Horses Have 10 Litres of Blood Taken In Single Extraction Due To Demand From Hormone Producers – Take Action.

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It sounds almost too twisted to be true: across Argentina and Uruguay, horse blood farms are raising horses so their blood can be extracted and sold for profit to pharmaceutical companies.

The horrendous industry is driven by demand from veterinary pharmaceutical companies like MSD Animal Health (Merck Animal Health in the US and Canada) that use the blood to extract a hormone called PMSG. 

It’s unacceptable for a company that specializes in animal health to depend on the torture and exploitation of horses for its products. If hundreds of thousands of us around the world speak up and join the people who are already fighting this animal cruelty in South America and Europe, we can get MSD to stop their business with the torture-hormone. 


Take Action 3

Sign the petition to tell MSD to stop profiting from animal torture and cut ties with blood farms immediately.

Blood farm conditions are as bad as you’d imagine. Workers routinely take 10 litres of blood in a single extraction, a volume that can lead to hypovolemic shock, anaemia or even death. And because mares produce the valuable hormone only during early pregnancy, they are forced into repeated pregnancies and abortions. Finally, they are shipped off to slaughter when they become too weak or old to become pregnant.

In a cruelly ironic cycle of animal exploitation, the precious hormone PMSG obtained from pregnant mare blood is used by the pork industry to promote unnatural rates of reproduction among pigs.

A recent investigation by the German NGO Animal Welfare Foundation and their partners in Uruguay and the US exposed the links between American and European corporations like MSD and the blood farms. Now that we know that MSD is profiting from animal torture, we need to let them know that we’re on to them.


Take Action 3

Tell MSD that if it has any real concern for animal health, it must cut ties with these blood farms.

We have had major successes when we stood up to corporations profiting from animal cruelty before: After hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members took action, major clothing retailers like Zara have committed to stop selling Angora — a wool that comes from ripping the skin of Angora rabbits. 

Now, let’s team up again to protect the horses from suffering for profits!

Thanks for all that you do,

Paul, Wiebke, Ledys and the team at SumOfUs 


More information: 

Blood farms in Uruguay and Argentina de TSB|AWF, Animal Welfare Foundation.
Turning Horse Blood into Profits, The Dodo, 2 October, 2015.
Blood farms, Animal Welfare Foundation.
Wie Pharmakonzerne mit Pferdeblut Geschäfte machen (“This is how pharmaceutical companies turn horse blood into profits”), Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 29 September, 2015.

Costa Rica: 15,000 Signature Petition To Save Sharks Handed In To President.

turtle island





Today we took a big step forward in our campaign to stop the needless killing of silky sharks.

Together with our partner organizations, we hand delivered 15,000 signatures to the offices of the President of Costa Rica (and tomorrow to those of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua) to use their influence to end this travesty.

Silky sharks are being caught and killed by industrial fishing conglomerates in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

This shark’s population is in a downward spiral. This needs to stop!

Thanks to everyone who signed or shared the petition.

Knowing 15,000 caring people are in my corner will make me fight that much harder on behalf of the sharks and oceans when I arrive in South Africa in a few days for the CITES (Convention on the Trades in Endangered Species) meeting.

I’ll be working with my team to urge delegates to help silky sharks win greater protections. Before it’s too late.

Thanks for being on the side of the sharks!

Randall Arauz, International Policy Director Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – The battle is far from over. Please click here to make a tax-deductible contribution today to give sharks a fighting chance. If we win, we can make history.


Great News – Europe’s Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban Has Been Saved.

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Dear Mark,

For the last 2 years, our expert legal team has been working behind the scenes to save Europe’s cosmetics animal testing ban. And you’ll be delighted to hear their hard work has today paid off.

A powerful cosmetics industry body* had been trying to jeopardise your ban in the UK and European courts. They wanted to swerve the ban by using animal tests allowed under other European or overseas legislation for the cosmetics they sell in the UK and EU.

Clearly this makes a mockery of the EU ban which together we campaigned so hard to achieve for animals.

Thanks to our unique expertise, our legal team was able to leap into action and we were the only NGO given permission to intervene to stop them in their tracks.

And today the European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of common sense, making it harder for companies to sell cosmetics in the UK and EU if they have been animal tested elsewhere in the world.

Mark, isn’t it staggering that some parts of the cosmetics industry are still arguing they should be allowed to use animals in cruel and painful tests?

We don’t always shout about the life-saving work we’re doing behind the scenes for animals. And we don’t always ask for your help to fund it. But our small team of experts is here, working around the clock on your behalf to help the animals languishing in laboratories.

We never forget them. You can remember them too by making a donation today.


Cruelty Free International was formerly the BUAV

– The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.

Web site with lots more news and campaigns:


UK: ‘Brexit’ Actions May Prove Very Positive For Animal Welfare.

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We have been working hard re live animal exports.  Over the last week we have sent out copies of the UK – Germany export video made by Eyes on Animals.  We have been in contact with the UK government and supplied them with copies of some of the protests against the trade at Ramsgate harbour.  In addition, we have also written and supplied video links to the UK Minister at Defra, as well as to several Conservative MP’s asking them to take action against the trade.

In response to many of the above points we have raised; we have now been contacted by Lorraine Platt – Co-Founder of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation.

There are several points in the message from Lorraine which give us some hope.


You can see her article for the CAWF relating to live exports at

As we have said recently on this site; leaving the EU will give the people of the UK powers to improve animal welfare rather than have to put up with the excuses from Brussels that we have all experienced and the words that they tell us they can do nothing when provided with (for example) the clear breaches of EU Regulations at the EU / Turkish border.

If the EU does not have the balls to take action then we will have to go independent (Brexit) and as the people voted – take back our own controls from a very lack luster Brussels.

We are very encourage to read that the CAWF have made the following statement:

We urge the Government to introduce a Bill in Parliament to ban live exports so that the ban is ready to come into force on the day that the UK leaves the EU. We want people to speak up for the voiceless and tell the world: ‘Animals Are Not Freight’.

In addition to this, we also see the following points which may all have an influence on how the UK deals with live animal exports in the future:

  • There is increasing support for mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses: Conservative MP Henry Smith, Co-Chairman of the All Party Group for Animal Welfare in the House of Commons launched a debate calling for it, and Philip Hollobone MP led a Westminster Hall debate on non-stun slaughter which was well supported by MPs. The debate was triggered by 115,000 public signatures.

  • Another Conservative MP, Anne Main, recently introduced a Bill calling for better labelling to back British Farmers. During her speech in parliament, she said: ‘it is not right or fair that other European countries can dodge animal welfare issues, can hide anonymously behind inadequate labelling and at the same time undercut our farming industry.’

  • As the UK will soon no longer be bound by the EU’s free trade rules, the Government should ban the live export trade which over the years has caused immense suffering to our animals.

  • Lorraine will very soon be having a personal meeting with the Environment Minister; at which she will be bringing the issue of live animal exports to her attention again.

  • MP Craig MacKinlay has introduced a Bill to help end live exports. He joined animal welfare campaigners at Ramsgate port on 26th August. The Bill will have its next reading on the 4th November.

  • The videos made by Ian Driver at Ramsgate, and which you can see on this site, have also been tweeted on the CAWF twitter site.

We are hopeful at what we hear from CAWF.  Especially as this shows the once free from the do-nothing people and red tape of the EU, the UK will be able to go it alone and take back control of its own rules and regulations – free from the do nothing shakles of the EU.  Hopefully very positive news for animals and their welfare.

As we said after the result of the Brexit vote was known; UK animal welfare groups are not going to pack up and go home.  Quite the opposite – we hope that free from the control and restraints of Brussels, much higher welfare standards can be established and the UK can ensure that any trade deals set up between the UK and overseas partners will ensure that only the highest animal welfare standards are accepted.

This obviously does not solve the problem of all live exports; but we hope it may be a start towards some bans.  We also very much hope that out friends and fellow campaigners in the EU will see that nations can take back control, set their own rules, and get away from the no action top dogs called the EU which currently govern them.

The fight goes on but we see light at the end of the Brexit tunnel for animals due to be exported from the UK at least.  Other bans in the EU ? – that is up to other EU member states to decide if they stay or if they go from Brussels.




Live Exports – Inspections of Trucks At The Turkey / Bulgaria Border.

If the EU cannot take any action  despite EU Regulation 1/2005 to protect the welfare of animals in transport, then these conditions are obviously approved by Mr (‘there is nothing we can do’) Van Goethem and his EU ‘veterinarians’.

And we always believed that veterinarians existed to improve the welfare of animals !

Observations during the inspection of Pimk trucks at the border of Turkey and Bulgaria (Kapikule) in July 2015.






England: Very Recent Video Footage of Live Animal Export Protests – Ramsgate, Kent, England UK.


Recent scenes of Live animal export protests at Ramsgate, Kent, England.

A Dutch livestock exporter / criminal (Onderwater) protected by the Kent police and paid for (with deep regrets – but they cannot stop it) by the Kent taxpayer who cannot get a copper when they need one – wonder why !!

Note all the transporters are Dutch (Name and plates), which contribute nothing to the UK economy; they just suck the Kent taxpayer dry with policing costs.  But the demonstrations will NEVER stop.

The Dutch trucks fuel up in Europe before they get to the UK; they go directly to pick up the sheep and then return to the port, where they are given full protection by Kent police; funded by Kent taxpayers who do not want to see the trade in their county or country.

This is what Mr Van Goethem and his EU mates are failing to take action on.  This is one of the reasons why the British voted to get out of Europe – and take back our own laws – so that we can ban the trade in the UK.

Onderwater, an Outright animal abuser; Court proven facts which Mr Van Goethem utterly ignores regarding information that is supplied to the EU as evidence showing that he is a convicted animal abuser in an English court.

See the old KAALE PR via the following link:

This PR was produced when Mark (SAV) was the EU Correspondent for KAALE; so we all know Onderwater and his tricks very well; he and they go back years!.


The facts and court case:

Onderwater Agneaux BV (Onderwaters company) pleaded guilty to no less than six
(6) offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 of causing the transport of sheep in
contravention of theWelfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006 and EU
Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 (Protection of animals during transport).


This is what the British Conservative government is allowing to happen.  The British public wait to see if Mrs. May (UK Prime Minister) now has the guts to ban the trade when she says ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

We are watching you all very closely Conservative Party.







The ‘System of Slaughter’ By Venus.

The problem is the system.

In Germany, “Halal” banned since 1933rd

According to § 17 of the Animal Welfare ritual slaughter of animals is forbidden in Germany.

But the law says: “if special religious regulations prescribe shafts, then shafts may be made, because of tolerance and religious freedom”.

4,5 million Muslims and Jews living in Germany, may do so, because it is part of their religious rites.

Actually, in Germany kosher meat is imported frozen from France and Belgium. For these and other EU countries, in contrast to Germany, may be slaughtered without stunning. Lately, however, a number of Halal slaughterhouses are in operation in Germany: “Halal” slaughter of Iranian Amir Baharifar in Neuss (North Rhine-West Fallen),

or the slaughterhouse Bärlein-Denterlein in Bayer. This has Bavarian TV film twice the “halal” production!!!

The fact that Muslim slaughterhouses are worse than the Orthodox or Catholic slaughterhouses, does not change nothing to the brutal animal transport in Europe. And that is the key point.

Animals that are transported for slaughter do not suffer less than animals that are transported to the shafts. And when shafts prohibits the stunning of animals, that doesn’t mean that the anesthesia system of animals works well in German slaughterhouses.

Even a complete change of all farms to organic standard would still be bad enough for the animals. Animals are slaughtered, but nowhere respected. In other words: even if the Muslim slaughter system would mimic the European, would be purely cosmetic. The problem is the system. Illegal animal cruelty, illegal transport of animals of any kind in European livestock farms and slaughterhouses are ignored by governments or tolerated as legal states.

And they put millions of tax dollars in this sick system. These governments have a strong interest to keep the debate shafts / slaughter in the course of racism, so the main problem will disappear: the drama of the animals in European slaughterhouses.

That’s what should interest us, against it we have to fight.





Japan: Australian Programme On The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter.



Part of the Australian programme into the dolphin slaughter at Taiji.

Please cross post to all you know and let them see the reality of Japanese cruelty.

UK (England): Latest News From ‘Team Badger’.

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Dr. Brian May  at Team Badger writes to the Prime Minister about the Conservative Party Badger Cull.



Above – Dr. Brian May (ex ‘Queen’ Guitarist).


team badger

A Letter to the Right Honourable Theresa May & Andrea Leadsom MP

The Rt. Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA

Cc: The Rt. Hon Andrea Leadsom MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Defra, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR

19th July 2016

badger artwork

Dear Prime Minister

May I firstly offer our congratulations to you on your appointment as Prime Minister; we wish you every success in this role.

I realise that you will have countless pressing issues in your first days as Prime Minister but, on behalf of the undersigned organisations which constitute ‘Team Badger’, I write to bring to your urgent attention the matter of the badger cull, and to respectfully urge you to instruct Natural England NOT to issue cull licences for 2016 and beyond.

On 12th July three of the country’s most highly qualified experts with experience of badgers and bovine tuberculosis wrote to you to explain their science-based position of opposition to the cull, on the grounds that it is both ineffective and inhumane.  Team Badger organisations understand that bovine TB is a serious problem for farmers, requiring meaningful action from government. But the verdict from the overwhelming majority of experts is that this is a disease spread almost entirely through cattle to cattle transmission and, as such, it can only be solved through cattle-based measures such as increased disease testing and enhanced on-farm biosecurity. Using badgers as scapegoats for this disease is failing farmers, as well as badgers.


team badger

The badger cull continues to be an extremely unpopular and expensive policy which many millions of British people oppose. Over 70% of respondents to Natural England’s recently concluded consultation conveyed their concerns that a roll-out of the cull could be bad for business, due to people avoiding cull areas. A further 40% expressed fears that the cull could risk human health and safety in shared countryside spaces, and expansion of the cull would mean even greater pressures on police forces, drawing their attention away from crime prevention priorities.  All this for a policy which is clearly seen to be failing in its objective.

We further observe that the UK’s commendable goal to be a world leading authority on animal welfare will continue to be seriously undermined if the government seeks to defend a wildlife cull with a methodology that animal welfare experts, including the British Veterinary Association and the Government’s own appointed IEP (Independent Expert Panel), have agreed cannot be carried out humanely and effectively, and has little or no potential for improvements.

Finally, of all your government departments, DEFRA faces perhaps the most acute resource challenges ahead on the Brexit path, making this a highly inopportune time to expand the extremely costly and divisive culling policy into, potentially, nine English counties. With this in mind, we ask that you and your newly appointed Secretary of State for Environment, Andrea Leadsom, take this moment as an opportunity to pause and review the evidence that unequivocally shows culling badgers to be a flawed policy.


badger artwork

Ending the cull will enable focus and funds to be redirected into effective and more humane solutions to bovine TB: the introduction of an effective cattle TB vaccine; increased frequency of testing in higher risk areas allowing better identification and management of the disease; and improved disease containment through risk-based cattle movement controls.

We urge you and your Ministers to examine the success of the Welsh government’s TB policy using such measures, where bovine TB is being driven down at a much faster and more efficient rate than in England, and without culling badgers.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to speak to you face to face about these issues, if and when you have a moment in your schedule.

Yours sincerely, with respects

Dr Brian May


Find out everything that is happening to keep up the campaign for the UK badgers currently under government culling at the Team Badger web site:

Team badger

team badger

Badger Action Network logo

badger demo chick

Some of you oldies (like us !) may remember Brian when he was lead guitarist in the rock group ‘Queen’ – here he is in action at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert – Wembley, London.  Guest guitarist – Slash from Guns and Roses:   – what a night !!!






Eid Animal Abuse.

This is Islamic ritual slaughter that no politician in Britain dares speak out against.

This was not filmed in the UK, but shows typical Eid animal abuse.

Australia: Vet Who Has Seen It All Exposes The Aus Live Export Industry.


Reproduced fully from:


Overnight, whistleblower vet Lynn Simpson became a pariah – and then she all but vanished

When vet Lynn Simpson documented the appalling conditions faced by Australian animals on live-export ships, she lost her job and her health. But has anything really changed?

She used her knife, killing quickly. Death came almost instantly with a blade when you knew what you were doing. Thank God, she was carrying a sharpener. Sharpen. Kill. Sharpen. Kill. They were in the Gulf of Aden, between Yemen and Somalia, and the heat was ferocious. The captain had started yelling about a crisis unfolding on deck five, which was when the nightmare started. She moved on to the next animal. The blade flashed – and then it happened. The blood spurting onto her wrist burnt her skin like boiling water. Shocked, Dr Lynn Simpson looked down at the sheep whose throat she had just cut, and then grabbed a nearby thermometer. Quickly making a hole with her knife between the dead creature’s ribs, she thrust the thermometer deep inside the cavity. The core temperature was 47ºC. A sheep’s normal body temperature is about 39ºC. This one had, quite literally, been cooking alive.



A young bull that became stuck in a railing and injured its legs while struggling to free itself in 2011.  Photo: Courtesy of Lynn Simpson

Deck five on this particular ship was the top deck. Radiant heat through the roof, plus an accumulation of gases caused by a build-up of the animals’ faeces and urine on the decks below – conditions made worse by insufficient airflow – had turned the place into a hellhole. “After that, any animal that looked like it was about to collapse, I killed,” says Simpson, recalling the awful day in 2003. “I don’t know how many I killed. We chastise different countries for boiling animals to death, yet here were our sheep cooking from the inside out.”

Simpson, the woman once regarded as one of Australia’s most outstanding live-export vets, is driving me in her bright-red ute along an empty stretch of road heading north-west from Canberra. She has no love any more for the city where she was born. It was there, 3½ years ago, after she was asked to write a report for a special government steering committee, that a powerful industry turned on her. Overnight, Lynn Simpson became a pariah – and then she all but vanished.



The remains of a bull which died after its head became stuck under a railing on a ship in Turkey in 2011.  Photo: Courtesy of Lynn Simpson

I have flown to Canberra to meet her and now, as we head deeper into the landscape, I’m relieved she picked me up at the airport. Even with a GPS, I was bound to have got lost. Everyone does when they visit her, says the defiantly resilient 45-year-old, whose grey-green eyes and direct gaze project both warmth and wariness. She talks volubly as she drives, her long, light-brown hair partly shielding her face, her forthrightness and occasional expletive a hallmark of the days when she worked as a wharfie to put herself through vet school. “I speak fluent ‘wharf’, ” she tells me with a smile, “and Arabic.”

Later, as a public servant, she became known as someone who cared deeply about animals but who remained steadfastly unaligned with any animal-welfare group, including the RSPCA. “I’m pro-farming,” she tells me matter-of-factly. “I’ve worked in the agricultural sector, and I understand why farmers enjoy and cherish the lifestyle they have. I’ve never said I’m against the live export of animals. I’m against the way we do it.”

On June 22 this year, Simpson re-emerged from her self-imposed exile to appear on the ABC’s 7.30 program and tell the story of her extraordinary silencing by the federal government after she provided evidence of truths too unpalatable to be contemplated publicly.

As a live-export vet and veteran of some 57 voyages, she had spent the years between 2001 and 2012 documenting the conditions aboard vessels transporting Australian cattle from Perth to Libya, Turkey and the Middle East. That hellish day in the Gulf of Aden, when she’d been forced to personally end the suffering of countless sheep using a knife, had been just one of many.



After being unloaded into a truck in Libya, this bull escaped into the water, but died after being hit by a container ship.  Photo: Courtesy of Lynn Simpson

When, on her return to Canberra, the Department of Agriculture (DA), the live-export industry regulator, offered her a role – on a six-month contract – within its Animal Welfare Branch in 2012, she took it. She was to serve as technical advisor while it carried out a review of the Australian Standards for Exporting Livestock (ASEL). The fallout from A Bloody Business, the ABC’s Four Corners report that had aired in May 2011 exposing the treatment meted out to Australian cattle in nightmarish Indonesian abattoirs, was still raging. When Simpson was asked to submit a report to the ASEL committee, she saw it as an opportunity to finally bring about some real, long-awaited change.

Now, in her new job, she gave PowerPoint presentations, with slides, to her co-workers, including the DA’s deputy secretary, Phillip Glyde. His horrified response suggested to her that her report to the ASEL committee, which she presented in November 2012, would be explosive. And it was – though not because of what she wrote, even though she didn’t hold back in describing hellish scenes of animals trying to rest in grossly overcrowded pens, their agony when they were stepped on by heavier animals and the scrotal hernias that invariably followed displacement of their intestines from this trampling. What truly stunned ASEL committee members was her no-holds-barred photos of cattle covered in their own excrement, unable to stand, suffocating or dying of heat exhaustion, drinking from faeces-filled water troughs and with sickening injuries caused by inadequate bedding.

One of those members was Dr Bidda Jones, RSPCA Australia’s chief scientist and joint author with Julian Davies of this year’s Backlash, a book about the reaction to the campaign to put an end to Australia’s live-export trade that followed the Four Corners exposé. “My response when I saw Lynn’s photographs was, ‘That’s what it’s like? Like, that’s really what it’s like?’ Just shocked,” Jones told 7.30. “This was the first time that an on-board vet had actually produced a report on conditions on board with photographs.”

Never intended for public consumption, on February 5, 2013, the report was mysteriously uploaded by someone inside the DA – it seems unlikely we’ll ever know by whom – to its website, along with the damning photographic evidence. Simpson doesn’t believe it was an administrative error. During our meeting, she speculates, for the first time, that her submission was deliberately leaked: “This was to shift the spotlight away from the problem of actually having to improve live-export standards. Suddenly, I had become the problem instead. I also suspect the submission was uploaded to muddy the waters so that the review process would be stalled. And, to date, it hasn’t moved on.”

Shipping is a super-secretive industry with brass plaques in places like Panama obfuscating transparency of ownership.

Grant Rowles of online shipping magazine Splash 24/7

In the days and weeks after the upload, Simpson found herself increasingly isolated at work. On June 13, 2013, she was sent home on “miscellaneous leave” after being told in a meeting that took place in Phillip Glyde’s office that she couldn’t stay in her job because, she says Glyde told her, the industry “has a witch hunt against you”. Mystifyingly, her report remained on the website for several more months.

When Simpson requested the reason for her removal be given in writing in early July, she received a letter from the first assistant secretary of the DA’s Animal Division, Karen Schneider, advising her that she couldn’t continue her work in the Animal Welfare Branch because “the industry with which we engage has expressed the view that they cannot work with you”. Significantly, Schneider added, “I would like to stress that I do not share the expressed views of industry… you have done [your job] competently, and, as deputy secretary Phillip Glyde and I have assured you … your technical expertise is valued by the department.”

“But I knew my career was over when my submission went public,” says Simpson. “The industry pressured the department to remove me. It’s known as ‘regulatory capture’, which is defined as corruption. I had fully intended to go back to sea once my contract with the department was up. But I knew that as far as the industry was concerned, I was finished.”

We’ve been driving for 40 minutes by now and I ask Simpson where we are. “Near Yass,” she replies. Eventually, we turn off the road onto a track and, within minutes, the little brick and weatherboard farmhouse that she rents on top of a hill comes into view. As we pull up outside, three dogs race rapturously to meet us. “Neil is a blue cardigan corgie, Smorgasbord is a kelpie cross koolie, and PooNeck is a koolie,” says Simpson. “I used to have three steers, too.”

Omar, Wallace and Razorback were three orphaned male bovines, just a few days old, when Simpson adopted them a few months after she lost her job. She has photographs of them – though not of the day, last spring, when she walked into their paddock carrying a large bale of hay and a bag of liquorice. When they had almost finished eating their treats, she got out a syringe and administered a powerful sedative. Within minutes, they were unconscious. Then Simpson shot each of them twice through the head. “I couldn’t afford to feed them any more and it would have cost about $300 to euthanise all three,” she tells me, referring to the barbiturate she’d have needed to buy.

Simpson, who hadn’t worked since her dismissal, was seriously broke. As her distress over losing her position increased, she was placed officially on sick leave. A battery of mandatory consultations with various mental-health specialists followed. Severely depressed, she slept for about 23 hours a day, began suffering from severe headaches and dizziness, and lost a large amount of weight, only to put on 20 kilograms later. Three psychologists and four psychiatrists concluded she was suffering from an adjustment disorder (also known as AD or situational depression) – that is, when a patient is unable to cope with, or adjust to, a major life event. “Yeah, I just couldn’t adjust to being screwed over by the government,” she says with a bitter laugh.

Simpson’s own doctor believes she has been suffering from post-traumatic syndrome disorder. Unfortunately, the antidepressants she was prescribed only left her feeling worse; she uses the word “suicidal” to describe her mental state during this time. Acknowledging the AD diagnosis, ComCare (the government compensation system) agreed in October 2013 to pay her 75 per cent of her former salary, a standard arrangement that will last until 2036, when Simpson will turn 65. She resigned officially from the DA only in May this year.

Money is still very tight. Simpson is now suing the Commonwealth for breach of contract and is also fighting a personal-injury claim. She won’t say how much she has paid in legal bills, but she currently has six lawyers working for her. She has partly funded the cost by selling a property she owned at Eden Creek, near Kyogle, on the NSW-Queensland border. The ongoing legal proceedings are cited as the reason why Karen Schneider, who still works in the DA, and Phillip Glyde, now CEO of the Murray Darling Water Authority in Canberra, are unable to speak to Good Weekend for this story.

The day we meet, Simpson is due to attend a directions hearing to set a date for mediation with the DA. In some ways, though, she’d rather go to court and see further airing of the national disgrace that Australia’s live-export industry has become. “My ultimate goal is some financial restitution because I’ll never get my career back again,” she adds. “But really, it’s about the animals. If I were to walk away from this case, I’d be walking away from a fantastic opportunity to fight for them.”

Inside the farmhouse, a huge painting of a dead bull lying in its own blood dominates a wall in the living room. The blood is seeping from a gaping cut in its throat. “It’s an image from one of the ships,” says Simpson, who is the artist. The painting is a work in progress for an exhibition being held later this year by Soldier On, the Canberra-based group that supports former service men and women who’ve been affected by their experiences of war. It made her a member when she became a volunteer worker in July 2015. She tells me that she still has to launch a flotilla of tiny ships on the sea of blood and then it will be finished.

The painting exudes a powerful melancholy. The fate of Australian livestock, whether on ships or in abattoirs, is now common knowledge and, increasingly, people are speaking out against both. Some DA employees were so affected by watching A Bloody Business they needed counselling. Simpson says the program left her aghast, too. It seems incredible, in her job, that she hadn’t heard stories about the appalling treatment of animals in overseas abattoirs, I point out. She never did, she replies. “I worked extremely hard on those ships and, after watching A Bloody Business, I wish I hadn’t. I wish now I’d shot more,” she adds grimly.

When I suggest that her painting of the bull shows that her years on live-export ships have perhaps affected her more than she admits, Simpson disagrees. “I still eat meat,” she points out with her trademark forthrightness, “though not slow-cooked lamb – ever.”

Simpson’s living room is bathed in sunlight on this freezing-cold day. Through the windows, there’s a spectacular view of the surrounding hills. If Simpson weren’t the story, her house would be. It’s filled with objects from her live-trade travels: a bullock cart from Rajasthan forms the base of her dining-room table; ancient slave shackles from Libya hang beneath a huge wooden horse’s head that Simpson carved herself. A second, huge painting of Nelson Mandela turns out to be her handiwork as well.

Simpson, who lives alone, talks briefly of a man she loved, an Israeli cattle importer called Roni, whom she met in the port city of Eilat in 2005. “Up the ramp walked this gorgeous guy,” she recalls. The two hit it off immediately and were soon in a serious relationship, and Simpson visited Israel often.

But only six months after they met, fighting broke out with Hezbollah in Lebanon on the same day in July 2006 that Simpson, who’d been staying with Roni in Haifa in Israel’s north, was due to fly back to Australia from Jordan. Roni dropped her off at the border crossing but, by the time she reached the airport, she saw on the TV monitors that Haifa was being bombed. She rang Roni, but only got a recorded message. The same message was still playing months later. Simpson never heard from Roni again and still has no idea whether he’s dead or alive.

Simpson had no family to turn to for comfort. The vet has a mother and brother, but doesn’t know where either of them lives. She and her mother are incompatible, is all she’ll say on the subject. She was six when she decided to become a vet, after a relative told her a vet was an animal doctor. “I got very excited that such a thing existed,” she says. She has never wanted children.

Making light of her background is her way, perhaps, of masking a great sadness. When Simpson was 12, her father, David, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He died when she was 15. Six months earlier, one of her brothers, who was with the Australian Federal Police, had been killed in a motorbike accident on his way home. Her parents, along with her two much older brothers, had immigrated from Glasgow. David Simpson transferred to Australia with NASA in 1969 and worked as a technician at the Orroral Valley Tracking Station, south of the capital. He and his wife, Lorna, spent their free time in clubs, playing the pokies. The Canberra-born Simpson, who was left alone a lot of the time, doesn’t know whether her parents were serious gamblers, “but growing up alone, and being emotionally self-sufficient, probably made me more prone to being able to cope well at sea,” she says.

Mandy Peters, one of her closest friends, believes Simpson probably learnt something of family life after the two got to know each other in Perth in 1996. Simpson, who’d moved there after winning a place at Murdoch University’s School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, rented a granny flat from Peters and her husband. She, the couple and their three children were soon close. Simpson embarked on her first live-export voyages from Perth, and Peters remembers her friend always pushing her hair up into a cap and putting on a wedding ring before boarding the all-male ships.

The wedding ring wasn’t much protection. Twice, on two separate voyages, a crew member tried to rape Simpson. On both occasions she fought off her assailant. Her late brother, Jim, she explains, taught her self-defence – and no, she says in her breezy manner, it didn’t put her off working at sea.

Simpson was 26 by the time she began studying vet science at Murdoch University. At school, she’d always been one of the brightest kids until the deaths of her brother and father in 1985 and 1986. She started skipping classes and her grades slipped. She left school in Canberra with no plans and spent three years kicking around in the Northern Territory before picking up her books again. Eventually, she would complete a master’s degree in veterinary epidemiology, often studying late into the night on board the ships.

Working as a casual wharfie on the Fremantle docks in the late 1990s as one of only four women employed by Western Stevedores gave Simpson plenty of contacts in the live-export trade. She remembers being horrified when she saw dead and injured animals being dragged off trucks after the road-transport leg of their journey. When she was offered her first voyage to Jeddah on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia in November 2001, just one month after graduating, she took it. She did three voyages back to back before starting work in a veterinary practice in Canberra in 2002 – but was bored within weeks. The pull of the sea and the accompanying sense of adventure, as well as the sheer scale of what her job involved, were irresistible. “I soon realised I’d rather spend my days helping large numbers of animals in life and death situations than investing eight to 12 hours a day doing surgery on the leg of one spoilt dog,” she says.

She talks nostalgically of her former life and about one old, rusty ship – with its crew of Palestinians and Pakistanis from the country’s troubled Swat Valley – that became a second home to her. “I spent five years of my life on and off that ship,” she says. “It was like living in our own tiny village. I had a pot plant in my cabin, which the stewards looked after when I wasn’t there.”

Simpson adds that she sometimes imagines living in an apartment overlooking a city port so she can watch the coming and going of the ships. “I pine for the ships, though not the cruelty,” she goes on. “I miss the meaningfulness of my work and the camaraderie. We had to have each other’s backs. It’s probably the closest you get to being in a military platoon. You’re in extreme environments where death is everywhere around you.”

Simpson could write a book, and intends to, though it will be a harrowing read. She’ll describe sheep so stressed they can’t eat – so they die. She’ll describe the phone call she once received from a rattled vet on a badly designed ship without proper ventilation, who told her the cattle in his care were literally disintegrating. (“To clean up, they were trudging through what he described as a soup of melting cattle,” she tells me.) There’s also the time she used the blunt end of a fire-axe to knock 22 cattle unconscious on a ship in Russia, before cutting their throats, after the Russians had confiscated her gun. She empathises with the Vietnamese abattoir workers vilified recently after they were filmed killing Australian cattle with sledgehammers. “They’ve got poor equipment, poor training and don’t know any better,” she says.

Bidda Jones, who got to know Simpson when she was appointed technical adviser to the ASEL committee, believes she’s more vulnerable than her outer resilience suggests. “I like Lynn’s ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude,” she says, but on the night 7.30 aired, Jones drove to Simpson’s house so the woman who’d become her friend wouldn’t have to watch the program alone. She has struggled, in recent years, to understand how Simpson could ever have gone to work for the live-export industry in the first place. “The [cattle] walk off that ship and face a truly awful slaughter. Didn’t that occur to her?” she says. “Lynn had pretty much shielded herself from that realisation. We eventually had that conversation where I understood [that] she felt by working on a live-export vessel, she could help more animals than in a small-animal practice. It took her some time to realise that it’s such a corrupt industry, and improvement so unlikely, that the best thing for it is to just stop.

“The draft version of ASEL that could have led to substantial improvements for exported animals is now just another file in the department’s vast electronic archives.”

Simpson agrees that she felt she could do more good by working inside the trade and with various industry groups consulting her at frequent intervals, she thought she was actually getting somewhere. But then she points out a 1985 Senate Select Committee report had already made clear everything the industry needed to fix, from better stocking densities to improved bedding for the animals. She has come to the conclusion that live export would prove to be commercially unviable were every recommendation acted upon. “But I strongly believe that if they’d acted on those recommendations, the live export trade would be proven to be non-commercially viable,” she says.

The Department of Agriculture doesn’t respond directly to any of my questions about why live-export animals continue to suffer, emailing instead a routine statement detailing how issues are identified and addressed and listing various improvements, such as a new heat-stress model that has been updated four times, significantly reducing mortalities. Bedding and space requirements have also been increased for “higher-risk consignments”, the statement reads.

After Simpson’s appearance on 7.30 in June, the chairman of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC), Simon Crean, told the ABC that ALEC had not put any pressure on the DA to have Simpson dismissed. The possibility of a workshop run by the council, in which Simpson would participate, was mooted by him on the program, but Simpson says she hasn’t been approached by anyone.

“Dr Simpson was indeed held in high regard by many in the industry,” Crean confirms in an email, adding that ongoing changes “embraced by the industry” since 2013 meant a fresh perspective on “past attitudes towards people and organisations that challenged the status quo and, in Dr Simpson’s case, who sought, with the reflection of hindsight, to provide constructive advice to exporters on improvements”.

Lyn White, the high-profile Animals Australia campaign director, remains scathing about the industry. “The level of influence the exporters wield over the Department of Agriculture is obscene,” she says. “That they were able to successfully seek the removal of Dr Simpson from her position is nothing short of outrageous, especially when she was the only departmental employee with any shipboard experience.”

The live-export trade was worth $1.16 billion in 2014-15, according to figures supplied to Good Weekend by the Department of Agriculture. Simpson, who doesn’t name individual exporters, says she regards them as business opportunists pushing the limits of what the legislation allows. And the government just signs off on those limits. This is the real problem.

“Shipping, as a whole, is a super-secretive industry with lots of brass plaques in places like Panama obfuscating transparency of ownership,” comments Grant Rowles, the Melbourne-based co-founder of Asia Shipping Media, which publishes Splash 24/7, a widely read online shipping magazine. “Live export tends to be even more secretive due to the sensitive nature of the cargo and the questionable practices at sea – such as the washing of decks,” he adds.

Simpson, who has started writing for Splash 24/7, spelt out exactly what this means in a recent article. “Maritime pollution regulations are a bit ambiguous to read and sometimes we were not sure where we could discharge so much slurry of livestock shit and urine, so we would wash [the ships’ decks] at night to avoid detection by satellites as it left quite a distinct discolouration in our wake,” she wrote.

Her readership is growing.





EU / UK: EU Master Plan To Make UK ‘Pay’ For Brexit – and To Make Negotiations So Hard It Will Remain As A Member State ??



SAV Comment

– The EU is supposedly comprised of millions of voting citizens each of whom have a voice in what goes on and how their Europe is run.  The reality is that there are just a few ‘elites’ named Junker and Tusk – who, along with their un-elected Commissioners; have total control over what really happens – an action or no action.  The people of Europe have no say in the end game.  EU citizens have their MEP’s, but they are just a list of names of people who in reality; have no final say or decisions in how the EU moves.  It is all really a major cover up by the EU elite to make the people of Europe think they have a say; when in reality they have no say about anything.

It would appear from the following that the EU leadership has some kind of secret strategy to make exit so hard for the UK to leave the EU that it will give up the negotiations and remain a member state.

In June this year the British people voted to get out of the EU; and the British people will make sure that is what happens.  The Brits are used to trouble and campaigns with Europe; we fought a few battles there in the past.  To Brits this is just another battle; and one which they are determined to get success with.  Other democratic nations and peoples around Western Europe are also now thinking the ‘Brexit’ way.  Elections in Germany and France next year will show in reality just how the people feel about their ‘democratic’ EU.

Currently this week, EU meetings are taking place with all member states except – yes you have guessed it – the UK; an uninvited but still existing and very much financially contributing member state.  At the moment the UK is still a full member state of the EU until it submits a formal ‘Article 50’ to leave.  But the Junkers and Tusks are making sure the UK is not now invited to any EU Party; as it is a bad boy and must be punished.  Who knows what the ‘masters of the EU’ are planning as retribution to the British people for speaking (and voting) out against them.

The people of the UK want the British government to introduce Article 50 as soon as possible; the formal submission which must be enforced to get exit negotiations under way.  The Brit voters have elected to democratically get out and away from the political elites of the EU named Junker and Tusk.  

The Brits want to do it as soon as possible – so lets get on and get Article 50 under way Mrs. May (UK Prime Minister).


Senior figures in the EU believe that Britain will give up on Brexit if they make negotiations as tough as possible, The Telegraph understands. 

One senior British official involved in the set-up for the coming negotiations said the EU elite “seem to think the game is to make us change our minds”.


Read more on this:


Comments very welcome for us to show and publish !

Just one reason for giving 2 fingers to the EU:





NL: New Expose and Report From EoA Into UK Sheep Being Exported In Extreme Heat Whilst the UK and EU Politicians Turn Blind Eyes.



Video footage added 19/9/16.  This is footage of the same trail / investigation:


Please note all of our international friends that the following information and report (from our friend Lesley at EoA in the Netherlands)  has been sent to some Kent Members of Parliament, and also to Ministers at UK government Defra.  We expect no action to  be taken as always, but wish to show you the continuing support that the British Conservative government gives to convicted criminals under the guise of livestock hauliers such as the Dutchman J. Onderwater who makes up a large part of the following report.

There are government ministers in Defra, and we could name them now; who are conveniently turning a blind eye to all that is going on wrongly in the live animal export trade from the UK (Kent county) into Europe.  Government ignorance in the abuses are reaching crisis level; and so it would appear that in the very near future, further action will be taken.

As you can see in the following link, Mark used to be the KAALE EU rep; and so Onderwater and his illegal activities are very well known to both him and the animal welfare movement of Kent, even if Kent politicians and Defra turn the other way and ignore all the evidence presented to them.  No doubt, Defra will also ignore the report attached from Lesley – Defra have not acted in the past; did not act in the extreme heat of last week, and will no doubt not act in the future.  That is a Conservative government for you.

Here is why Onderwater is a convicted criminal in the UK:

This was proven by KAALE in a UK court of law, when, working in conjunction with Kent Trading Standards (KTS); on 5th July 2010 at Folkestone Magistrates Court, Kent, Onderwater Agneaux BV (Onderwaters company) pleaded guilty to no less than six (6) offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 of causing the transport of sheep in contravention of the Welfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006 and EU.

It would appear from Lesley’s investigation and report of the (Ramsgate originating) trail in recent weeks, that a leopard never changes its spots. Many instances and examples of EU transport regulations being broken; and a UK government and EU (named Bernard Van Goethem) who continually and completely ignore everything that is sent to them regarding animals abuses.

Can we really expect Mr Van Goethem to act when we have all witnessed his utter lack of guts and actions regarding all the evidence presented to him over the last 6 years of EU animals destined for slaughter in Turkey.

Watch the following videos and decide if you consider there is enough evidence.


Just like UK Defra, the EU continues to turn a blind eye to everything that the animal welfare lobby present to them regarding live animal exports. Call it a Conservative UK government, or call it the EU animal transport team headed by ‘Vet’ (yes allegedly a vet) Mr Van Goethem; both are as useless as each other. Onderwater is the winner, protected in his every move by the police of Kent, whilst the Kent citizen and taxpayer cannot get a policeman to visit when their house when required, as 50 or 60 of them are on duty every night at Ramsgate docks protecting this convicted criminal and animal livestock haulier going about his lawful (?) business. Kent police should bow their heads in shame, as should the UK government and the self appointed elite who consider they are most important for animals; but who are utterly ineffective at the EU.

The animal welfare movement of Kent now have a right to gripe and to expose the useless UK government and the EU for what they really are.   The video links above, existing EU regulations for animals in transport, and still we witness video evidence like this for animals destined for Turkey!! EU regulations which ban transporting livestock in extreme heat; utterly ignored by Defra and the UK government. So much for rules !

Here is the link from Lesley’s very recent (Ramsgate) report which involved trailing Onderwater and other Dutch transporters from the port of Ramsgate, here in Kent UK.




As Lesley says:

Dear EU ad MS officials, highway police, animal-transport organizations and fellow NGOs,

Please find attached a report about a sheep truck coming from the UK and heading via France, Belgium and the Netherlands to a Halal slaughterhouse in Germany, that we inspected in late August during a heat-wave.

We are not asking you to do anything, we have asked the English and Dutch authorities to look into this matter as you can see from the email below.  This is just for your information and to keep you informed of our observations.

With best wishes, Lesley Moffat

Lesley says she does not expect anything to be done – her investigations into Turkey exports in the above videos prove that the EU are useless. UK animal welfare campaigners certainly do not expect the current government to act – they and the EU are two blind peas from the same pod.

Please watch the videos above and decide for yourselves who is right and who is wrong.

Whatever, regardless of the incompetents who are in government, the campaigning will continue and the gathering of utterly clear evidence will continue to be obtained and presented to non- efficient governments and EU officials such as Mr Van Goethem; who has failed to act on the recent Ramsgate report also.

Politicians; well they can turn a blind eye continually; but in the end they can and will be replaced.

That cannot be said for the compassion of the animal welfare campaigner.



Above – an Onderwater transporter enters Dover harbour.  Hardly the best, but Defra think all is good and ok.  Who said about blind eyes ?






Actions For Lab Primates.


Dear Mark,

Around 10,000 non-human primates are used in experiments in the European Union every year. These tests are terrifying, traumatic, and often painful – and it’s time to phase them out.

Will you sign our petition urging EU officials to commit to ending experiments on monkeys?

The scientific world is constantly developing innovative new approaches to research that don’t involve animals – and they’re often cheaper and more reliable than experiments on animals, too. Setting a deadline for ending cruel tests in Europe would encourage even more investment in cutting-edge alternatives to animal testing – while saving thousands of monkeys from a lifetime of suffering in laboratory cages.

The Netherlands has already promised to replace tests on primates with humane, non-animal methods. Now, the European Commission is in the process of updating its policy on the use of primates in experiments, too. This is a key moment to call for change.

Please join more than 25,000 other compassionate people and add your name:

 Sign the Petition 

Thank you for everything you do to help animals.


The Science Team Campaigner PETA UK



AirBridgeCargo Airlines reportedly still ships monkeys to be used in cruel and deadly experiments.

The monkeys are crammed into small wooden crates and loaded into dark cargo holds for as long as 30 hours before being imprisoned in cages, cut open, poisoned, crippled, and killed in laboratories.

Considering that most major airlines in the world have already banned this cruel practice, it doesn’t take a pilot’s license to realize that those still shipping monkeys need a new flight path.

Tell AirBridgeCargo Airlines not to take off with monkeys!

For all animals,





USA: America’s Obesity Problem Is a National Security Issue.


America’s Obesity Problem Is a National Security Issue

SAV Comment – Seen many obese Vegetarians or Vegans ? – Eat Animal fats and this is the result.


Young people are so out of shape that they’re being turned away from military recruitment centers.

Go to college, get a job, or join the military—those three choices have long been seen as the main paths to becoming a productive member of society. But a new report finds enlisting in the armed services is not an option for most young adults in America.

A full 71 percent of youths and young adults 17 to 24 do not qualify to serve in the military “due to problems with obesity, education, drug abuse, or crime.”

That’s one of the main findings of the 2016 Citizen-Readiness Index, a report released Tuesday by the Washington, D.C.–based youth development nonprofit Council for a Strong America.

RELATED: These Are the Fattest and Fittest Cities in America

The report crunched data from several sources, including Pew Research Center and the Pentagon, to determine whether young people “are workforce-ready, crime-free, and military-eligible.” At a time when about 30 percent of American kids weigh more than they should and roughly 30 percent of adults are obese, being out of shape has become the biggest obstacle to military enlistment.

“Obesity is one of the major issues we see and plays a role in 31 percent of disqualifications,” Kelli Bland, the chief of public affairs at the U.S. Army Recruiting Command, told TakePart. “If the obesity issue in America increases in the coming years, it could have a detrimental impact on our national security because we may not have enough young people willing and qualified to serve in the armed forces.”

RELATED: 10 Effective Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Schools

Other medical or physical problems disqualify another 30 percent of young adults from serving in the Army, as do issues with drug use.

“In addition to these challenges, we are finding that less than one in four of those who are qualified for service have a strong desire to serve,” Bland said.

The point of the report “isn’t to steer kids into a life of military service,” Amy Dawson Taggart, the national director of Mission: Readiness, a coalition of retired military leaders that is affiliated with the council, wrote in an email to TakePart.

Problems that affect the armed forces extend to the rest of America. The qualifications for joining the armed forces—having a high school diploma or a GED, being physically fit, and not having an arrest record—also represent the basics of being able to contribute positively to the community.

RELATED: Latino Kids Are More Obese Than Their Peers for This Insidious Reason

“It begs the question, if you aren’t qualified to serve in the military, what else are you not qualified to do?” retired U.S. Air Force Major General Mike Hall said in the report.

Youths in seven states—Arkansas, Delaware, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, South Carolina, and Tennessee—are least prepared to meet those criteria, according to the report.

“Retired admirals and generals believe that we all have a responsibility to help young people grow up to stay in school, stay fit, and stay out of trouble so that they can succeed at whatever they choose in life, including a career in the military, if that’s what they wish. We want our kids to grow up with options,” Dawson Taggart wrote.

To ensure kids have more options, the report offers policy recommendations for the next Congress and commander-in-chief that reflect “what we’ve known for years: smart, targeted, early interventions can go a long way in preparing our most vulnerable children for success,” wrote Dawson Taggart. That includes investing in “high-quality early childhood education, voluntary parent coaching for first-time teen mothers, and getting junk food out of schools and physical activity back in schools.”

At the same time, states and school districts continue to cut budgets for education—and cutting or eliminating the U.S. Department of Education entirely has been proposed by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, a move that Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton opposes. Yet Dawson Taggart wrote that there is plenty of “broad, strong bipartisan support for initiatives that help young people get the right start in life.”

That support will be essential to ensuring that being able to join the military is an option for future generations.

“We are not under pressure to relax our enlistment standards, and in fact, we are actually focused on increasing the quality of our recruits next fiscal year. With a smaller Army, it is even more important that every individual is fully qualified to serve in the occupation they choose,” said Bland.




America’s bees are dying in droves, Mark

And despite mounting evidence that toxic “neonic” pesticides — the most heavily used insecticides in America — are killing bees, the Environmental Protection Agency has failed to take decisive action to stop the onslaught.

Enough is enough! If the EPA won’t do its job, President Obama must step in now — before he leaves office — to crack down on these bee-toxic products from corporate goliaths like Bayer and Monsanto.

The fight is all the more urgent as today, Bayer, the world’s #1 maker of neonics, announced that it will take over Monsanto, the world’s leading seller of neonic-treated seed. This new corporate behemoth could make our chemical-soaked food supply even deadlier for bees.

Please sign NRDC’s emergency petition to the President, urging him to make bee survival an end-of-term priority and get bee-killing pesticides off the market.

A staggering 44 percent of honeybee colonies in America collapsed over the past year — the second highest rate ever recorded. Overwhelming scientific evidence points squarely to the deluge of neonic pesticides as a key culprit.

We simply can’t wait another minute for strong government action. And with barely four months left in President Obama’s term, time is running out.

Take action now: Urge President Obama to do what’s best for bees and people — not what’s most profitable for Bayer and Monsanto.

His administration must move quickly to impose a ban on all uses of neonic pesticides that pose a risk to bees. The stakes couldn’t be higher. We depend on bees to pollinate 70 out of 100 major crops, from apples and blueberries to watermelon and zucchini.

If we don’t address this bee crisis now, the economic and ecological impacts on our bees, our food supply and our environment will be disastrous.

It’s crucial that the White House hears from millions of concerned citizens like you — so please, speak out now.

Thanks, Rhea Suh President, NRDC


USA: McAntibiotics – Overused, and Bacteria are Becoming Immune.




The McDonald’s hamburger is an icon of the modern world, and billions have been served worldwide since it was first introduced 76 years ago.

But one detail has been missing from this contemporary legend: the gross amount of antibiotics that have been pumped into the famous McDonald’s beef patty.

Scientists are warning that we’re rapidly approaching the “post-antibiotic era”. As antibiotics are overused, bacteria are becoming increasingly immune. It’s downright dangerous. And fast-food restaurants like McDonald’s are feeding the crisis.

Tell McDonald’s to stop contributing to antibiotic resistance by cutting the use of medically important antibiotics in its global beef, pork and poultry supply chains.

McDonald’s has been under public pressure to change its supply chain before.

After losing unhappy customers due to antibiotics in its chicken supply, McDonald’s cleaned up its menu in its U.S. restaurants and banned chicken raised on antibiotics that are important to human medicine. This shows that change is possible — but it won’t happen without public pressure.

Now we need to see that change for beef and pork too, and beyond just U.S. restaurants. We need a commitment to reduce antibiotics for all of the animals involved in the behemoth McDonald’s supply chain, and for franchises worldwide.

We can’t even explain how important this is — antibiotic resistance is a growing threat with consequences for our ability to survive even the most common illnesses. McDonald’s is worth a staggering $39 billion and operates 36,000 stores all over the world — but its cultural impact as the corporate face of hamburgers and fast food is much more significant. Getting an international, public-facing corporation like McDonald’s to stop the overuse of antibiotics would send shockwaves through the industry.



We know McDonald’s responds to public pressure because we’ve fought it before — and won. Over 200,000 SumOfUs members demanded that McDonald’s stop participating in global deforestation by rewriting its palm oil policy. And that’s exactly what it did. Now we need to do it again — our health depends on it.

McDonald’s: Put antibiotics out to pasture. Commit to higher standards across the board. Commit to cut medicated meat from the menu.

Thanks for all that you do,

Liz, Angus, Nicole, and the rest of the SumOfUs team.





Taiji Japan: Cove Monitor Threatened by Japanese Extremists.

Cove Monitor Threatened by Japanese Extremists

Less than two weeks into the 2016/17 dolphin hunting season in Taiji, Japan, Dolphin Project documented the first lives lost – and another threatened.

On September 9, in an eerie resemblance of last year, almost to the day, the dolphins’ luck ran out when a pod of Risso’s were driven into the cove and slaughtered. As Dolphin Project live streamed from the cove, the world watched in real time as this once-robust pod of approximately 19 dolphins were killed, their lifeless bodies hidden underneath blue and gray tarps. The remaining Risso’s also watched, awaiting their own slaughter as the skiffs went by, dragging dead pod members.

Two days later, one of our Cove Monitors was stalked by a Japanese Nationalist Group, subjected to repeated aggressive and threatening gestures lasting over an hour. Local police attempted to act as a buffer between the two, but one individual managed to open her car door, hit her vehicle and scream, “Yankee — get out!”

“As a U.S. citizen she has a right to be there and stalking is a serious crime in Japan. We question why the police are allowing them to do this.”
~ Ric O’Barry, Founder/Director of Dolphin Project

Dolphin Project Cove Monitors have visas to be in Japan and are not breaking any laws. Local law enforcement should know that stalking is illegal in Japan. Making obscene gestures is also illegal, and yet the perpetrator/s were not arrested or charged. We are happy that she was unharmed, and will continue her vigilance for the dolphins.


Watch the London Taiji demo (with music by the brilliant David Bowie) which took place on Saturday – 16/1/16 by clicking on the following:





UK: British Government Debate Korean Dog Meat Trade and UK Badgers. Probably More Than ‘EU’ Member State Parliaments !

U Flag


SAV Comment – interesting that the issue of the South Korean dogmeat trade is being discussed by the UK Parliament.  UK voted for Brexit.  How many other parliaments in other EU member states are giving time to discuss the dogmeat tade ? – As we have said before, Brexit will enable UK groups to progress and hopefully improve international animal welfare standards.  We are not seeing much of this in the way of improvements from the existing EU.  People of Europe, have balls, get out and leave Junker and his crew to wallow in their own ???..  Don’t just talk  – DO IT !!

“Does the hon. Gentleman agree that it is incredibly important during the forthcoming period of negotiations around Brexit that the UK takes a firm position on maintaining the highest possible animal welfare standards when it comes to how we implement laws on animal welfare—not just for companion animals, but for livestock more generally? Otherwise, the messages we are trying to send internationally will be totally undermined”.


Dear Mark Johnson,

Parliament debated the petition you signed – “Urge the South Korean Government to end the brutal dog meat trade”

Watch the debate:

Read the transcript:

The petition:

Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament


badger artworkbadger demo chick

And Badgers :

Dear Mark Johnson,

You recently signed the petition “End the badger cull instead of expanding to new areas”:

On 7 September, MPs debated badger culling and bovine TB.

You can watch the debate here:

You can read the debate here:

This was a debate in Westminster Hall, the second debating chamber of the House of Commons. Dr Paul Monaghan MP successfully entered a ballot system for this debate. This is one way backbench MPs can get debates in Parliament. You can find out more about Westminster Hall debates on the Parliament website:

You can read impartial information from the House of Commons Library on badger culls in England on the Parliament website:

Thanks, The Petitions team UK Government and Parliament




Macedonia: Facebook Animal Suffering.


Hi Mark

This is in Macedonia, Stip city NGO. Can You help them by SAV, please.








UK: David Cameron MP Resigns – Lies Before Brexit; We Shed No Tears For The Hunter.


U Flag

David Cameron resigns now as a Member of Parliament.

He lied to the people about the result of Brexit from the EU, but vowed to continue as a backbench MP until 20202.  Now just months after losing the election to keep the UK in Europe, he has announced that he is quitting as an MP with immediate effect.  So much for continuing until 2020 eh Dave ?

Liar throughout his term, and a liar now.  Probably wants to get back with his hunter friends or go for that good position at the EU.

No tears shed here –  quite the opposite.  A man who did nothing for animal welfare – quite the opposite really.

We say “Bye Dave and we hope your ticket is a one way single”.



China: (Circus) Bears Crying Out.



Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.

Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.


Bears Crying Out for Help

Dear Mr Johnson,

For a bear PETA Asia’s investigator named Doudou, “training” meant being yanked by her neck and forced to walk on parallel bars, sometimes on just her front paws. If she stopped or made even the smallest mistake, she was struck with a stick. When she wasn’t being forced to perform, she could often be found pawing and biting at the bars of the cramped, barren cage she was confined to, crying out desperately for someone – anyone – to stop her abuse.

Her cries – like those of the many bears, tigers, monkeys, and other animals PETA Asia’s eyewitness found in 10 different circuses and animal training facilities across China – were simply ignored by trainers, who saw Doudou and other animals like her as little more than another circus “attraction” to be coerced into performing ridiculous and often painful tricks through fear, intimidation, and violence.

Will you help make a difference in the lives of animals who are desperate for our assistance by making a special gift to PETA today?

The abuse PETA Asia has exposed at Chinese circus training facilities is heartbreaking. In addition to Doudou, the eyewitness documented that bear cubs were tightly strung up by their necks and forced to stand on their hind legs – sometimes for hours on end – at the risk of choking or hanging themselves. Young lion cubs were found quivering in fear, and tigers were seen being violently whipped and beaten with heavy metal poles to force them to jump through hoops and balance on balls. The eyewitness found terrified monkeys grimacing, struggling against neck chains, defecating in fear, and attempting to escape from their handlers.

In every circus inspected by PETA Asia, animals lacked adequate food, drinking water, housing, and veterinary care.

The abuse documented in this groundbreaking investigation isn’t just the result of notoriously weak Chinese animal-protection laws. In circuses everywhere, animals are routinely kept in chains and confined to cramped cages. The use of fear and punishment to force animals to perform – much like what was discovered in China – is common practice among circuses that exploit animals around the world.

But with your help, we can change that.

Please make a much-needed donation today and boost PETA’s vital work to help stop animal abuse.

This latest exposé has done more than reveal the heavy chains, frequent beatings, and constant fear of abuse that circuses use to control the animals they hold captive: it’s also inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to pledge never, ever to buy a ticket to any circus that uses animals.

PETA Asia’s circus investigation is even beginning to have an impact in China, where the group has now become the top international charity on Sina Weibo, the biggest social-networking site in that country. Footage from the investigation has been seen by millions, and just last week, the largest English-language newspaper in Eastern China – Shanghai Daily – ran a story on the tremendous social media response to this case.

Across China and around the world, calls to shut down circuses that abuse and exploit animals are growing louder. Governments in France, the UK, and elsewhere are seeing new pressure to follow the lead of Israel, Mexico, the Netherlands, and other countries by banning wild-animal acts, and more and more families are refusing to buy tickets to any circus with animals.

Your generous gift today will immediately strengthen PETA’s vital work for all animals, including those who are being abused for human entertainment right now.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk

PS: PETA Asia’s


Serbia: Official Request To Have All Serbian Zoos Closed Down.

Serbian  Flag


This is our official Request to close all zoos in Serbia.










England: Big Protest Against Live Exports As Always – But Lots Of Sailings By Dutchman Onderwater For Muslim Eid Festival in EU.





Kent animal campaigners have been out protesting at Ramsgate port a lot this week.  UK sheep are being exported by Dutchman Onderwater (a convicted criminal) in order to make him money for the Eid ritual slaughter festival very soon.  The British government and Kent police are still doing all they can to help the exporters; but the government also talks of going it alone and introducing a ban on the trade to Europe once the UK has left the EU.  Who knows what will happen ?


Here is the blog for one of the export protests this week.


This is blog for today’s debacle xxxxx


After last night’s long wait and all the emotion involved we arrived at Ramsgate Nethercourt Roundabout at 9.30am to be told there was once again a problem and the trucks might not be here until 2/3pm this afternoon.

Angry and tired, tried to find out the problem and was told the vet that was to sign the release paperwork for the supervised loading of 4 transporters at Daventry had been called away on an emergency and wouldn’t be available until 12 noon making the earliest the vehicles could get to Ramsgate 3/4pm.

We found out that two other Lorries had been loaded earlier and I objected to the sheep on these two having to wait all that time. Onderwater wanted to unload these two and reload when the Daventry ones were ready. Again I was horrified. Unloading and loading are the most stressful times and these sheep had had enough.

Imagine my surprise when Animal Health, YES ANIMAL HEALTH, also decided this was wrong too and served a movement restraint on the Daventry sheep and told Onderwater to let the other two loaded vehicles come to Ramsgate and sail on the Joline today. The other four were to sail tomorrow.

Well done Animal Health for doing your job for once.

The two loaded vehicles set out for Ramsgate about 10.15am and arrived at the port at about 1.30pm.

A few of us stayed and the rest went off for cups of tea etc, luckily it has been a beautiful day.

When the Lorries arrived there was the usual huge amount of police and they were only paused briefly.

We reported legs sticking out of the middle tier of the second vehicle, two who only use the Joline for the Eid festival trade, and, of course, when looked at there was nothing wrong. Still we tried and, as I’ve said before, if they did find anything wrong in the port I would probably faint.

Very frustrated after the long wait as the police were climbing back into their vans a large number of brave people did a peaceful impromptu sit down protest , blocking the main road. Even I was taken by surprise but it was very peaceful and it stopped the traffic back into the town  and out towards the bypass road. The police came running back and had to go to each person and ask them several times to move. When it looked like it was getting serious on any one person I went and encourage them to stand up as there is no point in getting arrested and their actions had achieved exactly what they wanted.

The whole sit down took about 10/15 minutes but what an impact and they had still to be moved off the road which they were slowly. Thank you for such a surprise performance, just shows you can still surprise.

The ship sailed at 14.17hrs into a high wind and had to hug the coast. when she reached opposite St. Margaret’s Bay at 17.15hrs when she turned to cross the channel and the full force of the wind hit her. One of our supporters watched her with powerful binoculars pitching and rolling with large waves breaking over the lorry parked in the bow of the ship. The waves went right over this vehicle drenching the poor sheep with salty water. obviously the exporters couldn’t care less.

The next sailing is tomorrow between 1 and 2pm Lorries due at 1pm, 13.00hrs.

There is also another sailing to make up for today’s upset on SUNDAY morning, Lorries at 9am. As this is the day before the 4th anniversary of the death of 46 sheep in Ramsgate port in 2012 we wondered if you would like to bring flowers and we will festoon the roundabout and the bushes outside the allotments with floral tributes to these poor animals.

Finally, just to make you laugh, last night Onderwater was in such a rush to get going they were raising the stern door and moving as the last lorry was still backing on the ship. It was suddenly noticed that a man ran down the ramp towards the ship gesticulating and shouting but no one heard him.

He was left stood watching the ship and scratching his head as he was one of the drivers and in their rush they had left him behind.

He had to go to Dover and cross on the normal ferries!!!!!!!



Time Out – Have A Good Day.

Have a good day !



B&H: 8/9 – Possibly Some Positive News On The Shelter – The Ministry Respond and Will Comply With The Charge.


Ref link to our earlier post:

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 6/9/16. Breaking News and Pictures – Authorities Have Until 8/9 To Clean Up; Or We Then Take Further Action.

Further Update 8/9.

Dear all;

Despite saying that we will publish names and e mails at noon (GMT) today in our earlier post; we have held back on this as things have progressed during the day today.

Slavica has been working hard – and today the main Veterinary Inspector has written back to her and said that immediately after the charge by Slavica, the veterinary inspector will start immediately with controls, which is being treated as an urgent case.  Most importantly, he stated that they will send a report of what they have done after the work has been completed.


The Ministry also confirmed that they will send copies of all the documentation that is requested in the formal charge.

Now Slavica / we are allowing 15 days for everything to be sorted and provided to us as per the charge sent.  Slavica is in charge of this program, and we are working with her and on her advice.  We have not had any response from the EU, but we cannot say for sure that despite not contacting us, they have not acted on our e mail of 7/9 and put extra pressure on the B&H Ministry.


So now we wait to see what happens and if promises are kept.  We are ready to act in defence of the dogs at the shelter as we have done; and we will not hesitate to take further action should the Ministry not provide all the data within the time frame; and taken clean ups at the shelter as they have promised.

We will keep you all informed of any future news on this issue.



Here is a copy of the letter sent by the Ministry to Slavica:



Ocjenjujući hitnim Vaš zahtjev za poduzimanje mjera iz nadležnosti Inspektorata veterinarske inspekcije, koji je jučer 07.09.2016.godine dostavljen veterinarkoj inspekciji Kantonalne uprave za inspekcijske poslove KS, kantonalni veterinarski inspektori su istog dana izvršili inspekcijski nadzor na oklnosti navedene u dostavljenom zahtjevu. S obzirom da postupak inspekcijskog nadzora u predmetu koji se odnosi na Prihvatilište za napuštene pse Žunovnica u Općini Hadžići još nije okončan, poduzete su i dodatne radnje i aktivnosti koje imaju za cilj pravilno utvrđivanje činjenica,to u ovom momentu ne možemo otkrivati više detalja, posebno iz razloga što je po nalogu Tužilaštva KS u slučaj istovremeno uključen i Odsijek nadležne krim policije. 

Također, potvrđujemo da smo danas zaprimili i Vaš Zahtjev za informacijama od javnog začaja, te s tim u vezi bićete blagovremeno obaviješteni po okončanju započetog inspekcijskog postupka.







The Sultan and His Harem.

The Sultan and his Harem

Every day we get news about animals, they have now exceeded the tolerance level of the patient.

The situation is this: we write and inform ignorant officials of the EU Commission on Crime and manure stalls in the livestock sector.

These well-paid Clueless are not chosen by us.

None of them, whom we address for years, sits in the Commission because I voted for him.

As we all know, the “Commissioners” are nominated by their governments, and their appointment is confirmed by the EU Parliament.

But in the EU Commission, the German dynasty under Merkel is in charge.

All other 27 countries, are just lackeys of Merkel.

For the past year, however, and because of the refugee policy of Merkel, Europe is controlled by the Sultan Erdogan.

His Harem include Merkel and the entire European Communities.

Can we expect from the Commissioners that they punish the crime and illegality in the transport of animals in the country of the Sultan Erdogan?

Not at all, they are only errand boys of the country’s bosses, and they belong to, as I said, the harem!!!

What Osmin cannot do, can Blonde and Konstanze even less. And a Belmonte is not in sight (“The Abduction from the Seraglio” Smiley).

The only thing that can save us (and by that I mean the animals), is a revolution in the harem of the Sultan Erdogan.

Withdrawals from the EU, new government elections, demonstrations against corrupt governments.

And perhaps, no longer talk to the Commissioners, but with their superiors.

“Do not talk to the monkey, but to the circus manager,” says the old proverb.


with many regards




The future for EU animals under the current EU political system ?

  • New members and even less control than there is now; and ‘now’ is bad !


Many thanks Venus for your comments

Strangely enough (?) I was just putting together a few points about Merkel; the Brexit etc.

I include it below and as with getting out of the EU, I feel that the UK has very much done the correct thing.

Here is what I was preparing – it is very basic but does give a few formal links to the press etc.

Regards – M.



Looks as if Merkel is lining herself up for a top job at the EU Commission when the good German people get rid of her.  She has the attributes – she talks a lot but will really do nothing.  Maybe she could be put in charge of investigating and actually taking action on live animal exports from the EU to Turkey.  After all, some of the animals that ended up in Turkey did originate in Germany.

EU spokesman, Alexander Winterstein, said: ”As all Member States do, Spain must submit its draft budget on 15 October. They should also inform that date about effective actions, in line with the decisions of the EU Council.”

SAV Comment – ‘Effective Actions’ – maybe Alexander Winterstein could talk to Mr Bernard Van Goethem – he knows nothing of EU ‘effective actions’.

Conscious of the growing mood of resentment across Europe, the EU Commission chose not to impose a fine on Spain over its failure to hit Brussels deficit targets just last month”.

A  growing mood of resentment ? – probably the biggest un truth of all time.  It is growing yes; but it is here, now, already !  – EU citizens hate the EU; when will they (the EU) get the message if ever ?

They don’t do anything for the people as we have seen with the inactions of Van Goethem over live animal exports to Turkey.  As long as he sits in his well paid job, doing very little for animal welfare, then he is no doubt very happy.

Thank God for Brexit – only the start of decent, animal caring nations and people eaving.






Bosnia and Herzegovina – 6/9/16. Breaking News and Pictures – Authorities Have Until 8/9 To Clean Up; Or We Then Take Further Action.



Update 8/9 – there is now further (and hopefully positive) updates to what has been happening during 8/9 – please go to the following for the latest news – Thank – SAV.


Out original data is as follows:

Bosnia and Herzegovina –  6/9/16.

Update 8/9 – despite objections we have had no response from the B&H officials.  Therefore later today (8/9) we will be publishing all their e mail addresses so that you can write to them directly – and flood their inbox.

Hi Mark,

 this is  our official Request  to veterinary  inspection  ,  ask for  copies of  documentation by   which  we can see what  they did do  after our Urgent Charge with a proof.

Now , Cantonal veterinary inspection, Sarajevo   has 15 days  for sending  to us a  copies – evidences  about what they  did do. If they   will not send  , we will send an appeal to Commissioner for public information.




DOPUNA Zahteva za info   tačkom 3. Dostavite kopiju Programa kontrole i smanjenja  broja neodgovornih držalaca pasa i mačaka u gradu Sarajevo, koji  se može zvati i  Program kontrole i smanjenja populacije napuštenih pasa i mačaka, ali su mere i sankcije usmerene na ljude: držaoce životinja  ,jer  životinje nisu aktivni pravni subjekti i nima  propisi ne nalažu, nego njihovim držaocima i firmama koje se bave životinjama..

SAV Comment – we have copies of this documentation.


We have just had these pictures in.  Hadzici is a community in Sarajevo city.

It would seem that these dogs are due to be killed as they are termed to be ‘aggressive’.  We have very serious concerns once again about corruption taking power over animal welfare.

We need to see major changes to the situation by the authorities by the morning of 8/9; otherwise we will publish all the e mail contact details that we hold of the people concerned – and then they can be deluged by mails from you.

We wish to see all the dogs saved; fed a lot and the facility very much cleaned up from the disgusting state which it is in at this time; and which can be seen in the photographs.  If we find any of the dogs have been killed we will be taking further action.



We are immediately sending this post and ALL the photographs to the Enlargement Commission of the EU, as it is clear from the photographs that B&H are not enforcing adequate animal welfare legislation, and as such are not worthy of becoming future members of the EU.

We will remind the EU Enlargement Commission of this.  Good EU member states are now leaving the EU and they are being replaced by corrupt states as we have identified for years now.  This situation is no different.

We are holding back on e mail contact details for now but unless we see major improvements by 8/9; and the photographic and other proof sent to our contacts, we will then release the contact info.

Just look at the conditions in the following pictures – and the state of the floor covered in excrement.  Authorities have until 8/9 to clean up and feed all the animals or we will be taking the next stage of our action.














It must be noted that B&H is not a modern nation of Europe that recognises that sterilisation of animals is the way to reduce numbers. Like Serbian politicians, they only want to kill, with no overall long term view to reducing animal numbers.

B&H  has a law which DOES allow the killing of healthy but unwanted dogs. 

Sterilisation would not even produce these dogs in the first place; but B&H politicians don’t seem to understand the basics.  Maybe they want to put the money elsewhere – it is called ‘corruption’ by a lot.

Mass animal killing by law is allowed in B&H.  The EU must decide on accepting this type of policy and the massive backlash which it will get as a result.  

We also understand that the EU does not care about animal welfare, as the last 6 year evidence given to the EU over live animals to Turkey has resulted in no action by them.  If the EU does not care about food animals then it for sure does not care about stray cats and dogs.

We are sure that the EU will have a great time putting endless money into B&H when it becomes an EU member state.  By the ‘EU’, we mean German, Dutch, Danish citizens etc.  If the EU does not work for them, then you follow the Brits and you get out of Europe.  Let the money going to Serbia and B&H come from other member states who cannot afford it anyway.

The EU is in a complete and utter mess due to its own making.  With the likes of Serbia and B&H becoming members; the EU rules of law will never be applied and Europe will become a kind of wild west.

EU – you deserve it.  You have never listened to the citizens.  Now face the consequences.



Please Watch This …..



watch the video


…. and see just how bloody incompetent and useless the entire EU system is.

YouTube link to the same video – 

If you wish to send this post link (which includes the video) or a YouTube copy of the video (link above) directly to your national MEP’s, then please use the following link –

– select ‘your’ country and then click to find out who all the MEP’s are.


Thank god for Brexit – hopefully just the start if this is the ‘caring’ EU that they claim to be !!!!

With caring like this, is it any wonder we gripe at these dead beats ?


EoA June 2

eu crisis 2

EU crisis 1

EoA June 4




bernard van goethem

 Why do we need these in the EU if they are incapable of doing anything ?

Just money for ?? – watching what goes on – we do the same to a degree but we don’t get paid !!



NL: The Situation In Turkey Gets No Better – In Fact Even Worse. Blame Mr Van Goethem And His In Effective Team At The EU.

EoA logo




Dear industry stakeholders involved in the trade of live animals from Europe to Turkey,

For the past six years,

Animal Welfare Foundation, Eyes on Animals, Tierschutzbund Zürich, Compassion in World Farming and Animals´Angels

have been complaining to the EU Commission and the Member State officials about continuous breaches of Regulation (EC) 1/2005 during transports from the EU to Turkey committed by industry stakeholders.

Our experience has sadly shown that too many officials are incompetent- either by ignorance or naivity or lack of motivation. They are approving live-animal export consignments to Turkey whereby the animals are overcrowded, some of the animals are unfit (too pregnant, too weak…) and the journey log is completely bogus (no reserved booking at a control post to guarantee offloading, unrealistic journey times, accepting false control post names such as Kapikule or Svilengrad, claiming temperatures within the max EU range…).

This poses really bad competition for those of you trying to abide by the law and show more respect to the animals, and sets a very bad example to the cheating players in the industry (that they can get away and even profit from their bad attitude and actions).

A few transport companies cleaned up their act by getting rid of some inexperienced or lazy drivers and giving additional training and payment to the ones driving on this complicated route.  Some transport companies and organizations agreed to stop sending animals in July and August when the temperatures are known to be too high, but a couple have now taken back their word saying they need to stay in the competition because animal-exporters will just use other companies.

A few livestock-truck manufacturing companies have altered the designs to their water systems and partitions and access doors, to solve some of the problems we were seeing. But sadly we have heard very little from exporters, many of whom continue to send animals on this route, and pressure transporters to load high densities and even highly pregnant cows that end up giving birth on the trucks. And we hear very little back from transport companies that continuously create problems. Even despite us offering their drivers a training course.

But the point is that although we appreciate those of you that at least took some steps, not enough has been done.  Not being able to rely very much on authorities, we can only hope that you industry players will finally take the necessary action to put an end to all the horrible and unnecessary suffering and clean up your acts as much as possible.

Become aware of the problems, do not let cheating colleagues get away with it (open your mouths and police yourselves a bit better ).  As long as this trade is so ridden with so much suffering , cheating and incompetent people, we will continue to expose it to the media and call for a full suspension.

In late June 2016 our teams were again at the border, for one week and it was the worst we have documented to date. Many dead animals and pregnant heifers giving birth. On top of the usual suffering from heat stress and lack of sufficient water.

You can download our June 2016 report here:


watch the video

and watch the video here:

We would like to hear from you as to what steps you will take, within your company, to make a difference.

Urgent action is needed!

Yours sincerely, on behalf of Eyes on Animals and Tierschutzbund Zuerich|Animal Welfare Foundation,

Lesley Moffat

— Lesley Moffat, MSc Ethology Eyes on Animals – Director

Want to read about animal-welfare improvements? Sign up for our GoodNews Letter on our website Twitter : @Eyes_on_Animals Facebook: eyesonanimals Youtube : eyesonanimalsinspect



bernard van goethem

Above – the principal person failing to act – Bernard Van Goethem of the EU Commission;

– and yes, he claims to be a veterinarian !! – animal welfare and all that !

This below is what he considers to be ok and is failing to act on:



1074791_944847358931089_2464695890687572665_o (2)


We have sent a copy of this post to Mr Van Goethem

Your message

Sent: 05 September 2016 17:08:18 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was read on 05 September 2016 17:10:25 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

Like everything else with him, we expect no further action from the EU!




Serbia: Crisis At Shelter Felix – Support Needed – Please Help.

Serbian Flag

SAV comment –  this situation shows yet again that the Serbian government and municipalities are not living up to what is required of them under Serbian law.  Thus they are not enforcing the ‘rule of law’ and so they are not suitable to be accepted into the EU, for which to become a member state, you have to show you are applying your own national legislations.

Will the EU consider this ? – who knows; does the EU care about animals in Serbia ? – certainly not if what we have seen for the last 11 years is anything to go by.  Will the EU continue to give money to Serbia for nothing in return ?? – probably.

Are EU citizens opinions and arguments listened to by the EU ? – certainly not; only Commissioners who do not represent the people are listened to.

The UK made the decision in June to leave the EU.  That is a certainty now  which has been made clear in the last few days by the British government.  At the end of Article 50 taking place, the UK will not be ruled by the un-elected masters of the EU.  Britain  will go it alone.  Already there are many signs that the UK is doing better post Brexit than it was when it was fully in the EU.

Other EU nations ? – well who knows.  Will they stay in the un-elected club or will their citizens have the guts to say ‘no’ and to get out ?

That friends is the question.

In the meantime, please help the cats at Shelter Felix with a donation if you can – thank you – SAV.




felix cartoon 2


It’s not only that we are seriously failing at raising the funds to cover the inevitable costs of the basic necessities of the large number of shelter cats, like we’ve been doing over and over again every month for ages, but it’s also turned out we have to fix (strengthen and renovate) the outdoor enclosure as soon as possible!

felix s1

felix s2

The links of our chain link fence are way too wide to prevent kittens and tiny adult cats from escaping through the wire and the six bottle babies are exactly proving our point, now that they are big enough to be released into the yard. Over the last few days that they have been out of the house, they’ve already squeezed through the wire mesh a zillion times and instead of having fun in the yard, they spend their time walking on the top wire mesh and screaming as loud as they can. Fortunately, they don’t dare to come down, at least for now (good for them) but their new pastime is not perfect either. Needless to say how worried we are about their safety, but it’s senseless to keep them locked inside the house for another couple of years.

felix s3

felix s4

felix s5

Please donate as much as you possibly can!

For reasons unknown, the following link has not been working.  We have now replaced it and hope all is ok.  This is the same link as at the end –  please use this one (at the end) if you still get problems – SAV.

Without your support we won’t be able to carry on for much longer and the shelter will sadly have to be shut down.

After all of these years of hard work, rescuing and caring, after all the tears and joy, failures and victories, the shelter cats will end up on the street again and will never get another chance.

We’re heading towards disaster although we’re fighting to save them with all our might, but we can’t do much on our own and we’re begging all of you to help us.

If not now, then when?



England: Yogi Took A Ride In A Bed Delivery Truck – And Should Not Have ! – Have You Seen Him ?


missing cat


Please could you circulate this:

The cat in the image, named Yogi, went missing from his home in Raleigh Close, Gravesend, after climbing into the back of a Bensons for Beds delivery van on Thursday morning.

The van driver went on to Beltana Drive Gravesend, then Rochester and Dartford to make further deliveries, unaware that he had an extra passenger. (It was only after Yogi  did not appear at home that the CCTV was checked and showed him jumping into the van.)

Yogi is microchipped and has a tag with his name on it.

He is 5 years old, a large silver-grey tabby with a white belly, chin and socks.

He is very friendly.

Anyone with information please call Mrs Gifford on 07412 502044


Beth xx


England: David Smith – A person we have watched for years – Now Kent dealers and vet jailed over sick horse fraud.



Kent dealers and vet jailed over sick horse fraud


david smith

Photo – BBC.


Having been involved with live animal export investigations for some 25+ years, we are very familiar with Vet David Smith; as he was one of the principal vets involved with the live animal export trade out of Kent Channel ports going back into the 1990’s.  We demonstrated outside of his clinic for many years in the past. 

His actions then involving the very quick checks on animals going for export were questioned by some of us; but at the time our evidence and complaints were not listened to.  He was a ‘vet’ and we were not; so he was better than us, such was the opinion of Defra (then MAFF).

Well after all these years we have been proven right.  Such a shame that Smith was regarded by Defra as some kind of ‘supervet’ for years and years; approving live animal exports at almost every shipment.

Well now we have seen the real side of Smith – but the question is, for how long, and involving what other animals in the past have his actions covered up dirty dealings ?


You could say that finally, justice has been done ! – SAV.





USA: Defenders of Wildlife Reach Financial Target for Future Actions.


doW Thank you


Dear Mark,

Thanks to you and other generous wildlife lovers, we reached our match target of $175,000!

I am grateful beyond words.

Please be assured your generous donations, along with the match funds, are hard at work in the courts, in the field and here in Washington, D.C., ensuring that we leave future generations a world filled with wildlife.

The threats are great. The stakes are high. We can never ever give up.

But with friends like you, I am confident that we can save the imperiled animals we all love.

With deepest appreciation,

Jamie Rappaport Clark
President, Defenders of Wildlife


success 2click 1

howlingwolfmoon graphic




England: Somerset & Glos. badger culls are unlicenced & illegal.


badgers north west hunt sabs


Somerset & Glos badger culls are unlicenced & illegal.

Posted on September 2, 2016 by admin

Information on the seven new areas and authorisation letters for all ten areas can be found on this link.

Whilst you will find the licences for the seven new areas on that gov website link, what you won’t see is the licences for W.Gloucestershire or W.Somerset, both were granted in 2012 Gloucestershires was granted on 17th September 2012 and was valid until 30th November 2015:

W.Somerset licence was issued the following month on 4th October 2012 with the same end date of 30th November 2015

Of course Natural England can extend the licence for an extra period of time to cover this year, but they have issued no such extension.

We must assume until Natural England issue an extension or a new licence that all culling is unlawful, if you find a cage set to trap anywhere in the county of Gloucestershire or Somerset you must assume it is set to illegally trap badgers.

Consider taking it into the police station and reporting the land owner. Better still, just trash it. The same goes for shooters, consider locking any gates with a shooter in the field and reporting immediately to the police.

Unlawful badger culling is a serious criminal offence.


Brian May’s Save Me Trust to Challenge Lawfulness of Badger Cull Licences

“Lawyers instructed by the Save Me Trust have today written to the Chief Executive and the Chief Legal Advisor of Natural England warning them that if any licences to cull badgers are either activated in Gloucestershire and Somerset or any new licences granted for this purpose anywhere, then the lawfulness of the decisions to do so will be challenged by a Judicial Review in the High Court.

 team badger


 vets against cull


Natural England have confirmed that they will not consider any new scientific evidence before rubber-stamping new authorizations to cull badgers.

In response to a detailed 12-point scientific challenge from 27 veterinary professionals, which had urged Natural England to examine the science, ethics and probity of badger culling before making the decision to roll out more culls, the acting Chief Executive of Natural England, Guy Thompson, replied:

“We would like to take this opportunity to underline Natural England’s role in the Government’s bTB eradication strategy, which is to support it through the issuing and administering of licences to cull and vaccinate badgers. In carrying out this licensing work we have regard to guidance from Government, which is derived from its bTB and badger control policy and supplementary evidence-based advice from Defra’s Chief Veterinary Officer and Chief Scientific Adviser.”

He added: “Enquiries relating to the Government’s policy, the efficacy of the cull and future roll- out should be directed to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.”

The first author of the letter from veterinary professionals, Dr Iain McGill, said: “Natural England are behaving like Pontius Pilate – washing their hands of their responsibilities whilst badgers are set to be crucified. NE have directed us towards Defra and the Chief Veterinary Officer for discussion of ‘evidence-based’ material, but we have repeatedly challenged the Chief Veterinary Officer and those vets within the profession who support badger culling, to a public debate. This offer still stands, but we quite understand the reluctance of opponents to debate with us in public, given the amount of scientific evidence now accumulating in our favour.”

“I am disappointed that Natural England have not answered any of our 12 concerns, and I have replied to Guy Thompson at Natural England in respect of one of my most serious concerns, requesting sight of the Disease Risk Analysis for the pilot badger culls, which should have been completed before the project commenced, as per recommendations by the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Our group will also contact Defra in order to further discuss our evidence-based concerns as he suggests.”

Iain McGill added: “In the absence of either a formal Disease Risk Analysis or an environmental impact assessment, it is hard to see how Natural England can legally issue badger cull licences at the current time. There are so many questions hanging over this policy, not only from our veterinary group, but also from the threat of legal action by Save Me, that the Government really would be better off cutting their losses and implementing alternatives. We stand ready to assist Government or other interested parties in formulating ethical, evidence-based and efficacious dairy policy, which would protect industry, cattle, wildlife and consumers.”

Caroline Lucas MP said: “It’s time for the Government to end the cruel, inhumane and wasteful badger cull. There needs to be investment in evidence-based strategies to tackle bovine TB – including vaccination and improved biosecurity. But instead of exploring these alternatives, and finding humane and effective solutions, millions of pounds have been wasted and we are no further forward in helping farmers. I hope this legal challenge brings an end to the cull and marks the start of serious exploration of better alternatives. ”


Badger Action Network logo


Get all the latest news and info at  


badger demo chick

badger artwork


If a government has interest to keep the farmer Mafia satisfied, then every government turns into animal killers. Because the farmer in England mean that the badgers are to blame for bovine tuberculosis, the government arranges a mass murder. The fact that the disease comes from the mass held cows and not from badgers, is not important for the farmer. He looks for years to the badger as the scapegoat. The government as well.

They have killed badgers for many years now, but the disease is rampant even further.

Actually badgers are among the most popular wild animals in the UK. Most Britons have a heart for badgers from an early age. But just at the farmers out in the country he was never really popular.

As the “sonny boy” David Cameron with the Conservatives came to power in March 2010, he allowed the farmers direct shooting of badgers. Cameron was by tradition on the side of the farmers. The farmers have the costs, the government has taken command of the mass murder. For everyone involved, it was the cheapest way of killing.

Other EU countries such as Germany have defeated the bovine tuberculosis decades ago, without playing the executioner of suspected carriers. Instead, they made regular skin tests and consistent emergency slaughter. The hypocritical method to kill badgers, ostensibly to protect cattle from the pathogen is not new in England. Another new feature is the moral thinking in the UK population. New and strong. The authority has not expected that.

This time everything looks a bit different. New government, many protests, strong support from the wildlife scene.

We hold our breath and the hand of the British activists.




Indonesia: A Nations Greed For Illegal Palm Oil ‘Kicks Back’; But Innocent Animals Die As A Result.


Indonesian military personnel spray water on a burned forest area at Rimbo Panjang Village, Kampar, Riau, Indonesia on Aug. 6. 2015.

Indonesian military personnel spray water on a burned forest area at Rimbo Panjang Village, Kampar, Riau, Indonesia on Aug. 6. 2015.



 SAV Comment – the greed of man for that thing called ‘money’ is once again destroying this planet.  We care that the animals are being killed – consumed by the fires started illegally.  Indonesia is now paying the price big time for its lack of controls of the trade and allowing this to happen for illegal Palm Oil production when it should have instead been encouraging tourism to its country for people to see and photograph beautiful animals; many of which are now dead due to Indonesian mans greed.  We shed no tears for them – one could argue that they are now getting what they deserve.  The animals – they do NOT deserve this.  Around for millions of years; destroyed and killed in months because of greed.


As we speak, Indonesia is burning out of control. Just two days ago, the country declared an emergency, as hundreds of forest fires swept across the land.

These fires are being illegally lit to make way for palm oil and other plantations, clearing out swathes of forest and carbon-rich peatlands. And with that, critically endangered orangutans, elephants, and tigers are swallowed up.





This palm oil ends up on our supermarket shelves and is in almost everything we consume.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve already made serious inroads: big brands like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Kellogg’s, and a dozen of others have adopted responsible palm oil policies after campaigning by the SumOfUs community and our partners.

But there’s so much more work to do. If we’re going to help stop Indonesia burning, we need to force PepsiCo, Tyson Foods (maker of Sara Lee desserts), and other companies to clean up their palm oil supply chains now. And we can only do this with a commitment from you.

The fires in Indonesia are so bad that the government has ordered schools be shut. Pollution levels are hazardous. Indonesia, as well as its neighbours, Singapore and Malaysia, are now being blanketed in a toxic, thick smog.

Firefighters are working around the clock, and even the military has been brought in to put out the fires.

These fires are not new: they happened last year, and they were the worst on record. Thousands of people and countless animals died; cities across South East Asia were covered in smog for weeks; half a million people were hospitalised; and 1.7 billion tonnes of carbon — equivalent to what Brazil produces in a year — was released into the atmosphere.

We have the power to decide whether history will repeat itself year after year, or whether we put a stop to it now — if you can chip in now! 

Chip in £13 now
Chip in £19 now
Chip in £26 now
Chip in another amount

If you make a donation today, we can instantly ramp up the pressure on companies like PepsiCo and Tyson Foods, using strategic tactics like brand-jamming on social media, on-the-ground organising, and ad buys.

In a few weeks, we’ll be paying a visit to Pepsi’s headquarters in New York, representing the voices of hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members like you. And if we can raise enough money, we’ll run radio ads in the area so it definitely can’t escape our demands.

When we stand together, we are powerful enough to take on the biggest, baddest corporations in the world. But all of this starts with members like you, making a small donation of whatever you can afford to make protecting Indonesia’s rainforests possible. 

Thanks for all that you do,

Paul and the team at SumOfUs


palm oil 3



2 Important Petitions – Please Sign and Pass On To Contacts.

2 important petitions – please sign and pass on to all your contacts.  Thanks – SAV.


Man Who Bit Cat’s Head Should be Banned from Owning Animals

The owner of a sweet cat named Pippa viciously attacked her and bit her head so severely, poor Pippa had to be euthanized. Video footage shows the insane level of violence this poor cat endured.

Please help keep other animals from becoming victims by demanding that this man face a lifetime ban on owning animals.


Stop Using Baby Calves for Bullfights in Spain

In a small town in Spain, baby bulls are thrown into the arena to fight off grown men with swords. These babies do not even have fully grown horns to defend themselves.

Sign this petition and demand a stop to this barbaric “sport.”




Which Are You ?

two people this world

USA: Research Review Finds that Weak Science has Bolstered the U.S. Government’s Predator-Control Practices.


proj coyote media release

proj coyote  pic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, September 1, 2016 

Camilla Fox, Executive Director, Project Coyote – 415.690.0338;

Adrian Treves, Science Advisor, Project Coyote  608.890.1450;

Research Review Finds that Weak Science has Bolstered the U.S. Government’s Predator-Control Practices

Peer Reviewed Journal Article Vindicates Wildlife Advocates’ Claims against Lethal Predator Management

MILL VALLEY, Calif. Sept. 1, 2016 – From their review of the prevailing research into lethal and non-lethal predator control practices in North America and Europe, an international trio of environmental scientists has determined that the science behind the reviewed research is not very scientific. In fact, the authors of the review- titled “Predator Control Should Not be a Shot in the Dark”- call for a moratorium on lethal predator control policies until researchers adopt higher testing standards. The new findings are being hailed by wildlife conservation groups like Project Coyote, which have questioned traditional predator management policies and practices as carried out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services program. 

The authors of the peer-reviewed article, which appears in today’s edition of Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, a journal published by the Ecological Society of America, are Dr. Adrian Treves, a Harvard-trained associate professor at the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison; Dr. Miha Krofel, a assistant professor & wildlife researcher in the Department of Forestry at the University of Ljubljana in Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Jeannine McManus, a graduate student at the School of  Animal Plants and Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

With little rigorous, scientific testing available, farmers and ranchers have historically relied upon taxpayer subsidized lethal predator control programs to protect their livestock. The authors’ research findings show that scientific studies that have proliferated since the 1970s have disproportionately supported lethal methods of predator management. In an effort to systematically evaluate the totality of the scientific research on lethal versus non-lethal predator management, the reviewers screened all of the relevant research – 500 discrete projects in all. Of those, only two experiments met the gold standard for reliability, as defined by the authors of the review. For their assessment, the reviewers adopted the gold standard currently in force for biomedical research, which requires random assignment to treatment and to control groups. This provides a guarantee against bias and increases the opportunity for strong inference – an essential component of good science. 

“We expect backlash from those agencies and individuals who benefit from the status quo,” said Adrian Treves, Project Coyote Science Advisory Board Member and lead co-author of the paper. “Independent scientists serve the broad public interest when they scrutinize the science used to promote government policies.”

The authors point out that it is the research they rejected for non-random assignment, poor methods and other design flaws that has been used by government agencies to make lethal management policy. In 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services (USDA WS) program exterminated 796 bobcats, 322 wolves, 580 black bears, 305 cougars, 1,186 red foxes, and 61,702 coyotes. Wildlife Services reports that across the United States, it spent about $127 million in fiscal year 2014 to kill 2.7 million animals, including 322 wolves.  For decades, wildlife conservationists and scientists have condemned the indiscriminate and lethal approach to predator management as carried out by state wildlife agencies and the USDA WS. However, the agencies have justified their actions by claiming that science supports the killing of hundreds of thousands of predators each year, largely at the behest of ranchers and agribusiness. 

“This review shows that state and federal agencies are relying on bad science and bad research to justify their use of lethal predator control programs,” said Camilla Fox, Founder and Executive Director of Project Coyote, a national non-profit organization that aims to reform predator management and promote coexistence between people and native carnivores. “We have just received another piece of evidence that killing predators is unjustified ethically, economically and certainly ecologically.”

Read the journal article here

Watch a video about the article findings here.

Project Coyote logo


Thailand: Torkal and Cirrus – Just 2 of the New Residents at Soi Dogs.


SOI August logo

soi dogs 4


Dear Mark,



Above – Torkal on arrival at Soi.

Torkal is just one example of the animals you can read about on our Facebook page.

At the age of about 6 years old, he was found blind and living on the streets.

Who knows how he managed to get by for so long?

Click here to be taken to our Facebook Page and join the millions of supporters who help animals like him every day.

Because of people like you, we were able to take Torkal in.

He is now learning to trust after living for years in fear.

He is adjusting to his new life and getting used to the smells of his surroundings. By liking our Facebook page, you can read about more animals like him and help those who need you the most.



Now settling in to his new home and constant care

We also share the stories of many of the cats helped by people like you, such as Cirrus, who was found with a horrendous wound on his eye. It was seriously infected and it was clear that Cirrus was in severe agony when we found him. Sadly, it was too late to save his eye and it had to be removed.



Cirrus was featured on our Facebook page, and thanks to people like you, he has now been adopted and will leave shortly for his new home.  

By simply clicking ‘like’ on our page, you will hear about many of the rescue cases here at the shelter and will be kept up to date with how your support is saving the lives of vulnerable animals across Thailand. Simply click here to join us on Facebook now.


Thank you for everything you have already done to help the dogs and cats of Thailand.

Kind Regards,

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation


UK / England: 31/8 Latest On New Badger Cull – and Actions / Petitions.

U FlagEngland

Update 1/9/16.

Badger Action Network logo

Please visit the website of Badger Action Network to find out how you can help badgers in the cull zones.

The Badger Action Network can put you in touch with various wounded badger patrols in the cull zones and also offer help to new groups setting up their own procedures including police liaison, how to sett survey, how to establish wounded badger patrols, what to do if you find a wounded badger, how to raise public awareness, how to fund raise, what badger persecution is and how to report it and other information about the badger cull.

Badger Action Network



badger artwork

Badger cull targets for 2016

Devon: Minimum 3,358, maximum 4,558

Cornwall: Minimum 2,173, maximum 2,950

Gloucestershire: Minimum 1,691, maximum 2,628

Dorset: Minimum 1,672, maximum 2,350

Herefordshire: Minimum 872, maximum 1,183

Somerset: Minimum 75, maximum 544

Source: Natural England


badger artwork

2015 round of badger culling

Licensed culls in West Somerset, West Gloucestershire and Dorset


badgers culled in 2015


total “badger control costs” for the year

“The scale of the rollout is huge,” Prof Woodroffe told BBC News. “Farmers will be required to kill almost 10,000 badgers at a minimum before the end of November – and yet the government has released no evidence that farmer-led culling is helping to control cattle TB.

badger artwork




The person who has no objectives or proof of anything.

Send e mails of complete and utter disgust to ‘Useless’ George Eustice – 


Or phone his Westminster office on 020 7219 7032

badger artwork

Petitions / Actions

Things have only just got under way, but here are currents as of 31/8/16

Current petitions / actions:


Please become part of the public face of opposition to the cull – upload your selfie to the #BigBadgerMosaic today!


badger artwork


team badger

What is Team Badger

Team Badger is a coalition of national, local and grassroots animal and wildlife welfare organisations representing millions of compassionate citizens. We reject the government’s policy of badger culling as unsound, unscientific and unacceptable.

We believe the most effective and legitimate way to oppose the shooting of badgers is through peaceful and legal protest supported by a reasoned argument, scientific facts and legal challenge. We are convinced that the long-term control of tuberculosis in cattle can be achieved by the comprehensive application of a range of measures without resorting to the culling of wildlife.


badgers north west hunt sabs

get involved 2Petition 2

Simon Kings Petition

End the badger cull instead of expanding to new areas

Since 2013, thousands of badgers have been killed in a Government cull attempting to control bovine TB. Against scientific advice & before a 4 year trial has completed, the government is now expanding the cull to new counties – tens of thousands of healthy badgers could be killed.

Experts in disease control and animal welfare agree that pilot badger culls have proven both ineffective and inhumane. Shooting badgers is also expensive, costing tax-payers some £5,000 per animal. Bovine TB is a serious problem but killing badgers is not the solution, and could actually make the situation worse. It is a costly distraction from an effective solution incorporating vaccination, increased cattle movement control measures and improved testing.

Simon King OBE

Deadline: 25 February 2017All petitions run for 6 months

To Sign Click Here


badger demo chick

Thank You !


Three badgers



Serbia: Lots Of Yummy Food Has Arrived From Denmark !

Serbian  Flag


felix cartoon 2

f aug 1

We’ve just gotten a truly magnificent surprise – the astounding organization UFFAC United Friends For Animal Care from Denmark heard about our ordeal, stepped forward to help and sent us 100 kilos of top quality cat food just when we needed it most! We are grateful beyond words to our new wonderful Danish friends!

f aug 2

All of the shelter cats are freely fed dry food, so we will be mixing this splendid food donation with kibble we’re already buying, in order to make the yummy load that we received last a bit longer.


f aug 3

We’re deeply moved by UFFAC’s caring and generosity and we sincerely appreciate these cat lovers from afar who have gathered together to feed the Felix kitties, fill their bellies and bring them happiness.

f aug 4


Purrs and head bonks heading all the way to Denmark!


f aug 5



USA: Washington State – Wolf Killers Regardless of Legislation.

UNST0001CBD header


SAV Comment – Trigger Happy USA is at it again as always.

us guns 1

Dear Mark

More grim news out of Washington state: Snipers have killed four more wolves — three adults and a female pup. The Profanity Peak wolf pack family has been shattered, reduced to just one adult struggling to care for the four surviving four-month-old pups.

The killing of this pack — which, once it’s done, will have wiped out 12 percent of the wild wolves in the state — has been authorized by Washington’s wildlife agency despite evidence that a rancher placed his cattle right over the pack’s den. Robert Weilgus, director of the Large Carnivore Conservation Lab at Washington State University, told reporters that “This livestock operator elected to put his livestock directly on top of their den site; we have pictures of cows swamping it.” We can’t allow this kind of provocation to keep leading to state-sanctioned wolf slaughter.

It’s time for the gloves to come off — we’re in a bareknuckle fight for these animals’ survival. But time is not on our side, so please help now. Make a donation today to the Center’s Wolf Defense Fund.

Wolves desperately need our help. Not only are the state bureaucrats in Washington hoping to finish off the Profanity Peak pack, local Ferry County officials also swear they’ll take matters into their own hands. They’ve said they’re eager to send their sheriff to finish the job by killing any remaining pack members.

This would be a gross violation of the law and set a terrible precedent — a local posse bent on killing is brutal and primitive. When and if Ferry County tries this tactic, the Center’s ready to go to court to stop it.

Please help us in this war on wolves with a donation to the
Wolf Defense Fund.

The Center is leading the counterattack against the wolf haters. From Washington, D.C. to Washington state, our lawyers, scientists and activists are fighting anti-wolf extremists who would destroy the progress we’ve made over the past quarter-century. We’ve saved the lives of countless wolves across America, shutting down those trying to turn their habitat into feedlots, timber farms and open-pit mines.

I know you believe in a future where wolves still live wild. Please help us make that future real with a gift to the Wolf Defense Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
for Biological Diversity




Halal Meat Here !

sheep slaughter

We will show the reality of what happens;

if you don’t like the pictures, then don’t buy the meat or product !

  • Simple !


slaughterhouse worker

slaughterhouse dancing

Slaughterhouse worker CAUGHT ON TAPE dancing with a DEAD pig. 😢 WATCH:


The Dance Macabre of animals
I was also often concerned with these questions: what people work in slaughterhouses?
What people work in animal laboratories?
What people work in fur farms?
Today I have come to the conclusion that this question does not address the basic problem, the real question is, namely: What people are responsible for the existence of slaughterhouses?

The Dance of Death, that the young butcher organized so proud shocked of course.
How can you dance with a dead pig?
How dull and sadistic must be this butcher?

Actually, the butcher is a murderer in representation: we order, another slaughter.
The dead pig hanging from the hacking was also ordered.
Just as millions of other pigs per day in this world.
We all know what animals in farms and slaughterhouses suffer until they land from a hook in a plate of meat eater.
This image of a dancing butcher in a slaughterhouse shock us.
The pig hanging from Chipping is the most shocking image.
The pig and not the dancing butchers forces us to correct question: Why are there slaughterhouses?
What else do animal rights activists and courageous undercover must do, so that today’s man ceases with the cannibalism?
What images are able to shock today’s carnivores so deep, so that they realize how great their responsibility to this bloody business is?

Even if all the butchers stop dancing with a pig, slaughterhouses will not cease to exist.
The main culprit for the dead-dance of the animals we are.

slaughterhose t shirt



The Face Of Ivory.

face hack

“….forensics testing proved she was still alive when they

hacked her face off.”

Say No To Ivory!

India: Some Wonderful Animal Rescues From Such Very Dedicated Saviours !


animal aid unlimited new header.animal aid unlimited india

Dear Mark,

In this special newsletter we are sharing not only more amazing rescue stories but also, by popular demand, a video highlighting the very vivid personalities of our tremendously cheerful animal care-givers. What goes into making a rescue center hum with vitality and life? What keeps it happy despite animals who often arrive in desolate condition? It’s not only the animals themselves who brim over with good vibrations! Meet the miracle workers!

Some videos showing the superb work of this wonderful team – SAV.


Dog sobs from the bottom of a well when she sees her rescuers

Watch one of our most beautiful well rescues of a girl who practically calls out the names of her guardian angels. We’ll never know how she survived this fall without any broken bones. She was definitely heart-broken though, and it sure felt wonderful to lift her to safety. 


Who makes the miracles here? Meet the gentle, courageous, devoted care-givers in action!

Many of you have expressed curiosity about Animal Aid’s awesome staff, so we made a very rollicking video to help you grasp what it takes to get animals treated, bedded down, cleaned up, fed, and watered–all 500 of ’em every day. 


Donkey trapped chest-deep in sewer, but hole too small to lift him out

Watch the Rescue Team solve this tough and confounding problem with a little help from their (jackhammer) friends. 


Dog loses leg but finds love

Train travelers arriving in Udaipur heard a dog’s cries within moments of arriving at the train station. Following the plaintive weeping, they found a dog whose leg had been horrifically cut off by a train. They called our Rescue Team and we found, to our amazement, that when we approached she wagged her tail. Watch this incredibly cheerful little angel’s beautiful recovery.  


Make a donation to help these wonderful, dedicated animal saviours  


USA: Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument Formally Expanded – Great for Wildlife !



loggerhead turtle 2turtle island


Good news.

Today President Obama formally expanded Hawaii’s Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, making it the largest protected area on Earth!

I want to thank every one of you who joined the thousands of people who wrote personal letters and comments to President Obama on this issue.

Turtle Island Restoration Network is proud to have contributed towards this victory.

Read more about the victory here.

Have a great weekend.

Todd Steiner, Executive Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network



Thought for the day.


England: Bat Boxes.


We have been busy recently making some new bat boxes or our local wildlife park – Jeskyns.


Search their website for all the latest –  


We are starting with 3 boxes and going to see how things progress – but are ready to make more.  Here are a few pictures of the first box.





They have been produced in accordance with instructions on the leaflet of Kent Bat Group.


Well the new homes are there – all we need now is bat residents !

Now we wait to see if we have any success.  In the meantime, our ‘Bee Hotel’ is around 5 years old now.  A new roof has just been fitted as it is still very, very busy; and so the next project is to drill out some new logs and make fresh chambers for the bees to lay their eggs in.

Remember the old pics of the past – Mark and Denise after they had finished with the original.


19 Mar 1 resize

19 Mar 13 resize

19 Mar 11 resize

19 Mar 15 resize



Video Footage of British Sheep Exported To Germany For Ritual Slaughter.

We have been involved with live export work for around 26 years and intended to move away from this issue a bit more with the formation of SAV.  But once in your blood, it is often difficult to let go of campaigns that you have been involved with over such a long number of years.  So we are sticking with live export issues (on a global basis) and will be showing work, videos and updates to news which we consider is appropriate to the campaign.


You can see our recent post of the English demonstrations at Ramsgate port against the trade by going to:

England: Very Recent Video Footage of Live Animal Export Protests – Ramsgate, Kent, England UK.

The live export trade from the UK has almost been closed down over the years by very dedicated people / campaigners.  But all the footage in these videos relate to a Dutchman named Onderwater and his attempts to export English sheep to Europe for ritual slaughter at Eid.

With relation to the same live export investigation of British sheep for slaughter in Germany by convicted criminal Onderwater; we now have video footage from Lesley at Eyes on Animals in the Netherlands which can be seen from the observation team during the trail.

Here it is



Please go back to our original post – 

in order to see the link to the WRITTEN report of this investigation.  Note also that we have added this video to this post; which was not the case when it was first produced.  SAV.