Various Petitions: Please Keep On Supporting !

We have some happy talk for you:

We are amazed to see such a fantastic  response to our petition appeal – in the first day we have achieved well in excess of 3,000 signatures for the animals of Serbia.


As well as our petition which you can find at:



There is one from our good friends at Anima Mundi in Macedonia; who for years have been campaigning to close down the hell hole for dogs “Vardariste” facility in Skopje.

Link to the Anima Mundi website:


Vard 4

Please give this campaign your support – get everyone you know to sign:

Read more about the campaign from Anima Mundi at:

Serbian  Flag

We also need help still in finding a life long adoptive parent for Victor:


Find a home for Victor –

Goran petition

Finally; please also give support to Goran and his petition – he invites all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty to be involved in this action and support this petition in order to prevent violence against animals because of animal cruelty is often an indicator of violence towards people, psychologists think.

Details on our post at:

They are all great petitions to help and save animals

– we have had fantastic support in the early days

– lets keep it going.

Please pass the details on and get everyone who against animal suffering to support these.

Thanks – SAV.




Serbia: 16 Dogs Needing Help – Target NOW REACHED !! – Thank You To Everyone Who Has Donated.

Serbian  Flag

16 shelter dogs


Further to our post of 22nd February and the need to raise funds to help 16 dogs in Serbia; we now have some great news !

With a few days still to go, and only about one week since we asked for help, the target amount has now been achieved !

On behalf of everyone who has donated, we want to say a big ‘Thank You’ – and that comes especially from all the dogs who have been helped.

Be proud of yourself folks; that is 16 lives that have much more security now, thanks to you.

Here is the message from Jelena:

Jelena Ljuboja

Thank you all !

This was dream, when I created this youcaring my mom told me : we will never collect this amount. But we did, thanks to all of you !

Our dogs had big luck !

Thanks again to everyone who has given – another job done !!

The target amount may have been reached, but you can still add funds over the required amount.  Just go to:


Tibet: Change Makers Need Evidence – ‘Free Tibet’ Provides It !

free tibet 3

Tibet 1_NEW


D Lama Tibet

Tibet 2_NEW


D Lama Tibet

Tibet 3_NEW

Tibet 4_NEW

Tibet 5_NEW

free tibet 6


D Lama Tibet

free tibet 3




SAV Petition To The EU Enlargement Commission Now Launched Regarding Serbian Animal Welfare – Please Sign and Crosspost – Thank You.



We are running our EU / Serbian petition in parallel with the one by ‘Anima Mundi’ to shut down dog hell hole in Vardariste, Skopje, Macedonia – Scroll further down on this page to read and see more about this.

Please also make sure that you sign their petition at:


The EU / Serbian Petition

As promised at the start of the week, our petition regarding Serbian animal welfare enforcement being properly enforced before Serbia is allowed EU accession (membership) has now been created.


You can see it and sign via the following link:

You will see that we have entered the following text into the petition, which is targeted at the EU Commissioner for Enlargement, Mr J. Hahn.

The following is the wording of the petition:

Title Serbia must fully enforce its own national animal welfare legislations prior to membership of  the EU.

Whom do you want to petition EU Commissioner J. Hahn – Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations.

Why should people sign

Serbia is currently undertaking the process of applying for EU membership (called ‘accession’).  Existing animal welfare legislation in Serbia is good, but in the vast majority of cases it is not regularly / ever being enforced by:

Serbian government, regional authorities or the national police.

By the EU Commission’s own admission; ‘there is legislation in place (Serbian Animal Welfare Laws), but this is not fully implemented’.

By not implementing its own existing laws; which include animal welfare; Serbia is not upholding a fundamental principle required by any nation to gain EU accession; which include:

  • ensuring the implementation of all the nation’s own “Rules of Law” national legislations

  • “paying full regard to the welfare requirements of animals” in accordance with the key principles required for all EU member states as defined in Article 13 of the EU Lisbon Treaty (TFEU).

Serbia is currently failing in this and its own national animal welfare legislations.  As a consequence, it should not currently be considered for EU accession until it fully implements and proves to the EU Commissions, EU animal welfare NGO’s and the EU Animal Welfare Intergroup / Eurogroup, that it IS actually fully implementing ALL existing Serbian animal welfare legislations.

EU Commissioner J. Hahn is responsible for EU Enlargement Negotiations which include Serbian accession.  Within his responsibilities, he must ensure that a PRE- EU membership Serbia:

  • fully complies with Article 13 (TFEU)

  • fully respects Serbian welfare of animals legislation

  • pays full regard to, and implements the welfare requirements (legislations) for all animals (wild and domestic) within Serbia

  • starts to provide on going financial support to Serbian animal shelters rather than attempting to close them down as is often the situation.

For more information on animals in Serbia please visit


Additional note:

We have already seen dramatic failures in animal welfare controls by the EU in newer member states such as Romania.  We don’t want Serbia to be yet another example of a new nation being allowed to join the EU without all the national legislation being properly and correctly enforced beforehand.

As the EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations; Commissioner Hahn has responsibility for overall Serbian accession into the EU.

This petition is calling on him to ensure that the Serbian authorities are made fully aware that (via the petition and SAV for example), the whole world is watching them and their attitude to animal welfare.

Serbia has some good national legislation for animal welfare, but it is NOT being enforced.

As the EU has responsibility to ensure that nations seeking EU accession such as Serbia, fully implement all their own national legislation; or “Rules of Law” as it is described by the EU; then Serbia has to take a lot of action to ensure that there is correct and long lasting implementation of its own laws for all animal welfare.

We will be watching to ensure that the EU does live up to its promise of ensuring there is implementation of the rule of law by Serbia prior to EU accession; and as an animal welfare NGO, we will naturally be watching Serbia itself to see where there are improvements and possibly failures in implementing national legislation.

Please support our petition by signing – and pass on to the moon and back to all your friends, supporters and fellow campaigners.

Thanks and Regards – Mark and SAV.


You can see it and sign via the following link:

Republic of Macedonia: A Very Urgent and Special Appeal and Petition From Our Friends At Anima Mundi.


Vard 3

Dear all;

We have had the following e mail (given in full below) in from our other friends at ‘Anima Mundi’ in the Republic of Macedonia.


Please make sure that you sign their petition at:

… and if you are associated with any animal organisation or campaign group / NGO; then please write a short letter of support as they ask in the info provided in 1) below.

We are pleased to have worked in support of our friends at Anima Mundi in the past relating to several issues; including the dogs being held and murdered at “Vardariste”  in Skopje.

Here is a link to all our past work relating to the Republic of Macedonia; including past posts and pictures we have shown about this infamous, terrible facility for animals:

We wish Anima Mundi great success with their petition and we ask people from all over the World to send letters of support to them – these letters MUST be sent before 3/3/15.  Please pass on the information and links to everyone you know – we need to get a huge INTERNATIONAL response of signatures on this petition.  Lets do it ! – Thanks – SAV.

All the photographs we show here are taken from the facility in question – “Vardariste” in Skopje.  We need to close it down !!

Vard 1


The following is the information mailed to us by ‘Anima Mundi’ – please do what you can to help !

Vard 2

Respected friends,

We, the animal protection association Anima Mundi, from the Republic of Macedonia ., a national non-profit organization recognized in our country as the most active in protection of animals and their rights, are asking for your support and help.

We need your support in our struggle to close down the infirmary for stray animals ” Vardariste ” in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia . It is a place that has been practicing mass murder of animals for years which, we believe, is happening under direct command of the Mayor of Skopje, something we find difficult to prove. You can find more information on this petition site, which we ask of you to publicly share with your members and supporters.

What do we require specifically?

1) Please send us a short official written letter  of support to our struggle to close down the stray animals infirmary “Vardariste” in Skopje. We inform you that we have submitted countless abuse reports about the infirmary and requests for entry of volunteers. We have led mass protests supported by the media in this country, but with no effect whatsoever. We believe that if we are supported by many organizations, the pressure will be stronger and we will have a positive outcome, or at least some improvement. Macedonia as a country aspiring to join the EU must meet certain standards with regard to animals as well. We want the institutions to be aware that Vardariste has compromised the city, our country and that the killing must be stopped.

Vard 4

You can send this short letter to us, addressed to the Association for protection of animals Anima Mundi

( ) and  to the competent authorities and institutions:

– The Mayor of Skopje, Mr. Koce Trajanovski                                                                                                   – Director of Food and Veterinary Agency, Mr. Zoran Popovski,                                                                                                                  – Department of Health and Animal Welfare, Food and Veterinary Agency,                                                                                                            – President of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Nikola Gruevski

– CC Animal Protection Organization “Anima Mundi”

Please send us your letter by Friday 03/03/2015 . Your support will be publically published in all media in the Republic of Macedonia.

Vard 5

2 ) Share this petition in order to reach more people including your members and supporters . Please publish this link on your web pages and social networks * ( facebook , twitter , etc ) during this week.

3 ) Each of your proposals, shared experience or other types of help,  is welcome in our fight to stop the terror over the stray dogs in Skopje .

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Best regards,

 Animal protection organization Anima Mundi

president Stole Velkovski

Здружение за заштита на животни „АНИМА МУНДИ“

Animal Protection Association “ANIMA MUNDI”

Phone: +389 77 487 253; +389 70 289 459





YouTube channel:

Донации | Donations:

Денарска сметка: 240090002006130 

Депонент: Уни Банка АД – Скопје



Serbia: Petition – I invite all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty ……………………

Serbian  Flag

Goran petition

Firstly – Please support our 2 important appeals at the following if you can – thank you.  

Find a home for Victor –  


Petition link revised 24/2 – please try again now if you have had problems before.

This petition – Please help our friend and fellow animal welfare campaigner in Serbia, Goran, to get as much support as possible for his petition.

Petition link: – this is revised on 24/2 as we know people have been having problems with the last link – here is the new one:

The words of the petition are repeated here (in Serbian, English and German) to give you an insight into what it is about.  Please sign and support if you can – Thank you – SAV.


RS – Pozivam sve koji su protiv EUTANAZIJE I NASILJA PREMA ŽIVOTINJAMA da se uključe u ovu akciju i podrže ovu peticiju sa ciljem da se spreči nasilje prema životinjama jer nasilje nad životinjama je često indikator nasilja i prema ljudima, smatraju psiholozi. Onaj ko zlostavlja životinje, zlostavljaće i ljude zato je bitno isključiti svaki vid nasilja u društvu kako bi se nasilje koje se često završava smrtnim ishodom svelo na minimum u društvu.

Vašim apliciranjem i komentarom želimo da se predsedniku Republike Srbije skrene pažnja na sve nas kao gradjane Republike Srbije jer svi mi imamo pravo da štitimo i branimo kako naša tako i prava životinja a što nam garantuje Ustav Republike Srbije.

EN – I invite all who are against euthanasia and animal cruelty to be involved in this action and support this petition in order to prevent violence against animals because of animal cruelty is often an indicator of violence towards people, psychologists think. Anyone who abuses animals, abusers and people so it is important to exclude any form of violence in society to the violence that often ends in death minimize the society. Applying your comment and we want to be the President of the Republic of Serbia to the attention of all of us as citizens of the Republic of Serbia, because we all have the right to protect and defend our order and animal rights and what guarantees us the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

D – Ich lade alle, die gegen die Euthanasie und Tierquälerei sind, um an dieser Aktion beteiligt und unterstützt diese Petition, um die Gewalt gegen Tiere wegen Tierquälerei zu verhindern, ist oft ein Indikator für die Gewalt gegen Menschen, Psychologen denken. Jeder, der Missbräuche Tieren, Drogenabhängige und Menschen, so ist es wichtig, jede Form der Gewalt in der Gesellschaft, um die Gewalt, die endet oft in den Tod, die Gesellschaft zu minimieren auszuschließen. Die Anwendung Ihren Kommentar und wir wollen den Präsidenten der Republik Serbien, die Aufmerksamkeit der uns alle als Bürger der Republik Serbien, weil wir alle das Recht haben, zu schützen und zu verteidigen, unsere Bestellung und Tierrechte und was garantiert uns die Verfassung der Republik Serbien. 

Petition link:

England: New EU / Serbian ‘Animal Welfare’ Petition Due To Be Launched In The Next Few Days.


Stand By – Over the next few days we hope to be launching a new petition which encompasses Serbia wishing to gain EU accession, whilst at the same time failing to meet the fundamental principle of EU Member States that they must enforce the ‘rule of law’ (in their own country) regarding many animal welfare issues.  We trust you have seen some of the photographs in other recent posts as well as non EU compliance statements made by EU farm animal welfare organisations who know the rules !



This all relates to the changes made in the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009 which is now renamed as the ‘Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

This includes new laws for animal welfare; including the statement that:

‘the Union and the Member States shall, since animals are sentient beings, pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals’

Unfortunately; and typically for the EU; certain topics of animal protection remain under the responsibility of the Member States (e.g. the use of animals in competitions, shows, cultural or sporting events and the management of stray dogs).

Stray dog management being a subject the EU is very aware of due to the excellent work of many campaign NGO’s over the years – and hence why there must be EU wide legislation relating to stray dog management introduced very soon.

Despite this failure of the EU to protect stray dogs, instead leaving ‘protection’ (so they call it – we call it ‘mass murder’) to individual nations !!!; we can still present a great deal to the EU Commission where we consider that Serbia is failing in meeting the EU accession requirements of the TFEU with regard to animals and their welfareThese other issues are what the petition will hinge around.


alex 1

Below is the reference to; and selective relevant sections of the TFEU relating to animal welfare; which we have shown in red bold type.

Stand by in the coming days to see the new petition link posted here on this site and in many other places – we hope it will be a big signature one !


Ref –

Title II of TFEU lists some key principles the Union should respect. Here an Article 13 has been introduced with the Lisbon Treaty. It states that: “In formulating and implementing the Union’s agriculture, fisheries, transport, internal market, research and technological development and space policies, the Union and the Member States shall, since animals are sentient beings, pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals, while respecting the legislative or administrative provisions and customs of the Member States relating in particular to religious rites, cultural traditions and regional heritage.

The Treaty of Lisbon, which entered into force on the 1st of December 2009 amends the current founding treaties, i.e. the Treaty on European Union (EU Treaty), which will retain its name; and the Treaty Establishing the European Community (EC Treaty), which will be renamed as the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU).

This puts animal welfare on equal footing with other key principles mentioned in the same title i.e. promote gender equality, guarantee social protection, protect human health, combat discrimination, promote sustainable development, ensure consumer protection, protect personal data.

It needs, however, to be noted that the European Union operates under the principles of conferred competences and subsidiarity. So competences not conferred upon the Union in the Treaties remain with the Member States and under the principle of subsidiarity, in areas that do not fall within its exclusive competence, the Union shall act only if and in so far as the objectives cannot be sufficiently achieved by the Member States (Article 1, 4 and 5 of the EU Treaty). As a consequence certain topics of animal protection remain under the responsibility of the Member States (e.g. the use of animals in competitions, shows, cultural or sporting events and the management of stray dogs).


SAV Thinking Summary: