In Memory of ‘Britches’ For 24/4/.


In memory of Britches


Every year on this day I remember the liberation of the macaque baby “Britches” from the University Laboratory of California (ULC). The ALF has made this exemption. Britches, a five-week-old monkey baby, was separated from his mother shortly after his birth. The aim of the experiment was to test the effect of a device on the blind so that blind people are guided by warning signals. For this reason the eyelids of Britches had been sewn and a sonar device attached to him.

On April 20, 1985, some courageous ALF activists deactivated the alarm system of ULC, entered the lab, and freed Britches, along with other 460 laboratory animals.

The story of “Britches” is perhaps known, but less well-known is that due to this action, these cruel trials in UCR were no longer pursued. The eyes of the monkeys were also no more sewn. And ALF has written with this liberation a history in the fight against animal experiments.

After a lot of actions, demos, signatures we have made against animal experiments, I ask myself today what we have achieved against this criminal idiocy (animal experiments). Unfortunately not much.

After 40 years of fighting animal experiments, the EU has forbidden animal experiments on cosmetics by law on 11 March 2013. This was really a great success! But this is obligatory only for the EU. In China, for example, animal testing for cosmetics is mandatory. The requirements in China mean that companies who want to sell their products there, must have them tested on animals. This means that if a cosmetic company from Germany wants to have new customers in China, it has to participate the animal experiments. Although this company is animal-free in Germany.

Nevertheless, a boycott of animal experiments is possible only in the cosmetics sector.

In the drug area, on the other hand, a boycott is almost impossible. All medications, treatment methods, surgical techniques … etc. have been tested in animal experiments, and are still being tested. In most cases with no clinical benefit. Because what works with the animal, does not necessarily work for human beings. The reason is that the animal experimentation system, as known, is based on an incorrect methodological approach, that is: the diseases of humans are reduced to symptoms in experimental animals. The so-called “animal models” are produced in Labor animals. Cancer is produced in mice by injection of cancer cells or gene manipulation. These “animal models”, however, have nothing in common with human disease, and are therefore not suitable for curing human beings.

Cancer is a typical example of the chronic unsuccessfulness of animal experimentation medicine. I quote the opinion of researcher Dr. Richard Klausner, director of the American National Cancer Institute, 1998 “The history of cancer research is the history of how to cure cancer in mice. For decades, we have been curing cancer in mice, but in humans it just does not work “.

I still want to end my contribution to the day of the experimental animals with a positive message, which has sent me a friend recently.

“Maybe we need to stop thinking of animals as these little furry test tubes that can be or even should be controlled,” Joseph Garner, a behavioral scientist at the Stanford University Medical Center, and lead author of the study, told NPR.

 “And maybe instead we should think of them as patients.”

Mice not ‘furry little people’: Researchers rethink animal testing as human trials fail

My best regards to all



SAV Comment –

Mark (SAV Founder), has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 17 years now.  Animals do NOT suffer from MS; only humans.  So, I ask, why then are we doing animal testing to find a cure for MS ? – Is this not like putting a car tyre onto a Boeing 747 and finding out if it can stand so many landings ? – it makes no sense; you test aircraft tyres on aircraft, so why try and find results for human illness by testing on animals ?

An animal trapped for fur will often chew its own leg off to escape the trap and death.  Would a human chew off his own leg and survive ?

A woman who has a hysterectomy is advised not to raise her arms above her head for several weeks.  When my dog was sterilised, we were out in the park playing ball within 2 days !

Animals and humans are not the same – they are very different; their body types are specific to their species.  You cannot find cures to human illness by testing it (or falsely creating it as with MS) on an animal – they react differently and are certainly not duplicate models for the human species.  Anyone who thinks they are  is living in the past.

And yes, animals are still being used to find a cure for MS.  Why does someone not investigate why the human species gets MS and animals don’t.  Is it genetic ? – are there other reasons ? – that would be useful research instead of artificially creating something in an animal that the animal species does not even naturally suffer from in order to find cures for a human only disease.

And yes you have guessed it; we still MS test for MS using animals; and still we have no cure for MS in humans.  I would say that all the time we test on animals we will never find a cure.  Lets go outside the envelope and undertake some proper research which does not involve animal testing but which will be beneficial to human diseases.

I have an illness and want a cure – but the cure does not exist in animals which do not suffer from it in the first place !

As an MS sufferer and someone who wants a cure, I will always speak out AGAINST animal testing for human diseases.  It makes no sense.


Check this out and you will see what I mean:




Meat Is Murder.

The song by ‘The Smiths’ which created more vegetarians in the UK than anything else !

‘The Smiths’ was led by frontman ‘Morrissey’, who you can see in the second video.  Morrissey is a massive animal rights activist / campaigner – and his feelings about meat are reflected in the song.  You can see more Morrissey by visiting the ‘About Us’ tab at the top and scrolling down to the section where videos are shown.  ‘Everyday is like Sunday’ is a good example – great song and the video reflects that anti meat philosophy which he has – here is the video link to save time.

Below – 2 videos of ‘Meat is Murder’ by ‘The Smiths’

Above – ‘Morrissey’, or ‘Mozza’ as we call him in the UK.  Top Man !

Australia: News From Animals Australia.

80,000+ people worldwide speak up for the victims of live export Inspired by compassion, more and more caring people every day are joining the international movement to free animals from live export cruelty.


Exposé sets global live export industry reeling The animals condemned to Europe’s live export trade have had their stories told for the first time. And the results have been explosive… read all about it   


VICTORY! Kellogg says NO to cages The latest win in the fight against factory farming sees food giant Kellogg pledge to free hens from battery cage cruelty. celebrate with us »


Ducks saved from shooting horror Thousands of native waterbirds have been spared from slaughter as the guns are silenced on major Victorian wetlands. get the good news »


VICTORY! Greyhound racetrack scrapped A five-year battle on behalf of man’s best friend has shut down plans to build a new track in Queensland. find out more »



22/4/17 – ‘Earthday’.


Donald Trump – Saviour of the Environment – according to him (and probably only him) anyway !

Today, 22/4/17 is ‘Earthday’.

Whilst much of the world is doing its best to improve the situation, we now have the USA and the utter fool Trump as being the denier of all problems – except for Executive orders killing off wildlife; denying global warming; being angry with China – that is apart from when daughter Ivanka uses it (China) to have all her clothing line made cheaply there for export and then sale in the USA ! – ‘putting America first’ does not really ring true with the Trump family money making priorities –


This guy really needs to learn a few basics about the environment and how with people like him, it can be so easily destroyed.

Americans voted for him; now they need to get him to act; or preferably, take a long walk off a short pier.


Earthday links:


Maybe Americans should get the dickhead Trump to watch this:



Today may be the most consequential Earth Day ever.


Clean air and water are under attack.

Our public lands are at risk.

Endangered species are on the brink.

Our climate is at a tipping point.

And President Trump isn’t just ignoring the crises around us. He’s making them worse.

The stakes have never been higher — so we’re raising our stakes, too. I’m thrilled to announce a special opportunity to make a huge impact on our fight for the future this Earth Day: If 2,500 NRDC supporters like you donate by midnight on Earth Day — tomorrow night — a generous donor will kick in an extra $100,000 for the environment! This amazing pledge couldn’t come at a better time.

The first three months of Trump’s presidency have brought an onslaught of attacks against the environment:

  • Resurrecting the dirty Keystone XL pipeline

  • Dismantling President Obama’s landmark Clean Power Plan

  • Threatening our oceans with dangerous offshore drilling

  • Lifting the moratorium on new coal leases on public lands

  • Rolling back critical clean car standards

That list only scratches the surface of Trump’s reckless, short-sighted policies, and he shows no signs of slowing down. But we’re in this for the long run — and with so many fights still ahead of us, we can’t leave a $100,000 gift on the table.

Mark, please take the Earth Day Challenge NOW to support NRDC and help fight Trump’s extreme, pro-polluter agenda at every turn!

Simply put, this administration threatens our most fundamental environmental resources, essential to life on Earth: Water that is safe to drink. Air that is clean to breathe. Lands, rivers, and oceans where wildlife can thrive.

That’s what we’re fighting for — and it’s what you fight for when you stand with NRDC. Your tax-deductible gift will enable us to strike back in court against Trump’s outrageous attacks … hold corporations accountable when they poison our air and water … keep the pressure on our leaders to stand up for the environment … rally thousands of people to march at the upcoming Peoples Climate March … and defend our environment on all fronts.

But none of that can happen without you. Chip in today so we can hit our urgent goal of 2,500 NRDC donors and unlock this $100,000 Earth Day gift. Thank you for everything you do for wildlife, the climate, and future generations — on Earth Day and every day.

Sincerely, Rhea Suh President, NRDC


Check out loads of campaigns and actions at:


Trump Sued for Revoking Protections for Wolves, Bears in Alaska

Read more.

Public Records Sought on Dow’s Efforts to Pressure Trump Administration Over Pesticides, Endangered Species

U.S. Sen. Barrasso Reintroduces Bill to Ramp Up Logging, Reduce Protections for Endangered Species on National Forests

Scientists to March Against Trump’s Alternative Facts, Climate Denial

Newsroom — More Press Releases



There’s never been a better Earth Day to speak up for the wild. This year — thanks to a group of amazing volunteers — the Center for Biological Diversity will be tabling at more than 100 Earth Day events in all 50 states. We’ll have petitions to sign, advice on actions to take and pre-stamped postcards you can send to your member of Congress urging protection for endangered species, our climate and public lands.

On the first Earth Day since the election of Donald Trump, take a moment to make your voice heard.

Come find at one of these exciting events on Saturday, April 22.




Bee News Latest.



I love working at SumOfUs. And it’s all because of YOU.

Thanks to you, we’ve been able to stand up to agri-giants like Bayer and Monsanto and give them a run for their money. We’re also closer than ever before to a global ban on deadly neonic pesticides.

It’s been a busy month on both sides of the Atlantic! I have two exciting updates to share with you:

We’ve made big strides to ban neonics in Canada A few weeks ago, we took your voices straight to the Canadian capital of Ottawa, where the government health agency is close to banning one of the deadliest bee-killing pesticides, imidacloprid.

Together with our friends at the David Suzuki Foundation, Équiterre and Avaaz, we let decision-makers know more than 5 million people all around the world want Canada to ban imidacloprid as soon as possible.

We also met with a representative from the Prime Minister’s Office to share our message.

Next up, we’ll be running a full-page ad in the Ottawa Hill Times — the paper that politicians read — to make sure they know why banning imidacloprid is so essential.

Stopping the merger from hell At the very same time, we took your message — that a Bayer-Monsanto merger would be a marriage from hell — right to the front door of the European Commission in Brussels. With farmers, beekeepers and environmental organisations, we delivered a letter signed by more than 200 organisations from all over Europe — calling on the Commissioner to stop this disastrous merger.

Our allies at Friends of the Earth pulled off this photo stunt and the pictures were picked up by news agencies all over the world. Now everyone knows what this marriage would look like:

On the same day, SumOfUs members from all over Europe emailed and tweeted their opposition against the merger at Margrethe Vestager, the European Commissioner for Competition. She could be our most important ally in stopping Bayer and Monsanto.

And because so many of you took action, we got Vestager’s attention:

As always, thanks for all that you do,

Anne, Liz and the team at SumOfUs

PS: All this is only possible thanks to your support! But we need to ramp up our campaign to protect the bees and stop Bayer from merging with Monsanto. If you can, please consider becoming a SumOfUs core member so we can keep up this fight together. Thank you!




Monday 24th April is the World Day For Laboratory Animals.

Monday 24th April is the World Day For Laboratory Animals.


Check out a lot more on this and other lab animal campaigns at London based ‘Cruelty Free International’ (CFI) – formally known as the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) which was founded as long ago as 1898. 


Read more about the fantastic work of, and many campaigns from the BUAV and its change recently to CFI at the following –


Check out the current site at:

Meet some CFI celerity supporters –




South Korea: Dog Meat Trade – Latest News And Actions.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO):
The dog meat trade in Asia is an unregulated industry
​ imposing dangerous health risks.

We are urging the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(UNFAO) to join us in the fight to end the dog meat trade in Asia. The ugly truth is that dog tonics and soup are harvested and created in an unregulated industry in the most disgusting and unsanitary conditions. From start to finish the treatment of the dogs is incredibly cruel and inhumane.

We are reaching out to the UNFAO to help us bring an end to the dog meat trade in South Korea.

How does Dog Meat Cruelty fit into “Eco-Paradise”?

Hwacheon County in Gangwon Province seeks to achieve the status of “Eco-Paradise”, the reason why they pursued Sister City agreements with two American Indian Nation tribes in 2005. They sought to learn from them, how to live in harmony with the natural environment. But where does dog meat farming fit into “Eco-Paradise”?

Let’s tell the Korean cities that they can no longer hide their shameful practices. It’s time to wake up and join the modern world.

Take action today to urge Hwacheon’s Sister Cities to help in the fight to end the cruelty toward our best friends.

Click each of below campaigns to take action.

Hwacheon – Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota


Hwacheon – The Eastern Band Of Cherokee Indians, North Carolina


We will keep going until the South Korea ends the horrendous and barbaric dog eating!
Please add your voice today!

Sister city campaigns –

CARE is building a safe ‘Healing Shelter’
for over 300 dogs in their Organization.


Sharing for CARE:

Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE), is currently protecting over 300 dogs at their no-kill shelters. Yet, the shelters are built in a temporary residence and the time that they need to move out has come. They need their land to permanently stay and to safely protect their rescued dogs from the harsh environment. Their ‘Healing Shelter Program’ is looking forward to solving this problem.

Learn more –

Clock is Ticking!
This may be the once in a lifetime opportunity for the Korean dogs.

Some opportunities only comes once in a life time. PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic in South Korea might be one of those opportunities. What would you do to save your best friends from horrific cruelty and unimaginable suffering? Probably a lot.  But we only ask a few minutes of your time (more if you can) to help speak out for these animals who have no voice. Feeling sorry for them would not change anything. Only action can. Thank you for caring!!

Take Action –

Petitions –



Very Welcome News – China’s biggest airline bans shark fin cargo – China Southern Airlines says it is taking a stand for animal conservation.


China’s biggest airline bans shark fin cargo

China Southern Airlines says it is taking a stand for animal conservation

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 April, 2017, 5:13pm

UPDATED : Thursday, 20 April, 2017, 11:07pm


The ban on shark fin shipments by China Southern Airlines will narrow the options for traders of the delicacy.


China Southern Airlines, the mainland’s biggest carrier, has banned shark fin shipments and promised to “actively participate” in animal conservation.

The decision is significant as the company is based in Guangzhou, the world’s largest trading hub for the delicacy, and it narrows the options for Chinese importers.

It means that 51 per cent of international airlines, based on seat capacity, have now banned the cargo. Flag carrier Air China had already banned shark fin, leaving just China Eastern among the big three state-owned airlines yet to declare a position.

No to shark fin: China’s biggest shipping line Cosco pledges total ban on carrying product

Robust campaigning by wildlife activists over the years has also led the nation’s largest shipper and logistics firm, China COSCO Shipping, to come onside.

In a letter to WildAid Hong Kong, seen by the Post and confirmed by the airline, China Southern’s vice-president Han Wensheng said the company “attached great importance to the issue” and had “taken immediate action”.


The nation’s largest airline by revenue and eighth biggest globally said it had banned shark fin on passenger and cargo flights as of March 1, but the letter was its first public announcement of the policy change.

 “I would like to take this opportunity to extend our appreciation to the global coalition of shark and marine conservation groups for your constant attention and support to China Southern’s air transport business,” Han said.

Air China becomes first mainland carrier to ban shark fin cargo

The airline said it would “shoulder its social responsibility” and pledged to “actively participate in the cause of wild animal and plants conservation … to jointly promote conservation culture and the sustainable development of [the] human community with the general public.”

Environmentalists have long campaigned against the trade in fins – a staple at weddings and banquets – saying the harvesting methods are cruel and that shark populations have declined dramatically.

Other carriers making the same commitment include Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways, British Airways, American Airlines, Emirates and Singapore Airlines.

Worldwide, 17 of the 19 biggest shipping lines measured by container capacity have banned shark fin, impacting 71 per cent of the global market.

Notable signatories include Maersk, the world’s biggest, and former Hong Kong chief executive Tung Chee-hwa’s family company Orient Overseas Container Line, better known as OOCL.


Hong Kong airlines Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon impose total ban on carriage of shark fin

Alex Hofford, wildlife campaigner at WildAid Hong Kong, applauded the move.

“This particular shark fin airline ban will be hugely impactful for the simple fact that Guangzhou is the world’s largest shark fin trading hub, even eclipsing Hong Kong,” he said.

“China Southern’s ban will no doubt send a strong message to the many Guangzhou shark fin traders that their business activities are often illegal, but always unethical, immoral, cruel and unsustainable.”

Attention will now turn to the United States with the likes of FedEx and United Airlines – whose recent mistreatment of an Asian-American passenger thrust it into the spotlight – likely to face growing pressure to change their ways.

More than a dozen protesters descended on a press conference held by FedEx on Thursday to protest about shark fins as the company launched an online service in Hong Kong to tap into the burgeoning e-commerce and online shopping market.

“Questions remain on why United States air carriers FedEx and United Airlines still continue to ship shark fin, often illegally,” Hofford said.





USA: Urgent Action Needed – Down to the Wire: Comments Needed to Pass Bill Protecting Hawaii’s Fish From Aquarium Trade


Down to the Wire: Comments Needed to Pass Bill Protecting Hawaii’s Fish From Aquarium Trade.


We’re down to the wire on passing the bill protect Hawaii’s fish from the aquarium trade. Comments from wildlife lovers like you have helped the bill get this far. We need your help again to ensure this bill makes it all the way to become law!

The bill saves wild fish from being collected for the aquarium trade by ending aquarium permitting in Hawaii with a freeze on existing permits, pending a clean management plan that excludes aquarium trade interests. 

But Senate Water & Land Chair Karl Rhoads may seek to gut that language.


Call and e-mail Senator Rhoads to encourage him to pass SB 1240 HD 1 and protect Hawaii wildlife, not wildlife profiteers! 

You can contact Senator Rhoads at and 808-586-6130.


Peter Fugazzotto, Strategic Programs Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network




UK: News from the world of whales and dolphins.

News from the world of whales and dolphins

Hi Mark 

I thought I’d share this wonderful image of a minke whale with you. This beautiful whale is a symbol for me of how all whales should be – living their lives, undisturbed in the ocean, without the threat of a harpoon.

A wild minke whale

You can help us stop the whale hunts

I’m sure you were as saddened as I was to hear that Japan’s whaling boats returned from their Antarctic hunt with 333 minke whales. After the outcry it sparked last year, the Japanese government hasn’t yet released figures on how many of them were pregnant. If we go by the 2016 figures then we can guess that well over 100 of the whales they killed could have been carrying a baby. 

You can help. If you have a Twitter account, please take part in our action and ask the EU to say ‘no’ to a trade deal with Japan while Japan kills whales. And please make a small donation to help fund our campaign .

I have some good news for you too – travel industry giant, Thomas Cook, is taking great strides in the right direction by reviewing its stance on promoting captive whale and dolphin facilities. I’ll bring you more news on that next month as well as on the progress we are making in our project to create the world’s first sanctuary for ex-captive beluga whales.

Until then, thank you for being part of WDC. We couldn’t be here for whales and dolphins without you!

With very best wishes,

Julia Thoms, WDC campaigns manager




England / China: CIWF (England) Work On All Fronts To Improve Pig Welfare In China – With Great Results.

Mark (SAV) and Philip (CEO CIWF) have campaigned together for around 25+ years on a variety of farm animal welfare issues; especially live transport and intensive farming.  Mark keeps Phil informed of farm animal welfare issues in Serbia; especially as Serbia is now an EU Candidate Country. 

CIWF have been working a lot to improve the welfare of animals in China; especially Pigs as over half the worlds population live there in some of the most basic and terrible conditions.  Below are a few points relating to CIWF’s work in China, and at the very end we have provided a link where you can read on and select many more CIWF posts on the issue of Chinese animal welfare work.

Now we have our global map up and running again we can see where all our visitors are located.  It is great to see that we now have some visits from people located in China – something we have not had before.  Hence the reason for this post – we hope that now our Chinese friends will view what we are providing and will get further information and links about people and organisations working in their country to improve the welfare of farm animals – SAV.


Above – Mark (SAV) with the CIWF tour truck that campaigned for better farm animal welfare all over the EU.

Pictured in the Netherlands at a Goat Farm.


“Hugely damaging to the environment; it’s affecting people’s lives every day.”

China: The most populous country on the planet; home to half the world’s pigs; and the epicentre of an unprecedented surge in mega-farms.

I took on the role of investigative journalist to find out what’s really going on. It was a journey that brought me face to face with the jaw of the Asian tiger; a mighty powerhouse already exerting big influence on the shape of farming tomorrow.

Join me (Phil) over the next couple of weeks as I uncover the stark reality in China, for animals, people and the countryside.

Half the world’s pigs are farmed in China – the vast majority in appalling conditions. This massive industry is not only responsible for untold cruelty but is polluting waterways and forcing people from their land.


Our distinguished guests were led by Ms Xi Chunling, founder and executive president of the China government-backed International Cooperation Committee on Animal Welfare (ICCAW). Ms Xi was accompanied by deputy director, Mr Wan. It was also a great privilege to welcome Mr Zhou, the vice president of the China Association for the Promotion of International Agricultural Cooperation (CAPIAC), an influential body who support the joint ICCAW/Compassion project.

So what is it we’re trying to do? Well, put simply, we are working with the authorities in Beijing to encourage the adoption of higher welfare practices for pig farming. What a proud moment then to recognise the first group of pioneering farmers there with our prestigious Good Pig Production Award! All the recipients have pledged to make a real difference to the welfare of their pigs by using higher welfare alternatives to confinement systems like sow stalls and farrowing crates where the pigs can’t turn around.



Having just attended our Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards in Paris, I’m even more excited about the potential opportunities for improving the lives of farm animals in China through work with food companies.

As I wrote before, we launched our Good Pig Award programme in Beijing last week at the ‘2013 Animal Welfare and Animal Products Quality Safety Forum’, which we co-hosted with the International Cooperation Committee on Animal Welfare (ICCAW).

I’m looking forward to building on this further to bring the benefits of better animal welfare standards to China and to working in partnership with ICCAW to help companies and producers to play their part in benefitting the lives of farm animals and improving food quality.


I have some hugely exciting news – we have just launched our Good Pig Award programme in China!  In the country that is home to half the world’s pigs, our work to persuade food companies to step up their animal welfare standards couldn’t be better placed.

The unveiling of the Good Pig Awards for China took place at a well attended conference in Beijing, organised by the International Cooperation Committee of Animal Welfare (ICCAW), newly inaugurated with the backing of China’s Ministry of Agriculture.

As Compassion in World Farming (Compassion) was proud co-host with ICCAW, I had the great honour of giving an opening address.  My colleague, Phil Brooke, also gave an excellent presentation on what we mean by animal welfare and the kind of improvements that companies must demand if they are to win one of our internationally recognised awards.



Compassion in World Farming’s ground-breaking work with major food companies on raising animal welfare standards has taken a new leap with the launch of its ‘Good Pig‘ Award programme in China.

As the country that is home to half the world’s pigs, Compassion’s latest initiative couldn’t be better placed.



Pig carcasses are supposed to be disposed of by burying. However, land is limited. It’s not unusual for farmers to dump unwanted dead animals into rivers. One Chinese news source states the “dumping of dead pigs in rivers is common among Jiaxing villagers due to over expansion of the hog industry and a lack of burial sites”.

According to local officials, “the reason for the pigs’ death is the cold weather but many don’t believe this”, Jeff told me. “If the pigs can still be sold to market, it doesn’t make sense for farmers to dump them into the river for nothing”.



Check out loads more from CIWF and their work in China for better animal welfare at



Sri Lanka: Animal Welfare Bill Not Yet Enacted After More Than A Year – Lets Get It Enforced !



The Animal Welfare Bill was approved by the Cabinet on 13 January 2016, but one year later it has not yet been enacted by Parliament.

Let’s get it enforced!


After almost a decade of tireless campaigning, and several appeals from animal welfare groups and 30,000 citizens including you, the Animal Welfare Bill was finally approved by Sri Lanka’s Cabinet on 13 January 2016. The Bill was originally presented to Parliament by Ven. Athuruliye Rathana Thero in 2010 as a Private Member’s Bill in an attempt to persuade the then government to take it up as government business, but there was no progress. In 2012, through a court case, animal welfare groups were able to draw the attention of the government to this Bill, yet the progress was slow and after a campaign in October 2014 where over 30,000 citizens signed an appeal to the President and Prime minister, the bill was finally passed.

Current status:

12 months later the Bill continues to languish within the political and bureaucratic process without much interest or urgency to present it in Parliament for enactment. 

What can you do about it?

We feel enough time has passed now. Let’s raise our voices once again to urge the government to get the much needed Animal Welfare Bill  enacted so that we will have laws in Sri Lanka which protect our animals from the horrendous acts of cruelty they are increasingly being exposed to.

What we advise is for you to please write in to the below officials and request they expedite the process so that the animals of Sri Lanka can be protected by law. We believe all sentient beings deserve the right to live without cruelty and suffering in Sri Lanka which is their home as much as it is ours.

Writing directly to the below mentioned officials will ensure that our collective voices will be heard. Please ensure you write to all 3 parties below. You can use the same email messaging below and simply update the ‘Salutation’ to ‘Honorable President’, ‘Honorable Prime Minister’ and ‘Honorable Minister’.

President :
Prime Minister : 
Rural Economic Affairs Minister :

You can also message them directly on Twitter with the following message:

“I am disappointed that the #Animal Welfare Bill has still not been enacted in parliament. I urge you to speed up the process.Thank you”

President : @MaithripalaS
Prime Minister : @RW_UNP

Here is an example of the letter / email you can send:


Honorable Sirs;


As you are aware, Sri Lanka’s Animal Welfare Bill which received Cabinet approval on 13 January 2016 is yet to be passed by Parliament, giving it the force of law.

Today, our animals –  stray, captive, domestic or wild, face many  difficulties at the hands of humans. They are beaten, abused, exploited, stoned, shot, trapped, killed, neglected  and exposed to many other forms of cruelty daily.

We are a compassionate nation and our government claims to be a compassionate government. But compassion needs to be demonstrated through action rather than just words.  There is no more time to lose. The time to act is now.

I humbly request that you do what is needed to speed up the process so that the long outstanding Animal Welfare Bill is finally enacted in Sri Lanka so that it becomes law. Any nation and especially one with our heritage must show commitment to animal welfare and there is no better way of demonstrating that , than by ensuring  that this Bill is enforced without further delay.

I along with many of Sri Lanka’s citizens would like to create an environment where animal lives are protected by law so that they too have the chance to live their lives in peace in our beautiful country.

Yours sincerely,

<Your name>



Russia:  ‘I have no sympathy for the animals…’


 ‘I have no sympathy for the animals… I feel a deep satisfaction’:

Barbarity of Russian fur farms where thousands are slaughtered to make $1m coats and blankets then left to rot in stinking corpse mountain

Further Information on Fur:

This is not related to the above, but for great anti fur campaigning, visit Respect for Animals (Nottingham England) at  







Tax This !


Dear Mark, I send you my thoughts on the results of popular vote in Turkey. My central idea is: when a people decides for its dictatorship, the whole world is stirring up, but the people do it voluntarily. If we decide for the dictatorship of the animals every day, nobody cares.

Best regards Venus


When the folk decides… Actually I am not active for human rights. I would even say: I left that to other people, they do it better, and I have full respect for them. I do not write about the result in the popular vote in Turkey because I want to comment on it politically.

I see this only as a just tighten for a people that abolish their own rights, as always have done with the animal rights. But this result has sparked great joy for me also for another reason: Turkey is finally out as an EU candidate.

A country with the worst illegality in the transport of animals in Europe, a country of brutal slaughterhouses, remains permanently out of the EU. I do not want to say that if Turkey got soaked, it would have improved. Many countries, however, with similar crimes in animal transport are nevertheless in the EU. But at least the country will not receive any subsidies from the EU.

Strangely, the new dictatorship was chosen according to the will of the people. The same thing we recently had with the democratically elected Trump. By this I will say: a people can vote for (example Turkey) or against (example UK vote) its dictatorship.

These results in Turkey have raised the following question for me: what would be the result of a popular vote in Germany for meat tax. Because mass animal farms produce so much CO2, every meat consumer has to pay tax for the environment and animals.

I guess, and I’m even betting, that about 80% of the interviewees would be against taxation, and they would practically decide further for the dictatorship of the meat barons and the misery of the animals. The animals experience a dictatorship every day according to popular decision: we have decided to torment them, kill, to slaughter, eat, bear, enslave them.

I am therefore against popular decisions, which serve as safeguards of the ruling class. And I am now glad that this people and not only the animals will experience a dictatorship. Although still with a difference: the people has decided for this, the animals have not.





The Visitor Map Is Back – And Updating !


Well you should be able to see now that we have re introduced our visitor map to the site.

We did this on 18/4/17 and we are now letting things get started.

Currently the map shows that we have had 25 visits between 18th March and April.  This is not correct as we have access to daily view figures regardless.  Figures are updating by the minute. For example, for each day of 14th, 16th and 17th April for example we have had over 120 visits on each individual day.  Sometimes we hit 250+ visits in a day – so we are currently unsure if the system is just trying to do ‘catch up’ or if these are figures for 18/4 1700 GMT onwards, which was when we re established the system.

We are going to let it do its own thing for a few days and see what happens.  We will be making any changes as necessary.  Regardless, it is nice to have our visitor map back so that we can see where all our visitors are coming from.

The map is on the left hand side below the long list of monthly archives.

If you click on the map you can see the locations and national flags of all the visitors. No names are given, just the town or city of the visitor – ‘New York’ for example.

Enjoy ! – SAV.



Ex Bile Bears Bazan and Wendles have arrived safely at the new sanctuary home.

Another brilliant job by Animals Asia.

Bazan and Wendles have arrived safely at the new sanctuary home.

Now after some time in quarantine and a full health check; they can be moved out to make new friends at their forever home.


See many clips and videos on the live tracker




Four Paws – Mosul Rescue Update 13/4/17.

Further great news relating to our recent post –

Dear Mark,

After a long and complicated mission, we are overjoyed to announce that Simba and Lula have safely arrived at the New Hope Centre in Amman, Jordan. Our dedicated and exhausted team released the two animals yesterday morning.

Mark, your overwhelming support has not been overlooked. We simply can’t thank you enough for your kindness and generosity over these past few weeks. Thank you.

This mission began on 28 March when the FOUR PAWS team entered the Mosul zoo for the first rescue attempt. The animals were examined, anaesthetised, loaded onto a truck and headed to the border out of Mosul. However,  the team was unexpectedly prevented from leaving Mosul with the animals.

The Iraqi military returned the animals to the zoo while the team was forced to head back to Erbil to regroup and decide on the course of action. Lengthy negotiations followed and two days later, the team entered Mosul for the second rescue attempt. Once again, they were stopped at a checkpoint near the border out of Mosul.

Despite the difficulties, we never gave up hope. 

Finally, after nine days of waiting, the team was given clearance to cross the border with the animals and the following day departed in a cargo plane from Erbil airport to Jordan.

Simba and Lula have since moved into their temporary enclosures where they have felt grass under their feet for the first time in their lives.

There, they will be given the time they need to adapt and recover from these past stressful months at the bombed-out Montazah Al-Morour zoo in Mosul. And once they have adapted to their new surroundings, they will be released into their large, permanent homes.

We look forward to updating you on Lula and Simba over the coming months. In the meantime, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates.

Once again, thank you for making this mission possible!

Kindest regards,

Saige Jennings



Breaking News – Taiwan Bans Slaughter of Cats and Dogs for Human Consumption!!


Taiwan bans slaughter of cats and dogs for human consumption!!

BBC reported on April 11, 2017

that the “Taiwan’s parliament has approved a bill banning the slaughter of cats and dogs for human consumption.

The bill also prohibits those using a car or motorbike from pulling their pets alongside them on a lead as they travel. Anyone caught breaching the order faces a large fine or up to two years in prison – and having their names and photographs made public.

The measures were introduced to improve the country’s animal protection laws. The move on Tuesday is a landmark amendment to Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act, and is the first of its kind in Asia.”

Click HERE to read the entire article.

Click HERE to learn more from the World Dog Alliance.

Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, is the first female president of that nation and she used her leadership role to bring this important change to her country – to ban the slaughter of dogs.

What a contrast to South Korea’s first female president, Park Geun-Hye, who abandoned her pet dogs – 9 Jindo dogs and puppies, when she was impeached for corruption and moved from the presidential palace.

South Korea must follow the example of Taiwan and stop the cruel dog meat consumption. South Korea is giving other Asian nations such as Taiwan, a negative image to the world, because many people mistakenly believe that all Asian countries eat dogs.




Vietnam: Bazan and Wendles Have Been Rescued And The Bile Farm Closed. Watch Their Journey To A New Home On Livestream.


News from Animals Asia,

Animals Asia’s rescue team are in in Gia Lai province Vietnam to rescue two moon bears and close a bile farm.

The team will then travel 1,200km back to our sanctuary.

We need your help. Please cheer them on, tell everyone you know and donate if you can.

Bazan and Wendles are coming home.

Keep up to date with the rescue via the live stream:




USA: Trump Turns Alaska Into The Killing Fields.



America’s wildlife is under attack in the exact places we want them to be safe—federal public lands.

This week, President Trump signed legislation that turns 76 million acres of National Wildlife Refuge lands in Alaska into killing fields. It reverses existing U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service protections and allows hunters to kill hibernating bears; chase grizzlies from helicopters to their deaths; shoot wolf pups and bear cubs in their dens; and use indiscriminate, cruel leg traps and neck snares on public lands.

Please support our work to stop the next attack before it begins by making public lands safe for wildlife.

National wildlife refuges and other public lands are not the safe haven for endangered wildlife that we may envision. Following the legislation signed by President Trump, even baby animals in national wildlife refuges in Alaska can be targeted. Wolves can be chased and killed by hounds. Whole packs of wolves—even those who have caused no problems for humans—can be taken out on federal land by state agencies. Lynx, wolves, wolverines, and other species can get caught in painful traps, sometimes left there for days.

Help the Endangered Species Coalition fight for the right of endangered wildlife to live safely on federal public lands.

The Endangered Species Coalition is working to protect endangered wildlife and the lands they need to survive around the country. While we work in Washington, D.C. to advance stronger nationwide protections, our skilled organizers are working on campaigns in their regions that include:

Opposing “hounding” on public lands that leads to the injury and death of wolves

Fighting for bans on cruel and indiscriminate trapping on public lands such as refuges

Pressuring the administration and states to increase funding for wildlife conservation and protection

Overhauling state wildlife commissions and agencies to put conservation first

Keeping grizzly bears and gray wolves protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Defending the Endangered Species Act from attacks in Congress

This is one of the most challenging periods for endangered species and wildlife protection in the last two decades. The Endangered Species Act itself is at risk and Congress is overturning many of the hard fought protections brought about by the last administration. These are difficult, lengthy fights, but we believe we can win them if our supporters stand up and speak out. Please support this work with a 100% tax-deductible donation today. 

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and wild places.


Leda Huta
Executive Director
Endangered Species Coalition
Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Pinterest


Dear Mark,

With the stroke of a pen, the new Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, has cleared the way for massive new coal-mining operations on federal public land, including in essential wildlife habitat.

The short- and long-term effects could be catastrophic for wildlife, clean air and water, people, and the climate.

In response, Defenders has filed suit challenging this reckless decision, but we need your help.

Donate today to help fight the Secretary’s order and the string of unprecedented extremist attacks.

Mark, it’s been nearly 40 years since the government last weighed the environmental impacts of coal mining on public lands. Since then, we’ve learned so much about the devastating effects of burning coal on our air, water and environment – in addition to its contribution to global warming.

Simply put: By opening these wildlands to coal development, the government is ignoring the harm more coal development will cause.

This is why the previous administration had put any new coal leasing on hold to take a closer look at the impacts – but Secretary Zinke has decided there’s no need to look before we leap into mining and burning more coal.

Much of the new coal-mining will occur in the Powder River Basin in northeastern Wyoming. The rolling hills, plains and rivers of this area are home to spiritual landmarks of great significance to the Native Americans who have lived there for millennia, and are vital habitat for fish and wildlife.

With the known consequences of mass-scale coal mining more frightening than ever, there is no justification for this dangerous and harmful action. That’s why we’re going to court – to speak out on behalf of wildlife and our nation’s lands and waters.

Your donation will help us defend wildlife against corporate interests like these >>

Thank you in advance for your gift!


Mike Senatore
Vice-President, Conservation Law
Defenders of Wildlife


Save the Bears Ears National Monument

President Trump is considering a drastic plan to rescind the national monument status of Utah’s Bears Ears. These spectacular public lands—spanning 1.35 million acres near Canyonlands National Park—have been home to Native American tribes for millennia.

Trump’s plan would leave the region vulnerable to oil and gas drilling, mining, and other dangers.

Urge Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to honor tribal heritage and protect this wildland from destruction.

Take action –;jsessionid=00000000.app304a?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=4208&s_src=act_nrdcnewsletter&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=mainlink&utm_campaign=email&pw_id=4421&NONCE_TOKEN=2D7256BDE9B0A1D2CA406AAC0290027B


Trump Signs Bill to Bait, Trap, Kill Alaska Wolves, Bears

President Trump’s sick war on wildlife is taking off. Late Monday he quietly signed a bill that allows wolves and their pups to be killed in their dens and bears to be gunned down in bait stations in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges.

These refuges were designed to be a haven for animals, but they clearly won’t play that role under Trump. The bill also allows aerial gunning and the use of steel-jawed leghold traps to hold the animals in place until they can be shot.

Thanks to the 33,000 of you who took action urging Trump to veto this disgusting bill. The fight is not over. The Center for Biological Diversity has sued the Trump administration three times in the past week, and the resistance movement is growing stronger by the day.

Read more in our press release and consider giving to our Trump Resistance Fund.

Suit Seeks to Save Carnivores From Deadly ‘Cyanide Bombs’

The Center and allies on Tuesday sued the Trump administration for failing to protect endangered species from two deadly pesticides used to kill coyotes and other native carnivores.

Our lawsuit seeks common-sense measures to prevent unintended deaths from sodium cyanide used in M-44s — also known as cyanide bombs — which killed an Oregon wolf in February, temporarily blinded a child, and killed three family dogs in two separate incidents in Idaho and Wyoming in March alone.

“Cyanide bombs are indiscriminate killers,” said the Center’s Collette Adkins. “These dangerous pesticides need to be banned, but until that happens, they shouldn’t be used where they can hurt people or kill pets and endangered wildlife.”

Get more from KFGO.



Stop Big Pharma Torturing Horese – and Stealing All Their Blood.

Big pharma is making huge profits from the torture of horses. Thousands of horses are raised purely for the purpose of having their blood extracted and sold — with dire consequences.

It’s a sickening business that the SumOfUs community has been standing up against for months — and we’ve made important progress in our fight to stop it.

After SumOfUs members raised the alarm, a major pharma company, Merck, Sharpe and Dohme (MSD), changed its policy.

But blood farms will still operate as long as there are pharma companies willing to buy their products. Can you help push the next big player, Germany’s IDT Biologika, to cut ties with blood farms? We’ll be delivering your voices straight to IDT Biologika’s headquarters in less than two weeks — so please add your name now.


Tell IDT Biologika to cut ties with torturous blood farms!

Blood farm conditions are worse than you’d ever imagine.

On farms in Uruguay and Argentina, our partners revealed that workers routinely take 10 litres of blood from the horse in a single extraction — almost a fourth of its total blood. That much blood loss can lead to hypovolemic shock, anaemia or even death.

It’s a hormone called PMSG that the pharma industry is after. Because the valuable hormone can only be found in the blood of mares in their early pregnancy, they are forced into repeated pregnancies and abortions. Finally, they are shipped off to be slaughtered once they’re too weak or old to become pregnant.

In a cruel cycle of animal exploitation, the precious hormone obtained from pregnant mare blood is used by the pig industry to make the industrial production of piglets even more efficient.

More and more politicians, organizations and regular people like you and me are speaking out against this horrific practice. If we keep up the pressure, we can get IDT Biologika to cut ties with the most notorious blood farms we know about.

Sign the petition asking IDT Biologika to cut its ties with these cruel blood farms.

After years of investigative work by the Animal Welfare Foundation, its partners in Uruguay, and hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members taking action, Merck, Sharp and Dohme (MSD) is changing its ways — at least for its products in Europe.

It’s proof that when we come together with strong partners and amazing members like you, we have the power to shift large corporations.

Now it’s time to get IDT Biologika to make a move. They’ve never been hit by a campaign like this before — so tens of thousands of us coming together to hold IDT Biologika accountable can make all the difference!

Can you sign to end the torture of horses for pharma industry’s profits?

Thanks for all that you do,

Wiebke and the rest of the team at SumOfUs






UK: First Initial Signs That (Post Brexit) The UK Will Stop Live Animals Exports..

SAV Comment – As we said a long time ago; if the EU is not going to do anything positive about the long distance transport of animals despite all the evidence presented to them, then the UK leaves the EU and acts independently for a ban.  Here is the current response from the UK government – and although nothing can be done until we officially leave the EU, be assured that UK groups will fight tooth and nail to have a live transport ban in place on the day the UK formally leaves the EU.  The EU may continue as ‘heads in the sand’, complete with their weasel words about better enforcement etc, but the UK will take positive, direct action for better animal welfare and go for the ban.  UK welfare groups will ensure this will be the final outcome.


Dear Mark Johnson,

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “As soon as the UK exits the EU legislate to end the export of live farm animals.”.

Government responded:

The Government would prefer animals to be slaughtered close to the point of production. Once the UK has left the EU, there will be the possibility to consider further measures in this area.

The Government is committed to improving the welfare of animals. The Government share British farmers and the public’s high regard for animal welfare. We are proud to have some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.

The Government’s position is that we would prefer animals to be slaughtered as close as practicable to their point of production. A trade in meat and meat products is preferable to the long distance transport of animals to slaughter.

Once the UK has left the European Union (EU), there will be the possibility to consider further measures in this area.

Until exit negotiations are concluded, the UK remains a full member of the EU and all the rights and obligations of EU membership remain in force. During this period the Government will continue to negotiate, implement and apply EU legislation.

We have made clear in Brussels that we support improvements being made to enforcement across the EU of existing rules on the long distance transport of livestock.

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Click this link to view the response online:

The Petitions Committee will take a look at this petition and its response. They can press the government for action and gather evidence. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the Committee will consider it for a debate.

The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee:

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament



Serbia: Appeal To Help Snesko – Any Little Helps !

Help Snesko to pay his debt for 6 months (July – December)

Snesko is young retriever mix who dreams about real home almost 2 years. 
We care about him but a lot of dogs require a lot of money but…you know. Money is always problem.

We have debt for his 6 month from July to December. We have debt for accommodation, food, protection against parasites, gas for bringing him to the vet (his kennels is about 40 km in one way from vet), vet costs…

Can anyone help us?

Or please, share this.

We have a lot of problems because we don’t have money to pay all of this.

Thank you!

Please go to the following for donations and to see the photo gallery:

View on SAV Facebook –




Thailand: Mali Has Been Alone Without Care For 40 Years. She Has Been Offered A Sanctuary Home But The Zoo Refuses. Petition Them Here.



Mali the elephant holds her own tail for comfort. She suffers from cracked nails and foot pads. She has never had proper medical care.

She is suffering, and it is up to us to help her.

Mali has been held in a barren pen at the Manila Zoo for 40 years. Decades spent pacing back and forth on a concrete floor have left her with potentially fatal foot problems. Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand has offered Mali a place where she can roam freely, receive the medical care she needs, and interact with other elephants. But the Manila Zoo has refused to let her go.

Please sign this Care2 petition demanding that Mali be retired to Boon Lott’s Sanctuary as soon as possible.

Elephants in the wild spend up to 18 hours a day walking on grass, soil, dirt, and mud. There is no way that elephants living in places like the Manila Zoo are able to get enough exercise to prevent cracked nails, overgrown cuticles, cracked pads, and arthritis.

When captive elephants develop foot and joint problems, it is imperative that they get care immediately before their wounds become infected. Mali has not received the appropriate foot care in the entire time that she has been held at the Manila Zoo. Elephant experts who have observed her recently now fear for her life.

Mali has spent 40 years alone and in pain at a facility that has done nothing to help her. Together we must speak out to make sure she spends her last years in a place that will nurture her back to health, provide her with a natural habitat, and expose her to the company of other elephants.

Sign this petition to free Mali from the Manila Zoo and send her to Boon Lott’s Sanctuary.

Thank you,

 Please crosspost !

UK: Great News For Dogs – 95% Now Fitted With Microchip – ‘Stray’ Dogs Fall To Lowest Level For 20 Years.



Stray dogs fall to lowest level in 20 years after compulsory microchipping is introduced


Telegraph Reporters

6 April 2017 • 12:01am

The number of stray dogs has fallen to the lowest level in 20 years after compulsory microchipping was introduced, data has suggested. 

Around 95 per cent of UK dogs are now fitted with a microchip with their owner’s details that mean pets can be reunited with their families if they are lost or stolen, data from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs show.

They have enabled thousands of dogs to be reunited with their owners and the Dogs Trust’s annual survey found the number of strays fell last year by 21 per cent to the lowest levels since the survey began in 1997.

It is excellent to see that so many owners have taken action to get their dogs chipped Animal Welfare Minister Lord Gardiner

Now, on the anniversary of the introduction of compulsory microchipping, owners are being reminded to make sure the details on the chips are up to date so they can be easily contacted if their pet is lost or stolen.

Animal Welfare Minister Lord Gardiner said: “Thanks to microchipping, thousands of dogs have been reunited with their owners and the number of stray dogs is now at a record low.

“It is excellent to see that so many owners have taken action to get their dogs chipped – a painless process for dogs which many charities will carry out for free.

“However, still too many are not being reunited where owners have not updated their details when they move home or get a new phone number – heart-breaking for the owner, and easily avoidable with a five-minute phone call.


UK: Update On Amy From IAR. Great Improvement, But Time Will Tell.



Dear Mark

I recently sent you an urgent appeal on behalf of Amy the orangutan. We found her chained by the neck, all alone in a small wooden crate with nothing but an old rag for comfort.

Our medical team were deeply concerned when they first saw poor Amy. She seemed to have completely given up on life.

Her legs were so bent that when our rescue team led her away from her wooden prison she struggled to walk with them.

Amy has undergone a second health check at our Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Borneo, where the vets took x-rays of her legs to try to establish why they are so bent. The results showed that the bone is healthy and there are no fractures or bullets lodged in them. So the problem must have been caused by the long years in captivity which have affected the growth of her bones and her muscle development.

Only time will tell whether the damage can ever be repaired.


Thankfully, the vets’ latest report shows that Amy is making progress. She is taking an interest in her surroundings and playing with the leafy branches she is given as enrichment. And she no longer seems so sad and depressed which is encouraging news. But she still has a long way to go on her road to recovery.
If you would like to make a gift today towards Amy’s treatment and rehabilitation, your donation will be gratefully received and put to immediate good use by the team of vets and keepers who are caring for her. 

Thank you in advance for whatever you can give.

Yours sincerely

Alan Knight OBE
Chief Executive of International Animal Rescue


To donate to help Amy –


USA: Earth to Trump: We’ll see you in court.


The Trump resistance has hit high gear. The Washington Post has even noticed, running the headline “The Standoff Between Trump and Green Groups Just Boiled Into War.”

In the wake of Trump’s attacks on the environment, the Center for Biological Diversity’s response has been swift and aggressive. Last week we filed two lawsuits in two days: one to take down Trump’s senseless plan to bring back dirty coal mining on public lands, the other to stop him from ramming the Keystone XL pipeline through thousands of miles of wildlife habitat for as many as 20 rare species, including whooping cranes. The next day we convinced the Oklahoma Bar Association to investigate whether EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt lied to Congress under oath.

You can support our actions with an emergency donation to the Trump Resistance Fund. Thanks to a generous Center member’s matching gift, your dollars will go twice as far.

Trump’s revival of some of the world’s filthiest fossil fuel projects would put us back decades, poison our air and water and edge the climate toward a point of no return. He’s also planning to revoke Obama’s Clean Power Plan and hijack the Paris climate agreement — and he just sneakily signed legislation last night allowing bears and wolves to be slaughtered in Alaska’s national wildlife refuges. If Trump gets his way, his industry friends will get even richer — but the price will be steep and severe for the planet.

Please make a matched gift to the Trump Resistance Fund and join our fight.

Since Trump’s inauguration, we’ve already filed 9 different lawsuits and even more legal actions, including one against the EPA for approving a highly toxic pesticide called Enlist Duo and one we launched today to ban Wildlife Services’ use of M-44 cyanide bombs — the same poisonous landmines that recently injured a 14-year-old boy in Idaho, killed his Labrador retriever Casey, and killed an endangered wolf in Oregon. Every move Trump makes will be countered by the resistance: We’ll fight him in the courts, the streets, and the halls of power.

The Center’s got this — but it’s going to be expensive, and we need you by our side. Resist Trump’s anti-environment agenda with a donation to the Center’s Trump Resistance Fund. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar.

Earth to Trump: We’ll see you in court.


Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. We’re already in the fight of a lifetime with Trump’s White House and the most anti-environment Congress we’ve ever seen. Help us beat them back with an automatic monthly donation.

Please share this message with your social networks.




Echoes. From one of the greatest ever British bands.





UK travel firm becomes the first to drop zoos. There was “no justifiable reason” to keep animals in captivity.

UK travel firm becomes the first to drop zoos

Responsible Travel withdraws trips that include visits to zoos but will continue to work with sanctuaries and rescue centres.

A UK travel company has pledged to stop promoting zoos and laid down guidelines for the kinds of animal facilities it will continue to work with.

Responsible Travel said there was “no justifiable reason” to keep animals in captivity, in an announcement backed by the Born Free Foundation and actor and animal welfare campaigner Joanna Lumley.

It gave four key reasons for its decision:

Issues in animal welfare have long been recognised

There are many ways of educating people about wildlife that don’t involve keeping animals in captivity.

While some zoos do fund worthwhile conservation programmes, on average zoos are only encouraged to spend 3% of their expenditure on conservation.

About 90% of animals kept in zoos are not endangered.

So far, Responsible Travel has removed six trips from its site that include visits to zoos. It is also conducting an “in-depth audit” of all captive animal facilities visited on the trips it sells, which it says incorporates a significant proportion of the itineraries it offers around the world, to ensure they comply with its new guidelines.

The site will still promote legitimate animal sanctuaries and rescue centres for animals that cannot be returned to the wild, as well as rehabilitation centres for animals that will be returned to the wild, as long as no captive breeding takes place in these facilities.

It will also promote “genuine endangered species conservation centres”.

Responsible Travel, which works with 375 tour operators around the world, is the first travel company to make a strong statement regarding zoos, a move that comes as a growing number of tour operators are coming under pressure to take a stand against animal attractions.

In February, Virgin Holidays said it would no longer sell or promote any new attractions or hotels that featured captive whales and dolphins for entertainment purposes (though it continues to sell to around 30 attractions that currently do so), and last October TripAdvisor announced it would discontinue selling tickets for specific tourism experiences where travellers came into physical contact with captive wild animals, such as elephant rides, petting tigers and swimming with dolphins.

In a blog on the issue, Responsible Travel CEO Justin Francis said: “Our conclusion is that zoos are not appropriate in 2017. They are relics of the past, and the arguments to justify keeping animals in captivity no longer stand up.”

He added: “In our view, rather than being self-proclaimed conservation organisations they are in fact businesses that exploit animals for profit. We hope that other travel businesses and tour operators will join us in creating a movement for change that recognises that zoos are outdated, unethical and unnecessary.”



Free Human Rights Activist Gaspar Matalaev – Petition.

Dear Mark,

On October 4, 2016, human rights activist Gaspar Matalaev was arrested in Turkmenistan, Central Asia. He has reportedly been subjected to torture by electric current to force him to confess to false charges of minor fraud.[1] Gaspar’s family was promised time and again that he’d be released, but this never happened.

Sign our petition calling on the Turkmen Government to immediately release Gaspar.

Gaspar is a prominent human rights activist in Turkmenistan, where he has been monitoring the state-orchestrated forced labor system in the country’s cotton fields. His work has helped draw attention to the Turkmen Government’s annual mobilization of tens of thousands of citizens, including children, forced to pick cotton under threat of punishment. 

Gaspar’s arrest came two days after he published a report on the extensive use of forced labor and child labor in the 2016 cotton harvest and one day after the Minister of National Security was severely reprimanded by the Turkmen President at a State Security Council meeting for not properly repressing activism in the country.[2] It is clear Gaspar’s arrest was politically motivated. 

Please sign our petition to demand the Turkmenistan Government immediately release Gaspar and allow him to continue his work in safety.

It is now up to the international community to speak out and demand action on behalf of courageous monitors like Gaspar who put themselves at risk to help others.

In solidarity,

Zoe, Joanna, Vittorio and the Freedom United Team



EU Citizens: Take Action and Add Your Name To Call for a Ban on Glyphosate Weedkiller.


Wow — An amazing 611,000 people across Europe have already signed the official Stop Glyphosate petition (ECI). Thank you!

For the European Citizens Initiative to have teeth, it has to be backed by at least one million EU citizens, coming from at least 7 out of the 28 member states. Can you please share the link today?


Share on Facebook

Or you can copy and share this email if you prefer:


Dear Friends, 

I signed an official petition (a European Citizens Initiative) calling for a ban on glyphosate weedkiller, a trustworthy pesticide approval procedure, and EU-wide targets to cut pesticide use.

We need 1-million signatures. A successful ECI guarantees us a right to a public hearing in the European Parliament, and compels the European Commission in Brussels to spell out what action it will take in response.

This is a special online petition only for people old enough to vote in European Parliament elections, including the UK.


Click here to sign the petition in 2-steps


Thanks for all you do,

Nabil and the SumOfUs team





April 4th: International Day of Stray Animals.


 Deutsch and English


  1. 4th April: Internationaler Tag für Streunerhunde

Seit mehreren Jahren ist der 4. April als der internationale Tag für Streunerhunde bekannt und wird den Streunerhunden auf der ganzen Welt gewidmet.

Es ist eine bekannte Tatsache, dass Streunerhunde eigentlich Besitzerhunde sind, die jedoch im Stich gelassen wurden. Wo auch immer es solche Tiere gibt, sind sie ein Beweis dafür, dass es keinen konsequenten, erfolgreichen und verantwortungsvollen Plan für sie gibt.


Allein in Rumänien hat sich die Anzahl der Streunerhunde  desto mehr vergrössert, je mehr die staatlichen Programme versuchen, sie zu töten. Trotzdem geben die Verantwortlichen nicht nach und verändern ihre Vorgangsweise nicht. Dazu kommt, dass Streunerhunde ein lukratives Geschaft bedeuten, das diejenigen, die daran beteiligt sind, nicht aufgeben wollen. Weder das Leiden und der Tod von Zehntausenden von Tieren jedes Jahr, noch die Unzufriedenheit der Bevölkerung, die ein Programm verlangt, das die Anzahl der Streunerhunde effektiv verringert, noch die Bemühungen von Organisationen und Privatmenschen, die versuchen, so viele Tiere wie möglich von der Straße oder aus den öffentlichen Sheltern (die richtige Vernichtungslager sind, die von uns allen finanziert werden, ob wir damit einverstanden sind, oder nicht) zu retten, noch die Arbeit der NGOs, die mit Kastrations-Aktionen versuchen, dem verheerenden Schaden, den die Stadtverwaltungen anrichten, entgegenzuwirken – nichts davon hat die verantwortlichen Behörden dazu veranlasst, ein effektives und humanes Programm zu entwickeln. Sie verweigern einfach, auf die Experten zu hören, oder sie wollen ihr einträgliches Geschäft nicht aufgeben.


Der 4. April ist der Tag, an dem wir über das tägliche Leiden und die Misshandlungen der Streunerhunde nachdenken sollten, und uns klarmachen sollten, in wie weit wir dafür verantwortlich sind. Die einzige Art und Weise, um die Tortur der Tiere zu beenden, ist die Kastration aller Besitzerhunde. Dadurch wird verhindert, dass ungewollte Tiere ausgesetzt werden. Zugleich sollte ein angemessenes Programm für eventuellen Nachwuchs geschaffen werden. Deshalb: Verantwortlichkeit, Ethik und Mitgefühl – diese Eigenschaften machen uns zu zivilisierten Menschen.


Ausserdem möchten wir Euch dazu anregen, Streunertiere dadurch zu unterstützen, indem Ihr ihnen Futter, Wasser, Pflege und Schutz anbietet. Wenn nur irgendwie möglich, bringt sie weg von der Straße oder holt sie aus den Sheltern raus – und rettet ihre Leben für immer.




National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA)

Organisation EDUXANIMA



April 4th: International Day of Stray Animals


In recent years, the 4th of April has come to be known as the International Day of Street Animals and is dedicated to stray animals around the world.

It is a known fact that stray animals are actually owned animals that have been abandoned. Wherever such animals exist is an indication that nothing consistent, efficient, and responsible has been done.

Stray animals in Romania alone have become more and more numerous as the country’s program to kill them has expanded; however, the Romanian authorities do not yield and do not change their approach. Moreover, stray animals have turned into a big business that those in charge have no interest giving up. The suffering and death of tens of thousands of animals every year, the discontentment of the society, who calls for a program to reduce the numbers of stray animals, the efforts of organizations and private individuals to rescue from the street or from public shelters (true extermination camps) that are funded (whether we agree or not) by all of us, the NGOs’ efforts to carry out spay & neuter campaigns in an attempt to offset the havoc played and maintained by the Town Halls have not led the authorities to develop an effective (and humane) program, either because they refuse to listen to the experts, or because they simply cannot renounce the business.

April 4th is the day in which we should become aware of the existence of stray animals and of their daily suffering and ill-treatment as a result of our irresponsibility.

The only way to stop their ordeal is spaying & neutering all owned animals – and thus help prevent any further abandonment of unwanted animals –, or a proper management of their offspring. Therefore: responsibility, ethics, compassion – those qualities that make us civilized humans.

We are also encouraging people to support stray animals by providing them with food, water, care, and protection, and wherever possible, take them off the street or out of the shelters, thus saving a life for good.






National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA)

Organization EDUXANIMA





England: 3/4/17 – SAV Today Has Update On Issues From The EU. Words That For Animals, Mean Nothing.


3/4/17.  Today we have received the following letter from the EU regarding one of our petitions and the question of stray animals in Serbia as well as the long distance transportation of live animals within the EU and to Turkey.

You can see a full copy of the EU response here:


We are disappointed but not at all surprised by the wording of the EU letter.  Basically, it does very little apart from pass the blame onto everyone else apart from the EU.  As we have always said, the EU is very good at talking the talk; but when it comes to enforcing its own legislation, then the EU is very much outside the enforcement envelope.

On sheets 2 and 3 of the letter you can see we have identified a few statements in the margin using Orange.


Sheet 2 – Notice To Members.


“Most of the issues raised in the petition with regard the management of stray dog populations are not under EU competence”.


Serbia is currently an EU ‘Candidate Country’; getting ready to become an EU member state.  In order to become an EU member state; any hopeful nation has to show it is in full compliance of the EU requirement of showing that it is enforcing the ‘rule of law’ – that it is enforcing its own national legislation within its nation.  As we have shown for the past 10 years or more, Serbia is NOT applying the rule of law as written in existing Serbian legislation when it comes to the welfare of (mainly stray) dogs and cats.


We wanted to make this issue of great importance to the EU Enlargement Commission when considering Serbia’s application to join the EU.  You can see further information about Serbian legislation for stray animals by visiting


But we are disappointed to simply be given the statement that “stray dog populations are not under EU competence”.  We feel that this is action by the EU to simply pass the monitoring game back to individual member states as it always does; who as we have seen in other work (live transport); cannot enforce the EU regulations within their own country.  Why will the EU not introduce stray animal legislation ? – because stray animals do not earn money for member states the same way as meat / live animals do when they are transported to other nations for slaughter.  I guess you could say it is all a question of economics and finance – and stray animals come second !


Effectively; this EU letter gives the green light to Serbia to continue killing stray animals in whatever way it wants even thought they should be given protection under existing Serbian national legislation, as decreed by the Serbian Constitutional Court many years ago (2005).  Put simply, the EU will be happy to take Serbia in as a new EU member state; whilst at the same time ignoring the fact that it does not comply with the EU member state rules of adhering to national law; whilst at the same time continuing to kill animals in the most barbaric and illegal ways.


Moving on to sheet 3 and the issue of the live transport of animals.  Conclusion – Here we read that the EU ‘has launched a 3 year pilot project to develop and disseminate the best practices for animal transport’We are extremely disappointed to read that the EU Commission does not envisage revising the current EU legislation on animal transport but will continue to assist member states in their efforts for its better enforcement.   The words in reality mean nothing.

Please read the excellent report by Animals Angels below – ‘The Myth of Enforcement of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport’.

As we have said so many times in the past; we have ‘head in the sand’ people like Mr Van Goethem and associated EU Commissioners; who should be changing the regulations regularly to better animal welfare and move away form the continual abuses which has been provided to them in so many forms over so many years.  Here are just a few examples:

Video links – evidence to the EU:

A report by Animals Angles evidence to the EU – ‘The Myth of Enforcement

of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport’.

So in conclusion, we have a ‘system’  called the EU – it brags; talks loud and posts so much on its internet service to make anyone in the world think that the system is fantastic.  The reality is, as shown by activists out on the road; and when they / we try to relate failing and their non enforcement to EU legislation, the EU authorities turn the other way and put their heads deep down into the sand.  The EU dopes not want to be shown that anything is wrong in its ‘perfect, paper system’.

Last week the UK triggered Article 50 – we are going to get out and away from these people who are paid big salaries to do things; but whom in reality do nothing.  By leaving and going it alone, the UK will show the world (and the EU) that things are much better when you take back control.  It is the UK against 27 other member states – so we shall see exactly how much control the EU masters have on all their members when Brexit negotiations actually get under way.


Finally, here is some food for thought –



A Perspective From Venus – Stop All Live Exports Through Transport In Their OWN Nation Of Rearing Only.

In relation to our recent post at  and the report by Animals Angels –

I feel that Venus raises a very important point in the following – that being why cannot animals be raised and (unfortunately) slaughtered in their country of origin ?; thus eliminating the need for shipping live animals all over the EU.  We know that it is all to do with subsidies and national export statistics etc, but with the EU currently under a huge amount of pressure on this subject at the moment, maybe we need to take it further.

With Brexit, I am certain that UK groups and campaigners will ensure that the UK government has a ban on live animal exports in place on the day that the UK formally walks away from Europe.  This will be just the start, but will set a precedent in Europe.  What will the rest of the EU do ? – continue to give evidence after evidence to the likes of Mr Van Goethem etc; with nothing done as a reward !

We now need to think further on the way forward and what actions we can take regarding transport and slaughter within the producing member state only.


I also read the really excellent report of the Animals Angels.

According to this report, you ask yourself: what else can we do to ensure that the 8 hours of transportation is in force?

The organization has documented innumerable demented states through protocols, and shocking photos are also available.

The EU Commission does not want to know anything, not even of the 8 hours transport limit.

– we have submitted 1.2 million signatures

– a written statement in support of the European Parliament is also available

– the EU Petitions Committee has been working on this issue since 2012.


The Commission does not want to go a step further; the topic does not interest them at all.

And this confirms once more that it is a money-making machinery.

The EU has no longer any right to exist, it is clear, and we know it.

But, in spite of all this, we have for the time being only this authority to do something for the animals.

I find the petition of the English a very good initiative in this direction.

Perhaps a kind of pressure on the part of the UK will be generated.

If it works out, it would be a good perspective for the 8 hour limit.

However, the crime and terrorism against the animals in the EU area still remain.

I believe that we should focus on slaughter at the national level.

Because the EU Commission has not yet accepted the 8hours transport limit, we should demand that slaughter of the animals be allowed only in slaughterhouses of the country where the animals are kept.


No transport of live animals to slaughterhouses of foreign countries.

Then the shipments would be off.

The transports to Turkey would also be off.

Then we would no longer have the criminal situation that piglets are born in Holland, fattened in Spain and slaughtered in Italy.

Sure, that is much more than the 8 hour debate.

How the EU could create this would be its problem.

For this, the gentlemen are paid to think and find solutions where there are problems.

In the animal sector, the issue is not only about problems, it is about a criminal meat mafia, which operates with the thick EU subsidies undisturbed their criminal work.

I think we have to put more pressure and demand more than we have done so far.





UK: ‘Four Paws’ Team Brave It In Mosul To Rescue Remaining Zoo Animals.

Dear Mark,

Lula and Simba’s rescue is finally within reach.

After two very challenging days, we’re happy to announce that a FOUR PAWS team has returned to Mosul, Iraq to rescue Lula the bear and Simba the lion from the Montazah Al-Morour Zoo.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated over the past few weeks. Your kindness and generosity has helped make this rescue mission a reality.

If you haven’t had a chance to give, we need your help now more than ever.


To donate to this rescue mission –

This mission has not been an easy one.

After successfully removing Lula and Simba from the zoo on Tuesday afternoon, our team was detained at the first military checkpoint departing Mosul. Forced to surrender Lula and Simba to the authorities, our team was asked to leave Mosul without them. The two animals were then sadly returned to the Mosul zoo.

Being turned away was devastating. But we didn’t give up. Following our return to Erbil, we entered hours of negotiation with Iraqi authorities, military and zoo representatives. Our hard work paid off.

Despite the challenges, success is within reach. But we still need your help.

As of this morning, Lula and Simba have been carefully prepared for their journey to a new home. And as you read this email, the team and the animals are patiently waiting to leave Mosul for good.

If you haven’t donated already, please make a donation today.

Your gift could help give Lula and Simba a better life, and support our work with animals around the world.

Thank you.

Kindest regards,

Saige Jennings




USA: Many A True Word …………………..

UK: Article 50 To Be Presented To The EU By The UK On 29/3/17. Petition and Video Links Against Live Animal Transport.

Well here we are in the week when (on Wed 29/3) the UK Prime Minister Mrs. May goes to Brussels and formally presents the EU with Article 50 – the formal declaration that the UK is going to leave the EU.  Many of us are very happy about this – the UK will get its independence back from the shackles of ‘do nothing’ Brussels, and all our laws will be changed and re vamped into better UK laws by British MPs in the UK House of Commons – not by un-elected self important; the ‘do nothings’ at the EU in Brussels.

On the animal welfare front already there are many national groups within the UK who are pushing the UK government hard for updated and better legislation when we formally quit the EU.  Something we have said all along – when we go it alone; animal legislation will get better than the false promises made under useless legislation in Brussels.  Article 50 presentation then gives the EU and the UK TWO YEARS to hold very important talks and to establish the future trade agreements etc which we hope will benefit both the EU and the UK.  But the main thing is that we get our own legislation back in the hands of the UK – not with jobsworths in Brussels who always say they can do nothing even when it goes directly against the legislation of EU law.

On the issue of live animal transport which we do know a little about, having been involved for around 30 years; work is already under way to get a complete ban on the export of live animals from the UK.  At the moment, hands have been / are being tied by the ‘we cannot do anything’ bunch at Brussels, despite them being presented with overwhelming evidence that the implementation of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the so called ‘protection’ of live animals in transport simply does not work and is not being enforced.  This is supposedly the main EU Regulation to ‘protect’ animals on the road.  The reality is, it is joke legislation – never enforced and not wanted to be by the Brussels leaders.

Ok, so the situation is if the sand headers at Brussels will not do anything to help animal welfare, then the nation of the UK will.  Hence just one of many reasons why we are getting out of the EU, taking back our own control and fighting hard now for a live animal export ban.  We hope that by early fighting, new legislation for a complete ban will  be in force under new UK law on the day (in 2 years time) when we formally leave the EU behind and make and enforce our own laws once again.

Here is a link to a report from the very respected Christa Blanke – the Founder of ‘Animals Angels’ – an organisation which specialises in exposing the cruelty of long distance animal transport across the EU and beyond.

Entitled – The Myth of Enforcement of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport – the report gives a superb insight into exactly why the EU legislation is simply not even worth the paper that it is written on – and boy have we also not said enough about this over the years?  All the welfare froups and their investigators have shown it time and time again – and still the EU refuses to act on the pile of evidence presented to them.


Here is the link to the excellent Angels report –


Also, as we have presented so many times in our posts, the EU is, for example, doing absolutely nothing regarding the situation for live animals being exported from the EU to Turkey.  Have a look at these videos which show the actual real situation obtained by actual, real investigators; not ivory tower jobsworths sitting behind desks in Brussels:


So; things like the above report go to Brussels; and endless video evidence like that shown above also goes too Brussels; and then what do we get back from Brussels ? – word from Mr Van Goethem and the rest of the dire team that ‘there is nothing they can do’ – they hold their hands up and take no action to enforce the rules, THEIR EU RULES; whilst every day, live animals continue to suffer. On the endless trips of cruelty and despair  Another joke is that Mr Van Goethem claims to be a veterinary – yes, a vet ! – are not these people supposed to look after the welfare of animals rather than dismiss the cruelty that is presented to them ?


The UK getting out of the EU is not going to change everything; but it will show the EU the strength of feeling over issues that they simply dismiss whilst shouting that they can do nothing.  If the UK can get out of Europe, take back its own laws and stop the export of live animals; then so can other EU member states.  But do they have the guts to do it or will they just keep on obtaining information and being continually met with the ‘we can do nothing’ shouts from the Brussels brigade over the next five, ten years or more ?.


For Brits, this is not good enough – the EU has failed the citizens of the UK when they have presented endless info and petitions etc about the horrors of live animal exports.  The EU has ignored the facts.  Ok, so now we ignore the EU and we go it alone, making new laws just within the UK and enforcing them.  Maybe the EU will learn from this, or will ivory tower EU continue to have its head in the sand as usual, ignoring the evidence and the campaigns for enforcement of ‘EU’ legislation within Europe !

Here is a new link, one of many, that calls to get the UK government to ensure live exports are banned when we formally leave the EU.  Please sign and pass on – already we have over 29,500 sigs from UK citizens.  Note that this can only be signed by UK citizens, as we hope the issue will be discussed in a UK parliament which represents the UK people.

Please crosspost any of the above links as necessary;

Regards Mark – SAV.



Serbia: Felix News March 2017 – Urgent Repairs Are Needed, Can You Help Please ?


There are a lot of cat appeals and things going on at the moment.

As you know, we have tried to support Jasna and Danika at ‘Felix’ shelter in Serbia for many years.  Felix helps take in cats from the streets and provide them with a forever home at the shelter, where they get great food, warmth, a safe place to live and they feel love and attention, often for the first time in their lives.

But like all shelters; daily upkeeps for facilities and the animals is huge.  This is where we now step in – to try and help get some support for much needed updates.  Felix has been having a few problems recently covering all of its costs; and without support of a regular good quality Kibble food supply from Denmark (UFFAC) over the last few months; things could have been a lot worse.  In addition, the Winter has been bad with temperatures often down to -25 degrees; so the gas tank has been working overtime to keep the cats warm.  Money is required here also to keep the gas tank topped up.

8 of the 9 youngsters taken in last year have already been sterilised, and the last cat has to recover from sickness before he is able to be neutered also.  Vet costs also add up.

Jasna informs us that the outside fence is literally falling apart, as can be seen in the photographs.  This is a big job and will probably cost around 3000 Euros.  It is a concern as at the moment, anyone can open the gates and approach the cats – and as we know, not everyone always has the best of intentions !

All the fence posts need to be buried underground and strengthened with concrete; after that they should be rebuilt around the thick steel poles in the middle so they won’t crumble and deteriorate in the years to come. The same goes for the low walls between the pillars. The gates must also be replaced and the ancient iron fence badly needs cleaning and polishing.  It is a big job which sadly costs big money.

So we are putting out an appeal to everyone asking if they can help; both with a donation and also by sharing this link to as many places as possible.  It could end up getting to someone rich who can help cover all the costs needed – so please pass this link / info around.

Below we are providing all the links to Felix if you can help out in any way.  We know that we are nearly always asking for donations; but many of the facilities we support are the only places that have ever given a loving home and food and heating to many animals that lived pitiful lives on the streets.

Please help if you can – and please pass on this link far and wide.

Thank you – SAV – for our friends at shelter ‘Felix’.

Here are some pictures of some of the residents; and also the sad state of the walls and fence that we have talked about earlier.

Please go to the following to donate:

For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


Please help us – Thank you.



Serbia: A Special Appeal To Help An Old Couple Cover Costs For Caring For Many Ex Street Animals.


Update 27/3 – Come on folks, get your dosh out !!

(an English term for giving money).

Anything please – even a few dollars will help us to reach the target.

We need to do this as soon as possible – please help – Thank you. – SAV.

Update 25/3 – well done to those who have donated; a good result for a short time.

But we really need to do this please – so give anything you can, no matter how small or large the donation – it all adds up.

Thank you – with hope – SAV.

We are putting out this special appeal to help our friend Susann in Germany.

You can read the story below – but basically it is a request to help an old couple in Serbia with food for all the homeless cats and dogs that they help; often going without themselves to do it.

Please give anything that you can – any little helps and it all soon mounts up.

Please dig deep and give what you can – Thank You – SAV.

Urgent: help for old Serbian couple and their 60+ strays


Please look at the following link to see many more pictures of the animals:


Donation Link –

The Story

61 cats, 7 dogs and an elderly couple need urgent help.

Jelka and Branko live in Pancevo, a town close to the Serbian capital Belgrade. They’re both 65+ and not very well off, sometimes not having enough food for themselves, they go without in order to ensure the animals are fed in order to give them a better life than the one they had on the streets of Pancevo.

Luckily the very kind soul and animal rescuer Slavica happened upon them and is now helping them with the animals. Feeding them, heating the house in winter in order to keep them all warm as Serbia has extreme temperatures in the winter, spaying & neutering and getting the animals vaccinated or to the vets if they are sick is very time and money consuming. Especially because no one has a car and it is 4 bus rides away.

A small facebook group ( is helping Slavica, Jelka and Branko with a bit of money monthly but it is not enough to cover everything that is needed.

Things seem to get worse instead of getting better. Branko had a stroke and it is still unsure if he will survive. A new law requires all cats to be chipped and vaccinated incurring more costs, the fence is broken, etc… Slavica, Jelka and Branko need you to help them and would be forever grateful for any donations.

Donation Link –








England: Sheep.



Seal Slaughter / Dog Stomped To Death – Take Action Here.


You know who doesn’t wear seal fur? Just about everyone.

No caring person wants Canada’s commercial seal slaughter to continue—which is why 35 countries around the world have already banned imports of seal-derived products and Canadian citizens continue to speak out against the barbaric practice of shooting and clubbing tens of thousands of baby seals to death every year.

Canada is about to turn 150 years old, and to celebrate, we’re calling on its prime minister, Justin Trudeau, to stop using Canadian tax dollars to support the mass murder of baby seals.


Tell Canada’s prime minister to stand up for seal pups!




Dog Found Bound and Stomped to Death

Demand Justice

Target: David Leyton, Prosecuting Attorney for Genesee County, Michigan

Goal: Seek maximum penalties for those allegedly responsible for binding a dog with tape and beating the poor animal to death.

The remains of a Shih Tzu mixed-breed dog were found days after the animal had been tortured, stomped to death, and left by the roadside. Photos of this shocking discovery appeared on social media after local Sheriff Robert Pickell urged residents to speak up, and called for tougher penalties for animal abusers. Within days, a tip was received, which led to the arrests of a couple living near where the dog had been found. The tip had come from the mother of one of the alleged abusers, who was concerned for the well-being of her grandchildren after learning what had happened to the 7-year-old dog.

Allegedly, one of the abusers, Nathan McCue, had gotten enraged after the dog, Dakota, had urinated on his clothes. What happened next is unthinkable. According to police, it is suspected that both McCue and his girlfriend Jessica Brown proceeded to bind the dog’s feet and face with electrical tape and tied him to a tree. They then reportedly stomped on the dog’s neck and back until he died.

This couple has allegedly committed a disgusting crime against this innocent animal and must be punished, if found guilty. The fact that they had small children in the home is troubling, considering the fact that if a dog’s misbehavior could prompt such malice, one wonders what could have happened to a child who had done similarly. McCue has a prior history of violence, which means he should be considered particularly dangerous if found guilty of this crime.

Too many dogs have suffered in Michigan with too little done in response. Just earlier this month in the same county, a man received a paltry $375 fine after he plead no contest to charges that he had beat and starved his three dogs. This level of leniency is inexcusable, and should not be applied to this case or any other cases of abuse going forward. Please sign this petition to demand that this case be taken seriously and that these alleged abusers get served the maximum penalties, should they be found guilty.

Dog Found Bound and Stomped to Death

Demand Justice


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Leyton,

Shocking photos of a dog lying dead and bound with electrical tape that were posted by a Genesee County Sheriff are heartbreaking and difficult to view. The dog in the photos, a 7-year-old Shih Tzu mix named Dakota, had his feet and head bound before he was stomped to death. The reason for this shocking act of cruelty? The dog had apparently urinated on his owner’s clothing.

This inexcusable behavior cannot be tolerated. If the two suspects are found guilty, they must not be allowed to remain free and able to cause more harm to other animals or to their children. If such malicice could be carried out against a helpless animal, one wonders what they are capable for doing to another human being, particularly one reliant on their care.

More must be done to prosecute and punish those who abuse animals in Genesee County. Earlier this month, a man named Lavelle Gulette pleaded no contest to charges he had beaten his dogs and starved them, and was given only a $375 fee.

We cannot allow these two alleged criminals to get off so easily should they be found guilty. I urge you to do all you can to seek justice for this dog so that his death will not be in vain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Sheriff Robert Pickell





England: Farm Worker Charged With Cruelty To Cows and Calves Under The Animal Welfare Act – Result !!

You may remember a few post which we did at the end of last year regarding abuses on a dairy farm in Somerset, England:


Well now we can share an update to this – and we are really pleased to say that one of the dairy workers has now been formally changed following the investigation.

Dear Mark

As a valued Animal Equality supporter, I wanted you to be one of the first to know that – as a result of footage captured by Animal Equality investigators – a worker on Pyrland dairy farm in Somerset has been charged with two counts of cruelty to cows and calves under the Animal Welfare Act.

The scenes of this young farm worker violently kicking cows and throwing calves against the wall were truly horrifying, and thanks to your support he will be prosecuted for these terrible acts. A court date has not yet been set, but we will keep you updated when we know more.

In case you haven’t see the footage which we released at the end of December, you can watch it here:

Please share it widely and help alert others to the suffering of mother cows and their calves in the dairy industry. Encourage them to sign our LoveVeg pledge for FREE advice and recipes for dairy-free eating.

Thank you for helping to bring perpetrators of such unthinkable cruelty to justice.


Toni Shephard

Exec Director – AE UK.





Indonesia: Your Support and Actions Have Now Made A Big Difference. New Legislation To Be Introduced Nationally.

Relating to one of our recent campaigns:


Your efforts and actions have hopefully now made a difference:


Animal protection laws promised after Indonesian bear footage goes viral

21 February 2017

Animal lovers are celebrating as Indonesia’s government finally acknowledged zoos need standardised laws on animal care to avoid cruelty.

Footage showing sun bears in poor conditions at Bandung Zoo set the internet alight last month with people around the world voicing anger and sorrow that any animal could be kept in such appalling conditions.

Read more:

Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo bears need more than food

International spotlight means hope for Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo bears

With those conditions not confined to just one zoo, Animals Asia called for legislative change to improve the welfare of all animals at all facilities.

Following months of criticism the Indonesian government appears to have heeded the calls and has promised to standardise captive animal care through national regulation.

It’s a move that could not only safeguard the future of these bears but also improve the lives of thousands of captive animals across the country.

The nation’s Environment and Forestry Minister Siti Nurbaya Bakar told media such legal protection was necessary to avoid future problems and specifically referred to Bandung Zoo where the sun bears are kept.

Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale responded:

“This announcement is very promising and exactly what we have been calling for. It clearly shows the government taking the concern of domestic and global citizens seriously and responding to criticism. However, we need to wait for the government to release the regulation before we can comment on the potential effectiveness.”

The world was alerted to the dire conditions of sun bears at Bandung Zoo by local NGO Scorpion Foundation. The charity is partly funded by Animals Asia to expose animal welfare abuses such as this.

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE said:

“This is very much a step in the right direction for Indonesia and has the potential to change the lives of thousands of animals. We thank the government for listening to criticism and the willingness they have shown to respond and look for solutions. We look forward to seeing the draft regulation and advising where necessary.”

Other AA news:



USA: Another Excuse For Mass Kilings !!! – Shame On Them.

Dear Mark,

Another heartbreaking day.

The U.S. Senate has joined the House and voted to clear the way for the state of Alaska to authorize extreme killing methods such as shooting mother bears with cubs and killing wolves with pups on public lands that belong to all of us.

Mark, this is a disgraceful setback for wolves and other wildlife you love.

Help us fight for these imperiled predators with your urgent donation today.

Not even a year has passed since the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) issued regulations to prevent Alaska’s excessive attacks on predators on national wildlife refuges. But in this extreme anti-wildlife environment, wolves, bears and other wildlife we love…have lost.

Congress used an obscure law called the Congressional Review Act to nullify the FWS protections. And Mark, it shows there are no depths these people will not go to greenlight the most appalling anti-wildlife acts. Further, discarding this rule could slam the door on future regulations that aim to conserve these animals on refuge lands.


Now Alaska national wildlife refuges could be open for the state to allow:

  • Killing wolves and pups during the spring and summer “denning” season;

  • Gunning down mother bears and their cubs;

  • Baiting and snaring bears and their cubs; and

  • Using airplanes to scout and shoot bears.

And why? To artificially inflate populations of game animals for hunting.

We will never give up this fight. Your urgent donation today will make a difference.

Thanks for your help.


Jamie Rappaport Clark President, Defenders of Wildlife


USA: ‘Project Coyote’ News – and URGENT Actions (Mainly US Citizens).



Dear Mark,

Two weeks ago, by a vote of 225-193, the House of Representatives approved H.J. Res. 69, which would roll back regulations enacted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) prohibiting heinous hunting and trapping practices for killing predators on national wildlife refuges in Alaska.

The resolution, now designated as S.J. Res. 18/H.J. Res. 69, is expected to come up for a vote in the Senate THIS WEEK, and could be as early as TODAY! 

We need your help to stop this reckless and cruel measure

Read this Los Angeles Times editorial strongly condemning this joint resolution here.

The FWS was forced to act in response to the state of Alaska’s adoption of antiquated, scientifically baseless, and inhumane predator management policies intended solely to decimate predator populations in order to boost numbers of deer, moose, caribou, and other ungulates. We must be sure that FWS’s established regulation is not invalidated.

Please take a moment today to call and email your senators to stop this insanity. See below for how to take action. 

Thank you for speaking out for wildlife!

Camilla H. Fox Founder and Executive Director

What You Can Do:

We urgently need your help today to defeat S.J. Res. 18/H.J. Res. 69. As time is of the essence, please call your senators today;

click HERE for their contact information and use the talking points below. Then send a follow-up message by clicking HERE.

Talking points: (please be respectful and personalize your message):

You can simply say, “Please oppose Senators Sullivan and Murkowski’s Joint Resolution 18 and House Joint Resolution 69, which would revoke the FWS rule protecting wildlife on Alaska national wildlife refuges from cruel hunting methods.”

Cruel hunting and trapping practices have no place on America’s national wildlife refuges.

Predators deserve protection, not persecution, given their critically important role in preserving natural diversity and promoting healthy ecosystems.

Federal laws and regulations governing the management of wildlife on refuge lands, including those in Alaska, provide the FWS with full and unfettered authority to enact rules protecting predators.

Predator management practices authorized by the Alaska Board of Game are scientifically fraudulent, inhumane, entirely unnecessary, and are merely intended to artificially boost ungulate numbers.

Congress should not interfere with or politicize a carefully deliberated rule that was based on the best available science and was subject to public input and congressional debate.



Dear Mark,

Unfortunately, as you may have heard, New Mexico SB 268, the bill that Project Coyote and our coalition partners campaigned so intently for, which would have banned coyote killing contests in New Mexico, failed to get a hearing on the House floor before the state’s legislative session ended this past Saturday.

While we believe we had a sufficient number of votes to get SB 268 passed in the full House, the Speaker of the House did not prioritize this bill to get the hearing that it so deserved.

We are very grateful to Senators Jeff Steinborn and Mark Moores and to Representative Matthew McQueen for cosponsoring this legislation and for doing their very best to move this bill through two senate committees, the full Senate, and the House Judiciary Committee, from where it would have gone on to be heard before the full House before finally reaching the Governor’s desk. Please thank Senators Steinborn and Moores and Representative McQueen for their work on behalf of SB 268 by following this link for Senator Steinborn, this link for Senator Moores and this link for Representative McQueen.

Thank you so very much for your constant support, particularly your testimony, phone calls and letters. With your help, we were able to move the bill to ban coyote killing contests further through the New Mexico State Legislature than ever before. By sharing with all members of the New Mexico House and Senate our letter clarifying the science that supports a ban, and by Project Coyote Science Advisory Board Member Dave Parsons serving as an expert witness during the bill’s multiple hearings, we made a significant impact—convincing a good many legislators to support this bill. It is not fair to say we lost this time, because we won all four votes taken. Rather, we were denied the opportunity to win because the final vote was not taken. Politics can be very frustrating.

But, as a result of the momentum that our coalition has built around this issue statewide, we will have an even stronger base from which to build our next campaign. That achievement combined with our increased influence in the state legislature will help ensure that we prevail in New Mexico’s next legislative session in 2019.

While more people are becoming aware of the persecution that coyotes and other wild animals face from killing contests and other wildlife mismanagement practices in New Mexico, there is still much left for us to do to educate New Mexicans and policymakers about these important issues. We are now developing our campaign to ensure that New Mexico outlaws coyote killing contests in 2019.

If you are interested in getting more involved by volunteering and/or helping to show our new film Unfair Game: Ending Wildlife Killing Contests in your community, please email us at or fill out our volunteer form here.

Again, all of us at Project Coyote thank you for standing with us to demand protections for coyotes in New Mexico. None of this work would be possible without your support.

For the Wild,

Camilla Fox Founder & Executive Director


Serbia: Video Exposes Serious Concerns For Both Animal And Human Health.


Video link:—17032017.html


We currently have only a few basic facts relating to this.  They include:

It is in a region called ‘Mosorin’ which is to the North of Belgrade and to the East of the city of Novi Sad.

The location is on a meadow type land; and in the video you can see a 3 metre deep hole / pit down which villagers and farmers are supposed to put (dump) the bodies of dead animals.  Despite this so called ‘disposal facility’; villagers leave dead animals on the surface ground of the meadow area – as you can clearly see.  Dead cattle carcasses are strewn over the whole area.  We are talking mainland Europe here, not a desert region in Africa !!

You can also see in the video campaigners from ‘Animal Rescue Serbia’ going down into the disposal pit area to rescue many dogs which have become trapped there.  We cannot confirm but we have a very strong suspicion that these dogs are strays which have been enticed into the area by the easily available ‘food’’ source which they can get from the dead cattle.  This is an issue which we have been exposing for many years – see a lot more (and almost identical pictures) at

We cannot confirm, but looking at the footage, rather than the use of the disposal hole / pit for the dumping of animal bodies; everything else (including cardboard, cans litter) seems to be thrown down there !  It appears that no cover for the hole / pit exists which could cause very serious injury to both humans and animals especially wandering at night.  Is this how the dogs became initially trapped in the hole / pit we ask ? – did they fall during darkness ?

Live sheep are wandering round the meadow area in this video and can be clearly seen.  We ask if they are not also vulnerable to also falling into the hole at night, just like the dogs which are now being rescued.  Looking at the square access to the ‘hole’ into this pit, there is a lot of dirt on the immediate surface and no visible signs of any cover (in the video) or securing facilities for a cover.  Thus we believe that this pit is open at all times.

We think that the stray dogs which fell into the hole may have survived down there by eating the one dead animal in the hole, which can be seen in the video.  There is no water access.  How did this farm animal get there ? – disposed of as dead or simply fallen whilst alive ?

We understand that the Republic Veterinary Inspection has associated with events here and that they are supposed to be producing a report on this; but we do not hold our breath.  We also question if this facility is formally acceptable; as decomposing animal carcasses in the hole (maybe including dead dogs as well as cattle) would break down / decompose and make their way into the water table which could be used for drinking water by humans in the area.

We question also the fact that Serbia is a ‘Candidate Country’ for membership of the European Union (EU).  Does the EU find facilities such as this acceptable we would ask ? – hence the urgent need for the official report from the Republic Veterinary Inspection to be produced – which we can then forward on to departments at the EU – making them fully aware as necessary.

We hope to be able to provide further updates to this, but we are unsure at present if the Serbian Ministry will actually take it any further or if this will be yet another situation deemed ‘ok’ and which will be swept under the carpet.

SAV – with full help and information from Slavica.


Comment from Venus:

I don`t know if I would see the same pictures in a desert region in Africa as those from the European region of Mosorin in Serbia.

I have never been to Africa. I know, however, that such pictures were given in Europe 500 years ago. When the people themselves lived in pits. But this is not the issue now. I know with certainty that I would not care if a man falls into the pit. The pit has been made by human hand against animal life. Therefore, I would not care whether a one falls, or the criminals of the village drink contaminated water. First of all, I would be interested in the life and safety of animals living in the area.

I would close immediately this hole dangerous for animals. And I would make a video of it. Because I take over the work of the city, the authority, and that must be documented. I would send the video to the responsible ministry with the reference, I also sent it to Jean Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission. Not because I expected something from the last. But when the Ministry learns this, hope does not put the matter under the carpet. Why the hole is open is secondary.

The main thing is to close it. For the safety of the animals.

There is a nice Japanese saying: ” Fix the problem, not the blame”.





The Dog Meat Professionals of South Korea.



Please crosspost to many if you can – Thanks – SAV.



Serbia: This Little Guy Has Been Waiting A Year For A Forever Home – Can You Help ?


Almost a year in a Pansion.

Still waiting home.

Please share and help this beautiful boy find a home.. he is waiting too long



USA: Dangerous !


USA: President Trump – “Making America Cough More Again” !

SAV Comment – Sensible nations like the UK and France already have major daily taxes on polluting vehicles that have to drive into cities such as Paris and London.  £11-50p a DAY in London


So Trump is going to build more polluting cars !  – but we ask; where is he going to sell them all ? – Europe certainly will not buy – they are trying to reduce pollution in their nations, not create more.  Free gas mask with every flight to the USA !

Above USA air pollution map


Today in Detroit, President Trump took another giant step backwards in our fight against climate change. He just directed the EPA to start dismantling critical clean car standards.

With this announcement, Trump and climate-denying EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt are caving to pressure from car companies and the oil industry — and sending one more undeniable message that they will continue escalating their assault on our environmental laws and years of climate progress.

Will you speak out now against this giveaway to big polluters and show Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt that you and thousands of others across the country won’t back down from this full-blown fight for our environment?

DENOUNCE THEIR ACTIONS: Tell Trump and Pruitt you’re committed to fighting their dangerous anti-environment agenda every step of the way.

Keeping these clean car standards in place would cut in half dangerous carbon pollution from cars and trucks, save us billions of dollars a year on gas and reduce our dependence on climate-wrecking fossil fuels. Dirty tailpipe pollution from transportation now rivals power plants as the largest source of carbon pollution in the U.S.

This attack on the clean car standards is just the latest salvo in President Trump’s assault on our climate progress and the EPA.

Trump and Pruitt are also poised to slash the EPA’s budget by 24% and cut one of every five EPA staff members. And they’re filling top-ranking EPA positions with like-minded climate change deniers and friends of the fossil fuel industry.

NRDC is escalating our rapid response operation to stop them: Mobilizing public opposition … preparing to challenge the administration in court … and prevailing on our allies in Congress to stand up and strongly oppose any attacks on our environment, our climate and our health.

We’re counting on NRDC supporters like you to help us generate a nationwide outcry that Trump and Pruitt will be unable to ignore.

If Trump and Pruitt succeed in forcing through their reckless, pro-polluter agenda, the impacts on our environment and our climate could be nothing short of catastrophic.

More smog … more severe storms and skyrocketing temperatures … more poisonous chemicals dumped into our drinking water … and no end to the toxic sea of pesticides killing our bees and other pollinators — putting our food supply in grave jeopardy.

I’ve got news for them: We won’t be silent. We won’t be complacent. We fought hard for the victories we’ve achieved — and we’ll fight even harder to protect them now. Are you with me?

We’re putting Trump and Pruitt on notice. Add your name to our petition today, and tell them you’re standing strong against their brazen attempts to roll back our climate progress and fundamental environmental protections.

Thanks for all that you do to protect our air, water and health. I’ll be in touch soon with more ways that you can get involved.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC


The Center for Biological Diversity released a groundbreaking report this week identifying the top 15 members of Congress trying to seize, destroy, dismantle and privatize America’s public lands. These “Public Lands Enemies” are part of a growing movement to industrialize public lands for profit — increased exploitation for oil and gas drilling, fracking, logging, mining and development.

The Center’s report analyzed 132 anti-public-lands bills that were introduced in the past three congressional sessions and the lawmakers who authored and cosponsored those bills.

These 15 members of Congress are trying to turn America’s public lands into an open cash register for corporations,” said Randi Spivak, the Center’s public lands director. “Everyone who cares about our national forests, wildlife refuges, national parks and monuments need to watch these elected officials very closely — and oppose them at every step.”

Check out our new Public Lands Enemies website, where you can download shareable “Wanted” posters and find out if your congressional rep is on our list.

Black bear resting in a tree

Grim Toll: Wildlife Services Killed 2.7 Million Animals in 2016

The latest numbers are out on the deadly toll on animals taken by Wildlife Services’ killing program. Last year this secretive arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture wiped out more than 2.7 million animals, including 415 gray wolves, 76,963 adult coyotes, 407 black bears, 334 mountain lions, 997 bobcats, 21,184 beavers and 3,791 foxes.

The Center has worked for years to reform this rogue program, whose killing — with traps, poisons, guns and gases — is mostly done as a misguided favor for agriculture.

“Despite mounting public outcry to reform these barbaric, outdated tactics, Wildlife Services continues its taxpayer-funded slaughter of America’s wildlife,” said the Center’s Collette Adkins. “These cruel practices not only fail to effectively manage targeted wildlife but also pose ongoing threats to other animals, including endangered species and pets.”

Earth2Trump banner



The Earth2Trump Roadshow of Resistance Is Back — Join Us

More than 5,000 people turned out to our first round of Earth2Trump shows in January; we’re launching another tour in April along the East Coast, and we hope you can join us.

Conservationists and indigenous groups are uniting to stop Trump’s dangerous agenda. This is a new, powerful opportunity to join a growing movement of resistance and oppose all new policies hurting wildlife, undermining Native American sovereignty, poisoning our air and water, destroying our climate, or promoting bigotry in any form.

The free shows will feature music by singer-songwriter Casey Neill and Diné and Cheyenne hip-hop artist Lyla June. They’ll also include speeches by Cheryl Angel, a Lakota elder fighting the Dakota Access and Keystone XL pipelines, and the Center’s Brytnee Laurette.

Learn more and RSVP to a show near you.




England: Bush and Gilmour – Enjoy.

I saw Kate twice in concert when I was young – she has only toured twice – and she has always been a massive favourite of mine.

She is Veggie like all good people, and she is from Kent, the county where I was born and have always lived.  Kent girls are the best ! – see Siouxsie also (another Kent girl) – I say no more, apart from the brilliant Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) on guitar with Kate.




and Siouxsie: