Romania: Neanderthals in horse markets


Peport of PETA

Every weekend in Romania local markets take place, where horses are shown and sold with punches, brute force and brutality. Frequently, these horses are then stretched before carriages after their sale and must work hard until the end of their forces for humans.


In addition, the largest horse dealers in some communities once a year organize large, nationwide well-known markets selling hundreds of horses.
Since there are usually no official controls on these markets, extreme brutality and cruelty prevail there.
Raw violence is used to demonstrate the strength of the animals and thus to achieve the highest possible profit by selling the horses. In order to prove the strength of the horses, various cruel methods are used.



Almost every horse has thick welts or open wounds on the body. Whipping hunts, straining against tree trunks, boulders or carriages with their brakes on or tied wheels, some animals simply collapse.

To gather evidence against the traders and markets, we had to document the suffering of the animals.



Again and again the horses were beaten with whips. The men roared at the horses, who were trying hard to take a step forward. The sharp, rusty pieces pulled on the pines of the animals. With mouth wide open and puffy nostrils, they tried to move forward.

Some fell, but the whip forced them to get up and pull harder.

Teenagers and men waited around the cruel spectacle until it was their turn to whip the horses. Some sat on the tree trunks to further increase the draw weight.

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My comment: There are many such countries, such as Romania, in the EU, who dreamed of big money when they joined the EU.
They were given subsidies; actually, to adapt their laws and facilities for farm animals to EU “standards”, among others.

But the EU does not control any of its colonies; it claims that animal welfare is a national matter. And in practice also a paper thing!

And that is why the “stone age sadism” of many countries continues to flourish, as in the present case of Romania, which is not a symptom of the poor economy of the country, but a cultural disease of the people, which also with economic aid (subsidies) rather worse than cured would have been..

To the question … “and why may such countries stay in the EU” … we can simply answer:
Because almost every EU country has a big or small cultural defect.

-Germany is the worst country in Europe in Chapter “Animal Experiments”!

-Spain has demonstrably the worst entertainment industry in Europe with the bloody bullfighting.

-Denmark with its archipelago Faroe Islands, brutally slaughters a thousand whales, which is also considered a masculinity demonstration.

The list is long and the perpetrators are all member- servants of an oligarchy, the EU, which owes its existence just to such cultural defects.

The prevailing morality towards animals is, throughout Europe, a Neanderthal morality.

My best regards to all, Venus


Slovakia: bans the fur hells!


“Humanity is also about our relationship with animals.” (Zuzana Caputová)


It is fixed! Slovakia bans fur farms! Animal rights activists cheer!

Since yesterday it is clear: Slovakia becomes the fifteenth country in Europe with a fur farm ban. After a mere seven-month campaign by the animal rights organization Humánny pokrok (human progress), yesterday was the day.



The Slovakian Parliament adopted an application for a ban on fur farming with an overwhelming majority of 117 out of 150 votes. With the blessing (signature) of President Zuzana Caputová, the ban on fur in Slovakia is now fixed.

A total of 76,000 people have signed a petition for a fur farm ban in Slovakia. According to surveys, 68 percent of the population supported such a ban.

From 2021 no new fur farms may be built, from 2025 the last fur farm has to close.

Fur farms hell on earth for animals

At the moment, there is a mink farm in Slovakia that has 5000 animals killed each year and eight rabbit farms, as informed by the association against animal factories. The animal welfare organization had launched an anti-fur farm campaign months ago and published pictures and videos from mink farms, among other things.


The images show sick minks with open wounds that live in barren, dirty, tiny lattice cages exposed to the weather. Since there are no animal welfare standards in fur farms, the animals are at the mercy of the owners. For mink and rabbit hell on earth.

It was the Association against animal factories (VgT), which at that time was instrumental in the ban on fur farming in Austria.

Already since 1998 the keeping of fur animals for fur production in Austria was forbidden according to § 25 Abs 5 animal protection law.

However, the ban on fur in Austria had an impact on neighboring countries, such as the Czech Republic or even Slovakia. Austrian fur farm operators switched to these and continued to produce there.

To prevent such a shift in the future, it would need a fur sales ban as in California.

Only a week ago, the governor of California, the fifth largest economy in the world, signed a bill banning the sale and production of new fur items from 2023 onwards. In addition, trap trapping for fur is prohibited in the future.


“It is a great victory for animals and a sign that the Slovak society is making progress and tens of thousands of people are ready to work for the animals and their protection.
Slovakia has taken a big step forward today and we hope that this is the beginning of a new, better future for animals in our country. “
(Martin Smrek, President of Humánny Pokrok)


“It is a good sign to make animal welfare a political issue in Slovakia, and we hope that we can also address other issues of animal cruelty.”
Frederika Fratričová, campaigner at Humánny Pokrok

My comment: Thank you Slovakia 👍
Another country that prohibits fur farms.

Unfortunately, the transition period for existing farms lasts until 2025! Nevertheless, it is a success that will hopefully be joined by many more countries.

Other countries that are currently considering legislation to end fur farming are Ireland and Bulgaria. We wish soon, very soon, a similar ban from these, or best, from ALL  countries!

My best regards to all, Venus


If the ocean dies, we die too!


The big business in the oceans



For millions of years, whales have been busy regulating CO2 emissions in the most unlikely way, called a “whale pump”. The blue whale, for example, consumes tons of krill every day and excretes tons of droppings every day.



Like a pump, the whales dive up and down and excrete nutrients.
The walkot is rich in iron. These daily excretions are called “flaky fecal clouds”. These fecal clouds provide phytoplankton with hundreds of thousands of tons of nutrients each year to form plankton blooms.

These plankton blooms not only produce 80% of the oxygen for our planet but also degrade carbon.

Whales are also huge carbon stores and when they die they take the carbon to the bottom of the ocean.

Each species has a role in the ecosystem in which it lives, and even the smallest things can have a big impact.



One fifth of the coral is dead. Five huge plastic rugs swim on the oceans. The largest is bigger than Germany. The oceans are the source of all life on earth.

Around 70% of our planet is covered in seas and oceans: big, full of life and mysterious. They are food source, transport route, oxygen producer and much more.

But the sea is in danger: overfishing, plastic waste, overacidification, species extinction. We need to better understand life in the sea and deal with it more sustainably. Because our life is closely connected to the sea. When it’s sick, we can not stay healthy.

My comment:Each species has a role in the ecosystem in which it lives, and even the smallest things can have a big impact”.

All species play actually a role in the ecosystem, only the human species has no task.
We do not belong to nature, we disturb the lives of other non human species, and yet we are so profit-oriented and stupid that we do not realize we are sawing off the branch we are sitting on.

It also has a big impact, but a negative and destructive one for all species, natur, environment.

The more enjoyable and constructive is this video, which teaches us that we can save animals in everyday life, if we keep awake our eyes and our courage for the needy beings.

Even seals died painfully from plastic waste, but these seals were lucky, because there are people who save them ❤💙


Be active, watchful, in solidarity with the weaker ones!

My best regards to all, Venus


Emilia Romagna: torture, sadism, extermination in chicken farm


An investigator of Essere Animali has worked undercover in several farms owned by a large farm in Emilia Romagna and, with a hidden camera, has filmed brutal mistreatment of animals and evidence of ongoing food fraud.

The farm, against which we have filed a complaint, supplies well-known brands of eggs that are commonly found in supermarkets.


To be dramatic, however, are not only the images of the violence of the operators, but also the scenes that show thousands of hens locked up in sheds without the possibility of ever seeing grass and sunlight.

We show you what our investigator saw through two videos, one that documents the “ground” breeding and another, which you find by scrolling the page, the “caged” page.



From these two types of farming, permitted by law and widespread in Italy, almost all of the eggs we eat come directly or in ready-made products such as pasta and desserts.

This does not mean that we are part of the problem, but on the contrary, we can be the solution, opting for conscious food choices!


During loading and transport, the hens are thrown, kicked and thrown into the cages. Several times they suffer these brutalities, when they are moved, for logistic reasons, from one shed to another and when they are sent, still very young, to the slaughterhouse.


Many hens do not resist abuse and intensive farming conditions, they get sick but are not treated. They die of starvation inside the shed or are brutally killed by the staff.


The law allows nine chickens to be raised to one square meter and mutilate the tip of the snake to prevent them from killing each other. In these conditions, however, they suffer from plumophagia, a disease that leads them to tear their feathers at themselves or their companions.



A farm worker is filmed while claiming that mice eat eggs for human consumption and nest where they are harvested before being sold to consumers.

The investigator of Essere Animali also worked under cover in a shed on the same farm where the hens are locked up in a cage.

With the hidden camera he filmed further maltreatment of the operators against the animals and documented the most common type of breeding in our country.

More than half of the eggs produced in Italy come from hens in cages, where they spend their entire lives without even being able to spread their wings.


By law, farm personnel should ensure the welfare of the animals so as not to cause them unnecessary pain or injury. The hens should be carefully taken for the legs and the chest, but in this breeding they are brutally grasped and thrown into the cages. A treatment that can cause injury, bone fractures and even death.


After a hasty diagnosis, wounded hens are still thrown alive in mounds of corpses or beaten to death.

The law allows the emergency slaughter of a sick animal, but must be carried out by people with adequate training, so as not to cause avoidable suffering to the animals.

The images obtained with a hidden camera show hens dying after long minutes of agony.



In a cage, each hen has a living space that is slightly larger than a photocopy sheet. As on the farms on the ground they undergo the beating and suffer from plumophagia and anemia.

Continuous contact with the metal mesh floor causes joint problems. Every day dozens of hens do not survive and die inside the farm.


“Death in the feces, trapped in conveyor belts or, as the vet says, heartache.

The bare necks, scratched by the iron of the poles, which carry the feathers every time they have to eat or breathe.

The pain, the voices of those who ask for freedom and no one answers, have come into my head.

Regardless of the volume, the pictures I’ve collected, these animal voices still make me tremble as if I’m still there”.
(Marco, our investigator)… (Videos)


My comment: Pictures that we all know. Images of horror.

What is striking, however, is the severity of violence, sadism, the criminal energy of farm workers.

Over the years, this becomes the rule, today almost no one is being punished. Governments, politicians, authorities protect this … the men in the barracks have nothing to fear.

And so we learn every day, thanks to these undercover videos, that fascism, torture, extermination in the concentration camp for animals of this world is almost legalized, as in the time of Hitler.

Only that in this time the information level was not as high as today and nobody knew exactly, which tortures they did to the people in Dachau.

Today, NOBODY can say, I do not know exactly how the inmates in the animal factories suffer.I am not informed that animals are tortured at will, sadistically slaughtered.


And that is what makes the human species the most hypocritical, abhorrent species on this planet: apathy

Best regards to all, Venus

Austria: a normal hare hunting …


Martin Balluch (chairman of the association against animal factories, VgT) was yesterday witness to an incredible massacre of hare in northern Burgenland. He reports:


Scenes of absolute horror. You can not imagine how horrible such a hare massacre is!

A good 80 hunters change a few hectares of field and then go through in formation. There are a good 100 (!) desperate rabbits trying to escape somehow.
Uninterrupted shots are fired, animals injured everywhere, often with their legs down and bleeding faces.


And then the dogs are rushed upon, running after the rabbits, often rushing them for minutes and finally biting them.
The animals scream loudly like little human children, like my daughter, when she is afraid or feels pain.


I had to look eyes on dead rabbits as they sat desperately in the field, paralyzed in agony.
Once a hunter fired directly in our direction, as can be seen in one of the pictures.

Often enough, the hunters blasted the animals at such a distance that their shotgun loads would never kill, even if they hit the animals.



No normal-feeling person can watch such a thing without cramping the heart and soul.
Eighty hunters fire uninterruptedly, hundreds of rabbits riddled with shotgun shards, hounded and bitten by dogs.



Thousands of lead pellets then poison the floor.
God knows how many hares escaped injured to perish shortly after lead poisoning.
And the predators that eat these animals also die on the lead.

Why such a thing is tolerated by a civilized society, remains completely incomprehensible.
No! none of these rabbits are edible after this massacre. But even if, that is irrelevant.
And no! we do not have to reduce hare in Austria.

They have become rare. Unless hunters fatten it, as here, all year round, and ruthlessly destroys all predators.


It’s all about the fun of shooting hundreds of living creatures. A shooting fun that can really entertain only infantile minds. There are many things wrong with hunting in Austria.

My comment: And unfortunately, not only in Austria many things are wrong, dear Martin Balluch!

Here in Germany we also have a horror result: 212.452 hare counts the hunting statistics for the hunting season 2016/17!

The heavily armed killer front in the woods and meadows kills more than 5 million animals every year – in the most cruel way.

Half million foxes, 300,000 domestic cats, around 35,000 dogs, ponies and cows on pasture, ducks, wild boar …alla from hunter`s hand.

Hunters are not just professional killers, they are also professional liars.

The claim of the hunters that they control the wild population in the forest is nothing more than an impudent, cunning attempt to positively influence public opinion, so that they can win the moral support of the population for their murderous fun.

Hunters do not regulate … Hunters do massacre.
Hunters are hang offenders, conscious and deliberately cruel.
Those who kill animals for fun lose the feeling of humanity at the same time.

Hunting leads to bestiality and dehumanization.
Hunting is and will be murder.


My best regards to all, Venus


After 60 years of cruelty, the LPT lab is over!


Germany, Hamburg- Breaking News!!!


banane rep deutschlandpg


We recently reported on illegal practices against dogs, cats, and monkeys in the LPT lab near Hamburg (

After exposure by SOKO animal welfare of massive breaches of law, animal cruelty and the suspicion of fraud in the animal testing laboratories of the Hamburg LPT Group and the largest protests against animal testing in German history, the laboratory for monkeys, dogs and cats in Mienenbüttel near Harburg is closing .

After completion of a large monkey study by Merck, the laboratory is to be sealed.

This would end almost 60 years of atrocities in this place. Currently, the Animal Testing Laboratory is making all the remaining monkeys into a wholesaler in the Netherlands. The fate of the other animals is unclear.

SOKO Animal Protection, Cruelty Free International, the Hamburg Animal Welfare Association and an alliance that has also been joined by numerous animal protection associations of the German Animal Welfare Association, demand the transfer of the remaining animals to the animal welfare. “There is a place for every animal, and the civilian population will not allow these animals, some of which have suffered in the LPT for many years, to be mined or killed,” says Friedrich Mülln of SOKO Animal Protection.


According to information of SOKO, the LPT closes the animal testing laboratory in Mienenbüttel.
This ends almost 60 years of cruelty.
Merck is one of the few companies to continue an already started primate-study there. After that, the lights go out.

The site is dissolved and no new animal experiments on monkeys, dogs or cats performed.

Instead, they want to focus on animal experiments on rats, mice and rabbits at the sites in Neugraben and Löhndorf (Germany).

The tactic is clear, the LPT hopes that the resistance in these animals will be weaker.

We call on the LPT and the authorities to hand over the dogs, cats and monkeys caged in Mienenbüttel to animal welfare and to enable them to live a life of happiness and self-determination for some of those animals who have suffered there for years.

We fight peacefully for EVERY victim of the LPT.
Our grand demonstration on 16.11 demands:

Freedom for all victims of the LPT and the chapter LPT finish in Mienenbüttel, in Neugraben and in Löhndorf!

SOKO Tierschutz/Cruelty Free International


A comment by founder of SOKO Animal Protection, Friedrich Mülln: “Such a worldwide success in 140 years fight against animal experiments, in an animal laboratory of this size has never been. Not in a peaceful way anyway.

This is absolutely fantastic and a historic defeat for the animal testing industry. Know that to appreciate and use. Because only those who have the will to win, also win for the animals. Whoever talks badly, gets overwhelmed by frustration and fear, has no chance to win. And loses.

What will happen to the animals?

People are asking me if it is possible to rescue animals now. The monkeys I see hardly any hope, because these animals are worth thousands of EUR per animal. The “unused” will sell the LPT and the others are already dead or will be killed in the last Merck trial. Here we can resist, delay the transports and exert pressure.

The cats and dogs look different. For the most part these animals have already been used in animal experiments and their value in the ill calculations of this death industry is so low that not even the transport to another laboratory is worthwhile. In addition, hardly any laboratory will take “used” animals.

That’s why we have a real chance here! We already have seats for all animals.
So we fight for these animals! But also for the rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits in the remaining laboratories in Neugraben and Löhndorf.


So right now, with full and newly created power against the LPT and the rest of the gang. I can not promise that we can save these animals, but we can try it”!

And I mean…Yes! We will not get such a chance again! we all have to be present now, for the animals, the pressure must not subside.
United we are strong, we have made great success, now it’s about the last stage.
All go to the demo on November 16th, in Hamburg!

My best regards to all, Venus


Our children, the hope of tomorrow…


A sustainable lifestyle, characterized by an awareness of tomorrow, is especially relevant for those who have little influence on it today: our children.



The little hero of tomorrow was given a voice on the current InLegend album “Stones At Goliath” not only musically, but also in terms of content – loudly they demand responsibility in the common song “Empty Place” in the here and now and the natural habitat of our planet also for the future worth living – after all, there is only this one …

Here you can watch the video for “Empty Place”, which was created in November 2014 in cooperation with Sea Shepherd, THE JETLAGGED and many great kids.

And I mean….The loyalty and the respect with the victim turns the victim into a person.
Teach your children that.

At this moment when children learn to treat animal cruelty and animal tormenters as crimes, the victim is someone who is worthy of solidarity with him.

In our society, loyalty is practiced only with the powerful, with the perpetrators and their useful idiots.

These are messages that we should convey to our children, with examples that are much more important than any argumentative headbirth, because they are understood by all, very painfully understood, because they are the root of morality.



My best regards to all, Venus


Austria: Alcohol, shooting fun and animal cruelty!


Association Against Animal Factories (VgT) called the usual suspension practice in the hunt as illegal and criticized policy and authorities.




Pheasants are mainly exposed in eastern Austria, to serve as a living target for fun hunters a few weeks later.

This procedure is legitimized under the pretext of “stock support”.
Pheasants are thus exposed and shot down annually to preserve the natural resources? Alcohol was also in the game.


In Leitring a hunt took place last weekend. Weeks earlier – at the end of July – probably hundreds of pheasants were abandoned here.

The competent district hunter master and mayor Wolfgang Neubauer was despite repeated requests and demands not willing to call the suspension number, let alone justify this high number.

Both written and oral communication, he denied several times.

David Richter from the VGT commented: “For weeks I was regularly in the morning and in the evening near the scene where there were an incredible number of pheasants, they do not know where to go, so they stay close to the place where they were exposed as children and where they get the fattening feed provided.

These animals are completely helpless and disoriented.

It makes me sad and furious to watch these tame abandoned animals just waiting to be frightened and shot down. Only very few will be able to survive the hunts. “


Even for those animals that are still alive after the end of the hunting season (31.12.), The chances of survival are poor. Natural death or perishing on the roads decimate the stocks – so far, shooting off large populations of pre-winter populations does not make sense.

“Unless things change, this torture practice will start all over again in July 2020!” complains David Richter.


Not a single egg laid!

The female pheasants are exposed in a few weeks and shot at the age of about 8 months. The pretext of exposure of pheasants is the support.

But the animals are killed without having laid a single egg. So it is probably obvious that this legal legitimacy serves only as an excuse to live out the shooting fun!


Site inspection

David Richter himself was on a hunt on Nov. 3 to document how hunting for pheasants proceeds.

“Hunters go screaming and with sticks through the undergrowth, the hunting dogs run around freely, the startled animals try to escape, abandoned ducks and pheasants and rabbits are shot down and thrown into the accompanying trailer.

With it: plenty of beer bottles to increase the shooting fun.

I could hear and see a hunter shoot from a moving car.

An incredible number of shots were fired and, according to my estimate, 50 pheasants were shot dead. In the previous year there were about 5 hunting dates, which means that the next hunts will follow soon and I must continue watching the dying of these pitiful creatures. “


The VGT demands on behalf of most of the population the end of the arbitrary exposure and mass firing of pheasants.

A petition to the state parliament is in progress.

My comment: We have to make that clear right from the beginning: the aim of the hunt is the execution. What are the real reasons for the action of the hunters? to kill.

Today, hunting is certainly a pure form of terror tolerated by our society: the terror of hunters against animals!

In the Stone Age, they went hunting, because they were dependent on it as a source of food. This is no longer the case today, so the argument no longer applies.

Anyone who always has to cling to past and traditions should think about enslavement and witch burning. Was it also earlier, but was not right then, it is not today and is abolished in a civilized society.

The hunters in Germany are a very, very small minority of 0.4% of the population.
Even pedophiles are even more common with 1%!!

And nevertheless!
The heavily armed execution unit thinks it could do and leave what it wants in the forest.
And everyone who disagrees is intimidated by force of arms.

These times are finally over!

There is no more green ideology, the arguments of the forest killers are out, the majority of the population wants the hunt dead and refuses to recognize animal cruelty and terror in the forest as the right of a miserable, puny minority.
You have long revealed your ugly face of mendacity.
Shoot yourself and your stupid lackeys in politics too.


My best regrads to all, Venus


Italy: the truth about the buffalo industry

Animal Equality Italy has released a new investigation which documents the horrors of buffalo mozzarella production in Northern Italy.




THE DETAILS: In addition to the exclusive images shot by our investigators, Animal Equality has collected testimonials of people who can, first-hand, report on the conditions of these farms, farms where almost half a million buffaloes are bred every year.

Interviewing Italian personalities, such as journalist Giulia Innocenzi and former parliamentarian Paolo Bernini, help paint the picture of neglect on these farms, where numerous parliamentary inspections documented the illegal sewage spills in the Caserta area.



The images collected by Animal Equality are coupled with videos fromFour Paws International”, a German organization for the protection of animals that has conducted several investigations in farms for the production of buffalo mozzarella in Campania.

SHOCKING IMAGES: The up-until-now unpublished footage and pictures collected by Animal Equality investigators leave no room for doubt.

The videos clearly show: Animals covered in mud and feces up to their knees Buffaloes covered with flies and forced to live alongside bodies of dead animals.

A corpse of buffalo clumsily hidden under straw and feces Ill-treatment of buffaloes and degraded sanitary living conditions. Baby male buffalos abandoned to die of hunger and thirst after being torn from their mothers.



Nobody should hear the roar of the “garbage calves”

“Cimitieri dei bufali” buffalo cemeteries – are the name of these gruesome sites, they are testimonies of almost everyday animal suffering in this part of Europe.

Most are only a few days old, male buffalo calves.

Because they do not give milk and their slightly wild-tasting meat so far hardly anyone would like to eat, the farmers have no interest in the rearing.

Then simply not feeding the superfluous male animals is a “widespread practice”.
Growing the calves with breast milk or liquefied milk powder every day is not profitable from a purely business perspective.



For more…at:


My comment: 47 million kilograms “Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP” – buffalo mozzarella in short – were produced in Italy in 2017.

The Italian investigative journalist Giulia Innocenzi has made inquiries and reported such catastrophic conditions in public service broadcasting in Italy.

She has discovered that some breeders simply let their animals die after giving birth – thus saving their food for the first few days of life and about 20 euros for slaughtering in the slaughterhouse. Other breeders kill the baby buffalo with a hammer themselves or throw them with legs tied together and alive into rivers or lakes, so that the animals drown.

Even the life-saving female calves have no nice life ahead of them.

Often the boxes are so small that the buffaloes can not even turn around. They are tied to the ground where urine and excrement accumulate and they are raised with milk substitutes.
In addition, the animals are injected with the hormone oxytocin, which is supposed to help overcome the pain of separation.

All this is known and these terrifying facts have been exposed to the public several times. But as we have often said, the consumers (and polluters of this suffering) do not want to know about this reality, because that is the most effective way of taking no responsibility.

Most people intentionally ignore the suffering of farm animals; the meat and milk mafia with the help of the media and their lobbyists has generated this indifference so that it can continue to exist.

As soon as we empathize with animal suffering and stop eating animals, this fascist system with its life-disdaining ideology also ceases to exist.


My best regards to all, Venus


Jil Sander renounces the use of exotic skins!


With Peta along with Chanel, Westwood, von Furstenberg, Beckham

Following a meeting with Peta USA, the luxury brand Jil Sander undertook to stop selling bags, wallets, purses, and other items in exotic animal skins like alligators, crocodiles, ostriches, lizards and snakes.

The Maison has adopted the policy against the sale of angora wool since 2015. To note is a statement of the same association of animal rights.

“There is a violent death behind each bag or shoe of crocodile, alligator, snake, ostrich or lizard” recalls the director of Peta Elisa Allen in the note.



Jil Sander’s decision to ban exotic skins will save immense suffering to countless extraordinary animals. Peta asks other luxury brands to follow the compassionate example of this fashion house.”

In the decision to ban the use of exotic skins, Jil Sander joins Vivienne Westwood, Diane von Furstenberg, Victoria Beckham and Chanel.

“Peta, whose motto reads, in part, that ‘animals are not ours to wear’, has published numerous complaints about the exotic skin industry.


The group revealed that alligators are kept in fetid waters in huts wet and dark, after which their neck is cut and a metal bar is inserted in the head, in an attempt to destroy his brain, often while they are still completely conscious.



One-year-old ostriches are transported by truck to the slaughterhouse, where the workers put them upside down in a stunner, cut their throats and tear their feathers, and snakes are normally nailed to trees, then their bodies are opened from side to side as they are skinned alive.

My comment: Experts have proven that crocodiles stay alive for a long time, even if their spine is damaged and they feel pain when their skin is peeled off. The skinning lasts 15-20 minutes and the animals are still conscious over this period.

The more we are pleased about this new, small success and we wish that other fashion designers not only leather but also fur finally pull out of their range.
If there is no more leather and no fur to buy, then both are soon history, as simple as that.

It is motivating to experience such successes.
This strengthens our courage to continue fighting for our clients.

My best regards to all, Venus

Dissection: Millions of victims for an unnecessary “education”



Classroom dissection is an outdated practice still taught in many schools worldwide and is used to teach students about anatomy and physiology. Approximately 10 million animals are used for classroom dissection exercises annually in the US alone.

