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 Mahatma Gandhi, (1869–1948)

“To my mind, the life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being.

I should be unwilling to take the life of a lamb for the sake of the human body.

I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man“.



Dear international friends;

welcome to our site; we hope you enjoy your visit here and come to see us again.

‘Serbian Animals Voice’ (SAV) is a completely volunteer run organisation made up of animal volunteers from several countries in Europe.

All of the posts which you see on this site are initially produced on our other site – ‘World Animals Voice’ – this is the latest site which often holds more information than you read here.

World Animals Voice is what it says – we cover loads of different animal welfare issues from all over the World.

World Animals Voice =   https://worldanimalsvoice.com/

This site, SAV, was originally founded for exposing the abuses of; and campaigning for, the better treatment of all stray / street animals within the Balkans states; particularly Serbia. Our main aim with SAV has been to try and help stray / roaming animals; basically dogs and cats; through the use of the written word and photographs.  We also promote stray adoption when we can.


Help and adoption is especially promoted on our SAV Facebook page which has over 1,300 members.

There are major and very informative contributions from all sides of the Serbian animal supporter network; which includes many photos of animals looking for forever homes or help with their living costs.

You can visit SAV Facebook by clicking on the following link:



Serbia as a nation basically has some good animal welfare legislation – you can read more about this by clicking on https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/about-serbian-animals/ .   The only (for us and all campaigners) problem has always been that despite this good ‘paper’ legislation, the reality is actually very different.

There is very little action by the Serbian government or regional authorities in the way of creating / implementing a real management long term stray numbers reduction plan.  We promote a long term national sterilisation, vaccination and microchipping service as the only way to ever eliminate the stray animal issue.

Money currently spent by authorities catching and killing stray animals could instead be put into a national sterilisation scheme; which is much more cost effective  whilst at the same time gradually reducing the number of strays on the streets.  Good public education on this issue is also vital.  The public must be educated never to turn their own ‘homed’ but unsterilized pet animal onto the street each day, as many do.  When they do; homed animals mix with strays and, hey presto; we end up with another litter of street strays !


Although the national Serbian legislation requires that stray animals be protected; the government and authorities still adopt a ‘catch and kill’ approach many years after the introduction of national legislation to supposedly ‘protect’ strays from suffering.

Serbia is currently an EU ‘Candidate Country’; which means it is attempting to become a future member state of the European Union (EU). As a result of this, the EU is providing Serbia with many millions of Euros in advance of its membership to help with development.

As the SAV team comprises several current EU citizens and member state taxpayers; we really want to witness a return for the money we (EU taxpayers) are pumping into Serbia – the ‘return’ being that we want to see the reality – or drastic improvements by the Serbian government in the way that Serbian animals are treated.  We want to see Serbia actually enforcing its national legal legislation for strays.

To become an EU member state, Serbia should be taking action for Serbian animals in accordance with the requirements of the Copenhagen agreement – which is existing EU law that declares that any country seeking EU accession (ie Serbia) has to prove that it is enforcing its OWN national legislation – which is simply known as the EU ‘rule of law’.

It is only when any accession state such as Serbia can prove to the EU that it (the state) is actually enforcing its own ‘national’ rules of law, that this state should then be considered as being in agreement with the rules of EU membership.

Only then can the Candidate country (in this case Serbia) be considered for EU membership.


Obligations for candidate countries

Countries that want to join the EU have to make sure that:

their judiciary is independent and impartial. This includes, for example, guaranteed access to justice, fair trial procedures, adequate funding for courts and training for magistrates and legal practitioners.

their government and its officials and agents are accountable under the law and that political leaders and decision-makers take a clear stance against corruption.

..the process by which laws are prepared, approved and enforced is transparent, efficient, and fair. Laws must be clear, publicised, stable, fair, and protect fundamental rights.



Serbia is currently (and has since legislation was introduced over 10 years ago) failed to enforce its own national legislation with regard the treatment of stray animals; and we show this many times giving several examples on the many posts of this site.

Serbian animal welfare laws exist on paper but there is never any attempt by the regional authorities to enforce them – Thus, in our opinion, as it is not applying its own ‘rule of law’; Serbia is NOT meeting the EU membership requirements (the Copenhagen legislation) of enforcing its own ‘rules of law’, and as such, Serbia, in our opinion; and that of the law; should not currently be considered as a suitable candidate country for EU accession.

When, and only when we see the Serbian government / regional authorities actually enforcing EXISTING Serbian legislation for the protection of stray animals, will we as an organisation consider that Serbia should be given any opportunity to even start to become an EU member state.

SAV is a completely volunteer run organisation and we are completely self funded.

As you can see from taking a trip around the site; we do not have anything relating directly to donations for ourselves; instead; if you would like to donate to an ‘animal’ organisation, we ask you to consider giving your money directly to animal organisations / shelters of your choice via the links and posts we publish.

To do this we can direct you to the SAV Facebook section;



SAV Facebook has over 1,300 members; many of them from independent Serbian shelters who are always in need of help and support.  The SAV Facebook site acts as a link and mutual support network for many of the groups; whilst at the same time allowing them to put out appeals for help and support; which also includes promoting so many beautiful dogs and cats which are looking for ‘forever homes’.  If you can help them with finding forever homes for their animals; we would all appreciate it.  Here are just a few of the faces:


We may also ask you on the Homepage – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/  – please when you can; offer your support by e mailing, letter writing or petition signing, which we may request.

We are entirely self funded. 

We are not after your cash, but animals in need around the World are are – please help them.


We have also recently introduced a new section to the site called ‘Animal Org’s’;  https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/animal-orgs/  – which gives direct web site access links to the sites of many major animal welfare organisations located all over the globe.

We consider this a very useful section of the site as it allows the visitor to further investigate web sites of international animal welfare groups and to get a better understanding of what they are campaigning for.

All we ask is if you are considering giving a donation to us, you instead find the group or organisation of your choice from our hundreds of posts or the above SAV Facebook link, and give directly to them; thus entirely by-passing us.  

No financial benefits or incentives of any kind are given to any person undertaking work for the SAV Team – it is all voluntary.  

We run this site as volunteers out of affection and respect for all the animals of this world that suffer every day.

cartoon dog and cat


SAV Logo Red by Paola

breast milk

The SAV Team is comprised of campaigners from England (UK), the Republic of Serbia, Germany, Austria and Italy.




Mark Johnson (Founder)

– Kent, England, UK.


Mark (Russian sealer left) – campaigning against Russian seal hunt

– read more further down on this page.


There is nothing wrong with being a devil when the need is right to fight for animals.

Be a pain in the bum if you feel the need !!


Mark – Career Past

“I had a bloody good time doing military fast jets for 24 years; ‘down and dirty’ with the best – ‘RAF Tornado’. 

.. but to be honest, the animal rights / welfare person in me has always been just as strong as the ‘proper’ day job Marky, and the creation of SAV a kind of ultimate destination for me really; there is nothing quite like the satisfaction to be gained by anyone, anywhere, helping to save the lives of, and improving the welfare of animals in need; no matter how big or small their dedication, contribution or effort; everyone simply does what they can to make things better !

– I am delighted to be an animals voice; one of many, in this crazy, cruel, (and unfortunately) money-driven world”

Mark Johnson – Founder SAV – Kent, England UK.

Above – (SAV founder Mark) Photographed in The Netherlands – Touring the EU member states in 1997 with UK farm animal welfare organisation ‘Compassion In World Farming – CIWF – –  campaigning against (EU) intensive animal factory farming.


mark 3


Below – RAF  Tornado Badass Pilot Mix:


Fly low level through Wales in an RAF Tornado:


RAF Tornado go low and fast (down and dirty) at Cad East:


One Response


    Would you like to stop the agony in this world – the terrible sufferings and
    deaths of humans, animals and birds – radically/once and for all? – I
    know your answer is YES. Enough is enough!

    Then, please spread the following message as quickly as possible.

    God will do the rest. He is waiting for us to do our part of the job.

    Ts.Sirmanov, Ph.D.


    To violate a commandment of the Lord God, the Almighty Creator
    of the universe is not something small. On the contrary – it is very
    dangerous and the punishment begins to hang over the criminal as a
    In this situation are all people, because everyone has
    transgressed one or more of the Ten Commandments of God. Please
    examine your life in this light in order to recognize your sins.
    The good news is that the Lord offers pardon if one fulfills
    His conditions.
    Two thousand years ago, in the Roman province of Judea,
    according to God’s plan, came Jesus Christ to take upon Himself the
    punishment for the transgressions, sins of people. Holy, without being
    guilty, He was beaten, abused, and killed on a cross to pay our debt
    to God.
    Since then everyone who repents for his sins, abandons lies,
    theft, murder, debauchery … and accepts the resurrected Jesus Christ
    as his Master and Savior, receives complete forgiveness, and is saved
    from the coming wrath of God. At the appointed time such a person will
    receive a new body not subject to disease and death, no matter he will
    be alive or asleep in death.
    This Amnesty has been proclaimed among all peoples for nearly
    2000 years. However, many signs show that its term expires.
    At any moment God’s wrath may fall on those who stubbornly refuse to
    repent and continue to transgress God’s law. Scripture says: “It is a
    terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God!”

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