Uk (England): HORRIFIC scenes of animal cruelty against pigs facing slaughter have been captured by animal rights activists. The Uk government fails to act.

HORRIFIC scenes of animal cruelty against pigs facing slaughter have been captured by animal rights activists.

The sickening abuse of the animals at a UK abattoir includes punching them and burning them on the face with cigarettes.

They also suffer because of incompetent use of stun equipment, they are hit in the face with bats and dragged to their deaths by their ears. see more ….

Disturbing video footage at:


For immediate release: 29th July 2011

Revealed: cigarettes stubbed out on slaughter pigs’ faces
But Defra refuses to prosecute!

Cigarettes stubbed out on pigs’ faces; one animal punched in the head; another goaded in the face; regular blows and kicks; seriously injured pigs forced to drag themselves to slaughter… All these abuses in one UK slaughterhouse and Defra still won’t prosecute.

Today, Animal Aid has released footage shot secretly at Elmkirk Ltd (Cheale Meats), an Essex-based, family-run slaughterhouse that kills up to 6,000 pigs a week and whose website proclaims: ‘Be proud of higher welfare, buy British pork.’
The film – which was recorded on a number of secretly installed cameras over a period of four days – shows three different workers stubbing their cigarettes out on the faces of pigs, while one of the men landed a violent punch on the face of a pig who was walking by.
In addition, three seriously injured pigs were forced to crawl from the lairage, through the race and into the stun pen. Animal Aid’s cameras followed them as they were pushed, dragged by their ears and kicked along. Such treatment breaches the welfare laws multiple times.*
Animal Aid filmed many examples of incompetence. Pigs are stunned using electrified tongs, which should span their brains and render them immediately insensible. However, three of the four workers filmed stunning pigs showed a callous indifference to the suffering of the animals, many of whom were not stunned correctly. Some were subjected to painful electric shocks from the tongs, and fell to the ground screaming.
It is legal to use electric goads on the muscles of the hindquarters of pigs, but only for brief periods and only when there is space ahead of the animal in which to move. At Cheale Meats, the electric goad was used in the face of one pig and on the anus of another.
An additional worrying episode showed an apparently dead pig being dragged into the stun pen by a pole in her mouth. She was not stunned but she was shackled, hoisted and had her throat cut on the slaughter line. How this animal died, what she had been suffering from and where her meat ended up remain unknown.
Cheale Meats is the ninth UK slaughterhouse to be secretly filmed by Animal Aid in the past two-and-a-half years. The national campaign group has identified legal breaches in seven of the previous eight – some of them so serious that one slaughterhouse was forced to close down. Cases were built for the prosecution of nine men and four slaughterhouse operators before a change of government brought a change of heart, and all the cases were dropped. Defra, under the coalition government, said that, unlike its Labour predecessor, it could not proceed because the evidence was obtained without the permission of the slaughterhouses. Animal Aid believes that this is a politically motivated excuse and cites the recent Panorama programme, which secretly filmed care home workers without the permission of the owners, and whose film is being used to prosecute.
Animal Aid sent the Cheale Meats evidence to the Food Standards Agency (FSA). This is the body that supplies vets to slaughterhouses and investigates breaches of the welfare and hygiene law before passing the cases to Defra, which is the prosecuting body. The FSA replied on 14 June saying: ‘Defra is not prepared to commence prosecution proceedings where the initial allegation is based on CCTV footage gained without the consent of the relevant Food Business Operator.’
Kate Fowler, Head of Campaigns at Animal Aid says:
‘Since we first began investigating English slaughterhouses, we have been pressing everyone involved – regulators, industry bodies and the government – to act decisively to end the cruelty. At first, they appeared contrite and promised action but now their words ring hollow. If Defra won’t prosecute these flagrant breaches of the law; if the vets can’t or won’t act to stop the cruelties; and if the slaughterhouse owners look the other way, who is there to stop animals from being abused at the most vulnerable time of their lives? It seems that all involved are content to keep quiet and to allow these cruelties to continue. So much for the UK having the best welfare standards in the world!’

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Cheale Meats Lts – Quality Pork – ‘RSPCA Freedom Food Approved’ – What a Joke !

– We suggest the RSPCA should investigate this further and PROSECUTE

Notes to Editors:

  • For further information or to arrange an interview, contact Kate Fowler or Andrew Tyler on 01732 364546. Out of hours 07918 083 774
  • A five-minute compilation film from Cheale Meats can be seen:
  • A35-minute film detailing the breaches can be seen:

Notes to accompany the 35-minute film can be seen:

  • Screen grabs from the undercover film can be seen and downloaded:
Additional information:

  • Animal Aid has secretly filmed inside eight other slaughterhouses from January 2009 until the present. Previous investigations can be seen here:

  • While the government has so far failed to take action to curb the cruelties, the supermarkets have responded to Animal Aid’s campaign for CCTV to be installed in the slaughterhouses that supply them. Ten major supermarkets Morrisons, Waitrose, the Co-op, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Tesco, Lidl, Asda, Marks & Spencer and Iceland, along with wholesalers Booker, have now agreed to make CCTV mandatory.
  • * The treatment of the injured pigs at Cheale’s slaughterhouse breaches the Welfare of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) Regulations in a number of ways:

1. The occupier of a slaughterhouse or knacker’s yard and any person engaged in the movement or lairaging of animals shall ensure that pending the slaughter or killing of any sick or disabled animal in the slaughterhouse or knacker’s yard, it is kept apart from any animal which is not sick or disabled.
(Schedule 3, Part II 2 (e))
2. The occupier of a slaughterhouse or knacker’s yard and any person engaged in the movement or lairaging of any animal shall ensure that any animal which has experienced pain or suffering during transport or following its arrival at the slaughterhouse or knacker’s yard is slaughtered or killed immediately.
(Schedule 3, Part II, paragraph 4 (a)) <>
3. The occupier of a slaughterhouse or knacker’s yard and any person engaged in the movement or lairaging of any animal shall ensure that any animal which is unable to walk is not dragged to its place of slaughter or killing but is slaughtered or killed where it lies; or if it is possible and to do so would not cause any unnecessary pain or suffering, is transported on a trolley or movable platform to a place of emergency slaughter or killing where it is then immediately slaughtered or killed.
(Schedule 3, Part II, paragraph 5 (a,b)) <>

4. The occupier of a slaughterhouse or knacker’s yard and any person engaged in the movement of any animals shall ensure that every animal is moved with care and, when necessary, that animals are led individually.
(Schedule 3, Part II, paragraph 9) <>

5. No person shall inflict any blow or kick to any animal.
(Schedule 3, Part II, paragraph 12)

6. No person shall lift or drag, or cause or permit to be lifted or dragged, any animal by the head, horns, ears, feet, tail, fleece or any other part of its body in such a way as to cause it unnecessary pain or suffering.
(Schedule 3, Part II, paragraph 7)

UPDATE 5/8/11  **** ACTIONS: ****

The FSA (Food Standards Agency)-
Those in the UK please write to your MP here– 
– simply enter your postcode then write in your message. Ask them to take immediate action.

The Uk government (Defra) ministers who are REFUSING TO ACT on this footage:

Jim Paice – “The worst animal welfare minister ever”:

Caroline Spelman

Both Ministers of the Uk Conservative government run by David Cameron –

Uk Prime Minister.




Germany: Recent Photographs of Hunters ‘Game’ – Then Simply Disposed Of Into Waste Bins.

Here is a selection of pictures taken during the last week showing wild boar that has been slaughtered by hunters in Germany.  Animals which have been killed by the hunters, and then their bodies then simply disposed of in ‘animal waste’ bins, which are collected weekly for ‘disposal’ by the local authorities.

What is the point of taking life like this ?

And they call themselves ‘men’ ?

More photographs of this barbaric blood lust by the sad, obviously ‘frustrated with something in life’ fraternity will be published in the coming weeks.

You can review some of our past SAV posts on German hunting issues via the following links:


Uk (England): Irish (Male) Calves Transported From England to Mainland Europe – Read The Shipment Report Here.

Live animal exports from Kent, England, today.

Read the KALE reports at:

KALE Report J16 for 28 July 2011 SAV Version

KALE Report J17 – 2nd Shipment 28 July 2011

View extra photographs of recent past sailings at:

Extra Photos of 15 16 July Sailing by ‘Joline’ from Ramsg…

Live calves for the veal trade being shipped from Ireland to mainland Europe.

England being used as a ‘land bridge’ between Ireland and Europe.

Animals being shipped out of the port of ‘Ramsgate’ – which is located on the English Channel coast, Kent county, England.

Calves most probably destinned for Spain.

There is a big country wide campaign to stop this.

Please sign the EU wide petition for a maximum 8 hour journey time for live animal transport within the EU at:

Pictures from the last shipment 2 weeks ago:





SAV Comment: Please ensure you add your name to the call for 8 hours maximum journey time for animals in transport within the EU


Please note that Turkey is NOT an EU member state.




Severe dehydration, blistering heat and death: horrific animal welfare conditions in export of EU animals to Turkey

An investigation has been carried out by Eyes on Animals, the Animal Welfare Foundation and Compassion in World Farming, looking into the export of bulls, pregnant heifers and sheep from a number of EU Member States to Turkey.

The findings were horrific.

These animals have come from Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece and Latvia with the distances travelled as far as 2,200km in some cases. 44 animal transports were checked at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey and extreme welfare problems leading to severe animal suffering were discovered.

Peter Stevenson, Chief Policy Advisor of Compassion in World Farming says: “We are calling for the European Commission to suspend the export of animals to Turkey as a matter of urgency in order to prevent further suffering by EU animals.

“Indeed, we believe that this inhumane and unnecessary trade should be brought to an end altogether. The long distances and high temperatures are too extreme to guarantee even the most minimal animal welfare standards.”

Delays lasting hours, even days, regularly occur at the border while the trucks wait for veterinary and customs clearance. During the delays animals are left in blistering heat on stationary vehicles without sufficient water and food. We witnessed deeply disturbing welfare conditions:

the animals were exhausted and often had to lie down in a thick layer of their faeces

the animals were desperate with thirst,

the ammonia smell was unbearable

the temperatures inside the vehicles were measured at up to 48°C and in one case we measured 58°C in a Bulgarian sheep truck . EU cattle are not accustomed to the extreme summer heat of Turkey and become weak and even collapse

Many animals were unloaded at the border to check their weight or sex. They were not given any water or food while they were off the vehicle and even unfit animals that could not walk were forced back on to the trucks.

In one case a bull that collapsed on the ramp was reloaded even though he could not move at all. After shoving, kicking and hitting failed to make him move, the ramp was lifted and the animal slid back into the truck. During the journey to Ankara a second bull was found lying on the vehicle floor in agony with a broken front leg.

The suffering engendered by this trade is made worse by the fact that approximately 90% of the transports that we inspected were in breach of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport. Often the animals are crammed in with insufficient floor space and have too little headroom which impairs ventilation. In many cases the water taps are not working or are not turned on or the water tank is empty. Even when the water system is working, the overcrowding means that many animals cannot reach the water devices.

The Commission was alerted to these problems by us on 5 April 2011 and again on 27 May. We urged the Commission to take action as a matter of urgency as extreme levels of suffering were likely to occur if the long delays at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey continued during the hot summer months. We were dismayed to find, when we were at the border earlier this month that the Commission and the Member States concerned have failed to take any effective action to address these problems. As a result of this failure, EU animals continue to experience immense suffering.


Please give your support  to

Serbia: 27/07/11 – Investigations Reveal An Illegal Zoo Confirmed Operating, Combined With A Minister Who Appears Unable To Perform His Job Requirements !

Obviously our main concern is now the current welfare and long term future of the animals which are currently existing at Novi Pazar.  It is very early days into a positive result, but we will endevour with our Serbian welfare friends to ensure that good, permanent and much better quality homes are found for all the current animals at this ILLEGAL hell hole zoo.  – SAV

Very Important Update – Wednesday 27/07/11

‘VUK’ Zoo facility; Novi Pazar, Serbia.

Regarding the combined efforts of animal welfare organisations to expose the horrendous conditions at ‘VUK’ zoo facility in Novi Pazar, Southern Serbia, we have now been given a fantastic update by ‘Help Animals’, Belgrade.

We now have official confirmation from the Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning that they undertook an inspection of the facility on 5th of July 2011, and that it was found that the owner of zoo park, one Mr. Ismail Redzepovic, from Novi Pazar, does not possess any documentation in relation to this facility being operated / kept as a zoo park.

Official letters are as follows:

zoo vrt-vuk,odg.str

Further, he (Mr. Ismail Redzepovic) does not even possess any form of licence for any kind of economic activity at this facility.

We are informed that he “just has something like a kind of agreement with Belgrade zoo park, from where it appears that allegedly, he was supplied with the animals he has.”  It is also alleged that some of the animals were given “as a gift”.

There are many issues that concern us greatly with regard this zoo park situation; the main ones being the complete ignorance of the Serbian government Ministry (Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning) that they have any idea what is happening.  Once again, it comes down to animal welfare organisations exposing the situation ‘in the field / reality’, while government ministers appear to simply sit back, turning a blind eye to what is actually happening, whilst at the same time directing people to useless government zoo animal welfare regulations which simply exist as words on a sheet of paper !

Remember the words which inform us how tight the zoo regulations are !

This whole situation at Novi Pazar shows that the whole system is out of control, and that government ministers who are in a position to oversee what happens and strictly enforce the animal welfare regulations, are simply turning a blind eye to their official responsibilities.

We ask the following questions of the minister:

  • Why were you completely unaware of the illegal operation of the Novi Pazar zoo park facility ?
  • Why were you completely unaware that (wild) animals were being traded between Belgrade zoo park and Novi Pazar zoo park facility ?
  • Why were you as the Minister not aware of live animals being transported on civil roads between these two facilities ?
  • What would have been your response should animals have escaped from vehicles during transportation that you appear to not have been aware of ?
  • Without any official documentation (licenses) to support animals being shipped between facilities (Belgrade and Novi Pazar); is there not a bio-security risk across the country ? – the potential for animal diseases to be spread by possible carrier animals in transport between Belgrade and Novi Pazar ?
  • What checks are now going to be undertaken regarding animal record documentation at Belgrade zoo park ?
  • In accordance with the “Official Document on the Law for Animal Welfare Serbia” – Section 14 – Protection of Animal welfare in Zoo’s –

Clause 71:

Why were you as the Minister, not aware of:

The proprietor of zoological park or a mini park, sanctuary or a nursery/ breeding facility for wild animals has an obligation to provide”:

  • Keeping official record of every individual animal, as well as a record of all sold or exchanged animals, or animals that are given to third parties as a gift ?
  • Financial means that are necessary for continuous work of the zoo

Clause 72 states.  Person responsible for the protection of animal welfare in zoological park, sanctuary or breeding facility for wild animals must have completed studies on academic level with title – diploma – master in veterinary science (doctor for veterinary medicine ) or biological science (diploma zoologist /biologist – master)  or completed basic studies in the length of minimum of 5 years in the field of veterinary science or minimum of 4 years in the field of biological science.

  • So what academic studies in animal welfare and zoo keeping were undertaken by Mr. Ismail Redzepovic ?
  • Is he (Mr. Ismail Redzepovic) qualified with a diploma ? – is he a master in veterinary science (doctor for veterinary medicine) ? or has he specialised in biological science (diploma zoologist /biologist – master) ?
  • Did Mr. Ismail Redzepovic complete basic studies for a minimum of 5 years in veterinary science ? – or did he undertake a minimum of 4 years in the field of biological science ?
  • What has been his ‘training in the welfare field’ ?
  • What training did the Minister, in collaboration with and approvals of acting as Minister for the environmental protection, provide as the program for training of the persons that are going to provide animal welfare from clause 2 of this section ? – what did the minister do regarding Novi Pazac zoo ?


Clause 73.

Movement of wild animals that are under the special regime of animal protection in conjunction with local and international regulations can be carried out only in-between zoological parks, sanctuaries and breeding facilities with approval by minister and acting minister for the environmental protection”.

  • Why, as minister, were you completely unaware that wild animals had been moved between Belgrade and Novi Pazar zoo parks ?
  • The movement and trading of animals is only allowed to be approved by the Minister – so why such a massive failure here ? – could it be that the minister does not care as long as he has words and paper legislation attempting to show that regulations exist ?

This expose is a massive embarrassment for the government and the ministers, showing simply that they have no control over what is happening.  Animals are suffering hugely as a result.  Paper documentation and ‘Weasel Word’ government legislation for the alleged protection of animals in zoos is supposed to exist in the form of “Official Document on the Law for Animal Welfare Serbia” – Section 14 – Protection of Animal welfare in Zoo’s.  What a joke this legislation is; legislation which means nothing being overseen by people who do nothing – government ministers.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.

This information is being passed to the EU Legal Affairs section, Brussels, as further evidence why Serbian ministers need to get their act together regarding the enforcement of Serbian animal welfare legislation before Serbia is allowed EU accession.

Our thanks go out to all our supporters who have sent messages relating to this issue so far.  This is not the end; probably just the beginning !

Past SAV posts relating to Novi Pazar zoo, and other Serbian zoo facilites:

Serbia: Novi Pazar Zoo Now Produced As Youtube Video – Please Crosspost Link.

Further to all of our zoo campaigning recently, we have produced a quick video relating to the situation at Novi Pazar zoo.

Please feel free to use the following link when you send out any correspondence, as it will hopefully make the unaware aware of the terrible suffering of some Serbian zoo animals and the conditions in which they exist.

Youtube video link:


SAV and ‘Help Animals’ Belgrade Join Forces For Serbian Zoo Animals.

**Additional Update 21/07/11**

Help Animals have now reproduced the zoo letter in Serbian for campaigners to e mail to the authorities directly; as concerned Serbian citizens.

See the Serbian version of the letter via the following link:


SAV and ‘Help Animals’, Belgrade, are working together to put additional pressure onto the Serbian government regarding zoo conditions for (Serbian) animals.

The ‘sample letter’ which is given on this site, and which is directed at Serbian government ministers, has also been reproduced on the ‘Help Animals’ site with the special intention that Serbian citizens and campaigners can ask their government directly to take this issue on board and act !

We hope that with this united campaign front, action will now be taken by Serbian ministers to fully review the situation for all animals in all Serbian zoos.

‘Help Animals’, Belgrade – Website link (including sample letter):

English =

‘Help Animals’, Belgrade – Facebook link:!/groups/58256910394


Some SAV past Serbian zoo links:

Main article, including sample letter to send to Serbian government officials: