Spain: the Passion story of the galgos


To Galgo Day, 1 February


From birth, the sensitive dogs are trained for the hunt with cruel methods and repeatedly abused terribly. Many animals are kept in dark cellars or sheds. Others in small crates, tons or old cars.

When the hunting season is over at the beginning of February, the Galgos’ suffering history reaches its sad climax: animals that are no longer producing are disposed of ice cold by their owners.

The hunters starve the galgos, bury them alive, hang them on trees, drag them to death by car or throw them into deep wells. When the dogs are “lucky” they end up with broken bones in the street.

That’s Spain too!

The welcome myths from the media and travel catalogs have bombarded us for years with slogans and national myths that Spain is a fascinating country :

the Spaniards know to eat, the Spaniards know to live, to love, to enjoy!!!
Spain, the nation with “el temperamento de pura raza”! Go for Vacation in Spain!

And so today Spain can (almost) live from tourism, which it does not deserve.
A country with bullfighting as a cultural heritage, a country with an annual galgos massacre of 50,000, a country with the most brutal tradition in bull torture in Europe  (Toro de la Vega, Toro del Fuego, San Fermín days … etc) such a country deserves tourism boycott!

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Australia moves to end the reliance on cosmetic animal testing.



Australia moves to end the reliance on cosmetic animal testing.


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USA: Justice for dog wrapped in duct tape and thrown into ditch. Read more and sign the petition:



USA: Justice for dog wrapped in duct tape and thrown into ditch.

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The number of farmed animals death calculator – second by second – watch it !



The number of farmed animals death calculator – second by second – watch it !


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They must be real men they wear Camo Jackets !

They must be real men they wear Camo Jackets !


Watch the disgusting video of majestic animals being shot by sick perverts:



USA: perverted Trophy Hunter pays $100,000 to kill endangered goat.

USA: perverted Trophy Hunter pays $100,000 to kill endangered goat.

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USA: 2 Dog abuse petitions – please sign.

USA: 2 Dog abuse petitions – please sign.

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Myths and facts


In 2016, sharks killed four people.
In the same year, people killed 100 million sharks.


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Zimbabwe: baby elephants in cruel trade


Now another 35 baby elephants are to be sent to Chinese zoos after being forcibly separated from their mothers in the Hwange National Park.

“Network for Animals is appalled by Zimbabwe’s continued export of very young elephants to lives of hell in China,” said David Barritt, NFA’s chief campaigner.

“Many of these babies will still be breast feeding. Scientists say they will never fully recover from the trauma”.

…the human being has not the least value on this planet…there is absolutely nothing useful and peaceful that he can give to nature and animals… with everything he does, he destroys everything that has life, beauty, value..we are certainly by far the dumbest, perfidious and abominable beings on this earth .

Human being: The worst parasitic!!


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Colombia: adios hobby murder!


After Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, Botswana, Oman, Costa Rica (2012) and many other areas now also in Colombia. The Colombian Constitutional Court made a groundbreaking decision for the animals: It declared the hobby hunting unconstitutional.

On this basis, one year after the court ruling, a ban on hobby hunting in Colombia will come into effect.

“It is constitutionally not allowed to kill or torture animals just for fun […] because that does not correspond to the duty or the constitutional mandate to protect nature […]. “

And these are the “third world” countries!!!
Here in “first world” country, in Germany, we have 380,000 hobby-hunters and only about 1,000 of them are professional hunters, especially forestry officials. 380.00 hobby killers kill up to 6 million wild animals a year. For fun!!


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The truth


englischer Spruch-Carnivore_n

And the only honest argument of carnivores about why the eat meat is, that the suffering of other beings interests them a shit.


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Italia: Undercover investigation about factory farming under water!


In Europe, about 74 million tons of marine animals worth 120 billion euros are raised in aquaculture. An Italian organization, “Essere Animali “, wanted to know under what conditions.

And what they found is scary!!

With hidden cameras they have discovered farms similar to those for meat, millions of fish locked up in cages, manipulated and transported as if they were objects. They are not even allowed to stun before death: they are left agonized for long minutes. That of fish is a silent suffering on which it is urgent to intervene.

The EU Commission in a report in March 2018 stated that there are serious abuses in the factory farming of fish (aquaculture).

But EU sees no further need to protect fish!

The Commission justifies this by saying that “the welfare of fish could also be achieved through ‘voluntary measures, as demonstrated by the industry’s improvements in recent years” (!!)


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Japanese activists file lawsuit against Taiji


Recently, Dolphin Project had the opportunity to speak with Ren Yabuki of the Life Investigation Agency (LIA). LIA focuses on the representation of animals in Japan. We met Ren for the first time in the 2016/17 dolphin hunt season when he came to Taiji to find out about the problems of the prison industry in Japan.


He says: “When the news reports on the subject matter, they are very biased and do not accurately portray the available information. The media tends to hide and cover up information for the Japanese people by never telling the full truth”.

The suppression of freedom of speech and of the press is a broad phenomenon when it comes to the truth about the crimes against animals.

Paul Sethe, a German publicist and journalist said many years ago: “Press freedom is the freedom of two hundred rich people to spread their opinions.”



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Austria: illegal transport under the protection of the police!!


At dawn on Tuesday morning (Feb. 12), 15 animal welfare activists gathered at the parking lot on which the livestock truck was parked. After sighting the animals, the thirsty pigs were supplied with water by the activists. Also documented was missing litter. The poor animals had to stand for hours on hard, ice-cold metal and lie.

Nevertheless, the police started arresting us, instead of controlling the van!!

Because it is organizationally more convenient, a livestock truck from a Lower Austrian company goes to porkers every Monday evening to load animals. The immediate destination is not the slaughterhouse, but a parking lot.

There are about 200 pigs crammed together in a confined space then simply turned off, also without litter and without water. The pigs were parked at 9pm on the night before and then left to their own fate! The last night they experienced, they froze and scared themselves in this parking lot!

The driver drives home and goes to sleep!!

The pigs scream all night long. Only in the morning does he come back and the completely exhausted animals continue their journey to the slaughterhouse. This scenario is repeated week after week, according to witnesses for weeks, maybe for years!


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USA: Vet who smuggled heroin inside puppies bodies sentenced to prison.

USA: Vet who smuggled heroin inside puppies bodies sentenced to prison.

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USA: Bears Rescued from roadside zoo now thriving in Colorado sanctuary.


USA: Bears Rescued from roadside zoo now thriving in Colorado sanctuary.

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Bastard !

Bastard !


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EU: Fails once again – one million citizens demand change on pig mutilations to cover up for broken farming systems.

EU: Fails once again – one million citizens demand change on pig mutilations to cover up for broken farming systems.

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Germany: Tree destruction before birds nest in March !

Germany: Tree destruction before birds nest in March !

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A very fair offer!


Do you remember the case of the monkey slave “Bili” in the Wuppertaler Zoo, in Germany?

We had reported that he had been attacked by his conspecifics, had lost an ear and a finger in the fight, but the zoo’s slave-keeper still does not want to release him to an organization in Scotland, which has a lot of experience with traumatized monkeys.

Today I read a very fair offer on the Face Book page of the well-known german organization “Animal Peace”,

I translated it:


We understood!
Not with the Psychopaths,
We have to talk with the Bonobos.
Our offer is therefore to the Wuppertal Bonobo Group:

Give Bili free.
You get this your cowardly prison director for it.
(He still has both ears and all fingers)
signs, Animal Peace


Animal Peace comments its offer so: So one must deal with mobbing victims and with mobbing victim traitors!

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“Casa de carne”

As an accompaniment to the very beautiful video by Mark Your turn to experience farm animal suffering …” I would like to post this similar one!


On a night out with friends, Eric tries a new restaurant that takes the dining experience full circle. Set in the not-so-distance dark future, “Casa de Carne” is a thought-provoking short film about hard choices and hidden truths.

Winner of the 1st Place Tarshis Film Award at the 2019 Animal Film Festival.

Written & Directed by Dustin Brown

Produced by William Martens & Dustin Brown Executive Producer Chris DeRose Cinematography by Mark Mannschreck Edited by Dustin Brown Associate Producer & 1st AD Nura Ashimova Starring Joe LeMieux, Gintare Bandinskaite, Mantas Valantiejus 2019

Last Chance for Animals.

Someone commented on this:

I would like this to be real experience, not acting”. Me too!

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China: courageous activists save 174 white foxes!


Good news comes from China, where 174 white foxes were freed from a fur farm thanks to the courage and support of the activists.

The farm said it was in competition for lack of revenue: after closure, the foxes would be sold to other farms or simply killed. The two women took advantage of the stalemate and were able to bring the foxes away.

Because the foxes were not raised in the wild, but only in a cage, they could not be released directly into the wild. For this reason, the activists took them to a Buddhist sanctuary in Mudanjiang Prefecture

The very praiseworthy action of these animal rights activists has posed an example for their country. Thus, the hope arises that the animal rights groups in Asia will soon create a foundation there …

We say, Thank you!!

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The next victims: polar bears in Russia


Because of an “invasion of aggressive polar bears” the authorities have declared a state of emergency on the Russian twin island Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean. The reason for the invasion was that they found food in the settlements.

 The shooting of animals can no longer be ruled out.

When people hunt bears and kill them for fun this we call trophy hunting and it is allowed.

When bears lose their natural ram by human hand and try to survive, then we call them aggressive beasts and they have to be shot dead.

Such is the fascist belief of the human species!

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Greece: Solidarity for the inmates of the Attica Park


Seven dolphins are captive at the Attica Zoological Park in Athens. They are forced to engage in frequent performances, even though it is illegal, in accordance with Article 13 of Law 4039/12.

We call for the immediate abolition of those performances and, therefore, the ban of the dolphin captivity in Greece with respective legislation.

Again, some inmates are illegally detained. Unscrupulous slave owners working with the help of sold politicians at the expense of cheap animal entertainment.

Greece is also a victim of the EU’s criminal policy. Thanks to a corrupt government that works loyally and cooperatively with the EU and has sold out the country, the country is bankrupt.

Obviously, some animal tormentors have taken the same practices from their rulers in animal exploitation to earn money. We must try to stop this criminal trade.

Therefore: we all sign this petition:

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The suffering of animals for the beauty industry


Since 2013, no cosmetic product may be sold in the EU whose raw materials have been tested on the animal after this date.

That may sound reassuring at first glance, but unfortunately the topic of “cosmetics and animal experiments” can not be shelved for a long time yet. Millions of animals still suffer and die agonizingly every year in the laboratories of the beauty industry.

One of the reasons is that 90% of all chemical raw materials that are used in cosmetics are also used in other areas, and all these substances must continue to be tested in animal experiments under EU chemicals legislation.

Another reason is the fact that animal testing remains mandatory in China and many other markets. If a company wants to sell a product in this market, it will be tested on the animal first.

The EU ban of 2013 is in reality a decision full of loopholes.

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Mass entertainment


There is no blood in the picture yet.
But we know what’s next: the execution.
As then, with the Christian martyrs in the Roman Colloseum.
Only at that time were people the victims.
Today it is the animals that fall prey to the fascist ideology of a morally underdeveloped society.


My best regards, Venus


Hunters in Germany: “we are doing something good”


© Andreas Nemitz

During a pressure hunt in Kerschlach (Upper Bavaria), a pack of dogs followed a seriously wounded fox to a private estate.

He instructed, according to the owner of the garden, injuries to the lower abdomen, between the hind legs, on the head and on his lips.

The chairman of the Hunting Association of the district, says: “What happened there that’s all right”!!

And we say: Only psychopaths find it okay to let a badly wounded animal be massacred by the dogs!

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future reality..


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Costa Rica: a small country with big plans


Carlos Alvarado, the new president of Costa Rica, proclaimed the country’s “titanic and beautiful job of doing away with the use of fossil fuels in our economy to make room for the use of clean and renewable energy”.

His goal is for Costa Rica to lead the Paris Climate Change Agreement and become a “world decarbonisation laboratory” before the United Nations climate change negotiations in 2020!

The most important role is played by the fact that some countries, such as Costa Rica, want to trade before twelve, and not after twelve, like the most countries of this world.

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Colombia: live animals as drug transports!


Colombia: Veterinarian sentenced to six years in prison for heroin smuggling in live puppies.

The animals were used as drug couriers and should bring the heroin to the US in their stomachs. According to prosecutors, Elorez implanted the puppy with the heroin packages through surgery. The dogs were subsequently transported from Colombia to the US, where the heroin was surgically removed!

And we thought … we have seen everything…


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New study explores the reasons behind animal activist burnout.

New study explores the reasons behind animal activist burnout.


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India – February 2019 – Latest Rescues from Animal Aid Unlimited.

India – February 2019 – Latest Rescues from Animal Aid Unlimited.

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USA: It’s the state of the planet; not just the Union !

USA: It’s the state of the planet; not just the Union !

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EU: New law passed blocking senior members from having secret meetings with lobbyists.

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EU: M6nths – a film about the short lives of pigs in the EU.

EU: M6nths – a film about the short lives of pigs in the EU.



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USA: Ban the brutal slaughter of Americas wild horses.

USA: Ban the brutal slaughter of Americas wild horses.

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The doomsday clock is ticking for African donkeys – China wants them all for ‘traditional medicine’.

The doomsday clock is ticking for African donkeys – China wants them all for ‘traditional medicine’.


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The Million Dollar vegan campain for pope Francis


Pope Francis has been offered a $1 million donation to a charity of his choice – if he follows a vegan diet during Lent.

The Million Dollar Vegan campaign – which is backed by a host of celebrities, environmentalists and scientists – wants to ‘highlight the devastating impact of animal agriculture’ including deforestation and biodiversity loss as well the suffering it causes to billions of farmed animals.



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children education


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Germany: veterinary office shows character!


“For me it is animal cruelty, when cattle from our region are transported several thousand kilometers, to be then slaughtered in countries where there is no animal welfare. “I can no longer personally support this”! Peter Dreier, district administrator (Landshut, Bavaria).


This attitude in Landshut could reopen the debate on animal transports from Germany. For so far, such exports are legal with the appropriate permits – but now veterinarians refuse just this.


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350.000 signatures against overfishing!


We arrived in 2019 … the year in which the EU promised to end the overfishing of our seas.

Thanks to your support, the European Commission and the EU Fisheries Ministers in December received an impression of our  resolve when we handed them over 350,000 signatures in Brussels. In addition, they received a total of 20,000 emails from you!

The god of the sea Poseidon was on our side, and made sure that your voices and those of the oceans were heard. And the global media have also listened.

Not only Poseidon, but we are also on your side, dear friends of Our Fish.  With full respect for your work!!

We all hope for a better world for our animal roommates on this earth, and do everything to make this world a reality someday.

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Sick meat from Poland: EU takes command!


A slaughterhouse in Poland is said to have secretly killed sick animals. 9,5 Tons of meat came into circulation – even in other EU countries.

Inspectors are scheduled to travel to Poland on Monday to analyze the situation, a spokeswoman for the Brussels authorities said.

Cheer!! The EU has certainly found something to justify its existence: the protection of consumer health!! Although it is too late, the 9.5 tons of “sick” meat are a long time ago eaten.

EU commissioners are not interested in animals used illegally in slaughterhouses, even though they are ill, and although the law (EU law !!) requires emergency slaughter.

For sick animals, pregnant cows and newborn calves that are illegally transported in Europe, the EU is not interested.
And all these sacrifices produce more than 9.5 tons of meat per year!

Because they are only animals and the EU knows very well that its voters are not the animals but the meat consumers. So it has to pretend to protect them.

Actually, the “sick” meat does not interest the EU either.
It is only a welcome tool of manipulation for EU citizens, so we all forget what the real problem with factory farming in the EU is.

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China: Happy New Year of the Pig ?

China: Yes, Happy New Year of the Pig To You Too – They All Look As If They Will Celebrate !



Don`t be Horst!


That`s Horst

Horst finds furs cool,
because he does not care about animals.

If you tell Horst that his fur did not die in the forest, it does not interest him.

That’s why Horst always looks like the butt of a hairy dog in winter … and he talks like that.

Horst has no heart
… and no taste.

Don`t be a Horst.

(Image: B.Jost -Translation from Venus, with best regards)


The horror cabinet with live beings.


This is what happens to farmed animals when they’re transported in freezing conditions.
These pigs have literally froze to slaughterhouse truck and need to be cut apart piece by piece in order to be removed.


These are the victims of the animal farming industry.
This is happening in North America.

The meat mafia, the truck driver, the average person sees in these pictures no more animals.
They see that a product has collapsed due to extreme weather conditions. The only question is how cleaners can cleanse the body.
No one cares that sentient beings were killed by negligence and sent to their deaths.

The more consumers become desensitized to this disease, the more normal, natural, and unavoidable the crime appears to be. Therefore, the corrupt media are constantly busy with the consequences of the cold for the people.
The business has to run, and such damages lead to heavy losses in the cash register.

The band never stops on the Dachaus of this world.
On the truck, in the slaughterhouse, in the farms … The death gang never stops.
Thanks to the dull moral of those, who tomorrow will eat the frozen remains of the tortured corpses without guilty conscience.


My best regards, Venus


German farmers: who protects his animals is a denouncer!


The shooting of Roddy was approved on 31.01.2019.

Once a wild animal kills another animal to survive, the farmers give the order to shoot!
When they torture and slaughter  animals the farmer call this “agrarian economy”.

They receive subsidies for the construction of fences and protection from “wild” animals, but they do not do it.
The wolves do their work in the forest and take care of their families, as opposed to the farmers who live on subsidies for torture and slaughter of animals. With 1.5 billion euros in subsidies per year, the german farmers are top earners!

“Who protects his animals, is a denouncer!”! because we want a massacre!!


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EU: a parasitic garbage pile

Commissioner Andriukaitis’ response to the petition of more than 1 million citizens’ signatures, which was delivered in November 2018, recognises the severity of the situation but gives no concrete answer to supporters’ pleas (!!!)


The basic qualification to do the job of a MEP is corruption.
And brain impotence.

To become EU Commissioner for Animal Welfare, one only needs to hate animals and animal rights activists, that’s all.

Lobbying, exploitation, mendacity, fraud … these are the basic characteristics of an EU commissioner, who is responsible for the welfare of the animals.

Who has any responsibility in this shit store?
Who does his job conscientiously, transparently, consistently? who steps forward and makes decisions?


Sponsored by the agricultural industry, the meat industry, with the taxpayers’ money and with the connivance of the unsuspecting citizens, they vote for the preservation of every unimaginable torture of the animals.
Andriukaitis deserves all contempt, and the whole EU gang to it.

EU has no existence authorization.

It’s a parasitic garbage pile!

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My best regards, Venus


For Tuan Bendixsen: Thank You!


We always knew he was a star – but now it’s official.


Tuan Bendixsen, our Vietnam director, has been awarded the Order of Australia Medal.

One of the biggest tributes in Australia.

We are incredibly proud of what Tuan has achieved in the past 15 years and beyond. During this time he directed so many remarkable projects and delivered one success story after another.

Tuan is friendly, intelligent, resourceful and persistent. He has leadership and management qualities that most can only dream of.

Without exaggeration, I can say that there is not a single person at Animals Asia who does not enjoy working with Tuan.


Jill Robinson

Jill Robinson MBE, dr. med. vet. h.c., Hon LLD
Animals Asia, founder and CEO

For more…at:

 It is such people who make this world more bearable.
Not only for animals, but also for us.
They teach us courage, stamina, fight spirit.
They are people to follow as examples.

In the name of the bears, thank you Tuan Bendixsen!

My best regards to all, Venus

Frankenstein research in cloned monkeys


Again psychopaths with white coats at work applying the latest method of Frankenstein science to living beings.
A waste of life, time and money.
A horror show is staged again after the well-known lab mafia slogan: “Everything goes” because we torture “only” animals!

Lifelong suffering and early death are often associated with cloning.
The unnatural pregnancy causes even after this procedure a suffering of the animals. Cloned animals are often heavier than their naturally bred conspecifics. This means a difficult and painful birth for the mother. In many cases, a cesarean section is also performed.
In addition, cloned animals tend to have a weakened immune system and therefore suffer from heart failure, respiratory disease, or muscle and joint problems.

Why all that?
To create the “Superman”? – we had that earlier in the Nazi era.
Only the technique was different.
Just because the psychopaths wear a frock today in the lab does not make it any less perverted and fascist than in the time.


My best regards, Venus


Never leave your friends!




The human species has been called “Homo Sapiens”.
I would call ourselves “homo bestial” today.

The dignity of man begins with the dignity of all animals.
The feelings the animals unconditionally bring to us make life more bearable, more human.
The hatred, the exploitation, the contempt humans bring to animals destroy any substance of decency, morality, peace.

Stray is the result of our conviction, that we can treat our pet friends as objects when we do not feel anything for them.

We put our best friends on the street when and when it suits us.
Without any remorse, responsibility, moral sensitivity.

In this video, it probably becomes clear what a scum is who treats his best friend with perfidious, cynical, cold-blooded morality.


My best regards, Venus