India: More Amazing Rescue Videos From The Superb Team At Animal Aid Unlimited.


More absolutely amazing rescue videos from our friends at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ in India.

Watch the rescue of Mikki; who had a terrible maggot infested wound, through to the beautiful little happy dog she is today.



Only one chance to rescue a desperate puppy.


Frightened and confused by an excruciating and huge wound, this sweetheart was also suffering from a bad case of mange. But she still had the strength to run away, and our rescue team knew if she dodged our net she’d surely die.

By the luckiest miracle she jumped into an overturned boat and gave our team just the chance they needed. Watch the beautiful result of 6 weeks of treatment and love. Watch adorable Mikki’s joy. She will never leave your heart. 


We got a call to rescue a dog stuck in a gate. But when we arrived, our rescuers found an old dog in much more serious trouble. Not only was she completely stuck between very narrow bars in a gate, but she had massive maggot infested wounds on her backside.

Unable to pull her body through the bars or pry them open, we had to call in a metal cutter and have him cut one of the bars off the gate.

Once we got her back to the shelter, we began treating her wounds, started fluids for her dehydration, antibiotics and pain medication. Her wounds were severe, and with her old age recovery would be an uphill battle. But Dotty is a brave, spirited little lady, and she wasn’t about to give up.

Please donate today for street animals who need you now!


Amazing – probably the best rescue of them all – SAV.

Three tiny angels were trapped in hardened tar. They were so completely stuck, they couldn’t move a muscle. It looked like they’d been engulfed for hours, and one little baby’s mouth was even stuck open. Neighbors had heard their heart-wrenching cries for help and had called Animal Aid.

Prying them loose was impossible for the tense rescue team, so we had to cut the tar loose from the rocks below and bring the puppies and the tar and gravel they were stuck in back to the hospital.

Determined volunteers and staff spent hours to soften the tar with oil and dishsoap, with time out only to plant kisses on the puppies’ noses. Multiple warm baths later…and wow.

For babies who had been on the brink of death, this is what happiness looks like.

Please donate to save street animals in the most desperate need.


The eyes of the animals caught on film at the moment their rescuers arrive say it all–“somebody please help me.” And when street animals are desperately trapped, “moving heaven and earth” is exactly what we have to do to help them. Thank you for giving so generously to make sure that no matter how tough the rescue, the next angel and the next will not be left alone to die.


Please donate for the animals who are waiting for a miracle.


Last minute holiday shopping needs are answered! Sponsor a sweetheart as a beautiful gift. But hurry!


Animal Sponsorship is so easy. Choose your sponsored sweetheart. Donate $75. Tell us the name of the person you’re dedicating the sponsorship to. But this is important: order before December 21st to get your e-certificate in time to print, frame and wrap it!


Please sponsor today 

for street animals in India who need your help.


Donation link





England: Xmas Greetings 2017.

SAV Xmas2017


Some are a little more recent than others.
Roy Wood (aka ‘Wizzard’) – a great all round songwriter with a nutty band.

Check them out here:



And who could forget the wonderful ‘Electric Light Orchestra’

– formed by Jeff Lynn. This below is fairly recent footage of him performing in London’s Hyde Park in 2014; the song ‘Mr Blue Sky’. One of the best endings to a song ever ! – Check it out here:

Below – The original by ELO – in the charts when I was at school – now that’s old !  :


And ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ by the group Slade.

This goes back to when I was an even younger kid at junior school – but is still a favourite party song which people sing at Xmas even now.



Finally Mel and Kim – Kim Wilde (the blonde haired girl) was a well known singer in the UK in her own right. Mel Smith was a comedian;

– He sadly passed away a few years back.

Just a typical celeb Christmas song from way back when.


I would like to thank everyone who has visited the site this last year for their views, spreading the welfare message and for the constructive comments that have been left.

We are getting the message out to good folk around the globe – 

– more people are learning about all animal issues every single day.

It’s a cruel world, there is no doubt about that; and this time of year (in our eyes) is not really a time of celebration – it marks the month of death for many creatures that go to make up the ‘traditional’ lunch on Christmas Day.


We have never drawn back on this site from showing graphic footage or images when necessary. Animal suffering is a constant the world over – and we will not change our approach to providing information and visuals on issues in the future.

On behalf of all the crew who make up team SAV I would like to send you the seasons greetings and hope that you have a very enjoyable and cruelty free Christmas.

May 2018 bring many of your hopes and dreams.

– we have many (hopes and dreams) and we are sure that the next year will be good for the animals in many ways.

Enjoy the videos, and best wishes from us all – Mark.




Expose the reality !

Seasons Greetings



In memory of Mike Tucker – dedicated Live Animal Export campaigner – London.

Gone now but never forgotten.


Dogs enjoy their Christmas at Jeskyns Country Park, Kent, England.

See also ‘About Us’ (Tab at top of page) for Jeskyns Volunteer work.


Australia: Take Action Against The Wool Industry.





Petitions, News, Updates, Videos and More.


Expose the lies.

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Adam Meyerson Captain at Sea Shepherd Global

“I don’t care if you are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or Wiccan, if your need to follow your

religion is stronger than your compassion for fellow creatures of this earth, you are no

friend of mine.”



“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

Was Du nicht willst, das man Dir tu’, das füg’ auch keinem andern zu.”





Success: Montreal to End Pit Bull Ban


A huge victory for British animals


Victory for Indigenous Rights in Brazil as Court Revokes License for the Belo Sun Mine





The most burning desire of all victims of cruelty!
Der sehnlichste Wunsch aller Opfer von Grausamkeit!
Bitte verbreitet es in Verbindung mit dem Petitionslink


Hoffnung für die Seehunde? Habeck greift erneut nach Parteivorsitz!


Unser Engagement gegen die Fuchsjagd geht in die nächste Runde: Unterstützen Sie das Aktionsbündnis


Kalb „to go“ in Niedersachsen


Verzweifelt, verletzt, vergessen!





2017: We are Compassion! Watch COK’s year in review


Das hilft gegen Agrarkonzerne




In einer aktuellen Studie kritisiert die OECD das deutsche Rentensystem.


Petitions – protests – sample letters




Save dogs from cruel pesticide poisoning! Please help HSI eliminate this cruel test and spare dogs from needless pain by taking action today.


Demand Ivory Ban in the European Union


Protect Remaining Finless Porpoise Population


New Campaigns for “Boycott PyeongChang 2018” and more.
Be the voice for the Korean animals today.


IOC say they are ‘limited to the scope of the Games’ – we question that response.


Petition: Stop Wyoming’s Wolf Hunt


Raccoons Allegedly Drowned in Barrel of Water Deserve Justice


50 animals died in suffering for Rihanna’s fur coat –
pledge to boycott her music!


Dog Killed, Skinned and Mutilated Deserves Justice


Punish Star Athlete Accused of Beating and Starving His Dog


Stop Museum from Senselessly Killing Chicks


Non a l’élevage of the poules en cage

Nouveau scandale: un long hangar sombre, sordide et sale, dans lequel les cages semblent s’entasser à l’infini. Au milieu des poules qui se piétinent par manque de place, de nombreux cadavres finissent de décomposer. STOP à l’élevage de masse

Non a l’élevage des poules en cage

Nouveau scandale : un long hangar sombre, sordide et sale, dans lequel les cages semblent s’entasser à l’infini. Au milieu des poules qui se piétinent par manque de place, de nombreux cadavres finissent de se décomposer. STOP à l’élevage de masse

Nein zur Käfighaltung von Hühnern
Neuer Skandal: Ein langer, dunkler, schmutziger und schmutziger Hangar, in dem sich die Käfige bis ins Unendliche auftürmen. In der Mitte von Hühnern, die aus Platzmangel trampeln, zerfallen, schließlich viele Leichen. Stoppt die Massentierhaltung


Schutz dem Feldhamster


Verbot des Privaten Silvesterfeuerwerk – Deutschlandweit



Schluss mit den brutalen Kälbertransporten!
Österreichische Kälber werden quer durch Europa verfrachtet,
nur weil sie hierzulande keinen Wert mehr haben.


Deutsche Schlachthäuser müssen videoüberwacht werden




alle Links können direkt von unserem Blog angeklickt und geteilt werden via Google+
und Google Mail, Facebook und Twitter:


Ask your MEPs to support European legislation for CCTV in abattoirs.

Bittet Eure Abgeordneten, die europäischen Rechtsvorschriften für die Videoüberwachung in Schlachthöfen zu unterstützen.


Demand Mandatory Cameras in Slaughterhouses


A Call to Action: Psychological Harm in Slaughterhouse Workers


No Nuclear-and-Coal Bailout Now – Not Any Day!


Stop the corporate takeover of EPA, Congress

Tell Congress to stand up to Monsanto & Dow

Sign Today: Don’t Put a Monsanto Hire in Charge of Chemical Safety!


Stoppt das Monsanto-Gift!


Stop Destroying Rain Forests Home to Endangered Tigers


Stop Ski Resort From Destroying Bear Habitat


A 1-year-old torn apart from his father


Care-Arbeit ist Arbeit – Fürsorge-Gehalt jetzt!


Be the difference! Sei Du der Unterschied!

Please vote / Bitte abstimmen:


Experiment: Gänse schlachten in der City

Ein Landwirt aus Essen hat mitten in einer belebten Kölner Fußgängerzone einen Stand aufgebaut und Gänsefleisch an Passanten verkauft. Das Fleisch war aber nicht fertig verpackt wie im Supermarkt oder Hofladen. Wer eine Gans wollte, musste die Schlachtung mit ansehen – alles im Auftrag der WDR-Wissenschaftsredaktion.
Zu Diskussionen über den Fleischkonsum anregen, das war das Ziel des WDR-Experiments. Fleischkonsum nicht generell verteufeln, aber Bewusstsein schaffen. Denn immerhin ist die getötete Gans eins von 750 Millionen Tieren, die hierzulande jährlich geschlachtet werden.


Diskutieren Sie mit: Mehr Tierwohl durch weniger Fleischkonsum?


Crying cow: would you be willing to boycott Parmesan cheese?



Without opinion

No response below, react in comments


Vache qui pleure : seriez-vous prêt à boycotter le parmesan ?



Sans avis

Aucune réponse ci-dessous, réagissez en commentaries


Weinende Kuh: Wären Sie bereit, Parmesankäse zu boykottieren?



Ohne vorherige Ankündigung

Keine Antwort unten, reagiere in Kommentaren

Urgent! Your vote is needed! – Dringend! Bitte abstimmen!
Please allow me to introduce you to a true animal hero and to ask you to recognise his incredible work by
voting for the film that tells his story.

Erlauben Sie mir, dass ich Ihnen einen wahren Helden für die Tiere vorstelle und Sie darum bitte, seinen unermüdlichen Einsatz zu honorieren, indem Sie für den Film abstimmen, der seine Geschichte erzählt.


Should Sea World be closed down?

Sollte Seaworld geschlossen werden?



Überfluten wir die Elfenbein-Umfrage der EU mit Nachrichten!

A Shocking List of Companies Who Still Test on Animals


Will you continue to use the above products, even if they test on animals? NO!
Do you believe that animal testing is necessary? NO!
Occupy for Animals

This new App will tell you if your makeup and household products have been tested on animals:




Finden Sie tierfreundliche Kosmetik!


Neue Broschüre: “Hinschauen – Gute Gründe für eine Forschung ohne Tierversuche”





Informations and terms – Infos und Termine

Unsere garantiert tierleidfreie Geschenkidee zum Weihnachtsfest für Sie


How to Help Your Senior Dog or Cat Deal With Arthritis


Diese Hunde sind starr vor Angst – dabei wäre Hilfe für sie kinderleicht

Ärzte gegen Tierversuche – Termin-Übersicht 2017

#FIAPOBootcamp2017- West Zone: Meet the Speakers



Freitag, 22. Dezember 17:00 – 20:00
Weihnachts-Mahnwache Schlachthof Viersen

Anschrift: Gerberstr. 29 – 32, 41748 Viersen
Beim letzten Mal war Ralf Seeger dabei, siehe Foto (sofern er es zeitlich hinbekommt, kommt er auch dieses Jahr)
FB-Veranstaltung dazu:

20. Januar 2018
Dann findet wieder die große
„Wir haben es satt!“-Demonstration in Berlin
statt mit Tausenden von Menschen aus Städten und vom Lande. Am Vorabend, dem Freitag, den 19., brodelt es bei der legendären Schnippeldisko, wieder mit vorbereitet von Aktion-Agrar.

Kastration und Adoption statt Tötungsstation!
Stoppt das rumänische Hundemassaker!
Das Problem packt man nicht am Schwanz,
sondern man löst es an der Wurzel!


Animal welfare = climate = Environmental Protection = Human
Conclusion: Animal welfare is community involvement and living ethics!

Tierschutz = Klimaschutz = Umweltschutz = Menschenschutz
Fazit: Tierschutz ist soziales Engagement & gelebte Ethik!

Zitat von Dr. rer. nat. Katharina Wirnitzer (PhD)



The meat and dairy drug: not food, not fashion and not a fad – it is a drug
(Philip Wollen)


Philip Wollen über die Notwendigkeit, auf Fleisch zu verzichten.

Philip Wollen: Wasser ist das neue Öl!!! In english + deutsch


„Earthlings changed my life. Had hubby, son and gf watch it that same night. We’ve been full blown vegans for 6 beautiful months. I’m now an activist. Anybody can change. I’m 58 and only wished I would have seen the light much earlier.

Earthlings – Neue Synchronisation auf Deutsch – Komplett


This little girl says NO to meat!
That’s a great message by a little girl. Wisdom must not come with age, it comes from
the heart… Sadly most adults have so many excuses to eat animals.


The ‘Humane Slaughter’ Myth


Why Are These People Crying?

Horror at halal slaughterhouse:
Shocking undercover film shows the ‘needless suffering’
of livestock that are butchered without being stunned first

Slaughtered While Still Conscious

Schlachthof-Hölle in Deutschland


Undercover Schlachthof-Video: Todesschreie der Tiere
Filmaufnahmen aus einem Vorzeige-Bio-Schlachthof


Ein Virus namens “Menschheit”


Out of sight…out of mind…



Sir Paul McCartney Narrates ‘Glass Walls’



The Secret Reason We Eat Meat – Dr. Melanie Joy



Das Klagen der Kühe – Schulversion!



And Then Came Man – Check it Out.



The Faces of Animal Research

Why Animal Testing Doesn’t Work


The failure of animal experiments – an animated educational film

Unsinn Tierversuch – Ein animierter Aufklärungsfilm der Ärzte gegen Tierversuche


Air France und ihr dunkles Geheimnis


Search for brands that DON’T test on animals here: #StopAnimalTests



My story …


Hinter den Kulissen der Tierindustrie


Pferdetransport – Quälerei ohne Grenzen



She’s Alive… Beautiful… Finite… Hurting… Worth Dying for!



The price of milk (explain this…)


Undercover Investigation at Hy-Line Hatchery–faib7to



GMO A Go Go: An Animated (and Satiric) Short Film




Cry of the innocent – ein berührendes Video über den Pelzhandel –

Pelz? 60 Sekunden, die jeder gesehen haben sollte
Viele Menschen glauben, dass Pelztiere nur in Pelztierfarmen in China leiden. DAS ISTNICHT SO! Sie leiden kläglich in Pelzfarmen weltweit. Dies ist ein Screenshot des Videos eines analen Stromschlags in einer Pelzfarm in Illinois. Sie sterben nicht sofort, sie gehen in einen Schockzustand, während ihre Innereien grundsätzlich vom Strom “gekocht” werden. SEHEN Sie sich das VIDEO an:



The Animal Holocaust by Jo Frederiks


English and german



Click to generate real cash donations for nonprofits to help people in Haiti, children, women, seals, primates, pets and wolfes, protect big cat habitat,
to save rainforest, and more – just by clicking. The sponsors help to turn clicks into donations. It doesn’t cost you anythink and helps!


And 2 more animal rescue site!
You click daily and sponsors pay for food and care.


Your click helps a woman in need get a free mammogram.;jsessionid=865A317B43FE7BFE754AF9D0FFAD6D05.ctg-c


For your safe internet search we recommend: AND



Tierkörperaktion in Karlsruhe, 13.12.2014 // Aktivistenbündnis Karlsruhe


Bei jedem Online-Einkauf Wildtierschutz Deutschland unterstützen – ohne Zusatzkosten

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Die Sponsoren spenden für jeden Klick auf “Take action!”

Es werden Projekte für Hilfe für Haiti, Kinder, Frauen, Regenwälder, Wale, Affen, Wildtiere, Heimtiere, Wölfe, etc unterstützt. Es ist kostenlos und hilft!


Noch 2 weitere Tierschutzseiten! Hier ebenfalls täglich kostenlos „klicken“ und Sponsoren zahlen für Futter und Versorgung der Tiere.


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Wenn du einen verhungerten Hund aufliest und machst ihn satt, dann wird er dich nicht beißen. Das ist der grundsätzliche Unterschied zwischen Hund und Mensch.





England: Peter Egan Talks Vegan and About Being An Ambassador for Animals Asia.

TV star and animal rights campaigner Peter Egan gives an interview on his change to becoming a Vegan.

Read the interview at:



China: A NON-Animal Testing Lab has Just Opened Up in China.



Bravo! A Non-Animal Testing Lab has Just Opened Up in China


One province in China is taking steps to help animals by opening a lab that doesn’t test on them.

The regulatory organization for food, drugs, and cosmetics produced in China’s Zhejiang province, the Zhejiang Institute for Food and Drug Control (ZJIFDC), worked with international non-profit the Institute for In Vitro Sciences (IIVS), to create the lab, which opened in November, 2017.


Go to the following link to read the full articles and learn more about this great news:



England: Please Visit SAV Facebook Page for All the Balkans Shelter News.

Please visit the SAV Facebook page for loads of animal news from shelters and great animal people in the Balkans.


Check it out at:


Thank you










Serbia: Felix Shelter News – December 2017.

Another year at Cat Shelter Felix is quickly coming to an end. We’ve had bad days, worse days, sad days, good days and the best days…

We’ve learned some lessons, especially regarding certain people we thought we could trust, unexpected failures, empty words and broken promises. But we’ve also been blessed with many old and new magnificent friends who were by our side through thick and thin. Katrina Fillo is one of them, and thanks to her, the efforts she’s made and everyone who has decided to step in and take part in her auction, our kitties will receive the first portion of heating gas, so there will be no more freezing time for a while. Thank you all so much! And a special thank you to Katrina, the kind person who lives on the other side of the globe and who still found a place in her heart for our furry residents. No words can express how grateful we are.

The same goes to our friends who have shared our sorrows and joys over all of these years and who always think about our kitties, no matter what. Everything we are able to do is a mutual effort, because none of this would be possible without support from all of you.

We’ve started this year with a little over 100 cats, and we’ll end this year with 150 of them, more or less. We’ve lost some of them, but they will never be forgotten and we already miss them dearly. Willow, Milton, Venus, Serena, Alethe, Frca, Tufnica, Augusta, Ziggy, Zack, to name just a few, are no longer with us and recently two of our seniors have passed away peacefully due to their old age, Okac and Trecac. Every loss is difficult and we’ll never get used to saying the last goodbye to our companions we have loved so much.

We were also able to help and save dozens of new furry fighters: Srna, Tessa, Ebony, Argos, Jack, Finn, Hailey, Sheena, Orin, brave mom Raena and her five babies, plus one orphaned little one, the four cats who lost their owner and their home, and many, many more. We’ve also managed to get our outside chained link fencing replaced with a new and better one, so our kitties are safe from any harm and can no longer escape.

And although we don’t feel like we’re just running in place anymore, we’re still far from our goal. There are still veterinary debts that need to be paid off since our kitties get ill all the time due to this cold weather. We also need to pay out our debts for wet canned food and get new quantities of food soon, because we’re almost out of it and the holidays are approaching soon… Yes, we’re scared if we’ll be able to provide all of our residents with food. Their annual vaccine shots against rabies are mandatory and obligatory but we’re not even close to getting this done and we have only three weeks more left.

So please, if you think that every living being on this planet deserves the same amount of love, care and nurture, help us keep our residents happy and safe. They are not asking for any kind of luxury, we only need to fulfill their most basic needs.

Every donations counts, as there is no such thing as a small contribution.

Please help them to get through yet another winter or at least be at peace during the upcoming holiday season. Let them learn they’re not just cats, unimportant and replaceable. Show them they’re unique and priceless. Make them finally know they count to someone.

Felix – Felinolosko drustvo, Subotica, Serbia
SWIFT/BIC: VBUBRS22 (Vojvodjanska banka a.d. Novi Sad)
IBAN: RS35355000320003120311

To learn more about us or our residents, please visit our website and don’t forget to subscribe.

Alternative ways to donate:

Please go to the following for other ways to donate:

For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96


England: VivaHealth Deceber 2017.

Who is that sitting at the back door ? – wanting some food no doubt !


Go to the end and click on the (small) links for a great Vegan Christmas.

Dozens of festive foods to enjoy.




Famous Anti-Corrida Fighter Jean Pierre Garrigues Has Passed Away Aged Only 53 Years.

SAV Comment – Terrible news.  We hope that others will pick up the fight to undertake all the dedicated work JP did.  His work and efforts to protect animals being abused for fun will be sadly missed.  Thank you for your compassion and respect for all living beings Jean Pierre.

Hi Mark,
I have just read today that the famous anti-corrida fighter Jean Pierre Garrigues has died. He was only 53 years old.

I am very sad, I knew him from the media and the press reports as an activist that even the aficionados were afraid of him.

Because he acted directly during a bullfight, and has often managed to cancel a fight; he was a very passionate anti-bullfighting activist.

Now the bulls have one supporter less.
Just sad.





Germany: The Criminal Treatment of Animals is Taken for Granted.


Today is the day of human rights.
I read that on the first page of a local newspaper.
Since 1948, the Human Rights Day is celebrated annually on the 10th of December. “
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.” says the UN Human Rights Charter.
Article 3 says: “
Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.”
Article 4 says: “
No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.”

As I was leafing through the newspaper, I came across three advertisements about animals, under the category “Agricultural Products”:
The first was: “Fresh offspring to sell directly from the farm. Please pre-order, our slaughter animals are limited because of holidays “!
Then: “turkeys – half or whole, from free-range, ready to roast dismantled directly from farm”.
And the third ad: “Slaughter rabbits, especially low priced, as well as one lamb slaughtered fresh on order to sell”.

And then I thought of the animals I fight for.
I thought of their rights, for which there is no charter.

Why should human beings alone have the right to life, freedom and security, and deny the same rights to other beings capable of suffering?

Who gives us the right to still keep animals as slaves, to torture them and thus to decide that animals have no right to life, freedom and happiness?


And if human rights oppose slavery, torture, discrimination and violence, under what law may this injustice be the daily routine for billions of chickens, pigs, cattle, fish and innumerable other non-human animals?

But even if all of this is not totally abolished with respect to people, and massive human rights violations are condemned, the criminal treatment of animals is taken for granted.

I refuse to put human rights first.

People are not more important, they are not better, and they do not deserve to live privileged in relation to animals.

And I hate people who turn my holidays into mourning days, because no matter what kind of animal, these days mean massive killing days for the animals.
People celebrate by taking animals’ lives. In the midst of the misery, suffering and unhappiness of animals, people are happy and exuberant, do not waste a second of their thoughts on life, what they have taken – whether the Christmas goose in Germany, the carp in Austria, the turkey in the US.

No! I reject the dictatorship of human rights.

I am against the hypocrisy of equal rights, based only on human superiority.

I am for the recognition of animal rights.


Best Regards to all




Viet Nam: 10/12/17 – 6 Moon Bears Now Rescued By AA And On Their Way To A New Sanctuary Home – Live Feed Link To Follow Journey.


To think that 48 hours ago, the moon bears were in cages on a bile farm and now they are half-way to their new home!

12 years in a cage suffering daily bile extractions – now the team from Animals Asia have rescued them and are moving them to their new home.

Live feed – follow their journey to a new sanctuary home:


Our recent post relating to this bile farm:





Vietnam: Animals Asia Rscue Team Now On Site – Please Donate To Support Rescue.


We very recently published a post regarding six bears suffering in a Vietnam bile farm:


Just hours ago, the ground team from Animals Asia visited the farm and took these upsetting pictures:


Likely captured from the wild as innocent cubs, for more than 12 years they have used as machines and treated as disposable objects. These sweet, gentle moon bears have had half their lives have stolen already.


It is the season of goodwill – please give anything you can to help support the recue of these 6 bears by AA; who have promised now to undertake a full rescue of all animals.

Donations via this link –


Read more about AA bear bile farming campaign work here –


Watch the video via this link or via the image below – just click on it –

Learn about all AA work via this link –




England: Get A Grip !

Get A Grip

– Find Out The Real Cost Of The Fur Trade


Germany: Civil Obedience.

Society and Truth.

Sunday 3/12 there was an action from “anonymous for the voiceless” in my town.
Two people wear the Guy Fawkes mask on their faces and a poster in their hands with the word “truth”.
So nobody could see the person and recognize him.
But as soon as a passerby reads the word, he will be curious about the people next door.
These two other people standing next door carry two laptops in their hands and show pictures from the slaughterhouse.
And they also wear masks on their faces.

I also participated in this action, I was the person with the mask and the poster.
Many people were shocked at the cruel pictures.
But most tried to avoid the place of action.
I could hear some “arguments” coming from people who have come to dialogue but just to justify their meat consumption:

1.  My conscience is pure, because I buy my meat from the farmer next door.
2.  You can actually slaughter animals in small farms, painless, and my neighbor does that.
3. I am also pet-friendly, I also have two dogs myself.
4. Actually, animals have been always slaughtered, that’s natural.
5. If anything was useful to that stupid vegan diet, it would have prevailed.
6. Although I have no idea about animal rights and animal ethics, all this is argumentatively totally weak.
7. It’s just like that, we cannot change anything.


It was already cold and I could not see much effect on this action.
That’s why I went home after two hours.
On the way home, I thought: our problem is Civil Obedience.
Our problem is that people around the world unconditionally obey the propaganda of the meat mafia, and with their obedience they allow the agonizing death of billions of beings.
Our problem is that we remain obedient, even if we look at these pictures, those of today, when we see crime, sadism, violence, we still remain obedient to a system that would not exist without this obedience.

When I came home and restarted my PC, I read some very good news that healed my frustration with the Anonymous campaign: the signatures against our Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt are over one million already.

This minister voted in favor of glyphosate, now more than a million people demand his resignation.
It was good news which gave me hope again, that the next Minister of Agriculture in Germany will have less criminal energy against animals than Schmidt.

Best Regards to all





England: Plastic Planet ?

8/12 is the anniversary of the death of my beloved ‘Golda’.

Despite her loss for several years now it is not really any easier;  I came to the conclusion many years ago that no matter how hard you try to improve things, money is the most evil thing on the planet; or maybe the second worst, after all the human shit we have that get a kick out of animal and human abuse for the gain of making a few pennies more.

Today, Tuesday 5/12, there has been a major meeting in Africa regarding the huge amount of plastic that is being dumped into the sea – and killing marine life as a result.  The equivalent of one loaded garbage truck of plastic dumped into the sea EVERY SINGLE MINUTE so they are saying on the BBC.


Man alone is doing a fine and productive job of fucking up the whole planet – be it Trump and his anti environment protecting policies; the Chinese and there continual abuse of both animals and the planet –  they (as a nation) dump around 25% of all plastics into the oceans according to info I have this week; the Bear Bile issues which the wonderful Jill is working so hard to stop; the killing of donkeys with sledgehammers etc – it just goes on.

We have a wonderful one off planet – so why do some dickheads just want to trash it all ?

The fight goes on but very often it can be very depressing with all the bad news and negativity which arrives at the ‘Inbox’ every single day.

Many world leaders are in a position to make a real change to animal welfare and environment.  Many of them don’t really give a toss – their personal positions are far more important than saving the planet.  ‘Tin Gods’ I think they call them.  Boy the EU alone is full of them; we have seen this for so long; they have names like Junker and Tusk and Van Goethem; persons who ignore the evidence presented to them but who also dance to the blinkered tune of financial gain.

They make me want to puke – all over their so very well cut suits !

I am gonna get down off my soapbox now – and as I say, the fight goes on for better or worse.

There is a wonderful North American Cree Indian Prophecy that reads:

Only when the last tree has been cut down,
Only when the last river has been poisoned,
Only when the last fish has been caught,

Only then will you find that money cannot be eaten.


I guess you could update that now to include people that pull out of Paris climate agreements, the dumping of plastic in the oceans, the use of ‘clean’ coal; etc.

‘Money cannot be eaten’ – oh if the worlds pig shit thick politicians were to even get a partial grip of this, then we and the animals may be in a much better place.



I love this song from the Stones – I was born in the same town as Mick Jagger.


UPDATE  6/12/17 – Greenpeace Action In London.


Update for action on 5/12/17.

Greenpeace in action in London against Coke contaminating the seas and causing Plastic Oceans.

Hi Mark,

We’ve taken over London landmark Piccadilly

Circus with our very

own Coca-Cola Christmas event!

Can you sign the petition calling on Coke

to stop polluting our

oceans with plastic?

Petition –

Christmas is a big time of year for Coke – but we

want to show the

world that their happy holiday image hides

a less cheerful reality.

This global drinks giant pumps out an estimated

110 billion plastic

bottles a year – that’s over 3,400 bottles a second!

Our recycling systems simply cannot keep up

with this tide of

single-use plastic, and it’s overwhelming

our oceans.

Research has shown that a shocking 90% of seabirds

and 1 in 3 sea turtles have ingested plastic.

As the biggest soft drinks producer in the world,

Coca-Cola have

the opportunity to take the lead in reducing

their plastic footprint

and coming up with innovative reusable alternatives.

Please take a minute to sign the petition and tell

Coke to take urgent action to stop harming our oceans.

Greenpeace supporters in 14 countries around the

world have

now joined the campaign – and together we’re

showing Coke that

there’s nowhere to hide for their plastic polluting


This festive season, join the call for Coca-Cola

to make a resolution

that will change the face of our oceans for years

to come

don’t let Coke choke our oceans!

Thanks for all you do,
Alice and the Oceans team




Urgent Action – Help 6 Bile Farm Bars Get Rescued NOW By Animals Asia.

We’ve just received an urgent call about six moon bears in desperate need of rescue from a bear bile farm in Vietnam.

We don’t have any pictures of the poor bears, but when we went to the farm in 2011 on another rescue mission, the scenes we were met with would have broken your heart…

Bears missing limbs, and with deep wounds, pacing manically backwards and forwards in their tiny cages. Or else lying on the bars of their cages, broken and defeated after years of confinement and abuse.

We have to get these six desperate moon bears out of this place.


We know precious little about bears, they don’t even have names. All we know is that they are three girls, and three boys. And that right now, they have nobody.

They’ve been suffering for many years in this hellhole. Repeatedly stabbed with a four-inch needle to harvest their gallbladder bile. And that the farmer has agreed to hand them over, they could be in very poor condition, or suffering with serious disease.

We must act fast to save these precious bears. Donate now >>

With bear hugs of hope,

Jill Robinson MBE, Dr med vet hc, Hon LLD
Founder and CEO

PS These six abused bears deserve so much better! A gift from you today could help send emergency rescue teams to the sides of these suffering bears. Please send help.

PPS ‘Like’ our Facebook page.for updates about these desperate moon bears. With your help we will do everything we can to bring them home. Thank you in advance.

Any funds raised beyond the cost of the rescue, quarantine and vet care will be used to care for all the bears living in our sanctuaries.



The EU Is Failing Millions Of Animals Exported Live. A Guardian (UK Press) Investigation.

SAV Comment

This gets to me more than a lot of other things.

In the next few weeks there is going to be yet another meeting of all the EU nations; apart from the UK, who will decide whether they accept anything the UK has offered them so far with regard it (UK) leaving the EU.

Croatia, Romania and Lithuania – nations that cannot even keep control of their own animal export industry, let alone dictate to the EU how bloody important they think they are when it comes to Brexit – or the UK leaving the EU.

How typical EU – they have only one concern and nothing else; and that is the financial state of themselves.  Romania and Croatia screw the EU for everything they can get out of them for their own benefit, whilst contributing and doing very little in accordance with the so called EU regulations.  Britain, Sweden, etc, try to adhere to all the rules, whilst these cowboy nations are in it simply to get out of it what they can for themselves.  As many have said before – why is the EU demanding so much money from the UK in a divorce settlement ? – probably because the EU knows these kind of nations do NOT adhere to EU rules and the EU is going to find it very difficult to get increased payments from them once the UK does the wisest thing and closes the door on the EU.

If Romania, Lithuania and Croatia are so good at ‘EU’ – then why are we not seeing them enforce EU Regulation 1/2005 on the welfare of animal during transport ?

No, the EU talks the talk; but the reality is over paid MEPs, Commissioners and the rest actually do very little for the benefit of anyone apart from themselves.

We have been saying this too the dimwits at the EU for dozens of years.  Junker (photo above) is trying to claim as much money for the EU as he can as a result of Brexit; saying we have to meet obligations etc, and yet at the same time he and all the others around him at the EU are doing nothing to address this problem.

We look forward to the UK leaving the EU.  Nobody there is worth a light; from the MEP’s right up to the Commissioners.  They simply talk the EU talk; which in reality means absolutely nothing.



“We might deem that the transports shown in the footage are all in breach of the [EU] Regulation EC No 1/2005 [on the protection of animals in transport].

“Moreover, we could also state that, according to the ruling of the European court of justice and to the interpretation of the regulation EC No 1/2005, the competent authorities of the member states of departure shouldn’t even have authorised these transports as they couldn’t ensure that provisions would be met,”

Conte & Giacomini, an Italian law firm.

Specialist in Animal welfare legislation.

Revealed: exported EU animals subject to abuse and illegal conditions

Undercover videos show EU cattle and sheep being beaten, given electric shocks, and inhumanely slaughtered at destinations in Turkey and Middle East

Animals exported live from EU countries are routinely being subjected to abuse, illegal transportation conditions and inhumane slaughter, an investigation has found.

Dozens of undercover videos and photographs obtained by the Guardian show live cattle and sheep from EU countries being beaten, shocked with electric prods, held for days in overcrowded pens and covered head to toe in faeces as they are transported from Europe to their final destinations in Turkey and the Middle East in conditions that breach European law.

At their destination, at least some of the animals are slaughtered in appalling conditions. The footage shows cattle and sheep from France, Romania and Lithuania kicking and flailing violently as their throats are crudely cut or sawed at repeatedly, often in crowded street markets and run-down abattoirs.

The footage was collected over eight months by campaigners from the Australian animal rights charity Animals International, who worked undercover in Croatia and six Middle Eastern countries to follow animals from their departure at European ports through to destination.

The evidence they collected shows clear breaches of a number of European laws in almost every country the campaigners visited. European legislation maintains that export livestock must receive certain standards of care throughout the entire journey, including any stages that occur entirely in third countries. The standards dictate that animal handlers must carry out their task without violence or any method likely to cause unnecessary fear, injury or suffering; that transport and loading equipment must be designed, maintained and operated so as to avoid injury and suffering, and that transport is carried out without delay and at the minimum possible length.

The Guardian asked Conte & Giacomini, an Italian law firm specialising in animal rights and shipping and transport law, to review the evidence. They responded: “We might deem that the transports shown in the footage are all in breach of the [EU] Regulation EC No 1/2005 [on the protection of animals in transport].

“Moreover, we could also state that, according to the ruling of the European court of justice and to the interpretation of the regulation EC No 1/2005, the competent authorities of the member states of departure shouldn’t even have authorised these transports as they couldn’t ensure that provisions would be met,” they said.

In an EU port in Croatia, the video shows animals from at least five European countries, including Germany, Hungary, Romania, Poland and Slovenia, waiting to be loaded on to a vessel headed to Beirut. Cattle and sheep are seen being kicked, beaten and shocked with electric prods to the anus while being loaded on to the ship. A sheep is shown being picked up by an animal handler and thrown on to the boat; cows slide backwards on to each other while trying to climb steep loading ramps.

At a port in Turkey, footage shows cattle being unloaded from a vessel that has arrived from Ireland after a voyage of almost two weeks. Their hair is thick with faeces from the journey as they are crammed on to a small and open-topped truck to be transported along the next leg of the journey. In Palestine, Romanian cattle travelling unharnessed in the back of an overcrowded truck are shown being thrown violently against the railings, causing clear distress to the animals.

While European legislation covers EU export livestock up until they are unloaded at their final destination, it does not apply to the final stages of the animal’s life. The footage shows repeated instances in multiple countries of animals being brutally slaughtered. In a street market in Jordan, a Romanian sheep spasms violently across the blood-soaked pavement after its throat is cut. In an abattoir in Turkey, French cattle hang by one leg from the ceiling, kicking and twisting violently as their throats are repeatedly cut at.

An Animals Australia investigation in 2011 showed the poor treatment of animals being exported to Indonesia. After a public outcry, a ban was temporarily introduced and new regulations were imposed. They include a responsibility to ensure that both the handling and slaughter of the animals in the importing country complies with the animal welfare recommendations of the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Exports of livestock from the EU to the Middle East have grown rapidly in the past two years, with exports of cattle doubling since 2014 to 650,000 last year, while sheep exports rose by a quarter to 2.5 million, mostly to Libya, Lebanon and Jordan.

The increase in exports coincided with a landmark legal case at the European court of justice in 2015, in which the judge ruled that any transport provider carrying livestock from the EU to third countries must take steps to prove that they have complied with EU legislation throughout all stages of the journey.

Transport providers are required to submit a log detailing their journey to the national authorities in the country of departure.

It is these national authorities who are responsible for enforcing European regulations.

However, EU officials, member states and animal rights groups have repeatedly claimed that enforcement is poor across much of the continent. In November 2016, a paper presented by several member states to the European agriculture council called on the European commission to address the problem. It stated: “The continuing shortcomings in enforcement [of animal welfare in export laws] is simply not acceptable. Since the entry in to force of Regulation 1/2005 [on the protection of animals during transport], there have been numerous examples of infringements and lack of enforcement. Both member states and commission have to intensify their efforts to put an end to transports that are in obvious breach of the regulation”.

Animal rights groups including the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) and Tierschutzbund Zürich believe that financial motives drive many export and transport enterprises to breach European animal protection regulations, as it reduces costs and administrative charges. As a result, enterprises are encouraged to operate in member states with poorer enforcement of EU law.

This view appears to be supported by the European commission’s own Animal Welfare Strategy 2012-2015, in which the commission notes that “a diverging interpretation of [protection of animals in transport] rules may result in market distortions which, combined with reduced profit margins and different administrative costs, could put a transport business operator in a difficult situation. Furthermore, a lack of vigour in enforcement may put compliant transporters at disadvantage”.

After watching the footage, MEPs from Germany, France, Lithuania and Finland said they are calling on the European commission for stronger enforcement of existing laws and an extension of legislation to cover the slaughter of European-bred animals in third countries.

Sirpa Pietikäinen, a Finnish MEP and president of the European parliament’s Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, said: “These shocking revelations should be the final frontier for the European commission to take this seriously. We need EU strategy on this issue. Better law enforcement, agreement with supervision on slaughtering practices, with the goal of ending the transportation of living animals for slaughter to third countries.”

The MEPs join a growing movement that is calling for reform of Europe’s animal transport regulations. The Eurogroup for Animals, the EU umbrella group for animal advocacy organisations, has collected more than 700,000 signatures urging the EU to put an end to long distance transport of live animals.

Europe is to all effects exporting massive animal cruelty, which is largely invisible for EU citizens”, says Reineke Hameleers, Eurogroup’s director. “It is crystal clear that the transport regulation is not fit for purpose and that we should move towards a food system where animals are reared and slaughtered as close as possible to the place where they are born. This is not only paramount for animal welfare but also essential for food security, the environment and to protect public health.”

A European commission spokesman told the Guardian “The level of enforcement of existing EU legislation on animal welfare during transport has improved over the last years and has been considered one of the key priorities of the directorate general for health and food safety. Although the responsibility for the enforcement lies primarily with the member states, the commission has made considerable efforts to improve the enforcement and provides active assistance to member states.”

The spokesman said: “The EU has limited power to enforce the union legislation on animal transport within the territory of non-EU countries. The commission will continue supporting training activities on animal welfare during transport and at slaughter, including for non-EU countries.”

The European commission has failed to respond to pressure on the protection of animals in transport before.

In early 2016, animal rights groups Tierschutzbund Zürich, the AWF and Eyes on Animals presented the commission with a 1,000 page report detailing hundreds of cases of illegal treatment of animals being transported over land between Europe and Turkey in the hot summer months. The NGOs claim the commission ignored all their requests, including an appeal for transport of live animals to Turkey in the hottest summer months to be halted.

Lots of video links in the following showing how the people of the UK have campaigned to stop the live animal trade for so many years.

If we were not walking from the EU, we would still have to enforce their crap rules on animal transport; whilst at the same time it appears that Romania, Lithuania and Croatia do exactly what they want to do, despite being members of the EU club !



Various News – 3/12/17.

Lets start with a good news story – well done Mark !

Mark G. was on the job in Media, Pennsylvania, emptying trash bins into his truck when he noticed something quite unusual — movement coming from inside one of the bags.

The kind trash worker opened the bag, and found a tiny calico kitten trapped inside.

Mark immediately called animal control, and the lucky kitty was soon taken in by Providence Animal Center. The baby feline was too small to be adopted right away, so workers at the center — who lovingly named her Grundgetta after Oscar the Grouch’s girlfriend — cared for her until she was old enough to be fostered.

Update from after the video: After thriving with a foster family, Grundgetta — now renamed Agatha — is living a happy and healthy life in her forever home. Thank you, Mark, for saving this lovely kitty from what could have been a terrible fate.

Grundgetta/Agatha’s story is just one more reason to always adopt your next companion animal, and not buy them from breeders. When you bring home a rescue cat, you give a deserving animal a second chance at life!


Manhattan DA office now has exclusive animal cruelty team.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has just launched a new team, tasked exclusively with investigating cases of animal cruelty.

Previously, these cases would have been sent out to a string of different parts of the DA’s office. Now, cases for abused and neglected animals now have a place of their own in the Animal Cruelty Program (ACP).

Read more at:



Dogs Bark ok !

It is crazy that a Judge decides that they have to debark dogs because they bark. Of course they bark, they are dogs. It’s like wanting to cut horses’ legs because they run. Dogs are not guilty of barking, it is part of their nature, that is why they should not debark them.

Some neighbors complained because a couple´s dogs barked and so filed a complaint in a court. The dogs are shepherd, they take care of the herd of a family, that is that they are not only pets but also they realize a work.

I think it’s crazy for dogs to undergo this surgery and the pain. You should simply look for other options and not mutilate them. Never the mutilation of a body is the solution of something. For some reason this surgical procedure is prohibited in many states.

I ask the Oregon Court of Appeals to review their position and try to find an alternative solution.


Elephant Freed After 40 Years a Slave for Human Entertainment

Priyanka, a 44-year-old elephant, is finally experiencing freedom after life in captivity for over 40 years. Through a carefully planned rescue that began over a year ago, Wildlife SOS, with the help of the Forest Department and police, saved Priyanka from continuing a life of abuse for human entertainment.

Illegally owned, threatened with bull hooks and chains, Priyanka spent most of her life on the hot streets of India, relentlessly subjected to people climbing and riding her every day. As evidenced by her veterinary examination upon arrival at the sanctuary, she was malnourished and suffering. Her treatment by her previous owners resulted in a slew of injuries. Her hind legs are twisted unnaturally, and an X-ray shows fractures in both hind feet. Her eye exam indicates she is likely going blind. And she has fungal ear and trunk infections along with a host of parasites.


When it comes to rehabilitating captive elephants, Wildlife SOS believe it is essential not just to focus on the physiological but also the psychological recovery as well and socializing with their own kind plays a very significant role in this process. After decades of suffering alone, we are helping Priyanka bond with other rescued elephants at the #ElephantConservationandCareCenter and we made an attempt to help her befriend our lovely dumpling, Laxmi! Since the team was concerned about their reactions to each other, the interaction between Priyanka and Laxmi was conducted with safety precautions & closely monitored. We just couldn’t wait to share with all our supporters this priceless moment of Priyanka’s first interaction, which has been made possible because of your kind support! However, we are still looking for 65 more people to make a $10 monthly pledge to help cover her medical and general care.

Help Stop Donkeys from Dying for ‘Medicine’ in China

Shocking eyewitness footage from Chinese farms shows donkeys being hit on the head with a sledgehammer. Their throats are then slit, and they’re left to die before being used to make so-called “medicine.” Please message the ambassador of China to the U.S. immediately to help stop this.


Urge to End Bookings for Exploitative Elephant Camps

Elephants used for rides and other interactions are controlled under the constant threat of violence and routinely kept chained. Dozens of travel companies have turned their backs on facilities that abuse animals for entertainment—urge to follow suit and stop supporting elephant camps immediately.

Action –,%20Left%20to%20Die::::peta%20e-news&


Dog Leather on Store Shelves?

Many of the leather items that you’ll see for sale this holiday season may have been made from dogs barbarically slaughtered for their skin. Your year-end gift today will immediately support PETA’s groundbreaking work to expose and stop cruelty to all animals, including those suffering for fashion.


Kelly Miller Circus Closes Down, BCBG Bans Fur and Angora Wool, and More

Your actions and support have made many victories for animals possible. Wait until you see Isaac the steer’s new sanctuary home!


Top Animal Wins !


17 Pictures That Sum Up ‘Humane Meat’

So just how humane is “humane meat”? Take a look at these 17 photographs, taken on “humane,” “free-range,” “small-scale,” “organic,” “family-operated,” and similarly pleasant-sounding farms—and decide for yourself.

View Them here:,%20Left%20to%20Die::::peta%20e-news



Stop Killing Elephants to Make Jewelry and Souvenirs

Poachers are slaughtering elephants in order to turn their skins into leather jewelry and trinkets, which are then shipped to China.

These elephants will go extinct unless steps are taken now to protect them. Sign this petition to demand that poachers and smugglers be harshly punished in order to stop the elephant slaughter.

England: Captive Animals Protetion Society Exceed Target Within 24 Hours For Their ‘Big Give’ Circus Campaign.

Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS)


Financial target reached in less than 24 hours !

Such is the hatred of the British public in witnessing animals being abused in circuses.  What a pity the UK government does not have the same views as its citizens, and ban animals in circuses for good.

Here below is a message from Nicola at CAPS – note you can still make donations and make the total even better !



You are amazing!

Together, we reached our target in less than 24 hours – but the animals still need you…

Hello Mark.

Since I wrote to you last, I am so pleased to announce that CAPS have reached our target for The Big Give matched funding campaign in less than 24 hours!

Thanks to the incredible support of animal lovers like you, we have raised an amazing £4965 to help animals exploited in Christmas events.

I am sure that you will be just as excited as I am by this fantastic news! Thank you SO much to everyone who has given so far – this is the quickest we have ever reached our target through The Big Give. I am totally awed by your compassion, dedication and generosity – it is an encouraging reminder that we are not alone in the fight for animals’ freedom.

If you haven’t had a chance to give yet, don’t worry – you can still make a difference!

By donating today, you have the opportunity to make a big impact on the lives of thousands of animals – the more we raise then the more we can do to help animals exploited in the name of entertainment.

Your gift won’t be doubled but every penny you give will still make a big difference for animals. There is so much more suffering to tackle, so many more hearts and minds to change until we can see a world where animals are free.


England: Jill Tribute – Song Which Cannot Be Accessed Via Old Post. 

Regarding the popular post about Jill at the moment, it seems you cannot get the musical tribute link from the post now. 

So here it is for anyone who wants to listen.

The words written throughout the tribute say it all really.

The videos of the British animal rights movement (Jill’s Film) on the above link are well worth a look.

Warrior of the Rainbow – Jill.



28/11/17 – Things have finally just about finished for the live animals for slaughter and further fattening trade from the UK.  There is still one operator – a Dutchman named ‘Onderwater who operates on a very sporadic schedule now – maybe a few times every quarter year.

UK organisations are now campaigning really hard to ensure that on the day the UK leaves the EU, live animal exports from the UK will be banned in legislation.  This has been impossible all the time the UK is part of the EU; but with independence, the UK will take back control and make its own laws rather than those from a pathetic EU.

So finally, we have really reached the point that Jill campaigned so hard for.  We will see it through to the end – and live animal exports from the UK WILL BE BANNED.


Related posts about Jill:



UK / EU: Where Are We ? – Going Somewhere ? – Feelings From The Dogs Mouth.


The simple fact is, that if the EU actually enforced its own regulations and laws, then the UK may have voted to stay in the EU.

Now, JC Junker – ‘Sir Lampshade’ –    is  doing what he does best; pretending that the EU is ‘oh so wonderful’ whilst at the same time trying to threaten the UK in order that other member states in the EU don’t even dare consider leaving !

The UK is (currently – until it shuts the door) the SECOND biggest financial contributor to the EU.  And so, when the UK walks out the EU door for the last time, the EU can guarantee that it will not be getting financial contributions from the nation that pays in almost more than anyone else – the UK.

So the EU then has to make up this large financial shortfall by going round to all the other member states and asking; or is  that demanding ? – yes demanding, that they all contribute more money to make up for the blank void now left by the UK leaving.  That will go down well across the EU we dont think; especially with some member states who currently appear to want to take everything they can from the EU, whilst contributing (financially) very little in return.

The EU has already given Billions of Euros to Serbia.  The EU is by far the biggest donor to Serbia with more than €2.6 billion (as of January 2014 – ) for example as a ‘softener’ for when it becomes an EU member state. 

As we have shown on this very site for many years, Serbia is not even enforicng the ‘rule of law’ within (its own nation) Serbia; which we are all told is a requirement for nations to show if thy want EU membership – ‘enforcement of the rule of law’ – a fundamental for EU membership: 

If Serbia WERE to enforce its own rules of law, then we would actually be witnessing animal shelters throughout Serbia being constructed, maintained and operated to standards that would give the best of welfare to animals taken from the streets.  See more about this at:

But we don’t.  The enforcement of the ‘rule of law’ is one of the common values upon which the European Union is founded. It is enshrined in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union – check it out:

As Serbia is NOT enforcing the rule of law; one tends to think that Serbia should not become an EU member state.  If this is the case, then should the EU be throwing billions of Euros its way as a softener for membership ?

The next big question is, now the UK is leaving the EU and taking its financial contributions with it; other EU states will have to contribute more financially into the EU ‘club’ – fact.  That means Serbia effectively would have a larger membership ‘bill’ than that currently being thrown around.  Will Serbia pay this ? – or does Serbia leave the EU even before it has become a member ? – “thanks EU, we have taken your billions in financial support, but now we are staying out of the club” !

Jean Claude Junker (above) is trying to screw as much money from the UK before it leaves as he can; so that he can then carry a smaller begging bowl to all ‘his’ other contributor member states when he has to ask them for more cash.  I

n the article at the top of this post, the UK has, via the Bank of England, this last month; undertaken extensive research into the UK financial position when it leaves the EU.  All the doom and gloom ‘project fear’ predictions made by those (David Cameron and others) who waned to scare us all into an ‘essential to stay as an EU member’ has now been proven wrong – as this same article shows.

It is the EU who is in crisis, not the UK.  Germany and its powerhouse leader ‘Mrs Merkel’ does not even seem to be able to form a government post very recent elections.  There may be another election in Germany as a result in the coming months.  We have seen that some other member states have serious concerns about the way the EU is going; there is even talk of them leaving, but Sir Junker will ensure, with his hard talk and threats o the UK, that o other EU member state dares to leave him in Ivory Tower. “Look what will happen and how you will suffer like the UK from EU punishment if you do”; are his fumbled words.

Why are we here ? – because the EU cannot enforce its own rules and regulations. 

Ask the EU animals being transported to Turkey every single day if they are being protected, even when passing through the EU by animals in transport (EU) Regulation 1/2005 ? – we think the answer from them would be a 100% ‘NO’.

So why pay money into a club that has the inability to enforce its own regulations ?

The EU is doomed – we all know this; even Sir Lampshade.

Martin Schultz and JC Junker

Will others join the UK by leaving ? –  we will have to wait and see.  Maybe Junker and Tusk will get their way and threaten other member states so much that they dare even think of leaving the EU club.

Meanwhile, in our opinion, the UK should jut pack its bags; go over to WTO legislation and then simply walk away.  If Mr Junker and Tusk are so good, lets see them find the solution.

The EU enforcing EU Regulations would be a good start, but we doubt this will ever happen.

Ho Hum !

Dogs Mouth x





Free Tibet London – Tibet under Xi Jinping: Five years of suffocation.


Tibet under Xi Jinping: Five years of suffocation

Read the very interesting article from ‘Free Tibet’ (London) at:

Tibet remains under de-facto marshal law and those who resist face violent crackdowns. Basic human rights are denied to Tibetans and many face severe punishments simply for waving the Tibetan flag or keeping photos of the Dalia Lama.

International human rights organisations generally agree that the situation has become worse under Xi. While occupied Tibet has always scored poorly in assessments made by Freedom House in recent years it has been rated the second worst place for freedom across the world. This puts it below North Korea and only just above war-torn Syria.






EU: Take Part In An EU Consultation Re Illegal Ivory Trade – Closing Date 8/12/17. Little Time To Act.

The European Commission has called on the public to participate in a consultation to gather views on the ivory trade in Europe and what actions should be taken against the illegal ivory trade.

Global elephant populations are rapidly declining, with 20,000-30,000 elephants killed every year. Meanwhile, the ivory trade has grown and demand fuels both the legal and illegal trades.  The EU is the single largest exporter of ivory items, acting as a main transit route for ivory coming out of Africa; the products mainly destined for Asian markets.

The EU is lagging behind, which undermines international efforts to ban the trade. This stokes global demand and increases the pressure elephant populations.

The elephants need you to speak up for them and before Friday 8th December!


Take part in the online consultation

If you have problems with the above, then try this link – SAV: 

It will take about 10 minutes to complete and you can save a draft of your response until you are ready to submit. ADI will also be submitting a full response to the consultation.

Thank you for taking action for the elephants.

A similar consultation process is being carried out in the UK and we will be in touch soon to ask for your help once again.  If we don’t stand up for the elephants now, they will be gone.

To support our campaigns to protect elephants and other threatened wildlife,

please donate or sign up for a monthly contribution.

Yours for the animals

Jan Creamer


England: The Carnage Begins – Campaign News From ‘Respect for Animals’.


Fur campaign updates from Mark and the crew at ‘Respect’.


  • Finnish fur farms show horrific obesity in foxes.

  • Gucci goes fur free.

  • Fashion giants agree the future is fur free.

  • Czech fur farming ban is official.

  • Bad news from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Click on any of the following to enlarge and read:








Germany: Very Positive Anti Fur Demonstrations At Store Selling Fur Garments.


Germany is currently running a campaign against fur.

It is organized by “Deutsches Tierschutzbüro” and aims to force the department store “Breuninger” to be fur free. This department store is quite noble and has several branches throughout Germany.

On 21st and 22nd November the activists also came to my city.  They told it me by mail and I said I would be there, even though I did not belong to this organization.
From the photos one can see that it was a good, strong action.
Therefore, the acceptance in the society was very big, many people hugged me and wished “keep it up, we need you” !!

We had four journalists from four different media.


Above – A journalist (Red) interviews a campaigner (Blue)


And they were not only there; but they also reported on the action via media outlets.

All those who have experience with such actions know that the most important thing is talking to people.
The 8,000 flyers we distributed are no guarantee that we have convinced the same amount of people against fur.
But most of them have sought the dialogue while reading the flyer, and that is positive for me.
Campaigns (unlike to demos) have the goal of putting a particular company under pressure to force it to refrain from its bloody business. This goal can only be achieved if we go public and get the support of society.
Therefore, there is also a petition in support of the campaign.

Not real animals – but a display of (mock) fur bearing animals.


When the police came to tell us on Wednesday, November 22nd, that the department store was complaining against the loud speaker, a lot of people were around us and started scolding the police: “Let the activists be in peace, we need them, they do something good” said some.

That’s where politics starts, and I think you have to go out on the streets again, take action, come to the old forms of persuasion and education that used to be successfully practiced many years ago by political parties.

I firmly believe that animal welfare should become a political debate, and we can achieve that only if we mobilize the masses against the politicians who are responsible for crime and exploitation against animals.


The store – ‘Breuninger’ which sells fur

The campaign is not over yet, it’s still running in other cities and in December we’ll be back “on the streets” in my city for two days!

And the first success is already there: In Stuttgart, after our action, the department store “Breuninger” removed all fur parts from its show window.

Best Regards to all


Petition – Please Sign



England: Lets Try To Be Positive Amongst All The Gloom.

Things are going well and we are gradually building up a great international supporter network.

You can see the nations supporting us at:

Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

We do this out of respect for all animals – we make nothing financially from it – everything is done on a volunteer basis only.  We fund anything for the site that needs to be funded.

Lots of hard work but things seem to be paying off; if we can spread the word about animal cruelty to nations that have citizens who are (very) often unaware of what is happening in their own country, then we are moving on in a positive way.

Regards Mark. 


I leave you with a track from Led Zepp – one of my favourite bands.  Page and ‘Planty’ at their best.


Don’t look back in anger – ‘Coldplay’ perform the song soon after the Manchester  bombings.  Enjoy.




EU: Petition To Stop the Hunting with Galgos in Spain – Please Sign and Crosspost.

Prohibe la caza con galgos en España / Stop hunting with galgos in Spain

Petition link –

This petition is worded below in the languages of all EU member states.

Petición al Parlamento Europeo: Prohibir la caza con galgos en España

Petition to the European Parliament: Stop the hunting with Galgos in Spain


Español – English – Cestina – Deutsch -ελληνικά- Francais – Hrvatski  – Italiano – Magyar nyelv – Nederlands – Polszczyzna – Portugues – Romana – Slovencina – Slovenscina – Suomi – Svenska


Los galgos se usan tradicionalmente para la caza de liebres. Todos los años se crían nuevos cachorros, de cuales solamente los mejores galgos se usan para cazar y el resto se matan a empezar la temporada de caza. Alrededor de los 3 años incluso a los galgos que han cazado bien se matan, porque piensan los galgueros que los galgos jovenes son los más eficaces.
Los métodos traditionales de matar a los galgos son brutos, ahorcamiento es común. Para los calgos que han cazado mal ahorcamiento con las patas traseras tocando el suelo (el ’pianista’). A veces se dejan los galgos en el bosque, atados o con una pata rota, para morir de hambre. Algunos les echan en pozos secos o abajo precipicios. 50.000 – 100.000 galgos son matados cada año, la mayoria con estos métodos tradicionales e ilegales.

Otras regulaciones de caza en la UE ya existen, como por ejemplo EEC No 3254/91. Ahora es tiempo prohibir también la caza con Galgos (si desean también con otras razas de ’Sighthounds’) en la Unión Europea.


Galgos are traditionally used to hunt for hares.. Every year new litters are born, from which only the best galgos are used for hunting, and the rest are killed at the beginning of the hunting season. Around 3 years of age even the galgos that have been hunting well are killed, as the hunters believes young galgos to be more efficient at hunting.
The traditional methods of killing the galgos are brutal, hanging is common. Galgos that have not been good at hunting are hanged with their back paws left on the ground (the so called ’pianist’).

Alternatively, galgos are left in the forest, tied or with a deliberately broken leg, to starve to death. Others are, when still alive, thrown into empty wells or into steep canyons.
50.000 – 100.000 galgos are killed each year, most of them with these traditional and illegal methods.

Other hunting regulations by the EU already exists, such as for example Council Regulation EEC No 3254/91. It is time to also forbid hunting with Galgos (if desired also with other breeds of Sighthounds) in the European Union.


Petice k Evropskému parlamentu: Zastavte lov s galgos ve Španělsku

Galgos jsou tradičně používány k lovu zajíců. Každým rokem se rodí nová vrh, ze které se pro lov požívají jen ty nejlepší druhy Galgosu a zbytek je zabit na začátku lovu. Okolo 3 let se dokonce zabijí Galgové, kteří lovili dobře, protože lovci věří, že mladí Galgos jsou účinnější při lovu.Tradiční metody zabíjení Galgosu jsou brutální, visí je běžné. Galgové, kteří nebyli dobří v lovu, jsou pověšeni zadními tlapkami ponechanými na zemi (tzv. “Pianista”). Alternativně je Galgos ponechán v lese, vázán nebo úmyslně zlomenou nohou, aby zemřel hladem. Jiní jsou, když jsou ještě naživu, hodeni do prázdných studní nebo do strmých kaňonů.50.000 – 100.000 Galgos je zabito každý rok, většina z nich má tyto tradiční a nelegální metody.

Jiné předpisy EU o lovu již existují, například nařízení Rady EHS č. 3254/91. Je na čase také zakazovat lov s Galgos (v případě potřeby i s jinými plemeny chrtů) v Evropské unii. 


Petition an das Europäische Parlament: Beenden Sie die Jagd mit Galgos in Spanien

Windhunde sind traditionell für die Hasenjagd eingesetzt. Jedes Jahr züchten sie neue Welpen, von denen nur die besten Windhunde verwendet werden, um zu jagen und die restlichen werden getötet, um die Jagdsaison zu starten – jedes Jahr.

Auch nach rund 3 Jahre werden sogar Windhunde, die gut gejagt töten, weil sie denken, dass junge Windhunde am wirksamsten sind.

Die traditionalen Methoden des Tötens der Windhunde sind grauenhaft, aufhängen ist weit verbreitet. Meist noch grauenhafter hängen sie die Hunde so auf, dass die Hinterbeine nur knapp den Boden berühren, sie tänzeln so lange, bis sie der qualvollen Methode erliegen, was sehr lange dauert.

Manchmal werden die Hunde im Wald angebunden, auch mit einem gebrochenen Bein, um zu verhungern. Einige Leute werfen sie in trockenen Brunnen oder unter Abgründe. 50.000-100.000 Windhunde werden jedes Jahr getötet, die meisten mit diesen illegalen Methoden.

Andere Jagdbestimmungen der EU existieren bereits, wie zum Beispiel die Verordnung ECC Nr. 3254/91. Es ist an der Zeit, auch die Jagd mit Galgos (und wenn gewünscht, auch andere Rassen des Windhundes) in der Europäischen Union zu verbieten. 


Αναφορά προς το Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινοβούλιο:Απαγόρευση κυνηγιού με λαγωνικά στην Ισπανία.

Τα λαγωνικά παραδοσιακά χρησιμοποιούνται για το κυνήγι του λαγού. Κάθε χρόνο μεγαλώνουν νέα κουτάβια, και μόνο τα καλύτερα λαγωνικά χρησιμοποιούνται για το κυνήγι και τα υπόλοιπα σκοτώνονται πριν ξεκινήσουν την κυνηγετική περίοδο. Μέχρι να φτάσουν 3ων ετών όπου και αυτά τα κυνηγετικά λαγωνικά σκοτώνονται, επειδή οι κυνηγοί θεωρούν ότι τα νεαρά λαγωνικά είναι τα πιο αποτελεσματικά.Οι παραδοσιακές μέθοδοι δολοφονίας του Γάλγκου είναι βίαιες, η κρέμονται ανάποδα από τα πισινά πόδια (ο λεγόμενος «πιανίστας»), Ή εναλλακτικά τα αφήνουν στο δάσος δεμένα με ένα σκόπιμα σπασμένο πόδι, για να πεθάνει από ασιτία. Ενώ άλλοι, όταν είναι ακόμα ζωντανοί, ρίχνονται σε άδεια πηγάδια ή σε απότομα φαράγγια.50.000 – 100.000 Galgos σκοτώνονται κάθε χρόνο, οι περισσότεροι από αυτούς με αυτές τις παραδοσιακές και παράνομες μεθόδους.

Άλλος κανονισμός του Συμβουλίου αριθ. 3254/91. Είναι επίσης καιρός να απαγορεύσετε το κυνήγι με λαγωνικά Galgos (επίσης το ίδιο και με άλλες φυλές Sighthounds για πτηνά κ.α.) στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση. 


Pétition au Parlement européen : Arrêtez la chasse avec les galgos en Espagne

Les galgos sont traditionnellement utilisés pour la chasse aux lièvres. Chaque année naissent de nouvelles portées, dont les meilleurs galgos seront élevés et utilisés pour la chasse ; les autres sont tués avant la saison de la chasse. Même les galgos qui ont bien chassé sont tués à l’âge de 3 ans, car les chasseurs pensent que seuls les jeunes galgos sont efficaces à la chasse.Les méthodes traditionnelles pour tuer les galgos sont brutales, la pendaison est communément utilisée. Les galgos qui n’ont pas su bien chasser sont pendus, leurs pattes arrières trainant sur le sol (les chasseurs appellent cela le pianiste). D’autres galgos sont abandonnés dans la forêt, attachés ou avec la patte volontairement cassée, pour y mourir de faim. D’autres sont jetés vivants dans des puits vides ou dans des canyons aux pentes raides.50.000 à 100.000 galgos sont ainsi tués chaque année, la plupart d’entre eux avec des méthodes dites traditionnelles et illégales.

D’autres règlements de chasse existent déjà dans l’UE, comme par exemple le Règlement de Conseil N°. 3254/91. Il est temps d’interdire la chasse avec les galgos (ainsi qu’avec d’autres espèces de lévriers) dans l’Union Européenne.



Hrtovi se već dugo koriste za lov na zečeve. Svake godine uzgajaju se novi štenci, od kojih se samo najbolji koriste za lov, dok ostali budu ubijeni na početku lovne sezone. S tri godine ubijaju čak i hrtove koji su dobro lovili jer uzgajivači misle da su mladi hrtovi učinkovitiji. Ubičajeni načini ubijanja hrtova su okrutni, najčešće je vješanje. Hrtove koji se nisu iskazali u lovu objese tako da stražnjim šapama mogu dotaknuti tlo (zovu ih “pijanistima“). Katkad ostave pse u šumi, zavezane ili sa slomljenom nogom, da uginu od gladi. Neke bacaju u suhe bunare ili u ponore. 50 000 – 100 000 hrtova ubijeni su svake godine, većina na takve okrutne i nezakonite načine.

Drugi lovni zakoni u Europskoj Uniji već postoje, kao primjerice EEC No 3254/91. Sada je vrijeme da se u Uniji zabrani i lov s hrtovima (i, ako želite, s drugim pasminama koje služe za lov na zečeve).


Petizione indirizzata al Parlamento Europeo: Fermate la caccia con i galgo in Spagna 

I galgo vengono per tradizione usati per la caccia alla lepre. Ogni anno nascono nuove cucciolate, dalle quali vengono selezionati solo i migliori cacciatori, mentre gli altri vengono uccisi all’inizio della stagione venatoria. Attorno ai 3 anni di età vengono uccisi comunque anche i galgo che hanno dimostrato di essere bravi cacciatori, perchè i galgueros ritengono che solo i galghi giovani possano essere bravi nella caccia.I metodi tradizionali di uccisione sono brutali, ed è comune l’impiccagione. I Galgos che non si sono distinti nella caccia vengono appesi in modo che i loro piedi sfiorino il terreno (chiamato “il pianista”). In alternativa i galgos vengono abbandonati nei boschi dopo essere stati legati o dopo che deliberatamente gli sono state spezzate le zampe, così da farli morire di inedia. Altri vengono, da vivi, buttati in pozzi o in burroni.50.000 – 100.000 Galgos vengono uccisi ogni anno,, la maggior parte con questi metodi tradizionali anche se illegali.

Esistono già regolamenti di caccia da parte dell’Unione Europea, come ad esempio Council Regulation EEC No 3254/91. E’ ora che venga proibita la caccia con i galgo (se possibile anche con altre razze di cani per la caccia) nella Comunità Europea. 


Kérelem az Európai Parlamentnek: Kérjük, segítsenek megállítani meg a Galgo-vadászatot Spanyolországban! A Galgo egy spanyol agárfajta.

A Galgo-kat hagyományosan a mezei nyulakra való vadászatkor használják. Minden évben sok új alom születik, melyekből azonban csak a legjobb Galgokat választják ki a vadászatokra és a többieket, a vadászati szezon kezdetekor, megölik. 3 éves kor körül azokat a Galgo-kat is megölik, akikkel addig vadásztak, mivel a vadászok úgy hiszik, a fiatalabb Galgok eredményesebben teljesítenek a vadászatban.A Galgokat a hagyomány szerint brutálisan és kegyetlenül végzik ki, általában felakasztják. Azokat a Galgokat, akik nem teljesítettek jól a vadászatkor, úgy akasztják fel, hogy a hátsó mancsaik érik a földet (úgy nevezik, hogy a „zongorista”).Más esetekben a Galgokat az erdőben hagyják összekötözött vagy eltört lábakkal, akik így éhhalált halnak. Másokat, még élve, kutakba vagy mély kanyonokba dobnak.50.000-100.000 közé tehető az évente meggyilkolt Galgok száma, közülük a legtöbbet ezekkel a kegyetlen és illegális módszerekkel végeznek ki.

Már léteznek az EU-n belül vadászatra vonatkozó törvényi szabályozások, mint például a Council Regulation EEC No 3254/91 (Tanácsi rendelet).Itt az idő, hogy a Galgo-vadászatot is betiltsák (egyben más agárfajtákkal történő vadászatot) az Európai Unióban. 


Petitie aan het Europees Parlement : Stop de jacht met Galgo’s in Spanje!

Galgos worden normaal gebruikt voor het jagen van hazen. Elk jaar worden er nieuwe nesten van Galgos geboren, maar alleen de beste worden geselecteerd voor de jacht, de rest wordt gedood voor het jachtseizoen. Als de Galgos drie jaar oud zijn, zelfs als ze goed jagen, worden de gedood, omdat de jagers vinden/denken dat jongere Galgos efficiënter jagen.

Galgos die niet goed jagen, worden opgehangen met hun achterpoten nog op de grond (de zogenaamde “pianist) Andere Galgos worden in het bos achtergelaten, vastgebonden met vaak opzettelijk gebroken poten om daar uitgehongerd te sterven. Anderen worden levend in putten of diepe ravijnen gegooid.

50.000 tot 100.000 Galgos worden op deze illigale maar traditionele manier per jaar gedood.

Er bestaan al andere jachtregelementen door de EU, zoals bv. regelgeving EEC. No 3254/91.Het is tijd om de jacht met Galgo’s volledig te verbieden binnen de Europese Unie! (En als dat nodig is ook met andere windhonden rassen.) 


Petycja do Parlamentu Europejskiego: Wprowadzenie w Hiszpanii zakazu polowania z użyciem chartów

W Hiszpanii tradycyjnie charty używane są do polowania na zające. Każdego roku psy tej rasy są rozmnażane, ale tylko najlepsze z nich z używane są do polowań; reszta jest zabijana już na początku sezonu łowieckiego. Po około 3 latach również te, które sprawdziły się na polowaniach są zabijane, ponieważ ich właściciele sądzą, że tylko młode osobniki są wystarczająco skuteczne.Psy zabijane są w okrutny i brutalny sposób, zazwyczaj przez powieszenie.Charty, które “nie sprawdziły się ” na polowaniu są wieszane tak, aby ich tylne łapy ledwo dotykały ziemi , co przedłuża ich cierpienia (jest to tzw. metoda “na pianistę”). Często porzucane są w lesie, przywiązane do drzewa lub z połamanymi wcześniej łapami, tak aby umarły z głodu i pragnienia.Inne wrzucane są do studni, zrzucane z urwiska lub podpalane.Każdego roku zabija się od 50 000 do 100 000 chartów, większość ginie okrutną śmiercią. 

W UE obowiązują już przepisy dotyczące polowań, jak na przykład EEC No 3254/91. Pora aby objęły one również charty oraz inne rasy psów myśliwskich. 


Petição ao Parlamento Europeu: Parar a caça com galgos na Espanha

Galgos são tradicionalmente usados para caçar lebres. A cada ano novas ninhadas são nascidos, a partir do qual só os melhores Galgos são usados para a caça e o resto são mortos no início da temporada de caça. Em torno de 3 anos de idade até os galgos que foram a caça são mortas, bem como os caçadores considera os jovens Galgos para ser mais eficiente na caça.Os métodos tradicionais de matar os galgos são brutais, travando é comum. Galgos que não tenham sido boa a caça são enforcado juntamente com suas patas posteriores esquerda no solo (o chamado “Pianista”). Alternativamente, Galgos são deixadas na floresta, amarrado ou com uma perna quebrada deliberadamente à fome. Outros são, quando ainda vivo, jogado em poços de vazio ou em íngreme canyons.50.000 – 100.000 Galgos são mortos a cada ano, a maioria deles com estes métodos tradicionais e ilegal.

Outros regulamentos de caça pela UE já existe, como por exemplo o Regulamento CEE nº 3254/91. É tempo de também proibir a caça com Galgos (se desejado também com outras raças de Sighthounds) na União Europeia. 


Petitie catre Parlamentul European: Opriti spanzurarea ogarilor in Spania

Ogarii spanioli sunt folositi in mod traditional la vanatoarea de iepuri. In fiecare an se nasc noi pui, dintre care doar cei mai buni se folosesc pentru vanatoare, iar restul sunt ucisi la inceputul sezonului de vanatoare. In jurul varstei de 3 ani, chiar si ogarii care au vanat bine sunt ucisi, deoarece vanatorii considera ca ogarii tineri sunt mai eficienti la vanatoare.Metodele traditionale de ucidere a ogarilor spanioli sunt brutale, iar spanzurarea este obisnuita. Ogarii care nu au fost buni la vanatoare sunt spanzurati cu labele din spate pe pamant (asa-numitul ’pianist’). De asemenea, ogarii sunt lasati in padure, legati sau cu un picior rupt in mod intentionat, pana cand mor de foame. Altii sunt aruncati de vii in puturi sau in canioane abrupte.50.000 – 100.000 de ogari spanioli sunt ucisi in fiecare an, majoritatea prin aceste metode traditionale si ilegale.

Alte regulamente emise de UE referitor la vanatoare exista deja, de exemplu Regulementul EEC Nr 3254/91 al Consiluilui Europei. Este timpul sa interzicem vanatoarea cu ogari spanioli (daca se doreste si cu alte rase de ogari) in Uniunea Europeana. 


Žiadosť adresovaná Európskemu Parlamentu: Zakážte lov Galgami v Španielsku.

Galgovia sa tradične používajú na lov zajacov. Každý rok sa rodia nové vrhy, z ktorých sa na poľovníctvo používajú iba tí najlepší a zvyšok je zabitý na začiatku loveckej sezóny. Dokonca aj dobrí lovci sú zabití vo veku okolo 3 rokov, pretože lovci veria, že mladí Galgovia sú pri love užitočnejší. Tradičné metódy zabíjania Galgosov sú brutálne, bežné je obesenie. Galgovia, ktorí neboli dobrí v love, sú obesení so zvesenými zadnými labkami, ktoré zostali na zemi (takzvaný “klavirista”). Takisto zvyknú byť ponechaní v lese, uviazaní alebo s úmyselne zlomenou nohou, aby zomreli hladom. Iní, keď sú ešte nažive, sú vhadzovaní do prázdnych studní alebo do strmých kaňonov. Ročne je zabitých okolo 50 000 – 100 000 Galgov a väčšina z nich týmito tradičnými a nezákonnými metódami. 

Existujú aj iné nariadenia o poľovníctve EÚ, ako napríklad nariadenie Rady č. 3254/91. Je načase zakázať lov s Galgami (ak je to žiaduce aj s inými plemenami Chrtov) v Európskej únii. 


Peticija v Evropskem parlamentu: Ustavitev lova z Galgosom v Španiji

Galgos se tradicionalno uporablja za lov na zajce. Vsako leto v novem leglu, vzamejo le najboljše Galgose za lov, preostali v leglu pa jih na začetku lovne sezone ubijejo. Približno 3 leta starosti, tudi Galgosi, ki lovijo dobro, so ubiti, saj lovci verjamejo, da je mladi Galgos bolj učinkovit pri lovu.Tradicionalne metode ubijanja Galgosa so brutalne, običajno jih obesijo. Galgos, ki niso bili dobri pri lovu, so obešeni tako, da visijo z zadnjimi tačkami, navzdol (temu pravijo t.i. pianist). Druga možnost je, da Galgose pustijo v gozdu zvezane ali jim namerno zlomijo tace, da bi umrli. Drugi, ko so še vedno živi, ​​vrženi v prazne vrtine ali v strme prepadeVsako leto ubijejo 50.000 – 100.000 Galgosov, večina jih je s temi tradicionalnimi in nezakonitimi metodami.

Drugi lovski predpisi EU že obstajajo, na primer Uredba Sveta EGS št. 3254/91. Čas je tudi prepovedati lov s Galgosom (po želji tudi z drugimi pasmi sighthounds) v Evropski uniji. 

– SUOMI – 

Vetoomus Euroopan Parlamentille: Galgoilla metsästys on lopetettava Espanjassa.

Galgo-koiria käytetään perinteellisesti jänisten metsästyksessä. Joka vuosi syntyy uusia pentueita, joista vain parhaat galgot käytetään metsästykseen. Loput tapetaan metsästyskauden alussa. Noin kolmen ikäisenä myös metsästykseen valitut galgot tapetaan, koska metsästäjien mielestä nuoret galgot metsästävät tehokkaammin. Perinteellinen tapa tappaa galgon on brutaali: hirttäminen. Ne galgot , jotka eivät ole olleet hyviä metsästäjiä hirtetään takajalkojen ollessa maassa (niin sanottu ’pianonsoittaja’). Vaihtoehtoisesti ne jätetään metsään: puuhun sidottuna tai tarkoituksellisesti jalat murtuneena ja jätetään kuolemaan nälkään. Toiset galgot heitetään elävinä kuivaan kaivoon tai kanjoneihin. 50 000 – 100 000 galgoa tapetaan joka vuosi, suurin osa näillä perinteellisillä ja laittomilla keinoilla. 

On jo olemassa muitakin metsästyssäätelyitä, esimerkiksi EEC 3254/91. Nyt on aika kieltää Galgoilla metsästys (halutessa myös muillakin vinttikoirilla) Euroopan Unionissa. 


Petition till Europaparlamentet: Förbjud jakten med galgor i Spanien.

Galgon – den spanska vinthunden används traditionellt till jakt på harar. Varje år föds nya valpkullar upp, då endast de bästa galgorna används vid jakten och övriga galgor avlivas brutalt redan vid jaktens början. Vid ca 3 års ålder avlivas även de galgor som jagat bra, då yngre vinthundar anses jaga effektivare. Avlivningsmetoderna är synnerligen brutala, hängning är vanligt. De galgor som inte anses ha jagat bra hängs med baktassarna stående på marken, så att de skall dö långsammare (kallas för ’pianisten’). En annan vanlig metod är att lämna vinthunden i skogen, bunden eller med ett avsiktligt brutet ben, för att svälta ihjäl. Det förekommer ofta även att galgor kastas levande ner i torra brunnar eller utför branta stup. 50.000 – 100.000 galgor dödas varje år, de flesta med dessa traditionella och illegala metoder.
Det finns redan lagstiftning för jakt inom EU, till exempel EEC 3254/91. Nu är det tid att även förbjuda jakt med galgor (om så är önskvärt även med andra vinthundsraser) inom den Europeiska Unionen.




Serbia / USA: USA Auction To Help Fellix Kitties – Get Your Xmas Presents Here Now !

Our dear friend Katrina Fillo has organized a USA based auction in order to help CSF kitties –

Thank you so much, Katrina!

Please take a look at these lovely items, perhaps you’ll find something you like.
And share with your friends and family, perhaps they’ll find something too.

Love to all and thank you for caring about our kitties.


Items are available for immediate purrrrchase rather than bidding style. Prices are listed in the …

View on Facebook:


Some of the items available:

Buy now and help Serbian cats at the shelter.




South Korea: Latest November News, Actions and Rescue Videos – Plus Many Beautiful Rescued Dogs Looking For Their Forever Homes.

Stop the Dog and Cat Consumption in S. Korea!

Here below is the link to the latest (November 2017) newsletter from

In this newsletter you will find several actions and petitions to get involved with.  Links are provided to help you on your action way.

Adopt dogs rescued
from dog meat industry

Dogs rescued from dog meat industry in South Korea by Nami Kim and her team are waiting for their loving and caring forever homes. Click the below button to learn about how you can adopt them.  Thank you for opening your heart and your home to these angels! 


Click here to see all the dogs looking for adoption and new forever homes:

See the many videos below to see the horrendous conditions in which many of the dogs were kept before they were rescued.  You may find many of the videos disturbing, but this is the reality of the dog meat trade.  Everything done on the cheap by those who really do not give a damn about the suffering they cause to animals.  The only good thing to remember is that despite what is shown in the following videos; the situation for all ha moved on and all the dogs kept in thee hell holes have now been rescued and are up for adoption, you can see in the adoption link which we provide directly above.

Rescue of 300 Dogs From Dog Meat Farm:


Hong’s meat farm turned to a shelter.


Slaughterhouse Sixteen


Project Save 70- Junkyard


Chun’s farm in Bucheon


Sunhak shut down




Incheon puppy mill


Remember – Its a long campaign,

but like most, we ARE winning !






USA: Please Sign for Puppy Dragged Behind Car and Then Decapitated.


SAV – Please take time out to support a maximum penalty for the person who committed this grisly and senseless crime, Thank you.

A puppy was dragged behind a car and then decapitated in a reported act of shocking violence. The dog’s owner claims her boyfriend choked her and then turned his anger on her puppy, ultimately killing the dog in this grisly act.



Sign this petition to demand prosecutors pursue the maximum penalty in this case.




UK: Ministerial Statement By Minister Gove – The EU Does Not Enforce The Rules, So The UK Will Improve Animal Welfare More, Post Brexit.

Photo – EoA (Netherlands)

There has been a lot of scaremongering here in England in recent weeks that the UK is not going to recognise animals as ‘sentient beings’ once the UK leaves the EU. 

Animals are defined as being ‘sentient’ by EU legislation, although with live exports from the EU to Turkey for example, as we have exposed many times on this site, the EU does nothing to enforce its own regulations about animal welfare.  As we have always said and often shown, EU laws really mean very little when it comes to protecting the rights of animals.

You may not believe us ? – so check these out for example:

Also, the UK has a very strong animal rights movement; and so it was (in our mind) unthinkable that animals would not be given protection once the UK leaves the EU.  As we said, there has been a lot of scaremongering by certain groups in the last few months that animals were going to lose their protection.  So we are very pleased to see that Minister Michael Gove MP has now clearly set out the governments position for animal welfare once the UK leaves the EU

As we have said in past posts on this site, leaving the EU will actually allow the UK to strengthen its legislation on animal welfare – the UK will take back legislative control of regulations which have never been enforced by the oh so wonderful(?) EU – and this will allow the UK to strengthen animal protection as it sees fit; and as constantly pressurised by the excellent campaign organisations that exist in the UK.

Will leaving the EU and taking back control of our own laws be better for animals ? – we very much think so. 

The EU has all the written legislation; it speaks the speak; but the reality is, when presented with the evidence by welfare organisations, the EU just turns the other way and says that there is nothing it can do; despite allegedly having all these rules in place in accordance with EU law !

When it comes to the EU protecting animals in accordance with EU Regulations; the whole thing is basically a joke.  The rules are not worth the paper they are written on.

So, EU based animal welfare organisations who have constantly been ignored with their evidence of cruelty and abuse for many years now have to watch and see how things progress in the UK –  which we will make sure they will. 

Already there are movements in place to ban live animal exports from the UK on the very first day that the UK formally leaves the EU.  EU member states have to decide if they want to continue presenting evidence to the EU – only then to be ignored  – or do they follow the UK and get out – thereby taking back control of their own national laws law and making sure that they, as individual member states, enforce their own national legislation ?. 

Time will tell; but the UK is leading the way on the issue of animal welfare.


(Minister) Michael Gove has set out the (UK) government’s position on animal sentience after we leave the EU in a Written Ministerial Statement


The sentience of animals WILL CONTINUE to be recognised and PROTECTIONS STRENGTHENED when we leave the EU, Environment Secretary Michael Gove confirmed today.

Mr Gove made a Written Ministerial Statement today. The full text is below.

Animal welfare – Michael Gove

This Government is committed to the very highest standards of animal welfare. As the Prime Minister has set out, we will make the United Kingdom a world leader in the care and protection of animals.

It has been suggested that the vote last week on New Clause 30 of the EU Withdrawal Bill somehow signalled a weakening in the protection of animals – that is wrong.

Voting against the amendment was not a vote against the idea that animals are sentient and feel pain – that is a misconception.

Ministers explained on the floor of the house that this Government’s policies on animal welfare are driven by our recognition that animals are indeed sentient beings and we are acting energetically to reduce the risk of harm to animals – whether on farms or in the wild. The vote against New Clause 30 was the rejection of a faulty amendment, which would not have achieved its stated aims of providing appropriate protection for animals.

The Prime Minister has made clear that we will strengthen our animal welfare rules. This government will ensure that any necessary changes required to UK law are made in a rigorous and comprehensive way to ensure animal sentience is recognised after we leave the EU. The Withdrawal Bill is not the right place to address this, however we are considering the right legislative vehicle.

We are already proposing primary legislation to increase maximum sentences for animal cruelty from six months to five years, and the creation of a new statutory, independent body to uphold environmental standards.

The current EU instrument – Article 13 – has not delivered the progress we want to see. It does not have direct effect in law – in practice its effect is very unclear and it has failed to prevent practices across the EU which are cruel and painful to animals.

In contrast, here in the UK, we are improving animal welfare standards without EU input and beyond the scope of Article 13.

We are making CCTV mandatory in all slaughterhouses – a requirement which goes above and beyond any EU rule. We will consult on draft legislation to jail animal abusers for up to five years – more than almost every other European nation. We propose combatting elephant poaching with a ban on the ivory trade which is more comprehensive than anywhere else in Europe. Our ban on microbeads which harm marine animals has been welcomed by Greenpeace as “the strongest in the world”, and is certainly the strongest in Europe.

Once we have left the EU there is even more we could do. EU rules prevent us from restricting or banning the live export of animals for slaughter. EU rules also restrict us from cracking down on puppy smuggling or banning the import of puppies under 6 months. Article 13 has not stopped any of these practices – but leaving the EU gives us the chance to do much better. We hope to say more in these areas next year.

This government will continue to promote and enhance animal welfare, both now and after we have left the EU.


Above – Minister Michael Gove with Canine friend.


SAV Comment –

when we say ”the EU does nothing to enforce its own regulations about animal welfare” -this is evidence and proof of the situation,  evidence and proof which the EU conveniently on its part, turns a blind eye to.

From our good friend Lesley at ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands:

This week Eyes on Animals was on German TV!

The famous German filmmaker, Manfred Karreman, made a powerful documentary about our year-long inspections of live animal transports from the EU to third countries and of the slaughterhouses where the animals end up in.

You can view the footage here –     **Warning** – animals suffering throughout.




China: Breaking Video: Donkeys Bashed With Sledgehammers in China—Take Action!



Breaking Video: Donkeys Bashed With Sledgehammers in China—Take Action!

PETA Asia just released eyewitness video footage of the Chinese donkey-skin trade, which is fueled by the demand for a traditional “medicine” that contains ejiao, gelatin made from donkey skin. The exposé reveals that thousands of donkeys are crammed into filthy concrete-floored pens, beaten with sticks at the donkey market, and bashed in the head with a sledgehammer at the slaughterhouse.

Ejiao can be found in beverages, candy, and even beauty products. Donkeys are now being imported into China for slaughter from other countries in Asia and from nations in the Middle East, Africa, and South America in order to meet the demand. While some countries, such as Pakistan and 10 African nations, have closed Chinese-funded slaughterhouses and developed policies to ban the export of donkey skin to China, others are shamefully considering a live-export trade. The industry is fueling a black market for donkeys, and many are being stolen or slaughtered illegally so that people can profit from China’s medicinal market.

The Northern Territory government in Australia exports donkey hides to China to support the cruel ejiao industry and is considering expanding this business by implementing a live-donkey export industry. View video footage from our exposé, and please urge Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to ban exports of live donkeys to China immediately.

Take Action for Donkeys

Thank you for everything that you do to help animals.


The PETA Asia Team

Related SAV posts:





USA: News From The Center for Biological Diversity.

Center for     Biological     Diversity   



Lawsuit Fights Trump’s Decision to Lift Elephant Protections

When the Trump administration took aim at

African elephants, the Center for Biological Diversity rushed into court to defend them. Our suit, filed

Monday with NRDC, challenges the administration’s abrupt reversal last week of an Obama-era ban on

elephant trophy imports from Zimbabwe.

Africa’s elephants have been in steep decline.

The last thing they need is the United States lifting the trophy-import ban, setting off a new round of killing. Trump has tweeted he’s putting the ban “on hold”

— but tweets don’t make policy. Until we’re assured

these elephants are safe and the crucial ban is firmly

in place, we’ll keep fighting.

“The Trump administration must clearly and

permanently halt imports of elephant trophies

to protect these amazing animals from extinction,

” said the Center’s Tanya Sanerib.

Read more in The Hill and consider donating to our work to save elephants.



Good News for Texas Turtles

In response to a petition filed by the Center and

partners, Texas wildlife officials will propose a

rule to end unlimited commercial trapping of the

state’s wild freshwater turtles.

Unregulated commercial collection is depleting

turtle populations, including those of rare species

that may already be at risk of extinction. For several

years the Center has been pressuring states to

tighten their trapping regulations — and with

your help we’ve secured significant wins for

turtles in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Missouri and

New York.

“We’re hopeful the Texas Parks and Wildlife

Commission will do the right thing and ban the

harmful turtle trade,” said Jenny Loda, a Center

attorney and biologist.

Read more in our press release.



$5,000 Reward for Info on Oregon Wolf Killing

The Center this week offered a $5,000 reward

for information leading to the arrest and

prosecution of whoever illegally shot a mother

wolf in Oregon. Police announced Friday that

the wolf, who had four pups, was found dead last Wednesday. At least 10 Oregon wolves have

been poached or died under mysterious

circumstances since they lost state protections

in late 2015.

“If wolves are ever going to recover in Oregon,

they have to stop being killed like this,” said the

Center’s Amaroq Weiss.

Read more in our press release.




Ignite Change Tops 10,000 Volunteers

— Are You In?

Trump and his hostility toward wildlife

and the environment seem to get worse by the

day. But there’s good news: The resistance is

growing just as fast. Already we’ve had more

than 10,000 activists sign up to be part of

Ignite Change, the Center’s nationwide network

of volunteers speaking up — and acting — to

save our lands, water and wildlife from Trump.

These groups of volunteers working in their

communities have already organized rallies,

pressured their members of Congress and told

Trump not to tear apart our national monuments.

But there’s much more to be done.

Want to take part? Getting started is easy.

Sign up for Ignite Change and we’ll help you tap

into this growing network wherever you are.

Save the San Pedro River From Water Theft

Southeast Arizona’s San Pedro River is one of

the most beautiful, important riparian areas in

the United States. More than 250 migrant bird

species depend on it, and beneath its cottonwood

trees, desert life abounds.

But “Villages at Vigneto,” a new sprawl development

in Benson, Ariz., could put the future of this river at

risk. The Army Corps of Engineers is reevaluating

the Clean Water Act permit it issued in 2006 when

the project was known as Whetstone Ranch. But

since then the proposal has mushroomed. Developers

want golf courses, artificial lakes and more than

29,000 homes — a Tuscany-themed playground

wasting lifesaving water in the desert.

We can’t let it happen. Demand that the Army Corps

revoke its 2006 permit and stop the theft of public

San Pedro water.



Revelator Feature: The Crappiest Places in America

America’s waters are infested with faeces — and

now The Revelator has made it easy to find the

worst poop-waste locations in your area.

E. coli bacteria are a measure of faecal

contamination because they live exclusively

in human and animal intestines, so the only

reason for them to be present in the environment

is because they were excreted there. E. coli can

also indicate the presence of dangerous chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and pesticides.

Go ahead — dive into The Revelator and discover the filthiest places around.


England: Time Out – The Musical Box.

The Musical Box” is a song by English progressive rock band Genesis, which was originally released on their third studio album Nursery Cryme in 1971

The lyrics are based on a Victorian fairy story written by Gabriel, about two children in a country house.

The girl, Cynthia, kills the boy, Henry, by cleaving his head off with a croquet mallet. She later discovers Henry’s musical box.

When she opens it, “Old King Cole” plays, and Henry returns as a spirit, but starts aging very quickly. This causes him to experience a lifetime’s sexual desire in a few moments, and he tries to persuade Cynthia to have sexual intercourse with him.

However, the noise causes his nurse to arrive, and she throws the musical box at him, destroying them both.





USA: Nebraska Public Service Commission just approved the final permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

The following video is NOT associated with NRDC 

– but is included for info only.

Dear Mark,

It’s what we feared: The Nebraska Public Service Commission just approved the final permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

This permit would allow TransCanada, the company behind the pipeline, to route the Keystone XL through Nebraska

— threatening hundreds of Nebraskan rivers and streams and the Ogallala Aquifer, which provides drinking water for more than a million people.

But the Nebraska PSC’s decision isn’t all bad news. While they approved a pipeline route through Nebraska, they did not, however, approve TransCanada’s “preferred” route. Instead, they approved an entirely different route that hasn’t been subject to review by either the company or government authorities.

That means the fight isn’t over — not in Nebraska or in court. NRDC will continue fighting with every tool, in every venue, and with all of our partners to make sure the Keystone XL is never built — including in federal court.

NRDC filed suit against the Trump administration for its illegal approval of the Keystone XL on the grounds that approval was based on an outdated environmental review that didn’t consider the pipeline’s true impacts on our climate.

And the Nebraska PSC’s decision makes our federal court fight against the pipeline even more critical.

So, please make an emergency, tax-deductible donation now to defend our environment and to help NRDC fight to kill the Keystone XL pipeline in federal court for good.

The Nebraska commissioners’ decision comes just days after another tar sands pipeline, the existing Keystone pipeline, spilled 210,000 gallons of toxic tar sands oil in South Dakota.

The Keystone XL would carry 830,0000 barrels a day of tar sands oil through the American heartland, endangering lands, wildlife, and communities along its route with more catastrophic spills.

Moreover, the commissioners’ decision mistakenly ignores serious concerns raised by Nebraska landowners and indigenous people that the Keystone XL pipeline would threaten their water and climate.

But how long we can stay in court, and how hard we can fight, depends on NRDC supporters like you.

Please chip in to support NRDC and help continue our legal battle against the Trump administration to stop the climate-wrecking Keystone XL. Every little bit helps.

But the Trump administration — and the pipeline’s corporate backers — have proved incredibly dogged in their pursuit of this project, so NRDC and our allies must be prepared to fight whenever and wherever we need to, especially in federal court.

We defeated the Keystone XL once before, and I strongly believe that we can — and we will — do it again. Thank you for standing with us.


Rhea Suh
President, NRDC

P.S. Read more about the Nebraska PSC’s decision and what it means for the future of the Keystone XL in a blog post from NRDC’s Anthony Swift.



USA: President Trump Calls Elephant Hunting A Horror Show After Trophy Import Ruling Chages. So Where Does The USA Actually Stand On This ?


Donald Trump calls elephant hunting a ‘horror show’ after trophy import ruling

Washington: President Donald Trump on Sunday called elephant hunting a “horror show” and strongly suggested he will permanently block imports of elephant trophies from two African nations despite his administration’s earlier approval of the plan.

Read the full article at:

SAV Comment – So Why was the (President) Obama ruling from 2014 ever changed in the first place ?

Was it simply another ‘Republicans against Obama’ issue that is getting up Trumps nose; and by doing this he can then claim that the Republicans enforced / introduced the (new /revised) legislation?

Would be keen to hear what our US visitor friends think about it  – please leave any comments in the ‘Contact Us’ tab.  We will post anything we get – Thanks.







Germany: The infiltration of the animal rights scene by right-wing extremists.


The infiltration of the animal rights scene by right-wing extremists.

In recent years, one hears or reads more and more often in forums about animal rights, that it does not matter which political side you are with, and with which political forces you cooperate; the main thing is, you do it for the animals.

Meanwhile, some web page that I personally know are controlled by rights and spread the right-wing ideology in the name of the animals.
Experience has shown that with animal friendly slogans one reaches more people in Germany than with xenophobic ones.

“Animal protection is homeland security”, stands since then in the party program of the neo-Nazis! The right-wing extremists know that political messages can be better communicated if they are combined with a soft theme, such as animal welfare.

The animal rights community has now recognized that it has a major problem with the infiltration of the right, and therefore some associations have organized informative lectures last year: “Handling neo-Nazis in animal movements”.

The ex-chairman of the animal welfare party Germany Stefan Eck, considers the infiltration in this party for completed!

As of December 31, 2014, Eck announced his exit from the animal protection party. As a reason, he gave the following public statement on his Facebook page:
“There are a considerable number of members of the Federal Executive Board who neither have the insight nor the will to consistently distance themselves from party members or people in their political environment with a right-wing populist or even right-wing extremist past and reject any cooperation with them. I cannot tolerate this because of my innermost conviction. ”

But leading figures of other large and well-known animal rights organizations in Germany show solidarity with the heads of right-wing parties or with ex-NPD officials in public at events for animals (NPD = National Democratic Party of Germany, a far-right political party in Germany).
And they allow flyers with neo-Nazi slogans to be distributed in demos against fur or animal transports!

I see a great danger if the animal rights scene does not distance itself politically from the right-wing extremists. For the activists can only lose, and the animal rights idea as well.
Right-wing extremists are not “slightly confused” animal rights activists with good intentions, but cool-calculating neo-Nazis who need new voters. Considering that Germans hold 30 million pets, more than the citizens of any other EU country, it is easy to understand why the neo-Nazis have chosen the animal rights scene as a lucrative field of activity.

Organizations that propagate their fascist convictions under the guise of “animal welfare” are no cooperation partners for me.
Two groups I have supported in the past with articles and contributions no longer exist for me since they have degenerated into propaganda vehicles of a vile ideology.


Best regards to all




Serbia: Felix Shelter News 19/11 – No Heating For Over A Month – Please Donate If You Can.

Today was our monthly interferon day for all FiV+ kitties in CSF.

Gemma, Jaki, Alana, Attila, Kremko, Samson and Cormac have received their Roferon dose via subcutaneous injections.


Since the cold weather and no heating gas have been giving us a hard time for over a month now, all kitties with runny noses and teary eyes received Hemomicyn antibiotics and eye drops. 😓😖

And because all of them were so brave during their medical treatment

💪💪💪, even those who were brave enough to watch 😹, all 150 residents of our CSF Sanctuary received some extra delicious snacks 😻 – a gift from one our donors who wished to stay anonymous. 😽💕

Most of you are aware of our current and alarming situation – we have no heating gas, no wet canned food, and we are in debts for earlier supplies of wet canned feline food and veterinary expenses.


Also, before the end of the year, we need to treat all our protegees against ecto and endo parasites and vaccinate them against rabies.

So, please, if you can find a place in your heart during this caring and giving season for these 150 kitties until the situation gets better, donate to Cat Shelter Felix using our PayPal account:

Even $1 US can make a difference for our residents and your generosity and kindness will be appreciated with the respect you deserve.

In the name of all of our residents – Thank you.
PayPal account:

Facebook  – 

Please go to the following for other ways to donate:

For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96






A Crying World That Screams For Action.


Germany: More Lies From The Hunters – This Time ‘Wolves’ – Allegedly ‘Dangerous and a Threat To Humans’.

Since 2000 the wolf is back in Germany.

In public, this has been sold as “reintroduction of the wolf”.

The hunters were the first to spread this lie.
But the truth is: the wolf was not settled, but he returned by himself. They are told a false story, because only under this pretext can the hunters make a claim to shoot the wolf


Until recently, the law prevented the shooting of the wolf in Germany, the hunters were of the opinion that it was a nonsensical law, and since 2000 eighteen wolves have been illegally killed in Germany, six of them alone in Saxony, as WWF experts confirm.
But the dark numbers are much higher, because even whole packs just disappear from the scene over a night.


For some time, six wolves have broken out of an enclosure in Bayer, the hunt has begun, an animal has already been shot. 

In Brandenburg hunters also make warnings in the forest:
Wolf home area ” and the like, or” Wolf? No thanks”!!

They cultivate hysteria and panic in the population: the wolf kills sheep, the wolf is aggressive and dangerous for humans, the wolf causes accidents …
There has never been such a war in Germany against these intelligent and shy animals as in recent years. 

Right now, when I write this line, I got the message: in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, the police now have a free hand to shoot wolves. “Human life is more important than that of wolves,” the hunting community tells us.
Even injured wolves should be shot.


Exactly 381,821 Germans had a hunting license in the hunting year 2015/16. In a country with 82.67 million inhabitants, this is 0.46% of the population.


I find it incomprehensible, with what arrogance from this puny position, the hunters want to dictate to the rest of the population what it has to think in terms of nature conservation. And they take the right to shoot endangered species under the guise of hunting as amusement.
That’s what I mean by fascism against the weaker.


My best regards





As a follow on to this article from Venus, we need to show you the work of Shaun and his devotion to wolves.  He is the man amongst wolves – living proof that every wolf does not have to be shot on sight by those who claim  to protect us all – the hunters !


A man among wolves – the Englishman who gave up everything to live with wolves, and become a pack member.

Shaun Ellis has joined a pack of wolves, living and behaving like them. Abandoned at birth, three wolf pups are raised by Shaun who then teaches them the ways of the wild. As they grow up, he feeds, sleeps and breaths the same air as his wolves and in return they give him a place in the pack. Seeing the world as a wolf, Shaun takes a step further and comes up with a plan to help wild wolves threatened in Poland (which is very close to Germany !).



VietNam: Positive News – Vietnam’s rejection of dolphin park shows no place for cruelty in entertainment.




Vietnam’s rejection of dolphin park shows no place for cruelty in entertainment




Authorities heed plea by hundreds of animal charities to prevent dolphins being captured and forced to perform for human entertainment.

The authorities in Danang have rejected a proposal to build a dolphinarium in Vietnam’s third biggest city following a campaign led by Animals Asia and backed by more than 200 animal charities from Britain and the Bahamas to South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Read the full article at:



USA: Presindent Obama Was Wise With His Actions- So Trump Has To Do The Opposite – Is This Now To Allow Trump Sons To Go For Big Kill ?

The U.S. government wants to allow bloodthirsty hunters to slaughter endangered elephants and bring their carcasses as trophies back to the United States.

Elephant trophy imports were prohibited in 2014 in an effort to help save this species — but now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service plans to reverse the ban, encouraging Americans to start slaughtering elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Not surprisingly, the plan was pushed by wealthy hunters and Safari Club International, who lobbied along with the National Firearm Association to lift the ban — only serving to benefit America’s richest, at the elephants’ expense.

African elephant populations are plummeting, with 30,000 killed every year by poachers and trophy hunters. With even more hunting, these amazing animals may not stand a chance.

Lobbyists wrongly claim that because money from trophy hunts is supposed to go toward conservation, more hunting will somehow help increase elephant populations. But this has been proven false — and with Zimbabwe’s government notoriously corrupt, and in turmoil with a recent coup, what oversight will exist to ensure that any of the money goes to protect a single elephant?

This deadly plan must be abandoned at once. Sign now to tell President Trump and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to leave the ban intact, so no elephants are ruthlessly killed and brought to the U.S. as sickening “trophies.”

2 Petition links –



Dim and dimmer Trumps think they are real men because

they can shoot a gun.


Related media links:




UK/ USA: Brian Talks About Project Coyote.






USA: Petiton – Justice For Brooklyn Who Was Severely Beaten By Abuser Shown Below – Looking At Him, Any Suprise ?


A dog named Brooklyn suffered eye and facial injuries after she was brutally beaten by her owner’s boyfriend because he was jealous of the attention the dog got from his girlfriend, according to police.


Demand justice for poor Brooklyn.

You only have to look at the photo of this animal abuser to see that he is not quite stable in the head. Maybe the ink has seeped through and is now damaging that massive brain of his  – or maybe he is just a complete turd and advertising it on his head !






Ever Have One Of Those Days ? – We Do.

Especially where the EU Commissions are involved.


USA: Wolves In Danger Of Losing Their Much Needed Protection – Thanks To …….

SAV Comment – we have not really covered much regarding US issues over the past few months because of a team of Muppets – led by one named Muppet Trump, is  doing all that is possible to destroy the natural beauty of the USA.  Over the years, I (Mark) have visited the US probably about a dozen times.  All the time this Republican and his cronies and climate deniers are at the helm, I can absolutely guarantee that I will never visit again.  In the past I respected and admired the USA for its natural beauty.  Thanks to this clown now, so much of that is under threat – I cannot even begin to muster any willingness to re visit.  The message below from Kieran simply sums up the complete and utter disregard for nature that Trump and his get rich quick crew have for nature and the creatures that depend on protection and decent legislation.  We will resume to publish some news and articles from US organisations; but I fear that there will be no good news for the animals.  This below is the first, and special to me as I am very much a ‘wolf’ person.  Trumpy and Rex don’t really give a toss about protecting wildlife – they talk about MAGA, whilst at the same time discouraging people like me from ever visiting the wildlife of the USA ever again.   I wonder how long the USA will remain with its natural beauty when their are people like Trumpy with flashing ‘Dollar eyes’ and a brain that thinks of nothing more.  The people and politicians of Europe know what he is about, and now he is licking the ass of those terrible Chinese that were so much at the front of his election campaign.  He bleats on about MAGA whilst at the same time, his daughter imports over 50 tonnes of Chinese sweatshop made clothing for her label! – do these people have any standards or are they just dollar blind ? – Time will tell.



Hi Mark,

The most anti-wildlife Congress we’ve ever seen is now taking aim at gray wolves in the Great Lakes region.

A bill to strip Endangered Species Act protections from these wolves — opening them up to more killing — is making its way through the House. We can’t let this happen.

The Center’s Endangered Species Act Protection Fund needs your support today.

Great Lakes wolves have made tremendous progress, growing from fewer than 1,000 wolves in a small corner of northeastern Minnesota to more than 4,000 wolves across Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin.

But their recovery will end if federal protections are removed prematurely. This anti-wolf Congress is considering legislation to reinstate a 2011 U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service decision that stripped away Endangered Species Act protection for Great Lakes gray wolves.

In 2014, a federal judge overturned the federal wildlife agency’s decision, noting its scientific and legal flaws. The U.S. Court of Appeals reaffirmed that decision — ending wolf hunts and highlighting how much more is needed before wolves can be considered fully recovered.

But now Trump and his cronies are continuing their war on wolves. States like Wisconsin have already enacted aggressive killing policies aimed at drastically reducing wolf populations by more than half and allowing the cruel practice of using hounds to hunt them.

If the proposed legislation passes, gray wolves will face even more threats.

These wolves deserve to thrive in their natural habitat and to raise their packs free from the threat of hunters and trappers. As their populations grow, we must continue to protect these packs and not allow them to be put back in the crosshairs.

The Center has been working to defend Great Lakes wolves for years, fighting to keep their federal protection and to ban hunting and trapping.

Please join us in protecting wolves by giving to our Endangered Species Act Protection Fund today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity





England: Fox Hunters Hit Women – Female Sab Is Knocked To The Ground By Hunt Supporter.

Pictures – West Midlands Hunt Sabs

Showing their true colours;

Male Hunters get a kick out of hitting women as well as killing foxes !

Female Hunt Sab assaulted by one of those with a blood lust.

Read the full story at:

Check Out West Midlands Hunt Sabs

and see the real side of hunting —






Jordan: Fatwa Issued To Kill Every Stray Dog – Killing Currently Under Way.


Dear Mark,

As I write this, gunmen are trying to kill every

street dog in the entire country of Jordan.

Dogs are being hunted down and shot because

the country’s religious leader has declared a

holy war on dogs.

Because of this, men armed with automatic

weapons are systematically killing every street

dog they see!

Mark, I am saddened beyond words that such

a terrible thing is happening and with your help,

I intend to do something about it. As a first step

my team is making contact with the Jordanian

government asking it to end this horrible cruelty.

Jordan’s most senior religious figure, Grand Mufti,

Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh, issued a fatwa

– a religious instruction to Muslims – to kill

the dogs. He quoted Prophet Mohammed to justify

the slaughter.

Because a fatwa is binding on Muslims, municipalities

across the country started hiring snipers.

Thousands of dogs have been killed and the

massacre continues every day.

Mark, as animal lovers we have no option but

to fight this nightmare by every means possible.

“It is our duty as animal lovers to do whatever

we can to stop this dog genocide. Before there

are no dogs left in Jordan.”

Mark, we are so terribly saddened by this and

we urge you and all our supporters to share the

fact that Prophet Mohammad repeatedly forbade

cruelty to animals, saying: “Whoever is kind to

the creatures of God is kind to himself.”

My job is to get this message through and to care

for those dogs we can on the ground. We are

already searching for land where we can create

a safe haven for some of the dogs.

The most important immediate first steps are

to spread the word about the unspeakable cruelty

and horror that is unfolding.

And, please make a donation, we can’t do this without your financial support. That is the simple truth.

For the animals
Brian Davies, Founder






England: ‘Tibets Hidden Prisoners’ – Latest News From ”Free Tibet’, London.



“When the black cloth was taken off my head, I found myself in a big room with […] all sorts of torture devices laid out in front of me. They told me to have a look at these devices and I told myself that I was doomed to being beaten that day – former prisoner and torture survivor Golog Jigme


Imagine being snatched from the street or even your home. You are loaded into a police car and driven to an unknown location. Your friends, colleagues and family don’t know where you are. Nor do you. It is like you have disappeared from the face of the earth.

You don’t know why you are being held, you don’t know what your captors want from you. They may have something that they want you to confess. They may have decided you have committed a crime.

For scores of Tibetans, this situation is not just some horror film, it is a horrifying reality. Whether they have protested to resist the occupation, written a blog post that the authorities disapproved of, or even just flown their own flag, Tibetans have been taken away, detained without charge, tortured and sentenced to long prison sentences after secret or sham trials.


Enforced disappearances are designed to punish Tibetans who resist or fall foul of the occupation, and to scare other Tibetans away from opposing the occupation or freely expressing their culture. Free Tibet is standing alongside Tibet’s hidden prisoners. We want to find the prisoners that China has tried to hide, shine a light on their cases, and raise pressure for their release.






Crazy Hospital.