USA: Presindent Obama Was Wise With His Actions- So Trump Has To Do The Opposite – Is This Now To Allow Trump Sons To Go For Big Kill ?

The U.S. government wants to allow bloodthirsty hunters to slaughter endangered elephants and bring their carcasses as trophies back to the United States.

Elephant trophy imports were prohibited in 2014 in an effort to help save this species — but now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to reverse the ban, encouraging Americans to start slaughtering elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Not surprisingly, the plan was pushed by wealthy hunters and Safari Club International, who lobbied along with the National Firearm Association to lift the ban — only serving to benefit America’s richest, at the elephants’ expense.

African elephant populations are plummeting, with 30,000 killed every year by poachers and trophy hunters. With even more hunting, these amazing animals may not stand a chance.

Lobbyists wrongly claim that because money from trophy hunts is supposed to go toward conservation, more hunting will somehow help increase elephant populations. But this has been proven false — and with Zimbabwe’s government notoriously corrupt, and in turmoil with a recent coup, what oversight will exist to ensure that any of the money goes to protect a single elephant?

This deadly plan must be abandoned at once. Sign now to tell President Trump and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to leave the ban intact, so no elephants are ruthlessly killed and brought to the U.S. as sickening “trophies.”

2 Petition links –



Dim and dimmer Trumps think they are real men because

they can shoot a gun.


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UK/ USA: Brian Talks About Project Coyote.






USA: Petiton – Justice For Brooklyn Who Was Severely Beaten By Abuser Shown Below – Looking At Him, Any Suprise ?


A dog named Brooklyn suffered eye and facial injuries after she was brutally beaten by her owner’s boyfriend because he was jealous of the attention the dog got from his girlfriend, according to police.


Demand justice for poor Brooklyn.

You only have to look at the photo of this animal abuser to see that he is not quite stable in the head. Maybe the ink has seeped through and is now damaging that massive brain of his  – or maybe he is just a complete turd and advertising it on his head !






Ever Have One Of Those Days ? – We Do.

Especially where the EU Commissions are involved.


USA: Wolves In Danger Of Losing Their Much Needed Protection – Thanks To …….

SAV Comment – we have not really covered much regarding US issues over the past few months because of a team of Muppets – led by one named Muppet Trump, is  doing all that is possible to destroy the natural beauty of the USA.  Over the years, I (Mark) have visited the US probably about a dozen times.  All the time this Republican and his cronies and climate deniers are at the helm, I can absolutely guarantee that I will never visit again.  In the past I respected and admired the USA for its natural beauty.  Thanks to this clown now, so much of that is under threat – I cannot even begin to muster any willingness to re visit.  The message below from Kieran simply sums up the complete and utter disregard for nature that Trump and his get rich quick crew have for nature and the creatures that depend on protection and decent legislation.  We will resume to publish some news and articles from US organisations; but I fear that there will be no good news for the animals.  This below is the first, and special to me as I am very much a ‘wolf’ person.  Trumpy and Rex don’t really give a toss about protecting wildlife – they talk about MAGA, whilst at the same time discouraging people like me from ever visiting the wildlife of the USA ever again.   I wonder how long the USA will remain with its natural beauty when their are people like Trumpy with flashing ‘Dollar eyes’ and a brain that thinks of nothing more.  The people and politicians of Europe know what he is about, and now he is licking the ass of those terrible Chinese that were so much at the front of his election campaign.  He bleats on about MAGA whilst at the same time, his daughter imports over 50 tonnes of Chinese sweatshop made clothing for her label! – do these people have any standards or are they just dollar blind ? – Time will tell.



Hi Mark,

The most anti-wildlife Congress we’ve ever seen is now taking aim at gray wolves in the Great Lakes region.

A bill to strip Endangered Species Act protections from these wolves — opening them up to more killing — is making its way through the House. We can’t let this happen.

The Center’s Endangered Species Act Protection Fund needs your support today.

Great Lakes wolves have made tremendous progress, growing from fewer than 1,000 wolves in a small corner of northeastern Minnesota to more than 4,000 wolves across Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

But their recovery will end if federal protections are removed prematurely. This anti-wolf Congress is considering legislation to reinstate a 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision that stripped away Endangered Species Act protection for Great Lakes gray wolves.

In 2014, a federal judge overturned the federal wildlife agency’s decision, noting its scientific and legal flaws. The U.S. Court of Appeals reaffirmed that decision — ending wolf hunts and highlighting how much more is needed before wolves can be considered fully recovered.

But now Trump and his cronies are continuing their war on wolves. States like Wisconsin have already enacted aggressive killing policies aimed at drastically reducing wolf populations by more than half and allowing the cruel practice of using hounds to hunt them.

If the proposed legislation passes, gray wolves will face even more threats.

These wolves deserve to thrive in their natural habitat and to raise their packs free from the threat of hunters and trappers. As their populations grow, we must continue to protect these packs and not allow them to be put back in the crosshairs.

The Center has been working to defend Great Lakes wolves for years, fighting to keep their federal protection and to ban hunting and trapping.

Please join us in protecting wolves by giving to our Endangered Species Act Protection Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity





England: Fox Hunters Hit Women – Female Sab Is Knocked To The Ground By Hunt Supporter.

Pictures – West Midlands Hunt Sabs

Showing their true colours;

Male Hunters get a kick out of hitting women as well as killing foxes !

Female Hunt Sab assaulted by one of those with a blood lust.

Read the full story at:

Check Out West Midlands Hunt Sabs

and see the real side of hunting —






Jordan: Fatwa Issued To Kill Every Stray Dog – Killing Currently Under Way.


Dear Mark,

As I write this, gunmen are trying to kill every

street dog in the entire country of Jordan.

Dogs are being hunted down and shot because

the country’s religious leader has declared a

holy war on dogs.

Because of this, men armed with automatic

weapons are systematically killing every street

dog they see!

Mark, I am saddened beyond words that such

a terrible thing is happening and with your help,

I intend to do something about it. As a first step

my team is making contact with the Jordanian

government asking it to end this horrible cruelty.

Jordan’s most senior religious figure, Grand Mufti,

Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh, issued a fatwa

– a religious instruction to Muslims – to kill

the dogs. He quoted Prophet Mohammed to justify

the slaughter.

Because a fatwa is binding on Muslims, municipalities

across the country started hiring snipers.

Thousands of dogs have been killed and the

massacre continues every day.

Mark, as animal lovers we have no option but

to fight this nightmare by every means possible.

“It is our duty as animal lovers to do whatever

we can to stop this dog genocide. Before there

are no dogs left in Jordan.”

Mark, we are so terribly saddened by this and

we urge you and all our supporters to share the

fact that Prophet Mohammad repeatedly forbade

cruelty to animals, saying: “Whoever is kind to

the creatures of God is kind to himself.”

My job is to get this message through and to care

for those dogs we can on the ground. We are

already searching for land where we can create

a safe haven for some of the dogs.

The most important immediate first steps are

to spread the word about the unspeakable cruelty

and horror that is unfolding.

And, please make a donation, we can’t do this without your financial support. That is the simple truth.

For the animals
Brian Davies, Founder






England: ‘Tibets Hidden Prisoners’ – Latest News From ”Free Tibet’, London.



“When the black cloth was taken off my head, I found myself in a big room with […] all sorts of torture devices laid out in front of me. They told me to have a look at these devices and I told myself that I was doomed to being beaten that day – former prisoner and torture survivor Golog Jigme


Imagine being snatched from the street or even your home. You are loaded into a police car and driven to an unknown location. Your friends, colleagues and family don’t know where you are. Nor do you. It is like you have disappeared from the face of the earth.

You don’t know why you are being held, you don’t know what your captors want from you. They may have something that they want you to confess. They may have decided you have committed a crime.

For scores of Tibetans, this situation is not just some horror film, it is a horrifying reality. Whether they have protested to resist the occupation, written a blog post that the authorities disapproved of, or even just flown their own flag, Tibetans have been taken away, detained without charge, tortured and sentenced to long prison sentences after secret or sham trials.


Enforced disappearances are designed to punish Tibetans who resist or fall foul of the occupation, and to scare other Tibetans away from opposing the occupation or freely expressing their culture. Free Tibet is standing alongside Tibet’s hidden prisoners. We want to find the prisoners that China has tried to hide, shine a light on their cases, and raise pressure for their release.






USA: Trumps Brands Are Tanking.






UK: The New BBC Series ‘Blue Planet 2’ About Ocean Wildlife. A Few Samples To Enjoy.


The BBC have a new series on the television.

The BBC Wildlife section is famous for its wonderful photography and documentaries about (global) wildlife. 

‘Blue Planet 2’ is a new series about the worlds oceans which has us captivated – the photography is stunning. 

Here below are a few links to trailers and small clips of the series – possibly more will gradually turn up as the series goes on. 

In the meantime- Enjoy ! – BBC Wildlife at its very best.


Narrated by BBC wildlife legend Sir David Attenborough.



EU ‘Project’ Fishermen Kill Very Rare Prehistoric Shark. 60 People Killed By Sharks Each Year – 100,000,000 Sharks Each Year Killed By Humans.

BAD News – EU Project Fishermen Kill Prehistoric Shark

A shark from the time of the dinosaur falls as a victim of an EU- Project !!!

The message I read in Independent today is purposely written with so many useless but impressive details that readers’ interest is focused only on the details and not on the substance: shark of dinosaur origin, description of the gills, size, Width of the fish, weight, color, he has sharp teeth, he has a lot of teeth … three quarters of the article deals exclusively with it!


And now to the substance: if a fisherman who “incidentally” works for an EU project that has the function of “minimizing unwanted catches in commercial fishing“, captures and kills one of the rarest shark species in its web, then …

we can imagine the likelihood of saving even simpler fish with the help of such an idiot.

We can imagine how many rare and not rare species of fish fall victim to such incompetent and unfit EU –Project fishermen, and not “accidentally” but systematically destroyed!

So if marine life depends on such a lucrative “project” of the EU and is led by dangerous and incompetent idiots, then these animals will always be the first to fall victim to this criminal entity.


Best Regards


P.S: only to information: Every year about 60 people die of sharks.

Every year, 100,000,000 sharks die by the human hand, because of human cruelty.



GOOD News:



Italy bans ALL animals in circuses:

Rome vows to take THOUSANDS out of spectacles



Switzerland: The hunt in the canton of Zurich will be finally abolished in its present form.

Please support this important issue if you can –


The hunt in the canton of Zurich will be finally abolished in its present form.

The city of Zurich, including the forests, are already wild sanctuaries and are cared for by game wardens. This successful model is now to be extended to the entire canton of Zurich.

For this, the Swiss Animal Party (TPS) submitted through a popular initiative more than 7,300 votes in a petition for the request on Tuesday, 18 July 2017.

In future, only professionally trained gamekeepers will be used. This called by the cantonal popular initiative: “gamekeeper instead of hunters“!

The canton of Zurich is to introduce “a nationwide wildlife management system with professionally trained gamekeepers”, which replaces the amateur hunter risk group.

The focus should be on the natural regulation of the wildlife population. In the case of sick or injured wild animals, only gamekeepers employed by the canton are allowed to intervene.

Reasons for Wild Guardians:

1. Canton wildlife management, carried out by professionally trained gamekeepers, leads to a better quality of life for humans and animals in the densely populated canton of Zurich, as animal and plant diversity is promoted in the longer term (biodiversity) and nature experiences such as wild animal observations are made increasingly possible.

The hunt has made diurnal animals such as boars, foxes or deer nocturnal. That is why most wildlife accidents occur in the dark.


  1. Experience has shown that animals living in a hunting-free area lose a large part of this forced, unnatural shyness and thus increasingly spend their nightly activities in the day again.

  1. By hunting the wild animals their fertility (birth rate) increases, as they reproduce faster by the hunting pressure and the decimation of their species.

This inevitably leads to an undesired increase. However, the hunting community identifies precisely this artificially generated increase in wildlife populations as legitimating hunting regulation.


  1. In the canton of Geneva hobby hunting was already replaced by a modern game management in 1974, which proved to be very successful. Should it nevertheless be necessary to intervene, this must be done exclusively by professionally trained gamekeepers.

  1. In addition, the introduction of cantonal wildlife management will mean that there will no longer be hunting accidents in the future. Even pets such as dogs and cats are no longer killed by mistake and the safety of recreational activities in the forest recreation area is guaranteed.

  1. It is much better for all parties without the dangerous hobby hunting. The canton of Geneva also implements the animal protection law with its professional game wardens. In Geneva, serious wildlife management does not even cost taxpayers a cup of coffee a year.

The long list of reasons ends with the following summary:

The hunt is not in the interests of society, nature and the cultural landscape but only in the interest of hunting, legally killing wildlife for no real reason.


My comment to this case:

I have great confidence in the Swiss that they manage to get rid of the hunt. And not only in Zurich, but in the whole country.
Unfortunately, it does not look good with the German hunt.

Because we allow a tiny minority (2% of the society), to terrorize other 80 million people and to kill senseless in the forest.  We owe that to a corrupt system and an inactive people.

Best regards to all




Serbia: Help The Strays Of Bor Survive The Winter By Supporting New Dog Houses.


This is the tiny part of stray dogs in Bor, Serbia, photos taken in in a couple of days while I was feeding them.

The number is much, much bigger and I’m afraid it will be even bigger.

The truth is that in this town people’s consciousness about these poor animals is very low, care and adoption is almost mission impossible.

The number of ones who want to hurt them or get rid of them in a cruel way is much bigger.

The winter is coming, just thinking of the last year’s winter makes me terrified. Winters in Bor are cruel , temperatures up to minus 30, last winter many street dogs died from cold.

My idea is to provide them for the following winter dog houses with straw where they will have where to get away. Food is also more than needed, during the winter it is more difficult for them to get food.

The price of a dog house for an average two medium-sized dogs is 50 eur, more houses, the better, more protected dogs in the winter period.

I am begging all good people who want to help in providing shelters for those poor dogs, to do so.

Let’s ease their harsh upcoming winter as much as possible!

Thank you

To give a donation to buy doghouses, please go to:




India: Justice For Baby Elephant Burned Alive By Frenzied Mob. Petition.


Take Action:


Target: Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Indian Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Goal: Demand harsher penalties for villagers who harm elephants.

A baby elephant was severely burned and terrorized after it was struck with a flaming bar of tar in the east Indian state of West Bengal. An award-winning photograph captures the exact moment when photographer Biplab Hazra says a mob of “jeering men” threw the balls of tar and firecrackers at the calf and his or her mother, in an apparent attempt to drive them away. This is only the latest in a series of violent conflicts between elephants and humans in the region that must be addressed.

Elephants in India are in crisis as their natural habitat dwindles, while farmlands and urban areas expand. As a result, herds of wandering elephants frequently enter populated areas and cause damage or threaten human lives. Attacks by mobs, such as the one shown in the photograph, are seen as retribution for the losses the elephants are said to cause.

There is no excusing the vile behavior shown in the photograph. No animal deserves to be burned or tortured, especially as the result of human-caused problems like habitat destruction. Sign this petition to demand that Indian officials enact harsher penalties for causing harm to elephants and do more to protect what remaining land these creatures have available to them.


Dear Minister Vardhan,

A photograph showing a mob attacking an elephant mother and her calf underlines the growing crisis that elephants face in India. As their forest habitats are destroyed, these creatures are forced to wander over large areas to find food and water, bringing them into conflict with humans when they enter populated areas. There have been many reports of humans torturing and hurting elephants in an effort to keep them away, and this photograph is disturbing evidence that even young calves are being targeted by violent mobs.

Elephants will continue to enter villages and towns as long as they cannot find enough food or water in their natural habitats. Therefore, I urge you to do more to conserve their remaining habitat and to enact harsher penalties against those who would cause them harm.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Biplab Hazra via Instagram

Germany: Hungry Boars Who Have Had Their Homes Destroyed By Man, Are Slaughtered By A Hunter Because They Were ‘Potentially Dangerous’. NO, The Real Reason – They Were Simply Hungry And Searching For Food !


Wildschweine fallen über Gärten her – neun Tiere erschossen


“20 red boars were spotted on November 8 in a suburb of Hamburg (Duvenstedt).

Allegedly, and only according to reports of inhabitants, they have slightly damaged some gardens.

But as it is always the case in Germany, the residents alerted the police. Without reason, without any animal attacking anybody, panic broke out.

Then, of course, the hunter was called.

They urged the inhabitants to stay at home, out of safety !!
As if King Kong had visited them !!

The hunter, along with a helper, started the persecution of the boars, which was not so difficult, because the animals were looking for food.

They killed a whole family, a whole family is dead.

They killed nine pigs, including six young, small boars. The rest could, luckily, flee.

To justify this crime, the gamekeeper described the animals as “potential” attackers, and disseminated horror story:

“By the sharp canines of the animals, an attack could even be deadly.”

There was no attack, the animals had no interest in humans, the animals were only hungry.

Because we destroy the forest – their homes and their food – and kill their families, the animals come close to the cities.

And we solve a problem that we have caused ourselves, and still cause every day, with the murder.

Because we have weapons in hand and fascism in thinking.

Best Regards to all from Venus




UK: Shrouds Of The Somme. A Dedication By One Artist To The Men Killed In WW1’s Worst Battle.


Shrouds of the Somme.

This weekend in the UK it will be ‘Remembrance Sunday’ to honour all those who have died in past war campaigns.

See the work of one artist here:

England: The Viva November Health Newsletter.


Viva health newsletter.

Viva = Vegetarians International Voice for Animals.

Based in Bristol, England.

Check the November newsletter out via the following link:

Visit their website at –



BREAKING: Republic of Ireland will ban wild animals in circuses!


BREAKING: Republic of Ireland will ban wild animals in circuses!

Dear Mark,

The Republic of Ireland have committed to banning wild animals in circuses by January 2018.

This is huge news!

Our three investigations into circuses in Ireland have uncovered animals including giraffe, hippo, rhino, elephants, tigers, camels and many more who have suffered in the life of the circus. Animals were forced to perform unnatural and degrading tricks for the sake of ‘entertainment’.


Today is a day to rejoice for the animals who will no longer be subjected to the cruelty of the circus in the Republic of Ireland. You have helped us achieve this massive victory! Your support has enabled us to investigate, lobby and campaign for an end to wild animals being exploited in circuses.

We took our investigations to Parliament and councils and put the welfare of animals in Irish circuses on their agenda. Just last year a circus from the Netherlands visited Ireland with their three elephants.

They were met with huge opposition from local groups. Ireland have stood up and said ‘No More!’ With you, the amazing groups and campaigners in Ireland, we have made a difference for wild animals! 

This progressive step means that wild animals being used in circuses in the UK and Ireland are rapidly coming to an end. With Scotland committing to bringing in a ban by 2018 and Wales considering a ban on wild animals in circuses, those few remaining circuses using wild animals will soon have to face facts – there is no place for them in modern society.

Exploiting animals in circuses is outdated and belongs in the history books.

Together we will free animals from a life in the circus.

Thank you,

Nicola O’Brien
Campaigns Director

P.S. We won’t stop until animal circuses are gone, for good. With your help we can ban animal circuses in the UK.

Please donate today:





USA: The Real Cost Of An Egg – Disturbing Video.


Thrown, dropped, mutilated, and ground-up alive.

This is the disturbing reality faced by hundreds of thousands of chicks each day at the world’s largest egg-laying breed hatchery Hy-Line International in Spencer, Iowa.




Viet Nam: Four Paws Moon Bear Rescue – Hai Chan, Thai Van and Thai Giang have all been rescued!

SAV Comment – It is great to see this excellent rescue by Four Paws.  With the work being undertaken by Animals Asia as well, things are really moving on to end the bear bile business.  That final day will never come quickly enough !


Hai Chan, Thai Van and Thai Giang have been rescued!

With your help, FOUR PAWS successfully rescued the three Asiatic black bears and transported them to our new BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh in Vietnam.

Living on a bear farm for ten years, Hai Chan endured the painful procedure of bile extraction as well as having both of her front paws amputated, most likely to produce bear paw wine – sadly still considered a delicacy by some.

Bears Thai Van and Thai Giang were kept as pets in the backyard of a steel production company. While we do not know for sure if they were abused for bile extraction, it’s clear that their terrible keeping conditions negatively affected their overall health.

Years of abuse has visibly left its mark on these three bears, but thanks to your support, they can begin a new life in species-appropriate surroundings.

Now at the sanctuary, the bears will be thoroughly checked by our vets, and after a quarantine period, they’ll be released into their outdoor enclosure. For now, we’re thrilled to say that the bears are already progressing better than expected – Hai Chan especially!


Years of abuse has visibly left its mark on these three bears, but thanks to your support, they can begin a new life in species-appropriate surroundings.

Now at the sanctuary, the bears will be thoroughly checked by our vets, and after a quarantine period, they’ll be released into their outdoor enclosure. For now, we’re thrilled to say that the bears are already progressing better than expected – Hai Chan especially!

Once again, thank you for making this rescue possible. We look forward to updating you on the bears as they leave quarantine and progress in the coming weeks and months!

Warmest regards,

Kieran Harkin
Head of Wild Animal Campaigns
FOUR PAWS International

P.S. You make rescues like this possible. If you would like to further support our work, please make a donation today. Your gift could help provide long-term care for bears like Hai Chan, Thai Van and Thai Giang, and help other animals in need around the world.










UK: Finally, Bee-harming pesticides will be totally banned in the UK, Michael Gove says.


Above – Minister Michael Gove – At long last a Minister at DEFRA who IS concerned about animal welfare – something we very much welcome – SAV.

Bee-harming pesticides will be totally banned in the UK, Michael Gove says.


A total ban on bee-harming pesticides being used across Europe will be supported by the UK, the Environment Secretary has said. In a reversal of the Government’s previous position on neonicotinoid pesticides, Michael Gove said new evidence indicated the risk to bees and other insects was “greater than previously understood”.

In 2013, the European Commission proposed a ban on three neonicotinoids for use on flowering crops such as oil seed rape, which are attractive to bees, after authorities identified risks to honey bees.

The UK Government opposed the ban, claiming there was not enough evidence that bees were harmed by the pesticides, but other member states disagreed and the ban was implemented across the EU.

Writing in the Guardian, Mr Gove said he believed the evidence base had “grown”, and the UK would back a new proposal by the European Commission to extend the ban to non-flowering crops.

He said: “While there is still uncertainty in the science, it is increasingly pointing in one direction.

“Not to act would be to risk continuing down a course which could have extensive and permanent effects on bee populations.

How to | Help bees in winter

  • Plant flowers, shrubs and trees that thrive in winter. The evergreen mahonia is excellent winter food for bees, while the pendant bells of winter flowering clematis can give pollinators a sugary energy boost. Ivy plants are also an ideal source of food for bees in late autumn – avoid cutting them down.

  • Leave suitable places for hibernation undisturbed. Letting areas of a lawn grow long until the spring can provide a hibernation home while cool, north-facing banks are ideal places for bees to burrow. The hollow tubes of dead stems of plants in borders can also serve as a great nesting spot.

  • Plant early flowering bulbs like crocus, primrose, snowdrop of coltsfoot that flower in February and March to help support bees and pollinators looking for an early feed. Winter is also the perfect time to plant bee-friendly trees, such as acacia, blackthorn and hazel. Source: Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs

Mr Gove said he was “deeply concerned” by a recent study into the health of some insect populations, which revealed 75 per cent of flying insects in Germany had disappeared.

He added that bees and other pollinators were “absolutely critical” to the natural world, and that a deteriorating environment is also bad for the economy.

Last month, a study found that three-quarters of the honey produced around the world contains nerve agent pesticides that can harm bees.

Scientists who tested 198 honey samples from every continent except Antarctica discovered that 75 per cent were laced with at least one of the neonicotinoid chemicals.

Environmental campaigners responded by demanding a “complete and permanent” ban preventing any further use of neonicotinoids on farm crops in Europe.

A total ban would have an impact on cereal growers in the UK who use pesticides to protect their crops.



England: Challenge !







England: London – An Insight Into The ‘League Against Cruel Sports’.


For as long as hunting wild animals with dogs has existed, people will have been opposed to it.

The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) was founded in 1924 with the aim of banning fox hunting, stag hunting, otter hunting, hare hunting and hare coursing in the UK.

The League is known for being instrumental in bringing about the Hunting Act 2004 which banned hunting with hounds in England and Wales, yet we are still fighting to protect foxes, hare and deer from illegal hunting which takes place far too frequently across the UK.

Another key campaign is dog fighting, which despite being banned in 1835, still continues on the UK’s streets and out of sight in unused buildings.

Our Project Bloodline operation aims to educate policy makers about the prevalence of dog fighting, investigate the people who take part, and protect the dogs who are used in this terrible activity.


Please visit the excellent LACS site by using these quick links:




India: Positive News For Blood Bank Horses – But Action Still To Be Taken – Read On…


Dear Mr. Johnson,

There’s good news from India this week for the suffering horses who are used as living blood banks to make antitoxin drugs.

You may have seen PETA India’s footage from the inspections of farms where thousands of horses, donkeys, and mules are housed in filthy conditions without proper veterinary care.

The animals are subjected to repeated injections of toxins and painful blood draws—up to 15 percent of their blood each time!—in order to make these drugs.


After hearing from more than a quarter-million PETA members and supporters worldwide—in addition to a long series of meetings and correspondence between PETA scientists and government agencies—the Indian government announced late last week that it will provide funding for the development of antitoxins made using modern, non-animal methods instead of animals who are forced to endure years of torment.


In meetings with the government, scientists from PETA India showed exactly how non-animal technology can replace the use of horses while also improving the final product.

They explained that the PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. is already funding groundbreaking research to produce a diphtheria antitoxin from human cells instead of using the blood of horses and other animals. Since drugs made from animals can cause illnesses in humans and expire quickly, this is good news for everyone.

It’s progress that we can all get behind, and it wouldn’t have happened without your support.

Now, please take a moment to urge the Indian government to close the abusive horse facilities.


Take Action


Thank you for your compassion for animals.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Brown
Biologics Specialist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

England: Slaughterhouse cctv Consultation Now Closed – Hopefully Legislation Soon.

A comment on the dancing butcher.


“To be happy, a butcher does not need good or crown
Work has its own reward! “(Bertolt Brecht)

And this is a dance of death in a slaughterhouse in Sao Paolo!
In the presence of enthusiastic colleagues, a butcher organizes a dance of death in Samba style.
He proves the last tribute to the slaughtered animal by dancing with it.
With the knife in his hand yet, he bows to his dance partner and thus completes the act of death.

For me the tragedy of this show is in his conviction that only the pig is dead.
But in reality, the butcher himself is dead, only he does not know, that’s the tragedy of history.
Empathy, respect, sensitivity, even professionalism, everything is dead inside him.

He could not dance a better presentation of his bluntness, of his moral mutilation.
It’s the death dance of zombies.
A moral corpse, that’s what he is, what they are all human carnivores.


Best regards





Past SAV links on this campaign:




Now here in England we have reached a major position in this campaign.

Whilst many of us would love to see all the slaughterhouses entirely closed down, the government has announced that it intends to install cctv in all areas of all slaughterhouses where animals are present.  Crucially, slaughterhouse vets (which are required by law) will be allowed unrestricted access to all of the footage.

This is a significant amount of progress in a long and hard campaign. We welcome the proposals but like many others, still say that you can never make the process of killing animals cruelty free.  In the very welcome consultation, which does take the views of all sides involved, there have been demands from welfare groups to allow for proper independent spot checking of footage.

The consultation period has now closed, but welfare organisations are keeping up the pressure to ensure that all the plans are implemented.  There are also campaigns in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland; which along with England make up the whole of the UK, to introduce similar legislation

There has been good news in Scotland where the Scottish Parliament has pledged to also hold a consultation on the issue.

Hopefully soon we will witness new cctv legislation in both England and Scotland.   This is a major victory for the welfare groups who at the end of the day are trying to get the best they can for animals.

We will continue to update on this important issue whenever we have more news. 

You can best help by going Vegan and preventing any animals from going to slaughter in the first place!





England: And Who Is That At The Window Wanting Some Food ?

‘Free Tibet’ (London) – All Is Underway For The New Video.

Pre-production in full swing

Just a quick update to let you know that pre-production on the film is underway. This week we are talking and meeting with writers who are helping us lock down the film’s script!

Once it is complete, we will then be finalising our illustration/animation team, so keep a look out for updates on that in the coming weeks.

Also, for those who ordered Tibetan flags and T-shirts, the last of these are being shipped out this week, so expect them in your mailboxes soon.







Germany: Investigations Find Chicken Meat Carries The Risk of Intestinal Inflammation.

Dear  Mark,

I read this interesting report about chicken meat, and immediately wanted to give even more joy to all those, who prepare joyful the meat-menü for the weekend!!

Robert Koch Institute: Chicken meat carries the risk of intestinal inflammation!!

( In the waiting room of doctors sit more and more people with stomach aches and diarrhea. The Robert Koch Institute examined the increase of these cases. Result: The greatest risk comes from Campylobacter pathogens.

Behind diarrhea and severe abdominal pain is often the bacterial pathogen Campylobacter: The biggest risk of such bacterial enteritis is according to a study in Germany from chicken meat.
About one third of the illnesses could be avoided if the risk factor were eliminated, say experts of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in a recent publication.

Insufficiently heated poultry meat has long been regarded as an important source of infection.

Campylobacter cause inflammation of the small intestine, which is often associated with diarrhea and fever.
The number of reported Campylobacter diseases has been increasing since 2001, compared with around 74,000 cases last year.

It is thus the most common bacterial notifiable disease in Germany.

Experts suspect, according to RKI, that the true number of diseases in the population is “almost ten times higher”. Salmonella is significantly less frequently registered in 2016, with 13 000 reported illnesses.

The authors consider as major risk factors for Campylobacter disease, eating out and preparing prepackaged chicken meat at home. Among other things, well over 2000 questionnaires that had been proven to fill patients had been evaluated. They say that by 2018, Campylobacter limits would be set on poultry carcasses in the European Union.
Campylobacter are bacteria from the intestinal tract of animals, they can get on the meat during slaughter.

Raw milk, minced meat and sausage are also sources of infection.

Also, kitchen hygiene is important: when using the same cutting boards, for example, can pass from raw meat to salad.

But the best thing to do is not to eat meat.

For the welfare of the animals and for your own health!




England: London – 25th Christmas (Animal) Anti Cruelty Fayre – 3/12/17 – 10am to 5pm.


100 Ethical Stands

4 Vegan Cafes

Prize Draw and Goody Bags

Lush Zone


Talks (Animal Rights)

Cookery Demonstrations

Children’s Workshop – Face Painting etc.

When:  Sunday 3rd December 2017.

Where:  Kensington Town Hall – just off the High Street.

(See sht. 2 below for more).



SAV Comment  – A great day out for all you animal friends in Ol’ London Town.

We have enjoyed many great days  there in the past – a real haven for animal people.


Animal Aid Links;






France: Leading The Way In Bee Protection – Now Approves Bee Killing Neonicotinoid ! – But We Can Stop It- Please Sign The Petition.


Ban ALL Bee killing pesticides !

We’ve just learned that regulators in France have authorised the use of a new bee-killing pesticide called Sulfoxaflor.

It’s a neonicotinoid — the class of pesticides that is known to pose a deadly risk for bees and other pollinators.


We still can’t believe it!


France has been at the forefront of the battle to protect the bees: it is the first country to ever decide on an outright ban of all neonics starting in 2018.

This decision to allow a new kind of neonicotinoid threatens to undermine all that we’ve fought for!


We need to act and act quickly. The regulators’ decision can still be undone by the French minister for the environment, Nicolas Hulot.

We need to show him that the decision taken in France matters to all of us around the world.


Petition link –



Above and below – our ‘Bee Hotel’ created to introduce new pollinators into the orchard.  Below you can see all the logs drilled with chambers for the bees to enter and lay eggs.  When they do, they seal the entrance with mud, as you can see on some of the chambers above.  When it hatches, the youngster feeds on pollen left by the adult in the chamber, and then it breaks out through the mud and flies off to pollinate all the fruit trees.

Simple but very effective – SAVE THE BEES !


More information

Sulfoxaflor and flupyradifurone: Neonicotinoids or not?
PAN Europe. 1 September 2016.

Keepers warn of ‘bee-mageddon’ after France authorises controversial insecticide
The Telegraph. 20 October 2017.

Loi biodiversité : les néonicotinoïdes en consultation publique. A vous de jouer !
Greenpeace France. 28 February 2017.

En trente ans, près de 80 % des insectes auraient disparu en Europe
Le Monde. 18 October 2017.

Les apiculteurs dénoncent l’autorisation d’un nouveau néonicotinoïde en France
Le Monde. 20 October 2017.







England: 1604 – The Last Man To Enter Parliament With Honest Intentions.


5th November is always remembered here in the UK as ‘Guy Fawkes Night’.  Fireworks and bonfires spread all across the land in memory of the Gunpowder Plot of 1604.


Guy Fawkes is often toasted as “the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions“.  Many today would agree with this statement.


Below is a documentary by UK  Channel 4 on the gunpowder plot.  Enjoy !


Gunpowder, Treason and Plot


Past SAV links to November 5th:






England: Have A Great Weekend !

















USA: Trophy Hunter Accused of Slaughtering Rare Snow Leopard and Bragging About His Kills on Amazon Must be Punished.

Trophy Hunter Accused of Slaughtering Rare Snow Leopard and Bragging About His Kills on Amazon Must be Punished


Petition Link –


Target: Ryan Zinke, U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Goal: Bring man accused of illegally killing a rare snow leopard to display its body parts as trophies to justice.

It is illegal to kill snow leopards, and even to own their body parts or fur, in the U.S. and across the Western hemisphere, but one trophy hunter reportedly brought the remains of a snow leopard he killed back to America and boasted of his “accomplishment.” Importing the remains of a snow leopard into the U.S. is a federal offense, but this man, Hossein Soudy Golabchi, has not been prosecuted.

Golabchi has also apparently written a book about hunting exotic animals that is sold on Amazon. The book description brags that “once you have reached such a phenomenal number [of kills] you can only write a book about the most interesting hunts and the highlights of your career.” This is disgusting.

It is crucial for snow leopards that illegal hunts be stopped. The organization Defenders of Wildlife has estimated that only about 3,500-7,000 snow leopards remain in the wild (the creatures’ shy nature makes knowing the exact number difficult to determine). They must be protected, and if poaching and trophy hunting goes unchecked, the species could go extinct soon. Sign below to demand that Hossein Soudy Golabchi be prosecuted now.


Dear Secretary of the Interior Zinke,

Snow leopards are a species that must be protected, and to allow them to be illegally killed as trophies is unacceptable. Hossein Soudy Golabchi, a trophy hunter who moved to the U.S. when he was young, is accused of bringing back the remains of a rare snow leopard he had poached and bragging of his “accomplishment.” This would be a federal offense and must not be allowed to stand.

Allowing this sort of cruelty could put the entire snow leopard population in the wild at risk. As Tiger Exotic Animal Ranger Awareness International stated, “Snow leopards have never been numerous. The thought of a wealthy American specifically seeking one out to destroy its life is unfathomable. It also damages the communities around the snow leopard. He needs to be the example and needs to be in prison.” I urge you to ensure that Hossein Soudy Golabchi is prosecuted for these alleged crimes.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Public Domain







England: Over 150,000 New People Expected To Register For Month Long Vegan Trial In January 2018.

Veganuary’s Celebrity Ambassadors Announced!


1 November 2017

Veganuary – the Try Vegan in January campaign – has appointed a raft of well-known Ambassadors from the worlds of theatre, television, comedy, cookery and sport to help make Veganuary 2018 the biggest year yet.

Sixty thousand people registered their month-long participation in January 2017’s plant-based initiative, but the charity expects that figure to exceed 150,000 this January.

The newly-appointed Ambassadors who will encourage people to try vegan for a month are:

Read more:











England: Under the skin – the Donkey skin trade exposed.


Under the skin – the Donkey skin trade exposed.



Serbia: Felix On Facebook – Take A Look.




USA: MAGA – Republicans Plan to Return to the Days Where Extreme Animal Cruelty Was Legal !!!

SAV Comment – Making America Great Again ???!!!

Puppy mills, the sale of dog and horse meat, force feeding ducks until their livers explode, and other examples of animal cruelty will be legalized if Republican efforts to overturn animal welfare laws are successful. Sign this petition to oppose Republican plans to return to the days where extreme animal cruelty was legal.



Petition wording:


Target: Donald Trump, President of the United States

Goal: Don’t legalize animal abuse by overturning state animal welfare laws.

Hard-won victories against animal cruelty, and the rights of the individual states who have passed anti-cruelty laws, are under attack by Republicans in Congress with the introduction of two new bills. These bills, introduced by Representatives Steve King (R-IA) and James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), seek to force states and localities to allow the sale of animal products produced in inhumane ways, even if the state already has measures in place forbidding the sale of such abusive products. As the Humane Society of the United States has pointed out, this poses a significant and tangible threat to animals across the entire nation.

If these bills pass into law, the consequences would be severe. For instance, states like Louisiana could lose the rules they have in place against the sale of sick and abused dogs from puppy mills.

California could be forced to allow the sale of foie gras, a cruel “delicacy” made by brutally force-feeding ducks until their livers become grossly enlarged.

Bans on the sale of horse meat in states like Indiana could be overturned.

Unfortunately, the Trump family and his administration have a long history of supporting animal abuse. Trump’s sons are fanatical hunters, including the killing exotic animals, and his administration has purged animal abuse records and concealed them from public view.

These cruel bills must not be passed.

Sign to demand that this attempt to legalize animal abuse be rejected.


Dear President Donald Trump,

Newly introduced Republican bills threaten not only the well-being of innocent animals nationwide, but also the rights of states with animal welfare legislation already in place. The bills would force states to allow the cruel mistreatment of animals for the sake of selling products.

For example, California could be forced to allow the sale of foie gras in spite of the state law banning it. States could be compelled to allow sick and abused dogs to be sold from puppy mills, and dogs and horses to be killed for their meat. As the Humane Society stated in its call to action, “Rep. King has been fighting animal welfare laws at the federal level, and now he’s attacking them in the states. In short, he doesn’t want any animal welfare laws, and we cannot let him get away with it.”

I urge you to heed the Humane Society’s call and to protect animals across the nation by ensuring that these disgusting bills do not pass.


[Your Name Here]


Probably Not !





Germany: Time For Animal Welfare Education – Make Things Better.

On October 21, 2017,  care2cat wrote:

“Are we genetically predisposed to be cruel and violent? In the animal world there is no. Can we change this sad world?

In the time of Hitler, we had made people to beasts. They were the Nazis.
We do not know if these were genetically programmed to become what they have become.

People were brought up to do evil. If something like that was possible, that makes us believe that we can also educate people in the opposite direction, namely as good.

We must believe this, otherwise our struggle will not make sense if we are not convinced that we can enlighten, persuade, and change people.
Apart from that, I believe that most crimes against animals are financially hardship and not from pure sadism.

At least these crimes, which are associated with a financial gain.
The economy is stronger than morals and it is mostly the poor who exploit the animals, torture them and treat them as money-bearing objects.
I do not believe the world is worse today than before in his relationship to animals.

But today we have more possibilities to inform us about animals than before.
And that is why we are often demoralized by the number of crimes.
Of course, there are also the psychopaths in our society, who torment animals by pure sadism and sick psychic, without having a financial profit from it.

But they are a minority and therefore no proof that man is genetically inclined to violence. (The percentage of mentally disturbed persons among such perpetrators is estimated to be about to ten percent.)

This, of course, is only my personal view and interpretation of the profile of the animal cruelty.


Best regards


Serbia: Petition – End Zoophilic Tourism In Serbia!


Petition Link –


End zoophilic tourism in Serbia!

Serbia has become the place for the sick to satisfy their disgusting needs for having sex with animals.

Being a country in which zoophilia is not prohibited, there are several places from Norway, UK, Holland and other countries of Europe visit. Belgrade, the capital, is the most visited place by zoophilic who have fun having sex with animals like sheep, donkeys, dogs, geese and cows.

These sick people get what they are want thanks to a country in which the Law does not prohibit these disgusting and degrading acts towards animals. There are even advertisements on the Internet that offer services for 100 euros or more.

Serbia is a country that has wanted to join the European Union for many years, but with these laws it is impossible to achieve.

We do not want a country like Serbia in the EU if it does not amend the Laws and prohibits bestiality.

Let us ask the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, to ban these aberrant acts, to amend the Laws if he wants to be part of the EU, we do not allow these savages to continue to harm animals.











Serbia: Felix Shelter News – October 2017.

Danica Mirkovic

October 8 ·


This past month was one of the most exhausting and excruciating months in the history of our cat sanctuary. Many of the senior kitties became ill due to their ages, and we have suffered the loss of three of our fighters – two little sisters, just a couple of tiny kitty babies, lost their battle with FIP and a couple of days ago, Zack succumbed to meningitis.

The struggle in keeping this Cat Sanctuary running doesn’t get easier due to our constant debts. Yes, we’ve been registered for almost a decade, and no, the state nor the local authorities provide our kitties with a single cent. It seems like the animals here aren’t on anyone’s priority list but ours.


For years Felix Cat Shelter has been trying to help the community by taking in as many abandoned or ill kitties as possible. Once again, we are relying on the goodness and the grace of all of the kindhearted people out there who will find a place in their hearts to support our sanctuary’s mission and help us keep this place running. Not for us, but for all of our residents who have nowhere else to go.

Perhaps our sanctuary would’ve been more likable if we tried to make our entire story about us and us alone by constantly complaining that we’re having a rough time because we have families which don’t see us as often as our kitties do. Moaning that we’re too busy and don’t even have time for ourselves as we are taking care of such a huge number of animals and also have to go to work, whining about our health problems, incessantly lying as to the number of our sanctuary residents or exaggerating when talking about their health, vet treatment and the costs of such.

Yes, perhaps that would make us more appealing to many kindhearted people, but that would be a lie. Felix Cat Shelter was established because of the kitties and that’s the way it shall be for as long as we’re around. Perhaps our residents would have been better off if we were prone to telling sad and pathetic fabricated stories instead of simply telling the truth. If things were the other way around, we share the opinion that our residents would be ashamed of us. However, no matter how hard it gets, no matter how many misfortunes keep following us, we can always take pride in everything we did for every single one of our kitties. Honestly, we had more than our fair share of “having had enough” or “too much”, but we will be trying to keep this sanctuary afloat for as long as we can.

Well, since we’re not fond of misleading people, our sanctuary’s mission is hanging in the balance once again. Thanks to many of you, we’ve been able to reduce our last month’s veterinary debt for 80 Euros. But, since then, we’ve had more sick kitties (Mastika, Giuseppe, Grania, Venus, Serena, and Zack) and our total debt is now 330 Euros. Obligatory annual vaccinations of all of the cats against rabies is just around the corner and we have no idea of how we’re going to cover the costs for that either.

We still owe 200 euros for canned wet food and if it weren’t for the Danish group UFFAC (who has donated significant amounts of canned cat food to our cats), we don’t know how we would’ve made it through the end of the month. The cold days have already started and consequently, the shelter residents are craving more food. They are not spoiled, they are just cats and if we want to keep them the way they should be kept, one of their meals has to be wet canned food because kibble just isn’t enough. Also, many of our residents are elderly cats with bad or missing teeth, and wet canned food is all they can eat.


And once again, we are here to humbly ask for your help.

Please donate and help us keep our cat sanctuary running and its mission persisting.


Felinologic Association Felix – Cat Shelter Felix (Bikovo, Subotica, Serbia)



For those of you who want to make a donation but don’t or can’t use PayPal, you can donate to our foreign currency bank account:

Felix – Felinolosko drustvo

SWIFT/BIC: VBUBRS22 (Vojvodjanska banka a.d. Novi Sad)

IBAN: RS35355000320003120311


In the name of all our sanctuary residents –

THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts.


Please go to the following for other ways to donate:

For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96



England: Animals Asia Winter Dinner – London – 17th November.




European Commission Postpones Decision On Glyphosate – Monsanto Are Fuming. Final Push To Get EU To Say ‘No’.


I just received some breaking news: the European Commission had to postpone a decision on glyphosate — again! This is huge and was only possible thanks to your tireless work raising the alarm about Monsanto’s toxic weedkiller.

What does that mean for us? Well, it’s good news to start with. The European Commission has been trying to get glyphosate renewed for another ten years. But thanks to you, they failed to get a majority of EU countries to back the renewal of glyphosate.

Monsanto is fuming!

Glyphosate is the main ingredient for Monsanto’s best-selling weedkiller RoundUp. If we can get glyphosate banned, it’s going to be a major blow to Monsanto’s operations.

We just bought ourselves another two weeks to campaign the hell out of this. We know that Monsanto will do everything in its power to lobby politicians all over Europe.

Your work has been crucial in making sure we could even get this far. A few months ago, no one thought it was possible to ban glyphosate but you’ve given Monsanto a run for their money.

Thanks to the support from SumOfUs members like you, we paid for an opinion poll that showed Europeans want an immediate ban on glyphosate. Your donations meant the polling results were published in key European newspapers such as Le Monde and Le Figaro — just days before EU decision makers met to vote on the glyphosate renewal.

And just two days ago, we delivered our petition against glyphosate to the German Green Party, asking it to keep its campaign promise to ban glyphosate when elected into government.

Now, it’s time to brace ourselves for the final showdown and we don’t have much time. The vote is like to take place in as little as 11 days.  

We have shown that we can win this. After Italy and Austria, members like you also recently pushed France to commit to voting “No” on a licence renewal for glyphosate.

It’s up to us now, to double-down and make sure EU governments don’t agree to anything less than a ban on glyphosate. But we can only do it with your help.

Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides, and it’s found in stuff that we use and eat every single day: clothing, personal hygiene products, beer, even breast milk and honey.

The World Health Organization’s cancer research institute classified glyphosate as probably carcinogenic. Research shows that pregnant women exposed to glyphosate had infants with low birth weights and birth defects. And glyphosate has been linked to die-off of honeybee colonies that are essential for our food production. According to a recent study, glyphosate has even been shown to harm bees’ ability to navigate back to their hives.

It’s time to stop Monsanto for good. Can we count on your support to stop Monsanto’s poisonous weedkiller chemical?

Thanks for all that you do,
Anne and the team at SumOfUs




Announced During London Fashion Week – Gucci Will Go Fur Free With Their 2018 Spring Collection.

After decades of pressure from PETA, including countless e-mails and phone calls from our supporters, Gucci will finally go completely fur-free very soon.

Its CEO, Marco Bizzarri, announced during London Fashion Week that the brand’s new fur-free policy will begin with the 2018 spring collection—preventing minks, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, and other sensitive animals from being slaughtered for their fur.

Gucci now joins an impressive line-up of major fur-free fashion brands, including Armani, HUGO BOSS, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, and Tommy Hilfiger.


Our recent post relating to this -including a video about Chinese Fur Farming.

Watch and repent. 









If we can’t raise funding for her tests and scans then the only real option for Ellie is PTS

We are yet again thrust into a nightmare scenario where one of our gentlest of souls is currently under veterinary care whilst they try to diagnose a very serious neurological issue. Ellie has never been given a chance of a home or a chance to show her gentle kindness, simply because she is a Rottweiler, and yet, she is the sweetest, gentlest, and most beautiful of souls we have ever been privileged to meet.


This week Ellie has taken a really bad turn. Her back legs have given out. She is a young dog and we are still at the vets with her trying to figure out what the issue is. For sure it’s neurological, but this darling girl just doesn’t understand what is going on. She is so down, crying, whimpering for reassurance and it’s tearing us apart that we the answer until we can provide her with series of tests.


She needs MRI and other several in depth tests that the vet needs to do, but the biggest cost is the time taken to do these. Without the tests and our fast reaction she may not walk again. Her front legs have given out and we can only know if surgery or physio can correct this.


If we can’t raise funding for her tests and scans then the only real option for Ellie is PTS.


She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her and we can’t explain. We just know she needs medical help and without your precious help we simply cannot afford this. We are a tiny rescue charity, utterly dependant on you, our loving supporters to help us with each of our rescues. You are our rescue. We truly can’t do anything for our dogs without you. You are the lifeblood of our rescue and the only people who care enough to help this poor girl to walk again.

For Your kind donations 


PayPal address:

Marked: For Ellie


She can’t speak, she can’t ask, she can’t beg. We are her voice and we want to save her life and get to the bottom of this critical problem. Without your support her chances are very slim indeed.


Please, we beg you, help this big girl to feel the joy of walking normally again.


Thank You,

Help Pozega Dogs Admin Team


Please watch Ellies video’s on our YouTube channel: :





fb page:

fb group:


Registered number Serbia: 107291108

Codice fiscale Italia: 97632110157 






England: Spiders and Foxes.


Outside the kitchen window this morning.  The mist and rain making it very noticeable.


One of the resident foxes (normally about 6 each night) who visit the front garden each evening and who are rewarded with some dog food, biscuits, cake and dough nuts full of Raspberry jam – they love anything sweet.  Cake and dough nuts with jam inside are favourites.  Free from the hunt – to live out their lives naturally.






UK: Bill To Stop Live Animal Exports From The UK Once It Leaves The EU Is Approved Without Opposition – Great News.

More positive action in the House of Commons to ban live animal exports from the UK once it leaves the EU.

Teresa Villiers (Conservative Member of Parliament) introduced a ten minute bill into the House of Commons asking to ban Live Animal Exports for slaughter or further fattening as soon as we leave the European Union.

She confirmed that all attempts to do this over the years since the 1970’s had failed due to EU free trade rules.

She covered people’s concerns over the World Trade Organisation which controls trade even once we leave the EU. This organisation has written into its rules that trade can be stopped if it effects the general publics  morals and already things like seal skins, dog fur, cat fur, ivory etc where coming under these rules and countries were banning the import of such items.


We thank Teresa and other supporters of this Bill, which passed and is now heading forward to its second reading – The bill went through unopposed and the second reading is to be on the 2nd February 2018.

Hopefully, the UK taking positive moves for action when the EU does not give a toss.  Yet another reason why the people of the UK voted to leave the EU.



EU: The 70 BILLION reasons why the EU doesn’t want Britain to LEAVE Brussels; But T

As we have exposed many times in the past on this site; for example; the EU is utterly incapable of enforcing its very own legislation that is supposed to protect live animals in transport – Regulation EU 1/2005 of 22/12/2004.

So again as we have said before, why pay money into a club that cannot even enforce the rules set up by the club ?

And all those alleged super intellegents at the EU are just starting to realise that without the financial contribution UK, the EU is going to have big financial problems.  If they had enforced their rules like they are supposed to do, then maybe the people of the UK would have voted to remain in the EU, rather than do a Brexit.


Mr Junker – Head Of EU Commissions – all talk and no enforcement of the regulations.


Here are just a few of our past links showing why we have NO faith in the EU.  Video links are included which we suggest you view – the proof that the EU is all talk and no real enforcement action.

Please watch the videos as they show / list all the infringements of Reg 1/2005 which the EU does not undertake.


REVEALED: The 70 BILLION reasons why the EU doesn’t want Britain to LEAVE Brussels


SAV Comment – also as we have shown on this site for 10+ years, the EU does NOTHING to get Serbia to enforce the ‘rule of law’ (supposedly as required by the EU for all nations wishing the join the EU) with regard the treatment and care of stray animals within Serbia.  Serbia does not enforce its own rules (national legislation), yet it wants to join the EU.  What does the EU do ? – it hands out Billions of Euros to Serbia as a ‘sweetner’ for when it becomes an EU member state, yet neither the EU or Serbia put any pressure on the Serbian government to make sure Serbian strays are treated in accordance with Serbian national legislation. 

So why do we in the UK want to support these ‘weasel worders who do nothing’ ? – NO- we get out of the EU and leave them all to pick up the financial tab whilst they continue to enforce nothing ! – a sort of ‘they get what they deserve’ approach many Brits would say.


EUROPEAN Union leaders are desperate for Britain to remain part of the bloc as its huge budget contributions will be sorely missed.


Politicians from across Europe have begun to panic as they have realised they will be €70billion short once the UK leaves the EU.

Regional leaders met in Helsinki for the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPRM), where they questioned the impact of Brexit on the EU budget.

Come March 2019, when Brexit is finalised, the EU’s €1trillion budget will be severely depleted, which could be bad news for some of the smaller regions of the member countries.

The 160 regional presidents gathered in Finland have expressed concerns about what the budget reduction could mean for them.




England: Check Out The Vegan Punk For Lots.

We have been contacted by a fellow campaigner and animal friend here in the UK – otherwise known as the ‘Vegan Punk’.


Here is a link to his site for any of you who wish to have a look –


You can click on any of the subject headings to read more – and scroll through the numerous and very informative pages via the page index at the bottom.

Also a really excellent source of information for all those of you who are Vegan.

Check it out – you can also contact Vegan Punk via a link on the site – if you do then do not forget to say where you are writing from.







Germany: Rabbit missed, Hunter hit. Rabbit Escaped And Is Fine.

SAV Comment – Glad to hear the rabbit is ok.

Hello friends, hallo Mark,
today I have good news!!

I read this report on a German web site for animal rights and translated it.


Rabbit missed, hunter hit.

ST.PETER AM HART, AUSTRIA: At around 11:05 am on Saturday, 21 October, at the end of a so-called ‘drive-hunting’, the participants of a hunt were in the Mooswiesen area.

An 80-year-old hunter from St. Peter am Hart and a 25-year-old from Altheim were on the same level in the last rifle line.

As a field rabbit ran between the two and fled towards St. Peter, the 25-year-old gave a shot but did not hit.

The 80-year-old, who was to the right of the 25-year-old, shot twice on the rabbit, but missed it as well, and shot by mistake at his colleague!!

The 25-year-old was hit by bullets in his head and legs.

He had to be transferred by the red cross to the hospital in Salzburg, seriously injured.

I have written a comment on an Austrian side:

”As soon as I get 80 years old, I will make a hunting license. I have great chances to eliminate the right ones in the forest”.

My best regards to all



Germany: There is no animal product which is eaten or worn which is not associated with pain and suffering.


Dear Mark,

I was visiting this shop today, where five years ago I had glued labels against fur on the price tag of fur articles.
I just wanted to know if and how much fur is still sold there.
In the women’s department I found a lot of fur. No fur coats anymore, that’s been out of fashion anyway.
But a lot of fur collar, furry parts in jackets and coats.
This shop is expensive and elegant.
How can such a department store justify selling fur?
I had this thought, when I had an expensive jacket with a fur collar in my hand. And tried to find out from which victim this came.
I found this “information” about the origin of the fur, and I photographed it, although the saleswoman was very angry.


The Label Says it All

Produced with ‘care and respect’ on European fur farms!


Have a look here on the links below at the care and respect which is shown on European fur farms.

The last video shows conditions at ‘Europe’s finest fur farm – as run by the Chairman of the European Fur Breeders – see what you think about the ‘care and respect’ undertaken.



This explanation is nothing but a shameful lie.
Like the “bio-lie” with photos of happy cows, who only spend their whole life in dirty, dark stables, but the meat mafia tells the stupid consumers that they only enjoy meadows and sun.
This company wanted to tell us that only the finest animals are used according to the European furry regulations.

Ready to die ? – A fur farm employee and one of her prisoners.



What in fact means: only the best bodies are tortured, massacred, skinned, even under the blessing of the European “animal protection” regulations, which for most animals nothing else is, but considered the lucrative and criminal rules of a crime syndicate called EU !!.

This outrageous lie about the “painless” origin of the fur, seems to me to be a defense of the fur industry.

The effect of education, the protests from the animal rights scene and the organizations is apparently so strong, that they should invent a fairy tale to calm the conscience of the furriers.
“I wear fur too, but animals don`t have to suffer”
“I eat meat, but no animal has to spend his life in hell!”


“I wear fur too, but animals don`t have to suffer”

This is the “bio-lie” which in Germany is also called “Tierwohl”.
This is how the meat mafia works, so the fur mafia works.
The worst is that there are stupid and indifferent consciences who like to believe such lies.
So that they can continue with calm conscience as an accomplice in this industry of torture and brutal exploitation.

There is no animal product which is eaten or worn which is not associated with pain and suffering.

We did it, and we made this world for the animals to hell.
Everyone has to realize this at last, and it is our task to make this reality known to all people.

my best regards




Due to concerns on animal welfare and ethics, fur farming bans are increasingly widespread. Next to that, more and more countries are phasing out fur farming or are adopting stricter regulations that cause fur farms to close down.

The first countries to ban fur farming were the United Kingdom (2000) and Austria (2004). In December 2012, the Netherlands, which is the EU’s second largest mink producer, passed a ban on fur farming and will phase-out mink production entirely by 2024.

In Croatia a fur farming ban is adopted in 2007 with a 10 year phase-out period for existing farms.

Slovenia banned fur farming in March 2013 with a three year phase-out for existing farms.


Other countries that banned fur farming are Bosnia and Herzegovina,


and the Republic of Macedonia. 

The most recent country to adopt a fur farming ban is Czech Republic (August, 2017). 

Proposed legislation to prohibit fur farming is currently being considered in Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

Partial bans

Before The Netherlands adopted a mink ban in 2012, fox and chinchilla fur production was already out-phased in the mid-1990s.

In 2009 Denmark introduced a similar ban including a phase-out period on fox farming. 

Hungary adopted a ban on mink, fox and raccoon dog farming in 2011 and only allows rabbit and angora farming.