EU: Secret Map Europe – A Doomed EU.

Have you heard the joke going round that:


Well ask yourself what exactly the EU is doing about EU animals exported to Turkey; and which spend days waiting at the border !

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Well here is the latest to show the EU what exactly the people of Europe feel about this club; where un-elected Commissioners make all the rules and do not do what the people want – like action for animals at the Turkish border !!

 How The People of Europe feel about the EU circus:

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USA: Kill, Kill, Kill – Is It Now ‘Serbia 2’ ?


Is the USA becoming the new Serbia when it comes to animal cruelty and suffering ?

Read the following and then tell that wolves in the USA are doing ok

Murdered Wolves Found in Ditch, Killers on the Loose

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Target: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Commissioner, Tom Landwehr

Goal: Investigate illegal slaughter of three wolves and bring murderers to justice.

The bodies of three gray wolves were recently found dumped in a ditch along a road in Minnesota. These beautiful animals are protected under the Endangered Species Act, yet someone blatantly disregarded this protection by killing these three wolves and throwing their bodies unceremoniously into a ditch. The murder of these innocent animals is a heinous crime, and those responsible must be brought to justice.

Wolf populations in Minnesota have been extremely delicate for decades, and their continued survival needs to be protected. Many hunters and trappers want hunting of wolves to be reinstated, but recently the existing population of wolves was still low enough for a judge to determine that they needed to continue to be listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.

With this status, wolves are granted government protection from hunters and trappers, and killing them for sport is illegal. The three wolves that were found dumped by the side of the road had snare marks on their necks, suggesting that their deaths are likely due to illegal poaching. Not only are these innocent animals, but they are animals who we are supposed to be protecting so that their species can avoid permanent extinction.

Because killing gray wolves is an illegal offense, it is punishable by up to six months in jail and a $25,000 fine. Whoever committed the despicable act of murdering these three gray wolves needs to be found and held accountable for their actions.

Please sign the petition below to show your support for the protection of gray wolves by demanding these murderers be found and punished.

….. and …………………

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On Friday, the House of Representatives passed a bill loaded with some of the worst anti-wildlife provisions I have ever seen.

If the billed passes the Senate and is signed into law, it will be a death sentence for wolves, elephants and other wildlife.

We must fight back in the Senate – please help today!


 us guns 2

Our worst fears have come to pass on Capitol Hill. And lives are at stake.

Today, the full House of Representatives passed H.R. 2406, the so-called “Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act of 2015.” The bill is loaded with some of the worst anti-wildlife provisions I have seen.

If this bill passes the Senate and is signed into law, it will be a death sentence for wolves, elephants and other vulnerable wildlife.

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Your urgent donation will help Defenders stand up for the wildlife you love.

If this bill becomes law:

  • Wolves will die. Wolves in Wyoming and the Great Lakes will lose Endangered Species Act protection. The last time wolves were delisted in Wyoming, 80% of the state became a free-fire zone where anyone could shoot wolves at will.

  • Elephants will die. America’s ability to crack down on the importation and sale of illegal ivory will be crippled. This gun lobby-backed provision will send a message to the armed criminals who are decimating Africa’s last herds that the American market is still open for business.

  • Alaskan predators will die. The bill would strip the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Park Service of the authority to bar the state of Alaska from launching a program to decimate wolves, grizzly bears and other large carnivores within national wildlife refuges and national preserves across Alaska.

  • Toxic lead will continue to contaminate wildlife habitat. The bill would prohibit federal agencies from regulating lead in most forms of ammunition and fishing tackle. In the United States, an estimated 3,000 tons of lead are shot into the environment by hunting every year, leading to the death of many animals from toxic lead poisoning.

You and I Can Stop This Insanity

We are the voice in Washington, D.C. for species that have no voice of their own. And we’re your voice too.

With your help, we’ll make sure this bill never becomes law. Our legislative team is working together with other conservation organizations to make sure the grassroots pressure to protect wildlife is unrelenting.

Please give generously, for wolves, elephants and all the wildlife you love.

Thank you for all you do!


Jamie Rappaport Clark

President, Defenders of Wildlife

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If Only – The World Would Be So Much Better !


Thailand: SOI Dogs ‘Scooter’ – A Very Happy End For A Dog Who Suffered Terribly.


soi dogs 4

Dear Mark,

I will never forget the shock I felt the first time I laid eyes on Scooter. She was dragging herself along on the ground because both her hind legs had been hacked off. Her spine was broken.

scooter 1

Scooter’s lower body was covered in open, infected sores. They were infested with maggots, indicating that she had been living like this for some time. Her underside was swollen from where she pulled herself along on the ground, leaving her incontinent.

We will never know what happened to Scooter or how she came to lose her back legs. We will never know how long she suffered with her badly broken spine. What I do know is that without people like you, she would not be alive today.

scooter 2

After a few months of treatment at Soi Dog’s shelter, Scooter was adopted by a wonderful lady in the U.S. named Willow. Waving goodbye to her as she left for her new life in New York, I knew this was the beginning of a whole new chapter for Scooter.

Willow took Scooter to meet Dr Frye at Cornell University where work began on a specially constructed cart. Scooter was hesitant the first time she tried to use the cart and just stood there lifting her front legs up and down. And then Willow moved away to the corner of the room and called her.

scooter 3

Scooter took a tentative step forward. Willow called her again. And that was all it took.

In a flash, Scooter suddenly understood what she was supposed to do and there was no stopping her! For the first time in who knows how long, she was walking without having to drag herself on the ground. And then, she was running.

With Dr. Frye guiding her on a lead Scooter ran outside into the warm sunshine. She suddenly recalled what it meant to be able to run. She remembered how it felt to be free!

Please help to rescue more dogs like Scooter and give them the second chance they deserve. By becoming a member of the Emergency Response Team you will be the difference between life and death for so many. To save dogs just like Scooter today, please click here.

Thank you for helping homeless dogs like Scooter find the life they deserve.

Best Wishes,

John Dalley
Soi Dog Foundation

P.S. Without the generous support of people just like you, Scooter would still be suffering on the streets, if she was even still alive at all. Scooter was saved, but tragically, there are still thousands of dogs who need to be urgently rescued. Only you can make this happen.

Please click here to join the Emergency Response Team today.

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David Bowie – Brit Awards2016.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young/REX (100574d)  David Bowie  DAVID BOWIE AT THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL - 1983

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young

Tortured Cat and Ostrich Bags – Petitions And More.

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Petition – Cat Sadistically Tortured for Months by Wall Street Banker, Says Owner

Target: Cyrus Vance, District Attorney of Manhattan

Goal: Pursue the maximum penalty for man accused of brutally torturing his roommate’s cat for three months.

Lucy the cat is on life support after allegedly being brutally tortured by its owner’s roommate for three months. The roommate, Declan Garrity, who has been charged with animal cruelty, allegedly broke the bones in the cat’s face, legs, and pelvis, ripped out its claws, and torched her.

Garrity, who is a financial analysis at a large Wall Street bank, reportedly told the owner that the cat injured herself while he was home alone with her. One excuse was that an iron fell on Lucy by accident.

Lucy deserves justice and other living beings deserve to be protected from the cruel monsters who wish to torture them. Demand that this person be vigorously prosecuted and be banned from ever owning animals, if found guilty.

J Depp


ostrich slaughter

Young Ostriches Butchered for ‘Luxury’ Bags

Photos – Peta.

ostrich bags

Europe: Emptying The Skies – The Killing Of Birds In Southern Europe.

Emptying the skies

Bird killing in Southern Europe

Note that there is a poll included on this site – please vote NO.




USA: What SeaWorld Won’t Tell You About ……….



See also:


What SeaWorld Won’t Tell You About Dawn Brancheau’s Death

February 24, 2016

The following is a summary of the Seaworldofhurt / Peta report which can be seen with lots more pictures at

SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau began her Dine With Shamu show on February 24, 2010, just as she had many times before, but this particular show included a gruesome finale that left Brancheau’s body without her left arm or part of her scalp, among other injuries. Dawn Brancheau was declared dead shortly after the show, but still, six years later, SeaWorld claims no responsibility for the vicious attack. So just how did one of SeaWorld’s most experienced and celebrated trainers end up crushed and drowned by the jaws of the marine park’s largest attraction?

“We don’t know for sure what motivated Tilikum. But there’s no doubt that he knew exactly what he was doing. He killed her.”

