England: Dairy Investigation Update 31/12/16. Abusive Worker Sacked. A Great End To 2016.



Regarding our recent post of 28th December and the Somerset (UK) dairy farm abuse –




Dairy investigation update

Dear Mark

I wrote to you a few days ago about the shocking scenes of violent abuse and prolonged suffering our investigators captured on Pyrland dairy farm in Somerset.

In case you missed it, you can read the full story here.

Today I have better news. After widespread media coverage across the UK, including BBC TV news, the worker we filmed committing the most violent acts has been sacked by the farmer and both the RSPCA and Muller Milk are investigating.

While we still expect those responsible for this horrendous cruelty to be prosecuted, at least the worst offender no longer has contact with these vulnerable animals. So thank you for making this investigation possible.

But even without deliberate abuse, commercial milk production is inherently cruel. Cows must be forcibly impregnated year after year and have their newborn babies taken away so the milk that nature intended for these calves can be bottled and sold. This is emotionally traumatic for both cow and calf.

The physical strain of producing huge volumes of milk while simultaneously pregnant for most of her adult life wears out a cow’s body quickly. After only 3-5 years dairy cows are so physically exhausted they can no longer get pregnant and are sent to slaughter, ending up in low quality beef products.

With so many healthier plant-based alternatives available there is simply no reason to make cows and their calves suffer. If you, or someone you know, are still struggling to ditch dairy then why not sign-up for Veganuary? It is the perfect way to start the New Year!!




A New Year Message From Venus.



To all friends and readers of this blog I send my best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!

For you, dear Mark, I wish a lot of strength for the further excellent work which you bring for the animal rights every day!

best  regards






Every end marks a new beginning.

Keep your spirits and determination unshaken, and you shall always walk the glory road. With courage, faith and great effort, you shall achieve everything you desire.

We wish you a very Happy New Year!



… and from our friends at Hillside, England.



Baby deer doing well after being found by Labrador







Australia: 31/12/16 – First Time Ever ! – Sheep Shearer Pleads Guilty To Causing Cruelty To Animals. Lots More Prosecutions Pending. Video – The Real Side Of The Wool Industry.



 Dear Mark,

I hope this e-mail finds you well. Thanks to the generosity of caring PETA supporters, 2016 was a year full of tremendous progress for animals.

Earlier this month, we learned of an important victory made possible by kind people like you. The wool industry tries hard to make people believe that producing wool is harmless to animals, but as PETA exposés have shown time and again, it’s anything but humane. PETA U.S. investigations of the Australian and American wool industries revealed that shearers kicked and stomped on sheep, punched them in the face, and jabbed them in the head and eyes. Shearers stood and kneeled on animals’ heads, necks, chests, and legs and crudely stitched up the bloody, gaping wounds that they’d caused with their clippers.

The world’s largest exporter of wool is Australia—and for the first time ever, anywhere, a shearer there pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals.

Five others will appear in court for similar offenses in the new year.

These charges are a direct result of an incriminating PETA U.S. investigation that produced video evidence of 235 separate incidents—in a single Australian state—of suspected cruelty in shearing sheds, generating more than 40 pages of formal legal complaints.

From the first-ever criminal conviction of an animal experimenter for cruelty to animals and the first-ever police raid on a factory farm to these groundbreaking charges in Australia, many of the most significant milestones in the animal rights movement are being driven by the support of compassionate people like you around the world.

Thank you for strengthening our work and for making tremendous progress for animals possible.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk



Watch: Joaquin Phoenix Reacts to PETA’s Wool Exposé





Avon DOES Test On Animals – Actions Below.

First, we start with a petition.  Please sign and share, thanks.



Bear Run Down and Crushed to Death by Trucks in Russia – Demand Justice 

Goal: Find and punish the men filmed running down and crushing a bear to death with their trucks in the Yakutia region of Russia.



Feed shelter animals with your purchase:



AVON DOES Test On Animals – Exposed !

China requires that almost all imported cosmetic and personal care products be tested on animals, which means that companies that sell beauty products in the country are paying for these cruel tests—even if they don’t pay for testing in the U.S. market.

One of these brands is Avon, which was cruelty-free but then decided to increase its profits at the expense of animals, which PETA uncovered in 2012.





Avon didn’t need to change its policy on animal testing—China is the one that needs to change. But instead of encouraging the country to rise above cruelty, the company sank to its level.

Let Avon know that it’s not dragging us down with it, because we won’t buy any of its products until it stops selling them in countries that require animal testing.



Tell Avon to stop paying for cruel tests on animals!

For all animals,

Avon Pays for Tests on Animals so That Its Products Can Be Sold in China

Let Avon know that you won’t buy its products until it stops paying for tests on animals.







Canada: Psychopathic Mass Animal Murderer Must be Found – Petition To Police.





Psychopathic Mass Animal Murderer Must be Found


Target: John Pare, Chief of Police for London, Ontario

Goal: Track down and punish mass animal murderer in Ontario.

Within the last year, 17 animals have been found mutilated and murdered around the Southwestern Ontario area. Many of these animals have been decapitated, skinned, and placed in strange poses around the city. Recently a dog was found headless and missing organs, on top of a dumpster near a liquor store. A skinless goose was even dropped off at the humane society’s front door.

According to authorities, the crimes seem to be escalating. Before, it was mostly animals that would be considered wild, but more recently there have been pets slaughtered. All together, 6 dead coyotes, two of which were skinned and headless, a decapitated bunny, a mutilated cat and dog, the goose, and 6 snakes have all been found laid out in poses.

These crimes define the word horrific, and must be stopped. Animals are conscious, sentient, living beings that do not deserve to be tortured and killed in this way.

If these were the bodies of humans there would be a much greater sense of urgency in finding and punishing the perpetrator. These crimes must be handled the same way one would handle the murder of a person.

Sign this petition to ensure the Ontario animal murders are treated as terrible, real crimes that need to be stopped.



Dear Police Chief Pare,

In your city, 17 animals have been found over the past year tortured, mutilated and killed. These crimes are absolutely horrendous and must be stopped. If these were crimes related to humans being murdered, there would be more effort put forward in finding the criminal, or criminals responsible.

These animals deserve the same kind of justice we as humans do. Please, use your power as police chief to set aside the resources necessary for finding and prosecuting those responsible. Almost 20 animals is far too many to be found in such a way. This problem has existed for over a year and still has yet to be solved.

Do the right thing and find this murderer, before they can torture or kill any more beloved animals or pets.


[Your name here]




England: Shocking scenes of violence & suffering captured on a British dairy farm.




Shocking scenes of violence & suffering captured on a British dairy farm


Dear Mark




Today we have released shocking scenes

of animal abuse filmed earlier

this month by Animal Equality investigators

on a dairy farm in Somerset,

UK.   The investigation, which came on

the back of a tip-off

from a local resident, revealed farm

workers violently punching tiny

calves and kicking cows in the face.

Multiple other incidents of abuse by

workers were filmed in just one day,



– repeatedly kicking young calves to

make them stand up

– aggressively twisting cows’ tails and

repeatedly slamming metal gates

into them

– pinning calves to the floor and shouting

obscenities in their face

– repeatedly kicking and slapping

nursing cows

– violently throwing small calves

to the floor.






Abusive treatment was not the only

suffering we found on this West

Country farm, which runs a farm

shop and B&B as well as supplying

Muller Milk (formerly Muller Wiseman),

one of the main

processors used by Tesco, Sainsbury’s,

M&S and the Coop for their

own-brand milks.

Our investigators made multiple visits

to the farm and also documented

at least half a dozen cows with their

back legs chained in hobbles.

These archaic devices are used

on mother cows who have

suffered pelvic damage during calving,

a common problem for modern

dairy cows who have been selectively

bred for high milk production at

the expense of physical well-being.

Footage from the farm also shows cows

suffering from crippling lameness

and pressure sores, painful conditions

that affect half of the dairy cows

in the UK every year. One cow appeared

to be in extreme

discomfort and was struggling to walk.

We reported this to the RSPCA


On one visit investigators found two

dead calves lying on the concrete

floor just outside of the cowshed, in

full view of several nursing and

pregnant cows. Both calves were

male and had been shot, a common

practice on dairy farms as males

do not produce milk and are therefore

deemed worthless by many farmers.

A covert camera was installed in one

cowshed on December 7th due to

concerns over ongoing welfare issues

and captured scenes of

shocking abuse the next day.

We have handed all of the footage to the

RSPCA and are demanding that

those committing this inexcusable

cruelty are brought to justice.

You can help end the suffering of

cows and calves on dairy farms around

the world by choosing plant-based

milks, yogurts, cheeses and ice creams.

Sign our pledge to receive more information

on healthy dairy-free eating.

Help even more animals by sharing

this video and donating to ensure

we can continue to shed a light on

the cruelty endured by the most

abused animals.

Please, be their voice.


Animal Equality UK.





Serbia: Felix Shelter – Liam’s Story.





Liam’s life story is kind of sad, like the stories of stray cats usually are. He was born on the streets, probably as an unwanted baby kitten to an unwanted mother. He was forced to fend for himself and somehow managed to survive long enough to learn how to find scraps of food and how to flee from a potential danger.

He soon found out that he could use his inner sweetness and get at least one meal a day plus some petting or cuddling from cat-loving humans and he began to live in front of a boutique, where the employees took care of him the best they could. They even let him inside every now and then to warm up little.

However, his more or less carefree life came to an end shortly and his entire world turned upside down when the boutique he considered to be his home had to move to another location. He was left behind and he was spending most of his time just sitting quietly in front of the locked door, expecting to be fed and petted, waiting day after day for friends that would never come. Instead some unknown humans were shouting at him and wanting him to leave, even though he had nowhere to go.

When we heard of him, we knew that if we didn’t take him in, no one would, so he was brought to my empty apartment in Belgrade until I came to pick up him up along with Arthur, and after a trip of 200 km, we arrived at the shelter together. Liam is neutered, FIV and FeLV negative, dewormed and deflead, completely healthy and he usually spends his days in the yard when the weather is nice, although he prefers to rest on the warm radiators and eat like a horse.

Hopefully now he has a chance to make up for everything he has missed so far.

Donations please:

PayPal: savage1@shaw.ca



Liamova priča je tužna i uglavnom liči na priče svih uličnih mačaka 😦 Rođen je na ulici kao neželjeno mače neželjene majke, uspeo je da preživi dovoljno dugo da počne sam da se hrani i shvatio je da umiljavanjem može da obezbedi sebi bar poneki obrok i porciju maženja. Imao je sreće da se nastani ispred jednog butika odakle ga, za divno čudo, nisu terali. Ponekad su ga puštali da udje da se ogreje, dobijao je obroke i bar ga nisu tukli i maltretirali. Medjutim, kako za ulične mačke sreća uglavnom vrlo kratko traje, Liamov svet se okrenuo naopačke kada je butik preseljen na drugu lokaciju, a on je ostao sam. Sedeo je ispred svog nekadašnjeg utočišta i očekivao hranu, zagrljaj i da ga ponekad puste da se ogreje, ali su ga, na njegovo veliko čuđenje, terali i vikali na njega, a stomak mu je sve češće bio prazan. Morao da ode odatle, ali nije imao kuda. Videli smo njegovu priču i jasno nam je bilo da ga niko neće uzeti ako mi to ne uradimo, tako da je donet u moj prazan stan u Beogradu, ostao je tamo dok nisam došla po njega i Artura I posle putovanja od 200 km stigli smo u azil zajedno :). Liam je kastriran, pregledan kod veta, FIV i FeLV negativan i potpuno zdrav; izlazi napolje isključivo kad je vreme lepo, najviše voli da se odmara na toplim radijatorima i jede kao ala. Konačno je dobio šansu da nadoknadi sve što je do sada propustio ❤
Felix – Felinološko društvo
Svrha uplate: uplata građana
Devizni račun:
Felix – Felinolosko drustvo
SWIFT/BIC: VBUBRS22 (Vojvodjanska banka a.d. Novi Sad)
IBAN: RS35355000320003120311