2019 – The Saddest Truth of the World.

Irish Cattle Being Loaded for Live Export and Ritual Slaughter in Libya.




France: Blood Crazy Hunters Murder 158 Wild Boar In Single Day.

The killing of 158 wild boar in a single day’s hunting in eastern France has sparked anger in the region and accusations of “carnage”, even if the hunters were within their allowed quotas.

The boar were killed in a “battue” in which beaters drove the game towards the 82 hunters last Wednesday in the eastern Ardennes region.

Local officials said the hunters were within their rights as they had still not attained their quotas for the season of some 300 animals.

But a participant in the hunt described the scene in a report in the local Ardennais newspaper, denouncing the extent of the killings as a true “carnage” that had left him shaken.

And the president of the hunting federation for the Ardennes, Jean-Pol Gambier, said that “such an image for hunting cannot be supported, we cannot allow this kind of excess.”

He said that the “exceptional” number of individuals killed was “intolerable”.

Cited in a local paper, he added that he “strongly condemned” the number of animals killed, saying it “significantly damages the image of hunting.”

“I am overcome by this carnage, even if there is a need to regulate (numbers),” Claude Maireaux, head of a local nature protection group said.

Hunters in France insist that their practice is helpful to nature and is rooted in the country’s traditions, even in the face of growing protests by animal rights groups.

boar france.jpg


Sheep Exports – Compromising Their Welfare – A Must Watch Video


Sheep Exports – Compromising Their Welfare – A Must Watch Video.


Watch the video at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/12/04/sheep-exports-compromising-their-welfare-a-must-watch-video/



US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning.

US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning.

Read more at:


US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning


Justice for dog mercilessly dragged behind car leaving mile long trail of blood. Petition to Sign.

Justice for dog mercilessly dragged behind car leaving mile long trail of blood.


Read more and sign the petition at:




EU: Dead animals from the USA for the auto industry



With great fanfare, the EU and the US settle their controvercy over beef exports.

The Trade Committee of the European Parliament has cleared the way for additional beef imports from the United States.
Members voted 26 to 7 votes in favor of the agreement on Monday, which is expected to apply from 2020.
The message was clear, said committee chairman Bernd Lange:

“We would like to de-escalate the trade tensions with the US.”

The EU Commission had already announced in mid-June that parts of the global import quota of 45,000 tonnes of non-hormone-treated beef per annum will be reserved for US providers in the future.




New EU Ambassador to Washington, Stavros Lambrinidis, assessed US-EU trade relations as the “strongest and largest relations in the world”.

US beef exports to the EU will rise 46 percent in the first year, 90 percent over seven years, Trump said. That’s an increase of $ 270 million. Certainly not bad, a game changer for the American beef industry is not.


The US government has already had to launch two rescue packages to help the farmers out of a state of emergency. The mood on the farms is getting worse. The good news for the farmers now gives reason to celebrate.

The rest is shared by exporters such as Australia, Argentina and Uruguay. Technically, such a split violates World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, but the other three nations have announced they will not appeal.

This gave Europeans the opportunity to show “goodwill” towards the United States!!



“This WTO-compliant agreement respects our high standards of ecology and food safety as well as our economic interests, meaning that tariffs on EU exports are prevented,” said the German Federal Government’s coordinator for transatlantic cooperation, Peter Beyer.


My comment: The German auto industry / the German labor market has prevailed once more. Fearing further customs duties, EU is kneeling in front of Trump!

I do not know if everyone has understood that the substance of the criminal deal is based on Peter Beyer’s statement: “This WTO-compliant agreement respects our high standards of ecology and food safety as well as our economic interests, meaning that tariffs on EU exports are prevente,”!

That means: Dead animals from the USA against cars from the EU.

Was not it weeks ago that the EU wants to declare the climate emergency, or did we misunderstand it?

Already in June 28, 1919, EU has signed the Free Trade Agreement (Mercosur) with the South American bovine barons. The corrupt commissioners cheered:

“EU is likely to face a huge boom, soon will drop inches in the amount of more than 4 billion euros, which opens up enormous opportunities for us.”

With clear words: with low inche, can be cars, car parts, machinery, chemicals … imported from the EU to South America.
For this they provide us with the necessary soya for our livestock, which comes from the primeval forests that have been burned for this purpose.

So … cattle breeding, car industry and meat operation, as well as their transport, complement each other perfectly for climate protection, according to the EU conception?
Or did we get it wrong again?

We feign peace and sell weapons.
We pretend for climate protection and we cover the entire globe (to save the German car industry) with beef.

How many lies, corruption and crime for people and the environment do we want, the EU citizens still tolerate?

When will we finally abolish this criminal dirt club?

My best regards to all, Venus

Romanian Activists Take to the Streets to Speak Out for the 14,000+ Sheep Which Drowned at Midia. Well Done Them !



Caring Romanian activists take to the streets in defence of the 14,000+ sheep that recently drowned at Midia.

fracht gekentert

See more at:



We fully support the efforts of our Romanian campaigner friends in being a voice for the innocents. – Thank You – WAV / SAV.




Coming soon the Christmas…


But this does not prevent us from holding them in concentration camps in millions, slaughtering them brutally and offering their bodies as a highlight on the feast of love!



Best regards to all, Venus


Happy Birthday Captain Watson



Happy Birthday to our founder and hero, the legendary Captain Paul Watson!
Thank you for starting a global movement that we are honored to be a part of.



The crews of The M/V Sharpie, The M/V Farley Mowat, The RV Martin Sheen, The M/V John Paul DeJoria, The M/V White Holly, and The MV Brigitte Bardot wish you the very happiest of birthdays!



And we wish you the very happiest of birthdays to, Paul Watson!
We wholeheartedly wish to keep you healthy and active for a long time, and we are sure that the sea creatures also want the same.

All the best
from the Team World Animals Voice and its readers


Germany: the pastime of the German Navy



As part of a NATO maneuver, the German Navy blew up 39 World War II mines in the Fehmarnbelt Marine Protected Area (Germany) in late summer. It was reported that 18 dead harbor porpoises were subsequently found over a period of several weeks.



As part of a NATO maneuver, the German Navy blew up 39 World War II mines in the Fehmarnbelt Marine Protected Area (Germany) in late summer. It was reported that 18 dead harbor porpoises were subsequently found over a period of several weeks. According to the current state, among other things at the University of Hannover, the exact cause of death of strictly protected animals is determined.

A connection between this maneuver and the death of such a considerable number of mammals is very close, because the animals have very sensitive sensory organs, which they need for foraging.

The Fehmarnbelt is an ecological link between Beltsee and Mecklenburg Bay and a marine reserve designated as a Fauna-Flora-Habitat by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.



The number of porpoises in this area is a maximum of 500 individuals. In addition, there is a high number of females with their calves in this population, as the Fehmarnbelt region is considered as a reproduction zone and the porpoises breed in the summer.

In addition to the 18 animals that were presumably the victims of the mine blasting, according to “Spiegel” Magazine alone, one of the mines ripped a five meter wide and 1.5 meter deep crater into the seabed, destroying all marine life within a radius of 30 meters.

Sea Shepherd Germany condemns the irresponsible action of the ministry and the German Navy and calls for a complete education and promotion of alternatives to mine blasting in the sea.

The endangered porpoises are protected under EU law and Member States are obliged to take measures to ensure this protection in their natural habitats.

This incident, too, shows once again how political instruments and official bodies fail in part and that the existing nature conservation law is disregarded.

“Sea Shepherd Germany’s first own campaign was the Baltic Sea campaign to protect harbor porpoises. This topic is therefore very important to us. As in the past, we will actively work to ensure that protected areas do not exist only on paper.

The response of the media to mine clearance and its consequences shows that the public is becoming more and more aware of the problem on our own doorstep and that we are on the right track with our commitment to protecting harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea.

The porpoises need every conceivable help, be it through general education or local presence. And we will continue to do our part in the future, “ said Manuel Abraas, director of Sea Shepherd Germany.



My comment: If 18 human animals had died in a mine explosion, the media today would have declared the third world war!

Media and Navy sells horror scenarios … “if toxins had leaked out or a boat was sunk with people,” and by imagining a likely disaster, a crime against 18 nonhuman animals can be justified. And even on a protected area!

They are only whales, right? no matter if pregnant women were among them.

Some useful idiots in the country are enthusiastic about the protection of our navy and even publicly thank them for obstructing a probable disaster, in a place that most only know about Atlas, and in all these years have never presented a real danger.

Each scenario is always sold by perpetrators.  And so the veterans of the Navy protect themselves from the danger of being considered an underemployed, bored troupe, that blows up seabeds and animals to protect them and us from dangers “made by navy”.


My best regards to all, Venus


environmental crime



Sea Shepherd Germany

On 28.11.2019, a sperm whale stranded and died on the beach of Seilebost on the Scottish island of Harris.



The male cub unfortunately could not be saved. At the weekend, the dead whale was examined, with a frightening result: According to the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme report, this included a range of plastics such as fishing nets, rope bundles, plastic cups, bags, gloves, harnesses and tubes.


Opening the stomach showing some of the material balled up inside


The whole material was like a huge bullet in the animals’ stomach and part of the mourning. The general condition of the sperm whale was not that bad.

And although this stomach content certainly caused problems, it could not be proven that the garbage was responsible for beaching; The gastrointestinal tract was not clogged with garbage.


All this plastic rope and debris was in the stomach


What in the end has always caused the death of the sperm whale, so these pictures and test results again clearly show what people are doing to the oceans and the animals with their littering.



Stomach, containing ropes and other marine debris. The multiple small black ‘beaks’ are from squid, sperm whales usual prey.


Section of net recovered from stomach


100 kg plastic garbage in the stomach, of all kinds and origin, which no living thing deserves.


And I mean…There is the # COP25 in Madrid, where delegations from 196 countries arrived by plane and participate in the UN Climate Change Conference 2019.

Since 1992 this circus takes place annually – and in the end it is called bla – bla – bla! We talked about the climate, it was a nice company and good food.

Meanwhile, rainforests are being flared, jungles are being turned into palm oil deserts, natural disasters are taking place everywhere, and while the well-paid idiots are enjoying their expensive meat menus of murdered animals fed with soy from poor countries in the Third World, the Planet clock beats five past twelve!

This is how it is done year after year – and while the ice thaws in the Arctic, Greenland becomes green again, these delegates and their companies are happy that the ice releases the raw material that the industry needs!

We are experiencing the dictatorship of criminal oligarchs.


My best regards to all, Venus


Cats In Snow.

Romania: Get Festive – Buy Christmas Meals for Shelter Dogs – Only $1 Each to Make a Special Christmas for Those In Need.



WAV Comment – I think I purchased 25 Christmas Day meals for the shelter dogs last year, so I know it works – and what price for a shelter dog special meal.  People waste so much during the Christmas season; for me it was very rewarding to know that I had helped to fill the hungry bellies of 25 rescue dogs last Christmas day.  Please do your bit if you can – buy a Christmas meal for a stray – Regards Mark.



Dear Mark

Years ago, I had a dream. My dream was to put an end to animal suffering in my hometown, especially to help the homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs find the love, respect and appreciation they deserve, and place them in forever homes. Little by little my dream is becoming a reality. I haven’t saved all the stray dogs in my community, but I’m getting there. I have an amazing staff and supporters who continue to help me along the way.

Last night, I woke up frightened. My heart pumping fast, hands shaking, tears in my eyes. I dreamt about my Printz (my first beautiful rescued dog, saved from death). He was all wet, full of blood, alone, in need of help. I could see him but this time, I couldn’t help him at all. I could read in his expressive eyes his hunger, pain and despair. It was more like a nightmare.

Being on their own, dogs like my Printz have freedom but they are so exposed to risk of injuries, abuses, diseases and starvation. Stray dogs are dependent on us as much as we, humans, are on them…once we get to know and love them! My Printz, alone, in my dream represents all the dogs I couldn’t save, the dogs who died alone in misery and silence. I woke up feeling depressed, but somehow, I knew I had to turn this nightmare into a positive thing…and that’s why I decided to tell you about it.

I was able to wake up from my nightmare, as all of you have. But these dogs can’t. Not unless we help them!

Christmas is the time of year when people celebrate and express the most sincere human emotions: generosity, kindness, compassion, love, appreciation. But we must remember that Christmas is not only for people …

From time to time, the memory of Printz comes up (this time it came in the shape of a dream) to remind me of my mission and the overwhelming plight of the homeless dogs in Romania. My dream for this Christmas is to end the nightmare these dogs relive each day. Even if it’s just for one day.

Together we can end their nightmare, not only on Christmas Day, but every day!

  • 1 EUR/USD = bowl of warm meal donated on Christmas Day to #roldadogs in our shelters

  • 1 EUR/month = bowl of high nutrient food donated to starving stray dogs in the Galati area

  • 15 EUR = a winter gift for a dog (straws and jacket to keep warm)

  • 50 EUR = a visit to the vet for an injured, rescued dog

To see other ways you can help a hungry dog this Christmas, visit our 2019 Christmas page or donate directly from our donation page.

This Christmas let’s try together to stop the Romanian dogs’ nightmare and bring the Spirit of Christmas where our voiceless friends need it the most!


ROLDA’s newly renovated https://sponsoradog.rolda.org/ is now up and running. We’ve made it easier for our supporters to either sponsor or adopt a rescue dog.

In this specific link: https://sponsoradog.rolda.org/dog-profile/ we explain how our dog profiles are created and what each dog’s details mean.

Please visit our new site today!

ROLDA is an international charity that helps homeless animals in Romania using a responsible, efficient, and humane approach.

Our programs serve homeless, abandoned, and abused animals, as well as pets with financially troubled owners such as senior citizens, retirees, and unemployed people … all who have difficulty providing for their furry companions.

Visit our Facebook page. Like it and Share it to help us save more animals in Romania!

Visit our colorful website full of useful, fresh information about our rescue campaigns.

Donations, large or small, are always welcomed! 
Please choose your preferred option:

1.Donate by PayPal:

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3. Donate via international bank transfer directly to ROLDA’s bank account in Romania:

Swift/Bic code: BTRLRO22
Account name: Fundatia ROLDA
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4. Make a gift in your will

Transparency Test

Please visit our Financial Reports page

Please check our latest Annual Report

EU: Specialists In Delay Tactics – Especially When It Comes to Long Distance Live Animal Transports.

Pro-Brexit supporters burn an EU flag during a UKIP demonstration in central London

Read our comments here; along with the further delaying tactics of the EU- specialists in slowness.

Why should they hurry?

They themselves have no suffering pressure.

They do not live in cages in factory farms, their testicles be not cut out, they are not transported half-dead by the sea, their children are not stolen … so why should they hurry?




EoA June 2

EoA June 5











Austria: the dirty propaganda of the media



Excitement about an aggressive, runaway bull in the Tyrolean Ötztal.

Ultimately, the colossus had to be killed by a shot.



At 9:45 on Friday (29.11.), a bull intended for slaughter was transported by a farmer on a cattle trailer to a butcher in Längenfeld. Already when opening the side trailer doors the extremely aggressive animal (!!!) stormed out of the trailer. Neither the farmer nor the butcher could tame the bull.

Run in the woods
As the animal subsequently ran into an adjacent forest above the Ötztal highway, the road had to be closed by officers of the police Sölden for the duration of the mission for security reasons in both directions. After the animal had run uncontrollably on the main road, it could be shot there by a targeted shot of the locally responsible hunter.

No people were injured during deployment.


And I mean..This is how the propaganda of the media works. In all countries.

In advance, they baptize an innocent prisoner as an “extremely aggressive” animal so that the imminent execution appears just as a protection of the public.

Even though this public, in no way experienced anything of the “aggressiveness” of the slave, a plausible reason for the execution must be invented, otherwise even the last idiot remembers the executions of the Auschwitz inmates, if one wanted to flee over the barbed wire to escape.

Today (at least in most European countries) executions of humans are abolished, and these of animals happen top secret.
Public executions, as in this case, happen to those who are born as flesh, not as a living thing with emotions but only as food for human animals.

After this shit article, the fascist moral lesson persists that legality can be misused as a guideline for morality.

My best regards to all, Venus


the unanswered question…



Our loyal commentator eparslavicaepar has posted a comment on my article ” new mobile coffin from Midia to Israel”, which I absolutely want to comment.

It reads: “What should we do? Stop the criminals or wait for some aliens from the Universe to do it. Would Hitler and Stalin stop killing themselves?”

First of all, one has to say that Stalin was not defeated or killed by anyone.
Hitler had powerful enemies who had their own interests in his fall, and for that reason he was betrayed from internal circles.
So far so good with the story, but I think, even if that is clarified, does not matter for the particular concern.

Because the farm- milk- animal transport- laboratory Mafia has no enemies, on the contrary! it has many lobbyists and 7 billion supporters who inhabit this planet and are primarily to blame for the fact that this fascism continues to exist and will exist against non-human animals.

So I fear that the question of the salvation of animals from their slavery and human fascism will be unanswered.
I do not know what we should do.

Do you know that? Or someone else?
In our experience, we can say for sure that not just a person, an organization or an action brings results.
Everything and all together can make a difference.
We can also say that without us this system would have made his criminal work much easier.

We’ve achieved a lot, but despite animal welfare law and regulation of human interaction with animals,  animals are still considered things.

Even a very best animal protection law does not grant animals any rights, but only restricts the human power of disposal against animals.
Human animals enjoy their legally protected rights. For non-human animals a two-class justice applies.
They are under the power of those who have rights.

In this sense, the liberation of animals is impossible as long as animals are not recognized as persons who are judged and respected under the same moral system as humans.

As much as these facts us, animal rights activists and empathetic people, pain, it would be disloyal and immoral to end our struggle because our adversary is a fascist system that is hard to defeat, and because the people we deal with and with whom we live are the real culprits.

Animals have no one but us.
We do everything we can until their rights become reality.
It is very likely that we all who are writing now and here will not experience this victory.
Others will continue to fight, maybe better than us, maybe not, but this fight must never end.
We owe that to our clients.


Best regards, Venus


New mobile coffin from Midia to Israel


First the good news: Thanks to the tireless work of all helpers, animal welfare organizations, fire departments, etc … at the disaster site of Midia, according to reports 243 sheep have been rescued.

The well-known Austrian  society, Robin Hood under Marion Loecker has symbolically received 10 from the survivors, and hopes for speedy adoptions.

Here the report:
The sad sheep of Midia.

A big thank you to all who helped to save 243 animals.
The Robin Hood campaign against these transports and accidents will be primarily political.



But we want to set a sign for all the poor animals and want to adopt 10 of the saved sheep. We are already in contact with the rescuers and hope that it works.

These sheep will then live on a property next to our shelter, our veterinarian is already waiting and also one of our employers, who takes care for our dogs, is a former shepherd and for him a dream will come true to have sheep again he will care for

Thus, the best conditions would be given – we hope very much the sheep can be adopted.
Please hope with us!



And now the bad news: According to new information from the same society, another cargo ship with animals has already left the port of Midia.


The mobile coffin Julia L.S


The report:

After the terrible accident with 14600 sheep in the port of Midia / Romania, another cargo ship with animals has already left the port of Midia and is on its way to Israel. Where the animals are slaughtered halal, like all the other sheep and goats that leave Romania on this path. And not only Romania, that’s pretty clear.

We will not watch any longer: The Robin Hood campaign, starting in Romania, is hereby launched.

First letters have already gone out to the authorities, we are working on two petitions. Well, that’s just a start … we have to be prepared for a year-long struggle.

The poor animals still have this path ahead of them (pic 2).





My  comment: We still have not learned what the cause of the ship’s misfortune was, and the next death candidates are already on the way.

Maybe we’ll never know that, because the highest principle for the transport mafia is discretion.
The insurance has certainly paid off, the Agrarian Ministry of Romania is still interested in doing business with Middle East countries, and can count on the support of the worst animal transport lobby: EU!!

Everything stays the same?
We can not know that, though it seems to us.
Any action against these criminal businesses by governments and EU officials seems to be a stone against Goliath.

But if all organizations, societys, parties in solidarity and more effective against this system prepare and fight against it, with everyone day the chances of a small success increase, and that would be, for example, the immediate ban on the shipment of animals to third countries.

United we are strong is the motto.
We learned that from our enemies.


The last stand of the mobile coffin Julia L.S


My best regards to all, Venus


In the Spotlight – Ukraine – Animal Welfare News and Site Links.



Here we are looking a little more into animal welfare in the Ukraine.

We give a very brief summary with associated links for more.

For the past 20 years, Naturewatch Foundation has been actively running projects in Ukraine, working with animal protection NGOs and municipalities to implement humane and sustainable stray dog population management schemes, following the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE).

Site – https://naturewatch.org/campaign/stray-animal-welfare-Ukraine


Amid the political turbulence in Ukraine, some people are dedicating their lives to the wellbeing of dogs, cats, birds, bears and other animals in the country. Photographer Thomas Machowicz has been documenting the work of the Kiev Animal Rescue Group (Karg), which provides emergency services for injured animals.

Site – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-48830430


Shelter Ugolyok: Animal Rescue and Farm Sanctuary, Ukraine

Site – https://www.facebook.com/shelter.ugolyok/

Animal welfare standards in Ukraine

Site – http://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/E-8-2015-013996_EN.html?redirect

Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals

Site – https://www.spcai.org/our-work/shelter-support-fund/shelter-list/kyiv-society-protection-animals

Society and animal welfare – Ukraine

Site – http://www.esdaw.eu/society-and-animal-welfare—ukraine.html#

EU imposes hen welfare standards on egg imports for first time

Site – https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/oct/02/eu-imposes-hen-welfare-standards-on-egg-imports-for-first-time

Global Animal Law

Site = https://www.globalanimallaw.org/database/national/ukraine/

European Bank EBRD workshop on animal welfare

  • 07-Nov-2019

  • Kyiv, Ukraine

Site – https://www.ebrd.com/cs/Satellite?c=Content&cid=1395285797015&pagename=EBRD%2FContent%2FEvent

Ukraine proposes bill to ban fur farming

UKRAINE – On February 7, 36 Members of Parliament introduced a bill to ban fur farming in Ukraine. The bill is initiated by MP Andriy Pomazanov with support of Fur Free Alliance member organisation Unique Planet.

Site – https://www.furfreealliance.com/ukraine-proposes-a-bill-to-ban-fur-farming/

Animal Cruelty Index

Site – https://vaci.voiceless.org.au/

Ukraine closes its last Fois Gras farm

Site – https://theecologist.org/2019/aug/09/ukraine-closes-its-last-fois-gras-farm

Greece – Tourism Donkey and Mule Abuse. Take More Action Here.

Greece – Tourism Donkey and Mule Abuse.

See the video and take further action at:


Be A Voice to Get Sanctuary for Surviving Romanian Sheep from Capsised Live Export Vessel.

Read the article, see the video and sign the petition at:




Approach and Feedback ?

Being involved with animal welfare / rights is not usually much of a happy place to be for many of us. As you can tell from the articles on this site, there is very little in the way of positive news. Sadly, bad, sad unhappy news is often all we can give.

I have been in contact with Venus as always, and as from today, tomorrow ? – I am going to try and make posts a little more positive. I cant turn bad news into good, positive news; if only !, but I am going to try a slightly different approach with you, our friends and fellow animal activists, to see if we can sometimes make things in each post a little better.

It may be music, the odd bad joke, or a cartoon which I (we) hope will bring a smile to your face. We need something different sometimes, because all this bad stuff is not good for us, believe me; been there and worn the T shirt.

Changes will not be big, but some may be slightly different, interspersed amongst various posts. I am going to try it and see if we all feel any better with that approach.

Your feedback, which is always happily received, is always welcome – please use the reply links with any post to tell us; good or bad. This is your site as well as ours, and we welcome comments and views; plus any links you may wish to include.

For the animals

Regards Mark.

Romania: Campaigners call for (now 250) sheep saved from capsized ship to be put out to pasture.

fracht gekentert

Campaigners call for sheep saved from capsized ship to be put out to pasture

‘They survived all this, they deserve a nice old age,’ says head of rescue team


A comfortable retirement to an all-you-can-eat grassy field seems the least that the 250 surviving sheep from the Queen Hind disaster in the Black Sea deserve. But there is still some debate over their fate, according to animal campaign groups working in Romania.

More than 14,600 sheep were on the ship, heading to Saudi Arabia on a busy animal export route, when it overturned coming out of the harbour on Sunday afternoon. All of the crew got away safely, but most of the animals are now believed to be dead.

Rescue teams, made up of animal groups and Romanian vets and police, are still working in the ship, cutting holes through the walls to reach inaccessible sections. But conditions are getting worse and the chances of finding any surviving animals are diminishing.

“You have to climb along the dark corridors, wade through the water and clamber over the sheep bodies while you search,” says Kuki Bărbuceanu of the Animal Rescue and Care charity and the Four Paws animal welfare organisation. Bărbuceanu is a veteran disaster relief operator who specialises in animal rescue.


“And then you have to get back out, but this time you are carrying a 50–60kg sheep. It is pretty exhausting work.” The smell is getting worse, and although some crew are wearing gas masks, Bărbuceanu says that interferes with the hard physical labour of carrying out sheep.

He has been working on the ship since Tuesday, when he and his crew reached the harbour. Alongside them have been vets from the veterinarian authority ANSVSA, and Romanian emergency workers. As of Thursday afternoon, 250 sheep had been rescued from the ship.

However, the ultimate fate of the surviving sheep is still in question. They are currently in quarantine and being looked after by the export company, Maria Trading. There have been some anxieties expressed by activists that the Saudi import company that bought them will reclaim them, and that they will be put on the next export ship.

Campaign groups are seeking to take the animals and find them sanctuaries where they can munch away to a peaceful old age. A statement from Maria Trading to the Guardian confirmed that they are giving food and shelter to the rescued animals and added: “The Romanian veterinary health authority is the only concerned party which will decide when and where the rescued animals will be transferred.”

Requests for comment to the veterinary authorities have not yet been returned.

“It’s what they deserve,” says Bărbuceanu. “They survived all this, they deserve a nice old age.”

Legislation currently going through the Romanian parliament would tighten regulations around the country’s live export trade, which has grown fivefold since 2000. Romania is one of the main routes out of Europe into the Middle East.

The live export trade continues to grow both inside and out of Europe, despite continued public opposition. European live animal exports rose from a value of $1bn (£800m) in 2000 to $3.3bn in 2018.


Meanwhile, MEPs in the European parliament have agreed to debate the live export trade in December, Dutch MEP Anja Hazecamp (above) told the Guardian.

“There has been a lot of talk so far, but not enough action,” said Gabriel Paun of Animals International.

Kopi Luwak: the shit coffee from Indonesia


Have you heard of kopi luwak or civet coffee?⁠

Known as the most expensive coffee in the world, civet coffee is made by collecting, cleaning, and selling the excreted coffee beans of the nocturnal animals civets.

The civets digest the flesh of the coffee cherries but excrete the beans inside. The excretion supposedly adds to the coffee’s prized aroma and flavour.⁠


Kopi Luwak refers to the most expensive coffee in the world with just one cup costing anything between £30 to £70 with its prices reflecting demand dwarfing supply.

The reason for its ridiculous price is due to the unique process the coffee cherries go through passing via the digestive system of a pal civet cat…..(in the most sarcastic voice)…..tasty!

It could also be called the cruellest coffee in the world, as the civets are forced to live in cramped, dirty, lonely battery cages a mile away from their natural habitats of woodland, savanna, and mountains.⁠



The Indonesian term “kopi” means coffee and “luwak” is the local term for the palm civet cat, which eats the coffee cherries and digests them by excreting the outer fruits of the cherry.


From here the process continues more conventionally with the shit beans washed and cleaned and prepped for roasting. It is said that the digestive enzymes of the civet enhance and restructure the protein within the coffee beans resulting in a smoother cup of coffee, which is more balanced between acidity and bitterness.

But of course that should be with machine help, not with cat help.



The cruel truth

The civets are denied their natural diet, are constantly overfed coffee beans, and have no opportunity to know freedom.

They squat in their tight cages and eat the sweet day long nothing but coffee cherries. In the wild, they eat beside coffee also jackfruit or mangos, here in their cages they are only allowed to eat coffee.

⁠Many caged civets express characteristics often seen in imprisoned animals, such as biting and gnawing at their cages and obsessive repeated behaviour. Some civets even begin to gnaw at themselves and, due to the overfeeding, will start having gastrointestinal problems, often leading to blood in their faeces.⁠

As a carnivore with omnivorous tendencies, this naturally equates to malnutrition, which inevitably leads to death.

And though all the conditions for animal cruelty and factory farming such as chickens, pigs or cows are met, the world does not give a shit about it.

What are some unknown cats in the distant jungle, that nobody finds on the map anyway?



⁠Even those who label their kopi luwak “wild sourced” are making false claims, as it is impossible to generate profit from exclusively wild-sourced civet coffee.⁠


⁠This is a luxury product that capitalizes on the captivity of individuals ⁠ for the super rich rather than a true reflection of good quality speciality coffee, which takes into account not just processes but the beans and final taste of coffee.

Cives are a protected species in Indonesia, but due to their high demand and attraction from tourists they’re being farmed commercially and fed coffee cherries purely for economic benefit.



Although standards restrict the use of cages, there is no real certification system for kopi luwak and so it is too hard to establish whether Kopi Luwak is farmed or produced from wild civets and we have little faith in its enforcement with animal cruelty products still running a mock on supermarket shelves such as Foie Gras.

Do not buy this product! We urge everyone to avoid Kopi Luwak coffee. In addition to the questionable quality, this is a coffee that was born out of stupid curiosity and whose production is associated with animal suffering.


You can almost completely be sure that a good conscience will be sold to a problematic product here. Price, aspiration and reality move here in a cosmos of pure money making with a myth.

And this myth is stupid to us all from beginning to end. There is no reason why this coffee exists. There are millions of better offers – also from Indonesia – that not only do not exploit animals senseless, but also pay the coffee farmers decent.

My best regards to all, Venus

USA: Thanksgiving is suffer giving


Every year again and again on the fourth Thursday in November (this year on November 28th) … is the American Thanksgiving.

Traditions are again capitalized, 46 million turkeys murdered.

It must be solemn: grandparents, children, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends are invited to a festive dinner.



A big turkey is a must. A delicious filling, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread, cranberry sauce, peas and corn, and apple and pumpkin pie should not be missed.

The feast is preceded by a common prayer of thanksgiving.

And we want to spoil the corpse eater’s appetite with a video that clearly shows how much and how many have to suffer if a tradition always lives on the suffering of other beings.

Then enjoy your meal!



Best regards, Venus


After 30+ Years, the EU Finally Wakes Up to the Bloody Obvious !

WAV Comment: The AR movement has been calling for a ban on live transport to be replaced by a carcase trade for the last 25 years or more – we had a saying even back then – ‘On the hook, not the hoof’. So we are really pleased to see that finally after 25 years or more of AR campaigning, people like Reineke Hameleers, Director at Eurogroup for Animals has finally decided that transporting meat and carcasses is possible –

Yes, the need for more local slaughterhouses is very much needed as part of the scheme; as much as we detest the places; more local facilities will stop the long distance transport of live animals. There is only one group to blame for the closure of many local and regional slaughterhouses; and that is the EU. Local facilities as we (in the movement) have been saying for years, greatly reduces transport distance times and is much better for animals; as they do not suffer anywhere near as much as they do going between other member states.

We have been saying this for years and years; so why now do we hear this from Eurogroup as if the penny has just dropped (as we say in the UK) – or to put it another way; ;the bleeding obvious’ !!

I guess that organisations such as this have to justify their existence; staff and salaries. Real animal people do it for free !

“It was also mentioned that this should be substantiated by a solid regulatory framework setting a maximum journey time of eight hours for animals transported for slaughter, with a derogation for shorter journey time for animals at the end of their lives. All of this should be part of a comprehensive EU strategy produced by the Commission” – maybe somebody can correct me but did EU citizens in their droves not sign for a maximum of 8 hors a few years back ? – oh yes, the EU Commission decided otherwise to ignore the people and get into bed with the meat mafia to allow the Status Quo – no change. Sorry but ‘EU Strategy’ means that people who can decide nothing, decide that nothing can be done – and so on we go with no changes and continual calls from decent people for change. The EU Commission is utter junk; full of self important’s who think they are above the normal man; and they have some kind of right to ignore his wishes; regardless of them being paid by the people as servants of the people !

“With the passing of time, more reasons to justify a shift from transporting animals alive to a trade in carcasses and meat have emerged”.


What complete and utter rubbish; as if the past few years have suddenly been different. The movement has been giving evidence of the cruelty and abuse of the live trade for at least 25 years; we are specialists at it; it is not something new, so don’t pretend that this is a new happening, please.

“Citizens have also shown their strong disapproval of live animal transport: in 2016-2017, Eurogroup for Animals’ #StopTheTrucks campaign, which called on EU decision makers to reduce and ultimately end long distance live animal transportation, exceeded its target of 1 million signatures and reflected the findings of a Eurobarometer survey showing that a staggering 94 percent of European citizens believe that protecting the welfare of farm animals is important”. And you know what; all the way citizens have been ignored by the EU; and they also have been calling on EU decision makers to wake up; get off their butts and make changes. When I was campaigning against the trade back in 1980; we were asking for change then; so why only now in 2020 may we start to see something happen ? – a bit late of EU, you could say !

Having personally investigated the trade and campaigned for change for what, 27, 28, 30 years; – see a bit more at https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-us/ – I am bewildered to see that only now a strategy for change from live to carcase in the EU is looking like a possibility – not it WILL happen; just a possibility. It is all down to those masters of ignorance, the EU Commissioners, to see what they come up with as a result of this ‘new’ report of the obvious.

For me, I am quite happy to take this campaign to my grave if need be – and you know what; if they drag their heels as much as they have done for the past 30 years; then I probably will.

For me, it is:

Making Animals Matter

Regards Mark – continue to fight the fight.



A shift to meat and carcasses is not only long-awaited, it is totally justified



Transported alive for up to several days or even weeks, despite legislation and 21st century values – this is still happening to animals in their millions every year, both within and outside Europe. But there’s no need. New evidence shows that a shift to a meat and carcasses only trade instead of transporting animals alive would be justified not only by animal health and welfare reasons, but also by environmental indicators, economic considerations and existing practices.

On 18th November stakeholders gathered together with EU and National representatives for the launch of a new report by Eurogroup for Animals, ‘A strategy to reduce and replace live animal transport: Towards a meat and carcasses only trade’, and to discuss how to make such a shift happen.

The workshop, ‘Moving Matters: From Hoof to Hook’, was co-organised by the Permanent Representation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the European Union and Eurogroup for Animals, and opened by Carola Schouten, Dutch Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. During the event participants discussed how to practically achieve a shift to transporting meat and carcasses. Logistic solutions need to be supported by incentives, like product labelling for better marketability, financial support – for example, under the new CAP – or taxing products with a poor environmental footprint. In order to effectively mitigate the drivers of long distance live animals transport, the main transport routes should be assessed, and the need for more regional slaughter facilities should be mapped out.


It was also mentioned that this should be substantiated by a solid regulatory framework setting a maximum journey time of eight hours for animals transported for slaughter, with a derogation for shorter journey time for animals at the end of their lives. All of this should be part of a comprehensive EU strategy produced by the Commission, in line with its response to the Parliamentary implementation report on live transport.

The accompanying report provides an overview of trade flows and analyses the driving forces behind the transport of animals, putting forward proposals on how to mitigate those drivers to ease the transition to a meat and carcasses only trade, including case studies of where alternatives have successfully been tested or established.

Leading bodies such as the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) – as well as the animal welfare movement – have long been calling for a shift towards a meat and carcasses trade. Citizens have also shown their strong disapproval of live animal transport: in 2016-2017, Eurogroup for Animals’ #StopTheTrucks campaign, which called on EU decision makers to reduce and ultimately end long distance live animal transportation, exceeded its target of 1 million signatures and reflected the findings of a Eurobarometer survey showing that a staggering 94 percent of European citizens believe that protecting the welfare of farm animals is important.


With the passing of time, more reasons to justify a shift from transporting animals alive to a trade in carcasses and meat have emerged. In the last few years, increasingly prolonged periods of high temperatures over the summer months have led some Member States to suspend live trade. As climate change increases the chance of these periods occurring, it will become increasingly important for meat supply chains that currently rely on live transport to develop and implement alternative strategies to ensure that supplies are not interrupted.  A debate on live animal transport in July had the majority supporting Commissioner Andriukaitis’ call for the suspension of journeys during summer.

“Transporting meat and carcasses is possible, and it is already happening across the EU and beyond,” said Reineke Hameleers, Director at Eurogroup for Animals. “We need the full involvement of farmers, EU Institutions, national Governments and all the actors in the supply chains, both in the EU and in third countries, to make sure it is effectively developed and implemented. We trust the EC will bring forward its promise to work on such a strategy.”

UK: General Election 12/12/19 – Making Animals Matter.


The UK has a General Election on 12/12/19. Some political parties are moving in the direction of bettering animal welfare policies; others ‘talk the talk’ about the issue, but in fact are just making it something for the Manifesto in an attempt to lure additional votes.

The ‘Liberal Democrat’ Party Manifesto; which outlines their policies if elected to government; mentions nothing about banning the live transport of animals; in fact, as they are pro remain for the EU, they are basically doing what the EU wishes; which is for them to keep quiet on the issue, and allow the abusive trade to continue.

So, especially regarding the incident in Romania last weekend; it was time for us to let the Liberal Democrats know what we felt about their attitude to animal welfare. Mark penned the following to them, in advance of the election on 12th December.

No party has all the perfect policies for improving animal welfare, and some promise just about everything with the knowledge that they will never be elected into government anyway – so with that in mind we guess they can promise that everything changes !


UK voters will naturally vote with their own feelings and intentions about what can be dome. Here is a copy of Mark’s letter to the Liberal Democrats, giving them our opinion of their approach to animal welfare:

Dear all;

            Maybe it is best to start with a video (second link below) which you can see from the website run by Venus and myself: it reflects actual footage of the 14,600 EU sheep which drowned ibn Romania last weekend thanks to EU policies of lack of controls.





We have a General Election in the UK in just a few weeks. With regard Europe; your very favourite subject, which Jo Swinson continually bleats on about all the time, I note in your Election Manifesto that there is nothing at all about your party calling for an end to live animal transport within the UK, or even Europe.

Strange, coming from a political party which claims to be pro animal welfare and so pro EU. EU citizens have made it more than clear that they want a ban on live animal transport; and recently they signed a petition which gained well over 1 Million signatures calling for an 8 hour maximum journey time. The Conservatives listened to what people asked, EU Parliament representatives in Brussels supported this to a degree, but the all mighty, non elected Commissioners said ‘No’, and so ‘no’ it remained. So one has to ask; what is the point of MEP’s when they do not get laws enforced in Europe or hold the EU Commissions to do what the people ask ?; instead we witness an EU which is solely run by huge lobbyists in the meat mafia industry, and others such as Bayer / Monsanto. Unfortunately, the words ‘animal welfare’ are just weasel words put out to pretend that the caring Europe is doing things – when in reality, it does virtually nothing.


Despite all the terrible practices given in the above link, thanks to the EU, we continue to see rust bucket vessels, crewed only by the cheapest labour the exporters can get, crewing vessels registered in the far outposts of the planet, allegedly complying with standards defined in EU Regulation 1/2005 which allegedly gives ‘protection’ to animals being transported within Europe. Nobody is asking why ships are crewed by Syrians (not really known for their welfare concerns), why they are registered in islands dotted in the Pacific, or why they continue to operate after 40 years, when they should have been sent to the scrapyard years ago !

Ask the 14,600 sheep (yes, Fourteen thousand six hundred) animals which drowned last weekend off Midia port, Romania (yes, an EU member state of yours Ms Swinson) if the EU gave a toss about their ‘welfare’ ? – if they could speak before their deaths, I think the response would be a resounding ‘NO’. The vessel was overloaded, and nobody in authority gave a shit.

The EU (as a hole) is an almighty joke, the MEP’s who allegedly ‘represent’ us have about as much effect with the Commissions as a chocolate fireman; the result is, nothing ever changes. We go on and on; with highly paid EU legislators trying to invent words and PR’s which make it seem as if progress is being made. Take it from us, there is no progress at the EU when it comes to animal welfare; animals are still crammed into intensive cage systems, migratory birds are still blown out of the sky in Malta and Cyprus as they make their wonderful natural air voyages to places of sanctuary such as here in the UK, and stray dogs and cats continue to reproduce, and be killed by authorities who regard them as pests, because the EU comes up with no legislation to force member states to sterilise rather than kill. Instead we witness highly paid MEP’s sit at their regular coffee mornings, sometimes turn up at the Parliament to vote for legislation which is never implemented, such as I say above, with the maximum 8 hour journey limit being prime example.

And we are supposed to put our trust in you ? – So, now, General Election time in the UK. Given the utter rubbish which is the EU and the people who are voted in by the national electorates to hopefully get changes done, we, in our organisation have no choice but to inform people NOT to support the Liberal Democrats. Your manifesto pledges for animal welfare are a joke, (you say nothing about live animal transport) and if your UK pledges are anything like the ‘progress’ made for animal welfare within the EU, the EU which you continually praise and go on about, then we can all sleep safe knowing that the Liberal Democrats will in reality ‘do nothing’, not giving a toss about the welfare of animals either in the UK or in the EU. This ‘no progress’ policy is reflected in the productive strides made for better animal transport within the EU, which amounts to nothing ! – if pigs could fly !

This letter will be reproduced on our site, giving worldwide (and UK) visitors and voters our views on what the Liberal Democrats intend do for ‘animal welfare’. People can read our views and then as always in elections, make their choices. I think we can safely say that animal welfare is not on your list of priorities; where as revoking Article 50 to stay in the useless club is.

Ms Swinson wants to remain in the EU, but at least the Conservatives will set a precedent within Europe and ban live animal transport from the UK. They have spoken about it and animal welfare in general; even outside No 10 when Boris was elected and doing his speech. What do we ever hear from Lib Dems ? – EU, EU and more EU.

For us at WAV, that is 14,600 (now drowned) reasons to support another political party rather than the Liberal Democrats. We want action and we want it now; not just weasel words from politicians that may as well go directly into the rubbish bin.


Dutch MEP Anja Hazenkamp appears to be the only MEP who really has the guts to get up and get away from Brussels and actually visit the places (such as Midia, Romania) to support animal transport issues. Ports such as Midia where live animals are exported from simply as by product financial gifts for exporters which the EU does nothing about regarding monitoring what goes on; for this she (Anja) earns our utmost respect, unlike all the others from Brussels who only ‘talk the talk’ but do little in reality. https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/04/thanks-to-anja-hazenkamp/



Mark Johnson

Co Founder – ‘World Animals Voice’ – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/

Kent, England.


Making Animals Matter



Germany: how the hunters murder foxes


Every 6 seconds in Germany, a wild animal is killed by a hunter.



As a hobby and murder lust, hunters kill up to half a million foxes each year in the most cruel way – many of the animals are “only” shot or literally crushed and mutilated in traps.

Foxes serve the hunters as a living target; There is no reason for the massive hunting of the predators, neither from a biological point of view nor from a health point of view. Most politicians in Germany are themselves hunters and the closest lobby of these psychopaths who call themselves “hunters”.

For this reason, the senseless and brutal killing of wild animals continues massively.



Of course, one does not speak in public of shooting fun or bloodlust, no! one hears about the protection of the small game, the fight against rabies, the fox tapeworm or the mange …

Yes! hunters want us to be thankful for them, because they are ahead of us protect the unruly danger emanating from the deep, gloomy forest, because they – of course always for us – allegedly keep the overall ecological balance within limits!!



To train dogs to fox hunt, the hunters in Germany developed some criminal (and illegal) methods.
For example: the sealing system!

What is a sealing system?

Hidden from the public, of course, the hunter trains his dogs to track foxes in their burrows and either “blow them out”, ie to drive them to the hunter in front of the gun, or to “strangle” them in the construction.
The dogs  are trained on live foxes, which are caught for this purpose and caged in cages.

The hunters thus violate the Animal Welfare Act §3, paragraph 7.



For more…at: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/11/27/germany-how-the-hunters-murder-foxes/

A section from the book of hunter and psychoanalyst Paul Parin, that tells us very honestly and very professionally about the sick sadism of these psychopaths:

“Hunting opens an avenue that can lead either to crimes including even homicide or to sexual lust” – this quotation is not from some animal-rights activist, but from a hunter himself: Paul Parin, prestigious neurologist, author and oft lauded psychoanalyst, and honorary doctor of the Klagenfurt University, Germany.

We non-hunters cannot judge if this statement is true or not.

In any case, Parin writes in his book “The Passion Of The Hunter” about his passionate fervour, the fever of the hunt, following:

“Since my first hunting adventures I am convinced: hunting opens an avenue that can lead either to crimes including even homicide or to sexual lust, no matter when and where it takes place… Hunting cannot be up for grabs without pre-meditated killing.

Passionate hunters want to kill.

Hunting without murdering would be an expression that would annul itself… For it is all about passion, greed, lust – a fever actually – […], sex and crime, lust and crime, death and sexual murder.”
(Parin, Paul: “Die Leidenschaft des Jägers” – “The Passion Of The Hunter”, 2003).

Yes! It is only a minority in the German population of 0.45%, which (due to their perverse pleasure) the murder on defenseless animals in the forest (still) operates.

If one can be enthusiastic about murdering innocent and utterly defenseless animals in such a way, one is no more than a miserable asshole, and does not deserve something like own human rights in any way.


My best regards to all, Venus

“we will leave this ship only when every living animal is outside”!



Animal rescue from the capsized ship – still living sheep on board 🚢❗️

Tirelessly, our ARCA Letea Wild Horses team worked with Romanian firefighters until late at night to look for survivors. Knowing that there are still conscious animals aboard drives us against all fatigue and exhaustion back to the partially flooded aisles of the freighter.

We have no time to reflect on the incredible sight that this ship, laden with the corpses of thousands of animal carcasses, represents.

Every time we almost give up hope, the leg of a sheep suddenly flinches in front of us. From nowhere, we hear again and again a soft “Mäh”, which steers us in the direction of a breathing animal.

Together we pull the terrified animals out of the mass grave to the light of day.

According to the code of honor of a captain, we will leave this ship only when every living animal is outside!



And we mean…Many thanks to the strong and brave activists!

That would be a useful task for the many employees of the Eurogroup looking for survivors.

In contrast to us, who are supposed to earn their own money with a job, the people of the Eurogroup have a lot of free time and can finally make themselves useful.

My best regards to all, Venus


grateful animals



They know who the people are, who love and help them; It’s us.
Have you not noticed?

Best regards, Venus


Why are tragedies happening in the sea?



Eurogroup has posted a desperate message on its home:

“This is the second time this year that the Romanian government has been under the spotlight in exporting live sheep under critical conditions, and we urge the EU Commission to launch infringement procedures against the tragedies of the Member States (…)”

(…) Romania’s main livestock breeder and exporter association, ACEBOP, has called for an urgent investigation into the overturning of Queen Hind. “Our association is shocked by the disaster,” ACEBOP president Mary Pana told AFP news agency.
“If we cannot protect livestock during long distance transports, we should outright ban them.(…)”



We have undestand : Eurogroup demands the EU to ban animal transport.
From Brussels.

How do they want to explain that to 14.000 drowned animals?

Since we live under EU and its servants, we read desperate articles from Eurogroup when such tragedies happen. Or more precisely; after the tragedies happen!

And then Eurogroup  is shocked. Everyone is shocked after a tragedy.

The Romania’s main livestock breeder and exporter association, ACEBOP, is also schocked for the tragedy.

With 65,000 employees in the fields of agriculture, livestock, and food industry, such tragedies are certainly unknown for PRO AGRO!!

The politicians are also desperate, especially Andriukaitis who has already proved his powerlessness in the case “70,000 sheep in Midia”, July 2019.
Let’s stay here: at that time we only saw one person from the European Parliament, Anja Hatzenkamp in Midia, the only one who protested locally against it; Eurogroup was definitely on holiday.

Every month a tragedy with animals, trucks overturn, slaughterhouses burn, ships sink, thousands of animals drown … Everyone regrets each other, so let’s continue to regret half a century until the sea is full of flooding corpses?

How do we want to do it?
It does not work with Eurogroup, it does not work with the EU, not with the corrupt politicians who are the best lobbies of transport mafia, so we have to come up with something different.

Or do we just collect information, do we make an archive of tragedies and do we stop there?

Reineke Hameleers, Director of Eurogroup for Animals has an idea. “It is high time the Commission intervened, both by tackling maladministration by Romania and, for the longer term, puts forward a concrete strategy to replace live transport with a meat and carcasses only trade”. 

So … the EU should do it again?
Has not the experience taught us that the EU politicians are the ones who have never done anything against animal suffering?

Is it serious, fellow Hameleerser, that they should regulate it again?
No! It is getting dumb, it does not work that way!

A demo against Romania and animal transports to the European Parliament, in Brussels, that would be an effective animal rights activism. Letters and mails to the European Commission, war against the EU by all media!
And organized by the Eurogroupe.

In Germany, the SOKO organization under the chairman Friedrich Mülln has achieved that the LPT laboratory in Hamburg and other three too will be closed.
The prosecution has issued a search warrant against ALL three laboratories, police and veterinary officials support the action, documents are confiscated.

How did Freidrich Mülln that succeed ?
With demos from over 15,000 people, letters, petitions, media reports, interviews …
And he does not get his pay from EU citizens, like Eurogroup.

Get up and go on the street, we will support you because we ALL owe it to the victims.

Or, more effectively would be, if the Eurogroup goes to Midia to protest in advance so that no tragedy will happen.

Otherwise it does not work!

From Brussels and with a fat salary to maintain only the homepage, so far not a single animal has been saved .

My best regards to all, Venus


Romania: Government Calls Off Attempts to Rescue Any Live Sheep On Live Export Disaster; Despite Signs That Some Are Still Alive.


Image result for Petre Daea romanian minister

Mr Could Not Give a Toss – The ‘animal welfare’ ignorant Romania Minister Petre Deae










Fire in Australia: a huge crematorium for Coalas


Koalas ‘functionally extinct’ after Australia bushfires destroy 80% of their habitat!



Toni Doherty, the woman who rescued a badly burnt and wailing koala from an Australian bushfire was reunited with the koala now known as Lewis on Wednesday (November 20) at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital.



Doherty told local broadcaster Network Nine that it was ‘just natural instinct‘ for her to rush to Lewis’ aid, wrapping the animal in her shirt and a blanket and pouring water over it.

At the hospital, Clinical director Cheyne Flanagan said he was badly burnt but was on fluids, oxygen, eating and enjoying the five-star service.

The koala populations around Port Macquarie have been a major victim of the flames, with more than 350 of the marsupials feared killed in a major habitat.



As Australia experiences record-breaking drought and bushfires, koala populations have dwindled along with their habitat, leaving them “functionally extinct.”

The chairman of the Australian Koala Foundation, Deborah Tabart, estimates that over 1,000 koalas have been killed from the fires and that 80 percent of their habitat has been destroyed.

“Koala Conservation Australia” President Sue Ashton told the “Sydney Morning Herald” on Monday: “We think most of the animals are burned – it’s a huge cremation, like in a crematorium. They burn sitting in the trees. “



However, some researchers call into question whether koalas are actually functionally extinct, noting how difficult it is to measure total koala populations and populations could be a much larger than estimated by the AKF.

Recent bushfires, along with prolonged drought and deforestation has led to koalas becoming “functionally extinct” according to experts.


In Australia, a heat record of 125 years ago is expected to be broken


Functional extinction is when a population becomes so limited that they no longer play a significant role in their ecosystem and the population becomes no longer viable.

While some individuals could produce, the limited number of koalas makes the long-term viability of the species unlikely and highly susceptible to disease.



Deforestation and bushfires destroy the main nutrient source of koalas, the eucalyptus tree. An adult koala will eat up to 2 pounds of eucalyptus leaves per day as its main staple of nutrients. While eucalyptus plants will grow back after a fire, it will take months, leaving no suitable food source for koalas and starvation a likely scenario for many.

Many are urging the Australian government to enact the Koala Protection Act, written in 2016 but never passed into law and molded after the Bald Eagle Protection Act in the U.S. The Koala Protection Act would work to protect habitats and trees vital to koalas as well as protect koalas from hunting.

Recent viral videos of Australians rescuing koalas has led to increased donation to support hospitalization and help for burned koalas.

To draw attention to these threats, theAustralian Koala Foundation” calls for the “Save the Koala” month each September.
The aim should be to raise people’s awareness of the issue and to persuade them to do something about the destruction of plant and animal life.



The Port Macquarie Koala Hospital setup a Go Fund Me page seeking donations to help the hospital treat injured koalas. To date, they have raised $1.33 million, well over their $25,000 goal. This comes from over 30,000 donors.


My comment: The fire department had already warned in April.
Twenty-three former fire chiefs and chiefs of action published a letter cautioning the government against “increasingly catastrophic extreme weather events.”

They demanded a meeting that was rejected by the government.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack even outrageously went so far as to dismiss climate change completely as a web of “crazy, inner-city leftists.”
“We have always had a fire in Australia,” he told media representatives.

Australia is known for its lack of environmental protection. Time and again, the government is being asked to do something about environmental protection, especially since Australia is suffering the most from the effects of climate change.

Australia has over 160 million sheep and 24 million cattle – so it does not take much imagination to understand what these millions of animals can do to the fragile ecosystem of dry soil.
Anyone who has ever traveled through Australia has seen it with their own eyes.

The agricultural lobby is also very strong in Australia, as the first pillar of Australian agriculture is sheep farming, followed by cattle breeding.
Industrial agriculture needs a lot of water, so large dams are built to drain the rivers in Queensland.
They not only pump water from the rivers, they also pollute it with their pesticides and other chemicals.

What if the last water reserves are running out, the rivers are dehydrated or so polluted that any life is impossible ?

Nowhere is it more evident than in Australia.
The earth is burning and we are the culprits.


My best regards to all, Venus


Syrian Crew; Registered in the Pacific; A 40Year Old Rust Bucket; Ignorant Romania; Useless EU – All Adds Up to a Cheap and Nasty Live Export Business as We Have Said for Decades !




The terrible, tragic situation that has happened within the last few days regarding the ‘Queen Hind’ and thousands (14,600 as far as we know) of sheep which were being exported live from Romania to the Middle East simply highlights once again the disregard that the human race has for the animal species.

Lets look at this a little more:

Out of over 14,600 animals being carried; we currently understand that only 33 animals have been rescued. The rest are feared drowned. We understand that the ship was leaving Midia in Romania bound firstly for Libya.

The main reason for the trouble at present is that we are being told that the vessel was overloaded; which makes sense as to why it was not stable when it overturned just hundreds of meters after leaving the port.

It has also been stated that low quality crew action or inactions also contributed to the disaster. There was a crew made up entirely of 22 SYRIAN nationals; and the vessel; it was registered in Palau, a remote set of islands in the Western Pacific – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palau and it was constructed way back in 1980 – making it approx. 40 years old.


Vessel Name


Ship type

Livestock Carrier




Gross Tonnage


Summer Deadweight (t)


Length Overall (m)


Beam (m)


Draught (m)

Year of Built


When the Romanians undertook the export of 70,000 live sheep recently from the very same port to the Middle East; a consignment which we tracked and reported on each day, the EU in the form of EU Commissioner (Andriukaitis) – sent a letter allegedly to the Romanian Agriculture Minister (and Minster of Rural Development of Romania) Mr Petre Daea on 10/7/19 asking him (at the time) not to allow the shipment of 70,000 live sheep to the Middle East due to the extreme temperatures – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/08/02/2-8-19-copy-of-the-letter-from-the-eu-do-nothing-commissioner-to-the-animal-welfare-ignorant-romanian-minister/

Basically, Romania, an EU member state; gave the EU Commission the 2 fingers and continued with the export consignment regardless of the fact that the animals were going to suffer in extreme heat and conditions way outside the limits set in Reg 1/2005; or the standard which nations of the EU are supposed to adhere to when transporting live animals !

Romania at the time ignored all the rules and regulations of the EU when it came to transporting live animals; and yet we (as EU citizens) are supposed to vote for MEP’s and expect that the EU Parliament actually carries some ‘clout’ in Brussels with the Commissions. Maybe we should take the EU for what it really is – CRAP.

The EU bleats on about ‘investigating’ things and looking at the situation, but even by October this year the EU had still not taken out any infringement proceedings against Romania for the shipment of the 70,000 animals – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/10/28/eu-remember-the-romanian-sheep-to-the-middle-east-in-extreme-temperatures-the-latest-from-the-eu-but-still-no-infringement/

So what now ? – as all livestock carriers are, antiquated rust buckets converted into carriers when they have passed their ‘best by’ dates; we wait with real interest to see what the EU hierarchy will now do 1) against Romania, and 2) against the entire evil trade of live animals which goes under the banner of ‘live exports’.

This whole incident stinks of cheap and shoddy operation – from a rust bucket carrier vessel, to a cheapo and obviously inexperienced crew from Syria; to the registration of the vessel to some unknown outpost in the middle of the Pacific; to the cheapness of Romania – everything is and has been done on the cheap; and the deaths today of some 14,600 animals by drowning just goes to highlight even more the bent corruptness of this entire trade in live animals around the world.


No doubt we shall read a PR from the EU ‘Eurogroup for Animals’ promising yet more investigations and actions of an EU member state. We say, don’t hold your breath; we have been there so many times before and we all know the weasel words in reality amount to sweet FA. What happened with the ‘Queen Hind’ is an insult to intelligent, decent people; but then we are talking about the EU and the cheap, shoddy export trade which it buries its sick head into.

Shame on them all – a ‘they were going for slaughter anyway’ mentality which we experience from the industry all of the time. A gutless EU and a house full of do nothing MEP’s who ‘represent us’ but don’t have any chance of even holding the EU Commission to account. In a summary word – ‘USELESS’.

Regards Mark

Mass grave in the Black Sea



The cattle truck “Queen Hind” capsized on Sunday shortly after departure from the port of Capu Midia on the Black Sea coast of Romania. The 85 meter long freighter had leaked at 12 o’clock with a load of 14,000 sheep for export to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

A large cargo ship carrying more than 14,000 sheep has overturned off the coast of Romania, with rescuers scrambling to save the animals.

The “Queen Hind” capsized on Sunday morning after leaving the port of Midia, near the south-eastern city of Constanța, on the Black Sea coastline.
All crew members – 22 Syrian nationals – were rescued.
An operation involving police, firefighters and the Romanian coast guard was launched to save the sheep.


At least 32 sheep found swimming near the Palau-flagged ship have been rescued, but many are believed to have drowned.
“We have already saved a small number. They were swimming in the sea,” Ana-Maria Stoica, spokeswoman for the emergency services in Constanța, told the BBC.
The rescue effort will resume on Monday morning after being paused overnight.

Meanwhile, one crew member was taken to hospital with hypothermia.
“He fell into the sea but was very quickly rescued,” Ms Stoica said, adding that the rest of the crew were “all safe here in the harbour”.
It is not yet known what caused the ship to capsize.



An investigation will be carried out when the operation to rescue the sheep and salvage the vessel is finished, authorities said.

The ship, which left Midia at about 12:00 local time (10:00 GMT), was heading to the port city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia with its cargo.
Built in 1980, the vessel measures 85m (278ft) and has a gross tonnage of 3,785, according to the Marine Traffic website.

It had arrived at the port of Midia on 23 November from the Libyan capital, Tripoli, Romanian media reported.

Pictures show the upended vessel on its side a few hundred metres (yards) from the port, about 20km (12 miles) north of Constanța.

The port is primarily used for the supply of crude oil for nearby industrial and petrochemical facilities. But it is also used by cargo ships carrying live animals from Romania, one of the European Union’s biggest exporters of livestock.



Animal rights campaigners and Romania’s main livestock breeder and exporter association, Acebop, called for an urgent investigation into the overturning of “Queen Hind”.

“Our association is shocked by the disaster,” Acebop president Mary Pana told AFP news agency. “If we cannot protect livestock during long-distance transports, we should outright ban them.”

Another shipping incident involving a large cargo ship loaded with livestock happened in the Black Sea off Turkey’s coast in 2017.
In that case, the Togo-flagged vessel collided with a Russian naval spy ship, which sank as a result.


My comment: Christian Romania shakes sheep under the Palau flag to slaughter kosher to Saudi Arabia. This is how the Cargo Mafia works. Never should a crime come from one source. Scatter risk, they say.
Still legal under EU law.

Usually cargo ships are scrapped at 35 years or sold cheaper.
This floating casket was almost 40 years old. Actually, such a ship had to be scrapped or sold slowly at the age of 30 years.
Scrapping costs money.
And not only.
Why scrap, if the cargo is “just animals” and in such “accidents” the insurance intervenes?

Accident? Perpetrators?
This dirty business is about millions of dollars and has his lackeys everywhere.

So it’s not just the cargo mafia’s fault, it’s the criminal politics of those countries that dictate EU transport law.

And last but not least, the fanatical Carnivore consumer is also to blame who reads such news in the media and breathes with relief that fortunately there have been no human sacrifices.
It was just animals, it can happen!

My best regards to all, Venus


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The last journey



We wish you a nice time wherever you are now.
We wish you never again to experience suffering.
We wish you that you can finally experience love.
We wish you that you can see your family again.
We wish you warm touches of affection.
We wish you that someone tells you that everything will be fine.

Sleep well in a nicer place than this one.
One day, hopefully, we never have to write those lines again, because then we humans have realized that a short treat on the palate never be worth losing your life ❤️.

(from the blog of Martin Balluch)

My best regards, Venus


Lebanon: mass murder of migratory birds



New committee video shows night hunting for migratory birds: During our bird protection camp in Lebanon, committee staff documented the extent of illegal night hunting for migratory birds.

The video can be found here:



Lebanon – At Danniyeh dozens of hunters have been spotted hunting electronic owls and powerful searchlights for sheltered owls, goiters, corncraps and many other migratory bird species.

Our new committee video shows for the first time this shocking footage.
We hope that the publication will pay more attention to the public and to the authorities for this little-noticed form of environmental crime.

Especially nowadays, when people in Lebanon take to the streets every day against corruption and for more democracy, environmental issues are also increasingly perceived.

But there are also happy events in this sad and very dangerous job, and that is the rescue of a small, pretty owl in Cyprus.



Little Owl Saved: A team from the Committee Against Birds slaughter  (CABS) has found an active trap tomorrow morning near the small town of Vrysoulles in Cyprus.



They were just in time, because on one of the brutal adhesive traps had caught a little owl. The little owl was quickly released again into freedom.

Our team should not have arrived much later, because a short time later the poacher appeared to control his traps. It would undoubtedly have killed the owl.



The hunting supervisor, who was informed by us, was able to put the offender on his property two hours later – for the 77 lime rods he has to pay a fine of only € 250!

He will hardly be impressed by that – we will have to keep an eye on his garden.


My comment:There are always these perverse lust killers among us…

People have divided the earth among themselves as property and go so far as to deny the animals on their property the right to live – that is why animals are killed.

Of the many comments that appear in Facebook, you realize that many come up with an extensive anger and there are many who also ask why the Komitte still acts non-violently.

Well, yes! if all these commentators realize that these psychopaths have Kalashnikov, then a non-violent behavior remains the only option.

And the few know that the EU allows the shooting of 53 million wild birds (many strictly protected) just for fun!

Wars, torture, persecution, rape, violence, killing and execution as power instruments for the control of fellow human beings are no longer accepted in our cultural circles.

Only in hunting this power may be lived out.
Because in this bloody and mighty war it is the defenseless animals which are delivered as victims.

The hunters lead this war against the wild animals. We will be able to speak of peace in a civilized society when the pointless bloodshed has come to an end.


My best regards to all, Venus


Congratulations Hawaii –Monsanto’s new defeat!



In Hawaii, the “experimental laboratory” of the chemical giants Monsanto, the year-long struggle of the Hawaiians was worthwhile, because Monsanto pleads guilty in court to have used a banned pesticide.

Finally, in the US, Bayer / Monsanto is being overrun by an ever-growing process avalanche over the controversial herbicide Glyphosate (there are already 42,700 plaintiffs), and lawyers in Canada are launching a $ 500 million class action lawsuit against Roundup creators.



With more and more people protesting in Hawaii, especially as the disease has been proven to increase, Monsanto invested millions of dollars in anti-protest campaigns.

Finally, Monsanto has agreed to pay a fine of ten million dollars.

Far too little, considering that Hawaiians became guinea pigs without first being informed.

The “paradise” has the highest birth defects. Actually, the EU should respond now, but you were aware that it would be contrary to EU law, if an EU country pronounces a ban on the glyphosate-containing weed killer Roundup?

It is not only unbelievable, it is criminal!



There are already 42,700 claimants in the US. They went to court because the weed killer Roundup is said to cause cancer.
Bayer / Monsanto is also being sued in Australia for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Now, Canada is adding a class action lawsuit.

The air for Bayer is getting thinner and thinner. The large-scale PR campaigns do not help either.



For years people in Hawaii have been fighting against Monsanto.
The scientific and medical evidence of the dangers to human health posed by pesticides is staggering in Hawaii.

When sprayed and the wind blows down from the fields into the city, the inhabitants complain of burning eyes, headaches and vomiting.

Hawaii is Monsanto’s agricultural center and at the same time a huge experimental field for its new products.

With 1,381 fields in the state of Hawaii, Monsanto tests chemicals, genetically modified plants and sells seeds to other agricultural companies.

With more and more people protesting in Hawaii, especially as the disease has been proven to increase, Monsanto has invested millions of dollars in anti-protest campaigns, and now has to pay a fine of $ 6 million and $ 4 million to non-profit organizations of the Hawaiian government.



And another message is likely to shake the chemical giant Bayer, there are more lawsuits against glyphosate added.

Diamond & Diamond, a national personal injury law firm in Canada, is filing a $ 500 million class action lawsuit against various Roundup manufacturers, including the pharmaceutical company Bayer, the owner of Roundup’s Monsanto.


“Diamond & Diamond” manages this largest class action lawsuit in Canada against Roundup makers. Currently, more than 60 people are named as plaintiffs, but the law firm announces that it believes that thousands of plaintiffs could come.

Darryl Singer, director of commercial and civil litigation at Diamond & Diamond, says the plaintiffs involved in this class action sought not only financial compensation but also what he calls “behavioral change” so that the same thing will not happen to others in the future products in Canada repeated.

“If there are not those lawsuits that force companies like Monsanto to issue these large checks, the giants have no incentive to change their business practices,” says Singer.

Singer says the plaintiffs have also been diagnosed with other forms of cancer, including brain tumors and lung cancer.



More and more outrages are coming to light. It has recently become public that the Group operates a so-called “Intelligence Fusion Center” to discredit journalists and critics.

Revelations show that the billionaire Monsanto spent a lot of time, money and staff to silence unpleasant journalists and critics, but to no avail, as the many complaints show.



My comment: There was a man from the farmer Association on TV, who said that you could drink glyphosate without hesitation, completely non-toxic, nothing happens.
Pity! that he has not even taken a sip in front of the camera!

Now the good news from the newspaper onvista: Bayer: Next glyphosate defeat – jury demands over $ 2 billion – share crashes on the stock market at € 54.35!

Hopefully it goes more down below, then the Chairman is gone, gone, gone!

May they all go broke and to hell!

Best regards to all, Venus

UK: British Shoppers Close Down Fur Sales at Major UK Store Within 48 Hours. The Message – ‘Fur is Dead’. Animals Win !

UK flagge aquarelljpg




WAV Comment – it was only back to selling fur about 48 hours ago – already UK campaigners have closed fur sales down – well done all !


fur farm.jpg


Mike Ashley’s House of Fraser removes fur products after customer backlash

Real fur clothing disappears from shelves and online

Fur has been removed from House of Fraser’s stores after consumers voiced anger at the department store’s reintroduction of products that campaigners say lead to animal cruelty.

The department store banned animal fur more than a decade ago but the policy that was recently reversed under the ownership of Sports Direct founder Mike Ashley, who bought House of Fraser last year.

Just days after animal welfare campaigners and customers began voicing their anger at the move, House of Fraser performed another U-turn.


Jackets made using fur from wild, trapped coyote as well as factory-farmed rabbit and raccoon dog from China and fox fur from Finland, were no longer on sale on Friday.

fur is dead.jpg


Racks in House of Fraser’s flagship Oxford Street store that had been photographed full of real fur products earlier in the week had been replaced with other items.

A store manager confirmed to animal welfare group Humane Society International that there was currently no real fur available on the shop floor at any House of Fraser sites nationwide.

Claire Bass, UK executive director of Humane Society International, said: “We are delighted to see that cruel animal fur products have been removed from House of Fraser’s website and stores nationwide.

“Mike Ashley has been hit by a tsunami of public protest, with thousands of messages from shoppers shocked and appalled to see this respected high street store turned into a House of Horrors, selling fur from factory-farmed rabbits, foxes and raccoon dogs as well as coyotes trapped and shot in the wild.

“British shoppers have sent the message loud and clear that fur is bad for business, and has no place on the British high street. We urge House of Fraser to publicly reinstate and uphold its long-standing fur-free policy.” 


mascha pg


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you did it 2

Korea: Korean Dogs November Newsletter. Includes Actions to Take,



Stop the dog and cat meat consumption in South Korea.


Read all the latest news, with plenty of actions to take at:






England: For me personally; doing nothing is NOT an option !




Tour 4

For me personally; doing nothing is NOT an option !


Tour 2

Read the campaign story; with many photographs at:




Regards Mark


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Gadhimai is everywhere



Soon, this massacre will begin in honor of the goddess Gadhimai, in Nepal.

“Why can’t we have tradition, but without slaughter?”
It is and remains animal cruelty, no matter what else similar happens in the world.



Animal Equality is once again working to end animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai festival, an event where thousands of animals are in danger of being brutally slaughtered by festival attendees.

The festival, taking place in Southern Nepal with violent animal sacrifice as the main component, happens every 5 years and has been subject to intense backlash from animal protection organizations like Animal Equality.



ANIMAL SACRIFICE MUST END: Today we are launching an international campaign calling for a ban on all animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai festival, which begins December 3rd.

We will also be conducting an investigation documenting the various horrific and illegal practices taking place in the name of animal sacrifice at the festival. The campaign includes an online petition urging the Government of Nepal to:

Direct all agencies to prevent and stop animal sacrifice at the Gadhimai Mela (festival).
Introduce a strong law banning animal sacrifice in Nepal.

Encourage devotees to donate blood or have attendees symbolically sacrifice white pumpkins, gourds, etc., instead of sacrificing animals.



WHAT WE’RE SAYING: “It is undisputed that the ritual of animal sacrifice is part of our human history. However, it should definitely not be a part of our present or future. As we evolve, we must discontinue traditions which involve the senseless torture to sentient beings,” says Amruta Ubale, Executive Director of Animal Equality India.



OUR WORK IN 2014: Thanks to our tireless campaigning and collaborative efforts during the last festival in 2014, there was an estimated 70 percent reduction in the number of animals sacrificed compared to 2009, where approximately 200,000 animals were sacrificed.

According to some reports, the total number of animals sacrificed at the festival in 2014 was around 30,000.

Many measures were taken to lessen the violence. For example, our work reduced the normally two-day long buffalo slaughter to half of a day.

This resulted in the number of buffalo killings being reduced by at least 80 percent (less than 2,000 in 2014, as opposed to the planned 10,000).



THE FESTIVAL’S HISTORY: The Gadhimai festival dates back to about 260 years ago when Bhagwan Chaudhary, a Nepalese farmer, dreamt that his problems would be solved if he made a blood sacrifice to the Hindu goddess Gadhimai. To make the sacrifice, he used drops of his own blood from five parts of his body.

Believing the sacrifice was a success, the ritual of blood sacrifice to Gadhimai was born. Ever since the farmer’s initial blood sacrifice, hundreds of thousands of animals have been violently slaughtered by devotees taking place in the ritual.

The festival now takes place every 5 years in the Bariyarpur, Bara District of southern Nepal.


THE PATH FOR CHANGE: In an effort to discourage animal sacrifice and introduce a meaningful way for devotees observe the ritual peacefully, Animal Equality is collaborating with the Red Cross Society of Nepal to organize a blood donation drive.

Here, the devotees can give their own blood to take part in the ceremony honoring Gadhimai. Giving blood in this way will end the need for killing animals at the festival and remove the negativity that surrounds it.

The act will also help other people by increasing the reserves of the blood bank.


WHAT YOU CAN DO: The violence of the Gadhimai festival is undeniable, but thanks to our combined efforts, the number of animals sacrificed is exponentially decreasing. There is still much work to be done, as thousands of animals are in danger of being killed. Please sign our petition calling for a ban to animal sacrifice and share this post with your networks. You can change the future for these animals.


Petition, please sign and share: https://animalequality.de/kampagnen/gadhimai

My comment: “Religion is the opium of the folk,” Karl Marx had said.

Whether in India, Japan, Faroe Islands or anywhere else, all countries find the excuse of religion, tradition or food always and everywhere: to massacre animals brutally for Nepalese rituals, to torture bulls with burning horns on open roads, or to slaughter enslaved pigs by machine.

For today we can say: “Meat is the opium of the folk”.

In Germany in 2013, the number of slaughtered animals was 765,000,000. Of course, all sterile and humanely killed !!! Especially, of course, without a camera!!!.
Luckily, all livestock live on us like gods … and have a happy life until they come to our plate.

And by that we mean to stay morally much higher because the public is unaware of the blood and violence in the slaughterhouses.

Nevertheless! We don`t  put the question: what is better, because a wrong does not make the other better. Trying to put it into perspective is miserable, relativizations never did any good.

The massacre in Nepal is and remains a blood orgy and for these victims our empathy and compassion is just as limitless as for the daily sacrifices in our slaughterhouses.
At least, for those who don`t eat animal corpses.

However, how one would like to familiarize a child, who has enjoyed this blood orgy, the next day in school with a responsible use of animals, at least as a normative ideal, only the said gods know.

My best regards to all, Venus


PETA: wants to appear on court in the name of tortured piglets


Can animals sue? The animal rights organization “PETA e.V.” wants to clarify the question before the supreme court.


banane rep deutschlandpg


PETA will petition the Federal Constitutional Court on behalf of tortured piglets. The special feature: The piglets themselves are to appear as legal persons, are formally and content complainants.



The fact that animals participate in such a process is a novelty in Germany – and highly controversial.
The Karlsruhe judges could therefore fail the constitutional complaint of pigs on the admissibility. Then it would not come to the material examination.

Background of the constitutional complaint is denounced by animal rights activists as torture practice of castration of pigs.



Annually, about 20 million male piglets are castrated in Germany shortly after birth in order to avoid the “boar taint” that affects the taste of the meat.
In castration, the piglets are usually cut open without anesthesia, the skin over the scrotum. Then the testicles are squeezed out and the spermatic cord is severed.
The pigs are fully conscious at the procedure.



Castration without anesthesia repeatedly postponed

Already in 2013, the Animal Welfare Act was amended so that the castration without anesthesia should only be allowed until the end of December 2018, but then shortly before the expiry of this deadline on 29 November 2018, the Parliament decided on the initiative of the Federal Government to extend the deadline by another two years extend.
The background of the extension: The farmers came the ban too early, they wanted the “regulated exit from the anesthetic castration”, it was then called by the German Farmers Association.

The “compromise” of the federal government finally envisaged that from 2020 on it should be allowed to pet owners to stun their piglets with the anesthetic gas isoflurane itself.

Against this practice and the statutory extension of the deadline Peta now turns with the constitutional complaint.


If the Federal Constitutional Court accepts the complaint, animals are granted rights that affect the entire society.

“The German law and the handling of animals in our society are blatantly contradictory to each other: Despite the animal welfare law and the constitutionally set goal of animal welfare every day countless animals are tortured and maltreated,” says Harald Ullmann, second chairman of Peta Germany eV in a statement of the association.


Pigs should be able to demand rights

“In order for the current legislation to be finally enforced, it is essential that animals are treated as legal entities and that they have the opportunity to sue for the enforcement of their rights in court.”

Under the Basic Law, the Federal Constitutional Court decides on “constitutional complaints” that can be raised by “anyone who claims to have been violated by an authority in one of its fundamental rights”.

Are pigs “somebody”? The question sounds philosophical.

The Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe, however, will deal with this question, since the answer to this question decides whether pigs – and other animals – may sue in Karlsruhe itself, ie are entitled to appeal or not.



Animal welfare is state goal

Christian Arleth, a lawyer at the animal rights organization Peta, says: “It should be clear that the term ‘everyone’ should be interpreted broadly.” Strictly speaking, women would no longer be able to appeal.

The fact that the pigs have the right to act as a complainant, derive the lawyers from Peta eV from the existing legal system: “The ability to have their own fundamental rights and demand depends on whether a person from the legal system as “capable of interest and of itself worthy of protection “, says Christian Arleth.



This is the case with the piglets. “The animals are already protected by a criminal law standard in the Animal Protection Law for their own sake.

There is the principle of freedom from suffering and pain for every single animal “, from which the subjective legal protection for the animals themselves and thus the ability to demand these rights themselves can be deduced.



Animal welfare is enshrined as a state goal in Article 20a of the Basic Law.

Elsewhere, animals have already been granted rights as “non-human persons”.

For example, the orangutan lady Sandra, who has been living in a zoo in Argentina for 20 years, was acquitted by a court in Buenos Aires of her “unjustified captivity”.
Although she was not biologically identical with humans, but was emotionally and happier in freedom, animal rights activists had argued at that time.

The court had followed this view.


My comment: In our humorous German animal protection law states: “Nobody is allowed to inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal for no reasonable reason.”

Food is a reasonable reason, that’s how we made it, so we can torture animals.
Such peculiarities don`t apply to humans! killing is punished, no matter for what motives or reasons a person is killed.

In this respect, it is very important to put animal rights equal to human rights.

The basic question that the Federal Court must clarify is: are animals subjects of rights? Because they can not defend themselves, are we denying them the right of the legal entity?

No civilized person today would put the question of whether a 6-month-old or a mentally handicapped child are legal entities.
Because according to law these persons, despite their restriction to defend themselves, are legal entities, they are recognized as persons.

The animal welfare does not address animal rights; just dictate how people should treat animals. In other words, the creation of the Animal Welfare Act essentially affects humans, not animals, because humans decide (justice) how humans (actors) have to deal with animals.

The victims ones do not have much of it. An abused dog may often return to his torturer. He paid a fine for violating the law, but not the animal rights. The “thing” dog stays with him in this case.
Because animals are still considered as thing.

But if the court decides that pigs are an “anyone” then not only anesthesia-free castration will be banned but also the rape of female cows. And a lot of other crimes we practice every day on countless animals with the fascist law of the superior race.

ALL Animals are persons who should be protected like humans, and if they can not do it themselves (like little babies or senile people) their lawyers will do that.

Basta! And thank you PETA, we are with you!

My best regards to all, Venus

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South Africa: Taking action to stop Live Export – the latest news here.


South Africa: Taking action to stop Live Export – the latest news here.

Read more from SA at:



Viet Nam – Animals Asia drawing competition highlights attention to bloody animal festivals.

Viet Nam – Animals Asia drawing competition highlights attention to bloody animal festivals.

Some great news and to see that the young are regarding animals so differently – sentient beings that deserve our protection.

Read it all and watch the videos at:


England: A Man Amongst Wolves.


England: A Man Amongst Wolves.

Watch the amazing video of the man who dedicated his life to protecting wolves – by becoming the Alpha Male with a pack he decided to live with.

Watch the video at:


The other Christmas story!



At these time, Christmas time, it was a bid from the meat lobby that meat must be subsidized so everyone can afford it.

Advent used to have the character of a Lent, but now it is the time when supermarkets and discounters offer cheap meat, including the “Christmas goose”.
So the traders made their way from Germany, to the country, that is called Poland, so that they should find cheap geese there.


The EU had fed Poland with billions of euros to produce cheap poultry meat.
And when the merchants were there, the time came for the geese to be slaughtered.

The geese looked terrible, the feathers had been plucked alive for down jackets, and hoses had been stuffed into their beaks to produce a magnificent goose liver, also known as foie gras.


They got a place in a stable where they were prepared for the well-traveled traders.
When the geese were slaughtered by modern slaves, they were also packaged in plastic by modern slaves.

Then they were frozen by truck as a special offer under 10 euros in the many shops and landed, where consumers waited pleasurably!


And the angel said to them, “Fear not! Behold, I proclaim to you great joy that will befall all the people; because you were given cheap geese.
Their downs ended up in down jackets and their liver was sold as foie gras. In addition, you still get dangerous germs incl. ”


And everyone was happy, but they did not see the unspeakable suffering of the geese – only cheap it had to be.
And when you’ve read this Christmas story, spread the word these geese have written to you.


From the Blog:  https://netzfrauen.org/2017/11/09/martinsgans/

And I mean…Until the last useful idiot of our society realizes that consuming meat and animal products is a crime against animals, the animals are still treated like slaves, and especially at Christmas time, when everyone wants to produce himself as a good guy and out of religious duty wants to decorate the festival of love with abundant animal blood.

Oh! Human beings, this disgusting pack!

How can the slaughter, the maltreatment of millions of innocent animals, be combined with love, humanity and peace in Christmas?

That alone, provides us with the justification why religions should be banned: they have brought the evil into this world.

My best regards to all, Venus


Don`t be an asshole and despise Lucy Jaine


Hunters like to claim that they don’t get perverse pleasure out of killing, but these “sexy” hunting photos strongly suggest otherwise. Lucy Jaine, a hunter from New Zealand, seemingly enjoys killing animals and then posing for provocative photo shoots with their dead bodies, often with their blood smeared on her.


Jaine and her partner say that they go hunting five to eight times a month and take their three young children. They commonly kill pigs, deer, chamois, tahrs, goats, rabbits, and wallabies before she apparently strips down for bloody, nearly naked photo sessions.



The couple appears to use dogs as if they were mere hunting tools and frequently shoots animals but will also stab them to death. “If it’s a pig hunt, we bring the dogs and when we get to the spot we collar them up and follow them in,” she said. “We then stick the pig or shoot it, gut it then carry it out.”

It certainly doesn’t appear that she hunts because of some absurd sophistry about not wanting animals to suffer. All the evidence suggests that she does so for the same reason all hunters do: She enjoys killing. And she clearly enjoys attention.



And I mean: Both the serial killer and the violent hunter think he’s involved in something important. Conspicuously, brain anomalies are detected in serial killers.
Violence leaves traces in the brain after a short time.

It’s time for us to recognize hobby hunting as what it really is: a pastime for psychopaths with low moral hygiene.

My best regards to all, Venus


Greece: Donkeys continue to be abused as taxis


PETA’s motto is in part: animals are not there to entertain us or exploit them in any other way.


A video released today by PETA shows that donkeys and mules are still abused on the Greek holiday island Santorin as “donkey taxis”.

Although the Greek Ministry of Rural Development banned rides -after PETA’s appeal- last year for tourists weighing over 100 kilograms, the animals still have to carry some heavyweight people.

Despite international protests, media reports and publications, the holiday island still sticks to its “animal tradition”. The four-legged animals are often brutally beaten with sticks and maltreated by inexperienced riders.



On the pictures from September this year, it can be seen that some animals – sometimes driven by whistle-blowers by the donkey guides – stumble and thus also become a danger for walkers; in part, tourists fled to wall projections to avoid them.

The animal rights organization is now calling on the responsible Greek politicians with an online petition to prohibit tourist donkey riding altogether.



“In Firá exhausted donkeys and mules with bloody wounds are still driven up and down the steep, slippery steps from morning to night. But even for humans, this stupid tourist attraction is dangerous: Again and again, strollers were pushed aside, and also PETA’s eyewitness had to avoid the partly unattended animals several times, so as not to be injured.

We appeal to the legislator to act responsibly and finally ban these ride.said Sylvie Bunz, Special Project Manager at PETA.



Peta also criticized that the donkeys on Santorini do not rest even at night: they are used early in the morning to carry heavy garbage bags.
This is also recorded on the video-recordings.

Worst of all, if the donkeys are too weak and no longer fit, they are often abandoned and left to their own devices.



Background information

The animal rights organization revealed already in 2018 (we also reported about that: https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2018/09/14/greece-satisfied-tourists-tormented-animals/) the abuses of the supposed tourist attraction.

Although the ascent with the cable car is possible, about a year later several hundred donkeys and mules need to be taken several times a day suffer with stupid tourists on their backs who have to overcome more than 500 steps to the city of Firá.


Although the Greek Ministry set a weight limit, PETA’s new research shows that the donkey leaders do not abide by the scheme and that there are no controls.

n addition, many tourists are visibly overwhelmed with the animals: they rammed their heels into their flanks to make them go, or they pull down the stairs.



Bad saddles and provisional girths made of plastic hoses scrub on the sensitive skin of donkeys and mules. Most of the animals have skin lesions ranging from sores to open, bloody wounds under the abdomen and at the tail. Some quadrupeds have eye injuries.

Others put on tight “muzzles” that cause injury to humans and animals through pointed wire ends.


While the animals persevere in the Mediterranean sun and have to wait for the next tour, the owners refuse to give them essential items such as water, shade or weather protection.



The Europe-wide renowned horse expert and non-fiction author Ingolf Bender wrote for PETA an “animal welfare expert opinion” on the problem; He criticizes the consistently poor equipment and considers it as “gross animal welfare” to use the animals for several hours without food and water.
“We appeal to all travelers to distance themselves from supposed attractions with animals and to make their journey animal-friendly,” said Bender.


Santorini: The donkeys have open wounds where flies settle


In contrast to horses, signs of pain, anxiety or illness in donkeys are difficult to recognize. When faced with a potential danger, root their feet on the ground to analyze the situation.
Often, this behavior is considered “stubbornness,” although donkeys are in fact simply scared at such moments.



Please sign and share: https://www.peta.de/Santorin-2019

My comment: What did the greek government expect?
That donkey riders weigh the fat tourists before they get on the animals?

Or that the pet traders are waived on a taxi round for a monster body, if no one controls them?
This law was so incomplete and offered many tricks and shorts right from the start, so that only one who has never been to Greece would believe it could work.

Animals as a tourist attraction – which country does not have it? a pure torture!

The dirty media network
is full of photos with “nostalgic” animal memories, but the truth behind the beautiful pictures is cruel: Animals are chained, penned, maltreated, hunted and – if not useful – killed.


please turn around: donkey on monster woman!

My best regards to all, Venus