A Shocking Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms.

GRAPHIC – Extreme animal cruelty.

The reality of fur production.  Every old Hag who wears a fur coat should be forced to watch this.


We have added this to our recent post on fur (link is below); but you need to see the reality of what fur farming, production and live skinning of animals is really like.

A disgusting video but the reality of fur production – it happens all day, every day.


Link to our recent post:



A selection of Fur Hags thinking they look so cool – but fur looks good on the real owner, not on them










  How bear bile farms leave their victims broken and blind.

How bear bile farms leave their victims broken and blind

19 October 2017


To read the full article and to many photographs, please click on the following link:




Read also:





Watch – Absorb The Facts – Where Ae You Going ? – Phil Wollen At His Best.

With thanks to Slavica for sending over.

A video that everyone should watch and then seriously think about what is being said.




Across Asia, moon bears may be “vulnerable” but in Vietnam their plight looks much worse.




Across Asia, moon bears may be “vulnerable” but in Vietnam their plight looks much worse


For almost a decade moon bears have been classified as “vulnerable” in the wild, but has bear bile farming actually pushed them to the edge of extinction in Vietnam?

By Animals Asia’s Vietnam Director, Tuan Bendixsen, a member of the IUCN Species Survival Commission and IUCN Bear Specialist Group

There’s no doubt that the number of moon bears in Asia has been rapidly declining since the 1990s when demand for their bile exploded, fuelling a sharp rise in poaching and the cruel and illegal practice of bear bile farming, particularly in Vietnam and China.

But how dramatic is the decline? That’s one of the most important – and toughest – questions for experts to answer.

Read the full article at:








Serbia: The Dogs Of Mrs. Duda – Can You Help Them ?







UPDATED 19/10/17 

Dogs and Cats of Ms. Duda in Serbia – Would You Help Them

Hello, Mark. I hope you’re doing well

We are here to kindly ask you for your financial aid for the dogs and cats in Ms. Duda’s care. Duda (Dubravka Kokinović) and her animals reside in Nova Pazova, a town in the north of Serbia.


At this moment, she cares for around 30 dogs and a few cats and lately she’s been struggling to afford even basic necessities like food and medication.


She has been taking care of numerous abandoned animals at her home for years –  some of whom were happily adopted by people from Serbia and abroad. She’s also looking after animals that are still on the streets of Nova Pazova.


We are also inviting all the caring people who are visiting this page and whose support would be much appreciated to donate via PayPal:


aleksandradudic@gmail.com ; Subject: For Duda


Or you can donate through Youcaring: https://www.youcaring.com/dudasdogsandcats


Here are the latest photos from the rescues at Duda’s home:



Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbXBulLA1tY


A relevant facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dudaNovapazova/


Here is an excerpt from the local veterinary inspection report done in late 2015. at Duda’s home where she keeps all her rescued dogs and cats:


Veterinary inspection was preceeded by municipal communal inspection that constated factual circumstances, but didn’t state whatsoever whether placing of  an animal shelter was allowed in inhabited areas and in specific zones.

The ordinance about the conditions that must be performed by  animal shelters and pensions – Službeni glasnik RS 19/12 – cited by the communal inspector does not specify in which location a shelter may be placed, but only the conditions it must fulfill.

Regarding Animal Welfare Act, Dubravka provided maximum protection and care for injured and sick animals with no assistance from municipal structures that should have been solving these issues according to Veterinary Act – Službeni glasnik RS No 91/05; 30/10 article 46.


Please read this short story about Duda from Nova Pazova published by Aleksandra Dudić:




Thank You for your time. Please support Duda’s selfless work.




Slavica Mazak Bešlić  


Aleksandra Dudić


Solidarno za životinje i prirodu (Solidarity for Animals and Nature)

Non-governmental organization

Pere Segedinca 5

11070 Beograd










UK: UK Government Official Response On Live Animal Exports – Looking Like A Ban Ready For Our Official Leaving Of The EU.


SAV Comment.

We have campaigned for a ban on live animal exports for the last 25 years.  The following is the official response from the UK  government on the issue.  The campaigning goes on at present and will continue until we leave the EU in 2019.  With Brexit we will take back control of our legislation – free from the ‘do nothings’ at the EU.

This previous post sums up the situation at the EU – see the video footage of suffering animals presented to them for the last 5+ years.  Their response ? – we can do nothing.

Watch the videos via this link-


Then tell us that EU animals in long distance transport are well cared for, in accordance with EU regulations ! – failures of Regulation 1/2005 on animals in transport are detailed in the videos.

Who wants to be in an EU with all its legislation and rules, that when presented with complete evidence to show those rules are being clearly broken, we are told by response that they (the EU) can do nothing !


We have a good deal of hope that Minister Gove (above) at Defra (UK) will have legislation for a ban on live exports in place on the day we officially leave the EU.


Dear Mark Johnson,

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “End the export of live farm animals after Brexit.”.

Government responded:

Government has a Manifesto commitment “as we leave the European Union, we can take early steps to control the export of live farm animals for slaughter” and will be considering options in this context

The Government is committed to improving the welfare of animals. The Government share the public’s high regard for animal welfare. We are proud to have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world. The Government believes animals should be slaughtered as close as practicable to their point of production. A trade in meat and meat products is preferable to the long distance transport of animals to slaughter. Once we leave the European Union, and in line with our manifesto commitment, we can take early steps to control the export of live farm animals for slaughter. We will be considering the options further in the context of our departure from the EU.

Until negotiations are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the EU and all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force. During this period the Government will continue to negotiate, implement and apply EU legislation.

We have made clear in Brussels that we support improvements being made to enforcement across the EU of existing rules on the long distance transport of livestock. We have also supported calls for the European Commission to make improvements to the existing EU Regulation on protecting animal welfare in transport.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Click this link to view the response online:


The Petitions Committee will take a look at this petition and its response. They can press the government for action and gather evidence. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the Committee will consider it for a debate.

The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee: https://petition.parliament.uk/help#petitions-committee

Thanks, The Petitions team





(Real) Fur will fly as Gucci pledges to phase it out.


Feelings from the British Press –


























England: Do You Know We Also Have SAV Facebook ? – Check Out These (Below) And More Looking For Forever Homes.


As well as this site we also have an SAV Facebook page. 

Here you can see lots of videos and images of animals; mainly dogs;

who are desperate to find new, loving and forever homes.


We currently have around 1300 members of this site which then allows members to write  and post their own animal appeals.  It is easy to become a member and we can approve your membership within days

Check out the site – you can access via the following link:



Here are a few photos of animals needing new homes which have just been selected at random.

Please visit to see lots more. 




Check out the site – you can access via the following link:






Germany: Judge Approves The Work Of Activists Who Filmed Undercover – No ‘Ag Gag’ In The EU.


Dear Mark,


There are also good news, from time to time.
I received the news yesterday about the three freed animal activists who published their undercover investigations in a stable, in Magdeburg.
Who does not know that?
Dead pigs, others on the ground, who are being eaten by their fellow-creatures, turkeys with huge wounds, chickens with broken legs … this is the cruel reality of German animal husbandry.
This reality is denied or embellished for strong economic interest.
The three animal rights activists of the organization “Animal Rights Watch” filmed the conditions of the stables of “van Gennip Tierzuchtanlagen GmbH & Co. KG” about four years ago. They wanted to document grievances.

The prosecutor accused them of private nuisance

On Wednesday, October 11, the Magdeburg regional court has released all three of them.

He justified the acquittal that such film recordings are justified.
State control has failed, and in this case intervention is warranted, even necessary and right !!
In this case, according to the judge, the activists have committed private nuisance but their motivation was correct.
The trespass was the right means to obtain a criminal complaint against the stable owner and finally to free the animals from their torment !!

A court spokesman said: “The judge has made clear that no damage has been done and the activists have chosen the mildest means of emergency relief, namely to document the conditions.”
The animal rights activist Jürgen Foss of the organization “Animal Rights Watch” said: “I am totally moved and overjoyed, and I have not experienced anything like that before, and it is a good thing that the judge encourages us in what we do.
I’m curious to see if the prosecutor’s office goes to the next instance. ”
About 30 other activists had followed the trial in the courtroom.

The joy of all animal protectionists is very great.
It was a courageous judgment, and has an elemental meaning.
The judge outlined animal welfare as a high right and pointed to the anchoring in the Basic Law.

Above all, now that the meat mafia is currently massively trying to criminalize filming in animal husbandry (keyword “stale breakouts”), this is also an important signal for democracy.

Yes, what else can I say?
All of Germany can be proud of this judge!


best regards






Serbia: 15/10/17 – Our New Fence Has Been Fitted – Thank You To All Who Helped With Funding.



We’ve been talking about the urgent need to replace the old chain link fencing for five years now, to no avail. The fencing in question is actually the most essential part of the outdoor enclosure, as it keeps the kitties safe in the yard so they can’t wander off into the streets, nor can something or someone get in at them. However, as time went by, the old chain link fencing became a serious liability and the new one remained in the domain of the unreachable until recently, when a group of our friends and supporters decided to provide us with the much needed fencing and even paid the contractor to put it on.

Since the old chain link fence was never strong enough, not even when the shelter was founded, our guardian angels enabled us to purchase some hardware cloth fencing. Its steel construction makes it stronger and more durable, and it’s not only that our older kitties are safe now, but our little ones can join the adult cats in the yard sooner than before thanks to the density of the new hardware cloth fence. Hailey, Finn and Sheena were the first to test our new fencing and we think they are delighted with the yard as well as with mingling with the grownups. Finn is all over the place and doesn’t seem able to stand still for a second; Hailey is fearlessly exploring every part of the shelter; Sheena was a bit shy at first but she got over it quickly. All three of them are unstoppable and can’t get enough of their freedom.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our donors who wished to stay anonymous – you have literally saved our kitties. We would also like to thank our contractor Nenad and his fiancé Ana for a job well done. And we would also like to thank each and every one of you for your help and overall support during all of these years. Please don’t forget that your moral and financial support has always been and continues to be crucial for Felix shelter’s ability to stay afloat. Things are still far from perfect, but we will do our best to scrape by on no fixed income for as long as we can.

Now that are furry friends and residents are safe from any harm, we can focus on many important things that are waiting for us right around the corner – annual rabies vaccinations of all of the cats, cat food and heating gas supplies for the upcoming winter. Also, next spring we will try and change the whole existing construction of the fence in order to make it safer or maybe build a new outdoor enclosure that will provide our residents with even more space. Perhaps someday we will also be able to provide a new forever home for more cats and kitties in need; right now it’s a little tight.

Thank you for making all the good things possible!

Lots of love,
Cat Shelter Felix and its furry and fluffy residents


Please go to the following for other ways to donate:


For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:


and our website: 




Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


O hitnoj potrebi zamene žice na spoljnom delu prihvatilišta pričamo već pet godina. Pomenuta žica predstavlja najvažniji deo spoljne jedinice prihvatilišta jer štiti naše drugare – niti mogu da odlutaju na ulicu, niti ih neko ili nešto može povrediti. Pošto nikako nismo uspevali da prikupimo neophodna sredstva, postojeća žica je predstavljala sve veći problem a nova je ostala u domenu nedostižnog. Makar je tako bilo do skoro, kada je grupa prijatelja i donatora Felix prihvatilišta donela odluku da nam donira neophodnu žicu, pa čak i plate majstora za izvođenje radova.

S obzirom da stara žica nikada nije bila dovoljno čvrsta, čak ni kada je prihvatilište izgrađeno, naši anđeli čuvari su nam omogućili kupovinu 400 kvadrata rabic pletiva. Čelična konstrukcija i punktovani varovi je čine daleko čvršćom i trajnijom. Felix mace ne samo da su sada bezbedne, već i maćići mogu ranije da se pridruže odraslim macama u dvorištu jer su okca rabic pletiva mala i ne postoji apsolutno nikakva šansa da se malci kroz nju provuku. Hejli, Fin i Šina su bili prvi juniori koji su testirali novu žicu i mislimo da su oduševljeni dvorištom i druženjem sa odraslim mačkama. Fin se rastrčao po celom dvorištu i ne može da miruju čak ni na sekund; Hejli neustrašivo istražuje svaki kutak prihvatilišta; Šina je u početku bila pomalo stidljiva i suzdržana, ali ju je to prošlo veoma brzo. Svo troje su nezaustavljivi i ne mogu da se zasite novostečene slobode.

Od srca zahvaljujemo donatorima koji su izrazili želju da ostanu anonimni, ali svejedno osećamo potrebu da im još jednom kažemo “hvala” jer su doslovno spasili naše prihvatilište. Takođe želimo da izrazimo veliu zahvalnostmo Nenadu i njegovoj verenici Ana na profesionalnom, izvanrednom, pedantnom i brzom radu i druženju. Ukoliko nekome budu bile potrebne slične usluge, bez trunke lažnog marketinga vam preporučujemo ovaj par jer se nećete pokajati.

Zahvaljujemo svakom od vas za pomoć tokom svih ovih godina. Vaša moralna i finansijska podrška je od samog početka bila i ostala krucijalna jer ste Felix azilu za mačke omogućili da se održi. Ima ovde još puno posla, ne bi se baš moglo reći da je sve savršeno, ali daćemo sve od sebe da i bez stalnih i redovnih donacija održimo azil što je duže moguće.

Sada kada su naši štićenici bezbedni, možemo da se fokusiramo na druge važne stvari koje nas čekaju u bliskoj budućnosti – obavezna godišnja vakcinacija protiv besnila svih mačaka u prihvatilištu, konzervirana hrana i gas za grejanje za hladnu sezonu koja je već uveliko nastupila. Osim toga, sledećeg proleća ćemo pokušati da izvršimo zamenu i rekonstrukciju celokupne konctrukcije spoljnog dela prihvatilišta kako bismo je učinili što bezbednijom i trajnijom na duže staze, ili ćemo možda izgraditi još jednu spoljnu jedinicu što će našim štićenicima obezbediti dodatni prostor za igru i druženje. Možda ćemo jednog dana biti u mogućnosti da pružimo utočište i dom još većem broju nezbrinutih maca i mačića koji iz određenih okolnosti imaju slabe šanse da se dobro udome, jer trenutno nam je malo „tesno“.

I naravno, jedno ogromno hvala našim prijateljima iz veterinarske ambulante Panvet veterinarska stanica u Subotici. Njihova profesionalnost, stručnost, posvećenost i ljubav prema životinjama su zaslužni za to što naše mace imaju najbolju moguću veterinarsku negu u svako doba dana i noći. Hvala vam za svaku macu nad kojom ste bdeli zajedno sa nama, koje ste hranili špricem kada mi nismo bili u mogućnosti da to uradimo, koje ste u naručju šetali i nosali samo da biste ih smirili. Hvala vam za svaki vid bezuslovne podrške i hvala vam na najpovoljnijim mogućim uslovima lečenja maca jer bez toga nikako ne bismo bili u mogućnosti ni da lečimo ovako veliki broj azilskih mačaka, niti bismo bili u mogućnosti da im pružimo svu moguću negu. Da nema vas, životinje pronađene na ulicama, izbačene, zlostavljane i često ozbiljno povređene teško da bi ikad naišle na takvu ljubavi i posvećenost, niti bi saznale da postoje veterinari koji nikada nisu niti će profitirati na napuštenim, uličnim ili azilskim životinjama. Hvala!

Hvala vam svima što ste omogućili da se lepe stvari dešavaju!

Azil za mace Felix i svi njegovi čupavi stanari



Does Not Every Mother Want To Feed Her Youngster ? – Humankind – The Biggest Turd On The Planet !

Boycott palm oil!

This picture captures the last tragic minutes of the adult ape’s life – after a frenzied mob beat her, pelted her with rocks then tried to drown her in a swimming pool.

Her crime?

She was caught scavenging for fruit to feed her malnourished daughter on the outskirts of a ramshackle village in Borneo.


IMPORTANT ACTION – just 2 weeks to do your bit.


2 weeks left to make a difference – be sure YOU do.

Please crosspost the link and get all your family and friends to support:


What use is sustainable-certified palm oil if it’s tied to deforestation, fires, and forced labor?

That’s what NGOs have long been asking the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). Despite being the industry’s biggest certification system, RSPO and its member growers, brands, and banks have ongoing links to deforestation and labor and human rights violations.

But this our chance to change all that. RSPO has launched a public consultation from members, workers, and consumers alike on potential changes for its certification system. We need to join our voices together and call on members to vote for a credible certification system at next year’s RSPO General Assembly. It’s time to put the planet and the people before profits.

The clock is ticking, we only have two weeks to speak up.

Call on RSPO members to vote to adopt a No Deforestation, No Peatland, No Exploitation certification system that works for people and the planet.

For too long, RSPO has failed to rein in the worst practices of the palm oil industry: deforestation, the burning of carbon-rich peatland, forced labor, and child labor on palm oil plantations. All while providing a veneer of sustainability that lull brands and consumers into a false sense of security and ethics.

RSPO monitors can’t wait until NGOs call out conflict palm oil in its members’ supply chains. It’s up to the RSPO to take on proactive monitoring practices to ensure that its members are living up to its sustainability standards.

We’re calling for a very simple certification: zero tolerance for forced labor and child labor, and a ban on worst environmental practices like peat development and land burning.

This is the change we’ve been waiting for, and RSPO adoption of these simple principles could be the last nail in the coffin for conflict palm oil. Will you help us push RSPO members to make the right choice?

Tell RSPO members it’s time for a No Deforestation, No Peatland, No Exploitation certification system.

Thanks for all that you do, Fatah, Mark, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

RSPO: Completely Worthless, or Just Mostly Worthless?, HuffPost, 31 Mar. 2017 1ST Public Consultation — Revised RSPO Principles & Criteria,




Links to some of our past SAV posts on the issue of Palm Oil:




















Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia — Workers harvest palm fruit from plantations in Riau Province, Sumatra. Plantations can be owned by large, multinational companies, cooperatives of farmers with growing palm, or individual farmers with small holdings.














Petition – Justice for Walle:

A family’s golden retriever named Walle was reportedly shot dead by a neighbour because Walle wandered into his yard.

So far no criminal charges have been brought.

Sign this petition to demand the neighbor be prosecuted.


Justice for BB Bear:

When BB Bear was brought in to animal control in Phoenix, Arizona, the tiny husky puppy had been beaten so badly he was unconscious and in a comatose state. He was bleeding from the head, suffering from a fractured skull.

“This was caused by blunt force trauma to the skull,” said Dr. Hugh Giffords of the Phoenix Dog Cat Bird Hospital. “Could have been baseball bat, tire iron, could have been a kick.”

But it was not an accident.

Sign the petition – https://ladyfreethinker.org/sign-justice-for-puppy-in-coma-with-skull-bashed-in/?UA-40777405-1





USA: FBI Agents Get Vet To Slice Off Part Of Piglets Ear As Evidence After Activists Expose Animal Abuse Of Major Meat Producer. Read On …

FBI agents get vets to cut off part of a piglets ear as ’evidence’.

Read the following article to see how the government / industry system is protecting the meat producers.

You will be amazed at what is done to stop undercover investigations by animal activists.


There are many graphic photos of the investigation. 

This is the reality of how bacon and pork chops are produced for meat eaters. 

Read on ! 





England: The Bee Hotel Gets A Makeover. New Quarters For The Bees.

Over the past 2 or 3 weeks we have been busy in our spare time making some new bee chamber logs to install into our ‘Bee Hotel’ at Jeslyns Country Park which is run by the Forestry Commission of England.

Above and below  – some wooden bees have been cut,

painted and added to the logs this time.


In the workshop -newly drilled logs ready to go out to the hotel.


You can see a photo when we originally made the hotel about 5 years ago.  

Above – after completion of the first hotel 5 years ago 

Below – Denise after a new roof fitted but waiting for new logs

The log chambers have been in constant use and so it has been decided to replace them and give the bees new facilities in which to lay their eggs.  We did some a few months back and they (the new ones) have proven to be very popular.  The solitary bees which use them are some of the best pollinators of fruit trees.  The bee hotel has been located very near to the Jeskyns orchards where an amazing 756 different varieties of apples are grown.  So we rely on the bees to help pollinate all the fruit trees in the orchards, which they are happy to do

It’s a simple but very important cycle.  We prepare all the logs with their many sized chambers and place them into the hotel.  The bees go into the log chambers and lay an egg.  They also leave a little bit of pollen for the hatchling to feed on when it first emerges within the chamber.  After it has laid the egg; the adult bee seals up the egg chamber with mud to keep the egg safe.  When the hatchling has emerged (hatched) and eaten in the chamber; it breaks through the mud wall and flies off – hopefully in the direction of the orchards

You can look at any of the logs (see photo below) and you can see where many of the chamber holes have been sealed up with mud by the adults.  You can also see the chambers which are still empty and ready for other visiting bees to lay their eggs in.  The aim is really to get as many of the chambers sealed up with mud as possible; as this indicates that we have a good and constant supply of new young bees in the area.

You can see one of the newest logs in use here on the left and many of the chambers which have been sealed with mud.


Above – an new log on the left side and some of

the chambers sealed up with mud.  Older logs now showing their age but still also in use !


When all the different apples have been picked in the orchard they are put into crates and taken to the Jeskys café; where users of the park call in for a cup of tea and a bite to eat after they have taken their dog(s) for a great walk.  There are a lot of apples and so they are provided for folk to try and take away. All that is normally asked is a voluntary donation which is put directly back into park upkeep and wildlife conservation.

So this kind of completes the circle – us and the bees working together for the benefit of each – and loads of beautiful fruit as a result of the work

Here above you can see some of the apples on display for visitors to take home when they visit the park.


Jeskyns on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/jeskynscommunitywoodland/


Photos – https://www.facebook.com/pg/jeskynscommunitywoodland/photos/?ref=page_internal



Below – Ah bless – our little Pixie (Denise) takes a toadstall cos she has been working hard !


Below- there are lots of wooden Fairy Houses in the park for youngsters to leave gifts for their fairy friends.

Below – fairy gifts left by the children:


Finally – Many a true word!





England: Can We Tempt You ? – Tasty Vegan Links For You To Try.

Vegan Faces

Vegan food links:




Soup –



Starters and snacks –



Main meals –



Cakes and deserts –




Quick and easy –



Checkout any of the above for other links including baby and toddler, special occasions etc.



BBC Good Food – Vegan –



30+Vegan recipes to impress –




Vegan recipe club UK –



All recipes UK (Vegan) –



Vegan recipes everyone should know –



Healthy Vegan – Waitrose UK – http://www.waitrose.com/home/recipes/healthyeating/Healthy-vegan-recipes.html

Mmm – Tasty, – and the food is good too !





Rescued From A Bile Farm – ‘Wolfie’ Is Once Again Starting To Walk.



Video Link: 



When rescued, this emaciated bear could barely walk – look at him now – watch the YouTube video by clicking on the second link (directly) above.


Life on a bear bile farm caused moon bear Wolfie’s muscles to waste away due to lack of use, but loving care is helping him learn how to be a bear again.

Standing upright and swaying his head from side to side in a classic sign of distress, rescuers could clearly see the bones of Wolfie’s massive frame poking through his sagging skin.

Thankfully, Wolfie and eight other bears were rescued in June from a bear bile farm in southern Vietnam and taken to Animals Asia’s sanctuary to begin their recovery from a lifetime of abuse.

Click on the first link above to read the full story.




8 Business Leaders Who Are Investing to Close Slaughterhouses for Good.



8 Business Leaders Who Are Investing to Close Slaughterhouses for Good


You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or billionaire philanthropist to help create a world where animals are no longer slaughtered.

Join the millions of people who have switched to a compassionatesustainable, and healthy vegan diet.

Click here to get started!



Scotland: Parliament Now Formally Moves Forward With Circus Animal Ban. Will This Make The English Parliament Act Now ? – We Hope !

SAV Comment – we are hopeful that this action now in Scotland will see the English government in London make the same move – despite them putting all the campaign work by many animal welfare groups on the back burner for the last 10+ years.

We have faith that Minister Gove will finally take action for the animals.


Dear Mark,

Wild animals should be in the wild, not in cramped, barren trucks and made to perform tricks for entertainment. 

That used to be a controversial statement. Not any more. Yesterday, all Parties in the Scottish Parliament backed the Bill that will ban wild animals in circuses for good.

They were clearly listening to us, as MSP after MSP stood up to say they supported the ban but that the Bill must also be strengthened.

Many MSPs also acknowledged the overwhelming public support for the ban, and we were happy that OneKind and our supporters were mentioned quite a few times too!

So, what happens next?

Yesterday was a vote on the general principles of the Bill. Now this hurdle has been cleared, the Bill will move onto Stage 2 for detailed consideration and amendments in Committee before it returns to the full Parliament for final amendments and approval.

It’s during the next stage that we hope the weaknesses in the Bill will be addressed so we will never have to see lions, tigers and elephants made to perform for entertainment again.

Thanks again for all your support. We will continue to keep you updated on every step of the campaign and, depending on how the debate goes, we might be asking for your help once more before it is passed.


Onekind – https://www.onekind.scot/




Global: Neonicotinoid pesticides found in honey from every continent.



New Scientist article – Neonicotinoid pesticides found in honey from every continent.


The evidence has been mounting for years that the world’s most widely used pesticides, neonicotinoids, harm bees and other pollinating insects.

Now it seems the problem isn’t limited to Europe and North America, where the alarm was first sounded. It’s everywhere.


Read the full article via the above link.



Sultans In London.

As someone who badly ‘dabbles’ with guitar, I want you to see how they can be played.

A busker does his bit in central London – Amazing !

Everyone going about their normal business – red buses hacking up and down in the background  –  what a brilliant alternative !

Enjoy – Mark




Slavica (in Serbia)has now sent through a couple of her favourite music videos.

So rather than create a new post we are adding them to this existing post.


Beautiful horses:

Marine with some super pictures of dolphins and more.


Enjoy !



UK / England: Minister Michael Gove blames EU for dramatic decline of wildlife as he pledges ‘green Brexit’.

UK Government Minister Michael Gove tears into the EU regarding its attitude to animal welfare and green environmental issues.

 Read it all at:



Mr Gove also claimed that EU law “binds our hands” on everything from VAT rates and animal welfare to “bin collections”


The anti-Brussels Environment Secretary tore into the EU’s record on green issues as he insisted withdrawal would allow Britain to “secure a special prize – a Green Brexit”.


As we have said in the past at SAV, once the UK is out of the EU (Brexit), we will take back control of our laws and make things better for animals and the environment.


As we have posted recently, he also confirmed that the maximum sentence for animal cruelty will be hiked from six months to five years.

Mr Gove said: “I believe that when we face deliberate, calculating and sadistic behaviour, we need to deploy the full force of the law to show we will not tolerate evil.”

Well done Minister Gove !


Serbia: Can You Help Svetlana With Finding New Homes For Dogs From Bor ?


5/10 – We have had the following message in from Svetlana.

As we said before, we tried to help Gordana with the re homing of some dogs here in England; but this was not possible either.

If anyone anywhere feels that they can help, then here is Svetlana’s Facebook link.

Please contact her direct.



Hi Mark

I was wandering if you could help me..

I’ve got many rescued strays from Bor, Serbia and adoption simple doesn’t work in Serbia

I’ve been trying and trying to find them homes, but nothing

I can’t afford paying pensions for them, so absolutely I have no solution

Can you please help me to try to find them homes or fosters, anything?

I’m really desperate, I can’t bring them back to streets..

Thank you in advance;






Serbia: Zack.

One lost battle too many, one more life that ended to early, another sorrow, additional pain, one more casualty of reckless veterinarians – how to describe the anger, emptiness and grief over another lost little fighter?

How much value is a cat’s life to people? If you ask Zack’s vet that had treated him before Zack came to us, not much or not at all. That vet left Zack’s eye infection untreated for months – he said it was normal for a blind eye to be inflamed. Due to his expertise, Zack got meningitis and that meningitis took Zack away last night. Zack has lost his last battle and passed away in his sleep, quietly, unobtrusively and peacefully, just like he was the first day he came to us.

We are so sorry, Zack. We’re sorry for everything you had to go through. We are sorry for all of those careless people you had to deal with. We wish we could have done more for you and change everything that’s happened.

We wish we’ve gotten the time to know you better, although it was clear from the beginning that you were a sweetheart. You picked your special place in the yard as soon as you stepped in it, and we still can’t deal with the fact that we won’t be seeing you there anymore.

That special place will not be the same without you. We are sorry for all the pain you had to endure and for all the circumstances that led to it. You didn’t leave this world the way we had imagined, the way we wanted for you. All we have ever wanted was a long, happy and pain free life for you, little Zack. Instead, you have left us as the result of a mistake, as an error in someone’s judgment. You have paid the price for someone’s careless lapse.

We’ll be looking for you in the yard although we know that you won’t be there. You won’t be there but we will remember you, because we have loved you from the moment we set eyes on you. And we hope that you knew you weren’t homeless and unimportant the moment you were brought here and you must’ve felt we would never even imagine letting you down. Ironically, after all is said and done, we are the ones who feel as if we failed you, as we promised you’d have a good home and a wonderful life.

We are so sorry, kitty boy. We are very thankful for the opportunity to have met such a courageous little fellow like you. You had accepted us from the very beginning, even when you had to watch us crying while you were trying to win the biggest struggle of your short life.

You had an amazing and incredible spirit and left us wondering if any other cat could endure the suffering you’d been bearing for such a long time, in total silence. You were a blessing and we have to thank you for giving us the chance to love you.

We will remember you forever.

You will always be in our hearts and on our minds.

Run free, little Zack; find your special place over the rainbow and don’t look back.

Please go to the following for other ways to donate  in memory of Zack:


For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:


and our website: 




Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96



China: Take Action To Stop Owners Having Their Dogs Vocal Chords CutTo Stop Barking !

Owners who took their dogs to have their vocal chords cut out claimed they didn’t know what to do in the face of neighbours’ noise complaints.

When a stall opened at a market in Chengdu, China offering to perform debarking surgery on dogs, it didn’t take long for the authorities to act.

They demanded to see the practitioner’s veterinary license and – when he failed to prove his credentials – they closed down the operation.

But by then the floor was littered with vocal chords freshly cut out of anaesthetised dogs. Each dog which underwent the operation will never be able to use their voice to communicate ever again. Their natural barks will be replaced with an eerie wheezing sound.

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“Bodily mutilation such as this is clearly hugely damaging to a dog’s welfare and quality of life.

“It is well known that dogs are social animals and their bark is a key part of communication. They rely on their voice to communicate with both animals and people.

“Imagine the psychological trauma of a debarked dog trying to alert another dog or his guardian to danger and not being able to vocalise – it’s literally the stuff of nightmares. A key natural behaviour is completely destroyed.”

Yet amazingly, many of the customers who brought their companion animals to be debarked, didn’t realise how much damage they were doing.

They claim their dog’s barking had become a nuisance and neighbours’ complaints had forced them to take action.

Tragically, they just didn’t know what else to do.

In China, as in many countries such as the majority of the US, debarking can legally be carried out by a qualified vet in regulated conditions.

Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Director Irene Feng said:

“While legal, debarking is not common in China and we have to congratulate the authorities for being quick to close down this unlicensed practitioner. But this case has highlighted that education is key – we can’t afford to be complacent about responsible companion animal ownership.”

Companion animal ownership has exploded in China in recent years, with 100 million animals – mainly dogs and cats – registered as of 2015.

While this change has fuelled an increase in animal welfare awareness and respect for non-human animals, it has also raised social challenges.

Irene said:

“Raising awareness about animal welfare and responsible companion animal ownership is absolutely vital in China right now. Responsible guardians must look to understand why a dog is barking, and train them not to bark in certain situations if necessary.

“The ‘quick-fix’ debarking surgery does nothing to address the root of the dogs’ vocalisation. Barking is a behaviour that comes out of many emotions, including frustration, excitement, boredom and angst.

“Understanding problem barking and looking at changing the dogs’ environment, our own dog management or seeking behavioural specialists can be difficult, but it is in the best interest of the dog, the guardian and the public.”


To help improve the lives of companion animals in China, Animals Asia produced an award-winning animated video, Animal Welfare Around Us, which has taught thousands of people how to give their beloved companion the best possible care.

In addition, the latest case of debarking has led the Hong Kong-based NGO’s Chengdu sanctuary – the China Bear Rescue Centre – to plan to introduce education on debarking surgery to their veterinary training programmes for Chinese vets.

The China Bear Rescue Centre currently provides vet training to around 80 vets in Chengdu to provide skills in anaesthesia, pain relief, animal handling and animal welfare. The charity aims to expand the programme significantly in 2018 to up to 300 vets.

By ensuring these trainee vets are well-informed about the inherent cruelty of debarking a dog for convenience, Animals Asia hopes to prevent the procedure being unnecessarily performed by Chengdu vets. The classes will also cover alternative management methods for excessive vocalisation


Animals Asia Senior Veterinarian Emily Drayton said:

“The risks of performing this procedure are alarming. There is a massive risk of infection due to unsanitary and non-sterile conditions, while secondary infection can lead to other complications like fistulas, bleeding, aspiration, and tissue necrosis. Long-term effects including narrowing of the airway, chronic coughing and regurgitation.”

“All vets need to understand the reality of what this operation involves and we will ensure that those vets completing our training courses in Chengdu will turn their backs on it and be able to speak from a position of knowledge when advising peers and the public to do the same.

“At the same time, if confronted by one of the rare instances when devocalisation surgery is necessary for medical reasons – such as removing a cancerous tumour – then these vets will know exactly what kind of post-operative care their patients require.”


Watch the procedure being done on the street here – some viewers may find this graphic – but this is the reality; so take action as given below:




Sign the open letter to prevent this by visiting:





USA: With Gun Manufacturing Lobbying In Congress; Will The USA Ever Learn ?

Guess who comes out on top ?


USA you really do need to get your NRA supported Congressman to do something about your total lack of gun control – this is such a regular thing in the USA.

Good to see Trump has ‘God Blessed’ everyone – but has failed to talk about gun control laws – after the biggest mass slaughter in recent times!


Watch the video:






4/10/17 Is World Animal Day. Learn More – Read On.


4/10/17 is official World Animal Day.


World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated annually on October 4, the feast day of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.


World Animal Day was originated by Heinrich Zimmermann, the German writer and publisher of the magazine Mensch und Hund/Man and Dog.

He organized the first World Animal Day on 24 March 1925 at the Sport Palace in Berlin, Germany. Over 5,000 people attended this first event.

The event was originally scheduled for 4 October, to align with the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of ecology, however the venue was not available on that day.

The event was moved to 4 October for the first time in 1929. Initially he found a following only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Czechoslovakia. Every year Zimmermann worked tirelessly on the promotion of World Animal Day. Finally, in May 1931 at a congress of the International Animal Protection Congress in Florence Italy, his proposal to make 4 October World Animal Day universal, was unanimously accepted and adopted as a resolution.

It is sometimes cited that World Animal Day started in 1931 at the convention of ecologists in Florence, Italy who wished to highlight the plight of endangered species

Today, World Animal Day is a global event uniting the animal protection movement, led and sponsored by UK-based animal welfare charity, Naturewatch Foundation since 2003


Every year, on the same day: the World Animal Day.
In this day, like any other, millions of animals are slaughtered in slaughterhouses, laboratories, circuses, furry farms, in all the Dachau factories of the world, have fallen as victims to human overpower.
We call this “the day of the animals”.
For most, the World Animal Day is just a page on the edge of a newspaper.
An insignificant day.
For some, few, is more of a sad day.
For us all who do not wait for this day to think about animals and their suffering, for us, who fight for the rights of the animals and try with all our might to free the last slaves of this world from their chains is rather a mourning day

I think of the thousands strays in Spain, Greece, Romania who are hanged, poisoned, burned on this day.

I think of these animals who today die on a truck transport helpless and agonizingly.
I think of the slotted labor animals, who leave their last breath today under the hands of career addicts and criminal sadists.
Around us there prevails a fascist system of exploitation, destruction, and the killing of the animals, which can only be compared with that of the Third Reich.
And thus the World Day of the Animals becomes a requiem for the victims of the legalized crime of human species.

Every year again, the World Day of Animals.
And so, on this day, I trust also to a society, which by the monopolization of freedom and the right to life on its own, has long since reached the moral bankruptcy of the human species.




Please check out the following to find out a lot more:









Spain: Democracy or EU Dictatorship ? – Ask The Good People Of Catalonia.


For those of you who are non UK, the man speaking above is Nigel Farage, he was the leader of UKIP, who have always been anti EU.  Here he is speaking in the EU Parliament – Mr Junker can be seen in some views; turning bits of paper and ignoring the facts as he always does.

Here is an article from Venus regarding the extreme violence used by the Spanish government / police in retaliation to the public vote for independence that took place in Catalonia, a part of Spain, on Sunday 1st. By allowing such violence from Madrid authorities and the police, it shows the extent that the EU will go to prevent anyone else from leaving the EU.  Catalonia voted to become independent from Spain – and it also wishes to leave the EU.  On the animal front, Catalonia passed a vote to ban bullfighting.  If they can do this, it shows that change can happen, and that Spain and others can introduce a ban if they wish – getting around the ‘tradition’ and EU subsidies paid to bull breeders from the EU purse.

The pictures in the following article show what happened:  Venus’ article is after this.





EU Democracy ??


Dear Mark,

I have followed the last events in Catalonia, like everyone else, and have written some thoughts about it.

One thing I can say with certainty: not only the violence of Madrit is a bitter blow to the face of democracy. Worse still is the breach of trust in an institution called the EU. Forever and ever.

Since yesterday, there is no democratic government in Spain any more, but a regime type Erdogan. One can also say: a dictatorship!

The black times of Franco are back! Or were they never gone?

Rahoy has lost, he must resign. The question now goes far beyond the question of the separation of Catalonia. The question is whether Spain is still a democratic country. The reaction of Rahoy to the referendum showed that the PP (People’s Party, Spanish: Partido Popular) has thick root in the Falange.

Now, no one wants to talk to Rahoy anymore, many of his own circles do not too. This can now very quickly develop into a civil war. With almost 900 injured people for a peaceful vote, we can talk about human rights violations.

And the EU Commission, this no-go club is watching how peaceful EU citizens are barred from voting, and does not stir !!

What a sick, internally rotten institution this EU. And where is the appeal of Germany to the protection of human rights? They are busy with their “Jamaica coalition” (CDU – black, Free Democratic Party – Yellow, and the Greens). A shame. And we citizens of the Union are watching as in our EU people are bombarded because they want to VOTE.

Would the same thing happen in Russia, what would happen? If Erdogan have done, what would happen? We must pay attention! We are to fight not only the religious, but also the nationalistic fascism.

Best regard to you and all



Serbia: Dogs Need New Homes – Critical; Or They Go Back To The Street. Please Crosspost.

We have been working with Gordana over the last few weeks regarding these dogs.  At one point we hoped it may be possible to bring them to England for finding new homes; but this has turned out to be impossible,

So now it is critical that new homes are found in Serbia for these dogs – and as quickly as possible,


Here below is the Facebook link and the message from Gordana

Please crosspost and do everything you can to find new hoes for these animals.

Thanks – Mark.


Gordana-Doda Stetin

· June 26

30th September 2017 : Is there anybody who can help this five rescued dogs to be adopted?
I lost part time job, I will be soon homeless if I don’t find job. This dogs are dependent on organization with sharing dogs posts. I cannot do anything else if owner of dogs doesn’t want dogs back, I can only ask public communal company who have shelters in Serbia if they can take dogs, if they cannot help to take dogs I can only return dogs back on the streets. I don’t have anywhere to keep dogs, dogs are at the moment in the shelter Pansionzapse Maza. If anybody can help please let me know or tag yourself in this post so dogs get more attention to be faster adopted or please share post to help dogs with adoption.

Thank you!


Bleki, Milica, Bob, Snoopy & Dina are in Serbia
Dogs are for adoption
Share! Thank you!

Dogs photo album :



Dogs video on YouTube :




Dogs supporting Facebook page ( more photos and videos of the dogs ) :






Should children not experience both ?

Let them know where their fruit comes from; and also how their meat is ‘produced’ for them;

to be sold at the supermarket. / fast food joint etc



USA: The Trump Party Now Wants To Kill Grizzly Bears Using Silencers – Please Take Action – Petition.

Don’t Let Hunters Shoot Bears Using Silencers


Petition link



Target: Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives

Goal: Don’t legalize the use of silencers on public lands to shoot and kill grizzly bears.

A number of Republican congressmen are now backing the NRA and the gun industry in their pursuit of new legislation that would lift strict regulations on where silencers can be used. If the new bill passes, hunters would have the ability to shoot grizzly bears on public lands using these devices, putting animals and potentially the public at risk. This is an inhumane proposal and it must not be allowed to pass.

Thanks to other recent measures that have removed protections for grizzly bears on federal lands, such as Yellowstone, these rare American carnivores are now at greater risk than ever before. Should hunters be permitted to shoot bears using silencers, the species could face jeopardy over the limited lands where they still reside. Also troubling is the fact that should this bill pass, regulations on silencers will be greatly relaxed, which could mean more potential criminals could get their hands on them and use them to commit crimes.

There is no need for hunters to use silencers to kill grizzly bears or any other animal on public lands. The only ones who stand to benefit from this legislation are a small number of vocal trophy hunters. Sign this petition to demand that Congress strongly reject this bill.



Dear Congresswoman Pelosi,

The bill known as the SHARE Act will soon be voted on by the House of Representatives. This bill would, among other things, allow hunters to kill grizzly bears on public lands using silencers. Contrary to the NRA’s position that this bill “will protect hunters and help preserve our outdoor heritage,” loosening the restrictions on silencers will only put large carnivores like these bears at risk, as well as the American public as a whole.

As this bill is currently receiving overwhelming Republican support, it is necessary for your party to do whatever it can to help ensure this bill this struck down. I urge you to strongly condemn this legislation, in the name of America’s wildlife and everyone who visits public lands to appreciate nature.



Petition link






Slaughterhouse CCTV Campaign – Links To Support and Share.


The campaign for cctv to be installed in all slaughterhouses throughout the EU.


Please support + share

Europe-wide video surveillance at slaughterhouses and documentation


Webseite http://www.europewide-cctv-in-all-slaughterhouses.eu




Specific past SAV links on this campaign:


































Serbia: Update 30/9 – Dog Under Car. Dog Was NOT A Stray – Autoposy Undertaken By Vet – Microchip Fitted. Now Awaiting Police Report Of Action Against Driver.


Regarding our recent post of the dog that was run over and left by the driver of a car in Belgrade- see our post at: 



The latest news is that campaigners are still waiting for the official police report.

It is known that VU Veterina Belgrade took the dogs body after the incident; and that an autopsy was undertaken.

Contrary to first reports, it turns out that the dog was NOT a stray, but instead did have a microchip which will allow the owner to be traced.

The registration number and vehicle type are also very clear from the photograph as you can see below, so there are no excuses in any of the areas to allow the police to complete their work and produce a report of the incident, including news of what action will be taken against the driver of the car.

As things are on going, we will not currently release e mails of contacts as we said we would if there was no response from the authorities by 30/9.  But unless an official police report is completed and made visible to all soon we will have no hesitation in releasing the e mail addresses of all police and authorities involved.





England: Animal cruelty sentences to rise to five years in prison – as per the wishes of the public, welfare groups and the judges.

SAV Comment – At last; something many people and the judiciary have been calling for over many years.  We too very much welcome the new legislation, and we thank Mr Gove for once again, like the issue of live exports, finally have a Minister at Defra who takes animal welfare seriously.  We know that many welfare orientated judges who have been frustrated on this issue in the past by not being able to hand down tougher penalties to offenders will also welcome being able to have tougher sentencing legislation at their fingertips.







Animal cruelty sentences to rise to five years in prison



People in England who commit the most serious crimes of animal cruelty could face up to five years in prison, the government has said.

The move – an increase on the current six-month maximum sentence – follows a number of cases where English courts wanted to hand down tougher sentences.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said it would target “those who commit the most shocking cruelty towards animals”.


Above – Minister Gove with canine friend.

The RSPCA said it would “deter people from abusing and neglecting animals”.

Worst cases

Under the government’s plans, courts will retain the ability to hand out an unlimited fine and ban an offender from owning animals in the future.

However, they would now also have the ability to sentence the worst cases more harshly.

The new legislation will also enable courts to deal more effectively with ruthless gangs involved in organised dog fights, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said.

The plans will only apply in England, as animal cruelty powers are devolved to the nations of the UK.

The maximum sentence for offenders in Wales is six months in prison, while the maximum sentence in Scotland is 12 months.

The move will bring maximum sentences for animal cruelty in England into line with Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, Australia, and Canada.

It comes as judges and magistrates in some English courts have complained they wanted to hand down tougher sentences to those guilty of abusing animals.

‘Positively received’

“These plans will give courts the tools they have requested to deal with the most abhorrent acts,” Mr Gove said.

“We are a nation of animal lovers and so we must ensure that those who commit the most shocking cruelty towards animals face suitably tough punishments.”

David Bowles, head of public affairs at the RSPCA, welcomed the move.

He said: “The strength of feeling behind a move to toughen up these sentences is huge.

“At the moment the courts are limited by the law under which the strongest sentence for animal cruelty is six months’ imprisonment and an unlimited fine – but this rarely happens.”

Defra said about 1,150 people per year are convicted for animal cruelty – but fewer than five receive the current maximum sentence.

Claire Horton, chief executive of Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, added the change will be “very positively received by the public”.

The government is expected to publish draft legislation for consultation at the end of the year.





Germany: A “class” which still lives in chains-Animals and Politics.

During the election period in Germany, I had the opportunity to talk with the Left Party of Germany. Very fleeting and only in the context of the advertising of their election program. Although this party, in its overwhelming majority, no longer consists of strict Marxists, it still differs from the other parties in its efforts to defend the weak of this society. While today’s left have little to do with the traditional Marxists, they are, by far, the sharpest critics of modern capitalist society, which operates according to the principle of exploiters (economic oligarchs) and the exploited (wage-dependent).

They gave me an offer to become a member. I made them a counter-offer: to expand their political struggle for better human rights with the struggle for animal rights. It should be clear to them that in the history of class struggles, the ruling classes have exploited and suppressed not only the weak classes, but also the animals (and nature). I mean: The idea of animal liberation today is the consistent continuation of the human rights movement, and the leftists are inconsistent when they refuse to acknowledge that the liberation of animals today must belong to anticapitalistic politics.

Until now, however, all parties (including the left) regard the animals as material bearers of value and only as a means of production of the capital, which are even delivered free by nature. Because animals cannot defend themselves, they are placed as freely available means of production; they are used as working means (as machines for the production of eggs, milk, meat, etc.) and work items (leather, meat for further processing, etc.)

From a purely political standpoint, meat production is the number one cause of world hunger. 80% of starving children live in countries where cereals are produced in large quantities. But these children remain hungry and even dying of hunger because the capitalist world feeds the farm animals with the grain. Hunger is not a natural problem, it is a political one.

Exactly this political aspect should lead the left to the consideration that the exploitation of the animals today is not only unnecessary, but irrational and anti-progressive. It causes an enormous consumption of water and plants, which are not used for the meaningful purpose of the food of humans, but are used for the production of meat, milk and eggs in the western world.

Whoever believes that meat production is one of the achievements of modern class society ignores an important political aspect and cooperates with the lobby groups of the capital. Therefore, the struggle against the rule of capital is the necessary prerequisite for people to be able at all to collectively take the political decision: We are for the rights of animals, we want the liberation of animals.

If we take seriously the ideology of Marxism we should recognize one thing: the oppressed, exploited classes and the animals have a common enemy who is responsible for their exploitation, profiting from it and organizing their oppression: the ruling class.

“The ruling morality is the morality of the ruling class,” comrade Marx had said. As far as human beings are concerned, this is true, because the means of production are still in the hands of the economic oligarchy. But as far as the animals are concerned, it applies: “the ruling morality is the morality of the ruling species.” Because there is a “class” which still lives in chains. The proletarians of this planet, the animals.

My best regards to you and all













28/9/17 – Petitions and More. Select and Support.

There is a lot of information and petitions here; so size and quality has not been standardised.  Please select and sign / support whatever you wish – Thanks – SAV.

free translation sites – kostenlose Übersetzungsseiten: http://translate.google.com/# http://translate.reference.com/ http://freetranslation.imtranslator.net/ http://www.babelfish.org/web-translation-vendor.htm

Sollten LINK’s nicht funktionieren, bitte diesen markieren, kopieren und in eine neu aufgerufene Seite in die Kopfspalte setzen

Adam Meyerson Captain at Sea Shepherd Global

“I don’t care if you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Wiccan, if your need to follow your

religion is stronger than your compassion for fellow creatures of this earth, you are no

friend of mine.”

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Was Du nicht willst, das man Dir tu’, das füg’ auch keinem andern zu.”


Historic Agreement on Newhall: River and Wildlife Protections


Victory: Nevada Bans Commercial Reptile Collection


Success: Museum Pulls Cruel Animal ‘Art’ Exhibit


Victoire: Non à l’abandon des animaux de compagnie pour évacuer St Martin et St Barth – Sieg: Nein zum Zurücklassen von Haustieren, um St. Martin und St. Barth zu evakuieren. https://www.mesopinions.com/petition/victoire/abandon-animaux-compagnie-evacuer-st-martin/33629

Endlich: Unser Rechtsgutachten trägt Früchte



Busan Buk-gu (Northern District) Office puts into operation its first Task Force Team for Gupo Dog Meat Market. – We had successes with Italian Cities. Let’s keep it going! New Friendship City Campaigns http://koreandogs.org/newsletter-september-26-2017/?utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=Update_on_Busan_Gupo_Market__Looking_for_a_friend&utm_medium=email

[Newsletter] Update on Busan Gupo Market | Looking for a friend?


Galgo massacre / Masacre galgos



Our Newest Court Fight: Halting Wolf-killing in Washington


Lawsuit Filed to Free White Tigers




New COK Hotline for Farm Whistleblowers



Mörderische Bürokratie


Akute Not in Indien: Die Flut ist zur tödlichen Gefahr für tausende Tiere geworden http://welttierschutz.info/index.php?id=272

Petitions – protests – sample letters



Stop Japan From Slaughtering Whales for ‘Research’


Don’t Let These Orcas Slip Away – No Time Like Now to Save Orcas


Wolves, bears, and wildlife are in the crosshairs… AGAIN!

The House could vote on this horrific bill at any time, so we need you to speak up NOW to let your representative know you do not support this radical and extreme bill.


Zimbabwe (ehemalige Rhodesia): Robert Mugabe has done it again! Please sign: Elephants Are Not Food

Tell the United Nations to Condemn the Killing and Eating of Elephants


Stop Congress From Threatening Vulnerable Fish Species


Police Must Stop Protecting the Illegal Killing of Animals in Ritual Ceremonies


Shut this hell hole for dogs


Prosecute Humane Society Director Accused of Asking Employee to Break Cat’s Neck


Mutilated Shelter Cat Found With ‘Every Bone Broken’ Deserves Justice


Puppy Reportedly Burned With Hot Oil and Denied Care Deserves Justice


Dog Allegedly Stabbed by City Employee Deserves Justice


Kitten and Guinea Pig Who Died Due to Alleged Neglect Deserve Justice


Dog Allegedly Beaten by Woman Deserves Justice


Save Frogs From Wipeout By Disease



Datum: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 17:55:14 +0200

Von: dieterernst2@t-online.de <dieterernst2@t-online.de>

Nezamisliva beda pasa u Sremskoyj Mitrovici , koju je mamerno prouzrokovao gradonacelnik SANADER

Unvorstellbares Hundeelend in Sremska Mitrovica, vorsätzlich verursacht durch Bürgermeister SANADER


Dear all,

please look the following repiorts and pictures in three languages.

Bitte sehen Sie die nachfolgenden Berichte und Fotos des Hundeelends in Sremska Mitrovica in 3 Sprachen.


(LINK anklicken, markieren, kopieren und in ein neues Browserfenster einsetzen)

Best regards

Dieter Ernst



EUROPAWEITE VIDEOÜBERWACHUNG AN SCHLACHTHÖFEN UND DOKUMENTATION DER FEHLBETÄUBUNGEN http://www.petitionen24.com/europaweite_videouberwachung_an_schlachthofen_und_dokumentation

Infos: http://www.europewide-cctv-in-all-slaughterhouses.eu/petition-at-de-ch/

alle Links können direkt von unserem Blog angeklickt und geteilt werden via Google+ und Google Mail, Facebook und Twitter:


Ask your MEPs to support European legislation for CCTV in abattoirs.

Bittet Eure Abgeordneten, die europäischen Rechtsvorschriften für die Videoüberwachung in Schlachthöfen zu unterstützen. http://us2.campaign-archive1.com/?u=5323fef14402c8a6293efe8c3&id=79be17cae8&e=59f0a1b10e

Demand Mandatory Cameras in Slaughterhouses


Zum Petitions-Endspurt bitte teilen: Keine Tierquälerei bei Fischen


EU-Verordnung Nr. 1143/2014: Nutria retten – IGA Liste stoppen!


Ban Plastic Straws in Fremantle


Tell your Senators to say NO to drilling in the Arctic!


Greater Chaco is Not For Sale: Speak Out Against Trump Administration Plans to Auction off Lands for Fracking


Protect Firefly Habitats by Ending Deforestation


Kambodschas Nationalparks sind in Gefahr! Stoppt die Holzfäller!


EILT: Parlament stimmt über Glyphosat ab – Jetzt bei E-Mail Aktion mitmachen! https://glyphosat.greenpeace.at/glyphosat-eu-unterausschuss/?field_forename_prefill=Martina&field_surname_prefill=Patterson&field_email_prefill=base64:cGF0dGVyc29ubWF0cGF0dEBnbXguZGU%3D%27]&utm_source=email&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=apg_eng&utm_content=planned14

Atomstrom verstopft das Netz – Schluss damit!

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Atomkraftwerke bremsen die Energiewende aus. Wenn in Deutschland Windräder stillstehen, liegt das immer häufiger nicht an der Wetterlage, sondern weil der Atomstrom das Netz verstopft. In Norddeutschland wurde deshalb der Ausbau der Windkraft an Land sogar weitgehend gestoppt. Stattdessen sollen alte Atomreaktoren noch bis 2022 weiterlaufen – trotz des Sicherheitsrisikos. Gegen den Willen der Bevölkerung.

Deshalb fordere ich: AKW jetzt vom Netz, damit der Ausbau der Erneuerbaren Energien vorangehen kann! Online-Petition:




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URGENT: Tell Iran to quash Mohammad Ali Taheri’s death sentence A court in Iran has sentenced Mohammad Ali Taheri to death for the second time. He was convicted of “spreading corruption on earth” for establishing a spiritual group, Erfan-e Halgheh. Mohammad has already been held in solitary confinement for over six years.


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Punish Cop Accused of Shooting and Killing Deaf Man


Be the difference! Sei Du der Unterschied!

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Eure Stimme für die Frostfellchen in Sibirien

Die IngDiBa hat auch dieses Jahr wieder ein Voting für Vereine mit 1000€ Prämie. Der kommende Winter steht bevor und wir würden uns so sehr über Eure Stimme freuen. Heizmaterial muss gekauft werden, die Futterreserven sind aufgebraucht.

Hier ist der Link für das Voting, Daten werden nicht gespeichert oder abgegriffen.


Die Frostfellis und wir alle bedanken uns herzlich für die Hilfe ♥♥♥. Bitte leitet auch grossflächig weiter. Drückt die Daumen und Pfoten bitte.

Es grüssen Euch herzlich

Birgitta, Regine, Svetlana & alle Friernäschen


Was sagen Sie zur geplanten Tötung der Nutrias in Bad Münstereifel? Bitte abstimmen!

Massive Bürgerproteste: Stadt will Bad Münstereifeler Nutria-Familie töten – Quelle: http://www.ksta.de/28501056 ©2017




Andrea Di Monaco

Mal als Info, wie das so mit der Beurteilung der Schäden durch Nutrias gehandhabt wird.

Zitate aus dem Buch von Daniel Scheide über die Nutrias

Zitat”…Genaue Daten und Zahlen über Schäden an der Landwirtschaft und an Deichen, Ufern und Dämmen liegen jedoch nur sehr spärlich und vereinzelt vor. Dennoch geben die meisten Autoren zumindest pauschal an, dass die Nutria Schäden verursacht, nennen dafür auch Bespiele, können diese jedoch meist nicht mit konkreten Zahlen belegen (DVWK 1997; NIEWOLD & LAMMERTSMA 2000; KINZELBACH 2001; SCHMIDT 2001; DEUTZ 2001; BROWN 2002; BAROCH & HAFNER 2002; ATKINSON 2005; JOJOLA ET AL. 2005; BAKER 2006; XU ET AL. 2006; PANZACCHI ET AL. 2007; SHEFFELS & SYTSMA 2007; STUBBE ET AL. 2009; WATERKEYN ET AL. 2010; JOHANSHON 2011; MARINI ET AL. 2011; WALTHER ET AL. 2011; STADT PFORZHEIM AMT FÜR UMWELTSCHUTZ 2011; BERTOLINO ET AL. 2012) …

Zitat >>….Denn häufig werden mögliche Nutriaschäden pauschalisiert.

Die Schäden sollten genauestens untersucht und belegt werden, sodass abgewogen werden kann, ob sich effektive Kontrollmaßnahmen überhaupt lohnen. … ” Zitat Ende <<

Aus Daniel Scheide Ökologie,Verbreitung, Schäden und Management von “Myocastor coypus” in Deutschland im internationalen Vergleich (2012) Universität Trier�Fachbereich Geographie/Geowissenschaften Angewandte Biogeographie

Aus eigner mehrjähriger Erfahrung kann ich diese Aussagen leider nur unterstreichen, Nutrias werden in der Regel immer pauschal für Schäden verantwortlich gemacht und es passiert auch, das Schädigungen ” erfunden ” werden. Ebenso, daß sie auch bereits in der Vergangenheit ” rein prophylaktisch” getötet wurden .

Frage der Woche

Wenn es zu einer Jamaika-Koalition kommt, wer soll dann den Landwirtschaftsminister stellen?

Topagrar.com – Lesen Sie mehr auf: https://www.topagrar.com/

Please vote: Should fur be banned from London Fashion Week? http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/15/should-fur-be-banned-from-london-fashion-week-6450491/#ixzz4t3HOn34l


A Shocking List of Companies Who Still Test on Animals http://craftybird.hubpages.com/hub/Companies-Test-on-Animals


Will you continue to use the above products, even if they test on animals? NO! Do you believe that animal testing is necessary? NO! Occupy for Animals

This new App will tell you if your makeup and household products have been tested on animals: http://cruelty-cutter.org/



Finden Sie tierfreundliche Kosmetik! http://kosmetik.peta.de/

Neue Broschüre: “Hinschauen – Gute Gründe für eine Forschung ohne Tierversuche”



Informations and terms – Infos und Termine

Enjoy!!! Pit bull viciously attacks news anchor pitbullattackwithlove


Now Cut That Out! With your help, we can end classroom cruelty! http://aavs.org/news/help-promote-compassion-in-the-classroom/

Hope for animals after Hurricanes Irma and Maria


Nach dem Erdbeben auf Kos


Letzte Rettung für Bär Tyson


From: <tklaic@gmx.de> Date: 2017-09-21 17:01 GMT+02:00 Subject: Fw: Fwd: psi u romskim naseljima Međimurja (unten Originalmail oben deutscher Text) Es folgen dann die Protestmails, aber das muss ich erst zusammenfassen.

Auf den Bilder sind einige der Hunde die Anfang September aufgenommen sind, einige können gar nicht aufstehen.

Unten die Originalmail der Vorsitzenden des TSCHV in Cakovec Frau Hampamer, die ich in Kurzem im Deutsch zusammenfasse:

Es sind zwei Jahre vergangen seit das Bild auf welchem Kinder einen Welpen zum Tode verprügelten durch die Welt reiste.

Alle wurden dann wach; die Medien, Ministerium der Agrarwirtschaft, lokale Behörden. Wir sind die die Roma Siedlungen gegangen und haben schreckliche Bilder gesehen, insgesamt 2000 kranke, verletzte, von Räude verseuchte Hunde; wir haben 350 rausgeholt mit Hilfe der anderen TSCHVerein und privaten Personen.

Und dann ist alles wieder auf dem Alten geblieben, Politik, Behörden, Ministerium. Viele Sitzungen wurden abgehalten mit dem Schluss dass lokale Gemeinschaften die Kosten der Kastrationen, Impfungen etc. nicht tragen konnten.

Das Ministerium hat angeboten die Mittel für die Tollwutimpfung und Chip bereitzustellen unter Bedingung dass die lokale Gemeinschaften die Kastrationen der Hunde in Zigeunersiedlungen finanzieren was sie nicht tun konnten.

Das Tierheim Prijatelji (gehört dem Verein) hat meisten Hunde versorgt und tut es immer noch, weil kranke Hunde, Hunde mit Räude, Hündinnen mit Babies oder trächtige Hündinnen am Rande der Stadt zurückgelassen werden, voll Parasiten, Demodex, Räude. Der Zahl dieser Hunde ist in drei Jahren um 300% gestiegen, da die versprochenen Kastrationen ausgeblieben sind, es sind momentan 600 Hunde pro Jahr die in unser Tierheim kommen.

Nach dem wir seitens des Vertreters der Romasiedlung PARAG Herrn Matjas Orsus gerufen waren in die Siedlung zu kommen, haben wir 20 Hunde die am dringendsten zu versorgen waren dort rausgeholt; sie waren im letzten Stadium der Räude erkrankt, voller Wunden mit gebrochenen Füßen. In der Siedlung sind noch ca. 70 Hunde geblieben die dringend tierärztliche Versorgung brauchen.

Wir brauchen finanzielle Mittel für den Kauf von Tabletten gegen inneren und äußeren Parasiten die wir dann selbst den Hunden in der Siedlung verabreichen werden (nextgard, simparica, bravecto, advocate spot on) in Abstand von 3 wochen zweimal, abe das ist nur fuer die Hunde in dieser einen Siedlung da wir nicht in der Lage sind Tabletten fuer alle Hunde zu kaufen.

User Tierheim das nur 30% der Mitteln von lokale Gemeinde bekommt sollte ein Problem lösen (Problem der Zigeunerhunde) welches eigentlich auf der Staatsebene zu bewältigen ist; DESHALB BITTEN WIR DIE OEFFENTLICHKEIT UEBER DIESES PROBLEM LAUT ZU REDEN DENN ES GEHT UM DIE TIERE DIE DORT EINEM LANGSAMEN SCHRECKLICKEN STERBEN UND GRAUSAMEN QUALLEN UEBERLASSEN WERDEN.

Wieder sprechen wir von etwa 200 Hunde in 12 Zigeunersiedlungen die auf das schrecklichste misshandelt werden (haben auch Kinder berichtet), Hundekämpfe werden organisiert, Hunde werden gefoltert, so werden auch den dortigen Kindern diese Praktiken beigebracht.

Wer helfen möchte:

IBAN: HR3323400091116025375, ZEU Prijatelji životinja i prirode, Čakovec

swift: PBZGHR2X, Privredna banka d.d. Čakovec

die Abkürzung ZEU bedeutet dass es sich um Schutz- und Eko Verein handelt.

ZEU “Prijatelji životinja i prirode”, Čakovec Privredna banka d.d. Zagreb HR3323400091116025375 model 02, poziv na broj 888, svrha uplate: donacija. (za uplate iz inozemstva – SWIFT: PBZGHR2X)

Od sada donaciju našem azilu možete uplatiti i putem Paypala: info@prijatelji-zivotinja.org



Gesendet: Mittwoch, 20. September 2017 um 19:54 Uhr Von: “Aleksandra Hampamer” <aleksandra.hampamer@gmail.com> An: tklaic@gmx.de Betreff: Fwd: psi u romskim naseljima Međimurja

Prošlo je gotovo dvije godine od video snimke koja je obišla svijet – u kojoj djeca muče i na smrt prebijaju malo štene u romskom naselju Pribislavec.

Digli su se tad na noge svi mediji, sve udruge, cijela lokalna zajednica i Ministarstvo poljoprivrede.

Išli smo u naselja i suočili se sa stravičnim prizorima – ranjenim, šugavim, gladnim i bolesnim psima, njih nekoliko stotina u jednom naselju, a ukupno njih 2000.

Uz pomoć građana i velikog broja udruga za zaštitu životinja iz cijele Hrvatske u naredna dva mjeseca izvukli smo iz naselja njih 350 najkritičnijih. I tada je sve stalo – zakazali su oni koji su po Zakonu o zaštiti životinja jedini nadležni za ničije pse na ulicama pa i u romskim naseljima, zakazala je politika i ovlaštene službe.

Održano je mnogo sastanaka i svaki od sastanaka završio je s jedinim zaključkom koji je glasio da lokalna zajednica ne može podnijeti trošak zbrinjavanja, liječenja, mikročipiranja, cijepljenja protiv bjesnoće i kastracije tih pasa.

Ministarstvo poljoprivrede ponudilo je osigurati dio sredstava za mikročipiranje i cijepljenje protiv bjesnoće, ali uz uvjet da gradovi i općine na čijem području jesu romska naselja osiguraju sredstva za kastraciju. Mnogim općinama ta potrebna sredstva čine velik dio njihovog proračuna i nisu ih u mogućnosti osigurati.

Sklonište za životinje Prijatelji zbrinulo je najveći broj tih pasa i zbrinjava ih čitavo vrijeme jer štenci i skotne kujice sve češće završe na rubnim dijelovima grada – svi odreda teško bolesni, puni parazita, šuge, demodexa. Oporavak traje dugo, a troškovi su veliki.

Osim toga, ne riješava se glavni izvor napuštenih pasa te je sklonište u protekle 3 godine zabilježilo porast primljenih pasa za čitavih 300%, umjesto nekadašnjih 200 psa na godišnjoj razini, sada bilježe 600 pasa na godišnjoj razini.

Nedavni poziv predstavnika romskog naselja Parag g. Matjaža Oršuša rezultirao je posjetom romskom naselju te ponovnim izvlačenjem najkritičnijih dvadesetak pasa koji su bili u zadnjem stadiju oboljenja od šuge, puni rana, s polomljenim nogama ili vidljivim ozljedama. U samom je naselju ostalo još najmanje sedamdesetak takvih pasa kojima je najhitnije potrebna veterinarska skrb kako bi se spriječila njihova daljnja patnja. Mi trenutno skupljamo novčana sredstava za kupnju tableta protiv unutarnjih i vanjskih nametnika koje ćemo sami otići aplicirati psima u naselje (nextgard, simparica, bravecto, advocate spot on) u razmaku od 3 tjedna dva puta, ali to je samo za pse u jednom naselju jer nismo u mogućnosti prikupiti tablete za sve njih.

Sklonište koje se financira samo 30% iz sredstava lokalne samouprave nije u mogućnosti samo riješiti problem koji bi se trebao riješiti na državnoj razini, ali ovim putem ponovo moli javnost da se o hororu u romskim naseljima govori jer te životinje su tamo prepuštene polaganoj i bolnoj smrti te velikoj patnji iz dana u dan.

I opet govorimo o njih gotovo 2000 u 12 romskih naselja Međimurske Županije.

Mnogi od pasa u nekim naseljima su i zlostavljani, a prema riječima i opisima djece u osnovnim školama u blizini nekih od naselja, psi se teško zlostavljaju, organiziraju se borbe pasa te novi naraštaji tamo rastu u ljude bez imalo empatije prema drugom živom biću.

U privitku šaljemo nove fotografije snimljene početkom rujna.

Gesendet: Donnerstag, 28. September 2017 um 09:57 Uhr Von: “Förderverein Lucky Farm e.V.” <foerderverein@lucky-farm.de> Betreff: Schaffensplätze zu vergeben

“Ich will Tierschutz machen

Greifen Sie jetzt zu – eine seltene bis einmalige Chance, endlich frei mit Tieren zusammensein zu können, rund um die Uhr. Seien Sie für die Tiere da und werden Sie Freunde!

Sie steigen ein in ein fertiges Umfeld mit vielen Tieren, bestehendem Verein, eigene Anlage, Gefüge aus Interaktionen, Netzwerk und vielem mehr – Sie müssen nur noch machen 🙂 … !

* Stallhelfer / Minijob (Pferdepfleger/in) * dogwalker u. groomer / Minijob (Tierpfleger/in – Tierheim und Tierpension) * Marketingprofi f. Telefonverkauf + Internet (Marketingfachkraft/-assistent/in) * HaushaltsHilfe für Tierhof (Hauswirtschafter/in) * Tierschutz-Gnadenhof allround-Betriebsleitung (Tierpfleger/in – Tierheim und Tierpension) whatsapp 0171 260 9920 oder https://jobboerse.arbeitsagentur.de/vamJB/stellenangeboteFinden.html?execution=e1s2&bencs=OKMpLGGaVqgHXVYWpnp5xyNtXztUu%2FPy%2FqPOZ4RxN2x%2Fzm3kqLJA%2BrCOPGE%2BuFBuK5UM8pvpRqA8QUlNoCvjnA%3D%3D

Kennen Sie schon unser neues Video? Schauen Sie doch einmal rein: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rucGtD1UaPw

Förderverein Lucky Farm e.V., Sitz WürzburgWassergasse 10D-97258 Geißlingen / Mfr., bei WürzburgTel. +49 9335-99 74 62Fax. +49 9335-99 74 61http://foerderverein.lucky-farm.de (neu gestaltet 09/2015)mail: foerderverein@lucky-farm.dewww.facebook.com/F%C3%B6rderverein-Lucky-Farm-e-V-Sitz-W%C3%BCrzburg-204641179640250/timeline/ VR 200516, Reg.Gericht WürzburgSt.Nr. 9203/111/64393Bescheinigung Gemeinnützigkeit ab 12.11.10Letzter Freistellungsbescheid 14.11.13

Diese Hunde sind starr vor Angst – dabei wäre Hilfe für sie kinderleicht


Ärzte gegen Tierversuche – Termin-Übersicht 2017


From: ag-muenchen@aerzte-gegen-tierversuche.de

Sent: Friday, September 1, 2017 7:32 PM

Subject: Termin: 30.09.2017 veganes Oktoberfest in München


Samstag, 30. September 2017: veganes Oktoberfest in München

Wir feiern Oktoberfest – ohne Tierleid! Denn wir vegane Bayern lieben unsere Heimat, das Brauchtum, die Berge, und die bayerische Küche – und gerade deswegen verzichten wir auf tierische Produkte! Das Alpenvorland und das Gebirge sind mit riesigen Weideflächen überzogen und verdrängen die ursprüngliche Natur. Grossangelegte Ställe und Misthaufen verseuchen das Grundwasser, verpesten die Luft und beuten die sogenannten “Nutztiere” aus. Fleisch- und Fischgerichte in rauhen Mengen werden als “traditionelle bayerische Küche” propagiert und erzeugen Zivilisationskrankheiten und unermessliche Tierquälerei. Die vegane Lebensweise schützt die Natur, wirkt sich positiv auf die Gesundheit aus und rettet Millionen von Tierleben – nicht nur in Bayern! Auf der veganen Wiesn findet Ihr ausführliche Informationen zu allen Tierrechtsthemen, gute Unterhaltung auf der grossen Aktionsbühne und vegane Schmankerl zum probieren. Die Vereinigung Ärzte gegen Tierversuche ist mit einem Infostand vertreten.

Zeit: 30.09.2017, 10 Uhr bis 18 Uhr

Ort: Marienplatz München

Veranstalter: Communitiy Activism to Save Nature, C.A.T.S.Nature e.V., www.catsn.org

AG München der Vereinigung Ärzte gegen Tierversuche

Sa, 30.09.2017 von 15 – 18 Uhr So, 01.10.2017 von 15 – 18 Uhr Sa, 07.10.2017 von 15 – 18 Uhr So, 08.10.2017 von 15 – 18 Uhr Demos vor dem Ponykarussell auf der Krefelder Sprödentalkirmes Anschrift: Sprödentalstraße, 47799 Krefeld (Der Sprödentalplatz liegt direkt an der Sprödentalstraße.) FB-Veranstaltung dazu: https://www.facebook.com/events/1800653393484695/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%2223%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D

Demonstration Schlachthaus-Nachtwache Zürich / 6.10.2017

(de/en) Es ist wieder soweit! Am Freitag, 6. Oktober 2017 kommen wir vor dem Schlachthof Zürich zusammen, um uns von den Tieren zu verabschieden und gemeinsam aktive Anteilnahme leisten. Wir treffen uns um 04:00 Uhr morgens beim Parkplatz Bienen, an der Kreuzung Bienen-/Herdernstrasse 8004 in Zürich. Bevor es losgeht, stellen wir uns kurz vor, besprechen den Ablauf und beantworten Fragen bei Bedarf. Wir entscheiden gemeinsam, wann die Aktion startet und wann sie beendet ist (normalerwese um ca. 06:30 Uhr) und halten in jedem Fall eine kurze Nachbesprechung ab. Viele der Teilnehmenden müssen nach der Nachtwache direkt zur Arbeit gehen. Für diejenigen, die danach noch Zeit haben, gehen wir zur Verarbeitung des Geschehenen noch zusammen Kaffee-Trinken / Frühstücken. Bei Fragen und Anregungen könnt ihr uns gerne jederzeit ein Mail schreiben: sn-zh@immerda.ch

Wir freuen uns auf euch! ♥





You’re invited to the 25th annual Animal Law Conference, October 13-15 in Portland, Oregon.


Protestaktion in Grohnde am 21. Oktober https://www.ausgestrahlt.de/blog/2017/09/27/es-gibt-viel-zu-tun-ausgestrahlt-forderungen-die-nachste-bundesregierung/

Asia For Animals Conference 2017 02. – 05.Dec. in Kathmandu


Freitag, 22. Dezember 17:00 – 20:00 Weihnachts-Mahnwache Schlachthof Viersen Anschrift: Gerberstr. 29 – 32, 41748 Viersen Beim letzten Mal war Ralf Seeger dabei, siehe Foto (sofern er es zeitlich hinbekommt, kommt er auch dieses Jahr) FB-Veranstaltung dazu: https://www.facebook.com/events/1901576176774644/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%2223%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22null%22%7D

Kastration und Adoption statt Tötungsstation! Stoppt das rumänische Hundemassaker! Das Problem packt man nicht am Schwanz, sondern man löst es an der Wurzel!


Animal welfare = climate = Environmental Protection = Human Conclusion: Animal welfare is community involvement and living ethics!

Tierschutz = Klimaschutz = Umweltschutz = Menschenschutz Fazit: Tierschutz ist soziales Engagement & gelebte Ethik! Zitat von Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Wirnitzer (PhD)

The meat and dairy drug: not food, not fashion and not a fad – it is a drug (Philip Wollen) www.youtube.com/watch?v=75eblACv_uI&feature=relmfu

Philip Wollen über die Notwendigkeit, auf Fleisch zu verzichten. DEUTSCHE VERSION www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=yYTlclsy6wA

Philip Wollen: Wasser ist das neue Öl!!! In english + deutsch https://www.facebook.com/dieblauehand.unterhaltung/videos/695910713823995/?fref=nf

„Earthlings changed my life. Had hubby, son and gf watch it that same night. We’ve been full blown vegans for 6 beautiful months. I’m now an activist. Anybody can change. I’m 58 and only wished I would have seen the light much earlier. earthlings.com


Earthlings – Neue Synchronisation auf Deutsch – Komplett http://vegane-jobs.de/earthlings-neue-synchronisation-auf-deutsch-komplett/

This little girl says NO to meat! That’s a great message by a little girl. Wisdom must not come with age, it comes from the heart… Sadly most adults have so many excuses to eat animals.


The ‘Humane Slaughter’ Myth http://www.animalaid.org.uk/h/n/CAMPAIGNS/slaughter/ALL///


Why Are These People Crying? www.peta.org/b/thepetafiles/archive/2013/03/12/why-are-these-people-crying.aspx?utm_campaign=0313%20People%20Crying%20Blog&utm_source=PETA%20E-Mail&utm_medium=E-News

Horror at halal slaughterhouse: Shocking undercover film shows the ‘needless suffering’ of livestock that are butchered without being stunned first


www.peta50plus.de/fehlbeteaubung-beim-schlachten www.veganstart.de

Slaughtered While Still Conscious http://www.e-activist.com/ea-campaign/action.handleViewInBrowser.do?ea.campaigner.email=LanEbAfBXPAnbQ71WR4QQYptSBJWF7Iq&broadcastId=47138&templateId=34473

Schlachthof-Hölle in Deutschland https://vimeo.com/122454053?ref=fb-share

Undercover Schlachthof-Video: Todesschreie der Tiere Filmaufnahmen aus einem Vorzeige-Bio-Schlachthof http://www.peta.de/schlachthofbawue#.VpvqkVKmJo6

Ein Virus namens “Menschheit” http://www.lorieesser.com/virus-menschheit/

Out of sight…out of mind… http://www.scotlandforanimals.org/CCTV.html



Sir Paul McCartney Narrates ‘Glass Walls’ http://action.peta.org.uk/ea-campaign/clientcampaign.do?ea.client.id=5&ea.campaign.id=5133

The Secret Reason We Eat Meat – Dr. Melanie Joy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao2GL3NAWQU

Das Klagen der Kühe – Schulversion http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IN8SU7gB-Ms#!

And Then Came Man – Check it Out. www.liveleak.com/view?i=0f0_1356636529

The Faces of Animal Research


http://www.peta2.com/achievements/animal-testing-video/home/?utm_campaign=Animal%20Testing&utm_source=peta2%20e-mail&utm_medium=alert Why Animal Testing Doesn’t Work https://www.facebook.com/official.peta/videos/10153268416179586/

The failure of animal experiments – an animated educational film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo25wUKNySg&feature=youtu.be

Unsinn Tierversuch – Ein animierter Aufklärungsfilm der Ärzte gegen Tierversuche https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxFbQfbxXjI&feature=youtu.be

Air France und ihr dunkles Geheimnis


Search for brands that DON’T test on animals here: http://peta.vg/1ks9 ‪#‎StopAnimalTests

My story …


Hinter den Kulissen der Tierindustrie


Pferdetransport – Quälerei ohne Grenzen www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bGTBaOaAco&NR=1&feature=endscreen

She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for! www.informationclearinghouse.info/article32994.htm#.UJ-W4aiE9yU.wordpress

The price of milk (explain this…) www.youtube.com/watch?v=82afx4sLeMk

Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJ–faib7to

GMO A Go Go: An Animated (and Satiric) Short Film


Cry of the innocent – ein berührendes Video über den Pelzhandel – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv2hT4fa9Gg

Pelz? 60 Sekunden, die jeder gesehen haben sollte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5z_UlHf50nA&feature=c4-overview&list=UUO4Wc93amyc9VDvzTa1bekg Viele Menschen glauben, dass Pelztiere nur in Pelztierfarmen in China leiden. DAS ISTNICHT SO! Sie leiden kläglich in Pelzfarmen weltweit. Dies ist ein Screenshot des Videos eines analen Stromschlags in einer Pelzfarm in Illinois. Sie sterben nicht sofort, sie gehen in einen Schockzustand, während ihre Innereien grundsätzlich vom Strom “gekocht” werden. SEHEN Sie sich das VIDEO an:


The Animal Holocaust by Jo Frederiks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5XX35L4fmQ&feature=share

English and german http://www.earthlings.de/

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Tierkörperaktion in Karlsruhe, 13.12.2014 // Aktivistenbündnis Karlsruhe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qukxtjhZ4bI

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Free Tibet London UK. September New Campaign.

We are pleased to have given some financial support to the making of the new film about the suffering that has been Tibet since it was invaded by China.

Here is a short animation about the future.

It is an exciting time to speak out for the people of Tibet who have recently suffered so much.

Read more by typing in ‘Free Tibet’ on the search box at the top right of the page.

Regards SAV.











Petition Link – https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI/?wsCThdb&utm_source=sharetools&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=petition-135390-EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI&utm_term=sCThdb%2Ben


The photos below are from our own archive and are not directly associated with the petition – SAV.



Why this is important




For some time in Bosnia and Herzegovina mass hysteria about stray animals has been systematically created by continuous political and media propaganda that aims to get public attention and direct citizens away from more pressing problems: unemployment, the failing economy, organised crime, corruption, failure of institutions to implement laws, the crime rate, which is continuously increasing.

Instead public attention is directed to those who cannot defend themselves, who are not guilty because they are abandoned and who are themselves victims of a dysfunctional and corrupt system in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the stray animal populations.

The burgeoning stray animal population, that has been caused by people is being publicised as an “animal problem”.

For months certain political parties and media spread hatred against stray dogs in particular, and intentionally are causing fear and hatred. Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina have almost no interest in a humane reduction of stray animals.

Petition Link – https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI/?wsCThdb&utm_source=sharetools&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=petition-135390-EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI&utm_term=sCThdb%2Ben

The large number of stray animals on the streets of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a direct consequence of a failure to implement the existing Animal Protection and Welfare Act. It is a fact that an increasing number of stray dogs on the streets is always a direct consequence of the failure to implement preventative measures which are provided by this Animal Protection and Welfare Act.

And instead of making provisions to implement the law, a proposal for changes and amendments to the Animal Protection and Welfare Law has been made by Nermina Zaimović – Uzunović, a member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly and a member of the Social Democratic Party, amendments which contain primitive and inhumane provisions for the euthanasia of healthy stray animals that are fostered in shelters if they are not adopted in 14 days.


This provision is not enforceable or advisable in practice because of the following reasons:

1) Euthanasia deals only with symptoms but not the causes of stray animal population problems. It will not lead to population management and must not be relied upon as a sole response to such problems. The focus of euthanasia of healthy stray dogs is on the consequence, not the cause of the problem. If causes that lead to the abandonment of animals are not resolved, the problem will continue. if those who are responsible for the implementation of the Animal Protection Act of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the media and political parties are only focused on consequences and not on the causes, the problem of stray animals will not be solved by any method.

2) Euthanasia as a way to manage the population of abandoned animals is five times more expensive than the implementation of TNR / CNR methods (catch – spay/neuter – release) and the construction of shelters for stray animals–which should function as centres for the adoption of stray animals.


Petition Link – https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI/?wsCThdb&utm_source=sharetools&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=petition-135390-EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI&utm_term=sCThdb%2Ben

Does this mean there is money for killing stray animals, but there is no money to implement the existing Animal Protection and Welfare Law? The proposed amendments do not lay out a financing plan nor do they offer money-saving solutions. The costs of euthanasia are 30% higher than those of neutering/spaying.

3) Nowhere in the world has euthanasia solved the problem of stray dogs for any period of time.

4) In Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other parts of the world, there is no system that would efficiently and without consequences to the environment solve the problem of vast amounts of biological waste resulting from mass euthanasia. The proposed amendments to the BiH Animal Welfare Act do not include any mechanism that would allow the country to remove corpses of dead animals in large numbers, no provision for financing such a project.

In practice what does the implementation of these the proposed amendments to the BiH Animal Welfare Law mean?

This proposal aims to provide a carte blanche for the mass killing of stray animals, and to conveniently put aside four years of inaction regarding the implementation of the existing Animal Protection and Welfare Law. The existing law includes provisions for identification and registration of ownership of dogs. Irresponsible owners abandoning dogs and owners refusing to sterilise their free-roaming dogs are some of the main causes of the stray dog population problem. The proposer of the new amendments does not mention these issues, nor offers a plan for improvement of implementation of the existing provisions. This means the problem will keep occurring: the cause is being ignored and only the result is being addressed.

Also, this proposal removes responsibility for the above mentioned inaction from the lower levels of government, the veterinary profession, inspections and police, a responsibility and its implementation which is clearly and precisely provided by the existing Animal Protection and Welfare Law.


Petition Link – https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI/?wsCThdb&utm_source=sharetools&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=petition-135390-EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI&utm_term=sCThdb%2Ben

It was clear even to the minister who proposed the disputed new provisions and her political party that implementation of the provisions of the euthanasia of healthy stray animals is technically and financially impossible. Humane euthanasia practises are costly — this requires trained professionals and expensive drugs. Dogs in shelters are known to be ‘euthanised’ inhumanely in a number of ways including clubbing. Images from other state shelters show starving dogs and dog corpses left amongst living dogs.

The new amendments are intended to mask the massacres of stray animals that will occur. The proposed amendments clearly reveal considerable inconsistencies. For example, keeping the obligation to invest in mass neutering, but also dictating obligatory allocation of funds to euthanise these very same dogs.

The existing Animal Protection and Welfare Law is an absolutely enforceable and functional law and it is not enforced because of political interests. After four years from adoption and entry into force of the Animal Protection and Welfare Law, there are continued obstructions to its implementation. Also, enormous funds have been laundered through the so-called shelters for stray animals, whose owners, directors, managers, are people close to the local municipal authorities.

The building of shelters for stray animals is, in fact, supposed to be completed in all cities by May, 2010. They are not completed. The proposed new amendments for euthanasia of healthy stray animals will provide income to complete work that should have been done over 3 years ago: dogs will be inhumanely killed in order to allow for this redirection of the use of the money to build shelters. Moreover new shelters will certainly continue to be completely inadequate for the health and well-being of dogs kept there, as has been documented regarding existing shelters all over the country, both new and old.

Furthermore, the European Union provides the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina with many millions of euros worth of financial aid each year. The allocation for 2012 was around €107.8m. Our understanding of the provisos attached to these aid packages is that there is a requirement for the recipient country to abide by EU laws which would include the laws related to animal welfare.

If EU funding is being abused, why should tax payers money be promoting a regime which has no intention of upholding our standards of animal welfare and who seek to become members of the EU in the near future? What is going on here, with millions of Euros going to waste and animal suffering combined?

In the 2nd reading and voting on the proposed amendments to the of Animal Protection and Welfare Law which was held on 20th November, 19 representatives in House of representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina were against the new amendments, 22 of them were for, but there was not an entity majority from Republic of Srpska so the law was not changed. Since there was not entity majority, new voting will be on 5th December, 2013.

If the BiH Parliament votes for proposed amendments, there will be significantly negative consequences for the strays of the country, providing easy routes to continued inhumane ‘euthanasia’ of healthy strays (even those who have already been through spay-neuter programs!) and continued misuse of funds intended for the benefit of the strays.

Can you raise these issues to your counterparts in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and in EU Parliament, and comment as to how this situation appears to be on going and unaddressed?

Immediate international pressure on representatives of the BiH Parliament who are for “the kill law“ is extremely important in order to influence them to change their attitude towards the proposed amendments, and to seek, rather, to implement all provisos of what is a very good Animal Welfare Act.

Petition Link – https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI/?wsCThdb&utm_source=sharetools&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=petition-135390-EU_Commission_EU_Parliament_BiH_Parliament_The_European_Parliament_STOP_BIH_FROM_IMPLEMENTING_KILLLAW_AMENDMENTS_TO_THEI&utm_term=sCThdb%2Ben


Please visit the link below to learn much more about illegal dog killing activities – SAV:

For more information:
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/606785202697592/


South Korea – Dog Meat Trade – Lots of Very Positive News.


South Korea – Dog Meat Trade – Lots of Very Positive News.

Read on to learn more and to take actions as necessary.



Monumental changes are happening in Bucheon ​ to become the first “Dog Meat Free” city in South Korea

​Nami Kim and her SaveKoreanDogs.org organization shared the this story on their Facebook.

Step by step, the City of Bucheon has been taking necessary actions towards their goal of becoming the first “Dog Meat Free” city in South Korea. We are more than grateful to the Mayor of Bucheon, Man-Soo Kim, and his teams for working so hard to make this goal a reality and for their willingness in being the leader in this critical step forward in ending the dog meat trade in Korea. Nami continues to lend her support to Mayor Kim’s team by coordinating efforts and assisting the city in this historic endeavor.

Click HERE to learn more.


Our campaign is working. Let’s keep it going! New Sister/Friendship City Campaigns

​Every day, dear friends, millions of helpless animals – those we consider man’s best friend and who are part of our families – are being subjected to horrific cruelty while the Korean government and the majority of Korean citizens turn a blind eye. We can no longer stand silently by while these dogs suffer immeasurably in tortuous conditions and are brutally slaughtered. Please be their voice today. Please take action!

Friendship City Campaign – Gwangju, South Korea – Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia Friendship City Campaign – Yongin, South Korea – Redland, Queensland, Australia Sister City Campaign – Suwon, South Korea – Townsville, Queensland, Australia Sister City Campaign – Daejeon, South Korea – Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Friendship City Campaign – Seoul Seocho District, South Korea – Perth, Western Australia Friendship State Campaign – Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea – Western Australia, Australia Friendship State Campaign – Jeju, South Korea – Tasmania, Australia Friendship State Campaign – Gyeongsangnam-do Province, South Korea – Queensland, Australia Friendship City Campaign – Seoul Gangdong-gu, South Korea – Willoughby, New South Wales, Australia Sister City Campaign – Incheon, South Korea – Veneto, Italy


Urgent Call to Action – Stop the Korean Dog Slaughters’ Demonstration in Seoul!

Sharing campaign by Susan Song. ​There’s a planned protest by the Korean Dog Meat Association at the Blue House on September 22, 2017. They plan to bring live dogs in trucks to the protest in defiance of defending the dog meat trade in S. Korea. Please take the action to file protest asking Korean government to not allow this protest to taking place. Click below to take action.


Update on Busan Gupo Dog Meat Market’s Cruelty Case e-people Official Korean Government Response: baffling – blame shifting – unprofessional.

We received a response from a petition submission regarding the Busan Gupo Market Cruelty Case to the Korean Government’s e-people web site; it answered none of our concerns, made little sense and shifted responsibility to other Government offices. The reply was not what we should expect from any official main government-operated site that invites comment from the public, and especially not from the Government of such a wealthy, highly educated country. The least what we should expect is a reasonable, coherent and informed response to our legitimate concerns. Click HERE to learn more.


Gunpo hears us: Mayor Kim sends response

We received a response from the Mayor of Gunpo, resulting from one of our campaigns urging their Sister City, Belleville, Ontario, Canada to speak out against the illegal dog and cat meat industries in Gunpo. We currently have two other active Sister City campaigns against Gunpo– Clarksville, Tennessee, Grant County, Washington.

We very much appreciate Mayor Yoon-Joo Kim responding to us and what he says in his letter sounds very genuine. However, it does not contain any promise of affirmative action to end the illegal dog and cat meat industries operating in his city. But we still feel our campaign to be a success as the Mayor and his Government are now well aware that people from all over the world are monitoring them and they realize that we are not going away until the dog and cat meat trades are brought to an end. We are cautiously optimistic that the Mayor will put his words into action in any future policies and decisions he makes for the animals in his city. Click HERE to learn more.


Mayor Ro of Seoul Gangseo-gu responds

We received a response from Mayor Ro of Seoul Gangseo-gu regarding our campaign “Friendship City Campaign – Seoul Gangseo-gu, South Korea – Nottingham, United Kingdom”.

We had already closed this campaign but nevertheless, it had made a positive impact by raising awareness about this issue with the City of Nottingham, as well as making Seoul Gangseo-gu aware that we are campaigning against their dog meat industry. The mayor of Gangseo-gu had stated that they will “enhance PR efforts and administrative guidance to prevent animal abuse and unsanitary distribution practices in order to do everything we can within our power.” However, he doesn’t say that he will take steps to ban the illegal dog and cat meat trade. We must keep our pressure on their government to motivate them to take action to end the horrific dog meat trade. Click HERE to learn more.


President Moon Jae-In heard our voice, literally!

Big thank you goes out to Susan Song and everyone who participated in the peaceful protest ​in New York City on September 18th.

Dedicated preparation, hard work and persistence paid off really big yesterday. Susan Song, the organizer, and the volunteer activists were face to face with the President of South Korea, Moon Jae-In as he sat in his limousine in traffic on the streets of New York City.

Click HERE to watch the videos and photos from this momentous encounter. Our big thank you goes out to Susan Song and everyone who helped out!!

Click HERE to share this news!















EU: Supposed Enforcement Of Better Regulations Relating To African Swine Fever.

SAV Comment – lets hope they enforce this better than their own (EU) regulations regarding live animal transport – Reg 1/2005.

Animal Health


Animal Health: Commission updates veterinary measures to control African swine fever and avian influenza


Yesterday, Member States’ experts approved a Commission Implementing Decision relating to animal health control measures for African swine fever. The Decision, which amends Decision 2014/709/EU, reviews the control measures in place for ASF, to combat the spread of the disease.

The draft also updates the regionalisation for the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania in order to help control the spread of the disease.

Today, a Commission Implementing Decision on protective measures in relation to highly pathogenic avian influenza also obtained a favourable opinion from the Committee. The Decision, which amends Implementing Decision (EU) 2017/247, updates the regionalisation measures due to new outbreaks of the disease in Italy.

The updated measures aim at protecting the EU single market from these serious contagious animal diseases. The Commission continues to follow the evolution of the epidemiological situation and adapts the measures accordingly.


For more information:


Serbia: Belgrade Authorities Contacted About Stray Dog Killing By Car Driver.

Update 19/9/17 –

Hi Mark,

This is proof  from VU Veterina Belgrade, that the firm that removes the corpse took the dog’s body under the bottom left-hand spot, the body of the dead dog

The dog is chipped and looking for the owner

The autopsy is mandatory by official duty in every case of  crime.

I insist on abduction-autopsy .





This is a receipt for the mail you sent to

<ranko.jerkovic@prvo.os.jt.rs> at 9/18/2017 6:17 PM

This receipt verifies that the message has been displayed on the

recipient’s computer at 9/19/2017 9:51 AM



Here is a photograph of a stray dog which was killed by the driver of a car in Belgrade.  As you can see from the photo; it appears that the driver of the car just walked away from the incident, leaving the animal under the wheels of the vehicle.


Slavica (EPAR) in Serbia; and also ourselves, have written to the Belgrade authorities to ask what actions they and the police are taking.  It is clear from the photo the vehicle details; so the police should have no problem identifying and contacting the driver / owner.

We have given the authorities until 30/9/17 to provide us with an update of actions.  If we have not heard anything back from them by then, we will have no option but to involve supporters.


Below are Slavica’s and our letters.


ParkiraoNaPsa16.9.2017.KP,OJT Beograd

SAV Belgrade letter 18 Sept.


Extra 18/9/17 – this type of animal abuse must not be allowed by a state (Serbia) wishing to join the EU.

We sent our letter to the EU (Enlargement Commissioner Hahn) – responsible for reviewing applicant member states.  We have now had confirmation that he has seen our letter.

Your message

To: HAHN Johannes (CAB-HAHN)
Subject: Belgrade Animal Incident.
Sent: 18 September 2017 18:17:55 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

was read on 18 September 2017 18:39:46 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

We now hope this puts additional leanings on the Belgrade authorities to act in a positive manner.




Catalonia (Spain) – Liberation from the EU ?

Dear Mark, because in two weeks the referendum for the independence of catalonia takes place, I wanted to write some thoughts about it.

Liberation from the EU

The Catalan regional president Carles Puigdemont has announced that on 1 October 2017, a referendum on the independence of the Catalonia region from Spain will take place. The Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rahoy, illegally criminalized the vote of the Catalans and announced that he would go against the referendum “by all means”. Spanish media reports that the central government is planning to send 4,000 policemen to Catalonia to prevent the referendum.

On 1 October, on the day of the election, the officials are to seize urns and voting material. The prosecutor’s office in Spain has criminalized more than 700 mayors from the region of Catalonia and invited them to a hearing. Whoever does not come, is arrested. This is reminiscent of the old, black times of Franco, but does not surprise anyone. Because the majority of the People’s Party (Partido Popular), is nevertheless from the right corner.

“Can anybody in the Western world seriously believe that if 75 percent of the (Catalan) mayors are arrested, they help to solve the problem?” Asked Catalan Prime Minister Carles Puigdemont. All this is happening in an EU country, but the EU is silent, and ahead of all, the President of the EU Commission Juncker. He had announced a press conference on 12.09.2017, which he cancelled! Nevertheless, one can guess how Juncker thinks about the Catalan referendum.

He considers the idea of an independent Catalonia to be a complete nonsense. It would harm its EU politically and economically because an independent country is no longer a member of the EU. Juncker, of course, does not say such a thing, because the consequences of this press conference would be easily imaginable: the Catalan people would have placed alongside the enemy image Madrid the enemy image Brussels. In addition, Scotland could reinstate its independence efforts. That is why Juncker has canceled his press conference and the EU is silent. If their political and economic interest is in danger, then the EU is silent.

The Catalan Prime Minister, Carles Puigdemont, said: “If a majority vote with ‘yes’ at the referendum, we have probably deserved the right to be heard from such people as Mr Junker, for example. They are probably under pressure from Madrid, but I’ve said so many times, and I say it now, in a democracy, the right to ignore someone does not exist. “

But Juncker and his friend Rahoy, do not hold much of democracy. That is why I think that the best for Catalonia would be to leave not only Spain, but also the EU.

I want to finish my thoughts with a sentence from Assange:

@JulianAssange If today is a guide on Oct 1 Europe will birth a new 7.5m nation or civil war. Front page news English media hide. https://twitter.com/JulianAssange/status/907289458797674496 …

19:32 – 11. Sep. 2017

My best regards to you an all






The Girl Who Says Exactly How We Feel.

England:   ‘Tiger’ Joanna Krupa Visits Westminster to Call for Ban on Wild-Animal Circuses.

‘Tiger’ Joanna Krupa Visits Westminster to Call for Ban on Wild-Animal Circuses


Supermodel and activist Joanna Krupa posed as a tiger outside Westminster today to speak out for animals exploited in circuses and to urge the government to outlaw this cruel practice in England and Wales

“I’ve always loved and respected the importance the UK places on protecting animals – which is why I was so surprised to learn that wild-animal circuses are still allowed to tour in England and Wales,” said Joanna. “No animal should be forced to perform tricks for entertainment, and it’s time the British government put an end to this cruelty.”

Wild animals in circuses spend their lives confined to cramped cages and barren trailers as they’re carted up and down the country. Trainers bully them into performing confusing tricks, often beating them into submission if they don’t obey. Denied the opportunity to do anything that is natural and important to them, they frequently suffer from chronic health problems and psychological disorders – and many die prematurely.


Fortunately, wild-animal circuses are part of a dying industry, and more and more countries around the world are outlawing them. David Cameron promised to introduce a ban in England and Wales when he was Prime Minister but failed to do so, even though 94 per cent of respondents to a government consultation supported one. Scotland introduced legislation banning wild-animal circuses earlier this year, so there’s no excuse for England and Wales not to do the same.


What You Can Do

Please contact the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Michael Gove, and ask him to bring England and Wales in line with the many countries that have outlawed animal acts in circuses.




Past SAV posts on this issue: 

It has been a very long campaign, and not ended yet.
































USA: Ask Alaska Airlines To Stop Its Support Of Iditarod and Many Dog Deaths.

In just one week of the 2017 race—when temperatures hit 30 degrees below or colder for days at a time—five dogs died.

One got away from his handler and was hit by a car, another died of hyperthermia on a plane, and three others died on the trail, one likely from choking on his own vomit.

More than 150 dogs have been killed in the race’s history—not counting those who died during the year while kept on chains or who were killed because they lacked the rare speed and stamina necessary to make the cut.

Please join PETA in urging Alaska Airlines to end its sponsorship of this abusive race in which dogs are run to their deaths.



SAV recent post with video footage:



UK RESIDENTS ONLY ACTION – Strong Suggestion That UK Will Ban Live Animal Exports After Brexit (Leaving the EU). Thank Mr. Gove For A Positive Comment.

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has suggested that Britain may end the cruel UK live export trade after Brexit.

IF YOU ARE UK RESIDENT ONLY – Please email him today, welcoming this suggestion and urging him to act.


Above – Minister Gove with canine friend.

Compassion’s investigators have just arrived back from the Turkish/Bulgarian border, where they have been documenting the condition of animals in transit.


SAV Comment – click on this link above to read more about what the investigators found and as always, where EU law for animals in transport is being breached. 

An issue we have shown for years and campaigned strongly about.  Van Goethem and the others at the EU simply say they can do nothing, despite having regulations that they could act on with regard prosecutions.  The EU – useless as always; a big tub of useless hot air in Brussels !

What they found was shocking and appalling, but sadly not surprising.

Time and again we see evidence that animals suffer during long distance transport, but nothing is done.

Brexit gives the British government an opportunity to take a stand.

We must ensure the global trade in animals for fattening or slaughter is dismantled, a UK ban would be a historic first step.


You can take further action at the following link BUT ONLY IF YOU LIVE IN THE UK.


ACTION Source –




Campaigners and MPs speak out on global day of action to stop live animal transports, 13 September 2017


https://twitter.com/search?t=1&cn=ZmxleGlibGVfcmVjc18y&refsrc=email&iid=21d6ca08694640a6b6e7 31c6976702e&q=%23Stoplivetransport&uid=3003466684&nid=244+276893705  





England: 15/9/17. LONDON – Crude IED On Morning Rush Hour Tube – Terrorist Device.

Breaking 15/9/17.  LONDON hit again.


Some nut has attempted to kill and maim on a London rush hour tube train this morning.  Very crude device – IED type device in a bucket placed inside a plastic shopping bag.  Bomber left tube and on the run.


NO DEATHS, but several people with quite serious burns; not life threatening  from what we know.

MI5, armed police etc everywhere.

BBC news link –  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41278545




Take Action Now Over German Live Exports – It Is German Election Time – We Can Be A Voice.


Dear Mark,

I received this mail petition from Animals Angels today and would like to send it to you.

It goes to the Federal Minister of Christianity and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in Germany.

Now it is the elections and maybe we can achieve something.

In any case it is important that many nationalities sign, so that Agrarminister Schmidt finally notes that the whole world is informed of his hostile animal policy.

And because EU is Germany, it is important to put pressure on him.

In the name of the animals, thank to all who participate



The situation:

Germany has already exported more than 13,676 cattle and calves to Turkey, as well as 331 cattle to Iraq.

Support our work for the animals with the invitation to the German authorities to stop exports of live animals to Turkey and Iraq.

We had a few problems yesterday, but now we can provide the email address for the letter to the minister, here is it:



ACTION – what you can do to help

So first dial up a blank e mail using the above link.

Then either copy the German or English (or both) versions of the short letter given below.

Paste the letter(s) into the e(blank)  mail you have created via the above link.

Then hit the ‘send’ button on your e mail to send it to the Minister.

Job done – Thank you.

This is the letter to copy and send in German


“An Bundesminister Christian Schmidt und das Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft:

Wir fordern Sie dazu auf, den Export lebender Tiere in die Türkei sowie in den Irak zu stoppen.

Auf Ihrer Internetseite lesen wir folgendes: „Aus Gründen des Tierschutzes sollen Transporte über lange Strecken soweit wie möglich vermieden werden.

Doch im Jahr 2016 hat Deutschland 29.368 Rinder und Kälber zur Zucht, Mästung oder Schlachtung in die Türkei exportiert.

Die deutschen Tierschutzgesetze werden jedoch nicht mitexportiert, vielmehr werden die Tiere ihrem Schicksal überlassen.

Dies lässt sich in keinem Sinne mit dem im Grundgesetz verankerten Staatsziel Tierschutz vereinen.“

 Name, Nationality

This is the English version of the same letter.

“To Federal Minister Christian Schmidt and the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture:

We ask you to stop exporting live animals to Turkey and Iraq.

On your website, we read the following: “For reasons of animal welfare, transports over long distances are to be avoided as much as possible.”

But in 2016, Germany exported 29,368 cattle and calves to Turkey for breeding, fattening or slaughtering. 

But the law is not exported with the animals, they are left to their fate instead. This can not be reconciled in any sense with the goal of animal protection laid down in the Basic Law of Germany.”

Name, Nationality


Animals Angels Website Link:


Note – please click on the UK flag at the top to get an English translation for the site which is written in German.



USA: News from the Center for Biological Diversity.

USA News from the Center for Biological Diversity


Check out all the latest at  http://biologicaldiversity.org/


New Video Shows Wild Jaguar in Arizona

Big news for jaguars: This morning the

Center for Biological Diversity released

the first video footage of a jaguar living

in the Chiricahua Mountains of southern

Arizona. The cat has been named Sombra,

Spanish for “shadow,” by middle-school

students at Tucson’s Paulo Freire Freedom

School. The jaguar in our footage appears

to be the same one photographed in the

nearby Dos Cabezas Mountains in November

2016. Its gender is unknown. “This beautiful

cat has now appeared in images taken seven

months apart,” said the Center’s Randy

Serraglio. “It has apparently established

residence in excellent habitat more than

50 miles north of the border — great news

for jaguar recovery.” We’ve been fighting

for years to save jaguars and their U.S. habitat.

Read more and see the video.


Lawsuit Targets Commercial Wildlife Trapping in California

Every year in California thousands of coyotes, foxes,

badgers and other fur-bearing animals are trapped

so their pelts can be sold overseas. Meanwhile the

state’s commercial trapping program has long

been mismanaged. And since 2013, wildlife

agencies have illegally diverted as much as

half a million dollars to fund it. That’s why

this week the Center and Project Coyote sued

the California Fish and Game Commission

and Department of Fish and Wildlife.

“Commercial trapping is a cruel, destructive

practice that shouldn’t be subsidized by California

taxpayers,” said the Center’s Jean Su. “It’s

wrong that a handful of trappers slaughter

our wildlife for private profit while the state

foots the bill. These animals are far more

valuable as essential species in California’s

web of life than as skinned pelts shipped to

Russia and China.”

Read more in the Los Angeles Times.



We’re Igniting Change — Are You In?

The Center is launching Ignite Change, a massive, volunteer-driven network to challenge Trump,

call out members of Congress, organize and

attend rallies, activate locally, and be a powerful,

visible, sustained voice for the planet. This is

the single-largest grassroots project the Center

has ever undertaken — and we need you to

make it successful. Our first campaign will

focus on saving America’s public lands.

We’ll also be working to save wildlife, the

climate and a livable future for all. Are you in?

Take a moment today to join Ignite Change.


Study Highlights Need for Monarch Protection

More bad news for monarchs: A study published

in the journal Biological Conservation reports

that the butterflies’ population west of the

Rocky Mountains has plunged from 10 million

in the ’80s to just 300,000 today. Backed by

decades of data collected by the Xerces Society

and volunteers, the report estimates there’s

more than a 70 percent chance that western

monarchs will go extinct within 20 years.

While monarchs east of the Rockies migrate

to Mexico for the winter, their western

counterparts cluster on California’s coast.

In 2014 the Center and allies, including the

Xerces Society, petitioned for federal

protections for monarchs throughout their

range. The Trump administration is under

court order to decide on protections in 2019.

Learn more in ZME Science and read the study’s abstract.



Trump OKs Coal Mining in Roadless Colorado Forest

Trump’s Forest Service has given an initial OK

for Arch Coal to expand mining leases into 1,700

acres of roadless wildlands in Colorado’s Gunnison National Forest. The company wants to mine

17 million tons of coal in this pristine forest

— home to black bears, elk, beavers and lynx.

The coal would generate at least 49 million

tons of greenhouse gas pollution.

“The Trump administration is doubling down

on coal and sacrificing our climate and

Colorado’s spectacular high-country forest,”

said the Center’s Michael Saul.

Read more.

Brazil: 10 Members Of An Isolated Tribe Murdered By Illegal Miners – Please Take Action For Them – Petition.

Ten members of an isolated tribe in Brazil were reportedly slaughtered at the hands of illegal gold miners in the Amazon.


Sign this petition to demand that the government of Brazil do more to protect its tribal communities from such horrific acts of violence.

Target: Michel Temer, President of Brazil

Goal: Prosecute miners who attacked and killed rare uncontacted and isolated tribal community.

The government of Brazil under President Michel Temer has come under intense criticism for its ‘anti-Indian’ stance, following reports that yet another tribal community has been brutalized by outsiders.

In the most recent alleged attack, ten members of an uncontacted tribe were said to have been slaughtered by illegal gold miners, who later bragged about killing them and throwing their bodies into a river.

If true, it is believed that this attack may have wiped out one fifth of the isolated tribe’s entire population.


Please support this important petition – be a voice for these people – Thank you – SAV.





UK: Campaigners From Over 25 Nations Work Together Today (13/9/17) To End Live Animal Exports.

SAV Comment – This very morning we have had to sit and endure Junker telling the EU Parliament how the UK is going to suffer when it leaves the EU (Brexit).  This is from ‘Mr EU’ – the official EU clown who has ‘EU Regulations’ on paper but does nothing to ensure that they are actually enforced.  He has help with the non enforcement of the regulations from others in his circle like Mr Van Goethem – or Mr  “I can do nothing” as he is much better known throughout the EU.  He and Junker make a fine pair – BOTH useless to the very end.  If and When other nations in the EU have the guts to follow the UK lead and exit the Union, then they can take back their own legislative control and start enforcing their own new national laws to stop live animal transport.

Above – Mr Junker and Mr Van Goethem – two useless EU peas from the same pod.






Photo – VC.

 This morning, people around the world are uniting around a single idea; an end to the long distance transport of animals. Campaigners from at least 25 countries are taking action; from Australia, to the USA, to Israel this truly is a global movement to end the cruelty of the live transport trade.

We’re thrilled that so many Compassion supporters in the UK are staging events today or at the weekend. It isn’t too late to join an event but, if you can’t be with us in person, you can still make your voice count.


Take Action:


UK Environment Secretary, Michael Gove has suggested that Britain may end the cruel UK live export trade after Brexit.

Please email him today, welcoming this suggestion and urging him to act.

Now is the time

Compassion’s investigators have just arrived back from the Turkish/Bulgarian border, where they have been documenting the condition of animals in transit. What they found was shocking and appalling, but sadly not surprising.

Time and again we see evidence that animals suffer during long distance transport, but nothing is done. Brexit gives the British government an opportunity to take a stand. We must ensure the global trade in animals for fattening or slaughter is dismantled, a UK ban would be a historic first step.

Let’s make 13th September 2017 the date when the public stood against the cruel live export trade.


Each year the EU exports over two million cattle and sheep to the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa. Packed into overcrowded trucks the animals are sent on long road journeys to Turkey or sea ports in southern Europe. From the port they are shipped to the Middle East and North Africa.

In the Summer 2017 Compassion In World Farming investigators went to the Turkish/Bulgarian border to document the conditions for animals being transported out of the EU. They found devastating suffering.

Read the investigator’s account here.

You can find our briefing on EU live exports here.

Investigations into slaughter in the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa have shown that animals are subjected to extremely rough handling and inhumane, incompetent slaughter while they are fully conscious.

These slaughter practices are in breach of the international standards on welfare at slaughter of the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health). The long journeys often breach a judgment of the European Court of Justice. The Court ruled that EU law on welfare during transport applies even once a live export truck or ship leaves the EU – it applies right through to the destination in the importing country.

But the European Commission and the traders often ignore this ruling.

This cruel trade is also in breach of the EU Treaty. Article 13 recognises animals as “sentient beings” and requires the Commission and the Member States to pay “full regard” to welfare in formulating agriculture and transport policy. Sending animals on very long journeys to countries where they may be slaughtered with immense brutality is not paying full regard to their welfare.

Please call on the Commission to take action to stop the export of live animals from the EU to non-EU countries. Email the head of the European Commission, Mr Juncker, and the Commissioners for Trade and Agriculture and Rural Development. Tell them that the trade in live animals leaving the EU must stop.

Investigating Live Transport

Our courageous investigators spent 10 days at the Bulgarian/Turkish border in August 2017, documenting the conditions of the animals passing through. Please note, this account contains images and information which some may find distressing.

During the ten days, our investigators witnessed huge volumes of animals passing through the border. In temperatures above 30°, the animals were suffering from poor health. This was a result of the filthy and dangerous conditions on the trucks; the complete disregard for laws; and the apathy of those who were supposed to protect them.

Our investigators were able to provide us with a wealth of information, which we have passed to the authorities involved. Along with other animal welfare organisations we are making a concerted effort to get the European Commission to take action to end long distance transport of live animals.

A gruelling journey

Before the cattle and sheep had even reached the border, they had already endured gruelling journeys, measured in days rather than hours1.

Our investigators witnessed trucks loaded with sheep or cows, several tiers high. The ceilings of each tier were so low that they touched the animals’ backs2. Not only does this mean that they could not raise their heads adequately, but it left the animals uncomfortably trapped, unable to see clearly, and made it harder for them to maintain their balance.

In the middle of August, in southern Europe, the outside temperature was already high. Inside the trucks – many with broken ventilation systems – with animals pressed in on all sides, the temperature reached in excess of 35°C3.

Often the watering systems were not functioning, leaving animals dehydrated in the unbearable heat. Even when the watering systems were working, not all animals were able to access them due to the cramped conditions4.

The animals were not just at risk of injury from being crushed or walked upon by others. Some of the trucks had partitions with dangerous gaps in which the animals’ legs could become trapped. Others had sharp edges which could inflict nasty cuts on the animals unfortunate enough to fall into or be pressed against them5.

Many of the vehicles had no straw or other bedding materials provided for the animals. The animals were forced to lie in a deep layer of faeces and urine on the hard floors of the truck. Where bedding was used, it was often sparse, sodden, and filthy6.

From the dreadful conditions the animals were forced to endure, it was no surprise, but still deeply upsetting, to find some animals underweight, and others coughing and showing signs of injury and illness7. On some trucks, animals had died8, and those still alive were unable to avoid the decomposing bodies of their dead companions.

Continue at   https://action.ciwf.org.uk/ea-action/action?ea.client.id=119&ea.campaign.id=67025&ea_redirect=true&sessionId=d38cedcc-a927-459f-bbe8-765c978f78ff












Carlita’s Story – A Very Disabled Dog Learns To Walk Again – And What Does It ? – A Wish To Help Animals In Need.

England: Time Out – ‘Echoes’ (Directors Cut).


Now showing its age a bit, but still brilliant – “Echoes” is a progressive rock composition by Pink Floyd including lengthy instrumental passages, sound effects, and musical improvisation. Written in 1970 by all four members of the group (credited as Roger Waters, Richard Wright, Nick Mason, David Gilmour on the original release), “Echoes” provides the extended finale to Pink Floyd’s album Meddle.


This shows a recording live at Pompeii.  Enjoy !