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Jordan: Fatwa Issued To Kill Every Stray Dog – Killing Currently Under Way.


Dear Mark,

As I write this, gunmen are trying to kill every

street dog in the entire country of Jordan.

Dogs are being hunted down and shot because

the country’s religious leader has declared a

holy war on dogs.

Because of this, men armed with automatic

weapons are systematically killing every street

dog they see!

Mark, I am saddened beyond words that such

a terrible thing is happening and with your help,

I intend to do something about it. As a first step

my team is making contact with the Jordanian

government asking it to end this horrible cruelty.

Jordan’s most senior religious figure, Grand Mufti,

Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh, issued a fatwa

– a religious instruction to Muslims – to kill

the dogs. He quoted Prophet Mohammed to justify

the slaughter.

Because a fatwa is binding on Muslims, municipalities

across the country started hiring snipers.

Thousands of dogs have been killed and the

massacre continues every day.

Mark, as animal lovers we have no option but

to fight this nightmare by every means possible.

“It is our duty as animal lovers to do whatever

we can to stop this dog genocide. Before there

are no dogs left in Jordan.”

Mark, we are so terribly saddened by this and

we urge you and all our supporters to share the

fact that Prophet Mohammad repeatedly forbade

cruelty to animals, saying: “Whoever is kind to

the creatures of God is kind to himself.”

My job is to get this message through and to care

for those dogs we can on the ground. We are

already searching for land where we can create

a safe haven for some of the dogs.

The most important immediate first steps are

to spread the word about the unspeakable cruelty

and horror that is unfolding.

And, please make a donation, we can’t do this without your financial support. That is the simple truth.

For the animals
Brian Davies, Founder







India: Justice For Baby Elephant Burned Alive By Frenzied Mob. Petition.


Take Action: 



Target: Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Indian Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

Goal: Demand harsher penalties for villagers who harm elephants.

A baby elephant was severely burned and terrorized after it was struck with a flaming bar of tar in the east Indian state of West Bengal. An award-winning photograph captures the exact moment when photographer Biplab Hazra says a mob of “jeering men” threw the balls of tar and firecrackers at the calf and his or her mother, in an apparent attempt to drive them away. This is only the latest in a series of violent conflicts between elephants and humans in the region that must be addressed.

Elephants in India are in crisis as their natural habitat dwindles, while farmlands and urban areas expand. As a result, herds of wandering elephants frequently enter populated areas and cause damage or threaten human lives. Attacks by mobs, such as the one shown in the photograph, are seen as retribution for the losses the elephants are said to cause.

There is no excusing the vile behavior shown in the photograph. No animal deserves to be burned or tortured, especially as the result of human-caused problems like habitat destruction. Sign this petition to demand that Indian officials enact harsher penalties for causing harm to elephants and do more to protect what remaining land these creatures have available to them.


Dear Minister Vardhan,

A photograph showing a mob attacking an elephant mother and her calf underlines the growing crisis that elephants face in India. As their forest habitats are destroyed, these creatures are forced to wander over large areas to find food and water, bringing them into conflict with humans when they enter populated areas. There have been many reports of humans torturing and hurting elephants in an effort to keep them away, and this photograph is disturbing evidence that even young calves are being targeted by violent mobs.

Elephants will continue to enter villages and towns as long as they cannot find enough food or water in their natural habitats. Therefore, I urge you to do more to conserve their remaining habitat and to enact harsher penalties against those who would cause them harm.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Biplab Hazra via Instagram

Germany: Hungry Boars Who Have Had Their Homes Destroyed By Man, Are Slaughtered By A Hunter Because They Were ‘Potentially Dangerous’. NO, The Real Reason – They Were Simply Hungry And Searching For Food !


Wildschweine fallen über Gärten her – neun Tiere erschossen


“20 red boars were spotted on November 8 in a suburb of Hamburg (Duvenstedt).

Allegedly, and only according to reports of inhabitants, they have slightly damaged some gardens.

But as it is always the case in Germany, the residents alerted the police. Without reason, without any animal attacking anybody, panic broke out.

Then, of course, the hunter was called.

They urged the inhabitants to stay at home, out of safety !!
As if King Kong had visited them !!

The hunter, along with a helper, started the persecution of the boars, which was not so difficult, because the animals were looking for food.

They killed a whole family, a whole family is dead.

They killed nine pigs, including six young, small boars. The rest could, luckily, flee.

To justify this crime, the gamekeeper described the animals as “potential” attackers, and disseminated horror story:

“By the sharp canines of the animals, an attack could even be deadly.”

There was no attack, the animals had no interest in humans, the animals were only hungry.

Because we destroy the forest – their homes and their food – and kill their families, the animals come close to the cities.

And we solve a problem that we have caused ourselves, and still cause every day, with the murder.

Because we have weapons in hand and fascism in thinking.

Best Regards to all from Venus






Viet Nam: Four Paws Moon Bear Rescue – Hai Chan, Thai Van and Thai Giang have all been rescued!

SAV Comment – It is great to see this excellent rescue by Four Paws.  With the work being undertaken by Animals Asia as well, things are really moving on to end the bear bile business.  That final day will never come quickly enough !


Hai Chan, Thai Van and Thai Giang have been rescued!

With your help, FOUR PAWS successfully rescued the three Asiatic black bears and transported them to our new BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh in Vietnam.

Living on a bear farm for ten years, Hai Chan endured the painful procedure of bile extraction as well as having both of her front paws amputated, most likely to produce bear paw wine – sadly still considered a delicacy by some.

Bears Thai Van and Thai Giang were kept as pets in the backyard of a steel production company. While we do not know for sure if they were abused for bile extraction, it’s clear that their terrible keeping conditions negatively affected their overall health.

Years of abuse has visibly left its mark on these three bears, but thanks to your support, they can begin a new life in species-appropriate surroundings.

Now at the sanctuary, the bears will be thoroughly checked by our vets, and after a quarantine period, they’ll be released into their outdoor enclosure. For now, we’re thrilled to say that the bears are already progressing better than expected – Hai Chan especially!


Years of abuse has visibly left its mark on these three bears, but thanks to your support, they can begin a new life in species-appropriate surroundings.

Now at the sanctuary, the bears will be thoroughly checked by our vets, and after a quarantine period, they’ll be released into their outdoor enclosure. For now, we’re thrilled to say that the bears are already progressing better than expected – Hai Chan especially!

Once again, thank you for making this rescue possible. We look forward to updating you on the bears as they leave quarantine and progress in the coming weeks and months!

Warmest regards,

Kieran Harkin
Head of Wild Animal Campaigns
FOUR PAWS International

P.S. You make rescues like this possible. If you would like to further support our work, please make a donation today. Your gift could help provide long-term care for bears like Hai Chan, Thai Van and Thai Giang, and help other animals in need around the world.










England: London – An Insight Into The ‘League Against Cruel Sports’.


For as long as hunting wild animals with dogs has existed, people will have been opposed to it.

The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) was founded in 1924 with the aim of banning fox hunting, stag hunting, otter hunting, hare hunting and hare coursing in the UK.

The League is known for being instrumental in bringing about the Hunting Act 2004 which banned hunting with hounds in England and Wales, yet we are still fighting to protect foxes, hare and deer from illegal hunting which takes place far too frequently across the UK.

Another key campaign is dog fighting, which despite being banned in 1835, still continues on the UK’s streets and out of sight in unused buildings.

Our Project Bloodline operation aims to educate policy makers about the prevalence of dog fighting, investigate the people who take part, and protect the dogs who are used in this terrible activity.


Please visit the excellent LACS site by using these quick links:













India: Positive News For Blood Bank Horses – But Action Still To Be Taken – Read On…


Dear Mr. Johnson,

There’s good news from India this week for the suffering horses who are used as living blood banks to make antitoxin drugs.

You may have seen PETA India’s footage from the inspections of farms where thousands of horses, donkeys, and mules are housed in filthy conditions without proper veterinary care.

The animals are subjected to repeated injections of toxins and painful blood draws—up to 15 percent of their blood each time!—in order to make these drugs.


After hearing from more than a quarter-million PETA members and supporters worldwide—in addition to a long series of meetings and correspondence between PETA scientists and government agencies—the Indian government announced late last week that it will provide funding for the development of antitoxins made using modern, non-animal methods instead of animals who are forced to endure years of torment.


In meetings with the government, scientists from PETA India showed exactly how non-animal technology can replace the use of horses while also improving the final product.

They explained that the PETA International Science Consortium Ltd. is already funding groundbreaking research to produce a diphtheria antitoxin from human cells instead of using the blood of horses and other animals. Since drugs made from animals can cause illnesses in humans and expire quickly, this is good news for everyone.

It’s progress that we can all get behind, and it wouldn’t have happened without your support.

Now, please take a moment to urge the Indian government to close the abusive horse facilities.


Take Action



Thank you for your compassion for animals.

Sincerely yours,

Jeffrey Brown
Biologics Specialist
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals