Starving In Antarctica.

polar bear  thin


Starving In Antarctica

This image of an emaciated polar bear wandering on a thin patch of ice has shocked people worldwide. The situation for this species is only getting worse.




Venus Writes.

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This world does not work according to the principle of justice.

No one gives us the right to keep animals in farms and slaughter them as if they just ware bags of potatoes.
And yet, we do it.

slaughter 3

No one gives us the right torturing to death animals in experiments laboratories because some criminal idiot want to make career and money.
And yet, we do it.


The list of crimes against animals is infinite.
This list gets longer every day, for this 7 billion people on this planet are to blame.
All those who eat meat, wear fur, go to the circus, consume drugs, are “second hand” criminals!

dumb animals fur coat

They participate in a system that consists only of torture, blood, murder.
It is the system of exploitation of the weak, of the powerless, of the animals.

Against this medieval system some Knights of the Renaissance are fighting: These are the animal rights activists, the animal advocates, animal campaigners, animal ethicist..

We all want the elimination of animal suffering.
For all these people even worse than the suffering of animals is the fact, that this system is not easy to eliminate.
And certainly not today or tomorrow.
Therefore, we have learned over the years to make small steps, to focus our fight on important changes and to live with small victories.
We all want the elimination of animal suffering.
But none of us knows, how we can make the abolition of the slaughterhouses, the fur farms, the chemistry laboratories.

We rescue animals at the place where and when it is feasible, we take part in demonstrations against fur farms, we inform the people with letters, mails, roads actions ….
Some courageous liberate animals from laboratories or destroying hunting facilities …
But all, all who have the experience in this field, know that only a miracle can change this suffering and misery.
This experience says also, that we have to fight anyway.
Even if we could save a few animals from the brutal dog meat trade in S. Korea, or some wild animals in Suzhou/China Circus” the fight is worthwhile!

Animal welfare has never worked under the method “all or nothing”.
Because if we want all or nothing, then we end up mostly to nothing!

never giveup



Liza and Mark - Dover




people and pets

quail and doves

Romania 8 oct 21

seal 2

Slaughterhouse petition

Sheep legs

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taiji 5

us guns 5

transporter driver 18 July 14

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worth it

yulin 16 4

ALF  poster

All photos from SAV archives.


China (Again): The Despair Of The Circus Animals – Petition To Sign.


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Dear animal lovers,

as of today we also have an english translation to our petition “Stop the  torture of wild animals in Suzhou/China” 

We need 10.000 signatures in order to have success with this important petition. 
Please sign the petition as well if you didn’t do so until now – and spread it all over the world. Wherever you have your contacts please send this petition to other animal lovers ! 

It’s also very welcome if you do a post at Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and websites ! 

Lets do this for this poor and outrageously tortured wild animals who have no protection and no voice ! 

Lets be their voice !! 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help ! 

 Take Action 3

Best regards

Ingrid Fechner

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Dirty Water, Dangerous Fish !




Mr Van Goethem and EU Others – All Talk And No Action – A Real Head In The Sand Situation.

bernard van goethem12715740_976851772397314_8746142858581221756_neu crisis 2

Dear campaigner friends worldwide,

Have we had enough of the European Union (EU) ? – you bet we have.

Here is a reflection to summarise what the EU has done for one of my main welfare / investigation campaigns for (me) the last 26 years – live animal transport / live exports.

This is quite a long post.  It is long because of the continual problems associated with live EU born animals being exported to Turkey – a non EU nation, which slaughters animals without stunning; which is in direct opposition to the standards and regulations of the EU which declare that animals should be stunned before their throats are cut.  Note that even in the EU, many gutless national governments do not even attempt to stop non-stun slaughter in their own nations because they fear religious comeback.  Hence some non stun slaughter is undertaken in Europe; but with most sensible nations; most animals are still stunned prior to their slaughter.  Obviously, EU nations do not have the backbone to say to certain religions ‘you are in Europe now; we stun animals before slaughter and you therefore will do the same’; they run scared and have to allow religions to practice just whatever they want anywhere in the EU, regardless of EU regulations.  Oh does this ring a bell so much !

Our petition against live EU animals being exported to Turkey is still going – you can access and sign at the following if you have not done so already –


You can see the disturbing video on the same EU – Turkey exports issue made by  Lesley at ‘yes on Animals’ (NL) by clicking on the following link –

Remember that this evidence has been gathered on the Turkish border for well over 5 years.  Lesley’s disturbing video is a culmination of 5 years of frustration – presenting the clear evidence of abuses to the EU Commissions; who then just sit, bury their heads in the sand, and DO NOTHING.

Clear video evidence has been presented many, many times to the EU ‘officials’, although  we would give them another name; and despite what is clear documented and filmed evidence; the EU HAS DONE NOTHING !

Officials at the EU such as Marco Valetta and Bernard Van Gorthem; the very people who they claim are responsible for ‘animal welfare’ at the EU, and who should be acting in defence of animals, continue to spout their weasel words of improvements and meetings; both of which amount to nothing.


Have a laugh at this:     “Policing the food chain –

Bernard Van Goethem on why working for the European Commission is preferable to having his arm up the back end of a cow”.

“Food safety in the broad sense is the responsibility of the vets,” he says. For him and 200 other veterinarians employed by the Commission, that task involves not only ensuring the welfare of animals, starting with the quality of vegetables and grain used in animal feed and controlling pesticide levels and residues, but also monitoring and tracking food in their ‘farm to fork’ approach of standards, controls and checks”.

 bernard van goethem

Ensuring the welfare of EU animals – but maybe not to Turkey eh !

Above – Bernard Van Goethem.

When are you actually going to start ‘ensuring the welfare of animals’ Mr Van Goethem ? – we have clear evidence that you appear to do nothing re EU – Turkey exports.  All talk and no action as usual.

We say again; the EU Commission is utterly useless, and the people who work in animal welfare within it are even lower – they talk the talk but in reality they do very little.  What is more important – a hand up the back end of a cow or working at the EU Commission and having your head buried in the sand ? – ask Mr Van Goethem; he may give you an answer if he pulls his head out.

At the end of this post you will find many of our links which relate to the work we have been undertaking on EU – Turkey live exports.  This will hopefully give you a little insight into the work that we and many others such as Lesley and her crew are doing / have been doing to show how utterly useless the EU Commission and its officials are when it actually comes to their prime responsibility, which is looking after the welfare of animals.  The EU has a Regulation which should be enforced by ALL its member states – it is Regulation 1/2005 on ’the welfare of animals during transport’.  Here is a link to this legislation which you can read in many formats and languages –   – just select ‘your’ language and format you wish to read in.  For example, the English version can be found at ‘EN’; and you can select either PDF or HTML styles.

Below you can read the latest from Lesley.  As she says; “it is the worst it has ever been”.  Where is Van Goethem ? – the man at the EU who has the task of ensuring the welfare of animals ? – little head deep in the sand again no doubt.

It is because of complete and utter incompetents like Van Goethem that the British people have now voted to get out of the EU.  Who wants to sit and listen to crap from people like him all day when they never do anything ? – “ensuring g the welfare of animals” – ask the pregnant ows giving birth on livestock transporters at the Turkish border who exactly is ensuring their welfare !! – Big clue – certainly not van Goethem and all his other Commission sand headers.

Please mail van Goethem and Marco Valetta and tell them both how utterly useless they are in every ones eyes.

get involved 2

Here are their e mail addresses:

Van Goethem –

Marco Valetta –

Fed up with EU incompetents; glad the UK has voted ‘OUT’ ?




Message from Lesley:

Dear donors and friends,

Only a few weeks ago we were at the Turkey/EU border inspecting livestock trucks arriving from all over Europe and heading towards slaughterhouses and farms throughout Turkey. We wish we could tell you that the situation has finally improved at this border crossing but the suffering of the animals was the worst it has ever been. Because the control post in Bulgaria was temporarily closed (there was a disease outbreak in Bulgaria of Lumpy Skin) the animals were on board for longer than ever without being unloaded to receive water and feed and fresh bedding and air. Several cattle on board different trucks collapsed and died from exhaustion, heat stress and dehydration right before our eyes. Five pregnant heifers had no choice but to give birth on board the crowded trucks while waiting at the border. One pregnant cow didn’t survive this stress. The drivers pulled so hard at the dead unborn calf stuck in her that her whole uterus was torn. Here below is a daily account of our efforts at the border. By clicking on the photo, you can read the details of each inspection day.

Doomed journey video – 8/7/16.

Meanwhile one of our teams was in Turkey documenting and assisting the animals at the border, another team was in the Netherlands and alerting all the responsible EU and Member State authorities and media about the urgent situation there. We even managed to give a talk to the members of the European Parliament about the problems on this route.

A bit of light at the end of the tunnel: The Netherlands now forbids transport to Turkey in the summer We have a small piece of good news: the Dutch livestock sector has agreed to not export animals to Turkey at least in the months of July and August as of now. This was included in their heat-protocol. Eyes on Animals was involved in the development of this heat protocol, together with the Dutch authorities.

Exposure of this animals cruelty in the media Last Sunday Lesley Moffat, director of Eyes on Animals, was on the popular Sunday-morning Dutch radio program “VroegeVogels” talking about the cruelty to animals sent on this route. Karen Soeters, director of the scientific-research office of the Dutch Political Party for Animals and founder of PiepVandaag was also interviewed. She and her team had joined our team in Turkey for 2 days. Listen to the radio program here.

Additionally, for the past few months, a German journalist has been working on an in-depth TV documentary about the suffering of animals sent on this export route and our efforts. Eyes on Animals and our dear colleagues at AWF|TSB are both interviewed. It should be broadcasted on July 31th on the German TV program “Europamagazin”Read more on their website

EoA June 4

EoA June 2

EoA June 5

EoA June 3

You can help! Sadly, in a world where money, it is not easy changing the situation on the ground for animals very quickly. Patience is required but we must not give up! The European Commission, authorities from the exporting Member States and transporters are feeling our pressure and exposure more and more and a time will indeed come when this will stop. PiepVandaag and Eyes on Animals have started a petition against the export of animals to Turkey so that everyone can help take action. Please will you sign this petition today?

Thanks to your donations we were able to be at the EU/Turkey border last week to record and expose the cruelty to animals and on-going violations. Thanks to your donations we were able to be there, where the animals are, to give them water and call for help. We are extremely grateful for your support. Please do continue to support us. The animals need us to be there more than ever!

 As you can see below; we have ben attempting to improve conditions for EU animals transported to Turkey – we hate it and we will fight it:


UPDATE 22/7/16

We immediately sent the above gripe to Mr Van Goethem – after all he should be made fully aware of his failings and how we view his inactions for EU animals destined for Turkey.  We flagged the message and have had confirmation that it has been read – see below response.

The real question though is will the EU do anything or will they continue to just speak weasel words whilst burying their heads into the sand when it comes to being provided with the real evidence such as the videos.  If Mr Van Goethem says it is the responsibility of member states to enforce the rules; then we have to ask what is the point of having him and the Commission ? – do we need those who pass the responsibility to others ? they should be taking action against rogue states who do not enforce, rather than have yet another ‘meeting’.

Definition of a ‘meeting’ –

Those who individually can do nothing, but who together decide that nothing can be done.

Maybe now; after many years of gathering clear evidence and breaches of the regulations, for which the EU does nothing as a result; campaigners in other parts of the EU will realise that ‘their EU’ is nothing really; just a monolith of people being paid big salaries and who in return really do nothing but throw the problems back at individual states anyway.  Big money for actually doing very little.

The UK has voted (much to the disgust of the EU elite !) to get out or Europe; away from all these do nothings; and we hope that now people of the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark etc will actually see the real light that the EU is failing them all big time; such as this very typical example.  Already the UK is getting big talks going from other places around the world re new trade deals etc.  The EU is prehistoric monolith – all talk and no real action.

If you are paid members of a club, this is where you need the management of a club to act when members break the rules.  This is where the EU fails – they don’t act and prosecute individual member states who do not enforce the rules – 1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport, for example.

We call it the EU Commission – what about you !

Your message

Sent: 22 July 2016 00:10:01 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

was read on 22 July 2016 03:02:46 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.





Serbia: 21/7/16 – Felix Shelter News and Latest Pictures Of Some Of The Crew.

Serbian Flag


felix cartoon 2

Over the last few days Salem has been neutered and Esme has been spayed under inhalation anesthesia. Salem was already fully awake when they got back to the shelter, but Esme needed a little bit more time; her wound is now healing perfectly.

Help us pay off their surgeries if you possibly can!

Every little bit helps!

felix july 3

Thank you.

felix july 9

felix july 1

For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96



felix july 2


felix july 4

felix july 5

felix july 6

felix july 7

felix july 8

felix july 10




England: UK Government To Debate South Korean Dog Meat Trade in September.

U Flag

Dear Mark Johnson,

The UK Parliament in London is going to debate the issue of  “Urge the South Korean Government to end the brutal dog meat trade” following a petition that we had in the UK – .

The debate is scheduled for 12 September 2016.

Once the debate has happened, we’ll email you a video and transcript.

The Petitions team
UK Government and Parliament






Say Cheese !

Whether for ethical, environmental, or health reasons, an increasing number of people are forgoing dairy and all other animal products as part of a plant-based or vegan diet.

Join the growing movement of those forgoing dairy. Take the pledge to go dairy free for 21 days.

Cutting out dairy for 21 days can not only do a lot of good, and can be good for you too! The potential health benefits range from settling the stomach to clearing up acne. Did you know that dairy is one of the top eight food allergens in the U.S.?

It’s easier than ever to go dairy free because it no longer means missing out on the foods you love. So Delicious® Dairy Free has been bringing joy to dairy-free lives for more than 25 years. Our coconutmilk, almondmilk, and cashewmilk beverages, yogurt alternatives, coffee creamers, and frozen desserts are downright delicious!

Take the pledge to go dairy free for 21 days and when you sign up for alerts from So Delicious®, we will send you a free guide to dairy-free living!




Peru: Petition – Outlaw Festival That Kills Dogs and Bulls.



Stop Murdering Dogs and Bulls at Terrifying Festival

petition 1get involved 2

Petition link

Target: Ollanta Humala, President of Peru

Goal: Outlaw festival that allows dogs and bulls to be viciously attacked and killed by other bulls.

A dog is tied to the back of a bull and attacked by other bulls every year in a religious festival. We need to take action in order to ensure that animals do not have to endure this sick and torturous treatment. After being tied up, the animals are callously tossed into a bullfighting ring before being chased and stampeded by the bulls. …………………………………………



Circus Animals Need Your Help NOW !


Further updated 19/7.  New text and pictures added.


Recently, a PETA Asia eyewitness visited 10 different circus and animal-training facilities in China and documented heartbreaking conditions for animals kept as slaves in the entertainment industry. These are their faces:


Bear cubs were also tied to a hook in the ground by a short rope, making it impossible to move more than a few inches in any direction.



When not being forced to perform, big cats were confined to small cages with little space to move around in. Many were forced to wear chains around their necks.


Chinese-Circus monkey

Monkeys were kept in and chained to small, barren cages, in which they thrashed around and paced back and forth, showing signs of intense distress. They had no choice but to eat, drink, sleep, defecate, and urinate all in one small area.



This senior dog, named Laifu by the eyewitness and too old to perform, was forced to live in this cage 24 hours a day and never let out.

You’ve heard their stories. Now what will you do to stop this?



Throughout China, circuses, traveling shows, and roadside zoos force animals—including bears, monkeys, tigers, lions, dogs, and others—to perform for the public.

A PETA Asia investigator visited 10 different circuses and animal training facilities in the city of Suzhou, which alone encompasses more than 300 circuses, and documented animal abuse and suffering on a massive scale. PETA Asia’s investigator documented that bear cubs are chained or tethered to a wall and forced to stand on their hind legs, sometimes for hours. If they can’t hold themselves up, they risk choking and hanging themselves.

.Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.

Bear cubs were chained to a brick wall and forced

to stand upright, putting them at risk of choking or hanging.

This bear’s snout was pierced with a metal ring, which was used to lead her around.

This caged bear’s snout was pierced by a metal ring, which was used to lead her around. This procedure is frequently performed without pain medication.

This caged bear’s snout was pierced by a metal ring, which was used to lead her around. This procedure is frequently performed without pain medication.

One monkey, named Xiaohau by the investigator, was dragged around by a rope around her neck, causing her to struggle frantically and try to escape.

Xiaohua struggled against her trainer as he tossed her around and pulled on the rope around her neck.

Xiaohua struggled against her trainer as he tossed her around and pulled on the rope around her neck.


Any circus that uses animals inevitably subjects them to terrifying and cruel training methods as well as barren, cramped living conditions. U.S.-based circuses like Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, UniverSoul Circus, Jordan World Circus, and others continue to exploit animals. Training sessions take place behind closed doors and are not regulated by a protective entity. Jordan World Circus—one of the largest producers of Shrine Circuses in the country—even uses bears, just like the Chinese circuses that PETA Asia investigated.

Please click here to learn more about the investigation and pledge never to buy a ticket to any circus that uses animals.

Jenny Haggerty

Animals in Entertainment Campaigner PETA




Serbia: Please Give To Feed Shelter Rescue Dogs Thank You.

Serbian Flag

lina july

Youcaring is a completely safe site through which you can donate:


For months we do not have enough food for dogs… dogs again are starved…



NL: Police Training In Poland Reveals Poultry Transporter Abusing EU Regulation 1/20005 (As Usual !).


20.04.2016_PL_poultry truck in violation from NL stopped during our police trainings in Poland (1)

Dear EU and MS authorities, official highway inspectors and police, transporters and NGO colleagues,

During one of our practical training courses for road inspectors in Poland, a livestock truck was stopped. There were several violations to the EC 1/2005. It concerned a poultry truck from the Polish company Lech Drob (they own trucks and a slaughterhouse in northern Poland). The birds on board had been loaded on a farm in the Netherlands. Many of the birds that we could see in the outer rows were dead. The birds were seriously overcrowded (17 per crate instead of the 14 max) and the so-called ” water-system”  was leaking.

Please find here a short vidoe of some footage taken of the birds.
And attached is our report.

The Polish authorities that participated in this training are inquiring further and applying sanctions where necessary to the Polish transporter and we have asked the Dutch authorities to look into the Dutch keeper of the birds (farmer) and catching crew in the Netherlands responsible for the horrible overcrowding.

We do not expect you to do anything, it is just for your information.

With best wishes, on behalf of Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF

Lesley Moffat


England: Introducing ‘Medical Detection Dogs’ – Using A Dogs Natural Abilities To Detect Early Health Problems In Human Beings.


This is not an area that we usually go into; but having a leaflet on the subject arrive today with the post, we found that it was something worth informing people about; a UK charity which has been established and which uses a dogs natural abilities and specialities to detect early health problems (such as cancer) in human beings..

In their own words:

About Medical Detection Dogs

Medical Detection Dogs trains dogs to detect the odour of human disease. It is at the forefront of the research into the fight against cancer and helping people with life-threatening diseases.

Our bio detection dogs are trained to find the odour of diseases, such as cancer, in samples such as urine, breath and swabs. Our Medical Alert Assistance dogs are trained to detect minute changes in an individual’s personal odour triggered by their disease* and alert them to an impending medical event. We receive no Government funding for the work we do and rely entirely on the generosity of donations from trusts and the public.

Please visit their website and also learn more about their work and also their animal welfare policy at:

No animal abuse and testing, but using well trained dogs to use their natural specialities (and noses) to detect illness and disease in humans well before ‘normal’ medicine often can.  To us this is a win-win all round.


England / Netherlands: Gripes About Live Animal Transport – And An Excellent New Video Sent By Lesley.


As many of you will be aware, live animal transport is still probably our greatest campaign – you can read a bit more about our history in this field at ‘About Us’ –  and which shows that live animal transport investigations were being undertaken at least 15 years before SAV was even founded !

The EU has a lot of legislation supposedly to protect the welfare of animals in transport.  The main regulation is 1/2005 – which SHOULD be enforced by all member states of the EU. 

Here is a link to the regulation (1/2005) to show just how detailed things should be; and which we have to know fully when undertaking animal transport investigation work.  – you can select language and style of presentation using this link.


We have recently shown that the EU fails miserably to enforce regulations which should protect animals in transport.  Here are links to just a few of our recent posts which show where the EU is failing the animals:


Our good friend Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands has produced an excellent and very detailed presentation video relating to Regulation 1/2005 and how the EU is failing animals by not enforcing the legislation.

Here below you can read Lesley’s into to the video, and then have a look for yourself.

As we have said, the Regulation is very detailed and this is borne out by the length of this video.  Over the years we have made contact with the EU very many times relating to live animal transport.  The importance of access to livestock being carried is one of the most important factors when carrying live animals.

This is summarised by a report produced by Lesley on the importance of access during transport – you can read it via this link: 


Associated links: 

trailer 6 sept 1

Regards Mark.




Dear EU and Member State authorities, highway police, livestock-transport companies and livestock-truck manufacturers and fellow colleagues of animal-welfare NGOs,

During our inspections of livestock-trucks we are often confronted with vehicles that have received a Certificate of Approval of Means of Transport by Road of Live Animals but that in reality are not appropriate. Sometimes the water system on board is not the correct design for the specie and age of the animals on board and yet this limitation is not indicated on the Certificate.  For example, we continue to see adult cattle transport in livestock trucks with only metal nipples.  Cattle needs large and deep troughs in the corners. This may seem like a small mistake, but as the Certificate is valid for 5 years, it results in many cattle suffering from thirst during transport and some even dying.

We also continue to see partitions that are poorly designed and cause animal injuries, such as when they are not solid to the ground. In the gap we find sheep, calves, adult cattle trapped underneath and as a consequence many become trampled to death. It is a horrible sight to see.

The good news is that these problems can easily be solved if the livestock trucks are correctly checked before handing out the certificate of approval. Design adjustments can be made on time, or limitations can be indicated in the Certificate of Approval, before live animals are loaded!

For this reason Eyes on Animals was invited by the Dutch authorities at the NVWA to give a presentation  on this topic a few months ago.  We gave this “course” together with our colleagues from TSB|AWF and it was a successful and also positive day.

I am writing to you now because Dr. Tea Dronjic and I have now made a video of this educational course so that everyone can watch it via youtube.

Please take a look and feel free to pass it on to any colleagues that could also benefit from watching it:

Watch the new video here:–hAGR1s5c

Should you have any questions, or should you wish to have us come in person to also give a live presentation to you and colleagues, do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Lesley Moffat



Petition – Don’t Kill Bull’s Mother For Archaic Bullfighting ‘Traditions’.

See our recent post on the death of the matador:

The mother of the bull involved in this incident was going to be sent for slaughter – to ‘stop the bloodline’.

Take Action 3

A new petition to save the mother bull has now been set up – you can see it and sign it by going to:

Please give this petition your support and pass to all in your network – quickness of time is important here –  Thank you.-


Video – Raiding Tibet – Please Watch

free tibet 3

free tibet supporters






UK: David Cameron Quits As Prime Minister – And Animals Across The UK Celebrate !!

U Flag


cameron what will they do

You Did Lose – You Are No Longer Prime Minister !

The Prime Minister David Cameron is handing over to Home Secretary Theresa May – who was sat alongside him on the front bench during the half hour session – after announcing his resignation on 24 June, the day after Britain voted to quit the EU.

Mr Cameron told MPs he had clocked up 5,500 questions during his six years as prime minister, joking that he would leave it to others to decide how many he has answered.

We in animal welfare do not really have many good things to say about Mr Cameron at all.  He is a hunter; wanted to overturn the hunting ban introduced in the UK over ten years ago; he is behind all the killing (culling) of badgers in several counties in the UK – the badger being a ‘protected species’ under UK law; unless you are the government that is, then you can kill them at your leisure !!

 cameron hunter  Cameron quote

cameron guilty

Image ref 4903651I. Copyright Rex Features Ltd. No reproduction without permission. Please see for more information.

Despite many promises, including written ones from our very own Member of Parliament, there has never been any action to ban the use of animals in UK circuses; despite a public consultation over 10 years ago which saw more than 85% of the British public at the time calling for an immediate ban on the use of animals in circuses.

 cameron clown 1

To cut a long story short, David Cameron has been no friend to the animals.  We welcome his demise today (13/7/16) when he visits her majesty the queen to officially declare his resignation.  He will be replaced by Theresa May, the current Home Secretary; who will become the new Prime Minister.  We do not currently have much information on her and her views, but we hope that she will be better for the welfare of animals in the UK.


Below – Hetty the fox shows her appreciation to friends at the UK press:

hetty fox




USA: MFA Get Cruelty Conviction – Congratulations ! – and ‘Meat Is Horrible’ – The Washington Post.



Cruelty Conviction

A Foster Farms slaughterhouse employee caught torturing chickens has been convicted of criminal animal cruelty. The conviction stems from a recent Mercy For Animals hidden-camera investigation.

by Lina CohenJuly 6, 2016

Yesterday, Gabriel Cevallos, a Foster Farms employee, was convicted for criminal animal abuse after being caught on hidden camera ripping out fistfuls of feathers from live birds, repeatedly hitting a bird with a severed chicken leg, and tossing live birds around like basketballs. Cevallos pled no contest to one count of criminal animal cruelty. His conviction stems from a 2015 Mercy For Animals undercover investigation at a Foster Farms chicken slaughterhouse in Fresno, California, which revealed birds scalded alive and several Foster Farms employees punching, throwing, and slamming birds.

Cevallos was sentenced by the Fresno County Superior Court to three years of probation and a fine of $600, and is required to attend 12 sessions of mental health counseling.

Here is the footage that led to the conviction:

Although animal abuse is pervasive in Foster Farms’ poultry supply chain, American Humane Association has certified Foster Farms—one of the largest poultry producers in the country—as “humane.” AHA’s standards, which cover more than 1 billion animals, are far less stringent than those of virtually every other humane certification program. In fact, AHA standards barely exceed the minimal standards set by the factory farming industry itself. In other words, these standards are essentially meaningless.

MFA is calling on Foster Farms and AHA to stop misleading the public and implement meaningful animal welfare requirements, including replacing live-shackle slaughter methods with less cruel systems that eliminate the appalling suffering caused by dumping, shackling, shocking, and slitting the throats of conscious animals. Additionally, birds should be provided with more space, clean litter, access to adequate light, and environmental enrichments. Video monitoring systems that live stream to the internet should also be installed to deter future violence against animals.

Last week, Perdue Foods, one of the nation’s largest poultry producers, announced a precedent-setting animal welfare policy. MFA is calling on AHA and Foster Farms to stop paying lip service to animal welfare and do the same.

Convictions send an important message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated. The best way to protect animals, however, is not to eat them. Visit to get started with some tips and recipes.


Washington Post – Meat Is Horrible

by Joe LoriaJuly 5, 2016

“Meat is horrible,” a new article in The Washington Post, highlights the negative impacts of a Western diet.

Author Rachel Premack discusses the environmental, ecological, and health reasons Americans must give up or cut back on meat. Featuring multiple graphs, her compelling argument destroys common myths and seems to support a meat tax.

Premack writes:

By 2050, scientists forecast that emissions from agriculture alone will account for how much carbon dioxide the world can use to avoid catastrophic global warming. It already accounts for one-third of emissions today — and half of that comes from livestock.

She also notes that it takes “48 times as many liters of water to produce the same amount of beef as veggies” and we could save “a collective $730 billion in health care by reducing meat consumption.”

The debate over climate change and animal agriculture’s role in it is over. We know how raising animals for food damages our planet, and it’s time world leaders took action.

In the meantime, you can help protect the planet, your health, and animals by switching to a plant-based diet.

Click here to order your FREE Vegetarian Starter Guide

veggie week 2

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Thailand: Tell Travel Companies To Stop Abusing Elephants.



It’s common for elephants used in the tourism industry to be separated from their mothers as babies, tied down with ropes, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with sharp weapons.

These intelligent, complex, sensitive animals are forced to spend their entire lives shackled in chains and give rides to people, even in extreme heat.

Travel companies Classic Journeys, Goway Travel, and SITA World Tours know this, but they still offer elephant rides as part of some of their tours.

Tell these travel companies to stop promoting cruelty!

For all animals,




Baby Elephants Beaten for Tourists

Posted by  Michelle Feinberg

When people go to Thailand and ride on an elephant, most of them have no idea that elephants are often separated from their mothers when they’re babies, tied down with ropes, beaten mercilessly, and gouged with sharp weapons. If they knew, they probably wouldn’t do it.

But travel companies Classic Journeys, Goway Travel, and SITA World Tours can’t say that they didn’t know, because PETA told them about the industry-standard abuse, but they still offer elephant rides as part of their tours.

Life for these elephants is hell: Trainers at some camps wave flaming sticks in baby elephants’ faces, just to terrify them. The animals are often deprived of food and water during training, which can last for days and leave them injured and traumatized. Some don’t even survive.

The survivors will spend the rest of their lives like slaves, chained up and forced to carry tourists on their backs through sweltering heat and exhaustion, all while being jabbed and pulled with weapons such as bullhooks or other sharp objects.

If this makes you mad, think about how the elephants feel—then you might be able to understand why they sometimes lash out. Earlier this year, a man vacationing in Thailand was gored to death in front of his daughter. In March, captive elephants killed at least four trainers in Thailand alone. Plus, elephants throughout Asia are known to carry tuberculosis, a deadly disease that can be spread between elephants and humans.

Riding elephants hurts animals and humans, and there’s no reason for it. Animals are not ours to capture, beat, enslave, and ride.


Take Action 3

Tell Classic Journeys, Goway Travel, and SITA World Tours to stop supporting the abuse of intelligent, sensitive elephants.

Tell these travel companies to stop promoting cruelty!

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Are You A ‘Daily Clicker’ ? – If Not, Then Start Now And Do So Every Day.


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We support the following ‘Daily Clicks’ campaigns every single day and we ask people to give their support to these causes also.

It is free and takes around 15 seconds to complete each daily click. But your clicks can make such a difference for animals and other great causes.

Please start to click today and make it a regular DAILY thing that you do every day that you get your computer up and running.

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Here are links to all the issues which we support:


clicks 2

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And as an example of giving just a few minutes of your time each day, here for example is a summary of the daily click differences which we have made.

Daily click differences that we have made – join us with your support !!


Your click helped protect baby seals today. you have clicked 662 times to expose the cruelty of Canada’s seal hunt so far

Your click helped sponsor 1 child in need today. you have supported 627 days of child sponsorship so far

Your click saved 3.7 sq. ft. of rainforest today. you have saved 3,042.2 sq. ft. so far

Your click protected 5,500 sq. ft. of big cat habitat today. you have protected 104 acres so far

Your click protected 50 sq. ft. of ocean today. you have protected 41,200 sq. ft. so far

Your click supported 1 day of animal rescue today. you have supported 625 days of animal rescue so far

Your click fed a rescued primate today. you have fed rescued primates 662 times so far

Your click offset your computer’s energy use today. you have offset 396 days so far

Your click helped provide justice for women worldwide today. you have clicked 627 times to protect women from violence so far

Your click helped adopt and protect threatened wolves today. you have helped provide 658 days of wolf adoption so far

Please be a regular daily clicker !!

Supporting these causes each day with a simple click is SO VERY IMPORTANT – please do it.

Thanks – SAV.

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Important Actions You Can Help With – NOW !

Update – new addition (12/7) as follows:

At Tri-State Zoological Park, a roadside zoo in Cumberland, Maryland, deplorable conditions make life miserable for the animals—including tigers whose cages contain disgusting, murky pools and a solitary capuchin who has pulled his own hair out, apparently in sheer frustration.


It’s time that these animals get the care and attention that they deserve at reputable sanctuaries.

Take Action 3

Take action now –


Thank you for speaking up for animals.




Stop Cruel Pig Wrestling Event at Restaurant

A “pig wrestling” event in which people chase a terrified pig in an enclosed area is scheduled to occur at a restaurant. This event is cruel and must be canceled.

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Petition link –


 turtle 1

The largest swath of protected ocean ever (!) could be created in weeks, simply with President Obama’s signature.

But Hawai’i’s powerful fishing lobby is ferocious and is working hard to stop the deal from closing and without a wave of voices supporting the dolphins, sharks, turtles, and more who depend on this sea, everything could be lost.  

Insiders say that Obama wants to hear from the international community, knowing that protecting the ocean is a global task, and a failure not only threatens the majestic creatures in the sea, it threatens all of our survival. Add your name to the petition below with just one click to show him we’re all in this together — when enough people have signed we’ll deliver our voices directly to the White House and to the local leaders in Hawai’i who need our support:

To President Obama, Hawai’i Governor Ige, and Senators Hirono and Schatz:
“To secure the future of our planet, we need to protect the beautiful biodiversity that sustains it. The proposed marine national monument at Papahānaumokuākea is an opportunity for your government and the world to take the kind of dramatic steps we need. As concerned citizens with a stake in our seas, we call on you to make Papahānaumokuākea the largest protected space in the world, one with the maximum possible boundaries, a place we can look to for hope and inspiration.”


To save our oceans, experts say we need to set aside as much as 30% in protected areas as soon as possible. This reserve — in a sacred place Hawaiʻians call Papahānaumokuākea and that some see as the source of humans’ connection with the holy — would be a huge step in that direction, protecting 1.6 million square kilometers of ocean habitat home to over 7,000 species. A quarter of these can’t be found anywhere else on the planet — it’s a stunning piece of our precious biodiversity that we can’t afford to lose.

But Papahānaumokuākea is also unique because experts say it’s an exceptional ‘climate refuge’. As our oceans heat up, marine life is traveling to cooler waters — and this reserve is big enough and placed perfectly to span both tropical and more temperate ocean. That means it could maintain coral reef — and the critical biodiversity it sustains — in a way that most other places on Earth won’t be able to.

President Obama — who is from Hawaiʻi, a local hero — has overseen the creation of several critical protected areas, but this could be a new crowning achievement — one that he could announce at home in Hawaiʻi at a major conference in September.

We’ve fought for and won protected areas around the world, including off the coast of Hawaiʻi just two years ago — where we beat these very same lobbyists. Let’s show everyone from the locals behind the project to Obama himself that the world is 100% behind this plan. Add your name to the petition now with just one click, and protect Papahānaumokuākea:

The fishing industry doesn’t have a leg to stand on in the debate. They want to be able to keep fishing big-eye tuna in the area — but they’ve already fished out 86% of the world’s stock of the species. And not only that, they only get about 5% of their catch from within these waters, and would be free to keep fishing elsewhere. But they’re powerful lobbyists and they’re making their case heard — let’s make sure we drown them out!

With hope,

Danny, Nick, Luis, Lisa, Nell, Risalat, Ari, Emma, and the rest of the Avaaz team


Native Hawaiians Call for World’s Largest Marine Reserve (Pew Trusts)…

Obama’s moving closer to creating the world’s largest marine reserve — in Hawaii (Washington Post)


 Dear Mark ,

PETA has pulled back the curtain on rampant abuse on factory farms and in slaughterhouses for the chicken meat and egg industries many times over the years. Every time, people wake up and changes are made, sometimes even by the companies involved.

This time, a PETA exposé of a massive hatchery operated by Sanderson Farms, Inc., which supplies chicken to Kroger, Sysco, Arby’s, Chili’s, and others, has provided shocking footage of unwanted chicks there born alone and left to languish before finally being ground up alive.

When chicks hatched later than expected, including this one named Jessie by the eyewitness, they were left alone for hours, deprived of warmth, before finally dying or being killed.

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Click here to learn more about this eyewitness exposé and find out what you can do to help animals like Jessie who suffer in the meat industry.

Thanks for everything you do to help animals!

Danielle Katz
Associate Director of Campaigns



USA: News From ‘Project Coyote’ – Coyote Gunned Down In LA.


Project Coyote logo

The news was shocking – a coyote in Los Angeles, gunned down by a sniper on a residential street. As reported on July 1st in the Los Angeles Times, the gunman shot the coyote in the city’s Silver Lake neighborhood, in what the Times called an act of “coyotecide.” 

As Los Angeles’s Animal Cruelty Task Force looks into the shooting, and the Department of Animal Services investigates, Project Coyote is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s) responsible.

Our reward offer is helping to generate news coverage about this act of barbarity, while exposing the stark reality that coyotes are the target of so much hatred and violence and have no protections as afforded their domestic cousins. 

Had the killer shot a domestic dog, it would be considered a felony under state anti-cruelty laws. 

Ironically, just last week Project Coyote’s Southern California Representative, Randi Feilich testified before the Los Angeles City Animal Welfare Committee in support of a proposed non-lethal coyote management plan being considered by the Committee. The plan emphasizes public education and coexistence. At the meeting, Feilich offered the support of our Coyote Friendly Communities program, which provides tools and expertise to peacefully live with coyotes and other wildlife. 

Since the shooting, media coverage has increased public awarness of the cruelty suffered by coyotes and other wildlife, as well as the threat this poses to human safety.  

Please help us prevent such senseless acts and help us change laws so that coyotes are no longer treated as vermin that can be killed in unlimited numbers. 

With your support we can continue to equip communities across the country with the information, support and tools they need to live peacefully with wild animals who also call this planet home.

With gratitude,

Camilla H. Fox
Founder & Executive Director

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Spain: Matador Killed During Bullfight. Bull Mother Slaughtered to Stop Bloodline !


mat down

 bull 3

bull 2

Matador Víctor Barrio’s death prompts fresh calls for bullfighting ban

Critics of sport accused of exploiting the first death of a professional torero in the ring in Spain since 1985

Animal rights activists in Spain have renewed calls for a total ban on bullfighting after the death of a young matador in front of a crowd on Saturday.

Víctor Barrio became the first professional torero to die in the ring in Spain since 1985 when the bull, Lorenzo, gored him in the thigh and chest during a fight in the eastern town of Teruel.

The animal’s horn pierced the 29-year-old’s lung and aorta. The matador was pronounced dead late on Saturday. Hundreds of people gathered for the funeral in his hometown of Sepúlveda, in Segovia, on Monday.

His death – and the news that the bull’s mother will be killed to sever the animal’s bloodline – prompted the animal rights party, Pacma, to demand an end to the sport in Spain.

“We reject traditions based in violence, revenge and blood,” it said in a statement. “Bullfighters say the mother of Lorenzo, now known as a ‘killer bull’ after ending the life of Víctor Barrio, will be sent to the slaughterhouse to ‘end the lineage’.”

Pacma said no rite, tradition or custom rooted in a series of deaths and nourished by blood and hatred could be seen as healthy in any society, adding: “We know of only one ethical means to do away with all this: the total abolition of bullfights.”

Over the weekend a 28-year-old Spaniard died during a bull run in the village of Pedreguer, near Valencia. According to the regional government, the man died after a bull’s horn pierced his lung and heart while he tried to help another runner.

There were further injuries on Saturday at the San Fermín festival, in which bulls and runners rush through the cobbled streets of Pamplona.

A 33-year-old Japanese man was gored in the chest, a 24-year-old Spanish man in the arm, and 12 others sustained minor injuries, according to the local government’s website.

Other links:


bull 4

Bullgore AAug 12

To the Death of Victor Barrio!

The matador Victor Barrio was well prepared for the murder of Lorenzo.
Like every time he has entered the execution site.
His profession was bull killer!

Bullfighter is a profession with a high risk,that is something, wich have to know every torero.
Just like as minesweeper.
The difference: the one saves people from death, the torero tortures animals to death!!

Victor Barrio carried his Shiny Suit, said goodbye to his family and shortly thereafter he entered the place of the murder.
It should be like every time:
Six banderillias stabed deep into the flesh of the animal, then the sword (Estoque) is deeply engraved in the neck, in the gap between the shoulder blades.
This is the “Rejón de muerte”, we know it from the famous picture:
A bull with eyes on the ground, with a bleeding mouth, a torn body, still shrugs his last movements before his agonizing death!

It should not come this way on that day!

The roles were reversed, the bull was the winner, and Victor Barrio died shortly after the stabbing of the horn in his heart.

Actually, a more pleasant death, compared to the agony, the pain, the mortal danger, in which Lorenzo must suffer and all other victims of the Arena.

Queen Letizia and Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy send their condolences, our philanthropic society cries for the 29 year old with bitter tears.

If the matador wins, the bullfight is “tradition”.
If the bull wins, the bullfight is a tragedy.

I have no sympathy for people who torture, torment, murder in name of tradition.
I have no sympathy for toreros.

I do not regret the death of Victor Barrio.




Few Other Issues This Week …


We hope to be up and running more this week – from 12/7 onwards.

In the meantime, enjoy a track from a great British band – ‘The Cure’.

Hope to see you soon – SAV.


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Victory for Bulls in Spain! – Toro De La Vega Is Now Cancelled.



Victory for bulls in Spain!

success 3

Dear Mark,

Last year, you took action against the Toro De La Vega bull fiesta, a spectacle held in Tordesillas, Spain every year in which a bull endures tremendous pain and suffering in the name of entertainment.

Because of growing opposition from Spanish citizens and global outrage against cruel bull fiestas from animal advocates like you, we are pleased to share that, this year, the Toro De La Vega has been cancelled.

With recent changes, the public killing of bulls during such fiestas is now prohibited.

The local government of Castile & Léon has denied organizers of the Toro De La Vega permission to stage this cruel spectacle in September. For many years, we have worked alongside local partners in Spain tirelessly exposing and condemning this barbaric tournament where there is no winning for bulls.

We are pleased that elected representatives in Spain have taken a compassionate stand against cruelty. However, this terrible event is just one of thousands of similar spectacles held in Spain every year, and we won’t stop fighting until all fiestas that involve animal distress and suffering are ended for good.

Read more about the cancellation of the cruel bull fiesta this year »

Thank you so much for taking action and for all that you do for animals.


Andrew Rowan President and CEO

Humane Society International

Torneo del toro de Vega, en Tordesillas Valladolid.Toro:PLatanito. 14 septiembre 2010. Foto: PACMA HANDOUT/RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE / NO SALES/ NO ARCHIVES


success 2

Congratulations to everyone who helped with this campaign and spoke on behalf of the bulls – you have been listened to !

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Be Yourself.

Be yourself no matter what they say !

 EoA June 2

If you feel it is right, fight it / do it !






Venus Gives An Insight Into The EU And Its Regulations.


A comment left by Venus regarding the situation for live animals transported from the EU into Turkey – see our recent post at:

Here she explains the pathetic reality of the EU.

From Venus:

The ignorance and apathy of the EU, especially as regards the transport of animals, has reached the level of a brutal crime!

-The pregnant cows, which are 29 hours on the road and bring dead calves on the truck, are not an issue for the EU.
-In the past 48 hours with temperatures 36 degrees cross over 100 animal transports cattle the EU’s external border with Turkey , that is not an issue for the EU.
-That the border crossing takes 36 hours for transport to Turkey, with the animals in the burning sun, is not an issue for the EU.
-That at the customs office in Ankara, another truck with pregnant heifers is discovered from Estonia, and all newborn calves come dead on the world, is not an issue for the EU.

This crime justifies the EU in that they can allegedly do nothing about it.
But the truth is different!
There is an excessively high number of EU laws: there are 21,000 of them!!
So many that we wonder, why the European Union must regulate everything down to the smallest detail.
By implementing these standards costs in the amount of 124 billion euros are caused each year, so much does a machine with 25,000 employees.
On the other hand, most of the EU directives are so absurd and unnecessary, that we, the EU citizens ask, why we should pay this apparatus.

Some examples:
1.The prohibition of incandescent light bulbs!
The eco alternative, which came on the market from September 2012: too expensive, toxic, and give off a cold light.

2. The degree of curvature of cucumbers!
The “maximum curvature” may be 10 millimeters to ten centimeters!!

3. The unit size for condoms!!
The European Committee for Standardization has developed a specification for condoms. Result: This may not be shorter than 16 centimeters, the width should not deviate by more than 2 mm from the value!!

4. The Regulation catalog caramel!!
The EU regulation on the import of caramels has 25,911 words. That cannot be true!

5. The right seat for tractor!!!
And so on…
What could come from the films of Buster Keaton, today is a normal European madness.

And the rules for animal transport?
Although the EU has a regulating mania, none appears responsible for the transport of animals!
That’s what they tell us those who sit in the Office of “Animal Health and Welfare”, which are after all professionals, and get an average salary of 25,000 euros per month.

Is no one of those able to read some of the rules for animal transport, and to address the necessary violations, that have been documented by videos in the EU parliament?
Is no one of those able to respect the 1,200,000 signatures of EU citizens for 8hours Animal Rides?
Is none of those able to forget the cucumbers and sweets, and to deal against mobile animal crematoria?
More bizarre as it gets!

We will put all the means therefor, to abolish something that only harms, and not use.
We will abolish the EU.
Dear MEPs, you’d better believe it.




EU crisis 1




cattle in manure

EOA Turkey 1

Lesley EoA_NEW

Photos – EoA and AWF.


Romania: Boycott Mangalia Until The Dog Killing Mayor Cristian Radu Changes His Attitude To Strays.


Rom July

UPDATE – Thanks to Venus  – Sample letter and e mail address added at the end.

A letter going around the world!

Mangalia, a town in Romania located at the Black Sea.
It’s a holiday resort visited by many Romanians and foreigners alike.  A beautiful town really if you are unaware of the ugly face of the place.

Because it is a popular tourist destination thousands of stray dogs are caught and killed in the most horrific ways to keep them out of the public eye.

Responsible for this ongoing mass murder is the mayor, a man by the name Cristian Radu. He is one of many corrupt politicians in Romania and for years he has been actively supporting the barbaric way dogs are caught and killed in public shelters of the town.

Either the dogs are killed straight away or left in the shelters to die a slow and cruel death. Starvation, brutal methods of euthanasia and dogs killing each other due to lack of space and food are a daily occurrence.

We the people involved in animal rescue have to put a stop to these crimes committed by corrupt and criminal politicians like Mr Radu.

As long as this murder keeps going on we have to stop tourism to Mangalia – this will be a way to force Mr Radu to engage into talks with rescuers to find a humane solution to the local stray dog issue.

Please share this post as often as possible. If you have friends in Romania please ask them to share it in their local communities.

Holiday season has started and the mass killing is in full swing again.

Write to the mayor and let him know that you are aware of what is going on in the town of his and that you will let the world know who is responsible.
Make Mr Radu aware that you know how he actively supports the murder of thousands of animals and that you will not look away.
Once the public is made aware Mr Radu will have to sit down and discuss a different approach to his dog Holocaust


get involved 2



Subject: A letter is going around the world! Boycott Mangalia!

Dear Mr. Radu,
I as well as several other thousand users of the Internet, found out today that in the beautiful city of Mangalia, where you work as mayor,
dogs are caught with barbaric way and killed in public shelters of the town.

We were told that you, Mr. Radu, are responsible for these murders against innocent animal beings.
We were informed that with your permission, the stray are either killed immediately, or they die a slow and agonizing death in the shelters.
It is also said that starvation and brutal euthanasia take place, and that the dogs kill each other because they have no room or food.

This information is already known in the world.

Today all people have Internet, Mr. Radu, and everyone is informed very quickly.
Even those who want to come to Romania for vacation.
They will not come.
As long as Romania violate with the help of some mayors and private Companies the Animal Welfare Act in this country and try to solve the problem of stray dogs with medieval methods, so log we will also boycott the tourism and the country in general.

Your name and nationality.




USA: The States Where the Government Is Killing the Most Top Predators.


SAV Comment – how sad when bears have to be killed because timber producers are having bark stripped off their trees !! – a loss for them in financial terms no doubt – money rules ok !!!.  What a pathetic situation to be in; shame on the USA and the people that allow this to happen; when they should be protecting wildlife and encouraging international visitors to ‘shoot’ wildlife with cameras, not Wildlife Services to shoot everything dead with guns.  But is this not the ‘USA way’ now ?

us guns 1

us guns 7

us guns 9

David Kirby has been a professional journalist for 25 years. His third book, Death at Seaworld, was published in 2012.

Do you live in a state that’s a top killing ground for top predators?

A new analysis released by the Center for Biological Diversity found that Texas, Oregon, Minnesota, and California are the states where the United States Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services killed the most black bears, mountain lions, wolves, and bobcats in 2015.

The program exterminated 3.2 million animals last year.

Roughly half of those belonged to invasive species, but the other half were native to their regions.

The federal government created Wildlife Services in 1915 to kill predators that feed on livestock. Today, it offers its services not only to ranchers but also to fruit and vegetable producers that suffer damage from deer, birds, and rodents and to timber companies that call on the agency to kill bears that strip bark from trees to reach insects and sap.

According to the Center for Biological Diversity, which has published an interactive map of state-by-state data, Texas was the deadliest state in 2015, with 609 bobcats and 23 mountain lions killed. That was followed by Oregon, with 193 black bears, 27 bobcats, and 91 mountain lions; Minnesota, with 220 wolves, two bobcats, and one black bear; and California, with 121 black bears, 80 mountain lions, and 15 bobcats.

Nationwide, Wildlife Services eradicated 731 bobcats, 480 black bears, 385 wolves, and 284 mountain lions. It also killed 68,985 coyotes—almost 17,000 in Texas alone—and 3,109 foxes.

Killing methods involved traps, snares, poisoning, and firearms, including those deployed from helicopters and airplanes.

The vast majority of eliminated animals belonged to non-predator species, such as rodents, reptiles, and birds.

But the taking of predators is the most problematic part, according to Michael Robinson, conservation advocate at the Center for Biological Diversity.

RELATED: Activists Score Victory in Effort to Stop the Government Killing of Millions of Animals

“There’s been enormous advances in our understanding of the critical roles that predators play in maintaining the health and integrity of their ecosystems,” he said. “Scientists are now finding very important connections between predators and the vegetation that their prey species rely on.”

When wolf populations are culled, for example, elk have less fear of foraging on tree saplings that grow along streams. But when wolves return, elk tend to avoid those areas, “which allows the saplings to grow into fairly large trees that support migratory birds and beavers,” Robinson said. “This blanket policy of destroying predators undermines the integrity and function of entire ecosystems. It defies science.”

USDA spokesperson Lyndsay Cole defended the program.

“Of the 24 million animals that Wildlife Services encountered in 2015, 86 percent were chased away from the location where damage was being caused,” Cole wrote in an email. “Of the three million animals euthanized, 89 percent were either invasive species…or native blackbirds covered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s blackbird depredation order.” Some 711,000 blackbirds were killed in 2015.

“Lethal control is used only if nonlethal options have been unsuccessful,” Cole wrote, “or if nonlethal tools and techniques are impractical or economically infeasible.”

Brooks Fahy, executive director of the group Predator Defense, which has opposed Wildlife Services for more than 40 years, said state wildlife agencies also depend on the USDA to kill predators that prey on game for hunters.

“They’re funded through sales of hunting licenses, so they try to artificially create high levels of species that hunters like to hunt,” Fahy said. “But hunters kill the biggest, most robust animals while predators kill the weakest animals, keeping the gene pool strong by leaving the animals that are the healthiest and most productive.”

Fahy said the numbers, including how many cubs die after their parents are killed, were underreported. Dogs and other domestic animals are also trapped or poisoned.

Both Robinson and Fahy said the agency has no government oversight and lacks transparency in its operations. Journalists, for example, are barred from witnessing culls.

“I have fought to implement changes at Wildlife Services for years, and for years I have been met with resistance at every turn,” Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., wrote in an email.

“Taxpayers are spending millions each year to fund a bloated and mismanaged government program…that uses federal dollars on cruel and lethal animal population control techniques,” he wrote. “The agency needs far stronger oversight to ensure that they are spending their federal dollars wisely, and reform is urgently needed.”




Serbia: Felix Shelter Latest – July – Kitten Season Really Kicks Off Now !

Serbian Flag


felix cartoon 2

kit1 july

Kitten season has kicked into full gear and abandoned babies, frequently just born and with their umbilical cords still attached, are literally everywhere.

Irresponsible cat owners here feel that spaying/neutering is cruel, but I guess separating the youngsters from their nursing mothers and leaving them next to a trash can to fend for themselves when they aren’t even able to eat alone (or throwing them inside the waste container) isn’t cruel at all.

Please use the above link to see many more pictures – thank you.

kit2 july

kit3 july

Donations thank you –

cartcaT 6  cartcat 1                                      cartcat2

kit 4 july

kit5 july

kit6 july







Europe: How Much More Pathetic Can DG SANTE Get ? – Weasel Words That Mean Nothing.


UPDATE 5/7/16 –

Yesterday we did send a copy of this post back to DG SANTE, just to inform them of our opinion on the situation.

We now have confirmation that the e mail has been rec’d and read:

Your message

Subject: Re: Reply your e-mail of 15th June 2016- Ares(2016)3157360
Sent: 04 July 2016 18:34:12 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was read on 05 July 2016 09:49:48 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

 Who knows what will happen next – but at least we have informed on our opinion of the situation. 

There may be some changes on the horizon at the EU – lets hope this spreads to other Commissions and departments who are failing in their obligations to the EU citizen and to the animals who are suffering in transportation:



With regards to our e mail (plus attachments) sent on 15/6, we have now had a reply from the man himself – Mr Van Goethem at DG SANTE – UNIT G2 (Animal Health and Welfare).

References we sent include:

Here is the link to the letter we have had back:



Para 2 – the photos we provided showing animals in poor welfare conditions were those taken at the EU / Turkish border.

Para 3 – “The Commission is aware of the ongoing challenges with the enforcement of the Regulation” (1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport).

We respond by saying that whilst being glad that the Commission ‘is aware’; we are witnessing nothing in the way of regulation enforcement. We feel that this is where the Commission should immediately step in and take out prosecutions against all member states who are failing to enforce the regulation. But the don’t; so what really is the point of them one has to ask ? – talk the talk, but in reality, do nothing to improve the welfare of animals.

Here is a message sent to us on 29th June from Lesley, who is currently at the border:

For the past week Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF have been at the Kapitain Andreevo (BG)/Kapikule (TR) border. We are still there now. Since arriving on June 23rd there has not been a moment of rest. The situation is the worst it has ever been. Just yesterday 55 EU animal trucks passed the Bulgarian Exit Post. Four pregnant heifers from Germany have already given birth on board the trucks and many animals from different origins are dead inside the trucks. We have seen several journey logs with this scribbled on them, in Bulgarian:

So – 55 EU animal transporters cross the EU / Turkish border in just one day; and we can be pretty certain that none of them would be enforcing the 1/2005 regulation. Does not this typical example of 55 transporters of suffering animals passing through in just one day not show that the EU Commission / DG SANTE (Animal Health and Welfare – hmm ??) is actually doing nothing in the real world when it comes to taking out prosecutions against nations and transporters who are not enforcing the regulations.

DG SANTE has a lot of blood and animal suffering on its hands.

DG SANTE talks the talk; but in reality it does nothing except continue to let animals be abused and suffer horrendously. Do we see DG SANTE stop live animals being exported from the abusing member states ? – NO – it all comes down to money in reality. The Commission likes to make the EU public think through it very expensive europa web site that it doing everything correctly. The reality is it is actually ding nothing except let (for example) 55 livestock transporters break the law and move into Turkey in just one day without actually taking any real action.

This is the reality of the EU and its useless Commissions. Here in the UK we have now voted to leave all the ‘talkers but do nothings’ behind and to go our own way. We are in no doubt at all that many other member states will be holding in / out EU referendums in the next year to 18 months. Why ? – because we have no faith whatsoever in the Commissions and the talkers that work there. We want to see action and we want it now. Not weasel words about regular meetings with member states represented by their national contact points; not just talk of ‘enhanced checks’ and ‘timely actions in case of non compliance’ – Christ – this has been provided for over the last 5 YEARS showing non compliances at the EU / Turkish border; and here we are yet again with utterly useless weasel words from Mr Van Goethem and Commissioner Andriukaitis telling us that ‘the Commission has launched a pilot project to develop best practices for animal transport’ !!!

Why not stop the member state(s) being allowed to export live animals ? – then your pathetic messages might actually get through to them !!

We see all the words like ‘strengthening training activities’, ‘all actors involved in the transport of animals’ and ‘levels of enforcement’.

We totally dismiss the conclusions of Mr Van Goethem when he says that ‘ the broad spectrum of tools for better application and enforcement of existing rules represents a concrete and fast way to help improve the welfare of animals’.

We say, don’t please give us the continual waffle; prosecute member states and ban them now from exporting live animals. This is the only way the message will get home – not by introducing yet more useless rules which nobody takes any notice of.  You may think you are acting positively DG SANTE; but you have always failed in the past, fail now and will always continue to fail.

DG SANTE you have always failed, despite the evidence being provided to you for many years. You are failing now and you will forever continue to fail, despite your brand new weasel words of ‘strengthening training activities’, ‘and ‘levels of enforcement’. You are failing and will always fail – that is why we have no respect whatsoever for you.

DG SANTE = Pathetic – simple as that.

Here is the reality of all the ‘hard work’ of DG SANTE –

More than 5 years of evidence to the EU, and STILL IT DOES NOTHING IN REALITY.


EoA June 2

EoA June 4

EoA June 1

EoA June 5


Yulin Shorts.


yulin 16 4

YULIN links

Petition –

Images –






Europe: 30/6 – Today Marks 100 Years Since The Battle Of The Somme.

The battle of the Somme – one of the worst battles ever and the worst of World War One.


Today marks 100 years since the start of the Battle of the Somme — the bloodiest battle of World War One.

See some video footage in the following link:

More Pictures:….0…1ac.1.64.img..0.5.276.gZGwnORb7eE

Other nations may try to forget – but in the UK we remember the brave men and animals who fell in conflict.



Serbia: Urgent Appeal 30/6/16. Save Dogs Going Back Onto The Streets.

Serbian  Flag

30 june appeal

In this moment we have big debt for boarding kennel fee for 4 dogs . For Mikro, Zuca , Maza and Srna no one helps… debt is too big, and we have just few days to collect amount of debt or they will go back to street.

Please help to stay safe. Please share…

The appeal direct from Serbia:

Lina’s Animal Rescue is small organisation located in Coka, Serbia. In this moment we have big debt for boarding kennel fee for 4 dogs . Mikro, Zuca , Maza and Srna have just few days to collect amount of debt or they will go back to street. Mikro was saved as starving puppy from the street . Now he is 2 years old and he will not survive street after so much time on safe.His curent debt is 5x 60€ = 300€( boarding kennel and food  for 5 months )

Zuca is senior , rescued from street just day before dog catchers were here to collect his fur friends. Zuca had sponsor for food so his debt is 5x 40€ = 200€  ( boarding kennel fee for one month is 40€). Also we have debt for Zuca’s boarding in Januarz so his total debt is 240€. Maza was saved from high kill public shelter in terrible condition. She was ill and starved . She still has health problems and street is not place for her . Her curent debt is 5×60€ = 300€  Srna was left on the street with heart problems . She was not good for hunting to her prvious owners. Now she is healed , but still she would not survive on the cruel street.  Her debt is : 4× 60€= 240€ . Total amount that we urgent need to collect is 1080€ in next week. If not, they will have to leave boarding kennel. For them , in Serbia that mean death.  Please, help them. There is no small amount . Every € mean a lot for this souls . Please, help them also with sharing .  If you want to help and be  monthly sponsor , inform us via or in our facebook group :






get involved 2

Petition link –



elephants back to circus

On May 27, 2016, four abused elephants who were blind, chained, injured, and forced to perform illegally were rescued in Pune by your Government. For this action, we applaud your leadership and compassion.

Regretfully, I have just heard that the Precious Four elephants rescued from Rambo Circus have been ordered to go back and resume a life in chains. On behalf of these four elephants. I feel great outrage on this miscarriage of justice. These four elephants, who have survived decades of cruelty, were finally allowed a few weeks of freedom and peace after their rescue. For the first time they received veterinary care, baths, and nutritious food. Nothing could be more brutal and cruel than sending these elephants back to a life of misery and toil in the circus. For such cruelty to prevail in India — the land of ahimsa and compassion — would be seen as shameful internationally.

I implore you to use your authority under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 and other relevant laws to take action on behalf of the Precious Four elephants. On behalf of Lord Ganesh, please show mercy.




Mr Van Goethem Resign Now !!


We had to include this flag just to show what a complete joke EU animal welfare is.

UPDATE 30/6/16 – – we have now had confirmation that our message asking Mr Van Goethem to resign has been received and read.  Will anything happen ? – most probably not; but until the useless EU steps up to the plate and takes action we will continue to hassle.

EoA June 3

Your message

   To: VAN GOETHEM Bernard (SANTE)
Subject: Resign now and dont let animals continue to suffer !
Sent: 29 June 2016 16:50:34 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was read on 30 June 2016 11:59:52 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

 EoA June 2

Your message

Subject: Resign now and dont let animals continue to suffer !
Sent: 29 June 2016 16:50:34 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

was read on 29 June 2016 16:51:27 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

EoA  June 1


Below you will find a typical useless EU example of why many people in the UK decided to leave the EU.  Bernard Van Goethem and the others are people who in reality do nothing, whilst at the same time preach the rules of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport.  All the time animals suffer whilst these incompetents are in charge.

We call on Mr Van Goethem to resign from his pathetic no action position immediately.

You can send a copy of this post directly to him at  

Copy to 


Dear Bernard van Goethem, and for the attention of director general of SANTE Mr. Xavier Prats Monne,

Since 2010 we have been sending detailed reports, photos and videos to the Commission of our observations of livestock consignments coming from throughout the EU and trying to enter Turkey and warning that this route is a mess.

EoA June 1

On June 3rd 2016, roughly one month ago, York Ditfurth, Director of TSB|AWF and myself, Director of Eyes on Animals, met with you and your team in Brussels to again explicitly ask for your help to do everything in your capacity to put an end to the on-going non-compliance and suffering of animals on this route.

As you knew, the only control post in Bulgaria was again closed, this time due to Lumpy Skin disease and the one in Romania would be full. We informed you of the frustration officials from Member States felt, not receiving clear and prompt instructions from the EU Commission on what action they could and should take. You promised to improve and increase communication with the Member States to instruct them on what to do to avoid any crisis again this summer.

EoA June 2

For the past week Eyes on Animals and TSB|AWF have been at the Kapitain Andreevo (BG)/Kapikule (TR) border. We are still there now. Since arriving on June 23rd there has not been a moment of rest. The situation is the worst it has ever been. Just yesterday 55 EU animal trucks passed the Bulgarian Exit Post. Four pregnant heifers from Germany have already given birth on board the trucks and many animals from different origins are dead inside the trucks. We have seen several journey logs with this scribbled on them, in Bulgarian:

  “Journey time exceeded! Planning not adhered to! Due to the complicated epizootic situation in Bulgaria, the animals continue the journey in accordance with art. 23 of Reg. 1/2005.”

EoA June 3

It is totally unacceptable for the Bulgarian authorities to ignore breaches of 1/2005 that have taken place and that will probably  take place once the animals leave the EU by relying on Article 23 on a regular basis.

Article 23 is designed to deal with emergencies; Article 23.2(d) should not be used to regularly allow non-complaint consignments to continue to their destination in Turkey.

EoA June 4

 It is impossible to comply with 1/2005 at the border.  Article 3(a) provides that all necessary arrangements must be made “in advance to minimise the length of the journey and meet animals’ needs during the journey”.  Article 3(f) provides that the transport must be “carried out without delay to the place of destination and the welfare conditions of the animals [must be] regularly checked and appropriately maintained”.  Article 22.2 provides that “If any consignment of animals has to be detained during transport for more than two hours, the competent authority shall ensure that appropriate arrangements are made for the care of the animals and, where necessary, their feeding, watering, unloading and accommodation.”  As it is impossible to comply with these provisions Member States of departure should not  at  this stage approve journey logs for export to Turkey.

We politely insist that you take immediate personal contact with the Bulgarian authorities so that, as of immediately, no more EU livestock trucks are allowed to exit the EU at this border crossing, leaving the animals to a horrendous fate beyond the EU control.

EoA June 5

The letter you sent out only yesterday to the CVOs is sadly too late, and we are worried that the bureaucracy of leaving communication of such an important nature to emails will result in more delay to get any significant changes in the field now.  This route cannot handle the volume of animals, and the temperatures are soaring and the infrastucture lacking.

I would like to request a response at your earliest convenience,

Lesley Moffat

Lesley Moffat, MSc Ethology Eyes on Animals – Director


Previous SAV posts associated with this:


Video link showing what Mr Van Goethem is allowing to happen, and what he has turned a blind eye to for over 5 years now:

Mr Van Goethem you are failing in your official duties and causing immense animal suffering;

RESIGN NOW and put someone in a position where they will and undertake actions that you will not.

Regulation 1/2005 on the welfare of animals in transport

–  a complete and utter joke.






England: Worldwide – Sign Up For The ‘Animals Are Not Freight’ Day Of Action In August – Full Details Given Below.



No matter where in the world you are, you can make a difference for live animals in transport.  They ARE NOT freight.  Support the crew at CIWF by signing your team / group/ whatever ? for the day of action in August.

Full contact details for Kate and a link to the new website are included below.  Regards SAV.

 serb sheep 5

animals not freight

Name: Kate Fowler




Dear Friends, The worldwide Animals Are Not Freight day of action (August 29th) has been joined by 33 groups in 23 countries.

And it’s not too late for you to pledge your support, too. The website is almost ready to be made public, but I can share it with you now:

animals not freight

All we ask is that you commemorate the day in some way, such as: * Social media posting * A photo stunt for the media * A demonstration * A vigil for the animals who have died And we will put your event / action on the website, and your logo on the front page.

This is a day when groups around the world will come together to oppose long distance animal transport. Can you join us?

Kate Fowler


Groups in these countries have confirmed they are taking part: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, India, Iraq, Italy, Israel, Liberia, Nepal, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK & USA.

serb sheep 2

serb sheep 1calf export Dover_NEW

I Feel – Music For The Animals.


It all started while I was working with abused children in grouphomes. There, I witnessed the severity of emotional pain and suffering and helped the young generation express their pain and heal through hip-hop music – by running a music therapy program for abused children.

Abused animals are much like abused children.

They hurt. They suffer. They cry. They show their teeth when they are forced in a corner and pushed beyond their limits. They feel, they laugh, they love. Just because they cannot express themselves in a way that the world can easily understand it does not mean they are dumb, unemotional and undeserving of normal life.

They deserve freedom, dignity and love as much as anyone else on this planet.

I speak for the animals but also for all those who care about them. There are many of us who love animals and take action to help them. We refuse to view animals as human property. We don’t eat animals, we feed them. We don’t abuse animals, we protect them. And we do our best to stop those who hurt them. We respect animals’ coexistence with us on this planet. 

We feel them.





success 1


vegan go vegan


UK: Independence Day.

UPDATE 25/6/16 – Junker tries bully tactics to get his own way and stop the world seeing his EU failings !

‘Get out as soon as possible’ Jean-Claude Juncker gives UK marching orders post-EU vote

To leave the EU, the ‘leaving’ nation has to implement Article 50 of the EU Treaty of Lisbon, which then gives them 2 years to negotiate leaving terms. –

From what we see and hear in the UK today, Article 50 can only be started by the nation which is leaving, not by the EU.

They can pressure the leaving country, but they cannot start Article 50.  It has never happened before – the UK leave is the first time.

Juncker is attempting to put the UK under pressure because he is aware that there is a lot of bad feeling throughout the EU member states about the way in which the EU is being run and where it exactly is going.

At the same time, leaders fear that Brexit could trigger a domino effect as the bloc without Britain becomes less attractive to liberal, rich northern states such as Denmark and the Netherlands, where demands are growing for copy-cat plebiscites.

This management is his responsibility and he does not want to be seen as someone who does not have control – hence the ‘marching orders’ he is now giving.  Note he is not implementing Article 50; because as we say, that is started by the leaving state only when it is ready to implement.  Each day that Article 50 is NOT implemented, more people become aware of the massive failings of the EU and those controlling it.  Junker does not want the world to see this, hence his tone.  See below to get our view (twice – live Turkish exports and Serbia) to see just how the EU IGNORES the wants of the EU citizen.  The EU does nothing – no wonder Junker does not want the world to see this !

Well, the UK will implement Article 50 when the UK is ready – and Mr Junker will have to face the music until that happens, which could be another 3-4 months, only when a new Prime Minister is elected in the UK and ready to take up the very important negotiations of leaving.



Well it has all been happening here (in the UK) during the last 18 hours.  We cannot post on all events as things are happening so quickly.

The UK has now voted to leave the EU and we saw the Prime Minister David Cameron say that he is resigning at around 8am this morning.

The UK has now sent a clear message to Europe; and to be honest, we don’t think the EU was really expecting a UK leave.  Everyone has been taken by surprise; especially EU leaders as the UK vote out now sets a precedent for In / Out votes in many other EU nations – Denmark, The Netherlands and France to name just 3.  Angela Merkel is attempting to play down the situation as expected, but it can be said that the UK exit vote is not going to do her political campaigning in the EU any good at all.

Many UK citizens who voted to leave the EU based their decisions on a few facts:

–   They are not listened to by the UK (their own) government

–   They are never listened to by un elected hierarchy at the EU – Commissioners and others


We sent a letter to the EU Enlargement Commissioner (Hahn) regarding Serbian strays and other animal welfare issues for future new EU member states. This is what we got back:

Your message

   To: HAHN Johannes (CAB-HAHN)
Subject: UK In Out ?
Sent: 19 May 2016 23:06:35 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was deleted without being read on 20 June 2016 08:03:08 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

EU Commission Ignores Info Sent By EU Citizens.


The bankers at the city of London have been responsible for the 2008 crash which put the country into recession.  The bankers were bailed out to whatever they needed by the government; the man on the street was not.  So now the man on the street is getting his revenge – at both the UK government, The EU politicians and the London City bankers.

And the common man of the UK has won – with major resignations in government and the city bankers going into total mayhem.

In the UK today we have a new ‘Independence Day’ – freedom from the useless regulations of the EU and its non elected importants.  Why worry EU, soon you will have Serbia to calm all your concerns.


The Human Liberation from the EU has started!

The German Chancellor is outraged.
Who would have thought?
The loss of her strongest partner is reality.
And when all this was not bad enough, Cameron, her faithful servant, announces his resignation.

The dirty German media already starts the day with catastrophe reports: the Dax falls by ten percent off! The market is about to crash!
As if the average citizen would have made a gain in the DAX ever make a profit.

The Netherlands sign indirectly as the next exit candidate and Norway also looks not good.
Merkel made a statement, calling the 27 EU Member States “to analyze and evaluate the situation with calm and reason”.

The number 27 is only on paper, because the three mighty already met.
“The EU is strong enough” ends the Chancellor her favorite “1001 – Nights” tales for useful idiots.

We, who fight for the rights of animals, tried to help EU.
We have given her time, we have shown tolerance and understanding, when and where the lengthy processes have demanded it.
We have been waiting for a response years, we have given EU time.
We got in response indifference, ignorance, contempt.

Certainly are thousands of people who voted for the Brexit, the same people who signed for the 8hours campaign.
They feel betrayed, cheated and exploited by the EU.

The EU has understood after the Brexit that we have lost confidence in it.
And it has done everything that this confidence finally disappears.
Our struggle for exploited, suffering, mistreated animals has been ignored and betrayed.
The suffering of animals, especially the “livestock”, proves in transports, in slaughterhouses, on farms, that the EU has no right to exist.
It is the Hangman of the animals.

Brexit has been just the beginning.
There will be others as well, and they come soon!
The time of useful idiots is over.


EU crisis 1

8 hours logo


Picture 030

England: SAV Write To Very Good Animal Welfare MEP On The EU In Out Referendum Today – See More Below.


23/6/16 – well voting has now commenced in the UK regarding its future in or out of the EU.

Reporting restrictions have been enforced until the polls close at 10pm tonight.  A result should be known by breakfast time (or soon after) on 24/6/16.

We have had several mails from Members of the European Parliament (MEP) who want us to remain in the EU and inform us how fantastic the EU is for animals welfare.  There are some issues (cosmetics and seal fur for example) where EU wide legislation has made a difference.

But UK groups have fought, are fighting, and will continue to fight for animal welfare improvements ANYWHERE whether the UK is in or out of the EU – and that is a simple fact.

Many UK major groups have histories which go back to being formed 100 years ago or more – pre EU days; so we are not going to pack our bags and go home to watch the tv now.  The campaigns continue regardless; in or out.

On a more personal / group level, we are really not witnessing anything positive for animals in transport, or for Serbian animals when it comes to the future and what the EU could do for them.  Hopefully we have shown this a bit over the past 11 years on this site.  For example, the situation for live EU animals being exported to Turkey is disgusting; and we feel for Lesley that her meeting with the EU Commission did not go a lot better last week.

Good EU citizens in their thousands (millions for live export 8 hours) want change; but the non elected EU Commissioners say ‘no’ – so that’s how it remains; the wishes of one person as opposed to the wishes of several million.

8 hours logo

8 hours – The petition

At the heart of this campaign is a petition calling for an end to long-distance transport and a reduction of the maximum overall journey time to 8 hours. Organisations large and small as well as many committed individuals all over Europe helped to collect signatures.

The petition was handed in to Brussels in June 2012, signed by 1,103,248 EU citizens.

The EU is out of touch with the real world.  On the following link you will find Mark’s new letter to Alan Smyth MEP (in Scotland) regarding our views on the e mail he sent to us asking us to ‘remain in for animals’.  Lets be clear – Mr Smith is a very GOOD animal welfare person who works hard for welfare.  He is an MEP, but for UK membership we cannot agree with him on how brilliant the EU has been for animals.  We hope that Mark’s letter makes this fairly clear.

We have sent our response to Alan Smyth, but do not expect a reply soon as he is obviously very busy with referendum work.  We have in this instance a difference of opinion, but we can still work together for improvements for animals (in our outside of the EU) and we can still have full respect for each other.  It just happens that in this current case, we do not agree with what the EU has done.

Regards – for the animals – Mark


Please see my latest letter here:

Alyn Smith





UK: 23/6/16 – Decision Day !!

U Flag

23/6/16 – Decision Day.

It will be a very close competition.

Letting the UK take back control of its own destiny or letting non elected EU Commissioners and other nations decide on its future ?




England: Anti Hunt Groups Gain Video Footage Of Live Fox Cubs Being Used To Train Hunting Hounds.


It has always gone on all the time hunting existed to give hounds their ‘blood lust’ and feel for killing – and still the Countryside Alliance who support hunting claim they knew nothing about it !

But now the anti hunt groups have the footage on film.



Serbia: Appeal 21st June.

Serbian  Flag

21st June dog


Over 30 our dogs have huge debt for their treatment, drugs, surgeries, staying in clinic, vaccination, various interventions… Debt is €350.

Please help, because we will not be able to treat them if we don’t pay our debt.

In photo gallery of youcaring you could see some of our dogs and invoices for everything.

Please help us to help them.

Donations please to

Check out more at

Thank you.


EU Commission Ignores Info Sent By EU Citizens.


We sent a letter to the EU Enlargement Commissioner (Hahn) regarding Serbian strays and other animal welfare issues for future new EU member states. This is what we got back:

Picture 021

Your message

   To: HAHN Johannes (CAB-HAHN)
Subject: UK In Out ?
Sent: 19 May 2016 23:06:35 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was deleted without being read on 20 June 2016 08:03:08 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.

Such is the EU Commissions views on the EU citizen.

uk eu exit

Thursday 23rd June 2016 – UK / EU vote day.

UK: Special Appeal To UK Residents – Vietnam Waives VISA’s For UK Visitors; But Tell Them No Way To Visit Until They Stop Slaughterhouse Abuse.

viet nam flagU Flag


 IMPORTANT NOTE – VISA EXEMPTION FOR OTHER NATIONALITIES.  See the following but note timescales is short.

Not just exemption for UK – see the following:

GERM0001  FRAN0001  spain  Italy

The visa exemption for

British, German, French, Spanish and Italian citizens travelling to Vietnam for a period of up to 15 days (single entry and not returning within 30 days) is applied from 01 July 2015 to 30 June 2016.  Up to now, the Embassy has not received any information on extension of this policy.


Further to our recent posts regarding Australian cattle being killed by the use of sledgehammers in Vietnam, we now send out an important message to all UK residents.

We understand from our friends at Animals Australia, that Vietnam wants more United Kingdom residents to visit. In fact, they’ve just waived VISA requirements hoping you do.

They consider UK visitors important – so we need UK residents to act now.

The Vietnamese government will be very sensitive to feedback from you (UK residents) about the brutal sledgehammering to death of animals in their slaughterhouses as exposed by AA.

Our recent post links include:


UK residents can send an e mail to the Vietnamese embassy in the UK, and also to the Vietnamese Tourist Board informing them that (you) will only ever visit nations that have full respect for animals; which does clearly NOT involve the use of sledgehammers for killing as exposed by AA.

Inform the Vietnamese that until they tidy up their act and treat animals respectfully and in accordance with 21st Century procedures, YOU WILL NEVER consider visiting Vietnam regardless of the VISA changes it has currently introduced.

get involved 2Print

E mail the following please:

London Embassy –    

Vietnamese Tourist Board –

The message needs to be polite but a simple one –

abuse animals, no visit.

Change and expect future visits.  Simple !!

we are on your side




Australia: Japan Bans Australian Cattle Imports As Animals Test Positive To Disease (But Are Earlier Passed In Australia !!)


Thanks to Venus for getting the ball rolling with some info.

As a follow up to our recent post regarding Australian cattle being killed by the use of sledgehammers –

we have investigated press articles and can give you several links as follows.

Note also that Japan has suspended the import of Australian cattle due to disease concerns.  More info below, including many photographs – hence we are not publishing any. – SAV.


“The department is requiring exporters to review all systems, processes and facilities in their Vietnam supply chains. To date, four exporters have notified the department that they are suspending exports to some of their facilities in Vietnam while they review their ESCAS arrangements.”

live export

live ex ship

Live cattle exports to three abattoirs in Vietnam have been suspended after footage emerged of the animals allegedly being killed by sledgehammer.

But rather than the government taking the action, the industry itself has imposed the ban, with the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council deciding to stop exports on June 12, just days after the fifth anniversary of the then-Labor government blocking exports to Indonesia in 2011.

Read more at:

live export

Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has warned negligent live cattle exporters they could have their licences revoked after footage emerged of animals being bludgeoned to death with sledgehammers in Vietnam.

Read more:

live ex ship

Australia has suspended live cattle exports to three Vietnamese abattoirs after the release of shocking images of cattle being beaten to death with sledgehammers.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said the Agriculture Department had launched an investigation immediately after receiving a complaint about the treatment of cattle in the abattoirs and had met with Vietnamese authorities who were also probing the allegations.



Japan Stops Importing Australian Cattle

Japan has temporarily stopped accepting live feeder and breeder cattle exports from Australia after a number of animals tested positive for bovine Johne’s disease.

Read more:

Japan bans cattle exports from Australia as 300 animals test positive for deadly cow disease

The disease was detected in 300 cattle imported from Melbourne last week. 

The imported cows were diagnosed with bovine Johne’s disease. 

Cattle passed health checks in Australia and tested negative to the disease.

The Department of Agriculture is working with Japan to resolve the issue.

Japan says the halt on live cattle imports from Australia is only ‘temporary’ 

Read more:

JAPAN has temporarily suspended live cattle imports from Australia over disease concerns.

Read more at:


Australian live cattle exports suspended to Japan

JAPAN has temporarily suspended live cattle imports from Australia over disease concerns.

Read more at:

A ship carrying 2,766 head of Australian cattle dropped anchor off the coast of Sihanoukville on Thursday night and will this morning offload the first delivery of beef cows from the Pacific nation since Phnom Penh and Canberra finalized health protocols two years ago,

Read more at:


The ripple effects of the “catastrophic” 2011 ban on Australian live cattle exports to Indonesia are still being felt across the beef industry.

That’s according to Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association chief executive Tracey Hayes.

Today marks five years since the former Labor Government issued a blanket ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia, shortly after ABC’s Four Corners aired footage of Australian animals being mistreated in Indonesian abattoirs.

Read more at:

live export




England: Over 50,000 Signature Petition Handed In To Save Beagles Breeding Facility For American-owned company B&K Universal.



Today, we delivered an open letter, signed by almost 50,000 compassionate people, to the Home Office asking Home Secretary Theresa May not to grant a licence to a breeding centre that could send over a thousand dogs a year to laboratories for terrifying experiments.

When the American-owned company B&K Universal originally applied for planning permission to build the breeding facility in Grimston, near Hull, it was roundly rejected by the local council. But in terrible news for dogs, that decision was overturned by central government officials. Now, the Home Secretary is the only person who can stop this, by withholding a licence to breed animals.

If this breeding centre is built, mother dogs would be permanently confined to a sterile, windowless prison and forced to churn out litter after litter of puppies every year. When needed, these puppies would be shipped off to another unnatural environment – a laboratory. There, they could endure painful procedures such as being forced to inhale high concentrations of pesticides, being given heart attacks and being exposed to toxic chemicals, after which they would be killed and dissected.

In fact, because the proposed facility doesn’t even include any outside runs for the dogs – contrary to EU recommendations – Cruelty Free International took the Home Office to court, questioning why this facility was granted an exemption from the requirement to provide outdoor runs.

Disgracefully, the Home Office stated that the beagles – members of an active, playful and inquisitive breed – do not need to be provided with outdoor runs, and the London High Court has just declared that this exemption was made on lawful grounds, even though the law requires outdoor runs whenever possible.


All dogs should have the chance to see, smell and experience the outside world. The justification for denying them this basic right is deeply flawed, and we’ve written a detailed letter to the Home Office to that effect. Dogs who are denied access to the outdoors frequently suffer from problems such as canine compulsive disorder, which includes behaviour such as spinning, self-mutilation and repetitive grooming. Beagles should be allowed to express their personalities and behave like dogs – not treated like walking test tubes by experimenters.

In addition, if this appalling breeding centre is allowed to go ahead, it could pave the way for more facilities like this to be granted licences in the UK – and we simply can’t allow that.

Thank you to everyone who has spoken out against this cruelty.

We’ll keep you posted on what’s happening next in the campaign and how you can help.




Two Petitions and Yulin Latest.

get involved 2  Print

We will start with a petition regarding a dog that was killed over a pair of shoes !

Please support:

Petition link –

…  and another …

Dog kept on chain with artery exposed.

Petition link:

Here is the latest news we have on Yulin.

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HUNDREDS of dogs destined for the dinner table at China’s Yulin Dog Meat Festival have been rescued after animal rights endured a three-day stand off with an abattoir -bound lorry.

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Millions of Chinese Are Calling for an End to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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China begins its annual dog meat festival… and the pictures are heartbreaking

See photos and a video in this article from the Metro (London). Read more:





Serbia: News From Shelter Felix – Niki Has Now Had Her Stitches Removed and All Is Fine.

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Niki had her stitches removed a couple of days ago and the wound on her ear has healed nicely.

She must be so relieved that we’ve finally taken off her Elizabethan collar.

Her jerkish attitude towards everyone and everything hasn’t changed, though, but that’s alright, as no one really expected it would😉

Donations to help all the cats thank you:

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Russia: First Watch the Video, Then Sign The Petition For Dogs and Cats in Russia.

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Please sign the petition for the dogs and cats in Russia, thank you.

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Petition link –

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