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From Mark Johnson – Founder; London, England July 2019.


I am doing a re vamp type thing of this part of the SAV site as I know some people still visit here to find out more about us.

‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) was formed by myself in 2005.




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‘People say I’m crazy, doing what I’m doing; they give me all kinds of warnings ….’


I sounded out my idea of being a voice for Serbian stray animals in the earlier months of 2005 – and everyone I talked with advised me to stay clear and leave things be.  Easy way out !


Me being me, liking a challenge, I decided to ignore all the friendly advice and set up a site for Serbian strays; this site, as a result. I had no funding, a little experience about doing a daily site; but the strays of Serbia needed a voice to fight for them and I was going to try and be it, along with a few close Serbian fellow campaigners.


Here is why – SHINTERS (Dog catchers) | Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


So sometime in 2005 SAV rolled off the production line. As you can see from the ‘Archives’ on the left side of this, even in July 2007 we were only banging out a few posts each month – but we were starting to inform the world of the immense suffering that is Serbian government policy on animal welfare, especially for stray and zoo animals.

I am an Englishman, and in those early days I was working with a few Serbian campaigner friends, who did not speak English.

Slavica (pictured below) was the prime contact at the Serbian end; she was a brilliant campaigner; friend and top voice for the animals.  So, in the early days, our language differences and the mutual understanding of issues was ‘difficult’ in some respects to say the least. Often we had to check and re check what messages we wanted to get across, because of our worries that what was being experienced in Serbia would not be represented correctly in the posts that we published on SAV.

Over time, we (Slavica and I) easily understood each other in the ways of thinking; what we wanted to say and in sharing our common objective of getting a public light to shine on the treatment and suffering of the poor Serbian strays.

I think our combined efforts paid off a bit as the issue of animal welfare in Serbia made global news and was portrayed worldwide.

Like the best of people; it was heartbreaking to hear that Slavica had lost her battle with illness and passed way too early in July 2020.  You can read more about her by scrolling down further below; as I feel it is very much necessary to keep her information on the site to read and understand what an amazing fighter lady she was for all animals.


So gradually, from the little starter acorn of SAV; grew a fighting machine Oak that became a real pain in the butt for the Serbian government; whilst at the same time informing the world of the suffering of Serbian animals.

You don’t just go with one thing; and so soon after this initial phase, SAV Facebook was set up to allow Serbian campaigners and shelters to work together in covering huge variety of issues – getting financial support for shelters and veterinary needs, as well as advertising shelter animals that were looking for new and forever homes around the world.

SAV Facebook still operates today doing these very same things. You can visit it via the link given below; and it is great that we now have over 1,250 animal friendly members who want to share news and the animals they have at their shelters looking for safe and loving homes.

SAV Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/groups/SerbianAnimalsVoice/


We did well with ‘basic’ SAV over the years, exposing and covering many animal abuse issues throughout Serbia. You can see a bit of our work by visiting https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/category/serbia-central-serbia-capital-belgrade-and-serbiavojvodina-capital-novi-sad/  –  but the best way is probably to just track through the monthly ‘Archives’ which you can see on the left side of the Home page.

Warning – there are lots of graphic photos and descriptions in these articles. My policy has always been never to dress something up to be ‘nicer’ than what it is – so what you get and see here is the reality of the situation in Serbia, warts and all.  I think that animal welfare is often an issue that slowly grinds you down over the years when you are involved with cruelty on a daily basis – but the animals need us; so we carry on.

At the end of 2018 we worked hard with ‘Respect for Animals’ http://www.respectforanimals.org/ here in England to get a national fur ban in Serbia – http://www.respectforanimals.org/serbian-fur-farming-ban-comes-into-force/it eventually happenedsomething we all saw as a positive result.  Thousands of Chinchillas were to be saved ! – Job Done !

Serbian fur farming ban comes into force

Moving on to very recent times, (2018) after a bit of ‘arm tugging’ by Venus, a German activist and campaigner friend; we jointly decided to work together and start another site called ‘World Animals Voice’ (WAV) – loosely based on SAV but instead covering animal rights / welfare issues from any part of the globe.


You can visit WAV at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/ – this our main site of work now, but we do post WAV issues onto this (SAV) site at a very regular (daily) basis; giving links if and when necessary.


So please visit us at https://worldanimalsvoice.com/ if you want to get a global feel for animal rights / welfare news.


For the animals;

Regards Mark.

mark 3








 Mahatma Gandhi, (1869–1948)

“To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.

I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man“.



Dear international friends;

welcome to our site; we hope you enjoy your visit here and come to see us again.

‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) is a completely volunteer run organisation made up of animal volunteers from several countries in Europe, including England (UK), Serbia, Germany, Austria and Italy.

SAV was originally founded in 2005 for exposing the abuses of; and campaigning for, the better treatment of all stray / street animals within the Balkans states; particularly Serbia. Our main aim with SAV has been to try and help stray / roaming animals; basically dogs and cats; through the use of the written word and photographs.  We also promote stray adoption when we can.

Help, adoption and good crosstalk is especially promoted on our SAV Facebook page which has over 1,250 members.

There are major and very informative contributions from all sides of the Serbian animal supporter network; which includes many photos of animals looking for forever homes or help with their living and veterinary costs.

You can visit SAV Facebook by clicking on the following link:





Serbia as a nation basically has some good animal welfare legislation (on paper anyway) – you can read more about this by clicking on https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-serbian-animals/ .   The only (for us and all campaigners) problem has always been that despite this good ‘paper’ legislation, the reality is actually very different.

There is very little positive action by the Serbian government or regional authorities in the way of creating / implementing a real management long term stray numbers reduction plan.  We promote a long term national sterilisation, vaccination and microchipping service as the only way to ever eliminate the stray animal issue.  For some of these people such as those in regional authorities, they do not want a reduction in street animals to catch and kill, as they are paid a financial reward for every street dog that is captured and killed.

It is a simple sad fact; if they reduced stray animals numbers by sterilisation schemes proposed by the welfare organisations, then gradually street numbers of animals would reduce.  If street animal numbers reduce, then there are less to capture and kill.  Thus, there are less financial returns for the authorities; so they do not want to see a reduction in animal numbers – hence they do not adopt a sterilisation plan to reduce numbers.  Effectively, the Serbian taxpayer is being duped into thinking that his money is being used to rid the towns and cities of stray animals.  Actually, it is the opposite – stray dogs produce yet more stray dogs; and the cycle of capture and killing never stops; all at the taxpayers expense.



Figures show how many dogs are produced over the years from one pair of unsprayed dogs – a bitch and her mate:


We say as our argument:

Money currently spent by authorities catching and killing stray animals could instead be put into a national sterilisation scheme; which is much more cost effective, whilst at the same time gradually reducing the number of strays on the streets.  Good public education on this issue is also vital.

The public must be educated never to turn their own ‘owned and homed’ but unsterilized pet animal onto the street each day, as many do.  When they do; unsterilsed, homed animals mix with street strays and, hey presto; we end up with many more litters of street strays !

  • all the more street dogs for the authorities to catch and kill; and get their financial bounty payment in return.

Above – ‘Shinter’ dog catchers capture another victim.


Although the national Serbian legislation requires that stray animals be protected; the government and regional authorities still adopt a ‘catch and kill’ approach many years after the introduction of national legislation to supposedly ‘protect’ strays from suffering.

Serbia is currently an EU ‘Candidate Country’; which means it is attempting to become a future member state of the European Union (EU). As a result of this, the EU is providing Serbia with many millions of Euros in advance of its membership to help with development.

As the SAV team comprises several current EU citizens and member state taxpayers; we really want to witness a positive return for the money we (EU taxpayers) are pumping by the millions into Serbia – the ‘return’ being that we want to see the reality – or drastic improvements by the Serbian government in the way that Serbian animals are treated.  We want to see Serbia actually enforcing its national legal legislation for strays; and to adoipt a national no kill sterilisation approach.



To become an EU member state, Serbia should be taking action for Serbian animals in accordance with the requirements of the Copenhagen agreement – which is existing EU law that declares that any country seeking EU ‘accession’ – or membership; (ie Serbia) has to prove that it is enforcing its OWN national legislation – which is simply known as the EU ‘rule of law’.

It is only when any accession state such as Serbia can prove to the EU that it (the state) is actually enforcing its own ‘national’ rules of law, that this state should then be considered as being in agreement with the rules of EU membership.


Only then can the Candidate country (in this case Serbia) be considered for EU membership.



Obligations for EU candidate countries

Countries that want to join the EU have to make sure that:


their judiciary is independent and impartial. This includes, for example, guaranteed access to justice, fair trial procedures, adequate funding for courts and training for magistrates and legal practitioners.

their government and its officials and agents are accountable under the law and that political leaders and decision-makers take a clear stance against corruption.

..the process by which laws are prepared, approved and enforced is transparent, efficient, and fair. Laws must be clear, publicised, stable, fair, and protect fundamental rights.




Serbia is currently (and has since legislation was introduced in 2005) failed to enforce its own national legislation with regard the treatment of stray animals; and we show this many times giving several examples on the many posts of this site.


So, Serbian animal welfare laws exist on paper but there is never any attempt by the regional authorities to enforce them – Thus, in our opinion as an animal welfare organisation, as it is not applying its own ‘rule of law’ on these matters; Serbia is NOT meeting the EU membership requirements (the Copenhagen legislation) of enforcing its own ‘rules of law’, and as such, Serbia, in our own opinion; and that of the law; should not currently be considered as a suitable candidate country for EU accession (membership).

When, and only when we see the Serbian government / regional authorities actually enforcing EXISTING Serbian legislation for the protection of stray animals, will we as an organisation ever consider that Serbia should be given any opportunity to even start to become an EU member state.



We Don’t Ask for Your Cash


SAV is a completely volunteer run organisation and we are completely self funded by those who operate it.

As you can see from taking a trip around the site; we do not have anything relating directly to donations for ourselves; instead; if you would like to donate financially to an ‘animal’ organisation, we ask you to consider giving your money directly to animal organisations / shelters of your choice via the links and posts we publish.


Here is a list of organisations from our site who you may wish to check out and give a donation to; or alternatively simply go to ‘Animal Org’s Tab at the top of the page:


SAV Facebook



SAV Facebook has over 1,250 members; many of them from independent Serbian shelters who are always in need of help and support.  The SAV Facebook site acts as a link and mutual support network for many of the groups; whilst at the same time allowing them to put out appeals for help and support; which also includes promoting so many beautiful dogs and cats which are looking for ‘forever homes’.  If you can help them with finding forever homes for their animals; we would all appreciate it.

Here are just a few of the faces:

We may also ask you on the Homepage – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/  – please when you can; offer your support by e mailing, letter writing or petition signing, which we may request.


We are an entirely self funded organisation. 


We are not after your cash, but animals in need around the World are are – please help them.

‘Animal Org’s’;  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/animal-orgs/  –

We consider this a very useful section of the site as it allows the visitor to further investigate web sites of international animal welfare groups and to get a better understanding of what they are campaigning for.

All we ask is if you are considering giving a donation to us, you instead find the group or organisation of your choice from our hundreds of posts or the above SAV Facebook link, and give directly to them; thus entirely by-passing us.  


No financial benefits or incentives of any kind are given to any person undertaking work for the SAV Team – it is all voluntary.  

We run this site as volunteers entirely out of affection and respect for all the animals of this world that suffer every day.


cartoon dog and cat



SAV Logo Red by Paola


breast milk


The SAV Team is comprised of campaigners from England (UK), the Republic of Serbia, Germany, Austria and Italy.




Mark Johnson (Founder)

– Kent, England, UK.


Above – Mark (Russian sealer on left) – campaigning in London against the Russian seal hunt

– read more further down on this page.



Be a pain in the backside to those in power if you feel the need !!


Mark – Career Past


Tornado – ‘Down and Dirty’


“I had a bloody good time doing military fast jets for 24 years; ‘down and dirty’ with the best – ‘RAF Tornado’. 



.. but to be honest, the animal rights / welfare person in me has always been just as strong as the ‘proper’ day job Marky ever since I was 15 or 16 years old, and the creation of SAV and WAV is a kind of ultimate destination for me really; there is nothing quite like the satisfaction to be gained by anyone, anywhere, helping to save the lives of, and improving the welfare of animals in need; no matter how big or small their dedication, contribution or effort; everyone simply does what they can to make things better – and slowly they win !

– I am delighted to be an animals voice; one of many, in this crazy, cruel, (and unfortunately) money-driven world”

Mark Johnson – Founder SAV – Kent, England UK.


Above – (SAV founder Mark) Photographed in The Netherlands – Touring the EU member states in 1997 with UK farm animal welfare organisation ‘Compassion In World Farming – CIWF – –  campaigning against (EU) intensive animal factory farming.

Below – RAF  Tornado Pilot Mix:


Fly low level through Wales in an RAF Tornado:


RAF Tornado go low and fast (down and dirty) at Cad East:





German Air Force (GAF) Tornado =


Close ups of GAF Tornado during take off:


A few of Mark’s photos from the past:

A ‘Dirty Tail’ German Navy Tornado drops in for fuel to RNAS Culdrose after a few blasts up and down the English Channel.

– click on any of the images to get a much larger version with more detail.

This goes for many pictures throughout this site.

Below – RAF Tornado Air Defence Variant (ADV) – With Longer Nose.


It Never Stops Now …


Above – Mark and Golda send a message about animal killings.



Below – Beautiful Golda enjoys the Kent snow in the back yard and then gets indoors in the warm !






(Mark) – Animal Work – A History Of

Mark is an Englishman who has been involved directly with live animal transport investigation work and campaigning in England, UK, for around 30 years.

Major animal abuse ‘hates’ include:

Live animal Transport

Bear Bile Farming

Zoo Abuse

Whale and Dolphin Slaughter

Seal Slaughter

ALL Hunting (Fox, Canned, Trophy etc)


‘Loves’ include Foxes, Dogs, Wolves and Coyotes.

He is an avid photographer of foxes – here are a few of his shots:


In the past, Mark worked with television comedy scriptwriter Carla Lane for many years; and had the position of being the investigator for her animal charity (Animaline) throughout the years of the horse export investigations.  Through undercover investigation work, port monitoring, visits to UK horse markets, and trails into Europe, it was shown that British horses were being exported from the UK whilst being declared as ‘going for riding’ to Europe.  In reality, the animals were being exported to Europe for their meat.  What was declared on the export licenses was a complete and utter lie to get around the complexities of exporting  sentient animals for one thing when they were actually going to their deaths !

After all the investigative work was completed and documented, which involved a lot of work, Carla and Mark teamed up in London one day and made formal presentations to the UK Government Ministry – DEFRA (previously  MAFF) about all the investigation work.


Wonderful Carla – (Marks favourite photo of her)


Kent County (England) – Home of SAV


SAV is based in ‘Kent’ which is a county lying directly South East of London.

Kent is known as ‘The Garden of England’ because of all the beautiful different varieties of fruit that is grown there.


You can see exactly where Kent is; along with some great shots of the county, by visiting:




The symbol of Kent is the White Horse – or ‘Kent Invicta’.

kent white horse


“Invicta” has been a motto for centuries. Roma Invicta is a Latin phrase, meaning “Unconquered Rome”, inscribed on the Statue of Rome. It was an inspirational motto used until the Fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 AD. This symbolic statement was later printed onto gold coins, to help boost the morale of the failing Empire.

For Kent, It dates back to the invasion of England by William The Conqueror. As the official motto, it appears on the coat of arms of Kent County Council.

Legend has it that, while marching from the battle site at Hastings, William marched on to London on his way to the capital Winchester (this was the capital in 1066). While passing through Kent, the local people picked up branches and marched at William’s men. Scared, William and his army took flight and took a different route to London. As the people of Kent felt that they had chased William away, they adopted “Invicta” as a county motto.

Julius Caesar landed in Kent when he first invaded Britain in 55BC. 


As you can see from the above link, there are some fantastic historic buildings and houses in the county , but as a current county, is also the modern day ‘Gateway to Europe’; being the English county located on the ‘English Channel’ coast and closest to France and Belgium. 



30 + Years of Live Animal Exports


Global live animal exports are Mark’s real BIG HATE.

It has to be stopped.

The MAIN Campaign Issue.


Liza and Mark - Dover

Above – Mark and friends (Ellie and Liza) campaign against

live calf exports – Dover, Kent, England.

Veal calf Crated

Above – an exported British calf is crated

– probably photographed at its destination in France.

Mark was the EU Correspondent, Legal Beagle and web site producer for local (Kent, England, UK based) animal welfare and anti live export organisation, “Kent Action Against Live Exports (KAALE)” for about 11 years.



Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) – London.

Web site link:



Prior to his work as EU Correspondent and web site producer for county group KAALE; Mark was for around 11 years the Kent representative for CIWF – Compassion In World Farming – http://www.ciwf.org.uk/  which campaigns about all aspects of farm animal cruelty as well as opposing live animal transport.  Over this time he became very involved with all aspects of farm animal issues; especially live transport, which is still the major hate today.

Over the years, Mark gained many good friends at CIWF by being part of the team.


In 2003 at an event in London, England; Mark, accompanied by partner Joanne (pictured below), was presented with the CIWF – http://www.ciwf.org.uk/  award for ‘Campaigner of the Year’ in recognition of his work into the UK live export trade (calves, sheep, pigs) and also for his investigative work as part of the CIWF Investigations Unit into the export of live horses to Europe for the meat trade; (as detailed above).  CIWF became involved with the investigations when trails were set up from the UK into mainland Europe.


Joanne (Jo) was the founder of a local animal rights group near to where he lived.



Above – Jo


As a group they had a lot of success and became involved with many animal issues – Hunting, Vivisection, Live Export, Circuses, the Primate trade and more.  Mark took on the role as the main group contact regarding live animal transport.  It was via this group that Jo and Mark first met.


To this day, Mark will never forget what was witnessed in the investigations into beautiful, live horses being exported from the UK to Europe as a scam for the meat trade under the guise of ‘riding horses’.  This, combined with live farm animal export work over the last 27 years or so has meant that the export of live farm animals is a top ‘hate’ and will always be campaigned against – be it in the UK, Europe, Australia, South America, North Africa, Anywhere !


In the early hours of one morning, after investigating yet another consignment of UK horses being exported to the EU; declared as ‘going for riding’ but really destined for the meat trade; Mark returned home and decided that he just had to get something down on paper to express what he had experienced so many times, with the real knowledge (and proof) of what was happening to these beautiful animals despite what the (false) paperwork declarations said.  Gorgeous Jo was at home and supportive as always.  Unable to just go to bed and sleep for what was left of that night; something had to be recorded as a simple memory of what ‘official’ wrongs had been experienced so many times during these horses journey.

Mark penned the following to sum his immense anger and feelings of the scam events through an official government Ministry that allowed 14+ beautiful horses to be exported to Europe each week for meat; whilst passing and stamping the paperwork to say that they were ‘going for riding’.


The poem was called:

EXH6 – For Beautiful Horses Betrayed By The System



‘EXH6’ is the official export license which is required for horse exports from the UK.

Mark says – ” eventually some time very late that night Jo and I climbed into bed; but despite being with her, my thoughts very much remained with those innocent animals – I was asking myself questions like: where were they now ?; what were they experiencing ?; were they suffering ? – and how was this being allowed to happen when Jo and I could easily see the wrongs on the paperwork, why cannot the Ministry officials !”.

Jo (being a big animal campaigner herself in the past) always did what she could to make the best out of a rather bad ‘animal experience’ situation; but simply switching off from that nights events was an impossibility.

Things have not changed all these years later; and (Mark says) “in my mind I can still be there; watching, hearing, smelling what is in my opinion, just one of the biggest issues of animal abuse on the planet – anything to with the LIVE EXPORT trade”.  Despite the bad times, it only strengthens your resolve to work harder and put this business of utter cruelty into the history books where it belongs.

Tesco terrors


Above – Click on the picture to enlarge – When was this ? – around 1991 probably.  Joanne; with Mark and Trevor campaign outside an English local supermarket buying produce from the Faroe Islands – responsible for the whale slaughter (see picture below).

It still goes on today for the blood junkies, after all these years !

Faroe whale slaughter

News - EIA
Gruesome whale hunts in Faroe Islands exposed by activists - YouTube
Whale hunt in Faroe Islands turns sea red with blood - BBC News
Some tradition should be banned: Pilot whales killing in Faroe Islands

Above – Old Days – Mark and Trevor Campaign on the local Streets

campaigning about Animal Rights issues.


EU Papers, Official Investigations and the Rest

In his position with KAALE, Mark wrote and submitted over 28 formal papers / official complaints to the EU and EU member state ministries / authorities in relation to live animal transport investigations (breaches of EU Regulations in Transport – Regulation 1/2005) which were undertaken during the period 2003-2013.

In 2012, Mark formally wrote to the EU Legal team regarding investigations by Dutch colleagues into the treatment of British calves exported from the UK to other EU nations such as Hungary.  Calves that were still being crated many years after the EU formally banned crating.

A calf in a Hungarian crate looks out asking for help

As a result of providing all this evidence of abuses during years of transport from the UK, combined with the recent new video of animals suffering at the Turkish border by Eyes on Animals;


which has continually been presented to the EU by them for the last 5 years or more; you could say that as nothing has changed, the EU Commission attitude to animals suffering during transport is:

EU head bury_NEW


Above – they say – problem ?, the bent roof; what problem !!


ValCameron141113_7604 _1

Above – Dutch livestock transporters arrive at Dover, Kent, England.

ValCameron141113_7598 _2

Above picture – A ‘sealed box’ Dutch trailer arrives – filled with live sheep 

(all photos – V. Cameron)



During 2010 – In addition to the daily running of SAV, Mark worked with the same Dutch investigator friends at ‘Eyes on Animals’    http://eyesonanimals.com/ , as well as with ‘Animals’ Angels’ (Germany)    http://www.animals-angels.de/startseite,en_ORG.html  and PMAF (France)  http://www.pmaf.org/  to produce a 125 page official investigation report for the EU Legal Affairs team in Brussels, Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s) and UK Parliamentarians (MP’s) – a report which specifically investigated live animal (calves) transport between certain, specific (EU) member states.

PMAF Inv 7


If you care to click on the following link below you will see a written summary of just 1 of the 5 trails which was undertaken and clearly proved that Irish calves were not being given adequate food and rest at an approved Staging Post facility after they had made the crossing from Ireland to France.

Remember, this is just 1 of the 5 investigation reports that we produced in our ‘overall’ document of 2010; and it also lists all the non compliances with the EU Regulation 1/2005 for this specific trail / investigation are given at the end of this specific investigation report.  Remember also that these investigations and reports do not just appear by magic.  Many people, their time, money and several vehicles are often involved – they all take effort and time to record all the exact details which you can see detailed in the report.

Thus, it can be annoying in the least when all this work is undertaken, compiled and presented to the EU, and then they do nothing about it ! – something is wrong somewhere; hence our gripes as detailed in many current posts re live animal transport and the EU ignorance.  This is typical of the work involved to ‘do the trail / investigation job’ properly; and when you do and then get completely ignored at EU level you begin to ask questions about those same people and the EU ‘organisation’ who are supposed to be ‘enforcing’ the ‘animal welfare’ regulations.


Click on the following link to read a very small part (1 of 5 investigation reports) of the overall trail / investigation report:




PMAF Inv 4

PMAF Inv 5


This work, which involved some 5 undercover investigations, took around six months and was completed in September 2010. 

Dozens of copies of the investigation report have been forwarded to the EU Commission legal department, to the EU Food and Veterinary Office (FVO), to animal welfare spokespersons of each of the UK main political parties, and also to animal welfare campaigners located around Europe.  A second print run of the report was undertaken during 2011 due to further demand for copies.

At this present time, as well as dealing with specific SAV daily issues / operations, Mark is still involved with campaigning to stop long distance live farm animal transport across the whole of the European Union.

Now (hopefully) the UK is going to leave the EU; campaign groups in the UK are putting massive pressure on the UK government to stop UK live animal exports.  It is hoped legislation relating to this will be ready to be introduced on the day the UK formally leaves the EU.

Mark says – “At SAV, we are ditching contact with providing relentless rule breaking evidence to the UK government; as they never consider what we have to say or present to them.  We consider UK authorities are no longer worth dealing with.  So instead, SAV will now move to present evidence. data, e mails and letters directly to the EU Commission asking them to take on the wishes of many millions of citizens across the EU by vastly reducing transport times from their current down to a simple one off journey time of a MAXIMUM of 8 HOURS.

This will be just one of the many issues of SAV regarding future EU campaigning; and we hope that you, our wonderful supporters will keep in touch with this issue and support us by sending e mails and sample letters to the EU Commission and others as necessary when we ask with our posts”.

At the moment (July 2019), we are working on the issue of the 70,000 live sheep being exported by sea from Romania to Kuwait for slaughter at the Eid ‘celebrations’.


Romanian Sheep shipping news – 20/7/19. New Kuwait ETA – Over Another Weeks Sailing Time Now Set ! What are Conditions Like for the Animals ?




The Russian Seal Pup Slaughter Campaign



Russian Seal Pup Hunting / Farming.

From around 1998, Mark teamed up with good friend Robert Mouland (founder of ‘European Animal Welfare’) to give Robert support with his Russian seal pup slaughter campaign.  This was run in parallel with the live export investigation work.

rob caroline lucas_NEW

Above – Robert talks Russian seal pups with the (then) UK MEP, and now British Member of Parliament (MP); the brilliant Caroline Lucas (Green Party).

Everybody knows about the Canadian seal hunt; but many less knew at this time that the Russians were undertaking their own seal pup hunt in the White Sea region of Russia.  Mark and Robert joined with others to fight this campaign on many fronts – it saw them taking the fight to the Russian embassy in London, handing in a massive petition at Downing Street, London, and also taking the display and campaign to the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium.  During a lot of this campaign they were always supported by Mr Mark Watts MEP of the European Parliament.



After many years of campaigning, in 2004 came the wonderful news from the Embassy of the Russian Federation that the Russian seal pups were safe – the Russians did not kill any baby seals in 2004.  It has continued to be the case ever since.  Job done ! – News that made all the work and campaigning worth it – you see; in the end, victories do sometimes arrive !


Read a little of Mark’s Russian seal pup campaign memories in London and at the EU in Brussels, Belgium, by clicking on the following 2 links:

SAV Russian Seal Pups by Mark


Mark and Robert Downing Street

Above – SAV Mark (Left – dressed as a Russian sealer); with Mark Watts MEP and the wonderful Robert Mouland (Right of egg) at the entrance to Downing Street, London.


Below – The arranged official demo of the ‘British Mob’ organised outside the European Parliament offices in Brussels, Belgium – the brilliant Robert front centre kneeling (with Mark Watts MEP to right); Mark (SAV) at back (to right of ‘Ruthless’ banner – in baseball cap. 

As you can read in the above links (Part 2), things got a little edgy to start with – especially when the Belgian police took out their guns and threatened us – but after some discussions all settled down and we carried on.

Robert EU Demo Brussels


Having worked for 25 years in the UK military aerospace industry, Mark now devotes all of his voluntary time to animal welfare campaigning, with ‘SAV’ and ‘WAV’ (Stray animals and global animal welfare issues – this site) and Live Animal Export investigation work  / campaigning being his two main areas of interest.  Mark campaigns about many issues of global animal welfare, especially factory farming, fur, bear bile production and hunting.



mark 4


Mark has been a Veggie / Vegan for about 30 years and has always had a policy of never eating products or anything, from anything “that ever had a face” !! – why should a beautiful animal have to die to put a meal on my plate ?

love veggie

Above – Vegan Faces


His one cat named ‘Arianne’ (picture below) died a few months ago – Mark named her after a girl on a Led Zeppelin track – Led Zepp being one of his favourite bands:




Above – ‘Arianne’ – was taken in as a flea ridden, approximately 50% of her coat gone, street Urchin, by Mark, many years ago.

With love, care and good food, she became a beautiful, very affectionate little cat; really showing her ‘Tortoiseshell’ coat finally.




Beautiful ‘Golda’

His beautiful dog ‘Golda’ died from heart problems on 8th December 2013 aged eleven years.

See the post left by Mark in memory of Golda at:



Beautiful Golda enjoying the snow in Kent


Above – yeah, maybe; sounds possible !


Below – The message has good intentions but has not quite hit home correctly !




Above – our car (we think anyway !) after a good nights snowfall.


Mark has been a dedicated animal campaigner since he was given his first dog ‘Sheba’ at the age of four.  Why ? – because it is born in you.  Do most kids at the age of 4 rescue earwigs that have fallen into the water of the bird bath ?

As I say, I think you are born an animal campaigner, full stop !

Sheba 3

Mark (4 years ol and chilling on trike !) and Sheba enjoy each others company

in the garden – (probably around 1966)


He is especially devoted to stopping the worldwide long distance transportation of live animals, a campaign which he is still involved with and which he shares with the day to day running of SAV.


Above:  ‘Sheba’ – first dog and the start of major respect for animals

and the long road named ‘animal welfare’


I use both my main areas of work; live animal exports and the expose of Balkans animal suffering, as well as my many years of work experience in aerospace to compliment each other.  What I learn from one issue I then apply to the campaigning of the other.  The EU legal department relationships that have been established in my live export work over many years will in no doubt become very useful when Serbia and other Balkans states become EU members.  I predict that a lot of evidence and paperwork will be going to Brussels then, detailing the animal abuses and illegal things which we are finding in places such as Serbia.

But for all visitors of this SAV and our WAV sites; https://worldanimalsvoice.com/  – there is one simple but vital thing to remember –

Good Animal welfare campaigning is about making a difference for all the animals of the world who suffer, not about making a name for yourselfNo matter who you are, where you are or what little or big campaign thing you are able to do, just do it; you may very well be the ‘one’ individual that makes that final difference and brings success to any specific campaign”.

We all do what we can; no more, no less.   And we do it for the animals of this world who need our help – to improve their welfare.

MS – A Real Pain In The … – Everywhere !

“I will never support animal testing for anything”

Mark was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2000 after time being deployed overseas.  Here is an insight into MS:





He is a supporter of forward looking (non animal medical) research.


Animal testing is a thing of the past and should only be in history books now – and I say that as an MS sufferer; someone who wants a cure for something; but which I know through years of reading, will not come through animal testing, as animals don’t suffer from MS; so why artificially create it in them and then attempt to find a cure using them ? – it makes no sense.   Animals are different to humans  – So why not find out using genetics what makes animals different from us (re autoimmune illness) and why they dont get MS and yet we do ?  – that to me is progressive research; not simply cutting up animals aka big pharma. 

Marks MS causes him lots of problems every single day, but.  “Despite the huge problems with MS for the last 19+ years, you can still live your life and above all, fight for the better treatment of animals and their welfare”.  “That is how it has been, how it is now, and that is how I intend it will continue”.  Every single day now is devoted to animal welfare issues when I feel ok, as well as trying to keep my MS problems under a certain amount of control; which kind of keeps me fairly busy to say the least !!

I even get one of the wild foxes pop up into the office sometimes, just to say ‘Hi’ and stay for a little while !

“SAV and WAV visitors are increasing all the time, we have a great network of international support, and that gives me a great pleasure and a purpose in life – to inform people about the terrible global animal suffering which goes on.

All animal cruelty campaigners, such as with this (SAV) site, and also with WAV, are in the business of eventually putting themselves out of business; you have achieved your target(s) – but unfortunately, that day is a long way off.  Regardless, all you can do is try to inform people about the range global cruelty issues and gradually things will improve for the better; I think that is a definite.

Hopefully at this present time, I am doing something a little correctly towards achieving that” !

Thanks for visiting the site and that at WAV – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/ – there are hundreds of past posts on many different global issues for you to access – take your time and search them out.

Hopefully we will see you again real soon !!


Bloody Right !



Mark has been a Bonsai tree keeper for many years.  He now has around 40 in his collection.  Bonsai is his way of getting away from animal issues sometimes for a little while – we all need it.


Graham at Kaizen Bonsai (in Norfolk, England) produces some great bonsai videos.

Here is Graham – and the making of a beautiful bonsai from a garden centre purchase for less than the price of a decent shirt !




Here are some of the trees in our little private bonsai garden collection:


Above and below – not a tree but one of the cats,

who just has to get in the photos !



Above – Arianne used to keep an eye on the situation.

The Japanese Cherry


 Below – One of four San Jose Junipers we have.



His other main interest is music.  He is a great follower of bands such as The Cure; The Damned, The Stranglers and Siouxsie and the Banshees, and artists such as the late, great David Bowie, to name but a few.


We have to start with a comedy classic from Marty:



MAD WORLD – Bloody right you bet !




He is a massive fan of ‘The Cure’ which was founded by Robert Smith (pictured below):

Heritage Collections of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland: Want 'The  Cure'? Here's Robert Smith!


Below – The Cure – live in London – now that’s a light show !






…. and below a track (Shadowtime) from Siouxsie Sioux – a Kent girl – our home county:


The Quietus | Features | A Quietus Interview | Siouxsie Sioux Interviewed:  The Banshees And The BBC

Another fabulous Kent girl – the gorgeous Kate Bush

– Dave Gilmour of ‘Pink Floyd’ on guitar:

Kate Bush - Galerie Prints - Premium Photographic Prints

Top Top Man ‘Planty’ – Robert Plant of Led Zep.



The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary



Dave Gilmour (Lead Guitar) with Pink Floyd playing the Pompei ruins



… Morrissey – Top man and a top voice when it comes to animal rights issues;


Rick Wakeman is a brilliant English keyboard player who does a lot of campaigning at the EU about stray dogs:

… and an older Rick plays the Radio 2 Nursery Rhyme Challenge!

goth girls (@gothicbabess) | Twitter

Hugh Cornwell (ex Stranglers frontman) and Caz Campbell:





New Order – Blue Monday.  Think we have all been there !




The Clash – ‘London Calling’ – a great track !


The Clash - London Calling - Vintage vinyl album cover Stock Photo ...



If you only ever buy one album, then make sure it is the 1985 Damned album “Phantasmagoria”.


The Damned - Phantasmagoria (CD) | Discogs

Just the best !

Goth girls are hot - Album on Imgur



‘Kashmir’ by Led Zeppelin

Zeppelin Drawing Mothership Graphic Freeuse - Logo Led Zeppelin ...
The 4 Symbols of Led Zeppelin - YouTube



Dr Brian May (ex Queen) Last Horizon

and with gorgeous friend Trudi – live animal export camaigner.

What a girl !


trudi brian


Guns N Roses – one of my fav bands:

… and not forgetting the brilliant

Nige (Nigel Kennedy);




The current Stranglers – ‘Dutch Moon’.



The Irate Caterpillar – Hugh Cornwell.  Hugh was the original lead vocalist with the Stranglers – now replaced by Baz – see above in woolen hat.

Pin by Sean Grove on GoT | Gothic beauty, Goth beauty, Cute goth girl




Them crazy boys – ‘Madness’



Pink Floyd – one of the very best of British bands



The superbly brilliant David Bowie – Hero for more than one day !:



For the Taiji dolphins – a must watch.

Watch the London Taiji demo (with music by Bowie) which took place on Saturday – 16/1/16 by clicking on the following:


Dido:  White Flag.



Sorry, no apologies but I have to finish with more jet – French Air Force Crazy boys !

Naturally; running a site such as this also means that he has to have a certain degree of computer skills.  Photography is also an interest; especially that we have now entered the digital image age.

He loves taking pictures of ‘natural’ things, such as these ones below which are of flowers in the back yard (Campsis and Hibiscus):





Below are a few other shots of plants taken in the garden:









Animal Issues.

Animal rights – a huge interest, like running this site; but that goes without saying really.

The aim of the SAV site is to operate as a non profit making, volunteer run organisation which we hope will provide supporters with a different array of animal issues from around the world.  Whenever possible we try to encourage supporter involvement; by actions, petitions and e mail letter writing.

On this site, I never ask for help with any funding

– instead, if you wish to make a donation towards helping animals, the choice is yours.  I attempt to give links in each post to the organisations which are associated with the issue; so you can then act further and follow up with financial help if you so wish.






Team SAV has been a volunteer at the Forestry Commission Woodland Park named ‘Jeskyns’ which is very close to home.  Denise is the ranger there. 


Jeskyns is a great place for dog walkers.  There are lakes in which your four legged friend can take a swim anytime that they wish; followed by a brisk walk all over the park which covers an area of no less than 360 acres.  There is woodland, gravel paved walks for bikes and wheelchair users, ponds, orchards and wildflower meadows.  Plenty of special events for children are always organised throughout the school holiday periods.  Over 750 different varieties of apples are grown in the Jeslyns orchards.  The orchards are visited and pollinated by bees from our ‘Bee Hotels’ which are located around the site.  All the apples which result are either given away to visitors to the site or are sold at local events to put some money back into the upkeep of the site.



Here you can visit some Jeskyns site info:


Photographs from around the site:





A leaflet and map of the parkland:




Jeskyns is designed to be a community woodland / parkland for dog owners and their dogs, families; horse riders; cyclists etc to have a great time out.  Here is a video of the site – taken a while ago when the new trees were smaller and younger.  You can see the café, complete with toilets and a great place to get a cuppa and something to eat after you have given the dog a great walk !


In the video below you can also see some of the apples from the Jeskyns orchards being put out for the public to take:



It’s a Boy !! – We have constructed Dormouse boxes as part of our contribution to the iste, as Dormice are an endangered species.  We are having some results from our breeding programme and welcomed our new arrivals last year – find out more here:





Over the last few years we have made some bat boxes which are also located in the parkland.  See more pictures of them here:




Above – Our latest project has been to construct a few Hedgehog houses to encourage breeding of these beautiful little woodland animals.  You can see a few pictures of the hedgehog houses in this recent post we did on Jeskyns:




About 5 years ago SAV made a ‘Bee Hotel’ where new (mainly solitary) bee eggs are laid in the chambers.  Solitary bees are very good pollinators.  The hotel is situated very close to all the Jeskyns orchards which with the bees help with all the fruit tree  pollinating; producing a massive selections of apples each year; an amazing 756 different varieties of apple are grown on site in the Jeskyns orchards..  These are given away (donation if possible always welcome) to visitors when they call at the café on site for a cup of tea and some food after walking their dogs.


September is also Kentish cobnut season – a nut which the county is very famous for. It is a cultivated variety of Hazelnut.  http://kentishcobnutsassociation.org.uk/the-cobnut/technical-information/

In the picture below you can see Denise and Mark when they had just finished putting the hotel together.  




Above – we drill out the individual chambers in the logs – the bees lay their eggs within and then seal up the entrance with mud as can be seen.  When the new bee hatches and is ‘ready to go’; it just breaks through the mud seal and flies off (hopefully) to the orchards to pollinate all the apple trees.

On the left is a new replacement log; the older and now very much used ones are elsewhere but you can see them above as new in the earlier pictures with Denise and Mark.  In time; everything gets old ! – In the near future we hope to replace all the old logs – and this process is under way.  Below are some new replacement logs drilled and ready to replace the old ones.


We also made over 50 Dormouse nesting boxes for the park, in order to try and encourage more dormice into the area.  You can see some of the dormouse boxes finished before delivery to Jeskyns here:




Above – a sleeping Dormouse

Below – asleep in a box.




UPDATE 11/8/17 – NEW ARRIVAL – It’s a Boy !

Our first new arrival (a male) found today whilst doing an inspection of the boxes – hopefully the first of very many !

Looking very strong and healthy.

3 nests found in 3 boxes, but only 1 mouse.  Maybe there are others and they were out shopping or something – certainly not ‘at home’.


Below – Volunteers do pond clearing


Finally; a saying that encourages us (and hopefully you) to plant more trees:


We don’t want this 



In memory of, and with respect to the great David (‘Ziggy’) Bowie

– Hero (for more than one day) !

Watch the London Taiji demo (with music by the brilliant David Bowie) which took place on Saturday – 16/1/16 by clicking on the following:


zig plaque

ziggy bowie

Above:  Ziggy Bowie;  Below – ‘Ziggy Cat’

ziggy cat

do something

eyes lips


SAV Logo Red by Paola



As well as our own personal animal friends, we are very happy to have a few adopted animal friends that form part of team SAV;

– ‘Utata’ and ‘Twinnsie’.

‘Utata’ lives at Shelter Felix in Serbia and ‘Twinnsie’ was saved from the cruel dog food business in Thailand.

Here are a few pictures of ‘Utata’ the cat, who is under the excellent care of Danica at Shelter Felix; and also a video link showing ‘Twinnsie’ our little dog in Thailand:


Above – ‘Utata’ (with Danica at Shelter ‘Felix’, Serbia)

Below – ‘Twinnsie’ (with SOI Dogs, Thailand – fighting the dog meat business)

Twin 1

Twin 2

The 2015 Christmas message from our girl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhOI_Ptj6RA

Below – the link to see Twinnsie and her 2014 Christmas message:



26/8/15 – a new message in from Twinnsie – please check it out at:



SAV Logo Red by Paola

Team SAV – Fighting for Better Animal Welfare

felix cartoon 2


The SAV principal members continued:

Serbian Flag

Dr. Medicine Slavica Mazak Bešlić

– Subotica, Serbian Republic (RIP – July 2020)

And thank you from all your friends

– Human and Animal.


We very sadly lost Slavica in July 2020.

Here are a few tributes posted on our other site, WAV for her.












We are leaving this section otherwise unchanged so that you can read all about Slavica and the fantastic work that she did for animals.




Archive – The Situation as of – April 2013

Slavica is the President of the organisation EPAR, which is based in Subotica, Serbia.  In 2010, Slavica stopped running the animal shelter part of EPAR, which was called Friend – EPAR.  The animal shelter section of EPAR has now been taken over by a lady named Adriana.  Friend – EPAR shelter was the biggest No Kill shelter in Serbia; and this policy is now continuing through Adriana.

Adriana has now given a new name to the shelter that she works with; the old Friend – EPAR shelter.  This shelter is now called (shelter) ALEX.

alex logo


AZIL August appeal

azil 1


Slavica continues to run EPAR as an organisation, but this is now specifically dedicated to more legal matters such as campaigning for the implementation of existing national legislation; bringing charges against those who are illegally doing cruelty to animals, and charges against hunters, environmental destruction work etc.

Important – the links below show many photographs of the old Friend – EPAR shelter. 

Here below are some old photograph links to what was originally Friend – EPAR shelter, and which is now called ALEX:





Slavica is a medical doctor with specialist practice in gynecology and obstetrics, and a superspecialist for untrasound techniques in gynecology.

Slavica worked as the senior / manager of the department for tumors at the city hospital in Subotica (Serbia) for over 15 years.

She has undertaken numerous operations associated with tumors in gynecology, such as the Wertheim – Meigs technique.

She now operates her own private gynecology facility known as “Ginekos”, still within Subotica city.

Slavica has always supported animal welfare / rights. She allocates the vast majority of the finances from her gynecology speciality into funding the construction and operations of stray dog and cat shelters, and has often had to endure personal attack, criticism and negative experiences from many of the local authorities around the Subotica area.

Slavica has endured personal criticism of her work for the animals by others working within administration departments of Belgrade City authority.

Slavica shares her home with animals that she has rescued from the local streets as strays.  

Here are some photographs of just a few of the dogs living at shelter Alex

– but always available for adoption  !!






SAV Logo Red by Paola

Martina and Lisa are founders of the following:




GERMANY     http://www.petitionen24.com/europaweite_videouberwachung_an_schlachthofen_und_dokumentation







FACEBOOK LINKS with translations of the petition text in over 25 European languages also on our website

Please support our europe-wide petition, sign and share with all your contacts be it family, friends, acquaintances or colleagues. Thank you.

 Slaughterhouse petition


Members List see:  http://www.europewide-cctv-in-all-slaughterhouses.eu



MARTINA PATTERSON (Germany) – founding member 

Nothing is impossible – those who give up have already lost!

Born 1957 in Cologne (Germany), living in Zülpich with husband and 2 adopted dogs. Two grown-up foster sons that have already moved home.

Working part-time for the WDR, a broadcasting company. Vegetarian.

Apart from my regular work, I have been an animal advocate since 1995 dedicating 8 hours a day to that task.

Publishing a daily newsletter sent out to individuals, animal rescue and animal rights organisations, the media and political associations to raise awareness on a broader scale.

Mailing international circulars to assist finding forever homes for abandoned animals in the care of animal protectors or still in the street or kill shelters.

Mailing international circulars with information and petition links to co-ordinate efforts with other animal, nature and human rights protection organisations to raise awareness on these issues and create synergies to remedy shortcomings and social evils. This is the only way to create a problem awareness within society and politics.

In 2012 I learned that the EU Agricultural Committee confirmed that each year about 75% of farm animals in the EU are being slaughtered insufficiently stunned or not stunned at all. In breach of the EU regulations a horrendously large number of animals is being slaughtered, cut up, amputated and bleeding out while fully consicous. I was so totally abhorred by this news that I started an e-Petition and decided to advocate for mandatory CCTV and independent monitoring in slaughterhouses till such an EU regulation has been put into effect.

Whether meat consumers, vegetarians or vegans – we all have a legal and moral obligation to ensure that the unlawful and unnecessary suffering of animals is prevented and controlled in practice and guarantee that such animal abuses cannot be committed.




LISA BOLDIZSAR (Austria) – founding member

They said “it is impossible to be done”. Then one came along who did not know and made it possible.

Born 1954 in Vienna, living in Austria.

Over 20 years working experience as executive in a number of multi-national corporations and international trading companies.

An animal advocate since 1976 and volunteer for animal rescue organisations in Austra, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Romania.

Co-petent of Petition CCTV in all slaughterhouses since 2013.


SAV Logo Red by Paola

Team SAVFighting for Better Animal Welfare



Paola Ghidotti

– Milan, Italy

Paola is an Italian girl who does wonderful work for animals; and she has been the founder of the following:

World Wide Legal Action 4 Animal Rights

World Wide – (Legal) Action 4 Animal Rights is a dynamic global group, it is an online animal rights resource with the mission to advocate for animal-rights and to help reduce animal suffering through education and non-violent action.

Animals are counting on compassionate people like you to give them a voice and be their heroes by learning about the issues they face and taking action.

Legal Action for Animal Rights” groups started in 2007 as a yahoo group. Since then it has gown into an international network consisting of groups and individuals from around the world who have united together for our one common goal: to help animals

World Wide Legal Action 4 Animal Rights supports non violent action and peaceful actions.

Thank you in advance for helping us make a difference in the lives of so many by spreading the message of love and respect for all animals.








Care for Chinese Animals




Founded by Paola Ghidotti (Italy) in 2011, “Care for Chinese Animals”, is a growing group of individuals from around the world, united to support China’s Animal Advocacy.

We work in collaboration with animal advocates in China to inform and educate the general public about Animal Rights Issues in China. This group’s aim is to network and raise support to the animal rights activists working within China.

The Chinese Animal Rights activists are doing a great job in China to inform about the dog/cat meat and fur trade, to save the animals.

Animal suffering in China is huge and growing. Whether it be by individuals or in industries, millions of cats, dogs, rabbits, foxes, bears, cows, pigs etc. are horribly abused.

At the same time, there is no legislation to protect them whatsoever, which leaves local animal welfare groups stand empty-handed in their battle against cruelty in China.

China has only some laws protecting endangered species of wild animals, but no protection for other animals within the country.

We stand next to Chinese activists.







Victories for the animals


Here on this site is a selection of victories that have helped make the world a better place for animals.

Every action we take, every letter we write, every time we speak up for animals, it gives them another chance to live.

You know, that when it comes to helping the animals who suffer on this planet, there are no boundaries, no borders and no language barriers. We unite together, join hands and campaign to end all suffering, and WE SEE the results here in the VICTORIES FOR THE ANIMALS !

Never underestimates the power of the written word: while a single letter or email may not seem like much, the collective expression of many people’s opinions can help bring about real change. When you send letters and ask yourself “will this do any good?”, let this be a reminder that, together, our voices can be quite loud, and people do listen.














Please Visit Us Again Real Soon – BYE 

4 Responses


    Would you like to stop the agony in this world – the terrible sufferings and
    deaths of humans, animals and birds – radically/once and for all? – I
    know your answer is YES. Enough is enough!

    Then, please spread the following message as quickly as possible.

    God will do the rest. He is waiting for us to do our part of the job.

    Ts.Sirmanov, Ph.D.


    To violate a commandment of the Lord God, the Almighty Creator
    of the universe is not something small. On the contrary – it is very
    dangerous and the punishment begins to hang over the criminal as a
    In this situation are all people, because everyone has
    transgressed one or more of the Ten Commandments of God. Please
    examine your life in this light in order to recognize your sins.
    The good news is that the Lord offers pardon if one fulfills
    His conditions.
    Two thousand years ago, in the Roman province of Judea,
    according to God’s plan, came Jesus Christ to take upon Himself the
    punishment for the transgressions, sins of people. Holy, without being
    guilty, He was beaten, abused, and killed on a cross to pay our debt
    to God.
    Since then everyone who repents for his sins, abandons lies,
    theft, murder, debauchery … and accepts the resurrected Jesus Christ
    as his Master and Savior, receives complete forgiveness, and is saved
    from the coming wrath of God. At the appointed time such a person will
    receive a new body not subject to disease and death, no matter he will
    be alive or asleep in death.
    This Amnesty has been proclaimed among all peoples for nearly
    2000 years. However, many signs show that its term expires.
    At any moment God’s wrath may fall on those who stubbornly refuse to
    repent and continue to transgress God’s law. Scripture says: “It is a
    terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God!”

  2. Keep up the good work. Stop animal suffering.

  3. I participate in animal rescue and foster, and I often hear people claim that spaying/neutering cats and dogs is “cruel” but the same people remain silent on the fact that 1.5 million cats and dogs, just in the USA alone, are killed each year because those same people categorize cats and dogs as “overpopulated” and “homeless”. These “surplus” animals are often killed in pain and squalor, why some people are offended by decreasing the numbers violently killed but not offended by those animals being violently killed in general is exactly the cause of the “problem”.

    Thanks for all the info and THANK YOU for all your noble efforts and everything you do.

    • And we also thank you for your loyal support of our work, be it with articles, comments or likes.
      Together we can be strong for those who need justice and protection – for the animals
      best regards for you

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