Russian fur industry: producer of animal torture


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At the beginning of the Christmas shopping season PETA publishes for the first time a report about the Russian fur trade. The video material taken by PETA Asia’s eyewitnesses shows atrocities from five different farms.



These shocking images taken show a Russian fur farm where rabbits have their heads hacked off and chinchillas are electrocuted and have their necks snapped.The images come from PETA’s first expose of the fur trade in Russia and were reportedly taken across five farms in the country.

In the video, animals can be seen being kept in tiny cages when a worker takes a white rabbit and hits it on the head with a metal pipe.


A worker can then be seen slitting a white rabbit’s neck while it was reportedly still conscious.


A chinchilla electrocuted to death at a Russian fur farm


A rabbit is hung upside down before being decapitated at a Russian fur farm in images taken from PETA’s first exposure of the fur trade in the country


The clip then shows a chinchilla being electrocuted before its neck is snapped. Animals including foxes, minks and sables can be seen in tiny wire-mesh cages.


PETA report one chinchilla was seemingly blind but still forced to breed. The report adds that one worker at the farms said that animals are killed if they relieve themselves in the “wrong” area of the cage as “any animal must be clean, if you produce not clean skin, you’re losing a lot of price.”


A caged mink at a Russian fur farm. The shocking images were taken during a PETA sting into the Russian fur trade and shows chinchillas having their necks snapped


The investigation was carried out in October 2019 and a worker reportedly told the eyewitness that the farm they work on sells 30 percent of their product to Kopenhagen Fur.

Kopenhagen Fur is an auction house which sells animal skins to companies throughout the world.

PETA Senior Vice President of International Campaigns Jason Baker said: “Every compassionate shopper should keep firmly in mind that behind every fur coat, collar, or cuff is a filthy wire cage, a shrieking animal, and a blood-soaked slaughterhouse floor.

This holiday season, PETA is urging everyone to help give some peace to these tormented animals by going fur-free.”

The report states that the regulation of animal welfare in Russia is practically “non-existent” and added that the country does not have any laws to protect farmed animals.

PETA asked consumers, designers and retailers to join other fur-free designers and retailers such as Zara, H&M, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Versace, Gucci, and Michael Kors.


Mick Madsen, director of communications for Fur Europe, a company which represents the fur sector in Europe, said: “It is mistake to claim chinchillas and rabbits produced in Russia are sold at European auction houses, and it is mistake to believe PETA’s ideological campaigning provides a reliable image of animal welfare in fur farming.”

PETA alleged that another facility it investigated supplied furs to Saga Furs, a Finnish fur auction house that markets itself as a responsible and ethical source for fur, describing itself on its website as having “a reputation as the world pioneer in responsible fur breeding.”

A Saga Furs spokesperson told Newsweek: “Any allegations that Saga Furs is provided fur from farms in Russia which treat animals unethically is denied in full. Saga Furs takes the ethical treatment of animals very seriously and at all times requires farms used to comply with strict criteria and regulation.

We have received no evidence or substantiation to suggest that any farms providing fur to Saga Furs have been the subject of PETA’s alleged investigation.”



My comment: As soon as something becomes public, nobody wants to appear as  collaborator of the Russian fur industry.

And despite the demonstrable, documented torture in the Russian fur farms, the Finnish Saga Furs company wants to tell us that it takes animal ethics very seriously!!

But the animal Dachau of this world take only money and profit seriously, they know no ethics and no inhibitions in the torture of animals.

Perhaps the Russian fur Dachau are no better and no worse than any other fur Dachau  in the world.
But that’s not why we shouldn’t report it.

Fur farms are concentration camps and no longer have a right to exist, nowhere in the world.

My best regards to all, Venus


Denmark: Petition – Stop Breeding Pigs to Death.

Petition – Stop Breeding Pigs to Death

Petition link –

Target: Henrik Studsgaard, Secretary of Denmark’s Ministry of Environment and Food

Goal: Revise rapid replacement breeding methods that prematurely end pigs’ lives.

Half a million sows face slaughter annually in Denmark: an estimated half of the country’s total pig population. Of these slaughtered sows, only about 15 percent will be killed because of sickness. Instead, the majority of pigs are seemingly put down because they can no longer pump out enough young piglets to satisfy Denmark’s profit-rich, welfare-impoverished pork market.

This market fuels the agriculture-driven economy of Denmark, and it is heavily subsidized by the government. These heavy investments have led to sows birthing as many as 35 piglets per year. While these numbers soar past global averages, they often prove devastating to the sows’ health and well-being.

Denmark also leads the way in sow mortality rates. Over 10 percent of the animals essentially either drop dead in their pigsties or must be euthanized because they are too incapacitated to function. Even when they do survive this grueling existence, slaughter still awaits the poor sows after they have given birth to two or three litters… and apparently outlived their usefulness. Perhaps worst of all, Denmark’s supposedly ‘superior’ methods for pig production are being ramped up and exported to other countries.

Sign this petition to urge government officials to honor their oath in making animal welfare a central part of this unforgiving, often abusive process.


Dear Mr. Studsgaard,

“I am ready to welcome the aim of producing twice as many pigs in Denmark if we can handle both animal welfare and the environment.” The facts are clear: Denmark has not met the benchmark envisioned by your predecessor. Upwards of 500,000 sows lose their lives prematurely every year because of “fertility” or “mothering” issues. Thousands of others apparently drop dead from the wear and strain imposed on them. In regards to animal welfare, Denmark has not offered much in the way of “handling.”

The “rapid replacement” philosophy not only leaves hundreds of thousands of animals subject to unneeded slaughter, but it also undermines any claims of production efficiency. This country is summarily killing half its pig population every year. In many cases, you discard more than you produce. Humane breeding and production methods may hinder profits in the short-term, but long-term gains would make the commitment more than worthwhile.

Please end rapid replacement breeding and implement human standards for pigs, for the longevity of your agricultural sector and, more importantly, for the health and well-being of these living beings entrusted to your care.


{Your Name Here]

Spain: Hatchery dogs are constantly mistreated – Stop Their Same – Petition.

spanische flagge mit Stier


Prohibit the sale of pets in Spain

Hatchery dogs are constantly mistreated and live in the worst way, and also encourages the abandonment of animals.


Prohibit the sale of pets in Spain

Addressed to: Government of Spain

We arrive at that time of year when many people think of giving a dog to their children for Christmas, a dog that will surely be abandoned when the child gets bored. This happens every year, as in the holidays, so we have so many dogs abandoned in the streets. But that is not all abuse, since those puppies they sell come from hatcheries where their parents live constantly being mistreated.

Petition Link:

UK Elections 2019: Hopefully Good News for Animals.

Read the article at: 


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South Korea: Korean Dogs December Newsletter – News and Actions.



Stop Dog and Cat Consumption in South Korea.

Newsletter – December 13, 2019


For news and further actions please click on the following link:


Don’t buy an animal being, adopt one!


Christmas is coming and gifts are being exchanged during this time.
Some brainless come up with the idea of giving a living being as a Christmas present.



A few months later, most of the “gifts” either end up on the street or, at best, in an animal shelter. The fun is over.



The photos that follow are from a farm in Dobrcza, Poland, and 6 years old, and we hope that they no longer exist.
But that is still the cruel reality in many pet-farms today. In Germany too.

Sale of living beings at any price, for any animal torture, as special gifts for Christmas or as status symbols for brainless buyer.


Animal breeding is a cruel business, everywhere.




For everyone: Do not buy  animals from the Internet or magazines, or from the breeder “next door”.

In all shelters around the world, thousands of abandoned animals are waiting for a home, love and a life without loneliness.

Take your animal companions out of an animal shelter; they will be grateful and loyal to you for a lifetime, qualities that you can rarely find in your fellow human beings.



My best regards to all, Venus


USA: Man Who Stomped Girlfriend’s Cat to Death Sentenced to Prison.



Man Who Stomped Girlfriend’s Cat to Death Sentenced to Prison

On Tuesday, December 3, a Houston man convicted of stomping his ex-girlfriend’s cat to death was sentenced to six years in prison.

On January 25, Javontae Isaiah Thrasher, 22, and his girlfriend were in the midst of a breakup when she took her tabby cat in her arms and tried to flee. According to a witness, Thrasher hit the kitten out of her arms onto the ground, kicked the poor creature, and stomped on the little one six or seven times before the tiny animal went lifeless. Thrasher then disposed of the cat in a dumpster.

Thrasher was arrested and faced charges of cruelty to animals, a third-degree felony. He pleaded guilty in September.

This was not Thrasher’s first instance of cruelty. In 2016, he faced assault charges for attacking his great-grandmother. This former charge seemed to inform Judge Nikita V. Hamon’s sentence.

Assistant District Attorney and Animal Cruelty Section Chief of Harris County Jessica Milligan said, “This is a case that shows the direct link between animal abuse and violence toward other people.

“Someone who can hurt his own great-grandmother, then kill a cat in a domestic dispute is someone who is capable of violent behavior against people, including children, in the future. We take that seriously, and we are grateful the judge took this seriously as well.”

Too often animal abusers and killers walk free with no or minimal punishment.

We thank the judge for taking a strong stand against animal abuse and for sending the message through this sentence that violence against animals will not be tolerated.

France: Petition – SIGN: Stop Torturing Songbirds with Cruel Glue Traps.

Flag of France, hand drawn watercolor illustration


SIGN: Stop Torturing Songbirds with Cruel Glue Traps

SIGN: Stop Torturing Songbirds with Cruel Glue Traps

Posted by Katie Valentine | December 10, 2019

Petition Link –

Wording _

PETITION TARGET: Ambassador of France to the U.S. Philippe Etienne

Every year, tens of thousands of birds are victimized in southeastern France by a cruel hunting method called glue-trapping, which involves attracting songbirds to branches covered in glue in order to cage the birds to sell as “pets.” As birds try desperately to free themselves, they become increasingly stuck, resulting in a painful, prolonged struggle that can lead to injury or even death.

After this initial stage of torture, hunters spray birds with toxic chemicals and separate them from the glue, often causing further injury and fatal consequences, including feather loss, which can render birds unable to fly. Birds who are deemed “undesirable” are carelessly tossed aside and left to suffer with any untreated injuries they may have. The rest are exploited for profit, sold into a lifetime of misery in captivity or used as bait in future glue-trapping hunts after spending unnatural periods of time — sometimes months — in pitch darkness. This causes them to sing frantically once they see daylight, unknowingly luring other birds toward the traps.

A warning from the EU, which banned glue-trapping decades ago, and numerous court cases calling on French officials to outlaw the practice, have fallen on deaf ears. In addition to the needless suffering glue-trapping causes to birds, the perpetuation of this government-sanctioned cruelty puts steeply-declining bird populations, including endangered species, further in jeopardy.

Speak out against these barbaric glue traps that torture and kill helpless birds. Sign this petition urging the French Ambassador to do everything in his power to push for a nationwide ban on this disturbing and outdated practice.

Crime in the name of religion


Only in approved slaughterhouses ritual slaughter is allowed without anesthetizing the animals. Since the consumption of blood in their religion is prohibited for Jews and Muslims, the animal must be slaughtered with manholes.



The animal can only bleed completely when the heart is beating. The cattle are led by the rabbi in the transfer apparatus, the head is attached to a slot cutter and with manual effort, the head is bent back.

The cattle become short of breath when the throat is overstretched and panicked. It resists, roars and groans.

The turner apparat turns the cattle upside down.



The rabbi cleanses and sharpens the sheath knife. Then he steps up to the cattle, wipes his neck with a rag, and says a prayer. “Bouruch atoh Adonai clohimu melech hoolem – Aesches Kidistonu bemi zivvonu al haschchithoh. ” he says.

Translated it means: “Blessed are you, Lord our God, you king of the world, who sanctified us with your commandments and ordered us to slaughter cattle. “

The rabbi takes the cattle ‘s neck skin with his left hand and cuts with his shaft- knife through the carotid radar, air and storage tube.


The cattle make terrible noises. It is choking, choking and vomiting in pain. The cattle suffer excruciating pain when cutting their throat.

Because the air storage tubes are not soft parts of the body but are cartilaginous, the manhole knife does not get through so quickly. The cattle are momentarily unconscious from pain and then quickly regain consciousness because the rabbi has to cut twice. Because the blood clotting closes the cut again, the cattle can not bleed otherwise.


The beef twitches at the cut and tries to fight back. The death struggle goes on for up to 10 minutes.

The slaughtered dead beef is Kosher for the Jews and Halal for the Muslims.

Written by
Martina Kummer

My comment: No god, whatever religion, can be so cruel as to demand that his creatures be “tormented in his honor” by this way!
This cannot be contained in any message from Him!

These are man-made ritual murders of the defenseless creature, which must be called erroneous actions, and can never be god-pleasing. In all religions protection and careful handling of the animals is required; and when I say religion I mean: religions and not religion interpretations at the service of fanaticism.

Kosher or Halal slaughtering is an archaic, horrible animal cruelty, that is out of the question.

But one more thing has to be said here: Orthodox Christians slaughter also “traditionally”, and in slaughterhouses in Christian countries up to 20% of the anesthetized animals wake up prematurely and experience their slaughter alive.

The only difference is that the animals are at least not consciously and not willfully (!) slowly massacred, as in the case of shafts.

It is finally time to recognize the Kosher and Halal slaughtering of animals as wrong, as well as undignified and shameful human misconduct, as happened with the religious law of stoning to death, the burning of witches, the inquisition and slavery.



I purposely chose not a Kosher video, but one from Germany, and even from a slaughterhouse claiming to be an organic one!!
This proves only one thing: in all slaughterhouses, murder is brutal and bloody, halal or not halal, everyone who eats meat is partly to blame for these murders.

My best regards to all, Venus


Mongolia: Donald Trump Jnr Killed Rare and Endangered Sheep After Help From Daddy.

Mongolia: Donald Trump Jnr Killed Rare and Endangered Sheep After Help From Daddy.

Read the full story with pictures at:

The Reality of the Camel Rides -Don’t Support Cruelty as a Tourist.

England: Bird flu strikes farm in Suffolk as 27,000 chickens are killed.

Article with photos:


Bird flu strikes farm in Suffolk as 27,000 chickens are killed

All pictures – Getty Images.

Around 27,000 chickens are due to be culled following a bird flu outbreak at a farm in Suffolk. A number of birds at the commercial chicken farm, close to Eye, were found to have the H5 strain of avian flu. However, industry leaders have reassured shoppers that Christmas turkey supplies will be unaffected by the disease, and the Food Standards Agency confirmed that food safety is not at risk. The disease has also been identified as having low risk to humans by Public Health England. A one-kilometre exclusion zone has now been set up around the farm to limit the risk of the disease spreading.

Richard Griffiths, chief executive of the British Poultry Council (BPC), said the group is also working with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) to ensure the outbreak is contained. He continued: ‘The health of our birds remains the priority for BPC member businesses up and down the country. I would like to urge all commercial and non-commercial producers to maintain effective biosecurity on their premises, remain alert for any signs and report suspected disease immediately.’ A spokeswoman for the BPC added: ‘There is no link whatsoever to the Christmas turkey market. It is unaffected by this case. ‘This is a specific farm in Suffolk and the birds are being culled.’

An investigation is also under way to determine the most likely source of the outbreak. Chief Veterinary Officer Christine Middlemiss encouraged bird keepers to ‘remain alert for any signs of disease’. She said: ‘Report suspected disease immediately and ensure they are maintaining good biosecurity on their premises. ‘We are urgently looking for any evidence of disease spread associated with this strain to control and eliminate it.’

Ghana’s criminal timber trade!


African Rosewood is on the brink of extinction in many regions of West Africa. The fault is the trade in tropical timber. Ghana is a center of destruction, although it is strictly forbidden to fell trees of the species. This forest crime has to stop.

Not a single Rosewood tribe is allowed to leave Ghana anymore.



The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) has undercover research into “how corruption and collusion fuel the illegal trading of rosewood in Ghana”.

The extent of the crisis is huge. More than 540,000 tons of wood – equivalent to 23,500 standard containers or around 6 million trees – have been illegally felled in Ghana since 2012 and exported to China.

According to EIA, Ghanaian and Chinese traders are forging official documents, misclassifying wood species, and engaging “escorts” to pass checkpoints. Corrupt officials sell seized wood at bogus auctions, grant fraudulent “recovery permits” and issue retroactively and thus ineffective export licenses.

The wood is intended for China and is processed there to semi-antique luxury furniture.

The trade is no secret. The Chinese government even publishes official statistics on Rosewood imports.

However, the timber trade violates not only against the Washington Convention on the protection of species, but also against a national ban in Ghana.



Ghana is rich in biodiversity, including 681 bird species, 694 fish species and 257 mammal species.
16 percent of the country’s surface is covered with forest (2018).


But the forests are disappearing: The destruction of primary forests has increased by 60 percent between 2017 and 2018 – the biggest increase in the tropical countries of the world.

Protected areas are particularly affected. Causes are the cocoa cultivation and mining, also illegal logging, spread of industrial agriculture and fire.

Currently, the EU is negotiating with many countries. In nine of them, the talks are still in an early stage; In Ghana, Liberia, Cameroon, the Central African Republic and the Republic of Congo, the negotiations have come a long way.

Indonesia is the only country to issue so-called FLEGT* licenses, with Ghana expected to follow in 2020.

In the eyes of environmentalists, the FLEGT Action Plan carries significant risks.

– Basically, “legal” is not necessarily “legitimate.” “Legal” logging often results in devastating destruction of the rainforest, destruction of the animal habitat and violation of the rights of indigenous people.

FLEGT always regulates trade with the EU, not with third countries. While many countries, such as the US, Canada, Australia and China, fight illegal logging and trade, criminals find loopholes in the network.

And EU knows it.

This forest crime has to stop. Please sign our petition.

*FLEGT stands for Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade. The EU’s FLEGT Action Plan was established in 2003. It aims to reduce illegal logging by strengthening sustainable and legal forest management, improving governance and promoting trade in legally produced timber.

Countries around the world are acting to combat illegal logging and foster good forest governance. In you will find information about the approaches that countries are taking, as well as about initiatives that cross national borders.

Petition`s text, To: EU Commission

Dear Commission President Ursula von der Leyen,
Ladies and Gentlemen EU Commissioners,

The European Union and Ghana are finalizing a timber trade agreement under the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) action plan. Ghana is expected to issue FLEGT licenses in 2020 under a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA).

Ghana is seen as a role model for Africa’s FLEGT Action Plan – but much of the timber sector remains highly illegal and corrupt: African rosewood (Pterocarpus erinaceus) trade. It can lead to the extinction of the species in the region.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), in its BAN-BOOZLED report, analyzes in detail “how corruption and collusion fuel the illegal trading of rosewood in Ghana”.

The illegal export of valuable wood not only violates the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), but also a national ban. It undermines Ghana’s efforts to establish a transparent and legal trading system.

We urge you to: Urge the government of Ghana to end the illegal trade in African rosewood. The EU and Ghana must ensure that the CITES rules are respected. Not a single rosewood tribe is allowed to leave Ghana.

Yours sincerely


My comment: The EU has its fingers in exploiting Africa for a long time.
The so-called Economic Partnership Agreements, or EPA for short, have closed the EU with some African countries, including Ghana.

The EPAs state that these countries need to open their markets up to 83 percent to European imports and gradually eliminate tariffs and fees.

In return, they will continue to receive duty-free access to European markets, as has been customary for decades.
But the whole thing is unfair, and as always in favor of the EU.

Because the EU can (as well) export to Ghana what it wants, while markets of the country there are just too weak to sell great products in Europe.


That means: Once you have signed, you have to open your market to everything. That’s scam, because in a partnership it should be fair. If it does not, and that’s unfortunately the case with EPA, then it’s dumping because one side has nothing to determine.

In three things only, the EU is developing very fast: corruption, exploitation of the weaker countries and profit from the business of animal life.

My best regards to all, Venus


Today, 10/12/19 is International Animal Rights Day.

EoA June 5

Today, 10/12/19 is International Animal Rights Day.

The annual International Animal Rights Day (IARD) – 10th December – aims to remember the animal victims of human tyranny and call for the recognition of our Universal Declaration of Animal Rights (UDAR). The goal of this historic campaign is to build on the recognition of human rights, and persuade humanity that kindness and respect is due to all sentient creatures.

Thousands of animal rights supporters across the world hold candlelit vigils and other inspiring events to mark the 13th annual IARD. Ethical pioneers united to remember the billions of animals subjected to deliberate cruelty and killing across the world every year. This coordinated global day of action has intensified calls for the recognition of the rights of all sentient beings to life, liberty and natural enjoyment.



Good news from France



Received anonymously:

A hunting association clubhouse in Saint-Pierre-du-Mont was set on fire early on December 1.

“Romania” was found painted inside the building, a possible reference to the recent incident in which thousands of sheep died in a capsized cargo ship off the coast of Romania.


That’s was the first, there is one more, too.

9 Hunting Towers Damaged (Sainte-Geneviève-en-Bray, France)


Nine hunting towers in Sainte-Geneviève-en-Bray were damaged during the last week of November.

A message, “The pests are you. Let’s shoot the hunters”, was painted on the towers.


From AnimalLiberationPressOffice

Thanks to the activists!

Best regards to all, Venus


‘End the Cage Age’ Update -Part 1 Big Success !

End the Cage Age


11th September, after a long and tough year of campaigning; the ‘European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) closed. The demand was to inspire 1 Million people across the EU to add their voice in demanding a ban on ALL caged farming.

If successful, an ECI can be a powerful weapon. If more than 1 million signatures are collected, then the European Commission is legally obliged to respond. But with this campaign success was uncertain, but hopeful knowing the concerns of many good animal folk across the continent.

This year, out of 45 ECI’s which were started, only 4 gained the number of signatures.

For the cage ban campaign, the fate of millions of pigs, rabbits, calves, hens, and many other animals trapped for weeks or months in cruel cages was the factor. 170 organisations – ranging from animal welfare, through environmental and also consumer rights joined together to make their voices heard. There were over 200 street protests across the EU working together for the animals.

In July; CIWF (England) launched a very hard hitting undercover investigation into Polish farms that were keeping calves in solitary confinement for much of their lives. The harrowing footage was shown across the EU. EU citizens were demanding change !


When the ECI came to a close in September this year (2019); the biggest push for farm animal welfare the EU has ever seen reached a conclusion.

1.6 Million signatures had been collected demanding an end to the Cage Age.

So; what next ?

All the signatures are now being scrutinised by member states. This could take several months. A minimum of 1 Million signatures must be validated; once done, they will be formally presented to the European Commission, triggering a formal process where the Commission must respond. There could be a public hearing, as well as a possible vote in the European Parliament.

Your voices; 1.6 Million of them, are just the start in what could be a lengthy process to get justice for the caged animals in Europe. But the start has been victorious, and now we must move on the end the Cage Age.

We will be calling on you when necessary to give further support to the fight. We know we can rely on you.

Regards Mark – WAV.

Produced with help from CIWF –

cage age 6.png

Plant Based Meals Throughout the Day – and Christmas – We Have it Covered.



We think we have you covered for just about every part of the day; including that special Christmas dinner. Use the following links for the entire selections:

Enjoy – 100+ delicious plant based recipes.

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Regards Mark

Germany, its dirty press and an execution


International media already report on the “German racoon”.

It is the story of that raccoon who ran around the Christmas market in Erfurt, Germany, on Saturday, peacefully but shakily, and finally was shot dead.

The animal was apparently not brought to the animal shelter as originally planned to be cared for there – in the end, a hunter picked up the animal and shot it.

And the dirty, the sold press of Germany constructed a perpetrator friendly scenario, as we know it from the days of the Ex-German Democratic Republic (GDR) Regiems, to which formerly Erfurt belonged..



The first reports describe the weak, rickety raccoon as a peaceful guest of the Erfurt Christmas market, which upsets the believing Christians just because he was a raccoon.
He was a shaky, weak raccoon, who even played with the shoe strings of the visitors, and apparently looked for a quiet place to lie down.


the wild raccoon…


A police spokesman has spread the outrageous message that the animal was heavily intoxicated because it was seen that it licked the glow wine leftovers !!!

The informations were contradictory from the beginning: the animal shelter did not want to take the animal, because it was wild (!!!), the fire department could catch it in a basket and finally there was the official executioner of the city of Erfurt, the hunter,
who executed it.

The shelter of Erfurt immediately deleted the post from its Facebook page because the Shitstorm was great.
Also great was the reaction against the city of Erfurt, the the town hall even got threats.


the extremely dangerous animal…


Shortly after the Shitstorm in all media has said Daniel Baumbach, the spokesman for the city of Erfurt, that the animal was not drunk, but “obviously” ill!!

This “obviously” was provided by a “veterinarian,” who by remote diagnosis found that the raccoon was infected with distemper (a disease).

On the same way, we also found by remote diagnosis that the veterinarian suffers from brain abnormalities!

And it turns out that the policeman and not the raccoon was drunk. A remote diagnosis from us to!!


the raccoon just wanted to rest…


One more important Information must be added here:

The animal had to be handed over to the hunting lessee, which stipulates an EU regulation:  “The raccoon is on the EU list of invasive species. According to the EU- regulation, the stock of these animals would have to be greatly reduced, as they endanger snakes and birds!!”

And so we are back on the topic “animal welfare” by our girlfriend, EU!

Wherever it is about murder and suffering to animals, the EU is the employer.

Here in Germany we have a humorous so-called “Animal Protection Law”. It says:  “No one is allowed to cause pain, suffering or harm to an animal without a reasonable reason”.

Only if the EU and its lackeys want it …..
then every reason is a reasonable reason.

That’s what I understand under Fascism.

(See the video under the last link)

My best reagrds to all, Venus


“Personal choice” – the drug the carnivore



Just how “personal” is it, exactly, to slit the throat of a non-consenting party, dismember their corpse, and put them in a sandwich?

Last time we checked, PERSONAL choices and preferences end JUST THERE – at the body of the person making the choice.

Buying the products of animal oppression is not a “personal choice”- it’s a VIOLATION of someone else’s choice to not be enslaved and murdered!

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Best regards, Venus


Meat production-animals as a commodity


Disgusting images of industrial meat production show factory farming, animals as commodities, and hundreds of women and men doing the work to satisfy world consumer hunger for cheap meat and animal protein.



The video, apparently from China, shows the cruel reality behind meat production, its mechanization and the people involved in the process.
It makes us realize that things can not go on like this.

The filmmaker Ron Fricke is on a world tour and in his impressive video we can see in 6 minutes the madness of industrial meat, milk and egg production, slaughterhouses, supermarkets and fast food – “restaurants”, to the stomach of the consumers, wich in the end it will be removed by a plastic surgery!

The Meat Mafia works similarly all over the world, it is not only China the sinner of the meat industry.

The meat should be as cheap as possible, the profit big; To achieve these goals, every slaughterhouse in the world uses almost all means.

This system works with cheap workers who are under the pressure of a quick “completion” of the slaughter job and therefore treat animals like garbage.



In Germany, we have battle numbers of over 1,500 pigs per hour, in the run. The worker, who is supposed to prick a pig “pet-friendly”, usually has less than two seconds.

Anyone can imagine the likelihood of a mistake, which means torture and agonizing death for the animals for minutes.
As soon as these criminal conditions become known to the public, the corrupt politicians and authorities speak of an exception.

But the problem in factory farming is not the exceptions, it`s the legal framework.

Because even when criminal and illegal practices in slaughterhouses come to light, the judiciary is on the side of the perpetrators, and therefore the perpetrators are not persecuted, but those who expose these crimes.

Whether, how and when the current global animal holocaust comes to an end, is not yet foreseeable.



My best regards to all, Venus


New Zealand: 200,000 Die In Mass Suffocation.




OPINION: Nearly 200,000 deaths by suffocation, because of a power cut. What a tragedy and a terrible way to die.

New Zealand is a nation of animal lovers. We lavish attention on our dogs, we dote on our cats, often valuing them as important members of our families.

If this tragedy had involved dogs or cats, this appalling loss of life would be the lead story on all the news bulletins and the subsequent investigation would be a topic on everyone’s minds for weeks. But when the individuals who perished in such a terrible way are chickens, it’s just a passing bit of shock news.

It is the Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI) job to monitor that factory farms have working emergency back-up systems. So was this farm being effectively monitored? It looks like yet again, MPI hasn’t had the resources to ensure this factory farm wasn’t breaking the law


* Mass chicken deaths ‘catastrophic’ and unprecedented, experts say after nearly 200,000 birds die
* Nearly 200,000 chickens die due to power failure at poultry farm, MPI investigates
* Safe releases footage of deformed, dying chickens on free-range farm
* Culture shift needed on ‘Frankenstein’ chickens culled at six weeks old
* Behind New Zealand’s most popular meat

In this case, a simple power cut led to the ventilation supply to these chickens being cut, and both the back-up generator failed and the alarm to alert workers that the chickens were slowly dying.


Less than a year ago, at another West Auckland farm that was also part of Tegel’s supply chain, 50,000 birds burned to death. The details that were made public reported a lack of water available for fighting the fire.


Just last month, ten thousand more chickens perished on a Whanganui chicken farm and another thousand in the Waikato back in June. This is appalling!

As always, when there are massive corporate profits to be made, animals suffer the consequences. Tegel has refused to require its suppliers to fit sprinkler systems to prevent fires from taking hold in chicken sheds. That would cut into profits, wouldn’t it?

These birds are treated as mere production units, rather than living, breathing beings. Even our Animal Welfare Act recognises that chickens are sentient, accepting that they are fully able to experience a range of emotions. Despite this, the chicken meat industry kills 125 million birds a year in New Zealand. So, the loss of 195,000 birds is presumably just a blip on their production schedules, and insurance will soften the blow.

But taking a look behind the walls of these chicken factory farms, we see that these birds suffer even when it’s business as usual.

Highly selectively bred to double in size each week, their bodies just can’t cope. According to a 2013 Ministry for Primary Industries report, up to a third are painfully lame in the last weeks of their short lives and up to ten thousand die a very stressful death of heart failure or are culled, every day in sheds across New Zealand. The Poultry Industry of New Zealand puts that figure at 6000 – but even that is 6000 individuals that are so sick and deformed that they can’t even survive to the age of six-weeks, when most are taken for slaughter.

These are the birds that are out of sight, out of mind, hidden inside barren window-less sheds. Most people only interact with one of these chickens at mealtimes. Chicken meat is so cheap compared with other meats, that it’s eaten almost without thinking by people who would be appalled if they stepped inside a chicken factory-farm.

Few people even know what one of these white-feathered, blue-eyed, overgrown baby-birds looks like.


One of these individuals is a chicken who was found in a West Auckland factory farm, trapped on her back, unable to get up. This, sadly, is something that commonly happens with these top-heavy birds. If she’d been left there she would have died, just out of reach of food and water. She would have become just another statistic among the thousands.

Instead Womble was taken to a sanctuary, given treatment for her wounds and is living the life she deserves. She has just had her first birthday, so has already lived more than eight times longer than the others left behind in the shed. Her curious, playful personality soon emerged, and her adventures are being followed by many on her Instagram channel.

Kindness and compassion are great qualities to celebrate, and we can widen the circle of our compassion to include all sentient animals. If you care about animals and don’t want to support corporate cruelty, the easy solution is to choose chicken-friendly plant-based alternatives at your supermarket and you can also email MPI, making sure it throws the full force of our animal welfare laws at Tegel for its negligence.

Together we can create an Aotearoa New Zealand that cares about all animals.

Marianne Macdonald is the head of campaigns for the animal welfare group SAFE.



“That’s how we’ve always done it”


Carolin Günther (Caroletta) works as a painter and illustrator. “About Meat” is a project of the heart.



This book (“That’s how we’ve always done it”)  is something for you, if you

surreal and detailed illustrations like.
are a friend of clear words and sharp poetry.
Discrimination, oppression and violence in any form reject.

In addition, the book addresses to all who

like to pet cats and / or dogs.
Chicken nuggets find great and chick-shredding stupid.
Donate to the shelter and eat meat sandwiches.

First and foremost, the illustration book “That’s how we’ve always done it” is for everyone who does it differently.

As a young child, she saw a slaughter, heard and smelled, and soon thereafter stopped eating animals uncompromisingly. That’s 30 years ago.

Today she lives completely vegan and is a public advocate for animal rights and environmental issues. Her illustration series “About Meat” was nominated for the 2018 World Illustration Awards and featured in Greenpeace magazine.

Most of us lovingly caress their dog or cat and bite in the next moment in a roast sausage without the slightest glimmer, what’s actually in it, where it comes from, and what the animal looked like that had to die for it.

We can not make the connection between the sausage on our plate and the animal that was this time. Because the so-called useful animals are invisible.

Their killing takes place far behind closed doors.

To draw attention to this topic, Carolin Günther recently launched the art project “About Meat”. A main motive of the picture series is the categorization of animals in “inedible” and “edible”. All illustrations were created in classic handwork and follow a common design concept.

With each picture that came in the last few months, she grew with the desire to put it in book form. In cardboard picture book form.

Cardboard picture books explain the world and playfully promote the development of children. Maybe, that works for adults as well.


All pictures are from her picture book: “That’s how we’ve always done it”.

Carolin Günther

And I mean … such books should read children in their early age. These are books that bite and sting, although they do not receive any trace of gruesome video images.
The sooner our children learn the truth about the suffering of the animals, the greater the likelihood of alleviating this suffering of the animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

is that just a question?


Life without meat is hell???


Good night from Venus


Great news: charter airline stops monkey transports!

Updated December 6, 2019:

Following an intense campaign by PETA USA and the help of tens of thousands of supporters, the Air Transport Service Group (ATSG) has now announced that it is completing monkey transports in experimental laboratories.


Image: Animal experiments with primates at the National Institute of Health, USA.

This announcement comes just a week after our US counterparts told Amazon to convince their current business partner – ATSG – to stop these atrocious transports.

For far too long, airlines have been making money on the bloody business of killing monkeys to their deaths. The sensitive animals are taken from countries such as China or from the island state of Mauritius, to laboratories in the United States or to Europe.

The places of origin of the monkeys offer them no protection, so they are often snatched from their homes and their families or bred in horror animal factories.



ATSG and its affiliates – Air Transport International (ATI) and ABX Air – have delivered thousands of monkeys to US research centers where frightened animals await terrible things.

Mostly they are locked in tight cages, in the course of the experiments they are then poisoned with chemicals, mutilated, deprived of food and water intake, infected with some deadly diseases and killed in the end usually emotionally cold.



ATI has repeatedly violated the minimum requirements for such animal transport in the past. The monkeys had to survive these – already stressful – flights without water and food and spend hours in their own excrements.
The United States Department of Agriculture is currently completing the infringement.



We’ve received disturbing reports that Michigan-based airline Kalitta Air has begun shipping monkeys from China to the U.S., where they will be cruelly experimented on in laboratories.

According to multiple credible sources, Kalitta Air reportedly transported crates of live monkeys from China to the U.S. recently. We contacted the airline’s executive team multiple times, but they refused to answer our questions about their policy.

However, one employee did confirm that the company did bring at least one shipment of monkeys to the U.S. for use in laboratories.



Every year, thousands of monkeys are transported from countries such as China, Mauritius, and Vietnam to the U.S. and the European Union to be imprisoned in laboratories and tormented in experiments. Some are bred in captivity on cramped, terror monkey factory farms, while others are abducted from their families in the wild.

The traumatized monkeys are crammed into small wooden crates and transported in the dark and terrifying cargo holds of planes for as long as 30 hours.


During the transport, the monkeys receive no food or water for more than 24 hours – a violation of the Animal Welfare Act. Some of the hungry, thirsty and confused monkeys must also sit in the midst of their own excretions during the unbearably long flight.

Many die a painful death on their long journeys, some of them over 30 hours long.


When they arrive in the U.S., they’re transported to facilities where they’re imprisoned in cramped cages and frequently cut open, poisoned, crippled, addicted to drugs, shocked, and killed.



Kalitta Air joins the long list of airlines—including American Airlines, United Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Delta Airlines, El Al Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and dozens of others—that refuse to participate in this sordid trade.

Air France is the last major airline that continues to enrich this bloody business and kidnap monkeys from Mauritius to Europe.



Please help* and ask Air France to join all the other major airlines worldwide and stop transporting monkeys to their deaths in experimental laboratories!

* (Petition:

My comment: Every year more than 6,000 monkeys in Europe are misused for animal experiments, half of which are imported from Mauritius and flown by Air France to Europe!

Those of the animals surviving the horror journey land on the hands of the practicing Dr.Mengele, in the Dachau laboratories for animals, which are equipped with their own justice, and are supported by corrupt politicians.

The news is good, and we are very pleased that another company stops its flying coffins.

But we want the abolition of the torture of innocent animals justified by the mantle of research.
We are fighting for it, and in recent times we have been able to achieve some positive results (

It has come the time of consistent and hard action; Sinners and criminals should be punished and we have to do that where we can.
Therefore: do not fly with Air France!
Until the company stops the death transports.

My best regards to all, Venus


Indonesian Province Pledges ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Dog Meat.



Indonesian Province Pledges ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Dog Meat

Indonesian Province Pledges ‘Zero Tolerance’ for Dog Meat

Progress toward ending the dog meat trade in Indonesia! This week, Governor Ganjar Pranowo called for a ban on the consumption of dog meat throughout Central Java.

Every month around 13,000 dogs are slaughtered for consumption in the region. Governor Ganjar Pranowo met with representatives from Dog Meat Free Indonesia on Tuesday, which was followed by his announcement.

He proclaimed, “We must push the Surakarta administration to issue a strict regulation that prohibits people from consuming or selling dog meat.”

Further legal support for this ban comes from a law passed in 2012 stating that dogs are not defined as food since they do not come from forests or farms. According to the Jakarta Post, Ganjar said, “The law clearly prohibits it. Once a regency issues a ban, every other region will follow suit. Agency heads will convene to discuss such a regulation.”

Many concerns surround the health and safety of the dog meat trade. The transportation of the dogs sent to slaughter increase the likelihood of the spread of disease such as rabies, and for the dogs the rampant abuse within the industry drew sympathy.

It is also a barbaric and inhumane business. Dogs are often beaten to death in front of onlookers, and some are blow torched while still alive.

While dog meat is easily found in the stalls of street vendors, only a small percentage of the population consumes dog meat. However, it is still a lucrative trade.

We applaud Governor Ganjar Pranowo for his call to help put an end this brutal practice, and urge other provinces to follow suit.

Indonesia: Sign for Justice – Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephants Head Hacked off by Ivory Poachers. Get the Government to Act !

SIGN: Justice for Sumatran Elephant Brutally Decapitated, Tusks Hacked Off By Poachers


SIGN: Justice for Sumatran Elephant Brutally Decapitated, Tusks Hacked Off By Poachers

Posted by Ashley Locke | December 5, 2019


Petition Link:

Poachers left the corpse of a 40-year-old Sumatran elephant to rot on an Indonesian plantation after hacking off the majestic animal’s head.

“The elephant’s head had been cut off and its severed trunk was found a metre away from the body,” said Suharyono, head of a local conservation agency, in a statement. “We suspect the elephant was hunted and killed, and then its head was cut off to remove the tusks.”

The Sumatran elephant is listed as “critically endangered.” According to the World Wildlife Fund, “nearly 70 percent of [their] habitat has been destroyed in one generation.

Poaching has also skewed the breeding rates for these magnificent creatures, making it even more difficult for the species to survive.

Asian Species Expert Dr. Barney Long notes, “we could possibly see the Sumatran elephant be restricted to just a few remote populations within our lifetimes.”

Sign this petition today to urge the Indonesian government to do everything in their power to bring these poachers to justice, and work to protect the remaining animals. The Sumatran elephants must be protected before all hope is lost.

Australia: black christmas fires like 2001


Sydney disappears in the smog – triggered by bushfires that have been raging in Australia for months. Today at the news it said, the fire is out of control, the fire department can do nothing!



Sydney disappears in the smog – triggered by bushfires that have been raging in Australia for months. Today at the news it said, the fire is out of control, the fire department can do nothing!

It is the longest period of air pollution Sydney has ever experienced and there is no sign of recovery.
With a total area of ​​300,000 hectares in flames, the fire department could do nothing more to extinguish the fires, said New Rogers Deputy Fire Commissioner Rob Rogers.

“They will burn until conditions improve, then we will do our best to get them under control.”


Sydney, about an hour’s drive from the fire, is again enveloped in a toxic cloud of smoke.
Many people in the state capital of New South Wales only use masks to hit the streets. The New South Wales Department of Health warns against inhaling the harmful smoke!

Many people even fear that things will get worse, like the Black Christmas fires of 2001!

The Sydney area is now drier than it was before the Black Christmas fires of 2001.

These were the most terrible fires Australia had experienced so far.

On December 24, 2001, the bush fires began and lasted 23 days. The fires started in the Cessnock, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and Penrith areas, destroying almost 800,000 hectares.
During this time extreme weather conditions prevailed in all affected areas.

These included temperatures up to 45 ° C, wind speeds of 90 km / h and a very low humidity, which led to a very high risk of fire.
More than 11,000 people had to be evacuated from their homes.

But what Australia 2019 experienced, will far exceed the ‘Black Christmas’ fires “, because the real summer is yet to come. The water is running out. Sometimes some places have no water at all, not even for showers, because they have to be economical with what they have left.


Protest on November 8, 2019 in Sydney – due to water scarcity…


While the people in New South Wales are losing everything, even their health, the NSW government has provided mining companies with $ 2019 million in October to “harvest” raw materials just where it is burning, like lithium!

From the Walkabout Wildlife Park, as a precaution, 300 animals have been brought to safety, including lizards, peacocks, marsupials and Australian wild dogs.

Pandas are burning while sitting in the trees

In addition, thousands of animals have been killed since the end of October. The numbers on the koala population are alarming.

In the Lake Innes Nature Reserve alone in New South Wales, the Koala Conservation Agency estimated that 350 out of a total of approximately 600 animals were killed in the Hell of the Flames.


Association President Sue Ashton told the “Sydney Morning Herald” on Monday, “We believe that most of the animals are burned – it’s a huge cremation, like in a crematorium. They are burning in the trees. “

Biologists fear that some populations of Koalas will not recover from it.

“Many just do not want to believe that humans are responsible for this development, says Lesley Hughes, climate expert.


sheep mired in drainage canals at Lake Cawndilla.CREDIT:NICK MOIR


Up to the highest government circles, it is small talk or completely denied. “Climate change is merely sold as a newfangled invention”.

The coal industry is booming and is being defended by the conservative head of government.

A few days ago Prime Minister Scott Morrison dodged the question of whether climate change and the current bushfires are related. “I’m now taking care of people’s needs. The bluster of a few pure, enlightened and awakened big-city ecosets is inappropriate,” he said curtly.

 On November 08, 2019 at 3 pm in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. Locals say they have never seen such a thing so early and are afraid of the upcoming bushfire summer. Photo by Marc Dodd

My comment: The welcome media spectacle Greta Thunberg is arrived in Madrid to take part in the UN Climate Change Conference, and announces in big words: “Today we write history”.


Meanwhile, the forests in Amazon, in Australia, in Indonesia burn for the meat the participant of the conference.
They also write history, in the negative sense. And with our help.

Because billions of human animals can be manipulated by the brainwashing of economic fascism and contribute to climate change, environmental degradation, global warming and animal suffering with their meat and milk consumption.

For climate catastrophe, the cause number 1 is factory farming, but about that the meat mafia silences, Greta too.
The world produces 40 billion tons of CO₂ each year. 51% of all greenhouse gases emitted worldwide are caused by livestock.

If mass livestock farming continues, all livestock will consume about 80 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas budget by 2050.

And the greatest sinners are:

JBS, the largest meat company in the world, from Brazil
Tyson Foods, a meat company from the USA
Cargill, a meat company from the USA
Dairy Farmers, a milk producer from the USA
Fonterra, a dairy producer from New Zealand

Can Greta talk to them directly?
That would be more effective, because until now, her actions have eradicated nothing more than a climate hysteria, while the world dictatorship of the mega corporations destroyed climate, nature and animals.

If we want to prevent a world catastrophe with media spectacle then we write no history but we only expire to panem et circenses ( (bread and circuses) as in ancient Rome.

My best regards to all, Venus

Australia: Cattle Station Abuses Exposed In Shocking Video – Top of the Tree Nation for Farm Animal Abuses.



WAV Comment – you keep asking yourself if it can get any worse, after watching footage after footage of the way Australian animals are treated; live exports and the rest. Well yes, it does continue to get worse, and here is another example – taken at 4 different cattle stations in Norther Australia.

Fortunately, these industries are driving lots of nails into their own coffins by what they are doing. We hope they are dead and buried very soon; they do not deserve to exist. As you can hear in the video, it is all a matter of cost – the stations do not want to invest in veterinarians – so they do botched killings of cattle (some shot in the head 4 times; and they still survive !) and the value of the animal is weighed against if it is even worth getting any veterinary treatment !

And it all goes on in the stations which are in the middle of nowhere; where officials never go or do not want to go. This is the Australian government approach to ALL animal issues; also especially those of live exports – they do not care as long as financial gain is at the top of the tree.

We will continue to support the work of brave investigators who risk a lot to expose these abuses; be they on cattle stations, sheep stations or during the long export journeys around the world.

Looking forward very soon to watching them drive the ultimate nail into their own coffin – scum like this do not deserve to be in employment.

Israeli-based investigation agency, Sentient, has captured harrowing footage of cattle having their horns cut off without pain relief and animals being left to die on Australia’s remote outback stations.


The shocking footage taken from four cattle stations in Northern Australia has aired on prime-time television in Israel and renewed calls to shut down the live cattle trade to the country.

Investigators witnessed cattle undergoing surgical procedures including dehorning and castration, without any pain relief; animals being punched and kicked; botched euthanasia attempts; and sick or injured animals left to die without veterinary intervention.

The only thing more shocking than the systemic abuse exposed through this investigation, is that some of it is entirely legal.

We were amazed to find out that some of the worst practices we have seen, including dehorning without using pain relief, are legal in Australia.Investigator, Sentient

Demand better treatment of Australian cattle and hold the industry accountable for the welfare of these animals, by taking action now:

Action link:



rindertransport-australien 00x300

mulesing 5




with my own eyes…



Animal Equality

Animal rights activist and actress, Rooney Mara, has joined global farmed animal advocacy organization, Animal Equality, on an undercover investigation inside two factory farms.

The investigation, called “With My Own Eyes,” narrated by Mara, reveals pigs and chickens who are raised for meat, languishing in abhorrent conditions and encourages viewers to examine the harsh and painful reality for billions of animals and the many reasons the global community must break its dependence on animal products.

My comment:  I find it positive that an artist is used as the actor on this video.
Artists are mostly uninterested in animal welfare.
There is a misconception that artists are particularly sensitive, politically and socially.
That’s not true.
I belong to this milieu.

I remember when we had the opera “Lohengrin” (from Richard Wagner) in the theater where I work.

An important role in this opera plays a swan, and the director wanted to use a live swan.
“The swan, for me is more than an animal, a wonderful creature between death, grief and beauty, I can not do that symbolically and only with a stuffed animal,” he told us.

And every night, after a long drive of three hours, a “movie animal” came to the theater and first waited behind the stage for his appearance in a tight lattice cage and in an extremely loud environment (Wagner, as we all know, loved wind instruments).
Afterwards, the swan had to stay on the stage, free on a basket, together with 50 people for half an hour.

Nobody has noticed him.
I stood in front of his cage every night and I felt how sad, anxious and often angry he was with this circus. I was too.
Complaint to the veterinary office did not help, “film” animals are used by law everywhere.
I understood, the the argument “animal welfare” did not work, there had to be another reason.

One night I decided to go the other way and staged an “accident”.
When he came on stage I was close to him and suddenly pushed him forward.
He got scared, flew across the stage, reached the orchestra and then the audience.

The performance was interrupted, the swan captured by its owner and “due to security reasons” the director has decided that he no longer occurs.

What I mean by that … At least 100 artists were involved in this production.
Everyone could “see” with his own eyes how the animal suffered.
One has “seen” this too, but when it comes to animal suffering, “seeing” alone does not help.
The difference is the action.

And that’s why I find the video very motivating, precisely because an artist conveys an important message to all, that “see” is not enough.


My best regards to all, Venus


2019 – The Saddest Truth of the World.

Irish Cattle Being Loaded for Live Export and Ritual Slaughter in Libya.




France: Blood Crazy Hunters Murder 158 Wild Boar In Single Day.

The killing of 158 wild boar in a single day’s hunting in eastern France has sparked anger in the region and accusations of “carnage”, even if the hunters were within their allowed quotas.

The boar were killed in a “battue” in which beaters drove the game towards the 82 hunters last Wednesday in the eastern Ardennes region.

Local officials said the hunters were within their rights as they had still not attained their quotas for the season of some 300 animals.

But a participant in the hunt described the scene in a report in the local Ardennais newspaper, denouncing the extent of the killings as a true “carnage” that had left him shaken.

And the president of the hunting federation for the Ardennes, Jean-Pol Gambier, said that “such an image for hunting cannot be supported, we cannot allow this kind of excess.”

He said that the “exceptional” number of individuals killed was “intolerable”.

Cited in a local paper, he added that he “strongly condemned” the number of animals killed, saying it “significantly damages the image of hunting.”

“I am overcome by this carnage, even if there is a need to regulate (numbers),” Claude Maireaux, head of a local nature protection group said.

Hunters in France insist that their practice is helpful to nature and is rooted in the country’s traditions, even in the face of growing protests by animal rights groups.

boar france.jpg

Sheep Exports – Compromising Their Welfare – A Must Watch Video


Sheep Exports – Compromising Their Welfare – A Must Watch Video.


Watch the video at



US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning.

US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning.

Read more at: 

US House Passes Bill to Ban Cruel Shark Finning


Justice for dog mercilessly dragged behind car leaving mile long trail of blood. Petition to Sign.

Justice for dog mercilessly dragged behind car leaving mile long trail of blood.


Read more and sign the petition at:



EU: Dead animals from the USA for the auto industry



With great fanfare, the EU and the US settle their controvercy over beef exports.

The Trade Committee of the European Parliament has cleared the way for additional beef imports from the United States.
Members voted 26 to 7 votes in favor of the agreement on Monday, which is expected to apply from 2020.
The message was clear, said committee chairman Bernd Lange:

“We would like to de-escalate the trade tensions with the US.”

The EU Commission had already announced in mid-June that parts of the global import quota of 45,000 tonnes of non-hormone-treated beef per annum will be reserved for US providers in the future.




New EU Ambassador to Washington, Stavros Lambrinidis, assessed US-EU trade relations as the “strongest and largest relations in the world”.

US beef exports to the EU will rise 46 percent in the first year, 90 percent over seven years, Trump said. That’s an increase of $ 270 million. Certainly not bad, a game changer for the American beef industry is not.


The US government has already had to launch two rescue packages to help the farmers out of a state of emergency. The mood on the farms is getting worse. The good news for the farmers now gives reason to celebrate.

The rest is shared by exporters such as Australia, Argentina and Uruguay. Technically, such a split violates World Trade Organization (WTO) rules, but the other three nations have announced they will not appeal.

This gave Europeans the opportunity to show “goodwill” towards the United States!!



“This WTO-compliant agreement respects our high standards of ecology and food safety as well as our economic interests, meaning that tariffs on EU exports are prevented,” said the German Federal Government’s coordinator for transatlantic cooperation, Peter Beyer.

My comment: The German auto industry / the German labor market has prevailed once more. Fearing further customs duties, EU is kneeling in front of Trump!

I do not know if everyone has understood that the substance of the criminal deal is based on Peter Beyer’s statement: “This WTO-compliant agreement respects our high standards of ecology and food safety as well as our economic interests, meaning that tariffs on EU exports are prevente,”!

That means: Dead animals from the USA against cars from the EU.

Was not it weeks ago that the EU wants to declare the climate emergency, or did we misunderstand it?

Already in June 28, 1919, EU has signed the Free Trade Agreement (Mercosur) with the South American bovine barons. The corrupt commissioners cheered:

“EU is likely to face a huge boom, soon will drop inches in the amount of more than 4 billion euros, which opens up enormous opportunities for us.”

With clear words: with low inche, can be cars, car parts, machinery, chemicals … imported from the EU to South America.
For this they provide us with the necessary soya for our livestock, which comes from the primeval forests that have been burned for this purpose.

So … cattle breeding, car industry and meat operation, as well as their transport, complement each other perfectly for climate protection, according to the EU conception?
Or did we get it wrong again?

We feign peace and sell weapons.
We pretend for climate protection and we cover the entire globe (to save the German car industry) with beef.

How many lies, corruption and crime for people and the environment do we want, the EU citizens still tolerate?

When will we finally abolish this criminal dirt club?

My best regards to all, Venus

Romanian Activists Take to the Streets to Speak Out for the 14,000+ Sheep Which Drowned at Midia. Well Done Them !



Caring Romanian activists take to the streets in defence of the 14,000+ sheep that recently drowned at Midia.

fracht gekentert

See more at:


We fully support the efforts of our Romanian campaigner friends in being a voice for the innocents. – Thank You – WAV / SAV.




Coming soon the Christmas…


But this does not prevent us from holding them in concentration camps in millions, slaughtering them brutally and offering their bodies as a highlight on the feast of love!



Best regards to all, Venus


Happy Birthday Captain Watson



Happy Birthday to our founder and hero, the legendary Captain Paul Watson!
Thank you for starting a global movement that we are honored to be a part of.



The crews of The M/V Sharpie, The M/V Farley Mowat, The RV Martin Sheen, The M/V John Paul DeJoria, The M/V White Holly, and The MV Brigitte Bardot wish you the very happiest of birthdays!



And we wish you the very happiest of birthdays to, Paul Watson!
We wholeheartedly wish to keep you healthy and active for a long time, and we are sure that the sea creatures also want the same.

All the best
from the Team World Animals Voice and its readers


Germany: the pastime of the German Navy



As part of a NATO maneuver, the German Navy blew up 39 World War II mines in the Fehmarnbelt Marine Protected Area (Germany) in late summer. It was reported that 18 dead harbor porpoises were subsequently found over a period of several weeks.



As part of a NATO maneuver, the German Navy blew up 39 World War II mines in the Fehmarnbelt Marine Protected Area (Germany) in late summer. It was reported that 18 dead harbor porpoises were subsequently found over a period of several weeks. According to the current state, among other things at the University of Hannover, the exact cause of death of strictly protected animals is determined.

A connection between this maneuver and the death of such a considerable number of mammals is very close, because the animals have very sensitive sensory organs, which they need for foraging.

The Fehmarnbelt is an ecological link between Beltsee and Mecklenburg Bay and a marine reserve designated as a Fauna-Flora-Habitat by the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation.



The number of porpoises in this area is a maximum of 500 individuals. In addition, there is a high number of females with their calves in this population, as the Fehmarnbelt region is considered as a reproduction zone and the porpoises breed in the summer.

In addition to the 18 animals that were presumably the victims of the mine blasting, according to “Spiegel” Magazine alone, one of the mines ripped a five meter wide and 1.5 meter deep crater into the seabed, destroying all marine life within a radius of 30 meters.

Sea Shepherd Germany condemns the irresponsible action of the ministry and the German Navy and calls for a complete education and promotion of alternatives to mine blasting in the sea.

The endangered porpoises are protected under EU law and Member States are obliged to take measures to ensure this protection in their natural habitats.

This incident, too, shows once again how political instruments and official bodies fail in part and that the existing nature conservation law is disregarded.

“Sea Shepherd Germany’s first own campaign was the Baltic Sea campaign to protect harbor porpoises. This topic is therefore very important to us. As in the past, we will actively work to ensure that protected areas do not exist only on paper.

The response of the media to mine clearance and its consequences shows that the public is becoming more and more aware of the problem on our own doorstep and that we are on the right track with our commitment to protecting harbor porpoises in the Baltic Sea.

The porpoises need every conceivable help, be it through general education or local presence. And we will continue to do our part in the future, “ said Manuel Abraas, director of Sea Shepherd Germany.

My comment: If 18 human animals had died in a mine explosion, the media today would have declared the third world war!

Media and Navy sells horror scenarios … “if toxins had leaked out or a boat was sunk with people,” and by imagining a likely disaster, a crime against 18 nonhuman animals can be justified. And even on a protected area!

They are only whales, right? no matter if pregnant women were among them.

Some useful idiots in the country are enthusiastic about the protection of our navy and even publicly thank them for obstructing a probable disaster, in a place that most only know about Atlas, and in all these years have never presented a real danger.

Each scenario is always sold by perpetrators.  And so the veterans of the Navy protect themselves from the danger of being considered an underemployed, bored troupe, that blows up seabeds and animals to protect them and us from dangers “made by navy”.


My best regards to all, Venus


environmental crime



Sea Shepherd Germany

On 28.11.2019, a sperm whale stranded and died on the beach of Seilebost on the Scottish island of Harris.



The male cub unfortunately could not be saved. At the weekend, the dead whale was examined, with a frightening result: According to the Scottish Marine Animal Stranding Scheme report, this included a range of plastics such as fishing nets, rope bundles, plastic cups, bags, gloves, harnesses and tubes.


Opening the stomach showing some of the material balled up inside


The whole material was like a huge bullet in the animals’ stomach and part of the mourning. The general condition of the sperm whale was not that bad.

And although this stomach content certainly caused problems, it could not be proven that the garbage was responsible for beaching; The gastrointestinal tract was not clogged with garbage.


All this plastic rope and debris was in the stomach


What in the end has always caused the death of the sperm whale, so these pictures and test results again clearly show what people are doing to the oceans and the animals with their littering.



Stomach, containing ropes and other marine debris. The multiple small black ‘beaks’ are from squid, sperm whales usual prey.


Section of net recovered from stomach


100 kg plastic garbage in the stomach, of all kinds and origin, which no living thing deserves.


And I mean…There is the # COP25 in Madrid, where delegations from 196 countries arrived by plane and participate in the UN Climate Change Conference 2019.

Since 1992 this circus takes place annually – and in the end it is called bla – bla – bla! We talked about the climate, it was a nice company and good food.

Meanwhile, rainforests are being flared, jungles are being turned into palm oil deserts, natural disasters are taking place everywhere, and while the well-paid idiots are enjoying their expensive meat menus of murdered animals fed with soy from poor countries in the Third World, the Planet clock beats five past twelve!

This is how it is done year after year – and while the ice thaws in the Arctic, Greenland becomes green again, these delegates and their companies are happy that the ice releases the raw material that the industry needs!

We are experiencing the dictatorship of criminal oligarchs.


My best regards to all, Venus


Cats In Snow.

Romania: Get Festive – Buy Christmas Meals for Shelter Dogs – Only $1 Each to Make a Special Christmas for Those In Need.



WAV Comment – I think I purchased 25 Christmas Day meals for the shelter dogs last year, so I know it works – and what price for a shelter dog special meal.  People waste so much during the Christmas season; for me it was very rewarding to know that I had helped to fill the hungry bellies of 25 rescue dogs last Christmas day.  Please do your bit if you can – buy a Christmas meal for a stray – Regards Mark.



Dear Mark

Years ago, I had a dream. My dream was to put an end to animal suffering in my hometown, especially to help the homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs find the love, respect and appreciation they deserve, and place them in forever homes. Little by little my dream is becoming a reality. I haven’t saved all the stray dogs in my community, but I’m getting there. I have an amazing staff and supporters who continue to help me along the way.

Last night, I woke up frightened. My heart pumping fast, hands shaking, tears in my eyes. I dreamt about my Printz (my first beautiful rescued dog, saved from death). He was all wet, full of blood, alone, in need of help. I could see him but this time, I couldn’t help him at all. I could read in his expressive eyes his hunger, pain and despair. It was more like a nightmare.

Being on their own, dogs like my Printz have freedom but they are so exposed to risk of injuries, abuses, diseases and starvation. Stray dogs are dependent on us as much as we, humans, are on them…once we get to know and love them! My Printz, alone, in my dream represents all the dogs I couldn’t save, the dogs who died alone in misery and silence. I woke up feeling depressed, but somehow, I knew I had to turn this nightmare into a positive thing…and that’s why I decided to tell you about it.

I was able to wake up from my nightmare, as all of you have. But these dogs can’t. Not unless we help them!

Christmas is the time of year when people celebrate and express the most sincere human emotions: generosity, kindness, compassion, love, appreciation. But we must remember that Christmas is not only for people …

From time to time, the memory of Printz comes up (this time it came in the shape of a dream) to remind me of my mission and the overwhelming plight of the homeless dogs in Romania. My dream for this Christmas is to end the nightmare these dogs relive each day. Even if it’s just for one day.

Together we can end their nightmare, not only on Christmas Day, but every day!

  • 1 EUR/USD = bowl of warm meal donated on Christmas Day to #roldadogs in our shelters

  • 1 EUR/month = bowl of high nutrient food donated to starving stray dogs in the Galati area

  • 15 EUR = a winter gift for a dog (straws and jacket to keep warm)

  • 50 EUR = a visit to the vet for an injured, rescued dog

To see other ways you can help a hungry dog this Christmas, visit our 2019 Christmas page or donate directly from our donation page.

This Christmas let’s try together to stop the Romanian dogs’ nightmare and bring the Spirit of Christmas where our voiceless friends need it the most!


ROLDA’s newly renovated is now up and running. We’ve made it easier for our supporters to either sponsor or adopt a rescue dog.

In this specific link: we explain how our dog profiles are created and what each dog’s details mean.

Please visit our new site today!

ROLDA is an international charity that helps homeless animals in Romania using a responsible, efficient, and humane approach.

Our programs serve homeless, abandoned, and abused animals, as well as pets with financially troubled owners such as senior citizens, retirees, and unemployed people … all who have difficulty providing for their furry companions.

Visit our Facebook page. Like it and Share it to help us save more animals in Romania!

Visit our colorful website full of useful, fresh information about our rescue campaigns.

Donations, large or small, are always welcomed! 
Please choose your preferred option:

1.Donate by PayPal:

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3. Donate via international bank transfer directly to ROLDA’s bank account in Romania:

Swift/Bic code: BTRLRO22
Account name: Fundatia ROLDA
Bank name: Banca Transilvania

4. Make a gift in your will

Transparency Test

Please visit our Financial Reports page

Please check our latest Annual Report

EU: Specialists In Delay Tactics – Especially When It Comes to Long Distance Live Animal Transports.

Pro-Brexit supporters burn an EU flag during a UKIP demonstration in central London

Read our comments here; along with the further delaying tactics of the EU- specialists in slowness.

Why should they hurry?

They themselves have no suffering pressure.

They do not live in cages in factory farms, their testicles be not cut out, they are not transported half-dead by the sea, their children are not stolen … so why should they hurry?


EoA June 2

EoA June 5







Austria: the dirty propaganda of the media



Excitement about an aggressive, runaway bull in the Tyrolean Ötztal.

Ultimately, the colossus had to be killed by a shot.



At 9:45 on Friday (29.11.), a bull intended for slaughter was transported by a farmer on a cattle trailer to a butcher in Längenfeld. Already when opening the side trailer doors the extremely aggressive animal (!!!) stormed out of the trailer. Neither the farmer nor the butcher could tame the bull.

Run in the woods
As the animal subsequently ran into an adjacent forest above the Ötztal highway, the road had to be closed by officers of the police Sölden for the duration of the mission for security reasons in both directions. After the animal had run uncontrollably on the main road, it could be shot there by a targeted shot of the locally responsible hunter.

No people were injured during deployment.

And I mean..This is how the propaganda of the media works. In all countries.

In advance, they baptize an innocent prisoner as an “extremely aggressive” animal so that the imminent execution appears just as a protection of the public.

Even though this public, in no way experienced anything of the “aggressiveness” of the slave, a plausible reason for the execution must be invented, otherwise even the last idiot remembers the executions of the Auschwitz inmates, if one wanted to flee over the barbed wire to escape.

Today (at least in most European countries) executions of humans are abolished, and these of animals happen top secret.
Public executions, as in this case, happen to those who are born as flesh, not as a living thing with emotions but only as food for human animals.

After this shit article, the fascist moral lesson persists that legality can be misused as a guideline for morality.

My best regards to all, Venus


the unanswered question…



Our loyal commentator eparslavicaepar has posted a comment on my article ” new mobile coffin from Midia to Israel”, which I absolutely want to comment.

It reads: “What should we do? Stop the criminals or wait for some aliens from the Universe to do it. Would Hitler and Stalin stop killing themselves?”

First of all, one has to say that Stalin was not defeated or killed by anyone.
Hitler had powerful enemies who had their own interests in his fall, and for that reason he was betrayed from internal circles.
So far so good with the story, but I think, even if that is clarified, does not matter for the particular concern.

Because the farm- milk- animal transport- laboratory Mafia has no enemies, on the contrary! it has many lobbyists and 7 billion supporters who inhabit this planet and are primarily to blame for the fact that this fascism continues to exist and will exist against non-human animals.

So I fear that the question of the salvation of animals from their slavery and human fascism will be unanswered.
I do not know what we should do.

Do you know that? Or someone else?
In our experience, we can say for sure that not just a person, an organization or an action brings results.
Everything and all together can make a difference.
We can also say that without us this system would have made his criminal work much easier.

We’ve achieved a lot, but despite animal welfare law and regulation of human interaction with animals,  animals are still considered things.

Even a very best animal protection law does not grant animals any rights, but only restricts the human power of disposal against animals.
Human animals enjoy their legally protected rights. For non-human animals a two-class justice applies.
They are under the power of those who have rights.

In this sense, the liberation of animals is impossible as long as animals are not recognized as persons who are judged and respected under the same moral system as humans.

As much as these facts us, animal rights activists and empathetic people, pain, it would be disloyal and immoral to end our struggle because our adversary is a fascist system that is hard to defeat, and because the people we deal with and with whom we live are the real culprits.

Animals have no one but us.
We do everything we can until their rights become reality.
It is very likely that we all who are writing now and here will not experience this victory.
Others will continue to fight, maybe better than us, maybe not, but this fight must never end.
We owe that to our clients.


Best regards, Venus


New mobile coffin from Midia to Israel


First the good news: Thanks to the tireless work of all helpers, animal welfare organizations, fire departments, etc … at the disaster site of Midia, according to reports 243 sheep have been rescued.

The well-known Austrian  society, Robin Hood under Marion Loecker has symbolically received 10 from the survivors, and hopes for speedy adoptions.

Here the report:
The sad sheep of Midia.

A big thank you to all who helped to save 243 animals.
The Robin Hood campaign against these transports and accidents will be primarily political.



But we want to set a sign for all the poor animals and want to adopt 10 of the saved sheep. We are already in contact with the rescuers and hope that it works.

These sheep will then live on a property next to our shelter, our veterinarian is already waiting and also one of our employers, who takes care for our dogs, is a former shepherd and for him a dream will come true to have sheep again he will care for

Thus, the best conditions would be given – we hope very much the sheep can be adopted.
Please hope with us!



And now the bad news: According to new information from the same society, another cargo ship with animals has already left the port of Midia.


The mobile coffin Julia L.S


The report:

After the terrible accident with 14600 sheep in the port of Midia / Romania, another cargo ship with animals has already left the port of Midia and is on its way to Israel. Where the animals are slaughtered halal, like all the other sheep and goats that leave Romania on this path. And not only Romania, that’s pretty clear.

We will not watch any longer: The Robin Hood campaign, starting in Romania, is hereby launched.

First letters have already gone out to the authorities, we are working on two petitions. Well, that’s just a start … we have to be prepared for a year-long struggle.

The poor animals still have this path ahead of them (pic 2).


My  comment: We still have not learned what the cause of the ship’s misfortune was, and the next death candidates are already on the way.

Maybe we’ll never know that, because the highest principle for the transport mafia is discretion.
The insurance has certainly paid off, the Agrarian Ministry of Romania is still interested in doing business with Middle East countries, and can count on the support of the worst animal transport lobby: EU!!

Everything stays the same?
We can not know that, though it seems to us.
Any action against these criminal businesses by governments and EU officials seems to be a stone against Goliath.

But if all organizations, societys, parties in solidarity and more effective against this system prepare and fight against it, with everyone day the chances of a small success increase, and that would be, for example, the immediate ban on the shipment of animals to third countries.

United we are strong is the motto.
We learned that from our enemies.


The last stand of the mobile coffin Julia L.S


My best regards to all, Venus


In the Spotlight – Ukraine – Animal Welfare News and Site Links.



Here we are looking a little more into animal welfare in the Ukraine.

We give a very brief summary with associated links for more.

For the past 20 years, Naturewatch Foundation has been actively running projects in Ukraine, working with animal protection NGOs and municipalities to implement humane and sustainable stray dog population management schemes, following the recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health (OiE).

Site –

Amid the political turbulence in Ukraine, some people are dedicating their lives to the wellbeing of dogs, cats, birds, bears and other animals in the country. Photographer Thomas Machowicz has been documenting the work of the Kiev Animal Rescue Group (Karg), which provides emergency services for injured animals.

Site –

Shelter Ugolyok: Animal Rescue and Farm Sanctuary, Ukraine

Site –

Animal welfare standards in Ukraine

Site –

Kyiv Society for the Protection of Animals

Site –

Society and animal welfare – Ukraine

Site –—ukraine.html#

EU imposes hen welfare standards on egg imports for first time

Site –

Global Animal Law

Site =

European Bank EBRD workshop on animal welfare

  • 07-Nov-2019

  • Kyiv, Ukraine

Site –

Ukraine proposes bill to ban fur farming

UKRAINE – On February 7, 36 Members of Parliament introduced a bill to ban fur farming in Ukraine. The bill is initiated by MP Andriy Pomazanov with support of Fur Free Alliance member organisation Unique Planet.

Site –

Animal Cruelty Index

Site –

Ukraine closes its last Fois Gras farm

Site –

Greece – Tourism Donkey and Mule Abuse. Take More Action Here.

Greece – Tourism Donkey and Mule Abuse.

See the video and take further action at: 

Be A Voice to Get Sanctuary for Surviving Romanian Sheep from Capsised Live Export Vessel.

Read the article, see the video and sign the petition at: