Slovakia: bans the fur hells!


“Humanity is also about our relationship with animals.” (Zuzana Caputová)


It is fixed! Slovakia bans fur farms! Animal rights activists cheer!

Since yesterday it is clear: Slovakia becomes the fifteenth country in Europe with a fur farm ban. After a mere seven-month campaign by the animal rights organization Humánny pokrok (human progress), yesterday was the day.



The Slovakian Parliament adopted an application for a ban on fur farming with an overwhelming majority of 117 out of 150 votes. With the blessing (signature) of President Zuzana Caputová, the ban on fur in Slovakia is now fixed.

A total of 76,000 people have signed a petition for a fur farm ban in Slovakia. According to surveys, 68 percent of the population supported such a ban.

From 2021 no new fur farms may be built, from 2025 the last fur farm has to close.

Fur farms hell on earth for animals

At the moment, there is a mink farm in Slovakia that has 5000 animals killed each year and eight rabbit farms, as informed by the association against animal factories. The animal welfare organization had launched an anti-fur farm campaign months ago and published pictures and videos from mink farms, among other things.


The images show sick minks with open wounds that live in barren, dirty, tiny lattice cages exposed to the weather. Since there are no animal welfare standards in fur farms, the animals are at the mercy of the owners. For mink and rabbit hell on earth.

It was the Association against animal factories (VgT), which at that time was instrumental in the ban on fur farming in Austria.

Already since 1998 the keeping of fur animals for fur production in Austria was forbidden according to § 25 Abs 5 animal protection law.

However, the ban on fur in Austria had an impact on neighboring countries, such as the Czech Republic or even Slovakia. Austrian fur farm operators switched to these and continued to produce there.

To prevent such a shift in the future, it would need a fur sales ban as in California.

Only a week ago, the governor of California, the fifth largest economy in the world, signed a bill banning the sale and production of new fur items from 2023 onwards. In addition, trap trapping for fur is prohibited in the future.


“It is a great victory for animals and a sign that the Slovak society is making progress and tens of thousands of people are ready to work for the animals and their protection.
Slovakia has taken a big step forward today and we hope that this is the beginning of a new, better future for animals in our country. “
(Martin Smrek, President of Humánny Pokrok)


“It is a good sign to make animal welfare a political issue in Slovakia, and we hope that we can also address other issues of animal cruelty.”
Frederika Fratričová, campaigner at Humánny Pokrok

My comment: Thank you Slovakia 👍
Another country that prohibits fur farms.

Unfortunately, the transition period for existing farms lasts until 2025! Nevertheless, it is a success that will hopefully be joined by many more countries.

Other countries that are currently considering legislation to end fur farming are Ireland and Bulgaria. We wish soon, very soon, a similar ban from these, or best, from ALL  countries!

My best regards to all, Venus


If the ocean dies, we die too!


The big business in the oceans



For millions of years, whales have been busy regulating CO2 emissions in the most unlikely way, called a “whale pump”. The blue whale, for example, consumes tons of krill every day and excretes tons of droppings every day.



Like a pump, the whales dive up and down and excrete nutrients.
The walkot is rich in iron. These daily excretions are called “flaky fecal clouds”. These fecal clouds provide phytoplankton with hundreds of thousands of tons of nutrients each year to form plankton blooms.

These plankton blooms not only produce 80% of the oxygen for our planet but also degrade carbon.

Whales are also huge carbon stores and when they die they take the carbon to the bottom of the ocean.

Each species has a role in the ecosystem in which it lives, and even the smallest things can have a big impact.



One fifth of the coral is dead. Five huge plastic rugs swim on the oceans. The largest is bigger than Germany. The oceans are the source of all life on earth.

Around 70% of our planet is covered in seas and oceans: big, full of life and mysterious. They are food source, transport route, oxygen producer and much more.

But the sea is in danger: overfishing, plastic waste, overacidification, species extinction. We need to better understand life in the sea and deal with it more sustainably. Because our life is closely connected to the sea. When it’s sick, we can not stay healthy.

My comment:Each species has a role in the ecosystem in which it lives, and even the smallest things can have a big impact”.

All species play actually a role in the ecosystem, only the human species has no task.
We do not belong to nature, we disturb the lives of other non human species, and yet we are so profit-oriented and stupid that we do not realize we are sawing off the branch we are sitting on.

It also has a big impact, but a negative and destructive one for all species, natur, environment.

The more enjoyable and constructive is this video, which teaches us that we can save animals in everyday life, if we keep awake our eyes and our courage for the needy beings.

Even seals died painfully from plastic waste, but these seals were lucky, because there are people who save them ❤💙


Be active, watchful, in solidarity with the weaker ones!

My best regards to all, Venus


Emilia Romagna: torture, sadism, extermination in chicken farm


An investigator of Essere Animali has worked undercover in several farms owned by a large farm in Emilia Romagna and, with a hidden camera, has filmed brutal mistreatment of animals and evidence of ongoing food fraud.

The farm, against which we have filed a complaint, supplies well-known brands of eggs that are commonly found in supermarkets.


To be dramatic, however, are not only the images of the violence of the operators, but also the scenes that show thousands of hens locked up in sheds without the possibility of ever seeing grass and sunlight.

We show you what our investigator saw through two videos, one that documents the “ground” breeding and another, which you find by scrolling the page, the “caged” page.



From these two types of farming, permitted by law and widespread in Italy, almost all of the eggs we eat come directly or in ready-made products such as pasta and desserts.

This does not mean that we are part of the problem, but on the contrary, we can be the solution, opting for conscious food choices!


During loading and transport, the hens are thrown, kicked and thrown into the cages. Several times they suffer these brutalities, when they are moved, for logistic reasons, from one shed to another and when they are sent, still very young, to the slaughterhouse.


Many hens do not resist abuse and intensive farming conditions, they get sick but are not treated. They die of starvation inside the shed or are brutally killed by the staff.


The law allows nine chickens to be raised to one square meter and mutilate the tip of the snake to prevent them from killing each other. In these conditions, however, they suffer from plumophagia, a disease that leads them to tear their feathers at themselves or their companions.



A farm worker is filmed while claiming that mice eat eggs for human consumption and nest where they are harvested before being sold to consumers.

The investigator of Essere Animali also worked under cover in a shed on the same farm where the hens are locked up in a cage.

With the hidden camera he filmed further maltreatment of the operators against the animals and documented the most common type of breeding in our country.

More than half of the eggs produced in Italy come from hens in cages, where they spend their entire lives without even being able to spread their wings.


By law, farm personnel should ensure the welfare of the animals so as not to cause them unnecessary pain or injury. The hens should be carefully taken for the legs and the chest, but in this breeding they are brutally grasped and thrown into the cages. A treatment that can cause injury, bone fractures and even death.


After a hasty diagnosis, wounded hens are still thrown alive in mounds of corpses or beaten to death.

The law allows the emergency slaughter of a sick animal, but must be carried out by people with adequate training, so as not to cause avoidable suffering to the animals.

The images obtained with a hidden camera show hens dying after long minutes of agony.



In a cage, each hen has a living space that is slightly larger than a photocopy sheet. As on the farms on the ground they undergo the beating and suffer from plumophagia and anemia.

Continuous contact with the metal mesh floor causes joint problems. Every day dozens of hens do not survive and die inside the farm.


“Death in the feces, trapped in conveyor belts or, as the vet says, heartache.

The bare necks, scratched by the iron of the poles, which carry the feathers every time they have to eat or breathe.

The pain, the voices of those who ask for freedom and no one answers, have come into my head.

Regardless of the volume, the pictures I’ve collected, these animal voices still make me tremble as if I’m still there”.
(Marco, our investigator)… (Videos)


My comment: Pictures that we all know. Images of horror.

What is striking, however, is the severity of violence, sadism, the criminal energy of farm workers.

Over the years, this becomes the rule, today almost no one is being punished. Governments, politicians, authorities protect this … the men in the barracks have nothing to fear.

And so we learn every day, thanks to these undercover videos, that fascism, torture, extermination in the concentration camp for animals of this world is almost legalized, as in the time of Hitler.

Only that in this time the information level was not as high as today and nobody knew exactly, which tortures they did to the people in Dachau.

Today, NOBODY can say, I do not know exactly how the inmates in the animal factories suffer.I am not informed that animals are tortured at will, sadistically slaughtered.


And that is what makes the human species the most hypocritical, abhorrent species on this planet: apathy

Best regards to all, Venus

Austria: a normal hare hunting …


Martin Balluch (chairman of the association against animal factories, VgT) was yesterday witness to an incredible massacre of hare in northern Burgenland. He reports:


Scenes of absolute horror. You can not imagine how horrible such a hare massacre is!

A good 80 hunters change a few hectares of field and then go through in formation. There are a good 100 (!) desperate rabbits trying to escape somehow.
Uninterrupted shots are fired, animals injured everywhere, often with their legs down and bleeding faces.


And then the dogs are rushed upon, running after the rabbits, often rushing them for minutes and finally biting them.
The animals scream loudly like little human children, like my daughter, when she is afraid or feels pain.


I had to look eyes on dead rabbits as they sat desperately in the field, paralyzed in agony.
Once a hunter fired directly in our direction, as can be seen in one of the pictures.

Often enough, the hunters blasted the animals at such a distance that their shotgun loads would never kill, even if they hit the animals.



No normal-feeling person can watch such a thing without cramping the heart and soul.
Eighty hunters fire uninterruptedly, hundreds of rabbits riddled with shotgun shards, hounded and bitten by dogs.



Thousands of lead pellets then poison the floor.
God knows how many hares escaped injured to perish shortly after lead poisoning.
And the predators that eat these animals also die on the lead.

Why such a thing is tolerated by a civilized society, remains completely incomprehensible.
No! none of these rabbits are edible after this massacre. But even if, that is irrelevant.
And no! we do not have to reduce hare in Austria.

They have become rare. Unless hunters fatten it, as here, all year round, and ruthlessly destroys all predators.


It’s all about the fun of shooting hundreds of living creatures. A shooting fun that can really entertain only infantile minds. There are many things wrong with hunting in Austria.

My comment: And unfortunately, not only in Austria many things are wrong, dear Martin Balluch!

Here in Germany we also have a horror result: 212.452 hare counts the hunting statistics for the hunting season 2016/17!

The heavily armed killer front in the woods and meadows kills more than 5 million animals every year – in the most cruel way.

Half million foxes, 300,000 domestic cats, around 35,000 dogs, ponies and cows on pasture, ducks, wild boar …alla from hunter`s hand.

Hunters are not just professional killers, they are also professional liars.

The claim of the hunters that they control the wild population in the forest is nothing more than an impudent, cunning attempt to positively influence public opinion, so that they can win the moral support of the population for their murderous fun.

Hunters do not regulate … Hunters do massacre.
Hunters are hang offenders, conscious and deliberately cruel.
Those who kill animals for fun lose the feeling of humanity at the same time.

Hunting leads to bestiality and dehumanization.
Hunting is and will be murder.


My best regards to all, Venus


After 60 years of cruelty, the LPT lab is over!


Germany, Hamburg- Breaking News!!!


banane rep deutschlandpg


We recently reported on illegal practices against dogs, cats, and monkeys in the LPT lab near Hamburg (

After exposure by SOKO animal welfare of massive breaches of law, animal cruelty and the suspicion of fraud in the animal testing laboratories of the Hamburg LPT Group and the largest protests against animal testing in German history, the laboratory for monkeys, dogs and cats in Mienenbüttel near Harburg is closing .

After completion of a large monkey study by Merck, the laboratory is to be sealed.

This would end almost 60 years of atrocities in this place. Currently, the Animal Testing Laboratory is making all the remaining monkeys into a wholesaler in the Netherlands. The fate of the other animals is unclear.

SOKO Animal Protection, Cruelty Free International, the Hamburg Animal Welfare Association and an alliance that has also been joined by numerous animal protection associations of the German Animal Welfare Association, demand the transfer of the remaining animals to the animal welfare. “There is a place for every animal, and the civilian population will not allow these animals, some of which have suffered in the LPT for many years, to be mined or killed,” says Friedrich Mülln of SOKO Animal Protection.


According to information of SOKO, the LPT closes the animal testing laboratory in Mienenbüttel.
This ends almost 60 years of cruelty.
Merck is one of the few companies to continue an already started primate-study there. After that, the lights go out.

The site is dissolved and no new animal experiments on monkeys, dogs or cats performed.

Instead, they want to focus on animal experiments on rats, mice and rabbits at the sites in Neugraben and Löhndorf (Germany).

The tactic is clear, the LPT hopes that the resistance in these animals will be weaker.

We call on the LPT and the authorities to hand over the dogs, cats and monkeys caged in Mienenbüttel to animal welfare and to enable them to live a life of happiness and self-determination for some of those animals who have suffered there for years.

We fight peacefully for EVERY victim of the LPT.
Our grand demonstration on 16.11 demands:

Freedom for all victims of the LPT and the chapter LPT finish in Mienenbüttel, in Neugraben and in Löhndorf!

SOKO Tierschutz/Cruelty Free International


A comment by founder of SOKO Animal Protection, Friedrich Mülln: “Such a worldwide success in 140 years fight against animal experiments, in an animal laboratory of this size has never been. Not in a peaceful way anyway.

This is absolutely fantastic and a historic defeat for the animal testing industry. Know that to appreciate and use. Because only those who have the will to win, also win for the animals. Whoever talks badly, gets overwhelmed by frustration and fear, has no chance to win. And loses.

What will happen to the animals?

People are asking me if it is possible to rescue animals now. The monkeys I see hardly any hope, because these animals are worth thousands of EUR per animal. The “unused” will sell the LPT and the others are already dead or will be killed in the last Merck trial. Here we can resist, delay the transports and exert pressure.

The cats and dogs look different. For the most part these animals have already been used in animal experiments and their value in the ill calculations of this death industry is so low that not even the transport to another laboratory is worthwhile. In addition, hardly any laboratory will take “used” animals.

That’s why we have a real chance here! We already have seats for all animals.
So we fight for these animals! But also for the rats, mice, guinea pigs and rabbits in the remaining laboratories in Neugraben and Löhndorf.


So right now, with full and newly created power against the LPT and the rest of the gang. I can not promise that we can save these animals, but we can try it”!

And I mean…Yes! We will not get such a chance again! we all have to be present now, for the animals, the pressure must not subside.
United we are strong, we have made great success, now it’s about the last stage.
All go to the demo on November 16th, in Hamburg!

My best regards to all, Venus


Our children, the hope of tomorrow…


A sustainable lifestyle, characterized by an awareness of tomorrow, is especially relevant for those who have little influence on it today: our children.



The little hero of tomorrow was given a voice on the current InLegend album “Stones At Goliath” not only musically, but also in terms of content – loudly they demand responsibility in the common song “Empty Place” in the here and now and the natural habitat of our planet also for the future worth living – after all, there is only this one …

Here you can watch the video for “Empty Place”, which was created in November 2014 in cooperation with Sea Shepherd, THE JETLAGGED and many great kids.

And I mean….The loyalty and the respect with the victim turns the victim into a person.
Teach your children that.

