Canada: Petition for Canadian Citizens ONLY – Stop the Live Air Export of Over 7,000 Horses to Japan for Slaughter and Human Consumption.

This petition is only open for CANADIAN citizens to sign; but it is very important – your support is required and please crosspost.

CALL-TO-ACTION! Just three weeks left to sign this Government of Canada e-petition calling for a stop to live air transport of horses for human consumption. The petition is sponsored by Beaches-East York Liberal MP, Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, and closes on June 19.


BACKGROUND INFO: In 2018, over 7,000 horses were air shipped from Canada to Japan for slaughter for human consumption.

Up to 3 to 4 horses are loaded into crates smaller than a single horse stall, frequently in contravention of Health of Animals Regulations and International Air Transport Association (IATA) standards.

Further, these beings are having to endure flights that are 10.5 to 13.5 hours long, during which time (and for the additional hours spent for ground transportation, loading into crates, and loading and unloading crates from planes), they have no access to food or water. Please help. This needs to stop.


Supplied by Animal Rights Toronto:

the right of the others

“we had to give the child away, the animal was allergic”!



Morality is indivisible.
What we would not do with humans, we must not do with animals.
The right to life, freedom, protection must belong to all kinds.
A just social order requires respect and protection of all animal species.



My best regards to all, Venus


1 Million people want “End the Cage Age”!


Petition “End The Cage Age” breaks the critical mark and writes history for the animals!


The Association Against Animal Factories (VgT, Austria) and 170 other clubs from across the EU have already collected more than 1 million signatures in just 9 months to end the caging.

One million EU citizens for ending the caging Petition “End The Cage Age” breaks the critical mark and writes history for the animals!

VGT campaigner Georg Prinz is pleased: “One million signatures are a huge milestone and we are proud to work with so many other clubs and initiatives on behalf of the animals, but the fight for the cages is far from over.
We will continue to collect signatures until September to ensure that the newly elected European Parliament understands how important this concern is to its citizens!

Together we demand: End The Cage Age – let’s end the cage age! “


For more…at:

And I mean: Yes! It’s a wonderful initiative with great results already.

But I immediately thought of our other great campaign the “8hours Campaign” against the long animal transports.

At that time, we had collected 1.2 million signatures, it was the largest number ever to have collected for a petition!

Today, the animals still suffer in the truck for days.
And the responsible persons of this useless club (EU) can not do anything.

We need to learn something from this, we must accompany this one million signatures with a strategy and finalize a Plan B, should the EU Commissioners ignore this spectacular number of signatures and stand on the side of the agrarian mafia again.

But most of all, we have to be optimistic.
What once did not work, maybe this time works!


My best regards to all, Venus


because they are someone, not something



Received anonymously (see above, or click here to view video from the action):

Can you imagine, spending your whole life, being detained, in your own shit?
Can you imagine, that all you know about life, is a concentration camp, violence and suffering?
Can you imagine, seeing your fellow inmates falling, agonizing and dying?
Can you imagine, never have seen the sky, sunlight, a tree or a blade of grass?
But that all of this would not matter at all, because others, by billions, will be born for the same purpose.
We, have imagined them discovering daylight, fresh wind, life.
And so we have stopped imagining, and started acting.
We broke in and opened the prison doors. Prisons for the most innocent beings…
And we will keep doing it.

From now on, let’s OPEN all the cages and all the farm doors!

“We Have Stopped Imagining, and Started Acting”

And I main...It is the fascist conviction of the human species that maintains the slavery of the animals, that they are there to serve us as food, clothes, entertainment, test objects.
The legalization of this privilege, by a criminal system, of eating whatever pleases everyoneleads to a two-class justice system, to the exploitation of the weaker par excellence.

Therefore, the message of the animal liberator goes above all to the meat eaters, to the perpetrators who give this second-hand murder order:

No cooperation with the hangmen, no cooperation with the slaves owners.

Stop eating animals!



My best regards to all, Venus


Australia: Live Exports Demo – Saturday 1st June 2019 – North Freemantle. 

Australia: Live Exports Demo – Saturday 1st June 2019 – North Freemantle.


Australia: Live Exports Demo – Saturday 1st June 2019 – North Freemantle.

Firstly, with the result of the recent federal election, the appointment of HUGE live export fan, Bridget McKenzie to Minister of Agriculture position and at least another three years of the live sheep trade, we urge you to please commit to renewing your membership if it has lapsed, or join if you are not already a member. From as little as $5 per month via GiveNow – that’s just $1.17 per week and is of the greatest value to us in helping fund our ongoing campaign. Or you can pay an annual membership fee via our website.

Regarding this Saturday’s public outreach at Tydeman Rd. Please check staus on Facebook event page on Friday night and radar (see below) on Saturday morning.

View all the details at:





Thailand: Justice for Dumbo, Baby Elephant Whose Legs Snapped After Constantly Performing for Tourists.


Thailand: Please Sign the Petition for the Baby Elephant Forced to Perform for Tourists – and Who Had Both Back Legs Snap ! – It Died In Agony.

We recently covered this issue in recent post:

Now there is a formal petition for the baby elephant who had its legs snap because it was forcibly performing for brain dead tourists.


Petition Link:


SIGN: Justice for Dumbo, Baby Elephant Whose Legs Snapped After Constantly Performing for Tourists

Justice for Dumbo, Baby Elephant Whose Legs Snapped After Constantly Performing for Tourists

Posted by Carly Day

PETITION TARGET: Thai Ambassador to the US

Forced to perform day after day for hordes of tourists at the Phuket Zoo in Thailand, a skeletal three-year-old elephant died in agony a week after both his back legs snapped.

Named Dumbo by supporters, the elephant was malnourished, skinny and weak, according to animal welfare organization Moving Animals. Yet he was still forced to dance, “play” musical instruments, and perform tricks up to three times a day. Even when not performing, he had to stand on display for zoo visitors for hours every day.

Tragically, Dumbo’s strained body gave way under the pressure. When his front legs became stuck in a mud puddle on April 13, his brittle back legs couldn’t hold his weight, snapping as he struggled to free himself, reported the Phuket News.

To add to the torment, Dumbo was unable to stand for three days before staff even realized his legs were broken and took him to a hospital for treatment.

There, vets discovered he had been suffering from a chronic digestive tract infection for months, resulting in malnutrition and a host of other problems.

Dumbo’s abused body finally gave up on April 20th; he faded away and died at the hospital.

Sadly, this heartbreaking case is only one of many that often happen in Thailand’s zoos and amusement parks, where elephants and other wild animals are exploited for human entertainment.

Sign this petition urging the Thai ambassador to call for a ban on the use of elephants and other wild animals for entertainment, so no animal has to suffer as Dumbo did ever again.



UK: Tell the Minister to Stop British Forces Travelling to Denmark For Live Animal Trauma Training.

Between 2010 and 2017, experimenters at a top-secret UK government laboratory killed almost 50,000 animals in horrific tests. They exposed monkeys to biological weapons, poisoned guinea pigs, and blasted pigs with explosives.

Twice a year, UK military personnel travel to Denmark to participate in deadly trauma training drills, in which they repeatedly shoot live animals such as pigs or subject them to severe blast wounds from explosions.

Non-animal training methods are already widely available, and new technology is under development, so there’s no justification for torturing and killing animals.

Please urge the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to stop shooting, stabbing, and dismembering pigs in cruel military training:



Sign the campaign petition to Minister

Penny Mordaunt MP

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