Norway: Government Now Votes To Ban Fur Farming.


Norway set to ban fur farming 


Dear friend

It’s fantastic news.

In what is another blow for the morally bankrupt fur industry, we can confirm that fur farming is expected to be banned by the new government in Norway. The new three party coalition government has agreed to ban fur farming by 2025.

The three parties had been locked in negotiations since January 2nd  and are now able to form a government. “Regjeringsplattformen” is an agreement on governing principles between the three parties and a fur farming ban is officially a part of the agreement.

There are 201 fur farms in Norway.  In 2017 there were 773,000 mink killed on Norwegian fur farms, as well as 140,000 foxes.

The inherent cruelty of the fur industry has been a major issue in Norway in recent years. In late 2016, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet) announced that their inspectors had been shocked by high level of violations and injuries on Norwegian fur farms during recent inspections. On one farm, caged mink were found with such large open sores that they had to be put to death at the scene.  Other chronic animal suffering recorded included one mink who had crawled into a plastic pipe and all but skinned itself alive in its efforts to free itself.

Norway can now set an example to the other Scandinavian governments  in Denmark, Sweden and Finland.  Denmark kills at least 17 million mink every year on factory farms, only surpassed by China. Finland is one of the world’s largest producers of fox fur and Finnish fur farmers have been globally shamed followed the recent exposure of obesity in factory farmed foxes. This is done to generate a larger pelt and to boost profits for the fur trade.

Following a campaign by Respect for Animals, fur farming was banned in the UK in 2000 on the grounds of public morality. Fur factory farming has recently been banned in Holland, Germany, Croatia and Czech Republic.

The fur industry is spending huge amounts of money on self-promotion in a desperate bid to salvage its terrible reputation, but momentum is truly with the anti-fur movement as more and more countries ban fur farming and more and more retailers go officially fur free.

We need to press home our advantage and make the most of our momentum. Please help us if you can.




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For The Animals, An Eternal Treblinka.

When it comes to animals, all men are Nazis.

For them it’s an Eternal Treblinka.





When it comes to animals, all men are Nazis.

For them it’s an Eternal Treblinka.



Germany: Any Hope In The EU Intervening To Help Animals ? – NO.

SAV Comment

In the near future we hope to be able to publish 2 major articles on how the EU is failing animals.  We are producing these at the moment. Watch this space.


The EU and its Colonies

Above – EU Must Ensure Animal Welfare; or put it another way;

Animal rights activists are firmly convinced that the hell of the “useful” animals can only be improved by two measures:
1. People should stop eating meat and
2. The countries (at least in the EU area) should finally adopt an effective animal welfare law and respect it.

There are also a few, few who have invested great hope in the intervention of the EU. And still believe that the criminal circumstances, especially in the slaughterhouses, can only be abolished by laws, decisions and prohibitions by the EU.
They believe that an EU country can live well on subsidies and thus help animals.

But they forget the example of Romania, as with the EU’s subsidies for the strays and their sterilizations, some have become over one-night rich as “dog catcher “and professional animal killers.


Today I will be more careful with the Dog Catchers business of Romania.
Because in Germany it is just like that at the moment, not with strays, but with wild boar.
In many German states, there are now livestock premiums to encourage local hunters to go hunting more often despite falling prices for wild boar meat.

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the land gives the huntsman € 25 for each hunted animal, in Bavaria it is € 20.

I do not know how many are dreaming of EU membership.
All I know is that this dream can become a nightmare.

Because the biggest betrayal of the EU so far is the betrayal of the animals.

And for us too, who have been trying for years to persuade these lazy, high-paid and irreverent gang (the Members of the European Parliament) to do their duty.

Millions of petitions against animal transports were ignored.

Petitions against illegal crimes in German slaughterhouses were also ignored.

Undercover investigations by animal rights activists have recently shocked even carnivores and not vegan citizens of Germany.
For  some of those I send as a link below.

But the German government, with the arrogance and indifference of a country that is practically the EU, despises laws and agreements and allows itself to act according to the economic interests of the meat mafia, when and where it suits them. In its own country and in EU countries.

So Germany is no different than the EU dynasty with its 28 colonies. Poverty, credit, profits and economic crises favor the EU for poor countries.
Illegal animal transports, slaughterhouses-Dachau, animal farms like cemeteries support the EU for the animals.

I consider the EU (Germany) to be the moral and economic bankrupt of the 21st century.
And there’s no reason to keep this syndicate alive. No one!
It remains only to discuss how we can eliminate this extermination machine.

Best Regards



USA: 12/1/18 – Newsweek (USA) – Worth Reading.






Chaos in the Netherlands. There are cars being burned. There are politicians that are being burned,” Hoekstra said at the time. “With the influx of the Islamic community — and yes, there are no-go zones in the Netherlands. All right?


After drubbing by media, Trump’s ambassador to the Netherlands apologizes for remarks 



UN condemns reported Trump remarks on ‘s***hole countries’ as ‘racist’ 


The Daily 202: Trump has no nominees for 245 important jobs, including an ambassador to South Korea

Interesting Chart  in this article – 1 year on and so many appointments still not having been made.

Too many holidays playing golf in Florida ?  – it is called ‘priorities’ to most people who watch government. 


MAGA ? – not really – more like through his actions isolating the USA from the rest of the world.   And that is the view from the UK – aka ‘Special Relationship’ and all that Jazz.

No doubt the mid terms later this year will show us all how the USA public really feel.


Another interesting article below – seems like Bush rather than Mr.  Obama – but then as we all know, anything ‘Obama’ is trashed by Trump.  He Knows best !

– Grosvenor Square vs Nine Elms: The $1bn US embassy saga behind Donald Trump’s ‘bad deal’ outburst  


Norway Renames Itself ‘Shithole’ In Solidarity With Countries Trump Insulted 

For Republicans – the bit coloured red is Norway.  It is part of Europe.





USA: Tillerson May Sucker To Trump, But ExxonMobil Needs To Come Clean About Climate Change. Action Link Below.

‘Clean’ ?  – ExxonMobil Billings Refinery


Tell ExxonMobil to follow through on its promise to provide details on how climate change risks will impact its business.

ExxonMobil is Feeling the Pressure

ExxonMobil is feeling the pressure from the public and shareholders to stop supporting climate deception and begin planning for a low-carbon future—let’s keep the pressure going!

Tell ExxonMobil it’s time to plan for climate change.

You’ve helped us shine a light on ExxonMobil’s funding of anti-climate lobbying groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and the message is getting through. When ALEC drafted a resolution last month calling on the Environmental Protection Agency to withdraw its science-based finding that global warming emissions are endangering the planet, Exxon opposed the resolution, distancing itself publicly from ALEC’s anti-climate stance. The resolution was eventually dropped.

Days later, in response to a shareholder-approved resolution that called on the company to report on how it is aligning its business with global climate action, ExxonMobil announced that its board will provide shareholders details on climate change risks and impacts to its business.

Unfortunately, ExxonMobil’s announcement to disclose climate risks is short on details. ExxonMobil should develop a business plan that takes climate science and the risks of fossil fuel investment seriously. And, while ExxonMobil called out ALEC on this instance of climate science disinformation, the company continues to fund them—despite ALEC’s track record of climate change denial. Additionally, just this week, ExxonMobil took the first steps toward suing state and local governments who are moving to hold energy companies accountable for the impacts of climate change.

ExxonMobil needs to know that we’re still watching, and that lip service isn’t enough.

Tell ExxonMobil to walk the talk on climate change and truly align their business with climate action.

One critical first step is to follow through on its promise to provide details on how climate change will impact its business.

Yours sincerely,
Ortal Ullman
Outreach Coordinator
Climate & Energy Program
Union of Concerned Scientists



USA; Wake Up And Do Something About Him ! – But Do Republicans Care ?


Serbia: Milica Is On The Streets. She Needs A Forever Home Or Sponsorship To Keep Her Safe From The Dogcatchers. Can You Help ? – See Facebook Link Below.


She is living on the streets and has nothing and nobody.

One very kind rescuer, Andjelka Matijevic helps her by feeding her and she has had her spayed already to ensure she doesnt end up pregnant to some other street dog bringing more unwanted pups into the world.

But, this gentle quiet dog needs a home. She has no sponsors, nothing.

Maybe because she isnt aesthetically as beautiful as many other cute and fluffy dogs, but this is one very special diamond girl. She loves children, and plays beautifully with them. She adores other dogs, and has no issue at all with any other dog. We have no idea how she would react to cats, but bearing in mind she lives on the streets, Im sure she has learned to live alongside the many cats and other dogs on the streets whilst she seeks out some small pittance of survival.

She is helped with food most days by the very kind Andjelka Matijevic, but she has no chance and never will have unless somebody can offer her a loving forever home. She will spend the rest of her life, whether thats long or short on the street unless she gets a chance of a new life.

A more gentle, affectionate dog you couldnt wish to meet. This is a lovely lovely girl who needs a home. Please think about giving her a chance. Just one little chance is all she needs to turn her very sad abandoned life around

If you can offer her a home, or even sponsorship to be safe in pension and off the streets, its just 50euros per month or £46 UK to keep her safe in a pension every month

… so she doesnt risk being hit by a car or even poisoned by the public, or caught by the dog catchers.

If you can offer one of the above solutions, please contact the very kind Andjelka Matijevic to let her know you are interested in helping sweet Milica.

Do one good thing this year, help a dog in need if you can.

Facebook link for enquiries –