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Serbian Shinters Capture A Stray Dog.

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Venus says goodbye…

Dear Mark, dear followers
and other visitors of this blog,

while Europe is militantly but unsuspectingly engaged in witch hunts against Russia, the animal rights scene proves once again how immature and politically manipulable it is.

Those who do not write, speak or act against Russia set alarm bells ringing in their fellow human beings.

We, the so-called animal rights activists, have always said that “only freedom is species-appropriate”.

At the moment, however, it affects the freedom of people who think differently politically, because it is usually much easier to immediately label them as slobs, lateral thinkers, Nazis and other “pests of the people” if they do not subscribe to the one, global opinion.

It is to despair.
Nowhere else can one evade the officially ordered and submissively accepted dictatorship of opinion.
Like brain damage, this pathology is rampant!

What the heck… with so much maniputation at the political level and obedience at the popular level, we can no longer get it on the right track.

So I say goodbye to this blog and hope that this madness will end soon.
It prevents you and all of us from caring for the animals and their rights, since human freedom has become shit anyway.

My best regards to all, Venus

Ukraine: Positive (and Tragic) Animal Rescue Stories.

Read it all at the following:

Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we recognize the countless women working to create a world where animals are respected and protected.

The contribution of women to the fight for justice for animals is vital and cannot be ignored.

Women throughout history have led the animal protection movement, from the first animal shelter in America founded by Caroline Earle White, to the first suffragettes who gathered at vegetarian restaurants.

Women in the animal rights movement are becoming stronger, united and present, not only in the fight for animal liberation, but also in the convergence that this social justice movement has with the feminist fight.

For decades, bold, brave and passionate women have been on the front lines, defending animals and fighting to create a more compassionate and just world.

Fortunately, many people around the world are working to end animal cruelty.
But among all these people, and in the front line, we find many women.

Indeed, the animal rights movement is a movement led primarily by women.

In hunting sabotage, in actions in bullfighting arenas, in rescuing animals from stables and laboratories, in undercover filming… courageous and determined women are present.

We pay tribute and honor to all the courageous women of the animal rights movement.

My best regards to all, Venus

Our daily egg – intolerable suffering for hens


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My best regards to all, Venus

Alaska’s Wildlife: There’s nowhere like it- and yet it is in danger!

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WAV Recent Articles (7/3/22)

Here are some of our recent WAV articles which have not previously been linked on SAV.

Recent issues:

Wales (UK): Animal Equality Exposes the True Cost of Milk. – World Animals Voice

USA: Iditarod, The Cruelest Dog Race In The World, Has Started. – World Animals Voice

If You Want To Serve Your Age, Betray It. – World Animals Voice

Happy World Wildlife Day! – World Animals Voice

Landmark Resolution Recognising Animal Welfare Adopted By UNEA. – World Animals Voice

European Commission Disregards Wishes of the European Parliament by Failing to Take Concrete Steps to Phase Out Animal Experiments. – World Animals Voice

“Human suffering is lamented, animal suffering is ignored”

From the Facebook page of the Austrian philosopher and animal ethicist Helmut F. Kaplan:

“Obscene from an animal perspective *:
Human suffering is lamented, animal suffering is ignored

Photo: Frankfurter Allgemeine

Animals are deliberately exposed to the conditions of nuclear war to determine how long they will survive and how they will die.

Animals are tied up and shot at with guns to explore the effects of new munitions.

Animals are ruthlessly frightened, expelled, injured and destroyed in the “opening” of nature, in the demolition of buildings, in the construction of roads, in the construction of dams and so on and so on.

Flocks of birds that impede airport operations are ruthlessly massacred.

Gassing and poisoning squads are on the move everywhere and without interruption in order to “exterminate” “vermin” and other “pests” in the most brutal way.

Not to mention from the round-the-clock, routine massacres in experimental laboratories and slaughterhouses around the world”  ( from his book “Animal Rights and Human Rights: One Unit”)

* (His statement came after an article in the German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine” entitled: “The situation in Ukraine: the population is already on the brink”).

“Animals are almost always in the position of being (much) weaker than humans!

By nature, because we are mostly rationally and practically superior to them, ‘by civilization’, because we scientifically optimized and technically perfected exploit and kill them in animal factories and slaughterhouses.

In experimental laboratories, animals are even deliberately humiliated and terrorized.” (Helmut F. Kaplan)

He said everything, actually.
Who else wants to comment here…

regards and good night, Venus

Primates as “Pets”- a life of misery and suffering

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My best regards to all, Venus

THIS is the reality about dog sledding-a musher describes it

“Forget the dog sledding propaganda you’ve been fed and see the reality on this video”.

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My best regards to all, Venus

Switzerland on the way to banning the import of foie gras

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International Cat Federation bans Russian cats from competitions

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My best regards to all, Venus

No more glyphosate in the EU

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The Munich Philharmonic is now Russian free!!

Do you remember?
Exactly 4 days ago, on February 26, the Western press broke the news about the imminent dismissal of the Russian and chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Valery Gergief if he does not want to renounce Russian politics.

Gergiev has since been thrown out. His offense: he did not comment!
As of today, the Philharmonie is free of Russians.

In order not to miss the circular conclusion to the “classic”, so one can say that something like this is a “fascist classic”.

At first glance, one might think that the unwanted Russian conductor Valeri Gergiev could now feel like a Jew in Munich in the 1930s.

Surely that’s pure exaggeration, but it’s guaranteed that Valerie Gergiev will soon think about whom to click his heels in the future.

Valery Gergiyev, Chief Conductor of the Mariinsky Theatre, with the symphony orchestra at Moscow’s Zaryadye Concert Hall – May 2, 2021

The artist agency that represented Gergiev canceled the contract with him.

“In the light of the criminal war waged by the Russian regime against the democratic and independent nation of Ukraine, and against the open European society as a whole, it has become impossible and clearly undesirable for us to represent Maestro Gergiyev’s interests.” said the head of the agency.

And with that, the highest level of mental shallowness in this banana republic has been reached.

Munich has always been an interesting place for Nazis.
This has apparently not changed to this day, although this time fascism is making its debut in a different neo-dress.

By the way: an Edeka supermarket branch manager in Kiel (Northern Germany) also drew the “right” conclusions and banned Russian President Putin from his shop: “No beer for Putin and nothing else either!”

Putin will tremble when there is such missionary zeal for sanctions against Russia!


South Africa releases endangered animals for shooting – to help the poor

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My best regards to all, Venus

Ukraine Crisis – Links To Organisations Helping Animals.

Hi all;

We all know the current terrible situation in the Ukraine; and obviously there is concern for animals as well ass humans.

Here is a link to WAN Ukraine which will provide you with names, sites and contact links if you wish to follow things up yourself:

Results (

This post is additional to the Ukrainian info we provided recently at:

How You Can Support Animal Welfare Organisations In Ukraine. – World Animals Voice

Below is additional info provided by friend Di;

Please note that it is possible that info is repeated in some cases; but that is not a problem.

The WAN info at Results (

 Should be up to date and is a good starter.

Food will soon run out for stray animals as Russian invades, fear Ukraine’s shelters 

A list of shelters and charities you can support

  • Casa lui Patrocle – the Romanian animal rescue charity, located 25 miles from the Ukrainian border, has pledged to help families fleeing by providing veterinary care to their companion animals.
  • Sirius – the largest shelter for stray animals in Ukraine, established in 2000.
  • Happy Paw – a charity that cares for homeless cats and dogs.
  • UAnimals – works in Ukraine to protect animals from exploitation and abuse.
  • Shelter Ugolyok – recently announced via its Instagram account that it is in need of help, with some animals having been moved to basements.

Regards Mark

What is a turtledove worth?

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My best regards to all, Venus

Ultimatum to Munich’s chief conductor Gergiev: distance himself from Putin – or dismissal

More and more Russian artists are coming under pressure in the West because of the “Russian invasion” of Ukraine.
Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter has asked the chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, Valeri Gergiev, to distance himself from “ruler Putin”.

Otherwise he will be fired (!!!)

Valery Gergiev during a performance at the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow on May 2, 2021

Munich’s Lord Mayor Dieter Reiter has asked the chief conductor of the Munich Philharmonic, Valeri Gergiev, to distance himself from the so-called Russian invasion of Ukraine.
This is reported by the Bayerischer Rundfunk.

Otherwise, the chief conductor is threatened with dismissal, according to the mayor.

Reiter literally:“I made my position clear to Valery Gergiev and asked him to also clearly and unequivocally distance himself from the brutal war of aggression that Putin is waging against Ukraine and now especially against our twin city of Kiev.”

“If Valery Gergiev has not clearly positioned himself here by Monday, he can no longer remain chief conductor of our Philharmonic.”

For more…


Sustainable fishing – a contradiction

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Stacy escapes on the way to the slaughterhouse – and finds a new home!

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The end of the cruel fur industry is near! ??

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MEAT IS MURDER! A message from Mexican ALF

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23/2/22 – More Recent Posts – Click Links to Read.

Horse Meat Labelling – Take Action:

Horse Meat Labelling – Still Not Mandatory – Take Action Now, Demand Change For Clear Labelling. – World Animals Voice

EU: Study About EU-Mercosur Agreement Wrongly States That Animal Welfare Standards Apply to Agri-Food Trade. – World Animals Voice

EU: Decerle Report Prioritises the Economic Interests of Farmers Over and Above the Welfare of Farmed Animals. – World Animals Voice

EU: The Dog and Cat Meat Trade: Interview With MEP Petras Auštrevičius. – World Animals Voice

Luxembourg bans exports of live animals for slaughter in third countries

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“Dogs in Distress”-a documentary of the Canadian CTV W5

Animal activist Francis Métivier spent nearly a year flying drones across Canada to film how dog-sledding operators treat dogs when they don’t know they’re being watched.

He found roughly 2,000 dogs tied to metal posts for most of the day—freezing, desperate for attention, and pacing so intensely that the ground under their paws was wearing away.


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The victims of the meat eaters

What is the ultimate justification for abusing animals?
How do people justify their horrible treatment of animals?

Preferably not at all, of course, and that’s a shame, because most people are familiar with the problem of meat consumption.

In 100 years, people will judge animal eaters with the same disgust we view slave owners today.

regards and good night, Venus

Lawsuit against Elon Musk’s Neuralink: 16 laboratory monkeys dead

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the truth is…

Animal suffering is swept under the carpet in our culture.
Everyone knows about it, but when it is addressed
it’s like puking in the pool at a fancy party


regards and good night, Venus

No mega dairy farm in Noviercas -Spain !

Macro dairy farm of Valle de Odieta SCL in Caparroso- Greenpeace Spain

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Model for Europe: Luxembourg six years without fox hunting

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Pangolin: soon no more?

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Canada: Freedom Convoy protesters threatened with losing their pets! the new face of a dictatorship

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Sweden bans whipping in horse racing

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UK: Stop the senseless policy of badger culling

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The “Jackass Forever” film and the abused animals.


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15/2/22 – Recent WAV Posts For You.

India: ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ February Videos. – World Animals Voice

Wales: ‘A Cows Life’. BBC Investigate Abuses On Dairy Farm. Industry Calls It ‘Sensationalism’. Watch For Yourselves and Decide. – World Animals Voice

UK: Vegan Ad Shown On National Television For First Time 14/2/22. – World Animals Voice

Italy: New investigation exposes deformities, broken legs and crushed birds at chicken farm. – World Animals Voice

England: Racing chiefs investigate Sir Mark Todd horse whipping video after public outrage. – World Animals Voice

Great News – Italy Enshrines Protection of Animals and Environment in Constitution. – World Animals Voice

Rodeo: America’s shame

The Tucson Rodeo in Tucson, Arizona is an inherently brutal event where animals are injured and traumatized for one of the lowest forms of entertainment by being roped and dragged, forced to perform in front of a loud and rowdy audience, and electrically shocked to make them appear wild when they leave the chutes.



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UK- “Mia has now freedom and a loving home” (ALF)!

Received anonymously by Animal Liberation Press Office:

Animal Liberation Front unit “Las Zorritas” claims responsibilty for the rescue of a female German Shepherd on 19 January from the yard of the Greenwood pub in Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, where she was being kept in appalling conditions as a “guard dog”.

Three activists kept watch while a fourth carried out the rescue.
The dog, whom we have now learned was called “Mia”, has been given a health check and spayed by a sympathetic vet, and is safe and happy in a loving home

We keep a constant eye on businesses premises for “guard dogs” kept outside in conditions of cruelty and neglect, and this was just one of several rescues we have carried out in recent months.

We do not normally claim responsibility, so as to avoid putting the rescued dogs at risk, but we feel we have to on this occasion, because well-intentioned animal rights campaigners and “dog lovers” have presumed Mia was stolen by dognappers for nefarious purposes and have posted appeals about her all over social media and on dogs lost websites!!

We would call on those people to please immediately remove all such posts, as they are putting Mia’s safety, and that of her rescuers, at extreme risk.

We have put together a video of Mia’s rescue from pub CCTV footage taken from social media and our own recording of the appalling conditions she was being kept in.

Until all are free!

And I mean…Yes! Well done!
This is the only way to be sure that Mia is saved.

If the VET office had been informed, and if the officers had deemed the case important and had come, the usual reaction would be endless discussions and excuses so that the animal abuser would eventually be found NOT guilty:

– We’ll leave the animal with him because he promised to improve the husbandry
– – He has no criminal record, so only a fine (if at all) comes into question.
– – He was overwhelmed with the farm and its farm animals, he could not properly take care of the dog, but there are no bad intentions
And so on.

We are all familiar with the perpetrator-friendly judiciary.
That is why we are interested in effective justice
Direct action works best.

Many thanks to the activists on behalf of Mia and we wish her a happy new life

My best regards to all, Venus

Italy enshrines protection of animals and environment in constitution.

11 February 2022


On the 9th of February, the Italian Parliament voted to include the protection of animals and the environment in the nation’s constitution.

The Chamber of Deputies approved, by slight a majority of two thirds (468 votes in favour, 1 against and 6 abstaining), the Constitutional Bill. Thanks to this Reform, animals have now been granted full rights by the constitution, joining just four other countries worldwide in doing so.

Prior to the amendment, article nine of the constitution protected the “natural landscape and the historical and artistic heritage of the Nation.” Now, the article includes a mandate to protect the environment, biodiversity, ecosystems, and animals “in the interest of future generations.” Article 41 previously stated that economic enterprise could “not be carried out against the common good or in such a manner that could damage safety, liberty and human dignity” The language now requires that economic activities not “cause damage to health, to the environment.”

The reform represents a milestone and concrete tool towards effective protection of animals at legislative and jurisdictional level.  

We certainly would have liked to go further but, given the current unstable political conditions, we think we can consider the result a miracle because the new provisions do not only apply to cats and dogs, as LAV requested, but also to all animals, in full compliance with the anti-speciesist principle that has always driven our commitment. This Reform fills an unacceptable gap in the Italian Constitution. However, it should not be considered as a point of arrival but a jumping-off place, a coming back to a new square one with more fervour and strength. So that animals will more easily obtain protection and respect, in the forthcoming Laws and in future court rulings. Thanks to this Reform, Italian citizens, associations and volunteers, will have more resources and opportunities to promote and protect animal rights.

Gianluca Felicetti, President of LAV

Read more at source


Sir Mark Todd issues grovelling apology after footage of him whipping horse with branch.

The video footage showed Sir Mark Todd repeatedly striking the horse with a branch

Sir Mark Todd issues grovelling apology after footage of him whipping horse with branch

Sir Mark Todd has issued a grovelling apology after he hit a horse with a branch ten times.

Footage of the former Olympic champion’s actions was widely shared after it appeared on TikTok.

The clip, by horse rider Chloe T, showed Todd, 65, striking the horse during a training session.

The shocking video, understood to be two years old, resurfaced this week and in it the animal is about to cross a water obstacle.

Read the full article here:

Sir Mark Todd retired from eventing three years ago and now trains racehorses

USA: 15 of 23 Monkeys Associated With Elon Musk Brain Chips Have Reportedly Died.

Elon Musk’s neurotechnology company Neuralink has become the subject of a US federal complaint and lawsuit after “invasive and deadly brain experiments” were reportedly carried out on 23 monkeys – leaving 15 of them dead.

France: Hunting stations destroyed

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Amazon: stop selling dog choke collars!

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The mini bull Napoleon

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Some of our recent posts.

Some of our recent posts published on World Animals Voice:


UK: Spineless UK Conservative Government Opposes British Public Opinion and Undertakes A Trade Deal With Faroese Whale Murderers – Disgusting ! – World Animals Voice

England: Cat Lives Matter Latest – Kurt Zouma Pressure Grows as West Ham Slammed for “Appalling” Response To Cat Abuse. – World Animals Voice

Australia: ‘Nero’ Coal Digger Morrison Plays Whilst The Iconic Symbol Of Australia, The Koala Bear, Is Headed For Extinction. – World Animals Voice

Slide 1 of 29: While the world's least corrupt countries should certainly be applauded for their levels of openness and transparency, even the most virtuous examples of good governance aren't immune to dishonest dealings. Read on to discover the corruption issues facing the best-scoring nations on Transparency International's latest Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), which ranks 180 countries and territories on a scale from zero (out-and-out corrupt) to 100 (squeaky-clean). All dollar amounts in US dollars.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Which Nations Are the Most Bent (Corrupt) Of Them All ? – World Animals Voice

Who Was In The Wrong Place ? – Iditarod Musher Kills Moose In Its Natural Environment, As She ‘Feared For Her Life’; Just Like The Iditarod Race Dogs Do. – World Animals Voice

London, England: Puppies Rescued By Met (London) Police From ‘Dog Fighting’ Property In Northeast London. – World Animals Voice

Pig farmers in Germany are planning to exit!

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Remembering Mike Hill


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We demand freedom for the victims of Vivotecnia

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Vegan Strike Group disrupts a bullfight for the sixtieth time!

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