EU: Tin Pot God Junker Does NOTHING To Enforce Existing EU Legislation Despite What The Web Site Says !

UPDATE 7/7/17 – Donald Tusk now speaks weasel words also.

Donald Tusk at the G20 meeting in Germany today

words are easy but its actions that matter

Mr ‘action that matters’ – Donald Tusk


Very true Mr Tusk – you speak fine words about live animals shipped to Turkey being covered by Regulation 1/2005; but the reality is that you never enforce the rules.  You Mr Tusk, along with Junker, never actually take the actions that matter

Maybe that is why there are a lot of pissed off Europeans giving you and other idiots lots of trouble in Germany today !

Photo – EoA Netherlands



Please have a look at the following video and then read the comments from Venus.

The EU Parliament – elected by the people of Europe through the democratic process of elections.  The EU Commission, headed by Junker – the real decision making chamber of the EU though its un elected Commissioners – a non democratic process

Take live animal transport for example; the Parliament can vote and say that journey times must be reduced; but it is just one Commissioner who says there is no need and so nothing changes.  Over 700 MEPs can want for change, but if just one Commissioner opposes this view, then things remain unchanged as he wants.  Junker, the un elected ‘master’ of the Commission; the man who holds the keys to change but only on policy that he wants to change.  When it comes to animal welfare this is why we see no real change – Junker is not interested and so AW is thrown into the bin.


Junker – the almighty god of the EU Commission

If only the same could be done with un elected Junker

The UK is getting out of the EU (Brexit) because of these very such operating principles which give the people of the EU no real voice to change things.  UK / EU Brexit negotiations are currently under way for the UK to hopefully leave as a member within the next few years.

What are the other nations of Europe doing about the un elects running the show ? – well not a lot really.  They continue to sit under the control of un elected Commissioners headed by Junker; and like little mice, they continue to pay in their fees and do everything that the Commission demands of them.  One day when other EU nations have some guts, they will join up with the UK and send a clear message to Brussels that it is the few who are dictating to the very many citizens of the EU.


Mr President, you can criticize the parliament, but it is not up to the commission to control the parliament, it’s up to the parliament to control the commission,” Tajani said.

EU unsure – how nations feel about the ‘master’ EU


Dear Mark,

I sent you a very “pretty” Video from EU-Parmanent, which documents a meeting of the EU Parliament.
Home artist: Junker !!

I accompany this video with the following comment:

I agree with the President of the European Parliament, Tatjani, that Parliament controls the Commission and not the Commission the EU Parliament.

In addition, Juncker should note that the EU Parliament was elected by the EU citizen, but the Commission was not, so the Juncker himself was not elected by the people of Europe.
And before Juncker starts the sharp criticism against the EU Parliament, he should try to bring his stables, the (his) EU Commission, under control.

It is at least (and also) ridiculous, that an idle bunch of well-paid and nothing-doing servants of Merkel will do nothing against the suffering of millions of animals in the EU.
I find this not only ridiculous, I find it abominable and against any form of work ethic.


Best Regards to you and all




EU Commission link (Europa) –


What does the Commission do ? – Allegedly they claim to:


Enforces EU law

·         Together with the Court of Justice, ensures that EU law is properly applied in all the member countries.

We think they must have missed the boat when it comes to enforcing EU animal transport legislation as defined in 1/2005 and as shown in the following videos.  This just proves that despite its ‘enforcement’ weasel words, the Commission actually does NOTHING to enforce EU law

The Commission is a joke, as is Junker.


Watch the videos in the following links to see just how ineffective Junker and his Commissioner gods are at allegedly enforcing EU law:


Warning – the following links contain video links to very disturbing animal abuse during transport:


Please do not tell me that people like Junker are ‘important’; he is ineffective and an utter tosser as the lack of enforcement of EU regulations above show.

Junker = Waste of space.


Latest Euro news – 6/7/17:




England / Bosnia: Take Action For Bosnian Fur Farm Animals – Before They Get Another 10 Years In Cages !


From friend Mark at ‘Respect for Animals’, Nottingham, England.

Please sign the petition re fur farming ban in Bosnia – and then pass the link to all your contacts – Thanks SAV.


Dear friend.

Do you have 30 seconds?

We are worried about an urgent procedure in the Bosnian parliament that threatens the ban on fur farming, which is due to come into force in 2018.

This proposal will prolong fur farming for ANOTHER 10 YEARS.

We need to make our voices heard for animals.  Another 10 years of suffering for huge numbers of animals who will be factory farmed in tiny wire cages is not acceptable.

We’ve already written to key Bosnian politicians and now are asking you to add your name to our letter to the Ambassador for Bosnia- Herzegovina.


Just click here and complete the form to sign the letter

Here is the text of the letter you will be adding your name to:

To His Excellency Mustafa Mujezinovic

I am writing to you regarding the fur farming ban which should be implemented in 2018 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I am alarmed about the unjustified urgent procedure in the Bosnian House of Representatives that undermines the Animal Protection and Welfare Act, which banned the cruel and unnecessary practice of fur farming.

This urgent proposal will prolong this cruel industry and the suffering of innocent animals for another 10 years, just months before the ban should take place. This is extremely disappointing.

Previously, I had admired the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina for your role at the forefront of a Europe that respects animal welfare by the passing of this Act. In the last eight years, fur farmers in Bosnia and Herzegovina were given the opportunity to transition to a more sustainable industry.

Prolonging the phase-out period would be unjustifiable to farmers that have respected the law. It would weaken the reliability of legislation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, given the unjustified, urgent procedure used by the House of Representatives to annul legislation that was voted upon by the Bosnian government nine years ago.

Just click here and complete the form to sign the letter

For the animals,

Mark Glover, Director.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Pwetition – To close the Horrific , Corrupt and Abusive Zunovnica Public Shelter, Bosnia.


To close the Horrific , Corrupt and Abusive Zunovnica Public Shelter, Bosnia



take-action-3  take-action-2

Petition link –



Decision makers

Prime Minister-designate of Sarajevo Canton

Prime Minister-designate of Sarajevo Elmedin Konakovic

  • Djani Hasecic

lejla dedic 

Bosnian Gov    


There is a public shelter in Bosnia called zunovnica.



Here the dogs are thrown into overcrowded mixed pens, never cleaned, never fed, never watered. Live dogs lay next to half eaten corpses, previous victims of the corrupt and heartless city hall. Dogs are not caught by dog catchers to be taken to safety, they are brought here to rot, to be killed by other dogs, to starve, to suffer the most unimaginable death. Terrified, alone , neglected and abused. Here the dogs souls are broken and they wait for the only thing that will give them peace….Death

This public shelter is paid for by public funds. For each of the stages below money is paid to the owner of this shelter by city hall from public funds, from tax payers money. None of this is being done, the city hall know this is not being done yet all it seems reap the profits from Bosnian tax payers because they certainly are not spending the money on the dogs!


Catch the strays
To contain them – They are not being contained correctly as per Bosnian Animal welfare laws, so where is the money going?

To provide basic good standard food on a daily basis – They are not being fed so where is the money going?

To provide fresh water on a daily basis – They are not being watered so where is the money going to pay the water bills?

To provide a clean and safe environment, 2 staff will be on call to do this – Nothing is being cleaned , no dogs cared for – City Hall is paying public funds for staff to not do what they are employed to do
For veterinary care, to provide basic care to ensure quality of life – Dogs are left to rot, no vet visits here so where are the veterinary costs going to?

To euthanise humanely and to cremate the bodies – Again, not being done so who is pocketing tax payers funds?


As well as breaching Bosnia’s own animal welfare laws this is blatant misuse and fraud of public funds on every single level.

The doors are kept shut tight to ensure no one from the outside can video or photograph the horror of what is happening behind closed doors. Those that are allowed entry their mobiles and cameras are taken off of them until they leave.

This must not and can not continue.

We the undersigned do demand a public enquiry into the fraudulent use of public funds. That an independent investigation is carried out by the local government and police and the findings made public. For those responsible for the misuse of public funds, for the abuse, neglect and cruelty to the animals inside the public shelter to be brought to justice.


For the shelter to immediately be closed and time given for the dogs to be taken by local NGO rescues


That immediately a new management of the shelter is organised and new staff hired. That a local veterinarian chosen by local non profit groups is allowed in to treat , care and sterilise the animals.

That local volunteers are allow immediate entry and be allowed to care for the dogs inside
To allow local, national and international charities and non profits including the UK Charity Action Aid for Animals to organise food and aid in addition to the food already paid for by city hall , that will be distributed by the non profit groups and volunteers to the dogs inside as extra nutrition to the dogs on top of what city hall is obligated by law to provide.
To allow and encourage adoptions both locally, nationally and internationally and financially chip, vaccinate and sterilise all the dogs within the shelter.


We (SAV) have made attempts to get changes at other ‘shelters’ in B&H. 


Everyone associated with these places has not made any efforts to contact us, despite promises to Slavica back at the time of the above post that changes were going to be made immediately and the updates sent to us.

This, along with the above petition just shows that like the Serbians, the authorities and government of Bosnia and Herzegovina simply cannot be trusted by anyone with regard things they say.

Please sign the petition – link given at the start, and hopefully with enough signatures and bad publicity too the B&H authorities, we can force change.


Petition created by Action Aid for Animals

The only UK based Registered charity focusing on the plight of Eastern European strays. Providing rescue,care and aid to the victims of animal cruelty and abandonment


Please crosspost this petition and information to all your domestic and international contacts – Thank you – SAV.





B&H: 8/9 – Possibly Some Positive News On The Shelter – The Ministry Respond and Will Comply With The Charge.


Ref link to our earlier post:

Further Update 8/9.

Dear all;

Despite saying that we will publish names and e mails at noon (GMT) today in our earlier post; we have held back on this as things have progressed during the day today.

Slavica has been working hard – and today the main Veterinary Inspector has written back to her and said that immediately after the charge by Slavica, the veterinary inspector will start immediately with controls, which is being treated as an urgent case.  Most importantly, he stated that they will send a report of what they have done after the work has been completed.


The Ministry also confirmed that they will send copies of all the documentation that is requested in the formal charge.

Now Slavica / we are allowing 15 days for everything to be sorted and provided to us as per the charge sent.  Slavica is in charge of this program, and we are working with her and on her advice.  We have not had any response from the EU, but we cannot say for sure that despite not contacting us, they have not acted on our e mail of 7/9 and put extra pressure on the B&H Ministry.


So now we wait to see what happens and if promises are kept.  We are ready to act in defence of the dogs at the shelter as we have done; and we will not hesitate to take further action should the Ministry not provide all the data within the time frame; and taken clean ups at the shelter as they have promised.

We will keep you all informed of any future news on this issue.



Here is a copy of the letter sent by the Ministry to Slavica:



Ocjenjujući hitnim Vaš zahtjev za poduzimanje mjera iz nadležnosti Inspektorata veterinarske inspekcije, koji je jučer 07.09.2016.godine dostavljen veterinarkoj inspekciji Kantonalne uprave za inspekcijske poslove KS, kantonalni veterinarski inspektori su istog dana izvršili inspekcijski nadzor na oklnosti navedene u dostavljenom zahtjevu. S obzirom da postupak inspekcijskog nadzora u predmetu koji se odnosi na Prihvatilište za napuštene pse Žunovnica u Općini Hadžići još nije okončan, poduzete su i dodatne radnje i aktivnosti koje imaju za cilj pravilno utvrđivanje činjenica,to u ovom momentu ne možemo otkrivati više detalja, posebno iz razloga što je po nalogu Tužilaštva KS u slučaj istovremeno uključen i Odsijek nadležne krim policije. 

Također, potvrđujemo da smo danas zaprimili i Vaš Zahtjev za informacijama od javnog začaja, te s tim u vezi bićete blagovremeno obaviješteni po okončanju započetog inspekcijskog postupka.







Bosnia and Herzegovina – 6/9/16. Breaking News and Pictures – Authorities Have Until 8/9 To Clean Up; Or We Then Take Further Action.



Update 8/9 – there is now further (and hopefully positive) updates to what has been happening during 8/9 – please go to the following for the latest news – Thank – SAV.


Out original data is as follows:

Bosnia and Herzegovina –  6/9/16.

Update 8/9 – despite objections we have had no response from the B&H officials.  Therefore later today (8/9) we will be publishing all their e mail addresses so that you can write to them directly – and flood their inbox.

Hi Mark,

 this is  our official Request  to veterinary  inspection  ,  ask for  copies of  documentation by   which  we can see what  they did do  after our Urgent Charge with a proof.

Now , Cantonal veterinary inspection, Sarajevo   has 15 days  for sending  to us a  copies – evidences  about what they  did do. If they   will not send  , we will send an appeal to Commissioner for public information.




DOPUNA Zahteva za info   tačkom 3. Dostavite kopiju Programa kontrole i smanjenja  broja neodgovornih držalaca pasa i mačaka u gradu Sarajevo, koji  se može zvati i  Program kontrole i smanjenja populacije napuštenih pasa i mačaka, ali su mere i sankcije usmerene na ljude: držaoce životinja  ,jer  životinje nisu aktivni pravni subjekti i nima  propisi ne nalažu, nego njihovim držaocima i firmama koje se bave životinjama..

SAV Comment – we have copies of this documentation.


We have just had these pictures in.  Hadzici is a community in Sarajevo city.

It would seem that these dogs are due to be killed as they are termed to be ‘aggressive’.  We have very serious concerns once again about corruption taking power over animal welfare.

We need to see major changes to the situation by the authorities by the morning of 8/9; otherwise we will publish all the e mail contact details that we hold of the people concerned – and then they can be deluged by mails from you.

We wish to see all the dogs saved; fed a lot and the facility very much cleaned up from the disgusting state which it is in at this time; and which can be seen in the photographs.  If we find any of the dogs have been killed we will be taking further action.



We are immediately sending this post and ALL the photographs to the Enlargement Commission of the EU, as it is clear from the photographs that B&H are not enforcing adequate animal welfare legislation, and as such are not worthy of becoming future members of the EU.

We will remind the EU Enlargement Commission of this.  Good EU member states are now leaving the EU and they are being replaced by corrupt states as we have identified for years now.  This situation is no different.

We are holding back on e mail contact details for now but unless we see major improvements by 8/9; and the photographic and other proof sent to our contacts, we will then release the contact info.

Just look at the conditions in the following pictures – and the state of the floor covered in excrement.  Authorities have until 8/9 to clean up and feed all the animals or we will be taking the next stage of our action.














It must be noted that B&H is not a modern nation of Europe that recognises that sterilisation of animals is the way to reduce numbers. Like Serbian politicians, they only want to kill, with no overall long term view to reducing animal numbers.

B&H  has a law which DOES allow the killing of healthy but unwanted dogs. 

Sterilisation would not even produce these dogs in the first place; but B&H politicians don’t seem to understand the basics.  Maybe they want to put the money elsewhere – it is called ‘corruption’ by a lot.

Mass animal killing by law is allowed in B&H.  The EU must decide on accepting this type of policy and the massive backlash which it will get as a result.  

We also understand that the EU does not care about animal welfare, as the last 6 year evidence given to the EU over live animals to Turkey has resulted in no action by them.  If the EU does not care about food animals then it for sure does not care about stray cats and dogs.

We are sure that the EU will have a great time putting endless money into B&H when it becomes an EU member state.  By the ‘EU’, we mean German, Dutch, Danish citizens etc.  If the EU does not work for them, then you follow the Brits and you get out of Europe.  Let the money going to Serbia and B&H come from other member states who cannot afford it anyway.

The EU is in a complete and utter mess due to its own making.  With the likes of Serbia and B&H becoming members; the EU rules of law will never be applied and Europe will become a kind of wild west.

EU – you deserve it.  You have never listened to the citizens.  Now face the consequences.



Bosnia and Herzegovina: Petition – Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind! – Help the Dogs.

Bosnia and herzegovina


bos pet

Please give your support to the following important petition from Mirela for Bosnia and Herzegovina dogs.

Petition wording:

Why this is important

Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind!
people are worried, scared and mostly evil,
Dogs still roam the city hungry, sick, terrified, thousands of them ..this petition trying to get all the cantonal authorities to take in account of opening the new asylum, who will not only work through the system of donations, budget such a way is strictly parasitic. Asylum must be run by people who love animals, and who are willing to volunteer to look for new, fresh ideas, and thus involve all the media, public and private companies. Asylum would depend on its own income .it is difficult, but not impossible, if the authorities allow, the ideas, plan already exist, with the help of professional advice we can make it happen, on the end we can protect stray dogs, and also increase the number of jobssign the petition, and help rescue dogs BiH


Petition Link:

Message: Terrible crimes are happening, do not be blind!

England: Further SAV Letter In Support of Keith Taylor MEP Correspondence Now Sent To EU Commissioner Hahn.

SAV Comment:

The following shows just a fraction of the photographic and video evidence that we and others have regarding animal suffering in Serbia that is not being addressed by the Serbian government and authorities. IT IS NOW TIME FOR CHANGE – especially as Serbia wishes to become a new EU member.  Citizens of the EU will not tolerate this kind of animal abuse.

We will be a Serbian Animals Voice !


Further to the letter sent to EU Commissioner Johannes Hahn by English MEP / Vice President of the EU Intergroup for Animal Welfare, Mr Keith Taylor on 19th February 2015;

Letter to Commissioner Hahn – Serbia and Bosnia stray animal welfare – 19 Feb 2015 (1)

We at SAV have now completed a follow up letter to the Commissioner giving him several video links and many photographs of ‘animal welfare’ (??) situations we have experienced over the last few years at SAV.  Note that we have published all the animal fighting videos on this site during the last month.


As you can see from our letter, we are asking Commissioner Hahn; who has overall EU responsibility for “European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations” – ie. allowing the Republic of Serbia to become a member of the EU; to review our presentation, photographs and animal fighting links (especially) to ensure that the Serbian government; local authorities and national police actually take EXISTING Serbian legislation much more seriously by actually enforcing the law.  This is something we have not seen much proof of during our last 10 years producing this site.

We have been working with Mr. Taylor MEP over the last few weeks on this very issue. As both Keith says in his letter, and we also do in ours; by allowing animal abuse such as can be seen for example in the video links; and by not enforcing its own (Serbian laws) on animal  welfare; which are good; Serbia is NOT upholding the fundamental principle set by the EU for new member states of proving that they are enforcing ‘the rule of law’ (their own national legislation) within their own borders.

shelter 1

And so by not enforcing the ‘rule of law’ on animal welfare as one example; and using Serbian legislation within Serbia to prosecute offenders; it (Serbia) is showing the EU that on just this one particular issue alone that we are involved with, national legislation IS NOT being applied.  Thus it should be considered that Serbia is currently not in a position to be a suitable EU member state.


Only when Serbia actually does apply Serbian law on animal welfare; and prosecutes or takes other actions as necessary to prove things ARE being done to the EU; should it then be seen to be complying with the EU ‘rule of law’ requirements and thus be allowed to join the EU as a new member state.

Please click on the following link to read our follow up letter to EU Commissioner Hahn in full.

Note that at the start; all contact addresses have been removed from the original.

IMPORTANT – when you click on the following link below, you should then see a Word doc with this same name as below appear at the bottom of the site.  Simply click on this same Word doc to open the letter.

It should start by saying:    “Addresses removed from original sent”.

Commissioner Hahn SAV Post version

We now await further correspondence in future from the Commissioner regarding our letter and that of Keith Taylor MEP; and we will immediately report any news of information on this site.

We have lots of excellent Serbian campaigner friends and shelter operating friends – see some of them and their work at our ‘Shelters’ section of the site –   They work relying entirely on supporter donation support when it should also be provided by the government, who should have animal welfare responsibilities; especially regarding the keeping of stray animals in shelters.

nani 6 20

Tik tak tok 2

Evidence is provided to the authorities; and they simply ignore it and walk away, leaving our friends to pick up the animal pieces.  It should not be the case that hard evidence of causing suffering is just ignored.


We are finally starting to reach a corner.  The government and authorities have done very little for animal welfare for many years by ignoring the evidence and failing to prosecute those who cause suffering.  Maybe now that Serbia wants EU accession the tide is turning.  They are NOT complying with the fundamentals of EU accession – namely enforcing the rule of (Serbian) law within Serbia.  We, as an EU based NGO will continue to provide the evidence to the EU.  We need the EU to act and inform Serbia that it is not enforcing its own laws for animal welfare.  And we say to the EU, until Serbia does and proves that it is enforcing the law, it should not be allowed to become a new member state of the EU.

Serbian government and regional authorities needs to get their house in order re animal welfare before the EU even considers their accession.  We speak for Serbian welfare campaigners, shelters and also for the current citizens of the EU who are shocked and appalled by what they see on this site.

Serbian government and authorities – clean up your act

– make things better for animals, not worse!