USA: Please Visit This Site And Learn More About The Ugly Dog Meat Trade.

USA: Visit To Learn More About The Asian Dog Meat Trade.


10/8/18 – Various News and Articles.

USA – News From CBD.


England: Time To Decide.


International: Petition Site Link – View and Sign as You Wish.


USA: Kroger Supermarkets To Stop Selling Pork From Cage Using Farms By 2025. Why So Long ?


Fox Hit.


Everyone needs a little break..



Everyone needs a little break ..

EU: A factory of animal slavery!



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Tapanuli: solidarity with our ancestors-Petition


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“I would go to jail for the protection of the animals”

Virginia Markus


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German farmers: privatize profits-socialize losses!



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“Because I love bulls”



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The bed problems…




Massacre as folk festival!




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Meat eating is murder!



Meat eating is murder!



Spitzenbergen: Murder as part of eventful days!



Spitzenbergen: Murder as part of eventful days!



Germany: a circus country!!


Germany: a circus country!!




Mass tourism is a form of neocolonialism.


Mass tourism is a form of neocolonialism.



Cesar Millan: the Dirty Dog Boy.


Cesar Millan: the Dirty Dog Boy.



Iditarod : Psychopaths on sleds who torturte dogs to death!


Iditarod: Psychopaths on sleds who torture dogs to death!



Is bullfighting a ballet?


Is bullfighting a ballet?



Belgium: from 2023 forbids Foie Gras and Fur!!


Belgium: from 2023 forbids Foie Gras and Fur!!



Brussels: Thank you!




Brussels: Thank you!



Poaching: an organized crime!



Poaching: an organized crime!


The real victims on this Earth…



The real victims on this Earth…




Vacation Time…



Vacation Time…



EU tolerates slave traders


EU tolerates slave traders


Negligent arson of a Hunter and its consequences!




Negligent arson of a Hunter and its consequences!



Time Square displays the chickens slavery



Time Square displays the chickens slavery



We fight back!!



We fight back!!



Psychopaths Population


Psychopaths Population



Court of the animals!



Court of the animals!

German Meat Mafia: No 1 in the world!!


German Meat Mafia: No 1 in the world !!



We Have Moved To Another New Site. Please Come See Us.


Hi all;

we are going to keep putting post copies onto this site; but this site is really an archive now for all the years of work we have done in Serbia.  On the left side, you can view all our posts for many years.

Now we are moving on to publish articles and actions for animal issues from all around the world.

We have set up a new site which is called ‘World Animals Voice’.

You can visit it by clicking on the following link:


We hope that you will come over and visit us real soon.

This site will NOT be closing down as there is a lot of years of archive to view if you wish.

But for global animals news; please visit the new site.

Regards – Mark and Venus.



Massacre in the name of human rights!


Massacre in the name of human rights!


Fight the terrorism



Fight the terrorism!!



Murder as a delicacy!

Murder as a delicacy!!


It is not only a victim…

It is not only a victim…





Portugal: The Bull-massacre continues


Portugal: The bull-massacre continues.


Inventory of horror: 45 million male chicks are murdered each year!!

Inventory of horror: 45 million male chicks are murdered each year!!

“Hunting opens up a space for crime…”

“Hunting opens up a space for crime…”

Animal Transports at NATO-Summit!! (Video)

Animal transports at NATO- Summit!! (Video)

Write this on your wall..

Write this on your wall…





My best regards to all, Venus

Death Dealers on the way

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Death Dealers on the way..

Honor the “269 Libèration animale” Activists in Belgium (Great Video)

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England: Biscuits Roll !




Holy fiestas, tourism and bull massacre

Pamplona: Holy fiestas, tourism and bull massacre

Germany / England: We Have Started A New Site In Conjunction With SAV – ‘World Animals Voice’. Hope To See You There.

This SAV site has been going for approximately 13 years.  We have attempted to raise public awareness of the plight of stray dogs and cats in Serbia.  Over the years we have produced more than 4,080 posts and had so many great words of support from you, our site visitors.

We have been very pleased to see that many of our posts have been published on other sites also; and we thank all the people who have done this – they know who they are.

So now; what happens ?

Thanks to our SAV Facebook site  there is a great deal of action and work taken by the many recue organisations in Serbia for the benefit of Serbian animals.  And there is only one thing that can really make the changes for better animal welfare in Serbia; and that is via the Serbian people themselves; those who vote and demand change.  It will happen; but things (unfortunately) take time when you wish it to be really quick !

After throwing a few ideas around with Venus for a few months; we decided that it was really time to review the site.  We also took into consideration the fact now that we are really covering many animal rights issues around the world and not just those in relation to Serbia.  We have worked hard with Serbian campaigners for many years; and we hope our work has contributed in attempts to improve conditions for all animals in Serbia.

But as we are now covering so many global animal issues we decided that it was time to give the whole input from us a complete makeover.  And so as a result; we have now established a new site which is going to be called ‘World Animals Voice’ rather than just ‘Serbian Animals Voice’; as the word ‘World’ now reflects the fact that we are covering so many global issues now.  Serbia, and campaigning for animals there, will always remain as an important area for us; But it is a big world out there with lots of (unfortunately) abuse and suffering issues which need to be brought to visitors attention. 

We very much hope that the new site of ‘World Animals Voice’ will do this and that quite literally, the site will become a world voice for animals in need.


The new site can be visited at   

– please keep note of it on your equipment.


The reality of chicken nuggets


SAV as a site will not be deleted; as there is a lot of campaign material there compiled over many years for people to see and use.  But some time in the future we are going to stop publishing posts on SAV and instead move all new material over to World Animals Voice; including anything to do with Serbia.  We are having a new format and style layout which we hope you will enjoy.  This has been decided on in a format which (hopefully) presents the information very much like a magazine.

‘WAV’ is in its infancy; so please stick with us for a while until we get it organised a bit more.  As we say; this site, SAV, will still remain accessible for all our existing posts.

Things have to move on, and we see WAV as a great opportunity to start afresh for ourselves and at the same time, spread wings to cover many global animal welfare / rights issues.


So we hope to see you at the new site –


Regards – Venus and Mark.


Circus is the fun of a stupid society

Circus is the fun of a stupid society

Change roles “Change roles”

“They will be slaughtered anyway …”



Hello to all of our friends, animal rights activists and visitors
You can read our new article on our new pag, here: .


For Sunday …





The campaign: “Truck you-animal transports do not taste good”!!

** You can also read this posting on our new site “World Animals Voice” 🙂 **

The campaign: “Truck you-animal transports do not taste good”!!


At the moment, there is almost a revolt in Germany against animal transports.
The German Animal Protection Office” has organized a very large campaign, with demos in 32 cities in Germany, from 1. July to 6. September.

 On 1 July 2018, was a big demo in Berlin, with more than 300 people, under the motto “Truck you-animal transports do not taste good”.



“Truck you” – Demo in Berlin 1.07.2018 (from the FB-side of Stefan B.Eck)

The MEP Stefan Bernhard Eck made a very good speech: “Animals are not production units!

Animals are not a commodity!

They are living beings, sentient creatures who can feel joy and pain, well-being and sadness!
“We have to put these people in the focus of our actions!

 We have to denounce and expose them and constantly attack them! “

MEP Stefan Bernhard Eck: “Please, sign this important petition to the German Federal Government and the EU Commission. The German Animal Welfare Office makes an extraordinary contribution with this nationwide campaign, but it depends above all on each one of you, so that at each of the planned events an unmistakable voice for the animals can be heard. I will be back in a few more actions – if time permits – to show the red card to the political leaders in Brussels and in Berlin. Let’s get so loud that no one can say that he did not know about all the misery of animal transport! “

I have received the following information letter from the animal protection office”, and I translate it:


“A few days ago, our new campaign “TRUCK YOU – animal transports do not taste good”, where we are on a major tour of Germany with a converted original livestock truck to clarify the suffering and agony of animal transports. Because, every day millions of animals are exposed to the terrible conditions on the roads worldwide.
Our long-term demand is clear: factory farming and animal transport must be stopped!

Only then can animals finally have a chance for an intact life.

However, before this goal is achieved, we urge the politicians to take important action in the short term.
We absolutely need your support for this: at the same time as our campaign, we have set up a petition addressed to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the European Commission in order to achieve, at least in the short term, better conditions for animal transports. And you can help us by signing the petition so that together we can show how many people are against the current agony of animal transports!

We demand:

1. Stop live animal transports in non-EU countries

2. Stronger controls and sanctions on animal transports in Germany and throughout the EU.

3. Uniform, maximum transport time of a maximum of 4 hours in Germany and the entire EU.


Help us bring these demands to the political arena with as much pressure as possible and sign our petition today! So, we can together give the animals a voice.

Sign petition now!



At: Ms. Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (Germany, CDU)
Mr. Vytenis Andriukaitis, EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety

Madam Minister Klöckner, Commissioner Andriukaitis,

through the current campaign “Truck You – animal transports do not taste” of the German animal welfare office e. V. I have learned from the unsustainable and painful conditions that animals experience on animal transporters.

In Germany alone, 3.7 million animals are transported to the nearest fattening or breeding station or taken to the slaughterhouse every day.

Due to its location in Europe, Germany also acts as a transit country for animal transport and as an exporter of breeding animals across the European continent and beyond. In very confined spaces, the animals are driven in extreme heat or cold, usually without access to water, without any medical care, often more dead than alive, injured and frightened to the next place – hundreds, not infrequently thousands of miles away.

In the Federal Republic, Article 20a of the Basic Law gives the protection of animals as a state objective constitutional status. At EU level, the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union since 2012 stipulates that “the Union and the Member States must take full account of the welfare requirements of animals as sentient beings”. In addition, Regulation EC 1/2005 regulates the protection of animals during transport and related operations, even in a cross-border context.

Animal transports are part of modern factory farming, which is responsible for the deaths of 70 billion terrestrial animals worldwide each year, degrading male cattle and chicks to waste products, and shamelessly exploiting the natural cycles of female livestock.

Animals are sold as cheap goods to countries where Germany and the EU have no influence on the prevailing animal welfare standards.

Due to unsustainable animal welfare violations and ineffective sanctions, I call for the immediate abolition of all animal transports. This is accompanied by the abolition of mass animal husbandry.

Until this goal is achieved, at least the following requirements must be implemented as soon as possible:

1. Stop live animal transports to non-EU countries – transports mean enormous torture for every animal, no matter in which country. However, when transporting animals outside the EU, EU countries such as Germany cannot control animal welfare and sanction contravention. Therefore, I call for an immediate export stop of live animals in non-EU countries.

2. Greater controls and sanctions on animal transport in Germany and the EU as a whole – Only about 1% of all animal movements in Germany are subject to scrutiny, although unannounced inspections are always and everywhere possible. Statistics show that deficiencies are usually sanctioned only with recommendations or instructions, even though there are massive violations of animal welfare and transport regulations. I therefore call for a revision of Regulation (EC) No 1/2005 as regards the frequency of controls and the severity of penalties for infringements.

3. Uniform, maximum transport duration of a maximum of 4 hours in Germany and the entire EU – In Germany, different regulations apply with regard to transport duration and loading density for the various types of livestock. Cattle may be transported for 29 hours without rest or food. Until the transport of live animals becomes completely obsolete, I demand a uniform, maximum transport time of 4 hours for ALL species of animals.

Please insist that these conditions are a thing of the past and that animal suffering has no place in our society!

Best regards

[Your name]

Best Regards to all