At this moment when children learn to treat animal cruelty and animal tormenters as crimes, the victim is someone who is worthy of solidarity with him.

In our society, loyalty is practiced only with the powerful, with the perpetrators and their useful idiots.

These are messages that we should convey to our children, with examples that are much more important than any argumentative headbirth, because they are understood by all, very painfully understood, because they are the root of morality.



My best regards to all, Venus


Austria: Alcohol, shooting fun and animal cruelty!


Association Against Animal Factories (VgT) called the usual suspension practice in the hunt as illegal and criticized policy and authorities.




Pheasants are mainly exposed in eastern Austria, to serve as a living target for fun hunters a few weeks later.

This procedure is legitimized under the pretext of “stock support”.
Pheasants are thus exposed and shot down annually to preserve the natural resources? Alcohol was also in the game.


In Leitring a hunt took place last weekend. Weeks earlier – at the end of July – probably hundreds of pheasants were abandoned here.

The competent district hunter master and mayor Wolfgang Neubauer was despite repeated requests and demands not willing to call the suspension number, let alone justify this high number.

Both written and oral communication, he denied several times.

David Richter from the VGT commented: “For weeks I was regularly in the morning and in the evening near the scene where there were an incredible number of pheasants, they do not know where to go, so they stay close to the place where they were exposed as children and where they get the fattening feed provided.

These animals are completely helpless and disoriented.

It makes me sad and furious to watch these tame abandoned animals just waiting to be frightened and shot down. Only very few will be able to survive the hunts. “


Even for those animals that are still alive after the end of the hunting season (31.12.), The chances of survival are poor. Natural death or perishing on the roads decimate the stocks – so far, shooting off large populations of pre-winter populations does not make sense.

“Unless things change, this torture practice will start all over again in July 2020!” complains David Richter.


Not a single egg laid!

The female pheasants are exposed in a few weeks and shot at the age of about 8 months. The pretext of exposure of pheasants is the support.

But the animals are killed without having laid a single egg. So it is probably obvious that this legal legitimacy serves only as an excuse to live out the shooting fun!


Site inspection

David Richter himself was on a hunt on Nov. 3 to document how hunting for pheasants proceeds.

“Hunters go screaming and with sticks through the undergrowth, the hunting dogs run around freely, the startled animals try to escape, abandoned ducks and pheasants and rabbits are shot down and thrown into the accompanying trailer.

With it: plenty of beer bottles to increase the shooting fun.

I could hear and see a hunter shoot from a moving car.

An incredible number of shots were fired and, according to my estimate, 50 pheasants were shot dead. In the previous year there were about 5 hunting dates, which means that the next hunts will follow soon and I must continue watching the dying of these pitiful creatures. “


The VGT demands on behalf of most of the population the end of the arbitrary exposure and mass firing of pheasants.

A petition to the state parliament is in progress.

My comment: We have to make that clear right from the beginning: the aim of the hunt is the execution. What are the real reasons for the action of the hunters? to kill.

Today, hunting is certainly a pure form of terror tolerated by our society: the terror of hunters against animals!

In the Stone Age, they went hunting, because they were dependent on it as a source of food. This is no longer the case today, so the argument no longer applies.

Anyone who always has to cling to past and traditions should think about enslavement and witch burning. Was it also earlier, but was not right then, it is not today and is abolished in a civilized society.

The hunters in Germany are a very, very small minority of 0.4% of the population.
Even pedophiles are even more common with 1%!!

And nevertheless!
The heavily armed execution unit thinks it could do and leave what it wants in the forest.
And everyone who disagrees is intimidated by force of arms.

These times are finally over!

There is no more green ideology, the arguments of the forest killers are out, the majority of the population wants the hunt dead and refuses to recognize animal cruelty and terror in the forest as the right of a miserable, puny minority.
You have long revealed your ugly face of mendacity.
Shoot yourself and your stupid lackeys in politics too.


My best regrads to all, Venus