Bosnia and Herzegovina: Pwetition – To close the Horrific , Corrupt and Abusive Zunovnica Public Shelter, Bosnia.


To close the Horrific , Corrupt and Abusive Zunovnica Public Shelter, Bosnia



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Petition link –



Decision makers

Prime Minister-designate of Sarajevo Canton

Prime Minister-designate of Sarajevo Elmedin Konakovic

  • Djani Hasecic

lejla dedic 

Bosnian Gov    


There is a public shelter in Bosnia called zunovnica.



Here the dogs are thrown into overcrowded mixed pens, never cleaned, never fed, never watered. Live dogs lay next to half eaten corpses, previous victims of the corrupt and heartless city hall. Dogs are not caught by dog catchers to be taken to safety, they are brought here to rot, to be killed by other dogs, to starve, to suffer the most unimaginable death. Terrified, alone , neglected and abused. Here the dogs souls are broken and they wait for the only thing that will give them peace….Death

This public shelter is paid for by public funds. For each of the stages below money is paid to the owner of this shelter by city hall from public funds, from tax payers money. None of this is being done, the city hall know this is not being done yet all it seems reap the profits from Bosnian tax payers because they certainly are not spending the money on the dogs!


Catch the strays
To contain them – They are not being contained correctly as per Bosnian Animal welfare laws, so where is the money going?

To provide basic good standard food on a daily basis – They are not being fed so where is the money going?

To provide fresh water on a daily basis – They are not being watered so where is the money going to pay the water bills?

To provide a clean and safe environment, 2 staff will be on call to do this – Nothing is being cleaned , no dogs cared for – City Hall is paying public funds for staff to not do what they are employed to do
For veterinary care, to provide basic care to ensure quality of life – Dogs are left to rot, no vet visits here so where are the veterinary costs going to?

To euthanise humanely and to cremate the bodies – Again, not being done so who is pocketing tax payers funds?


As well as breaching Bosnia’s own animal welfare laws this is blatant misuse and fraud of public funds on every single level.

The doors are kept shut tight to ensure no one from the outside can video or photograph the horror of what is happening behind closed doors. Those that are allowed entry their mobiles and cameras are taken off of them until they leave.

This must not and can not continue.

We the undersigned do demand a public enquiry into the fraudulent use of public funds. That an independent investigation is carried out by the local government and police and the findings made public. For those responsible for the misuse of public funds, for the abuse, neglect and cruelty to the animals inside the public shelter to be brought to justice.


For the shelter to immediately be closed and time given for the dogs to be taken by local NGO rescues


That immediately a new management of the shelter is organised and new staff hired. That a local veterinarian chosen by local non profit groups is allowed in to treat , care and sterilise the animals.

That local volunteers are allow immediate entry and be allowed to care for the dogs inside
To allow local, national and international charities and non profits including the UK Charity Action Aid for Animals to organise food and aid in addition to the food already paid for by city hall , that will be distributed by the non profit groups and volunteers to the dogs inside as extra nutrition to the dogs on top of what city hall is obligated by law to provide.
To allow and encourage adoptions both locally, nationally and internationally and financially chip, vaccinate and sterilise all the dogs within the shelter.


We (SAV) have made attempts to get changes at other ‘shelters’ in B&H. 


Everyone associated with these places has not made any efforts to contact us, despite promises to Slavica back at the time of the above post that changes were going to be made immediately and the updates sent to us.

This, along with the above petition just shows that like the Serbians, the authorities and government of Bosnia and Herzegovina simply cannot be trusted by anyone with regard things they say.

Please sign the petition – link given at the start, and hopefully with enough signatures and bad publicity too the B&H authorities, we can force change.


Petition created by Action Aid for Animals

The only UK based Registered charity focusing on the plight of Eastern European strays. Providing rescue,care and aid to the victims of animal cruelty and abandonment


Please crosspost this petition and information to all your domestic and international contacts – Thank you – SAV.





USA: The Saddest Show On Earth Is Finished – IT’S OVER FOR RINGLING BROS. CIRCUS.



Written by PETA | January 14, 2017

As of May, the saddest show on earth for wild animals will end.

Thirty-six years of PETA protests, of documenting animals left to die, beaten animals, and much more, has reduced attendance to the point of no return.



All other animal circuses, roadside zoos, and wild animal exhibitors, including marine amusement parks like SeaWorld and the Miami Seaquarium, must take note: society  has changed, eyes have been opened, people know now who these animals are, and we know it is wrong to capture and exploit them.



Thank you to everyone who has picked up a protest sign, passed out leaflets, written letters, shared videos, called legislators, spoken to family, and been part of this relentless pursuit of freedom for animals.

This would not have happened without you.



Watch the videos below to see how Ringling has treated animals – and then be thankful that come May, this abuse will be in the history books !

How pathetic is this for such wonderful animals ?


Obituaries to animal abusers:











France: Excellent News – France To Install CCTV Cameras In ALL Slaughterhouses Across France.


France‘s parliament voted on Friday to install CCTV cameras in slaughterhouses across France, following numerous scandals of animal cruelty.

Parliament voted to install cameras “in areas where the animals are delivered, kept, immobilized, stunned, and slaughtered”. 

The move is planned to be rolled out on January 1st, 2018 following an experimental phase this year. 

MPs stressed that the sole purpose of the cameras was to monitor animal welfare (and not workers in general). 

The vote came following a parliamentary report that was commissioned by the France’s National Assembly in March.

The 225-page report suggested 65 measures to improve the “transparency and the inadequate controls” at the slaughterhouses.

The government called for the report after the emergence of several videos depicting animal cruelty in French abattoirs. 

Filmed by animal rights group L214, the videos included images of workers repeatedly bashing sheep over the head, throwing a lamb at a wall, and decapitating a cow that was struggling. 

One shocking video from February last year was even filmed at a so-called “animal-friendly” slaughterhouse in France.

 An L214 spokesperson told The Local at the time that while camera surveillance was one of the best means to fix the problem, another was for consumers to simply eat less meat.




Please read more about our campaign work on this issue by visiting the sections on Martina and Lisa on this site.  Go to ‘About Us’ (tab at top) or click on the following link and then scroll down a fair way until you come to their names, where many more links on this issue are provided. 





Romania: Death Is The Master In Romania – and The EU Accepts It Without Question.




Watch the video below to see the reality, then read the words below from Venus:


“Death is a master from Romania” I would say today.
This quotation is used for the poetic description of fascism and comes from the “death fugue” of the lyric poet Paul Celan, which he wrote 1944 against German fascism.
“Death is a master from Germany”.
No! not more!

With regard to fascism on animals, Romania is today the champion of death, destruction, and crime against animals in Europe.

It is not only the corrupt system of the country that is responsible for this.
It is this crime syndicate, (which itself calls the European Union), the
assigning place for the preservation of all concentration camps of animals in this country.

And all over Europe.
With each euro a new shelter of death is created every day, the old ones are expanded.
The majority of the population is silent, it is holding back, that is, it cooperates so that it can sleep peacefully.
And therefore, anyone who writes or
publicly says the truth is suspected of being an extremist.

We have a new form of dictatorship, it is the dictatorship of democratically elected governments.
I know no polite language for murderers and executioners of animals.

On the contrary, I think we have been far too polite to date, much too modest.
I make it clear wherever I can be, that Romania is ruled by corrupt politicians, unrestrained lackeys of the EU Mafia, which have made the subsidized murder of animals a profession.
And I can only hope that my criticism becomes known.

        Liebe Grüße











UK: Sir Roger Moore (James Bond) to Prime Minister: It’s Past Time to Ban Animal Circuses.



SAV Comment:

In the year 2004 Mark was running a group called ‘North Kent Animal Welfare (NKAW)’.  At this time, NKAW submitted a memorandum to the House of Commons – the UK Government; regarding their views on the use of wild animals in UK circuses.  Remember that even at this time (2004), around 85% of the British public were disgusted and opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses.

Here below is a copy of part of the submission to the British government that Mark made (under the name of NKAW) as a contribution to the Draft Animal Welfare Bill (for the United Kingdom) which was being constructed at the time.  This is now a formal UK document / law which applies in the UK.  Unfortunately, despite the massive call by the British public; and additional representations into formal government draft documentation such as the draft animal welfare Bill, the UK has never passed law to ban the use of wild animals in UK circuses.



So here we are in 2017, some 13 years on, and despite promises by the utterly useless David Cameron; until recently the Prime Minister; we are still not witnessing any action by the British government to ban the use of wild animals in British circuses.

And so now we very much welcome the action taken by ‘James Bond’ – Sir Roger Moore in bringing this issue once again to the table of the current Prime Minister Theresa May.  You can read below the actions taken by Sir Roger and also give your support to the campaign by (once again) petitioning the British government on this issue. 

As Sir Roger clearly states in his letter:

‘All around the world, animal circuses are being banned. Countries such as Austria, Belgium, Mexico, and the Netherlands have all put an end to such barbarous cruelty to wild animals. Yet ever-so-civilised, animal-loving Britain still allows these archaic exhibitions simply because of a lack of action on the part of Downing Street’.


Please help us to get this ban for once and for all.  As you can see, we have been fighting to get a ban for well over 13 years.  It is time the government actually took action and implemented a full ban rather than the wishy washy ignorance to the British public’s wants up until now.  We expected little from useless David Cameron; but now we have Mrs. May as Prime Minister; we demand action is taken.



Well done Sir Roger for speaking up for animals in British circuses.




Sir Roger Moore to PM: It’s Past Time to Ban Animal Circuses

The actor, humanitarian, and animal advocate urged Theresa May to outlaw this archaic form of so-called “entertainment”.

Sir Roger Moore has a message for Theresa May. In a moving article in today’s Sunday People, the actor, humanitarian, and animal advocate urges the Prime Minister to introduce legislation banning wild-animal circuses.

He writes:

All around the world, animal circuses are being banned. Countries such as Austria, Belgium, Mexico, and the Netherlands have all put an end to such barbarous cruelty to wild animals. Yet ever-so-civilised, animal-loving Britain still allows these archaic exhibitions simply because of a lack of action on the part of Downing Street.

I’m well aware that policy change doesn’t come overnight, but popular legislation to prohibit circuses from keeping tigers in see-through boxes called cages and carting them about the land has been dragging on for aeons, because the Prime Minister holds the key and won’t give it up.

Speaking on the issue, Stanley Johnson – our very own foreign secretary’s father – said, “[W]e have had several years now of shilly-shallying. We need to move forward”. And indeed, we do.

Wild animals in real life must feel as if they’ve been captured by the fictional Dr No. When they’re not being forced to perform confusing tricks under threat of the whip, they’re chained up or tied down. They’re denied everything that gives their lives meaning. It’s no wonder that they develop abnormal and disturbing behaviour, such as incessantly biting the bars of their cages, pacing endlessly back and forth, or even self-mutilating. If they become sick or are injured while en route to the next show, a veterinarian with expertise in exotic species may be hours, if not days, away – if anyone is called at all.

Read the full article here.


Sir Roger states that “[u]ntil a ban is imposed, Britain continues to say ‘Roll up, roll up’ to abuse”. Join him in letting the Prime Minister know that it’s time – past time – to outlaw this archaic form of so-called “entertainment”. Please add your name to our online action:


Click on the following link for actions:

urge2  get-involved-2






Click on the following links to find out more about UK welfare organisations who are campaigning against animals being used in UK circuses:


Animal Defenders International (ADI):


Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS):


Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA):


Born Free Foundation (BFF):






France: The Reality Of Fur Farms (France) The Industry Does Not Want You To See.


‘One Voice’ (French animal welfare organisation) footage shows the horrors of a French fur farm.




Only one week left to crowdfund our new anti-fur campaign!
We’ve only made a third of our target so we need a big final push. Please share with your friends and family.

Watch our Crowdfunding campaign video here, to see what your donation will pay for:

Give to the campaign fund at:

Thank you.


It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat;






Spain: Great News – Humane Education Facility Now Running To Educate On ‘Galgos’ (Hunting Dog) Cruelty.


SAV Comment – we often attack Spain because of its continued stance re bullfighting; but here for once we have some very good news for education about animal suffering – credit where it is due !


Learn more about the terrible situation of, and the annual abuses to the innocent, mild natured Galgos, by watching the video here –

SPCA International and SOS Galgos are proud to announce that ground has been broken on a humane education center in Esplugues, Spain, dedicated to the plight of Spanish Greyhounds.

This center is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. SOS Galgos has been working tirelessly for four years to secure the land, find an appropriate and affordable structure and obtain funding.

In 2016, SPCAI pledged a $40,000 grant over two years to the project – helping SOS Galgos greenlight the next steps. Together, SPCAI and SOS Galgos will continue to work to end the suffering of these beautiful, gentle animals.

Community education will ensure that future generations have compassion and empathy toward animals and understand why the tradition of hare coursing with galgo and podenco are inhumane. Together we are making our world a better place.


Read more on the very worthwhile project helping the dogs in Spain at 


 take-action-3  urge2  get-involved-2

You have seen the video above.  Now, to add your voice, please sign our Spanish Greyhound petition encouraging the government to outlaw this cruel practice


Mexico: Take Action Against The ‘Worst Fiesta Ever’ – Action Link Provided Below.



Every year on February 1, a town called Tlacotalpan in Veracruz, Mexico, holds the Fiesta de la Virgen de la Candelaria—aka “The Worst Fiesta Ever.”

At this fiesta, instead of sipping on margaritas, people pour liquor down bulls’ throats. And instead of hitting a piñata for candy, they beat, stab, and throw bricks at the animals for no reason.


take-action-3  take-action-2

Take Action – tell officials to ban animal abuse at this disgusting event – click on:


Video footage of past events –




Serbia: Can You Give A Warm, Loving Forver Home to This Weary Traveller or Some of His Friends ? – Check Out the Links Below.




This weary traveller has walked a lot, hungry, thirsty and very sick.

He appeared in the front of the shelter, could not stand on the rear legs.

He got a dog house and received a therapy every day. He is well.

Now he got a new friend, little puppy 3 months old. They sleep together 🙂

Please HELP to find a new home for this great boy and little puppy!




Ovaj umorni putnik je hodao mnogo, gladan, zedan i veoma bolestan. Pojavio se ispred azila izgladneo, nije mogao da stoji na zadnjim nogama. Dobio je svoju kućicu i redovno primao terapije. Sada je dobro i dobio je malu drugaricu, Štene starosti 3 meseca. Spavaju zajedno u kućici 🙂
Molimo vas pomozite da ipronađemo novi dom za ovog velikog dečka i malu devojčicu!



Can you help find this weary traveller a new, forever, loving warm home ?

Check out the following Links for a lot more:štvo-za-zaštitu-životinja-Mladenovac-Shelter-Mladenovac-217170524966212/štvo-za-zaštitu-životinja-Mladenovac-Shelter-Mladenovac-217170524966212/photos/?ref=page_internal




Please give us both a warm, forever home – Thank you.


More – a new and very scared puppy is rescued from the roadside – he also needs a forever home.


Only the greatest evil of man can leave an animal where there is no way to survive, where is struggling and dying for days! This poor little fella. He was lucky to see him.

Watch the video of his rescue here:





Romania: Giurgiu Latest -Dogs Voice – Help !


Watch the video below to see the reality:




1 850 dogs are to be killed and 1 550 more dogs are to be caught. The horror begins and it’s going to get even much worse than we feared.

As we now had to learn, the mayor of Giurgiu has set up a contract for the new veterinarian of the shelter. A contract whose content is so cruel that we can hardly grasp it and describe it. On January 9, 2017 the call-out period will end and the position of the veterinarian of the shelter will be assigned newly. This job will include catching 1 550 street-dogs in 2017. For 550 dogs the use of narcotics for the procedure of capturing is authorized. As you already know, the city’s animal shelter is so overcrowded and contaminated with the current 1 100 dogs already that heavy bites leading to death and cannibalism occur on a daily basis.

As a solution to this problem they want to kill 1 850 dogs (!!!) in 2017. We can prove that we were personally assured by the mayor Nicolae Barbu, that if some dogs were to be killed, then only sick and aggressive dogs and only in a small number. 1 850 dogs just in 2017 is quite far from a “low” number.
The authorities are not interested in whether the next not-castrated packs will soon be on the roads to replace the dogs, leading to an endless killing circle. 1 850 dogs are to be killed, that’s completely legal. It shows clearly that if the killing of a living being is permitted by the law, there will always be people who do not hesitate to kill unscrupulously, instead of choosing alternatives.

The city claims to have no money to feed the dogs. For 2.5 years we have been paying these costs every day, but now the city has 85,000 € for killing 1 850 dogs and supposedly chipping, vaccinating and castrating further 1 550 dogs at the expense of the city?

We strongly doubt that a proper use of the financial resources will now take place, apart from the killing, just look at the current conditions as you can see them in our photo album.


If we dare to speak of corruption or if someone criticizes the mayor or Mr. Palalau, the city official responsible for this action, in a way that is seen as offensive, they threaten to take legal action against us.


Both are very concerned about their reputation. Please be careful when you comment on the pages of the city or write to the mayor, and take care that you do that in a way that is not offensive, but please do not stop writing and asking for the stop of these gruesome plans.

This announcement shows terrifyingly clear that the city has been lying to us regarding the promises “we do not want to kill masses” (there were talking of 30 dogs per month).

And it clearly shows us that they just want one thing: kill in peace.
We have to go about it loudly, show that there is a different way. Even one that would not be more expensive. And that they do not want to go this other way.
We will not be able to prevent the contract from entering into force, but it may have terrible consequences. If Funi is out, someone else will castrate. For sure we can still get dogs out of the shelter. BUT: Only castrated dogs are allowed to leave the shelter.


That is, all new dogs are going to be castrated by the new vet. Will he be well-qualified for that? Can we rely on the dogs being vaccinated if their documents say so? Is he going to use the cheapest microchips? All this will be something we will be confronted with in addition to the killing and it is terrible.

If a veterinarian refuses to carry out the killings, he will be at risk of paying high penalties as a consequence of that, and only a veterinarian who has signed the killing plan is eligible to become the new shelter veterinarian.
The massacre begins. Only medial attention has the chance of still changing something now. Media or well-known people from the public who can move the masses with their No to the killings. Alone we are helpless and apart from a few newspapers so far unfortunately hardly anyone has been interested in the fate of these dogs. We continue being there and getting dogs out. Every trip to Giurgiu will also be a painful farewell for our members, a farewell to the many dogs that will be killed before the next visit.

Of course, we have been wondering whether we should end the help in the shelter completely, whether we should end our visits there, but we do not want to do that.

If we cannot change that their lives are ended by human hands, then the least we can do is making sure that at least once in their life they have felt love, a little caressing, a nice word, a single good moment in life, the last service we can provide to our beloved dogs. We will not run away from our responsibility. Our love for these dogs and the many people in Romania who fight for them every day cannot be destroyed by the killings.

We will continue to fight for every single life. Please help us and share this post. This madness has to go around the world and must not be done secretly. There are no words to describe how terrible our fear for these wonderful dogs is.


If your organization is able to rescue or adopt dogs from the public shelter please write us:

privat message to DsN e. V. Tierschutz für alle or
E-Mail to



Der Schnee hat die Lage für die Hunde im Public Shelter Giurgiu zusätzlich verschlimmert. Die Wassernäpfe sind eingefroren, die Böden voller Hundekot und Urin. Wenigstens unser Futter scheint weiterhin verteilt zu werden.

Heute endet die Ausschreibungsfrist für den Tierarzt. Heute entscheidet sich welcher Tierarzt der Henker dieser Hunde wird. 1850 Hunde sollen 2017 insgesamt durch den neuen Tierarzt getötet werden. Gesunde Hunde ohne medizinischen Grund. 1550 neue Hunde sollen zudem von den Straßen gefangen werden. Egal ob sie kastriert sind egal ob sie an Futterstellen versorgt werden, egal ob es Welpen sind die auf die Rückkehr ihrer Mutter warten. Der Shelter wird wieder zu dem was er vor uns war, ein Tötungslager!!

So viele Organisationen haben wir um Hilfe gebeten, wenigstens einen Hund zu retten und aufzunehmen doch leider kann kaum jemand helfen.

Wenn ihr nur EINEN freien Platz für einen dieser armen Seelen habt, oh bitte, bitte meldet euch bei uns. Wenn nicht, bitte teilt diesen Beitrag vielleicht ist in eurer Liste jemand, der doch helfen kann. Die Tötung wird bald beginnen und wir haben keine Chance sie zu verhindern.

Die Hunde sind gegen Parasiten behandelt, gechippt, geimpft und kastriert. Sagt uns welche Hunde ihr euch wünscht, bestimmte Rassemixe? klein, groß, jung, alt? Wenn es Hunde sein sollen die wir schon vom Charakter beschreiben sollen, ist auch das möglich, dann bereiten wir euch Hunde von der Farm vor und holen direkt wieder einen Schwung aus dem Shelter raus.

Wir sind für alle Möglichkeiten offen. Bitte helft uns.

Das verzweifelte Team von DsN e.V.


eMail an:
oder per PN an: DsN e. V. Tierschutz für alle



USA: USDA and Farmers Think (Wrongly) They Know More About Calves and Milk Than Mother Nature – Assholes !


(USA) USDA: Ban The Use of Calf Weaning Rings



Horse Blood!

Another heartless, hideous horror perpetrated on the voiceless, innocent animals! Please take action! Sign the petition to end this!

Dear friends,
It’s straight out of a horror movie: hundreds of pregnant horses hooked up to blood-draining machines, some so weak they collapse and die. But we can stop this right now.

The industrial horse torture is driven by European pharmaceutical companies who use the blood to speed up factory farming! The EU has said it’s considering action, but so far nothing has happened.

No more horses need to die! Ministers are meeting in just 2 weeks — let’s light a fire under the EU with a massive million-person petition demanding they ban the abusive pregnant horse blood trade. Add your name to the petition below *with one click* and tell everyone:


Click to sign the petition

To the EU Parliament, Commission, and Council:
We call on you to ban the import to Europe of any goods produced using techniques which are cruel and cause suffering to animals. As a world leader in animal welfare, Europe should apply its own standards to products it imports.

Click to sign the petition

Death is far from the only horror: so much blood is taken that it can lead to shock and anemia. And because only the blood of pregnant horses is valuable, they’re often forced into repeat pregnancies and abortions.

Demand is driven by pharmaceutical companies who sell the hormone found in pregnant horse blood to factory farmers to get pigs and other animals in “heat” on demand — another layer of abuse in this sorry story.

If we shine a light on this horror by raising a massive global outcry now, we can help get a ban of all products made from the suffering of animals — making it difficult for companies all over the world to make big profits from this disturbing industry. Add your name to the petition above with one click on the link, then forward this to friends and family — let’s build pressure on the EU to act!

Click to sign the petition

Horses are full of beauty, grace and majesty — it’s hard to understand how people could be so cruel. But when we come together in massive numbers to protect animals from the horrors they face every day, we can do incredible things. Let’s do it now for these horses who need us to be their voice more than ever.

With hope,




USA: Trump’s Pollution Team – Great Environmental Destruction Denial Again !



President-elect Donald Trump is building only seems to get worse. As if white nationalists, climate deniers, and Wall Street billionaires weren’t enough, Trump added Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson to his stable of deplorable Cabinet nominations.

Yes, that Exxon. 


The same Exxon that knew about climate change as early as the 1970s and spent the next four decades spreading climate denial.

The same Exxon that has spent millions to block climate action so it can drill for oil all over the world.

The same Exxon that has routinely put its profits above people and the environment.

Tillerson as Secretary of State would be nothing short of a disaster — but it’s not set in stone yet. 

take-action-3  take-action-2

The Senate can still block Tillerson’s nomination — and it’s up to all of us to make sure they do. Join the 200,000+ people who have urged the Senate to keep Exxon out of the White House! Sign on today.

If he becomes Secretary of State, Tillerson would have immense power to spread the fossil fuel industry’s polluting agenda as official U.S. foreign policy. 

And as bad as that sounds, he’s far from the only dangerous choice Trump has made.

As of now, Trump’s team also includes:

–Scott Pruitt, the climate denier nominated for head of the Environmental Protection Agency (1).
–Jeff Sessions, the attorney general nominee who once joked about supporting the Ku Klux Klan (2).
–Steve Mnuchin, nominated for Treasury Secretary, who ran a company that foreclosed on an elderly woman’s home over a 27-cent payment error (3).
–Rick Perry, the fossil fuel-lover and Energy Secretary nominee who said he wanted to “abolish” that very department during his failed 2012 presidential run (4).
–Betsy DeVos, the Education Secretary nominee who helped pass the law that led to the Flint water crisis (5). 

All of these nominations have one thing in common — they can’t be trusted to protect people and the planet. 


Tell the Senate to stand up to climate denial and Wall Street greed by blocking Trump’s Cabinet! Add your voice today.

The Senate has taken a stand against Cabinet nominations who didn’t serve the interest of the people before. In fact, six nominees have had to drop out facing a Senate rejection since 1993 — and none of them were as dangerous as the crew Trump has presented us with. As a lawyer, I believe we have a good chance of stopping disastrous nominations like Rex Tillerson before it’s too late. 

More than 200,000 people have already taken action

— but we’re missing you. When the Senate votes next week, they need to know that Trump’s choices do not represent the will of the people. 

Stand strong against Trumpism — urge the Senate to take action against Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson and the rest of Trump’s Cabinet picks! Thanks for all you do.

In solidarity, 

Naomi Ages
Legal Expert, Greenpeace USA

PS: It’s not too late to stop Trump from stacking the White House with climate deniers and fossil fuel CEOs. 

Take action today to block Rex Tillerson’s nomination!



The People ‘Making America Great Again’ !!!











Cracked, Terrosist Vegans May Drive A Truck Into The Market Place Because Sausages Are Sold There !!!!

On the 9th of December, 2016, a truck drove into the Christmas market in Berlin. A terrorist attack, with 12 dead and several injured. Shortly after, the courageous chairman of the animal organization Animal Peace – Silke Ruthenberg – following truthful statement has posted on Facebook:


Für Gänse sind wir

Alle Terroristen

Vergesst das nie!

#Christmas market

For geese we are All terrorists

Do not forget it!

As expected, she received over 2,000 outrageous and despicable comments. A wharer shitstorm.

She was named as fascist, mentally ill, scum. Murder threats also came. All written in the name of humanism and humanity. The first were the “animal protection zones”, the vegans, and other “system conformists” who expressed themselves with disrespect and disgust at this message.

Some comments:

Hilal Sezgin vielen dank animal peace, dass ihr keine situation auslasst, die tierrechtsidee zu diskreditieren, indem ihr die menschenrechtsidee mit füßen tretet  .

(Many thanks to animalpeace, that you do not omit any situation to discredit the animal rights idea by stepping on the human rights idea.)

Michaela Csader Geht endlich zum Arzt! Euch fehlt definitiv Herz und Verstand. Euch auf FB zu lassen ist ein Verbrechen! Mein Mitgefühl gilt den Opfern und deren Familien.

(Go to the doctor! You definitely lack heart and mind. Leaving you on FB is a crime! My compassion is for the victims and their families.)

Peter Hardt Unsere Sicherheitbehörden sollten das mal als Bekennerschreiben interpretieren. Für mich ist durchaus vorstellbar, dass eines Tages einer oder eine dieser Tierschützer/innen / durchgeknallten Veganer einen derartigen Anschlag an einem solchen Ort durchziehen; nur weil dort traditionell Currywürste, Krakauer, Rostbratwürstchen, Spießbratenbrötchen … verzehrt warden.

(Our security authorities should interpret this as a confession. For me it is quite conceivable that one day or one of these animal protectionists / cracked vegans carry out such a terrorist attack at such a place; Just because traditional curry sausages, Krakauer, grilled sausages, spit rolls … are consumed there.)

SAV Comment – so now we as Vegans are going to drive a truck through a market because sausages are sold there !!!! – this guy needs to  see a Neurologist !!

Othmar Vohringer Was fuer ein widerliches Pack seit ihr eigentlich. Euch sollte man Strafrechtlich verfolgen. Stellt euch wohl auch noch auf die Seite der Terroristen.

(What a disgusting pack you are. You should be prosecuted. Put yourselves on the side of the terrorists.)

The veterans of hatred were indignant, but they left it at that.

Were parents between the victims who left their children alone and helpless? In this case, they should call for a donation campaign. The philanthropists have done nothing. How many injured were they? Have you should visit them in the hospital and help them. The philanthropists have not do anything. To this day there is uncertainty about the assassination and the background that led to it. Two hours after the assassination, the founder of Pegida, Lutz Bachman, tweeted, “The perpetrators of Tunisian Muslims.” The fact that the chief of a right-wing populist and anti-Islamic organization was well informed, aroused whimsical presumptions. The police officer confirmed this statement 48 hours later.

The commentators, however, seem to have no serious interest in the political significance of the assassination attempt. Like all the hypocrites, they are still occupied with despising comments against Silke Ruthenberg, because they want to justify their own moral Pharisaism.

And because it is much easier to criticize people who do something rather than do something yourself. With this phenomenon, animal rights activists are confronted every day.




USA: Tilikum The Seaworld Orca Is Dead – 30 Years Of Captivity Performing Pathetic ‘Tricks’ For Braindeads.




Tilikum—the orca who was the subject of Blackfish, a documentary about SeaWorld—is dead following decades of loneliness, stress, and confinement at marine parks.

When Tilikum (aka “Tilly”) was just 2 years old, people abducted him from his family in the open waters off Iceland and forced him to live in cramped enclosures for the remainder of his life. He was unable to swim away, travel the oceans, hear or see his family, or do anything that was important to him.

His human captors tried to look better by calling Tilikum part of their “family,” but family doesn’t kidnap its members from their mothers, keep them in a barren enclosure for life, and force them to do tricks for money.




Since SeaWorld can no longer capture orcas from the wild, workers collected his sperm to make more orca performers—and more money—through artificial insemination. His children were brought into a miserable life that no one would ever willingly choose.

The constant stress of confinement drove Tilikum to kill three humans—including trainer Dawn Brancheau in 2010—and to chew on the concrete and the bars of his prison, which wore down his teeth to nubs. It is no surprise that he suffered from mental illness under such conditions and, finally, died of an incurable physical illness.

Tilikum died in his concrete prison cell, but humans actually took his life away the day they stole him from the ocean over 30 years ago.

Eleven of Tilikum’s children died prematurely before him without ever seeing the ocean, and 10 more of his children continue to suffer in cramped tanks. PETA is calling on SeaWorld to do the right thing by moving the remaining orcas it holds captive to coastal sanctuaries, where they could enjoy a more natural life.


What You Can Do Help your friends and family understand that no orca—not now, not ever—should be living in tiny, barren tanks and forced to perform tricks while watching their children endure the same captive fates.

In memory of Tilikum, post a memorial picture from your bathtub on your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Get more information and share your memorial for Tilly with us here.



Tilikum—the ‘star’ of Blackfish, the damning documentary about SeaWorld’s miserable practice of ripping orca babies from their ocean families and then breeding them in captivity—is dead following decades of exploitation in the marine-mammal abusement industry. Tilikum died without ever again knowing freedom, along with 11 of his children who died prematurely before him and leaving 10 more who will continue to suffer in tiny concrete tanks. PETA is calling on SeaWorld to do the right thing and move the remaining orcas to coastal sanctuaries, where they could enjoy a more natural life, and on caring people to shun facilities that enslave animals for our “entertainment.”



<!–[if !mso]–> Act Now

Thank you for your compassion for animals.



Above – Wrong

Below – Right.

Boycott Seaworld




WARNING – Please Take Note of the Message !!






A Man Wrote To A Hotel Manager ………………….


India: ‘Rahat’ Means Relief for Animals 365 Days a Year.




‘Rahat’ Means Relief for Animals 365 Days a Year



Website and donations –




So A Fur Coat Is That Important To Some ?


The real face of the fur industry – skinned animals piled high for profit.



USA: Red Wolf Killer (North Carolina) Must Be Found.



Hi Mark,

Donate Now

Double Your Gift for Wildlife

Help Bring a Wolf Killer to Justice

2017 is off to a rough start — a highly endangered red wolf has been found dead and we need to find the killer.

The body was discovered in North Carolina’s Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, where red wolves are protected under the Endangered Species Act. The Center for Biological Diversity is offering a $7,500 reward for information leading to a conviction or fine in this latest illegal killing. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has put out a $2,500 reward as well.

To offer this reward we need the support of our members like you. Please give to the Center’s Wolf Defense Fund so we can bring this killer to justice.

Although once abundant across much of the Southeast, red wolves were pushed to the brink of extinction following decades of relentless persecution. After the species was declared endangered, wolf releases began in North Carolina’s Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, but recovery efforts have repeatedly been thwarted by illegal shootings. The science demonstrates that red wolves can be recovered if these illegal killings end.

No one fights harder to save wolves than the Center. We’re adding to this reward because red wolves are a critical part of America’s heritage, and we can’t let a few killers deny future generations their opportunity to see these animals in the wild. We can only do this because wolf lovers like you step forward by contributing to the Wolf Defense Fund.

There are only 45 red wolves left in the wild, so the deliberate killing of any individual wolf is a terrible blow to the conservation of this amazing species. This deplorable slaughter is a stark reminder of why we must act quickly to save this precious species before it disappears forever.

For the wolves,

Kierán Suckling

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

Please share this message with your social networks.

China: Major game changer for the benefit of African elephants – China sees the light and announces an ivory trade and processing ban by end of 2017.



Major game changer for the benefit of African elephants – China sees the light and announces an ivory trade and processing ban by end of 2017.

China has announced a ban on all ivory trade and processing activities by the end of 2017.

Conservation groups hailed the decision as “historic” and a “game-changer” for the future of elephants.

The move follows a resolution at the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) in South Africa in October.

China has the biggest ivory market in the world – some estimates suggest 70% of the world’s trade ends up there.

China’s State Council announced the details of the ban on Friday.

The commercial processing and sale of ivory will stop by 31 March, and all registered traders will then be phased out, bringing a full halt to the market by the end of the year.

Conservation group WWF welcomed the latest news, calling it a “historic announcement… signalling an end to the world’s primary legal ivory market and a major boost to international efforts to tackle the elephant poaching crisis in Africa”.


Other articles:




Australia: A Talk Which Everyone Should Listen To.




A very inspirational talk from a very inspirational person – Lyn White of Animals Australia:



England: London Fireworks Dec. 2016 – into Jan. 2017.


Wishing everybody a great years campaigning in 2017.

Enjoy the London fireworks – impressive as always !!

London‘s New Year’s Eve fireworks from the Thames Embankment as Big Ben strikes midnight.






England: Dairy Investigation Update 31/12/16. Abusive Worker Sacked. A Great End To 2016.



Regarding our recent post of 28th December and the Somerset (UK) dairy farm abuse –


Dairy investigation update

Dear Mark

I wrote to you a few days ago about the shocking scenes of violent abuse and prolonged suffering our investigators captured on Pyrland dairy farm in Somerset.

In case you missed it, you can read the full story here.

Today I have better news. After widespread media coverage across the UK, including BBC TV news, the worker we filmed committing the most violent acts has been sacked by the farmer and both the RSPCA and Muller Milk are investigating.

While we still expect those responsible for this horrendous cruelty to be prosecuted, at least the worst offender no longer has contact with these vulnerable animals. So thank you for making this investigation possible.

But even without deliberate abuse, commercial milk production is inherently cruel. Cows must be forcibly impregnated year after year and have their newborn babies taken away so the milk that nature intended for these calves can be bottled and sold. This is emotionally traumatic for both cow and calf.

The physical strain of producing huge volumes of milk while simultaneously pregnant for most of her adult life wears out a cow’s body quickly. After only 3-5 years dairy cows are so physically exhausted they can no longer get pregnant and are sent to slaughter, ending up in low quality beef products.

With so many healthier plant-based alternatives available there is simply no reason to make cows and their calves suffer. If you, or someone you know, are still struggling to ditch dairy then why not sign-up for Veganuary? It is the perfect way to start the New Year!!




A New Year Message From Venus.



To all friends and readers of this blog I send my best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!

For you, dear Mark, I wish a lot of strength for the further excellent work which you bring for the animal rights every day!

best  regards






Every end marks a new beginning.

Keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and you shall always walk the glory road. With courage, faith and great effort, you shall achieve everything you desire.

We wish you a very Happy New Year!



… and from our friends at Hillside, England.


Baby deer doing well after being found by Labrador






Australia: 31/12/16 – First Time Ever ! – Sheep Shearer Pleads Guilty To Causing Cruelty To Animals. Lots More Prosecutions Pending. Video – The Real Side Of The Wool Industry.



 Dear Mark,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. Thanks to the generosity of caring PETA supporters, 2016 was a year full of tremendous progress for animals.

Earlier this month, we learned of an important victory made possible by kind people like you. The wool industry tries hard to make people believe that producing wool is harmless to animals, but as PETA exposés have shown time and again, it’s anything but humane. PETA U.S. investigations of the Australian and American wool industries revealed that shearers kicked and stomped on sheep, punched them in the face, and jabbed them in the head and eyes. Shearers stood and kneeled on animals’ heads, necks, chests, and legs and crudely stitched up the bloody, gaping wounds that they’d caused with their clippers.

The world’s largest exporter of wool is Australia—and for the first time ever, anywhere, a shearer there pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals.

Five others will appear in court for similar offenses in the new year.

These charges are a direct result of an incriminating PETA U.S. investigation that produced video evidence of 235 separate incidents—in a single Australian state—of suspected cruelty in shearing sheds, generating more than 40 pages of formal legal complaints.

From the first-ever criminal conviction of an animal experimenter for cruelty to animals and the first-ever police raid on a factory farm to these groundbreaking charges in Australia, many of the most significant milestones in the animal rights movement are being driven by the support of compassionate people like you around the world.

Thank you for strengthening our work and for making tremendous progress for animals possible.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk



Watch: Joaquin Phoenix Reacts to PETA’s Wool Exposé  


Avon DOES Test On Animals – Actions Below.

First, we start with a petition.  Please sign and share, thanks.


Bear Run Down and Crushed to Death by Trucks in Russia – Demand Justice 

Goal: Find and punish the men filmed running down and crushing a bear to death with their trucks in the Yakutia region of Russia.



Feed shelter animals with your purchase:


AVON DOES Test On Animals – Exposed !

China requires that almost all imported cosmetic and personal care products be tested on animals, which means that companies that sell beauty products in the country are paying for these cruel tests—even if they don’t pay for testing in the U.S. market.

One of these brands is Avon, which was cruelty-free but then decided to increase its profits at the expense of animals, which PETA uncovered in 2012.





Avon didn’t need to change its policy on animal testing—China is the one that needs to change. But instead of encouraging the country to rise above cruelty, the company sank to its level.

Let Avon know that it’s not dragging us down with it, because we won’t buy any of its products until it stops selling them in countries that require animal testing.



Tell Avon to stop paying for cruel tests on animals!

For all animals,

Avon Pays for Tests on Animals so That Its Products Can Be Sold in China

Let Avon know that you won’t buy its products until it stops paying for tests on animals.







Canada: Psychopathic Mass Animal Murderer Must be Found – Petition To Police.




Psychopathic Mass Animal Murderer Must be Found


Target: John Pare, Chief of Police for London, Ontario

Goal: Track down and punish mass animal murderer in Ontario.

Within the last year, 17 animals have been found mutilated and murdered around the Southwestern Ontario area. Many of these animals have been decapitated, skinned, and placed in strange poses around the city. Recently a dog was found headless and missing organs, on top of a dumpster near a liquor store. A skinless goose was even dropped off at the humane society’s front door.

According to authorities, the crimes seem to be escalating. Before, it was mostly animals that would be considered wild, but more recently there have been pets slaughtered. All together, 6 dead coyotes, two of which were skinned and headless, a decapitated bunny, a mutilated cat and dog, the goose, and 6 snakes have all been found laid out in poses.

These crimes define the word horrific, and must be stopped. Animals are conscious, sentient, living beings that do not deserve to be tortured and killed in this way.

If these were the bodies of humans there would be a much greater sense of urgency in finding and punishing the perpetrator. These crimes must be handled the same way one would handle the murder of a person.

Sign this petition to ensure the Ontario animal murders are treated as terrible, real crimes that need to be stopped.



Dear Police Chief Pare,

In your city, 17 animals have been found over the past year tortured, mutilated and killed. These crimes are absolutely horrendous and must be stopped. If these were crimes related to humans being murdered, there would be more effort put forward in finding the criminal, or criminals responsible.

These animals deserve the same kind of justice we as humans do. Please, use your power as police chief to set aside the resources necessary for finding and prosecuting those responsible. Almost 20 animals is far too many to be found in such a way. This problem has existed for over a year and still has yet to be solved.

Do the right thing and find this murderer, before they can torture or kill any more beloved animals or pets.


[Your name here]




England: Shocking scenes of violence & suffering captured on a British dairy farm.




Shocking scenes of violence & suffering captured on a British dairy farm


Dear Mark




Today we have released shocking scenes

of animal abuse filmed earlier

this month by Animal Equality investigators

on a dairy farm in Somerset,

UK.   The investigation, which came on

the back of a tip-off

from a local resident, revealed farm

workers violently punching tiny

calves and kicking cows in the face.

Multiple other incidents of abuse by

workers were filmed in just one day,



– repeatedly kicking young calves to

make them stand up

– aggressively twisting cows’ tails and

repeatedly slamming metal gates

into them

– pinning calves to the floor and shouting

obscenities in their face

– repeatedly kicking and slapping

nursing cows

– violently throwing small calves

to the floor.





Abusive treatment was not the only

suffering we found on this West

Country farm, which runs a farm

shop and B&B as well as supplying

Muller Milk (formerly Muller Wiseman),

one of the main

processors used by Tesco, Sainsbury’s,

M&S and the Coop for their

own-brand milks.

Our investigators made multiple visits

to the farm and also documented

at least half a dozen cows with their

back legs chained in hobbles.

These archaic devices are used

on mother cows who have

suffered pelvic damage during calving,

a common problem for modern

dairy cows who have been selectively

bred for high milk production at

the expense of physical well-being.

Footage from the farm also shows cows

suffering from crippling lameness

and pressure sores, painful conditions

that affect half of the dairy cows

in the UK every year. One cow appeared

to be in extreme

discomfort and was struggling to walk.

We reported this to the RSPCA


On one visit investigators found two

dead calves lying on the concrete

floor just outside of the cowshed, in

full view of several nursing and

pregnant cows. Both calves were

male and had been shot, a common

practice on dairy farms as males

do not produce milk and are therefore

deemed worthless by many farmers.

A covert camera was installed in one

cowshed on December 7th due to

concerns over ongoing welfare issues

and captured scenes of

shocking abuse the next day.

We have handed all of the footage to the

RSPCA and are demanding that

those committing this inexcusable

cruelty are brought to justice.

You can help end the suffering of

cows and calves on dairy farms around

the world by choosing plant-based

milks, yogurts, cheeses and ice creams.

Sign our pledge to receive more information

on healthy dairy-free eating.

Help even more animals by sharing

this video and donating to ensure

we can continue to shed a light on

the cruelty endured by the most

abused animals.

Please, be their voice.


Animal Equality UK.




Serbia: Felix Shelter – Liam’s Story.





Liam’s life story is kind of sad, like the stories of stray cats usually are. He was born on the streets, probably as an unwanted baby kitten to an unwanted mother. He was forced to fend for himself and somehow managed to survive long enough to learn how to find scraps of food and how to flee from a potential danger.

He soon found out that he could use his inner sweetness and get at least one meal a day plus some petting or cuddling from cat-loving humans and he began to live in front of a boutique, where the employees took care of him the best they could. They even let him inside every now and then to warm up little.

However, his more or less carefree life came to an end shortly and his entire world turned upside down when the boutique he considered to be his home had to move to another location. He was left behind and he was spending most of his time just sitting quietly in front of the locked door, expecting to be fed and petted, waiting day after day for friends that would never come. Instead some unknown humans were shouting at him and wanting him to leave, even though he had nowhere to go.

When we heard of him, we knew that if we didn’t take him in, no one would, so he was brought to my empty apartment in Belgrade until I came to pick up him up along with Arthur, and after a trip of 200 km, we arrived at the shelter together. Liam is neutered, FIV and FeLV negative, dewormed and deflead, completely healthy and he usually spends his days in the yard when the weather is nice, although he prefers to rest on the warm radiators and eat like a horse.

Hopefully now he has a chance to make up for everything he has missed so far.

Donations please:  



Liamova priča je tužna i uglavnom liči na priče svih uličnih mačaka 😦 Rođen je na ulici kao neželjeno mače neželjene majke, uspeo je da preživi dovoljno dugo da počne sam da se hrani i shvatio je da umiljavanjem može da obezbedi sebi bar poneki obrok i porciju maženja. Imao je sreće da se nastani ispred jednog butika odakle ga, za divno čudo, nisu terali. Ponekad su ga puštali da udje da se ogreje, dobijao je obroke i bar ga nisu tukli i maltretirali. Medjutim, kako za ulične mačke sreća uglavnom vrlo kratko traje, Liamov svet se okrenuo naopačke kada je butik preseljen na drugu lokaciju, a on je ostao sam. Sedeo je ispred svog nekadašnjeg utočišta i očekivao hranu, zagrljaj i da ga ponekad puste da se ogreje, ali su ga, na njegovo veliko čuđenje, terali i vikali na njega, a stomak mu je sve češće bio prazan. Morao da ode odatle, ali nije imao kuda. Videli smo njegovu priču i jasno nam je bilo da ga niko neće uzeti ako mi to ne uradimo, tako da je donet u moj prazan stan u Beogradu, ostao je tamo dok nisam došla po njega i Artura I posle putovanja od 200 km stigli smo u azil zajedno :). Liam je kastriran, pregledan kod veta, FIV i FeLV negativan i potpuno zdrav; izlazi napolje isključivo kad je vreme lepo, najviše voli da se odmara na toplim radijatorima i jede kao ala. Konačno je dobio šansu da nadoknadi sve što je do sada propustio ❤
Felix – Felinološko društvo
Svrha uplate: uplata građana
Devizni račun:
Felix – Felinolosko drustvo
SWIFT/BIC: VBUBRS22 (Vojvodjanska banka a.d. Novi Sad)
IBAN: RS35355000320003120311



USA: Keep SeaWorld Out Of Abu Dhabi – Petition To Sign. Dont Let The Abuse Go There.



In 2014, SeaWorld lost 1 million visitors. And in 2015, SeaWorld San Diego was officially the worst-performing major theme park in the world. You could say that SeaWorld isn’t doing great.

Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi—the capital of the United Arab Emirates—has the world’s fastest roller coaster and skyscrapers that would make your jaw drop. It’s not too shabby.

Now, SeaWorld is trying to set up shop in Abu Dhabi in order to take advantage of its thriving economy. But we just don’t understand why officials plan to allow the repulsive park to plague the city.



Tell Abu Dhabi officials not to allow SeaWorld to use their beautiful city as a life raft for its sinking business unless there are no animals involved.




USA: CBD Latest News – 26/12/16.



Hi Mark,

Donate Now

Double Your Gift for Wildlife

Toughie, the Last Rabbs’ Tree Frog

It’s been a tough year. The last Rabbs’ fringe-limbed tree frog, nicknamed Toughie, died alone in a cage in Atlanta — and with him went his species, never to return. The warmest temperatures ever were recorded in the Arctic, causing starving polar bears to desperately forage for trash on the edge of villages. And a climate denier was elected president, appointing oil industry and banking executives to the highest levels of government so they can gut lifesaving environmental laws.

Our most critically endangered species are in terrible jeopardy from Donald Trump and the choices he’s already made. An oilman at the State Department, a climate denier heading the EPA, a wolf-hater in charge of the Department of the Interior — these are disasters for both the planet and the people.

But take heart. With your matched contribution to the Center’s Wildlife and Wild Places Defense Fund, together we will beat them back. A wildlife champion has stepped forward to double any gift you make until Dec. 31.

In 2016 the Center for Biological Diversity won critical legal protections for 32 endangered species. We secured 2.5 million acres of habitat for these species. We overturned a decision denying help to wolverines, put a stop to multiple fossil fuel auctions on public lands, and secured vital new protections from the seafood industry for whales and dolphins. With you, we will stop Trump from killing off our natural heritage.

We’re the nation’s leading endangered species protection group, with a 93 percent success record in the courts. In the past quarter-century, we’ve saved more than 600 species from extinction and protected more than half a billion acres of critical habitat designated for recovery.

But with anti-wildlife politicians in Congress preparing to force an end to the protection of wolves, grizzlies, sage grouse and other species, we’ll have to fight more fiercely than ever to stop extinction and habitat destruction. That’s why on Jan. 2 we’re setting off on a 16-city cross country #Earth2Trump resistance tour that will gather thousands of supporters to confront Trump at the inauguration. Please give now while there’s still time for your gift to be matched dollar for dollar.

Your doubled gift to the Wildlife and Wild Places Defense Fund by Dec. 31 will empower us to fight to protect our planet every day in 2017. Please — give what you can today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


Yes, Happy Bloody Christmas !! – War-Torn Yemen Is Letting Its Zoo Animals Starve to Death.


UPDATE 28/12 – Petition to sign:



War-Torn Yemen Is Letting Its Zoo Animals Starve to Death

The 265 animals in Yemen’s Taiz Zoo, including rare leopards, haven’t been fed for days. The government is rejecting proposals to save them.



A malnourished lion stares out of a blood- and urine-soaked cage. Eleven lions died of starvation after they were abandoned at Yemen’s Taiz Zoological Gardens in early 2016.

Photograph by Mercury Press, Caters News

By Natasha Daly

PUBLISHED December 21, 2016

War births refugees. Streaming out of blasted-out cities, civilians are forced to flee their homes, sometimes their families, away from the bombs, into the unknown.

What happens when you can’t leave? That’s the story of abandoned zoos in wartime. It’s the story unfolding now for the animals in Yemen’s Taiz Zoological Gardens, neglected in the cross fire of the country’s civil war. Here 28 Arabian leopards, critically endangered in the wild, haven’t eaten in six days. They and nearly 240 other animals face imminent death if they aren’t fed very soon.

The story began early this year when the Yemeni government, which runs the zoo, stopped paying the staff and abandoned the facility in the face of escalating violence. In February, after a media flurry drew international attention to the deteriorating conditions at the zoo, SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue—a rescue organization established on Facebook by Chantal Jonkergouw—began raising funds to cover the cost of food, water, and care for the animals. According to Jonkergouw, who lives in Sweden, SOS has raised more than $125,000 from individual donors during the past ten months.

On November 30 she made the agonizing decision to stop feeding the animals until the government agrees to release them to rescuers. She says they’re still getting fresh water every day.

A local Good Samaritan then stepped in to bring the leopards and other meat eaters food, but he hasn’t been seen since December 16—the last time the carnivores were fed. The zoo’s herbivores have been subsisting on a rapidly diminishing supply of rotten vegetables. According to Bassam Al-Hakimi, SOS’s project manager in Taiz, many of the animals are showing signs of extreme weakness.



These Arabian leopards, critically endangered in the wild, haven’t been fed since December 16.

Photograph by Mercury Press, Caters News

“As they grow hungrier, the stronger ones might prey on the weaker ones,” Jonkergouw says. “Especially the big cats. Stress also can have a very negative effect on the animals’ behavior. Personally, I think that most of them will lie down and die slowly.”

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These People Are Using the Word of God to Save Animals

Another Ranger Killed at World’s Most Dangerous Park

The Cruel Business of Mongoose Hair Paintbrushes

Taiz, considered Yemen’s cultural capital, has been a flashpoint in the country’s ongoing civil war, a clash between Shia Muslim Houthis and Saudi-backed forces loyal to the nation’s pre-war government. The Taiz zoo became an overlooked casualty of the war after the government lost control of the city and many zoo workers fled the bombings and food shortages that have plagued the region.


A lion wastesaway, abscesses ravaging its body. Facilities in the United Arab Emirates and Jordan have offered to rescue the zoo’s animals, but the Yemeni government refuses to allow their evacuation.

Photograph by Mercury Press, Caster News

According to Jonkergouw, before SOS intervened on February, 11 lions and six Arabian leopards had starved to death. “One leopard had eaten its female companion,” she says. The surviving animals were found living in squalor on bare concrete, bloodied, with festering abscesses, feces everywhere. One drastically malnourished lion was found with his hip bone jutting through his skin. Emergency surgery saved his life, barely.

Other animals in the zoo include hyenas, monkeys, birds, porcupines, baboons, and guinea pigs. Many of the creatures have displayed signs of severe zoochosis—a condition that often afflicts animals kept captive in artificial environments and is characterized by obsessive, repetitive behaviors. The din and detritus of war may compound the suffering: In mid-December a nearby building was bombed, spraying shrapnel into the zoo’s grounds.

The proximity of the fighting complicates rescue efforts: Other than the SOS-funded Tamdeen Youth Foundation, a local group that has provided all food, care, and water for the animals, no other organization has been involved on the ground—it’s too dangerous.

The Yemeni government, which now has limited sway in Taiz, has denied the transfer permits that might at least give the animals a chance of being extracted from Houthi territory and brought to another country where they would have hope for long-term survival.

SOS has kept the animals alive at a cost of $4,000 a week, covering food and care and modest salaries for a small staff of six, Jonkergouw says. SOS had just $10,000 left when at the end of last month she decided to cut off the food supplies.

“Without [the Yemeni government] being cooperative towards finding a real solution, I don’t think it’s acceptable any longer” for SOS to provide the funding and care that the government won’t, she says. “They need to feel it. The problem is, it’s at the expense of the animals, but there’s no other option. Whatever we do, the animals will suffer.”

Evacuating so many captive animals from the heart of a war zone would present the Yemeni government with a dangerous logistical challenge, but offers of safe havens have been made.

The Princess Alia Foundation in Jordan and the Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife in the United Arab Emirates, in conjunction with that country’s Al Ain Zoo, have both said they’d take the animals. It could cost up to $500,000 USD to evacuate the zoo, which would require armed guards to ensure safe exit. Jonkergouw is confident that her organization and others could raise the money with aid from NGOs but emphasizes that Yemen first needs to agree to facilitate an evacuation. The International Union for Conservation of Nature, the body that monitors the conservation status of species, has actively been trying to broker an agreement between Yemen and the UAE-based rescue facilities, to no avail yet.

Yemeni government officials have told Jonkergouw that they won’t entertain either offer. “They replied that they will never let the animals out of Yemen and that the animals were well cared for and doing fine. And then I really got pissed,” Jonkergouw says. “I said, why are they fine? I raised $125,000 and paid most of that into this project without getting any real cooperation on a sustainable solution for these animals. So I’m fed up with this. I will stop.”

The Yemeni government, which now has limited sway in Taiz, has denied the transfer permits that might at least give the animals a chance of being extracted.

An official from Yemen’s Environment Protection Authority, which has represented the government in talks with Jonkergouw, did not respond to a request for comment.

The Leopard Factor

There are likely only about 80 wild Arabian leopards left on the planet. The Taiz Zoo has 28, including two cubs born in September. Jonkergouw believes Yemen is reluctant to send the cats to another country, even temporarily, because Arabian leopards, as the national animal, are a source of deep pride.

Any loss of Arabian leopards is devastating, given how rare the species is. Four cubs disappeared from the zoo shortly after SOS stepped in. Zoo officials at the time said they were probably eaten. Jonkergouw raises the possibility that they were stolen and sold on the black market. (The Arabian peninsula has a sizable black market for exotic cats as pets.) After that incident she arranged for a full-time armed guard for the leopards.

Now the very thing keeping the leopards trapped in Taiz—their prized status in Yemen—could be the key to their salvation. If the leopards begin dying of starvation, Jonkergouw hopes the government may relent and allow the transfer of the leopards and all the other animals. “Probably more leopards have to die before they realize that they have to evacuate them,” she says.

She intends to start feeding the animals again as soon as Yemen signs a letter of intent permitting rescue by the facilities in Jordan or the UAE, or outlining an alternative plan. She would rather see the animals euthanized than face death by starvation but doubts that will happen. “I don’t think the zoo will cooperate with euthanizing them,” she says.

Where To Go From Here

The situation is getting more dire by the day. With only two of the original six workers still at the zoo, there aren’t enough hands to keep the cages clean, though starvation will likely kill the animals before sepsis does. No one is currently guarding the leopards.

Gail A’Brunzo, Animal Rescue Manager at the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), a U.S.-based NGO that rescues and protects animals and their habitats around the world, commends what SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue has been doing to keep the animals alive. She acknowledges that there seems no recourse other than “to cease operations in a last-ditch effort to try and persuade the government to step up. A heartbreaking decision on their part, I’m sure.”

Jonkergouw says she is often asked how she can justify wanting to save animals in a war zone when people are dying and suffering. “It’s humans who put these animals there,” she says. “They’re our responsibility. There’s so much human suffering in the world, and there will be much more in the future. If you take that as the starting point, then you’ll never get to the welfare of the animals. It’s always an excuse to not [act]. It’s our responsibility.”

For updates about the ongoing situation at the Taiz Zoo, visit SOS Zoo and Bear Rescue on Facebook and partner organization, A Lion’s Heart.

Natasha Daly is an assistant editor at National Geographic. Follow her on Twitter.





England: The Loss Of Yet Aniother Great Musician. George Dies Aged 53.




Roll on 2017 and a better year!




Crusades for animal renaissance!

Crusades for animal renaissance!

Every year this day, when others enjoy their holiday table with pieces of slaughtered animals on their plate and shoot expensive fireworks in the air to say “good bye” to the last night of year, I make my own celebration.

I have not many guests, we are still a few.

We are those who in this year rescued an animal, rescued many animals, those who rescued the hope of life. We are those who do not believe that the Three Kings will bring a better future, we believe in action and fight.

We are those who continue our crusades in the name of those who have no right to live, in spite of despair and sorrow, despite mass murders and terrible crimes against our animal companions, despite this horrible routine which has even surpassed the Hell of Dante.

Because we are those who love and protect the life, we are the pioneers of animal renaissance!

To all my guests, in my country and all over the world, all those who demonstrate daily courage, nerves, sensitivity in the fight for a better future for our animal companions, I send warmest wishes for the best in the future, my support, my respect.

And my love


England: Devestated ! – Rock On Rick – Thanks For Many Years Of Good Times.





Above –  Status Quo – Hold You Back – performance by Rick Parfitt is from the DVD ‘Rick Parfitts Rhythm Guitar Method.






A Message From Carmen.


England: Have A Great Holiday Break !,%2023%20Dec%202016%2011:21:53%20-0800&utm_campaign=tx_jj_email_ecards_default_recipient_notification_2



Fur Belongs On ME, Not You.


Serbia: They Dont Know Its Christmas – Please Help Pozega Dogs.





England: Some Great ‘Fur Out’ News To Finish The Year On !



Some excellent fur news to end the year on; from Mark and all the crew at Respect:



We were all celebrating when world-renowned luxury brand Armani agreed to officially go fur free.


We were delighted that such an influential brand in the fashion industry as Armani decided to end the use of real fur- what a blow to the fur trade!



Mink farming ended in Japan!


The breeding of mink for their fur in Japan is over after the country’s last remaining fur farm shut down.



We were celebrating a few weeks ago as the Dutch Supreme Court upheld the ban on fur farming.

The Court ruled that the ban on fur farming is NOT in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The fur trade was desperate to overturn the ban and this victory was a win for animal lovers everywhere.

One day fur farming will be banned everywhere.



The fur trade took a hit with a big drop in global mink fur production.

One of the largest fur auction houses, Kopenhagen Fur, reported that the production of mink pelts had fallen by 25%- from 72 million to 54 million year on year. 

This was largely due to the collapse in the price of pelts, which followed high levels of over production as many new fur farms opened in order to cash in on a big rise in demand for fur several years ago (particularly in China).

 fur  fur  fur


International experts discussed fur farming ban legislation

Respect for Animals attended and co-organised an international seminar in Prague to discuss legislation that could lead to a ban on fur farming in the Czech Republic and elsewhere across Europe.

Among the speakers was the globally recognised expert on foxes Professor Stephen Harris, who co-authored Respect for Animals’ recent comprehensive scientific report into the welfare of mink and foxes on fur farms (read it here).  Also in attendance was the Labour MP Maria Eagle, who introduced the Private Members Bill to ban fur farming in the UK, backing Respect for Animals’ national campaign.



Ricky Gervais backed Respect for Animals’ #SayNoToFur online campaign.
Our #SayNoToFur social media storm was launched by cricketing legend Jason Gillespie who was soon joined by many of our social media supporters, who dowloaded our anti-fur poster and sent us your picture. Celebrities Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon got in on the act too!

Click here to watch our video montage of some of our supporters holding our anti-fur poster

Europe got its first fur-free shopping street!

Going to Amsterdam?

Then head to Hartenstraat, which this year was officially announced as Europe’s first fur-free shopping street!





Animals Asia – Video of Happy Christmas Bear. Chinese Stars Turn Out To Support Bear Campaigns.


A special Christmas Thank You from one of the rescued bile bears now enjoying life at one of the Animals Asia rescue centres.


To read more on news and campaigns, and to give a donation for the bears if you wish, please go to: 



Chinese superstars including Karen Mok and Olympic boxer Zou Shiming turned out for Animals Asia’s annual Blue Moon Gala to raise awareness and funds to help the country’s moon bears.

Movie stars, sporting heroes and models brought glitz and glamour to a night dedicated to China’s moon, sun and brown bears with nearly 300 guests in total showing their support.

Not only did the Grand Hyatt Shanghai event bring much needed funding to Animals Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre, but the presence of so many big names has helped to publicise the NGO’s animal welfare work throughout the country.

Click on the above link to read more and see more photographs.





Serbia: A Super Food Parcel Arrives For Us Especially From Denmark At Christmas !





Video link =



General –

Vet care –   


We’ve just gotten a Christmas surprise! Our friends from the amazing Danish organization UFFAC have sent us yet another load of high quality kibble, knowing that we’re constantly struggling to feed the kitties!


This awesome Christmas present couldn’t have arrived at a better moment, as our food storage was almost empty.


Thanks to the awesome animal lovers from Denmark, more than 130 Felix kitties will have the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with full bellies 🙂


Our heartfelt thanks go to the wonderful people from UFFAC and their donors who are making this gloomy and cold end of December special for our furry little protegés.


May you all have the best Christmas yet!




China: Thanks To Animals Asia, Chinese Dogs Enjoy Vaccinations, De-Worming – and a Taste of Christmas.



See lots of great work to help animals in need this Christmas at  


Please look at all the posts and support any you can with a donation to help cover their costs – Thank You – SAV.




Chinese dogs enjoy vaccinations, de-worming – and a taste of Christmas



22 December 2016


Some of the poorest dogs in Chengdu enjoyed a taste of Christmas kindness thanks to the Animals Asia staff who provide them with year-round health care.

Many of the local dogs around Animals Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu live bleak lives. They are fed an unsuitable diet, given little love or affection and are mostly kept chained up as guard dogs.

That’s why Animals Asia goes into local communities year round to spread awareness of animal welfare and provide health care for the animals.

In a typical month this will include vaccinations, de-worming and de-sexing, but with Christmas approaching, staff wanted to do something extra special for the unfortunate dogs they have grown to love over the years.

With red Santa hats on, the team went into local villages to give the animals some doggie treats they had never seen before – a taste of Christmas kindness they could never have imagined.



Animals Asia Veterinarian Sheridan Lathe said:

“It was really lovely to give these treats to the dogs. Many local families don’t have money to spare on dog food or treats so most of these dogs have never tasted anything except rice with occasional left overs.

“They get really excited when they see us because they know we will bring them something tasty. Seeing the joy on their faces as they devoured the new treats was heart-warming!”

Having earned the trust of the local villagers over the years, Animals Asia staff are free to visit the dogs at any time to provide health care, companionship or even to take the dogs for walk to gain much needed exercise.



Sheridan said:

“By keeping the local animals healthy, we create a protective ring around the bear sanctuary of healthy animals which reduces the risk of diseases, such as distemper, spreading on site.

“But this work is also important in that it improves the welfare for these local animals. We not only give them vaccinations and de-worming but also discuss diets and proper animal care with the owners.”

Away from the Chengdu sanctuary, Animals Asia also runs a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) fund project in other parts of China to help control stray populations humanely.

In 2016, the fund helped four local groups to successfully neuter and release 517 stray cats in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao and Guangzhou.

With Animals Asia’s support another local group Shanghai Focus Neuter has managed to achieve a 70% neuter rate among strays in several of the communities where they operate.


 Check it all out at:  




Serbia: Christmas News and Pictures From Felix Shelter – Please Give A Donation If You Can Thank You.



“‘It’s impossible.” said pride.

“It’s risky.” said experience.

“It’s pointless.” said reason.

Give it a try.” whispered the heart.”



Please go to the following to donate:

For alternative ways of giving donations:

PayPal button is on our blog:

and our website:


Dinarske uplate: Felix-Felinolosko drustvo  355-1070729-96



Thank you very much for thinking about us and helping us this Christmas;

all the cats (and dogs) at Shelter Felix xx.



All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life, but they do need help.

Sve mačke su azilu voljene su i bezbedne, ali treba im pomoć.
Felix – Felinološko društvo
Svrha uplate: uplata građana
Devizni račun:
Felix – Felinolosko drustvo
SWIFT/BIC: VBUBRS22 (Vojvodjanska banka a.d. Novi Sad)
IBAN: RS35355000320003120311






Samson is most probably a stray who has spent at least six years of his life on the street.

During the day he was wandering the neighborhood but he was kept in a cellar at night. When he got sick and was brought to a vet, it turned out he had a serious respiratory infection, worsened by the fact that he was immunocompromised, as he tested positive for FIV. Although FIV virus is transmitted from cat to cat only by deep bite wounds, or from an infected mother to her kittens, or by sexual contact, it is not contagious if all of the cats sharing the household are neutered/spayed.

However, it seems that most cat owners fear that their own healthy kitty would get infected from a FIV+ companion and that’s probably why no one was willing to take Samson in, despite a zillion shares of his plea and appeals for help.

Luckily for him, we knew better and this magnificent looking blackpanther has become a resident of our shelter as of Wednesday, as we already have six FIV+ kitties out of around 50 we have managed to test over the last two years. All six of them are living good lives, not showing any symptoms of their illnesses and receiving Interferon once a month. For the time being Samson is being separated from the other cats, he is kept in the cage and seems to be adjusting to his new surroundings just fine.


This once dejected and unwanted black beauty was taken to the vet on Saturday for a thorough exam which included blood work and a UV scan. He weighs 7.200 kg and it’s been confirmed he is FIV+, so he received Interferon immediately and will continue receiving it every month for all of his life, because this drug is helping keep the virus under control.

His digestive system and urinary tract are healthy. He is between six and seven years old, his teeth and gums are in good shape, but his nose is stuffy and there is some phlegm – a mucus-like substance in his lungs; he was prescribed some syrup to help cough it up.

If his respiratory infection clears out completely (with the help of nose drops and cough syrup) he will be neutered next week, under inhalation anesthesia. In the meantime, he’s lying on his new kitty bed on his back with all four legs in the air, obviously thinking that being a shelter kitty is not so bad after all.

Please, help us provide this gorgeous and cuddly kitty boy with proper vet care, high quality cat food and a much happier life than the one he’s been living for years!

Thank You !




News From ‘Free Tibet’ London – Former Monk Tashi Rabten Carries Out Fatal Self-Immolation.



Tashi Rabten carries out fatal self-immolation


Tashi Rabten was a former monk from Teushel village in Machu County, Kanlho, eastern Tibet.

He carried out his self-immolation protest at around 5pm (local time) on Thursday, 8 December, while shouting for the freedom of Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama.

Video footage shows Tashi Rabten walking while he is burning, eventually collapsing to the pavement. We must warn you that the footage is extremely graphic and some may find it upsetting.


He left a note behind in Chinese, explaining in further detail his reasons for carrying out this protest, which we have translated into English on our website.

We have also learned that, since his death, members of Tashi Rabten’s family have been detained by police.





International Human Rights Day



Freedom for the gentle people of Tibet !

Full support for freedom from SAV.



Egypt: Breaking !! – Egypt to (Live) Export 10,000 Donkeys to China, and Very Probably Live Dogs to South Korea.



UPDATE 16/12.

Dear Pam and Mark,

Thank you for your email (Pam), for forwarding Mark’s email and for both your concern.

Since the recent online news reports suggesting that the Egyptian government could export 10,000 live donkeys to China for their skins, our project team in Egypt have made contact with the authorities expressing serious concerns about the news reports, and the authorities have responded denying any plans to consider exporting donkeys.

The Donkey Sanctuary has grave concerns about the fast-growing trade and demand of donkey skins to produce the traditional Chinese medicine Ejiao, and any major trade would be seen as a further blow to the future global donkey populations and their welfare.

Find out more about this worrying new trend and how we’re monitoring it at:

With kind regards,


The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon, England.


Below you will find a sample letter which you can copy and send to ‘your’ Egyptian embassy ; wherever you are located in the world.  This post has been produced in cooperation with Venus in Germany.

Simply find your national Egyptian embassy using the following link.  Alternatively, thereafter we have provided details of main Euro contact cities also for our European supporters.  Please note that English and German campaigners have worked together on this; so there may be the odd language difference in some text.  We have tried to correct all these differences !


Global Egyptian Embassies link: 




Euro (and Canada) addresses:


Berlin, Germany:   E-Mail:

Wien, Austria:    E-Mail:  egyptembassy  vienna@egyptembassyvienna

Albania:   E-Mail:

Bosnia and Herzegovina:  E-Mail: MAIL BLOCKED.

Bulgaria:  E-Mail:  MAIL BLOCKED.

Denmark:  E-Mail:


Finland:  E-Mail:

France:  E-Mail:

Ireland:  Website:



Canada:  Website:

Croatia:  E-Mail:,




















Serbia:  E-Mail:


Slovak Republic:  E-Mail:;

Czech Republic:



Turkey:  E-Mail:


Vatican:  E-Mail:


Cyprus:  Website: http://



United Kingdom:



Netherlands / Holland:  E-Mail:  MAIL BLOCKED.

Portugal: E-Mail:,


Belgium, Brussels:



 Hungary / Ungarn: E-mail:


Additional information

– embassy addresses etc if sending by post / snail mail:


Copy the sample letter provided below and e mail it to ‘the’ (Egyptian) embassy for ‘your country’ or location using the above guides.



***  Sample Letter  ***


Dear Sir / Madam;

It is already globally known that Egypt intends to do cruel international business with the live transports of donkeys and dogs.

Donkeys (some 10,000 plus) are to be transported alive to China, primarily for their skins, not for their meat.  Dogs are also going to be transported alive to South Korea for their flesh.

In the past, both China and Korea have fallen into great disrepute because they are countries that both became involved in illegal animal trafficking. Egypt has an international reputation as a friendly country with one of the oldest and greatest ancient civilizations of the world.  Do not tarnish that with a trade in cruelty.

Such a modern, cruel business by yourselves, which we are now internationally learning about, is detrimental to the image of the Egyptian nationality. When people learn the reality of the animal suffering involved, it can only harm tourism to Egypt, which is much more profitable for the country. You know very well that such bad and harmful news such as this, and your criuelty to animals, can spread nowadays very quickly via the internet.

We ask you to very seriously reconsider the decision to export donkeys and dogs to China and Korea respectively where they will endure great suffering and cruelty from nations that have no basic respect for animals and their suffering.

Please show your compassion for the animals which will suffer and take responsibility for the reputation of your country by preventing this from happening.

Thank you;

Sent by:  Your Name.



There are now 2 petitions about this issue – please see them and sign, by visiting:


Source – 

and also via our good friends at anti live export campaign organisation ‘Animals Angels’ in Germany –  


Egypt to export 10,000 donkeys to China, dogs to South Korea


Ashraf Abdelhamid, AlArabiya.netSaturday, 10 December 2016


Egypt has recently signed a trade deal to export nearly 10,000 donkeys to China, with another agreement likely soon to send dogs to Korea.

The General Organization for Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture in Egypt agreed on the deal after requests from many Chinese companies.

Dr. Ibrahim Mahroos, the organization’s director, confirmed that Egypt will send the donkeys alive to China in accordance with an Islamic ruling in Egypt’s al-Azhar.

He added that China wants the donkey’s skin rather than its meat.

Egypt is also looking into requests from Korea to export dogs there, especially after several shelters have said they are at full capacity and were putting down stray dogs.

*This article also appears on


SAV Comment:

No doubt we will be publishing more on this issue as we obtain more info, but we do have concerns that nations such as Serbia may see this as a financial way (investment) of solving their stray animal ‘problems’  rather than sterilisation as all welfare groups request.  We are passing this info out to many contacts – it is up to them to watch their space. 

Being Egypt, China and Korea, obviously there is no concern on the side of animal welfare issues; as we know so much from past and recent posts – it is simply meeting a demand of the human species and sod the rest ! – money talks ! – Mark.


urge2 urge1

Please sign the petition against this:






It Changed Species.


In March 2003, the animal rights organization PETA wanted to transfer its broadcast “Holocaust on your plate” from the USA in Germany: “” Holocaust in Ihrem Teller “. Peta wanted to protest with seven posters against the suffering of mast animals.

One of the posters presented a photograph of corpses of prisoners in concentration camps opposite to a heap of slaughtered pigs.

Another placard showed, under the heading “For the Animals, are all people Nazis” prisoners in a row of high beds opposite to choked chickens in live batteries.

“The concept of this campaign goes back to the Jewish Nobel Prize laureate Isaak Bashevis Singer, who said that when it comes to the animals, everyone becomes a Nazi, for the animals is every day Treblinka“, said Harald Ullmann, head of RETA Germany. The ex-president of the Central Council of the Jews, Paul Spiegel, had filed against this campaign. A court in Berlin gave him right and so is banned the campaign in April 2004, in Germany. The European Court of Human Rights confirmed the ruling against the spread of such motifs in Germany, in March 2009.

Nevertheless, the road to the slaughterhouse is the road to Auschwitz.

In this world there is a system of exploitation, cruelty and murder, which can only be measured with the Fascism of the Third Reich. If at that time this system has demanded 6 million Jews (and not Jews) from 1941 to 1945, today this system, our system, has no end, it regenerates itself and incessantly and destroys every day millions of living beings.

Everything, what the Nazis have done to the Jews, we practice now with animals! The same factory of extermination, as at that time in Auschwitz, is now practiced with animals. And we know it.

Today, more than ever, we are informed about the cruel experiments on animals, about the cruel daily executions in slaughterhouses and farms, about the Dachau Schelters for streams. And nevertheless, we walk around as if we were not to blame, as if it is normal and natural to consume violence and death. All the meat and animal products consumers stand on the side of the executioner.

They pay the meat-mafia with their money, they support them. For the animal- holocaust does not bear the fault a small fascist oligarchy, as in the time of national socialism. Consumers pay for the conservation of this system, which consists of torture and death, in slaughterhouses, in farms, in experimental laboratories.

If we know that this world consists of victims and executioners, our task is to act morally and not to cooperate with the executioners.


with my best regards

Canada: Is Very Close To Banning Bee Killing Pesticides – Petition The Government To Continue With Their Great Decision.




In a month where we could really use some good news, we found it: Canada is this close to a full-on ban of imidacloprid, one of the most widely used bee-killing pesticides in the world.

A risk assessment report by Health Canada found considerable risks associated with continued use of imidacloprid, and proposed phasing out the neonicotinoid in 3-5 years.

We know that this pesticide is deadly to bees and the industry’s own studies show that it’s at least partly responsible for the epidemic of colony collapse across North America and the world.

The Canadian government is going to make its final decision on a complete ban soon — and already, Bayer, the agro-chemical giant who invented the bee-killing poison, has promised to fight back. 

Banning this dangerous pesticide now is a major step in saving the bees globally — and we need to make sure voices of reason drown out voices of the corporate lobby.


Will you sign the petition to Health Canada now to save the bees?

Our global campaign to save the bees is working. The EU ban on bee-killing neonics is entering its fourth year. And the French government recently announced it’s going to completely ban neonics.

Meanwhile, in Canada, two major Canadian cities have already voted to ban neonicotinoids, the largest Canadian province, Ontario, has banned 3 neonics, and the province of Quebec is considering stricter regulations.

A Canada-wide ban has never been on the table before. We need to seize this opportunity while we can.

If you sign the petition now, we’ll deliver your signatures directly to Health Minister Jane Philpott, who has promised to make a “science-based decision.” We intend to hold her to that promise — particularly given the pesticide industry’s plans to fight back.


Sign the petition to Canadian Health Minister Philpott now. Let’s save the bees in Canada.

Thanks for all that you do,

Liz, Emma, Angus, and the rest of the SumOfUs team

P.S. As a result of its findings, Health Canada has also started special reviews of two other neonics—clothiandin and thiamethoxam — and the reviews are expected to be released soon. Our pressure could help set the path for those reviews too. If enough of us get behind this, we could literally save the bees in Canada for good. 

Sign the petition now.


More information: 

Health Canada proposes ban of bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticide, CBC, 23 November 2016
Health Canada plans to phase out controversial pesticide, The Globe and Mail, 23 November 2016




What Does It Cost ?


The Hidden Death.


The Hidden Death” by Tommaso Ausili.

Poor animals are forced to helplessly watch the slaughters of their friends

and relatives while knowing they suffer the same fate.

Let’s do all we can to end this!

Don’t support factory farms by giving up animal products, such as meat, dairy,

sheepskins, leather, wool, down, etc.

Have compassion for innocent beings.



England: In The News – 13/1/17.


Tribes Fight for Yellowstone Grizzlies


Court Demands Oil Giant Hands Over Climate Change Papers


Call for Ban On Pesticides That Harm Bees, Birds and Butterflies