India (Mumbai): 26/06 – Pups for Adoption









Hi ppl

lucy’s pups are now 4 months old and very cute and playful. these girls, milie, honey and chintu are almost like our local dogs, but with better fur. their mom lucy, was a pom n stray mixed breed. these girls are also a little smaller in size as compared to other dogs. u can check their pics on-

(out of the same lot, mikki, messy, rex and tikki have got homes in loving families)
if u have any doubts about adopting a female dog, please check my

aarti, greg, rupali, were all interested in adopting a male pup, but all ended up adopting a female pup. they had no problems since the past year, and the dogs are part of their happy family! similarly, chinky, coco, goldie and angel are also doing well in their homes. most of the families with kids prefer having female dogs as they are very protective of the children and are very careful with them.
anyone wanting to get these bundles of joy home, please reply-

please forward the mail to anyone who mayb interested in adopting a pet.

a quote from animal world- A male dog would kill for his Master but a female dog would die for hers…
efforts may fail, but do not fail to make an effort!

“Monitor alone uses more than half of computer’s total power. I choose to switch off the monitor everytime I take a break.”

Animals and humans suffer and die alike. …the same pain, the same spilling of blood, the same stench of death, the same arrogant, cruel, and brutal taking of life.

USA (California): Any Chance of Life For Californian Shelter Animals ? – USA Supporters Please Read On …..





California’s notorious central valley animal shelters are said to have the highest kill rate in the entire United States, according to many experts (some say as high as 80%).

The Fresno City Council decided to cut the Fresno SPCA’s budget a devastating 10%!! As if conditions weren’t bad enough?!?!? Add to that Governor Schwarzenegger’s plan to euthanize innocent shelter animals in 3 days, shelter animals will have no chance to live the life they deserve:

PLEASE e-mail or fax the Fresno City Council members and let them know how you feel about this death sentence to innocent animals.

Also, please e-mail or fax the city council members and implore them to PLEASE pass a mandatory spay and neuter law immediately in Fresno, just as Clovis did recently :-


Contact info can be found here:

Don’t forget to cc your e-mail to the Mayor of Fresno:

To help the animals at the Central Valley SPCA, go here:

Please cross post! Thank you! 


Above is a direct re-print of information supplied by one of our US contacts. – SAV.

I Like England In The Summer !




Spain: Bull Gets Its Revenge On Abusive Tormentor Before It Dies


good stab

Photo: Mail On Line

The day the bull had its revenge.

More photographs to enjoy at the following link:–tears-inch-hole-side.html

“His gaping wound is nearly eight inches wide, with Spanish press claiming it was a miracle the bull’s horn had missed his heart”.

We say, does anyone who gets pleasure and enjoyment out of abusing such a majestic animal actually even have a heart in the first place ? – we say NO !

Lancho is critical – so who cares ?

The bull was critical for a long time before its eventual death.  Look at the pictures.

Lancho, you have got everything you deserved.

Hungary: File of Dogs Murdered by Illatosut, Budapest










These dogs were killed today in Illatos-ut, Budapest;

the next ones will be killed on Friday – perhaps we could bring out one or two of

them – but we didn´t find homes for these unhappy, little souls.

And without homes we couldn´t bring them out from this hell,

named Illatosut, Budapest.

Read, please, the last sentence, too:

1.)    75B

2.) 80B:

 3.) 81B:

4.) 94K:

5.) 96K:

6.) 111B:

7.) 132B:

8.) 153K:

9.) 153K:

10.) 167K:


Az utolsó meg mérgezett patkányt evett, reggelre holtan feküdt a kifutóban.

This dog had eaten a poisoned rat – he would be found this morning – dead.  Suicide?  004909405500417 Skype

Australia / Namibia: Australian fur Company Buys All Skins From Last Years Barbaric Murders – July 1st Sees More Killings – Take Action Now




From: Animals Australia

namib seals

Seals being clubbed to death in Namibia – All for an Australian Fur and Skins Company !

The world’s largest and cruellest slaughter of seals is about to commence on 1st July in Namibia.

Australian-based fur and skins company, Hatem Yavuz, is directly implicated in this annual brutal slaughter. Hatem Yavuz alone bought all of the dead seal pup skins from last year’s cull in order to make fur coats.

This year, the highest quota ever — 91,000 cape fur seals — are set to be killed.

Most pups will be so young that they are still being nursed by their mothers. The terrified pups will be rounded up, separated from their mothers and brutally clubbed to death.

The market for Namibian Cape Fur Seal skins has collapsed over recent years due to lack of demand and import bans in the European Union, the United States, Mexico and South Africa because of the cruelty involved in the sealing methods.

As of 2008, there was only one company left buying seal skins from Namibia — Hatem Yavuz.

An international campaign to expose and pressure Hatem Yavuz has been started by Seal Alert-South Africa. Please add your voice and express your outrage to Hatem Yavuz for their culpability in animal cruelty, and call on them to commit to never again buying Namibian Cape Fur Seal skins.

Take further action at:

Serbia: Please Give Your (Petition) Support to Save Serbian Beautiful River Rzav From Government and Industry Abuse








*** PETITION LINK  *** –


River photographs: –

Contact Links (Serbia): –

All other web links and info: –

Dear all;

SAV is an organisation devoted to global animal welfare issues.  But that does not stop us from being concerned about natural / environmental issues also.  You can see a little about our involvement with Stara Planina, another beautiful Serbian wilderness under threat from government, at the following: 

This is another appeal, initially simply a request to ask you to give your support to a petition to save the river Rzav, which may be damned and thereafter used for what ? – mineral extraction ?, a source of water supply to towns and cities ?

Whatever, the flora and fauna of the delicate region is under immense threat by money grabbing politicians and industrialists, who, as long as they gain financially out of the project, do not care what damage they do to the environment.

They need to be informed about public opinion; please give a minute of your time to signing the petion to save the river Rzav.  The more global support there is, especially from within the EU, the more pressure that can be put on Serbian ministers.  Serbia wishes to join the EU, we wish the Serbian government to show respect to animals, nature and the environment.

Please sign the petition to save the river.

Thanks – SAV.

Full petition wording follows – English and Serbian.

Feel Free to copy and crosspost to all your contacts – global support is essential.


petition overview 

God Save Rzav


Ministarstvo za zivotnu sredinu,Republicki Zavod za zastitu prirode, Javnost Srbije,

Sponsored by: 

God Save Rzav

Postovani posetioci,

Bili  bismo Vam jako zahvalani ako biste, pored potpisivanaja Peticije, uneli u predvidjenu rubriku i Vasu licnu poruku, koja bi se odnosila na Rzav. Hvala!

Link grupe – God Save Rzav

We would be honored if, along with signing of this Petition, you leave your comment related to the river Rzav (see the comment section provided). Thank you!

(posle teksta na engleskom sledi tekst na srpskom jeziku)

Building of the dam on the river Rzav will sentence the river to a death!

It took a million of years for the nature to build up the river Rzav in the form and look we have and enjoy today. And a man strives to destroy it pretty soon.

Please, sign up the Petition to revoke the death sentence to the river Rzav – the last river in Serbia unpolluted along its entire course.

At the end of 2008 on the Facebook website it was founded a Group GOD SAVE RZAV with the fundamental goal – to protect and save the Rzav river in its original form and genuine look. The river Rzav is the only river in Serbia that is absolutely unpolluted along its entire course.

As one of the shiniest pearls of the string of Serbian nature beauties, the river Rzav has been recently looked at by the eye of industry of the entire region and the country as a whole. No wonder to that at all regarding the fact that the river Rzav possess nature resource that many futurologists long ago found as the hugest wealth of the future – clean and clear water.

The river Rzav is now to be offered to alter of the God of money and is convicted to make its sacrifice! Several concrete-made “knives” (dams) are planned to be plunged into its beautiful, tender body. If that happens, the river Rzav, in its form and look well known to us, will disappear forever entering the empire of our memories only.

The new, huge water surfaces will destroy stream-rapids, cliffy Canyons, livid-green whirlpools and healing spas of the river Rzav. The climate will automatically change itself and instead of Sun we will get fog. Also, its influence on agriculture, the fundament of this region, could be only guessed, then.

Our goal is to bring together as many people as possible into this non-profitable Group turning, that way, a quantity into a quality in just a moment. Along with your help we will organize and run various actions including:

%u2022 Creations of the Petitions
%u2022 Alarming the public
%u2022 Cleaning of the river Rzav
%u2022 Chasing and driving the poachers away the river coasts
%u2022 Miscellaneous happenings in the sphere of culture and sport, etc.

Therefore, I cordially call you to join us, to visit the coasts of the Saint River Rzav and have a drink of the crystal clear water from your palm, like modern Diogens did. That way we will forever save the river Rzav, not only for us, but for future generations we borrowed it from, for only awhile.

Next year, I plan to take a walk along the entire course of the river Rzav (from its spring to its chops) and that way to make maybe the last film about the last unpolluted river in Serbia.

If interested, please don’t hesitate to contact me at:
Link za Facebook grupu God Save Rzav



Reka Rzav. Jedina preostala nezagadjena reka u Srbiji celim tokom.

Na Rzav, jedan od najsjajnijih bisera u niski srpskih prirodnih lepota, oko je bacila industrija celog regiona, a i sire. A to i ne cudi s obzirom da Rzav poseduje bogatsvo koje su mnogi futorolozi jos davno proglasili najvecim blagom buducnosti; cistu vodu.

Na oltar Boga Novca, prinece se zrtva zvana Rzav, tako sto ce se u njegovo prelepo i ranjivo telo zabiti nekolio betonskih nozeva (brana). Time ce Rzav, kakvog ga sad poznajemo, zauvek otici u carstvo secanja. Nove ogromne vodene povrsine unistice leprsave brzake, vrletne kanjone, modrozelene virove, lekovite banje… Klima ce se promeniti i umesto Sunca dobicemo maglu, a o uticaju na okosnicu privrede ovog kraja, poljoprivredu, moze se samo nagadjati.

Cilj Peticije je prikupljanje sto vise potpisa koje cemo podneti Republickoj Skupstitni, nadleznim ministarstvima i medijima cime dajemo konkretan doprinos afirmaciji ideje spasavanja Svete reke Rzav.

Postovani posetioci,

Bili  bismo Vam jako zahvalani ako biste, pored potpisivanaja Peticije, uneli u predvidjenu rubriku i Vasu licnu poruku, koja bi se odnosila na Rzav. Hvala!


river Rzav

This needs to be saved for the children of the future !!

*** PETITION LINK  *** –