England: 29/5/17 – Huge Turnout At London Demo Against Hunting Return.

Excellent turnout sending a big message to the government.



There are a lot of photos ! –

we have repeated a few here but for Copyright purposes we need to direct you to the Shutterstock site for some great pics.

Please go to the following link to see over 35 photos of the day in London:



For non UK visitors – we have a General Election here on 8/6/17 to elect a new government.  In the UK we have 2 main political parties – Conservative and Labour.  The Conservatives are basically the same as Republicans in the US – all about money, their interests and very little else.  Labour is a ‘normal mans’ party.  The Conservatives are currently the government under the PM Mrs. May. 

Labour was the party that introduced the hunting ban around 11 years ago.  May and Tories now want to try and bring it back – hence the demo in London on 29 and the several references to ‘May’ – this being T. May, the Prime Minister.

David Cameron (remember him ?) was the Conservative PM before Mrs May.  Cameron was a hunter; and the Tories are always really viewed as the hunting party of British politics.   Most now ask; with the hunt ban in place for 11 years; why do the Conservatives want to try and bring it back ?

Because Conservatives are looked on as the upper class; the land owners with a blood lust for hunting innocent wild animals.  Labour have pledged to fight to keep the ban, and improve legislation even more if necessary.  Labour is led by Mr. Corbyn.

So now we are into the last 2 weeks before the election.  A few months ago the Conservatives were way ahead, but now Labour are steadily catching up.  The Conservatives (Tories) have done a U turn on Ivory for example – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2017/05/26/uk-conservatives-to-u-turn-on-ivory-ban-please-take-action-before-the-8th-june-election/  — and are not at all animal welfare friendly.  Labour are the very positive.  Hunting of British wild animals is just one of many issues, but an issue that the British public feel very strongly about.  It will be interesting to watch how the parties progress over the next few weeks and who comes out eventual winner.  Many pundits say it will be the Conservatives, but they are very un popular because of a lot of their views on certain things.

We shall see and will report the result on this site.


London anti hunt demo on 29/5 newspaper links – note that articles may be biased depending on which political party the newspaper supports !














Horse Sense – Or Lack Of ?? – News From The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages.


What in the world is going on in Charleston?!   On Thursday morning, May 25th, once again a horse spooked and bolted.  The driver was unable to control him and fell out of the carriage, suffering severe injuries. He was hospitalized.   Although the horse crashed into a car, he is said to be doing fine. This is media speak and we do not believe it — but these are the reports.   Charleston media is obviously trying to protect this industry from well deserved criticism. 

This is one of the first articles about the accident.  Click Here.


A local resident who witnessed the accident told us:  “The horse [Luke] was running at full gallop, passengers screaming like they were on a roller coaster. All the horse was trying to do was ‘run home.’ He was terrified, so he ran to where he knows. Hitting all the parked cars and then finally being stopped by running head on into a parked car.” It is bad enough that Charleston has punishingly hot heat and humidity, but it seems their drivers do not know how to handle huge draft horses.  We say once again that horses do not belong on the crowded streets of any city — especially Charleston.  Because of their sensitive nature, they can spook at the slightest provocation and bolt into traffic, causing injury or death to themselves, their passengers and driver or unsuspecting passersby.  These large, powerful animals can weigh between 1,500 to 2,000 pounds and can become unwitting weapons when they try to run away from their source of fear.

Why is the City of Charleston continuing to allow this dangerous and frivolous business to continue?  How will this touristy city handle it when a tourist gets killed or very seriously injured?  Will they continue to make excuses or will they finally put an end to this business as they did recently in Mumbai, India and other cities around the world.

NOTE:  for those who missed our recent issue about Charleston carriage horses, Click Here. 




The City of Melbourne is trying to reign in its carriages.  This is a weak attempt but at least it is something.  NYC has done nothing to deal with crowded streets, u-turns and overloaded carriages.

City of Melbourne to stop issuing new permits for CBD horse carriages



A bizarre accident in India resulted in the death of two horses who were pulling an empty carriage.   Warning:  graphic video may be disturbing.   Click Here. 



Horse-drawn carriages that engage in hack line trade in busy cities are inhumane, unsafe, antiquated  and frivolous.   There have been activist campaigns in many cities all over the world to ban horse-drawn carriages.  Only a few have been successful.   It is a very difficult task because it is institutionalized cruelty and in many cases, supported by the local media and politicians who have questionable honesty and ethics.    But is is important to share these accidents with the world.  This is not about horses doing noble work.  When used up and no longer wanted, the horses often go to auction and slaughter.


  Please share this newsletter with others.  And like our Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/BanHDC/



Henry Beston, a writer and naturalist, eloquently said this about animals in the Outermost House, published in 1928,

For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.”


The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages P.O. Box 20247  | Park West Station  | New York, NY 10025



USA: Breaking – The Show Must Go On – Ringling Bros Circus To Send Tigers To German Circus !




BREAKING: Ringling Bros. Plans To Ship Its Tigers To German Circus

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus just held its last show ever on Sunday — but life could be getting even worse for the circus’ tigers.

Feld Entertainment, the parent company behind Ringling Bros., has applied for a permit to ship eight of its tigers overseas to a circus in Germany instead of retiring them to a sanctuary, according to documents provided to The Dodo by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF).

In the notice, Ringling claims the tigers would serve “to enhance the propagation or survival of the species,” a requirement put in place by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFW) to ensure endangered species, like tigers, are only shipped for conservation purposes. But according to ALDF, this requirement doesn’t always receive the scrutiny it deserves.

“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has historically taken a controversial ‘pay-to-play’ approach to the enhancement requirement, often rubber-stamping permits for objectionable uses of endangered species so long as the applicant makes a nominal donation to a conservation program,” ALDF said in a statement. “It is well-established that use of tigers in circuses fails to educate the public and has no nexus to legitimate species conservation. In fact, many experts opine that the use of exotic animals for entertainment acts and other traveling shows is harmful to their wild counterparts.”

The announcement comes as a blow to animal lovers throughout the country, many of whom hoped that Ringling’s January decision to close its doors for good would mean its animals would finally be able to retire to more natural lives after years of mistreatment.

Ringling Bros. has been dogged by accusations of animal abuse for decades, ranging from suspicious deaths of elephants to the brutal training methods used on young calves who had been torn away from their mothers.

But while most of the public attention has focused on the plight of Ringling’s elephants, the circus’ big cats were living an equally depressing life.

An undercover report published last year described life as a “nightmare” for the tigers. They spent most of their lives packed into tiny cages in parking lots or behind buildings, devoid of water to swim in or room to run. Tigers are solitary, and this closeness led to frequent fighting — many tigers were covered in scars, and others had cracked paws or pressure wounds from living on the unnatural concrete.


Jay Pratte, an animal trainer with 25 years of experience who conducted the investigation, said he saw tigers display signs of mental distress, such as compulsively over-grooming themselves until their skin cracked or pacing their cages obsessively.

In the circus ring, tigers were trained using whips and prods, and their fear was palpable, according to Pratte. “When the goads or whips are raised, the cats flinch and shy back every time,” he said. “The cats know only fear, dominance and punishment.”

When Ringling’s elephants were retired last year, they were sent to the circus’s Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida, the controversial breeding and training ground where many of Ringling’s alleged abuses took place. It’s still unclear what life is like for the elephants there, or if they will continue performing in some capacity.

But now it seems the tigers’ future is even more murky. If the permit is approved, the eight tigers will be sent to Zirkus Crone, a circus in Munich that’s had its own share of abuse accusations — including claims that many of the circus’ animals, similarly to Ringling, are suffering from arthritis and mental distress and are denied proper living conditions.

In a statement, ALDF said it “strongly opposes Ringling’s effort to condemn these tigers to continued exploitation for ‘entertainment’ when there are humane options for the endangered animals.” For now, the best hope is that public outcry will prevent USFW from approving the permit request — which will be open for public comment for 30 days beginning on Friday — and save the tigers from years of further performances

“The curtain has come down on Ringling Bros. and an enlightened public is turning away from the outdated notion that it’s acceptable to use endangered species as entertainment props,” Stephen Wells, executive director of ALDF, said in a statement. “After spending years being carted around in cramped transport cages for 50 weeks of the year, it’s time for Ringling and trainer Alexander Lacey to let these tigers live out their lives at a reputable sanctuary where they can experience the space, habitats and peace they need and deserve.”

To help stop these tigers from being sent to another circus, you can submit a comment asking USFW to refuse the permit.


England: Leopard Spotted In London Town.

‘Lily’ in London to show the plight of wild big cats forced to live in urban areas.

Info at the end of the video – Enjoy ! – and its NOT a real leopard !




England: What If It Was You ?

Mothers trying to protect their babies – whatever the species !





LONDON – Anti Hunt March / Demo. 29/5/17 – Bank Holiday Monday. Post Machester Bombings; Security Is Very High. Take Note Of General Rules Below.

ENJOY THE MARCH / DEMO, BUT TAKE NOTE THAT AFTER THE BOMBINGS IN MANCHESTER earlier this week, public events security is massive – military and police.  Help to make it go well by adhering to a few rules – enjoy but make it safe.

We have a proud democracy here in the UK – this event could easily have been stopped by the police after recent events; but we are allowed to continue.  Follow the rules – don’t give the pro hunters anything to use against us antis – they would love that.  Follow the simple rules and keep it safe – SAV.



As far as we know, the London anti hunt march is STILL ON – Bank Holiday Monday.

Police and military will be on patrol over the City – so make it all go as good as it could.

Because of the terrible Manchester events earlier this week, security is obviously higher.  The UK is at its highest security level post Manchester bombings – so please help to make life easier for all military security and police concerned.

The following has been put out – please take note of what it says.


The police have confirmed they will be bringing sniffer dogs into the crowd at the start of the anti hunt protest on Bank Holiday Monday.

The dogs will be searching for explosive devices this is a precaution being used for all public events under the heightened security threat.

The police are also asking all attendees not to bring flares to the protest. These have been used at anti hunt protests in the past, but anyone letting off a flare or attempting to throw one will be putting themselves and other people at risk.

Any loud bangs or smoke could lead to panic by the wider public and a reaction by armed police or soldiers along our march route.

Can I therefore call on everyone attending the march to please not bring any flares with them.”

Sources and meet details:




LONDON ANTI-HUNTING MARCH, Organised by KeeptheBan

Monday, May 29, 2017, 12:00 PM

W1 London, GB

8 Animal Rights activists Attending

This march is organised by the “Keep the Ban” group not our meetup group.See the facebook page……https://www.facebook.com/events/241667576311495/?acontext=%7B%22ref%22%3A%222%22%2C%22ref_dashboard_filter%22%3A%22upcoming%22%2C%22action_history%22%3A%22%5B%7B%5C%22surface%5C%22%3A%5C%22dashboard%5C%22%2C%5C%22mechanism%5C%22%3A%5C%22main_list%5C%…

Check out this Meetup →


UK: Conservatives To U Turn On Ivory Ban – Please Take Action Before the 8th June Election.


SAV Comment – Typical Tory elite getting what they want and to hell with the rest of the people.  Don’t vote Conservative on 8th June if you support animal welfare – the Tories just want to destroy everything – and bringing back hunting is just one other example.  Disgusting Party – Disgusting People.

Theresa May – HONOUR The Conservative PLEDGE To End The UK Ivory Trade

Under David Cameron the Conservatives had pledged – along with other UK political parties – to put into place a ban on ivory trading. This follows bans by China, the US and other important ivory trading countries to end domestic trades in ivory by the end of 2017.

But there is no mention of the ban in Theresa May’s Conservative 2017 manifesto. Sneakily,

the Conservatives have decided to DROP their previous commitment to introducing a total ban on ivory trade in Britain. This comes after heavy pressure from wealthy antiques traders who have been lobbying Theresa May hard to drop the ban on ivory.

The most powerful UK antique traders association is the British Antique Dealers’ Association – whose president is Conservative MP and friend of Theresa May, Lady Victoria Borwick.

On average, an Elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory and their population has fallen by almost a third in Africa since 2007.

Interestingly, this policy puts the Conservatives in direct conflict with Prince William, who has been a vocal supporter of a total ban on ivory sales.


Please sign the petition and URGE Theresa May to HONOUR their earlier pledge to ban the UK ivory trade.


Petition link – please sign:





England: Chelsea Flower Show – Including A Horse Garden.


26/5/17 – Breaking News – WHW wins the ‘People’s Choice Award’ at the show – excellent !


See a few celebrities at the garden in the following video:


Well its Chelsea Flower Show week again here in ol’ London town.


Here are a few links relating to this years show; including a garden representing world horse welfare – and the saving of abused horses.  A sculptor has made a life size horse using horseshoes – and it is amazing as you can see in the photos.  It was inspired by a horse named ‘Clippy’ – which was rescued.


The horse garden includes plants like ragwort – it is an educational garden to inform the public about what plants are harmful to horses, and what ones are good for them.

Darcy Fowler, aged 4, Roly Owers, CEO World Horse Welfare (right) and Chelsea Pensioners Mike Hall and Joe Sharthall, introduce Nutkin, a rescue pony to a life size model of himself, which has been made entirely out of white carnations by florist Judith Blacklock to celebrate World Horse Welfare’s 90th anniversary and mark the charity’s continued commitment to improving horses’ lives around the world, at the Royal Chelsea Hospital in London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.


Here is the link which details a bit more about this garden:



Chelsea links:










Chelsea Bonsai – Marks favourite – Wonder why ?



India: Urge India to Close Facilities That Drain Blood From Horses and Donkeys.


Urge India to Close Facilities That Drain Blood From Horses and Donkeys

These cruel equine-serum facilities keep animals in barren, crowded sheds and extract large amounts of blood from them to manufacture drugs.





Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcP0HYcd1YU


In 2015, veterinarians and a scientist from PETA India, as well as other experts, inspected ten facilities that produce antitoxins and antivenins.

With the exception of one that outsources its work, all the facilities extract large volumes of blood from horses, donkeys, or mules. The inspectors documented many distressing problems, including the following:

·         Animals were suffering from anaemia, bleeding and infected wounds, and other serious health problems.

·         Other common physical problems included diseased hooves, malnourishment, infections, parasites, swollen limbs, abnormal gaits, and eye conditions, such as blindness.

·         The facilities often used painfully large needles in order to collect blood more quickly.

·         Many horses were fearful and anxious and struggled to get away when approached by humans.

·         Animals were typically kept in crowded, barren paddocks and often tied with ropes that severely limited their movement.

·         Many were forced to stand and lie in their own urine and faeces, and some suffered from “capped elbow”, a painful inflammation and swelling of the joint caused by lying on hard floors.

·         Basic husbandry procedures such as dental care and hoof trimming appeared to be ignored, and improper tools were used for grooming.

·         There were numerous apparent violations of laws and guidelines, such as the failure of facilities to be registered to conduct these procedures on animals.

Indian law requires people who are responsible for animals to take all reasonable measures to ensure their well-being and to prevent unnecessary pain or suffering – in stark contrast to the abuse and neglect documented at these facilities.


Please speak out for these animals! Ask Indian authorities to close these cruel facilities






South Africa: The Ostrich Killing Capital of the World – Take Action: Tell Hermès and Prada to Ditch Exotic Skins.




Take Action: Tell Hermès and Prada to Ditch Exotic Skins




Exposed: Young Ostriches Butchered for ‘Luxury’ Bags

Never-before-seen footage shows how birds are shoved into boxes and have their throats slit at slaughterhouses that supply Hermès, Prada and other “luxury” fashion houses.



Take action to help these gentle, curious birds.

In September 2015, PETA US investigators travelled to South Africa to document what happens inside the largest ostrich slaughter companies in the world, including the exclusive supplier of ostrich skins for Hermès Birkin bags. Investigators saw workers force terrified ostriches into stun boxes – causing many to slip and fall – and then slit their throats. The ostriches next in line watched helplessly as their flockmates were killed right in front of them.

Workers were caught on camera striking ostriches in the face during transport, and when ostriches stumbled over a collapsed flockmate outside a slaughterhouse, a plant director joked, “I’ll call the animal welfare officer just now”.

These slaughterhouses supply ostrich skins to Hermès, Prada, Louis Vuitton and other top European fashion houses. Feathers, some of which are ripped out of the ostriches’ skin while they are fully conscious, are used in costumes for the Moulin Rouge and festivals like Brazil’s Rio Carnival as well as in feather dusters, boas and accessories. Ostrich meat is also sold throughout South Africa and exported primarily to Europe.

South Africa: The Ostrich Killing Capital of the World

The Western Cape of South Africa is home to the largest ostrich slaughter companies in the world, which supply “luxury” ostrich skins to Hermès and other major fashion houses.

PETA US investigators saw the juvenile birds tightly packed into open-topped vehicles for the terrifying journey to slaughter. Once they reach the slaughterhouse, workers forcibly restrain each bird, electrically stun them and then cut their throats. Moments later, the feathers are torn off the birds’ still-warm bodies, they are skinned and dismembered.

The Intelligent Ostrich

While ostriches can live for more than 40 years, farmed ostriches are slaughtered when they are just 1 year old. And while young ostriches typically stay with their parents for up to three years, ostriches raised on factory farms will never even get to meet their parents.

In the wild, these intelligent birds share parental duties, with the camouflaged mother taking care of the eggs during the daytime and the father, who has black feathers, taking night-time duty. One farm manager told our investigators that he has seen ostriches take turns fanning each other on hot days, remarking, “I have a lot of respect for ostrich”. 





A Tour With Jill To See The Brilliant Work Of ‘Animals Asia’.






England: Over 80% Of The Great British Public Want Hunting To REMAIN Banned – Vote For Vinny !

See my recent post at:






I’m upset!

Some peoples told me that there’s a chance that it might become legal to hunt me again? (And not just me – all my fox, deer and hare chums are in danger too)

A free vote on repealing the Hunting Act is in the manifesto of the Conservative Party. But why, when so many people are against it?

I don’t understand politics!

This clever moving picture thing tells everyone exactly how many peoples are against hunting. Please, please watch it and send this to everyone you know – including your political candidates. They need to know how unpopular doing this would be (and not just with me!)


See the great new moving picture (video) here:





Thank you!

Want to help me some more? Here’s how!

Votes for Vinny

Have you voted for me yet? No? Why not!

Please do it now if you can – it only takes a fox’s heartbeat and it’ll tell all your candidate peoples what you think about hunting and increasing sentences for bad animal cruelty peoples. And please tell your friends you’ve done it!

Help me Crowdfund!

Please pledge towards our urgent crowdfunder appeal. With your support, we will highlight the threat to animals in this election, so that all electoral candidates can take notice of our calls to protect and strengthen animal welfare. Please pledge your support today!

Help me!!

Even if you can’t come and see me, there will be lots of chances for you good peoples to help my campaign! Could you hand out leaflets or talk to peoples? Put up posters? If you can do anything please email campaigns@league.org.uk and my friends will be in touch!

Share and share alike

I’ve been super busy this week and there’s loads of new blogs and photos on my VotesforVinny website. Please share them – go on, I’m really cute! And don’t forget to find me on Tweeter and Foxbook!

I’m going now.

Thank you wonderful person for helping me – it’s made me very happy!


Vinny the Fox

Candidate for Animals


East Kent Murder – Photo – SAV.

Just one reason to KEEP THE BAN !




England / Bosnia: Take Action For Bosnian Fur Farm Animals – Before They Get Another 10 Years In Cages !


From friend Mark at ‘Respect for Animals’, Nottingham, England.

Please sign the petition re fur farming ban in Bosnia – and then pass the link to all your contacts – Thanks SAV.


Dear friend.

Do you have 30 seconds?

We are worried about an urgent procedure in the Bosnian parliament that threatens the ban on fur farming, which is due to come into force in 2018.

This proposal will prolong fur farming for ANOTHER 10 YEARS.

We need to make our voices heard for animals.  Another 10 years of suffering for huge numbers of animals who will be factory farmed in tiny wire cages is not acceptable.

We’ve already written to key Bosnian politicians and now are asking you to add your name to our letter to the Ambassador for Bosnia- Herzegovina.


Just click here and complete the form to sign the letter

Here is the text of the letter you will be adding your name to:

To His Excellency Mustafa Mujezinovic

I am writing to you regarding the fur farming ban which should be implemented in 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I am alarmed about the unjustified urgent procedure in the Bosnian House of Representatives that undermines the Animal Protection and Welfare Act, which banned the cruel and unnecessary practice of fur farming.

This urgent proposal will prolong this cruel industry and the suffering of innocent animals for another 10 years, just months before the ban should take place. This is extremely disappointing.

Previously, I had admired the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina for your role at the forefront of a Europe that respects animal welfare by the passing of this Act. In the last eight years, fur farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina were given the opportunity to transition to a more sustainable industry.

Prolonging the phase-out period would be unjustifiable to farmers that have respected the law. It would weaken the reliability of legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, given the unjustified, urgent procedure used by the House of Representatives to annul legislation that was voted upon by the Bosnian government nine years ago.

Just click here and complete the form to sign the letter

For the animals,

Mark Glover, Director.


Response To The Recent Post Regarding Possible Donkey Exports From Australia to China. 18/5/17.

Picture shows : On this China market live donkeys are being brutally slaughtered. 

SAV Comment:

The following relates to our recent post regarding donkeys possibly going to be exported from Australia to China.  Here is the link to the post, and we would suggest that it should be reviewed BEFORE reading the responses below:



We agree with many of the points raised below, especially those of points 2 and 5. We know that the Australian trade survives on transporting live animals over huge distances to terrible deaths in far off places.  We very much would argue about the statement made that donkeys would be slaughtered in licensed abattoirs in Australia, not transported live to China.  The original comment in the past response also talks of ‘humane’ slaughter in the street using sledgehammers rather than their use in slaughterhouses.  We have campaigned against, and shown posts in the past relating to the use of sledgehammers to kill animals in slaughterhouses.  Nothing is better – their use either on the street or in slaughterhouses is abhorrent and should be banned wherever.

Here is the response to the above links from one of our supporters which was sent to us by e mail.  We have reproduced in full with no edits.

We welcome comments relating to any issues covered.  Please use the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the page if you would like to leave any feedback.  Comments are shown on the site under ‘Recent Comments’ which is located on the right hand side.



Dear friends from the “Donkey Sanctuary”,

I have a few Points about the article you send in SAV from 15/5/17.

Point 1.Whilst we cannot deny the truth of the articles linked in the Serbian Animals Voice page, many of them are several years (or even decades) old, and in the case of flesh being cut off live donkeys, we had reassurance some years ago from a reliable contact in Beijing that this was rare to start with, and now no longer happens.

Criticism: How are you so sure that new photos would not be worse than the old ones?

Which is their reliable contact in Beijing?

From whom do you know that such things no longer happen? Apart from a recognized animal protection organization in the country, I would not trust anyone else that he/she is telling the truth. Especially in China, a country where there is no animal protection, one should be very careful with such statements.


Point 2. Whilst we do not condone the roadside slaughter of donkeys by sledgehammer, although it is brutal, as long as it is performed by someone who knows what they’re doing and does it well, it can be quicker and more humane than what goes on behind closed doors in some abattoirs rather closer to home.

Criticism: If you really consider the slaughter of the donkeys with sledgehammer as a “humane” slaughter, compared to the brutal slaughterhouses, then you can suggest to those who eat meat and wear leather that they prefer both (meat and leather) from the “human” slaughtered donkey on the street. This reminds me a little of the organic meat myth in Germany (Bio Fleisch).


Picture shows : Horrifying sights of the animals bashed over the head with a sledgehammer.

Point 3 :

If you go on to read the full article 


you will see that the logistics and economic viability are in fact far from straightforward or easy to justify. This article is dated 2016 and is far more realistic as the extract in the box below demonstrates:

The article may be up-to-date, but how can you believe that an unscrupulous businessman, such as Trier, says the truth, if he says, that they are not planning anything with live transports to China? Why does Trier give you the guarantee that he says the truth? He also says himself: “as soon as the dollars stack up, then one comes immediately into the business! We are talking about millions of business, don`t forget !!!


Point 4. Furthermore, the indications are that if it should happen (which currently looks unlikely), that donkeys would be slaughtered in licensed abattoirs in Australia, not transported live to China.

Criticism:  You say “the indications” but you are not sure. We aren’t either. We do not expect an email from both countries to find out that such a transport takes place. And China has never done any business with slaughtered animals. China is a country which is 100% oriented on transports of live animals. Because that is cheap!

The simple logic says that if the donkeys are previously slaughtered in “licensed abattoirs in Australia”, the business it is not worth.

Point 5.   We call for a halt to the trade in donkey skins to produce ejiao until the impact of the trade can be assessed and shown to be both humane for donkeys and sustainable for the communities that depend on them.

Criticism: You distinguish between illegal and legal action. And in addition, you demand a “halt” of trade with donkeys, which are slaughtered for the production of ejiao, not a ban. You leave a window open for Chinese medicine? Today, we know very well that the famous Chinese medicine is only a good selling myth. Just like the liquid from the bile of bears in China and Korea, which produces non detectable positive effect, but only an agonizing death for millions of animals. I think you should be much stricter in your judgments and requirements. Especially when it`s about countries like Australia, China, Romania, Turkey … etc ,,

Experience has shown us that we can never be sufficiently mistrustful and vigilant, and that is why we must act on time.






Victory – TK Maxx Now Moves To Stop Cruelty After Major Campaign.




You did it. Your voice has been heard!

TK Maxx has responded. They have accepted the Blood Feather award and turned it into something positive:

They have agreed to stand up for the geese and ducks in their supply chain.


As you may remember, we believed that TK Maxx was not doing enough to prevent cruelty from entering their bedding supply chain. They were ignoring our 40Lives campaign and our efforts to get in touch.

Luckily, over 13,000 FOUR PAWS supporters contacted TK Maxx directly, asking them to budge. And it worked! 

We finally heard from TK Maxx the night before our planned Blood Feather Award ceremony.

Regardless, we went ahead and delivered the award at their headquarters. It was THE red carpet event of the year.


Check out our video and feel free to share:

 or view at:



The TK Maxx Group Director accepted the unwanted award in person, and TK Maxx has since met with Four Paws UK

committing  to credibly excluding force feeding and live plucking from its down products

Thanks to your incredible support, real change has been achieved! 


Kindest regards,

Cordelia Britton
Head of Programmes


P.S. Your support has encouraged Argos, the White Company, Selfridges, Debenhams and TK Maxx to commit to credibly excluding cruel practices such as live plucking and force feeding from the production of down used in bedding products. THANK YOU for making this campaign a success. 



England: Anti Hunt March – London – Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2017.




Sign the petition to keep the hunt ban:


774,000 sigs and rising.


Anti-Hunt Campaign Day, May 29th.

A march in London with guest speakers and surprises, it’s a Bank Holiday so please consider coming along to meet up and support, we will give voice to the animals!

Details below. https://www.facebook.com/events/241667576311495/

Transport link-up page for anyone who requires assistance with attending https://www.facebook.com/March-Against-Hunting-with-Hounds-Transport-Page-1278555368931845/

As always, please share widely and continue to support the petition and the #keeptheban hashtag on all social media platforms and other mediums.

Thank you for your hard work,



Check out our latest hunting post at:



Bulgaria: Riku Is Now At The Sanctuary Feeling Grass Under His Feet !

Above – Now feeling grass under his feet !

Below – Riku before he was rescued –  Chained on barren bare ground.

Update 16/5/17 – Riku is now at his new home.

Re our recent post and the plight of Riku bear and the rescue attempt–


Well now we have some great news that he has finally left his adaptation facility in Bulgaria and that he is now in his new sanctuary home – feeling grass under his feet for the first time.

Here is the update from the Four Paws team that did the rescue:

Hi Mark,

I recently sent an email (below) about the Albanian bear Riku.

Rescued from private keeping in December, Riku embarked on a long journey from Albania to Bulgaria earlier this month. After his arrival at our bear sanctuary in Bulgaria, Riku remained in an indoor adaptation enclosure until he was ready to move into his permanent outdoor enclosure.

As you can see by the picture below, Riku is finally able to enjoy the feeling of grass beneath his feet in his new home!

A massive thank you for making a donation to FOUR PAWS in response to Riku’s plight.

It’s only because of your kindness and generosity that we can continue give bears like Riku a better life – thank you for making our work possible.

Warmest regards,

Saige Jennings






Why Animal Farts Are A Dangerous Thing !



China now eats twice as much meat as the United States, which is far too much on both counts !

“It is not possible to feed everyone so much meat,” said Wen Tiejun, the dean of Renmin university’s Agriculture school a leading advocate of rural reform. “People must simply eat less (meat)”.

Over the last 30 years, the Chinese demand for meat has quadrupled, according to figures from the USDA.  China alone now eats a quarter of the world supply, approximately 71 million tons a year.


With lots more money in their pockets, the majority of Chinese citizens have turned away from their traditional diet of rice and vegetables, flavored with only a small quantity of meat.  They now embrace Western diets and have become fast food junkies. But Chinese farmers are unable to keep pace with the demand, and imports of meat, breeding stock and animal feed have risen dramatically.


Thanks to Philip at CIWF (England) –  https://www.ciwf.org.uk/

The average Chinese still only eats half the meat that his American counterpart does. But American and European meat consumption has now started to fall, while it is still rising strongly in the developing world, of which China is considered one. Leading water scientists have also issued warnings that the world may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages.

So what is China doing about it ?  –   New dietary guidelines could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 BILLION tonnes by 2030, and could lessen country’s problems with obesity and diabetes.

The Chinese government has outlined a plan to reduce its citizens’ meat consumption by 50%, in a move that climate campaigners hope will provide major change in the effort to avoid runaway global warming of the planet.

New dietary guidelines for citizens drawn up by China’s health ministry and only released once every 10 years recommend that the nation’s 1.3 billion population should consume between 40g to 75g of meat per person each day. The measures are designed to improve public health but could also provide a significant reduction to global greenhouse gas emissions.

The Chinese Communist party has released a series of new public information adverts encouraging Chinese citizens to consume less animal flesh each day to help the environment.   If the new guidelines be followed, carbon dioxide equivalent emissions from China’s livestock industry would be reduced by 1 billion tonnes by 2030, from a projected 1.8 billion tonnes in that year.

14.5% of planet-warming emissions emanate globally from the keeping and eating of cows, chickens, pigs and other meat animals – this is more than the entire global emissions from the transport sector. Livestock produce and release methane, a highly potent greenhouse gas.  Land clearing and the use of fertilizers also release large quantities of carbon into the atmosphere.

Tackling climate change involves many routes – scientific judgement, political decisions, entrepreneurial support, but in the main, it still very much relies on involvement of the general public to change their meat consuming behaviour. Every single meat eating person around the globe has to believe in the low-carbon concept and slowly adapt to it by making changes to their diet and cutting down on, or preferably eradicating, meat consumption.

Meat has gone from a rare treat to a regular staple part of daily diet for many Chinese people. In 1982, the average Chinese person each year ate just 13kg of meat, nicknamed “millionaire’s meat” due to its scarcity.  Beef consumption was almost non existent.

But the emergence of China as a world economic power has radically altered the diets of a newly wealthy population. The average Chinese citizen now eats 63kg of meat a year, with a further 30kg of meat per person expected to be added by 2030 if nothing is done to stop or amend the trend. The new guidelines set out in government guidelines would reduce this to between 14kg and 27kg a year – a reduction of more than 50%.


China currently consumes 28% of the world’s meat, including half of its entire pork capacity. Animals are reared in and spend their short lives in utterly terrible conditions – read and see much more from Phil at CIWF (England) at:  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2017/04/19/england-china-ciwf-england-work-on-all-fronts-to-improve-pig-welfare-in-china-with-great-results/

But, China still lags behind more than 12 other nations in ‘per capita’ meat consumption, with the average American or Australian consuming twice as much meat per person compared to China.


According to a new report by Wildaid – http://wildaid.org/ –  the predicted increase in China’s meat consumption would add an extra 233m tonnes of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere each and every year, as well as put an increased strain on the country’s water supply, which is already blighted by polluted and denuded rivers and groundwater.

The report also warns that unchecked Chinese meat consumption will degrade its arable land and much worsen the country’s problems and costs relating to obesity and diabetes. Already (2017) an estimated 100 million Chinese people have diabetes, more than any other country.

Research released by the think tank Chatham House in 2014 predicted that China alone is expected to eat 20 million tonnes more of meat and dairy a year by 2020 and warned that “dietary change is essential” if global warming is to not exceed the 2C limit eventually imposed at the Paris climate accord recently.

Scientists at the Oxford Martin School found that the widespread adoption of vegetarianism around the world could bring down greenhouse gas emissions by nearly two-thirdshttps://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/mar/21/eat-less-meat-vegetarianism-dangerous-global-warming .

China’s potential move to cut meat consumption in half would not only have a huge positive impact on its public health, it would also be a massive step towards drastically reducing carbon emissions and reaching the global goals set out in the Paris agreementAnimal agriculture emits more than all transportation combined. Reducing demand for animal-based foods is essential if we are to limit global warming to 2C as agreed at COP21.

Despite the Chinese government’s commitment to reducing meat consumption by 50% or more, it may be very difficult to convince the country’s big spending, rising middle classes to cut down on their meat intake. There are strong cultural traditions attached to the eating of many animals, especially pigs, which will be difficult to change.

Recently, Chinese companies have been buying farms in the United States and Australia to provide feed for their country’s dairy and beef industries. In late 2013 a Chinese company, (Shenghui), purchased the largest US pork producer, named ‘Smithfield Foods’, to help keep up with demand.

China’s demand for meat could potentially continue to grow and support hundreds of thousands of jobs in the US meat industry.  Sounds good for the USA; but also think; from a climate perspective, the methane produced by the animals will still continue to be created, but it will be shifted to the United States rather than remain in ChinaWe wonder what President Trump would have to say about this if he cared – but then does he not think climate change is a non-reality invented by the Chinese ?

Maybe he should think again, if he is capable.

– By Mark

– compiled from various sources.


In honor of the animal Mother’s Day.

In honor of the animal Mother’s Day

(By Venus – Germany)


Every year on this day, I think of the animals who have never seen their mothers.

To the new-born calves who brutally snatched from their mother while the mother is still bleeding on her chains with the function to satisfy our pathological greed for luxury, sadism, and power. I think of all the mothers, who are legally tortured as swine-mothers against their will  in the individual cells of modern animal barracks.

I think of the cow mothers who never see their children and only hear them screaming from far, because the second hand murderers of our society have ordered this crime.

I am thinking of the pain of the monkey mothers in the forest, whose children are snatched from her and end up in the labs, so that some criminal idiots can tear their bodies piece by piece and use them to secure their careers.  I think of all mothers who cannot defend their children when they lie helpless around them and watch them die a slow death.

Every year, on May 14, we have the Mother’s Day. So we, the rulers, have set it up, and exchange gifts and thanksgiving among us;

Because the ruling species always remains unified and strong, and uses a Mother’s Day as a monopoly of love and gratitude only for human animals with the help of the well-known advertising industry, which sentimentalize and instrumentalist this with the purpose of selling them best.

And so, I trust on this day also to a society, which by the monopolization of freedom and the right to life on its own, has long since reached the moral bankruptcy of the human species.





Update via another source – 15/5/17.

Dear Louise, Mark and Kent Action Against Live Exports,

Louise – Thank you for forwarding Mark’s/KAALE’s email with link to Serbian Animals Voice webpage about the possibility of Australia (NT) exporting donkeys to China.

All – We are aware of this and are in touch with various people in Australia who are keeping tabs on the situation there, already writing articles, raising awareness etc against such a plan, and will lobby as hard as possible against it if it ever looks like becoming  a reality. Whilst we cannot deny the truth of the articles linked in the Serbian Animals Voice page, many of them are several years (or even decades) old, and in the case of flesh being cut off live donkeys, we had reassurance some years ago from a reliable contact in Beijing that this was rare to start with, and now no longer happens. Whilst we do not condone the roadside slaughter of donkeys by sledgehammer, although it is brutal, as long as it is performed by someone who knows what they’re doing and does it well, it can be quicker and more humane than what goes on behind closed doors in some abattoirs rather closer to home. The photos shown first circulated widely in a Daily Mail article a few years ago and have reappeared at regular intervals since – they are guaranteed (and therefore deliberately used) to shock our western senses. Many of us are happy to eat meat, wear leather, etc, but close our eyes and ears to how it comes to be there and are then upset when the stark truth is laid out before us.

The media statement from Australia is dated 2009 – 8 years ago. Whilst the opening sentences are clearly (in my opinion) written in such a way as to provoke reaction, the Australians had not at that time investigated thoroughly into the logistics or economic viability of such a plan.

If you go on to read the full article (link also given, http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2016-07-14/chinese-eyes-on-northern-territory-for-donkey-farming/7628078), you will see that the logistics and economic viability are in fact far from straightforward or easy to justify. This article is dated 2016 and is far more realistic as the extract in the box below demonstrates:

There are currently no protocols in place for the export of Northern Territory donkey hides or meat to China.

“Most importantly, we’ve also been doing some economic analysis to see whether the dollars stack up,” Mr Trier said.

“We undertook some economic analysis, using some assumptions drawn from a range of mechanisms about the value of donkeys in China and their productive turn-off.

“Our analysis, using Australian feral donkeys, is that it doesn’t seem economically viable [to farm them for export], however using Chinese donkey genetics, there could be some economics in it.

“But then, stacking that up against an existing industry, such as cattle, which [donkeys] would have to displace unless it was on other land, cattle appear more profitable.

“From our point of view, donkeys present a diversification opportunity, but it would be a mid to long-term process.”

In short, whilst it is true that Northern Territories have been, and to our knowledge still are, considering the possibility of export of donkeys to China, as far as we know this is not looking imminent. Furthermore, the indications are that if it should happen (which currently looks unlikely), that donkeys would be slaughtered in licensed abattoirs in Australia, not transported live to China.

We have a whole section of our website dedicated to the global issue of the rapidly increasing Chinese demand for donkey products, mainly skins (used in the production of a Traditional Chinese Medicine called ejiao), which is threatening donkey populations around the world, along with the communities that depend upon them for their livelihoods. To read our extensive report on this, and news and updates since it was published in January this year, please go to: www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/under-the-skin. Please feel free to circulate this link and the information contained therein to as many people and organisations as you like, and help us to raise support for our campaign.

Again, thank you for your concern. The threat to donkeys around the world is real, and we have a special, cross-departmental taskforce working specifically on this issue.


With kind regards,


Harriet Pottinger

The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 0NU

Tel: 01395 578222  Fax: 01395 579266

———- Update ends ———————-



Petition – https://www.change.org/p/australian-donkeys-face-being-bludgeoned-to-death-with-sledgehammers-if-live-exported-to-china?recruiter=32812350&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=des-lg-share_petition-no_msg



Just when Australian’s thought the live animal export trade couldn’t possibly get any worse, there is now a possibility that donkeys will be live exported to China, a country known for it unspeakable cruelty towards animals.

Courtesy of Viral Spell:

Donkeys are butchered and sold by the curbside as customers watch:


In June 2009 a media statement was released by the Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland. The Honourable Tim Mulherin expressed his desire for Australian donkeys to be live exported to China.  Mr Mulherin’s first sentence really says it all.


Picture shows : Horrifying sights of the animals bashed over the head with a sledgehammer

Picture this: “balmy afternoon in Beijing, donkey steaks sizzling on the barbeque, a little romance in the air aided by some traditional Chinese medicine made from donkey skins.”  He went on to say that “the best part of this scenario is the donkey has been imported from Australia”.

It is extremely unlikely that ‘the best part of this scenario is the donkey has been imported from Australia’, when there are NO animal welfare laws in China for any animal, including Australian animals. Mr Mulherin may think there will be romance in the air while Australian donkey steaks sizzle on the barbeque, but the reality is donkeys in China are killed in the most unspeakable, incomprehensible ways.

There is NOTHING romantic about the horrors donkeys face when slaughtered in China.


‘Donkey deal with China could reap millions’



Alister Trier, chief executive of the NT’s Department of Primary Industry, said over the past two years, the government had been approached by several Chinese companies wanting access to feral donkeys in the Northern Territory.

“The interest has been quite significant; we’ve had well over a dozen enquiries from different Chinese interests,” Mr Trier said.

“There [are] still numbers of feral donkeys in the NT — and too many for a lot of people’s liking — but not the numbers that investors from China were led to believe.”

Mr Trier toured a donkey processing factory in the Shandong province of China this year and said the industry was expanding and the demand for donkeys was incredible.










For decades Australia has been live exporting animals to the Middle East and South East Asia, this has resulted in the most horrific treatment and slaughter of Australian animals. The Australian government and the live export industry, has grossly failed to protect animals from being slaughtered in ways that are heinous. How can the government ensure that Australian donkeys are not killed in such ways if recent talks of starting up a donkey trade to China become a reality?

The answer is it cannot. Investigators have repeatedly exposed the live export trade for exactly what it is! Barbaric beyond belief…Investigators have filmed the most sickening treatment of Australian sheep and cattle on overseas soil, yet this cruel trade continues. Recently Investigators exposed footage of Australian cattle being bashed to death with sledgehammers, the same barbaric method used to kill donkeys in China.


Courtesy of Animals Australia







Canada: Breaking News – Case Dismissed On Activist For Giving Water To Thirsty Pig On Way To Slaughter – Victory !

Compassion on Trial: Breaking News!

Canada’s Compassion Movement Bursts Forth!

Compassion on Trial- Breaking News!

CHARGE DISMISSED against Anita Krajnc of Toronto Pig Save for giving water to a thirsty pig bound for slaughter!

Watch as Anita and her attorneys speak about their crucial victory to a swarm of global media converged outside the Toronto area courthouse!





England: Vote For Vinny !

The Conservative Party want a return to hunting – see more at  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/2017/05/10/uk-conservative-party-wish-to-see-a-return-to-hunting-after-11-year-ban/

A major campaign has now started in the build up to the UK General Election on 8th June 2017.  We must not let the Conservatives repeal the hunting act which has been in place for around the last 11 years.



Support Vinny the fox and show your disgust at animal abuse in hunting.


Okay, I’m a fox cub, I’m not actually taking part in the election – don’t be daft.

·         But a Vote for Vinny means that you care about animals – and you think your human government should care for animals too. I don’t just mean foxes, I mean all animals (even dogs – it’s not their fault peoples make them chase me)

·         A Vote for Vinny means that you’ve moved from the dark days when peoples liked to kill animals like me for fun.

·         And a Vote for Vinny means that you think humans should protect animals like me by punishing those bad peoples who hurt us.

Will you vote for Vinny?




Some clever humans tried to ban hunting long before I was born. It wasn’t just foxes who were grateful – deer, hares and those funny little minks were meant to be saved too.

But now I hear there’s a danger your people in power might want to start hunting us again?


I hate hunting –  https://votesforvinny.org.uk/i-hate-hunting/


Fox cub investigation –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHtc78NNMYs




Visit the League Against Cruel Sports web site(s) at  







In response to the Prime Minister’s renewed commitment to hold a free vote, League Against Cruel Sports CEO, Eduardo Goncalves said:


“Britain’s voters have been waiting to hear what the next government will be doing on key issues like the NHS, education and Brexit. It’s a shame that Parliamentary time will be spent on trying to make fox hunting legal again. Given that 84% of the public – and 72% of Conservative voters – want fox hunting to remain illegal, this smacks of a small minority with a cruel hobby wielding an inappropriately large influence over the people in charge.

“Personally I want to live in a caring Britain, a country that cares for its people, its countryside and its animals. I want people who are cruel to animals to face a maximum penalty of five years, not six months as it is now. I want us to be compassionate and care about animals dying in the name of sport, such as trophy hunting and hare coursing. I think most people want the same. Are we really going to turn the clock back to a time when killing animals for fun was legal? I’m sure many current and future MPs of all colours feel the same way, so we hope they stand up and be counted when the time comes.”






Canada: Lana Will Be Put To Sleep On 20/5 Unless Someone Takes Her On With A Forever Home – Can You Help ?

This story just breaks our hearts into a million little pieces. Lana is a two-year-old Labrador who was given up by her first family in October of 2015. Once again back at the shelter, the photo of Lana looking depressed when she was returned went viral, with dog lovers dubbing her the “saddest dog in the world.”


Lana’s plight touched the hearts of millions, but thankfully due to the success of the story, 4,000 adoption applications were filed and $15,000 in donations came pouring in to cover Lana’s care. Lana was adopted by a second family in Ontario, Canadia and we wish the story ended there. Sadly, this sweet pup was once again returned to the shelter by the second family after just a few months.

Now, to make matters even worse, Lana faces euthanasia on May 20th at her current shelter due to overcrowding issues.  Someone, please help Lana!


Rescue Dogs Match, a Canadian non-profit pleaded on Facebook for a foster or forever home for this sweet girl. “May 14th is Lana’s birthday (she will be three). Please help find her a Foster or Forever home. Lana only has until May 20th.” Look at that gorgeous smile!

Lana loves to be outdoors and not in “tight” quarters. Rescue Dog Match explained, “‘The best environment for her would be a horse or hobby farm where she can be outside most of the time ‘helping’ her person with the chores around the property.” 

The rescue team is committed to supporting Lana and aims to find a family with the training and time to ensure Lana’s third home is her last. Rescue Dogs Match said on their Facebook page that they are currently reviewing all of the applications that have been submitted thus far and will provide an update soon.


Fingers crossed for Lana! If you’re interested in submitting an application of your own, click here.

Sadly, Lana’s story is not uncommon and 2.7 million dogs and cats are euthanized every day due to shelter overcrowding and limited funds. If you find this figure shocking, consider the positive fact that by adopting a dog you not only save a life but gain a loyal best friend. Whether you’d prefer a mixed breed or purebred, a young pup or an elder dog, a shelter near you probably has the companion you’re looking for.

If you’d like to get involved with your local animal shelter and help out dogs just like Lana, check out our guide to volunteering. And please, always adopt and never buy!

Image source: Rescue Dogs Match/Facebook



England: Pain In The Bum For Better Animal Welfare.

Hi everybody;

It is great to see that we have so many visitors to the site from all corners of the globe – on the main page left, below all the monthly totals, you will see our ‘clustrmap’; or world map showing where all our visitors are located.  If you click on the map, you should be given a bigger view plus additional figures for visitors.

We have taken note of the Poll results to date and we will continue to cover global issues.  Saying that, you may find that we are giving a bit more weight to Far Eastern campaigns as we feel this is an area which is really growing for animal welfare and which we can inform and give our support to.  Bear Bile farming being one such example.

You can backtrack through our big library of past posts by going to the months under ‘Archives’ which is on the left side of the main page.  These go right back to December 2005 when we had just 1 post that month.  As you can see from the archives, posts numbers have grown over the years to a point where we are probably putting out 2 or 3 posts most days of the month; so things have grown a bit since December 2005 !!

Thank you for visiting us, and keep coming.  If you are unhappy about anything or think there is an issue or issues that we have ignored, then please drop us a line using the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the page.

We have a General Election here in the UK on 8th June; so issues such as the ban on hunting are sadly once again under threat due to comments made by some political parties.  But we are ready and working on it, and will fight tooth and nail to keep the hunting ban.

The UK is getting a lot of threats from the EU as we voted to leave last year – the first nation ever to pack up and get out of the EU club.  Although they are trying to play the nice card often, the EU is unhappy with the UK and will try to punish us for daring to leave.  If Brussels did what EU regulations said and they also listened to the citizens of Europe, then maybe we would still be members.

Anyway, we have voted to leave and things are under way.  We will take back control under UK law rather than EU law; and so for example, we should be able to get a UK ban on live animal exports; which we have not been able to do to date because of EU legislation overriding the UK government.

Great to see you all, and please let us know if you want us to do anything special or you have a gripe with the site.


When we feel it is necessary we try to be a pain in the bum to officials wherever they may be located.

We label it as ‘campaigning’.  We cant just sit by and watch animals being abused.

As the animals say:

So we try to do something – it ain’t always quick but we fight.

Best wishes – Mark and the crew.




England: Zoo Gets New Licence Despite 500 Animal Deaths in The Past – Seems To Be New Name; All Ok In Council Eyes !

SAV Comment

Councils are supposed to be run by intelligent people.  Despite overwhelming evidence to have the facility remain closed; dim wits at the council decided against it – granting a new licence to people that have been involved with the deaths of over 500 animals before.  All that has really changed is that a new company was formed by old staff to effectively continue trading.  Everyone apart from the council could see though this; but unfortunately these were the thickheads who passed to allow the new zoo to continue operating.  We have many words for them, but ‘councillor’ is not one.  Sad situation when the ‘Captive Animal Protection Society (CAPS)’ – a national UK welfare organisation watching these type of facilities, is put on a lower scale that the thickheads who work at the council and who have no experience of animal welfare issues.  One has to ask what favours are being given by whom, to who, to allow this kind of thing to happen.


This is our recent post relating to this facility.


In a hearing held yesterday, Barrow Borough Council made this disappointing but unsurprising decision. The licence, which will last 4 years, has been granted to Karen Brewer of Cumbria Zoo Company Ltd, a new company that was set up by staff at the zoo. The licence will come into force once the previous licence holder, David Gill, withdraws his licence and ends his appeal.

As an animal charity which has spent decades monitoring and investigating zoos, the history of animal suffering and death at this zoo is one of the worst cases we have ever seen. Hundreds of animals have died of preventable deaths and have undergone horrific suffering at the zoo for years and it should have been shut down a long time ago.

Key management who have been heavily involved at the zoo in the past have now been given the stamp of approval to run the zoo despite the long history of suffering.


Council grants licence for South Lakes Safari Zoo

I am sad to tell you that South Lakes Safari Zoo, where almost 500 animals died due to mismanagement and neglect, will remain open.

The new licence applicant, Karen Brewer, was awarded the zoo licence by the local council at a hearing yesterday.  This decision was made despite outcry by the public, complaints from concerned residents, animal protection organisations and ex-employees.

One ex-employee of the zoo claimed he had been told by management to feed the animals “mouldy bread” and had to regularly “beg for scraps of food” from the zoo’s restaurant “just to give the animals some fresh food”.

Campaigns Officer, Maddy Taylor, presented at the hearing outlining your concerns and being the voice for the animals. We made it clear that the awarding of this licence is a mistake, especially when the horrors at this zoo have been going on for years and the council should have closed it down a long time ago. 

Read more here: https://www.captiveanimals.org/news/2017/05/council-grants-licence-for-south-lakes-safari-zoo-to-remain-open

It is difficult to say to you that we didn’t get the outcome we wanted, as although we knew the chances were low and the odds stacked against us (and the animals), you can’t help but hope. We fought as hard as we could within a poor legal system which seems to be designed to keep zoos going.

This is why with your help, we carry out vital work exposing the poor regulation of zoos, the widespread issues of keeping animals in captivity and advocate for an end to captivity altogether – it is the only outcome that will guarantee animals are completely free from human exploitation.

As a result of this case, DEFRA have indicated they are looking into the Zoo Licensing Act and I am busy working on a report to send to them containing all the evidence we have gathered on where this law is failing animals. This is just one action out of many that you have supported so thank you again.

Closing down South Lakes zoo would have been a victory for animals but it still would have only been small chip out of a industry rife with poor regulation, animal suffering and exploitation. This is why the campaigning must and will continue to focus on the industry as a whole and the ethics of captivity as well as on individual zoos like this. So let us pick ourselves up and continue to fight, as the animals still need us.

Nicola O’Brien

Campaigns Director

P.S. I am sad to share this news with you but we must use this result to expose the wider, fundamental issues of the zoo industry as a whole – the poor regulations, the welfare compromises, the ethics.

Thank you for helping us to do this. If you have any questions about the South Lakes Safari Zoo campaign, feel free to reply to this email.





Bear Bile Farming – Videos of Free Rescued Bears and Also Those Still Suffering.

Please copy and crosspost – show the world this disgusting abuse of animals.

We will support Jill and the work of ‘Animals Asia’ always, to expose and present to the world the disgusting abuse of beautiful bears used in the production of bear bile.

The following videos are good and bad – they show bears that have finally been freed from bile farming; and one also shows undercover work to expose several bile farms which openly operate.  It is disgusting to see animals caged in this way – please copy and send these videos or this post to all your contacts – thank you – SAV.


Until all the bears are free from the horrors of bile farming.  Love and mega respect to Jill and the team.


Moon bear who suffered 10 years in a tiny cage loves swimming in a big pool.

Moon bear Popeye, was one of nearly 40 bears Animals Asia rescued in 2015 from bear bile farms across Vietnam’s Quang Ninh province – home to tourism hotspot Halong Bay.


Undercover Expose of Bile Bear Farming

In Vietnam, there are almost 2,000 bears being held in captivity on bile farms. Journalist Adrian Baschuk goes undercover to see these farms first hand, and also visits a sanctuary rehabilitating these horribly mistreated animals.


Shandong Rescues

In April 2010 Animals Asia travelled to Shandong province to rescue 10 bears from a bear bile farm. The rescue made Shandong the 20th province to become bear farm free.






























UK: Conservative Party Wish To See A Return To Hunting After 11 Year Ban !

Above – Blood Junkies – Huntsman Bloodbath.

We have had a hunting ban in the form of government legislation here in the UK for approximately 11 years.  Even today, around 84% of the British general public want to see a continuation of the hunting ban.


It took many years to bring about, and resulted in the deaths of several anti hunt campaigners.  We are proud to have done our bit regarding the ban.  But, as we pointed out in fairly recent posts regarding the old Prime Minister (PM) David Cameron, there has always been a wish by a certain sect of the Conservative Party to repeal the ban and return to hunting wild animals with dogs.


Just this week (May 2017) David Cameron’s replacement, Mrs May, has announced that she would like to see a return to foxhunting.



This disgusts us.  Fortunately the UK has a General Election this June and so people can now inform potential candidates how they feel about any possible repeal of the hunting act.  The ‘League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) is already well prepared for the fight and is working very hard on a campaign.  See news here:


After 11 years we do not want to see a return to British wildlife being killed and destroyed by the blood junkies of the pro hunt lobby.  We will do al we can to fight any change in legislation, but like many things the voice of the people is not really what counts – it will be left to the votes of a few hundred politicians in the Commons.

If it does ever return, Hunt Sabs will be back out protecting wildlife, as they always have done in the UK.  Without doubt, as in the past, things will get nasty and sabs will end up being killed by the blood junkies.  Is this what we want in 2017 ?


The Prime Minister, Theresa May, made a recent announcement:

 “Personally, I’ve always been in favour of fox hunting.”

However, the British public have made it very clear in the years of Tory rule that they do not agree with her outdated opinions. It’s time to tell May that her ‘personal’ opinions are not representative of the country she is paid to serve. 84% of the population have shown support for keeping Labour’s 2004 hunting ban in place, don’t let May repeal this important piece of legislation.

The practice of fox hunting involves setting a pack of dogs on a fox and then chasing it on horseback, usually in traditional dress. The “sport” is to many people a vicious and outdated pastime, and the idea of repealing the ban put in place by the Labour government, so that people like May can hunt and kill helpless creatures, is a horrific one.

Please sign this petition to show the Prime Minister how archaic her view is on the topic of hunting for sport, and show your support for the animals that the ban currently protects.

Please sign the petition at:




643,000 names and rising – add yours !








South Korea: Election Over – And We Hope A New Positive Move For Animals.

Regarding our recent posts re the general election in South Korea:




Well the election has now been held and we confirm that Mr. Moon Jae-In has been elected as President.  We consider that this is a very positive move for animal welfare in South Korea.

The word from Korean Dogs is as follows:

South Korea has a new president!

South Korea has a new president. Moon Jae-In, a person with empathy toward animals and the environment, has won the election. This is welcome news indeed, but don’t pop the champagne cork, yet.

This doesn’t mean that the dog meat trade is going to end soon in Korea. With Mr. Moon in office, we have a better chance of having our messages heard. However, it will require a lot more pressure from both within and outside Korea to make their government take steps to end the dog meat trade. So, we must continue our campaigns.

Click HERE to learn about Moon’s plans for Korean animals.

Click HERE to read the New York Times news.



VEGAN 2016 – THE FILM : A Growing Movement Under Attack.

Thanks to Slavica for passing on.




South Korea: Elections On 9/5 And All Candidates Have Come Out In Support Of Animal Welfare Legislation Improvements.


SAV Comment

Hopefully the election on 9/5 will be a very positive move for national animal welfare.

What a pity that governments in nations such as Serbia still cannot accept that policy that sterilisation is the forward way to reduce stray animal numbers. 

South Korea knows the way forward – does Serbia ? – uhm – NO


Moon Jae-in of the Democratic Party of Korea plays with a dog at an animal park in Seoul, April 15.



South Korea will elect a new president on 9/5/17.

Each candidate has acknowledged the plight of animals, and the desperate need for improvement. ​

The Korea Herald reported, “All major candidates have incorporated animal welfare issues — from tougher punishment for animal abuse to a cut in medical costs — into their official platform to woo the growing number of animal lovers in the country.”

Will they do anything about the horrors of the dog and cat meat trade? That remains to be seen. But what we do know is your voice is being heard. Your pressure, and your support of brave advocates within Korea is having an impact, even on presidential candidates. ​

Yes, complete eradication of the hellish Dog and Cat meat trade is a long road for us. Stay involved! Keep up the pressure! And we will see that day!

You are making a difference!

Click HERE to see the Article- Korea Herald, Who will be the president for animals? 

Or read the full article below:


[Election 2017] Who will be president for animals?

Major candidates vow phasing out dog meat consumption

Published : 2017-05-05 14:04 Updated : 2017-05-08 11:27

In this year’s presidential election, there is good news for pet lovers.

Presidential hopefuls may differ on their political ideologies, but they have all promised a better life for animals. All major candidates have incorporated animal welfare issues — from tougher punishment for animal abuse to a cut in medical costs — into their official platform to woo the growing number of animal lovers in the country.

According to government data, 21.8 percent of the South Korean households — about 10 million people — lived with a companion animal as of 2015. The pet industry was worth 1.8 trillion won ($1.58 billion) in 2015, and is expected to grow threefold by 2020 at the current pace.

One of the most contentious issues is a ban on dog meat consumption. The majority of South Koreans now reject dog meat, but it is still consumed especially among older generations in summer, in accordance with the belief it can restore vitality. The country may be slowly moving away from dog eating. The Seongnam City government in December decided to close the country’s biggest dog market, Moran Market, just south of Seoul, which had been home to 22 dog meat suppliers.

Presidential candidates did not specifically include a prohibition on dog meat consumption in their official manifestos, but some promised to ban it in stages. Asked by six local animal rights groups, three candidates — Ahn Cheol-soo of the centrist People’s Party, Yoo Seong-min of the conservative splinter Bareun Party and Sim Sang-jeung of the minor Justice Party — promised to phase out dog meat trade.

Front-runner Moon Jae-in of the liberal Democratic Party Korea reserved his answer, though his camp earlier agreed to forbid it in stages when asked by local daily Hankook Ilbo.

Conservative firebrand Hong Joon-pyo of the far-right Liberty Korea Party did not answer. He only promised to better manage conditions at dog farms.

The presidential hopefuls also laid out other plans to improve animal welfare. Moon, a pet owner himself, raising one dog and two cats, promised to set up more playgrounds for pets, promote adoption of abandoned animals and standardize medical costs for animals. He also vowed to establish more feeding facilities for feral cats and expand free spaying and neutering to keep their numbers under control.

 “I will set up bodies committed to protecting animals in central and regional governments and push for a comprehensive animal welfare plan as a key policy,” he said at a playground for pets at Seoul World Cup Stadium.

Moon had also included animal welfare pledges in his election manifesto in 2012 during his first bid for the presidency. Government statistics show an estimated 80,000 dogs are ditched by their owners each year, with animal rights activists expecting the actual figure to be higher considering dogs not reported.

Ahn, who has consistently polled in second, vowed to standardize medical costs for pets, impose toughened punishments for animal abusers and make the process of breeding, transporting and selling animals more transparent. He also said he will stipulate animals as “living creatures” by civil law and reduce abandoned animals by 30 percent by 2022. “I oppose dog meat consumption. It should be banned in phases. I will persuade stakeholders in the dog meat industry (to give it up) and lead them to find other ways,” he said in a meeting with animal advocacy groups.

Hong, who has closely trailed Ahn, said he will discard the value-added taxes in the medical costs for pets to reduce the financial burden on pet owners and add a clause protecting animals in the Constitution.

Yoo pledged to step up monitoring on abandonment of animals, offer subsidies for animal vaccination to low-income families and standardize the medical costs. He is the only candidate who has promised to root out the “illegal operation of dog farms” via his official election platform. He also opposes the country’s culture of eating dog.

Sim vowed to revise the Animal Protection Act, which regards animals as property, and include animal rights in the Constitution. She is the only contender to use the term “animal rights” in her election manifesto. She has also said she would make it mandatory to register pets, ban the use of restrictive cages in animal farms for the next 10 years, increase the number of quarantine experts to curtail animal diseases and set up crematoriums for animals.

South Korea has frequently seen outbreaks of animal diseases such as bird flu and foot and mouth, which has led to the massive slaughter of both non-infected and infected animals. Lee Won-bok, head of the Korea Association for Animal Protection, said the group is pleased candidates have promised better protection for animals as part of their election platform.

“But the pledges lack specific goals and plans for implementation,” he said. “They are also too focused on pets, failing to cover wild animals, farm animals or animals used for experimentation.”

By Ock Hyun-ju.


I did not go to the demonstration.

On May 1, this year I did not go to the demonstration.

Every year I was there, along with many other politically progressive people, to commemorate the workers’ movement.

The reason is that today my evaluation of the victims of the system has radically changed.

The working class 100 years ago, was the victim of capitalism, at that time it was the proletarians who had nothing to lose but their chains.

Today, it is the pigs who have nothing to lose but their 0.75 square meters of single cells.

Meanwhile, today’s proletarians and then victims of capitalism have a bit more than just losing their chains through the new order of the world.

In contrast to the pigs and all the animals of this world who still live in slavery, exploitation and the destruction of a consumer society, and every day fall victim to the fascism of all classes.

And these sacrifices are silent because they cannot complain, because they cannot make a 1. May revolution.


“The ruling morality is the morality of the ruling class,” had said comrade Marx.

Related to our fellow-citizens, this is already true.

Because the means of production are still in the hands of the ruling class, the oligarchy.

This does not apply to animals.

For the animals: “The ruling morality is the morality of the ruling species”.


I think we need a Marx for the animals!




Venus has supplied the following – have a look and enjoy !




Syria: Sharks Becoming the Latest Innocent Victims in Syria’s Longstanding Conflict.


Shared from sputniknews.com

Sharks Becoming the Latest Innocent Victims in Syria’s Longstanding Conflict





To The Moon and Back. The Story of One Amazing Lady.







Take The Short Poll – Where We Go Re (More) Future Campaigns.

We are trying to get a feel from you as to how we work campaigns in the future.  We will continue to cover issues of major importance wherever they are in the world, but we want feedback on where you think we should concentrate our efforts more.

The USA is taking a major downward spiral under President Trump when it comes to animals and environment; but it does not mean that we stop promoting the great work of many organisations who have been fighting for animals for years.

Also, there is a lot of good news and progress for animals coming out of the Far East, especially in locations such as China and South Korea.  Things are not perfect at all, but many groups are working hard to make things a lot better, so should we support them more ?.  South Korea has elections on 9/5 which could see major positive changes in the dog meat trade.

We (SAV) feel very positive about the Far East when it comes to animal welfare improvements.  We cannot say the same about the attitude of new leaders in some other places.

Please respond to the short poll below so that we at least get some feedback on how you feel.

The system only allows a week for responses; so please take part soon.

Thanks – SAV.


If you want to leave more comments, then please use the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top and give us more on your views.  We would like to know your view – please take part.





Oh Happy EU – Well The Commissioners Only, Maybe ???


Above – Nations that question the ‘EU’ policy most

– UK has already voted ‘out’ so is not included.


French Election – 7/5/17.

‘The EU is KILLING Europe’ Marine Le Pen attacks Brussels bureaucrats and rival Macron



Ms Le Pen said: “I’m a European. I want to save Europe from the EU, which is killing it.”

She then vented her fury at unelected Commissioners, saying “No one knows their name or their face.  And above all no one has voted for them”.


This basically backs what we (SAV) have said for a long time.  Unelected Commissioners run the EU – they ignore the information we send to them as evidence – simply so that nobody is allowed to upset the apple cart.




Two years ago Yanis Varoufakis led Greece’s failed attempt to negotiate with the EU. He explains how the Brussels establishment will do everything to frustrate and outmanoeuvre the British prime minister, using tactics ranging from truth reversal to ‘the Penelope ruse’


“In truth, Brussels is a democracy-free zone. From the EU’s inception in 1950, Brussels became the seat of a bureaucracy administering a heavy industry cartel, vested with unprecedented law-making capacities. Even though the EU has evolved a great deal since, and acquired many of the trappings of a confederacy, it remains in the nature of the beast to treat the will of electorates as a nuisance that must be, somehow, negated”.

“When the Brussels-based group-thinking commentariat accuse Britain’s prime minister, without a shred of evidence, of overestimating the importance of a strong mandate, we need to take notice, for it reveals the determination of the EU establishment to get its way, as it did when I arrived on its doorstep, equipped with my mandate”.

“For all their concerns with rules, treaties, processes, competitiveness, freedom of movement, terrorism etc, only one prospect truly terrifies the EU’s deep establishment: democracy. They speak in its name to exorcise it, and suppress it by six innovative tactics, as May (UK Prime Minister) is about to discover”.



Riku Is Now Ready For Transport To The Bear Sanctuary – Can You Donate To Help ?

We are getting even closer to ensuring Albania can end the keeping of bears in cruel conditions, but there are still some that still need our help, including Riku.

In December 2016, Afrim Mahmuti, Site Manager of BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina, led an urgent operation to save Riku. Chained up since he was a cub, Riku was shackled, abused and kept in cramped, awful conditions.

Now a full-size bear, Riku’s owners were terrified of him and desperate to get rid of the bear.

The operation to rescue Riku didn’t take long. Within minutes, Riku’s chains had been removed and he was loaded into Afrim’s truck. But, with BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina already full to capacity, Afrim and his team had no choice but to move Riku to a temporary home at Tirana Zoo.

Thankfully, an enclosure for Riku is now ready at our bear sanctuary Belitsa, in Bulgaria. But to move Riku there, we will need to transport him more than 350 miles over several days – beginning today!


Transporting a bear is a massive job that requires the help of many professionals.

Will you please help Riku reach his new home?

Your support has already transformed the lives of Albanian bears like Tomi, Pashuk and Gjina. A small donation could help give Riku a fresh start in life, and help other animals in need around the world. 

We at SAV have just donated to help Riku get to his new sanctuary home.  Can you help too ?

Donation link to support this rescue – https://action.four-paws.org.uk/donate/riku/15



China’s growing animal rights movement is making its voice heard.


SAV Comment –

It is great to see the work and campaigning undertaken on the streets by so many Chinese animal welfare groups.  We support them in every way and by posting the positive video below, we hope to show the world that positive moves for animals are really happening in China now.  Keep up the campaigning – direct action works !

The following is reproduced from the South China Morning Post –


China’s growing animal rights movement is making its voice heard.

China is the only major industrialised nation without major legislation against animal cruelty, but a growing number of campaigners hope to change this.

Wearing fake fur animal suits, chains and masks, the men, women and children – members of Freedom for Animal Actors (FAA) – protest outside the Beijing Workers’ Stadium. “I’m a monkey, chained, starved and beaten to learn to perform unnatural tricks. If you love me, don’t see my performance,” they chant in the video, as they try to deter people from attending a circus in the stadium.


FAA is one of a growing number of grass-roots animal welfare groups sprouting up on the mainland, where the scene is very different from the one recalled by Jill Robinson, founder of Hong Kong-based Animals Asia.

“When I first came to China in 1985, there was only one animal welfare organisation in the country. Today there are hundreds,” says Robinson, who set up Hong kong-based Animals Asia in 1988 and has since rescued more than 500 bears – kept for harvesting bile, used in traditional medicine – from farms in China and Vietnam.

Robinson says it’s vital that the hard work of welfare groups on the mainland is not overlooked amid the barrage of negative images spread worldwide on social media, from dogs crammed into cages waiting to be eaten at the annual Yulin dog meat festival, live rabbits having their fur torn off, cats skinned and cooked alive, and the Asiatic black bears she has worked to free, to a lone polar bear trapped in a shopping mall in Guangzhou, and live fish and reptiles sealed in plastic pouches and sold as keyrings. The list goes on.

Hong Kong Buddhists’ release of animals into wild needs regulating, Kadoorie Farm says

“The people of China are often the recipients of criticism from around the world when it comes to animal welfare. But there is an enormous and growing movement of animal activists in China today.”

Animals Asia’s welfare director Dave Neale agrees, and says groups such as the FAA will change hearts and minds on the mainland.

And ….. further reading on a positive stance.






England: From The Dog’s Mouth – Where Are We Going ? – Are We Somewhere ?

There may be some changes to this site in the near future.  We are currently consulting with a few contacts as to a way forward for the site.  With the situation regarding a new President in the USA, who gives the green light to all animal and environmental destruction; we are looking possibly at focussing our attention more to positives in the Far East, and their associated campaigns, rather than the utterly negative attitude that has been brought around by the Trump administration.  We cover one aspect of this a little further into this post. 

Here is what Jamie Rappaport Clark, President of (USA) Defenders of Wildlife has to say today, 3/5/17:

Dear Mark,

I don’t know what to say. The first 100 days of the Trump administration were nothing short of a disaster for wildlife.

In just over three months in office, the Trump administration and anti-conservation forces in Congress have laid waste to our collective and widely popular protections for preserving our nation’s wildlife, wild lands and waters.

With every new Executive Order or bill in Congress, I have been shocked by what is undeniably the most anti-wildlife, anti-environment administration I’ve seen in my lifetime. Not only does it defy my understanding, but these attacks and actions overtly and unabashedly defy science, facts and reason.

The first 100 days of the Trump administration have included:

  • President Trump’s approval of Congress’ action rescinding the Alaska National Wildlife Refuges Rule, potentially allowing for extreme killing methods like shooting mother bears with cubs and killing wolves with pups during denning season on national wildlife refuges in Alaska;

  • An Executive Order undermining the Antiquities Act and opening more than a billion acres of protected national monuments up for review in the interest of allowing oil and gas industries and other special interests broader access to public lands;

  • An Executive Order calling for construction of a U.S.-Mexico border wall that could jeopardize the existence of at least 89 endangered or threatened species and 108 migratory bird species;

  • An Executive Order to “review and reconsider” the Clean Water Rule and putting our national health at risk; and

  • An Executive Order instructing the Department of the Interior to “review” offshore drilling restrictions in the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

And these are only a FEW examples of the many terrifying actions we’ve seen by this administration.

Back to me;

The US Presidency has very sadly become a family type business run for the benefit of the Trump family and not for American citizens – certainly not the common man.  He spouts off during campaigns about ‘making America great again’, whilst at the same time daughter Ivanka (behind the scenes) is importing 53.5 tonnes of clothes for her own clothing label into the US – from China ! – see for yourself below.  Where did he get the words ‘Buy American and Hire American’ from – part of his campaign slogan ???

Information shows that more than 1,200 shipments of Trump-branded products have flowed into the US from China and Hong Kong over the past decade. Nordstrum stores decided to drop the Ivanka Trump label; but Presidential ‘spokesperson’ Sean Spicer declared the action was a ‘direct attack’ on the Presidents policy of buy and hire American.  Strange that, eh ? – what’s ‘hire American’ when you import goods from China ?







What is next ? – a sell off of US national monuments which it is claimed will return the land to the people.  Possibly though this will enable certain Republican led States to sell off public land for industry such as mining and water.  And who we ask will benefit from handing over public areas of outstanding natural beauty to the mining industry ? – lets think and hazard a guess – Mr Trumps friends and business partners ?

If ‘buy and hire American’ actually means importing products and services from China, then maybe we need to adopt a similar policy at SAV.  We are not in business of any kind; but maybe we should now address the positives happening in the Far East rather than the negatives in America of what has happened since the Trump inauguration and the huge negatives with US animal welfare issues.  America elected Trump; now America has to respond to the actions.  Why should people such as us in the UK contribute (as we have done many times in the past) into ‘fighting funds’ enacted by groups in the US to fight various negative actions on nature, animals and environmental destruction ? – I have had many brilliant times visiting and enjoying places of natural beauty in the USA in the past; and the thought that a businessman cum President will now hand these wonderful lands over to mining companies etc to exploit for nothing but profit and financial gain fills me with dread.   I am not prepared to financially support campaigns to act against Trump policy – there are loads of issues in the UK and EU that I can put my money into.  America voted him in, now let America take the actions necessary to change things.  Also I ask; for example, what exactly, or who exactly, will benefit from little bear cubs now being allowed to be slaughtered in their hibernation dens in accordance with new legislation ? – what exactly is the purpose of this and more importantly; the question that America should really ask; who exactly will benefit from this new action by Trump ?

Also; who exactly will benefit from ‘Ag Gag’; I guess that it is industry and financial lobbyists who wish to keep their abuses of animals on factory farms and in slaughterhouses under wraps.  The public must not see this; or the undercover journalists and investigators trying to expose bad issues to the public will pay for their work and exposure of such by being handed down prison sentences, whilst the abuses and the abusers can continue with their work without worry.  Sad, worrying and very ‘big brother’; I say no more.

Fortunately, the Far East now shows quite a lot of positive signs that it is moving forward with regard to better animal welfare legislation.  Hopefully the new elections in South Korea on 9/5 will greatly improve this even more and set a positive precedent for the dog meat trade in the Far East.  As for the USA, what can you say about the election of Trump ? – apart from basically negative for almost everything except business and status that involves his personal family.  He gives not a damn about anything but his status and making money – to hell with the rest.

Maybe now SAV will look for and report more on the hopes and positives in the Far East rather than all the negative and damaging environmental / animal welfare news that we witness each and every day in the USA.  Will the Trump actions make America great again ? – I think we know the answer to this already, but we wait and see – time and responses will tell.

The election of President Trump in the USA now causes many of us in the welfare movement to question exactly what his intentions are in relation to certain actions that we have already seen being scrapped and scrubbed by the stoke of his pen, whilst proudly displaying the executive orders across tv screens like some child waiting for praise from a parent and having a copy stuck on the fridge door.

Within the first two weeks of his administration, many thousands of documents detailing animal welfare violations nationwide across the USA have been removed from the website of the United States Department of Agriculture, or USDA, which has been posting such violations publicly for many decades. In doing such, and by hiding online records of animal welfare violations, the USDA national agency robs investigators, journalists, and the public of information— whilst at the same time taking pressure off of animal abusers. The records which have now been removed from view have revealed the many cases of abuse and mistreatment of animals, national incidents that, if the reports had not been publicly posted, would likely have remained hidden – thus allowing animal suffering and the cruelties associated with it to remain hidden. Ag Gag for sure !  Many good people and organisations have now been plunged into the dark about animal welfare issues at facilities across the country thanks to the sweeping pen of Mr. Trump.

Countless cases of animal cruelty have been removed, and what would appear to be the actions and identities of abusive companies have been hidden. It should be the case with the national government that US citizens deserve more transparency and accountability, not less as is being shown under the Trump administration.

Reasoning has to be questioned.  The USDA has long redacted sensitive information from these records; so it is not as if something new has now been eradicated from service.  Mr. Dan Ashe, head of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, and also the former director of the (US) Fish and Wildlife Service; says the USDA’s removal of records is “not in the interest of credible, legitimate animal care facilities. What this action does is it erodes public confidence, because when people see something like that, they’re inclined, rightfully, to think that the government is trying to shield something from their view.”

What is President Trump trying to shield from public view by his actions ?; one has to ask.  What is the true reasoning behind such actions ? – one has to think that money comes into the equation somewhere; scratch back favours for industry, political party donors and the rest who want it played and kept ‘their way’.

Mr Adam Roberts, Chief Exec of Born Free USA, associated with the Born Free Foundation originally created here in the UK, is “shocked” by the purge. He declares correctly that the documents originally shone a light on cruelty in “substandard roadside zoos, shameful animal circuses, puppy breeding factories and more.” He says “the government’s (Trump) decision to make it harder to access this information still further protects animal exploiters in the shroud of secrecy on which their nefarious activities thrive.” – Worrying !

From now on the documents will only be accessible via official requests made under the Freedom of Information Act, or FOI. FOI requests can take months to process; and also, many citizens will not be bothered to undertake FOI requests for information that used to be available to them at the strike of a computer button.

Mr. Roberts says that whenever Born Free receives welfare complaints from concerned citizens, the organization always checked USDA records to see if any complaints had already been made involving the facility or animal(s) in question. Waiting months now for a FOI report for information that previously could be obtained with the click of a button “may mean prolonged suffering for an animal or animals in need,” he declares.  We at SAV support his views 100%.

In response to the Trump actions, animal-rights groups have since launched a counter attack. On February 6, the Humane Society of the United States initiated legal action against the USDA, arguing that the removal of records violates a 2009 settlement between the two parties. Other groups, including PETA, the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine, as well as Born Free USA, have filed a joint lawsuit against the USDA, arguing that by removing this data, the department is in violation of FOI and that the action hinders the groups’ ability to identify violations of the Animal Welfare Act. As far as we are currently aware, the USDA has yet to respond to either legal action.

As legal battles over access to information gather momentum, the impact on professional journalism, and consequently the public’s awareness of any national animal suffering, will be keenly felt. Mr Doug Haddix, Executive Director of Investigative Reporters and Editors, based in Columbia, Missouri; declares that the added burden of animal requests could slow FOIAs down even more. 

By doing this, there is a clear destruction of belief and trust in a government service; instead it could be said that public trust in a US service intended for use by the US public has been destroyed in the swipe of a pen by a new president named Trump – the person who preached that he would make America great again.  These actions do nothing for the ‘great again’; far from it.  Many questions about policy are now being asked right across the EU and the rest of the world.  Access to public data and documents should not be for the privileged few; and anyone concerned about both responsible and transparent government in the United States should be alarmed by the actions of Trump and the USDA; and what is now happening in the USA as a whole.






Karakul Coat Production – Watch It If You Can – Then Pass On To The ‘Fashion’ Industry !



Karakul Coats: A Look at the Sacrificial Lambs

I got a lot of videos and news with photos in the last week.
All documented, as always, an incomprehensible suffering. The suffering of the animals.
A video made me particularly busy.
The video with the documentation of sheep and lambs.
In this documentation you can see how man has reached the lowest biological level and has developed into a piece of shit.

So I call someone, a piece of shit, which separates the still unborn embryo from the still living body of its mother and throws it on the ground.
Animal rights activists are often given the title of misanthrope, when they call animal criminals sadists, psychopaths, mental-murderers.
These are the philanthropists against misanthropes.

We live in a society of the so-called philanthropists.
The first rule of philanthropy is to love people.
No matter what they are: butchers, slaughterhouse workers, experimenters, furry owners, hunters, animal cruelties … all this is people you must love.
When I look at the following photos with the massacred animals and their executioners, I immediately think of the “philanthropists”!!

Everyone who has their hands full of the blood of animals, as first- or second hand animal-torturers, all of which are the “philanthropists”, that is, someone who pretends to love his fellow human beings.
As soon as someone denies this “man” the title of man, one is a misanthrope.
As soon as one criticizes and detests the whole society (with very few exceptions) as a perpetrators society, one is even a radical misanthrope!!

 After this last video and many other videos I saw during my fight for the rights of the animals, I can say: my fellow men have done everything so I hate them.
It is not just the first-hand animal cruelties that force me into this hatred,; it is a whole sick society that grows with every day, and with it animal brethren, sadism, the brutal exploitation of the animals.
A society that has long since become the bearer of fascism against the weak.
This society deserves my hatred.





Karakul Coats: A Look at the Sacrificial Lambs

They may think they look good – but probably thick heads who do not even know how what they are wearing was produced.

This says a lot for the so called fashion industry.

As we say with fur – It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat – but it takes only 1 to wear it.



Thailand: A Message From Our Adoptive Dog Twinnsie – Please Sponsor, Or Better Still, Adopt In Memory Of SOI Dogs Co Founder Gill Who Recently Passed Away.

SAV Comment – We had no idea that SOI founder Gill had passed away recently – see more below.

Our heart goes out to John with the loss of his wife.  Despite all his grief, he is fighting and working so hard for the dogs.  As a tribute to the amazing work that Gill did during her life, we ask everyone to now please consider at least sponsoring, if not adopting a dog from SOI in her memory.  Every dog saved by SOI is a dog that does NOT go into the dog meat trade – simple as that.

Thank you Gill for your dedication to all our canine friends.

Adopt now please.



SOI dogs contact – http://www.soidog.org/en/contact-us-2/


Twinnsie – Latest photo  Above – old pictures below.

What a beautiful girl !

Below is a new message from our adoptive doggie – Twinnsie

Dear Mark,

Hi, it is Twinnsie your sponsor dog! I am just getting in touch with the latest update on my life at the shelter. I continue to make good progress but I am still a little bit shy in my enclosure and will hide away if I do not know you. Once I get to know you and trust you though, I will happily let you take me for a walk!

I can be a little bit tense on my walks but the longer I am out, the more this goes away. Sometimes I stop and will lie down and refuse to walk further. All you have to do is wait a bit and I will soon decide to start walking again. After my walks, I am quite happy to head back to my enclosure, where I have a big drink of water and then relax with my doggy friends. I still have some work to do on my trust issues but meanwhile, I am being well cared for here at the shelter.

Thank you for sponsoring me!

That is all the news on me for now; let me tell you about what has been happening at the shelter.

Everyone, both human and animal, has been very sad lately as we recently lost our momma and Soi Dog co-founder Gill Dalley, who passed away after a short battle with cancer. Everyone misses her so very much but I know that all the humans here will carry on saving animals just as she would have wanted. Last December was a record month for visitors to the shelter, with 520 people visiting and 42 volunteers passing through and spending time with all of us. Although some of us are shyer than others, even the timid animals are curious about all the people who come to visit.

There were recently some new enclosures built to house more survivors of the horrible dog meat trade. There was huge excitement a few months ago when 60 dogs rescued from the dog meat trade arrived at the shelter. They had been living at another Soi Dog-funded shelter in north-east Thailand and this move was their first step on their journey to forever homes in the U.S. and Canada. Soi Dog now has a big network of partner rescue organisations that help to re-home the survivors of the dog meat trade. In addition to the new enclosures, extended sun shades were built in all the enclosures. We also have a brand new dog-walking area. This is very popular with all of us who enjoy our walks and one-on-one time with the volunteers. We have recently said goodbye to a lot of friends; 86 dogs and cats have found their forever homes so far in 2017. So many have found wonderful families all over the world in places like Europe, Canada and the U.S. It is sad to say goodbye but we are so happy for the future that lies ahead for them. We hope that one day we too will have that same chance.

Until then, I know I am safe and loved here at the Soi Dog shelter and that is all thanks to you sponsoring my care. Thank you again for doing that for me, I will write again soon.

Woofs and licks,



Copyright 2017 The Soi Dog Foundation. Contact us













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Get The Conservation Message Across At Work – A Few Ideas Ladies !

USA: Chinese Workers Making $1 An hour To Produce Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line.


Chinese Workers Making $1 An hour To Produce Ivanka Trump’s Clothing Line


Serbia: ‘Truffle’ Needs A Forever Home – Can You Help ? – Please Crosspost.

Truffle was rescued as a baby with broken leg.

She is now ready for a new forever home.

Please share by crossposting to everyone – Thanks SAV.


If you can provide a forever home, please contact via the following:  https://www.facebook.com/ana.bojic.39 

 From Ana:

  1. This is beautiful Truffle looking for that wonderful forever home.

  2. She would love nothing more than to curl up on your rug in front of that fire like many other dogs do. Truffle is 3 years old and was found on the street as a puppy with broken leg.

  3. As you know in Balkans many many dogs suffer either by cruel humans or by cars etc, however Truffle is fine now and leg is good and causes her no problems.

  4. She loves other dogs and loves nothing more than to be cuddled and loved. Truffle lives in kennel in yard but she needs a home. 3 years in yard is just too long for this beautiful girl. Truffle has been spayed and had all vaccines so she ready for adoption. Is there anyone out there that can open your heart to this beautiful girl.

  5. She is only a medium size dog and lots of love to offer that special someone who falls in love with her. Please open your heart to this darling girl as she so deserves that wonderful forever home. Also its always very hard to find black dogs homes in the Balkans as they hate black dogs for some reason.

  6. If you need any more information please contact me. Thank you
    There will be an adoption fee for this beautiful girl and of course a home check will have to be done.

One to ponder on:


EU: Promises, Promises !

SAV Comment – “proposed legal provisions at EU level”.

We have witnessed their ‘provisions at EU level’ when it comes to implementing Regulation 1/2005 for the alleged protection of animals during transport.  This being their own ‘legal provisions’ which in reality are simply weasel words that mean nothing.  Lets hope they do something better than they do with implementing the rules and enforcement for Regulation 1/2005; although we very much doubt it.


Health and Food Safety Directorate General            


Today in Brussels, EU-level experts, national competent authorities and medicines agencies, veterinarians, farmers and industry will gather to discuss data collection on consumption of veterinary antimicrobials in Europe – achievements, challenges and the way forward.

The main aim of the workshop, organised by the European Commission in collaboration with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is to explore how data on antimicrobial consumption in animals can be improved (sales and use per species). The discussion will also provide technical input for proposed legal provisions at EU level.

During the workshop, the Commission will present the state of play of its strategy to combat Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), including information on the AMR-related provisions under the revision of the legal framework on veterinary medicines. The EMA will present the European Surveillance of Veterinary Antimicrobial Consumption (ESVAC) Strategy 2016-2020, the ESVAC sales data and the draft guidance for collection of data on antimicrobial use by animal species. See the full agenda of the workshop here <http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/health_food-safety/amr/docs/ev_20170426_ag.pdf> .




The Commission is committed to combatting AMR through a ‘One-Health’ approach involving actions on human health, animal health, the environment and food safety as well as on antimicrobial research and development. Curbing antimicrobial consumption amongst animals is a vital part of the fight against AMR.


With regard to this consumption, 30 European countries currently voluntarily report on annual sales data. Inspired by the ESVAC blueprint, the Commission’s proposal for a new Regulation on veterinary medicinal products provides for compulsory collection of data on sales and use of veterinary antimicrobials. ESVAC is already focusing on the systems and procedures necessary to manage this proposed requirement.


For more information:


*           EU action on AMR




This is the newsletter of DG Health and Food Safety <http://ec.europa.eu/dgs/health_food-safety/index_en.htm> .






South Korea: Great News – After 20 Years In Captivity, The Animal Activist Mayor Approves Captive Dolphins To Be Released Back To The Ocean !


Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin ProjectLike Page

· Yesterday at 9:15am ·

Shoutout for my hero, Mayor Park Wan-soon. He’s a veteran activist for social justice and animal welfare. He’s even been arrested for his activism. Like Nelson Mandela, Park Wan-soon went from a jail cell to the mayors residence.

Shorty after taking office he banned the cruel horse drawn carriage trade. He installed outdoor heating elements for the homeless in Seoul.

This is my kind of guy!

It was the mayors decision to confiscate, rehabilitate and release the illegally captured dolphins back into the wild. In a meeting in his chambers a few years ago, he told me and the attending media that “The Cove” movie greatly influenced his decision to free the dolphins. He even paid for the entire project. What a guy!

Anyhow, here’s the latest good news from our friends in South Korea:

“Two more dolphins going back to the ocean after 20 years at Seoul Grand Park
Once raised at Seoul Grand Park, two Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins will soon return to their motherland; Jeju coastal waters.

After 20 years of living in the aquarium at Seoul Grand Park, the two male Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins “Geumdeung” and “Daepo” will be sent back to Jeju seas around July. The announcement was made Friday by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Korea Marine Environment Management Corporation.

The dolphins were captured by a fishery net near Jeju Island in 1997 and 1998, respectively. They were named after the villages (Geumdeung-ri, Daepo-ri) where they were first found. Drifting through various dolphin performance theaters around Jeju Island, they were finally transported to Seoul Grand Park in 1999 and 2002.

The recent decision came as a solution to procreate higher number of their species, which can only be found near the Jeju shores in Korea. At the current time, approximately 100 Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins reside there. Estimated to be aged around 23 to 26 years old, Geumdeung and Daepo are still diagnosed as healthy enough to procreate. An average Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphin lives up to 30 to 35 years old.

This is not the first time to return dolphins back to their homes. For the first time in Asia, the dolphin “Jedol” was released in 2013. The ministry plans to carefully carry out training sessions for the two mammals to adapt seamlessly to wildlife, as they were raised for nearly two decades. Once they become used to their local surroundings and catch preys, the two dolphins will be transported back to the southern island in May and return to the ocean around July.”

Article by Sung-Min Park.




England / Asia: Jill Robinson: to the Moon and Back DVD – The Story of the Founder of Animals Asia.

Jill Robinson: to the Moon and Back DVD

Availability: In stock

Only 300 left


Quick Overview

Now you can watch the extraordinary story of our founder Jill Robinson who took on the bear bile industry and created massive social and political change in China and Vietnam. ‘Jill Robinson: to the Moon and Back’ is proof that one person can change the world.

Narrated by actor Peter Egan, this is Jill’s journey told from her own perspective. Our thanks to filmmaker Andrew Telling and Orange Planet Pictures for this deeply moving film. 30% of sales go to Animals Asia. Available in English only. Running time: 53 minutes.


Watch trailer here


A little more about Jill – the girl from England who visited a bile farm; saw the suffering bears, and decided to start doing something about their suffering.  Founding Animals Asia – they have now rescued hundreds of animals and are gradually closing the bile farms down.















SAV Comment

I had the great pleasure of corresponding with Jill just about a year ago when I asked her if it would be possible to establish an AA facility in Serbia relating to stray dog education and also a direct link with the EU Enlargement Commission.  AA also does work in relation to stray dogs as well as bile bears.  We threw some ideas around, but unfortunately decided against it, mainly because a lot of the (AA) funding is desperately needed primarily for campaigns in the far East such as stray animal management, running ex bile bear shelters and doing rescue missions.  The other overriding fact was that despite our and many other groups attempts over many years, the brain dead Serbian government cannot get a grip on the fact that a national sterilisation programme of strays works for the very good over a period of time; gradually reducing stray animal numbers.

They cannot (or most probably do not want to) grasp this approach; thinking instead that continual round up and continual killing of strays is the only answer to what they call ‘a problem’.  We call it ‘corruption’ as it is a continual way of making money from the government (aka the EU) by continually allowing in sterilised strays to breed; then rounding them up as problem strays and finally killing them, whilst at the same time declaring to the public that they are providing a ‘service’ to them by keeping down stray numbers.  Sterilisation is the only real way to reduce numbers !

If the money (in some cases 500 Euros per dog caught and killed – when the average monthly wage for a person is 300 Euros) was put into a national stray sterilisation plan; then stray numbers would automatically decrease over time, thus eliminating the need for shinters and money being paid out for each round up and killing.  But to some in certain areas of Serbian government and regional authority, the current process is a continual way of making a fast buck (as we give figure for above) and possibly pocketing some of the big money paid out for every stray dog caught and killed.  A Non sterilisation attitude such as theirs is a guaranteed way of ensuring that you always have a supply of dogs to capture and kill – and getting money from organisations such as the EU for doing it.  We have given our information so many times to the EU Enlargement Commission over the years; but they are not really interested in the evidence, just the same as they are not interested in real evidence for real abuses in the live animal transport scheme for example.

So we don’t win, the animals certainly don’t win, but the authorities and people in government, sure they win with the ‘official payments made for stray animal control’.

If they read this and say we are overstepping the plate, then let them come forward and threaten to take us to court if they think we are telling untruths.  We have THE EVIDENCE; know the shelter formats (ask those campaigning for the Pozega dogs) AND HAVE THE SPECIALISTS WHO WILL TESTIFY THAT THE STERILISATION OF STRAYS IS THE ONLY WAY TO REDUCE NUMBERS OVER A GIVEN TIME PERIOD.  At the same time we can also inform that we and others have been ignored by the EU when it comes to a strategy for stray animal management.

We have said a lot about this and gained a lot of evidence over the last 11+ years.  Never have we so far even been threatened with court action – we wonder why ? – could it be that we are correct and the government attitude to long term stray management and associated finances is wrong ?

So the situation is that Serbia does not sterilise stray animals as it prefers a money making ‘kill’ policy.  Sterilisation would reduce stray numbers = less animals to catch and kill = less money into pockets for some.  But also a win – win situation for stray number reduction.

Like live export evidence presented to them, the EU does not really care; it just chugs on at a pathetic rate ignoring any non compliance evidences with its own-created Regulations such as 1/2005; whist at the same time preaching to all other member states that the UK was so wrong to vote to leave the EU.  I am a ‘European’ from the UK; and thus would accept to be IN the EU, but only if the EU actually enforces its own rules, which it does not.  The UK will not put up with the EU shambles; so we voted to get out.  Does the Le Pen situation in France on 23/4 not tell them (EU) that most people in Europe; the normal citizens;  are fed up with deaf ear ‘EU jobsworths’ who really do nothing but type out Europa websites and non-enforceable EU regulations each and every day ?

We shall see, and we carry on regardless;

Regardless, I have massive respect and love for Jill Robinson and the work she has undertaken at Animals Asia – it is now a world wide organisation which is slowly but surely killing off the bear bile trade and opening the cage doors to a life of freedom and love and care for all the bears they rescue.  Soon there will be no more bile farms – Jill will have succeeded in bringing her dream into the real world; and for that she deserves all of our respect and admiration.  She is one very special lady.

It is because of such very special people like her, that SAV will always promote and support the work of this excellent organisation – Animals Asia and their founder, Jill.

As they say, ‘Until the cruelty ends’;




USA: Petition – Punish Man Who Cut Off Horses Leg With A Saw, Without Using Any Anesthesia


It really makes you wonder if these kind of jerks should even be allowed within 100 metres of an animal – let alone own them !

Allegedly sawing off the leg of his horse without any kind of anesthesia or sedation !

Demand that this person be punished for his actions which left the horse in question dead.

Please read and sign the petition at:





In Memory of ‘Britches’ For 24/4/.


In memory of Britches



Every year on this day I remember the liberation of the macaque baby “Britches” from the University Laboratory of California (ULC). The ALF has made this exemption. Britches, a five-week-old monkey baby, was separated from his mother shortly after his birth. The aim of the experiment was to test the effect of a device on the blind so that blind people are guided by warning signals. For this reason the eyelids of Britches had been sewn and a sonar device attached to him.

On April 20, 1985, some courageous ALF activists deactivated the alarm system of ULC, entered the lab, and freed Britches, along with other 460 laboratory animals.

The story of “Britches” is perhaps known, but less well-known is that due to this action, these cruel trials in UCR were no longer pursued. The eyes of the monkeys were also no more sewn. And ALF has written with this liberation a history in the fight against animal experiments.

After a lot of actions, demos, signatures we have made against animal experiments, I ask myself today what we have achieved against this criminal idiocy (animal experiments). Unfortunately not much.

After 40 years of fighting animal experiments, the EU has forbidden animal experiments on cosmetics by law on 11 March 2013. This was really a great success! But this is obligatory only for the EU. In China, for example, animal testing for cosmetics is mandatory. The requirements in China mean that companies who want to sell their products there, must have them tested on animals. This means that if a cosmetic company from Germany wants to have new customers in China, it has to participate the animal experiments. Although this company is animal-free in Germany.

Nevertheless, a boycott of animal experiments is possible only in the cosmetics sector.

In the drug area, on the other hand, a boycott is almost impossible. All medications, treatment methods, surgical techniques … etc. have been tested in animal experiments, and are still being tested. In most cases with no clinical benefit. Because what works with the animal, does not necessarily work for human beings. The reason is that the animal experimentation system, as known, is based on an incorrect methodological approach, that is: the diseases of humans are reduced to symptoms in experimental animals. The so-called “animal models” are produced in Labor animals. Cancer is produced in mice by injection of cancer cells or gene manipulation. These “animal models”, however, have nothing in common with human disease, and are therefore not suitable for curing human beings.

Cancer is a typical example of the chronic unsuccessfulness of animal experimentation medicine. I quote the opinion of researcher Dr. Richard Klausner, director of the American National Cancer Institute, 1998 “The history of cancer research is the history of how to cure cancer in mice. For decades, we have been curing cancer in mice, but in humans it just does not work “.

I still want to end my contribution to the day of the experimental animals with a positive message, which has sent me a friend recently.

“Maybe we need to stop thinking of animals as these little furry test tubes that can be or even should be controlled,” Joseph Garner, a behavioral scientist at the Stanford University Medical Center, and lead author of the study, told NPR.

 “And maybe instead we should think of them as patients.”

Mice not ‘furry little people’: Researchers rethink animal testing as human trials fail



My best regards to all



SAV Comment –

Mark (SAV Founder), has suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 17 years now.  Animals do NOT suffer from MS; only humans.  So, I ask, why then are we doing animal testing to find a cure for MS ? – Is this not like putting a car tyre onto a Boeing 747 and finding out if it can stand so many landings ? – it makes no sense; you test aircraft tyres on aircraft, so why try and find results for human illness by testing on animals ?

An animal trapped for fur will often chew its own leg off to escape the trap and death.  Would a human chew off his own leg and survive ?

A woman who has a hysterectomy is advised not to raise her arms above her head for several weeks.  When my dog was sterilised, we were out in the park playing ball within 2 days !

Animals and humans are not the same – they are very different; their body types are specific to their species.  You cannot find cures to human illness by testing it (or falsely creating it as with MS) on an animal – they react differently and are certainly not duplicate models for the human species.  Anyone who thinks they are  is living in the past.

And yes, animals are still being used to find a cure for MS.  Why does someone not investigate why the human species gets MS and animals don’t.  Is it genetic ? – are there other reasons ? – that would be useful research instead of artificially creating something in an animal that the animal species does not even naturally suffer from in order to find cures for a human only disease.

And yes you have guessed it; we still MS test for MS using animals; and still we have no cure for MS in humans.  I would say that all the time we test on animals we will never find a cure.  Lets go outside the envelope and undertake some proper research which does not involve animal testing but which will be beneficial to human diseases.

I have an illness and want a cure – but the cure does not exist in animals which do not suffer from it in the first place !

As an MS sufferer and someone who wants a cure, I will always speak out AGAINST animal testing for human diseases.  It makes no sense.


Check this out and you will see what I mean:







Meat Is Murder.

The song by ‘The Smiths’ which created more vegetarians in the UK than anything else !

‘The Smiths’ was led by frontman ‘Morrissey’, who you can see in the second video.  Morrissey is a massive animal rights activist / campaigner – and his feelings about meat are reflected in the song.  You can see more Morrissey by visiting the ‘About Us’ tab at the top and scrolling down to the section where videos are shown.  ‘Everyday is like Sunday’ is a good example – great song and the video reflects that anti meat philosophy which he has – here is the video link to save time.

Below – 2 videos of ‘Meat is Murder’ by ‘The Smiths’

Above – ‘Morrissey’, or ‘Mozza’ as we call him in the UK.  Top Man !



Australia: News From Animals Australia.

80,000+ people worldwide speak up for the victims of live export Inspired by compassion, more and more caring people every day are joining the international movement to free animals from live export cruelty.


Exposé sets global live export industry reeling The animals condemned to Europe’s live export trade have had their stories told for the first time. And the results have been explosive… read all about it   


VICTORY! Kellogg says NO to cages The latest win in the fight against factory farming sees food giant Kellogg pledge to free hens from battery cage cruelty. celebrate with us »


Ducks saved from shooting horror Thousands of native waterbirds have been spared from slaughter as the guns are silenced on major Victorian wetlands. get the good news »


VICTORY! Greyhound racetrack scrapped A five-year battle on behalf of man’s best friend has shut down plans to build a new track in Queensland. find out more »



Mark says – he wishes he could play Trumpet that well !