Former SeaWorld Trainer Jeffrey Ventre


A Killer Whale Is Born

Former SeaWorld trainer Jeffrey Ventre blamed Tilikum for Brancheau’s death, but the truth begins with the wild orca’s capture near Iceland in 1983. At just 2 years old, he was torn from his mother and their ocean home and sent to the rundown marine park Sealand of the Pacific. Food was withheld from him as a training technique, and he endured attacks from the two dominant female orcas, whom he was forced to live with. After years of performing eight shows a day, seven days a week, Tilikum dragged Sealand trainer Keltie Byrne to the bottom of the pool, where he and the other orcas stripped her of all her clothing and left bite marks and bruises on her skin. It took nearly two hours to retrieve her body. Not long after Keltie’s death, Sealand closed its doors, and its orcas were purchased by SeaWorld.

My understanding of the animal’s past was very limited. In fact, there had been 30 incidents between killer whales, and trainers prior to my being hired at the park. And I didn’t know about any of them until after I left SeaWorld. So I think that’s a serious mistake on SeaWorld’s part that they weren’t letting people know the history of all the animals.”

Former SeaWorld Trainer Samantha Berg

History Repeats Itself

As Dawn Brancheau lay next to Tilikum, petting him in just a few inches of water, she likely had no reason to suspect that she was about to be torn apart. According to one of SeaWorld’s own employees, the event was unpredictable and the orca gave no indication that he was about to grab her. Even if Brancheau had spotted signs that Tilikum might act aggressively, would SeaWorld’s star performer have done anything differently? Maybe not—trainers were expected to continue performances, regardless of any signs that an orca might act out.

In one case, trainers ended a show after an orca began to ignore signals, swim rapidly, and grab at one of the trainer’s arms. In response, SeaWorld’s vice president for animal training criticized their actions in a two-page document claiming that the show should not have been ended early because it brought unnecessary attention to the incident. He argued that the trainers should have used other resources before canceling the show, despite SeaWorld’s official position that trainers could end a show at any time if they felt uncomfortable.

Why were SeaWorld trainers being forced to interact so closely with these enormous wild mammals? This was precisely the issue at the center of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) investigation. The agency cited SeaWorld for multiple violations and demanded that the company stop putting trainers at risk by making them interact with orcas during shows.


The Truth Comes Out

SeaWorld finally gave up on appealing its violations, but not before OSHA presented damning evidence that seems to imply that SeaWorld may be responsible for its own trainer’s death. OSHA found that in the 20 years leading up to Brancheau’s death, the park generated 100 reports of aggression and precursors to aggression—including 12 incidents resulting in the injury or death of a trainer—and according to SeaWorld’s own corporate curator for zoological operations, there were times that the company didn’t document incidents at all, which can be evidenced by SeaWorld’s failure to generate an incident report for Dawn Brancheau’s death and for a third death that Tilikum may have previously been involved with.

More than six years after the “accident,” there are still concerns about Dawn Brancheau’s last day as a SeaWorld trainer that have grave implications. Why did the marine park wait for 27 minutes to call for paramedics after Tilikum pulled Brancheau into the water? Was the park using this time to remove witnesses whose accounts didn’t match the story that SeaWorld was trying to create to make it seem as if her ponytail had triggered Tilikum’s reaction? Perhaps most importantly, why did SeaWorld’s then-owner try to blame his own orca trainer for her death—even after the OSHA investigation uncovered that the same safety measures and recall signals that had failed to prevent Dawn Brancheau’s death had been failing for years? And why did SeaWorld continue to rely on those failed measures?

“Let’s face it, in these types of incidents, I don’t recall any whale responding to any hand slap, food bucket, or any other distraction we tried to implement.”

Internal SeaWorld document

The evidence in the judge’s decision seems to indicate that SeaWorld tried to downplay the risks and dangers that its trainers would encounter while working with captive orcas and to cover up its own failures in the incident that led to Dawn Brancheau’s death. SeaWorld wasn’t even willing to put the life of its own star trainer before profit, so why should anyone trust that it would ever put the well-being of its captive animals first?

To help all animals held captive by SeaWorld, please never buy a ticket, visit the parks, or support SeaWorld in any other way, and urge the marine park to stop raping orcas!

dolphin capture