USA: He reportedly struck a zebra with a 3-foot-long stick “with such force that the zebra fell to his front knees and then fell over sideways.”


Garden Bros. Circus, featuring an elephant act by Carson & Barnes Circus, is on tour in the South this month, and we need to tell venues that plan to host the show why that’s the worst idea ever:

Carson & Barnes’ head trainer was caught attacking and electro-shocking elephants as they screamed in pain.




A whistleblower reported that Zachary Garden, the manager of Garden Bros., beat animals regularly and denied them food and adequate veterinary care.

He reportedly struck a zebra with a 3-foot-long stick “with such force that the zebra fell to his front knees and then fell over sideways.”




Tell the venues to consider these facts carefully and to require that the scheduled performances of this cruel circus go forward without animals.

For all animals,











India: Investigation Reveals Chicks Suffocated, Burned, Ground Up Or Drowned.




The latest breaking eyewitness investigation, released by PETA India and Anonymous for Animal Rights, of major chicken farms that raise and slaughter chickens for their eggs and meat, found widespread, rampant cruelty to chicks. 

As you can see in this shocking video footage, it is clear that the egg and meat industries are focused on maximising profits at the chicks’ expense and that they consider living, feeling, thinking birds to be mere commodities. From problems in incubators that cause organ deformities to invasive methods of sex determination and using burning-hot blades to de beak them, the lives of newly hatched chicks are filled with agony and end in a premature death – suffocated, burned, ground up alive, or drowned. These sensitive baby birds are treated like trash – literally. Some are even tossed, live, into waste bins to die. 

Baby chicks need your help.

The best thing that you can do for baby chicks is to refuse to eat eggs and chicken meat. By reducing that demand, we can spare them this horrific suffering.

Together, we can make a difference for these tiny suffering animals. All you have to do is take action by going vegan today



Animals Starving and Freezing To Death In Mongolia.


Mongolia 2017

Dear Mark,

I am following up on an email I sent you recently, about a crisis in Mongolia.

After an unprecedented winter last year, animals continue to struggle as this year winter arrived two months earlier than expected.

Right now animals are not only suffering to withstand temperatures much colder than usual, but they are having trouble breaking through the snow to find food, and are starving.

Now that we are in February, temperatures are brutal and these animals need us now more than ever.

World Animal Protection is on the ground providing aid and nutrients to the households that own these animals, but we need help. I’m afraid time is running out for these poor animals. 

Please considering donating a gift to help the animals of Mongolia, and others around the world, who desperately need our help. Thank you for caring, and for being a friend to animals when they need you most. 

Thank you


Donation link – 

A gift of $51 could provide an emergency nutritional pack for one household and assist 83 animals.




UK: Victory For HSBC Campaign – Speaking Up For Primates !


Hi Mark,

Our old campaign link:

We did it.

HSBC have just announced that they’ll stop funding palm oil companies that destroy the rainforest. [1]




Whether you signed the petition, donated, or badgered them online, you made this happen – and it’s not everyday you topple a bank! [2]

We should feel pretty powerful today – and that’s why

it’s probably not the time to rest on our laurels. HSBC isn’t the only bank that’s been putting orangutan habitat at risk. If right now, we make HSBC’s decision as public as possible, we can show just how easy – and what good PR – it would be for other banks to do the same.


Please will you chip in a few pounds for an advert in the Financial Times demanding change from banks like Standard Chartered? If we use our momentum right now to win over other banks, people across South East Asia will be safer and swathes more rainforest could be saved. [3] 

HSBC are the biggest bank in Europe, which is why we went straight for them. At first they told us they weren’t doing anything wrong, then that palm oil funding is too “complex” for them to clean up. But after just a few weeks of campaigning, they backed down.

If a bank as big as HSBC can do it, other banks are going to find it hard to make excuses. But right now, they think nobody knows what they’re up to – this ad will change that.

140,000 of us in the UK joined the campaign against HSBC.

Take a minute to picture 140,000 individuals all over the UK who you haven’t met. It’s pretty amazing that you were part of a team that beat one of the biggest banks in the world. You’ve done a lot. But if each of you can chip in £1 today, we can make sure this victory reverberates around the banking sector and creates exciting, long lasting change. Let’s get this ad in the paper next week!

Thanks for standing up for people and primates,



Financial Times: HSBC tightens standards on lending to palm oil industry.
Greenpeace: HSBC promises to cut ties with forest-trashing palm oil companies.
[2] 140,000 of us in the UK signed the petition, thousands of us wrote on HSBC’s Facebook page and even more tweeted, called and even wrote to the bank. This was all in just 5 weeks. Here’s a blog about how the boss of HSBC ended up being grilled on the campaign at Davos.
Palm oil fans the flames of forest fires in Indonesia  – the fires in 2015 were linked to 100,000 deaths










Ever Considered Where Your Plastic Trash Ends Up ?


Actions – Dolphins and Calves.



Speak up for the dolphins.

Several dolphins are trapped in small tanks where they cannot even open their eyes due to heavy chlorination. Demand that these incredibly sensitive and intelligent animals be moved to a sea pen or an accredited sanctuary immediately.




Dear Mark,

For many calves, a hot iron in the face is just the beginning of years of torture.

A PETA exposé of cattle ranches in Brazil that supply JBS S.A.—the largest leather processor in the world—reveals that ranch workers dragged calves away from their mothers before twisting their necks and standing on their faces while using a hot iron brand to burn a symbol into their flesh.

For the next three years, these animals will endure beatings, electric shocks, and neglect, until the day they are kicked and shoved into the trucks that will take them to the slaughterhouse. There, workers will slit their throats and peel off their skin so that it can be turned into the leather we see in cars, furniture, footwear, belts, jackets, and accessories sold around the world.

From the cattle farms of Brazil to the hellish slaughterhouses in China where dogs are among the animals stripped of their skin to make the leather in gloves, cat toys, and other consumer goods, the global leather trade is responsible for nightmarish cruelty to animals.

Will you please make a generous donation to PETA today and help power our work to combat the cruelty of the leather industry, promote non-animal materials, and foster respect for all living beings?

It takes an average of three cows’ hides to cover the interior of a single standard car (but up to eight for some models), and what those animals endure even before they’re sent to slaughter makes it easy to see why the popularity of animal-friendly fabrics is growing. Our exposé reveals that in addition to the face-branding of calves, adult cows are forced into chutes and painfully branded on the back. Workers applied hot irons without administering any pain relief at all, counter to Brazil’s minimum animal-welfare recommendations. “Handling” on these ranches is typically extremely rough, involving beatings and sometimes electric shocks. The video shows that panicked cows in chutes were shocked, kicked, and pulled by their delicate ears and tails. The eyewitness also saw a calf with a severe maggot infestation, a cow with a swollen head, and animals with open, bloody wounds.

Every year, millions of cows are killed at JBS slaughterhouses in Brazil. Workers slit their throats before removing their skin and sending it to JBS tanneries. In 2015, the most recent year for which records are available, JBS’ 26 factories on three continents processed 10 million individual animals’ skins—but much of the cruelty revealed in this exposé is far from unique to that company. Around the world, branding, electric shocks, and severe neglect—even of animals with serious, painful medical conditions—is commonplace in industries that use cattle, and PETA affiliates have documented similarly violent treatment during transport in India and during slaughter in Bangladesh.

By making a much-needed gift today, you’ll be strengthening PETA’s work to stop animals from suffering for something as trivial as a car seat.

Synthetic and plant-derived materials are both compassionate and fashionable—and PETA’s innovative campaigns are informing consumers, designers, and manufacturers every single day about sustainable, durable fabrics for which animals aren’t harmed. Today, 13 automobile manufacturers, including BMW and Nissan, offer at least one completely vegan interior—and together with our international affiliates, we’re continuing to push Toyota and other hold-out companies to follow their lead.

Please, think of the mother cows whose calves were torn away from them and mutilated and support our work to help them and all other animals. Together, we can put the brakes on cruelty.

Thank you for your compassion and generous support.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E Newkirk





England: ‘Free Tibet’ (London) Campaign – We Did It !



Regarding our very recent appeal: 


We now have some great news from ‘Free Tibet’, London.


We made it – Thank you


Thank you to all those who have donated to Tibet Match 2017, raising an incredible £6,448.60 so far.

£6,000 of this will be doubled, meaning a total of £12,448.60 for Tibet Watch. During Tibet Match week, any donations made (up to a £6,000 limit) are matched by a handful of generous benefactors, and with just 10 hours to go, we have surpassed that limit, securing the entire match pot for our research partner.

Our Senior Researcher in Dharamsala wished to pass this message on to all those who donated:

“Thank you very much for your support and donations. It’s truly an inspiration for all of us to see your generosity when someone is in need of help. A single coin you give to Tibet Watch makes a big difference in highlighting Tibet and raising awareness of human rights violations. It means a lot to us and a lot for our work. Thank you once again.”


Thanks to your fantastic support, we have the funds needed to run the entire Tibet Watch field office for more than half the year.

Thank you.


England: New From CASJ – Progressing The Cause Of Animal Protection.




Progressing the cause of animal protection

Dear Mark

Already in 2017 we’ve been working on a forthcoming new website that will explain our work more effectively, and helping to plan major international research and publishing projects on the blockages to improving animal protection.

A significant obstacle is the lack of government bodies dedicated to protecting animals – but we have some positive news on that front!

Our major proposal for a UK Government Animal Protection Commission has now gained cross-party momentum. The Conservative and Labour animal protection policy groups are now promoting this vital measure within their parties – it is already official policy in the Green and Liberal Democrat parties. Establishing this idea in the manifestos of the political parties is an essential step towards achieving this historic milestone for animals – find out how you can help here.

We are also delighted to announce that our PhD researcher at the University of Sheffield, Lucy Parry, has now successfully submitted her thesis and passed her oral exam (‘viva’) to gain her doctorate in animal protection politics. The CASJ is delighted to have supported the advancement of knowledge to help animals. We’d like to thank the Department of Politics at the University of Sheffield and her supervisors Dr Alasdair Cochrane and Dr Hayley Stevenson. Lucy, who has now established herself as Britain’s leading expert on the foxhunting debate and has already published in peer-reviewed outlets, summarises her findings here.

Our work has also been featured in a forthcoming documentary about the ongoing ‘mad cow disease’ disaster. You can view a trailer here which includes some of my comments about how the lack of farmed animal welfare regulation harms animals at the same time as making another public health fiasco more likely.

Brexit represents a critical juncture in the history of farmed animal protection. While some ministers have said they want to try to improve standards, other commentators are expressing deep concern at the impact of future free trade deals with countries such as the USA with much weaker welfare rules, which could put pressure on the government to allow worse standards in this country to promote a competitive agricultural industry. It’s a fascinating debate with implications for billions of animals into the future.

It’s a topic that, naturally, we’re keeping a close eye on, and here are some of the interesting reports and perspectives I’ve come across:

24 January 2017 Parliamentary debate ‘Leaving the EU: Animal Welfare Standards in Farming’

‘Will Brexit and Trump Really Force Us to Eat Chlorine-Washed Chicken?’

‘The paradox of a popular Europe: Animal welfare and ‘better regulation”

‘May’s promise on workers’ rights is hollow if she doesn’t get a deal’

‘Writing checks it can’t cash? Defra and farm animal welfare post-Brexit’

And an article by Professor Anne Peters of the Max Planck Institute (which can be downloaded for free from here) provides an excellent basic understanding of the impact of international animal protection regulations (or the lack of them, particularly outside the EU).

(By the way, if you want to keep abreast of animal protection news, I recommend you follow me on Twitter.)

As you can see, the CASJ’s work is unique in focussing on the root causes of industrial-scale animal abuse. Please show your goodwill for animals by supporting our essential research and advocacy.

You can donate to us via our website, or you can text ‘CASJ11 £10’ (or any figure between £1 and £10) to 70070. Thank you!

With best wishes

Dr Dan Lyons
CEO, Centre for Animals and Social Justice



Cross-party momentum for government animal protection body

February 17, 2017

The Centre for Animals and Social Justice’s major proposal for a Government Animal Protection Commission has now gained cross-party momentum. The Conservative and Labour animal protection policy groups are now promoting this vital measure within their parties – it is already official policy in the Green and Liberal Democrat parties.

The need for a body to ensure animals’ interests are represented in government has been highlighted by the CASJ’s research into the government’s current reluctance to enact effective measures to protect animal welfare.

This indifference has been highlighted once again by the government’s recent rejection of MPs’ calls for a ban on third party sales on puppies and increased prison sentences for animal cruelty crimes. Another quietly devastating indictment of the state’s institutionalised disregard for animal welfare can be found in the Zoological Society’s response to a DEFRA consultation on the badger cull.

You can help by contacting your MP (if Labour or Conservative) to ask them to support their respective animal welfare group’s call for an Animal Protection Commission. Or you could contact your local constituency Conservative and/or Labour Party to urge support. Establishing this idea in the manifestos of the political parties is an essential step towards achieving this historic milestone for animals.

Why we need a government animal protection body

Industries that harm animals, such as intensive farming and animal experimentation, have come to dominate the UK government to the exclusion of animal protection and public opinion. This set-up is perpetuated by a government structure that prioritises ‘competitiveness’ and deregulation, including the various agencies and departments that sponsor the commercial interests of animal harm industries. Conversely, there are no laws or institutions to promote animal welfare protection and ensure it is a meaningful consideration for government.

Our research shows that this situation of institutionalised government bias against animal welfare is the fundamental reason for weak animal welfare laws, feeble enforcement and, consequently, levels of animal harm that go way beyond public acceptability. This also explains why current animal advocacy campaigns aimed at government are generally unsuccessful.

Therefore, establishing a governmental animal protection body is the key to a paradigm shift towards genuine respect for animals.






Serbia: Small Animal Shelter In Nis Needs Help – Can You Give ?




 We have a new fundraising portal for our February Food Fund Appeal and would be grateful if you could PLEASE consider a donation no matter how small: DONATE:

 and make it a Happy New Year for our Dogs & Street Cats.

If you would like to send a donation direct, and BYPASS the INFLATED FEES PAYPAL take from YOUCARING, please sent to our ADMIN TEAM

PLEASE send payment as family/friend so we are not charged a fee and we will acknowledge your donation – thank you xxx



USA: Great News – New Mexico Moves Ahead To Ban Coyote Killing Contests.



Dear Mark,

We’re thrilled to share the good news: Just this morning the New Mexico Senate Conservation Committe passed SB 268, a bill that would ban coyote killing contests throughout New Mexico.

Authored by New Mexico Senator Jeff Steinborn (D-Las Cruces) and Senator Mark Moores (R-Albuquerque), passage of this bill would stop the dozens of organized competitions held annually in New Mexico in which participants compete for prizes for killing the most coyotes or the largest. Project Coyote Science Advisory Board member Dave Parsons served as Senator Steinborn’s expert scientist at the committee hearing, and Project Coyote supporters showed up to testify and lend their support to the bill.

Read this article in the Associated Press about today’s hearing:

The Latest: Panel OKs Measure to Ban Coyote-killing Contests

Legislation aimed at banning coyote-hunting competitions in New Mexico has cleared its first legislative hurdle

We want to thank all of our New Mexico supporters who wrote and testified on the bill. SB 268 will next be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee. We will keep our New Mexico supporters apprised as the bill moves forward, and let you know how you can take action.

The momentum building statewide gives us great hope that these heinous killing contests will be banned entirely. Prior to introduction of the bill, Project Coyote and our campaign partners helped raise New Mexicans’ awareness of the issue with a multi-city premiere screening of Project Coyote’s documentary film Unfair Game: Ending Wildlife Killing Contests. Read more here and here.

We are hopeful that with sustained grassroots momentum, continued public education with our new film, and the effective work of our New Mexico wildlife coalition, we can make history by banning coyote killing contests once and for all in the Land of Enchantment.

With gratitude for your steadfast support,

Camilla H. Fox Founder & Executive Director



EU: Shock Survey Result – France Trusts (EU) Brussels Even LESS Than Britain Does !





USA: Trumps Decision To Revive Pipeline Results In 600,000 Gallon Oil Spill – Petition – Take Action.


Company Spilled 600,000 Gallons of Oil Into the Environment – Demand Punishment




TargetKen Paxton, Texas Attorney General

GoalHold Enbridge accountable for a massive oil spill that has irreversibly polluted the environment.

A 600,000 gallon oil spill recently burst forth from the Seaway Pipeline in Blue Ridge, Texas — ominously following Donald Trump’s decision to revive the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines. Oil spills of this magnitude serve as an important reminder that fossil fuels, and the infrastructure that accompanies them, should no longer be considered a viable energy option. Demand that Enbridge, the company responsible, be punished for this terrible spill.

Sadly, this latest accident apparently marks the second oil spill from the Seaway Pipeline since it began operating just under a year ago. Enbridge, which is a half-owner of the Seaway Pipeline, also holds a share of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). One of the key points in the case against DAPL has been the risk of contamination to local water sources if the pipeline were to leak or malfunction — this recent event with Seaway Pipeline goes to show just how justified these concerns are.

The cause of the spill is still unknown. Despite this being the pipeline’s second spill, Enbridge said it will be conducting clean-up as fast as possible for operations to resume. It’s obvious that this pipeline is unsafe and poses a danger to the environment and nearby communities. Companies like Enbridge cannot continue to profit at the expense of our Earth.

Demand Enbridge be charged for this oil spill, and that the Seaway Pipeline be shut down immediately.




Dear Attorney General Paxton,

Oil pipelines have repeatedly proven to be a danger to the environment and the communities that surround them. A 600,000 gallon oil spill in your state, apparently the second in less than a year from Seaway Pipeline, will be devastating to the environment. The companies responsible for these catastrophic events must be held accountable.

Enbridge cannot continue to operate and build pipelines, in the name of short-term profits, when the accidents and environmental impacts will affect our planet for years to come. I demand that you penalize Enbridge for this spill, and order the immediate shutdown of Seaway Pipeline.


[Your Name Here]



Take action – please sign the petition:



USA: Animal Welfare Groups Head To Court – To Get The USDA To Return All Animal Records To Its Website.



Them following has been issued by PETA:


Leading Animal-Protection Groups and Others Sue USDA Over Website Blackout


Written by PETA | February 13, 2017


A coalition of leading animal-protection groups—including PETA, Beagle Freedom Project, Born Free USA, and the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animalsalong with public health advocacy group the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Harvard Animal Law & Policy Fellow Delcianna Winders—filed a lawsuit this morning in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to compel the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to return to its website all records related to puppy mills, laboratories, roadside zoos, traveling animal shows, and other enterprises that use and exploit animals. Such records are required to be publicly available.

“Our lawsuit seeks to compel the USDA to reinstate the records, which it had no right to remove from its website in the first place,” Winders says. “The government should not be in the business of hiding animal abusers and lawbreakers from public scrutiny.”

The lawsuit contends that the sudden February 3 removal of these documents was illegal because the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires agencies to post frequently requested records on their websites. The USDA itself has acknowledged that inspection reports were the most frequently requested records before they were made available online years ago.

These inspection reports, research facility reports, and other records, the complaint explains, are essential for the groups’ work to expose cruelty to animals and to monitor the USDA’s enforcement of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The removal of the records also jeopardizes state and local laws prohibiting sales of dogs by businesses with AWA violations. 

The lawsuit refutes the USDA’s suggestion that it’s sufficient for the agency to provide records in response to FOIA requests, a process that can take months or even years. According to the USDA’s most recent annual FOIA report, it can take as long as 836 days—i.e., more than two years—to process a “simple” FOIA request and up to 157 days for an expedited one.



Can You Help Find Truffle A Forever Home ?



Truffle is a rescued as a baby with broken leg.

She is now 9 months old and ready for new home.





England: ‘Free Tibet’ London – Donate This Week and Double Your Money to ‘Tibet Watch’, India.



Have you read news from Tibet on our website or taken action in one of our campaigns?

None of this would be possible without our research partner Tibet Watch.

From their field office in northern India, Tibet Watch researchers collate and corroborate testimonies and eye-witness accounts of human rights abuses in Tibet. With over a decade of experience, Tibet Watch is the most effective organisation in the world for sourcing news from Tibet.

Tibetans risk life imprisonment for speaking out about the lack of freedom, so Tibet Watch must have the resources to protect its sources by ensuring its communication systems aren’t vulnerable to intrusion. 


Will you help Tibet Watch this February?

Every pound you donate between 12 noon (GMT) on Monday 13 February and 12 midnight (GMT) on Monday 20 February, will be doubled. 

Funds raised during Tibet Match will directly support the Tibet Watch field office. It costs:

$15 to heat the office during cold Himalayan winters

$40 for travel to interviews with Tibetan refugees

$100 for secure communications with contacts inside Tibet

$300 to help pay for researchers’ salaries

I hope you can help Tibet Watch continue their important work

Thank you

Director, Free Tibet & Tibet Watch





UK: Outside of The EU, The UK Can Be A Stronger Voice For Animal Welfare.



SAV Comment: 

As we said at the start of the ‘in / out’ EU elections in the UK in 2016; we have always felt that for animal welfare, the UK can continue to grow stronger on this issue when outside of the EU.  It is very interesting to read the comment from Theresa which says:

Live exports would probably have been banned long ago if Westminster not Brussels had been the decision-maker. It is time this cruel trade was stopped once and for all and I would like to see a ban come into force on the day we leave the EU”.

This is just one small issue in Europe (but a big campaign for us !) that the EU in Brussels is not really addressing, despite all the evidence provided to them showing the cruelty on a daily basis.  The UK will hopefully take back control on this issue.  As we said before, UK welfare groups can only grow stronger campaigning outside of the EU, and fight across all aspects for better welfare, INCLUDING (new) animal welfare negotiations with new nations when trade deals are established.  For example, we could fight to ensure that Chinese fur products are never allowed into the UK; and we could use our campaigns to ensure that the UK government always puts animal welfare on its list of ‘to do’s’ when discussing new trade deals.

The Junker / Van Goethem ignorance and ‘EU do nothing’ attitude is about to change in the UK.  We hope that other current EU member states see things from our angle and that by going it alone, they can take back control of their own regulations and set newer, higher standards; or in the case of the UK and animal welfare, fight to make thins even better than they currently are under EU rules.





Theresa Villiers MP will seek assurances from the (UK) Government that animal standards will at least remain at current levels when the UK leaves the EU.


High standards of animal welfare is one of the hallmarks of a civilised society. We have a long tradition in this country (UK) of protecting animals, often many years before others follow.

Around 80% of animal welfare rules are part of EU law. Leaving the EU means we have the chance to reaffirm our support for the highest standards of animal welfare.

It also gives us the opportunity to strengthen protection for animals as we design a new system of farm support to replace the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

In the debate I have tabled in Parliament, I will call on the Government to ensure that the forthcoming Great Repeal Bill maintains animal welfare standards at a level at least as high as they are today.

That does not necessarily mean every dot and comma of EU law in this area needs to be set in stone. There may be legislative options which maintain prevailing standards, but deliver that outcome in a more flexible way that better suits our domestic circumstances.

But the end result should be retention, not dilution, of laws which safeguard farm animals in this country; and our goal for the future should be further strengthening of that protection.

Food and farming is one of the most important sectors in the UK economy. We should use the CAP replacement to incentivise a move away from intensive industrial farming methods such as zero-grazing for dairy herds. Not only can intensive farming lead to unnecessary animal suffering, it can also involve the over-use of antimicrobials contributing to antibiotic resistance problems.

Continued financial support for agriculture is vital if we are to maintain high animal welfare standards. Whilst methods of good animal husbandry are being developed to keep the costs of maintaining animal welfare standards at reasonable levels, humane forms of agriculture will often cost more than intensive industrial production.

So agricultural support payments will be needed to ensure food produced with high welfare standards is not priced out of the market by cheaper less compassionate alternatives.

It will also be important to ensure that animal welfare is a significant consideration in future trade talks. We should not be afraid to ask those countries who wish to sell into our market to commit to acceptable standards of animal welfare. This should be reconcilable with WTO obligations, so long as a consistent approach is taken to different countries.

And lastly I will ask Ministers to bring forward legislation to bring to an end the export of live animals for slaughter in mainland Europe (exports to Ireland across our land border don’t give rise to the same concerns and should continue).

The enforcement of rules protecting animals transported over long distances is patchy and great suffering can occur. Live exports would probably have been banned long ago if Westminster not Brussels had been the decision-maker.

It is time this cruel trade was stopped once and for all and I would like to see a ban come into force on the day we leave the EU.

Theresa Villiers is the Conservative Member of Parliament for Chipping Barnet




Reproduced without edit from:



Other related articles:


Brexit: UK vets to remain ‘outward looking’ in securing animal welfare standards:



The EU is in a deep economic, structural and moral crisis.


Update 13/2/17 – Jean Claude Junker; ‘Mr EU’; Is Now Quitting.

Very welcomed by many EU citizens who HAVE NOT BEEN LISTENED TO by him and all of his Commission mates.  Why have we in the animal welfare lobby been completely IGNORED by Junker and Co when we have shown all the evidence of abuses of EU animals exported live to Turkey for example.

For example – here is just some of the evidence which you and Mr Van Goethem have IGNORED, and failed to act upon:


Do you think that people go through hell to get this evidence (above) just as some crappy joke ?   –  No. they do it with the hope that people like you will act.


Mr Junker; you have had your day; you have not listened and acted for the better – so we welcome your removal with open arms – Bye !


This above is INACTION by Junker and his Commission mates.

EU Regulation 1/2005 on the ‘protection of animals during transport’

WHAT A JOKE you could say; but there is nothing funny about it !


Above – Another busy day at the EU headquarters.


The Social Democratic Party of Germany nominates Martin Schultz as chancellor candidate for the upcoming elections.

You get the useless President of the European Parliament (Schultz) out of his post and give him the chance to prove his entire incapacity this time as a chancellor.
The fact that the Schultz did not even have a high school diploma and is still nominated as chancellor, wonders no one.
Meanwhile, all know that almost none of the EU deputies has ever done a decent job in his life.

Soon all those who now receive a fortune as a salary for doing nothing will remain unemployed.
They will be fired.

The EU is in a deep economic, structural and moral crisis.

The EU has failed!
Greece, Portugal and Ireland cannot survive within the euro.
And whoever thinks that gloomy financial forecasts affect only these countries will soon be disappointed.

If someone had said 10 years ago, that UK leaves the EU, the EU officials would have laughed.

Today it is reality and no one laughs.

In this way, the British have shown the way to democracy and independence.
It will not be the last member leaving the EU, that’s fact!
Unjustified officials who have not been elected lead the EU institution that day by day contribute to the destruction of democracy.
People no longer want this destroying model of Europe.

These people are demonstrating on the streets that legislation and agreements should be respected and that democracy must not be destroyed.


And in animal protection in Europe, it does not look any better.
This non-functioning institution regards crime, corruption, exploitation against animals as trivial.
Since the EU has been there, the misery of humans and animals has increased.
Thousands or even millions of people have expressed petitions during the last 5 years to end the misery of animals on highways, laboratories, shelters, slaughterhouses.

Without accepting the truth about the massive and documented droughts, the EU officials and “leaders” have spoken and worked against the welfare of the animals.
And thus also against the laws adopted by themselves.


We, animal protectionists, have been looking for talks with those responsible, we have begged that EU laws and Regulations are respected, and have always been treated as annoying enemies.

Why is the EU doing as if things are going well?
Because the officials do not want to lose their well-paid jobs.
Because when the truth comes to light, Junker, Barroso, Van Goethem, Andriukaitis and Co. will become unemployed after the next EU elections.
All those who sit there and claim to be the huts of democracy and animal welfare will all be fired.
I wish it and I will fight for it.


with Regards to you, dear Mark and to all!






 SAV Comment:

Very true Venus – for years and years we have attempted to show ‘EU officials’ where animal welfare is going wrong.  We have provided both written and video evidence – Animal suffering in Serbia – an EU ‘Candidate County’.  We have told the EU that Serbia is non compliant with the ‘Rule of Law’ – the basic requirement for any new member state to even be considered for EU membership.  We have shown all the evidence on the factory farms of the EU, the endless abuses.  We have provided video evidence of non compliance with ‘EU Regulations’ protecting (Ha !) animals during their suffering on the roads of the EU; and especially going to Turkey.  Mr Van Goethem holds up his hands and says that he can do nothing; despite being an official at the EU !

Europe is on the brink and Junker is making sure that he gets out in time so that his ‘expertise in failure’ can be used (and paid very richly for no doubt) elsewhere.

Here are just a few media links of the past week to show what utter crisis all the top officials are leaving the EU in.  EU officials who have NEVER listened to the people of the EU.  Now they are at crisis point because of their ignorance; a ‘brink’ that they will possibly not be able to recover from.  And the worst part – citizens of the EU states will suffer because of these over self opinionated idiots !

EU ON THE BRINK: Martin Schulz warns bloc could ‘FALL APART’ after Brexit:


Marine Le Pen tops ANOTHER poll as support for rival Fillon plummets following scandal


EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker ‘will not seek second term’


“Some countries would like more Europe. Others find that we already have too much Europe,” he said.


USA/UK/EU: Is US Farming As Good As It Thinks ? – Read On And Ask Yourself !




The EU has something like 18 pieces of legislation on farm animals alone.

The US has one piece of legislation at a federal level


Judging by appearances alone, it’s pretty difficult to tell the difference between a cheeseburger from the US and one from the UK. Same beef patty and oozy cheese, similarly obligatory lettuce leaf and bun.

But looks can be deceiving. The way in which that meat, cheese, salad, and bread is manufactured differs hugely between the two countries.

Under current EU law, many American farming practices—including the use of specific antibiotics and growth hormones, certain pesticides, and washing chicken in chlorinated water (yep, it’s a thing in the US)—are banned on health and environmental grounds.

It’s also illegal to import food made via these methods to EU countries. While the US has in the past attempted to lift the ban, Europe has resisted.

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But that could all be set to change—at least in Britain. There are worries that the UK Government may be about to open the door to hormone-pumped beef, pesticide-treated wheat, eggs from poor welfare hens, and swimming pool chicken.

Here’s the lowdown. As Britain prepares to leave the European Union following last June’s referendum result, a trade deal with the US is high on Theresa May’s to-do list, underlined by her meeting with Donald Trump last month. As the PM and President shook (held) hands at The White House, the future of Britain’s food safety standards were called into question.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, Bob Young, chief economist at the American Farm Bureau Federation, stated that any free trade deal between the two countries would have to involve the UK lifting its current ban on US food products. While the terms of a transatlantic trade deal are yet to be struck, it seems unlikely that Trump will miss an opportunity to

put America first”—pesticides, antibiotics, chlorine, and all.




The standard of food safety practices in the US, to which the British public could be exposed should current bans be lifted, has already been heavily criticised. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates the use of food additives, warned last year that dairy cows were too drugged up, while the World Health Organisation stated that the overuse of antibiotics in meat was causing antimicrobial resistance in humans. Pesticides, especially the ones used in GM crops by US seed giant Monsanto, are condemned by agricultural campaign groups for harming the environment and damaging native crop breeds.

And then there are the so-called “ag-gag” laws in the US that make it near impossible to expose certain animal welfare violations.

Speaking to MUNCHIES, David Bowles, head of campaigns and public affairs at the RSPCA, stressed just how different US food safety laws are compared to the EU. He said: “The EU has something like 18 pieces of legislation on farm animals alone. Whereas the US has one piece of legislation at a federal level and most of the responsibility is left to individual states.”

Things also look set to worsen under Trump’s Presidency.

Last September, MUNCHIES reported on a memo from Trump’s Presidential campaign that appeared to set out plans to dissolve the FDA and remove food hygiene standards for farmers. Should a UK and US trade deal go through, this could have a huge impact on what makes its way to British supermarkets.

May and the Government’s Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs (Defra) have been quick to assure the public that UK food safety won’t slip.

A Government spokesperson told MUNCHIES: “Any new products wishing to enter the UK market must comply with our rigorous legislation and standards—we will not compromise on animal welfare and food safety.”

Addressing MPs on the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions yesterday, May said: “We are committed to maintaining, where possible improving, standards of welfare in the UK, while ensuring of course that our industry is not put at a competitive disadvantage.”

MUNCHIES reached out to the Food Standards Agency for comment, but they were unable to provide us with a response.

Despite May’s reassurances, many are worried that the British Government won’t maintain a strong stance against dodgy American farming methods. This could negatively affect the food British farmers produce.

Speaking to MUNCHIES, Peter Stevenson, the chief policy advisor at welfare charity Compassion in World Farming, said: “Farm animal welfare standards in the US are generally lower than in the UK, so we could find ourselves being compelled under an agreement with the US to let meat and dairy products come in that have been produced to a low welfare standard. Industrially produced livestock has also, in part, fuelled intensive crop production, which depends on the use of pesticides and monocultures.”

He continued: “That makes things very difficult for British farmers. If lower welfare, and cheaper to produce, products come in from the US, that will undermine our farmers.”

Indeed, the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) has already suggested that should a ban on US food imports be lifted, food safety standards would need to change for British farmers too. This would be the only way to ensure an even playing field between producers.

The NFU’s director of policy Andrew Clark told MUNCHIES: “Other countries, like the USA, apply different standards to their farming systems which provide a cost advantage in the market place.”

Clark continued: “Following Brexit, it’s vital that British farmers can increase their efficiency and resilience and compete with farmers from across the world. A regulatory environment that embraces this will reap the rewards of a productive and progressive farming industry.”

A trade deal that allows for the free-flow of food products between the UK and US comes with the risk of British farmers being undercut on price. But Bowles from the RSPCA thinks that this should prompt the US to raise its farming standards, rather than forcing UK farmers to cut corners on welfare to achieve lower costs.

Bowles said: “I agree with the NFU is that there should be a level playing field. Where I disagree with them is that they want to bring our standards down to the US standards. I want to bring the US standards up to the EU standards. There are many ways to ensure that we have a level playing field that do not mean that we lower or reduce our own standards.”

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But Stevenson from Compassion in World Farming remains skeptical: “When you have a trade agreement with another country, in theory everything can be discussed and negotiated so the UK could ask for a clause that allows us to decline to import meat, dairy, and eggs that have been produced to lower standards.”

Whether our Government is going to feel that this is important enough to them is highly questionable. The danger with any trade agreement is that we will accept imports with different standards to our own.”

Here’s hoping British diners aren’t forced to order antibiotic-fuelled, low-welfare fried chicken with a side of pesticide fries anytime soon.

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Making America …………. ‘Great Again’ ???





Life in Trump’s America Just Got Worse for Your Pet |

The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ



People Are Protesting USDA Records Blackout With Photos Of Puppy Mill Survivors.



Animal lovers are flooding social media with photos of their pets to express their opposition to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s decision last week removing animal welfare inspection records from public view on its website.


The now-hidden database ― which includes information about animal welfare violations at zoos, research laboratories and commercial breeders ― was a valuable resource for journalists and animal advocacy groups. The USDA cited concerns about privacy as the reason for its decision, and some people have speculated that the department felt pressured by ongoing litigation with those who raise show horses.

After days of public outcry, USDA spokeswoman Tanya Espinosa said Wednesday that the decision is “not final,” noting that “adjustments may be made regarding information appropriate for releasing and posting.”

In the meantime, the Twitter account AltUSDA — which describes itself as “resisting the censorship of facts and science” — is encouraging its followers to post pet photos to protest the decision. It suggested the hashtag #NoUSDAblackout, among others.

The huge response has featured all sorts of animals from all kinds of backgrounds, including dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and at least one ferret.

Some of the most powerful photos show animals rescued from the very kinds of places that now have their records shielded from public view — research labs and large-scale breeding operations, known as puppy mills, where many animals are kept in terrible conditions.

The photos pile on to the opposition that the USDA has faced since taking its records down. The Humane Society of the United States said Monday that it would take legal action if the records were not reinstated within 30 days, and lawmakers like Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Cory Booker (D-N.J.) have criticized the move.

The USDA website notes that the records are still available via Freedom of Information Act requests, although those can take months or even years to process. Additionally, thousands of older records are still viewable via the Wayback Machine Internet Archive and on the blog The Memory Hole.






Netflix is addicted to fossil fuels. Take Action In Asking Them To Change !

Netflix is addicted to fossil fuels. Despite being a huge driver of internet traffic, it still hasn’t committed to 100% renewable energy use.

Netflix lags way behind other internet giants, like Google, Facebook and Apple when it comes to clean energy. With video streaming set to be 80% of all internet traffic by 2020 it’s vital for Netflix to get on board with renewables if we’re going to green the internet.

Will you join us in signing this petition calling on Netflix to go green?






Urge Zulily to stop selling clothing made from Angora – Watch the video and then sign the petition.


We just learned that Zulily sells clothing and accessories made of angora wool.

Rabbits on angora farms scream in pain and terror as their fur is ripped out.

Others are sheared while their feet are tightly tethered, and they’re inevitably wounded by the sharp cutting tools as they struggle to escape.

They endure these barbaric procedures every three months.

Please help save them from this abuse by joining us in urging Zulily to stop selling clothing, accessories, and other products made from angora wool.


Serbia: Please Give Anything You Can To Help Keep These Dogs Safe.




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Please help my 4 dogs to pay debt for accommodation for December, January and February. Needed 340 euros for all debt.

Kuci and Kiki are in kennels over 4 years, and Dona and her daughter Lela are waiting for their homes almost 2 years. It is too long, and all the time they don’t have permanent help.

Every month I have to pay 40 euros for accommodation for Kuci, Kiki and Dona and 20 euros for Lela. Also, I have to pay food, vet costs, protection…

I can not do by myself and begging you for any help. I can not put them to street after all these years. I can’t do that.

I was paying for them for a long time but now, I don’t have regular job and I am in a real trouble.



Dona and Lela



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UK / NL: We Never Shoot Them – Only With A Camera ! – Watch The Amazing Starlings ‘Murmuration’.



uk  netherlands



Enjoy watching these – known in the UK as ‘starlings murmuration’; a beautiful dance by starling birds which happens at twilight each night.


Tens and tens of thousands of birds are often involved and people are amazed and dumbfounded how all the birds know exactly in which direction to turn at any specific second.



It is not really known why the term ‘murmuration’ is used or even where it came from – but it is something that can be traced back hundreds of years regarding the bird displays.


Here in the UK it is often descibed as the best free dance routine anyone can see.  Special observation places are stationed and set up around the UK for people to venture out at dusk and witness this amazing display.


Here are a couple of videos from the UK, and one from the Netherlands.


Enjoy this amazing display put on by the birds for free for observers every evening !




Nature at its best !!









Update of new footage from Israel – watch the amazing display !




USA: Big Success In New Mexico for Project Coyote.




Dear Mark,

As I head to Rohnert Park, California this morning with several members of Project Coyote’s team to speak before the California Fish and Game Commission for protection of wolves and other wildlife from traps and night-hunting, I want to share with you New Mexico’s very favorable response to the premiere screenings of Project Coyote’s documentary film Unfair Game: Ending Wildlife Killing Contests. I also want to update you on our New Mexico coalition’s efforts to ban coyote killing contests statewide.

In early January, we showed the film and presented a panel discussion afterwards in Las Cruces, Albuquerque, and Santa Fe. Panelists included New Mexico State Senator Jeff Steinborn (sponsor of SB 268); Ray Powell, former New Mexico State Land Commissioner; Dan Flores, award-winning author of Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History; Kevin Bixby, Executive Director of Southwest Environmental Center—a coalition partner; Jessica Johnson, Chief Legislative Officer of Animal Protection New Mexico—a coalition partner; Dave Parsons, wildlife biologist and Project Coyote Science Advisory Board member; and myself.

We had a fabulous turnout in all three cities — standing room only in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. And Las Cruces is currently showing the documentary on the city’s cable television station, the Las Cruces Channel (38), for the next six weeks during the legislative session.

Because of the overwhelming interest that New Mexicans have shown in the film, we are hoping to provide additional showings in the state.

Check out our footage montage from the screenings here and watch the film trailer here. 

We’re thrilled to share that on January 30th, New Mexico Senator Senator Jeff Steinborn (D-Las Cruces) and Senator Mark Moores (R-Albuquerque) reintroduced a senate bill in the State Legislature to ban coyote killing contests. Moores and Steinborn had previously passed legislation through the State Senate in 2015.

Like that bill, the current bill, SB 268, aims to put a stop to the dozens of organized competitions held annually in New Mexico, in which participants compete for prizes for killing the most coyotes over a certain time period. Often special prizes are given for killing the largest, smallest, youngest or largest coyote. Read more here.

Statewide media coverage, combined with our multi-city film screenings, has helped to increase public awareness across New Mexico; both the Santa Fe New Mexican and the Albuquerque Journal have published favorable editorials in support of banning coyote killing contests.

Our New Mexico team is actively engaged in this coalition effort. You can read a recent article quoting Project Coyote Science Advisory Board member and Albuquerque resident Dave Parsons about these issues here, as well as a recent Op Ed titled “Coyote-killing contests in the Land of Enchantment” in the Santa Fe New Mexican by Dave and Project Coyote Ambassador Dan Flores here. And you can watch Dave speak about wildlife killing contests in this short video.

Today, in conjunction with our coalition partners, Project Coyote’s New Mexico Representative Judy Paulsen and volunteers will take part in the Sierra Club’s Lands, Water and Wildlife Lobby Day 2017 at the New Mexico State Capital Building Rotunda in Santa Fe. There, we’ll be sharing our film and message with legislators and the public. Find out more here.

We will continue to update our supporters about SB 268; please share our action alert (read here) with anyone you know who resides in New Mexico who you think would find this issue of interest.

And please accept my deepest gratitude for your support of our work to bring to light the persecution that coyotes and other predators face. Without your support, none of our campaigns to press for science-based conservation, stewardship and humane approaches to living with predators and other wildlife would be possible.

For the Wild,

Camilla H. Fox
Founder & Executive Director

(Pictured here with Dave Parsons & NM Senator Steinborn at the Las Cruces film screening of Unfair Game: Ending Wildlife Killing Contests)




USA: 21 Dead Horses Found at Horrifying Animal Death Trap – Petition for Action.


21 Dead Horses Found at Horrifying Animal Death Trap


Petition Link –

Target: Hon. Crystal Heinz, County Attorney for Trimble County, Kentucky

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the woman who allegedly neglected dozens of animals on her property, resulting in the deaths of over 20.

Twelve malnourished horses and dozens of dead animals were found on a Kentucky pasture. They reportedly had no access to food. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

“You hear about it, and you don’t think it is going to happen in your area. Then once it comes across, it is a huge shock,” stated Dan Flinkfelt of Henry County Animal Control. Investigators searched the property after two dead horses were seen from the driveway. In total, they found 21 dead horses, along with dead alpacas, goats, rabbits, and cats. The 12 surviving horses appeared malnourished.

Marlena Robinson, the owner of the property, was charged with 54 counts of animal cruelty and 43 counts of improper disposal of a dead animal. The surviving horses are slowly recovering. Sign below and demand that Robinson receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.




Dear County Attorney Heinz,

Animal Control investigators found dozens of dead animals on a Bedford pasture. The surviving horses appeared severely malnourished. We demand justice for these innocent animals.

“It’s a mess. We found more than what we thought we would find,” stated Flinkfelt. A local rescue group took custody of the 12 malnourished horses found on Robinson’s property. They also found dozens of animal corpses, which were reportedly not disposed of properly. It is unknown how long the animals were without food.

Dozens of helpless animals suffered and died due to this alleged neglect. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]




USA: Tell The USDA, Show Me The Reports – Dont Hide Animal Cruelty !


SAV Comment – No doubt access removed by the emperor to cover up for his animal abusing friends.


Jesus America – how did you ever vote a ***** like this into being President ? – Mega rich looking after mega rich and nothing else.


On Friday the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) removed tens of thousands of animal-related inspection reports, documents and enforcement actions from its public website, citing unspecified privacy issues and, strangely, a commitment to “transparency.”



We’re asking you to help us fight back—for the animals left in the dark, and for our basic rights.


Animal welfare groups such as the ASPCA, as well as journalists, pet-related businesses, state agencies and the public rely heavily on this online resource.

Why is USDA hiding the reports now?

Why make it more difficult to look into a business’s record of animal treatment?

Who benefits, besides industries that want to keep their animal abuse hidden from the public eye?


Stand with us now and sign our petition to USDA, telling it to reverse its blackout on animal welfare information.





USA: Is Emperor Trump Now Ready To Give 100 Million Acres of Pristine Arctic (Currently Protected) Back To His Rich Mates In Oil and Gas ?



We’re asking those devoted to protecting polar bears, seals and other ocean wildlife — like you — to make sure we have the resources we need every day. Please, give wildly with a monthly recurring gift. Read on to learn why we need you by our side now more than ever. — Kierán


Hi Mark,

President Trump may be about to pull off his biggest oil industry giveaway yet: revoking protections for more than 100 million acres of Arctic polar bear habitat and handing it over to Big Oil and Gas.

Allowing offshore oil and gas companies into the heart of the pristine Arctic — home to polar bears and ice seals already desperately struggling to survive — will be a disaster for wildlife and the climate. An oil spill would be impossible to clean up, and the nearest Coast Guard station is 1,000 miles away.

But Trump doesn’t care about that. He’s doing whatever it takes to open up the cash pipeline for his super-rich friends.

We’ll never let Big Oil and Gas get their hands on the Arctic. Please make a monthly gift to the Center to support our Trump Resistance Fund today. With your automatic support you’ll help build the firepower it’s going to take to protect the Arctic and its wildlife from Trump and the oil and gas industry.

No one has done more to save polar bears than the Center for Biological Diversity. We fought in court to get them protected under the Endangered Species Act and safeguarded their most critical habitat against the threats from the oil and gas industry.

We’ve fought similar fights to save other wildlife in the Arctic, including ice seals. We know how to win.

Trump has a dark vision for the Arctic. Instead of unspoiled shorelines and crisp clean air, he wants the region industrialized and polluted — existing solely for oil and gas profits. But pipelines fail, and oil spills and disaster follow the oil and gas industry wherever it goes.

President Obama did the right thing late last year by protecting 115 million acres of the Arctic from offshore drilling. With a stroke of his pen, Trump will overturn that visionary action.

We’ll fight hard to stop him. Please consider enrolling in monthly giving and we’ll mount a fierce defense of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

By giving wildly with a monthly donation, you’ll be helping the Center hire 10 new lawyers and investigators to stop the worst of Trump’s plans, from the high courts to the court of public opinion. We’re growing a movement that is millions strong and will mobilize out in the streets with a history-making wave of activism and resistance. But we need you by our side to make it happen.

Please support the Trump Resistance Fund with a monthly recurring donation today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


Please share this message with your social networks.



EU: Bee Defenders Now Head To Court.

Mark, you’ve done something truly wonderful.

Because of you, the BeeDefender Alliance will be able to help save the bees in court next week.



Thomas from the BeeDefenders has this message for you:

“Thank you for having our backs!

Your support allows us to play big when it comes to protecting the bees. With your help we can fight to keep up the partial ban of neonicotinoids and for stricter regulations at the highest European court.

Our bees and beekeepers say Thank You!!!” 

We want to give you the chance to send your own message of support to the BeeDefenders before their court battles next week.



Send your message of support to the BeeDefenders here.

Send a message

All of your messages will be hand delivered by us straight to the EU Court of Justice in Luxembourg for the start of the hearings.

We know how big these trials are, and your words of encouragement will go a long way.

Beating these pesticide giants in court won’t be easy, but your support means we’re one step closer to saving the bees.

Send your message of support to the BeeDefenders here.

Send a message

Thank you for standing up for the bees,

Wiebke, Liz and the team at SumOfUs 


p.s. After you’ve sent your message of support, you can also learn all about how you’re helping us save the bees here.



Serbia: Donations Please To Keep Dogs Happy and Safe and Fed.



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Jasna Panić



HITNO!!! oni nemaju stalnu podršku,nemaju kuma,kumu,nemaju donatora,nemaju sigurnu finansijsku pomoć svaki mesec.😦 To su mešanci,sklonjeni sa ulice,svi su veći psi od njih treba i hrana svaki mesec džak od 20kg za svakog.😦 ..ja nisam u mogućnosti da im pomognem.Njihovo ostajanje na sigurnom zavisi od vaše pomoći.Hvala onima koji jesu i unapred hvala onima koji će možda moći pomoći..

dugovi: Kuci ( 20e januar+40e februar)

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Pošto su Dona i Lela zajedno u pansionu za njih mesečno treba 60 evra za smeštaj..


Pomoć možete poslati na sledeće načine:

064/2051685 – Jasmina Panić

Dinarski racun :
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Paypal adresa:
(sa naznakom za kog psa donirate

jp3 ______________________________________

APEL !!!!!

URGENT !!! they have no ongoing support, no best man, maid of honor, no donors have a secure financial assistance each month. 😦 These are mongrels, were removed from the streets, all dogs are larger than they should be 20-33kg..for and food every month sack 20kg for each. 😦 ..I am not able to give them help. Their staying safe depends on your help. Thank you those who are, and thanks in advance to those who may be able to help ..

debts: Kuci (20e 40e January + February)

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Paypal address:
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EU: Petition – Stop Animal Testing.


We have been asked to send this important petition out to members – please support by signing, thank you – SAV.


Sign the Petition to stop testing on animals in EU countries


Animal testing is humanity shame , it’s completely unnecessary … when you sign petition , please do other step and send mail with words of protest about farms like green hill and vivisection to your  government …






Never Be Silent




What A Wonderful World ??
































Torneo del toro de Vega, en Tordesillas Valladolid.Toro:PLatanito. 14 septiembre 2010. Foto: PACMA HANDOUT/RESTRICTED TO EDITORIAL USE / NO SALES/ NO ARCHIVES






All Dog Owners – Please Note – Signs and Prevention of Alabama Rot.

How to stop Alabama Rot killing your dog, latest advice as disease spreads


There have been cases reported either side of the city in parts of the region, and there are fears it is spreading.

It follows confirmed cases reported in Cornwall, Shepton Mallet, Dorset and other areas.The disease CRGV, commonly known as Alabama Rot, is a nasty bug of unknown cause that affects all breeds of dog.

Read more and see photos of its effect at






Bird flu outbreak spreads to Belgium.

Bird flu outbreak spreads to Belgium

2017-02-04 06:05

Brussels – A highly contagious strain of bird flu that has affected poultry farmers in France and Germany has now spread to Belgium, officials said on Thursday.

The H5N8 avian virus was identified late Wednesday among birds at a home in the Dutch-speaking region of Flanders between the cities of Brussels and Ghent.

“The virus that has hit our neighbours in the past months has now reached Belgium,” said Belgian Agriculture Minister Willy Borsus.

“Professional farmers have not been affected, but we must be vigilant,” he added.

Belgium in November preventively implemented confinement measures in order to stop an epidemic during the bird migratory season.

Authorities on Thursday expanded them to include private owners of poultry and other birds.

The H5N8 strain can spread quickly in affected farms, often leading to the culling of thousands of birds.

Since October, the strain has been detected in 15 other European countries including Britain, France and Germany.

Hungary has had the highest number of outbreaks in the past three months, with 201 cases reported in farms and four in wild birds.

Read more on:    belgium  |  h5n8  |  bird flu


Some 190,000 ducks were destroyed on Saturday at six farms in the Netherlands following an avian flu outbreak, the country’s first cull in response to an epidemic sweeping northern Europe.

Outbreaks of avian flu, primarily the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain, have been reported in Denmark, Finland, Germany and Sweden over the past week.



Will the worst bird flu outbreak in US history finally make us reconsider factory farming chicken?

The outbreak has required that farmers resort to fire-extinguisher foam to kill off infected flocks. Can commercial farms protect themselves, or is US chicken farming fundamentally unsustainable?

Iowa, the hardest hit, has euthanized more than 31 million birds, including approximately 40% of the state’s 60 million laying hens, according to Randy Olson, executive director of the Iowa Poultry Association. Turkey farmers in the state, while affected to a lesser degree, also have suffered. Minnesota, the leading turkey producer, has lost nearly 9 million turkeys.



The massive challenge of disposing of these sick birds illustrates the scale of chicken farming in the US. When avian flu infects a single bird on a chicken farm, the whole population has to be destroyed in order to stop the spread. In Iowa, for example, where an egg farm holds anywhere from 70,000 to 5 million birds, infection means slaughtering an unimaginable number of animals.

…. Meanwhile for turkeys and broiler chickens, which are floor-reared (ie not kept in cages), the use of water-based foam similar to that used by firefighters is the most effective way to euthanize a large flock in a short period of time, says Beth Carlson, North Dakota’s deputy state veterinarian.

Approved for use by the USDA in 2006, the water-based foam suffocates the birds, which are typically herded into an enclosed area of the barn so that the foam can be deployed more quickly.

…. Not all agree that using foam is humane. “We could do better,” says Michael Blackwell, chief veterinary officer at The Humane Society of the United States, who likens death by foam to “cuffing a person’s mouth and nose, during which time you are very much aware that your breathing has been precluded”.



…. Based on the size of the flock and local conditions, the dead birds are composted on-site (either indoors or outdoors), composted off-site, buried, moved to landfills or incinerated. Composting – in which dead birds are laid in rows, mixed with a bulking agent such as wood chips or saw dust and then left for approximately 30 days – is the preferred method of disposal, Benson says, because the virus is killed by the heat produced as the birds decompose. The problem with landfills, according to Benson, is that the virus might contaminate the soil or groundwater.


….  Commercial poultry farms, on the other hand, “are designed like a disease incubator”, thanks to dark, moist and crowded conditions.


….  When a bird is bred so that all its energy goes to the production of meat or eggs, “something has to give”, says the ASPCA’s McMillan. “The science indicates that a bird’s immunity goes down.”


….  It’s the system that is at fault, according to McMillan. “We are forcing birds to live in unbalanced ways, both physically and genetically,” she says. Commercial poultry flocks “are bred to suffer. We force them to live a life of misery, and from that perspective, they are going to be more prone to contracting and spreading disease. These are not healthy, balanced animals.”





USA:   Stop Company From Sawing Through Live Lambs’ Throats – Petition.



Stop Company From Sawing Through Live Lambs’ Throats


Target: Dr. Yudhbir Sharma, District Manager of Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) in California.



Goal: Launch full investigation into allegations of animal cruelty and violations of food labeling standards against lamb meat producer.

Animal rights group Compassion Over Killing has released horrific undercover footage showing what appears to be cruel treatment of animals at a meat plant owned by Superior Farms, the United States’ leading producer of lamb meat.

Footage shows lambs having their throats brutally sawed at with a knife in repeated strokes, in apparent violation of the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.

Many of these innocent animals were seen still moving and trying to breathe, even after their throats had been cut. Almost as worrisome was the revelation of potential health code violations.

According to investigators, workers were documented removing “best by” and “packed on” date labels from finished products and replacing them with labels with later dates more than a dozen times, essentially lying to consumers about the freshness of their products. The slaughterhouse has denied these claims and asserts the labels were simply wrong.

The FSIS department of the USDA must do its job to ensure that Superior Farms is abiding by animal welfare and labeling standards. Demand that they launch a full investigation of Superior Farms and penalize them as necessary if found guilty of these alleged violations.


Lets see what Emperor Trump does about this – the USDA has closed down a lot of its website (see earlier post) so that animal abusers cannot be tracked




Dear Dr. Sharma,

A video from an undercover investigation shows workers at a California meat plant owned by Superior Farms brutally slaughtering lambs in methods that apparently violate the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. The video also shows workers changing dates of “best by” labels on finished products, apparently deceiving their consumers about the freshness and quality of their meat.

I ask that the FSIS launch a full investigation of Superior Farms and punish them harshly if these allegations are found to be true.


[Your Name Here]



Take action and support the petition:




USA: Emperor Trump Removes Animal Welfare Reports From USDA Website — Now Welfare Cannot Be Checked.




USDA removes animal welfare reports from its website – StarTribune ……from…/412715773…

9 hours ago – The Agriculture Department has removed animal welfare inspection reports, enforcement records and other information about the treatment of animals from its website, … In place of the online database is a new message from the … actions to remove documents” related to the Animal Welfare Act and the …

Missing: adm

USDA blacks out animal welfare information | Science | AAAS…/trump-administration-blacks-out-animal-welfare…

7 hours ago – Records have in the past led to the shutdown of subpar research facilities. … The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today removed public access to tens of … animals are being treated humanely under the Animal Welfare Act. Henceforth, those wanting access … Mexican scientists feel the Trump effect.

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The Trump Effect: USDA Scrubs Animal Welfare Reports from Its …

3 hours ago – This includes animal welfare inspections and records about the … However, the reports already remove the locations of facilities and other sensitive information … And while the animal welfare act specifically excludes farmed …

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That orange, cheeto-dusted nightmare in the White House is not only going to get us into a war, but he is going to be bad for animals as well. Friday, February 3rd, 2017




Today, without warning, the Trump administration ordered that the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service immediately take offline thousands and thousands of records related to Animal Welfare Act-related entities, including research facilities that experiment on dogs and cats.

This database contained inspection reports that allowed the public to see a host of law enforcement records related to the Animal Welfare Act. These records included inspection reports from facilities who were violating the law, annual reports that allowed the public to know what laboratories are experimenting on animals, how many animals are used for research, and other related information. Now the public will have not even any basic statistical information going forward regarding animal use in the United States. The rule also affects other regulated entities, including puppy mills, circuses, and zoos. This new rule from the Trump administration allows those who break the law to evade public scrutiny.

This move makes it IMPOSSIBLE to find out where animals are located, their treatment and any violations, essentially giving carte blanche to anyone to hide animal violations, and violate animal welfare laws, among other things.

Because this information will now be hidden, it also makes it impossible for us to take action against facilities abusing animals, or even reach out to facilities using animals to offer assistance in placing beagles in loving homes.

BFP is looking at legal options to force the Trump administration to reverse course on this decision that destroys transparency.

Please help by contacting your members of Congress here and urging them to change this rule. We need more transparency surrounding animal research, not less.


This move will not go un-noticed.

Animals in laboratories will NOT BE HIDDEN.

Just as has been our mission for the Past 6 years,

Animals in labs will be SEEN,

Animals in labs will be HEARD, and

Animals in labs will be FREED!


Tibet: From ‘Free Tibet’ London – Tibet remains the second least free place in the world.




From ‘Free Tibet’ – London:

Tibet remains the second least free place in the world in Freedom House’s annual survey.

Freedom House, the influential American human rights and democracy organisation, published its annual Freedom in the World report (PDF) today. The report assesses political freedom in countries and territories across the world and gives a damning assessment of political rights and civil liberties in occupied Tibet.

Tibet was classified overall as being ‘Not free’. Using a scale from 1 to 7 (with 1 being most free and 7 being least free) Tibet was rated a 7 for both political rights and civil liberties.

Only 13 countries and territories received this lowest possible grade, including North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.




Tibetan musician freed after four years in jail


Free Tibet had previously pushed for the release of Amchok Phuljung as part of its Jailed Musicians campaign


Amchok Phuljung, a Tibetan musician who sang about the Dalai Lama, has been freed after serving four years in prison.

Despite official warnings, the Tibetan musician’s family staged a grand welcome for his return home and several videos and pictures circulating on social media show him being adorned with ceremonial scarves. Fellow musicians are seen in the clips celebrating Phuljung’s return while renowned Tibetan poet Nyen is also seen welcoming him home.


Read more –


Latest Tibet activist news  








Canada: Animal Cruelty Will Continue Under Proposed Transport Regulations.





Animal Cruelty Will Continue Under Proposed Transport Regulations.


Read lots more:


SAV Comment – so it is not only the EU that is useless at enforcing its own ‘Regulations’ !






Heartbreaking photos reveal suffering of Mosul zoo animals including a lion and a bear left to starve to death by ISIS


Photos – Reuters.



Heartbreaking photos reveal suffering of Mosul zoo animals including a lion and a bear left to starve to death by ISIS


These shocking photos reveal the suffering of Mosul zoo animals after they were left to starve to death by cruel ISIS thugs.

An emaciated lioness was found cowering in a squalid cage and lying on exposed cables at Al-Murur public park after the area was liberated from the terror group.

Another heartbreaking image shows a bear looking mournfully through the rusting bars of its enclosure.




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SaveKoreanDogs need your partnership to save the Korean dogs.



SaveKoreanDogs need your partnership to save the Korean dogs.

SaveKoreanDogs need your generosity to continue their important work of closing down dog farms and caring for the dogs rescued from South Korea’s dog meat industry. Donations have been very low and they are having difficulty paying for the running costs of their 3 shelters – home to 400 dogs rescued from the dog farms they managed to close down. They have just had a successful press conference which was the culmination of a campaign they have been working on over the past few months, which urged the Korean Government to pass the proposed amendment by the National Assemblyman Changwon Pyo for stronger Animal Protection Law. They are planning to launch another press campaign, in around October this year, to put pressure on the new Government, following the election of South Korea’s new President.



SaveKoreanDogs has many plans for 2017, which include:

An education program for senior citizens, to teach them about companion animals;

Hiring of additional staff to manage the shelters and provide better care for the dogs in their sanctuaries;

Hiring undercover agents to crack down dog farms and slaughterhouses;

Working on the Government level to bring about legislation that protects companion animals and to end the dog meat trade.

All of these plans cannot be realized and the good works accomplished without your generous support. So please donate whatever you can afford today – however small. Every penny makes a difference and saves the lives of these animals. Thank you for caring!

 SaveKoreanDogs is a registered nonprofit charity in South Korea.



Speak out against the Notorious Gimpo’s “Dog Valley”!

“We found dog valley in Gimpo yesterday. Has an awful feeling being in the saddle of a mountain with about 10 dog farms all in the same small area, most with tall steel fences so you cannot see in, and everyone watching you as you drive in and out.  Very odd feeling.” – A source in Korea.

Gimpo, Korea is one of the worst violators of animal protection laws in South Korea with countless dog farms terrorizing and brutalizing the helpless dogs while their government has turned a blind eye. We currently have two Sister City Campaigns targeting Gimpo. Please click below to take action on these campaigns TODAY! Updated Sister City Campaign – Gimpo, South Korea Sister City Campaign – Gimpo, South Korea – Liberty County, Georgia

Call for Action >>

Sign Petitions >>




HSBC Boss Tells The World They Are Protecting Forests – Action: Mail Him and Tell Him He Is Wrong !



Hi Mark,

Wow – the boss of HSBC was just grilled about forest destruction in front of CEOs and Prime Ministers.[1] He knows that thousands of people like you have seen the footage and spoken up – yet he had the cheek to tell an audience that HSBC is properly protecting forests. It’s time to tell him that we know the truth – with thousands and thousands of emails in his inbox.


He’ll be hoping that this campaign – and his embarrassing public grilling at the biggest economic meeting in the calendar – has gone unnoticed. So let’s prove the exact opposite.

Can you send the boss of HSBC an email right now to prove the world is watching – and demanding he protects forests?




The fact that the head of HSBC was quizzed in front of world leaders shows just how much pressure we’re piling on the bank together – a mere week after we started campaigning.


To make matters worse for HSBC, our campaign has unleashed a storm of media articles in Europe, Australia and Asia shaming one of the world’s biggest banks with just the kind of publicity it didn’t want. The pressure is building – so there’s no way we can give HSBC a break now.

The boss of HSBC told the audience last week that the bank is “a potential force for good.” But we know there’s nothing good about pumping hundreds of millions into palm oil companies destroying forests.[2] Don’t let the boss of a billion dollar bank get away with weasel words – please send HSBC an email calling on it to stop funding forest destruction.


Thanks for taking a stand,

Max, Jonathan, Bev, James and the whole team at Greenpeace Australia Pacific

[1] Stuart Gulliver, HSBC CEO, was quizzed at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week. He was on a panel with Al Gore and the Prime Minister of Norway. You can watch the relevant section of the footage here:
[2] Here’s the full Greenpeace report on HSBC and other banks involvement in forest
destruction for palm oil: 




England: Remembering Jill – Killed By Live Animal Exporters – 1/2/95.


Remembering Jill who died today in 1995 whilst trying to stop live calves from being exported from the UK.






See Jill’s film (4 Parts) – Note that this film is now several years old, and many issues have changed; some for the better, some are still as they were and some, well, have possibly declined even more !

But a small insight into the ways of the British animal rights activist.


Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

Part 4 –



UK: Drinks Giant Coca Cola Is Lobbying AGAINST Bottle Deposit Return Scemes – Are They Happy to Pollute and Kill Wildlife ?

Hi Mark,

Action – Petition link –{{promocode}}

EXPOSED: An investigation has just uncovered that drinks giant Coca Cola is lobbying against deposit return schemes in the UK. [1]

In the UK alone we use 35 million plastic bottles every day and as many as 16 million of these go un-recycled – ending up on our beaches, in landfill and in our oceans.

Please sign to show your support for bottle deposit return schemes:


Sign the petition

Deposit return schemes are not a new idea, but they can take us a step closer to tackling the unprecedented problem of ocean plastic pollution. The concept is simple – when you buy a bottled drink you pay a little bit extra, and when you return the bottle, you get your money back. The more bottles returned, the more can be reused or recycled – reducing the amount that end up polluting our oceans.



Sign the petition

Similar schemes in other countries have been shown to boost the amount of bottles that are collected to a whopping 98% – so we know they can have a huge impact. Plastic is killing our oceans

please sign the petition to show your support and help fight back against plastic pollution:



Sign the petition

Thanks so much for all you do, Alice






England: New Report On Live Animal Transport Shows The EU and UK Authorities Are Failing In Their Obligations To ‘Protect’ Animals During Transport.

euun0001  u-flag


Please find above a link to a new report by CIWF that shows that there is very little enforcement of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the so called ‘protection of animals during transport’ by UK and thus EU authorities (UK is currently a member state of the EU – so it all fails !).

It’s powerful stuff, copy send it and invite publication anywhere you think it will do good.  We are starting with Mr Van Goethem at the EU; as we have said so many times; the EU talk of regulations; but in reality, such as with EU animal exports to Turkey; the likes of Mr Van Goethem show no inclination to do anything about animal suffering which is recorded and documented by welfare groups who are on the road; and not stuck in cosy EU offices like Mr Van Goethem.

This report makes it clear that UK authorities are not doing enough to enforce the regulation; as with the EU authorities who just don’t give a damn about any of it; which begs the question ‘why do they exist ?’ – could we not direct our EU financial contributions into an effective force rather than to departments who have people like Mr Van Goethem – those who do nothing.

Please share this post and report to whoever yopu consider may find it useful.

Until the EU takes REAL action rather than just spouting its utterly useless mouth off about ‘EU Regulations’, we will continue to show them up for what they are – a waste !

It could be argued one of the reasons why today, 1/2/17, the UK parliament will be voting to start the implementation of triggering Article 50 to LEAVE the EU.  A nation of people fed up with EU weasel words which mean nothing in reality.

Here for example is what we mean – watch the videos of evidence and then question why the EU and Mr Van Goethem say that they cannot do anything.  They are a disgrace !

We have sent the above to Mr Van Goethem at the EU – here is confirmation that it has been rec’d:

Your message

   To: VAN GOETHEM Bernard (SANTE)

Subject: More Evidence for you to do yet more ‘nothing’ about !!
Sent: 01 February 2017 13:13:58 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

 was read on 01 February 2017 14:14:00 (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris.



USA: Trump Moves Ahead With His Wall; and Damn The People and Wildlife Who Are Affected.



Hi Mark;

Donald Trump is pushing ahead with his cruel border wall.

Not only will it perpetuate human suffering and harm border communities but it will become an impenetrable barrier for wildlife, forever walling off Mexican gray wolves, ocelots and jaguars from their families on the other side.

It’s a perfect emblem of Trump’s America — divisive, ugly, harmful to people and wildlife, and ruinous for our stunning landscapes.

With your contribution to the Trump Resistance Fund today, we’ll fight to stop the wall and protect our magnificent borderlands and migrating wildlife. The United States-Mexico border region is a breathtaking mix of lush deserts and wild landscapes including national wildlife refuges, monuments and national forests.

It’s the only place in the world where jaguars and black bears live side by side. More than 100 animal species will be threatened by Trump’s border wall, including ocelots, Sonoran pronghorn and coatimundi — a raccoon-like omnivore.

Imagine what the wall will do. The two male jaguars currently roaming the Southwest will probably never be able to find a mate because all other jaguars in Mexico will be blocked from moving north and re-establishing populations. Mexican gray wolves in Arizona will be cut off from the vital habitats they need to grow their genetically impoverished numbers. The dwindling population of less than 50 ocelots in Texas will be cut off forever, doomed to gradual inbreeding and extinction.

Fight the wall with a donation to the Trump Resistance Fund today.

We’re in for a massive fight. Trump knows that the wall is a centerpiece of his appeal to his extremist supporters, and he’ll use the full power of the federal government to try and ram it through regardless of the harm it would do to border communities and wildlife. We need to stop him before the fragile environments of the borderlands are destroyed forever. The Center is hiring 10 new lawyers and investigators to stop the worst of Trump’s plans, including the border wall.

We also need to mobilize out in the streets and will be hiring more activists. But we need you by our side to make this happen.

Please make a gift to the Trump Resistance Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling

Executive Director

Center for Biological Diversity @KieranSuckling

P.S. Help sustain the fight over the coming weeks and months by giving automatically. Give wildly and become a monthly supporter today. Please share this message with your social networks.








Indoneasia: Bears in Hellhole Zoo Filmed Begging for Food, Eating Feces.




Bears in Hellhole Zoo Filmed Begging for Food, Eating Feces

Written by Danny Prater | January 19, 2017




Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo is again under fire after shocking video footage allegedly captured inside the facility surfaced showing underweight captive sun bears—their ribs protruding—begging tourists for food. Monitored for months, hungry bears forced to live in the same exhibit have even been filmed eating their own feces, possibly because of a lack of proper sustenance.


Bandung Zoo has a long, sordid history of animal abuse, and hundreds of the animals it imprisons are known to suffer from physical and mental health problems. Last year, Yani, a neglected Sumatran elephant, died at the zoo after she was left lying on the hard ground without veterinary care for more than a week.


The Indonesian government must stop turning a blind eye and shut down this hellhole. PETA urges everyone who opposes cruelty to stay well away from facilities that rob animals of meaningful lives and lock them up, condemning them to despair for the sake of an archaic and inhumane form of entertainment.

Take a Stand for Exploited Animals

Whether you’re at home or on a trip to the other side of the world, it’s important—and possible—to make compassionate, conscientious choices to prevent animal suffering. Did you know that an estimated half-million exotic animals are enslaved worldwide in the tourism industry? From selfies with tigers to elephant rides, these activities may be hurting living beings more than you know. If you’re planning a vacation to Indonesia (or any other country), make sure that the activities you participate in don’t involve captive wild animals.

Vote with your feet. Stay away from all tawdry, run-down roadside attractions that profit from the misery of animals. Just like the underweight sun bears seen in the video above, bears kept right here in the United States are locked in barren concrete pits and forced to beg tourists for food.


Take Action: Help Close ‘Zoo of Death’ in Indonesia





India:    Some more superb animal rescues by the team at Animal Aid Unlimited.




 Some more superb animal rescues by the team at Animal Aid Unlimited:

We are thrilled to share these new inspirations with you. Thank you for the strength you give us. We feel so lucky to have YOU on our Rescue Team.



A dog turned rock-solid in a tar drum 

The metal drum of tar had almost become a tomb for a beautiful street dog. Encased by tar as hard as rock, she couldn’t move a muscle except to blink, and her eyes were filled with terror. She was so firmly stuck in the drum that after removing the top with a metal cutter, we had to bring the entire drum in the ambulance back to Animal Aid’s shelter. Her raging thirst made us realize she must have been stuck for several days, head first in the drum with the heat of the sun excruciating as the black drum became hotter and hotter. We named her Asha, which means hope in Hindi. Watch the girl who wouldn’t give up despite terrible odds…

Watch Asha’s rescue and incredible relief.


Please give a donation to support the rescue teams if you are able:




Newborn calf still wet with afterbirth rescued–Meet this little sweetheart named Dil…

Only minutes old and still wet with afterbirth, we were called to rescue a newborn male calf who had been dumped on the road to die by a dairy farmer. The farmer had dumped him because he wanted to make sure not a rupee’s worth of the mother’s milk would be “wasted” on her baby. Male calves born into dairy farms around the world are separated from their mothers just like this.

The little boy was terrified and curled up in a ball when we found him. We scooped him up and rushed him back to Animal Aid’s shelter and immediately started bottle feeding him the milk he so desperately needed. We named this precious angel Dil which means “heart” in Hindi, and his nature truly is full of love. The depth of sorrow you are going to feel when you see him so alone and fragile on the side of the road, might just be out-done by the joy of seeing Dil growing up. Watch his first time coming out of the baby pen and meeting the Big Boys of our sanctuary. Dil can’t quite believe his eyes–or his feet. They truly do seem to have wings. Not surprising–he is an angel.

Someone dumped a newborn angel. But he has a home now! Meet Animal Aid’s newest baby.



10 animal rescues that will restore your faith in humanity

“I’m not alone!” It’s not just what the desperate animal feels, but what the rescuers feel too when so many wonderful people rush in to help. These 10 thrilling rescues capture the beautiful and repeated moments when the best of a community rises up and shines like a galaxy of goodness — for no reason other than to respond to the cries of someone vulnerable, someone frightened, someone trapped in horror. Humanity CAN be good. We can be GREAT. Just watch!

Watch 10 rescues of animals who had given up hope.



Please give a donation to support the rescue teams if you are able:


With our deepest thanks for your generous help,

Erika, Claire and Jim,

Animal Aid Unlimited’s Founding Family



Free Tibet London – Take action for Tashi Wangchuk. London Demo Friday 27th Jan 17.



Take action for Tashi Wangchuk


Write to your embassy about imprisoned language advocate


The Tibetan language advocate Tashi Wangchuk could face trial at any time following the conclusion of a second investigation into his case this month. If found guilty he faces up to 15 years in jail.

Tashi Wangchuk has been in detention since January 2016 and has been charged with “inciting separatism”. China has provided no evidence that he has committed any crime.

He has had little access to family and his lawyers have only been able to visit him twice. There is a high risk of him facing a trial that is neither fair nor transparent.

We continue to push for Tashi Wangchuk’s release, but it is also vital that if he does go to trial, international observers are there. Call on your embassy in China to urgently raise Tashi Wangchuk’s case with the authorities, and to send observers to any trial that he faces.




demo2  demo2  demo2  demo2

Join us tomorrow to support Tashi Wangchuk

This Friday 27 January marks one year since Tashi Wangchuk was arrested. Free Tibet will join with other UK-based Tibet organisations at the Chinese embassy in London to call for his release

The demonstration will take place between 6pm and 8pm, outside the Chinese Embassy, at 49-51 Portland Place, London W1B 1JL. Free Tibet will be there, along with Students for a Free Tibet, Tibetan Community UK and Tibet Society.

Further details of the event are available here.



Send a message in support –



Tashi Wangchuk has spent a year in detention and now faces up to 15 years in prison.

His arrest in 2016 followed his peaceful campaign to encourage China’s authorities to ensure that the Tibetan language is taught throughout Tibet. He has not committed any crime and China’s constitution guarantees Tibetans the right to use and develop their own languages.

After the completion of a second investigation into his case, the way is now clear for him to stand trial on charges of “attempting to split the Chinese state”. Tibetans detained for such state security crimes are often tried in secret under conditions that do not meet international standards of fairness or transparency. China must be put under international pressure to ensure that Tashi Wangchuk receives a fair trial, and that if there is no evidence against him, that he is immediately released from detention.

Please fill in your details below and the email will be sent directly to the United Kingdom’s Embassy in China. You can also amend the title and text of the email, to write a message in your own words.

You can find out more about Tashi Wangchuk’s case here.

Free Tibet – London –  website –  


Latest News –  





Hold Back Your Tears ! – Adorable Little Girl Gets A New Kitten And Cries Tears Of Joy.


Adorable little girl meets kitten for the first time and cries tears of pure joy!! – Marley & Ella

A nine-year-old girl cried tears of joy when she came home from a friend’s house one day and found a tiny black kitten in her bedroom.

All this happened last summer when Marley’s mother, Nikki, brought home a black kitten that was found under her friend’s porch with her sibling. It was believed that their mother had been killed on the road. The little black kitty was a mini version of Marley’s best friend Simon the cat, who sadly had passed away the year before.

“Marley’s a big animal lover. She’s always putting her change in the donation cans at the pet supply store, and we already have two dogs, two cats and a guinea pig in our family,” explained Nikki. “Our elderly black cat Simon had passed away the year before and she’d been asking for a kitten since.”




EU: First Stage Passed For Better EU Rabbit Farming – But Will The New ‘Platform for Animal Welfare’ Listen To The EU Citizens; Or The Rabbit Farmers ?



All photos – CIWF.


Relating to our recent posts on this issue:


SAV Comment – Lets have so glimmer of faith in the new band of experts which has been formed under the EU ‘Platform For Animal Welfare’ as we describe in the following post.  This is the first real and very important test to actually see if the EU IS LISTENING to its citizens; or once again, even with the new reports and facts and figures, are we going to be ignored ? – We are watching very closely.


UPDATE on Campaign – 25/1/17.

From CIWF (England)


Today (25th January), Members of the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee have voted in favour of a report that may pave the way for the protection and improvement of the welfare of Europe’s 320 million* farmed rabbits. 

A key opportunity to improve rabbit welfare

Currently, over 99% of rabbits farmed for meat in the EU spend their lives confined in tiny, barren cages, unable to express their natural behaviours. This vote is the closest we have come to securing new legislation for Europe’s farmed animals in over a decade.

Unfortunately, the amendment that includes legislation did not pass at this stage. However, we will continue to push for species-specific legislation in the Plenary session in a few weeks.



We have been working hard for many years to improve the welfare of rabbits farmed for meat across the EU. In 2012 and 2014, we exposed their terrible plight through undercover investigations and achieved mass media coverage of both investigations, helping to raise awareness of this cruel trade.

Last May we presented our 600,000 signature-strong petition to Europe’s Agriculture Ministers, calling for an end to the farming of rabbits in cages and recently asked children throughout the EU to send in rabbit drawings of how they believe rabbits should be kept. We delivered these drawings to MEPs, ahead of today, urging them to vote in favour the report. We are pleased that many MEPs have listened and taken action on a number of the amendments that will improve farmed rabbits’ welfare.

Emma Slawinski, our Director of Campaigns, says: “Today we have overcome the first hurdle on the path to ensuring higher welfare conditions for rabbits.

“It is encouraging that the majority of MEPs voted in favour of the report presented by MEP Stefan Eck (GUE), recognising the need to move away from the obsolete cage system for rabbits – bringing rabbit farming into the 21st century.”

Ending the cage age for Europe’s rabbits

Following today’s Committee vote, the report – which is backed by many scientists – will be voted on in the Plenary session of the European Parliament in a few weeks.

It is essential that MEPs vote in favour of the report – proving that they do listen to the calls of citizens, and not special interest groups that wish to maintain existing cruel standards for rabbits. We remain hopeful that they will vote for an amendment in favour of the introduction of legislation to improve welfare for rabbits.

Our CEO, Philip Lymbery says: “This is a major step forward for the rabbits of Europe and has brought farmed rabbits to the forefront of the public and political agenda.”

*Estimated FAOSTAT figures for 2010-13


Reproduced from




South Africa: Farmed For Their Bones. Please Take Action Now !




Dear Mark — Founder ‘Serbian Animals Voice’,

On lion farms across South Africa, lions are bred to be killed and exploited.

The cubs are used in a tourist trade of “eco-petting” and “lion walks” to support these breeding centers. When the cubs outgrow their “cute and cuddly” stage, they’re killed — either in “canned” hunts for trophies or for their hides and bones.

South African officials want to provide a stamp of approval by issuing an export quota for 800 lion skeletons every year.



Please urge them to stop this.

The crushed up bones of various big cats are in high demand in Asia, where they are used to make tonics such as “tiger wine.” Consumers mistakenly believe this cures pain and disease, or works as an aphrodisiac, but no scientific evidence supports these claims.


The lions caught up in this cruel industry never experience being lions. They’re confined behind fences, in tiny camps often in completely abnormal social groups, for their entire lives. They’re often malnourished and forced to live in small spaces littered with their own waste.

Not a single captive-bred lion has ever been successfully released into the wild. These poor animals are then shot and killed for profit. You only have a short amount of time to act. 



Please call on the South African government to shut down this appalling exploitation by not allowing any lion skeleton or bone exports!

Thank you for caring about animals.

Sincerely, Andrew Rowan

President and CEO Humane Society International.