundation and Humane Society International – showed dogs being beaten and strung upside down to bleed out, all the while still conscious and in full view of other terrified dogs.

Campaigners are hopeful this new pledge will mark the start of a nationwide movement to tackle this dangerous and illegal trade, although they say the governor of North Sulawesi, Olly Dondokambey, refuses to act.

The province of North Sulawesi is currently central to dog and cat meat trade activity, with approximately 200 ‘extreme’ animal markets operating each day.

Dogs hung in meat markets

Wendy Higgins from Humane Society International, a DMFI coalition member group, said:

Indonesia is a popular tourist destination for millions of travelers including about 360,000 Brits each year, but the country’s natural beauty is hiding an ugly secret that many tourists will be unaware of.

Visiting local markets is often promoted by tour guides but innocent travelers could be exposing themselves to horrific scenes of animal cruelty as well as dangerous diseases like rabies.

The national government has issued a crackdown but for as long as local regions like North Sulawesi simply ignore that, the killing and the risk to tourists continues.

Although dog meat is only consumed by seven per cent of Indonesia’s entire population, the trade remains a significant threat to public health – particularly with regards to the transmission of rabies.

Rabies, a viral, and potentially fatal, disease that infects the central nervous system is a serious threat worldwide with 55,000 deaths per year – more than 50 per cent of which are in Asia, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Currently, 24 provinces in Indonesia are Rabies endemic, with those with the greatest demand for dog meat among those with the highest prevalence of the disease. According to DMFI, the North Sulawesi Province has some of the highest numbers of human deaths attributed to rabies in the country.

Despite the lack of action in North Sulawesi, the progress being made in Karanganyar and Yogyakarta is enough to give DMFI campaigners cause for hope.

In Karanganyar, every one of the estimated thirty dog meat-selling stalls throughout the regency will be closed, with the local government already hosting a meeting with the traders to announce the ban and to discuss alternative livelihood opportunities.

The Yogyakarta Provincial Government separately drafted a Mayor’s Regulation for approval, through which a ban on dog meat would be implemented.


You can sign the petition to ban the dog meat trade throughout Indonesia here.

Dog waiting for slaughter before rescue at Langowan market

Serbia: More than 50 dogs found dead, killed by Avenija MB. Petition to Sign.

Serbia: Petition – More than 50 dogs found dead, killed by Avenija MB. Take Action and Sign.


I just signed the petition “Kraljevo’s mayor Predrag Terzic’s office:

More than 50 dogs found dead, killed by Avenija MB.

Demand this genocide to stop now!” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 1,500 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:




USA: Washington State Is Attempting To Slaughter More Wolves – Take Action Now !

Gray wolf


Washington state is moving forward with yet another kill order to slaughter more wolves. Now the state wants to kill up to eight members of the Old Profanity Territory pack, including pups born this spring.

All this is happening at the behest of a powerful rancher grazing his cattle on prime wolf habitat — and we need your help to stop it.

Please take action today and let Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Director Kelly Susewind know you oppose his continued assault on these endangered wolves.

It’s likely the state will once again use aerial snipers in helicopters to gun down these wolves — at least one of which is collared — following up with on-the-ground kills of wounded animals. This asymmetrical warfare against wild creatures is sick.

Last fall they killed the pack’s breeding female and a 4-month-old pup, leaving behind only the father wolf and a pup. New wolves have joined this family unit, and more pups were born.

But in early July Washington gunned down the father wolf, and now they aim to kill as many as they can, up to eight more wolves, including the new pups.

Washington state has a long history of gunning down wolves within its borders. Since 2012 Washington has killed 23 state-endangered wolves, 19 of which were killed for the same livestock owner who is trying to eliminate the Old Profanity Territory pack.

The Center’s litigation to shut down Washington’s disgraceful kill protocol is still playing out in court. The state has no business gunning down wolves and destroying packs on public lands.

Tell Director Susewind the public demands an end to the wolf slaughter now.





We only have one home


The Devastating Consequences of Animal Agriculture on Earth



We all need to see this video. We only have one home, let’s protect it!

This video gives a bleak picture of how animal husbandry destroys the environment and negatively affects life on Earth.
Almost a third of the earth is used for animal husbandry.
The Amazon Rainforest is destroyed for meat production.
Wild animals lose their home, many die out.
In animal husbandry 20-30% of the total fresh water is consumed.
Fertile land turns into desert.
Animal waste pollutes the precious water and the environment.
18% of greenhouse gas emissions come from animal husbandry.
Industrial fisheries are overfishing the oceans!
We only have one planet and we all have a responsibility to protect it!



My best regards to all, Venus


Research on animals for military purposes


Earlier and today, living beings, especially pigs, monkeys, goats, rabbits, dogs, mice and rats are used for war research. Pigs were used as living targets, especially in Eastern and Northern Europe, to test the accuracy of newly developed machine guns.

Since humans exist, there are also wars. Ever since humans exist, war devices of all kinds have been tested on animals before being used in humans. From the atomic bomb to the rapid-fire rifle, from pests to nerve gas – everything is tested on defenseless animals. The experiments in the field of armaments research are subject to the strictest secrecy, which is why the sparse information that reaches the public is only the tip of the iceberg. Examples from the past:

The US Army abused monkeys by being irradiated with neutrons and subjected to electric shocks. The radioactively contaminated primates had to walk in treadmills until they died of exhaustion (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 20.2.84).

Norwegian military used pigs as living targets. Soldiers fired rifles and pistols at the hind legs and bellies of the suspended animals (picture on Sunday, March 18, 1984).


In Sweden soldiers shot at anesthetized pigs to test a “human” machine gun and inflicted serious abdominal injuries. After awakening from anesthesia, her suffering and dying were observed (Stern, 35/78).

In the German Army shot at dogs and in vest vests minced pigs. Many of the animals continued to suffer for days before being wounded or killed.

Also in the German Army guinea pigs were exposed to gun thunder. The noise disrupted the animals’ eardrums and tissue in the lung area (Spiegel 13/84).


I am Oliver Stone. Every year, the US military shoots and stigmatizes more than ten thousand living animals in cruel “trauma training” exercises in situations that do not resemble real battlefield conditions and do not help soldiers at all to rescue. Undercover shots show these top secret exercises in Virginia Beach.


….There are perfect human imitations today (trauma man) that bleed and are already in use in many military nations!

Help us to end the war against the animals”.

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/05/research-on-animals-for-military-purposes/


My comment: Most of brain research is commissioned by the military. Under the guise of science, sick people can fully live out their sadistic, animal-tormenting fantasies. The whole thing is also often financed with our taxpayers’ money.

There is hardly a country in which not weapons of all kinds are tested until the high-tech rocket on animals. Living targets, exposed to radioactive radiation or the administration of viruse, the misuse of animals for military purposes is the most perfidious, cruel thing imaginable.

The Animal Protection Act prohibits animal testing for the testing of weapons, ammunition and related equipment. But under the guise of alleged protection of soldiers such torturous animal experiments take place and the ban will be avoided.

“The thinking of the future, must make war impossible” (A.Einstein)


My best regards to all, Venus

England: Dolma Perfumes – Look and Feel Great Without A Conscience !

Hello Mark

Ever wondered why we are called Dolma? We would like to share the story…

The Dolma brand founder Jim Payne was a devout buddhist and decided to call his fragrance after a Goddess called Jetsun Dolma or also known as Tara.

Jetsun Dolma.jpg

This Goddess evokes all that Dolma as a brand wants to represent:

Dolma Fragrances are vegan and cruelty free. Compassion towards animals and nature is our central value and we aim to make all our decisions in mind of all other sentient creatures. We are always reviewing our products and packaging to reflect our commitment to do no harm.

We hope that you have a beautiful week and share the message of compassion.
Lots of love
​The Dolma Team

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Albert Einstein



News from Dolma:


Surge Launches Major Animal Rights Poster Campaign In London

The new campaign features a poster with a picture of a pig taken in a standard UK pig farm with the question, ‘can we really call ourselves a nation of animal lovers?’

Animal rights collective Surge has launched its second poster campaign of 2019 in London.

The new campaign features a poster with a picture of a pig taken in a standard UK pig farm with the question, “can we really call ourselves a nation of animal lovers?”

The posters, which can be found in some of the busiest underground stations in London, including Oxford Circus, will have been seen by more than three quarters of a million people by the end of the campaign.

Animal farming

The new campaign follows Surge’s previous work, which has sought to highlight animal exploitation.

Read about all the work at:






England: ‘Trucking Hell’ – CIWF’s Letter to the New British Prime Minister.

Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) is based in London, England. They are a very successful farm animal welfare organization who lead the way to help farm animals across the world. They have an extensive network of organisations affiliated with throughout Europe, as well as having an extensive international network covering the USA and China.


You can visit the CIWF site at: https://www.ciwf.org.uk/



Compassion CEO, Phil, a long time campaigner and friend who fought with Mark (WAV) against live exports from Southern England has written an Agenda for the new Prime Minister, Mr Boris Johnson.

CIWF logo

You can read Phil’s agenda to the PM here:

Compassion is entirely neutral politically: our agenda is simply to get the very best outcomes for farm animals, regardless of who is in power. But the arrival of a new Prime Minister is an excellent moment to take stock, especially at this time of extraordinary political turbulence. What is our message for Boris Johnson? What can we realistically ask him to do?

This is what we’re writing to him today.

Dear Mr Johnson,

Congratulations on your appointment as Prime Minister. We recognise that you are taking over the leadership at a time of exceptional challenge and difficulty and we hope that the outcome of your efforts leads to better lives for us all – people and animals alike.

We should like to highlight four key points which link with your efforts to bring the Brexit issue to a satisfactory conclusion.

First of all, we welcome your longstanding commitment to ending live exports. As you have recognised, the export of live animals for slaughter and fattening causes immense suffering for little economic benefit, with most of the journey and all of the subsequent handling and slaughter entirely outside the scope of British monitoring and control. Under EU rules, successive governments have
argued that it has not been possible to end the trade. After Brexit, this excuse should no longer apply. Please ensure that whatever agreement is reached with the EU, it does not prevent you from implementing the ban, and introduce it as one of the first benefits of post-Brexit life.

Second, in the subsequent trade negotiations, please stand firm for the best of the British farming industry in opposing an opening of the British market to low-quality, low-welfare imports. These would undercut British farmers and destroy much of the industry, as well as the hard-won reputation of Britain as a market where quality and welfare are valued by consumers. Britain’s farmers cannot win a race to the bottom, but they can win a race to be the best in the world.

Third, please develop the “public money for public goods” agenda introduced by Michael Gove in Defra, and ensure that a significant proportion of the new initiatives funded under this approach benefit British farmers moving up the welfare scale – for example, replacing the archaic systems of hen cages and farrowing crates with modern free-range facilities.

Fourth, please deliver the promised “gold standardlabelling of meat and dairy goods, so that consumers can make informed choices in what they buy and contribute to rewarding high-welfare farmers.

More broadly, please support a fundamental review of Britain’s food and farming system, as recommended by the RSA and EAT-Lancet reports. We have had years of reports urging a more sustainable approach to British agriculture. We hope that your Government will take action to turn the recommendations into Britain’s long-term reality.

We wish you every success in including these objectives as part of your agenda for the challenging days ahead.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Lymbery

Thanks to Anja Hazenkamp


The mass grave “Al Shuwaikh” had only negative feelings and thoughts generated lately.
But let’s not forget that there were also a few, who actively tried to prevent it, and one of them was the Dutch MEP Anja Hazenkamp.


Hazekamp visited the Port of Midia, where she observed horrendous animal abuse during loading.

“Sheep were kicked, beaten and attacked with electric poles, but Romanian authorities refused to intervene. Europe can no longer look the other way. Animal welfare rules are being violated systematically. The Commission must act now”.



Good and very bad videos to watch.

Good and very bad videos to watch:


Enjoy this at:





Detest this at:





Romanian Live Sheep Exports – Now We Await the Return of the EU From Summer Breaks; Then We Go !

We have now logged the entire journey of the ‘Al Shuwaikh’ with its ‘cargo’ of 70,000 live Romanian sheep all the way from Midia on 15/7/19 through to the final arrival in Qatar on 3/8/19. This includes the stops at Jeddah and Jebel Ali in Dubai to offload animals.

All this data is now stored in our archive ready for when the EU MEP’s, Commissioners etc return from their Summer breaks; when we will launch an all out campaign, along with other international groups we have contacted; over the barbarity of this consignment.

We will be urging the EU to prosecute the Romanian authorities in the harshest way; just as one example, because of the temperatures in which the sheep were transported. Virtually throughout the entire journey the sheep were travelling in excess of the maximum temperatures allowed by EU Regulation 1/2005; which being an EU member state; Romania should be complying with.

Now we have all the data it is simply a waiting game for the EU to return to Brussels; then we will start.


The Mengele`es of Brussels


Brutal sterilization of city pigeons in Brussels without anesthesia!

In the capital of the EU Parliament, in the middle of the 21st century animals are sterilized without anesthesia, reminiscent of middle age!

How ice cold and dulled must be “veterinarians” to do something unbelievably painful, even cruel to these peaceful, absolutely defenseless animals! This is also practiced, as can be seen, completely without empathy and routinely coarse, in rows, as if it were any objects.
And without any disinfection, with rubber rings brutally and painfully fixed on feet and wings!



It’s unbelievable how much rudeness is drilled and poked around in the deep, open wounds of non-anesthetized animals, and fallopian tubes or whatever are simply pulled out and torn.

The fact that the feathers have already been plucked out in the required place before is the most “harmless” part of this clearly conscious, disgusting animal cruelty in this incredibly painful procedure, which is carried out with the utmost ignorance!

HOW is it possible that such a thing is obviously allowed in Belgium without any contradiction?
WHY will not something be done against the pigeon breeders, who are the perpetrators of the problems, who also demand torments and abnormal “sporting” excellence from the animals?

WHAT happens to the tortured pigeons and their deep open wounds afterwards? It is polluted and is operated under bad hygienic conditions, so that subsequent infections in wounds can not be excluded. In these, the pigeons on the street can die painfully. Are the severely abused and suffering animals simply left to their fate ???

Do they get anything against the murderous pain, at least after this martyrdom?

Probably not even that!
In Brussels, as the video shows, there seems to be no animal welfare and animal welfare ethics.

That must not remain uncommented. That can not be without reaction!

Let’s call for an immediate stop to this madness!

We have made a simple but meaningful letter that anyone can send to these addresses:

berlin@diplobel.fed.be, Vienna@diplobel.fed.be, europamanagement@ec.europa.eu, comm-rep-vie@ec.europa.eu, office@eu-umweltbuero.at

Dear Sirs and Madames,

we too are appalled that such a brutal anesthetic sterilization on the city pigeons in Brussels is allowed!
In the capital of the European Parliament, in the 21st century, no medieval practices on animals should be used.

How is something like this possible?! Who is responsible for such barbarism?

Please ensure that the stun-free sterilization of city doves is stopped immediately and that more humane, civilized, contemporary alternatives are used!

With stunned greetings,

Name, Nationality

For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/03/the-mengelees-of-brussels/


My comment: Apparently in Brussels a clear animal cruelty and even in absolutely legal form is operated!
Thousand of pigeons are bred in farms for racing.
Therefore, they are regularly “trained” for the race:

The animals are brought away from their pigeon house for over a thousand kilometers.
Because pigeons have an extremely strong sense of family and are extremely loyal animals, they are desperate to find their way back to their family as soon as possible.

In the pigeons races 50% of the pigeons do not come back. These losses are always factored in for profit!
Those who do not come back to the dovecote die painfully from dehydration, exhaustion, or injury, or are stranded in cities where they lead a sorrowful life and are sterilized by Mengeles without anesthesia.

And all this happens legally, and with the blessing of the Brussel-EU!
Further proof that Brussels is slowly becoming a horror cabinet for animals.

My best regards to all, Venus




EU and Germany: the champions of propaganda


Surely we all have already noticed by the media that these days again and again animal transporters are stopped by the police and depict dramatic scenes.


Image: tierschutzbüro e.V

Last Friday, for example, the motorway police in the Nuremberg area (Germany) stopped an overheated animal transport with about 800 piglets. The officers had been alerted by a committed animal rights activist from the Nuremberg area.

He observed while driving on the A3 that many of the animals gasped and were in poor general condition.

Locally, the officials found that the temperature in the transporter was about 41 degrees Celsius. The outside temperature during the day was 38 degrees Celsius!

The networked animal rights activist observed and told us that the drinking system was only turned on, when the driver of the transporter was asked to do so. Already after a short time this was already empty. It did not really work.

“There’s a bit of criminal energy behind it” the police spokesman said. “At such temperatures, it’s like a death sentence.”


Image: tierschutzbüro e.V

The truck was on its way from the Netherlands to Croatia – a distance of over 1000 kilometers.

Only in Austria a new stop was planned!!

Due to the prevailing high temperature and acute water shortage many of the animals were found in a very dehydrated state, at least two piglets were already dead.

Image: tierschutzbüro e.V


After the animals were supplied with water and food in the premises of the slaughterhouse, the responsible VET doctor unfortunately released the truck and was allowed to resume its journey to Croatia.

Some of the piglets were previously found in such poor condition that they were killed on the spot.


For more…at:  https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/02/eu-and-germany-the-champions-of-propaganda/


My comment: (From the official information center for agriculture, Germany):

“Objective consideration of long-distance transport from Germany shows that German companies are complying with existing regulations.” (see above the case Nuremberg)

The protection of the animals is the focus of transport. After inspections in several EU Member States, the EU Commission emphasized that the additional transnational procedures for official animal welfare controls in Germany are excellent (see also above).

In this country, each long-distance transport in non-EU countries is monitored and checked by veterinary officials (as the vans wait for days at the Bulgarian-Turkish border crossing Kapıkule, at 40 degrees Celsius heat.)

We know very well that from the European ports European law is systematically broken, from here on every possibility of control ends.

In February 2017, two years ago, the public was shocked by the fall of a ship that sailed from a Croatian port to Alexandria in Egypt for six days. Three pregnant cows died already in the first four days. In the end, the number of dead animals increased to nine.

But according to EU law it is forbidden to transport pregnant animals!

In addition, the export of live slaughter and breeding animals is booming. Germany alone exported animals worth € 1.34 billion in 2017, almost eight percent more than in the previous year.

France, the Netherlands, Hungary and Germany are high on the list of EU suppliers. According to the Statistical Office of the EU, Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt are among the major importers.

One wonders, for how stupid keeps us the EU – Kommission and its business partners, the animal transport mafia!

My best regards to all, Venus


Europe Is Full of Do Nothing Self Importants. Rules; What Rules ?

2/8/19 – Copy of the Letter From the EU ‘Do Nothing’ Commissioner to the ‘Animal Welfare Ignorant’ Romanian Minister.


Above – one answer to the ‘do nothing’ masters.



Image result for Petre Daea romanian minister


‘Al Shuwaikh’ Update – 2/8/19 0825hrs GMT

‘Al Shuwaikh’ Update – 2/8/19 0825hrs GMT

The AL SHUWAIKH arrived at Shuwaikh port at 1018hrs on 1/8.

It departed at 2216hrs.

Current destination of AL SHUWAIKH is HAMAD#NG (Qatar) and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is Aug 3, 03:00.

Hamad Port is Qatar’s main seaport, located south of Doha in the Umm Al-Houl area

Port calls for this shipment have included:

Shuwaikh (Kuwait)

Jebel Ali (UAE)

Jeddah (Saudi Arabia)

Midia (Romania) – commencement of shipment.