Rats, mice, frogs, worms, pigs, and sheep are often used, and many of the animals used are either bred specifically for this purpose or are captured from their natural environment and killed. Some are even taken from animal shelters.


(Pictured: A dissected pregnant female rat, who was carrying 11 babies.)⁠


Simply put, this practice is obsolete and unnecessary.

If one does wish to teach or learn from dissection, there are online virtual dissection tools available to educate about various anatomical and physiological processes. It is entirely possible for students of all education levels to learn anatomy and physiology from these tools—in addition to textbooks, human simulators, and clinical experience.

In fact, students often feel uncomfortable with these types of lessons and could face possible mental trauma.



It is well within a student’s rights to speak up against dissection in their classroom, with many schools having dissection-choice policies, meaning that students can refuse to take part without being penalized. Furthermore, studies have shown that there is no difference in achievement between students who dissect and those who do not.

Nedim C. Buyukmihci, a professor of ophthalmology at the University of California, Davis’ School of Veterinary Medicine, says the following:

“As one who did not dissect in high school—and who now is a veterinarian and trains doctors-to-be—I can unequivocally state that the experience of dissection is totally unnecessary for the biologically minded pre-college student.”

We should not be forcing others to suffer in the name of education, especially when the “education” is completely unnecessary.⁠⁠

My comment: If we take into account that today we do everything we want with animals, nobody believes that even a single dissection takes place ONLY to animals who have died peaceful or naturally!

In that sense, this learning method should be prohibited, not only because it is outdated, but because it causes suffering and death for millions of animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

Malaysia: A lesson on how to punish animal tormentors



Kuala Lumpur – Because he killed a pregnant cat in a tumble dryer, a Malaysian has been sentenced to 34 months in prison.


It was a video in a laundromat that convicted the offender. He abused a cat. Now the animal tormentors had to answer in court.

The 42-year-old must also pay a fine of the equivalent of just under 9000 euros, as the state news agency Bernama reported on Wednesday.
The verdict should be “a lesson to the perpetrator and the public, that one should not treat animals cruelly,” said the judge Rasyihah Ghazali accordingly.

The mistreatment of the cat in September 2018 had caused an outcry among animal rights activists.
A video from a surveillance camera showed the cat being put into a clothes dryer late at night in a Kuala Lumpur laundromat.

Two men then threw chips into the machine, turned it on and ran away. A customer of the laundromat later found the carcass of the cat.

The prison sentence against the 42-year-old was suspended for the time being, because he wants to appeal. The Tuesday ruling was already the second court ruling in the case.
In January, a taxi driver in Malaysia was sentenced to two years in prison for killing a cat.

My comment: We get a lesson from Malaysia!
We, the “civilized” Germans have a humorous so-called “Animal Protection Law”. It says:
“No one may inflict pain, suffering or harm on any animal without reasonable reason.”

How much would such a culprit get here in Germany?
The judge had raised his finger and told him …. “You, you, you bad man, that’s not what a good man does” and then he would have been sent to Mallorca for psychotherapy because he definitely had a bad childhood!

We believe that we are morally up front with our Animal Welfare Law, but in similar court cases it is not even worth the ink with which it was signed.

My best regards to all, Venus


Animal Liberation




With this beautiful video we let the day fade away.
Let us hope that there will be more and more people who will liberate animals from suffering, pain and injustice and give them what they deserve: love, freedom, happiness.

Good night to all from Venus

Switzerland: Psychopath rapes animals for over 7 years.


The 30-year-old farmer Andreas F. from the Swiss canton of Thurgau has had sex with sheep, cows, goats and pigs for seven years. Not even his own farm bitch was safe from him.



As the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” reported, he had a calf suckle on his penis and got a ram to climb him. Finally, he tried the same with a 300-pound bull. All that the judge read in the indictment. The farmer admitted the deeds. “The shoot was stronger than me,” he said. And: “I feel guilty, sex before marriage is a bad sin, whether human or animal.”

From autumn 2011, regular sex with female animals

According to the indictment Andreas F. practiced from autumn 2011 regularly the sexual act with female animals such as sheep or cows. So that they do not run away as he passes by them, F. binds his animal victims.

Calf lets the farmer suck on his penis, he satisfies the court bitch several times with his hand. The perverse bustle of Andreas F. would probably have remained undetected for a long time had he not also developed a fetish for male animals.

The abuser’s abuse did not materialize until he landed in the hospital for an injury. During intercourse with the 300-kilogram bull, he had suffered serious internal injuries. The hospital staff had alerted the police.

Only there does he admit the years of animal abuse. “The police have assured me confidentiality. But now all of Switzerland knows about it, and I feel like a serious criminal! » complains Andreas F.

The farmer did not realize that he had violated the dignity of the animals

Although the farmer felt guilty and confessed everything, he did not realize he had hurt the dignity of the animals.
The ram had “voluntarily participated” (!!!) he said.
Andreas F. condemned the court to a term of imprisonment of ten months and a fine of 4,500 francs, about 4,000 euros, as well as to a psychotherapeutic treatment for three months (!!!).

The judge praised the farmer for his honesty (!!!). Therefore, she advised him to be “open” and “to be helped” so that he could “get his sexuality under control”.

The father of the offender claims to have known nothing of the practices of his son. As a pet owner, he is complicit that the son has castrated several dozen lambs without stunning with a rubber ring. Both men are astonished that this is punishable.
“Earlier, it used to be done without anesthetic,” says the father.

In Germany it is forbidden according to animal protection law, “to use an animal for own sexual acts or to arrange for sexual acts of third persons or to make available and thereby to force-behaved behavior”.

My comment: We live in a perpetrator friendly society.
Justice, fellow human beings, neighbors, medicine … protect the perpetrator almost always, from a misunderstood philanthropy known as “tolerance.”

My suggestion: One should put photos of him in his area with name and face in public places:

“Wanted! Take care of your animals and children, he raped animals for seven years”!

Psychotherapy is a costly affair, and with just three months of treatment, even dubious results are associated, meaning that no one can count on a cure for this measure.
He is a criminal psychopath and must be treated as such.

My best regards to all, Venus


The Dachau of “East Fork Farms”


October, 2019

Indiana State Police officials have been asked to investigate after an undercover video shared Wednesday by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) shows animal abuse and potentially unhealthy conditions the group says was taken at an Indiana pig farm.

The graphic video was shared via PETA’s YouTube page early Wednesday, and the description says the footage was captured at East Fork Farms outside of Brownstown in Jackson County.

The three-and-a-half minute clip is extremely graphic and shows pigs and piglets being thrown by farm staff members, swimming in pools of feces and hobbling in pain from visible injury.



The video also shows rotting pig carcasses and areas teeming with maggots. Viewer discretion is advised.

IndyStar’s attempts to reach East Fork Farms representatives have been unsuccessful. All numbers associated with the farm and its owners are no longer in service, and direct messages to individuals listed as the owners in state business filings have not been answered.

Dan Paden, vice president of evidence analysis for PETA, said the video was sent in by an anonymous whistleblower in September. PETA officials submitted a complaint to the Indiana State Police Versailles district Wednesday morning, Paden said.

“We’re asking (police) to visit the farm with a pig veterinarian and ensure that any sick and injured animals who may be in need of veterinary care or a painless release from that suffering are given the care that they require,” Paden said.

Fair Oaks Farms: Another infamous incident in Indiana

PETA is also asking that criminal charges be filed if investigators find anything at the farm that warrants it.

Sgt. Stephen Wheeles confirmed that the complaint was sent to the ISP via email, and police are determining how to proceed.

In the complaint, directed to ISP Commander Lt. Paul A. Adams, PETA officials detail the abuse in the video and how they believe it violates Indiana’s anti-cruelty statutes.

Paden said PETA does not know the relationship between the person who captured the footage and East Fork Farms.

“We’re focused more on exposing the cruelty that they found. Not them and how they obtained the footage,” Paden said.

Paden told a reporter with the Louisville Courier Journal that PETA had not contacted the farm’s owners. “The farm’s on-site management is well aware of the pervasive and persistent filth and suffering shown on this video,” Paden said. “They’ve permitted all this and more to occur on their watch.”

PETA is also urging the JBS USA, the food company that operates a pork processing plant in Louisville, to no longer accept and slaughter pigs provided to them by East Fork Farms. IndyStar has reached out to JBS USA for comment.

My comment: Slaughterhouses and farm operation is a system of exploitation of the weaks, of the slaves of this world, it is the legalized fascism against animals.

We all who fight against this system know that even worse than the suffering of animals is the tragic fact that eliminating this system is not easy.

And certainly not today and not tomorrow.

As far as the power of the meat industry is concerned, I am firmly convinced that this ruling totalitarian system is very resistant and even dirty.

The meat industry’s dirtiest strategy is to convince consumers by propaganda that eating meat in a democracy is everyone’s right. And so the privatization of the matter relieves the contributors in this system.

None of us knows how to make the abolition of slaughterhouses possible.
But those with many years of experience in the field know that only a strong struggle can change that suffering and misery.

One who does not stop, one who works purposefully.

A struggle that consists of massive pressure on politicians, the media, the authorities, while at the same time providing education and information for the society.
And there is nothing left to do but fight. Because we know …

“Whoever fights can lose
Who does not fight has already lost”

My best regards to all, Venus


Croatia: Footballer kills chicken with footstep


There was some unfortunate fowl play in a recent lower-league football match in Croatia when a player was sent off for killing a chicken that had strayed onto the pitch.



NK Jelengrad were taking on Jasenovac in the 2nd Sisak-Moslavina County League when a group of poultry made their way onto the field from a nearby farm.Enraged at the encroachment, Jelengrad’s Ivan Gazdek, 23, chased the hens before aiming a kick at one, killing it dead.



Gazdek was reportedly handed a straight red card by the referee afterwards for “unsportsmanlike conduct.”

The player later apologized to the late chicken’s owner, saying he had sent him a new bird by means of compensation.

However, he said he was angry about the “unhygienic” rural conditions which prompted his outburst.

“Chickens constantly enter the field. The terrain is full of faeces – these are unhygienic conditions,” Gazdek said, according to local outlet 24 Sata.

“I ran a little to the chickens to chase them off, I swung my foot and killed one by accident. F*ck it. The referee ran up to me and showed me a direct red card.


“Believe me, I did not intentionally kill this chicken. I apologized to the owner by letter and sent her a new chicken”.

“I have a dog, two cats, and I also had a parrot, which recently sadly died,” Gazdek added in an apparent attempt to deflect further criticism.

And I meanIf nothing turns out of Gazdek’s career as a football player, the young man should turn to a slaughterhouse. There are also defenseless animals there, who are killed with kicks, without the perpetrators getting the red card.
Only the unsanitary conditions in the slaughterhouse would not satisfy Gazdek’s guidelines, but assholes get used to it very quickly.

My best regards to all, Venus

UK: slaughterhouse of horrors


Today, Animal Equality UK released a new investigation filmed inside a sheep slaughterhouse. The disturbing recordings, filmed during July and August 2019 at “Farmers Fresh Wales” slaughterhouse in Wrexham, North Wales, detail unimaginable cruelty and immense suffering.

Farmers Fresh Wales supplies customers in London and across the Midlands, as well as continental Europe.


THE DETAILS: The horrifying footage, filmed by one of our undercover investigators, reveals sheep and lambs brutally killed in front of each other and the use of inadequate machinery, which results in animals becoming painfully trapped. Much of this suffering took place with a Food Standards Agency inspector present. Our investigators also found:



Sheep being decapitated while hanging in mid-air, their severed heads discarded in full view of animals awaiting slaughter;
Sheep suspended upside down from a conveyor belt being killed in view of other animals;



WHAT COMES NEXT: We are calling on the Welsh Government to make CCTV mandatory in all slaughterhouses (as is already the case in England).

We are also urging MPs across the UK to reinstate a law that was previously in place – and inexplicably revoked – to prevent animals from seeing other animals killed in front of them (given the immense psychological suffering that this causes).

The Food Standards Agency must also take immediate action against “Farmers Fresh Wales” and their own officer who failed in his duties.

Also, please sign our petition ( demanding justice for these vulnerable animals, and help us spread the word about this unimaginable cruelty by sharing this post. Thank you!

For more…at:


My comment: At the same time, the same organization filmed slaughterhouses in Mexico.

The practices are hardly different; Brutality, primitiveness and last but not least: illegality.

Essentially, factory farming is a state illegality generated by corrupt politicians, agrarian lobbyists.
And of an infantile society that lies to itself, that one can not do anything about it.

One knows statements like: “I can not look at that, because then the desire for meat goes by and I do not want to eat it then.” But: “I should know where it comes from, if I pay and eat it, right?”

When such images come to light, the fascistically constructed moral system also comes to light: consumers say they can not change the conditions of production; the meat mafia says people want to buy their meat as cheaply as possible. And the corrupt politicians do not want to deal with either one or the other.

What’s left back are the animals that are treated like soulless, callous things, factory-born, the yield objects, the Things, and the part that no longer belongs to us, such as morality, respect, and dignity before life.

We swapped all three for the promise of unscrupulous meat producers who tell us, that there is no other way than to make meat like shit, and and so we all let the business go.

Please sign the petition:

My best regards to all, Venus


Animals are not our slaves!



Neglected, suffering or abused: Slave trade with monkeys in Bali




Animals everywhere as slaves…
In factory farming, in the markets of Asia as sales objects for every use, in the circus as entertainment for stupid families with children, in laboratories, in zoos …

Everywhere we have transformed living, intelligent, sensitive persons into suffering slave objects.

Teach your children the right thing!
Don`t turn your children into racists, who tomorrow make the same mistakes as all the other racists of this society and regard animals as lawless goods.

Teach your children to love animals, respect them, teach your children that there can be no peace as long as we, the human animals, keep other beings as slaves, as long as we are convinced that animals are there for us as goods.

Best regards to all, Venus

In memory of Barry Horne…




Barry Horne (17 March 1952 – 5 November 2001) was an English animal rights activist.

He became known around the world in December 1998, when he engaged in a 68-day hunger strike in an effort to persuade the British government to hold a public inquiry into animal testing, something the Labour Party had said it would do before it came to power in 1997.

The hunger strike took place while Horne was serving an 18-year sentence for planting incendiary devices in stores that sold fur coats and leather products, the longest sentence handed down to any animal rights activist by a British court.

The hunger strike left Horne with kidney damage and failing eyesight, but it was neither the first nor the last he embarked upon, and when he died of liver failure three years later, he had not eaten for 15 days.

Media reaction to his death in the UK was hostile, where he was widely described as a terrorist by journalists and politicians.

He is viewed as a martyr by some within the animal rights movement.


We will never forget Barry. The fight goes on!

Best regards to all, Venus

Animal experiments: we send the animals into the hell


Live pigs killed and mangled, as scientists in China use them as crash-test dummies.



Beijing. Animal rights activists criticize several scientists of the Chinese Institute of Transport and Medicine, who have performed crash tests with live pigs.

The scientists used 15 young pigs, because their physique resembles that of a six-year-old child. Their study aimed to further investigate which injuries occur in children who are wearing a seatbelt and experiencing a head-on collision.

The seven scientists are said to have given the pigs 24 hours before the crash tests no food. In addition, they could not drink for six hours, according to information from The Independent.

Then they were each in a child seat, which were mounted on sledges, strapped.

With 50 kilometers per hour they drove against a wall.


According to media information, seven pigs have died. Another eight were injured.

In most cases, the lungs were damaged, and there were injuries to the spleen and liver, bloody wounds, internal bleeding and broken bones.

The Chinese scientists said they used young pigs to develop seatbelts for children because the animals’ anatomic structure was similar to that of human six-year-olds, and hinted they might conduct similar experiments in future. 

The research, reported in the International Journal of Crashworthiness, involved testing three different seatbelt modifications: two parallel belts restraining chest and abdomen; one diagonal belt and a lap belt; and crossed diagonal belts.


The animals, which were given an anaesthetic to reduce “excitement and stress”, had electrodes inserted into their abdomens, according to animal-rights group PETA

“The injuries sustained by the tested subjects resulted in seven deaths. The common injury types included abrasion, contusion, laceration, bleeding and fracture,” the journal’s report said.

The animal welfare organization PETA has condemned as “barbaric” the tests that left the animals “bloody, bruised, and mangled” and have asked the Chinese research institute to refrain from such cruel crash tests with live animals. “No regulations exist there that would require such horrific experiments to be performed,” PETA said.

In the USA, crash tests with pigs were last carried out in the 1990s.

Chris Magee, of the UK-based Understanding Animal Research group, told The Independent he couldn’t imagine such tests being useful in any country as lots of crash-test dummies already exist.

“I don’t understand why they would feel the need to do this. In this country it would go through an ethical review,” he said.

My comment: It may be that in China there are no rules and regulations regarding animal experiments.

But here in Germany, where we have set a humorous animal protection, animal cruelty in the labs is also everyday business.

The last undercover investigations from the LPT in Hamburg prove that (

“I do not understand why they think that’s necessary,” said Chris Magee.

But he should know that animal experiments in general are not performed for the benefit of humans.
The quality of “research” is not measured by how many people are helped or even cured, but by the number of publications in prestigious journals.

In this case the proof is very clear: before the test is even completed, the “results” will be published in ” International Journal of Crashworthiness”!!

And as with any experiment, a lot of animals have been tortured in this experiment too, so that some psychopaths can secure their careers and the next research funds.



My best regards to all, Venus


Animal transports in EU: Illegality is the rule, not the exception.


Animals’ Angels controls an animal transport with horses on the route from Spain via France to Italy. It is raining heavily. When stopping at a French toll station we look in tired children’s faces: 31 foals are on the truck and two adult horses. The animals are crowded, many with drenched, matted fur.


The transport violates the regulations for animal transport on several occasions: Among other things, the vehicle is completely overloaded, the animals are not housed as prescribed in individual stands and there is no automatic drinking system. That’s why we call the police in Italy.

Unfortunately, neither the police officers nor the official veterinarian consulted are trained in the inspection of animal transports, so that the control lasts several hours.



In the meantime the horses are completely exhausted. Despite noise, people, cars, flashlights and photo flashes, some are sleeping.

Many seem apathetic with drooping heads, they barely react to what is happening around them. We hope that none of the animals lie down, because in the tightness it would be almost impossible for them to get up again.



The police finally imposed a fine of EUR 2,000 on the carrier and he was allowed to continue to the destination near Venice. Esteban and the 32 other horses have about six hours to go before they can finally rest.

This case again shows the incompetence or indifference of many Spanish veterinarians. The transport in Spain should never have been approved in this way.

We are angry and disappointed.

Together with the Spanish organization Anda, we continue to work to ensure that the veterinary offices no longer handle illegal transports.


My comment: Horsemeat is cheap and is considered particularly lean and digestible– that’s why unscrupulous traders spend it as more expensive beef.

Over 214,000 horses are killed every year in Europe, according to official Eurostat data. 100,000 of them were transported across the continent for many hours or even days under the worst possible conditions – only to be unloaded and killed in a slaughterhouse.

The front runners are the countries of Poland and Romania. There are killed around 20,000 animals a year for nutritional purposes and around 10,000 are spent abroad for slaughter.

What will happen to Spain because the veterinarians of an EU country have deliberately violated animal welfare standards?
With 2000 Euro every criminal gets away.
What use are the EU laws when corrupt officials decide on the fate of the animals in this continent because they know that they have nothing to fear?

On July 2019 it was the ILLEGAL transport of the ship Al Shuwaikh from Romania (Midia) with 70,000 sheep to Kuwait.

At this case, a cheeky ministry of agriculture even disregarded the personal mail of Commissioner Andriukaitis; The animals have been shipped there for three weeks, Romania has not received any sanctions to this day!

We always come across this fact: the EU either has no power or no interest in getting the animal transport under control.
Both are a very good reason to abolish the EU.

My best regards to all, Venus


Joaquin Phoenix: “fight for animal rights every day”!


“I don`t want to cause pain to another living, empathic creature.  It is absurd and barbaric”!



Star of the Hollywood smash ‘Joker’, actor and activist Joaquin Phoenix explains why he first went vegan and continues to fight for animal rights every day.

He recently joined activists during the Be Fair Be Vegan campaign in Toronto.

Be Fair Be Vegan:  “we are a cutting-edge social justice advertising campaign, bringing attention to the plight of non-human animals exploited for human gains.

Featuring moving billboards supported by a range of other advertising media, our ads aim to introduce viewers to the faces and feelings of the animals we use for food, clothing, research and entertainment.

Our provocative slideshows have been displayed in some of the highest-profile billboard locations in the world (including Times Square and the Javits Center in New York City), inviting passers-by to consider the circumstances of the victims of the animal industry, while seeing them for who they are: sentient beings who value their lives”.


My comment: One waits for the subway and MUST look at the cruel images of reality.

He must. This reality can no longer be left behind the scenes.
All who participate in this cruel daily crime deserve no peace.
The pictures are not cruel, the reality is cruel.
If such pictures are hard to bear for some, that is hypocrisy.

Because those who do not want to see the pictures are the ones who cause the creation of these pictures, this torture.
If someone sees this as a disorder, then he should imagine how the animals perceive their torture.

Excellent campaign and even better the implementation!
We wish more of this direct confrontation.

My best regards to all, Venus


Malta: bird catchers are caught


“Committee against  bird slaughter” is doing a great job in different countries.
We recently reported a report on the mass murder of migratory birds in Lebanon (
Today the Committe reports on their success in Malta, one of the worst countries in bird murder.



The video is from 24.October 2019

Birdcatchers under pressure in Malta: Over the last 10 days, the teams working on Malta’s Committee Against Bird Slaughter have done a great job.

There were already police operations on 18 out of a total of 38 discovered installations for the illegal capture of protected finches.


Here five birdcatchers were caught red-handed, 15 slings and about 50 living decoys could be secured. 13 poachers managed to escape, but they were filmed by us – the video material is probably sufficient to identify these perpetrators and bring them to justice.

20 more active traps were reported to the authorities. Finches such as goldfinch, linnet and grosbeak are popular caged birds in Malta, among “connoisseurs” get the wild animals high prices.

Our current video shows parts of the evidence – in addition to fleeing and masked birdcatchers you can see a poacher who collects his decoys with their pants down!

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V.


My comment: On October 27, a report came from the committee on a murderer who had set up 12 stroke for songbirds in northern Italy. He was arrested by the police. It was poacher number 49 of the current bird protection camp in northern Italy.

The protected animals are highly sought after as a delicacy and are eaten with polenta (maize porridge). In addition to four robins, he had also caught a wren fresh – with only eight grams of meat one of the smallest birds in Europe.


We call it murder, and murder must be punished severely.

Our sincere thanks to the Comittee, which often struggles with life threats and body attacks from the poachers.

The fight for the rights of animals is always a fight against people who act under the fascist conviction of the stronger race. And mostly under the protection of corrupt politicians.

My best gerards to all, Venus


The life of gooses: a Guantánamo life


It is time again, the Christmas season is approaching, which, as most know, is associated with more agony and death for the animals.


Whow the “life” of a Christmas goose looks like before it lands on the plate of devout gourmets as a traditional corpse, we describe the following:

A goose from Poland: not only has to let feathers four times a year but also lay eggs constantly. She is slaughtered at the age of about five.

Their offspring are plucked bald at the age of eleven weeks, and then abused again at intervals of three to four months as feather suppliers until they have reached their slaughter weight.

Then each duck is locked in a tight wire cage and forcibly stuffed twice a day.

This means: a 50 centimeter long metal tube stuffed into the throat, through the boiled corn porridge with fat in the stomach is pressed.


At the age of 14 weeks, ducklings are slaughtered, his pathologically fat liver landed as a delicacy in the belly of a gourmet. To 96 percent ducks are fattened, the female chicks are shredded after hatching, because their liver does not grow so strong.

The stuffing of ducks and geese in many countries is considered animal cruelty and is therefore prohibited. But because of the free EU goods traffic the import is allowed to Germany.

Polish oatmeal geese or geese from Hungary can be found in discounters as low as ten euros. The reason why these geese can be “produced” so inexpensively, is very easy: down!

Until a goose lands on your plate, it is plucked alive, and even 4 times. A stressor that is still supported by antibiotics and many other medications. we all also support this kind of cruel attitude with taxpayers’ money.



Although live plucking is officially banned in Poland and Hungary as well, reports have repeatedly been issued in the past according to which EU directives have not been complied with. Live plucking is banned in the EU, but animal rights activists say the rules in Poland and Hungary are ignored.


For more…at:


My comment: Foie Gras brings a lot of money, the down too, and finally the corpse of geese too …
A living being is used up to his last body part as a money packet.

The more plucked, the more money one makes. The fourth rupf gets even finer down, say the farm owner.
Columns of migrant workers pluck animals like machines.

The videos show that often rips the skin of geese when their feathers are torn out. A life like in concentration camps until slaughter.

And all that is legal and subsidized.

One wonders how people can participate and co-finance this fascist torture with a clear conscience.

My best regards to all, Venus


nice day with good news



The driver stops the car on the edge of the forest, we get out and take our tools. He drives away we approach the object and try to hide in the shadow of the forest, where is silence. The closer we are to the factory farm, the worse the smell gets.

The stink means that the buildings are full of animals. What a sad confirmation.



When the watchers get on their spots we check the transmitters connection and Lukas goes inside the area with me. We avoid cameras while trying to find a way to get into one of the halls. It takes us quite a while. Through a narrow window I stretch myself in.

Lukas waits outside by the window.

I take one turkey in my arms, then another, I comfort them to let them know it all will be better and then hand them over to Lukas.



On our way to safe home, we finally have time to check them properly. As I took one of them, it seemed she had strange head, but there was no time for us to focus on that.

Now we can see how horribly deformed her head is. It’s like a view from a horror movie. How could she survive with such disability? I don’t know, but she made it.



I visited her in her new home a few days after. I saw how grateful she was for the touch, care and feather cleansing, how she enjoyed the sun and grass (the second rescued turkey as well) and I realized that even though I don’t know how she will handle it, she’s doing fine now.


Thanks to all who provided homes and all who help us.


Open Rescue of Two Turkeys (Czech Republic)


… and in the name of the animals, we thank the brave activists for this animal liberation. It is symbolic and reminiscent of the millions of other turkeys that live as slaves on wretched farms to serve as food for us, a still more miserable species.

My best regards to all, Venus


World Vegan Day



We reject the distinction between humans and animals.
We even consider it as dangerous.
For us, every living being has the right to freedom, life and happiness.
Not to eat animals, not to carry them, not to enslave them is not a religion’s motto.
It is a moral duty.
Who eats animals and their products, gives the order of a murder.
It’s called food, we call it murder. We, the vegans!


We know that humanity is still a long way from understanding and accepting that.
But we firmly believe this idea grows with each passing day, we are already many.
And that’s why we do not give up.
That’s what we owe our mandates.
We remain faithful to them and continue to fight for the abolition of exploitation and slavery of all nonhuman animals.

My best regards, Venus

Germany: the “pig baron” receives a suspended prison sentence


For the first time in Germany, a pet owner has been legally convicted of animal cruelty to a prison sentence, albeit on probation. The groundbreaking verdict was already in July in the court, as the police in Magdeburg (Saxony Anhalt state) announced on Tuesday.


It is the well-known 64-year-old mass pig farmers and Dutchman Adrianus Straathof, the owner of the largest pork companies in Europe.


Maladministration in pig fattening: Imprisoned for the first time for animal cruelty

In all previous cases, which are final and thus no longer contestable, animal tormentors were fined or fined.

“There is such a judgment in the history of livestock farming for the first time,” said Criminal Affairs Commissioner Annett Bormann, who led the investigation.

Straathof is penalized for the conditions that were identified in March 2014 at his pig farm in Gladau (Jerichower country). At that time 12,000 sows and 40,000 piglets lived there.

For three days, the police raided the six-acre facility and business premises, with 60 forces in action.


In 2014, the county of Jerichower Land pronounced a prohibition of occupational practice against Straathof. The breeder had to withdraw from the management of his holding company.

However, according to the animal rights organization Animal Rights Watch (who also did the undercover investigations), his company continues to operate breeding facilities in the region under a different name.



The officials found that almost all sows were crammed into too narrow crates. More than 1200 animals and their metal boxes were measured. The result: 93 percent of the stands were a maximum of 72 inches wide.

However, 98 percent of the sows measured a height of 74 centimeters and more. This made it impossible for them to stretch out on their side.



In addition, many animals had been ill, reported the police. In 871 sows and 133 piglets one had abscesses, open wounds, organ prolapses, dents, infections, lameness or behavioral problems noted. “In the documents, however, we have found no evidence of planned medical treatments,” said Criminal Chief Commissioner Bormann.

The animal rights organization Animal Rights Watch (ARIWA) called the verdict “welcome”. So far, the pet industry has been “a law-free area,” said spokeswoman Sandra Franz.

However, the current rules on pig fattening are not sufficient. “The animals are taken in the narrow stables everything that makes up their lives.” Straathof is not the black sheep, but a typical representative of the industry.

On the video below are undercover shootings from three Straathof pig factories: they come from Alt Tellin, Drebkau and Osterne and are recorded between 2014 – 2015.


My comment: Germany is a paradise for those who use and torture animals industrially. Authorities do not control, investors are welcomed with open arms because of promises for jobs and taxes. How much the animals suffer in the pig farms, show the images in Straathof`s pig farms, taken by Animal Rights Watch on Straathof’s pig farms.

Of course Straathof is not the exception, but the rule. And that’s our proble! the rule of torture, the legalization of torture, which is used as a normal practice despite animal welfare.

The verdict can be understood as a message to other public prosecutors and courts to finally take seriously the protection enshrined in the Basic Law seriously and to pursue violations.

The real crimes are, however, in the system itself.

Pig breeding and pig fattening are unimaginably cruel even without violating the law.

My best regards to all, Venus





For you today it’s “Happy Halloween”. For the animals, it’s the same horrific existence they have faced every single day of their lives.

Whenever we watch a horror film, we often see things in it that we wouldn’t want to enact on even our worst enemy.

But for chickens, turkeys, sheep, cows, and all the other animals exploited for human greed, the hellish contraptions and devices of torture and misery we see on the TV and cinema screens are just a part of their daily existence.

From tiny cages, to hot irons that sear their flesh, to knives that hack things off their bodies, and to macerator machines that shred them to pieces in a gruesome fate, the things we witness and could never imagine happening to another human being are a LIVING REALITY for the animals humans oppress.

No nightmare you have tonight after watching that scary film can even BEGIN to compare to the waking nightmare animals face across the world every single day.

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Best regards, Venus

New York: says “no” to foie gras!


The city of New York has now banned the sale of foie gras. We are happy, very happy and hope that other states and countries will follow the example of New York!


The City Council of the US metropolis voted on Wednesday to pass a bill banning the sale of foie gras from October 2022 onwards. In case of violations penalties should threaten between 500 and 2000 dollars per offense.
The bill still has to be signed by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“This is a historic day for the rights of animals in New York City,” said Matthew Dominguez of the animal rights group “Voters for the Rights of Animals”.

On the other hand, foie gras producers announced legal action against the ban.



“We’ll give them a kick in the butt in court,” said producer Hudson Valley founder Foie Gras Izzy Yanay. “I have 400 people who have been working for me for 30 years, and these people are suffering a tragedy.” (!!!)

It was not until January that the US Supreme Court upheld a ban on foie gras in the state of California following a 15-year lawsuit.

While foie gras is regarded as a delicacy by gourmets, animal rights activists criticize the fact that ducks and geese have to suffer during fattening: Before slaughtering, the animals are forcibly fed on grain for several weeks until their livers are completely fat-choked to multiples.



In France, the stuffing mast has been protected from prohibitions since 2006: foie gras was then declared a “part of the cultural and gastronomic heritage”. The foie gras is a traditional Christmas meal for many Frenchmen.

The production of foie gras is already banned in some countries, including Denmark, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The video shows farms with force feeding in China but mainly in France. And the final station for the animals in Hungary`s slaughterhouses.

My comment: Forced feeding is prohibited in Germany. However, the sale and purchase of goose liver pate is allowed. Also works in every delicatessen and even in the best supermarkets.
We import the animal cruelty from next door, from our neighbors French, and criticize them, why they torture geese in that awful way!

I don`t know if every “gourmand” knows about the brutal force-feeding process:
Torture takes three weeks for geese and fifteen days for ducks.
The feeding lasts three seconds and is fed up to 400 animals per hour.
Injuries in the esophagus are very common.
The amount of food increases from time to time, the liver thus reaches ten times the size.
Many animals die violently.

The animals are pumped several times a day with 1.5 – 2.0 kg porridge into the stomach and try desperately and painfully snap to air.
Their eyeballs are swollen because of the physical pressure.
Even for us humans 1.5 to 2 kg of food are too much, most of us would rather surrender than tolerate, let alone a comparatively small animal.


Foi gras Ente_


If the “gourmands” still don`t understand how sadistic and barbaric this feeding is, they can throw their foie gras heritage into their stomach in the same way.

For a highly civilized country like France, it is a shame to declare foie gras as part of its cultural and gastronomic heritage.
Sadistic animal cruelty, that is!
No more and no less!

My best regards to all, Venus


A nice video to “good night”



Hopefully he has caugt him in his balls!
Thus, the question of procreation would be done !

My best regards to all, Venus


In the name of the animals we say “Thank you, Friedrich Mülln”


We had already reported in October about the laboratory LPT (Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology GmbH & Co. KG) in Hamburg, Germany. (

An activist of the SOKO animal protection association (whose chairman is Friedrich Mülln) was introduced via a job as animal keeper and could report for a long time obscured from the laboratory. He made extensive video footage.

From this undercover action came a very gratifying result, which is reported by the founder and chairman of the association Friedrich Mülln. (translation below). The first demo against the lab was in Hamburg, with over 8,000 people, a new one is planned on November 16 again.



Never before has so much animal testing been achieved in 18 days as we all have managed!

For the first time in almost 60 years no new animal experiments may be made. This applies to all three LPT locations.
That means no new studies.

No new blood money from the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

The LPT has lost several important customers and service providers. Every day this shop has less money.

The LPT has not ordered any new animals.

No more gruesome transports around the world.

Police and prosecutors are investigating at full speed.

Politicians and administrators discuss the withdrawal of the operating permit.
Cover up is no more.

Any animal movement in or out of the lab and every kill must be reported.

We have been putting together the biggest animal protection demonstration for decades.

We had soli actions in several EU countries.
Every day there are vigils and protests.
Other demos are also going to benefit animal laboratories and have strong inflows.

So far, 833,000 people have signed the petition.

So far we have had dozens of TV and hundreds of newspaper reports. Overall, we had a media reach of nearly 1,000,000,000 people.

Many organizations and groups work hand in hand (not self-evident, unfortunately).

We brought the issue of animal testing back to the media, the parliaments and the public debate.
That’s incredible.

The whole world is astonished and we give strength to animal rights activists worldwide and show that we can win.

So let us win! For the animals!




My comment: There is reliable information that the operating license of the LPT will be revoked.

Best regards to all, Venus

Switzerland: prohibits the shredding of chicks




Switzerland is serious: From 1 January 2020, the shredding of male day old chicks in the Alpine republic is prohibited.



It stands to reason that the shredding of a live animal is not in line with Article 1 of the Animal Welfare Act, the Commission notes.

According to the article, the purpose of the law is to protect the dignity and well-being of the animal.
Chicks are shredded with the “wrong” sex. This is – regardless of the shredding – controversial.

The commission notes that it is questionable whether it is ethically acceptable to kill a chick for the sole reason that it is a male from a laying hen line.



The trend to breed breeds only for egg laying or for meat production makes the animal a simple subject of production and leads to absurdities such as the shredding of live male chicks. With this ethical intention, the Kommission received a petition from the Vegan Society Switzerland.

The suffocation caused by carbon dioxide, however, remains allowed. Research is currently in a sex determination already in the breed egg.

My comment: Every little step that enhances the chicken’s KZ`s is welcome.

In Germany, the maltreatment of the day chicks is allowed.

Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner, the girlfriend and lobbyist of slaughterhouses, sees no use for the chickens children and currently no alternative to shredding at the moment, as well as to the piglet castration without anesthesia wich she has prolonged for another two years, ie until 2020.

Fortunately, we have here in Germany a humorous so-called “Animal Protection Law” and it says:

“Nobody is allowed to cause pain, suffering or harm to an animal for no good reason . “
Ethically and morally, we are well ahead in the paper.

My best regards to all, Venus


Climate rescue: don`t chatter, do!!



In Alaska, there has been widespread mass extinction of seabirds and other marine animals for five years.


This year, the NOAA fishery detected an unusually high number of dead gray whales and sea lions. More than 120 gray whales have been washed ashore, about 300 dead seals have been registered, and thousands of dead seabirds have been washed ashore on Alaska’s beaches this year.


Although the autopsies are ongoing, their death is due to emaciation and hunger. The most obvious explanation, according to the scientists, for the mass extinction of marine animals since 2015 is the warmer sea temperatures.

In Alaska, global warming is particularly fast and intense. The ice cover around Alaska usually lasts until the end of May. This year it disappeared in March.

Alaska recorded a record high of 32.2 degrees this summer. It was the highest ever recorded in Alaska since the beginning of the registration of weather record.


“What happens on Alaska’s shores basically affects each of us, “ told Brian Brettschneider of the International Arctic Research Center to CNN.

“Most people feel the effects of climate change, even if they do not know or want to downplay it. Dramatic changes happen and they increase. “



For more…at:


My comment: We lost a lot of time talking and thinking about climate rescue.

We urgently need committed professionals with a clear plan to solve the real problems on this planet, rather than any climate prophets, such as the media product of Greta Thunberg, for example, wich de recognized and acclaimed by politicians, rulers, mass media, industrialists, etc., as the deus ex macina of climate salvation.

Everyone is currently living from the maded panic, everyone claims we do not have time, but everyone takes the time to chatter and do nothing.

Abolition of factory farming, control over population growth, high taxation of meat, state subsidization of vegan products, punishment of plastic waste, fair trade promotion and so much more would probably do more than the media theater of schoolchildren’s panic making.

In order to save climate, animals and nature we need an effective and not an elitist activism.

Best reegards to all, Venus


Egypt: animal suffering for cheap tourism





This is actually the seventh wonder of the world today in Egypt: that this country and 4,500 years after it built the colossal works of the pyramids, this land, torments animals to death so that the world cultural heritage of Giza be sold to stupid tourists.


My best regards to all, Venus

EU: approves subsidies for bullfighting mafia



Liberation NOW ++ Bullfighting continues to be subsidized by the EU ++

On 23 October 2019, the European Parliament voted on whether bullfighting in southern Europe should continue to be subsidized from the EU’s agricultural budget.



Against the removal of the subsidies were from the German delegates CDU, CSU (Christian Social Union), Free Democratic Party and Free Voters Confederation.

69% of the Socialist Party of Germany opposed the cancellation. However, since 19% were not even present, just over 80% of the SPD votes cast were against it (!!!)

And the members of Alliance 90 / The Greens and the Left were not far away from their colleagues. Although all the MPs present voted in favor of the abolition of subsidies, 14% of the Greens and 40% of the left were absent.

All parties are committed to animal welfare on the flag and show again and again that this is just a well-sounding lip service. The so highly praising animal protection law in this country is not worth the paper it stands on.


The “production” of animal consumer goods is associated with immense suffering, and EU-MEPs know it.

We breed them – we lock them in – we do experiments with them – we make circus shows with them – we make money with them – we kill them.

It is therefore not surprising that “our” politicians are also true to their line abroad and give their voice for suffering and death. Shame on you!


In this case, we can see very clearly that the corruption of our politicians can be worse than we can imagine.

You can see here: Voting Behavior:…/…/PV-9-2019-10-23-RCV_FR.pdf


My comment:  According to estimates by animal welfare organizations, the annual turnover of the bullfighting industry in Spain is between 1 and 2.5 billion euros.

200,000 jobs are created in Spain, through the brutal execution of 40,000 bulls.

The occupational groups that benefit from this massacre are many: Promoters of the events, simple bullring workers, to the butchers, who subsequently smash the victim and sell it as meat.

The breeding of the bulls and everything related to them must also be taken into account.
They all want to participate in the big pot of the bullfighting industry.
In addition, bullfighting is a tourist attraction, such as paella and flamenco.

The Spanish audience expects good bullfighting in particular. One sits, eats hamburgers and makes videos with cell phone, while down in the arena a living being is brutally massacred.

Of the tourists, Americans and Japanese are the predominant share of bullfighting visitors.

In 2013, the Spanish government protected bullfighting and since then this bloody massacre has been considered “immaterial culture good” in Spain.
That was one of Spain’s biggest cultural shame, wich civilized people only repels and disgusts.

And also has led to enormous economic corruption.

Because of the EU agricultural subsidies, € 130 million is distributed annually to the bull breeders. Under the code name “Agricultural Subsidies” !!!
30 million come from Germany.



It’s about a dirty, with our money-subsidized bullfight mafia, but it’s also supported by a bunch of idiots, brain-sick visitors who enjoy watching a bull being tortured and murdered bit by bit.


My best regards to all, Venus

English Lord Gives Life Protection to Save Lion From Trophy Hunters.

Link for full story with photos:

Lord Michael Anthony P. Ashcroft, Baron Ashcroft, KCMG, PC is a British–Belizean businessman and politician. He is a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party.

Simba (pictured) was rescued from certain death in a hunting area on the edge of the Kalahari desert in South Africa

Simba’s sanctuary: Bred to be shot by trophy hunters, this magnificent lion was doomed until LORD ASHCROFT masterminded a dramatic rescue. Now, he has found a permanent home

By Lord Ashcroft For The Mail On Sunday

Looking regal and majestic, he lay on a wooden platform with his proud head and golden mane held high.

He appeared to be back to his rightful position as the ‘king of the jungle’. It was a poignant and emotional moment for me: the first time that I had ever set eyes on Simba.

Six months earlier, my investigative team had rescued him from certain death in a hunting area on the edge of the Kalahari desert in South Africa.

Back in April, maltreated, malnourished, drugged and abused, he was destined to become someone’s trophy in a ‘canned hunt’: one in which the lion is shot in a severely enclosed space with no chance of escape.

Simba was saved by my undercover investigative team, including ex-Special Forces operatives, just hours before I made a series of revelations exclusively in The Mail on Sunday about the horrors of ‘lion farming’.

This practice involves thousands of captive-bred lions being killed either for the bone trade, mainly for the Far East market, or as hunting trophies, often for the US and European market.

A fully grown male lion with a large mane can command a price tag of more than £40,000.

Last week I travelled to a secret location in South Africa because Simba, after spending time in temporary lodgings, has finally been relocated to a new, spacious and permanent home.

All being well, Simba, who is believed to be about 11 years old, will live in peace and safety for the rest of his days.

The whereabouts of his new home must remain secret because, even now, those participating in the despicable lion farming industry could try to harm or kill him.

The lion is now happy again in his new home after being 'deeply traumatised' following his rescue. He now lives in a two-and-a-half-acre enclosure in a secret location

Unsurprisingly, Simba was described as ‘deeply traumatised’ immediately after his rescue. However, he should now live for another ten years, possibly longer, and, hopefully, time will prove to be a great healer.

One of his new carers, who asked not to be identified, told me: ‘He is a real gentleman. Even in the few weeks he has been with us, there has been a massive difference in his behaviour.

The moment Briton Miles Wakefield shoots Simba with a tranquilliser dart in a fenced-off enclosure

‘When he arrived, he was hiding and growling. Now, little by little, he is more confident and allows us to be within 30 feet of him.

‘The great thing is that lions forgive and dare to trust again, and to love unconditionally. This is where humans can learn from animals.

‘Lion farming, on the other hand, touches the darkest side of humanity: it is pure ego, pure money, pure greed.’

Simba now lives alone in a two-and-a-half-acre fenced enclosure where he is fed raw meat, including beef and chicken. He has a raised area where he can lie in the sun, but he also has shade from trees. I have made a substantial donation to ensure that Simba will be well looked after for the rest of his life.

Click on the top link to continue reading more.



Somalia: Criminals are plundering the sea


Two million Somalis are threatened by famine, and instead of helping, they also take their fish.


China is the world’s largest consumer, but also the largest producer of fish.
To satisfy the growing popular demand for fish and continue exporting seafood abroad, giant fishing vessels from China are now fishing in international waters, illegally.

With dire consequences, because with its huge fleet, China is contributing to the overfishing of the oceans.

Every third fish comes from Chinese production, a study found.



Somali government awards fishing rights to China – after Somalia received $ 200 million from China

The government of Somalia has agreed at the end of December 2018 a loan of $ 200 million for the reconstruction of the port of Mogadishu. The Bank has sole fishing rights on the Somali coast and remains involved in the port until full payment of the loan.

There are some of Africa’s richest fishing grounds in Somali waters, but not for the hungry in Somalia.
This is where the world’s largest offshore fishing fleets fish.
Fish, for the people of the US, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

And not only China has fished waters of Somalia empty, but also Europe. The consequences of this overfishing must now pay the Africans. A plunder by giant fishing vessels in West African waters is responsible for the hunger.

Many of these ships are more than 100 meters long, which means that they are true floating fish factories, including European ships. In an area of ​​100 km2, 17 foreign giant fishing vessels basically catch all life from the sea.


Imagine the quantities of fish that are taken away from the locals day after day. That must be beyond the imagination of a human being. There are around 20 mega-ships in operation in this small area that can hold thousands of tons of fish!


For more…at:


My comment: For years one reads, the oceans are empty fished, overfished 80% of the stocks. And what is the UN really writing? “world capture fisheries production has been stable in the past decade” !!

And the EU is also plundering fish stocks off the coast of Africa. By purchasing the fishing quotas of other states, the problem of overfishing is exported beyond EU borders.

China’s population now accounts for one-third of global fish consumption – partly because the growing middle class can afford the former delicacies more and more often.

To satisfy this hunger, approximately 200,000 Chinese fishing boats are estimated to be sailing the oceans. They account for more than half of global fishing.

Every fifth fish comes from illegal fishing, an economic scandal with catastrophic ecological consequences. Organized is the mafia of the oceans in a global network that is active on all oceans. Many species are threatened by extinction. And the little fishermen of Somalia are losing their livelihood.

“First the sea dies, then we die,” says Paul Watson.

If we want to stop the exploitation of the oceans,  we should not support the crime of fish mafia and delete fish, like all other meat,  from our menu.

My best regards to all, Venus


eye to eye


A hunter was impaled in the US state of Arkansas by a deer. The man had killed the animal shortly before – at least he meant that.

A hunter was impaled in the US state of Arkansas by a deer. The man had killed the animal shortly before – at least he meant that.

Alexander had shot an adult stag during a hunting trip in Yellville. After watching the animal stop moving, the hunter approached to make sure he had killed the stag. Apparently the animal was not dead: When Alexander touched it, the animal got up and attacked the man.

The hunter was able to call his wife even after the attack. This alarmed the rescue service. Badly injured, Alexander was taken to the hospital.

The 66-year-old Thomas Alexander died a few hours later in the hospital.


But where is the “brutal” – deer?

“While such an attack is rare, it’s not uncommon,” says a spokesperson for the Arkansas Conservation Agency.

The death of Thomas Alexander is the first fatal hunting accident (!!!) in Arkansas this year, it says.

Last year, three hunters lost their lives during the hunting season – one fell from his high seat and another shot himself.

Another hunter was mistaken on the hunt with a stag and shot.

A government spokesman said, “The animal is on the run. We have not found it yet.

Here an original message of the step-son of Thomas Alexander, Greg Alexander,  published in Facebook:

“As many know, my father Tom Alexander passed away on Tuesday after being mauled by a deer, which he had assumed dead after he shot it. He has hunted and killed many deer and was a very experienced outdoorsman. He always followed and respected hunting laws, and took safety extremely serious. This was just a 1 in a million type of thing that ended tragically. I don’t blame the animal and I know dad wouldn’t either.

He was not only an amazing father, he was my best friend. We hunted, fished, watched football and planned to start a little cow farm when he retired early next year. This man was one of a kind. He was always positive even when he would call and rant about politics or complain about a football call that didn’t go the Chiefs way.

He spent his time thinking up ways to make you laugh and was always the life of the party. He would give to you even when you wronged him, he didn’t have a mean bone in his body. I can’t remember a time as a kid that he missed a day of work, so dedicated to his craft. He was an engineer, surveyor, carpenter, welder, plumber, farmer and knew how to do or fix just about anything.

I am blessed to be his son, but will miss my best friend. I have had so much support from friends, family, wildlife officers (who are now friends) I thank you all for that. I want to especially thank my step mother Valerie Alexander for caring for him so well for many years, loving him to pieces and supporting him in just about anything he wanted to do”.

My comment: We can only guess that the step-son’s lobbying work for Thomas Alexander on Facebook is an attempt to curb the shitstorm that is booming on Facebook.

Most killers in the forest are good fathers, good neighbors and good colleagues.
The mafia bosses, arms dealers, drug dealers are also very caring fathers. They go to church and take care of their family.
This does not stop them from killing innocent animals or people.

A victim defends himself, what could be more just than actively defending one’s life?

And we wish the brave avenger all the best and that he never falls into the hands of a psychopath again.


My best regards to all, Venus


Australia: Stop the Suffering: Protect Aussie sheep from a backslide in heat stress regulation.


Stop the Suffering: Protect Aussie sheep from a backslide in heat stress regulation

Since the horrific images of Aussie sheep on board a live export ship went to air last year, we have seen the Department of Agriculture swamp the issue of heat stress in review after review. These reviews have delayed a definite decision on protecting the welfare of sheep from occurring – but we will continue to fight until action is taken. The current review proposes a few options, but none properly protect Aussie sheep, so we need to make sure a new option is put on the table. Your voice is needed now and we know we can push for change with you by our side. We will not give up.


Please note: this is a copy of your email which was sent to RSPCA Australia, and if you have given permission, will also be sent as a submission to the Middle East sheep exports policy options discussion paper.

Submitted on Saturday, October 26, 2019 – 08:37.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide a submission to the Middle East sheep exports policy options discussion paper.

I support the RSPCA’s position that live sheep exports should end altogether because of the inherent and unavoidable risks the trade poses to animal welfare. I believe sheep farmers should be supported to transition away from the live export of animals, and access more sustainable markets for chilled and frozen meat instead.

But while the trade continues it is incumbent upon the Department of Agriculture to ensure the welfare of exported animals is protected to the fullest extent possible.

None of the options proposed in the discussion paper fulfil this obligation.

Based on the scientific evidence presented to the Department in the Independent Technical Committee’s Final Heat Stress Risk Assessment Review report (HSRA Report) and the advice of the Australian Veterinary Association, sheep exports to the Middle East should cease from May through to October, inclusive. Additionally, the revised HSRA model as recommended by the Technical Committee should be implemented for every voyage that crosses the equator, at all times of the year.

At the very least, Options 2 AND 3 of the discussion paper should be implemented to ensure that sheep are not subjected to the most dangerous months of the Middle Eastern summer AND the Department implements the revised HSRA Model as recommended by the McCarthy Review, the ASEL Review, and the HSRA Review.


Combining Options 2 and 3 would provide certainty to all stakeholders including the industry, trading partners, and the Australian community, and ensure a new approach is taken to heat stress risk assessment that is based on animal welfare, not mortality. Failing to implement the revised HSRA model, a fundamental component of the proposed reforms over the past 18 months, would represent a massive backflip on the Government’s commitments to evidence-based policy and animal welfare.

On 10 September 2019, the Minister for Agriculture, Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie said the live export trade “won’t be conducted at the expense of animal welfare standards.”

The science and evidence is clear. I urge the Department to act upon it by implementing Options 2 and 3 and fulfilling the Governments commitments to the Australian public.

Thank you for considering my submission. I look forward to seeing decisive action from the Department that will protect animal welfare for as long as live animal exports continue.

Kind regards,

Mark Johnson

Kent, England

German government once again betrays the animals



On October 23, the agricultural committee of the German parliament voted against an application that certain species of wild animals in the circus should be banned.

Among other things, this petition called for a ban on monkeys, elephants, bears, giraffes, rhinos, big cats and hippos in circuses for animal welfare reasons.



Meanwhile, it is no surprise that more than half of the members of the Agriculture Committee have a post in the German Farmers’ Union and generally reject animal welfare initiatives.

The former “social” SPD, which has been campaigning for a ban on wildlife for years – especially before elections – and often fooled citizens with “animal welfare policy aspirations”, voted against!

Thus, this party again showed that it is just not the animal welfare at heart and their election promises sanctimonious lip service.

The results in details:

CDU / CSU: Christian Democrats / Christian Social Union: Rejection
Socialists (SPD): rejection
Liberals: rejection
Green: approval
Left: approval
AfD (right party): abstention

Only the Greens and the Left voted in favor of the motion.

My comment: Bolivia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Iran … have a general ban on wildlife in circus.
In Europe, all EU countries have a general ban on wild animals in the circus.

Only Germany not!
There are many countries that, although poor, have long since banned animal cruelty in the ring.

Yet, Germany now proves that this is the poorer country in terms of morale and competence, the government and its lackeys show themselves to be a corrupt and ridiculous circus lobby that decides to preserve animal cruelty, even though it has no direct profit from it.

“This socialism (SPD) is like a Judas without silver pieces,” Kurt Tucholsky said about the socialist party Germany.
He was right! the socialist party of Germany is the sold bride of politics!


Best regards, Venus


England: Short Break – Rockin In the Free World !

England: Short break – Rocking In The Free World.

From Mark – 26/10.

I have been telling Venus tonight that things are changing for me next week. I am moving location and so will not be doing any posts from 29/10 until 11 or 12/11; so Venus will be doing everything during this time. Things are busy for me now re organisation, but I am hoping to do a few things over the next few days before I go.

Here is one link with new from Fur Free Society – really good to see them back:

I will close now with a group meet which both Venus and I really like – a mass group session of living in the free world by Neil Young. Enjoy it and I hope to see you again in the next few days.


Regards Mark



“If slaughterhouses had glass walls…”


If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian …”
Do we really don’t know the truth about meat production?!

We know it!
Today, on a broad scale, we know how the meat and dairy industry works.
We know very well that farms and slaughterhouses is a bloody business.

Modern meat production is, for a few, one of the most inhumane practices in human history, a Dachau that has even surpassed the Third Reich in brutality and sadism.


But most people who consume animals and their products, do not even think about the subject, and keep unpleasant truth away from them.They soothe their conscience with the lies that the meat mafia sells, that means: the organic livestock, or the happy cows of the Farmer`s next door who live in the meadow.

This makes it much easier for them and their morality to justify a crime, and helps them turn feelings of empathy in apathy.



It is well known and even the public media very often report that 3.8 million animals per day are transported worldwide under unbelievable suffering.

We know that 1.4 billion animals a year are transported like potato sacks on highways or ships for three weeks, without food, water, without protection from cold and heat, hurt, emaciated, to land half dead on the slaughterhouses of the world, where they are massacred under the hands of beastly workers.


This is a legalized crime that the meat consumer does not want to know about, and thus it makes it easier for the meat mafia to continue its criminal work with lies and dirty untruths.

Of course, the meat industry uses every means to keep the suffering of animals secret, and deceives us animal welfare and respect for the law.

But today, in the century of information and technological progress that we live in, everyone can find out what is hidden behind the animals’ concentration camp.
If he wants …

And here’s the tragic reason why Paul McCartney’s saying is not true:
We know it, but we do not want to take responsibility, and therefore we repress it.

We chose the path of denial, justification, not to make an important, binding decision: not eat animals because they are sentient beings who were not born to serve us as slaves, being abused and exploited.



Then we come to the conclusion that the reason why we eat animals is not the lack of information and knowledge about the function of this system.

It is the indifference, the mutilation of our conscience, it is our system-controlled mental and moral disability that prevents us from recognizing animals als beings with the right to freedom, life, and joy, and finally drives us to cooperate with this fascist system of flesh mafia.

Fact that ultimately makes us collaborators in a political crime.


My best regards to all, Venus


A police spokesman welcoming a blockade in the slaughterhouse


A spokesman for the police in Kellinghusen (North Germany) expressed sympathetic to the occupation of a slaughterhouse. The leadership did not like it, even the downtown secretary responded.


They chained themselves to railings or climbed onto the roof. 26 activists of “Tear Down Toennies” have briefly occupied for 12 hours a slaughterhouse in Kellinghusen in the district of Steinburg. According to the media, up to 6,000 pigs are slaughtered here each day.

The 26 demonstrators chained themselves to fences, unrolling a poster on the roof, and the plant stood still.


By doing so, they wanted to alert “not only to factory farming, but to any kind of animal exploitation,” as the initiative tweeted. “Factory farming and irrational meat consumption are not only inhumane, but also climate killers”.
The action against factory farming was peaceful, according to police.



A total of 26 demonstrators took part in the “absolutely peaceful” action, as police spokesman Stefan Hinrichs said. Among other things, the activists climbed onto the roof of the slaughterhouse or chained themselves to the outside fence of the site.

The police took up investigations for trespassing or coercion. Clashes did not exist, said a police spokesman. Activists have been briefly detained solely for identification purposes.

Left MP welcomes blockade

Member of the German Bundestag, Lorenz Gösta Beutin (left), welcomed the blockade “against the meat industry as a whole, and these meat factories and factory farming must be stopped immediately as they are harmful to both human health and animal welfare,” he said.


the press spokesman of the police Stefan Hinrichs during the interview: “Personally, I find the behavior of the young people very good”!!


On the video one can hear how the official Stefan Hinrichs explains the animal rights activist: “I am on your side, as far as animal husbandry in Germany is concerned – absolutely.”!!!
In the subsequent interview in front of the camera, he explained that he personally finds the behavior of the young people very good.

He explained, “that they are so brave in animal welfare. The question, of course, is whether this must go hand in hand with crime, but basically I think it’s very nice that the animals found lawyers here.

A police spokesman who welcomes a blockade? It was clear that would have consequences!!!


And indeed! The statement of the police spokesman Hinrichs caused a stir among the agrarian industry and the Christian Democrats, who are known to be closely associated with the “meat mafia”. And had consequences.

The report of an extremely conservative newspaper said:
“Although he tried to get in the loop by pointing to the criminal liability of this act, countless citizens were shocked and turned to the police for clarification.”

The police directorate of Kellinghusen was forced to make a press statement about the “inappropriate” sympathy of the official for the activists.

It was said: “The state police is subject to neutrality. This means that authorities and officials of the National Police are also duty bound to give the utmost restraint on value expressions. Expressions of sympathy for actions that disrupt the operation of a slaughterhouse have “to be avoided”. It will not be repeated that press officers can not differentiate between official commission and personal opinion.”
Meanwhile, we read that the official Stefan Hinrichs would be “free” for two days.

They did not want to say more about it.

My comment: From here we send our solidary greetings to the animal rights activists of Kellinghusen. And our thanks to the brave policeman who was not on the side of the exploiters, and he confessed it publicly.

The blockade was an important day for the animals and we thank the group for their selfless dedication.

Tönnies is an animal tormentor, Tönnies is responsible for enormous animal suffering, a pest for humans, animals and the environment and must be combated in various ways.

Even the people in the factories suffer from the “Tönnies system”: exploitation of temporary workers, subsistence wages and subcontracting.

A Tönnies spokesman said: “I am not aware that there has ever been such a cast of a slaughterhouse in Germany”. No! that was not the first time! do your homework correctly, idiot! And that will not be the last time!

My best regards to all, Venus


Everyone is talking about the new advertising spot of “Katjes”!


From Katjes there is now the vegan chocolate Chocjes. The commercial will clarify that cows are not dairy machines.

We really loved the Chocjes commercial.
Apart from the fact that the illustrations come from none other than Gerald Scarfe, who was already responsible for the Pink Floyd cover of “The Wall”, the video contains a clear vegan message.


You see a whole army of mechanical cows.

Dark scenery. Gloomy music. Cows march like soldiers in the Third Reich. So it starts, the new commercial of Katjes. Then a woman’s voice says: “Every life is valuable. And cows are not dairy machines. Not even for chocolate. “

A scene change follows. Pink background. Gentle music. Oat plants sprout from the ground. And the woman’s voice says, “Luckily there are chocjes now. The vegan chocolate from Katjes. Cool without a cow. “ Then the commercial ends.



The message is unequivocal and will encourage many to think about it. On the website of Katjes it says: “Cow’s milk is not originally intended for us humans, but as first food for young calves. […] With oat drink many people feel better. And the cows too. It’s cool! “- We see exactly the same way!

We celebrate it when big companies offer vegan products. So they also get their hands on our meat-eating friends and possibly try them out. And maybe they even taste the one or the other.

Katjes has also brought two types of vegan chocolate to the supermarkets. “Chocjes Original” and “Chocjes Haselnuss” convince with a skilful blend of organic oat milk and sustainable cocoa.



Hey Katjes! thanks for this great video! Of course, the milk chocolate sticks in the throats of many spectators. Oh, by the way, Katjes! If you veganize your fruit gums now, then you are true heroes for us.


My comment: And again the farmers are offended and lament:
The Bavarian Farmers Association (BBV) reacted shocked and submitted a complaint to the German Advertising Council. In it, the BBV writes: “In the TV spot cows are referred to as” dairy machines “and animal owners the exploitation of their cows assumed. That is discriminatory and unjustified. It must be possible to promote a vegan product without spreading lies about agriculture “!!!

Also on the Internet, the commercial of Katjes causes a stir. There is hysteria among the farmers!
In the group “Agricultural women” on Facebook, a user says: “What kind of crazy advertising!! Here, it always gets stupider. I really don`t understand what’s going on with humanity anymore ” !!!

Also on the company’s Facebook page Katjes reaps a shitstorm for the commercial.

A user writes: “In my opinion, this video testifies to an abysmally bad marketing department! It’s about populism and hate against a whole profession! Bravo Katjes! It could not have been worse! “

And now from me to all who lament: Stop playing the victims!
You can afford to write a lot of bullshit, because you don`t have any suffering!
You will not be murdered, raped, exploited, enslaved and tortured out of pure greed for profit !!!

The animals are the victims who can not raise their voices and that’s why we have to do it!
And not you, the farmers, the slaveholders, who enrich themselves with the miserable suffering of the dairy cows, and also cash subsidies from EU.
Stop playing the victims!



My best regards to all, Venus


Germany: 13 million pigs end up in the garbage


The man in the pigsty looks at the animal. For days, the fattening pig had hardly moved in the bay, the hind legs can not use it anymore, it is pushed by its conspecifics, annoyed and nibbled.
After a while, the man brings a wooden club, opens the gate and presses on the skull of the animal. Again and again until it stops moving.



But it is not dead! after a while – the man is long gone – it raises his head, trying to get up. Only half an hour later, the employee comes back and sets a bolt gun on the head of the animal – after several minutes of agony, in which the pig crawling through the whole grid box, the animal finally dies.

All this is on video, filmed for a week by a hidden camera in the pig farm of Woosmerhofer Land Producer in Vielank in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany).



In Germany, every fifth pig born for the meat industry does not reach the age of slaughter because it is ill or injured. In numbers, this means that 13.6 million pigs in German breeding and fattening systems die each year before reaching the planned age of slaughter.



A worker hits the pig on the head with a piece of wood to kill it. After ten strokes it is still alive and conscious: it moves and raises its head.

More than half an hour later, the worker stuns the suffering pig with a bolt shot. The prescribed immediate killing by a throat cut – before it wakes up again – is omitted.

The pig dies only after several minutes of agony.
The fact that pigs are regularly killed in this farm shows shots from a different area of the facility.

There, blood-spattered young pigs, so-called runners, are thrown into the cadaver barrels.



The indifferent reactions of the workers make it clear that this procedure must be everyday practice here.

This is the logical consequence of an ideology that considers animals as goods: the life and death of these animals is decided on their own economic benefit. Their millions of suffering and even clear legal prohibitions play no role in the animal industry.



Please sign the Petition of ARIWA:

My comment: It is an organized crime that sees the light of the public only thanks to the undercover investigations by animal rights activists.

The photographs were filmed with hidden cameras installed in the two pigsties of the livestock farms from the end of January and the beginning of February to May 2019, and a team shot with a mobile camera.

And nevertheless! Even if they come to light, the maximum impact is that the slaughterhouse employee, the “black sheep”, will be fired without notice, and the prosecutor closes the case for lack of evidence.
Everyone returns to their everyday lives and the case is forgotten.

Obviously, this crime in animal welfare is not rated as economic crime as in any other industry, and therefore remains without punishable consequences in Germany.
The ARIWA organization calls the animal industry a “lawless area”!

Several times a year activists publish new photos or videos from mass animal husbandry. Every time bad pictures that no one can bear.

For two days it gets excited, the slaughterhouse operators assert that there are isolated cases, then continue as before. The German citizens are simply not interested in animals being tormented. It is only important that you buy meat for less than 2, – € / kg to put it on the 900, – € grill.

For years, the “stinginess is cool” mentality maintained, and every meal must be made of meat, which calls the German “life standard” and then one wonders if our planet is destroyed, and why the production conditions are so catastrophic. Our species is shit ..

My best regards to all, Venus


England: Shocking New Photos of Badgers Killed in Cull Waiting for Incineration.

As we have covered many times; currently in England the government are undertaking Badger culling with the policy that it will reduce the spread of Bovine TB to cattle. This has been proven not to work in the past with the Krebs report, but the government are doing this now to pacify farmers who keep livestock. For years animal campaigners have been asking for vaccination to prevent the spread; but to date the government has only wanted to kill.

Here is a new article in a UK newspaper which shows pictures of dead (culled) badgers waiting to be incinerated.

You can read the full article here – complete with graphic pictures:

It is now probable that the UK will be having a General Election before Christmas this year. The killing government have to think long and hard about this situation if they want support and votes to keep them in government.

Past links associated with this issue:

USA: Montana Offers Wolf Trapping Lessons for Children of 11 Years !!


Hi Mark,

The slaughter of wolves in Montana last hunting season set a despicable record: 315 wolves wiped out in just over six months.

The hatred of wolves is so deep, the state even offers wolf-trapping lessons for free — for children as young as 11.

This is the kind of mentality we’re up against in saving gray wolves.

Please support our fight for wolves by giving to the Predator Defense Fund.

The new hunting season has begun, and already seven wolves have been killed in Montana. It costs just $19 to buy a wolf hunting license in the state.

Montana, Idaho and Wyoming are showing how little they care for wildlife and how easy they want to make it for wolves to be shot.

Wolves are highly social and have deep bonds within packs. Each death shatters a wolf family, breaks up a breeding pair, or orphans a litter of pups.

The Trump administration’s plan to take away Endangered Species Act protection from most wolves in the lower 48 will expose them to more hunting, more trapping, more shattered packs.

Wolves need to be protected and allowed to raise their pups free from traps and guns.

The job of wolf recovery is far from over, which is why we’re pushing hard for a national recovery plan. We see the tragic results when wolf management is turned over to states.

No one fights harder to save wolves than the Center. We know how to win in the courts and in the halls of power — but we can’t do it without you.

Help end the war on wolves by donating to the Center’s Predator Defense Fund.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


P.S. Monthly supporters who give steady gifts of $10 or $20 power the Center’s swift and continued action to save wolves. Do your part by starting a monthly donation.

Labor insider: “life is worthless in the animal laboratory”


Judith is a trained animal keeper, research and clinic, and worked for 5 years in various animal testing laboratories. What she has experienced and why she decided one day to change the job, she tells us in this interview.


PETA: What happens behind the laboratory doors?
JUDITH: A lot. With dogs, for example, transplantation experiments are made.

What nobody knows: The animals not only suffer during the experiments, but just as before and after.

Our beagle were so severely paralyzed with immunosuppressive drugs before the transplants that they often died before the actual tests – of internal bleeding or infection.

I can not forget the sight of the dogs in their mini-boxes. They have partially bled continuously from all orifices and have been maltreated several times a day on the doctor’s desk – and not only by trained professionals, but also by inexperienced interns.
Like the dogs, I have seen many other animals suffer and die in the lab: especially mice, but also cats, rabbits, hamsters, goats or ferrets.



PETA: What happens to animals that are “unusable” for experiments?
JUDITH: Life is worthless in animal testing laboratories. An animal whose genetic code does not fit the experiment is killed and disposed of carelessly.

There are lab groups, there is only one mouse of 100 genetically suitable – the other 99 are so “garbage” and are treated the same way. Sometimes you could only work with the 16th generation – you can imagine how many animals had to be born for it.

The animal mothers are treated like breeding machines. They bore babies in the chord, most of them killed right afterwards.



PETA: Can a zookeeper make life easier for animals in the lab?
JUDITH: Unfortunately not really. Although it cleans the cages and gives the animals to eat and drink, but in chord.

A caregiver can get around 4,000 mice, so there’s no time for a relationship with the animals. Empathy is out of place and annoying when killing hundreds of animals – laboratory jargon.
You simply throw mice into a CO2 pot and leave. Some die faster, others slower.



PETA: What experiences behind the lab walls have bothered you the most?
JUDITH: Every day there are new atrocities done to the animals. We cut off the tail of young mice to do genetic testing.

Often a nerve was accidentally pulled out – that must be incredible pain for the animals, because they were not stunned and squeaked loud and even tried to bite.

Often the head of baby mices was cut off with scissors. I had a colleague who thought it was funny when the fur of the mouse was still torn off with the head and half of the body was exposed naked, but also that was tolerated. There was never anything said neither by colleagues nor by the boss.

I have also often seen a mouse mother biting her babies right after birth – out of sheer stress, as the cages are too small and the animals are almost permanently pregnant. Maybe also from lack of nutrients, as the countless pregnancies on the body consume.



PETA: One day you decided not to work in animal testing laboratories anymore. Why?
JUDITH: I had a bad experience with a bitch that opened my eyes. I found her dead in her cage on a Saturday morning – as far as nothing was out of the ordinary. She was circled and looked quite peaceful.

Now we only had very narrow cadaver tons. But the bitch was stiff and too big for the barrel. Since corporal rigidity would persist for many hours and only the most urgent things needed to be done on Saturdays, my boss told me to take the Surgical Saw and cut the bitch until it fits in the bucket.

I was so shocked that I realized the moment what I’ve been doing for years.

I did not saw the bitch in the end – I drove back to the lab late at night and carefully put her dead body in the ton.



PETA: What did the work in the animal testing laboratory do to you?
JUDITH: You quickly get used to the daily inhumanities that happen there. You do not think about it, it becomes everyday and you quickly get a black humor.

As a result, I have not understood for far too long what I actually do every day.
I had always felt like animal love, and yet I have so many poor souls on my conscience. But I am very grateful that my eyes were opened and I was able to break away from this machinery. There are so many more stories that I could tell, but that would go beyond the scope.

PETA: What do you want for the future?
JUDITH: I hope that more and more people are becoming aware of how cruel and unnecessary animal testing is and that we have to fight against it with all our might.

All of us!

Whether as a consumer, student or normal citizen, everyone has to take to the streets for the animals. Because it is also possible without animal experiments – that must finally arrive in politics and in the money providers.



My best regards to all, Venus


Dairy industry: a murder factory!


Animal Equality has released a report on Italy’s milk industry, revealing controversial practices the sector often tries to hide from consumers.



In footage obtained from our investigative work on several farms in Northern Italy, we exposed what actually happens inside dairy farms, compared to what is marketed by the farms’ advertising. What the footage shows is the tragic exploitation of cows, with endless amounts of suffering!




What we found:

– Calves taken from mothers a few hours after birth
– Calves and cows living in cramped, unsanitary conditions, and covered with feces and mud
– Farmworkers performing preventive practices and care without veterinary supervision, which is illegal
– Cows with mastitis and very serious wounds, including wounded hooves illegally covered with scotch tape
– Cows “grazing zero,” which means they do not have access to pastures, as opposed to what is constantly shown in the advertisements of dairy farms

All these practices-and not only in Italy- demonstrate one thing: that the image conveyed daily by the dairy industry is not the reality cows live in. This form of extreme exploitation causes cows enormous suffering, specifically by quickly consuming their bodies and leading to premature death within just a few years.


Animal Equality


To justify this criminal situation, milk mafia sells milk to us as a natural food that makes us big and strong and a source of calcium.
Meanwhile, however, has been scientifically confirmed that the milk is not only unhealthy, but also makes sick.


We all thought or still think that milk is a healthy, balanced drink. But here is the first mistake.
Because milk is not just a drink, it can be called a staple food because of its high nutrient density. That’s why milk makes us sick.

It can trigger allergies, especially in infants, lead to chronic infections, skin problems and eczema, promote asthma, diabetes and even cancer. This could be due to the foreign proteins in the milk against which the body is fighting. Many of these diseases can be due to a milk allergy.

In Asia and Africa, for example, just one percent of the population can digest milk.



Most people want to see milk as one of the most natural products fresh from the cow that lives on the meadow, with no additives, no hormones, no antibiotics.
And although the reality is shown every day and in many countries even by the state TV channels, the milk consumers are making a lot of ridiculous excuses to continue to consume a product which makes them sick and the animals victimized.
One of these excuses is the “organic” milk.
And the biggest lie of the milk mafia.


cow in “Organic” attitude

For more…at:


Conclusion: We despise murder of people, but we regard murder of animals as normal. Because they are lower beings for us.

In our Western world, it has never been so easy to live without meat and milk.
Man can eat animals and just can not eat. Both is possible.

Above all, because we humans claim that we have developed a strong sense of morality that we can apply accordingly. But we have learned to turn feelings of empathy into apathy. We have learned not to feel, because otherwise we would feel responsible for our actions.

With the pet at home, it works.
We teach our children to love the pets, not to eat them. When it comes to our own dog or kitten, we must never do that, and we emphasize that among the evil Chinese, such a crime is quite common.

We must teach our children that it is not right to kill other beings for no reason. Children are very open to it. But we do not clarify it, we do not tell them the full truth, because we ourselves can not cope with the truth.




Who serves as an obedient servant the system of meat and milk mafia, will defend his schnitzel and not the truth about animals that become meat in the factories.


My best regards to all, Venus



USA: Iowa – Iowa Politicians and the Meat Industry Attempt to Turn Undercover Expose Activists Into the Criminals !


Background Information (WAV)


Ag-Gag laws seek to “gag” would-be whistleblowers and undercover activists by punishing them for recording footage of what goes on in animal agriculture. They were originally designed to prevent the public from learning about animal cruelty.

Twenty-five states have attempted to pass modern-day ag-gag laws, and six of those states have succeeded. The states that have passed ag-gag laws are (in chronological order), Iowa Utah, Missouri, Idaho, Wyoming, and North Carolina.

USA – Government Regulation of Factory Farms. The USDA is the primary federal agency charged with regulating animal food production and slaughter industries. Through sub-agency programs, the USDA oversees food production laws.


However, there are no federal laws that set humane care standards for animals in factory farms.

Factory farms perpetuate climate change, produce enormous volumes of manure, pollute the air and water, exploit workers, fuel antibiotic resistance and harm the rural communities they claim to help.



With thanks to Stacey for supplying this info – regards Mark.



Source The Intercept
Leighton Akio WoodhouseDavid Zlutnick

The meat industry depends, more than anything else, on walls.

The walls of farms and slaughterhouses prevent consumers from seeing what the production of their food really looks like. They prevent journalists and activists from exposing unethical, even criminal acts within. They enable corporations to paint happy, bucolic pictures of their operations that bear no resemblance to the reality of modern-day factory farming.

To get inside those walls, over the last two decades, dozens of activists have gone undercover, finding employment on factory farms and wearing concealed cameras, shooting hundreds of hours of footage over the course of months on the job. They have documented the routine acts of mistreatment and abuse of animals that are an inherent part of raising livestock for slaughter with maximum profit in mind.

The videos they have produced have made an enormous impact on the industry, grabbing headlines, pushing consumers away from meat, compelling retailers to pull products from shelves, and even causing government regulators to temporarily shutter some farms.

In response, the industry has pushed to criminalize undercover investigations, through legislation known informally as “ag-gag.” Ag-gag laws target activists in a variety of ways, from imposing criminal penalties on investigators for misrepresenting themselves on employment applications to outright banning the collection of footage on the premises of animal agriculture operations without the owners’ permission.

In Iowa, an ag-gag law passed in 2011 was struck down earlier this year by a federal judge. But thanks to the political power it wields in the state, the meat industry did not have to wait long to see the law resurrected. Just two months after the court’s decision, Iowa’s legislature passed a brand new ag-gag bill, and its newly elected governor, Kim Reynolds, signed it into law.

Our short documentary tells the story of one undercover investigator whose footage is at the center of Iowa’s ag-gag backlash.

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Lebanon: Help Needed to Send Busted Hyena to a New Sanctuary Life – Info and Donation Link.




Imprisoned Hyena with broken teeth – we need your urgent help now!
This hyena was illegally captured from the wild. The snare cut onto her skin and she was unable to get free.

She was moved to a private zoo in the south of Lebanon and kept in terrible conditions with two other hyenas.

We were able to rescue and release the two other hyenas into Lebanon’s largest natural reserve.

But this this hyena was simply too broken to safely be released. The stress of capture and the conditions of the zoo caused her to shut down, she has a large wound from where the snare cut deep into her body, and her teeth were damaged when trying to free herself.

Sadly – she had to be left behind. We named her Hayat.

We need your help now to send her to a sanctuary!

Donation link – 

The situation is even more desperate as nationwide protests have now gone on for four weeks. All of our work is more difficult, and we need to move her before it might be impossible.

She has the chance to go to the Tonga Terre d’Accueil sanctuary in France. An amazing sanctuary that has there animals we have rescued.

We must raise $3,000 now to build a transport crate, complete the veterinary requirements, and fly her from Beirut to France.

Donate now to free Hayat from the zoo and give her a second chance!

The situation is desperate – We need your help now to rescue other endangered animals trapped in terrible conditions before it becomes too late.


Worth a Look – Petitions and Video.