USA: 47 Wolves Dead So Far In Idaho’s Hunting Season.



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Hi Mark


47 dead wolves — 45 shot, 2 trapped.

That’s the body count so far in Idaho’s grisly wolf-hunting season. Already at least 10 wolf families have been shattered.

And the anti-wolf zealots are howling with glee. On Facebook groups like “Fired Up!” they’ve been sharing photos of the bloody carcasses of their victims — calling wolves “ecoterrorists” and egging each other on to “fuel the helicopter and get rid of the vermin pests.”

With an estimated 786 wolves left in the entire state, Idaho wolves are in danger of being wiped out by killers whose mantra is “shoot, shovel and shut up.”

The Center for Biological Diversity is in a running fight to end these killings. With your donation to the Predator Defense Fund, we’ll do everything possible to save Idaho’s wolves.

Just recently we ended a disgusting predator-killing contest on federal land in Idaho and forced its wolf-hating governor, Butch Otter, to call off a state-sanctioned bounty hunter out to kill wolf families in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness. Now we’re suing to stop the government’s rogue animal-killing program, Wildlife Services, from gunning down and poisoning dozens more Idaho wolves.

These anti-wolf zealots also want to spread Idaho’s sick wolf-hunting regime across the country. The Center is now fighting a slew of sneaky congressional “riders” that would end federal protection of wolves in states like Minnesota and Wyoming. If we don’t stop them, wolf families from the Great Lakes to the Pacific will be hunted down and wiped out for the second time in a century. Wolf-haters don’t want a single wolf family left in the wild, and their partners in Congress have their backs.

But together we can fight and win for wolves. With your support the Center will keep working hard for these animals, from the courthouse to the statehouse to the halls of Congress. Give to the Predator Defense Fund and we’ll commit your gift to saving wolves in the wild.

We mourn the 47 wolves needlessly killed this season in Idaho. With you beside us we’ll work without cease to shut down brutal attacks on wolves everywhere.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


Mega Urgent – Take Action to STOP Japan Killing Whales.

get involved 2

Petition 2

Only hours left – Posted 1605 GMT – 25/10/16.



To all governments at the International Whaling Commission:

Wording –

As global citizens horrified by Japan’s slaughter of thousands of whales, despite a total global ban, we urge you to pass the resolution to stop the abuse of so-called “scientific whaling” and to approve the proposal for the creation of the South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary, to allow whale populations to recover and regenerate.






4 Or 20; You DO Make A difference – Be A Voice !


All pictures shown do not relate to the incident / demo detailed by Venus.





Three years ago in the city where I live came a circus with wild animals.

Very quickly it became common that tigers, lions and even elephants were the prison inmates and everyone wanted to go.

We also wanted to go.

As protesters.

We had planned a direct demonstration before the circus tent.

Such a thing was risky, those who had demonstrated against this circus in other cities, knew it.

Therefore we had to be many, on this point we were all agreed.

Organizations, names, parties played no role.

No matter where everyone came from, many people would have to be the main thing.

The last level of participants in Facebook one day before was 20!





On the same day we were only four there !!

The policemen who wanted to protect us were more than us!

And that’s why we needed their help very quickly.

It was afternoon show on this day and the visitors wanted to buy a card.

The circus director, a giant of 1.90 and 100 kilograms, found that we had no right to break his legal business and asked the police to remove us.

The police said we had permission, the demo was approved, so they could not do anything to us.

Then the circus director wanted to beat an activist, but the police arrived in time to help.





On the same evening when I posted two photos from this -for me- miserable demo in Facebook, I thought about it for a long time.

I was angry because I was firmly convinced that we would had have more success if we were 20.

I was disappointed because I had expected responsibility and solidarity.

I was disappointed by my comrades.




Today, after three years I evaluate the animal protection to not so one-sided.

Meanwhile, in many countries wild animals are forbidden in the circus, and this is the merit not only of the persons who risk their lives before a circus tent.

But they are part of it.

The success was achieved by the petitions by the millions of petitions, the collective and private letters to ministers, the big demos by the cities, the media reports of all kinds.

The rights of the animals must be achieved by any means necessary.


With best Regards for you dear Mark and all



EU: Will EU Strays Be Given A Legal Voice In The Coming Weeks ?


Here below is some important news in relation to EU stray animals – it is given in both English and German links.

English –  eci_press_release-2

German –  evpressemitteilung-6-10-16

For years we have been campaigning to be a voice for the street / stray animals of the EU; to get them treated humanely and without suffering and the killing which regularly takes place in several EU member states.



A dog catching / killing team at work in Serbia

As you know, we have worked the same for Serbian strays within Serbia.  The government has always intentionally ignored our evidence that sterilisation undertaken on stray animals over a period of time leads to the decline in strays.

The ECI shows that, and as outlined in the attached PR; that neuter and return is CHEAPER than the catch and kill tactics used by some states; including Serbia.  As the PR indicates, member states who do apply the no kill policy not only enhance their own reputation with their own citizens, but also enhance their reputation with citizens from abroad and other EU member states.

Pozega january 1

We have shown the corruption of the system used by authorities to put money for animal welfare into their own back pockets instead.  Serbia wishes to become an EU member state – and is currently in the process of application, whilst being handed billions of Euros by the EU for same.  Again, money destined for animals ending up in the back pockets of corrupt officials.  We have never seen Serbia apply the ‘rules of law’ for Serbian stray animals.  Application of the rule of law by any nation seeking EU membership must be shown by that nation prior to membership.  One could argue that the way in which Serbia deals with its stray animals is just one of the issues preventing Serbia from becoming an EU member state.

 The verdict of the European Court is expected within the next few weeks.  We very much hope that the court acts in favour of EU animals and most EU citizens in taking positive action for stray animals,  Unless nations such as Serbia and Romania do take positive animal reduction strategies based around the ‘no kill’ approach; but instead aimed at long term sterilisation attitudes; Serbia will continue to wander as an outcast nation that is not wanted by the majority of EU citizens who do care for animals and their welfare.


Picture 017

Picture 021

It is also down to Serbian citizens – taxpayers – to ask if the current methods of stray animal ‘control’ are actually working; are the people getting anything back for the money they are paying out ? – are stray animal numbers actually on the decline, or as we suspect, are they actually increasing despite all the money the government and regional authorities are throwing into killing strays ?

Regardless of the outcome, there are very interesting times ahead on the horizon for the welfare and humane treatment of stray animals throughout Europe.


Picture 018

Nis dog capture


USA: Popular Bipedal Bear ‘Pedals’ Killed by New Jersey Hunter.



Popular Bipedal Bear ‘Pedals’ Killed by New Jersey Hunter


Since the summer of 2014, people in an Oak Ridge, N.J., neighborhood were often visited by a gentle bear they named Pedals. The bear was missing his front right leg and had an injured left front paw, probably from being hit by a car. He adapted to these injuries by walking upright, like a real-life version of Yogi Bear.

Pedals would roam the neighborhood in search of food. “He does not have the capability of running from what he may consider a threat; he cannot climb trees as most black bears do,” according to a GoFundMe page launched in 2015 that raised almost $23,000 to place Pedals in a rehab center for injured wildlife. “He sticks to our neighborhoods because he cannot compete with the much larger bears in our area or navigate some of the tough mountain terrain.”

Pedals gained international fame after videos of him were posted to social media and broadcast by news outlets. At first some people thought it was a hoax, because Pedals really did look like a man walking around in a bear suit.


More than 300,000 Care2 members signed a petition demanding that wildlife officials relocate Pedals to a sanctuary. Last November, the petition was hand-delivered to the New Jersey State House, where it made its way to Bob Martin, commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).


Pedals was “like a little phenom,” Lisa Rose-Rublack, who started the petition, told in June. “He’s causing so much commotion. But what people don’t realize is that the bear needs help. He’s not healthy. He can’t defend himself. What’s going to happen when he wanders into the wrong place?”

State Officials Denied Pedals a Safe Place to Live

The Orphaned Wildlife Center in New York, which is home to 14 adult bears, had agreed to take in Pedals and build him a new large enclosure that included a den. But first the nonprofit needed the approval of the DEP, which insisted Pedals was better off in his natural environment.

Because the DEP would not allow Pedals to be relocated to a sanctuary, Rose-Rublack’s worst fear came true this month.

Although Pedals was beloved by fans around the world, one local hunter wanted him dead. The hunter got his wish on Oct. 10, when he shot Pedals with a bow and arrow. When the hunter arrived at the Green Pond check station with Pedals’ body in the bed of his pickup truck, he bragged about the killing, according to the Pedals the Injured Bipedal Bear Facebook page. (The page has since been shut down due to people posting the names and addresses of hunters.)

Just as the DEP, which manages the bear hunt, denied Pedals a safe place to live, it now denies that it was Pedals who was killed. A terse statement issued by the department Oct. 13 dismissed “hearsay accounts recently posted on social media.” It said multiple bears with injured or missing limbs were killed during the current bear hunt period. “But without any prior scientific data taken from a bear, it is not possible to verify the identity of a bear that has been harvested,” the DEP stated.

An administrator of the Pedals the Injured Bipedal Bear Facebook page, however, has no doubt the popular bear was killed.

“We have verbal confirmation from hunters that were at the weigh/check-in station that he is dead,” the administrator told the Washington Post. “We believe our sources. There were only a handful of bears brought to that weigh station and only one with a missing paw. They examined him and told the group of hunters that it was the bipedal bear. The biologists also took many photos of him. Pedals has distinct markings as well as his front paw issues.”

Pedals Killed During Bowhunting Week

Although Pedals’ killing was vicious (not to mention cowardly), the hunter won’t face any animal cruelty charges. Six years ago, the DEP approved the return of legal black bear hunting to New Jersey to reduce the state’s growing population of these bears. This year’s bear hunting season was extended because of what state officials said was increased interaction between bears and people.

Pedals was killed during the week of New Jersey’s first bow hunt for black bears in 40 years, approved by pro-hunting Gov. Chris Christie. Bowhunters killed 368 bears last week; 64 other bears were killed with muzzle-loading guns.

As the director of the New Jersey Sierra Club said back in 2010, this is all about hunting — not about managing bears. Animal experts and conservation groups say a more effective and humane way to deal with the bears is by having residents take measures such as securing trash cans, keeping barbecue grills clean and installing electric fences around compost piles.

Please sign and share this petition asking New Jersey to end its black bear hunt, which isn’t keeping any residents safer.

“Pedals is at peace now, because his beautiful soul left his body when he was killed,” said an update last week on the Pedals the Injured Bipedal Bear Facebook page. R.I.P., Pedals. This video was taken about four months ago, when he was last seen alive.


Fascination !


Education ?


USA: Kill Wolves For Just $12 !!!! – The Price Of An Idaho Death Permit.


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Hi Mark;


In Idaho, hundreds of people have just bought dirt-cheap wolf-killing permits for only $12, and since the beginning of September they’ve already wiped out 14 of these intelligent, beautiful animals. They have permission to kill at least another 179 this season.

Since wolves are highly social, each death could shatter a wolf family, break up a breeding pair or orphan a litter of pups.
If Idaho continues to kill at this rate, wolves may soon be wiped out in the state for the second time in a century.

That’s why I’m writing now — because the Center for Biological Diversity needs your help to even the odds. For every wolf-hater stepping forward to pay 12 bucks for a license to kill, we need a wolf-defender to
give to our Predator Defense Fund.

By donating you’ll help save wolves’ lives and send a powerful message to Idaho that those lives are worth far more than $12 each.

The Center’s going after Idaho Governor Butch Otter and his wolf-killing regime. We sued this summer to stop Wildlife Services, the rogue government animal-killing program, from slaughtering Idaho’s wolves. We’ve shut down “predator derby” killing contests on public land, and since we don’t trust the state, we’ve petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to continue to monitor wolf populations. And we’ve kept hired guns out of Idaho’s Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness.

Idaho’s vicious hunt is being held up as a national model by extremist wolf-haters in Congress, too. They’ve worked up a cynical backdoor strategy of sliding in amendments to “must-pass” budget bills that will allow as many as a half-dozen other states to follow in Idaho’s bloody footsteps. They want to bring Idaho-style wolf-butchery to the Great Lakes and Wyoming and even the Pacific Northwest, creating an open season on wolves wherever they roam.

But with your help we can beat back these brutal bills and keep cruel extermination practices from taking hold across the country again. So please, give as generously as possible to the Predator Defense Fund. We must stop this violence against wolves before it sweeps any wider.

Don’t let Idaho’s disgusting killing spree spread nationwide and endanger wolves in places like Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming and Wisconsin. Help us win today by joining the Center with a gift to our Predator Defense Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
for Biological Diversity


howlingwolfmoon graphic


Australia: The Last Moments Of Elizabeth.




Elizabeth, her last moments were spent in agony and terror. Help us stop the cruelty!


We’ve just returned from the Festival of Sacrifice. We knew Australian exporters would be cashing-in during this festival — fuelling the trauma and suffering of so many animals. But while they count their money, we’ve counted their ‘crimes’. And, with your help, they won’t go unpunished.

Click here to take action now. 10 investigators. 5 countries. 1 reason for hope… that’s you, Elizabeth. If we weren’t in Malaysia this year then countless cruelties against gentle sheep and goats would have gone unnoticed. Illegal sales were rife. Terrified goats cried out in sheer panic as they were manhandled before having their throats hacked open. In one horrifying location, Australian sheep were being hung by their necks from the rafters, while still alive.

If our investigators weren’t in Kuwait we wouldn’t have damning footage from inside an Australian-accredited slaughterhouse, showing illegal abuses of Aussie sheep. Because we were on the ground in Dubai, Lebanon and Oman we have a catalogue of evidence against exporters showing sheep being stuffed into car boots in scorching heat, sold for backyard slaughter, and crudely killed in the streets.

Please speak out for these animals — demand action today. The presence of our investigators is one of the things this industry fears most. But do you know what else they fear? It’s you, Elizabeth. Because they know that every time you speak out — political and public support for live export diminishes.


So thank you for taking urgent action for these animals today. For the animals,


Lyn White AM Campaign Director

P.S. Please help us keep our investigators in the field where animals need us most. Any small gift you can make today will help provide these animals with the representation they desperately need.

P.P.S. If you’d like to stand up against cruelty, corruption and animal abuse, then this Sunday in Sydney and Perth stand with us — and thousands of other caring Australians — in a rally for animals that no government will be able to ignore. If you can’t be there in person, join us in spirit, by following us live on Facebook.



Pepsi Feeling The Heat Over Palm Oil.



It’s been an amazing few months for our palm oil campaign. Together, we made sure that PepsiCo can’t ignore us — and it’s all thanks to members like you.

Let’s look back to see what we did…

August was a big month.


In the lead up to the re-release of Crystal Pepsi (a clear cola sold first in the 90’s) we launched our petition against PepsiCo. Over 135,000 of you signed on!

When Crystal Pepsi hit the shelves in the United States, we crashed the big day with a spoof video of the famous 90’s Pepsi commercial featuring Cindy Crawford. Over 1.4 million people all over the world saw the video because you all watched, liked, and shared the video.

And following that, thousands of you tweeted PepsiCo’s CEO, Indra Nooyi, helping ramp up the pressure on her.

In response to your sustained pressure, last month PepsiCo released a progress report on its 2015 Palm Oil Commitment. PepsiCo outlined that it is committed to assessing the actions of its suppliers and has included a new commitment to intervene on those that are found to be in violation

That is huge news — but there’s still more work to be done. We still don’t have a deadline from PepsiCo to cut ties with suppliers that are causing deforestation and workers’ rights violations.

So we’re keeping up the pressure. A few weeks ago, we turned up at PepsiCo’s headquarters in New York with our partners Rainforest Action Network, Wildlife Asia, and Racing Extinction to deliver the petition and make your voices heard.

We handed in a 250,000 strong joint petition to PepsiCo’s Vice-President of Communications.


Our partners wrote a blog and made a video of the event which you can see here.

And finally, because incredible members like you have chipped in to fund our palm oil campaigns (big shout out to our monthly donors!), we were able to make another donation to WALHI, an on-the-ground organisation in Indonesia like we did last year. It’s helping combat forest fires caused by clearing for palm oil plantations.

The money will help fund field investigations and launch a campaign for zero burning. They’re also planning to launch a lawsuit against the companies at fault. For more info you can read this blog.

So a huge, huge thank you to the SumOfUs community. When we stand together, we are powerful. Corporations can’t ignore us.

We wouldn’t have been able to do this without each and every one of you. If together we can keep it up, we’ll soon push PepsiCo to do the right thing. 

If you have a few coins to spare, please consider making a special monthly donation if you haven’t already so we can continue to do important work like this.

Can’t chip in monthly or want to do more? Refer your friends to SumOfUs and ask them to join you in this fight.

Thanks for all that you do,

Carys, Hanna, Kat, Fatah, Sondhya, and the team at SumOfUs 






England: The London Punkharmonic Orchestra Plays The Stranglers.




The London Punkharmonic Orchestra:


Stranglers original –

Orchestral –


Friday 13th Albert Hall, London  – Waltzinblack orchestral brilliant version-



Symphony of Destruction – Punk Goes Classic.

Enjoyed the girls playing – well you can get a cd of Punk Philharmonic with tunes from the Sex Pistols through to The Stranglers.



We are giving the UK Amazon links above to show, but no doubt it can be purchased internationally if required.



Stranglers Waltzinblack original –






Dale LIKE a nuestra página y vive con nosotros momentos intensos de amor hacia los animales desamparados!!

Ximena save the stray animals
Ximena save the stray animals foundation, organización sin fines de lucro dedicada a la alimentación de animales que viven en las calles de Puerto Rico!




The Final Cut – Dancing Bear Rescue.

A Good End To The Day !

Something amazing to finish the day on !

Enjoy !!  

The Transport of Unweaned Calves and Lambs.


mark 3

bernard van goethem

Guilty of Ignorance;

official EU ‘Veterinarian’ and Voicebox; Bernard Van Goethem.

NL: The Situation In Turkey Gets No Better – In Fact Even Worse. Blame Mr Van Goethem And His In Effective Team At The EU.

Mr Van Goethem and EU Others – All Talk And No Action – A Real Head In The Sand Situation.

Mr Van Goethem Resign Now !!

‘EU Must Ensure Animal Welfare’ Or Mr Van Goethem Will Get You – And The Next Joke Is ….

The EU Excuses Get More Pathetic By The Day – Contact Mr Van Goethem And Show Your Disgust.

Live Exports – Inspections of Trucks At The Turkey / Bulgaria Border.






The colorful “Schlachtplatte”.

The colorful “Schlachtplatte” and its manufacturers.

In the village next door to mine, I saw a sign in front of a restaurant.
It stood beside the road, under the chestnut trees, and was black with white border:
“Colorful Schlachtplatte.
You order, we slaughter.
Today fresh wild boar”!!

I quickly inspected the meadow, which is next to the restaurant, to check whether everything was in order with the 35 cows the farmer had.
I do it every day and so I’ve saved some of them from time to time.
Some who were tied with short chains and were screaming, some having full dripping udders, some up to their knees in the mud …
The veterinary office in my district has been very cooperative in all cases.

I know some of those are already part of the “colorful Schlachtplatte “.
But anyway, these macabre formulations do not bring my heart to the lawn.
This is how cannibals understand themselves, so the business works.
And if I am quite honest with myself, I think the farmer or the restaurant are not to blame for this crime.
The “colorful Schlachtplatte ” of my village (and every village) comes from demand.
Of all those who eat these animals.
Some order, others slaughter.
Those are the secondhand killers.
They are otherwise nice people, I meet and greet them every day in my runs or when shopping.

And every time I ask myself: how do we want to abolish the “colorful battle plate”?
This assumes that we will convince 7 billion of meat eaters to stop eating meat. At least meat.
On the other hand, the undercover information about devastation, sadism, animal cruelty of the “useful” animals in slaughterhouses and transports was never as extensive as today.
Even shocking documentaries are aired on public TV channels several times.
But the consumers do not change accordingly.
Obviously it is not enough with the Enlightenment to change the behavior of the people.
The gap between moral conviction and action must be bridged by other means.
It is time for the theorists to think about it and explain, how we can get people to do the right thing.
Until then, I see myself forced to continue with small steps and great hope.





Think About It !



Sad homeless puppy waiting for adoption


people and pets


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vegan go vegan

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veggie week 5


Serbia: October Photographs From Jasna At Shelter Felix – Donations Very Much Welcome – See Below.

Serbian Flag


Here are some of the October photographs from Jasna at Felix Shelter.

Please note that we need to replace lots of our existing fencing so that we can all be kept safe.  We would love you to give a donation to help us get things sorted. 

Please go to the following to donate:

For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


Thank you very much for thinking about us and helping us;

all the cats at Shelter Felix xx.






felix cartoon 2







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cartcat 1  cartcat2













Romania: 354 Stray Dogs and Cats Are Sterilised (For FREE) To Help Reduce Numbers.


 All we want now is for the deadbeat Serbian politicians to see this and more importantly, realise that a sterilisation programme over the long term will reduce or eliminate their national stray animal problem.  Or are they so corrupt that they just want to take the money for this, and stick it into their big fat pockets ?

 Congratulations to Carmen and the team for getting this sorted !


Deutsch version

– – – for English and French versions, please, scroll down


354 Tiere wurden während FNPA’s 2016 Kampagne unentgeltlich sterilisiert

354 Tiere (261 Hunde und 93 Katzen) wurden bei einer Sterilisations-Kampagne in der Stadt Topoloveni  und in dem Dorf Bălileşti sterilisiert, entwurmt, identifiziert und behandelt. Die Aktion dauerte 11 Tage und wurde von FNPA organisiert.

Die Kampagne wurde völlig von dem Verein  Tiere in Not, Hürth e.V”, Deutschland, unterstützt, der uns bis jetzt bei der Sterilisation von ungefähr 2000 Tieren geholfen hat (90% davon waren Weibchen).

Während der letzten sechs Jahre haben wir eine ausserordentlich zufriedenstellende Kooperation mit dem Bürgermeister von Topolveni genossen, der uns jedes Jahr total unterstützt hatte.

Die zweite Etappe der Aktion fand in Bălileşti statt, wahrscheinlich das einzige Dorf oder eines der wenigen Dörfer in Rumänien, wo alle Hunde mit Besitzer  unter voller Unterstützung der Gemeinde einen Microchip haben.  Die Gemeinde hat sich dazu entschlossen, die von FNPA begonnene Kampagne mit ihren eigenen Mitteln weiterzuführen und sie mit Spenden zu finanzieren.

Wir möchten uns auch bei den freiwilligen Helfern und den anderen Organisationen, die an dieser Akltion in 2016 beteiligt waren, bedanken:  Tierhilfe K.O.S” von Österreich, die uns Entwurmungsmittel zur Verfügung stellten und die Tiere während ihrer Genesungszeit mit Futter  versorgten, und Assoziation „Anima”, die das Einfangen und den Transport der Tiere ermöglichten.

Leute, die auf dem Land wohnen, haben oft nicht das nötige Geld, um die Tiere zu befördern. Deshalb übernahmen wir, zusammen mit den Stadtverwaltungen, die Transportkosten für Tiere, die einen Besitzer haben. Wir waren gerührt, als ein 81-jähriger Mann mit seinem Hund, der eine Kette als Leine hatte,  zu Fuß 7 Kilometer zum Ort der Kampagne life.

FNPA führt Aktionen in den Gegenden aus, wo es sonst keine derartige Unterstützung gibt und wo die Bürgermeister  offen zu unserem Programm eingestellt sind. Wir bieten auch regelmässig den Menschen Hilfe an, die mehrere Tiere haben, oder die finanziell nicht in der Lage sind, selber ihre Tiere sterilisieren zu lassen.

Obwohl Sterilisation nicht die Hauptzielsetzung von FNPA ist, ist es uns klar, wie wichtig die Reduzierung der Streunertiere ist. Es ist sehr wichtig, dass die Bevölkerung weiss, wie notwendig die Sterilisation ihrer Hunde ist. Um zu vermeiden, dass ungewollter Nachwuchs einfach ausgesetzt wird, was das Problem der Strassenhunde verschlimmert, und um den Besitzern zu ermöglichen, den gesetzlichen Bestimmungen zu folgen, führt FNPA im Sommer Sterilisations-Aktionen aus. Wir hoffen, dass diese Kampagnen die Stadtverwaltungen dazu anspornt, so ein Sterilisations-Programm selber weiter fortzuführen, nachdem sie die positiven Resultate sehen konnten.

Die Einwohner sind gesetzlich verpflichtet, ihre Hunde zu sterilisieren und mit einem Microchip zu versehen. Wenn das versäumt wird, müssen die Besitzer eine Strafe von bis zu 2500 Euro zahlen.  Die gesetzlichen Vorschriften sind zwar gut, aber unzureichend, denn sie wurden von Bürokraten aufgefasst, die von der realen Situation nicht viel wissen. Zum Beispiel  leben 80% der Hunde, die einen Besitzer haben, auf dem Land, wo es den meissten Leuten nicht möglich ist, ihre Hunde sterilisierten und mit einem Microchip versehen zu lassen. Um zu verhindern, dass eine grosse Menge von Hunden einfach ausgesetzt wird (denn die Leute wollen die hohen Strafen nicht riskieren), ist es notwendig, dass die Regierung für solche Fälle Subventionen einrichtet.

Im Zusammenhang mit diesem übermassigen Defizit schlugen wir den örtlichen Behörden vor, Sterilisation und Microchipping selber zu unterstützen und/oder die Hilfe von Tierschutzverbänden zu suchen – eine Aktion, die der ganzen Gemeinde zu Gute kommt, denn sie verhindert, dass sich die Zahl der Hunde wegen Aussetzung ständig vermehrt.



Federatia Nationala pentru Protectia Animalelor (FNPA)

(Nationale Vereinigung fur den Tierschutz)






English version

354 animals were sterilized for free during FNPA’s 2016 Campaign

354 animals (261 dogs and 93 cats) were sterilized, dewormed, identified, and treated during a sterilization campaign in the city of Topoloveni and in the village Bălileşti which lasted for 11 days and was organized by FNPA.

The sterilization campaign was fully supported by the Association Tiere in Not, Hürth e.V”, Germany, which has helped us, so far, to sterilize around 2000 animals (of which 90% are females).

Over the last six years we have enjoyed an exemplary cooperation with the Mayor of Topoloveni, which granted us every year a very good support.

A second phase of the campaign was conducted in Bălileşti, probably the only one or one of the few villages in Romania where all the owned dogs were microchipped with the full support of the municipality. They strive to continue the campaign started by FNPA with their own funds and by attracting sponsors.

We also thank the volunteers and the other organizations involved in this campaign from 2016: Tierhilfe K.O.S” from Austria, who has provided the deworming products and the food during the recovery period of the animals, and the Association „Anima” who ensured the capture and the transport of the animals.

People in the rural areas often don’t have the means for transport. That’s why we, in conjunction with the city halls, covered the transportation expenses for animals with an owner.

We were impressed by a man, aged 81 years, who came with his dog in chain, using it as leash, on foot, 7 km, to the place of the campaign.



FNPA develops campaigns in those areas where there is no support in this regard and where the mayors are open to our program. We also offer regular support to the people who own a larger number of animals and to those who do not have the financial possibility to sterilize their animals on their own.

Although sterilization is not one of the main objectives of FNPA, we understand its importance for the reduction of the stray animal population. Public awareness of the necessity of the sterilization of their dogs is of utmost importance. To prevent the abandonment of the unwanted offspring, thus maintaining the problem in the street, as well as to help the owners become legal, FNPA develops summer sterilization campaigns. Our desire is that these campaigns constitute an initiator for the city halls, in order that, stimulated by the results, the local authorities continue the sterilization program through their own.

Under the law, the citizens are obliged to neuter and microchip their dogs, the failure of which could result in the owners having to pay a fine of up to 2500 Euro. These legislative provisions are good, but incomplete, elaborated by armchair bureaucrats who don’t know the reality on the ground. For example,80% of the owned dogs live in rural areas, where the majority of the owners don’t have the possibility to microchip and sterilize their dogs on their own. To avoid the massive abandonment of the animals (which will happen if people don’t want to risk being fined), it is necessary that the Government would establish a subsidy for these actions.

In the context of this excessive deficit, we suggested to the local authorities to support the sterilization and the microchipping on their own and / or in collaboration with animal welfare organizations –an action that will support the entire community by eliminating the risk of increasing the canine population through abandonment.





Federatia Nationala pentru Protectia Animalelor (FNPA)

(National Federation for the Protection of Animals)







French version


354 Animaux stérilisés gratuitement lors de la campagne FNPA de 2016

354 animaux (261 chiens et 93 chats) ont été stérilisés, déparasités, identifiés et traités en 11 jours dans le cadre d’une campagne de stérilisation gratuite organisée par la FNPA dans la ville de Topoloveni et la commune de Bălileşti, Roumanie.

La campagne de stérilisation a été soutenue entièrement par l’Association « Tiere in Not e.V » d’Allemagne, avec l’appui de laquelle nous avons stérilisé jusqu’à présent environ 2000 animaux (dont 90 % femelles).

Depuis six ans, nous avons une coopération exemplaire avec le maire de la ville de
Topoloveni, qui a assuré chaque année le logement et les repas de notre équipe, ainsi que le personnel d’aide nécessaire au bon déroulement de la campagne.

La deuxième étape de la campagne a eu lieu à Bălileşti– probablement la seule ou l’une des quelques communes de Roumanie où tous les chiens ont été identifiés avec l’appui total de la mairie et qui se propose de continuer la campagne commencée par la FNPA, tant par des fonds propres qu’à l’aide des sponsors.


Nous remercions aussi les volontaires et aux autres organisations s’étant impliqués dans la campagne de 2016, à savoir « Tierhilfe K.O.S » d’Autriche ayant fourni les déparasitants pour tous les animaux, ainsi que leur nourriture pendant leur rétablissement postopératoire et l’Association « Anima » ayant assuré leur capture et transport. Tant notre organisation, que les mairies ont assuré le transport, y compris celui des animaux avec maîtres là où nécessaire, car un autre problème auquel les habitants ruraux sont confrontés est le manque de moyens de transport. On a été beaucoup impressionnés par un homme de 81 ans qui est venu à pied avec sa chienne, attachée par une chaîne servant de laisse, et qui avait fait 7 kilomètres jusqu’au lieu de notre campagne.


La FNPA organise des campagnes là où il n’y a pas d’aide en ce sens et où les maires sont ouverts à notre programme. Nous avons également offert un appui régulier aux personnes détenant un grand nombre d’animaux et qui n’ont pas la possibilité financière de les stériliser par leurs propres moyens.

Bien que les stérilisations ne constituent pas l’un des objectifs principaux de la FNPA, nous reconnaissons leur importance majeure dans la démarche de réduction de la population d’animaux errants, ainsi que l’importance de la sensibilisation de la population quant au besoin de stériliser les chiens qu’ils détiennent, tant pour prévenir l’abandon des chiots indésirables (conduisant à la perdurance du problème dans la rue), que pour « l’entrée en légalité » des propriétaires. À cette fin, la FNPA organise des campagnes estivales de stérilisation. Nous souhaitons en même temps que ces campagnes deviennent un déclencheur pour les mairies, qui, en constatant les résultats, soient amenées à continuer l’application du programme par leurs propres structures.

Selon la loi, les citoyens de Roumanie sont obligés à stériliser et identifier leurs chiens, le non-respect de cette obligation pouvant mener à une amende allant jusqu’à 10 000 lei. La Roumanie a des dispositions législatives bonnes mais incomplètes, élaborées « au bureau », sans aucune connaissance des réalités du terrain, comme par exemple le fait que 80 pourcent des chiens avec maîtres se trouvent dans le milieu rural, où la plupart des propriétaires n’ont aucune possibilité de les identifier et stériliser à leur propre compte. Pour éviter l’abandon massif qui pourrait avoir lieu dans l’éventualité où les gens souhaiteraient se protéger contre le risque d’amende, une subvention de ces actions aurait été obligatoire.

Étant donné cette carence législative majeure, nous suggérons aux autorités locales de soutenir la stérilisation et identification électronique par des fonds propres et/ou en coopération avec les organisations de protection des animaux, une démarche qui viendrait d’ailleurs à l’appui de la communauté entière, par l’élimination du risque d’augmentation de la population canine communautaire suite à l’abandon.





Federatia Nationala pentru Protectia Animalelor (FNPA)

(Fédération Nationale pour la Protection des Animaux)


success 1


Netherlands: EU / Turkish Live Exports Makes Global News.


EoA June 2

News from our good friend Lesley at EoA, Amsterdam:

Dear friends and supporters,

The animals badly need us. We are confronted with this during every painful inspection. Successes – big and small – are what keep us going. These successes have an impact on the welfare of thousands of animals every day. In this newsletter we would like to share with you the successes that we – thanks to your support – have achieved.

This summer our team was again at the Turkish-Bulgarian border. We saw a number of animals die in the trucks due to dehydration, heat stress and overcrowded conditions. We also saw several heifers give birth inside the trucks. In one case a cow needed a cesarean section. Not only did the calf die during this process, but the cow had to be killed after the cesarean section. Her organs were damaged by the excessive pulling on the calf.

The shocking footage from our investigation has gone all over the world. Television and newspapers in Sweden, Norway, France, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Turkey all broadcasted the horrors. In Sweden, the images were also seen on the national news together with commentary by the Swedish Minister of Agriculture. He expressed his utmost shock at the conditions for animals on this export route and will discuss the matter at the next Ministerial Meeting. Swedish veterinarians called it “a hell for the animals”. In Germany – where thousands of these cattle came from, the media broadcasted a comprehensive documentary on television of our on-going efforts to help animals at this border and the on-going suffering being tolerated by the EU, Turkey and Member States.

Watch the Swedish show here
Watch the documentary on German TV (ARD) here 
Read the big article on the French news site “Paris Match” here
Read the big article on the Italian news site “Corriere” here
Listen to the Norwegian radio show NRK here
Read the article on the Turkish news site “Sözcü” here


12715740_976851772397314_8746142858581221756_n12733603_977538475661977_4872416753147808253_nLesley EoA_NEWEOA Turkey 1

EonA website –




Longline Fisheries To Kill More Leatherbacks ?

turtle islandleatherback


Latest  news from Turtle Island Restoration Network:



The longline fishers are at it again.

In 2010, Turtle Island convinced the feds to close down 250,000 square miles of the Pacific Ocean to industrial fishing because longliners were killing endangered Pacific leatherbacks.

Now these very same longliners are advancing a proposal to set their deadly hooks in these waters again, under the guise of an experimental fishing permit.

Please help us shut down this dangerous proposal by making a tax-deductible contribution to Turtle Island today so we can fight for the sea turtles.

Leatherbacks in the Pacific are on an extinction trajectory, and longliners hook and drown these gentle giants. The Eastern Pacific population has been particularly hard hit, with a 97 percent decline in three generations.

The worst thing we can do right now is to undermine protected areas by allowing deadly longliners back into these waters.

Even a single mortality of a leatherback will accelerate the decline of these animals.

Please make your contribution today. Be with us in the fight to prevent the extinction of the leatherbacks.


Peter Fugazzotto, Strategic Programs Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – Saturday is Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle Day. Show your love for leatherbacks so we can protect leatherbacks from the nesting beaches to the high seas. Click here to donate to protect the leatherbacks.




UK: Time To Drive Grouse Shooting To Extinction.

U Flag


LACS website –



Above – 3 of the office guardians !


This Is The Real Face Of Bacon You Dont See.


veggie week 3

vegan go vegan

Serbia: News From Felix Shelter – More Wonderful Food Has Arrived From Denmark.

Serbian  Flag

felix cartoon 2


We are in a holiday mood, but not because it’s a holiday!

Another load of 100 kg of delicious high quality cat food from Denmark has arrived just in time, as we’d already opened the last sack of kibble we had.



Although this entire week has been rainy, gloomy, wet and rather cold and all of us have been feeling a bit down, the mere sight of this wonderful donation have the Felix kitties beaming with joy!


They immediately insisted on sampling the food they’d received and the crunching sounds of their chewing, coming from everywhere, is music to our ears.


We are boundlessly grateful to the amazing Danish organization UFFAC (United Friends For Animal Care) and their supporters for making today a perfect day for all of the Felix kitties.

Thank you so much, dear friends and the kitties thank you from the bottom of their full bellies!







Thank You Danish Friends ! 

felix spey 3





Australia: New South Wales reverses greyhound racing ban.



New South Wales reverses greyhound racing ban


The government of the Australian state of New South Wales has reversed plans to ban greyhound racing.

The ban was due to be imposed after an inquiry found overwhelming evidence of animal cruelty, including mass killings and the use of live bait in training.

State Premier Mike Baird said he had “underestimated” the desire to give the greyhound industry “one last chance”.

“We got it wrong – I got it wrong, cabinet got it wrong, the government got it wrong,” he said.

The ban, which was due to be introduced last year, was criticised by the industry as too extreme a reaction.

When has Australia ever done anything to improve the welfare of animals ? – live exports and the rest.




UK: Cracked – Take part in our Weekend of Action, starting on World Egg Day (14 October)!

U Flag




Take part in our Weekend of Action, starting on World Egg Day (14 October)!

We need your help! Viva! has gone undercover to show the lives of Britain’s laying hens – the one animal that really does seem to be out of sight and out of mind.

Millions of laying hens churn out eggs day after day in conditions that should shame our country. The battery cage has gone in Britain but the replacement ‘enriched’ cage is a con; a wire prison for 80 birds with just a few square inches of extra space each. The boredom and frustration, the bullying and aggression, remain exactly the same. There is no relief from the desperation; no ability to lead a natural life. And they call it enriched! 

The video from Julia in this following link is well worth a look – SAV.


Footage –

Around a half of Britain’s laying hens are forced to live like this – you can see it for yourself on our website.

Free range sheds are no better; they are so overcrowded that birds may never even leave them. We saw hens with feather loss, dead birds littering the gridded floors, sick and dying birds. All were ‘British Lion Quality’.


These are the reasons we need your help! We’ve produced a brand new leaflet for this campaign. And of course, our excellent resources for helping people make compassionate food choices are always available! Anything you can do to help – showing footage on the streets, door dropping leaflets, getting friends and family to watch our film, a small donation to fund our ongoing campaign – will go a long way to ending the suffering of hens.

Viva web link –



Australia: Cat Zipped Into Backpack And Drowned – Demand Justice – Petition.




Click on  the following wording to be taken to the petition:

Cat Zipped Into Backpack And Drowned – Demand Justice


Target: Geoffrey Muecke, Chief Judge of the South Australian District Court

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the person who reportedly zippered a cat into a backpack and threw it into a river.

A cat drowned after she was zippered into a backpack and thrown in a river. A group of bystanders tried to save the cat, but were unable to reach her in time. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

The RSPCA of South Australia called it “a deliberate act of cruelty.” A female tortoiseshell cat was zippered into a backpack and thrown into the flooded Gawler River. Her desperate cries could be heard from the shore, but the backpack was too far away to be retrieved in time. The cat wore a collar but it did not contain identifying information. She was likely someone’s pet.

RSPCA inspectors are currently investigating. They have asked for the public’s help in identifying the person responsible. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.



Dear Judge Muecke,

A cat drowned after she was zippered into a backpack and thrown in the Gawler River. The person responsible is still at large. We demand justice for this innocent cat.

The tortoiseshell cat’s desperate cries could be heard all the way on the shore. Trapped in a backpack with no method of escape, she slowly drowned in the flooded river. She died, painfully, before rescuers could reach the backpack.

The RSPCA of South Australia has stated that this torture was deliberate. Whoever is responsible for the death of this innocent cat must receive the maximum penalty possible by law.


[Your Name Here]




10/10/16 – From Venus.

The live is the measure of all things.

Billions of animals are massacred by the believers of this planet in the name of religion: Nepal-Gadhimai Festival, Halal blood sacrifice, sacrificial lamb orgies in the Orthodox Easter, not to forget the inquisitorial cat tracing in the Middle Ages, and the present Hubertus fairs, meat ordinations or bullfighting rituals . All this, as I said, takes place in the name of religion.






It was the Greek philosopher Protagoras who first said:

‘Man is the measure of all things’.

Then came Christianity. With the commandment of charity, with the command not to kill, not to steal. Man has been called the coronation of creation, and he has demonstrated from this position of power that even nuclear bombs can enter the service of charity !!!



For Christianity animals can not be placed on the human level. Animals have no soul, only instincts, and are therefore subordinate to humans and can only be used to satisfy their needs. So says the Catechism, and so we do it even today. Over two thousand years after Christ, we are still acting according to the morality of primitive deserts who did not know better then. Over two thousand years after Christ, we are still acting according to the morality of primitive inhabitants of the desert, who at that time did not know better.



We murder in the name of freedom of religion and love of God. What kind of love is this?

What kind of love is this, that goes over corpses?

And what kind of God is he who lives by the blood of his victims? Only when this society frees itself from the conviction that faith is more important than the lives of humans and animals can it develop morally.




Man is not the measure of all things. The live is the measure of all things.


with best regards for you, dear Mark!!






England: Time Out – Cure Banshee.



‘The Cure’ – Wikipedia.


Robert Smith plays guitar with the brilliant ‘Siouxsie and the Banshees’

– Royal Albert Hall – London –






Mexico: Petition – End Barbaric Goat Slaughtering Festival.



Photo credit: Carlos PC


End Barbaric Goat Slaughtering Festival


Target: Gabino Cue, Governor of Oaxaca, Mexico

Goal: Ban the cruel festival that senselessly tortures and kills thousands of goats annually.

Thousands of goats are needlessly tortured and killed for entertainment every October and November. In Oaxaca, Mexico, around 5,000 to 7,000 goats are killed annually in front of a large, jeering crowd that is filled with people of all ages.

These thousands of goats endure terrible pain and die a slow death. They are forced to face this terrible ordeal while hoards of people look on. These goats can feel pain and experience fear just like us and this cruelty needs to stop.

Sign this petition and demand that this cruel form of “entertainment” is banned. These innocent animals do not deserve to be treated with such contempt any longer.


Take Action 3

get involved 2


Dear Governor Cue,

Every year during the months of October and November, thousands of goats are senselessly slaughtered for entertainment. Killing an animal is not entertaining, but barbaric. The crowd watching this cruel tradition contains people of all ages, including children. Exposing children to such violence and deeming it normal is not good for their mental health.

Goats can feel pain and experience fear just like us. The 5,000 to 7,000 goats killed annually endure terrible pain and die a slow death. These innocent animals do not deserve to be treated so terribly and killed so viciously.

Please consider banning this cruel tradition and sparing countless lives from unnecessary pain and death. Some traditions are not meant to continue in today’s world and this barbaric event is one of them.


[Your Name Here]

Petition link –





News From Free Tibet London –   Stand up for Larung Gar – A global day of action!



Stand up for Larung Gar – A global day of action!


On Wednesday, 19 October, Tibet groups around the world will be carrying out a Global Day of Action in support of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy. Around the world, there will be peaceful demonstrations to call for a halt to the ongoing removals and demolitions, which threaten to irreparably damage one of the most important sites in all of Tibetan Buddhism.

Our first confirmed location will be the Chinese Embassy in London (49 Portland Place, W1B 1JL) from 4pm. Please join us, Students for a Free Tibet UK and the Tibetan Community UK to stand with Larung Gar.

See our Facebook event for more information on the London demonstration.



Above – Demolition Currently Taking Place

More protests are currently being organised in the USA, France and Germany, and we will keep you up to date on these (and more) locations as they are confirmed. Keep your eyes on your inbox, or our Facebook page for announcements on events near you. If you are interested in organising a demonstration in your city, please contact us by replying to this email and we can work with you to help spread the word.


This week, Free Tibet has received more details, images and video of the forced evictions and demolitions taking place at the Buddhist Institute. Leaked footage shows monks and nuns being loaded onto buses and taken away, many of them are clearly distressed and crying can be heard in the video.

At least 5,000 people are being removed from their residences, and widespread destruction of much of this incredible place is now underway.


Read lots more and find out all about Free Tibet at









October 4th – The Day of The Animals.


Every year, the same day, the day of the animals.

On this day be mistreated or killed more millions of animals in slaughterhouses, in animal laboratories, in circuses, in fur farms, in the Dachau-Shelters of this world.

We call this “the day of the animals”!

All around us there is a fascist system of destruction, cruelty and murder for animals, which is only comparable to that in the Third Reich.

And we celebrate the day of the animals !!

Lifelong torture, yields and murdering of animals we have legalized.

As meat, fur, leather, test objects, Entertainment ..


Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.

Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.

The Schick Hall of animals is probably the worst and most terrible thing which ever done by man.

Therefore, I consider this day for the day of the “sham morality”.

Proper empathy about animals does not begin and does not end in one day.

Is a life-long struggle and we know it.

We also know that the empathy for animals is growing with each passing day, we are many who fight.

And only if we stick together, if we put all our efforts together, we can achieve something.


For me the best present for this day came up with the following episode:

In the local newspaper of my city came a read letter from me against animal testing.

The University Hospital will build a new animal testing laboratory and we protest by all means.

I’m at the grocery store, two old ladies stay in front of me and want to pay.

“Have you read the letter against animal testing?” says one of them. “ Came today, it is a super good letter”.

She shakes the newspaper with her hand: “someone must tell the truth”!

I leave the supermarket with the small hope that our struggle can probably change this society.


click 1
do something

Petitions, Petitions and More ….


Trump Adviser Who Supports Animal Torture Must Be Dropped



Wichtige Petitionen*

zum Unterstützen  und Weiterleiten


*ausgewählt von Martina Patterson



Important Petitions*

Please support and forward


*selected by Martina Patterson






free translation sites – kostenlose Übersetzungsseiten:


Sollten LINK’s  nicht funktionieren, bitte diesen markieren, kopieren und in eine neu aufgerufene Seite in die Kopfspalte setzen




Adam Meyerson Captain at Sea Shepherd Global

“I don’t care if you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Wiccan, if your need to follow your

religion is stronger than your compassion for fellow creatures of this earth, you are no

friend of mine.”



“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Was Du nicht willst, das man Dir tu’, das füg’ auch keinem andern zu.”







265.000 Unterschriften helfen Pangolin retten


Victory! Silky Sharks Win CITES Protection







Give the Animals Rights – Update on “U.S. House of Representatives: Give the Animals Rights!”


WORLD ANIMAL DAY! – Update on “Give your Elephants Real Freedom”


Bergen County, New Jersey: Tell Sister City, Seoul Geumcheon District, South Korea, That We’re Oppos – Update on “Seoul-Korea! Enforce Ban on Despicable Dog Meat


Michelle Collins supports us! – Update on “Wokingham Borough Council: For Linton Pet Shop in Hare Hatch NOT to be issued a licence to sell puppies”







The Patent That Could Destroy Monsanto And Change The World… Mycoattractants and mycopesticides US 7122176 B2

Ein Patent, das Monsanto vernichten und die Welt verändern könnte


October 4 is World Animal Day!


Studie zeigt, wie Mitgefühl und Meditation das Gehirn verändern







Das Schweinesystem

Lebensmittel mit tierischen Zutaten stammen zu einem großen Teil von kranken Nutztieren. Das ist das Ergebnis einer Auswertung wissenschaftlicher Studien durch die Verbraucherorganisation foodwatch. Die Untersuchungen hat Matthias Wolfschmidt in seinem aktuell veröffentlichten Buch „Das Schweinesystem – Wie Tiere gequält, Bauern in den Ruin getrieben und Verbraucher getäuscht werden“ zusammengefasst.


This is a typical bacon farm in Australia.


When male babies are born, all they want is to be with their moms. However, take a look at what our obsession to cow’s milk is causing them…







Petitions – protests – sample letters






Demand safe seas for whales





Vivisection: labs of torture!

Vivisection: les labos de la torture!

Vivisection: Labore der Folter!


Are you for or against animal testing in hospitals and faculties of Brabois in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy?

Êtes-vous pour ou contre l’expérimentation animale au sein des hôpitaux et facultés de Brabois à Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy?

Sind Sie für oder gegen Tierversuche in Krankenhäusern und Fakultäten von Brabois in Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy?



To ban hunting Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays, school holidays and public holidays?

Pour l’interdiction de la chasse les mercredis, samedis, dimanches, vacances scolaires et jours fériés ?

Ein Verbot der Jagd mittwochs, samstags, sonntags, Schulferien und an Feiertagen ?






Iran: Save the last Asiatic cheetahs from extinction!





Tell Sister City, Seoul Geumcheon, That We’re Opposed to Torture/Consumption of Dogs/Cats!





Stop Selling Endangered Baby Animals for Food or Pets





Stop animal suffering in long distant animal transports

Stop het dierenleed tijdens verre veetransporten Stoppt das Leiden der Tiere auf weiten Tiertransporten





Ban the import, sale and production of all fur products within the European Union.





Daily Action: Montreal: Don’t Ban Pit Bulls and Other Dog Breeds!


Montreal: Repeal Your Draconian Pit Bull Ban!


Please help stop the pit bull ban in Montreal – Update on “Gov. Andrew Cuomo: Enforce Charlemagne’s Law and Free the Keeshonds from Marjorie’s Kennel”



Gesendet: Dienstag, 04. Oktober 2016 um 13:16 Uhr Von: “Martina Patterson” <> An: Cc:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Betreff: Fw: Bitte um Weiterreichung und Unterstützung gegen den Rassenwahn in Montréal




Sehr geehrte Frau Botschafterin Gervais-Vidricaire,


dem Protest von Familie Gerlach schließen wir uns vollumfänglich an! Hunde werden nur durch den Menschen zu “Kampfhunden”!! Der Mensch ist das Tier…

Dogs Are Aggressive Due to Experience, Not Breed

Bitte nutzen Sie Ihren Einfluss und stoppen Sie diesen Rassenwahn!



Mit freundlichen Grüßen Martina & Shawn Patterson



Gesendet: Dienstag, 04. Oktober 2016 um 07:29 Uhr Von: “Martina Gerlach” <> An: Betreff: Bitte um Weiterreichung und Unterstützung gegen den Rassenwahn in Montréal


Sehr geehrte Frau Botschafterin Gervais-Vidricaire,


bitte reichen Sie meinen Protest an den kanadischen Primeminister weiter und unterstützen Sie diesen möglichst auch. Der Hunderassenwahn des Mayor Coderre von Montréal muss unbedingt sofort gestoppt werden.

Hunderassismus verhindert keine Beißvorfälle, aber durch Stigmatisierung/Diskriminierung und kurze Leinen- und Maulkorbpflicht werden verantwortungsvolle Hundehalter zu schlimmer Tierquälerei an ihrem Hund gezwungen. Die Unschuldigsten – die immer unschuldigen Hunde – lässt man leiden – nicht um Beißvorfälle zu verhindern, denn diese sind menschengemacht und geschehen völlig rasseunabhängig. – So weit sollte eigentlich ein Politiker denken können.

Der Mayor von Montréal will Hunde, die man auf Basis völlig frei erfundener Listen pauschal als gefährlich abstempelt, verfolgen und direkt oder indirekt vernichten lassen. Generelle Maulkorbpflicht hat als Folge, dass Hunde dadurch qualvoll sterben, denn sie können nicht hecheln. Das ist ein bekannter Fakt. Außerdem sind Hunde Lauftiere. Permanenter Leinenzwang mit kurzer Leine artet in Quälerei des Hundes aus.

Absehbar kommt die direkte und indirekte Tötung der Hunde dazu, und zwar auf Basis ihrer Rassezugehörig­keit, etwas, wofür kein Lebewesen etwas kann. Aber diese Hunde werden der Öffentlichkeit pauschal als gefährlich suggeriert.

Nie und nimmer kann Hunderassismus im Interesse der öffentlichen Sicherheit sein! Es gibt keine gefährlich geborenen Hunde, egal welcher Rasse sie angehören! Es sind völlig normale Hunde. Ein Hund ist immer nur das, was Menschen aus ihm machen.


„Wir gehen in den Diensten davon aus, dass es ganz wesentlich mit der Sachkunde und der persönlichen Kompetenz von Menschen zu tun hat, ob ein Hund gefährlich ist oder nicht. Wir führen die schlimmen Unfälle zu 99,9 % auf Fehler zurück die von Menschen gemacht werden. Deswegen muss man beim Menschen ansetzen.“ – Herr Maciejewski, Hundeexperte, Leiter der Diensthundeschulen Deutschland


Wirklicher Tierschutz,auch den willkürlich rassendiskriminierten Hunden gegenüber, muss zugelassen/durchgesetzt werden. Menschen – sowohl Hundehalter als auch Nicht-Hundehalter, sowohl Erwachsene als auch Kinder – müssen aufgeklärt werden über normales hundliches Verhalten als auch über übliches menschliches Fehlverhalten. Solche Informationen müssen über die Medien verbreitet werden, um Menschen zu schützen.

Hunde als gefährlich wegen ihrer Rasse zu stigmatisieren (damit auch deren Halter) ist Lüge und gezieltes Schüren von Hundehass und Hysterie

Politiker, die Hunderassenwahn verordnen, wollen, dass Beißvorfälle geschehen! Das scheint das Vorhaben des Mayor Coderre von Montréal tatsächlich zu sein. Dies muss umgehend verhindert werden.


Für die unschuldigen Hunde!

Für die Sicherheit der Menschen!

Martina und Jürgen Gerlach





PETITION gegen geplanten Schächt-Schlachtraum in Laaben





Punish boy that beat puppy while his friends filmed and laughed!





PUPPY BEAR ON LEAD AT THE BEACH CUB ORSO undernourished and ABUSED!!! A man carries a bear cub at the beach with the collar through the nose (the weakest point of the animal) when the bear reacts just pull the leash and he is “calm” in pain. All this for what? For money!! We denounce this lousy event and give a decent life to this puppy

CUCCIOLO DI ORSO AL GUINZAGLIO IN SPIAGGIA Unterernährter Bärenwelpe wird schmerzhaft angeleint am Strand „vorgeführt“.





Speak up for an exhausted-looking lion cub paraded around an elementary school!





Find Criminal Who Gruesomely Cut Off Cows’ Ears





Stoppen Sie den Megastall-Minister – jetzt unterzeichnen!





Tell the Justice Department: Block the Monsanto-Bayer merger





Sign if you agree: The EPA must ban toxic oil dispersants





Wasserversorgung in Gefahr

Durstig, durstiger, Nestlé: Der Lebensmittelgigant versucht, überall auf der Welt knappe Wasservorkommen aufzukaufen und damit Profit zu machen. Jetzt bedroht er die Trinkwasserversorgung einer Region in Kanada. Fordern Sie die Premierministerin von Ontario auf, Nestlés Pläne zu stoppen und die Trinkwasserversorgung zu schützen!





Wir haben es in der Hand – Klimasünder sollen zahlen





!!!DAS UMFRAGE-ERGEBNIS IST DA!!! – News zur Petition „EU: Verpflichtet Supermärkte ihr unverkauftes Essen zu spenden! #StopFoodWaste”

EU: Verpflichtet Supermärkte ihr unverkauftes Essen zu spenden!

Benachrichtigung bei Teilnahme Ihres Wahlkreisabgeordneten! Wenn Sie möchten, dass wir Sie benachrichtigen, sobald ein Abgeordneter aus Ihrem Wahlkreis eine Antwort eingegeben hat, tragen Sie bitte hier Ihre Postleitzahl und Emailadresse ein.





Keine #Bargeldobergrenze! Bargeldkäufe in unbegrenzter Höhe beibehalten!









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Ask your MEPs to support European legislation for CCTV in abattoirs.

Bittet Eure Abgeordneten, die europäischen Rechtsvorschriften für die Videoüberwachung in Schlachthöfen zu unterstützen.


USA: Install Video Cameras in Slaughterhouses and Factory Farms


Horror at halal slaughterhouse: Shocking undercover film shows the ‘needless suffering’ of livestock that are butchered without being stunned first

Slaughtered While Still Conscious

Schlachthof-Hölle in Deutschland


Undercover Schlachthof-Video: Todesschreie der Tiere

Filmaufnahmen aus einem Vorzeige-Bio-Schlachthof


Ein Virus namens “Menschheit”


Out of sight…out of mind…






Be the difference! Sei Du der Unterschied!


Please vote / Bitte abstimmen:





Should poachers be arrested for slaughtering endangered animals? [YES//NO] Sollen Wilderer verhaftet werden für das Schlachten von gefährdeten Tieren? JA/NEIN





Is it Important to Help Animals in Labs? Yes, it is!





A Shocking List of Companies Who Still Test on Animals

Will you continue to use the above products, even if they test on animals? NO! Do you believe that animal testing is necessary? NO! Occupy for Animals

This new App will tell you if your makeup and household products have been tested on animals:


Finden Sie tierfreundliche Kosmetik!







Informations and terms – Infos und Termine





EMERGENCY: Hurricane Matthew bears down on Haiti





Dolphins belong in the ocean. But Dolphin “trainers” tear dolphins out of the wild so violently in Taiji, many drown in a sea of panic.

We’re done asking nicely. IMATA didn’t listen. Let’s make them wish they did.





One chimp’s story





Meet the Hero Who Stays in Syria to Care for Its Abandoned Cats





EXTREMELY URGENT! Dogs in Distress in Dubrovnik!





Von: Hannelore Rodrian [] Gesendet: Mittwoch, 7. September 2016 23:43 Betreff: Die verlassenen Tiere von Xanthi und Thessaloniki… Wichtigkeit: Hoch


Die Situation hat sich für die Straßenhunde in und um Xanthi leider nicht verbessert. Vergiftungen sind an der Tagesordnung. Inzwischen bricht man sogar bei Nacht in Grundstücke von griechischen Tierschützern ein und vergiftet dort die Tiere.   Zudem werden immer mehr Hunde, meist Mütter mit Welpen, in den Bergen und Wäldern ausgesetzt. Werden sie nicht zufällig gefunden sterben sie unweigerlich den Hungertod. So haben wir eine Mama mit neun Welpchen, eins davon mit deformiertem Beinchen, in den Bergen um Xanthi gesichert. Weitere vier Welpen die ganz schlimm an Demodikose leiden, wurden in den Bergen um Thessaloniki gefunden. Es gab ebenfalls schon Fälle wo Jäger auf die Tiere angesetzt wurden. Unterstützung haben weder die griechischen, noch die deutschen Tierschützer von den örtlichen Behörden zu erwarten. Das Leid der Tiere nimmt immer mehr zu und es ist leider nicht zu erwarten, trotz Tierschutzgesetz, dass sich dies in absehbarer Zeit ändern wird. Im Gegenteil – den Tierschützern/ Vereinen die sich für die Tiere stark machen werden ständig Steine in den Weg gelegt. Die Demodikose-Welpen aus Tessaloniki, die kürzlich gefunden wurden, müssen alle in die Vet-Station, da nur dort Quarantäne möglich ist. Unser Shelter in Thessaloniki hat die Aufnahme abgelehnt, weil sie ansteckend sind. Bis zu einem Monat sollen sie dort bleiben. Einer der Welpen wurde heute noch unter einer Ruine gefunden. Es gehört zur gleichen Familie. Wir wissen nicht mehr wo wir die Gelder noch hernehmen sollen. Aber wir können sie doch nicht einfach ihrem Schicksal überlassen! Bitte – helft diesen armen Welpen.

Kontoinhaber: griechische Fellnasen e.V. Kontonummer: 40510075 Bankleitzahl: 742 500 00 Bank: Sparkasse Niederbayern-Mitte IBAN: DE22 7425 0000 0040 5100 75 BIC: BYLADEM1SRG

Verwendungszweck: Hilfe für Tessaloniki- Welpen.oder per Paypal


Unsere “ kleine Farm“, in die wir sehr viel investiert haben, werden wir verlieren.

Die Intrigenwirtschaft in Griechenland ist immens, viele deutsche Tierschützer in dieser Region haben aufgegeben. Wir, der Verein griechische Fellnasen, sind nur ein kleiner Verein, dennoch bemühen wir uns mit aller Kraft das Elend der griechischen Straßenhunde zu lindern, oder im besten Fall sogar Repressalien gegen die Tiere im Keim zu ersticken. Wir bitten Protestschreiben an die Verantwortlichen zu unterzeichnen und haben im Fall der Verschleppung der Hunde in die Wälder, eine Petition erstellen lassen. Sie wurde „entwarnt“, da man den Behauptungen der Stadt es habe keine Anordnung zur Verschleppung der Hunde gegeben, Glauben schenkte. Seltsam nur, dass keinem aufgefallen ist, das diese Aktion sogar von einer griechischen Zeitung veröffentlicht wurde und der Bürgermeister sich erst dementierend zu Wort gemeldet hat als unsere Protestaktion angelaufen war.

Was sich tatsächlich abspielt ist – u.a. – dieses hier: das sind Tiere die eben mal vergiftet werden. Zu Hunderten täglich.

Und dieses: ein Hund, der an einem Wagen festgebunden und zu Tode geschleift wird. 

Entsetzlich? Ja.    Alltag in Griechenland!





Mausmobil startet TOURDATEN 2016



Termin-Übersicht 2016





WIST-Kongress: 15. Oktober 2016 in Köln Ermäßigung bei Anmeldung bis 31.08.2016

Programm mit 8 hochkarätigen Referenten aus dem In- und Ausland zu: – Wie valide ist der Tierversuch? – Lösungsansätze: menschenbasierte Forschungsmethoden Anerkennung als Fortbildung für Ärzte (8 Punkte) und Tierärzte (5 Stunden)





Veggie World // 21.-23.10.2016 // 26.-27.11.2016

veganfach 04.-05.11.2016

Heldenmarkt 05.-06.11.2016





Kastration und Adoption statt Tötungsstation! Stoppt das rumänische Hundemassaker! Das Problem packt man nicht am Schwanz, sondern man löst es an der Wurzel!





Animal welfare = climate = Environmental Protection = Human Conclusion: Animal welfare is community involvement and living ethics!

Tierschutz = Klimaschutz = Umweltschutz = Menschenschutz Fazit: Tierschutz ist soziales Engagement & gelebte Ethik! Zitat von Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Wirnitzer (PhD)



The meat and dairy drug: not food, not fashion and not a fad – it is a drug (Philip Wollen)



Philip Wollen über die Notwendigkeit, auf Fleisch zu verzichten. DEUTSCHE VERSION

 Philip Wollen: Wasser ist das neue Öl!!! In english + deutsch


„Earthlings changed my life. Had hubby, son and gf watch it that same night. We’ve been full blown vegans for 6 beautiful months. I’m now an activist. Anybody can change. I’m 58 and only wished I would have seen the light much earlier.

Earthlings – Neue Synchronisation auf Deutsch – Komplett


Schlachthof-Hölle in Deutschland

Undercover Schlachthof-Video: Todesschreie der Tiere

Filmaufnahmen aus einem Vorzeige-Bio-Schlachthof


Sir Paul McCartney Narrates ‘Glass Walls’


The Secret Reason We Eat Meat – Dr. Melanie Joy



Das Klagen der Kühe – Schulversion!



And Then Came Man – Check it Out.



The Faces of Animal Research Why Animal Testing Doesn’t Work


The failure of animal experiments – an animated educational film

Unsinn Tierversuch – Ein animierter Aufklärungsfilm der Ärzte gegen Tierversuche


Air France und ihr dunkles Geheimnis


Search for brands that DON’T test on animals here: ‪#‎StopAnimalTests





My story …


Hinter den Kulissen der Tierindustrie


The ‘Humane Slaughter’ Myth


Slaughter animals, their last way:


Why Are These People Crying?

Die Akte Fleisch – Sehens- und empfehlenswert!! Ausführliche Beschreibung der gesundheitlichen Risiken für Menschen!


Pferdetransport – Quälerei ohne Grenzen



She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for!



The price of milk (explain this…)



This film should be seen by the entire world!


Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery–faib7to



GMO A Go Go: An Animated (and Satiric) Short Film




Cry of the innocent – ein berührendes Video über den Pelzhandel –

Pelz? 60 Sekunden, die jeder gesehen haben sollte /

Viele Menschen glauben, dass Pelztiere nur in Pelztierfarmen in China leiden. DAS IST

NICHT SO! Sie leiden kläglich in Pelzfarmen weltweit. Dies ist ein Screenshot des Videos eines analen Stromschlags in einer Pelzfarm in Illinois. Sie sterben nicht sofort, sie gehen in einen Schockzustand, während ihre Innereien grundsätzlich vom Strom “gekocht” werden. SEHEN Sie sich das VIDEO an:



The Animal Holocaust by Jo Frederiks


English and german



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And 2 more animal rescue site! You click daily and sponsors pay for food and care.


Your click helps a woman in need get a free mammogram.;jsessionid=865A317B43FE7BFE754AF9D0FFAD6D05.ctg-c


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Tierkörperaktion in Karlsruhe, 13.12.2014 // Aktivistenbündnis Karlsruhe


Bei jedem Online-Einkauf Wildtierschutz Deutschland unterstützen – ohne Zusatzkosten

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Die Sponsoren spenden für jeden Klick auf “Take action!”

Es werden Projekte für Hilfe für Haiti, Kinder, Frauen, Regenwälder, Wale, Affen, Wildtiere, Heimtiere, Wölfe, etc unterstützt. Es ist kostenlos und hilft!


Noch 2 weitere Tierschutzseiten! Hier ebenfalls täglich kostenlos „klicken“ und Sponsoren zahlen für Futter und Versorgung der Tiere.



Silky Sharks Gain Increased Protection Under CITES.



turtle island

Our recent posts:


Today we won a big victory for silky sharks!

After years of hard work, Turtle Island and our international allies have won increased protections for silky sharks at CITES. They are now listed under Appendix II of this international treaty agreement.

I personally want to thank every single one of you who has taken action on behalf of silky sharks – whether by signing one of our petitions or making a gift to provide us with the resources to advocate on behalf of these amazing animals.

I was proud to be able to speak on your behalf in front of the entire CITES meeting.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us, but I want to take this moment to celebrate this hard won victory.

Thanks again.

Randall Arauz,

International Policy Director Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – The battle is far from over.

We still need to win changes at the regional fisheries and national level.

So please consider making a charitable donation of $35 or more today to Turtle Island so we can continue to be on the frontline of defending sharks and our oceans.

success 2



Australia: Find The Criminal Who Cut Off A Cows Ears – Petition.



Target: Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia

Goal: Find the person who cruelly cut cows’ ears off and tied them to the owners’ gate, and punish them to the maximum extent of the law.

The ears of two cows were cut off and tied to a gate on the owners’ property using a piece of wire. While authorities are unsure who is responsible for this sickening act of cruelty, they say that someone located the cows and cut an ear off of each animal that displayed the property owners’ earmark. Oddly enough, the authorities aren’t sure if the cows were alive or deceased as they haven’t found any cows with injuries or remains. These innocent animals could’ve been tortured and killed; their tormentor i still on the loose.

This appears to be a very dangerous, threatening act of animal cruelty that was carried out with pure malicious intentions. The owner’s life could also be at risk as this person may have committed this act to send a threatening message. A person who could commit such a heinous act on innocent animals needs to be removed from the streets and kept behind bars so they can’t do any more harm. Please add your name to this signature to urge the authorities to take action and do everything in their power to find the person responsible for this and bring them to justice.


Dear Police Commissioner Stewart,

Someone cut off the ears of two cows and used a piece of wire to attach the body parts to the property owners’ gate. Both of the ears had the owner’s earmark displayed on them.

Unfortunately, whoever committed this heinous act of animal cruelty has not been found and neither have the cows. For all we know, these poor animals were tortured and murdered. We urge you to get involved in this case and utilize all available resources to find whoever hurt these innocent animals and bring them to justice with the maximum penalty.


[Your Name Here]

Jigsaw is head over heels in love with leaves.



Jigsaw is head over heels in love with leaves


So many delicious leaves to munch through — it’s all too much for rescued moon bear Jigsaw who is head over heels happy.

There are eight delighted moon bears chowing down on this buffet of juicy leaves, but Jigsaw is taking the joy to a whole new level.

A recent storm knocked down a number of trees in the surroundings of Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary and nature’s loss was the moon bears’ gain.

Bears love leaves — known generally as ‘browse’ — although they can be a bit fussy, which is wise considering some leaf species can be toxic.

When not being eaten or rolled over, browse is also great for nest-building, another natural moon bear instinct indicative of healthy, happy bears.

It’s part of the daily treats enjoyed by over 150 bears at Animals Asia Vietnam Sanctuary, with the vast majority of bears being rescued from the bear bile industry.

Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear and Vet Team Director Heidi Quine said:

“There are 18 bears in House 4 and nearly every last one of them joined in the tree party. It was a pleasure for the bear team to watch as the bears’ relaxed, carefree play shows we’re getting our bear care right.”

Happy #MoonBearMonday everyone!

Donations –




RIP Xie Sheung – He’s gone but this rescued bear will still be seen by thousands every day.

He’s gone but this rescued bear will still be seen by thousands every day.

27 September 2016


Former bile farm bear Xie Sheung, whose silhouette became Animals Asia’s logo, has passed away, but his image and memory continues to inspire thousands.

Xie Sheung was rescued from a bile farm nearly 23 years ago. Freed from an abhorrent crush cage little larger than his body (see the picture below), he went on to enjoy over two decades of freedom and peace in Animals Asia’s care.




He passed away at Animals Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre this summer.

Nic Field, Animals Asia Bear and Vet Team Director, China said:

“Saying goodbye never gets any easier. Each one takes a piece of us, but I also believe that each one leaves us with something, their magnificent spirits imprinted on our hearts forever.  Never has that been more true than with poor old Xie Sheung. We consider him a founding member of the organisation and he will be fondly remembered every time we look at the Animals Asia logo.”

Xie Sheung’s final days were spent in a specially constructed part of the sanctuary for old and infirm bears known as the Special Care Area.

Animals Asia vet Sheridan Lathe said:

“We are grateful that Xie Sheung spent the final years of his life enjoying the extra attention the Special Care Area is known for. The decision to euthanise him was heart-wrenching but we know it was the right decision to end his suffering. We will miss him dearly, but part of him will always be with us.”

Team Leader Li Ping, who cared for Xie Sheung in his old age, said:

“Xie Sheung was a very charming bear. He would walk about a little bit after foraging, then find a place to sleep and snore loudly afterwards. He wouldn’t notice if you were approaching his den or perimeter fence. He remained a happy-go-lucky bear until the end.”

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson said:

“A gentle, joyful bear — Xie Sheung and his friends opened the eyes of the world to the horrors of bear bile farming, and demonstrated the most incredible forgiveness of a species so maligned by mankind.  That he lived such a long and happy life after being rescued, reaching well over 30 years of age, is testament to the two decades of professionalism and kindness he received.

“More than anything I simply want to thank you, Xie Sheung, for teaching us so much about what a moon bear really is; for your kind and gentle spirit in those early days when we were hopelessly naive about your species; and for your patient forgiveness when we made so many mistakes along the way. You and your brother and sister bears began the dream of the China Bear Rescue — and the dream of ending this barbaric practice. That day is closer because of you, because of the bears we still have, and because of the sleeping giants you join.”

To date, Animals Asia has rescued almost 600 bears from bile farms in China and Vietnam. In China there are still over 10,000 bears caged in bile farms with around 1,200 more in Vietnam.







Please support AA and shut down these

hell holes NOW !



Horses Have 10 Litres of Blood Taken In Single Extraction Due To Demand From Hormone Producers – Take Action.

Update 26/9/16 – these are full versions of the links given at the end.



It sounds almost too twisted to be true: across Argentina and Uruguay, horse blood farms are raising horses so their blood can be extracted and sold for profit to pharmaceutical companies.

The horrendous industry is driven by demand from veterinary pharmaceutical companies like MSD Animal Health (Merck Animal Health in the US and Canada) that use the blood to extract a hormone called PMSG. 

It’s unacceptable for a company that specializes in animal health to depend on the torture and exploitation of horses for its products. If hundreds of thousands of us around the world speak up and join the people who are already fighting this animal cruelty in South America and Europe, we can get MSD to stop their business with the torture-hormone. 


Take Action 3

Sign the petition to tell MSD to stop profiting from animal torture and cut ties with blood farms immediately.

Blood farm conditions are as bad as you’d imagine. Workers routinely take 10 litres of blood in a single extraction, a volume that can lead to hypovolemic shock, anaemia or even death. And because mares produce the valuable hormone only during early pregnancy, they are forced into repeated pregnancies and abortions. Finally, they are shipped off to slaughter when they become too weak or old to become pregnant.

In a cruelly ironic cycle of animal exploitation, the precious hormone PMSG obtained from pregnant mare blood is used by the pork industry to promote unnatural rates of reproduction among pigs.

A recent investigation by the German NGO Animal Welfare Foundation and their partners in Uruguay and the US exposed the links between American and European corporations like MSD and the blood farms. Now that we know that MSD is profiting from animal torture, we need to let them know that we’re on to them.


Take Action 3

Tell MSD that if it has any real concern for animal health, it must cut ties with these blood farms.

We have had major successes when we stood up to corporations profiting from animal cruelty before: After hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members took action, major clothing retailers like Zara have committed to stop selling Angora — a wool that comes from ripping the skin of Angora rabbits. 

Now, let’s team up again to protect the horses from suffering for profits!

Thanks for all that you do,

Paul, Wiebke, Ledys and the team at SumOfUs 


More information: 

Blood farms in Uruguay and Argentina de TSB|AWF, Animal Welfare Foundation.
Turning Horse Blood into Profits, The Dodo, 2 October, 2015.
Blood farms, Animal Welfare Foundation.
Wie Pharmakonzerne mit Pferdeblut Geschäfte machen (“This is how pharmaceutical companies turn horse blood into profits”), Sueddeutsche Zeitung, 29 September, 2015.

Costa Rica: 15,000 Signature Petition To Save Sharks Handed In To President.

turtle island





Today we took a big step forward in our campaign to stop the needless killing of silky sharks.

Together with our partner organizations, we hand delivered 15,000 signatures to the offices of the President of Costa Rica (and tomorrow to those of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua) to use their influence to end this travesty.

Silky sharks are being caught and killed by industrial fishing conglomerates in the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

This shark’s population is in a downward spiral. This needs to stop!

Thanks to everyone who signed or shared the petition.

Knowing 15,000 caring people are in my corner will make me fight that much harder on behalf of the sharks and oceans when I arrive in South Africa in a few days for the CITES (Convention on the Trades in Endangered Species) meeting.

I’ll be working with my team to urge delegates to help silky sharks win greater protections. Before it’s too late.

Thanks for being on the side of the sharks!

Randall Arauz, International Policy Director Turtle Island Restoration Network

PS – The battle is far from over. Please click here to make a tax-deductible contribution today to give sharks a fighting chance. If we win, we can make history.


Great News – Europe’s Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban Has Been Saved.

U Flag





Dear Mark,

For the last 2 years, our expert legal team has been working behind the scenes to save Europe’s cosmetics animal testing ban. And you’ll be delighted to hear their hard work has today paid off.

A powerful cosmetics industry body* had been trying to jeopardise your ban in the UK and European courts. They wanted to swerve the ban by using animal tests allowed under other European or overseas legislation for the cosmetics they sell in the UK and EU.

Clearly this makes a mockery of the EU ban which together we campaigned so hard to achieve for animals.

Thanks to our unique expertise, our legal team was able to leap into action and we were the only NGO given permission to intervene to stop them in their tracks.

And today the European Court of Justice has ruled in favour of common sense, making it harder for companies to sell cosmetics in the UK and EU if they have been animal tested elsewhere in the world.

Mark, isn’t it staggering that some parts of the cosmetics industry are still arguing they should be allowed to use animals in cruel and painful tests?

We don’t always shout about the life-saving work we’re doing behind the scenes for animals. And we don’t always ask for your help to fund it. But our small team of experts is here, working around the clock on your behalf to help the animals languishing in laboratories.

We never forget them. You can remember them too by making a donation today.


Cruelty Free International was formerly the BUAV

– The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection.

Web site with lots more news and campaigns:


UK: ‘Brexit’ Actions May Prove Very Positive For Animal Welfare.

U Flag


We have been working hard re live animal exports.  Over the last week we have sent out copies of the UK – Germany export video made by Eyes on Animals.  We have been in contact with the UK government and supplied them with copies of some of the protests against the trade at Ramsgate harbour.  In addition, we have also written and supplied video links to the UK Minister at Defra, as well as to several Conservative MP’s asking them to take action against the trade.

In response to many of the above points we have raised; we have now been contacted by Lorraine Platt – Co-Founder of the Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation.

There are several points in the message from Lorraine which give us some hope.


You can see her article for the CAWF relating to live exports at

As we have said recently on this site; leaving the EU will give the people of the UK powers to improve animal welfare rather than have to put up with the excuses from Brussels that we have all experienced and the words that they tell us they can do nothing when provided with (for example) the clear breaches of EU Regulations at the EU / Turkish border.

If the EU does not have the balls to take action then we will have to go independent (Brexit) and as the people voted – take back our own controls from a very lack luster Brussels.

We are very encourage to read that the CAWF have made the following statement:

We urge the Government to introduce a Bill in Parliament to ban live exports so that the ban is ready to come into force on the day that the UK leaves the EU. We want people to speak up for the voiceless and tell the world: ‘Animals Are Not Freight’.

In addition to this, we also see the following points which may all have an influence on how the UK deals with live animal exports in the future:

  • There is increasing support for mandatory CCTV in all slaughterhouses: Conservative MP Henry Smith, Co-Chairman of the All Party Group for Animal Welfare in the House of Commons launched a debate calling for it, and Philip Hollobone MP led a Westminster Hall debate on non-stun slaughter which was well supported by MPs. The debate was triggered by 115,000 public signatures.

  • Another Conservative MP, Anne Main, recently introduced a Bill calling for better labelling to back British Farmers. During her speech in parliament, she said: ‘it is not right or fair that other European countries can dodge animal welfare issues, can hide anonymously behind inadequate labelling and at the same time undercut our farming industry.’

  • As the UK will soon no longer be bound by the EU’s free trade rules, the Government should ban the live export trade which over the years has caused immense suffering to our animals.

  • Lorraine will very soon be having a personal meeting with the Environment Minister; at which she will be bringing the issue of live animal exports to her attention again.

  • MP Craig MacKinlay has introduced a Bill to help end live exports. He joined animal welfare campaigners at Ramsgate port on 26th August. The Bill will have its next reading on the 4th November.

  • The videos made by Ian Driver at Ramsgate, and which you can see on this site, have also been tweeted on the CAWF twitter site.

We are hopeful at what we hear from CAWF.  Especially as this shows the once free from the do-nothing people and red tape of the EU, the UK will be able to go it alone and take back control of its own rules and regulations – free from the do nothing shakles of the EU.  Hopefully very positive news for animals and their welfare.

As we said after the result of the Brexit vote was known; UK animal welfare groups are not going to pack up and go home.  Quite the opposite – we hope that free from the control and restraints of Brussels, much higher welfare standards can be established and the UK can ensure that any trade deals set up between the UK and overseas partners will ensure that only the highest animal welfare standards are accepted.

This obviously does not solve the problem of all live exports; but we hope it may be a start towards some bans.  We also very much hope that out friends and fellow campaigners in the EU will see that nations can take back control, set their own rules, and get away from the no action top dogs called the EU which currently govern them.

The fight goes on but we see light at the end of the Brexit tunnel for animals due to be exported from the UK at least.  Other bans in the EU ? – that is up to other EU member states to decide if they stay or if they go from Brussels.




Live Exports – Inspections of Trucks At The Turkey / Bulgaria Border.

If the EU cannot take any action  despite EU Regulation 1/2005 to protect the welfare of animals in transport, then these conditions are obviously approved by Mr (‘there is nothing we can do’) Van Goethem and his EU ‘veterinarians’.

And we always believed that veterinarians existed to improve the welfare of animals !

Observations during the inspection of Pimk trucks at the border of Turkey and Bulgaria (Kapikule) in July 2015.






England: Very Recent Video Footage of Live Animal Export Protests – Ramsgate, Kent, England UK.


Recent scenes of Live animal export protests at Ramsgate, Kent, England.

A Dutch livestock exporter / criminal (Onderwater) protected by the Kent police and paid for (with deep regrets – but they cannot stop it) by the Kent taxpayer who cannot get a copper when they need one – wonder why !!

Note all the transporters are Dutch (Name and plates), which contribute nothing to the UK economy; they just suck the Kent taxpayer dry with policing costs.  But the demonstrations will NEVER stop.

The Dutch trucks fuel up in Europe before they get to the UK; they go directly to pick up the sheep and then return to the port, where they are given full protection by Kent police; funded by Kent taxpayers who do not want to see the trade in their county or country.

This is what Mr Van Goethem and his EU mates are failing to take action on.  This is one of the reasons why the British voted to get out of Europe – and take back our own laws – so that we can ban the trade in the UK.

Onderwater, an Outright animal abuser; Court proven facts which Mr Van Goethem utterly ignores regarding information that is supplied to the EU as evidence showing that he is a convicted animal abuser in an English court.

See the old KAALE PR via the following link:

This PR was produced when Mark (SAV) was the EU Correspondent for KAALE; so we all know Onderwater and his tricks very well; he and they go back years!.


The facts and court case:

Onderwater Agneaux BV (Onderwaters company) pleaded guilty to no less than six
(6) offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 of causing the transport of sheep in
contravention of theWelfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006 and EU
Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 (Protection of animals during transport).


This is what the British Conservative government is allowing to happen.  The British public wait to see if Mrs. May (UK Prime Minister) now has the guts to ban the trade when she says ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

We are watching you all very closely Conservative Party.







The ‘System of Slaughter’ By Venus.

The problem is the system.

In Germany, “Halal” banned since 1933rd

According to § 17 of the Animal Welfare ritual slaughter of animals is forbidden in Germany.

But the law says: “if special religious regulations prescribe shafts, then shafts may be made, because of tolerance and religious freedom”.

4,5 million Muslims and Jews living in Germany, may do so, because it is part of their religious rites.

Actually, in Germany kosher meat is imported frozen from France and Belgium. For these and other EU countries, in contrast to Germany, may be slaughtered without stunning. Lately, however, a number of Halal slaughterhouses are in operation in Germany: “Halal” slaughter of Iranian Amir Baharifar in Neuss (North Rhine-West Fallen),

or the slaughterhouse Bärlein-Denterlein in Bayer. This has Bavarian TV film twice the “halal” production!!!

The fact that Muslim slaughterhouses are worse than the Orthodox or Catholic slaughterhouses, does not change nothing to the brutal animal transport in Europe. And that is the key point.

Animals that are transported for slaughter do not suffer less than animals that are transported to the shafts. And when shafts prohibits the stunning of animals, that doesn’t mean that the anesthesia system of animals works well in German slaughterhouses.

Even a complete change of all farms to organic standard would still be bad enough for the animals. Animals are slaughtered, but nowhere respected. In other words: even if the Muslim slaughter system would mimic the European, would be purely cosmetic. The problem is the system. Illegal animal cruelty, illegal transport of animals of any kind in European livestock farms and slaughterhouses are ignored by governments or tolerated as legal states.

And they put millions of tax dollars in this sick system. These governments have a strong interest to keep the debate shafts / slaughter in the course of racism, so the main problem will disappear: the drama of the animals in European slaughterhouses.

That’s what should interest us, against it we have to fight.





Japan: Australian Programme On The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter.



Part of the Australian programme into the dolphin slaughter at Taiji.

Please cross post to all you know and let them see the reality of Japanese cruelty.

UK (England): Latest News From ‘Team Badger’.

U Flag


Dr. Brian May  at Team Badger writes to the Prime Minister about the Conservative Party Badger Cull.



Above – Dr. Brian May (ex ‘Queen’ Guitarist).


team badger

A Letter to the Right Honourable Theresa May & Andrea Leadsom MP

The Rt. Hon Theresa May MP, Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London, SW1A 2AA

Cc: The Rt. Hon Andrea Leadsom MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Defra, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3JR

19th July 2016

badger artwork

Dear Prime Minister

May I firstly offer our congratulations to you on your appointment as Prime Minister; we wish you every success in this role.

I realise that you will have countless pressing issues in your first days as Prime Minister but, on behalf of the undersigned organisations which constitute ‘Team Badger’, I write to bring to your urgent attention the matter of the badger cull, and to respectfully urge you to instruct Natural England NOT to issue cull licences for 2016 and beyond.

On 12th July three of the country’s most highly qualified experts with experience of badgers and bovine tuberculosis wrote to you to explain their science-based position of opposition to the cull, on the grounds that it is both ineffective and inhumane.  Team Badger organisations understand that bovine TB is a serious problem for farmers, requiring meaningful action from government. But the verdict from the overwhelming majority of experts is that this is a disease spread almost entirely through cattle to cattle transmission and, as such, it can only be solved through cattle-based measures such as increased disease testing and enhanced on-farm biosecurity. Using badgers as scapegoats for this disease is failing farmers, as well as badgers.


team badger

The badger cull continues to be an extremely unpopular and expensive policy which many millions of British people oppose. Over 70% of respondents to Natural England’s recently concluded consultation conveyed their concerns that a roll-out of the cull could be bad for business, due to people avoiding cull areas. A further 40% expressed fears that the cull could risk human health and safety in shared countryside spaces, and expansion of the cull would mean even greater pressures on police forces, drawing their attention away from crime prevention priorities.  All this for a policy which is clearly seen to be failing in its objective.

We further observe that the UK’s commendable goal to be a world leading authority on animal welfare will continue to be seriously undermined if the government seeks to defend a wildlife cull with a methodology that animal welfare experts, including the British Veterinary Association and the Government’s own appointed IEP (Independent Expert Panel), have agreed cannot be carried out humanely and effectively, and has little or no potential for improvements.

Finally, of all your government departments, DEFRA faces perhaps the most acute resource challenges ahead on the Brexit path, making this a highly inopportune time to expand the extremely costly and divisive culling policy into, potentially, nine English counties. With this in mind, we ask that you and your newly appointed Secretary of State for Environment, Andrea Leadsom, take this moment as an opportunity to pause and review the evidence that unequivocally shows culling badgers to be a flawed policy.


badger artwork

Ending the cull will enable focus and funds to be redirected into effective and more humane solutions to bovine TB: the introduction of an effective cattle TB vaccine; increased frequency of testing in higher risk areas allowing better identification and management of the disease; and improved disease containment through risk-based cattle movement controls.

We urge you and your Ministers to examine the success of the Welsh government’s TB policy using such measures, where bovine TB is being driven down at a much faster and more efficient rate than in England, and without culling badgers.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to speak to you face to face about these issues, if and when you have a moment in your schedule.

Yours sincerely, with respects

Dr Brian May


Find out everything that is happening to keep up the campaign for the UK badgers currently under government culling at the Team Badger web site:

Team badger

team badger

Badger Action Network logo

badger demo chick

Some of you oldies (like us !) may remember Brian when he was lead guitarist in the rock group ‘Queen’ – here he is in action at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert – Wembley, London.  Guest guitarist – Slash from Guns and Roses:   – what a night !!!






Eid Animal Abuse.

This is Islamic ritual slaughter that no politician in Britain dares speak out against.

This was not filmed in the UK, but shows typical Eid animal abuse.

Australia: Vet Who Has Seen It All Exposes The Aus Live Export Industry.


Reproduced fully from:


Overnight, whistleblower vet Lynn Simpson became a pariah – and then she all but vanished

When vet Lynn Simpson documented the appalling conditions faced by Australian animals on live-export ships, she lost her job and her health. But has anything really changed?

She used her knife, killing quickly. Death came almost instantly with a blade when you knew what you were doing. Thank God, she was carrying a sharpener. Sharpen. Kill. Sharpen. Kill. They were in the Gulf of Aden, between Yemen and Somalia, and the heat was ferocious. The captain had started yelling about a crisis unfolding on deck five, which was when the nightmare started. She moved on to the next animal. The blade flashed – and then it happened. The blood spurting onto her wrist burnt her skin like boiling water. Shocked, Dr Lynn Simpson looked down at the sheep whose throat she had just cut, and then grabbed a nearby thermometer. Quickly making a hole with her knife between the dead creature’s ribs, she thrust the thermometer deep inside the cavity. The core temperature was 47ºC. A sheep’s normal body temperature is about 39ºC. This one had, quite literally, been cooking alive.



A young bull that became stuck in a railing and injured its legs while struggling to free itself in 2011.  Photo: Courtesy of Lynn Simpson

Deck five on this particular ship was the top deck. Radiant heat through the roof, plus an accumulation of gases caused by a build-up of the animals’ faeces and urine on the decks below – conditions made worse by insufficient airflow – had turned the place into a hellhole. “After that, any animal that looked like it was about to collapse, I killed,” says Simpson, recalling the awful day in 2003. “I don’t know how many I killed. We chastise different countries for boiling animals to death, yet here were our sheep cooking from the inside out.”

Simpson, the woman once regarded as one of Australia’s most outstanding live-export vets, is driving me in her bright-red ute along an empty stretch of road heading north-west from Canberra. She has no love any more for the city where she was born. It was there, 3½ years ago, after she was asked to write a report for a special government steering committee, that a powerful industry turned on her. Overnight, Lynn Simpson became a pariah – and then she all but vanished.



The remains of a bull which died after its head became stuck under a railing on a ship in Turkey in 2011.  Photo: Courtesy of Lynn Simpson

I have flown to Canberra to meet her and now, as we head deeper into the landscape, I’m relieved she picked me up at the airport. Even with a GPS, I was bound to have got lost. Everyone does when they visit her, says the defiantly resilient 45-year-old, whose grey-green eyes and direct gaze project both warmth and wariness. She talks volubly as she drives, her long, light-brown hair partly shielding her face, her forthrightness and occasional expletive a hallmark of the days when she worked as a wharfie to put herself through vet school. “I speak fluent ‘wharf’, ” she tells me with a smile, “and Arabic.”

Later, as a public servant, she became known as someone who cared deeply about animals but who remained steadfastly unaligned with any animal-welfare group, including the RSPCA. “I’m pro-farming,” she tells me matter-of-factly. “I’ve worked in the agricultural sector, and I understand why farmers enjoy and cherish the lifestyle they have. I’ve never said I’m against the live export of animals. I’m against the way we do it.”

On June 22 this year, Simpson re-emerged from her self-imposed exile to appear on the ABC’s 7.30 program and tell the story of her extraordinary silencing by the federal government after she provided evidence of truths too unpalatable to be contemplated publicly.

As a live-export vet and veteran of some 57 voyages, she had spent the years between 2001 and 2012 documenting the conditions aboard vessels transporting Australian cattle from Perth to Libya, Turkey and the Middle East. That hellish day in the Gulf of Aden, when she’d been forced to personally end the suffering of countless sheep using a knife, had been just one of many.



After being unloaded into a truck in Libya, this bull escaped into the water, but died after being hit by a container ship.  Photo: Courtesy of Lynn Simpson

When, on her return to Canberra, the Department of Agriculture (DA), the live-export industry regulator, offered her a role – on a six-month contract – within its Animal Welfare Branch in 2012, she took it. She was to serve as technical advisor while it carried out a review of the Australian Standards for Exporting Livestock (ASEL). The fallout from A Bloody Business, the ABC’s Four Corners report that had aired in May 2011 exposing the treatment meted out to Australian cattle in nightmarish Indonesian abattoirs, was still raging. When Simpson was asked to submit a report to the ASEL committee, she saw it as an opportunity to finally bring about some real, long-awaited change.

Now, in her new job, she gave PowerPoint presentations, with slides, to her co-workers, including the DA’s deputy secretary, Phillip Glyde. His horrified response suggested to her that her report to the ASEL committee, which she presented in November 2012, would be explosive. And it was – though not because of what she wrote, even though she didn’t hold back in describing hellish scenes of animals trying to rest in grossly overcrowded pens, their agony when they were stepped on by heavier animals and the scrotal hernias that invariably followed displacement of their intestines from this trampling. What truly stunned ASEL committee members was her no-holds-barred photos of cattle covered in their own excrement, unable to stand, suffocating or dying of heat exhaustion, drinking from faeces-filled water troughs and with sickening injuries caused by inadequate bedding.

One of those members was Dr Bidda Jones, RSPCA Australia’s chief scientist and joint author with Julian Davies of this year’s Backlash, a book about the reaction to the campaign to put an end to Australia’s live-export trade that followed the Four Corners exposé. “My response when I saw Lynn’s photographs was, ‘That’s what it’s like? Like, that’s really what it’s like?’ Just shocked,” Jones told 7.30. “This was the first time that an on-board vet had actually produced a report on conditions on board with photographs.”

Never intended for public consumption, on February 5, 2013, the report was mysteriously uploaded by someone inside the DA – it seems unlikely we’ll ever know by whom – to its website, along with the damning photographic evidence. Simpson doesn’t believe it was an administrative error. During our meeting, she speculates, for the first time, that her submission was deliberately leaked: “This was to shift the spotlight away from the problem of actually having to improve live-export standards. Suddenly, I had become the problem instead. I also suspect the submission was uploaded to muddy the waters so that the review process would be stalled. And, to date, it hasn’t moved on.”

Shipping is a super-secretive industry with brass plaques in places like Panama obfuscating transparency of ownership.

Grant Rowles of online shipping magazine Splash 24/7

In the days and weeks after the upload, Simpson found herself increasingly isolated at work. On June 13, 2013, she was sent home on “miscellaneous leave” after being told in a meeting that took place in Phillip Glyde’s office that she couldn’t stay in her job because, she says Glyde told her, the industry “has a witch hunt against you”. Mystifyingly, her report remained on the website for several more months.

When Simpson requested the reason for her removal be given in writing in early July, she received a letter from the first assistant secretary of the DA’s Animal Division, Karen Schneider, advising her that she couldn’t continue her work in the Animal Welfare Branch because “the industry with which we engage has expressed the view that they cannot work with you”. Significantly, Schneider added, “I would like to stress that I do not share the expressed views of industry… you have done [your job] competently, and, as deputy secretary Phillip Glyde and I have assured you … your technical expertise is valued by the department.”

“But I knew my career was over when my submission went public,” says Simpson. “The industry pressured the department to remove me. It’s known as ‘regulatory capture’, which is defined as corruption. I had fully intended to go back to sea once my contract with the department was up. But I knew that as far as the industry was concerned, I was finished.”

We’ve been driving for 40 minutes by now and I ask Simpson where we are. “Near Yass,” she replies. Eventually, we turn off the road onto a track and, within minutes, the little brick and weatherboard farmhouse that she rents on top of a hill comes into view. As we pull up outside, three dogs race rapturously to meet us. “Neil is a blue cardigan corgie, Smorgasbord is a kelpie cross koolie, and PooNeck is a koolie,” says Simpson. “I used to have three steers, too.”

Omar, Wallace and Razorback were three orphaned male bovines, just a few days old, when Simpson adopted them a few months after she lost her job. She has photographs of them – though not of the day, last spring, when she walked into their paddock carrying a large bale of hay and a bag of liquorice. When they had almost finished eating their treats, she got out a syringe and administered a powerful sedative. Within minutes, they were unconscious. Then Simpson shot each of them twice through the head. “I couldn’t afford to feed them any more and it would have cost about $300 to euthanise all three,” she tells me, referring to the barbiturate she’d have needed to buy.

Simpson, who hadn’t worked since her dismissal, was seriously broke. As her distress over losing her position increased, she was placed officially on sick leave. A battery of mandatory consultations with various mental-health specialists followed. Severely depressed, she slept for about 23 hours a day, began suffering from severe headaches and dizziness, and lost a large amount of weight, only to put on 20 kilograms later. Three psychologists and four psychiatrists concluded she was suffering from an adjustment disorder (also known as AD or situational depression) – that is, when a patient is unable to cope with, or adjust to, a major life event. “Yeah, I just couldn’t adjust to being screwed over by the government,” she says with a bitter laugh.

Simpson’s own doctor believes she has been suffering from post-traumatic syndrome disorder. Unfortunately, the antidepressants she was prescribed only left her feeling worse; she uses the word “suicidal” to describe her mental state during this time. Acknowledging the AD diagnosis, ComCare (the government compensation system) agreed in October 2013 to pay her 75 per cent of her former salary, a standard arrangement that will last until 2036, when Simpson will turn 65. She resigned officially from the DA only in May this year.

Money is still very tight. Simpson is now suing the Commonwealth for breach of contract and is also fighting a personal-injury claim. She won’t say how much she has paid in legal bills, but she currently has six lawyers working for her. She has partly funded the cost by selling a property she owned at Eden Creek, near Kyogle, on the NSW-Queensland border. The ongoing legal proceedings are cited as the reason why Karen Schneider, who still works in the DA, and Phillip Glyde, now CEO of the Murray Darling Water Authority in Canberra, are unable to speak to Good Weekend for this story.

The day we meet, Simpson is due to attend a directions hearing to set a date for mediation with the DA. In some ways, though, she’d rather go to court and see further airing of the national disgrace that Australia’s live-export industry has become. “My ultimate goal is some financial restitution because I’ll never get my career back again,” she adds. “But really, it’s about the animals. If I were to walk away from this case, I’d be walking away from a fantastic opportunity to fight for them.”

Inside the farmhouse, a huge painting of a dead bull lying in its own blood dominates a wall in the living room. The blood is seeping from a gaping cut in its throat. “It’s an image from one of the ships,” says Simpson, who is the artist. The painting is a work in progress for an exhibition being held later this year by Soldier On, the Canberra-based group that supports former service men and women who’ve been affected by their experiences of war. It made her a member when she became a volunteer worker in July 2015. She tells me that she still has to launch a flotilla of tiny ships on the sea of blood and then it will be finished.

The painting exudes a powerful melancholy. The fate of Australian livestock, whether on ships or in abattoirs, is now common knowledge and, increasingly, people are speaking out against both. Some DA employees were so affected by watching A Bloody Business they needed counselling. Simpson says the program left her aghast, too. It seems incredible, in her job, that she hadn’t heard stories about the appalling treatment of animals in overseas abattoirs, I point out. She never did, she replies. “I worked extremely hard on those ships and, after watching A Bloody Business, I wish I hadn’t. I wish now I’d shot more,” she adds grimly.

When I suggest that her painting of the bull shows that her years on live-export ships have perhaps affected her more than she admits, Simpson disagrees. “I still eat meat,” she points out with her trademark forthrightness, “though not slow-cooked lamb – ever.”

Simpson’s living room is bathed in sunlight on this freezing-cold day. Through the windows, there’s a spectacular view of the surrounding hills. If Simpson weren’t the story, her house would be. It’s filled with objects from her live-trade travels: a bullock cart from Rajasthan forms the base of her dining-room table; ancient slave shackles from Libya hang beneath a huge wooden horse’s head that Simpson carved herself. A second, huge painting of Nelson Mandela turns out to be her handiwork as well.

Simpson, who lives alone, talks briefly of a man she loved, an Israeli cattle importer called Roni, whom she met in the port city of Eilat in 2005. “Up the ramp walked this gorgeous guy,” she recalls. The two hit it off immediately and were soon in a serious relationship, and Simpson visited Israel often.

But only six months after they met, fighting broke out with Hezbollah in Lebanon on the same day in July 2006 that Simpson, who’d been staying with Roni in Haifa in Israel’s north, was due to fly back to Australia from Jordan. Roni dropped her off at the border crossing but, by the time she reached the airport, she saw on the TV monitors that Haifa was being bombed. She rang Roni, but only got a recorded message. The same message was still playing months later. Simpson never heard from Roni again and still has no idea whether he’s dead or alive.

Simpson had no family to turn to for comfort. The vet has a mother and brother, but doesn’t know where either of them lives. She and her mother are incompatible, is all she’ll say on the subject. She was six when she decided to become a vet, after a relative told her a vet was an animal doctor. “I got very excited that such a thing existed,” she says. She has never wanted children.

Making light of her background is her way, perhaps, of masking a great sadness. When Simpson was 12, her father, David, was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He died when she was 15. Six months earlier, one of her brothers, who was with the Australian Federal Police, had been killed in a motorbike accident on his way home. Her parents, along with her two much older brothers, had immigrated from Glasgow. David Simpson transferred to Australia with NASA in 1969 and worked as a technician at the Orroral Valley Tracking Station, south of the capital. He and his wife, Lorna, spent their free time in clubs, playing the pokies. The Canberra-born Simpson, who was left alone a lot of the time, doesn’t know whether her parents were serious gamblers, “but growing up alone, and being emotionally self-sufficient, probably made me more prone to being able to cope well at sea,” she says.

Mandy Peters, one of her closest friends, believes Simpson probably learnt something of family life after the two got to know each other in Perth in 1996. Simpson, who’d moved there after winning a place at Murdoch University’s School of Veterinary and Life Sciences, rented a granny flat from Peters and her husband. She, the couple and their three children were soon close. Simpson embarked on her first live-export voyages from Perth, and Peters remembers her friend always pushing her hair up into a cap and putting on a wedding ring before boarding the all-male ships.

The wedding ring wasn’t much protection. Twice, on two separate voyages, a crew member tried to rape Simpson. On both occasions she fought off her assailant. Her late brother, Jim, she explains, taught her self-defence – and no, she says in her breezy manner, it didn’t put her off working at sea.

Simpson was 26 by the time she began studying vet science at Murdoch University. At school, she’d always been one of the brightest kids until the deaths of her brother and father in 1985 and 1986. She started skipping classes and her grades slipped. She left school in Canberra with no plans and spent three years kicking around in the Northern Territory before picking up her books again. Eventually, she would complete a master’s degree in veterinary epidemiology, often studying late into the night on board the ships.

Working as a casual wharfie on the Fremantle docks in the late 1990s as one of only four women employed by Western Stevedores gave Simpson plenty of contacts in the live-export trade. She remembers being horrified when she saw dead and injured animals being dragged off trucks after the road-transport leg of their journey. When she was offered her first voyage to Jeddah on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia in November 2001, just one month after graduating, she took it. She did three voyages back to back before starting work in a veterinary practice in Canberra in 2002 – but was bored within weeks. The pull of the sea and the accompanying sense of adventure, as well as the sheer scale of what her job involved, were irresistible. “I soon realised I’d rather spend my days helping large numbers of animals in life and death situations than investing eight to 12 hours a day doing surgery on the leg of one spoilt dog,” she says.

She talks nostalgically of her former life and about one old, rusty ship – with its crew of Palestinians and Pakistanis from the country’s troubled Swat Valley – that became a second home to her. “I spent five years of my life on and off that ship,” she says. “It was like living in our own tiny village. I had a pot plant in my cabin, which the stewards looked after when I wasn’t there.”

Simpson adds that she sometimes imagines living in an apartment overlooking a city port so she can watch the coming and going of the ships. “I pine for the ships, though not the cruelty,” she goes on. “I miss the meaningfulness of my work and the camaraderie. We had to have each other’s backs. It’s probably the closest you get to being in a military platoon. You’re in extreme environments where death is everywhere around you.”

Simpson could write a book, and intends to, though it will be a harrowing read. She’ll describe sheep so stressed they can’t eat – so they die. She’ll describe the phone call she once received from a rattled vet on a badly designed ship without proper ventilation, who told her the cattle in his care were literally disintegrating. (“To clean up, they were trudging through what he described as a soup of melting cattle,” she tells me.) There’s also the time she used the blunt end of a fire-axe to knock 22 cattle unconscious on a ship in Russia, before cutting their throats, after the Russians had confiscated her gun. She empathises with the Vietnamese abattoir workers vilified recently after they were filmed killing Australian cattle with sledgehammers. “They’ve got poor equipment, poor training and don’t know any better,” she says.

Bidda Jones, who got to know Simpson when she was appointed technical adviser to the ASEL committee, believes she’s more vulnerable than her outer resilience suggests. “I like Lynn’s ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude,” she says, but on the night 7.30 aired, Jones drove to Simpson’s house so the woman who’d become her friend wouldn’t have to watch the program alone. She has struggled, in recent years, to understand how Simpson could ever have gone to work for the live-export industry in the first place. “The [cattle] walk off that ship and face a truly awful slaughter. Didn’t that occur to her?” she says. “Lynn had pretty much shielded herself from that realisation. We eventually had that conversation where I understood [that] she felt by working on a live-export vessel, she could help more animals than in a small-animal practice. It took her some time to realise that it’s such a corrupt industry, and improvement so unlikely, that the best thing for it is to just stop.

“The draft version of ASEL that could have led to substantial improvements for exported animals is now just another file in the department’s vast electronic archives.”

Simpson agrees that she felt she could do more good by working inside the trade and with various industry groups consulting her at frequent intervals, she thought she was actually getting somewhere. But then she points out a 1985 Senate Select Committee report had already made clear everything the industry needed to fix, from better stocking densities to improved bedding for the animals. She has come to the conclusion that live export would prove to be commercially unviable were every recommendation acted upon. “But I strongly believe that if they’d acted on those recommendations, the live export trade would be proven to be non-commercially viable,” she says.

The Department of Agriculture doesn’t respond directly to any of my questions about why live-export animals continue to suffer, emailing instead a routine statement detailing how issues are identified and addressed and listing various improvements, such as a new heat-stress model that has been updated four times, significantly reducing mortalities. Bedding and space requirements have also been increased for “higher-risk consignments”, the statement reads.

After Simpson’s appearance on 7.30 in June, the chairman of the Australian Livestock Exporters Council (ALEC), Simon Crean, told the ABC that ALEC had not put any pressure on the DA to have Simpson dismissed. The possibility of a workshop run by the council, in which Simpson would participate, was mooted by him on the program, but Simpson says she hasn’t been approached by anyone.

“Dr Simpson was indeed held in high regard by many in the industry,” Crean confirms in an email, adding that ongoing changes “embraced by the industry” since 2013 meant a fresh perspective on “past attitudes towards people and organisations that challenged the status quo and, in Dr Simpson’s case, who sought, with the reflection of hindsight, to provide constructive advice to exporters on improvements”.

Lyn White, the high-profile Animals Australia campaign director, remains scathing about the industry. “The level of influence the exporters wield over the Department of Agriculture is obscene,” she says. “That they were able to successfully seek the removal of Dr Simpson from her position is nothing short of outrageous, especially when she was the only departmental employee with any shipboard experience.”

The live-export trade was worth $1.16 billion in 2014-15, according to figures supplied to Good Weekend by the Department of Agriculture. Simpson, who doesn’t name individual exporters, says she regards them as business opportunists pushing the limits of what the legislation allows. And the government just signs off on those limits. This is the real problem.

“Shipping, as a whole, is a super-secretive industry with lots of brass plaques in places like Panama obfuscating transparency of ownership,” comments Grant Rowles, the Melbourne-based co-founder of Asia Shipping Media, which publishes Splash 24/7, a widely read online shipping magazine. “Live export tends to be even more secretive due to the sensitive nature of the cargo and the questionable practices at sea – such as the washing of decks,” he adds.

Simpson, who has started writing for Splash 24/7, spelt out exactly what this means in a recent article. “Maritime pollution regulations are a bit ambiguous to read and sometimes we were not sure where we could discharge so much slurry of livestock shit and urine, so we would wash [the ships’ decks] at night to avoid detection by satellites as it left quite a distinct discolouration in our wake,” she wrote.

Her readership is growing.





EU / UK: EU Master Plan To Make UK ‘Pay’ For Brexit – and To Make Negotiations So Hard It Will Remain As A Member State ??



SAV Comment

– The EU is supposedly comprised of millions of voting citizens each of whom have a voice in what goes on and how their Europe is run.  The reality is that there are just a few ‘elites’ named Junker and Tusk – who, along with their un-elected Commissioners; have total control over what really happens – an action or no action.  The people of Europe have no say in the end game.  EU citizens have their MEP’s, but they are just a list of names of people who in reality; have no final say or decisions in how the EU moves.  It is all really a major cover up by the EU elite to make the people of Europe think they have a say; when in reality they have no say about anything.

It would appear from the following that the EU leadership has some kind of secret strategy to make exit so hard for the UK to leave the EU that it will give up the negotiations and remain a member state.

In June this year the British people voted to get out of the EU; and the British people will make sure that is what happens.  The Brits are used to trouble and campaigns with Europe; we fought a few battles there in the past.  To Brits this is just another battle; and one which they are determined to get success with.  Other democratic nations and peoples around Western Europe are also now thinking the ‘Brexit’ way.  Elections in Germany and France next year will show in reality just how the people feel about their ‘democratic’ EU.

Currently this week, EU meetings are taking place with all member states except – yes you have guessed it – the UK; an uninvited but still existing and very much financially contributing member state.  At the moment the UK is still a full member state of the EU until it submits a formal ‘Article 50’ to leave.  But the Junkers and Tusks are making sure the UK is not now invited to any EU Party; as it is a bad boy and must be punished.  Who knows what the ‘masters of the EU’ are planning as retribution to the British people for speaking (and voting) out against them.

The people of the UK want the British government to introduce Article 50 as soon as possible; the formal submission which must be enforced to get exit negotiations under way.  The Brit voters have elected to democratically get out and away from the political elites of the EU named Junker and Tusk.  

The Brits want to do it as soon as possible – so lets get on and get Article 50 under way Mrs. May (UK Prime Minister).


Senior figures in the EU believe that Britain will give up on Brexit if they make negotiations as tough as possible, The Telegraph understands. 

One senior British official involved in the set-up for the coming negotiations said the EU elite “seem to think the game is to make us change our minds”.


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Just one reason for giving 2 fingers to the EU: